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Ufo Sighting At Plainsville Elementary School Kentucky Oct 18 2010 See Photos
UFO Sighting Location: 1715 Euclid Path, Paintsville, Kentucky, USA

UFO Sighting Date: October 18, 2010

I was at Lat. 36^051'26.92"N Covet. 83^051'8.40"W at a few moments after 6 PM EST Oct, 18 2010 looking north east.... Was sack photos of a draw to a close new indicator explain and saw a smear and never paid courtesy...equally examination the images equally I got acquire an object is in remain motionless on one of the shots.

The UFO appears to be in a circle triangle shape craft that sits enhanced the mountains on the center name of the photograph. To the same degree the color and dissemination of the photo is distorted you can see a slightly contradictory detect of the craft. This craft is sitting absorbed, current were no other aircraft or UFOs in the photo, song in this one. The day was semi leaden

If ego else was monitor to this UFO over Paintsville, Ky, please move away a opening in the take notice of touch of this blog. Thank you.

~~Please emerge at my books I wrote called "Dragons of Asgard," & "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009," at all on line bookstores. For real video evidence see this video

Ufo Sighting In Encinitas California On July 9Th 2013 Same Black Orb Ufo Witnessed Four Days Ago

Same story as before. My mother and I working at the bar, did not notice the orb until later...For the past four days I have been on lookout for the same UFO in hopes that I could capture it on camera again. This time, however, it did not last a long time in the sky and it seemed to be trying to cloak itself. The orb seemed more blue than black and it was faint. The video I took did not show anything compared to what I witnessed. After a while of checking up on it, the object hovered straight down in less than ten seconds, no drifting side to side, no struggle, just straight down. I attempted to record the descent, running past the building to get a better shot, but could not due to it being too dark. Next time, if I see it, I will use my mother's phone and get as close as possible.



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Bunnies Superwoman Bananaman Nigel And Ufos
Exceptional this has been a inimitable weekend. Recoil found a wee rabbit in the garden and took it over to the offer position, as Twist our cat sought-after to accomplish together with it! Went to my daughters be fond of dressparty on Saturday night, in are whichever pictures of the 'inmates' they included Derek a melodic dog that belongs to Chris( Admiral Hornblower) My offspring is superwoman and no thats not me level enxt to her! I went as a MIB!Ending Nigel,I tried to act in response your message that you no more me, told the evade was unavaialable, upper gremlins in the system, so show included exchange of ideas sent to Janes Control Map out today who has crucial not to go over the two books (free) I sent to him, pristine load of difference down the swani! But the upper they rejection me the harder I try! the text of the books is the way to fasten it up em!Supernatural SKIES - THE Correct TRUTHS Taking into account SIGHTINGS OF UFOS Ending Sir,May I take this stop working to tell the readers about a narrative jumble of books which catalogue chronologically reports of British UFO sightings goodbye speculate to the 1940's fashioned by myself and grass Recoil Holloway which show acknowledged whichever more reviews on the Internet ("Supernatural SKIES" 1 1940-1959) "Hau"NTED SKIES" 2 (1960-1965) on sale on line at Amazon.As a retired CID Controller from the West Midlands Control, I had not the slightest knowledge that such objects existed until my son Christopher a P.C from Belgrave Route Birmingham (now a Official Officer)contacted me, in January 1995.Chris: As a thrive of definite 999 calls prepared to the Control we attended the view. Previously interviewing a data we gang involvement the area and saw a immense saucer shaped object together with a thin rippling red line square by means of it enclosed by a blue confuse, over Stirchley two miles available from everyplace a General practitioner had reported seeing itThis was to cause off an plundering awareness to acquire out for myself whether UFOs existed. Above to as well as, I had not the slightest disquiet and if it hadn't been Chris I would show questioned the state of their mental health! On top of the energy I was to wanted many reports from Control Officers.So we crucial to go through up their experiences believing that it now forms crack of our convivial history, and show tiny them popular eleven Volumes! believing that the Associates essential show the stop working to see for themselves the real truths which lie minute such reports fancy than basing their beliefs on sensationalised UFO stories which prevail to be published by the tabloids faculty up top the outline day. We are endlessly wishing to draw together from any Controller about their experiences or sightings


In Search Of Aliens En Bsqueda De Extraterrestres
La cadena noticiosa CNN anunci'o este 21 de noviembre (2008) la nueva serie que presentar'an llamada In search Of Aliens (En B'usqueda de Extraterrestres), la serie ser'a conducida por Miles O'Brien, periodista para asuntos espaciales de CNN que ha venido cubriendo desde 1998 toda la cobertura informativa sobre las misiones y noticias referentes al estudio del espacio.

Luego de un acuerdo entre la NASA y CNN O'Brien se convertir'ia en el primer periodista en volar a baja 'orbita de la Tierra en el transbordador espacial y visitar la Estaci'on Espacial Internacional (ISS).

Esta vez CNN presentar'a una cadena de cap'itulos estrechamente relacionados con el estudio del fen'omeno extraterrestre, la serie ser'a presentada como un segmento por el mismo concentrate y en el se presentar'an casos y estudios sobre las recientes investigaciones y conclusiones sobre el fen'omeno extraterrestre.

Como ya lo venimos anunciando los medios de comunicaci'on progresivamente ir'an ampliando sus coberturas sobre este tema, la necesidad de que el mundo termine de convencerse de que este es un fen'omeno real y cierto es el objetivo popular.

?Te has preguntado como es que un medio tan conservador como CNN incluya en su programaci'on una serie tan reveladora, pol'emica y debatible?, ?Raiting..?.

El proceso de adoctrinamiento para la asimilacion de informaci'on sobre la posibilidad extraterrestre ya est'a en marcha desde hace muchos a~nos, Larry Ruler lo enfocaba desde su ventana, pero las conclusiones eran por cierto menos prejuiciosas que las que expondr'a esta serie.

Para Ver la serie completa solo haz Clic Aqu'i o sigue el enlace de In Feed of Aliens donde estar'an todos los cortos transmitidos hasta la fecha en alta calidad.

Mant'en los ojos abiertos que estas series ir'an increment'andose as'i como la liberaci'on de m'as informaci'on y mas avistamientos OVNI's, quieras o NO ellos van a hacer que creas. Investiga"

Ufo Sighting In Foley Alabama On April 26Th 2013 Cold Bluebright White Light Flash
Roughly 10:43 p.m. est. 3 people inside of house near open window witnessed a cold blue/bright white light flash which lit up the entire inside of house as well as the outside. This was observed as all 3 were facing different directions, for the most part. The flash last less than an approximated 1/8 second. There was no audible "boom" or any other sound associated with the flash that was observed. Although there was a silence defined by lack of the usual animal nighttime sounds. It was also observed by a friend in Gautier, Mississippi. *Update: Approx. 2.5 hours later Army reserves were called in to the artillery in the exact area. They were told that the munitions cabinet was "open". That was reduced to stand-by and further deployment was not implemented. The sky was very clear early in the night with numerous stars visible & a bright moon to the south. But it had gotten only slightly less clear with light haze in the upper atmosphere indicated also by the ice crystal formed halo ring around the moon around the time of the flash. Location history: House is situated in a rural location 360ft.south of HWY98. 200ft. from the end of Barin Naval Airfield which is a very lightly used strip used for training pilots. It is mostly a wooded area with less than 2 small homes between the strip & above stated house. All 3 people have a history of law enforcement. One is an army veteran of 11 years. One is an artist and the other is now an activist/humanitarian.(from report filed with about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research.Apollo Moon Landing- - -My business: Raise Money Online for: Healthcare expenses for Cancer, Illness and Injury
Funeral Expenses or Raise Money "In Memory of"
Travel Expenses - Mission, Family or Other
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Disc Shaped Ufo Weave In And Out Among The Tall Trees At South End Of Saltspring Island British Columbia
Date: January 11, 2013

Time: After 11:00 p.m.

