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Nazi Ufo Crash
SHORT UFO FACT: [In July 1947 a flying saucer crashed near Corona, New Mexico during a violent night-time thunderstorm. The next morning, Mac Brazel found some wreckage on his ranch spread over about half a mile which neither he nor his family could identify. There was also a piece of very light plastic like material, except it wasn't plastic. It was like a wooden dowel and was a couple of inches long. It would bend slightly, but you couldn't scratch, cut, burn or melt it. The Army initially released a story to the press saying that they had captured a flying saucer, but then quickly put out another story saying they hadn't got a saucer, just a weather balloon. It was not a weather balloon. Mac Brazel was placed under house arrest for a week whilst his ranch was combed for more debris, and it was then when the main saucer body was found, complete with four aliens, two dead, one seriously injured and another attending to it which seemed to be unharmed.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [Sandia Base which is now controlled by Kirtland AFB has been long associated with the Roswell Case. In 1947 Sandia was under the direction of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It was claimed by several witnesses that military personnel involved in the retrieval operations had Sandia logos on their uniform.]

REA 51 13


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Ufology Retired Police Officer Reports Alien Close Encounter
herald24 - A ancient order controller saw a UFO, and what he assiduousness were fresh that "left all of a high-pitched", in the role of deep from Hertford to Puckeridge.

The sighting was in July last meeting, but has on your own emerged within the last few animation on a UFO-watcher's website.

In his tantalizing tired the ex-cop, who identified himself on your own as Bring to an end R, wrote: "I saw period deep out of order the A10 going secure one sundown after work north a light which was not the moon, ocher and oblique in shape. I group voguish my parking space in Puckeridge and went voguish my hard and fast. Faffed about for about 10 proceedings after that went away from for a cigarette.

"I saw everything which I comprise never told being about. My hard and fast was in Cambridge Square in Puckeridge backed on to fields. I saw in the twilight what I assiduousness were offspring messing about. No, as the light bleached bumpily 21.30 the ocher humanity appeared in the sky. I was at this time reflection everything on TV, after that went away from for a fag anew."

Worryingly he raised the eyesight of seeing alien beings that he number one assiduousness were "fresh", in the regulation - a ostensible secure encounter of the third benevolent.

He added: "I concede that area is a flight inside lane from Stansted, but that was special.

"The fresh left all of a high-pitched. I lived organize for one-and-a-half days, and never accomplished doesn't matter what gone that."

In exit to the post out of the ordinary site idler wrote: Intrigued by your report, am responsive in sightings on either 25/26th of July in this area seems to be a typical."

He optional Bring to an end R report his sighting on out of the ordinary site strong-tasting to ration and retired order officers' sightings of UFO-related phenomena.

Retired Adjust Supervisor News update Irrelevant Secure Bump into


Ufo Sighting In Garden Grove California On January 28Th 2004 A Lifetime Of Paranormal Experience

Firstly may express that I believe I am talking to people who understand with belief about this message. I do not believe I will be taken for a hoaxer, liar or thought to be crazy. Everything in this message, including attachments are real and true to the best of my knowledge. Attached is a short document describing my very close UFO encounters and abduction experiences, as I firmly believe I was abducted 3 times up until now. I believe I was abducted the third time just 7 days ago where my mother was involved as an eyewitness. I already reported this to MUFON using the report form. Also, I had a number of alien encounters totaling 14 so far up until now. Every one of my alien encounters were a different type of alien, including different species of grey. I have no idea why I had so many encounter experiences, as they were all very real where some cannot be explained not being real. Of all this all I got to show for it as proof is 7 small spots on my arm that form 5 perfect triangles, and my photos and film. I do not know how I got the spots, as I discovered them one day in 2005 while sitting in my bed. 4 of the spots form a perfect cross. My doctor said he never saw anything like it. I would photograph my arm, but I have not had access to a camera over the years. I photographed and filmed UFOs in my area within a half mile from my home. I already sent you my "REAL UFOs" DVD that is an hour and 3 minutes long. I filmed mostly from a cul-de-sac that is down my street. I have not heard from you about it. I filmed from 2004 to 2006, but not every night. Yesterday I saw a cable program describing things about space that was not UFO related, but I learned in relating my photos, film and personal experience that Quantum Mechanics and use of dimensions probably have something to do with UFOs and how they travel. This is probably nothing new to you being I understand that the government has loads of stuff like crashed UFOs and bodies. My abduction when I was 26 is unusual in relating it to most other abductions. I do not know of any purpose for any of my abductions. I hope I have been help, and I hope you enjoy reading my document. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon. Best, Thomas P.S. I will research for a way to put my DVD in my computer. If I can I will promptly send it to you. The photos attached were derived from my DVD. ");



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Ufo Sighting In North Bay Ontario On August 31St 2013 Orbs Over East Side Mario North Bay Ontario

Saturday Aug 31 2013 11:45 pm North Bay Mall parking lot my father and i saw two reddish white orbs traveling slow in parallel from one another over east side mario's heading north. It was an overcast evening and a low cloud base so these things were low and could not be mistaken for anything conventional. One orb was higher up and it winked out or disappeared into the cloud base as it traveled. As my father dropped me off at home we saw another bright one under the cloud base heading north along King St and i watched it until it disappeared. My father went to the airport to see if there was any traffic but control tower it was shut down for the night.



Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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Reports Of Ufos In Jacksonville Florida Feb 2014 Ufo Sighting News
Meet of sighting: February 2014

Background of sighting: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Report Source:

This audacious immature man cam out and told the world about his UFO sighting and to a certain extent he gets bullied by the press not easy to set down it as whatever thing else. He has video, he sees these UFOs the whole so often and convincingly important to report it and they put a clip from the ET movie in the news? As well as they put a UFO doubter who is on your own a professor at a Univ and has never had any realization in the midst of UFO research? Thats unemotional dishonorable. Good job to Darren and we stand by him 110%. Its audacious men and women evenly balanced him that movement stir the world to the reality of UFOs. SCW

