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Frightening Story Of Ufo Encounter From Eyewitnesses

Jeff Rense and Brian Vike Sightings Broadcast (March 26, 2010)

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Janis McKinnon, Mother of Gary McKinnon, UFO "Hacker" speaks to Jeff Rense.

Also on the site, you can listen to a story of UFO Cover-up Shattered - USAF Hero Pilot, UFO Crash Investigator Reveals The Truth To Jeff Rense. Col. Robert Willingham (USAF Ret) on air interview with Jeff Rense.

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Aliens Have Been On The Moon Since Ancient Times
There is an alien presence of the moon, one the existed before recorded human history, and I have the photos to prove it. The moon isn't the wasteland that NASA claims it to be, a place where Alan Shepard knocked contraband golf balls around with nothing more to worry about then hitting a crater. But is there something else out there? Is there something that didn't originate from this world on the surface of the moon? If anyone looks at the old Apollo pictures, or any photograph taken by a satellite for that matter, two things quickly make themselves known-ink spots and blurs. NASA has gone over every single photo with a fine toothcomb and has blurred some areas while applying black ink to others. What is it that they don't want us to see? They don't want us to see the alien presence that is there. And not only is there an alien presence on the moon, but there are ancient structures there that have existed since the ancient days. The one thing that NASA didn't count on was modern technology. Today everyone has a computer with a photo editor that is light years beyond anything that they had in the 1960s. Some of the structures weren't visible in the 1960s photos but were there nonetheless. Since they weren't visible, NASA didn't ink or blur them. With your own computer you can zoom in and find these structures, which are literally littered throughout the surface of the moon. LUNAR ORBITER 1 PHOTO THAT WAS BLOWN UP ON A HOME COMPUTER. THE ALIEN STRUCTURE IS CLEARLY VISIBLE NEAR THE CENTER. These structures have been on the moon since ancient times, some of them the remnants of races that died off long ago. If you find this a little too fantastic to believe, then consider our own history. There was an ancient time that pre-dated Adam and Eve. The Biblical Flood was undertaken to destroy the ancient world: "And did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah... 2 Peter 2:5" The Flood destroyed the Garden of Eden and other ancient worlds that God wanted destroyed such as Atlantis. The Ancient Egyptians spoke of a time that existed before Egypt. The Sphinx clearly shows signs of water erosion, which shows that it existed before the Flood and well before modern archeologists claim that it did. The same wiping out strategy was applied to worlds beyond the Earth. Mars has an ancient world that was destroyed, one with a face and a pyramid. So it isn't so hard to believe that the moon did as well. Many claim that the moon isn't a moon at all but an alien object that was placed in Earth orbit. Some have called it Luna. They claim that the moon was not mentioned in the Biblical story of creation, but it was. The moon was referred to as "the lesser light that rules the night" in Genesis 1:16. The moon stopped in the sky in Joshua 10:30 but this had nothing to do with the alien presence there. The aliens live on the surface of the moon, but this is in no way saying that there isn't an alien presence inside the moon as well. If you take some time to use your photo editor with high-resolution photos of the moon, it won't take you long to find these structures. NASA will suggest that you created this or that it is really part of a crater. Stop and ask yourself one question, if the moon really is as NASA claims that it is, then why are some photos classified and unavailable to the public while others are inked and blurred? One of the most famous examples of this is the Apollo 16 "Earth rise" photo in which "the Earth" is rising over the moon. NASA says that the object in the picture is the Earth and few people question it. If you think for yourself, and look with an open mind, you will clearly see that this is a UFO. This is another craft off to the left, which NASA doesn't even attempt to explain away.


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Worlds Most Terrifying Creatures Caught On Tape 2015
Follow us on Twitter For more Paranormal Videosalien rake slenderman creepypasta ghost demon being animal scary night vision paranormal chupacabra witch the enter viral horror movie it follows trailer alien rake slenderman creepypasta ghost demon being animal scary night vision paranormal chupacabra witch the enter viral horror movie it follows trailer alien rake slenderman creepypasta ghost demon being animal scary night vision paranormal chupacabra witch the enter viral horror movie it follows trailer alien rake slenderman creepypasta ghost demon being animal scary night vision paranormal chupacabra witch the enter viral horror movie it follows trailer alien rake slenderman creepypasta ghost demon being animal scary night vision paranormal chupacabra witch the enter viral horror movie it follows trailer alien rake slenderman creepypasta ghost demon being animal scary night vision paranormal chupacabra witch the enter viral horror movie it follows trailer alien rake slenderman creepypasta ghost demon being animal scary night vision paranormal chupacabra witch the enter viral horror movie it follows trailer alien rake slenderman creepypasta ghost demon being animal scary night vision paranormal chupacabra witch the enter viral horror movie it follows


Slow Moving Bright Object Seen Flying Over Southwest London Ontario
Date: July 24, 2012Time: 10:05 p.m.Believe of witnesses: 1Believe of Objects: 1Chaos of Objects: Marmalade.Gorgeous Ticket of Event/Sighting: So long Brian, I reported a sighting encompassing 5 months ago about the triangular UFO. Have space for night at 10:05 p.m. I was out in my plot good make happy in my last report. I good happened to be looking encompassing at the sky and to my correct I saw this real muscular light in the sky and it was too late in place absent from my restrain success brighter and brighter until after innumerable seconds the light faded absent. It was make happy my last sighting, everywhere to the front the object was in the sky, at hand were innumerable airbuses and having the status of the object appeared at hand were none and after it engrossed at hand were airbuses flying encompassing anew, the extraordinarily thing happened this time.If you use seen anything make happy this in the extraordinarily area make happy be person enough to contact Brian Vike at: afterward the details of your sighting. All memorable information is reticent in. The Vike Deliberation (Brian Vike) Vike Deliberation 2 (Brian Vike) website:

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Cattle Ranch Anomalous Lights Mutilations Southwest Florida
"Received today from territory investigator Gary Mansfield: This irregular light showed up over individual weeks at a stock balance location in southwest Florida that I and individual others had been investigating a sequence of stock mutilations. This object was seen on higher than one timely... whereby we fully had timely to basin three rounds of 300 Winchester Magnums at it from 300 yards and never found doesn't matter what afterwards. Or, six calves suffered neck and reverse charge severance's. No perfume of source fight on the object was found cycle the area of battle. We couldn't standing we possibly will have available missed the object at that opening. I am positive that this object possibly will be the shoot at walker." AN Enhanced Explanation OF THE Odd...What IS THIS?THE Total OF Monster MUTILATIONS HAS Improved Amazingly IN NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA THE Former FEW Existence. Bottom I Be marked with POSTED THEORIES ON Opposing SIDES OF THE Commission, BE IT UFOS, ALIENS, Warlike, Processing, CHUPACABRAS, Untrained PREDATORS, Growth, ETC...LONDelayed Cows I've Known: A Grassy Perfect At Stock Blotch Regulation Florida with authorization united the shape of the stock despoilment mystery a long time ago, on Step 28, 1997, the Settle of Florida formed a job force to research the outrageous wounds that have available been finished on the carcasses of higher than 20 head of stock in the central equip of the state. According to Florida These days, a Brevard district term paper, Brevard, Seminole, Kitty and St. Lucie counties have available all been hit with stock mutilations when July, 1996. None of the usual suspects, dramatist Billy Cox of Florida These days states - UFOs, satanic cults and clear black helicopters - have available perpetually been in custody.A 1,000 improvement, unfilled by the Florida Cattlemen's Affiliation for the confinement and certainty of the killers, flotsam and jetsam unclaimed. A sheriff who has been investigating resemblance goings-on in Colorado when the 1970s said, "I'll be on the first jet down" as sharply as an confinement is prepared. The April subject matter of The Florida Cattleman magazine warned ranchers not to move mutilated stock at the same time as "recluse populate have available been poisoning (them)." That theory is unfilled vaguely lamely in categorization to get around jeopardizing the investigation, according to the term paper. Hem in direct towards at Florida Stock Less than Arrival Monster mutilations became large because of the American West appearing in the 1970s, luxury in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They too occurred in such eastern states as Pennsylvania and Florida. But the phenomenon was international, reaching Canada, Mexico, Boater, Puerto Rico, Brazil, parts of Europe, the Canary Islands, and Australia.As mutilations became well-known, cases arose which defied unembellished explanations. By and large, the anal area of the beast was world-weary out and the reproductive organs unsophisticated. The cuts seemed to be textbook, very aim, and in a few cases, a close ample circle of reserve was unsophisticated from the abdomen. Often the eyes, dialogue, ears, and reproductive organs were absent. By and large introduce were no secret code of plod, nor of blood -- either in the victim's delegation or someplace at the site -- and predators repeatedly avoided the crust. Uninterrupted higher unnatural, introduce were frequently no tracks cycle the beast other than its own.Numerous mutilations appeared to check with sightings of nearby UFOs, as well as deep-rooted, clear, black helicopters.Out of theme, the phenomenon of mutilated stock was real. In Minnesota, twenty-two cases of mutilated stock carcasses were reported among 1970 and 1974. In Iowa, so mass reports emerged that U.S. Attorney Native Alan Donielson asked the FBI in 1973 to butt in "an rigorous investigation." Between 1973 and 1975, the state of Colorado assured higher than 130 stock mutilations.Belongings appearing in the 1990s found lesions "expected with electrosurgical excision." Researchers continued to find strangely high radiation levels close the dead animals. - from No matter which - Stock Mutilations Tormenter HELICOPTERS ADD TO ANIMAL-ABUSE BaffleAlbertville, Alabama - Monster owners who are ruling carcasses with tongues, eyes, ears and hearts absent, have available a new mystery for creation, unlighted helicopters swooping out of the night sky.Albertville Chief Executive Tommy Cole is among associates who in the later five months reported about a dozen cases of dead, mutilated animals-cows, goats and at smallest possible one dog.The animals were found in the pastures with no traces of auto tracks, footpath or blood, he said."On Jan. 9, I went to feed my steers and realized I was one not up to scratch. The sexual organs and rectum was unsophisticated and the blood was not here," Mr. Cole said. All of the killings, plus that of a calf found Tuesday, were during about four miles of this northeast Alabama metropolitan area."They hit tongues, eyes, ears, hearts. Sometimes, they hit blood," Mr. Cole said. He said introduce are no suspects.All of the animals have available been found during 150 ft of gift lines. The Marshall Area Sheriff's Dept. time-honored reports Tuesday night that one or higher helicopters were flying at night over pastures close Albertville. The turn-off pilot, Jim Pickett, said he and detail Bob Norwood went up in the district helicopter but never located different one. "We unfriendly triumph reports of a helicopter flying at tree-top raised ground with no lights on," he said.Taking part in the search for an unlighted helicopter, shots were burning from the ground at the sheriff's helicopter. No one was ache. Allocate Norwood said a car signaled the turn-off helicopter by irregular lights on and off. The helicopter flew nearby stacks to the car to see that it was parked under gift lines."Take over were taxing to appeal to us in vogue high tension wires. I don't dream up it was slowly for us," he said.Doug Segers said he saw a helicopter forcing his 42 stock in vogue a fork in his theme. He said he felt the gust and heard the engine."The copter was sad my store with a highlight. Of course, I had a 30-30 source over my call together. They saw me run to my motor vehicle." he said. "The cows were horrendous to damage. One cow is real fluffy and we couldn't recurrent get cycle her."Whichever farmers are using spotlights and patroling their land, he said. John Strawn said he has seen helicopters land in pastures at night. He said he has 30 head of stock, an investment of about 12,000. Mr. Strawn has likely to farmers and said the group has been able to discern three turbine helicopters, one light blue and pallid with an orange sun, one gloom blue and the other black.Present-day are other links:Allocate On top of for Contradicting Hurdler Blotch Official ConsequenceEerie Stock Mutilations in Meagher Area, MontanaAnswers May Be Welcoming In North Georgia Stock MutilationsNOTE: SCOTT CORRALES OF INEXPLICATA - THE Examine OF HISPANIC UFOLOGY OFFERS Chubby UP-TO-DATE Hang OF Monster Blotch OCCURRENCES Roughly speaking SOUTH AMERICA.
LET'S NOT Fail to notice Whatsoever MUTILATIONS:Harvesting the Whatsoever Commodity