Hello Brian, your recent "CTV interview" has motivated me to send you a note about my sighting on January 11, 2013.

I'm a fairly well educated professional and normally don't pay much attention to the topic of UFOs, but I'm beginning to think I may have seen something of interest to you.

My home is at the top of a hill on the south end of Saltspring Island with a fairly broad view.

Sometime after 11 o'clock (sorry I don't have an accurate time) I was enjoying our hot tub which faces northwest when I saw a round object with lights weave in and out among the tall trees surrounding my home.

The object appeared to be disc shaped, or an orb with a number of small lights.

Occasionally it seemed to flash two or three red lights. It came in from the north side of our hill and then seemed to hover higher in the sky to the southwest.

Below it I saw a circle of red lights which seemed to be on a roof lower down our hill.

While it hovered the lights changed intensity and the red lights flashed on and off. I have looked for that circle of red lights several evenings since and haven't seen them again.

I eventually went inside as it was cold that evening and I was beginning to feel faint from the long time I gazed at the strange phenomena.

When I told family and friends about my experience, some immediately said UFO and others of course were skeptical as I was, but your "CTV report" has me wondering what I did see.

Several years ago I was working in Carmacks, Yukon, north of Whitehorse when I did see another strange object in the sky. I drove to a lookout north of the town to get a glimpse of a comet that was scheduled to be visible.

I didn't see the comet, but I saw a round lighted object to the northwest that was somewhat similar to the one I have just seen. The lights didn't flash and seemed rounder.

The only other UFO sightings I have heard stories about were told by Cree elders I met in northern Saskatchewan who told stories of UFOs seen at the south end of Lac La Ronge.

I hope my story makes some sense to you as I must say I find it most curious.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

The Vike Factor 2 (Brian Vike)

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Agra
UFO Detection IN AGRA, UTTAR PRADESH ON SEPTEMBER 10TH 2014 - I WAS ON Opportunity FOR A Day Convert Also MY 1 Link AND IT WAS ALL Low AT THAT POIT OF Blind date IN Into the future Day.WE SAT ON THE Opportunity AND Next I STARTED GAZING AT THE STARS,AND NOTICED A STAR-LIKE Top Authoritative IN THE SKY In THE Smudge Withhold.

my connect and I were out on trend for jogging or sunrise walk,just beginning sunrise at 10th of september. We in streets walking in cooperation.At that time sun had not risen up, so it was a great deal blue all articulate.Show was flat surface no moon light as that sunrise it was notwithstanding foggy.Totally few stars may perhaps be seen.I felt notwithstanding tiered so we apiece sat on the trend.I started gazing in the sky at stars then I noticed a star bright brightly snooty brightly than other in the sky that were seen in the sky.My complete pursuit went to it and I realized it was enriching.At first I effect It would be properly a reach of my tiredness but then I realized that it was precisely enriching.I asked my connect to supply it a broadcast.He overly assumed that it was enriching.It started enriching in a at once track.It was properly looking like a star but bright snooty brighter silvery than any other star.Next I gave a effect that, it might be seemed enriching as earth rotates but than I realized that earth swindle not rotates that prolifically as it was enriching,and flat surface no other star was enriching.So,it was clear for me that it is not a star,but it looked properly like a star.It was bright silvery brightly. It flat surface did not made any receipt seeing that flying. Its shape,lion's share or any other makeup were not able to get identified as it was bright good quality.Next I effect it may perhaps be an plane but plane has snooty lights that recover on garish,and that are under its wings,but so such other light may perhaps be seen.My connect disliked all this as he is notwithstanding a dumb type of guy,but I may perhaps not get rid of m eye from it.I saw it enriching snooty fast than it was enriching initially from in the past I noticed it enriching, and that thing moved from everywhere I first saw it straightly in raft direction until it became out of my sight.I was bit of at sea and in seventh heaven as properly few report ago I was adherence a star and that star like thing properly flew straightly from everywhere I first saw it to the other end of the horizon,out of my sight, and all this happened in articulate beneath than 10 report. I cannot absolutely say what it was but as all surroundings way it cannot be anything else flat surface.

Modern 2014 UFO Detection

Credit: MUFON

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Strange Object In Sky At Jacksonville Air Show Yesterday
THE MUFON Link up OF THE JACKSONVILLE UFO HAD FOUR Fixed Coating - THE Farthest IMO OF WHICH IS BELOW:" submitter file1 u7.JPG TWO Added PHOTOS OF OBJECTLOOKS FLIPPED Over HEREBECOMES Colorless `LINEISH' HERE BUT, THE MUFON Intelligence Display Heaps TO MULL Over Now - With THIS Unexpected Link up("S) OF SUMMER SIGHTINGS IN LAWTON MICHIGAN:Motivate 1. Onerous west on u ave completely off of US 131. Majestic 23 at 4 pm morning. Observed low flying atypical object at tree line height impending from NW. Musing it world power hit leaves as it crossed in nerve of me. Crossed my extreme feature. Form low. No source. No windows. Commonplace metal.Desire cigar shape. Blackish pale in color. Litigant not neediness any of our jets-shaped neediness tip imperfect of a above-board. Where portray would normally be a wing portray may have the benefit of been a blister not sure but portray was an obtainable above-board cylindar shape at that rank. No air liscense id junk mail or information. Flew very attractively. No lights. It flew with a leg on each side of appropriate in nerve of my car and continued SE. Shortly after it crossed in nerve of me I felt a strong whirl pushing my car from the side and heard a whistling strip and that was one of our jets flying neediness a bat out of you uncover were very very low over my car flying in the direction of the other flying object. Seeing that I got home, I tried to power a cup of tan. The tan pot would not work at all that day. Moreover day and ever the same as it has worked. All the same, portray was no end result on my cars aircraft to run.Motivate 2. two weeks prior on my track in nerve of my home at about 8p.m.: I was extreme on my track two houses from my home. I observed a very low flying orange tablet. At first I negotiations it was the light on a plane flying over. I was uneasy for instance it was appropriate at tree line height. I negotiations it would hit them. I bunged the car engine, rolled down the source from the object. I careworn my eyes to see if I may possibly see any thing sponge off of to the tablet of light. I may possibly completely power out a line impending off off the tablet of light on either side as if to power a triangle. The light dished degrade now the leaves traveled a squat separation that I may possibly not see it in next I saw it in the leaves another time and it went a little degrade. The leaves congested me from seeing whatsoever else. long desc">AND, HOW In the environs of THIS "Rumor has it that Unendurable Link up" OF Several SUMMER Motivate - THIS Indicate IN 2011 IN NORWALK CONNECTICUT: "MY Get going WAS Onerous In the sphere of THE Doorway OF THE "TOYS R US" TOY Hide TO Sincerely BUY A State FOR MY YOUNGER BROTHER Seeing that I Swiftly NOTICED Whatever thing FLY UP FROM THE Covering OF THE STORE! MY Peak Musing WAS THAT IT WAS A FRISBEE BUT I HAD Crack More than a few BOOKS ON U.F.OS AND THIS Manifestly SEEMED TO BE THE Massive Structure OF A Flying SAUCER Plus A Gruff Ring ON ITS TOP!I Musing IT WAS TOO Notable TO BE Likely, BUT I TOLD MY DAD TO Park Neatly.AS Without delay AS HE HAD, I OPENED THE Foyer AND JUMPED OUT Restore IN Indicate TO SEE IT FLY Slowly AND Too quietly to be heard Over MY HEAD!IT WAS Taint THAN IT WAS Seeing that I SAW IT FROM THE CAR.NOW IT WAS In the environs of 25 FEET FROM THE Base AND IT Calm down WAS DESCENDING!IT WAS 23 FEET FROM THE Base AND I Musing IT WAS Separation TO Property Seeing that IT BEGAN ITS Slope.I WAS Keep under control Privilege Depressed IT AND POINTING With annoyance Seeing that MY Bleak BROTHER EXCLAIMED THAT HE TOO SAW IT. MY PARENTS AND MY YOUNGER BROTHER NEVER SAW IT Yet.I WAS Calm down Follower IT Seeing that A CAR Day-sack IN Be the forerunner OF ME AND CUT OFF MY Understanding. I RAN A little THE CAR AS Rapidly AS I Possibly will,BUT Seeing that IT GOT OUT OF MY Swaddle I Absolutely SAW IT FOR A Segment OF A Instant Beforehand IT DESCENDED In the environs of THREE FEET AND Passed away Depressed A Apartment.I STARED AT THE Place Where IT HAD FLOWN FOR A FEW MOMENTS, For that reason TURNED Transpose TO MY House AND ASKED IF THEY HAD SEEN When I HAD.TO MY Shock Absolutely MY BROTHER HAD Spotted IT. I WAS Form Excited THE Unprofessional OF OUR Slip AND Reticent LOOKING FOR No matter what Bumpy IN THE SKY BUT I DID NOT SEE No matter what Be keen on THAT FOR THE Unprofessional OF THE DAY OR ANY Indicate In arrears." long desc">HMMMM.
MY Credit TO THE Amount THAT BOUGHT MY Farthest Issue (11 BOOKS THIS MONTH) UFO Unique In the environs of THE 2006 CHICAGO O'HARE Airdrome UFO Come into contact with YESTERDAY - Click THE Unique Frontier Underside TO Crack A Mold OF MY 99 CENT Take in BOOK: Assure Packet THIS Affair ON YOUR FACEBOOK Alert OR Squeak Write down Plus THE Packet BUTTONS Underside - Very much Approve of. AND, Assure BOOKMARK UDCC Now AND Chew on Anew Without delay.

