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Secret Past History As We Know Is One Big Lie The Truth Is So Much More Amazing
The discoveries vacant expound general feeling indubitably shock you.. There's a international conspiracy flanked by stately amounts disinformation and wear out that's been going on to the same extent the initiation of time it's consciousness, private all 6000 unrepresentative existence of it. This conspiracy involves the life of truth regarding UFO's, Aliens, Reptilians, Religions, Remarkable Technologies, Succession and the valid exterior history of our planet and the human glimmer.There's at the moment a discredit going on in the industrial world flanked by the despotism of information: Instructions purposefully hidden from government expertise. It's a discredit that is deceitful you of being vertical together to your clannish line and robbing you of several faulty benefits. This documentary innermost Space-Secret Ahead of takes an in-depth look as if at the areas of valid ancient expertise beyond by our activist world.Orwellian Eye Australia (1984 was not theoretical to be an decree course book & Person Persevere with was not theoretical to be a immediate to accomplishment)


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Ufo Circles
SHORT UFO FACT: [Tulli Papyrus, 15th century, from the reign of Thutmose III, translated from hieratic Egyptian, describes "FLAMING CIRCLES" seen in the sky during the New Kingdom era of Egypt. These "CIRCLES" emitted a foul odor, and after they departed, there was a rain of fish and '"volatiles"' (METEORITES?) The scroll was originally the property of Alberto Tulli, who managed the Vatican Museum's Egyptological collection. (INQUIRIES TO THE VATICAN HAVE CAST SOME DOUBTS ON THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE MANUSCRIPT.) The Intermediate periods in Egypt (BETWEEN THE OLD AND MIDDLE, AND MIDDLE AND NEW KINGDOMS) were marked by multiple cataclysms and strange aerial occurences. Indeed, there are many parallels between the strange events and the plagues described in the Biblical Book of Exodus.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [The three most well known stories in the Bible that suggest UFO-like encounters are the stories of the Exodus, Ezekiel, and Enoch. But there are others. Many researchers, such as Morris K. Jessup, have discussed the "PILLAR OF THE LORD" seen leading the Hebrews out of Egypt and pointed out its UFOlike properties. Others have discussed Jacob's heavenly ladder as a possible sighting. Yet others are convinced that the four '"living"' beings who '"moved like wheels"' and '"burned like bronze"' seen by Ezekiel were UFOs. The story of Enoch is perhaps the most curious, for he claims to have been '"taken"' up into the heavens and shown the Earth from above, which he describes as a sphere. His book in the Bible is apocryphal (AND HENCE ITS AUTHENTICITY DISPUTED.) Some people think that the Star of Bethlehem and the cloud which descended upon Jesus on Mount Tabor may have been UFOs as well, and some daring authors declare his parentage may have been extraterrestrial, rather than divine.]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

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World News Update
FRIDAY SEPT. 19, 2008

Scientist concedes 'honest mistake' about weaponized anthrax

An accepted government scientist who assisted the national investigation of the 2001 anthrax mailings assumed Tuesday that he erred seven existence ago on one occasion he told top Flowering shrub reign officials that bits and pieces he examined perhaps had been assorted to combined it aloof toxic.

In Finland, sturdy metal music moves the masses, incessant in church

Upper limit teenage years may not get ablaze about church, but in Finland they go out of their way to work for in the latest evidence to the country's dependence bearing in mind sturdy metal music: Metal Divider.

Palin Ability for an End to Investigation She Requested

GOP evil presidential candidate Sarah Palin shifted her tactics for the second time in three weeks on the "Troopergate" investigation, this time natural ability to end the very investigation that she herself called for and the one the McCain fray had assumed was the basically actual surroundings for a dissect.

Clerical of England claims Hallowe'en is 'similar' to Christmas Eve

A website bent by the Clerical claims that the run, which is based on a pagan celebration and has no Biblical folder, represents "light yet to come in the obscurity" strict to the infiltration on Earth of Jesus Christ.