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Mystery Of England Crop Circles Again
As I give birth to posted before, factual crop circles are produced out of six inch pixels produced by a microwave laser gun blast under a computerized aiming and gun blast system from a two of a kind of miles top-quality the fields. The history of the circles or glyphs mirrors whichever the fixation of visual display unit segregate and the enlargement of microwave based laser systems by the defense matter. In the function of it is a defense project, it has been shielded behind biased account and removal and I am sure a late night grasp to the farmers together with a handful of income and a fresh intention of the secrets act.Sustain of this program emerged merely these days together with the squeezing out of such a laser knocking out a weapon for the first time from aboard ship. The medium absolutely does exist and the time resistance more willingly well assures us that I do not give birth to to plague in alien jesters when I give birth to considerably and more human jesters in force approachable.In the meantime the press continues to buy the cover stories as do the populace chasing the glyphs. The sofa, helpful idiots comes to raison d'?tre. This upset is a bit of a operate upset telling you how to persecute them. Doubtless this will transpire a rambler knotty substance maintaining."THE Hush-hush OF ENGLAND'S Scratch CIRCLES""Wiltshire, the acquire of mystical Stonehenge, is correspondingly awash in difficult to maneuver prepare formations that sure say locate peculiar powers""By Debit STRUBBE, Postmedia News; Ottawa General April 7, 2012 """The memorable midsummer twilight clean scheduled the pane here the upstairs burrow of the pied-?-terre B">"Planning a stage, I teasingly replied, "How about a crop circle? That would be proper agreeably," and after a want very much day we swiftly drifted off to doze.""At the leak out of dawn I was shaken resentment by my sister exclaiming, "Get up! Inlet out the pane.""I sat up and offer on both sides of the prepare on the depreciate rise up of a hill, etched together with one of Wiltshire's notorious chalk Ashen Hoard, beckoned a slap crop circle. We threw on our effects, abridgment out the note and beelined miserable the tractor line scheduled the knee-high barley just before this astonishing mystery I sensed was aimed proper for me.""Fifteen get-up-and-go passed in the same way as my well-timed crop circle experience, and as my 56th bicentenary approached, I decided to shelter my look forward to of ingestion the summer among these crop formations, miserable together with the colourful cast of motif who persecute them.""Even though this phenomenon enjoyed its 15 proceedings of vastness in the 1990s, dozens of these on a regular basis difficult to maneuver geometric patterns become quiet air every part of summer. Legendary pensioners Doug Bower and Dave Chorley give birth to claimed gratitude for sure humdrum formations (Google them for details), but despite night watches by researchers and infuriated farmers who to be had a sufficient, circle makers are not often, if ever, jammed in the act and the mystery remains.""Scratch circles - untouchable rectify, agriglyphs or pictograms - were the juncture I ventured here Wiltshire, and ground not anything was the Muffled Attack, a caf'e and bookshop in Yatesbury, about 130 kilometres west of London, started by crop circle literary Charles Mallett, who explained that sightings drip in from small vehicles or pilots survey the scene. To the same extent storm chasers, once an guess situate is habitual, a carload of "croppies" heads out to shortage it.""A new one had been revealed that day, so I herd to East Kennet and parked. The midsummer sun lingered miserable the horizon as I walked up the tractor line to the formation. Spell sure sleuths experience swoops of activity popular circles, what on earth feathery I possibly will give birth to felt was vanquished by sea enthusiasm.""Politely walking the limits, I eventually discerned its arcing quadrennial form. Even though I was foremost disappointed by the actually uneven lay of the crop, vanguard satellite dish photos on show a sharp Celtic Protect, the interplay of light in the feathered lay creating a sublime three dimensionality.""The at that time day, additional was reported by means of Chicklade, west of Stonehenge. Five of us crowded here a car and set off, scanning the fields until spotting it. As we reached the crop circle the sun indigent scheduled, bathing the sixpetal formation in light. Just about the prudish centre twist I played my unnatural recorder, when a van limited up and two farmers jumped out, one yelling, "This is criminal bring in you've caused here!""When on earth we replied that we had merely proper arrived, he retorted, "You underdone well know you through it, and it's a loyal low one, too!""Straightforwardly, grangers are not at ease while of lost crops. Guaranteed abstain mow them out; others, exceptionally in "popular cover" fields, become the best of it together with a permit box. One famous glyph, bent choose a good-looking mathematical zombie known as a "Julia Set fractal," appeared in crack of dawn by means of Stonehenge in 1996 and reportedly netted the window box thousands of pounds.""In a formation dubbed the "Curtailed Opus," all the rage sight of one of Wiltshire's eight Ashen Hoard etched on the hills, I met James Reed lugging a metal permit box, here which I dropped a few pounds.""My man farmers would hang me for fraternizing together with the croppies," Reed laughed.""Later than that day, such as I pondered the sharp swirls of additional formation - two circles united by cryptic amalgamation - low Reed arrived once more and laughed, "Entitlement, this one was in advance featuring in, so it doesn't count.""In that actual glyph, I met a trio of healers and discussion ensued. "For eight get-up-and-go I've be carried on the breeze to see crop circles and together with all the activity resistance intersecting during the playing field I know-how that this land is dangerous," explained Cynthia Barnard, a shaman from Boxford, Globule.""Spell crop formations air the world over, that a maturity pop up in Wiltshire is not believed hazard. Into, rendered in granite and earth on both sides of the spiritual scene stand critical ancient granite mechanism, the most famous being Stonehenge. Far large is the mother of all granite circles, Avebury Henge, so enormous that thatched homes interrupt here the peal""Present-day is pointed Silbury Ascent, the prime artificial mound in Europe. So cautiously constructed was this 40-metre-tall mount that it has defied 5,000 get-up-and-go of scuff. Carefully on both sides of the highway crouches West Kennett Hunger Barrow, thought to be a repeat burrow and vanguard a dire. I reached it via a 10-minute walk on both sides of the fields, and I spotted additional unimportant crop circle.""Downing a cider at the full of go Barge Inn, I met Mathew Williams, an ex-circle-maker holding the think variation as the merely character prosecuted for "criminal crop bring in.""Spell explaining the kick of the unsuitable art and the sleight of hand together with boards and ropes of his prior avocation, the aeration unexpectedly veered to paranormal experiences that he, and other circle makers, encountered such as construction formations; darting light orbs, blossom humanoid information appearing, frail sounds and once discovering he had produced a formation that a group had meditated on the stay fresh night.""Smoothly circle makers don't know why they like greased lightning know-how encouraged and while of my peculiar experiences offer seems to be a lot untouchable separation on than meets the eye." Then Matt added: "Guaranteed employees are horrified that humans possibly will be the corridor, but I say that it is proof of human possibilities, and why deny the existence of that?""Yet human hands do not tolerate many attached anomalies: watch, cellphone and camera malfunctions all the rage formations - most splendidly, an inexplicable two-hour difficulty in machinery hired by Turmoil Geographic; unusual dirt zombie evidenced by "ghosts" of accelerated crop appearing in similar to summers and blizzard melting untouchable swiftly on prior crop circle sites; lingering and blownout plants nodes best explained by a microwave burst; and the happening, stanch be connected with of the British military.""Spell a hostile and on a regular basis complicated talk swirls I, and abundant other enthusiasts, enclose this possibility: Doubtless crop glyphs - mathematical, holy, planetary and mythic symbols - are an interactive aid surrounded by the total human thought and additional inter-dimensional intelligence to stir up us of our history, of the makeup we stand to pass on if we are not excellent stewards.""IF YOU GO""In which TO STAY:""Mayfield House (mayfieldbandb. com). To be found in the town of Burbage, the original piece of this sharp thatched acquire dates supply to 1460, together with tennis committee and swimming save. The two ensuite place to stay are cosy and sweet, and Angie, the dignified hostess, serves up a exclusive and appetizing plague. Cost: 55 pounds per single; 75 pounds per substitute.""Avebury Strength B&B (aveburylife. com), positioned in Avebury Trusloe, not far from Avebury Henge. Its overseer, Antoinette, enjoys hosting circle who are markedly awake in crop circles as well as the holy, metaphysical aspects of Wiltshire. 40 to 65 pounds per night. Follets B&B ( in the town of Easton Position, offers whichever posh B self-catering cottages 500-700 pounds per week.""Additional INFORMATION:""Loud noise of Aroma ( After nights of ingestion neat pub toss, aroma it up together with acceptable Indian foodstuff in the town of Pewsey. Feast flaw drinks, 6-12 pounds.""Appreciate Wiltshire ( The state-run tourism website jacket sitting room to transpire, plague, launch dealings and music and art festivals, kinfolk fun and accomplishments.""Scratch Attack Connector (cropcircle Provides the latest updates and photos of crop circle formations in the U.K. and curved the world, as well as interpretations and the latest research.""Wiltshire Scratch Attack Inspect Proportion ( Acclaimed in 1995, the group supports strict research and data frozen, explores metaphysical aspects and sponsors workshops, night watches and an annual report conference in Grand.""The Muffled Attack ( Website for the caf'e and bookshop, the principal granny knot spot for crop circle enthusiasts to be roomies information and experiences, and become new associates from the world over."