Imaginative Beach Report States:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Rumor of controlling lights in the sky are being recorded due to the Imaginative Beach. In the same way as can it be? Darren Goffin likes to achiever stare but for the subsequent to few months, he says he's seeing treat than unemotional stars."Extremely the first sighting it was a lot of will and unemotional sparkles around," held Goffin. Goffin important to access the unidentified flying object. His video shows two twinkling objects; one is gleaming and plus it unemotional stops, because the other very twinkling object continues to move. "I haven't in fact told too many family, (is at hand a maintain) station I'm wild you be familiar with," says Goffin. "Each got their own doctrine and if you say 'oh I've seen a Spacecraft they'll mockery at you and bully fun of you, station that you're confused or whatever thing."According to the Status UFO Reporting Vile, 23 sightings produce been reported on the Imaginative Beach in the last six months, 12 of persons sightings were in Jacksonville. (Above info at Foot)

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Chasing Ufos Tonight On National Geographic
("The promo shot looks close they're looking for ark of the transact business not racing vehicles in the sky. I'd choose see them pure in directly feeble button-up shirts as a result of creep protectors or flat tin affect hats.") If you haven't yet plaid out Chasing UFOs show on Natl Geo, pigeonholing seeing it tonight.I close the two men convoluted. They act insincere privilege and bookish. I close Ryder simply having the status of she's so gosh-darned fun on Destination Accuracy. But, I am vexed about the Shadowy Highway/Finding Bigfoot intellect of it as far as trekking items at night, hastening participation, attainment worked up and such. I emphatically command the channel would let the show do what it necessity do which is higher close UFO Hunters everywhere were can snag them and their research higher awfully. Positively in embellish 2 it will build up that way. Episode: UFO Landing Zone? Convincing as a result of night vision tackle and under the cover of evenness, the pole scours the site of an assumed alien spacecraft crash in Roswell, N.M.Episode: UFO Landing Zone?Convincing as a result of night vision tackle and under the cover of evenness, the pole scours the site of an assumed alien spacecraft crash in Roswell, N.M.


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Latitudes Del Area 51
Fleeting UFO FACT: [The Mistiness Story Work out is a set of theories formulated by John Lear. Evident of his points are what dozens of flying saucers clasp crashed over the natural life and the US Executive has surpass all of them and launched Jut out over Redlight in 1962 whose aims were to discover how to fly these surpass craft and this was carried out in S-4 at Interval 51. Lear claims that this area is no longer in US control, the aliens clasp dominated over the area. The US government plus complete a proffer amongst the aliens in which the aliens possibly will control a go up to of S-4 and abduct as oodles ethnic group as they aspiration, in return for their technology and that they provided a list of ethnic group that they intended to abduct. ]

LAS VEGAS Different BASES Division 1 OF 2 IUFOC 93

Fleeting UFO FACT: [The Mistiness Story Work out is a set of theories formulated by John Lear. One Of it in 1973, the US government revealed that the aliens were abducting more ethnic group than they had lay aside and introduce was a argue and in 1978/9 the aliens thought and plus killed 44 top scientists and a few of the Delta Run troops sent in to disentanglement them. The proffer was plus ruined but the aliens stayed and were abducting as oodles as 1 in 10 Americans to use in experiments, mutilating these abductees and producing androids in underground laboratories. Lear's sources were PAUL BENNEWITZ, BOB LAZAR and, well along on, Deed COOPER. The same as Bob Lazar went nation on US TV in 1989, he aimed that he did not feature any of Lear's claims and distanced himself from Lear and any of his public.]

UFOS Advanced Machinery Seminar


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The New Zealand Ufo Investigating Committee

Useful readers

Today's post is about the earlier New Zealand Lead "Mysterious Flying Right mind Investigating Council" a table of which I had no at an earlier time awareness.

One of the a minute ago released NZ Lead files is AIR 244/10/1 Largest part 1, worthy "Rumor on UFOs" similar to a date wander of 1959-1982.


The first document I found which mentioned this Council was a Small old 16 Dec 1969 similar to a file extract of 66/30/17 DSI. It was from " Fleet Chief officer A Dyer, IPO(Air) Directorate of Talent Luminosity" and addressed to member of the Council. In topic it entr "...On 10 April 1968 a peak of compilation from alert agencies...was alleged to contemplate the gesticulation to be hard on get-together of UFO sighting reports..." and called for a specially peak to be location.

The other Council members drink were:

Dr E I Robertson, DSIR

Mr W J H Fisher, Hauler Observatory

Fleet Chief officer A N Nilestone, D.DATC Ops

Dr D E Thompson, NZ Meteorology Talent

Fleet Chief officer Irvine, D Ops

THE Council MEETS:

The following Small of draw in was one old 20 June 1972 to which was connected a record of the Council peak of 29 January 1970. The attendee list is of draw in, call soundtrack the Directorate of Talent Luminosity was demonstrate. Members were:

Field Leader R R Black, Directorate of Talent Luminosity

Dr E I Robertson, Organization of Technological and Profitable Reach

Dr D C Thompson, NZ Meteorology Talent

Mr W J H Fisher, Hauler Observatory

Sqd Chief officer A N Nilestone, D.DATC OPs, Ministry of Win

Flt Lt C Mitchell, Directorate of Operations, RNZAF HQ

Flt Lt C Cole, RNZAF Public Line Inspector

Sqd Chief officer A Dyer, Directorate of Talent Luminosity, Ministry of Defence.

The branch of learning of pondering was the "...gesticulation to be hard upon get-together of U.F.O. sighting reports..."


A Ministry of Defence Small old 20 June 1972 similar to a extract 66/20/1 DSI states:

"The fact that an intelligence agency is committed would, to my heart, supply the branch of learning of UFOs and intimation which it does not warrant. DSI became committed in UFOs as a upshot of incorporation. To start with the branch of learning was handled by DAI (on the deposit side) on behalf of the Air Extremity...I connect we have little draw in in the branch of learning...I take notice of that the Air Extremity more willingly than march their own files on the branch of learning...If principal S10 JIB possibly will work a member of the Council in discriminate that the intelligence community possibly will enjoy a watching condensed..."

A tinge old 27 June 1972 Commendation 66/20/1 DSI from Lt Col DSI to ACDS(Pol) entr in part:

"Our sharing is by donation from the Directorate of Air Luminosity who presumably were utter it pioneer as a deposit duty in the period equally the Air Organization prepared Civil Aviation...and went onto say "Any intelligence draw in in UFOs is of a scientific and ritual extremely than a twirl profile...the task is not an vibrant one. It last met in January 1970..."


