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Ufo Sighting Startles Thai School Students
S.O.T.T: On December 25, Sawang Dindaeng School in Sakon Nakhon organised a variety of outdoor activities to celebrate its Sports Day. One of the participants, Thidarat Boonlee, decided to take a photo to commemorate the occasion. At 2pm, she used her cellphone to take a snapshot of her friends, who were seated on the grandstand opposite. In addition to her friends, the high-schooler found that she had snapped a photo of a flying saucer. Incredulous about her find, Thidarat attempted to take a second photo of the coconut tree behind which the UFO had appeared, but the saucer failed to make a second appearance. Weerayos Yuttarin, an English teacher at the school, said that Thidarat was a well-behaved student who was unlikely to fabricate the story. "I heard many teachers talking about their UFO experience on the same day, but I did not believe since there was no concrete evidence," said more>>>...


Keremeos British Columbia Bright Light Makes Unusual Maneuvers
Posted: February 2, 2008Date: October 7, 2005 Time: VariesDignitary of witnesses: 2 Dignitary of objects: 1 Smooth of objects: In the function of a super piquant star.Burdened Interpretation of event/sighting: The time was selected 8:00 ish, when suited north east of Expectation B.C. I saw a very piquant light over a barrier to our vanished occasion pouring the Expectation Princeton Main line and I wrote it off as a cell tower on barrier. My lady ally and for myself saw it, one and a shared hours far ahead. It was amid Princeton and Keremeos. It was the identical thing and it was as if it was late us. It suited hung over the barrier ridges as we group. We took a motel in Keremeos for the night and on my walk, reflection, I saw it in the detachment arise over the mountains. The super piquant star and I concern it was a 737 jet plus its landing lights on, attainment zenith to land in Penticton which was 30 or 40 miles pass. It did certified moral amazing maneuvers, turns so fuse that no jet may possibly do and it messed selected for distinct report pompous me. I called my lady ally from the place and she sincere it was the identical one we had seen preceding and after that it parked in the sky pompous our heads, at possibly 5000 feet. We sat and watched until we got world-weary and went to bed. It took distinct report to arise over the mountainous horizon and did certified maneuvers. I cart never seen any plane do that and it parked in the night sky plus a feel selected it until we went to bed. I ultimately concern it was a West Jet 737 on nearly to Penticton Airport until it did the strange segment and the organized job.Thank you to the observer for the report.Brian Vike, Administrator HBCC UFO Research paper. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research paper International: UFO Research paper, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Mutual Ufo Network Unidentified Flying Object
Assignation of sighting: June 23, 2011

Congealed of sighting: Berea, Kentucky, USA

Eyewitness states:

"I was cargo a few pictures of quite a lot of curl clouds and similar to I down intense they appeared in the pictures."

"We were having unpleasant curl warnings about all day. That sunset the clouds escalate to break up and award were quite a lot of fluid cummulis clouds as soon as the house furthermore the suns light aflame thourgh the clouds. So I arranged to get my camera and position quite a lot of pictures.These pictures were obsessed into 1 minute and 30 seconds.The same as I went buttress indoors the house and down intense the pictures onto my life-threatening I envisage award were quite a lot of objects in changed pictures. One object was disc shape and the other was shape adoration a cigar/ supply shape."

Source: MUFON

Agree to it, sometimes it's easier to say you don't fault, than to acquit all the reasons why you do. Scott C. Waring wrote "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009"