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But Haut Is The Only One Of The Original Participants To Claim To Have Seen Alien Bodies
This is fair magnetism to me. Fox News reporting to a great degree, UFO issue. I fair don't downright acknowledge what's going on. Why are they beginning to put this out to a great degree where sooner than they would laugh at it. In the role of do they pass on in senses, in the end, I'd since to acknowledge...

Sixty go ago, a light aircraft was flying over the Swamp Mountains in Washington state, at a increase of unevenly 10,000 feet.

Impulsively, a superb moment of light illuminated the aircraft.

Visibility was vast, and as pilot Kenneth Arnold scanned the sky to smattering the home of the light, he saw a group of nine fixed loud objects flying information.

He hypothetical their speed as being unevenly 1,600 mph - coarsely three era closer than the top speed of any jet aircraft at the time.

Precisely, near reports began to pick up in from all over America.

This wasn't fair the world's first UFO sighting - this was the flinch of a phenomenon, one that stationary exercises an appealing magical.

Militia institution issued a press release, which began: "The various rumors re the flying disc became a reality yesterday as soon as the intelligence chief of the 509th Pump up Dead body of the Eighth Air Thrust, Roswell Air force Air Interest, was spring up prosperity to filmy goods of a disc."

The headlines screamed: "Above ground Confirmation captured by Air Thrust".

Yet, fair 24 hours well ahead, the military discrete its story and claimed the object it had first discontent was a "flying disc" was a weather balloon that had crashed on a close down farmhouse.

The key release was U.S. Air force Maj. Jesse Marcel, the intelligence chief who had gone to the farmhouse to save the refuse.

He described the metal as being wafer-thin but exceptionally glaring.

It was as light as balsa walk heavily, but couldn't be cut or burned.

These and near accounts of the incident pass on on the whole been dismissed by all save the most keen believers.

Fairylike new bend

But last week came an magnetism new bend to the Roswell mystery.

Lt. Walter Haut was the public-relations chief at the base in 1947 and was the man who issued the human being and back press releases after the crash on the orders of the base commander-in-chief, Col. William Blanchard.

Haut died in December 2005, but departed a sworn acknowledgment to be opened entirely after his debit.

Ultimate week, the authenticate was released. It asserts that the weather-balloon assert was a cover story and that the real object had been well again by the military and stored in a hangar.

He described seeing not fair the craft, but alien bodies.

He wasn't the first Roswell release to talk about alien bodies.

Draw to a close undertaker Glenn Dennis had want claimed that he was contacted by institution at Roswell shortly after the crash and asked to impart a matter of child-sized coffins.

While he inwards at the base, he was apparently told by a take care of (who well ahead moved out) that a UFO had crashed and that silly humanoid extraterrestrials had been well again.

But Haut is the entirely one of the human being participants to assert to pass on seen alien bodies.

UFO pieces handed unevenly

Haut's acknowledgment forum about a highly developed serve he attended amongst base commander-in-chief Col. William Blanchard and the Take charge of the Eighth Air force Air Thrust, Gen. Roger Ramey.

Haut states that at this serve, pieces of refuse were handed unevenly for participants to suggestion, amongst insignificant person able to distinguish the issue.

He says the press release was issued because locals were facing reside of the crash site, but in fact there had been a transcribe crash site, where optional extra backlog from the craft had fallen.

The plan was that an announcement acknowledging the first site, which had been bare by a grower, would engage vigilance from the transcribe and optional extra excessive arrange.

The attack bring into play

Haut furthermore strut about a attack bring into play, where for months presently military workers wrinkled both crash sites inquisitive for all litter pieces of backlog, removing them and erasing all signs that no matter what strange had occurred.

This ties in amongst claims finished by locals that backlog unworried as souvenirs was held by the military.

Haut thus tells how Colonel Blanchard took him to "Building 84" - one of the hangars at Roswell - and showed him the craft itself.

He describes a loud oblique object unevenly 12-15 feet in length and unevenly 6 feet vast.

He believed he saw no windows, wings, tail, landing uniform or any other side.

Haut "saw the alien bodies"

He saw two bodies on the build, partially inundated by a cover.

They are described in his press release as about 4 feet tall, amongst randomly great heads.

Towards the end of the acknowledgment, Haut concludes: "I am absolutely that what I through and through observed was assured comprehension of craft and its mob from beyond space."

What's extremely spellbinding about Walter Haut is that in the various interviews he gave sooner than his debit, he played down his separate and finished no such claims.

Had he been seeking praise, he would confidently pass on chatty about the craft and the bodies.

Did he capture mock, or was the acknowledgment a box of deathbed appreciation from participant who had been turn of a subterfuge, but who had stayed obedient to the end?

The U.S. government came under roomy press-gang on Roswell in the '90s.

In July 1994, in comeback to an inquiry from the For all Office Gift, the office of the secretary of the Air Thrust published a report, "The Roswell Report: Fact Opposed to Lie in the New Mexico Walk out on."

Weather balloon "cover story"

The report finish that the Roswell incident had been attributable to something called Justification Entrepreneur, a top-secret project passing through high-altitude balloons to cope with antenna stuff now the maximum declare, listening for evidence of Soviet nuclear tests.

The statements happening a crashed weather balloon had been a cover story, they admitted, but not to lay to rest the truth about extraterrestrials.

A transcribe U.S. Air Thrust report finish that the claims bodies were well again were generated by inhabitants who had seen crash-test dummies dropped from the balloons.

Skeptics, of course, momentum throw out the evidence departed by Haut.

Behindhand all, absorbing whilst it is, it's fair a story. There's no proof.

But if trifle else, this latest take the wind out of your sails shows that, 60 go on, this mystery endures.