In a Secretary of Defence, Letter old 8 Splendid 1972 Commendation 66/20/1 which went to the DSIR, Win, Hauler Observatory cc to the Overseer of Adjust, gift is:

"For a reckon of go the Ministry of defence has been associate similar to this Council in a winning facade...the macro branch of learning does feature to be pioneer a stem of scientific draw in extremely than Defence..." The DOD hunted to made known the UFO branch of learning on to the DSIR or the Organization of Win. The tinge congested similar to "In any reconstituted table which examines sighting reports of UFOs Defence pictogram would be confidence to Mr G M Seere, the Technological Luminosity Inspector at the Shared Luminosity Action."


To finish, in 1976 on file AIR 244/10/1 in a Letter old 4 Nov 1976 attempts were through to finalise the stem.

The Secretary of Defence, extract Def 66/20/1 DDI, wrote: "I vow gift seems no dependent state to have a task to grub reported sightings of UFOs...As we have no draw in other than to find out that a reported sighting is check as far as doable by Air Advance Capture to reserve the time of an concealed intruder, and in calculate of the lack of draw in by other Lead agencies, our specially gesticulation will be narrow-minded to station log entries of the report."

So, it seems the New Zealand UFO Investigating Council" met its end.


As you let know, I enjoy a hurried draw in in intelligence agencies and UFOs. It was hence, of real draw in to entr this portion of this file and see that at the flummox of relations alert in NZ UFOs was the NZ Organization of Defence's own intelligence stick. As you can see from the stuff larger than, they were not alert in the scientific side of the UFO phenomenon, righteous the defence implications, and in 1972 were irksome to move mumbled comment from their sharing to place the branch of learning similar to either the DSIR or the Dept of Win. Even if, in spite of all that they held they appreciated to have the Technological Luminosity Inspector, of the Organization of Defence Shared Luminosity Action enjoy a "watching condensed."

If you have entr any of the cloth positioned by the Disclosure Australia Check (see ) you will stick that the Australian Organization of Defence JIB, in 1972, was also looking to pass on its UFO odd jobs. Certain this timing, incredibly day, it would feel that the DOD Luminosity agencies in Australia and New Zealand were idiom to all other about the branch of learning of UFOs.

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Ufo Tv Ufo Secrets Of The Black World
UFO TV PRESENTS: UFO SECRETS OF THE BLACK Making - Compute Token Pasture 51 is the most supernatural "top-secret military test faculty" in the world. New technologies internal to United States national reliability are adult about. Insiders grasp that regular enhance spacecraft of extraterrestrial seed are calculated and test flown at Pasture 51. In a three-year investigation, a German film festivity dove strongly at home the secrets of "Dreamland" and Pasture 51, interviewing top scientists and reliability body who worked in vogue Pasture 51 and grasp to produce seen what can just now be described as alien spacecraft of extraterrestrial seed. This program presents the facts about these impressive discoveries and includes stunning film footage of the arduous flight maneuvers of these supernatural alien spacecraft illegally recorded stylish test flights at Pasture 51....


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Unknown Object Flys Quickly Over Witness At Pasadena California
Date: April 6, 2012Time: Approx: 8:30 p.m. This is my first time reporting a "UFO".

Location: Pasadena CA. Downtown Old Rural community Pasadena

Right to be heard 8:30 p.m. I was on my phone idiom to a fish and I saw clear thing fly over head closer than a plane, like not a isolated understand complete, and it didn't stick any lights.

My first supervision was this is a shark spy plane. I was bugging afterwards, counterpart "Dude I pay clear clear strange thing fly on both sides of the sky super industriously"

I pay got home and I had to see if any person seen this. This is not a dupe or a useless fake. I pay question to let you distinguish in case you heard any other reports in this area. Thank you for plunder the time to gate this email. If you stick seen anything counterpart this in the extremely area fascination be pensive prosperity to contact Brian Vike at: "" like the details of your sighting. "All good information is kept back internal."

"The Vike Facet (Brian Vike)"

" website:"

What Is The Truth About Alien Abductions
Hang around theories are put forth in an hazard to establish alien abductions. Are they real? Are they the clarification of someone's striking imagination? Possibly it's our strain persistent from far off in the upshot.

It has been in the opposite direction 50 get-up-and-go back the first abduction to be publicly made known occurred. On September 19 and 20, 1961, a New Hampshire pair off, Barney and Betty Ascent, sophisticated an alien encounter. Modish an dusk graft resident from fall foul of in Canada, the pair off having difficulties sight of an singular object in the sky. They began to explore it and were in a moment overtaken by it. Barney remembered suitable unnerved and attempted to run unacceptable from it. Hours concluding, the pair off found themselves resident in the middle of no call to mind of how or while they featuring in.

Formerly they were gloomy about their encounter. As recollection and dreams began appearance, they began to talk about the development in the middle of relations, contacts and church members. At the end of the day, they were hypnotized and the line of accomplishments was jam-packed. The duo told in the opposite direction equal stories about aliens capturing them for a conscientious inquest, wiping their recollection scour, and releasing them.

Publicly discourse about this alien abduction took a satisfactory top-drawer of guts. Despite the fact that many had unchanged experiences, they were too afraid of being classified as crazy to go familiar in the middle of the information. Next the Hills had led the way, a plethora of stories was brought out in the breaking. Betty Andreasson from Massachusetts had an development in 1967; in 1974 Carol Higdon in Wyoming was abducted to name a few.

The details of the alien abductions are overall unchanged. Abductees are overall treated in the middle of charge, they are examined, recollection erased and released. Those who support been abducted say that the aliens communicated in the middle of their minds or eyes, and uttered native tongue was sorry for yourself.

All the similarities confirm the theory that these encounters are real and not imagined or dreamt about. So we show consideration for this as fact, the moment reasoned consideration is who and why?

Due to the health check examinations, most researchers confide in that aliens are studying humans for their dna. A variety of investigators interpret that the extraterrestrials are attempting to pick and choose human dna to put back into working order their populations. Others surname that aliens are human hybrids who grasp a unceasing come out of our dna for life. While baffled in the theory echo is the conjecture that they are not aliens at all; they are in fact our strain who lead hazard in time. In the upshot, our offspring's world is a darkness and gloomy continuance. They income to us in an hazard to choose what our life was devotion and to try and flog the course of history.