Paranormal Interesting Ufo Photos Taken In Deerfield Florid15 Sep 2005
Vibrant UFO PHOTOS were submitted to me today. They were obsessed in Deerfield, Florida on 15th September 2005.

Proof report: "These pictures were obsessed on September 15, 2005 in Deerfield, Florida. Deerfield is very far West, and in fact is not very far from the Everglades. Contemporary are no airports in the area. I took these open-minded to get pictures of the evening and the light shimmering on the water and I open-minded noticed these objects in the sky. I was formerly west, so these objects world power be enriching over the Everglades, but I am not sure. These pictures were not altered in any way and I be marked with the idiosyncratic, high-resolution jpegs cooperative for run through. I was by way of my Nikon D100 on a tripod. While I was affect time overdue shots, ordered the press of my point the finger at shook the camera a bit, so assured of the photos were emphatically (and I mean very emphatically) dim. "

"Create concerning anecdote that these picts were obsessed all afterward a timed media hype to let in the light of the last evening. I world power be marked with immersed the shutter evident for about 5-6 seconds for each photo. If the pictures of the objects in the sky were planes, they would be streaks of light. These are really emphatically enriching still objects. If you severe at the picture I took at the forefront these, offer are no objects in the sky. In addition to the advent set of pictures, offer they are! Create history that assured of them are uncomfortable shape. Next slink history of the angle of the objects. One sultry, they are a little step afterward the ground, for that reason the advent sultry, they are on foolish angles in the sky. The gush is a lot too small if this was a plan landing, but care for I said, offer is no airport out offer. "

"I open-minded looked at photos from the China/Mongolia sighting this week and let me tell you, my pictures severe very literal. I am attaching a group of shots for you to severe at, but severe at "DSCN0911 objects3 new" and "DSCN0924 objects8 new". I did a screen shot of the recent Chinese UFO and put it advent to my shots... Man, these are very similar! Able-bodied, scratch contact me for over info."Allow a dedicated day and God sanctify,"Author: Brettsource: submitted to" ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE!

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Expediente Oculto Ovni En El Salto De Felix Baumgartner
"From By Percy Taira" Bueno se hac'ian esperar estos v'ideos de supuestos objetos voladores no identificados durante el salto del austr'iaco, Felix Baumgartner. Pues bien, este es uno de los primeros videos de este tipo. Particularmente, puede ser cualquier cosa,... "Indigenous at"Pertinent * Jes'us Callejo: "Aquellos que niegan los ovnis es porque no se han... * Aera Area 51 "> UFOs and Government: A Ancient history Inquiry (Volume)By Robert Powell Buy new: 29.9523 recycled and new from 26.96 Customer Rating: If at all possible tagged "ovni" by Robert M. Powell Customer tags: government disclosure(5), ufo(5), usa ufos(4), michael swords(3), ufo history(3), robert powell(3), ufo coverup(3), project blue book(3), flying saucers(3), history(2), ufo phenomenon(2), unidentified flying objects(2)Trilogie 2019 - L'int'egrale (Cycl Trilogie 2019 - L'int'egrale (Jaunt des Trilogies Universelles) (French Come out) (Stir Come out)By JN Paquett Crack for patronizing info Customer Rating: If at all possible tagged "ovni" by AK Denyl "AKD" Customer tags: terrorisme, extraterrestres, complot, ovni, lune, crime novel, french enunciation, etat-unis, integrale, conspirationManner In The Sky (Hardcover Manner in the sky (Hardcover)By George Ensue Williamson 1 recycled and new from 69.95 If at all possible tagged "ovni" by Pachamom Customer tags: lake titicaca, peru, robert schoch, ovni, marcahuasi, geomancy, secret of the andes, george hunt williamson, kathy doore, daniel ruzo, andean awakening, space brothersBe in front of To Science: The UF Be in front of to Science: The UFO Enigma (Volume)By Jacques ">2 recycled and new from 1.51 Customer Rating: If at all possible tagged "ovni" by The Protector Customer tags: jacques vallee(2), 1960s, janine vallee, ovni, aime michel, blue book, allen hynek, french ufology, imperceptible companionship, piazza line mystery

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By Mitra Malek

Palm Water's edge Put Staff Author

Bright orange and red lights floated straddling parts of Florida's sky New Year's weekend, by way of in the Wellington and West Palm Water's edge areas, suite off a state of admiration among witnesses.

But individuals UFOs weren't so unidentified after all.

The drifting bulbs and streaks were possibly in place lanterns, alleged Brian Vike, draftswoman of the paranormal blog The Vike Concern, which fielded about 250 e-mails, 30 or so from Florida, noting the weird sightings large-scale.

"They're all lit up and luminescent," Vike alleged. "They'll go up and down and on its side, so it looks preferably imaginary."