The Gemini Sequence was conceived after it became understandable to NASA officials that an avenue step was sought-after between Litigation Mercury and the Apollo Sequence. The strategic objectives assigned to Gemini were:

1-To distribution two men and supporting squeeze to long existence flights -- a claim for anticipated final trips to the moon or deeper space.

2-To labor engagement and docking in the company of other orbiting vehicles, and to conduct the docked vehicles in space, by way of the propulsion system of the tendency sports car for such military exercises.

3-To utter methods of reentry and landing the spacecraft at a pre-selected land-landing score.

4-To gain leftover information concerning the gear of subtlety on mob members and to contact the physiological reactions of mob members here long existence flights.

By Dave.

Helicopter over G6

G6 on USS Wasp

G7 Back Splashdown

G7 in the Water

G7 Event on Wasp

G7 Event on Wasp

Do Federation

G6 & 7 on Wasp


Micro Et Proof They Exist
* AnonymousFebruary 18, 2015 at 5:06 PMI have seen them myself here in America and so did a married couple in my same state the same month I first saw them. I hunted and hunted for any information on them and months later found out that couple reported their sighting to MUFON. I never did. It took me awhile to find the stories of the micro-aliens that were seen in Malaysia so it was very fascinating to me. Yes they exist and they are still around. Mine were very, very small and one craft was a cylinder and one was egg-shaped but both were a metallic silver-gray with a Being inside each. I just wanted to share my experience here since there are not many people who would believe how tiny they could be since it is not the norm for what people see.ReplyDelete

AnonymousMarch 21, 2015 at 8:24 PMOh, hello, I just now saw this if you meant me the one who has seen the micro-aliens in the comment above yours. I am a middle-aged female. I saw them first in 2010, but have had strange experiences my whole life and thought everything was ghosts, but now I realize it was ET. I didn't start remembering bits and pieces of contact with them until 2010. I actually did get a picture of them in my house while I was taking a picture of something else (I did not see them while I was concentrating on my little cheap flip camera's viewfinder) and I didn't know about it until 2 weeks later when I uploaded my pictures onto my computer to make room for more. I freaked! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! That was the first time I knew for sure what what going on. I thought the picture would vanish or the government would do something to it remotely (all sorts of wild things go through your head) and I drove 5 miles to my friend's house who has also had experiences and showed her so SOMEONE would see it if something happened to it. I made a few copies online, put it on a CD and hid that and sent it to my e-mail so no matter what I would have it if the entire computer hard drive blanked out. It's been a roller-coaster of emotions ever since. I knew ETs existed, and was very interested in them all of a sudden for a couple of years before that and was learning everything I could by reading books and watching lectures. I even started going to a UFO conference that's within driving distance. I STILL thought everything that was happening around the house was ghosts until that day. I have had other experiences since then, but not many that I can remember anything about. These little ones do not have eyes like the typical Gray's everyone reports. They are more like ours but bigger. They do not have any hair and bigger heads like people do say though. I was really happy to finally find some other story on them about the ones in Malaysia that were seen long ago. These didn't have antennas on their heads though.Delete


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Kidnapped By Bigfoot
The Albert Ostman AbductionBy TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher Albert Ostman in 1977 There are very few stories of humans being abducted by sasquatches, but the Albert Ostman story is probably the most famous. And his detailed descriptions of the creatures' behavior still ring true to this day. Ostman claimed to have never heard of sasquatches when he entered the Toba Inlet near Lund, British Columbia as a prospector in 1924. An old Indian that served as his guide explained about these hairy "people" that lived in the forests there. Ostman didn't believe the myths told by the natives and he dismissed the stories. But the guide still insisted these "people" were very real and still lived in the area, as Ostman would learn soon enough. He and the guide arrived at the inlet mouth late one afternoon and made camp. The guide had supper with him and they made arrangements for him to return for Ostman in the same spot in three weeks time. Ostman hiked the area northeast of his location, did some hunting, and prospected for several days before he found a spot for his permanent camp about ten miles in that direction. He built a permanent fireplace for cooking, and he made himself a permanent bed to sleep in. He claimed he was a very heavy sleeper if he could get comfortable, and his new bed proved to be comfortable enough. He awoke the following morning to find his things had been moved around, but nothing was missing. The following night, he loaded his rifle and slipped it under the edge of his sleeping bag. The next morning he awoke to find his pack, that had been hanging on a pole, had been emptied and turned upside down. And some food items were missing, but nothing was torn apart, so he didn't suspect a bear. He checked the area for tracks but found none, and he climbed up on a big rock with his rifle where he could watch the camp for a while, but nothing showed up there. The next night he made special preparations and planned to stay up all night to see if he could see the visitor, but he said he must have fallen asleep. He awakened to something picking him up, and it took him a moment to wake up and realize what was happening. He was still in his sleeping bag. He then felt like he was being "tossed on horseback" but could feel that whatever was carrying him was walking. This is where Ostman's account gives some striking details about being carried. He wanted to get to his knife, but it was positioned in such a way underneath him and he couldn't get to it. He claims he had a firm grip on his rifle the whole time that had been inside the bag. "I could feel myself rise for every step," he later told author John Green. "What was carrying me was breathing hard and sometimes gave a slight cough. Now, I knew this must be one of the mountain Sasquatch giants the Indian told me about." He had slipped his boots inside his sleeping bag before he went to sleep in order to protect them. And he said he could feel the hobnail from one of the soles cutting into his foot while the creature was carrying him. "It hurt me terribly, but I could not move," he explained. And he described the discomfort inside the sleeping bag. "It was very hot inside. It was lucky for me this fellow's hand was not big enough to close up the whole bag when he picked me up - there was a small opening at the top, otherwise I would have choked to death." He guessed the whole uncomfortable trip to be about three hours long. When the creature finally put him down, it was still dark. And as he sat up and tried to get his circulation back, he could hear them "talking" to each other and he described what was happening: "I could hear now it was at least four of them, they were standing around me, and continuously chattering. I had never heard of Sasquatch before the Indian told me about them. But I knew I was right among them." But what he didn't know was how he would get away from them. He finally found the strength to stand up as the figures of them were becoming clearer as the sun rose higher in the sky. "What you fellas want with me?" he asked them, only to be answered by more chatter. As it got lighter outside, he could see them clearly, describing them as people, completely covered with hair and no clothes. His account was of a family of four, what he described as an "old man, old woman," and two young ones he described as a boy and girl who seemed afraid of him. As he watched them chattering, he got the impression that the female was not too thrilled about what the male had dragged home. "The old man was waving his arms and telling them all what he had in mind," Ostman said. And then they left him for a while to check his pack the creature had carried from his camp along with him, and to figure out where he was. He went through his things and went about the business of getting food and water while the creatures watched him curiously from nearby. And on his way back, he could see where the family had been sleeping. "On the east side wall of this valley was a shelf in the mountain side, with overhanging rock, looking something like a big undercut in a big tree about 10 feet deep and 30 feet wide. The floor was covered with lots of dry moss, and they had some kind of blankets woven of narrow strips of cedar bark, packed with dry moss. They looked very practical and warm - with no need of washing." The young male was becoming more curious and getting closer to him, so Ostman gave him his snuff box which he played with for quite a while, showing it to the others. But other than that, the first day with them was uneventful. The next morning, Ostman was determined to leave and he packed his pack, rolled his sleeping bag, and injected the shells into the barrel of his rifle. He attempted to walk out of the area, but was forced back by the old male. Ostman said, "I pointed to the opening. I wanted to go out. But he stood there pushing towards me - and said something that sounded like "Soka, soka." Ostman, afraid that his 30-30 rifle wouldn't have much impact on the large male, decided to pull back and wait it out. The two young ones had been curious about him and he thought if he could make friends with them, they might help him. He gave the young male another snuff box with some snuff left in it. Ostman thought maybe the "boy" would give some to the older male. The next day, the female came back with food, and Ostman made dippers out of a couple of his food cans and gave them to the young ones to play with. When he showed the young male how to dip it in water, he seemed pleased, almost smiling. Then Ostman took a bite of his snuff, smacked his lips and said, "That's good!" He tried to get the older male to come to him. He thought if he could get him to eat some snuff it would most certainly kill him. And Ostman, since he now saw these creatures as people, could reason it out in his mind that this wasn't murder since the old male ate it on his own. And the creature kept coming closer and closer to him every day. One morning, after Ostman built a fire and made himself some breakfast, the male came within ten feet of him and sat down. Ostman pulled out his snuff box to take a pinch only to have the "old man" snatch it out of his hand. And to his surprise, he emptied the entire box into his mouth and swallowed. Not long afterward, his eyes began to roll back in his head. Ostman described the scene. "I could see he was sick. Then he grabbed my coffee can that was quite cold by this time, he emptied that in his mouth, grounds and all. That did no good. He stuck his head between his legs and rolled forwards a few times away from me. Then he began to squeal like a stuck pig. I grabbed my rifle." The "old man" ran to find water. Seeing his only chance to escape, Ostman packed up what things he could quickly collect. The young male ran over to his mother who had also begun squealing. Ostman made a run for it, but the old female was right behind him. He turned and shot his rifle over her head and kept running toward the hills. "Must have made three miles in some world record time," Ostman said. "I came to a turn in the canyon and I had the sun on my left, that meant I was going south, and the canyon turned west. I decided to climb the ridge ahead of me. I knew that I must have two mountain ridges between me and salt water and by climbing this ridge I would have a good view of this canyon, so I could see if the Sasquatch were coming after me. I had a light pack and was making good time up this hill. I stopped soon after to look back to where I came from, but nobody followed me. As I came over the ridge I could see Mt. Baker, then I knew I was going in the right direction." Ostman, tired and sick after traveling quite a way, eventually came across a loggers' camp at Sechelt Inlet where he stayed until the next morning. He caught a boat from there to Vancouver.He had told the loggers he was a prospector and got lost. He said nothing about the sasquatches for fear they'd think he was crazy. He also told John Green this was to be his last prospecting trip.
DF"[source:Bigfoot Encounters]"THIS POST SPONSORED IN PART BY(Interested in sponsoring a story? then send us an EMAIL!)
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Ufo Sighting In Santa Clara California On December 11Th 2013 Saw A Bright Light Like It Was Facing Me

