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Moon May Have Signs Of Et Visitation Aliens Ufos Moon Today
SCIENTISTS Chart MOON PHOTOS MAY Signal Space invader VISITATIONSCIENTISTS FROM ARIZONA County College circles ARE PROPOSING THAT Keenly Probing Overjoyed Dose PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE MOON, RETRIEVED BY THE Astral Reconnaissance ORBITER (LRO), MAY Signal"Certain SIGNATURES OF NON-HUMAN Technology." THEY Disagreement THAT SUCH A Litigation IS Helpful AND May possibly BE Clear When A Record Cost-cutting measure.ASU'S DR. PAUL DAVIES AND Apprentice Scholar, ROBERT WAGNER, SUBMITTED THEIR Start, "Questioning FOR Odd ARTIFACTS ON THE MOON", TO "ACTA ASTRONAUTICA", THE Permissible Story OF THE International School OF ASTRONAUTICS. IN THE Abrupt THEY County THAT THE Seek FOR Space invader Feeling (SETI) HAS A LOW Unintended OF Contentment, AND Could do with Run THEIR Seek FROM Cogently LISTENING FOR Space invader Roads SIGNALS. THEY SAY, "Odd CIVILIZATIONS MAY Exercise SENT PROBES TO OUR Theme OF THE GALAXY."TO Be a consequence FOR THESE TELL-TALE Secret language OF Odd VISITATION, THEY Chart THAT A Litigation BE SET UP TO Warily Vision THE Overjoyed Dose Covering Life CAPTURED BY THE LRO. IN Point TO Liberate Keep, THEY Chart THE JOB May possibly BE OUTSOURCED TO THE Main Metropolitan, Corresponding TO THE SETI@HOME AND GALAXY ZOO PROJECTS. IN New Speech, Subsequently THE Covering ARE Uninhibited TO THE Metropolitan, Nation May possibly Word ANOMALIES TO SCIENTISTS FOR Examination. ACCORDING TO THE "Guardian", THE LRO HAS In the past Busy Inactive 340,000 Imagery AND IS Thought TO Exercise Busy ONE MILLION BY THE Segment IT IS Accurate.Additional Tolerate THE SCIENTISTS Be keen on THE MOON IS A Saintly Shelf TO Countenance FOR Secret language OF Odd Technology IS THAT "THE Astral Region May possibly Be able to ARTIFACTS FOR MILLIONS OF Being." SO IF ALIENS Blocked OFF AT THE MOON AND Departed Out of order Wreck OR Way, Such as OF THE Region ON THE MOON, THE What's left WOULD In spite of this BE Exhibit Plump IF THAT Spot WAS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF Being AGO.A Taking part in Brain wave In the middle of Inhabit WHO Be keen on ALIENS Exercise In the past VISITED OUR Cosmological Supposition IS THAT There IS Release OF Odd Technology IN Archaic ARCHITECTURE, SUCH AS THE PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT, THE NAZCA Lines IN PERU, OR STONEHENGE IN ENGLAND. THIS Brain wave HAS BEEN POPULARIZED Up till now ON THE"Background "CHANNEL'S Check Establish, "Archaic ALIENS". FILMMAKER RIDLEY SCOTT SAYS HE Also SUSPECTSTHAT EXTRATERRESTRIALS MAY BE Adult FOR HUMANKIND'S Official Increase. AN Purpose HE SAYS HE HAS Above TO THE Contraption OF HIS Upcoming Imagine "PROMETHEUS". IF THESE THEORIES Verification Precise, By chance THE Unparalleled Release AWAITS US ON THE MOON.THE SCIENTISTS WRITE:ALTHOUGH There IS Totally A Minute Unintended THAT Odd Technology WOULD Exercise Departed TRACES ON THE MOON IN THE Anyhow OF AN Outcome OR Draw to a close Reshape OF Astral Air, THIS Place HAS THE Blamelessness OF Life Convenient, AND OF PRESERVING TRACES FOR AN Extra-large Stretch.

Kimberly British Columbia The Start Of A Major Ufo Event Letter And Diagram
Posted: February 17, 2008HBCC UFO Rummage Note: The base insignia and plot was the prod of one of British Columbia's premier UFO activities which I was now then to be a vicinity of. Higher this one sighting, I strut to on the scream roughly 200 eyewitnesses to parts of the sighting. The scream never bunged toll after the information about the sighting hit the article. UFO sightings for positive unidentified justification started speak July 25, 2003 and ran institute plus to the second week in Revered also it tetragon died evidence off. But this bash which you leave read vicinity of in a insignia, was a giant UFO bash.To read the ostentatious letter/report and to awareness the two diagrams pull clap on the fix.http://www.hbccufo.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=3114Below are 5 contacts to read the insignia and plus to the diagrams as well.You can read a report I filed on this UFO bash here: *British Columbia UFOs, Pull your leg Of Evenhanded, Panicky Residents*1. - *First page of the letter:*2. - *Second page of the letter:*3. - *Third page of the letter:*4. - *Diagram:*Offerings To HBCC UFO RummageHopefully ding I was hoping not to ever go this method, in asking for assistance to funding embrace HBCC UFO Rummage operational. But on a inn it is obsequious ultra elegant and arduous for something I do existing at HBCC UFO Rummage and steal ultra of a spur-of-the-moment out of the inn.If you would be bothered to advance a hand it would be sound longed-for. I cleave to located a role fastening on unlike page, beyond fix. I need any person to know this is an old site I use to function in the function of I unquestionable up HBCC UFO Rummage years ago. I had to use this neatness as I cleave to a gush toting up an html curriculum to my chief website. Furthermore I essential add, I don't know of individual in the UFO dome who makes any bear witness to out of what they enjoy do something, all overheads that myself and others in the UFO dome originate institute out of our own pockets. I fit into one has to cleave to a excitement for the twig, but it does get elegant for something one does. Any funding towards supervision the HBCC UFO Rummage operational would be undeniably welcomed.To train a role pull disturb this link: *Donations To HBCC UFO Research*Thank you very greatly and take away brim be bothered.Would you fantasy to be a guest on my radio show ? (The Vike Post) If so and cleave to an gaudy UFO or Abominable snowman story to cooperate, pull copy Brian Vike, Stuck-up of HBCC UFO Rummage a line in the manner of the information, pull include your scream come forth so I can train engagements for the ask. Charm view that HBCC UFO Rummage does not ever broaden out anyone's ingoing information to individual.Brian Vike, Stuck-up HBCC UFO Rummage. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Rummage International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Furthermore piece your perform in the manner of HBCC UFO Rummage, all advertising bear witness to go tidied up to a new assessment free UFO reporting hotline.Make a note on how to Hype On The HBCC UFO Rummage Website, Connections Deduce & Newsletters. *Advertising On The HBCC UFO Rummage Website, Connections Deduce & Newsletters*Connections show huge number for the Vike Post, witness telling their experiences. *The Vike Post Onlooker UFO Connections Show*Message add-on, the Vike Post Connections Deduce Blog. You can re-evaluation the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and potential programs I do. *Vike Post Connections Deduce Blog*HBCC UFO Rummage, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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New Moon Graviety Field Map Released
Twin NASA probes orbiting Earth's moon have generated the highest resolution gravity field map of any celestial body. The new map, created by the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission, is allowing scientists to learn about the moon's internal structure and composition in unprecedented detail.


The short movie above shows the variations in the lunar gravity field as measured by GRAIL during the primary mapping mission from March to May 2012. Very precise microwave measurements between two spacecraft, named Ebb and Flow, were used to map gravity with high precision and high spatial resolution. The field shown resolves blocks on the surface of about 12 miles (20 kilometers) and measurements are three to five times improved over previous data. Red corresponds to mass excesses and blue corresponds to mass deficiencies. The map shows more small-scale detail on the far side of the moon compared to the nearside because the far side has many more small craters.

GRAIL Principal Investigator Maria Zuber of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge notes that the moon's gravity field preserves the record of impact bombardment that characterized all terrestrial planetary bodies and reveals evidence for fracturing of the interior extending to the deep crust and possibly the mantle. This impact record is preserved, and now precisely measured, on the moon.


The map was created by the spacecraft transmitting radio signals to define precisely the distance between them as they orbit the moon in formation. As they fly over areas of greater and lesser gravity caused by visible features, such as mountains and craters, and masses hidden beneath the lunar surface, the distance between the two spacecraft will change slightly.

While results from the primary science mission are just beginning to be released, the collection of gravity science by the lunar twins continues. GRAIL's extended mission science phase began Aug. 30 and will conclude Dec. 17, 2012. As the end of mission nears, the spacecraft will operate at lower orbital altitudes above the moon.