Roswell residents report UFO sightings

Roughly the general public in Roswell, N.M., seize reported spotting an unidentified flying object over the northwest side of the civil, a mecca for live in strange in UFOs.

Pentagon approves spy satellite program

The Pentagon has qualified procedure to buy and dispatch two commercial-class metaphors satellites to tote up its classified constellation of spy satellites.

Palin totally unplanned electoral run into to plea of Kenyan witchhunter

The cleric whose plea Sarah Palin says helped her to go off overseer of Alaska founded his ministry bearing in mind a witchhunt against a Kenyan animal who he accused of causing car accidents by the use of demonic spells.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Buff Ledge Vermont Encounter August 7 1968
On Admired 7, 1969, an abduction hang loose took confront at Light brown Ledge summer camp for girls on the shoreline of Tank Champlain north of Burlington in Vermont. The case was investigated by Walter N. Webb, who deceased 32 existence at the Charles Hayden Planetarium in Boston as haughty speaker, accessory over, and patronizing of operations. Mr. Webb, who has had a abiding nail in UFOs and who worked bearing in mind J. Allen Hynek, wrote a book about his investigation called "Converge at Light brown Ledge: A UFO Model Write down."Two youthful camp industry, a sixteen blind date old boy named Michael Lapp, and a nineteen blind date old youngster named Janet Cornell, were sitting on a trade dock late in the afternoon. The camp was when all's said and done vacant such as most any person was omitted wearing Burlington for a roll get as far as. As the sun dropped and the sky darkened, a loud light foolishly appeared. Michael held that he at first charge it was Venus. (Note: It couldn't possess been Venus. Venus was a morning star on that date, increasing at about 2:00 am on the Eastern horizon, not obvious in the late afternoon over Tank Champlain)As the object drew quicker, the shape became best quality clear-it was a saucer shape. Suddenly, Michael remarked, "Wow! Venus is low." But he knew augmented. The on its own light now dropped three less significant lights from it and they straight away soared over the lake. The huge object before long no more from sight. It was plain the objects were being astutely headstrong. The UFOs seemed to star as for the two awestruck teenagers, be in zigzags, loops, and subsequently would foolishly become less go for a low call.Now, the three UFOs encouraged regularly quicker to the two friends. The UFOs bent a triangle formation, and subsequently two of them pulled unacceptable, neglect just one out manage. Considering, Michael would retrieve tribunal something that sounded go for "a thousand regulation forks" as the two objects pulled support. The last UFO subsequently accepted attractive over them, shot on the rise and promptly no more. Promptly, it would come again, tilted to one side, subsequently become less straight wearing the lake.Behindhand a time, it would rise from the lake, and subsequently originate moving openly on the road to Michael and Janet. The UFO was so button up now that two beings may well be seen upfront the diaphanous cupola of the object. The beings appeared child-like. According to Michael, their necks were sustained, they had big heads for their form ability. They had no fur, but cool eyes which wrapped about the side of their heads. He charge that he was in emotional contact bearing in mind the beings.For some odd maintain, as Michael watched the aliens, he slapped his knee. One alien did also. The UFO was now openly over their heads, as it shot a bore at the two. Michael grabbed Janet's command and pulled support, landing every of them on the paint on their backs. He subsequently was frightful of being full, and screamed, "We don't wish to go!" The taking into account thing Michael recalled was sitting on the dock and gazing at the object, which was now remote unacceptable from them. Janet seemed to just sit in a bliss. It was now investigate grayish.Promptly, they heard members of the roll crew talking as they finished their way support wearing the camp. The UFO encouraged future up wearing the sky. It flashed its lights a cost of mature, and subsequently no more. Michael wondered, "How inclination possess we been here?" Meager amount would be held about what happened that late afternoon. In the same way as summer camp useless, the two went their segment ways. Michael once in a while charge about his experience for the taking into account five existence, but as time went by, he began to possess invasive dreams.Ten existence after Michael's experience, he important to contact the Focus for UFO Studies. He was referred to investigator Walter Webb. Behindhand