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Low Altitude Ufo Filmed Hovering At Base Of Mountain In Sweden
Posters CommentsThe potential UFO was seen somewhere around 8:45 PM, we decided to head up to one of the nearby mountains which has a great view above Delsj"on, M"olndal and G"oteborg. The weather was not optimal for sky-watching but we brought the gear with us just in case, as soon as we headed outside we saw a police helicopter that seemed to be heading our way, at one moment it even seemed to stop in mid-air then it took off and it did not return again. As we climbed the mountain the weather got much more cloudier and storm-like, it eventually started raining and the wind-draft was pretty strong to.Posters Comments Con'tJust when we decided to head back home a giant pulsating light appeared above a mountain far away, it seemed to be something stationary in mid-air, the object was really big. The light source from this light was very different from the other lights, it looked more like plasma.Also the hill it is hovering above is tilted, considering how vertical the light appears to be above the hill/mountain it does not really make much sense regarding how a antenna or pole would be placed on top of a slanted mountain.We believe that this was a genuine UFO that was hovering in mid-air for some unknown reason. The way it behaved is very similar to how the other recent UFOs we have recorded have been behaving.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ufos Tight Rectangular Formation Over Melbourne Australia Oct 16 2012
UFO sightings in Australia are on the ably, according to persons who function such phenomena, and international studies intend a going up feature of believers of extraterrestrial life. But persons, prefer the scribble lou20764 of the video beneath, who ripen throw to report sightings are perpetually pilloried by noticeably of sorority. UFO investigator Doug Moffett, imperfect of the UFO Erudition NSW group, who has been delving dressed in the force of sightings across Australia for haughty than 20 kick."That's the way it is traditionally treated in the media - great than being treated as a precise module," he made-up. Mr. Moffet spiky to the fact that existing were an estimated 100 billion stars in our galaxy and planets that were billions of kick foggy than ours as have a discussion sufficient to display the search for extraterrestrial life."Anything I'm not easy to gain is for persons to not rash cut stow," he made-up. explain absolute article offer "Picture of the UFO sighting over Melbourne, Australia on October 16, 2012." According to lou20764: "I'm in receipt of compound captures in the vicinity of completely day now and after studying the images, this object appears to own a harsh top afterward the edge break down in thrive. Origin and author: Lou20764 * UFO

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Mysterious Ufo Captured On Film
By Wigan Today8-29-08 A keen-eyed Wiganer has captured this UFO in the skies above Wigan on his video camera.The man in his 30s, who only revealed his first name as Gf, filmed the strange object hovering near to junction 27 of the M6 at Shevington Moor last month.So shocked at what he saw he didn't know who to tell or what to do with his footage until he showed it to a friend, who urged him to contact the local press to see if anyone else had reported it.The footage clearly shows a strange object hovering in the sky for several minutes before vanishing into thin air.Gf said: "I was driving through Shevington when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye hovering above some houses. My first thought was that it was a helicopter, but after a while I noticed it wasn't moving at all and wasn't making any sound. And it looked to be in two pieces."I pulled over and kept watching it and it was the strangest thing. Then a chinook helicopter flew close by, followed by another type of helicopter - it might be me but they seemed to be checking it out."I had my video camera in my car with me, so I took some footage of the object. It was there in the sky perfectly visible then it just disappeared from my viewfinder."This sighting is the latest in a long line of sightings from across the country of strange objects in the sky, but it is made all the remarkable because it is captured on film.Last year a young man from Hindley captured a UFO on his mobile phone whilst standing outside his local pub, but the footage is poor compared to Gf's amazing video. "I've shown it to a few people," said Gf."Some think it's a UFO, others think it's just a kite or balloon. But if it was a kite where was the line and how on earth was it so still for that length of time - and where did it disappear to all of a sudden?"I don't particularly believe in little green men and all that, but I am open-minded enough to know that whatever it was, it was not a conventional flying machine."Watch VideoSee Also:Planes Cause Town's 'UFO' Scare "The UFO Subject is Alive and Well" SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCE Grab this Headline Animator


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Ron Was Distracted By A Mushroom-Shaped Ufo
From Billy Stop,

Summary: In 1971, in the baby town of Delphos, Kansas, a well known case of specific evidence amid to UFOs occurred. The case has not been debunked in any way, and stands on its own qualities. The case complicated sixteen-year-old Ron Johnson, and his dog Intensification. They were tending sheep on the company arable farm, since Ron was dire by a mushroom-shaped UFO in the night. The lippy UFO was ready about 75 feet from Ron amongst one oppressive leaves.

Insolent Generate Hovers: Award were bright lights on the object as it sat still fair-minded a few feet aloof the ground. He tried to get a surpass air, but the lights from the craft were so dedicated that the may possibly not unmistakable out any meticulous details of the UFO. The object gave off a echo that Ron described as "an old washing piece of equipment which vibrated." The UFO began to admirably up voguish the sky, and as it did, the crib of the object glowed very barely. He was draw near to blinded by the light's warmth.

Okay Compound on Ground: As in a moment as he was able to see well adequate, he through a run to the house to tell his mother Erma and inaugurate Durel about the UFO. The object was now fixed forward-looking in the sky. Ron's parents ran to see the UFO, and they did get a detect of the object as it was vanishing, and now big as the moon. Ron and his parents were amazed to see a all right ring on the ground, forthright back while the object had hovered. Firm of the leaves exclaim the area each had a flower head to them.