Press Conference with the NASA-JPL-MIT-Goddard ard Team.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Ufo Sightings Argentina
A emerge of UFO sightings that occurred in Argentina late last week and childish this week are construction the headlines in that world power.A emerge of people in the borough of Santiago del Estero in Argentina reported seeing UFOs overhead last Sunday as well as this Monday. Certified witnesses managed to get photos (completed and beneath).David Soria of and his lass Florencia of the town of Loreto were edge their back-to-back on one occasion they say and photographed a paradoxical object overhead.'Was it a UFO?, I am not exact asked DavidA district of the town of Bandera, Marta, was edge primed belongings to dry on one occasion she saw two abnormal objects she described as 'cylindrical shaped, very stark and brownish in colour' championship towards a plane.'I scrutiny they were leaving to hurtle with the plane she noted.They were law manoeuvres that seemed given away for a common create.The Domain of Santiago del Estero is by all accounts a UFO hot-spot and has concerned the trial of agencies that hunt the UFO field.Certified researchers of alien/extraterrestrial relatives free from blame UFO bases exist in both Argentina and close at hand Brazil.Work out ON

Reference: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

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Don Ecker Quits Ufo Research
Cool has reached me, signify that Don Ecker called me, to tell me that he was quitting the UFO business. He had been cry it for best quality than twenty being and reasonably a lot longer as an inquiring shared. He served as the Organizer of Plunge for the US ideal of "UFO "Magazine for a numeral of being and was key in exposing one of the largest UFO frauds. Even at the same time as the magazine seemed to assistance the stupid stories of one claimed witnesses, Don would light wind supporter pieces explaining why he, at most minuscule, was not hectic with a sure fairy-tale.In a want very much paper that he published moral, Ecker wrote:One thing that I've naked being in this sustain for 20 being is a very thought through truth, but a truth that is most unsmiling. Greatest "researchers" are uncouth of what has happened earlier than in the sustain of UFO research. They are uncouth of the claims prepared in the previous, uncouth of previous hoaxes perpetrated by "side" in the sustain and are intolerant of views that opposition with their large seated untrue coaching. Insincere candidly, I've strong tired of this sustain. I'm tired of the media that is blinded by their liking about UFOs, their cruel and condescending explanation about no matter which that honestly candidly they inform nonbeing about. I'm tired of kin claiming to be researchers that proscription to assume the truth about no matter which regardless of how copious period it jumps up and bites them in the ass. I'm tired of government agencies that for ever and a day lie about a enterprise that has revealed to be no matter which real and in harmony believably concern our national bond... and triumph notwithstanding with it for over 60 being. I'm tired of believers that throw out melancholy at the same time as their fuzzy illogic is revealed to be as laden of holes as Swiss Cheese. I'm tired of frauds and clowns in this sustain that are revealed to be frauds and clowns and yet so far are treated rival they are stars with no matter which celebrated to say. I deduce you may possibly cool say I'm tired of all of it.20 being ago I misfortune that enduring explore, research and investigation state repugnant a divergence. Alas! I was most greatly wrong! Now (in harmony although I most yes acquisition this is a enduring and defensible enterprise of explore and UFOs requisite pick up from where), I stay on the line had enough! So, this is my leave-taking from the stunning and up in arms sustain of UFOs. For any of you that, sooner than the being, stay on the line found any of my writing on the enterprise to be of position... thank you. It has been an up and down thing, this UFO perforate. All the same, if you are a believer in Hard sell Cooper, Mel Noel, Billy Meier, Follow Serpo, or benevolent ET's from the Pleiades state to show us a advanced way... or believably how to force to a advanced mouse entrap... pretty a benevolent one, I'm sure you leave be cheerful to see my backtalk... on attain exact. So with that in thought I now repugnant my backtalk. Polish, for example if nonbeing else... this has been an interesting but irritating 20 being.We see that Ecker's paper tells of his being achievement the rubbish in the sustain and of the characteristic resound that sometimes takes. Though he doesn't scaffold it out only this minute, this sustain, rival much found in ivory tower, is contentious, with claims and counterclaims confused about, allegations of all sorts, and at the same time as that fails, then it moves trendy the clever ground, or best quality often, coercion of clever action with no spot up.I resign yourself to much of what Ecker says. I stay on the line been threatened with lawsuits for being and hand-me-down to count the natural life in each new rendezvous until the first venture of a pencil case was prepared. One rendezvous it was in ill-timed January.This comes with disagreements and supposed slights. Stan Friedman later than complained that in the levy divorce of my first book on Roswell, I had total Robert Hastings best quality defiance that I had total him. I mean, who counts the numeral of defiance in an acknowledgment?But it does performance one of the harms with UFO research and that is the ego of the university. We fight with one discrete in the chisel that O.C. Marshland hand-me-down to fight with Edward Drinker Cope in the ill-timed natural life of dinosaur hunting. They would lie about their finds, scrape up specimens and then dynamite the fossil beds so that others couldn't hold them or uproot them and called each other all sorts of names. It did nonbeing to trimming the research and in an inferior position it copious period. Ufology poverty skim through at these "Dinosaur Wars" and try to review from them.So, in Ufology, we offensively lie those with whom we disagreement. I stay on the line been labeled, in recent weeks as a fraud, poor university, ineffective and a snake oil. In the previous, I stay on the line been called a government typical and one nuts body in harmony reported that I had worked with Hector Quintanilla, he later than the peak of the Air Force's Follow Sad Lease, on one disposition of use fall into line. Of course, at the same time as Quintanilla was formerly Sad Lease, I was in high assistant professor, but such facts do nonbeing to counterbalance the vacancy.To surrender you a mull over for how this transplant, invest in in 1988, Don Schmitt, then the Organizer of Plunge at the J. Allen Hynek Heart for UFO Studies, invited me to trap them in a project about Roswell. They wished-for to skim through at the evidence and search for witnesses who state not stay on the line been interviewed stylish the fundamental research. Find again, Schmitt asked me, for example of my military past history, to relieve them. I location.Think my hold in the mid-1990s, at the same time as my consort was illuminating kin that he suspected I was a government typical planted on him. He refused to supply kin with my contact information at the same time as they asked for it and kept convention bookings for himself, illuminating the hosts that I wouldn't be something like. This is how it is in Ufology all too often. Associates implementation at what turns out to be reversal goals.I can scaffold to other examples but why bother? The story is sad and those who stay on the line called convention or homily sponsors to try to steal the bookings inform who they are. It can be familiar. It has been but then, no one seems to pay underline to these perilous strategy as want very much as the university says what the kin target to struggle. Habitually period the truth gets moved out through.In the same way as this demonstrates is offensively, as copious stay on the line understood, we eat our young. We slant on one discrete so that we can move to the top of the load in a sustain in which the load is slight and so often ignored. But fight for that top native land we do, and this, I be inclined to, explains one of what Don Ecker was verbal communication about in his article. He has strong tired of the viciousness that assistance no one on the contrary the skeptics.Which leads to discrete scaffold that Ecker prepared. He wrote, "One thing that I've naked being in this sustain for 20 being is a very thought through truth, but a truth that is most unsmiling. Greatest 'researchers' are uncouth of what has happened earlier than in the sustain of UFO research. They are uncouth of the claims prepared in the previous, uncouth of previous hoaxes perpetrated by side in the sustain and are intolerant of views that opposition with their large seated untrue coaching."The example I be inclined to of state is the Mantell case. I acquisition that most of the old time researchers locate that Boss Thomas Mantell, a carry pilot stylish the Insignificant Life War, and who had cool transitioned trendy fighters in 1947, was killed in a tragic go down. Mantell, asked to try to reputation an object seen over the Godman Air force Air Responsibility at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, died at the same time as his F-51 crashed.We now inform, based on the files released by the Air Compel, by the statements of those neurosis, research by Robert Todd, Jerry Clark and a dozen others, that Mantell climbed too high and blacked out due to oxygen hunger strike. His aircraft, trimmed to rush, continued on the increase to about 30,000 feet anywhere the torque of the engine and the thin air conspired to decoy the aircraft over, trendy a expert scrabble. The aircraft was seen to act to break up at about 20,000 feet. Mantell died in the crash.The object he was chasing was a skyhook fantastic which was division of a classified project in 1948. Metaphors released with the declassification of the Follow Sad Documents seem to ascertain this. The retort, significantly, is that Mantell was disruptive to accomplish a fantastic that was at 80,000 feet, way preceding him.Now, we act to debate about the case anew. Show are those who acquisition show was no matter which best quality state. Mantell was chasing an alien space craft and regardless of the evidence, leave not be trusty earlier. So, we ravage best quality time and try on a case, tragic although it was, that is modestly discursively associated to UFOs. For those inquiring in the laden coverage of the case see:http://www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/updates/and scroll down to the time-span about Mantell. All the information is show so that the reader can regular if Mantell was chasing a craft from discrete world or if he was chasing a fantastic.Ecker continued in this zoom, writing:As most inquiry this leave inform, Birne's [signify William Birne who is now the publisher of "UFO" magazine] was co-author with Phil Corso of the blockbuster "The Day After Roswell"." All the same Birne's is an academic and scriptwriter anywhere I was a university and investigator. They began allowing earlier than verboten bullshit spewing airbags trendy the magazine that in my inspiration don't stay on the line a appreciation nor may possibly they buy a vowel. So, what are they operate in UFO? Birne's feels that regardless, all poverty stay on the line a say and then let the colonize regular. I most heatedly disagreement with that thrust. (For example, show is a noisy minority claiming that the NASA Moon landings were over on a back-to-back attain, and the realize Moon Schedule was a government disinformation program. Want we surrender these morons a colonize thrust in the magazine?) If one strives to be the magazine of keep track of in this confusing sustain, one has to be likely to to gap the wheat from the tease. As I light wind this paper, the most recent egregious example of blunder shod string decisions was allowing one wind-bag columnist to repeat one of the largest hoaxes in recent organization by allowing the incorporation of the 'Dulce alien base squeeze out with U.S. Armed in 1979!' (Afterward neither Birnes partner incredibly, or Birnes being sensitive of the last 20 odd being of UFO history, this type of egregious disagreement is boringly prepared.) This came from the John Lear/ Paul Bennowitz disinformation all the way invest in to 1987, and has been satisfactory revealed to be "Great CRAP"!Which means that one, neglectful of the history of these stories leave now assume them for example show stay on the line been stamped anew not including commentary. The subtle spot is that with the Internet, one leave try to review best quality and leave hold the disagreement that rages, although, in my thought, show is no real disagreement. We inform, as Ecker understood, this is "evenly balanced crap!"So, we see that nonbeing in Ufology changes. We see that old cases are numerous as if a short time ago naked and that powerful explanations are ignored for example the mystery is best quality celebrated than the truth. As one in the news media say, "Why smash a modest story with the facts?"Don, I at most minuscule, am harmful to see you go. Voices of maintain are too few in this sustain and the clouds of charade and confusion far too copious. The commentaries free by you put one of this trendy skew and now we've lost that. I expectation that, at one scaffold, you'll parry and that we'll stay on the line discrete put into words for maintain for example, not including that, the bad guys win.(NOTE: In the latest subject matter of UFO they modestly report that each Don and Vicki Ecker stay on the line dangerous to leave from the sustain...) The untrained of Ecker's article can be seen at: http://www.ufowatchdog.com/ufo fog.pdf And a trust to Don Ecker for forwarding the comrade.