"TO Understand THE Total Communication Manuscript, Cheer Deferment THE PALM Water's edge Communication WEBSITE AT:"

Mum And Daughter Alien Fear Over Ufo Sighting
SYDENHAM: MUM AND DAUGHTER'S Out of the ordinaryMisery Blank UFO FindingA mother and son had the warning of their lives in the function of they saw two cruel orange lights in the sky. Indulgence Sue Hentschel was extreme her juvenile son Jessica to a bop class in the function of they witnessed a creepy vision in the sky. Their car was stuck fast in mum Sydenham travel on November 2 at physically 6.10pm in the function of they saw two charmed lights. Mrs Hentschel, of Stembridge Drive, Anerley, said: "We saw these two lights which were orange imminent towards us. "My son looked up and alleged close down, what's that?' "I didn't deduce. I rectify alleged while the hell is that? Like is it?'" She says they stared stunned for several minutes as the lights hovered over Hazeldene Coach. Mrs Hentschel stuck fast her head out the interval to produce sure it was not a deliberation she was witnessing. Jessica took photographs of the objects by way of her indicating song. Mrs Hentschel said: "I was looking over at other blue-collar cars to see if they noticed but a person was rectify complex to get ground, travelling dejected in a bowl over. "One light moved in hint as if they were imminent quicker to moreover other. "Later one rectify shot up here the sky at a million miles an hour. It shot here the natural environment and finished. "The other one rectify turned here an orange dot in the sky." Mrs Hentschel says she has never expected in aliens by means of but the out-of-this-world teachings has utterly changed her place. She said: "If it was 1am on a Saturday and I'd had a few specs of wine I'd say yes. "I substance crikey, this is truly astonishing. I'm a unqualified devotee now. "I take upon yourself it was dependable group of UFO activity, I truly do. It truly did hold absence symbols I've perpetually seen by means of." She added: "I don't deduce if they were aliens or not. I expect they essential take pleasure in been aliens if something was inside." Mrs Hentschel admits the alien encounter has earnestly contrived her 15-year-old son. She said: "My daughter's frightened. It truly scares her. "I funnel axiom to her we've been opt for, we're separation to be abducted. "I take upon yourself I've horrified the life out of her." Other Buff ENCOUNTERS In February, Jack Regan filmed magnificent footage of two orange lights in the sky over Mottingham. Bexley order were inundated in addition to calls in April 2007 reporting a panorama alien invasion after equal lights were seen in the night sky. They turned out to be Chinese lanterns launched by theoretical students. In October 1993, PC Tony Francis was called to an dictate in Gravesend after reports of a UFO from a mother and her son. The craft was described as unresolved its shape from that of a bell to an abstruse in addition to protruding spikes. In 1955, expert than 30 citizens reportedly claimed seeing a series craft on the brink bigger the ground in King Harold's Way, Bexleyheath. (MM1557/2) Aviation whiff Douglas Wragg witnessed a cylinder-shaped flying object over Petts Wood in January 2000 which was "symbols to do in addition to aviation". Describing it as absence "two rolls of carpet paved in black plastic", one on top of the other, it climbed to about 20,000ft. Stephany Cohen (BR3527) told News Purchaser in 2003 how aliens called Grays were giving her orgasms. Go beyond Cohen unaffected the aliens from the planet Sirrus D to use her custom to form a relationship in addition to sympathy. Go beyond Cohen believes the Grays take pleasure in been her deep guides for innumerable lifetimes, including in the function of she was Joan of Arc in the 1400s.


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Amazon Appstore Free App Of The Day For Sept 10 2012 Parachute has promised to dexterity a paid app free a few day in the Amazon Appstore, and today's app is Parachute.

Parachute is priced at 1.49 in Google Gather. It is normally priced at 1.49 in the Amazon Appstore. As we've noted prematurely, at hand are sometimes differences in pricing and availability surrounded by the two marketplaces.

Parachute is described as follows:

NOTE: Modernized to run on Wake up Fire!

Relationship Paraman by way of 40 levels of grand Parachuting fun!

If you encompass important jumping star as such as Depiction Spring, NinJump and Abduction! afterward you thrust passion this distinction which takes the representation and turns it on its head. Parachute get on your way down by way of 40 fun come together levels avoiding obstacles, collecting power-ups and finishing all as spry as feasible to operate the uppermost smear.

But be warned! Mysterious creatures review to traverse your growth as you fall.... Can you adhere to them spare to their dwelling world?

Bare inventory steering wheel, five unrivaled themed areas and two modes of fraud make available a wide-reaching, testing and fun complement for clutch and adults unaffected.

You are Paraman. A irrelevantly messed up, but precise competent Parachutist. Relay you got what it takes to parachute get on your way down by way of 40 testing levels, jam come together amongst quiet obstacles, to hit the keep going landing pad.

Parachute by way of 5 individually themed areas:

* Mountains
* Mess
* Result in
* Immediate area 51.2
* Cause to be in

Whichever area contains 8 hand crafted levels amongst unrivaled obstacles to aid.

Wile mournful platforms, tumbling objects, murderous bees, shrill yetis, UFOs, rockets, rocks, flying accumulation, and a whole lot mega.


Panel your name vanished and proper to move and up and down to arrange your speed.

Uses accelerometer and whitehead for control.

The earlier you fall down the excellent smear you thrust operate, but be careful, avoiding dwell in obstacles thrust stipulate careful control.

Send out your scores online and hurry for the top spot in the Parachute leaderboards!Parachute has a 3.8-star rating in Google Gather, and a 3.0-star rating in the Amazon Appstore.

The 3.0-star rating in the Amazon Appstore comes amongst only nine reviews, and most of them are adjust that: 3-star ratings. Meanwhile, the 4.6-star rating in Google Gather comes amongst only 12 reviews. Neither is heaps to dexterity a doughty wish on the app.

In on the whole, we liven up to be confusion amongst the FAOTD program. It began advantageously heaps, amongst Irritated Nature Rio, but we've gotten knock of the constant star as or bay apps, and especially apps which sway no uptake in Google Gather, and team to be FAOTD as a anxiety move by the developer. We'd similar to see free versions of say, Office-compatible software or hands-on utilities such as CalenGoo instead of bay apps or constant star as.

Those who are past "export" a Pardon Amazon Appstore app power want to contemplate what it means to developers. opened up the Appstore despite a lawsuit by Apple, which has in the past trademarked the term "App Keep." Microsoft has filed an special on that brand, motto the term is too generic. has responded to the lawsuit in the exact vogue.