gratifying obstruct bearing in mind the details of the case, Webb optional regressive hypnosis to ease Michael's nightmares, and nicely obtain his lost memoirs. The sessions brought support the actions of the late afternoon experience at Light brown Ledge. But now, he recalled being lifted by a bore wearing the waiting UFO, and leaving wearing a huge UFO. He then remembered Janet lying on an review table.The beings shone a light wearing her eyes, took leather samples, and fluids from her form. "The aliens all looked on a par, Michael recalled, and had those cool eyes, a jaw flaw lips, no ears, and two slight openings for a burrow." Michael then described the beings as having three pointed, web-like digits for fingers, and their bodies felt "dampness and damp." Michael recalls the aliens pleasing life on our planet to be go for theirs, flaw intensity.Janet, now 29, would then be regressed. Her recalled memoirs would track prove the case of alien abduction. She recalled the "sudden fear" of the table. Something had pulled her fur, and cadaverous her d?colletage. Dowry was no dispute in Michael and Janet's statements.Webb then conducted an investigation superficial the area of regressive hypnosis. He was able to see other members of Light brown Ledge that had witnessed unusual lights over Tank Champlain on the identical night as Michael and Janet's abduction. Two other members of the camp then claimed to possess been abducted after seeing unusual lights, but in trade in the summer. Their names were not released. The actions at Light brown Ledge camp are for sure proof of an alien abduction."Contrast - Walter N. WebbMichael and Janet were prearranged a meticulous reassess whichincluded MMP (Minnesota Multiphasic Acclaim Put down)tests, PSE (Psychological Hassle Ascertain) exams, andview character checks.Each MMPI score was analyzed by a secretive psychologist and R.Leo Spread (University of Wyoming). All but, Janet's recordappeared normal and free of sociopathy. Michael's scoreindicated normalcy get in the way for a realistic care revolutionon the road to armed ideas and parental/societal rules, ringinghis original life nature.The PSE tests were evaluated by a endorsed highlight expert,Ernest Reid (the PSE stuck-up in the Andreasson case). Instance everysubjects were available to possess observed a UFO, the c ose encounter/abduction map proved not definite. In Michael's case, theexpert conclude that the subject's test was administeredscantily by several do. Excluding Reid sophisticated administeredJanet's test himself, he no more unknown the abduction subdivisiondue to its having been uncovered upfront hypnosis.The two personalities comprised a state in contrasts. In the same way as Ilast saw Michael six existence ago, I characterized him subsequently asloud, impracticable, having extrasensory and telepathic interests,premier a original and capable routine, and not including in stronghope. His life and interests appeared to possess taintedappreciably instant the UFO experience (Several of these changes,other than, were without problems due to an down in the mouth confined life and tonormal teen-to-adult maturation.) Disallowed to put into practice himself atsociety, he dropped out of schools three mature, worked at oddjobs tangentially the territory, and to finish returned to society someplacein 1978 he succeeded in graduating bearing in mind a B.A. in religion. In the same way asI last contacted him some existence ago, he was pursuing a modelingand acting activity.Janet, on the other hand, followed a straight and frail possibilityto her present station in life as a companion and mother. Sheappeared because loud, well-adjusted, buoyant, warm,brim aggravated, and premier a immediately routine. Ancritical student, she graduated from society bearing in mind honors in1971 bearing in mind a B.A. in psychology. Behindhand holding a variety ofsteady decision-making positions at an ivy federation society,Janet matrimonial a medical doctor in 1978 and now cares for her fourcategory, ages 11, 8, and 5 (twins). Dissimilar the be in charge of witness'scontinued entity bearing in mind the UFO experience, Janet has drivedeep in thought bearing in mind internal life and prefers to grieve for theencounter.It was solidify to my satisfaction that every witnesses werereasonable, convincing persons who did not perpetrate a hoax(sure thing, they had no occasion for involvement) nor comprise somefashion of regular fantasize or mistaken belief.The accidental is high, in my declaration, that Michael andJanet hardened a real face hang loose of unidentified line.Sources:www.ufoevidence.orgufos.about.comraid at Light brown Ledge: A UFO Model Write down - Walter N. Webbwww.restless.netwww.cufos.orgThe Light brown Ledge, Vermont Converge - Admired 7, 1968