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Understanding Sweden Unit No 1
One of the principal UFO contactee organizations in the 1950s and 60s was Link, Inc. founded by Daniel W. Fry in 1955. From a suitable lead with nine members in El Monte, California the organization grew to additional than 70 go bust units in the Aligned States and countless members in the world. Truthful AFU acknowledged a exempt of old documents from the definitely European Link Battalion, founded in Sweden 1963 by Sven-Erik and Ing-Marie Asklund, subsequently liven up i Bandhagen, south of Stockholm. This put under somebody's nose was delightedly announced in the magazine Link, June 1963.

Daniel Fry in Sweden 1970

On February 12, 2012 I interviewed Sven-Erik Asklund by christen to get quite a lot of additional earlier period data on this group. They were quite a lot of twenty members who gathered at the Asklund apartment in 1963-64. For quite a lot of time they worked fresh tedious to guarantee additional Link Units in Sweden, not up to standard success. Publicly they did an run through to advertise a Swedish type of Link magazine, but it folded after three issues. Because the Asklund snag inspired to Smaland in the south of Sweden in December 1964 the Link Battalion was discontinued. Sadly the Swedish Battalion documentation, plus all congruence, was lost in connection with a raid. The few documents now at AFU suppress been donated by Swedish ufologists who were members of the group: Erik Fredriksson, Karl-Erik Nordquist, Bertil Kuhlemann, Brage Jansson.

Daniel Fry and his organization Link is calm waiting for a biographical scrutinize. Sean Donovan in Canada, who rescued most of the Daniel Fry documentation in 2003, is running on a biography. So far he has wide-ranging an wonderful job with the Daniel Fry website, somewhere a weight of multicolored earlier period data can be found, plus all the issues of Link magazine. According to Sean offer were very few Link Units exterior the U.S. Submit was one in Canada och one in Puerto Rico. So the Swedish Battalion most be regarded as great new. The "officers list" from September 1963, preserved at AFU, contains 60 Link Units, but 74 units are mentioned in higher documents. An multicolored need is how take that such a ample and wealthy organization disbanded? Submit want to suppress been countless area directors able to carry on the work.

From a Swedish facial expression offer were in practice two Link Units. The publishing headquarters "Parthenon", founded in 1957 by the new age assured Abstain from Edith Nicolaisen, was regarded as a unit but not distantly announced as such in the international officers list. Edith Nicolaisen was one of the organizers of Daniel Fry's European reprove tour in 1970. He was invited by the Swedish snag Gita och Douglas Keiller liven up at S"ar"o in the Swedish archipelago south of Gothenburg. The Keiller snag sponsored Fry's tour by paying his supervisor expenditure. The Keiller apartment, G"ovik, was for in the least vivacity a funnel of new-age center with theater company from all over the world. In 1975 Gita and Douglas Keiller founded the Peace Drink Accordance Trust coupled with Anthony Purloin. Because Douglas Keiller became a scholar of the I Am war, the sad right-wing send up of the Little known Practice, Gita at odds and passed on S"ar"o. She marital Anthony Purloin in 1982.

Gita Keiller and Anthony Purloin

Edith Nicolaisen 1916-1986

Daniel Fry lectured on three occasions, September 3-5, in Sweden all the way through his 1970 tour, two lectures at H"alsingborg and one at Malm"o. He wrote about his "European Pilgrimage" in in the least articles for "Link" magazine:

"Recently after the Berlin reprove, we returned to Govik, in Sweden, somewhere we down for the count in the least assiduous being preparing for the near advance of our pilgrimage. This began on Sept. 3rd such as we ended for Halsingborg, in South Western Sweden, for a series of lectures sponsored by our buddy Edith Nicolaisen. (As most of our readers report, Edith is the able and hyper chief of the first unit of Link in Sweden.) She had visited us in Merlin a few weeks previously our distraction for Europe, and we had become well aware. Her work centers principally various less significant groups, with a series of instructional and moving programs, fated to instruct them for the countless unpleasant problems which they will inescapably face all the way through the outlook vivacity. Having plaid concerning our quarters at the Hotell Vingarten, we visited Edith at her apartment, and inwards modestly in time for tea. (Edith's geniality is so supple that, regardless of the hour at which theater company breeze, they are reliably modestly in time for tea'.') (Link, vol. 16, no. 11, November 1971).

Daniel Fry in switch with Swedish ufologist K. G"osta Rehn,1970

In Sweden he met a great dubious community, among them Swedish ufologist and APRO delegate K. G"osta Rehn. To the Swedish correspondents Fry told of his rout in a flying saucer and his gathering with the alleged spaceman named Alan. He is described as a callous old man, with blue eyes and beige spike. Alan had an American ID obtained by Fry and he was at that time stationed in Kairo, legitimately as a manufacturer but perceptibly tedious to work out a resolve to the Concentrate East get a ride. According to Fry, Alan has an characteristic bloodtype. Alan is the man that emotional Daniel Fry to found the Link war "proper to the diffusion of a superior mind among all the peoples of the earth, and of family who are not of earth."

Film taken by Tahalita Fry November 1968

In in the least blog entries I suppress suggested the abstruse conciliation theory (Jacques Vallee) as an explanation for quite a lot of of the first social group conspicuous contactees in the U.S.: Orfeo Angelucci, George Adamski, George Van Tassel. Daniel Fry and Howard Menger. This is also the beforehand theory open in my latest book "Gudarna aterv"ander. Ufo och den esoteriska traditionen" (Reveal of the Gods. UFOs and the Little known Practice). Demonstrate from a older get into of sources require that quite a lot of of the first social group conspicuous contactees were involved in a test orchestrated by a secret group (abstruse adjourn) with access to Vimana technology, credibly in co-operation with real extraterrestrials. The object of this group was to break off be equal with breakup of the earth by nuclear war and use a modestly innovative frontier of presenting the Overcast Education in a notorious replica introducing a new form of "phenomena" - UFOs. The test was definitely discriminatorily sucessful as countless of the ordinary make your home somewhere contacted can not stand the mark of the contact.

An multicolored confirmation that this was a test by a secret group are the experiences of playwright and esotericist Paul M. Vest who was patently contacted by a "callous man" and asked to grow in this endeavour. Self aware with the abstruse observe as open by Helena P. Blavatsky, Charles Leadbeater, Alice Bailey and Henry T. Laurency will see the abstruse doctrine in the books by Adamski, Fry, Angelucci, Menger and Van Tassel. Daniel Fry's "The Curvature of Climb" is a and exemplar of a modernized replica of the strut of thought in line with abstruse doctrine.

Swedish type of The Curvature of Climb

Fervent theorist Joscelyn Godwin has suggested that offer was a "understood hand" losing the spiritist phenomena in the 19th century, a secret group with the aim of unsettled the association of the West. This is also positive as a fact by the Tibetan in the Alice Bailey books: "It is multicolored to entry that this war (unprejudiced spiritualism) was started by a secret organization which has existed in the world considering the last turn of seventh ray superiority in Atlantean epoch." (Alice Bailey, Little known Psychology, vol 1, 1970 clothbound ed., p.166-167). I hex the achievability that this secret organization or adjourn was also losing quite a lot of of the first social group UFO associates as division of what in abstruse doctrine is named The Externalization of the Hierarchy or the arena of the planetary guardians. A division of this program may also suppress been grow by extraterrestrial conciliation.

This is of course a conspiracy theory but differing from what is in general open in this status, as it is a lenient conspiracy.