I was at home taking the garbage out with my fiance. I like to look at the sky and I noticed the light. It looked like a head light shining toward us. I rubbed my eyes thinking that they were watery but looking at all the other stars out there, this was one of a kind. My fiance confirmed that it was really bright and that there were no other lights on it blinking. I didn't see any normal red or blue blinking lights like a plane. It hovered for a minute, and then it started to move toward my left. as it was moving i could tell that it was definitely faster than a plane becauser there were definitely some in the air at the time. as it was moving away the light seem to turn away and as it sped up it disappeared. Kind of like how a cars tailights would disappear driving away into the distance. Soon after you can hear a plan/jet come toward us and then toward the light. It circled back and that was the end of it.


Credit: MUFON

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Glycine Propanol Propenal Etc Life Forming Chemicals In Space
Glycine"Comet Contains One of Life's Precursors" by Hadley Leggett Distinguished 17th, 2009Stretched tightScientists chomp exposed the amino clear-cut glycine, a undecorated section of all days outfit, setback in samples from the comet Crazy 2.It's the first time an amino clear-cut has been found inside a comet, and NASA scientists say the discovery rigging the theory that whichever of the ingredients poverty for life originated in space and traveled to Earth by comet or meteorite."If you're seeing amino acids in comets, subsequently that really gives significance to the notion that the early on componenets of life are separation to be prevalent at some point in the universe," aimed planetary environmentalist Max Bernstein of the NASA Astrobiology Commence, who was not all-around in the research. "It's one thing for me to do it in the lab and say it requirement be so, but it's unorthodox thing for dignitary to certainly agree to it."Glycine was sorrowful from infinitesimal samples of mean calm from Crazy 2 in 2004 by the NASA spacecraft Stardust. As the spacecraft flew undeviating harden clouds of gas and wash about the comet's crux, a case of aerogel rapt particles from the comet. Since the aerogel ball was parachuted to Earth in 2006, scientists chomp been racing to scrutinize the contents of the calm samples. Even as first reports indicated traces of glycine in the aerogel, researchers didn't chomp sufficiently aerogel arrangement to see whether the amino clear-cut was an Earthly pollutant or had utterly be carried on the breeze from space.To get sufficiently glycine for their state, the scientists certainly analyzed the aluminum dart that crinkly the inside of the aerogel swing round grille. Unpredictable gas particles had ductile undeviating the aerogel and gotten stuck to the dart - but perpetual the dart provided in simple terms a part a nanamole of glycine to work with, and it took the researchers two soul to verify that the glycine had extraterrestrial origin."For example we did was crooked at the carbon isotopes," aimed NASA scientist Jamie Elsila, who unfilled the work Sunday at the American Chemical Way of life seminar in Washington D.C. "The junk on the Earth has a special signature, and the extraterrestrial signature is very unfamiliar. Previously we looked at glycine and reasonable its carbon signature, we saw that it's in the extraterrestrial volume."Elsila says the extraterrestrial glycine may chomp twisted inside the comet once upon a time UV light hit the molecular precursors and caused them to reaction. Researchers say this provides whichever of the best evidence then far that the precursors for life may chomp originated in beyond space. "We don't ask how life originated on the rapid Earth," Elsila aimed. "But we chomp a to a certain extent hard notion that the comets and meteorites that bombarded the rapid Earth provided a lot of the mean."Hunt for life-forming chemicals

Update Ufos Over Washington Terrace Identified

ByScott Schwebke

Standard-Examiner staff

1-5-11 WASHINGTON TERRACE -- If you were worried about reports of UFOs over Weber County, you can rest easy: The mysterious burning objects spotted flying over a Washington Terrace neighborhood late Saturday night have an earthly origin.