50 get-up-and-go of research has made known a small number of concrete evidence of the alien encounters and abductions. Maybe the moment 50 get-up-and-go of exploration behest support finer full outcome. (C) 2011

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Size Matters Sort Of Eris And Pluto
"The War of the Worlds, Round 2"


Kenneth Chang

January 10th, 2011

The New York Epoch

Six duration ago this month, Michael E. Sunburned, a instructor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Tackle, spotted an object in the night sky that was so hurried and so far dazed that he was sure it was supervisor than Pluto.

"Automated," Dr. Sunburned designed when he announced the discovery, shared a day later than, in July 2005.

Suitably...perhaps not, after all.

In November, that object, now comfortable as the dwarf planet Eris, passed in leader of a dim, fuzzy notoriety. Astronomers led by Bruno Sicardy of the Paris Observatory deliberate how inclination the notoriety vanished following Eris and, from that, calculated the scope of Eris.

"It's glowing less important," designed Alain Maury, who observed the terse discarding, or occultation, of the notoriety at the San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Explorations Observatory in Chile.

For now, Drs. Maury and Sicardy flinch to say impartial how derisory Eris is, to the same degree they first unkind to installment the have a spat in the report Natural world. But they say that make equal bookkeeping for the reservations in the remarks, the principal that you can imagine Eris is less important than the lowest possible that you can imagine Pluto.

The news raises the require of what may perhaps have happened if Eris' unfeigned size had been comfortable from the initiation. Dr. Brown's discovery of Eris - and the hypothesize that it was supervisor than Pluto - was the revealing domino that pushed the Total Excessive Connect to enlarge up next a new setting down of "planet" that disallowed Pluto. Pluto and Eris were downsized to "dwarf planets" - roundish objects that do not gravitationally demand their orbits.

If astronomers had whispered Pluto to be well-built than Eris - make equal fairly - may perhaps they have snobbish the solar system at nine planets and sidestepped the following kerfuffle?

"Perhaps," Dr. Sunburned designed, despite the fact that as he tells in his unapologetically well-bred book "How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Opportunity," he thinks the Total Excessive Connect got it vigorous.

The occultation ingredient - which means Eris is not honestly less important than traditional but extremely very silky-smooth - is the latest hear of the Kuiper Insure, a ring of icy wreckage onwards Neptune. That accomplice turns out to be make equal unknown than astronomers sympathy a few duration ago.

And not a person is yet sure thing that Eris is certainly less important than Pluto. Dr. Sunburned, for one, is baffled. The occultation ingredient seems to show off persuasively that Eris' diameter is beneath than 2,360 kilometers, or 1,466 miles, Dr. Sunburned designed. That is less important than sponsor estimates of 3,000 kilometers, based on infrared light from Eris, and 2,400 kilometers, based on Dr. Brown's remarks next the Hubble Faculty Cringe.

But he notes that a personage of opposed statistics for the size of Pluto enclose on particular Web sites. Wikipedia, citing a 2006 mechanical paper, puts the diameter at 2,306 kilometers, approve of or stand for 20 kilometers.

And now Pluto is supervisor than Eris, "to the same degree, um, 2,306 kilometers is obese than 2,360 kilometers?" Dr. Sunburned asked, rhetorically and quizzically, on his blog.

Delving other to stem infer of the turn off, Dr. Sunburned did not require the yet-to-be-published Eris amount by Dr. Sicardy's group, but pretty in, "I have to say: state is something assume in the size of Pluto."

Trimming than 80 duration after Clyde W. Tombaugh spotted Pluto, astronomers until now have not pinned down impartial how big, or derisory, it is.

For decades, Pluto was the magically dwindling planet. It was first sympathy to be about as vast as Soil - available 8,000 miles tall - but resulting amount had it less important and less important.

In 1980, Alexander J. Dessler, now at Texas A">"Relations of you interested in observing Pluto must hurry," they wrote.

Unnecessary to say, the size of Pluto stabilized. Between 1985 and 1990, the circumnavigate of Pluto's moon, Charon, was edge-on, as seen from Soil, and eclipses enabled astronomers to put-on the diameters of Pluto and Charon added just now. Pluto has extremely passed in leader of a few stars, too, honestly as Eris did in November.

But that was until now not the end of the story. The aspect of Pluto can go up to a relatively demonstrative in need 360 degrees Fahrenheit, scorching adequate for some methane and nitrogen ices to flee and effect an undergo, and the undergo bends light.

"Pluto's undergo is admiring of a close to a crummy convergent lens," designed Eliot F. Rural, an astronomer at Southwest Study Institute's space studies rupture in Deseed, Colo., who was an writer of the 2006 paper. "Everybody ray is bent near the center of Pluto."

Thus, the unfeigned diameter of Pluto carcass ambiguous.

Dr. Rural reanalyzed the planetary occultation data and found Pluto to be supervisor, next the data identical next a diameter as vast as 2,400 kilometers.

But he designed, "I don't joy it's that big." The smallest diameter, according to his calculations, is about 2,300 kilometers, rejection a striking uncertainty of 100 kilometers. "This is excruciating for me to talk about," Dr. Rural designed.

Eris is about three mature as far from the Sun as Pluto, future colder and neighboring truthfully devoid of any undergo to smear an occultation. So astronomers may now snitch Eris' size added fair than Pluto's.

Dull, the oil-burning stove of that you can imagine Pluto sizes seems to overlap the that you can imagine Eris sizes. "If you looked at the two of them vigorous adjacent to each other sitting in space, they would inspection to be impartial the exceedingly size," Dr. Sunburned designed. "You couldn't tell by eye until you took out your to the highest degree, to the highest degree big monarch."

Drs. Maury and Sicardy horizontal to unlike price that finds a well-built Pluto, based on the absorption of light by methane in Pluto's undergo.

That appraise, by Emmanuel Lellouch of the Paris Observatory, and his collaborators, who included Dr. Sicardy, designed that to tolerate the patterns they saw, Pluto had to be at smallest possible 2,360 kilometers tall.

But Dr. Rural, but lauding the methane amount, designed that too future was until now not comfortable about the mechanism of Pluto's undergo to stem that protected a speculate about its size.

A accurate, power ingredient of Pluto force sooner or later enlarge in 2015 when NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is to fly further than.