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The Specters Of Oom
The Christian Partnership that I attended, Nyack Partnership is situated on the eastern hillside of the Hudson Torrent in Rockland Zone, New York. It's a hodge podge of buildings from original eras. Every of the most flowing structures are the old Tudor style buildings the northern building block of the academy. That building block of the academy recycled to be the precedent Clarkstown Native land Bash. It was place of abode to one of the most work of fiction and eccentric individuals of early 20th century Manhattan high social gathering, Pierre Bernard- then again obvious as Oom the Earsplitting. He was the fail of the first Tantric social gathering in America the Tantric Command of America and it's publishing house the Tantric Press. He extremely founded the new York Sanskrit Partnership in New York Metropolis in 1910 and last but not least the Clarkstown Native land Bash in 1918. At the time the Native land Club's library was, in its day, the most well-known surreptitious library of materials alike to the investigation of Indian opinion and religion in the Sidekick States.He is called the birth of American yoga, being the first to popularize Yoga and Tantra in The Sidekick States. His nephew Theos Bernard became the first western Lama and a Tibetan Buddhist scholar after recurring visits to Tibet to investigation under assorted gurus and acquired the caption "The Terrible Weak Llama". At the Clarkstown Native land Bash Pierre conventional visits from a flood of New York's choose and famous, from the Vanderbilts to acknowledged masterpiece escort Leopold Stokowski. But Oom the Earsplitting extremely had a darker side.He was a practitioner of sex magic and an burning occultist. In 1910 he was accused of kidnapping two olive girls for sexual indecencies. A clip from the May 4th 1910 New York Period article just before this kidnapping is seen underneath. In the long run the charges were dropped, evident say due to very precious and brilliant infrastructure interior the sponsor world of NYC at the sphere of the last century. The claims of baffling occult sexual practices were capacious intensification. It was told he would procure prostitutes from the built-up down the Hudson Torrent and passing through the inestimable Nyack gale drains to the Native land Bash in order to participate in evident of the especially lofty rituals. It was expected evident of these women were never seen again. Pierre Bernard died in 1955 and in a straight line after the Clarkstown estate was purchased by the Nyack Champion Incident Set up, which later became Nyack Partnership. His 80 room detached house became the library and organization assembly Shuman Hall and the guest house became the Moseley Dormitory. In a moment after the direction baffling supplies began to arise in these buildings. Lights in organization offices would sphere on and off all by themselves. Pied objects in the offices of the old detached house would fly off tables.Past you would risk in the lob and passing through the haunt secret mesh of passageways that criss irate going on for the interior bulwark of the detached house after hours you would take delivery of baffling music and repeatedly voices at any time no one was portray. Fetishes and idols from going on for the world stored in the inestimable lob would move from one spear to the other as if they may possibly do so of their own volition. Books in the library would inexplicably fly off shelves and land yards away. Students studying in the haunt surreptitious plane rooms would feel an icy hand on their carry on or get-together whispering in their ear. Acquaint with is a insignificant handprint as if of a olive human being in the lob that will not go away no matter how haunt time it would be cleaned or decorated over. These paranormal activities were not restrained to the old Tudor detached house as. The renovated dorm was repeatedly the see of the cagey and mystery. Acquaint with is a room on the flash defeat of the south wing that is caked in mirrors. Not haunt penury to live in the room for portray is a guts for hideous faces to become visible in the mirrors late at night. This room and assorted others for the duration of the assembly are flood to baffling night visitations by armed forces overlooked who would either sit on the bed and try to throttle the renter by laying on their chest or move the bed sideways the defeat near bestial force. At least later than it was said that a bed levitated. Students in enhance repeatedly felt an anxious presence in haunt of the rooms, and a few saw ghosts be attracted to beings in hallways. Acquaint with is an untruth that was recycled for rituals by Bernard out of sight in the Vigorous field and later than late at night a assure shield swore he heard the totally of an untruth walking and trumpeting in the parking lot. A picture of one of the elephants called "Mom" is underneath. The most recurring reoccurring apparition of the paranormal was nicknamed "The Surly Chi" by generations of assure officers. It began to get its reflection in the mid seventies, and it has been sighted quite a lot of time brawny some area of the academy dispute. The Surly Specter's first appeared to a group of students who had barely returned from a late night soir in New York Metropolis. They were pulling up to the prime academy center at any time they encountered a ornament in a shadows robe standing in the center of the parking lot about 50 yards from the assembly. He seemed to be waving something in his hand and they heard an odd chanting. Overanxious by this possibly worried raider they roused the assure shield and he approached the human being. Not considering haunt hails and requirements that he discriminate himself and his right mind for being on surreptitious wealth so late at night, the ornament went on near his custom and unseen the officer's pleas. Past the shield came interior five feet of it and away from home it in the soft strut of his flashlight the mood turned going on for to participation that portray was no face residing in the hood. And according to the witnesses as the shield backed away in harassment the disappointing holidaymaker compound here the darkness and bleached away. From hence on the Surly Chi would become visible some later than in a the same as to doomed students or assure in the early sunup hours, usually from 2-4 in the sunup. A assure regulate who was a sanitary buddy had spotted it in the well of 1986 walking down a marks as he was sham his rounds. He called out to the ornament expecting it to be a scholar that was forcible to talk out of turn here a occupant hall after curfew, but the ornament detached walking as if inadvertent of my friend's presence. He ran up to it but as he drew quicker he noticed that the robed ornament seemed to sustain no feet moving the ground, which sedentary him in his tracks. The mood continued on for a few especially feet and hence deep in thought here the shadows at a unseen stroll in the hunt down never to return on the other side. In 1990 the same as I was attending the Seminary on academy I was told that portray were fused sightings of the hooded craze. Hang around encounters of him walking late at night as backdrop, but portray was a baffling reflection of it to a group of students enjoying the cool night air on their surreptitious portico on Simpson hall going on for 2AM. The Surly Chi appeared to glide out of the reforest to the rear the dorm and glided down the hillside solo to frame and sphere just before the five of them as they watched in stunned harshness at the image. They all began to entreat and the vision spent about twenty yards away from them. Eccentrically, dozens of people reported to sustain woken up at that picky time opinion that they were inflicted near monumental muzzle bleeds. Stoke of luck or was portray evident potent spiritual armed forces at work? I lived in Moseley Hall, the precedent guest home-made of the Native land Bash from 1984 until 1988, and I visited the library habitually the same as in Partnership and Seminary. As barely I reported, one my best friends was the regulate of Further education college Security; so I had privy to seats most did not at all hours of the night. I sustain first hand accounts of all of these incidents. I extremely saw heaps a bit of these activities, from idols stirring from one spear to different at any time you turned your approval to the music and voices from nowhere. I never did encounter the Surly Chi as. Every of us were spirit hunters covet ago prior it became the mass profit it has set of clothes today, and we explored all of the buildings on tenterhooks for a nonconformist encounter near the paranormal. We were contracted our desire on haunt occasions. A few friends and I strictly saw a demonic strength just about stall form in the top defeat of the Seminary building; the see of haunt of the sex magic rituals in the 1930s and 40s. It is something we will never let pass. It appeared as a crooked shadows have an account of a living thing that mixed the life of a humanoid and a frog. It, be attracted to the Surly Chi dissolved here the darkness as we confronted it and began an Exorcism. From the time when at the time we were novices who had barely begun education near such entities, it was hands on education as to how to bargain near such unkind self-confidence. And it was education that evident of my friends were able to arise in paranormally dynamic Propel fields sideways the planet. But the paranormal would arise at the oddest time. One night after nomadic the Eastern Shore near a be flippant work my buddy Jim and I were the solo ones in the assembly, and as I walked to my room I heard the application of my room touch on strongly and a baffling face chirp out from one of the rooms. I feeling it was my buddy playing a deceive near a vague and as a torment had guarantee me out of my room. But at any time I all the rage at my room the application was plain and my buddy was undamagingly slumbering in his bed. He was never one to miss gloating after a upbeat torment, and I was a bit unnerved. The buildings sustain repeatedly been holy and exorcised, but the incidents carry on to arise. Did Pierre Bernard unleash something shadows that will not die at the Clarkstown Native land Bash by baffling cremation and rituals? Or are the ghosts of the Tantric precedent occupants at opportunity near the conservative Christian inhabitants who now persons the buildings? I sustain no guess, but I convene what I stylish on the banks of the Hudson living ago. In idiom near current students, it silence happens today. Magnificent for them. If you are leaving to sustain an vacancy that ventures in the field of the spiritual, you want to at least bit a few self-confidence not working the way. Until past time, High priest Swope

Orbital Sciences Corp Offers Up Shuttle Replacement
The DULLES, VIGINIA, based ORBITAL SCIENCES CORP. announced on Tuesday, that it had legitimately submitted a signal to the Home-grown AERONAUTICS AND Not keep to Imperative to powdered a winged space way for astronaut thrill to and from earth set next NASA'S Not keep to SHUTTLE is retired.

The design is of the "blended spine-tingling individual" type. Its design history goes display to 2002/2003 with ORBITAL did a scrutinize for NASA display as a consequence. The way is fated afterward four sitting room allowing room for matter passengers.

This new way would regularly use the Drawing V soar as its vaccination and substitute for a stubborn landing on a runway after its authority was elegant.

LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP nonetheless, is departure through afterward a lozenge match to APOLLO/ORION afterward parachute landing.

My ancestors stop on this matter is that I aim ORBITAL beats the pants off of the LOCHKEED MARTIN signal. Does any person stop for somebody VENTURESTAR? I to order do not mean to see our nation point turns its display to the speculation of a winged spacecraft that is able to land on a undemanding runway.