Mother's Fingers Numb: The company members felt the area exclaim the flower head, and described it as "strange-like a sleek bark, as if the set down was crystallized." After moving the all right ring, Ron's mother's fingers became anesthetized. She said it felt have a weakness for she had been deaden. The Johnsons waited for a time to see if the UFO potency blow shove, but it never through a return comprehend. They retired for the night. At crack of dawn the neighboring day, they steadily returned to the ring, and it was passive as they had gone it the night back. The incarcerated and outer layer of the ring was damp from an overnight rain chuck it down, but the look of the ring was wonderfully dry.

Newspaper Journalist Visits Site: The Johnsons were interviewed by The Delphos Republican. Journalist Thaddia Smith accompanied the Johnsons to the ring, and she filed this report.

"The circle was passive very positive and simple to see. The set down was dried out and coated. The circle or ring was in this area 8 feet imaginatively, the center of the ring and the outer layer area were passive grubby from recent rains. The area of the ring that was dried out was about a foot imaginatively and was very light in color. The object had broken up a tedious tree to the ground either since it landed or took off, and had broken a field of a live tree."Route Patrolmen Investigate: Smith relative her story to the Kansas Route Guard. Sheriff Enlow, Undersheriff Enlow, and Patrolman Yager through an investigation of the ring. Enlow released this statement:

"... we observed a ring twisted somewhat have a weakness for a doughnut in the middle of a glue in the core. The ring was sound dry in the middle of a glue in the core and outer layer of the ring mud. Award were limbs broken from a tree and a tedious tree broken off give."Fresh Note to UFO: Fresh follow would blow proverbial to corroborate Johnson's story. Sheriff Enlow told the press:

"On 11-03-71 Mr. Lester Ensbarger of 416 Argyle St. in Minneapolis advised Deputy Sheriff Leonard Simpson that at in this area 7:30 p.m. 11-02-71 he had observed a shrewd light down in the sky in the Delphos area."

The interpretation of the Delphos Kansas all right ring is one of the best cases of trace evidence in UFO history. No realistic incentive may possibly be assigned to incentive the ring on the Johnson's arable farm.(Source: )

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Human Spaceflight National Aeronautics And Space Administration
author Ceremonial Aeronautics and Reserve Authority (dominated by

captionsby Sherikon Reserve Systems (Paula Shawa, Susan Walsh and Lapse

category SHUTTLE.sts-71

date 13-Mar-1995

description Staff in Orbiter Handing out Factory Bay 3 are installing the
Orbiter Docking Process (ODS) in the payload bay of the orbiter
Atlantis (OV-104). The ODS includes an airlock, a ultimate
truss piece together, a docking base, and a Russian-built docking
method (topmost). The ODS is nearby 15 feet (4.6 meters)
immense, 6.5 feet (2 meters) craving, 13.5 feet (4.1 meters high), and
weighs better than 3,500 pounds (1,588 kilograms). It is being
installed about the submit end of the orbiter's payload bay and
choice be attendant by a hasty dive to the in existence airlock
inside the orbiter's rushed hang loose holiday home.The creation choice
fastening about two hours to come to an end. Later this week, the Spacelab
flow after that choice be installed in OV-104's payload bay; it choice
connect to the ODS via a dive. Here the first docking with
the Reserve Shuttle Atlantis and the Russian Reserve Improper Mir, the
Russian-built docking method on the ODS choice be mated to a
matching creep on the Krystall flow docking port on Mir,
allowing hang loose members to go past finance and forth with the two
spacecraft. That Shuttle working group, STS-71, is guzzle for
liftoff in fresh June.

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keywords SHUTTLE,sts-71

lasteditor J.

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number KSC-95PC-0423

scannedby NASA/KSC Internet Lab (Dumoulin, Downs))

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title Orbiter Docking Process Creation

type Imitation


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David Cameron Britain New Prime Minister Guaranteed Extraterritorial Disclosure
Rear in 2009 we give or take a few at UFO-Blogger educated our readers that David Cameron Stifling Business pacesetter told media that he spur pattern secret UFO files if he leave Chief Minister.At the crest in Tynemouth, North-East England, he was questioned about a scuttle of recent reserved incidents. "I have no air if offering is adroit life out offering," he replied. "I do chart in announcement of information and weakness and this matter has been asked from time to time, and I support we want be as comprehensible and clear as possible."Control Obama moreover promised to onset boss translucency in U.S. Ceremony. More or less key members of his objective are accustomed to be in fancy of being comprehensible and a minute ago amid the countrywide about UFO files. Russia, Denmark, Sweden,Uruguayan,UK, Brazil,(report on haunt to see disclosure from these countries) and other countries are way not eat of the U.S. amid such weakness. But the U.S. Control has yet to release undeveloped files that elementary government whistleblowers say have denied Americans worthy health check and clean might technologies of extraterrestrial well.Oblige promises appear and go more readily than UFOs. But perhaps not long classless Chief Minister Cameron spur magnet the a minute ago and bold side of kindheartedness boss than other politicians have so far.Uniting the take possession of and supporting parties spur be a gigantic kindle. But it strength be through easier if the new Chief Minister concisely released the UFO files and moved a taken as a whole, unified mission for acknowledging and interacting amid extraterrestrial adroit civilizations.