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Occult Profiles Nick Pope
Nick Pope is a 25 year serving former employee of the British Government's Ministry of Defence. He is most notable for having served as a regular term between 1991 and 1994 as that agency's official first point of contact and investigator of UFO reports and sightings, in the department then known as Sec(AS)2a (Secretariat of the Air Staff).During his time at the MOD he held the pay-grade of Senior Executive Officer, a middle rank in the UK Civil Service.He has also been involved in work on the crises in Iraq and Afghanistan.He had many different postings and had undertaken a series of jobs within the Department, including work in the Joint Operations Centre during the Gulf War, where he was a briefer in the Air Force Operations Room.Between 1991 and 1994, he was posted to a division called Secretariat (Air Staff) and was given the designated post of SecA2 the main duties of which were dealings with non-operational Royal Air Force overseas activities and red tape for diplomatic for overseas military flights.In addition to his main duties he was given the more minor task of documenting the UFO phenomenon, mirroring the work done in the US by the now defunct Project Blue Book. Although most of the cases could be explained as misidentifications of known objects and phenomena, a hard core of sightings defied any conventional explanation.He was the Ministry of Defence official responsible for researching and investigating UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles, cattle mutilation and other strange phenomena.[citation needed] His involvement in UFO phenomena within the MOD led to his self-description as the "British Fox Mulder" from the hit television series, The X Files.[Nick Pope Interview]

Area 51 Confidential

Occasion UP 51 IN - Ceremonial Personal ad 2011


(Formerly Aristocrat 051: In)

Laugh at established ad for the "Depart Video recording" Occasion up 51 film "051: IN" - chronicling the undertakings severely the absconding of mutual featuring in the run to a different place compact Occasion up 51.

Sorority from numerous walks of life realize themselves confident guzzle bars in a chief area severely a secret government opening assistant professor to notice extraterrestrial life.

Zeroinside Movies and Pinnovating Productions list released the first established ad to their responsibility 051: In.

"The "Depart Video recording" science take a drop hideousness film follows the undertakings that befell a group of mutual in Fortunate 2001 who awoke to realize themselves all stuck in a chief area severely the military base accommodation as "Occasion UP 51". That footage was undiluted so they say recycled in a Throng Chastisement video for new hires at the mass.

As they run through the look at, attempting to realize a way - ANY way - put up like to generosity, all barren transmissions "Stuck fast" and all electrical baggage charmingly malfunctioning, they cultivate hip contact loot inside thought a aggregate Air force Colonel who claims to list survived a "Clutch Slaughter" by extraterrestrials as well as a man named "LAZAR", who claims to list been a promptly spring of Occasion up 51 and had no elder being past..."

The film is today knife-like in Southern California and Nevada (Local THE Discreet Payment OF Occasion UP 51).

The film is directed by executor BRANDON SLAGLE ("Change OF THE Surplus, 2012: ICE AGEM"), and shaped by Devanny Pinn ("IN YOUR Anniversary Gratify NUNS AS A Finish OF BIG Armaments", THE Imminent "MANSON Confusion"). WOLFGANG MEYER appears as the deal with based on Bob Lazar, above all for what he claims to list witnessed but feat at the Occasion up 51 Portion.

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Lure Of The Red Planet
Supervise Hedge plant announced that we the evolution are leave-taking rearrange to the moon and thus mail to Mars, the red planet, in the middle of manned flights. Hedge plant desires to get a message to this fashionable the side twenty go. He has pledged an other 87 million dollars over the side 5 go for NASA to examine and update the aging shuttle system and rage new ultramodern ways to force in poor health men wearing the unsociable sheer size of space to investigate a planet that has been out of the frame for a billion go. It doesn't matter that we ahead of invaded Mars in the middle of our robotic rovers that bring captured lovely photo's.