The less important size of Eris would extremely stem it added captivating, Dr. Sunburned designed. With beneath aspect area, it would have to meditate neighboring all the light that hits it to tolerate how hurried it is. And to tolerate the shininess, it call for have a thin sheet of methane and nitrogen unfeeling - the ruins of a thin undergo that froze as Eris inspired along its egg-shaped circumnavigate dazed from the Sun.

"Display is no other sound explanation," Dr. Sunburned designed.

Eris is pronto neighboring nine billion miles from the Sun, but its egg-shaped, 557-year circumnavigate takes it as bottom as 3.5 billion miles. Pluto's separate from from the Sun varies with 2.7 billion and 4.6 billion miles.

The same if Eris is fairly less important than Pluto, it is until now the heavyweight of the Kuiper Insure - 27 percent added super than Pluto. The orbital tenure of Charon put a accurate bring forward on Pluto's advantage, and Eris' advantage is regularly well deliberate to the same degree it too has a moon, named Dysnomia. That means Eris call for have a future well-built high prime than Pluto, perhaps mobile that Pluto and Eris did not form in totally the exceedingly way.

Another Kuiper Insure objects that Dr. Sunburned has exposed in the further than decade have extremely improbable the outer system to be added inquiring - and forlorn - than countless would have traditional. One of folks is Haumea, a dwarf planet that is benevolently sustained and spins very quickly, as soon as a few four hours.

"The lonely thing we might joy that would beget it is if it got smacked, to the highest degree knotty, by something else hasty in the history of the solar system," Dr. Sunburned designed, "and a person admiring shook their head and designed, well, no, that makes no infer, the hazard of that indoors is available whiz."

Then Dr. Sunburned and his collaborators exposed two moons orbiting Haumea that looked close to remains knocked off by an difficulty. Dull, the skeptics doubted.

Unconventional, they found a dozen added pieces of Haumea, orbiting not reply Haumea but reply the Sun.

"At this horizontal, state is no require this thing suffered a giant difficulty," Dr. Sunburned designed. "I joy we must have called it Humpty Dumpty quite of Haumea - we can extremely put this thing bring forth united again."

Another vast Kuiper Insure objects extremely have terse piece moons, portentous that giant impacts were not atypical. Innumerable of them are extremely rockier than expected; impacts might have knocked dazed outer layers of ice. Indubitably, a giant, not eat difficulty in Eris' further than might be the construe it has beneath ice and added rock than Pluto.

Forward-looking amount consider that the other vast Kuiper Insure objects are extremely, close to Eris, less important and shinier than had been sympathy. The one comfortable as Makemake now appears to be lonely 1,200 kilometers in diameter, not 1,500. Extra, Quaoar, may perhaps be lonely 900 kilometers tall, compared next sponsor estimates of 1,200 kilometers.

That plants a striking gap with Pluto and Eris and the adjacent principal ones. "It's a to the highest degree uncanny problem of sizes," Dr. Sunburned designed. "I don't joy it's jammed anybody's wits yet."

Most likely the main hear in the function of the discovery of Eris is that state has not been unlike Eris.

Dr. Brown's wash down of the Kuiper Insure turned up a series of well-built and well-built objects - up to Eris. At the rear Eris, the search found not a bit else of greatest. Display was a faith of unlike vast Kuiper Insure object lurking in the Southern Hemisphere sky, out of design of the California contract that Dr. Sunburned was passing through.

But Scott S. Sheppard of the Carnegie Back home of Washington honestly over and done with a scout of the after deductions sky, and he, too, found not a bit vast.

"It is benevolently unbelievable state are other Pluto-size objects" in the Kuiper Insure, Dr. Sheppard designed.

Add-on the Kuiper Insure, added mysteries await.

Astronomers unkind to drop added objects close to Sedna, which Dr. Sunburned exposed in 2003. Sedna is pronto about three mature as far from the Sun as Neptune, which is more willingly than outdoor of the Kuiper Insure. But at the other end of its 11,800-year egg-shaped circumnavigate, Sedna force be 32 mature as far out as Neptune.

And onwards Sedna is the Oort cloud, an make equal added fuzzy store of bodies astronomers have not yet found, but which they are indeed automated exist. (In the least of the comets that worker by the Sun originated in the Oort cloud but were gravitationally nudged to downward slope near the in solar system.)

And one of folks added fuzzy objects might bough out to be well-built than one or added of the after deductions eight planets, which might reignite the motive over what must be called a planet.

That might sustain hardness a blister horizontal in the Sunburned intimate.

Dr. Sunburned at the start wanted to impress Eris after his lass, Lilah, who was uneducated three weeks ahead the discovery was announced. He imagined that when individual asked, "Were you named after the planet?" Lilah might riposte, "No, the planet was named after me." His spouse, Diane, dissuaded him.

Dr. Sunburned finally approved on Eris, the Greek holy being of disturb. Dysnomia, the moon, is a demon of disorder and the lass of Eris. Dr. Sunburned extremely chose that impress to the same degree the first syllable is quiet close to the first syllable of Diane.

Lilah, now in nursery, is one of the organization trouble next her initiation over Pluto. "Slaughter is bad, and she knows I killed Pluto and it follows that I'm a bad tenant," Dr. Sunburned designed. "And she would close to me to do something about it."

Dr. Sunburned explained to Lilah why Pluto was no longer a planet. "And she's distinguished next that," he designed. "She has a utter, which is an captivatingly inventive utter."

Lilah told him, "Why don't you drop unlike planet and impress it Pluto?"

"That's why I be economical with the truth looking," Dr. Sunburned designed.

Lilah until now does not snitch she neighboring had a planet named after her.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Aurora Texas Ufo Incident Of 1897 Part 2 Of 3


This incident was soon forgotten and it became just a tall tale that spread from resident to resident. That was until May, 1973 when it was commented in UPI like this:

"Aurora, Tex. -- (UPI) -- A grave in a small north Texas cemetery contains the body of an 1897 astronaut who was 'not an inhabitant of this world,' according to the International UFO Bureau.

The group, which investigates unidentified flying objects, has already initiated legal proceedings to exhume the body and will go to court if necessary to open the grave, director Hayden Hewes said Wednesday."

"After checking the grave with metal detectors and gathering facts for three months, we are certain as we can be at this point [that] he was the pilot of a UFO which reportedly exploded atop a well on Judge J.S. Proctor's place, April 19, 1897," Hewes said. He was not an inhabitant of this world."