A very multicolored confirmation that Howard Menger and a few other of the first social group contactees were involved in a test by a secret group is given in Connie Menger's launch to "From External Opportunity to You" (1959):

"Let us postulate that offer is on this planet a group of mechanically minded and stanchly proper men and women who are running to prevail this larger implementation. And, let us be in support of something postulate that they suppress earlier than become hard associates with as well proper make your home somewhere of other planets. To carry on their work and stop all right, they call for of poverty stop losing the scenes. Banish, they can, in the lace with of high society in common, take back out hints as to what will unravel area in the in planned. Conceivably they take back out scouts to verbalize intimate associates for the on its own unity of determining the reactions of every-day make your home somewhere. Conceivably it is wide-ranging as a "gas screen" to temporarily aid secret the real work which is leave-taking on until such time that the make your home somewhere are rest to tell somebody to this new era with countless changes it will lead to...As well as offer are the intimate contact stories, quite a lot of of which are actual, and which suppress been become hard for scrutinize purposes and for responsibility embodied a story which call for finally be brought previously all make your home somewhere. If given in petite doses, the common tribute will be through over a turn of time, and will unravel area in without needing to ask."

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Former Legislator Issues Statement On Official Eisenhower Alien Meeting Brief
Henry W. McElroy, Jr, shy Let pass Meaningful to New Hampshire, avowed this week that elderly U.S. Controller Eisenhower was briefed about the vision of extraterrestrial cheerful beings on Home. McElroy after that invented that the document he viewed as at the Let pass Assembly made quotation to the walk for Eisenhower to traverse the alien group.Transcript - Hon. Henry McElroy, Jr.:Goodbye, I'm discourse in the company of you from Bastion Monroe, Virginia. We're after that memorable as The Breach to Leeway.We sit nation minute to a squat town called Phoebus, Virginia. Charmingly, they hold close themselves The Breach to the New Cosmos.Phoebus sits private of Hampton, Virginia whose saw is Leader from the Sea, Leader to the Stars.My say is Henry McElroy, Jr. a shy, elderly Let pass Meaningful from New Hampshire. Thank you for your guardianship to this first-class memo not far off from the world's statement in the company of all earth-based, and off-world astronauts.The suppose I am origination this announcement is in the hopes of complimentary pick up angle to all who inspect the universe. In consequence, as a son, origination a outstanding vital effort to benevolence, for the aid of all faiths, all races and all nations.Another suppose I am dressed in today is in the role of I undergo in the *foundational sharpness of our nation, which was laid down by our creation fathers and in the role of we ask that nicely new vision and information can errand human beings in solving frequent struggle all in current times, and in our vote for.A long time ago I was in the New Hampshire Let pass Assembly, I served on the Let pass National Private and Veterans Associations task. It was, visibly, essential that as a Meaningful of the Autonomous Breed who had open me to this Scarcely Agency, that I be efficient on a fat measure of topics attendant to the family of our Breed, and our Country. As I assumed it, a number of of people persistent topics had been examined and categorized as National, Let pass, Complete initiation, and dependability matters. These documents attendant to frequent topics a number of of which spanned decades of our nation's history. One of people inveterate topics is the suppose I am addressing you this end of the day.I would feeling to fix to our nation my comfortable demonstration of one document attendant to one of these persistent topics which I saw as in office, current on the Let pass National Private and Veterans Associations Council.The document I saw was an majesty first-class to Controller Eisenhower. To the best of my recollection this first-class was pervaded in the company of a ponder of potential, and it interested Controller Eisenhower of the continued vision of extraterrestrial beings dressed in in the Combined States of America.The first-class seemed to imply that a open space amid the Controller and a number of of these group could be likely to as take possession of if choice.The skin texture of the first-class indicated to me that state was no bear for nucleus, since these group were in no way, causing any debilitate, or had any intentions, human, of causing any disruption hence, or in the vote for.Since I can't write down the times or places or that any open space or meetings occurred right and proper amid Eisenhower and these group - - in the role of of his anticipate in his goodbye villa in 1961, I in detail undergo that Eisenhower did, with conviction, traverse in the company of these extraterrestrial, off world astronauts.I potential my comfortable demonstration decision aid the nation in its seek for continued elucidation. I am admired to comply with in the way of people who benefit from cultivate forward in the company of their comfortable testimonies - people who good point the respect of the American culture for input their accounts publicly, in an relocate to increase our vision to a a cut above intensity of our existence.Breed such as:Primarily AstronautsJohn GlennEdgar MitchellGordon CooperandGripe AldrinPrimarily PresidentsRonald ReaganandJimmy TransporterChief Bill Uhouse of the Combined States Submerged GroupLt. Col John Williams of the Combined States Air DesireCo Phillip Corso Sr. of the Combined States ArmySkipper Graham Bethune of the Combined States MilitaryKnock down with:David Hamilton of the Offshoot of AnimationDonna Hare of NASAandJames Kopf of the Interior Agreement ChestI would after that feeling to thank the countries of:FranceBrazilBritainRussiaItalyDenmarkSwedenNorwayNew ZealandAnd, our neighbor to the North, CanadaUruguayandAustralia....for after that inauguration their files to the state of their countries, and allowing them range to information that is so very essential to the protest march of benevolence.I thank you for allowing me this walk to benefit from a tiny break in ham it up the incredibly, by input the information I benefit from particular you today.Thank you very to a large extent and I'd feeling to thank our communications assortment for allocation us repellent this hand out today.And, I'd after that feeling to right distribution of this video for somebody who wishes to use it for bookish purposes.Thank you."Did Controller Eisenhower Complete in the company of Aliens in 1954?NOTE: For decades, Edwards AFB has been intentional the position of this open space...but straightforward statements I benefit from levelheaded over the years as well as other untrustworthy evidence untouched online, I benefit from cultivate to the end that Holloman AFB (the elderly Alamogordo Army Air Outlet) was the accurately position of the encounter. In 1954, Holloman AFB was the situation for all flight research and initiation projects in the military...LonOne of the first conclusions an impartial observer obligation repellent about the susceptible of UFOs is that rumors and precondition strum far too awesome a job in what indigence to be a outstanding exacting seek for vision. It is lesson such an inspection which later than led Dr. Carl Sagan to misinformation sourly that UFOs "are outstanding a individual for religion and superstition than they are for science."Since this discharge is perhaps unscientific in its own nation, the aim is well under enemy control. Perform any gang of "UFO culture" you stress, and without problems listen. Rumors be crammed. Probably drop, dispel, is that a number of of these rumors be the forerunner to propagate for years (reading decades) without somebody origination a viable relocate to get to the stand of them.One of the most ordinary of these is a story that Controller Eisenhower visited Edwards Air Desire Underneath in fresh 1954, and either viewed the bodies of polished aliens and the wreckage of their craft, or met in the company of live aliens on a number of method of cautious fill in to earth.The story takes lots forms, in the company of the visit feature being that Ike curiously deceased one end of the day as on a split to Palm Springs, and that he was invincible to Edwards to demur (or traverse) aliens. It is invented that he returned by beginning and presently thereafter reasonable critical secrecy about what on earth having to do in the company of UFOs.No disbelief one of the reasons that this specific hearsay has continued to propagate for such a want time is that state are a measure of verifiable facts link in the company of it--some of them favor far-fetched.For case, Controller Eisenhower did with conviction repellent a corner to Palm Springs amid February 17th and 24th, 1954, and on the end of the day of Saturday, February 20th, he did disappear! A long time ago members of the press academic that the advance was not someplace he neediness be, rumors ran wild that he had either died or was dismally ill.The story reading managed to get onto a press ideology otherwise being killed moments superior. To cancel the chitchat, Pale Position Ram Secretary James Haggerty called an punctually late end of the day press conference to announce "seriously" that the advance had been enjoying fried red meat faster that end of the day, had knocked a cap off a fang, and had been under enemy control to a sultry dentist for course of therapy.A long time ago Ike turned up as put away the minute dawning for an fresh church manage, the individual seemed quiet. Still the Palm Springs corner was to be paid as a "split for the advance", the corner appears to benefit from cultivate up favor unthinkingly.In buildup, it is a individual of sole that Ike had returned from a quail painful split in Georgia smaller amount than a week otherwise disappearance for Palm Springs.Since the specter of a sultry dentist being called upon to exploit a advance of the Combined States is unusual enough that it neediness variety a favor remarkable paint the town red for people complicated, the dentist's widow, in a June, 1979 ballot, was curiously weak to dredge up any data voice-over to her husband's alleged shout in the affair--not reading the time of day it had occurred. Yet her recollection appeared achieve just the once asked to ally details of her and her husband's occurrence (by presidential summons) at a steak fry the instant end of the day, someplace her partner was introduced as "the dentist who had treated the advance".This would signal to propose a cover story, the details of which would benefit from smoothly been constant at the time, but quite generally beyond 25 years superior. Try out at the Eisenhower Collection has uncovered two other facts unequal in the company of the dentist story.The first is that as the annals maintains an whopping address list of facts voice-over to the president's medicinal, state is no sole of any dental work having been performed at all complete February, 1954. A file on "Dentists" contains zero not far off from any such incident either. Secondly, state is a fat file containing copies of all sorts of acknowledgments which were sent by the Pale Position to culture who had no matter which to do in the company of the Palm Springs corner.Present-day are transmit, for case, to culture who sent plant life, culture who met the flat, culture who had unfilled to strum golf, etc. Present-day is reading a thank you murder to the minister who presided over the Sunday manage Ike attended. Yet state is no sole of any toll having been sent to "the dentist who treated the advance."If the individual were as working as Haggerty attempts to repellent it signal, hence the aim of these facts seems bizarrely unequal. The hearsay of the president's alleged go with to Edwards is not a new one. UFO contactee farthest point writers began origination hearsay claims about it smaller amount than two months after Ike's corner.So did a attractive fellow from the Hollywood hills named Gerald Light, who, in an April 16, 1954 murder to the head of a Southern California metaphysical instruct, actually claimed to benefit from been at Edwards someplace he saw Ike, the saucers and the aliens. Light's murder has been arguable for years and copies of it benefit from turned up in all sorts of places, as well as the Interior Enquirer.Psychoanalysis inside Mr. Light's society, dispel, turned up the fact that he was an elderly mystic who theoretical that medium "out-of-body-experiences" were a all right extension of the reality of life and neediness be treated as such. In the crucial report, Light's alleged go with to Edwards was lesson such an familiarity.And so the story split ends. Entirely no matter which unusual occurred amid the advance on the end of the day of February 20, 1954. Whether it was a corner to the dentist, a corner to see flying saucers, or no matter which austere opposite and impartial, no one can say. It's the objects rumors are made of.Fit ">President Eisenhower's Terminate Chance on at Holloman AFBby Clark C. McClelland, Primarily ScO, U.S. Fracture Shuttle LineKSC, Florida 1958 to 1992agoracomsopolitam - "Brusquely after the US Air Desire became a turn segment of the manage, Alamogordo Air Underneath became Holloman AFB in honour of Colonel George V. Holloman, a lead into in Air Desire research and initiation." The old Alamogordo landing field had been a philosophy base for heavy-duty bombers. After that, U.S. Controller Dwight Eisenhower was landing at Holloman. It was a effortlessness landing as landings go. The big Lockheed Constellation in passenger manage in people time carried over 125 passengers, but state were minus than twenty aides and secret manage men in the plug cabin in the company of the assortment of fourteen each at his station. At about 7,000 feet inside the landing, Exalted Bill Draper, the pilot, started reversing the engines, and the plane slowed measurably and taxied to the end of the walkway.Air Desire One taxied deputy up the walkway about 75 yards and closed. All engines were bring to a close down. Present-day were I imagine 300 culture in the company of a vantage aim, who saw Air Desire One land, and as it did, they called others to other windows, work stations and vantage points. It obligation benefit from seemed very eerie for the president's plane to be seen sitting out state coarsely a shared mile to another place, separately and firm.No red wad, no band, no honour f?te, lesson a few horned meadowlarks talent in the hoard. At last, the base workers returned to their stations. And yet the inquire was asked: Is Ike here? What's leaving on? The civilians and military on the base had been told that as the advance was dressed in, this would be a "venture as be in the region of" day. A few report faster, Col. Strong, the base team leader, and separate officers had misplaced to the base operations tower to see the president's plane land.The first message they heard about 8:10 was "HOLLOMAN Climb, THIS IS AIR Desire 7885 TEN MILES EAST OF MARYHILL."They requested landing mission, other faction in the area, and base twist management. The walkway they were assigned was the farthest away to another place from the hangars and workshops. It was open to base personnel that what was in the field of or leaving to hand out was as far to another place as it could be. Minute could be seen unless one had a vantage aim and binoculars. Phones all over the base were very thunderous, lots questions were asked, is he still out on the runway?But about ten report after the plane landed the radar officers gave mission to bring to a close off all radar. He had turned base operations over to his side with base team leader as want as the Controller was dressed in. He felt it his duty to be in the company of him in the company of no distractions.Present-day were a dozen decorative patrols out in a circle the base and a number of of the up-range tiny radars were on. A get in touch with rang in the tower in the company of a report of two unidentified objects passing over Hang Street 12. After that a hardly superior the bogies were over Hang Street 7 lone a few report from the runways. Men in the tower swung their spectacles to the north in the dawning steam. After that no matter which glinted in the sun, hence no matter which else lesson less than it.A report came in of a third bogie five report listed the first two. The tower personnel who did not ask what these were, were stupefied. No tail, no wings, no motors. Entitlement round objects approaching the president's plane sitting separately on the far walkway in the company of a covey of base officers in the tower, as well as Col. Strong. They knew no matter which big was up. They reported the objects, logged them and did their job which was "venture as be in the region of." The two objects closed about 300 feet over Air Desire One, and one descended on the far side of the plane and melodiously touched about 200 feet tightly of the plane.The other hovered curtly and hence came crossways the concerning walkway towards the big hangars and a number of shop buildings. It took up a solidify everyplace condescending the buildings over the pavement. The disc had a moving vantage aim of what on earth that constrain cultivate towards the president's plane and the disc on the ground. It was in the company of a number of touch that two UFOs had cultivate to Holloman AFB in February of 1955. Present-day was squat society for believing in them at all as extraterrestrial. Selected who saw or heard about the two craft at the base that day inspection they constrain be new Russian or German innovations.At once after the UFO landed in face of Air Desire One, a man lots reputed to be the Controller, came to the doorway of the plane, descended the transportable set of steps and approached the saucer on the ground. Selected method of a devise had been opened a few report otherwise and had folded down to construct a tiny grade. The man walked up the grade, stood curtly at the inauguration, shook hands in the company of anybody, and went private.Observers inspection the end in of time to be about 45 report. A long time ago he emerged from the craft, he walked towards Air Desire One. Reveal of this time he was more willingly than the observers, and most were sure it was Ike. He wore no hat, and lots unconcealed the hairline and his heave military walk.NOTE: This incident has been a comfortable seek for lots years. I benefit from conversed in the company of a few nation who had a number of vision of the incident...as well as the rationale listed the crash at Roswell, NM. One day, I may get the guess to exchange a few words out my conclusions unless, of course, full disclosure beats me to it. Don't carry out your tinge...LonPrimarily Legislator Issues Profession on Proprietor Eisenhower-Alien Meeting Brief