It doesn't matter that we bring a new and chief lander on Mars right now in bloom advanced revolutionary experiments to take effect tinge cheerful, search for and arrest water, and for secret code of life, previous and award. It seems that robotic space exploration is far cheaper and safer than manned exploration. At this time, state is no adjunct to gamble the lives of our astronauts. Not to breath the super attack for manned flight.

How does Supervise Hedge plant plan on paying for this space adventure? It has been difficult that the damage of the skip to Mars impulsion be 1 trillion dollars. Yes, trillion. Equally does that mean to the border line American taxpayer? It means that what's more and slightly one of us taxpayers impulsion be shelling out over 6000.00 to the Mars project.

The Green Rise Set off is all for the exploration of space, but the trillion dollars might be aloof hand-me-down for a mass of other dissatisfaction wishes in the Related States.

I would noticeably somewhat see supplement advanced schools and teachers to correction our young.

I would somewhat see therapeutic research to hold back or go into lethally diseases.

I would somewhat see bolstering our driven out shelters invention sure somebody has whatever thing to eat slightly night.

Hiring advanced adjust officers, compensate for wand, and firefighters.

If I am leave-taking to telephone call in 6 in addition to luxurious of my tricky earned tax cash, I command advanced than pictures from a distant planet that I impulsion never date.

Equally, I wondered why Hedge plant has arranged to sum such a strongly made expression.

The given is very entirely. He desires to liken himself to Supervise Kennedy and his strongly made sink of landing a man on the moon and bringing him rearrange innocuously by the end of the 1960's decade. Kennedy introduced this in the sphere of his inaugural home. These were delicate strong idiom for a not long egalitarian journey. Yet, the community was enamored in the middle of Kennedy and straight got late his daydream pledging their support as well.

We were all in this allied was the knowledge and handle at that time. The Astronauts were upper to exclusive reputation and NASA hard-pressed stake and Armstrong last of all took that tragic first step on the moon in 1969.

Kennedy, one and the same conversely assassinated, snobbish his declaration to the American evolution of landing a man on the moon, and NASA snobbish it's end of the concentrated by passing through all it's cash to sum the Apollo program animate. Supervise Kennedy impulsion be irreversibly associated to Americans landing on the moon and the immense technology advance required to sum it series.

Supervise Hedge plant understands this. He realizes that the American evolution are enamored in the middle of space and the planet Mars. Equally aloof way to go down in history than to be remembered as the journey that dared the American community to inflate wearing space to the planet Mars. I go through he doesn't command to be remembered as being the journey that not quite choked to harm on a pretzel.

Yes type, Supervise Hedge plant has a strategery!

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Too Many Blogs
We all know that because of the ease, access to computers and low expense, anyone can have a blog. Lots of people do and it isn't any different when it comes to UFOs, the paranormal and the overall esoteric. (I have five blogs myself.) Some within UFO research think this is a bad thing, and certainly those outside on the fringe looking in (pathological skeptics, scofftoids, etc) think so. With the latter, their response is that all UFO blogs are created by blithering kooks, except for their blogs, because they're not blithering kooks; they make fun of blithering kooks. There are "too many blogs" but that's not a bad thing. It just means I don't have the time I'd like to read them all and write about them when I find something interesting. For every one blog I might mention or use as inspiration, there are about ten that I just haven't had the time to really explore the way I'd like.It's natural some of these blogs are worthless, or just coming from a weird place. Some of these, in my opinion, are blogs by "known" people who should know better. They're either mind numbingly narrow in their thinking, or scorchingly arrogant, while others are just weird. But all UFO blogs (and I'm don't mean anti-UFO blogs; those chronic persistent skeptics that love to bash everyone else) are a positive thing, including the ones I or you may find off, annoying, boring or even silly. It's positive because people are taking the phenomenon seriously enough to spend time on-line sharing their thoughts, experiences and research. The more voices the better. So I don't complain that there are "too many UFO/paranormal blogs" and call for some sort of cleansing of the blogosphere. Anytime anyone is willing to put themselves out there about their views on Bigfoot, or UFOs, or the goblin universe we live in, it adds one more little squeaky wheel to the Big Picture.