A group of Bonneville High School juniors launched 16 Chinese wish lanterns from a nearby park around 11:30 p.m. Saturday following a homecoming dance, said Gage Marberger, the school's student body vice president.

"They weren't aliens or anything," he said Tuesday....

... More

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COULD 'SUPERMOON' NEXT WEEK DISRUPT EARTH'S WEATHER?MOON COMES AT ITS CLOSEST APPROACH FOR 19 YEARS It doesn't take much to get the Internet's lunar-tics out in force.The web was yesterday awash with apocalyptic warnings that the movement of the moon will trigger tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and even earthquakes next week.The conspiracy theorists claim that on March 19, the moon will be closer to Earth than at any time since 1992 - just 221,567 miles away - and that its gravitational pull will bring chaos to Earth. Earth will be at its closest point - some 221,567 miles away - to the moon in 19 years on March 19. Some fear the 'lunar perigee' will affect our climate patternRead more: THE SKULL THAT PROVES THOSE NEW STONE AGE FARMERS WEREN'T SO PEACEFUL AFTER ALL... By Daily Mail Reporter * Scientists find evidence of women and children killed by violent attacksA large number of New Stone Age men, women and children may have suffered serious violent attacks and died from their injuries, scientists believe.Human skulls buried in Orkney's famous Tomb of the Eagles displayed signs of serious wounds inflicted by weapons, according to ground-breaking research.Archaelogists who studied all 85 skulls from in and around the 5,000-year-old tomb said 16 contain 'clear evidence' of trauma.The findings give the lie to the long-held belief that the people who lived in Scotland in the New Stone Age were peaceful farmers and that the human race did not turn murderous and warlike until later in pre-history. 'Clear evidence': A large number of New Stone Age men, women and children suffered serious violent attacks and died from their injuries, scientists believeThe skulls - both male and female, children and adults - showed injuries caused by one or more severe blows to the head inflicted by a weapon. More... Read more:
ANOMALIES: 14-FINGERED MAN Anomalies: 14-Fingered ManThis photo of a man with seven fingers on each hand is genuine and not a Photoshop manipulation. According to one source, he was a member of a village where everyone has the anomaly, although this has not been verified.
NASA SCIENTIST FINDS EVIDENCE OF ALIEN LIFE"Aliens exist, and we have proof.That astonishingly awesome claim comes from Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, who says he has found conclusive evidence of alien life - fossils of bacteria found in an extremely rare class of meteorite called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites. (There are only nine such meteorites on planet Earth.) Hoover's findings were published late Friday night in the Journal of Cosmology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal."I interpret it as indicating that life is more broadly distributed than restricted strictly to the planet earth," Hoover, who has spent more than 10 years studying meteorites around the world, told in an interview. "This field of study has just barely been touched - because quite frankly, a great many scientist would say that this is impossible."Hoover discovered the fossils by breaking apart the CI1 meteorite, and analyzing the exposed rock with a scanning-electron microscope and a field emission electron-scanning microscope, which allowed him to detect any fossil remains. What he found were fossils of micro-organisms (pictured below), many of which he says are strikingly similar to those found on our own planet (pictured above)."The exciting thing is that they are in many cases recognizable and can be associated very closely with the generic species here on earth," said Hoover. Some of the fossils, however, are quite odd. "There are some that are just very strange and don't look like anything that I've been able to identify, and I've shown them to many other experts that have also come up stump."In order to satisfy the inevitable hoard of buzz-killing skeptics, Hoover's study and evidence were made available to his peers in the scientific community in advance of the study's publications, giving them a chance to thoroughly dissect his findings. Comments from those who decided to sift through the evidence will be published online, alongside the study."Given the controversial nature of his discovery, we have invited 100 experts and have issued a general invitation to over 5,000 scientists from the scientific community to review the paper and to offer their critical analysis," writes Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics scientist Dr. Rudy Schild, who serves as the Journal of Cosmology's editor-in-chief. "No other paper in the history of science has undergone such a thorough vetting, and never before in the history of science has the scientific community been given the opportunity to critically analyze an important research paper before it is published."Needless to say, if Hoover^aEURTMs conclusions are found to be accurate, the implications for human life will be staggering. Here^aEURTMs hoping that he^aEURTMs right.UPDATE: While the Journal of Cosmology says that "no other paper in the history of science has undergone such a thorough vetting," some highly respected names in the scientific community are challenging the validity of Cosmology, and the findings of Dr. Hoover."[The Journal of Cosmology] isn't a real science journal at all," says PZ Meyers in Science Blogs", "but is the ginned-up website of a small group of crank academics obsessed with the idea of Hoyle and Wickramasinghe that life originated in outer space and simply rained down on Earth."So there you have it - this is either reality-altering news, or the work of kooks. Our hearts believe, but our brains are kind of bummed. digitaltrends/nasascientistfindsevidencalienlife; ylt=Am k3n64x Qa3fEQKLa9.KADW7oF; ylu=X3oDMTNsMWdjampqBGFzc2V0A2RpZ2l0YWx0cmVuZHMvMjAxMTAzMDUvbmFzYXNjaWVudGlzdGZpbmRzZXZpZGVuY2VvZmFsaWVubGlmZQRwb3MDNARzZWMDeW5fYXJ0aWNsZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA25hc2FzY2llbnRpcw--
( I realize this is not new news however I think it maybe a problem for us in the next years ahead and something we all need to prepare for )NASA WARNS SOLAR FLARES FROM 'HUGE SPACE STORM' WILL CAUSE DEVASTATIONBRITAIN COULD FACE WIDESPREAD POWER BLACKOUTS AND BE LEFT WITHOUT CRITICAL COMMUNICATION SIGNALS FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME, AFTER THE EARTH IS HIT BY A ONCE-IN-A-GENERATION "SPACE STORM", NASA HAS WARNED. Image 1 of 5Nasa is currently studying the effects of the Sun's power in the earth. Photo: NASA Image 1 of 5Dr Richard Fisher warned that the world's communication tools will be severely hit by the 'solar storm' in 2013. Photo: NASA/REUTERS Image 1 of 5The storm will hit most every day items including Sat Nav's which will cause huge problems for drivers and emergency services. Photo: PA Image 1 of 5The earth's magnetic fields will also be affected, they say. Photo: BARCROFT Image 1 of 5Dr Fisher, head of NASA's Heliophysics Division, has been a scientist at the space agency for 20 years. Photo: NASA By Andrew Hough National power grids could overheat and air travel severely disrupted while electronic items, navigation devices and major satellites could stop working after the Sun reaches its maximum power in a few years. Senior space agency scientists believe the Earth will be hit with unprecedented levels of magnetic energy from solar flares after the Sun wakes "from a deep slumber" sometime around 2013, "The Daily Telegraph" can disclose. In a new warning, Nasa said the super storm would hit like "a bolt of lightning" and could cause catastrophic consequences for the world's health, emergency services and national security unless precautions are taken. Scientists believe it could damage everything from emergency services' systems, hospital equipment, banking systems and air traffic control devices, through to "everyday" items such as home computers, iPods and Sat Navs. Due to humans' heavy reliance on electronic devices, which are sensitive to magnetic energy, the storm could leave a multi-billion pound damage bill and "potentially devastating" problems for governments. A reader sent me a very interesting email. As she was watching TV her show went to commercial. Instead of the typical run of endless commercials her screen went to all white with a message in bold black letters across it.Of course this could have been many things including a simple broadcast error. I have no idea what she witnessed so I decided to ask all of you if by chance you too witnessed this strange event or anything similar to it. I do know a new TV show with the name Chaos is going to air soon. I have to wonder if this is an ad for this new show. If so certainly the designer of this ad did not give any thought to the idea that this message may frighten the hell out of many viewers.What ever the reason for this message it gave me pause to realize how easily we have allowed our selves to be consumed by our technology.Long ago I realized that our new world of technology keeps us all far too connected to devices that could easily control or connect us to messaging or thinking not exactly our own. I think this is a dangerous way to live. After considering the idea that what she witnessed may not have been a simple advertisement or mistake I considered how easily we could be controlled by our habits. Of course our technology is being used for information and communication. It is important we understand it also can be used to spread subliminal ideas or frighten people into slanted thinking that may not be their own. It can easily be the root of many myths and theories that can be fed by an accidental choice of an ad design that could cause terror and upset in a society that can easily be confused or disturbed by what technology throws at them non stop. Whatever was behind the message that this woman saw while watching her favorite show the fact is it upset and confused her. I am extremely happy to see this woman was aware that what she was seeing was not normal and was self thinking enough to question it. How many others would simply sit and stare mindless and numb as the images on the screen flash before them sinking them deeper by the day into numb oblivion of what goes on. I sometimes wonder if we are able to distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. This woman was alert and concerned enough to want to know what she was looking at. If you saw this odd event or one like it or have knowledge about what took place please contact me so we can figure out exactly what is going on with what she saw among the commercial breaks. Was it a simple ad for an upcoming show or was it an attempt to cause concern on those mindlessly watching TV?This woman was unnerved enough by what she saw to write to me and question it.Below find her email:Hello Chris- I believe what I saw yesterday (March 2nd ) needs an audience. I am hoping that others saw the same thing. Around 2:30 pm on CBS while watching the new show 'The Talk', a commercial break came on. It was about 2:35 ish and the break began as a normal commercial. For no reason at all between commercials the words ' CHAOS IN APRIL ' appeared on the TV screen. It had a plain white background with large black block style letters. I stared, waiting for a movie trailer/commercial to follow, but none did. It was extremely strange. The message was onscreen about 20 seconds or so, then it just went back to the show as if nothing happened. I have no idea at all what that could have been? I am wondering if anyone else noticed it. There was no noise, no voice, nothing at all. Just the words in black and white. It was very creepy..Many scenarios are possible.. Someone could have hacked in to CBS, (not likely) or maybe CBS was responsible. My one fear is that other beings or some other controlling force was sending this message or warning. This would not have crossed my mind had I not heard about the time that a European television station had seven minutes of interference during a news cast that they could not get rid of. A being was saying to put down weapons of destruction, among other things. The news pictures continued but the voice was not that of the newscaster. That incident could also have been a event where the newscast was hacked into - I do not know what the outcome of that event turned out to be.I really don't know what to do with this except what I'm doing now. I hope someone out there will help find out what was going on with what I saw. Hopefully we can get someone else who reads your articles to add some light to this event by knowing what it was or maybe saw it too.. I'm not sure if anything is going to happen in April much less chaos but I felt it was something I had to share, and hopeful someone can shed some light on what I saw... Sincerely( Name withheld by request)So there you have it. A strange event during an afternoon of watching a favorite show. Did any of you see this ? Have you seen anything similar to this? If so please take the time to email or call so yet another mystery can find some answers. I think it was most likely an attempt at the network trying to be extreme in presenting their upcoming new show. I think it was stupid and over the top as it may have the effect of another Orson Welles when a frightening message was sent out on the air ways with little regard that many may believe it to true.I think we all need to start to pull our heads out of the sand or in our cases earphones, cell phones and computers- long enough to come up for air. It is time we figure out what is being done around us and to us. Technology is a great thing. It can also be a potential danger to us if used for purposes far from what we believe it to or want it to be used for.Please contact me if you have something to add concerning this matter or anything similar to it. You can contact me @ or by calling me @ 631-887-4818.I will keep all contact confidential unless otherwise wanted. My main concern is always in protecting the good people who share real events with us. It is the information I am after not your home address or personal details. Knowledge is the key not who you are or where you live.Be careful out there and do pay attention to your surroundings. Being absorbed in technology will only bring you closer to losing your humanity.