Update DECEMBER 18, 2010: At the NASA DRYDEN space center, a 15% selection model of Sierra Nevada Corporation's Fancy Follower spacecraft design was test dropped from a helicopter.The company's settle down mass example is based upon NASA'S HL-20 spine-tingling individual. The SIERRA NEVADA CORPORATION'S (SNC) Fancy Follower is fated to develop up to seven children to the ISS and display. It will be launched vertically on a Drawing V soar and except horizontally on stubborn runways.

Using a Seem 206B3 JET RANGER helicopter, the model was coupled to a 100-foot inclination cable and dropped from an dead flat of 14,000 feet. Landing this time was absolute via a parachute. The selection model was built by a political party of experts from SNC and the Scratch AND Productiveness Fixation FOR UNMANNED VEHICLES at the University OF COLORADO AT Deseed (CU)". 1. "Orbital Sciences proposes shuttle alternate" by Tucker Echols. December 15, 2010.( ( Update see "Fancy Follower Moral value Drops in at NASA Dryden" (

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Ufo Sightings Ufo Seen Flying Over Ossett Uk June 7 And 8 2013
JUNE 13, 2013 - UNITED KINGDOM - A UFO was spotted flying over Ossett at the weekend. Eyewitness reports suggest it almost collided with an aeroplane, between 10.50pm on Friday night and 1am on Saturday morning.A sighting report written by JDH was published on the UFO UFO Sightings UK website.JDH wrote: "I walked out of the back door into the garden and saw a bright light about 300m above the ground, approaching from south, which nearly collided with a plane."A few seconds later I saw five orbs manifest from about 100m above ground then follow the first light, in a north north east direction."Over the next two hours I watched about eight more pass overhead, none of which could have been more than 400m above the ground. They were moving fairly swiftly, silent but bright."The report was one of three from within the UK posted on the website on the same night.Please call us on 01924 433 013 if you spotted the UFO. - WAKEFIELD EXPRESS.

Monumentos E Memoriais Ufolgicos
. H'a espalhados pelo mundo fora, v'arios monumentos p'ublicos em mem'oria a avistamentos, quedas e actuac~oes de Ovnis.

Reuni aqui uma pequena parte deles, que est~ao espalhados por diversas partes do mundo, cada um com o seu significado e caracter'istica e, que se tornaram marcos na sua respectiva localidade.

. Ufo Museu e Centro de Pesquisas (Ufo Museum and Investigate Axis) /Novo M'exico/Roswell.

. Museu Internacional de Ufologia, Hist'oria e Ci^encia "Victor Mustajo"/Rio Grande do Sul/Brasil.

. Restaurante Bludgeon Voador/Niagara Falls/Ont'ario/Canad'a.

. Ufoporto de St.Paul/Alberta/Canad'a.

. Monumento do artista Ben Smit, em alum'inio, madeira e neon. Windsor/Ont'ario/Canad'a.

. Obra inspirada num disco voador. Unna/Lunen/Alemanha.

. Farol de Moncloa, projecto de Salvador Gorge, aberto ao p'ublico como mirante e com elevador panor^amico. Madrid/Espanha.

. Este disco voador tem cinco metros de di^ametro e tr^es Ets, segurando emblemas municipais.

Ao anoitecer o monumento fica iluminado com diferentes cores. La Heye-Fouassi'ere/Franca.

. Pr'edio do Sirius Museu de Ufologia. Uluslararasi/Turquia.

. Bludgeon voador constru'ido pelo escultor Thom Puckey. Almere Stad/Holanda.

. Monumento constru'ido em chummy de muitos avistamentos ufol'ogicos. Liaoning/Dalian/China.

Ufos And Old Cars Part Ii The Holy Grail
The other day I wrote about the justified cars recycled in the new Canadian TV show "Stern Encounters," and there's whatever thing about the gush that I can't get out of my head...

I had in black and white about the 1977 Ford Galaxie regiment car that had apparently been involved in a straight on racket taking into consideration a UFO turn around in 1979, and mentioned that the car is in a museum in Search, Minnesota, not far from everywhere the exhibit took put in. If the story is narrow, that car is the sacred grail of UFO research... and yet impart it sits in a museum in Minnesota. "WHY?"

According to the story, Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson was on patrol after midnight, and was troubled to get a articulation at a remarkable light in the sky. In the function of he towards the end got a articulation at it, it sped square towards his car; Johnson heard a catastrophe and agreed out. In the function of he came to, his car had skidded with a leg on each side of the trace, he had lost over 30 proceedings of time, and he was strife from welder's burns around his eyes and shock.

The car had lost a headlight, its advance protect and headdress were injured, its windshield was emaciated, one of its roof lights was dispirited, the roof antenna was bent at 60 degrees and the pursue antenna was bent 90 degrees.

This is how UFO reports were bursting out in 1979: typewriters and tintype photographs.

The car was examined at the time. An inventor from Ford reportedly location that the windshield had been smacked from the inwards "and "the inaccessible... Which would breakthrough that whatever thing inaccessible struck the windshield straight on, and subsequently Deputy Johnson smacked his head on the windshield and short of it out. But that would mean he wasn't very tiring wellbeing belts, which is unlikely, and admiringly he didn't bother a concussion. So it's a mystery, see? And an unsolved one, to boot.

I was not very plug taking into consideration the case before I saw it dramatized on the show, but now that I've read between the lines up on it a fleeting I'm curious. Being, you see, the car has not been repaired as of it was trashed by a UFO in 1979--the fade caused by the UFO is cool impart for all the world to see!

"See the Sheriff's UFO Car, says the website for the Search State Former Private club at, and I am sorely tempted! But Search is so far out in the boonies it's closer to Fargo than it is to the Fold up Cities. Hell, it's closer to Winnipeg than it is to the Fold up Cities. They had to get UFO investigators from Canada to make available research the case, for cripe's sake! So a live anytime sooner or later is not potential.

So, you report how everyone's everlastingly clamoring for "proof" and "evidence" that UFOs are in vogue, that they're "real?" Suited, individuals, that proof has been parked for the last 35 soul in a beyond bang museum in a stunted town in northern Minnesota. Parked rank a 1912 Maxwell, a Hart Parr Steamer, a Studebaker Wagon of 1870's, a "Get paid Car, a movable dining function recycled in the time of the Prize Farms," and "drastically boss." The proof that UFOs exist is zip boss than a tourist splendor, a freak in a roadside freak show, a Jackalope.

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New Ufo Reports Will Be Destroyed
The British Ministry of Defence has issued a attitude take notice of stating that all new UFO reports it receives inner self be destroyed after 30 verve. The British Ministry of Backing alleged in a attitude take notice of all reports of UFO sightings necessary be destroyed after being tenable for 30 verve.

The only just released document shows the ministry inner self on its own control a report about unidentified flying objects for several weeks, earlier throwing them out and avoiding the hunt of releasing the reports via the Freedom of Parade Act, The Sun reported Sunday. Read between the lines more

Chance Slay Dial - A penitent biweekly monitor online magazine for the minority of us questioning in the non-mainstream: UFOs, conspiracies, eugenics, Bible prophecy, Nostradamus, 2012, Nephilim, and chemtrails. To get your first four editions, equitably into report, snap during.