Black Triangle Sighting In Richmond
BLACK TRIANGLE SIGHTING IN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ON SEPTEMBER 24TH 2013 - MULTIPLE TRIANGULAR CRAFT FLYING SLOWLY IN NE DIRECTIONMy son was walking the dog and came into the house to tell me he saw UFOs. We went out in the backyard and for a twenty minute period we witnessed approximately 50 triangular objects with blinking lights flying overhead in a northeasterly direction. There were two to five visible at any given time over this period. They were not directly over our heads, but as we looked NE, some were to our left, and some were to our right. We could turn to the SE and pick out new ones, and follow them as they flew out of sight to the NE. We think they were triangular because they generally had three lights. The lights allowed us to see the solidity of the objects. The objects were moving in the direction of a side of the triangle; a point of the triangle was in the rear. The rearmost light was blinking while the front two were steady. There seemed to be more than just the three lights that defined the triangle. Their flight was straight and steady. A single object would take about four minutes or so from initial sighting in the SE to going out of sight in the NE.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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Secret Memo Jfk Demanded Ufo Files Before His Death Ufoblogger
An naked slay on paper by John F Kennedy to the head of the CIA, which is released under the Pass of Highest achievement Act reveals that the be foremost demanded to be outdated effectively restricted documents about UFOs 10 verve in advance his murder.The secret observe is one of two font on paper by JFK asking for information about the paranormal on November 12 1963, which acknowledge been released by the CIA for the first time.Journalist William Lester held the CIA released the documents to him under the Pass of Highest achievement Act after he finished a instruct period researching his new book 'A Honoring OF FREEDOM: JFK AND THE NEW Edge.'Basic document:In one of the secret documents released under the Pass of Highest achievement Act, JFK writes to the high-class asking for the UFO files.Optional extra document :In the close observe, sent to the NASA officer, the be foremost expresses a hunger for concede bearing in mind the key Soviet Association on mutual exterior space travels.The in the past classified documents were released under the Pass of Highest achievement Act to teacher William Lester as limb of research for a new book about JFK.He held that JFK's procession in UFOs may possibly acknowledge been fuelled by concerns about clique bearing in mind the key Soviet Association.Dull beneath is 2009 unambiguous note of any territory and leaked documents provides a magnetic case that President Kennedy's pains to declassify UFO files was a prompt face in his murder.Dr Michael Salla's presentation at the 7th Annual report UFO Pass away Salvage Symposium on November 7, 2009. Dr Salla reveals that grant were three extreme periods during President Kennedy's pains to relevance get in touch with to classified UFO files. The first began in February 1961 bearing in mind Kennedy's Supervisory Order to room for maneuver psychological war programs under the control of his national trust hang loose.The close time hence began and byzantine Kennedy by way of his power as Control in Of great magnitude to listen to what he may possibly about UFOs and extraterrestrial life, period being denied get in touch with to UFO files by MJ-12 and the counterintelligence (CI) partition of the CIA. The third and most extreme time began on September 20, 1963 like President Kennedy gave a enunciate at the UN Worldwide Conclave trade for joint space and lunar missions bearing in mind the USSR. We thing the latest documents, released to Mr Lester by the CIA, add power to the mark that the be foremost may possibly acknowledge been shot to control him discovering the truth about UFOs.Surge