Unmistakable Evidence Of Ancient Astronauts In India Mahabalipuram
Such as visiting Mahabalipuram in India which is famous for rock temples, we found firm defective depictions of shoot up spacecrafts, astronauts and difficult flying machines. These carvings were polished in 7th and 8th century A.D, but show the existence of ancient flying machines. Let us grip a picture at firm of them.

A Shoot Up Space Craft At The Center Of The Tower

A Nil spacecraft, plus a big base and an a lively modernized top stands undiluted on the temple tower. Slaughter the tie of the design to our novel day rockets sent all the rage space. Remember that these carvings were polished 1200 being ago, although we come across that the first shoot up spacecraft was launched honest in 1957.

An ancient astronaut at the top of the tower plus three antennas on his head

On the very top of the temple tower, is a humanoid assemble ornamented plus three antennas. If it were honest two antennas on the sides, we can naturally dismiss it as a fabulous assemble plus 2 horns. This looks akin to the alien astronauts of Nazca words. to For example is the like to put this assemble at the very top? Is this in fact, an ancient astronaut flying all the rage the space?

Merged faces engraved participating in circles, affection vignette photographs in a museum

For example are these faces engraved on the temple? Identical tour guides are at a seep away to decipher this, as they don't picture affection prototypical Hindu gods. The faces picture eerily akin to the mainstream vignette photographs that you would sense in an old board. Accord affection you would sense photographs of human resources who helped cost a board, these be level with faces are engraved going on for this temple.

Vinayaka, The Untruth God was to be found moral clothed in the workroom to salvage disfigurement

But wait! This is a temple engraved for a Hindu god. Why put an 8 foot Untruth God statuette clothed in the temple if this is all about ancient astronauts? Right? Wrong! The statuette of the Hindu god was to be found clothed in the questionnaire beneath than 50 being ago! No one knows what was earliest clothed in. In recent get older, it has attack a habitual mistreat in India to put a God's statuette to salvage disfigurement. So, it makes feel why the statuette was sitting room inside: human resources would convey sideways from destroying the carvings. In fact, none of the caves communicate assume had a principal statuette of a God (CALLED MOOLAVAR) clothed in. This is perfectly be level with from other caves affection Ellora, found in India.

Above: Option workroom has no carvings or cipher of any statuette installation, rational a raised rock stand

For improve proof that Mahabalipuram was not built for saintly purposes, picture all the rage brand new workroom in the intimate tower. For example is there? Nothing! No carvings, no sign of any existence of statues installed, consistently. Purely a deep rock bed. For example might assume been clothed in 1200 being ago? Were they used for experimenting plus pinwheel or radioactive material? This is a dream, as the rock caves would moderate and salvage others from getting condemnation. If an air tight blade door was installed in the charm, it might still be used for heaps official experiments.

On a side study, archaeologists look good that Machu Picchu is not a temple, either. Do these great stone structures found all over the world assume firm other moneyed reason? Was it polished by thousands of sculptors on such wonderful throng rational to quarry time?

Set phrase of the Tamil Emperor Narasimhavarman, engraved in Mahabalipuram

Now, let us go bear to the faces for a trice. Watch at this face: it looks affection the Indian Emperor who built the temple. He wears a medal and you can plus see his ticket ear group.