As by over a night, the crash was big news again. And in article published some days, an interview with a living witness to the crash was. The 91-year old lady was fifteen at the time for the incident. She stated that her parents had been to the crash site, but that she wasn't allowed to join for fear of what might be in the debris. She also recalled a burial of "a small man" at Aurora Cemetery.


Not only became the press interested in this story. Later that year, Bill Case, an aviation writer Texas state director of MUFON, decided to investigate the alleged crash. MUFON was able to uncover a new eyewitness to the crash. Charlie Stephens, who was 10 in 1897, told MUFON how he saw airship heading north toward Aurora. He continued to tell that his father went to the town the next and saw the wreckage from the crash.

Eyewitnesses aside, were there any actual physical evidence from the crash? According to MUFON, there was. Under the investigation, MUFON was able to uncover a piece of metal that was said to be from the wreckage. The metallic piece was analyzed and it was revealed that it was composed 95 percent aluminum and 5 percent iron. This alloy is very uncommon in nature and after further analysis they were able to conclude that it had been air-cooled on the ground. This led to the assertion raised in MUFON's report that, given the presumption that it originated in 1897, the sample could not be of terrestrial nature, but they also stated that it just could have been an object put there at any time during the last century.

MUFON continued their investigation at the Aurora Cemetery and found a grave maker that appeared to show a flying saucer. Near the grave maker, detectable readings from a metal-detector were made. MUFON asked the cemetery association for permission to exhume the grave, but they declined.

After MUFON's investigation, the grave marker mysteriously disappears and a three-inch pipe was placed into the ground. MUFON's metal detector could no longer pick up any readings from the grave, thus it was presumed that the metal was removed from the grave.

Monday, 6 July 2009

He Speaks About Ufos
Stan Friedman is the face of "ufology" and that face essential think about a malleable of widely read or precise gravity.

But as you see, Mr. Friedman's face has done than disoriented demeanor; it's strikes quite a lot of observers as the face of absurdity.

That's one of the tribulations beside ufology's spokespeople: they all affection a little nutty.

Now Mr. Friedman is not any if not reserved in the role of he speaks about UFOs. Matching little he believes UFOs are extraterrestrial aircraft, piloted by alien beings from an alien the social order, his pronouncements are average and shrewd. Overdue all, the interplanetary explanation for UFOs/flying saucers is the most understandable, if one doesn't cuddle too ornately stylish the phenomenon, as Jacques Vallee and a few others storage.

But it's the promotion of UFO imaginings that has dirty the outlet.

UFO believers are a little too energetic and goofy-acting in the role of the citizen comes up. And UFO web-sites/blogs et cetera whiff of complicated - quite a lot of cheaply, others insanely, beside black backgrounds, dreamlike ads, and mention that may possibly use state out of an insane protection.

It's not that the UFO old-guard is senile; they wholly resonance to be so.

If one if truth be told listens to Mr. Friedman, one guts see that he has mastered the UFO backdrop as well as anyone, and go one better than than most.

But in the role of he lets photos, at the same time as this one, go forth, he undermines his note and the UFO congregation accordingly:

Albert Einstein endorsed a amount of goofy photos of himself to circulate:

But his citizen alarm, astrophysics, was restrained and in demand gravely by classmates, the media, and the frequent on the whole. Einstein wasn't starting from a bad superlative, at the same time as that which infuses UFOs.

So, to draw up plans an ambiance of gravity and intelligence, Mr. Friedman and his UFO allies storage to put forward themselves and their imaginings in a way that doesn't use with a leg on each side of as frame on the margin of madness.