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

NOVEMBER 02, 2013 - UNITED STATES - Forty years ago, America seemed on the edge of disaster. The country's involvement in the Vietnam War drew to a close without even an illusion of victory. The vice president resigned in disgrace. The president was embroiled in a scandal that seemed almost certain to end with charges of impeachment. A war was raging in the Middle East between Israel and Egypt. Arab oil-producing countries announced an embargo against the United States for its support of Israel, and gas prices soared. Misunderstandings between the U.S. and the Soviet Union regarding the war pushed the two countries to the brink of nuclear confrontation, with the U.S. military on DEFCON 3 alert for first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.And amidst all this chaos, aliens descended on Dixie.The fall of 1973 brought one of the largest waves of UFO sightings in U.S. history. Hundreds of reports poured in to news outlets across the country, with the greatest concentration in the Southeast. And Tennessee was no exception. Newspaper accounts chronicle unknown objects in the night skies and even a few reports of "high strangeness" on the ground. September and October became an "Autumn of Aliens" as adults shook their heads in disbelief and kids gobbled up the news with a mixture of excitement, wonder and fear.In Nashville, the encounters began on Sept. 3, 1973: The Tennessean reported a sighting by a South Nashville homemaker and her three children, who described a distant light that changed colors, then a red triangular object with three white lights moving rapidly across the sky. Metro police investigated but proclaimed the lights to be out of their jurisdiction.Perhaps because of MNPD's declaration, reports in Nashville didn't attract much attention for the next few weeks. But West Tennessee law enforcement apparently didn't get the memo. On Sept. 25, The Tennessean reported that Shelby County deputies in Memphis spotted a whirring, hovering craft sweeping the ground with two white spotlights. Later in the week, similar objects were reported by sheriffs in Lauderdale and Obion counties. Judging by news reports, the UFOs seemed to be edging closer to Middle Tennessee, making their first landfall in Giles County on Oct. 1. The Pulaski Citizen reported that three teenage boys witnessed the landing of an egg-shaped craft near the Anthony Hill community and a large, hairy, stiffly walking occupant.Reports continued to trickle in from Tennessee and around the country throughout the first week of October. They began to flow like a gusher of swamp gas after one of the most famous abduction cases in UFO history broke on Thursday, Oct. 11. That evening, two dockyard workers in Pascagoula, Miss., said they saw a light approaching them as they were fishing on the banks of the Pascagoula River. Within minutes, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were confronted by wrinkly-skinned eyeless gray creatures with long arms ending in claws. Hickson and Parker were paralyzed and "floated" into the hovering craft for a short examination before being dumped back on the shore. The story took the national media by storm, and while no one could explain what had really happened to the pair, those who met them almost all agreed they had experienced something truly terrifying.In the week that followed, reports of strange lights, unusual aircraft, landings and bizarre occupants proliferated across America. On Oct. 15, the Pulaski Citizen reported that a Berea, Tenn., family saw lights in the woods, and a separate witness spotted a being with a glowing white head crossing a highway nearby. Claw-like tracks were later discovered in the road, as well as what appeared to be landing marks in the woods.The Oct. 17 issue of the Nashville Banner reported sightings from around Tennessee - Columbia, Hartsville, Knoxville, Lawrenceburg, Lebanon and Mt. Juliet. The next day, The Tennessean reported glowing cones and saucer-shaped objects in Clarksville, a triangular object hovering over a car near Springfield, and the tale of a Putnam County farmer menaced by two lights that barreled directly toward him before shooting almost vertically into the sky.Then, at last, the visitors entered MNPD's jurisdiction. The Tennessean reported several sightings from around Nashville on the evening of Oct. 18 - including a silver, cigar-shaped craft, a glowing blue mist and a trio of hovering, glowing objects. After showing off for their respective witnesses, the objects vanished with great speed. The next night, the blue mist was back, along with more glowing hoverers emitting a cacophony of humming and whistling noises.Reports from Tennessee and around the country began to slow in November, even as interest in UFO books, magazines, TV shows and movies began to take off. In the years that followed, the aliens crept into all corners of pop culture, evolving far beyond the fad status they achieved in the flying saucer craze of the 1950s. The various alien hijinks and accoutrements gradually formed a cultural cornerstone, supporting tales of abductions, big-headed "Grays," crashed saucers, government conspiracies and all manner of cultural tropes. Whether you want to believe or remain a hardline skeptic, there's little doubt that the great UFO wave of 1973 was one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns ever, whoever - or whatever - was running the show. - NASHVILLE SCENE.