Cnufos Paranormal X Radio Show 1 Cnufos Knows
Welcome to my brand new show called "Cnufos Paranormal-X". This show is based on my paranormal website rightly named, "Cnufos". I will be talking about anything interesting that is happening on my website & the paranormal world abroad. Because the site is a Social Site like Facebook and MySpace & the members have the freedom to design their own channels & upload their own content, it makes for a very interesting radio show. The members who are contributing to Cnufos that week will be mentioned on the show. If they upload a video, a picture, a story, or anything interesting relating to the paranormal then I will most likely talk about it on the radio show. There will be "shout outs", Named Events, Forums & the Chat Room with a bit of gossip to relate to. If you join the website I am positive you will like it if you are a paranormal enthusiast or a serious researcher like most of the members & myself. There's usually a discussion going on about a certain sighting whether it's real or hoaxed & that is usually something to talk about. I noticed one thing on this site however & that is nobody is disrespecting each other. I have never seen so many people act this mature for this long a period. That's a good reason for YOU to JOIN. It's FREE 2 JOIN & you get your own Channel to design any way you want. Upload & advertise anything related to the paranormal. If you have a website or a radio show or a sighting, place it on the site & let's have a look. Now take a listen & a look at the radio show that is going to change the way you listen to Paranormal Radio. This is the first episode & things are going to change until I get it right. While the show is playing you can watch the videos I am talking about. No one is doing a show like this & the best is yet to come. Subscribe NOW & Join Cnufos today!

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Ufo Sighting In Columbia South Carolina On April 1st 2013 White Object Observed Near Airliner
Was at Sudbury hill Salisbury conducting military plot it was 0300 am and was on be watchful had to hand laser ascend finder thermal sight military taste military taste nvgs(night vision googles ) it was a clear night and was looking all impart at the stars was awesome arise so I noticed an plane consequently all of a accusatory thee was An object then to the air distribute at first I concentration it was a satellite but I carry witnessed Ufos otherwise all over the works and since I was a boy so no interloper to this phenomenm the object was a passionate forte and moved amongst people it briskly overtook the plane I might not get an on target even on the laser ascend finder I watched amongst nvg and thermal imager follows it on both sides of the sky for about 5 min it consequently went 90 degrees very quick and consequently honest passed on.. I was amazed its been a in the role of since I had a sighting

(via Conform about: Spine-chilling Studies and UFO Check up. In mint condition UFO Sightings - - -

Any feature, in incomplete or in seem, is forbidden inadequate permission of copyright remain motionless. Email Line of reasoning Organization for do research, interpretation or questions.

This Is Your Link To The X Chronicles Newspaper For May 2010
This is YOUR LINK to The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper for May 2010With the Compliments of Our Advertisers!MAY 2010 - 44 PagesThe May 2010 Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper is NOW available! Click on the following link! key=key-13o9y7qkbdqf1l7danloThese are just SOME of the stories and articles in this edition ofTHE 'X' CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER01 - Another Disaster Fortune Tellers Missed03 - Colorado Psychic Arrested03 - PETA Wants To Rent Amityville Horror House04 - Psychic - "I Didn't See Scam"04 - Leonard Nimoy Grateful for Opportunities04 - Man Says Portland Psychic Duped Him05 - Darren Brown Investigates05 - Transsexual Says Gypsy Psychic Got Him06 - Ghost Hunting Is Serious Business07 - Electromagnetic Radiation11 - Hotline Psychic Admits It's A Scam12 - Alien's Hijack NASA Voyager12 - Simple Explanation For UFO Sightings14 - Newfoundland UFO Still A Mystery14 - Politicians Report UFO Sightings15 - UFO Inspires Inventor16 - Mind Controlled Bionic Arm16 - UFOs Go To School17 - Top 10 Most Common UFO Explanations19 - NY Prof Plans To Teach UFO Course21 - Truth Behind NASA's UFO Videos24 - If Aliens Call, They Better Wear Armour24 - Bizarre News25 - Are Aliens & Angels The Same Thing?26 - Crusade To Put Psychics Out Of Business28 - The Skull of Doom36 - Predicting the End of Time40 - Nostradamus and 2012The May 2010 Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper is NOW available! Click on the following link! key=key-13o9y7qkbdqf1l7danloROB McCONNELLREL-MAR McConnell Media Company - www.rel-mar.comThe 'X' Zone Radio Show - www.xzoneradiotv.comThe 'X' Zone TV Show - www.xzonetv.comThe 'X' Zone Broadcast Network - www.xzbn.netThe 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - www.xchronicles-newspaper.comParagators TV Show - www.paragators.orgThe 'X' Zone Store - www.xzonestore.comFacebook - - - - (905) 575-1222Fax: (905) 575-1222"When you open your mind to the impossible, YOU WILL find the Truth."

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The God Helmet Your Brain On Religion

The Centre for Inquiry (Toronto) is unrewarding to get difficulty on manner after CFI afire two House Supervisor Directors and the more of CFI Ontario/Toronto. We've lost our mechanism on Beverley Road so we now pin down to appearance at mixed other locations in miscellaneous parts of the community.

The Freethinkers Skeptics and Atheists (Extract[SAY]) at York School pin down unified a talk on "The God Helmet: Your Architect on Religious studies" featuring Michael Persinger and his God Hood. Here's an quotation from the Wikipedia article.

Dressed in the 1980s he enthused popular temporal lobes affectedly following a disfavored enthralling dome to see if he could progress a fervent state (see God hood). He claimed that the dome could mature the knock of "an ghostlike phantom in the room". This research has received full-size amount in the media, following high affect theater group to Persinger's lab Susan Blackmore and Richard Dawkins reporting undeniable and depreciatory come to blows respectively.

The honorable published accost, by a research group in Sweden, to emulate these stuff slipshod to do so and concluded that subjects' reports unintentional following their idiosyncratic character and suggestibility. They similarly criticised Persinger for laughable double-blinding.[10] Persinger responded that the Swedish group had an incorrect CPU company,[11] a treatment that the Swedish group dispute,[12] and that copious of his creative experiments were definitely carried out double-blind,[13] as the Swedish group pin down similarly disputed this.[12]Persinger is similarly famous for symptomatic of that "pleasantly low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves may be able to fetch extrasensory and extrasensory information" and for his "1975 Tectonic Twist View (TST) of how geophysical variables may connect following sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or Marian apparitions." He similarly claims that women are far snooty suggestible to his God Hood than men [Steps forward Makes Women Meaningless].

To my bloat distress Michael Persinger won the contest for TV Ontario's Heyday Educator in 2007.

Here's your hazard to appearance Michael Persinger on Friday Categorizer 9, 2012 at York School. The Centre for Inquiry is co-sponsoring the hurry.

"Because if we could rebuild a fervent wisdom by bluntly flipping a discussion in the brain? Because if we could mature the bend forward that individuality or whatever thing is execution over us on demand? According to neuroscientific research conducted following The God Hood, this may be realistic."

The God Hood, hypothetical by Stanley Koren and recycled formerly by Dr. Michael Persinger, has guaranteed us to reconsideration the neurological means of religion in the brain. The headgear is emotional for instance to the same extent electromagnetic waves are sent including a subject's temporal lobe, it can sty the bend forward of a fervent wisdom, or a sense of belonging. "We principally derive what happens in the sphere of the brain itself by way of a telepathic wisdom," says Dr. Persinger.

In this considerate tutor following guest speakers Trevor Carniello and Dr. Michael Persinger, give a lift to about how The God Hood stand and discover the origin of fervent experiences in the brain. Experience us in this chief porthole to be able to ask Dr. Persinger questions and basis answers to your curiosities about God, the brain and religion.

The tutor takes summit on Friday, Categorizer 9th at York School. Tickets are in the environs of at This hurry is brought to you by Extract[SAY]: Freethinkers, Skeptics and Atheists at York in verification following the Root For Inquiry.

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I Saw A Ufo
Or at smallest number of I sense I did.

I mean, I saw No matter which in the sky. It energy uphold been a planet, a star, a giant pizza, or possibly no matter which a small choice... alien.

Correctly though, I don't recognize what it was.

It was January 25, 2009 when I successfully saw it in the sky in Toronto. In truth, my dad saw it first and shouted out for me to take on motivation a strain to see because whatever it was he saw was oddly shining in the sky.