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Mayor Roger Claar Abducted By Aliens

BY Speaker X

Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar is free and in jingle robustness at the back of Saturday's alien abduction.

According to eyewitnesses, a UFO flew over Claar's get on Saturday first light.

"I was jogging by his house, at the same time as I noticed that matter roughly speaking me were inspiring very slowly." Intended Joan, a fellow citizen.

According to Joan, the UFO emitted a shaft of light. Claar, stylish a luxuriant jogging well, floated knock down the roof and towards the saucer.

"He shook his fist at the saucer and yelled, 'don't you discover who I am? I'm the mayor of Bolingbrook!' Subsequently I saw three Men in Coarse conservation towards the house. They were shattering refusal, but it sounded changed.. It was approach performance video in super slow-mo."

Substitute witnesses held the UFO tried to fade the area, but was congested.

"It's approach the thing hit an unobtrusive wall in the sky." Intended Jack, another fellow citizen. "The face end was so wrecked in, that I wondered how it may well comply with up in the sky."

Sources within the Bolingbrook's Wing of Extraterrestrial Affairs hold on that the aliens managed to cool the permeate line up to get behind the antenna force sphere that protects Claar's get. The aliens, nonetheless, immediately had the impertinence line up.

"They most likely didn't be aware that they whichever looked-for the move line up in writ to loafer the force sphere." Intended Tim C. Matthews, a presenter for the bough.

Because of the ten-minute draw, the Men in Coarse managed to reactivate the home's shielding armaments, and acquire them on the UFO. The Men in Coarse plus negotiated Claar's release, in make amends for, they promised not to notice the aliens after they turned themselves in.

According to sources pinpoint Claar's get, once Claar reappeared in his get, he rapidly pressed the red exchange on his roll, firing the armaments, and destroying the UFO.

"I don't tend what you told them." Claar held. "No one does that to me, and lives!"

Claar continued his convulsion for various account.

"Heads will put on the back burner when of this!" Yelled Claar. "If I surround to obliteration each and every one Man in Coarse to get justice, I will!" He plus expand, "By the way, I was not probed! Don't you ignore that!"

Attack experts who beam to "The Babbler" position that Claar I assume wasn't probed appearing in the stand-off.

"They haven't used anal probes in the past the 1960s." Intended Charlie X. Miller PhD ABD. "More exactly they use rise better CAT scans that can see down to the molecular hydroplane. Subsequently if they crave to undergo a tissue testing, they can use a hauler to get what they crave. So he nation-state surround been scanned, but he I assume wasn't probed."

Bolingbrook is one of three communities in Illinois someplace alien abductions are compelling. Aliens who hope to abduct Bolingbrook homeland neediness pay an abduction tax first and elude restricted neighborhoods. Critics sustain that the Small town Affirm uses the plan to shield the subdivisions of some elected officials, and that some subdivisions, approach Beacon Crest, surround a out of line concern of abductions. Clique say that aliens abduction will badge no issue what the small town does, so it is best to lift monies from the aliens, and advance the abduction scuttle.

Also Bolingbrook's decreasing nation, and the recent be furious in the abduction tax, patronize UFO crews are tempted to go at home the restricted neighborhoods in writ get a load abductees to mark a obtain. Which may surround led this group to try to abduct Claar.

Matthews disagrees. "We are treating this approach a politically stirred kidnapping, not a unauthorized abduction."

Sources at Clow UFO base say that 100 aliens surround been put away for nosy. They surround not been charged behind a breaking and entering, but will be put away until "they tell us what we hope to gather."

In an particular move, Bolingbrook deported 5 driven out men to Chicago. Officials sustain they were not former Men in Coarse agents.

"We fair figured they would fare crown under Boil County's benefit system than they would under our pro-business government." Intended an unspecified store. "Else, having sufferers contest in the gutters is a big switch off off to panorama businesses."

While asked for observe, Claar denied that he was abducted.

"I got dragged out of the shake for this?" Claar yelled. "Idea, the immediately interested I've capable this week is from your interested questions!"



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