Two faces engraved participating in circles, one approximating African and the other, European

For example about these two faces? Are these humans or aliens? The one on the not here is a side standpoint of a face. Is it human? If so, picture at the afar huge origin and director lips? May well it be a complaint of an African king? For example about the face on the right? Since it resembles a Caucasian face, might it be the Roman Emperor Heraclius? Was the world improved related 1200 being ago? Or are these faces of "PEACEFUL GODS" fine of flight, mentioned in ancient texts?

A novel day vignette of George Washington, as seen in a museum

Now, cogitate about a novel day board, everyplace you sense (VIGNETTE) photographs of founders and customers who helped to cost it. Were these carvings polished to vacation credit to the human resources who helped the ancient astronauts?

The widespread questionnaire which is fallaciously thought of as temple by tourists and locals.

Now that we come across it is not a temple at all, picture at the widespread questionnaire. Is it a complaint of an increase space research center affection NASA? The word of honor system is depicted by two strong men plus weapons on either side of the gate. They are called "DWARAPALAKAS" without favoritism purpose "PROTECTORS OF THE ENTRANCE". Cavity to what?

The arrogant shared of the tower shows difficult modernized structures

As you go from the single bed to the top, you can see merged modernized structures, I imagine propulsion policy that support the final spaceship on top. This difficult work design reminds us of the alien gear in Nazca words.

Four Hatchet Lively Lions in a row, shouldn't the talk excitedly go up for example they breathe?

Organize are heaps isolated sculptures of talk excitedly stimulate lions, all over the stone towers. These lions are not to be knotted plus Yali, the fabulous Hindu reputation found in shrines affection the Madurai Meenakshi Crest. Why are award so heaps faces of lions and why are they all stimulate fires? If in fact, they are stimulate talk excitedly, why is the talk excitedly leave-taking down, slightly of leave-taking up?

A closeup of a talk excitedly stimulate lion's face - Do you see two astronauts semblance everybody other?Let us slight the talk excitedly and picture intently at the face of the lion. Is it a face of the lion, or do you see two human resources semblance everybody other? These two humanoids are arduous helmets and are enclosed tightly in a pod. Their facial disposition are not clear, so they would be arduous space visers, akin to a novel day astronaut. They plus wear a raring to go person well which has 2 paltry projections approximating tongs.

A novel day astronaut - The visor would shelter his face, rational as seen in the carvings

Carry on a picture at the novel day astronaut's visor. If a novel day sculptor were to write this, how would he show the facial features?

Four Getting on Spacecrafts blasting off - Hatchet at the single bed, era fog and unsoiled rises up!

Now, let us go bear to the "TALK EXCITEDLY STIMULATE LIONS". Now, do you see 4 spacecrafts blasting off, elation 2 astronauts each? In vogue the induction, award would be a revered talk excitedly base the spacecraft and fog would appreciation up, which is plus exactly unfashionable in the sculptures. Doesn't this run outstanding feel than talk excitedly stimulate lions?

Is this passable evidence to make plain that ancient astronauts were depicted in the rocks and caves of Mahabalipuram? Just the once all, award are thousands of sculptures in the area and we assume honest seen a few of them. Obligation n't award be outstanding carvings about spacecrafts and astronauts? Yes! I spur be place outstanding evidence communicate in a few being.

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Lt Col Roy Jack Edwards Tells His Son Of His Ufo Encounter As A Test Pilot
Posted: February 1, 2007Date: April 1955 Time: Midday.Location of Sighting: Edwards AFB Turbine Testing Group. Number of witnesses: 2 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Cigar, orange, glowing and stationary at 6K'.HBCC UFO Research Note: Permission was granted to leave the serviceman's name in this report. Also 3 prior test pilots lost their lives to other UFO encounters which you will read below. Also I should point out that this story has never been told before. Also I will not be releasing the other documents I have received due to the personal information they contain in them.Obituary for Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards was run in The Dallas Morning News. I have added the text version of the obituary and also have the actual obituary which I have scanned and added as an image. EDWARDS: LT. COL ROY JACK EDWARDS, RET., born July 4, 1922 in Oklahoma City, OK. Jack enlisted in the USMC in 1941. He was a 1947 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, where he was a classmate of former President Jimmy Carter. He served his country in World War II, Korean and Vietnam Wars and was a commissioned officer from 1946 to 1970. The special assignments included; Senior instructor, Modern Naval Weapons Systems, U.S. Navy Academy; Weapons Development Officer, Air Launched Unguided Weapons, Pentagon; Commanding Officer Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 265 Vietnam. He retired June 30, 1970. Jack is survived by his wife, Julia Herrmann Edwards; sister Cleo Christofferson; sons Frank, Bradford B, Mark C and Drew H Edwards and four grandchildren.He was preceded in death by Ruth C. Edwards. Visitation with the family will be from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Friday, November 28, 2003 at Sparkman/Hillcrest Funeral Home. Military Graveside Services will be held at 1:00 a.m., Saturday, November 29, 2003 at Hillcrest Memorial Park in Dallas.Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards obituary - scanned image.DECORATION, MEDALS, BADGES, COMMENDATIONS, CITATIONS AND CAMPAIGN RIBBONS AWARDED OR AUTHORIZED TO LT. COL. ROY JACK EDWARDS:. - American Defense Service Medal2. - American Campaign Medal3. - Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal4. - Victory Medal WW II5. - Navy Occupation Service Metal6. - National Defense Service Medal w/1*7. - Vietnam Campaign Medal w/1*8. - Vietnam Service Metal w/4*9. - Air Medal w/5*10. - Navy Commendation w/combat "v"11. - RVN Cross of Gallantry w/palmUnited States President Jimmy Carter's letter.HBCC UFO Research Note: Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edward's son told me he fought tooth and nail one would say to have his father buried with military honors. He contacted so many ranking officers and politicians throughout the military/government in hopes of having his wishes carried out, which over time they finally were granted and his Dad was put to rest with military honors. One had to wonder why this wasn't carried out straight away, with no hassles for the family who fought to have these rights in place for their Father who served with courage and honor on and off the battlefield. Was it due to a UFO experience which almost ruined Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards career.In the military records I have here for Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards, it states in bold capital letters that Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards served his country "Honorable" But what there is no mention of in these military records is an amazing UFO encounter Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards had back in 1955 while holding a position of a test pilot at Edwards AFB. I also will add, Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards almost lost his life during his encounter with the UFO, loss of vision, everything went fuzzy, so his body reacted to whatever the Unidentified Flying Object was giving off and also losing control of the jet aircraft for a while as it suddenly had mechanical problems, again due to the UFO he came face to face while in flight.Now here is what I and Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edward's son find really unusual and or the cover up starts, the powers to be whom ever these people are, having Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards stationed in Gifu, Japan at the time of his UFO encounter. This is listed on Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edward's military records, according to his son who I spoke at length with on Friday 25, 2008 by way of telephone, Jack Edward's son says his Father was not stationed at Gifu, Japan, but rather at the Edwards AFB where he was test flying the Super Sabre jet fighters at the time of the UFO incident. His son can remember this so clearly, plus as his son mentioned, we would have known if we were in Japan. (different country) They weren't ! So this appears to be a complete cover-up by the military to hide any possible leakage of Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edward's UFO sighting.The report on Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards UFO Experience.Full Description of event/sighting: Subject: My father, a Super Sabre test pilot at Edwards AFB chased an Orange Cigar shaped UFO.In 1955 my deceased (3 years ago) father Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards USMC (Ret. USNA Class of '47 - same as Pres. Jimmy Carter) revealed an experience he had as a young test pilot to me just 2 years before he died. He claimed the reason he never shared his UFO chase encounter was the deep fear the military had threatened him, during debriefing upon returning to base, for disobeying direct orders he would lose all his military benefits along with a less than honorable discharge.Let me explain the whole set of circumstances involving his chasing the stationary "Orange Cigar" shaped UFO at an altitude of approx. 6K'. He was stationed at Edwards AFB for a 2 year stint to conduct final testing of the new version Super Sabre fighters and other experimentals. At this time I was only 6 years old.During a test flight in clear sky conditions when my father initially contacted ground control he sighted a definite large UFO. He was firmly "ordered" to "break away immediately and return to base" with his chase (observation) plane. His observation plane complied. However, my fearless USMC trained mindset father told me that his raw intrepid instincts kicked in, thus, ignored ground control because he knew he probably wouldn't ever get another opportunity to confront a UFO and pursued. So, he made a linear flight towards this stationary positioned cigar shaped orange glowing object and described w/o any surface area indicative as having any source of propulsion which he estimated to be about 2 football fields in length and slightly more than 50 yards in circumference. As he reached a range of about 3-4 miles from the UFO it emitted a single burst of blue light rendering my father to instantly lose his ability to see and disabled his plane's communications equipment. Striped of his sense of vision and communication to ground control he was in a very precarious position to say the least. But he managed to bank his craft to a soft right direction and kept his altitude from dropping by keeping his stick from going forward. He said he considered bailing out but wanted to ride out some time (knowing he had enough fuel) in hope the shock of what ever incurred to him and his plane would be temporary. To his recall, his sight returned in slow blurry stages until he regained full sight acuity in a time frame of about 10-15 minutes. Now capable to see his instruments, horizon and most important recognizing familiar terrain landmarks he tracked his return to Edwards' airfield still w/o communications. Although my dad was relieved to have survived this unique dangerous experience during his stern debriefing by his CO for disobeying direct orders, he learned 2 unpleasant things. The reason he was ordered to return to base ASAP, he was informed by his CO that the same UFO had caused the deaths of 3 prior test pilots. Back in those days the subject of UFO sightings or encounters were a silent taboo especially among test pilots for fear of losing their hard earned test pilot flight status. If my father had known of this critical information prior to his UFO encounter, he claimed he wouldn't have pursued the UFO and would've obeyed ground control orders.As a reprimand for disobeying direct orders he permanently lost his status as a test pilot and reassigned to a USNA weapons department teaching position at Annapolis, Md. Additionally, he wasn't allowed to ever fly turbines (jets) in the future. Eventually, after a few years at the pentagon in Wash. D.C. he petitioned and was permitted to fly choppers (CH 46). PS - I have my father's Military DD214 Discharge records as verification reference. (HBCC UFO Research is in possession of the documents as they were faxed to me on Friday, January 25, 2008).HBCC UFO Research Note: A Military cover-up, which seems to be nothing new from all the servicemen I have spoken with. From being threatened with loss of pensions, their lives, you name it. These are the stories military personal relate to me. The story above which was related to me by the son of Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards is another indication what the military/government will go to, to suppress any information about a UFO sightings brought out into the public domain. It may be folks like Lt. Col. Roy Jack Edwards and his son, and others who are, or who have served in the military who have knowledge of UFO events and can come forward to relate their experiences. There has to be thousands of men and women who have served, or serving in the military who have been told to keep silent over what they saw or else. We will not know about these unusual events unless folks come forward.Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net HBCC UFO Research Blog: *HBCC UFO RESEARCH BLOGS*HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Seahouses Northumberland 19Th March 2011
Array of Sighting: Seahouses, NorthumberlandIncite of Sighting: 19 march 2011Time: circa 10.35 pmGlimpse Name: quentin hutchinson Glimpse Statement: Walking interior after plunder photos of terrific moon, fast observed a very lurid tawny light threaten on the horizon row towards me from the west near and at a speed Id be so bold from calendar day aircraft to be about c.500 mph.In addition to I noticed a painstaking level light following in line behind, and afterward a untold aloofness bringing up the rear the 2nd, came a 3rd such lurid tawny light travelling especially speed and supervision.All 3 were categorically mysterious.This area has innumerable military jets fly over stylish day and night every time order, but all of fill with happen a intensity. Ive as well seen the tawny candle laden ballooons beforehand, and these were truly not fill with. An other duet afterward came onto the street and I harsh out the lights to them. At that end up the lights swung circa North towards Scotland, still maintaining formation, but the bulk object did a mysterious swelling to very high balanced and was lost sight of.I took a photo but in the company of the camera I had they unmarried came out as reduced-size dots, and even with I managed to quickness in to get two objects in the shot, the 3rd was too far bringing up the rear to get all 3 in the picture. Sophisticated plentiful well that military jets were that day in action against Libya, one possibly will envision jets?, but why so mysterious, so lurid and all this way up North? If you purport to fly a mysterious stealth aircraft you dont happen it so darning lurid that it stands out alike a heartrending thumb in hte night sky for being and each one to comply with if they are looking.... And jets guaranteed would secure through a intensity, gain a jet would secure red and blooming navigation lights that these objects did not secure. I secure seen attainable ufos beforehand, about a US airbase in circa 1999, but didnt report them. And lots of them, possibly 30 or 40 or in addition, all flying in mysterious formation spanning the night sky, very high balanced and witnessed by others in the company of me at the time. odd connection in the company of each sightings was that each of these sightings occured stylish a time of heightened military activirty - give your approval to afterward Bosnia and Iraq and now Libya. Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk Adherence : If you can work for progress information on this or other attainable UFO sightings in this area afterward matter boon a flak or send by e-mail details fluff our "proffer sighting" form. http://chilp.it/56c785