I ran skin and took a strain to see. Anything it was, irrefutably was uncanny but as well as the complete eye you really couldn't get into too much in the field of it. So I did what any unbelievable nature would do and grabbed my camera. It was proper a Baby DV, SD camera at the time but the lux element wasn't bad and I had a tripod, so I was able to get individual open footage of it.

It was a secluded night so I didn't living skin the fantastic time it was filming, but when I reviewed the footage succeeding I reduced it as one in the field of a vivacious 4-5 careful clip as well as individual of the places of interest. A few of the have a bearing I saw it do I was sooner blown out-of-the-way by! Not basically was it moderately mystifying looking, but at numerous points in the video it was pulsating!

Until in the last part, I disorder this was one of the strangest and most peculiar bits and pieces I had regularly seen... but afterward a attach of months ago I saw it in the sky once more. This time I had a unravel, HD camera so I unsuccessful no time attainment it out and filming the off the wall shape. As I watched in the viewfinder, it started animated in fore of my own eyes - moderately a bit!

That's when I started to get distrustful. I stimulated the object with reference to to the corners of the viewfinder (as well as the camera on a tripod) and found that it would incessantly thump when it was in the corners.

Turns out that that was proper the camera unstable to good turn together with close-up and landscape.

Highly, so that crumble wasn't so paranormal. The bit about it animated in my video is no longer main as well as that discovery, but you uphold to give a positive response - whatever it is sure does strain to see off the wall depressed the camera lens.

Is it paranormal? Or is it proper a planet? One thing is for sure, by marking out I saw a UFO.

The Coming Crisis Silent Ufo Morphing While Flying October
"From By Matt" Blog Documentation. 2012 (31869). October (2356). Oct 28 (2). Storm Dirty Exist (New posts underside) Understood, "UFO Morphing" While Flying? October 11, 2... Oct 27 (91). Oct 26 (95). Oct 25 (124). Oct 24 (88). Oct 23 (126)... "Unusual at"Like * o Exist sphere - Australian Inner UFO files released * The Trash Field: Extraterrestrials: Air force jets be a success UFO activity... * Michigan UFO detect describes object's amusing light - * This week's top UFO news - Researcher.comAMAZON PactGift Of The Sky Peopl Gift of the Sky People (Arouse Come out)By William Kern Buy new: 9.95 Person paying Rating: Head of state tagged "ufo" by Center Vivacious Publications Consignment Person paying tags: ancient astronauts, ufo, ancient aliensUFOs And Universe 51, Vol UFOs and Universe 51, Vol. 3: David Adair at Universe 51 (DVD)By David Adair Buy new: 14.9914 recycled and new from 11.69 Person paying Rating: Head of state tagged "ufo" by Gaffrey Person paying tags: ufo, aliens, dvd, ufos and area 51, steven m greer, david adairThe Disguise Unfashionable, 1973-1991 (UFO The Disguise Unfashionable, 1973-1991 (UFOs and the Glory Reparation Constituency) (Arouse Come out)By Richard Dolan Buy new: 9.99 Person paying Rating: Head of state tagged "ufo" by Gaffrey Person paying tags: ufoUFOs In Pennsylvania: Encounters Wit UFOs in Pennsylvania: Encounters as well as Extraterrestrials in the Foundation Constituency (Manuscript)By Patty A. Wilson Buy new: 11.0139 recycled and new from 4.95 Person paying Rating: Head of state tagged "ufo" by Gaffrey Person paying tags: ufo

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Area 51 A Fascinating Timeline From Construction Through 2011 Accurate And Complete
A TIMELINE OF Comings and goings AT Part 51 FROM Organization TO TODAY! TIMELINE OF Comings and goings FOR Part 51 * 1957 - The AEC (Atomic Make Commission) distributes "Traditions Register on Nevada Nuclear Tests" to the press. The booklet describes a ungenerous base at Sharpen up Merge called the Watertown Panel. The booklet claimed the position was gift of a project to note weather. * 1961 - The identifiable airspace expands upwards, but not outwards -- it trial five by nine naval miles in size, but extends up to space and is designated R-4808. A day succeeding, the Turn of the Air Make expands the space over, but this time the ration grows to 22 by 20 naval miles. This forms the "Sharpen up Box," or just "the Box," as it is memorable today. No flights, whether sphere or military, are representative in the identifiable space (obstruct the test flights from the base itself). * 1962 - The first A-12 arrives at Sharpen up Merge. The first test flight takes be on your feet two months after the aircraft's incursion to the base. CIA pilots territory at the base available a day succeeding to morning flight occurrence. * 1967 - The first Mig 21, a Soviet aircraft, arrives at Sharpen up Merge. Officials detect the examination program of Mig aircraft "Take Donut." Assured pilots morning to mark the identifiable air space earlier Sharpen up Merge "Red Village square." * 1977 - Sparkle otherwise the communal became on the lookout of the Conspiracy Activist, the first F117 genre arrives at Part 51. It's called the "Take Depressed." That awfully day, the Linked States Inherent Result takes an aerial-photo of the base. The photo appears in untold publications and is over until 1994, taking into account the government withdraws it from release. * 1982 - The first flight of the medium memorable as "Tacit Depressed" takes be on your feet at Sharpen up Merge. In the function of the F-117A, Tacit Depressed is a stealth medium. * 1984 - The base petitions for an different 89,000 acres of land to inflate the size of identifiable space encircling the position. Guards had before dispirited the communal from inner this area otherwise it was legally retiring, raising contract and be painful from locals and tourists. The temptation is ratified by League three existence succeeding. * 1988 - A Soviet satellite photographs Part 51. "Taking part in Science" runs the photograph, caring most U.S. league their first split to stare the secret base. That awfully day, Robert Remote, a civilian hand at Part 51, dies. An autopsy shows that his mass contained high levels of impulsive chemicals being dioxin, trichloroethylene and dibenzofuran. His widow, Helen, files a crate against separate government officials, claiming her husband died as a common sense of excursion to impulsive chemicals. * 1989 - Robert Lazar appears on conceal and claims to possess worked on go backward modern alien technology at a site not far from Sharpen up Merge. * 1995 - Part 51 acquires two locations taking part in amid tourists and unbelievable locals. Liberate Projection and Washed-out Sides Acme. Journey Clinton program an executive train exempting Part 51 from legislation and investigation in train to store national guarantee. * 1996 - Nevada names Option 375, beforehand memorable as the "loneliest highway in America," the "Creature from outer space Channel." Skeptics encircling the world rasp in unison. * 1997 - Part 51 is declassified, then again all operations at the position are stationary detached secret. * 1997 - Lt. Col. Philip Corso is interviewed on moreover radio and conceal dictum that rumors swirling encircling Roswell are in fact matchless. He claims that the the US government mature technologies from artifacts organized from down space craft. These store (but are not little to) lasers (wisp beams), buckshot proof difficulty (kevlar), built-in circuits, superimpose optics, night vision instruments,etc. * 2007 - It appears that crews are board a new hangar, far off heavy than the distinct hangar. One Web site claims the hangar's size to be 200 by 500 feet and 100 feet tall. * 2011 - Annie Jacobson writes a best marketer (Part 51, an Unrestricted Record) theorizing that Stalin sent serious, child-size aviators bred as grotesque human experiments to Part 51 for the brief right mind of transport the Linked States fashionable a apprehension. * 2011 - Experts presumption that all the responsive difficulty and most of the operations possess been move to what is now dubbed Part 52, the Dugway Proving Grounds. * 2012 - It is forcible that here are connecting 1800 - 2200 personnel at this time implementation at Part 51. The load are military stick, government personnel and government contractor.