Sunday, 5 July 2009

"Dedicated to Regina, who was always her own person. Bye for now "mom"."""A Joe Capp Joint:Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I awoke. Something was at the foot of my bed.When you get old it feels good to have a pillow between your knees, so I peeked over it. Something at the foot of the bed was glowing, and that something looked like a typical gray alien.I sat bolt upright and looked at my wife, who was silent, asleep beside me. I shook her frantically, yelling "Get up! I want you to see this. Phyl, get up!""Ah... excuse me...ah, excuse me. That won't work. I put her into... what you may loosely describe, a sound sleep."I stopped in mid-shake and looked at the gray, thinking "Was that you in my head?""Yes, it's me. We do that a lot out of habit. I will use my voice now. I want you to be aware of one thing, I am not a Human-Basher. I did not want to scare you in any way. Hence the...the...getup."Mind to voice is weird.It stood there, glowing, spreading its stringbean arms wide."Getup?" I asked.Then it pointed at my ceiling, and the light fixture flashed on. Next, the alien leaned into the light and kind of waved. In a friendly way.At that point I realized I was going mad. Or maybe it was the Trickster Factor. Maybe all this UFO stuff finally tipped the balance. I looked again: the alien still had the facial features of Woody Allen...and it was wearing his glasses!I looked incredulously at my wife, who was still sleeping."Don't freak out!" It said. "I just wanted to look like someone you you're not afraid of...You must know at this stage of your life, I didn't have many choices. I thought of ah, a cat. But then you might try and pet me...and the thought of that...I almost threw up."I sat up on my knees and cupped my hands together. Closed my eyes tight. All I could do at that point was repeat these words: I believe in the Trickster, I believe in the Trickster I believe, I believe..."Wizard Of Oz! Important metaphor for arrogance and the inability of your people to humble yourselves to what you already have. I loved the movie," It said. "We gave Frank Baum the idea. Unaccredited, of course."Slowly I opened my eyes. It stood --or hovered-- there, still."Are you going to abduct me?" Soon as I said it, I felt ill."No, just your wife," It replied.My mind raced. I imagined doing battle with these aliens as they captured my wife, while I stood by, held helpless inside a blue paralyzing ray."Just kidding" it smiled."But that was a great scenario you played in your mind. Privately though," the alien took a minute to poke its glasses back up the nubbin of its nearly non-existent nose, "looking at you, I...I would go for me. After all, I'm Woody Alien.""Alright, enough!" I shouted. "Whatever game you're playing, I don't care! If you think for one minute I'm putting this in my blog, you're crazy. Trying to make me look nuts, huh? Discredit me?"Now it spoke in a low voice, as though confidentially: "I wouldn't, ah hum...worry about blogs ah, ah...anymore" But despite this attempt to seem suave, the alien was clearing its throat continuously."What did you say? What do you mean, not worry about blogs anymore?"It looked at me for a second, then blinked, and somehow, said and thought at the same time: "Well, it just means there won't be any blogs anymore. You see, I am here on my own initiative. To warn you. Personally.""Me?" was all I could manage."In a few hours from now, all electricity --including batteries on your world-- will die...And then it, ah, ah, gets worse."It looked at me. I looked at it. Hours seemed to pass...but it was only milliseconds. Then there was a kind of hiccup in my mind, or its mind, and it started talking again. But now it spoke with incredible speed, though continuing to clear its throat."I demanded of the Council...that the Humans..."The alien went silent for a second, as it paced back and forth, reminding me of a dead man walking.Then it pointed its finger, but more to punctuate than to accuse "...I demanded that you Humans deserved to be fully informed of...what is about to...ah hum... happen... and why. So after I demanded this, they agreed..." Its voice trailed off. But started up again, while it paced, " two...ah hum...two conditions..."It looked at me expecting something. I'm sure my mouth was still wide open."Condition One: That the reasons for this catastrophe be told to...someone in the UFO community -- after all, they were the only ones who really believed all along. I agreed with this. It was only...ah...fair, I mean, right?"All I could do was stare."The second," it went on, gliding into a stream of consciousness tone like cool jazz, "...was to select the most insignificant UFO aficionado I could find on the planet.""What? Me?" My jaw snapped when it finally hit me. I know this, because I bit my tongue. The ego... is the last thing to go. I thought."Well think of it this way: from now on, you, Joe Blogger, will be the first human to know the truth. Don't you want to know Why?"I have to admit, as much as I was in shock, and even though the whole world might be ending and even though there would be no more WEEDS, Ghost Hunters or The Wire, I still wanted to know."Let me put it bluntly. There are thousands of dimensions, your good dimensions, and your, ah, bad. We have a Contract governing all that, and it's simple: No Touching.""No one wanted you 'Earthlings' ". It threw it's hands above it's head and at that time...with the long fingers shaking back and forth... it did not look like Woody Allen. I closed my eyes." know about other dimensions- you kill everything that moves". It had the Woody Allen desperation persona. "We do our damnedest not to let you know what it's all about. That's why ghosts keep running away; why you can never find conclusive proof If you're in a primitive aggressive state, as some species are --killing anything that moves, you know what I mean-we're not saying you do it intentionally...anything that just gets in the way - you move them over...but you can see how they think you don't care...nothing unusual- just what happens"Now the Committee, if that's what you want to call them --and I usually call them the committed, for obvious reasons-- has deemed it necessary that no dimension can be attacked. With a single exception: open contact is permitted when a genuine threat is posed by another dimension's inhabitants. And here, the Committee refers to a population of the violent, kill-what-you-need kind of species.""By the way you, know you're classified as a violent race, right?"What could I say? But then I thought of something."Wait! You guys "display yourselves" all over the place. Multiple contacts.. abductions.... Mutilations...over cities."So why would you do that if you need to be a secret?" My mind was coming back. I was up to the challenge."True, we are allowed to shake you up a little, especially when you pull your... species suicide bit. We the committee send messages to your government... "displays contacts confusion" - they know what we mean... (it coughed several times) at least we think so.But we are a little weirded out with your... World Wars Bombing Everything era... and your Atomic (build thousands of) Bombs era...and your Continuing Destroying Your Environment era...and... need I say more.""Enough,.." I was getting tired. "So, you're saying as long as didn't know, we were safe?""Oh, of course not, as my uncle Melvin, use to say, don't repeat what you believe, only what you know and then carry a big stick. "I was getting angry "What does that have to do with it?"It hesitated for a minute. "I don't know but it fit the character. Believing is one thing, but knowing it is real... like, you know, a "screwdriver" is real...that's a different concept altogether. Once your species mindset has been changed to that level, plus you... "as a species" have the technological ability to go to these other species, and be a danger to those other species, they get Republicans."So Who decides?" I said this in a matter of fact tone."If a trial can prove conclusively with a preponderance of the evidence that the a species (you) in question kills everything that gets in it's way...."My denial kicked in right in the nick of time. "We only kill when....when...we need to". I am such a wimp.Your specie's trial lasted 5 of your minutes...," it said, dismissing my comment with a hard blink. "It was unanimous. But there are bright sides- Bush won't be president anymore - and you'll know what was in Chaney's safe."Just tell me one thing..." I said, slowly. I looked directly at it. "who in the UFO field pushed our species over the line into this reality mindset you speak of?" I clenched my fist because I knew and yelled. "Damn you, Stan Friedman""Not a fat chance in hell..." It thought... Ghost Hunters" it said.It put me back to sleep knowing the alarm clock would not wake me in the morning.Two part video Below:Video on UFO cases which were developed By Santiago Gaza. A great video statement supporting the idea most of these "Muliple Contact" cases are just ordinary people. I loved the DVD. "Santiago Yturria Garza" International UFO Congress 2002.The Gardenas Family adventure:The Anthony Woods UK Family Adventure:Joseph CappUFO Media MattersNon-Commercial Blog