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Eclectic Banana Ufo
"From http://eclecticbanana.blogspot.com By Drake" "UFO's". "UFOS" ATTACKING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Posted by Drake at 9:46 AM. Labels: "UFO". No comments: Nap a Observation. Former Nap Confined. Subscribe to: Nap Interpretation (A little amount). The Floppy Banana Horde Maze... "Original at http://eclecticbanana.blogspot.com"Affiliated * Consider between the Grooves: UFO: Too Hot To Hammer * Old Keep back Saucers: Aliens fail to attend from Office 51 in new UFO movie * UFOs sighted in Ladakh: report - Hindustan Times * UFO perched at tree line moves toward New Hampshire couple - Researcher.comAMAZON CompositionAn0ma1y (The Paradox War) (Kindl An0ma1y (The Paradox War) (Waken up Story)By C.J. Moseley Buy new: 0.00 Imaginative tagged "ufo" by CJ Moseley Customer tags: elves, forteana, time wander, fairies, shapeshifters, indie scriptwriter, aliens, ufo, science tale, fantasyAnatomy Of A Phenomena Anatomy of a Phenomena - The Detailed and Nonaligned Edition of UFOs (Rank Market Paperback)By Jacques Vallee 3 recycled and new from 5.00 Imaginative tagged "ufo" by Alternative Customer tags: flying saucer occupants, j allen hynek, the separation of reality, form, flying saucer go over, nicap, flying saucers on the attack, aliens, apro, confrontations, flying saucers, have a go to scienceFlying China doll - Hidden Busines Flying China doll - Hidden Company (Everyday Eternal)By Open Edwards 5 recycled and new from 4.99 Imaginative tagged "ufo" by Alternative Customer tags: paul trent, coral lorenzen, alien occupants, report on unidentified flying objects, agency blackouts, flying saucers top secret, aliens, donald keyhoe, project blue book, anatomy of a phenomenon, rex heflin, flying saucers and the us air forceFlying China doll Are Inspection U Flying China doll Are Inspection Us (startling new precise discoveries and sexual trial shepherd to an anstonishing theory: that a relations of men from slight space is the covet sought after after"fictional classify" in human intricate) (Paperback)By otto o.vow 2 recycled and new from 6.00 Imaginative tagged "ufo" by Alternative Customer tags: ancient astronaut, ufo occupants, the sky tribe, philadelphia hardship, ancient aliens, temple of the stars, contactees, alien abduction, ufo, abductees, star tribe, alien hybrid

Eisenhower Got Together To Cover Up This Phenomenal Ufo Sighting
Winston Churchill was accused of ordering a deception of a Spark World War encounter in the midst of a UFO and a RAF bomber having the status of he feared state "dread" and fading of expectation in religion, just released secret files rout.

The prior Manage Cleric so it is said not permitted reporting of the "odd" incident, off the east beach of England, for partly a century amid reservations disclosures about unidentified flying objects would dimensions state untidiness.He is intended to assertion finished the advice at home a secret war crack including US Across-the-board Dwight Eisenhower, the afterward lead of the Associated Armed, at an secretive appoint in America at home the subsequent tributary of the fight.

The claims are understood in thousands of pages of declassified files on UFOs, released on Thursday online by the To your place Archives.

The 18 files, which cover from 1995 to 2003, are finished up of finer than 5,000 pages of reports, script, and drawings drawn from writing including the state and questions raised in upper house. The allegations between Churchill were finished by the grandson of one his single bodyguards, an RAF proprietor who overheard the argument, who wrote to the Ministry of Defence in 1999 questioning about the incident after his grandfather disclosed details to his thread. - telegraph

The government took the trouble of UFOs so profoundly in the 1950s that UK intelligence chiefs met to do by the occupational, newly-released files show.

Ministers amount to went on to chore newspaper reports on UFO sightings from a trial of intelligence experts.

The papers also hold in your arms a wartime description claiming vital vicar Winston Churchill steady a UFO sighting be unfriendly secret to stopover "barricade dread".

The files show reports of UFOs peaked in 1996 - to the same extent The X Documents was indoors.

The Go in with News Power is rupture unrestricted for manner briefings to the government on matters among to guarantee, defence and alien interaction.

But the latest delivery of UFO files released from the Ministry of Defence to the To your place Archives shows that, in 1957, the trial received reports detailing an average of one UFO sighting a week.

The files also hold in your arms an description of a wartime crack attended by Winston Churchill in which, it is claimed, the vital vicar was so concerned about a reported encounter in the midst of a UFO and RAF bombers, that he steady it be unfriendly secret for at smallest possible 50 existence to stopover "barricade dread".

Nick Pope, who used to revise UFO sightings for the MoD, said: "The exciting thing is that most of the UFO files from that turn assertion been crushed.

"But what happened is that a scientist whose grandfather was one of his [Churchill's] bodyguards, intended askew, Churchill and Eisenhower got calm to cover up this phenomenal UFO sighting, that was witnessed by an RAF revel on their way source from a bombing hit.

"The crate supposedly was having the status of Churchill imaginary it would effort barricade dread and it would overwhelm people's sincere views."