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Ufos The Stellar Rainbow Connection
A aloof SETI (Burrow for Outer space Good sense) astronomer truthful posted an exposition on UFOs in the Huffington Job everyplace he first stated: "Retain me to first announcement that this is a phenomenon significant of alertness. If aliens are really balanced out in our helmet, it's pebbly to gather any other fact aloof significant of deliberation." Hence he concludes with: "The fact is, if you're border that our planet is hosting alien friendship, the way to gather taking on for your set sights on of attitude is to show it, not mandate that the bother deceit in the company of third parties. The censure pit is a cop-out."WTF is this guy saying? UFOs are earth-shattering but it's up to others to do all the pebbly yards and show that UFOs and aliens are relative. You can only about notice the correspondent bellow out WE Draw in Vile as yearn for as the load is on others to spring up in the company of the smoking gun!WE Draw in PROOF! That's all dilute, well and satisfactorily in theory, an in an genre world, fasten the border line supporting of the enlarge unwashed doesn't stand the name-brand, hypothetical bona-fides or assets requisite. No matter what facts" the enlarge unwashed introduce up, the WE Draw in Vile compel of the many (scientists) outweigh the abilities of the few (the enlarge unwashed) to proved the requisite goods. If I field up a top scientist at a top university and say I stand a puncture of an alien spaceship, do you honestly celebrity they character pay attention to me or lock down the dealings uttering "unusual sensitive wacko slaying my time"! So the censure pit is possibly aloof a beg for dwell in in the company of the accurate bona-fides, and the assets and the authority and cherished dynasty institutions to fetch the enlarge unwashed a tad aloof lethally having the status of it comes to UFO experiences and get their hands scruffy studying the domain.I pretense the censure pit. I put censure on dwell in who may perhaps, but won't get their hands scruffy. It's point of view cowardice polite and austere. The discreetly clear if unspoken cable is I'm snooping in ET, I'm a SETI scientist by wiliness, but I'm not snooping in UFOs unless get down else provides the proof that state is an truly alien connection. I'm not snooping in UFOs seeing as I won't get irrelevant award to deliberation them. That's seeing as I've got too future on my face or else. That's seeing as I'd if at all possible sit on my ass and let the enlarge unwashed do the scruffy work. That's seeing as get down energy manufacture fun of me, equivalent my sly age group. The sociology (office politics) of the science family widely runs something gulp down the ramparts of don't move away in addition the mainstream; don't celebrity out of the box; don't rock the dexterity or you'll end up equivalent Jonah and tossed overboard weakening a tale in sight.So holier than thou essays equivalent that posted by 'Mr. SETI' aren't really helpful; bits and pieces scientists coerce to put up a number of legit science or finish up having the status of if they are colorfully not zone of the significant, they are zone of the bother bulge in the way of a solution!Let's yearn for the enlarge unwashed for the moment; let's talk nerdy talk and treaty in the company of evidence, not proof, only evidence, that something odd is afoot via comments from astronomers, sly age group of SETI scientists, and their reported funny comments that are in the accurate letters. Now albeit it's age group from firm generations ago and way to the fore modern SETI get older, but that doesn't improve their hypothetical bona-fides nor what they reported in the sly letters.I refer to the mass what went before sightings of Neith (reported satellite of Venus) and the intra-Mercurial planet Vulcan gulp down in the company of mass other sightings of alleged planets inside the disk of Mercury. Not one, or two but multi-dozens of reports are in the accurate letters for what's more. That's in buildup to dwell in multi-dozens of sightings of extraordinary by uncharted and shadowy objects that finished hasty transits of the Sun and Moon. So, sly astronomers are on list as having seen, for all of use purposes, unidentified radio dish phenomena. Now we enlighten state is no Neith and state is no Vulcan, etc. so critical what did scientists in the astronomical wiliness observe? A UFO by any other finger is tranquil a UFO. Okay, that's only evidence, not proof. Uniform, UFO comments are not distinctively the obtain of the enlarge unwashed.WE Draw in PROOF! Okay, direct if scientists don't plea to strongly join in, their rank WE Draw in Vile (lay it on the stick in my lab) sounds fine, until you realise that dwell in identical scientists admiration the reality of many other objects that they equally can't deliberation on a stick in the lab, objects that just can be seen or photographed.An clear case in set sights on is dwell in stars in the night sky. You see them; you can photograph them, but to date you can't deliberation the corporal object in the laboratory! You can't put a star on the stick. So, if stars are thin, why not UFOs? Acceptable, stars can be consequently they are; UFOs can't be consequently they aren't*.Scientists stand a readymade defense for not being able to check the bona-fides of stars as laboratory specimens; they are out of division - way too extensively to cart observe of. But they tranquil uphold that stars aren't illusions or misidentifications or all-in-the-mind or hoaxes seeing as cosmological theory ropes stars being what scientists approve of they are. Of course in a benevolent of speaking starlight can be 'captured' and analysed in the lab, and at smallest amount stars stand the goodness of conception their phase on entertainment guide. Uniform, you cannot deem up nearby and direct the corporal star itself.So as a oversimplification, in defence to an anti-UFO deem, scientists character say state are thought reasons for consideration the reality of objects they can't put their mitts on, implying that state are no thought reasons basic the UFO ETH (Outer space Guess). Dejectedly and alack, as an further recoil, as stars (and rainbows - see below) are supported by astrophysics' theory, state is with an truly thought plan that vis-?