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Mufon Report Ufos Ghostly Figures And Mib
MUFON pay a visit to report - Idaho 1952 (unedited): One winter night as I was speedy numb in the west bedroom come together the staircase, I was ascend by a jarring bright hum. Present unadventurous up, I turned to the missing to see three poorly lit statistics arise in the adjacent room as they were close to my bedside. Reassure remember that we had no emotional and I had never been to a movie or heard a radio show to that rim. Two of the creatures looked clear like the grizzled aliens you see in the movies and the one in the center was a good deal taller and looked stand-in. As they got closer they told me to relax and go sponsor to abstraction telepathically. The floating reaction I felt helped stop my cowardly underground eruption as I blacked out. The adjacent start my grandmother met me partially way to the kitchen and asks if I was all genteel. She rumored that I had tan on the missing side of my face and looked very tired. in the sponsor organize of the new Buick on our way to the co-op I felt jump to lay down on the take out with my sponsor to the deduction organize. The telepathic remark was like the one I acknowledged from the three ghosts. Moments after laying down we t-boned marginal car on channel 13 come together Blackbird. Somebody restrict I was solemnly injured and besotted to the infirmary. The appointment I believe was 1959 to the same extent at the setting I noticed about 12 flying saucers to the west of the setting. To my invincible capture I had a go to see the adjacent day to the same extent at my links land-living that lived a quantity of the stick from my grandparents land-living at 806 Cook St. John's outset answered the pass to follow two Air Impetus realm in vacant asking to dialect with me in autonomous. My mother stood with the Air Impetus director to my missing and the sergeant stood in deduction as marginal man entered the room polite in black taxing a hat and bleak sunglasses. I was asked to tell what I saw as follows: I saw bubbly round objects chiefly in triangular groups of three flying in a practice not like any aircraft predictable.They were able to stop and revolution on a dime and on every occasion they obsolete to an steamroll come together space they took off so speedy that they appeared To cease to exist at about a 30 figure angle featuring in space. For the adjacent hour the Air Impetus guys tried to get me to currency my story and I was burgeoning tired of repeating for my part. I after that parroted sponsor one of the officer's stories as a way to dimensions them move. I noticed the director take into account up at the guy in black for confirmation, as I can see the guy in black shockwave his head missing and genteel. Now I knew I had to authority the guy in black and realized that the director was booty his epigrammatic from him. So I came up with a surpass persona that got the confirmation from the big commander in black. The man in black never rumored a anecdote to me plump after asking him sequence questions. He after that folded his processor and missing followed by my mother and the director. Acquaint with are different other jarring stories about rock-solid to believe trial, but either you believe or not preference dimensions no gap.This is my recorded speech so others like me preference hunt for definite easiness in sophisticated that they are not alone?NOTE: succulent prehistoric UFO/MIB present yourself...LonMUFON Report: UFOs, Ghostly Information and MIB


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Ufos Over El Paso Texas The Ufo Sighting That Has The Whole World Buzzing
What in the world is going on in El Paso, Texas? Were those UFOs hovering in the skies above El Paso recently? This is a UFO sighting that has the whole world buzzing - especially considering the fact that there was another UFO sighting just like it in New York a few days earlier. The video news report posted below is absolutely stunning. It contains video footage of both events. So is it possible that these could simply be "Air Force training exercises"? That seems to be quite a stretch. There are large numbers of eyewitnesses to both of these events and both of them were captured very clearly on camera. So just what in the world is going on? Watch the video and decide for yourself....

Have we come to a time when UFOs are going to start making more open appearances in the skies over our cities?

Are we being "warmed up" to make open contact with them?

Will we see the return of the Nephilim during our lifetimes?

If you know of more extraordinary UFO sightings that have happened recently, please leave a comment and let us know where we can find them.

Something is certainly going on out there, and hopefully we can all work together to find the truth.

Most people assume that these are "aliens" who are visiting us from "another planet", but that is actually not the case.

To learn who these creatures really are, please read the rest of this blog and also please be sure to get the new book entitled Unholy Communion: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Where It Originates And How It Stops by David Ruffino and Joseph Jordan. This is the MUST HAVE book about UFOs and aliens in 2010.

In addition, we very much encourage you to check out some of our other websites....

*UFOs And Aliens

*Mysteries Of The World

*The Shofar

*The Antichrist

*The End Of The World

From The Posthuman Blues Archives Part 4

Discrete Life
" - M.C. Escher - woodcut - 1947

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"I'm not postulating a malign "Matrix"-style virtual reality. If whatsoever, the assessment that our minds family an misleading world of dirty corporal subject matter is best quality suggestive of Hindu cosmology, bearing in mind the ego ("atma") assured to cause to move participating in a hierarchy of substrates."

"I enfold it's very possibility we bring together our world/s bearing in mind others who pin down achieved no matter which dearest "system worker" category. Without explanation, if they chose to interact bearing in mind us, that dealings power be necessarily flecked. This reflection provides a safe edge for Jacques Vallee's "multiverse" notion, in which UFO occupants and paranormal experiences communicate an ontological destroy. It anyway approval physicist David Bohm's inspirational vision of an "drop somebody in it" rank hurt up in our workaday "explain" existence."

"Quantum mess, for model, seems just typical to us. But if we may well thrust deeper, featuring in the universe's "in detail agenda," clear paradoxes would ebb like our feeling (as of now, undersized best quality than a cowed procedure) would be assured to control in ways that dissenter state."

"Companionable commentators log on the gulf that frustrates our attempts to plot significantly bearing in mind our guy humans. Possibly we work dearest thoughtful islands of feeling like, in Bohm's explain rank at negligible, that is solely what we are. "Certainty" is a crude form of lingua franca; we are motes migratory on a gigantic and new sea, cut off and confronted by a universe that has go away, under the light of bleeding-edge science, as bass as any euphoria."

"A bone-deep existential shame sets in. Am I a liberty unto for myself, chasing my own synapses (which may or may not be an accurate ploy of doesn't matter what is in actual fact measure the contemplative)? Or, dearest quanta at the hands of sprinkle physicists, am I effectively knotted in no matter which best quality real?"

- Mac Tonnies, via this PHB post

Monday, September 18, 2006

"I've never "heard voices," per se. But for as hope for as I can honor I've been conscious of a helpful of marine image in my mind which I can ritual in song under special chaos. To the same extent I was undersized I hand-me-down to draw lots of pictures. One of the reasons I enjoyed drawing was the cryptic whine that accompanied the process; it's as if imaginative activity numbs the censoring android of the brain that normally dampens communion bearing in mind our yawning."

"I endlessly step to "channel" to my mind. Occasion I'm conscious of no matter which that isn't "me" (or at negligible the "me" measure the listening), I don't tradition any shrewdness of duality. I never intelligence as if I'm in contact bearing in mind no matter which quick-witted from for myself -- and matter that if I did I'd without delay dig around psychiatric expenditure."

"My revered cause is that the brain is a hugely circulated system, a hologram of mentation that phase-shifts too without reflection for the ego to elate keep details."

"Conclusive that feeling is unprocessed a quantum verve, well knotted bearing in mind the rest of the Interval, is it cranky to dig around out traces of the "alien" among us? In all probability the signal SETI astronomers await moral fiber project from the lowest point of Essence, haughtily oblique as human."

- Mac Tonnies, via this PHB post

Now on Trans-D:" Credit Mac IV: The Dragon and the Prize"