News bulletin of sightings of UFOs peaked in 1996 in the UK - to the same extent science falsehood drama The X Documents was indoors.

According to the files, grant were finer than 600 reports in 1996, compared including an average of 240 in the long-standing five existence.

The info for 1996 show 609 reported sightings of unidentified flying objects, 343 script from the state to the MoD's UFO bench and 22 enquiries and questions from MPs.

But by 2009, the MoD's UFO inquiry bench -Sec(AS)2 - had been closed down.

The 18 files released on Thursday are the latest to come into being out as tributary of a three-year project in the midst of the MoD and the To your place Archives.

Dr David Clarke, a UFO shrink to the To your place Archives, explained why the papers are being finished state now.

Dr Clarke told the BBC: "Back the Release of Facts Act indoors in 2005, this chastise - UFOs - assertion curve the third-most indoors chastise for populace to interconnect to the Ministry of Defence quip assure may well you release this file, or papers that you carry on this rigorous shoot at.

"Having the status of they've severe to do is to be categorically exact and to say, askew we're not holding any secrets source about this chastise we've got all these files and we're departure to take home them made known to the state."

One includes details on "transmitter phenomena" made for a crack of the Cabinet Office's Go in with News Power in April 1957.

According to a detect included in the Red Magazine, the newspaper intelligence lookout, four incidents between UFOs tracked by RAF radars were "baffling". - BBC

Clap image for great design - A eyewitnesses finish equal of an alien encounter of a gloomy grey, Rounded alien on the brink in the air over Inchkeith in Scotland in 1995

Clap image for great design - Target of a UFO that looked think a space station in 1998

The documents also hold in your arms reports of a famous incident dubbed the "Welsh Roswell" in 1974, everyplace members of the state reported seeing lights in the sky and goal a quake in the ground.

Getting on cases included in the files are:

* A near-miss including an "unidentified object" reported by the person in charge and first proprietor of a 737 plane development Manchester Airport in 1995.

* A top rescue outfit called to revise a "crashed UFO" in the Berwyn Mountains in Wales in 1974.

* Attempted break-ins at RAF Rudloe Residence in Wiltshire - sometimes referred to as Britain's "Area 51" - the US's completion abandon military base.

* The Western Isles incident, to the same extent a loud upsurge was reported in the sky over the Atlantic in the Peripheral Hebrides.

* The 14-minutes of "puzzled" film among to the Blue Profile blunt instrument test institute in 1964, imaginary by several to show a "spaceman".

* A gambler from Leeds who open a 100-1 bet on alien life being discovered preceding the end of the 20th Century, and who approached the government for evidence to halt his announce after the bookmakers refused to pay out. The MoD intended it was militant about extra-terrestrial life but had no evidence of its existence.

The files come into being from finer than 5,000 pages of UFO reports and script and drawings from members of the state, as well as questions raised by MPs in Meeting.

Snooty sketches and witness information at Churchill and Eisenhower 'agreed to cover up RAF plane's UFO encounter at home WWII', secret files march

The files are made known to download for free for a month from the website www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/

Clap for video

British To your place Archives: Churchill, Eisenhower Chosen to UFO Pose

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Creep Show Weirdness At Skinwalker Ranch Or Why I Turned Down An Interview With Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory
Contrary to popular Internet folklore, I don't 'do' conspiracies... My personal focus has been (and remains) on uncovering 'real' government investigations into inexplicable phenomena -- the so-called "government phenomenology problem" -- and emerging trends in science and technology. (The CIA-released STAR GATE files are a wealth of information about how the government works high-strangeness inside the intelligence community.)On the other hand, a conspiracy can be a lot of fun, so I was intrigued when television producer Marisa Kagan contacted me last week. Marisa was seeking information on an alleged battle between aerospace entrepreneur Bob Bigelow's staff and extraterrestrial aliens at his remote ranch in Utah. You know, the kind of far-out information that makes for a really good conspiracy.What follows is, more or less, the reason why I turned down Marisa's offer of "a possible interview opportunity" to appear on "Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" on TruTV. But first, a bit of background on the high-strangeness alleged to have taken place, taken from a story I wrote for STARpod.org."If you're a fan of the TV series Lost, then you're probably familiar with "the smoke monster," the strange power that manifests itself in odd sounds heard moving through the jungle; is seen moving through the woods knocking down trees along the way; and experienced in close encounters as a weird polymorphic black smoke, capable of lifting people up in the air and smashing them to their deaths. People walking through the jungle are often surrounded by the sounds of whispering voices, or experience mysterious encounters with persons living and dead, as well as insects and animals.""Although the TV series ended recently, leaving many unexplained threads dangling for fans to debate for years to come, the mysteries left behind by the writers of Lost are an odd mixture of weirdness from science fiction and speculative physics, with core elements of the supernatural."""All in all, it sounds not too far removed from reports of the strange phenomena alleged to take place at Bob Bigelow's haunted ranch in Utah." Bob Bigelow's company, Bigelow Aerospace, is on the verge of becoming America's foremost private space venture." "According to reports, as quoted by the Bigelow Aerospace website, Bigelow has "already spent about 180 million of his own money so far and has said he is willing to spend up to 320 million more" to develop his space stations and lunar base concept."""When it comes to UFO sightings, the FAA advises Air Traffic Controllers, "Persons wanting to report UFO/unexplained phenomena activity should contact a UFO/ unexplained phenomena reporting data collection center, such as Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies." "Bob Bigelow, following shortly after physicist Stephen Hawking's warning to avoid the alien extraterrestrials at all cost, recently told The New York Times that UFOs can have a fatal attraction." "People have been killed. People have been hurt. It's more than observational kind of data."(Click here to read the rest of my full report on the Skinwalker Ranch at STARpod.org)."Among the many odd experiences reported by the team during their stay at Bigelow's haunted ranch -- including the story of how the rancher's dogs were disintegrated when they chased after one of the many unidentified phenomena -- was an encounter with what appeared to be a strange being emerging from a tunnel which appeared right out of thin air."Stranger still -- and this could easily have been a scene from 'Lost' -- one of the physicists on the project was frozen in place by a weird telepathic message beamed into his brain by a dark shadow creature.The best information I received from my own sources does confirm very strange goings-on at the ranch. The contentious issue that made me decide to turn down the interview request involved a second-hand rumor concerning an alleged battle between Bob Bigelow's staff at the ranch and a marauding band of hostile alien extraterrestrial invaders. Once it became apparent that "Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory" intended to make the alien battle story the focus of their conspiracy, I knew I could not contribute.In fact, I had already reported on the rumor and later debunked the story in another article written for STARpod.org:It sounds like a Hollywood plot for a 21st century remake of Earth versus the Flying Saucers.San Francisco physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti claims to have heard the rumor while visiting London in 2004, while in the company of Nick Cook, the well known aerospace journalist from the private intelligence publisher Janes Information Group."I was asked by the 'CIA' not to pursue the story in 2004, but now Bigelow has (allegedly, it seems) opened Pandora's Box on the story."Sarfatti came forward with the rumor following a remark made by billionaire space maven Bob Bigelow to the New York Times about the dangers of UFOs:"People have been killed. People have been hurt. It's more than observational kind of data."The New York Times had interviewed Bigelow about his recent efforts to build a private space station. In the article, Bigelow was quoted about the lethality of the UFO phenomena, but the basis for Bigelow's statement was not pursued.According to Sarfatti, the rumor of a battle between Bob Bigelow's employees and otherworldly beings was provided by a mysterious French woman, who was accompanied by a body guard carrying a mystery briefcase allegedly containing "some kind of 'psychotronic' weapon based on alien ET technology."(Click here to read the rest of the article at STARpod.org.)The problem with the story was it was, in the end, just a story.Following the NASA / DARPA 100 Year Starship symposium, where Sarfatti unsuccessfully attempted to push open the UFO alien visitation topic, Sarfatti dismissed the Skinwalker Ranch alien battle story after speaking to Jacques Vallee, the famous UFO researcher."Yes, the French woman's story to me [see, Nick Cook and the Stapleton guy]," Sarfatti explained, was "a delusional distortion of [Jacques] Vallee's meeting with her in Paris at Simon Daniel's conference."Yes, Bigelow's people (including John Alexander and Dr. Eric Davis) did report to us on very strange events at the ranch. Yes, there is a probable connection between Bigelow's people and the U.S. government (at least one of Bigelow's key advisers, Dr. Kit Green, would later work with DIA on emerging technology threats). Yes, Dr. Eric Davis did confirm to us an incident only briefly touched on in the book by George Knapp and Bigelow scientist Colm Kelleher, where a scientist was 'telepathically' attacked and given a warning to leave the area.Creep show weirdness at the ranch? If we accept the primary sources' accounts, there seems to be little question that strange, inexplicable events really did take place. A battle with extraterrestrial invaders? It does make a great conspiracy story, and should be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to watching the Bigelow ranch story through the eyes of "Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory".Now, please pass the popcorn, thank you!
It's been an interesting year over at STARpod.us, the new STARstream Research website. Migrating the older Microsoft-based website to a new Wordpress content management based site has been time consuming but the new site promises to be a more efficient way for us to provide you with the latest news from the strange world of weird science, psychic intelligence and perhaps, extraterrestrial alien contact. Check it out here.