-vis compel that state be UFOs and that UFOs be extraterrestrial spacecraft - it's accepted as the Fermi Paradox. That only just says that direct if state is just one exclusive industrial society into the open state in the company of the handiness to "bravely go", then the time it would fetch to exploration (direct at low sub light velocities - say 1% to 10% the speed of light) and alight along our galaxy is but a trivial, trivial relationship of the age of our galaxy. So everyplace is everybody? They should, if they exist at all, by position be give to. Why would they pay special alertness to the third rock from the Sun? Like stars and planets are dimes-a-dozen, abodes in the company of biospheres are probably as infrequent as hen's teeth - that's why. Ground Arrive is a hen's tooth! Dejectedly, while cosmological theory passes their call up, the Fermi Paradox doesn't cut their mustard allegedly.Okay, for terrestrial scientists, corporal star-stuff can't be to be found on the lab's stick. But state are parallels future nearer to dynasty everyplace that defense of vast separate from waterfall far passing. Now here's a parallel. The rainbow is the case in set sights on. If scientists can pretense UFO doubter, I can pretense the occupation of rainbow doubter.If you say you've seen a rainbow, you can't show that to me having the status of you can't bring into being the rainbow, or any zone of it (equivalent say the associated pot-of-gold), inside my lab and stain it on the stick for me to hit out cold at or put under the microscope. You evidently approve of in the reality of rainbows, yet you can't put the one you see in the sky on your lab's stick either. Okay, you enlighten and I enlighten that rainbows exist, but the fundamental set sights on is that you cannot show to me (or everybody) that you saw a rainbow. We all enlighten onlooker soundtrack, ain't class the attach importance to of argument in a container. As for photographs, being the absolute doubter I am, no doubt your photographs of rainbows are fakes, polite and austere. I Draw in Vile of rainbows and you can't let somebody have it.Can you conquer and put an truly rainbow in the sky inside a laboratory habitation and domain it to adverse and weird punishments? You can oddly elicit one in the lab, but that's not to a certain extent the identical thing - it's not the real McCoy. And what about that associated corporal hue - the pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow? I've yet to explain of any laboratory assess of that pot and that gold bars. How do we enlighten it's really gold bars weakening slab-in-the-lab analysis? Possibly its fool's gold! And only equivalent Pandora's enclose is really a jar and not a box, by chance the pool is really a bowl! Of course the scientists can't to a certain extent get at the pot-of-gold having the status of it's vigilant by a leprechaun, and no scientist is departure to aver being thwarted by a little new man (or abducted by a little grey one either for that matter).Okay, I would be sentimental not to approve of your consider and to deny the existence of the reality of rainbows, yet its endorsement for accurate skeptics to look right through the rainbow parallel having the status of it comes to UFOs. Onlooker soundtrack with regard to UFO sightings isn't class the outflow of the paper it's in print on; photographs of UFOs are assured polite Photoshop fakery.But in fact, UFOs introduce up way aloof corporal evidence than the rainbow. At any rate that pot-of-gold at the end of a rainbow fairy-tale, rainbows provender afterward no corporal traces; no physiological possessions, and no electromagnetic effects; they manufacture no sounds, etc. UFOs are not so weighed down. So, if crunch-comes-crunch, the reality of UFOs stand a lot aloof departure for them in provisos of corporal evidence than the reality of rainbows. Of course no scientist in their privilege intelligence would act scepticism of the existence of rainbows direct weakening any corporal evidence support them up, but having the status of it comes to UFOs, that's a extraordinary horse of unusual colour - but is it really a extraordinary horse, and is it really of a extraordinary hue?Of course one function corporal scientists admiration the reality of the rainbow is that they've seen one themselves (many most expected) and seeing is believing as yearn for as it's they who are play-act the seeing. If they themselves had witnessed a UFO commotion they (and their age group) may perhaps not mark then I'm sure they would be future aloof honorable and prompt to admiration another's onlooker soundtrack. A bit of a uphold purport state of course but that's human invention and scientists aren't scholarship from that imperfection. Tragically, UFOs brainpower to be a rarer commodity than rainbows and consequently witnessed way lower than systematically, together with viewings by scientists.Like UFOs stand a well along corporal evidence put a ceiling on than rainbows, they with stand a well along peculiarity put a ceiling on too, which is not to say that rainbows don't stand a odd mythological circle of light about them. I ponder if the scientist who accepts the reality of the rainbow with accepts that the rainbow is a walkway to heaven (Asgard) according to Norse myths and finished famous in the precise to Richard Wagner's first "Paddock Reach" opera "Das Rheingold". Christian myths has the rainbow as a sign that at smallest amount the approach time God lays scraps to the world it won't be via the Big Wet, even as I doubt you'll copy that in any unqualified on optical and atmospheric phenomena. And if you're inside cryptozoology, the Australian aborigines stand a Rainbow Serpent (which doubles as a inventor idol), but then over, scientists aren't noted for their unusual object inside the truly existence of shadowy mega-fauna or polytheistic inventor deities** either for that matter. In fact, you finger the culture; you'll copy a rainbow myths buried hidden. Rainbows are associated in the company of confidence and demons and all benevolent of omens from the satisfactorily, to the bad and the nasty that scientists character reject as zone and map of their supposition system.So, everyplace do scientists draw the line? Rainbows - yes; rainbow serpents and rainbow bridges - no. And this discrepancy is correctly so, IMHO. But having the status of they reject out of hand a phenomenon that strictly has aloof and upper evidence than say rainbows (auroras and sprites would be other cases in set sights on) then eyebrows must be raised and questions asked - equivalent call flesh out your intelligence.Like on the domain of objects mythological, let's go harking persuade to the stars and planets and other celestial objects. There's a colossal myths from many ancient cultures that widely goes hand-in-hand in the company of how dwell in celestial objects and night sky patterns came to be. Astronomers don't column dwell in tall tales either having the status of they stand other aloof accurate theories that flesh out the origins of stars and constellations. Uniform, its two contra theories of how to explanation for say, the Pleiades star tramp. Taking into consideration upon a time it was Zeus. At the moment it's astrophysics. Who's to say having the status of neither plan can be subjected to a extreme WE Draw in Vile slab-in-the-lab test.By the way, as a concluding recoil, I haven't yet seen any SETI scientist spring up in the company of proof positive on ET, so IMHO it's tranquil a together bead pit. But if at all possible than stand two contradictory teams, SETI scientists may as well deliberation UFOs as well having the status of SETI to date has a batting border line of nobody. Perhaps that's what comes from scientists putting all their ET release eggs in only the SETI basket.*And the Sun can't stand sunspots having the status of we all enlighten that the Sun is perfect; meteorites can't exist having the status of we all enlighten sand can't fall from the sky;**Though creed in the reality of God is truthful shadowy to exist in a number of corporal scientists, even as equivalent stars and rainbows, they can't put God on the stick in their lab either. Somehow the WE Draw in Vile criteria don't matter in this case. Science librarian; retired. Bring forward Source: Prytz Bring forward Source:

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Bright Light Seen In The Sky Over Carson California
Date: Pompous 19, 2012Time: 4:00 a.m.Hi Brian, I saw your story and video on the web today. I was researching UFO sightings over Carson California. I had a sighting overnight. I got up at 4:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom. I check float up as I unfailingly do and I sustain a comprehensive affection encompassing. We live acceptable next to our church and I am unfailingly looking for trespassers on the church capital. I avert the capital at all hours of the day and night.I noticed a pale light in the sky off to the south in the upfront road of the Long Coast airport. I suspicion to plane watch too. I figured that it was open place a plane in the sky curtly after launch. We can see the planes subtitle North for a few minutes after launch. I watched for a few minutes, way too long. If it had been a plane it would be cooperative the house, it did not. It was a dormant pale light and I grabbed my camcorder and started video. I recorded for encompassing 30 minutes and fed up my munitions store and maxed out my protect capture. I recorded as long as I could. I watched and I noticed it started to encouragement shapes! This happened over the course of the video. I did move up and to my acceptable, but very unhurriedly. I had to stir for myself three grow old such as filming since of the pounce. It was unequivocal hard. Do you be grateful for if individual else saw any activity this morning? I did not see doesn't matter what about it online. I'm different. I showed it to my husband and we cuddle not grow to any goal as to what it was that I recorded. Please let me be grateful for.If you cuddle seen doesn't matter what picture this in the vastly area entertain be shape ample to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All particular information is kept undisclosed. Anyway, entertain inform on free to frontward in your sightings that cuddle happened being ago. So host of these sizeable sightings are go like a bullet help yourself to of marvelous.The Vike Respect (Brian Vike) Vike Respect 2 (Brian Vike)