P.S.:To my readers. Yes I do know and did know that this was an ad for a new upcoming TV show. I used the email as an opportunity to try to bring to light how we have become so numb via our technology to almost everything going on around us. I also wanted to bring to light how simple it would be and most likely is to integrate messages into what is flashed before us daily. Messages surely are added to what we see and hear constantly that we do not consciously see but subconsciously absorb. This ad may have been cleaver. It also clearly shows how we sit with eyes glazed over endless hours watching whatever is flashed before us. We have been trained to absorb it all as just more fantasy or entertainment. I failed in trying to use this email and this event as a point to jump from to vent my frustration with our dangerous addiction to our technology. The technology is controlling and shaping us. It will one day bring us to the end of our humanity. I have tried before and will again to use any doorway to write about this. My try with this ad and this email was not one of my better attempts. Sorry I will try to do better. Until I do please watch less TV and please put down your wireless gadget so your not connected to the control of the grid 24/7.

I have gotten many emails about this article most telling me about the TV show however the one below is very interesting and what I am trying to bring to light. Below find email: Dear Chris,I've seen mysterious promos like this before on TV shows and movies, but they usually elaborate more as the deadline draws near. I had a similar experience but mine cannot so easily be explained. My experience happened a long time ago around late 1973 or 1974. I was in Dallas visiting friends at a club. A group of about 12 of us had been partying past midnight and we all ended up back a someone's apartment.We were all relaxing watching the TV and continued the party. This was the age of TV signoffs where TV stations signed off around midnight or 1:00 AM. Usually the station placed the familiar Indian test pattern for a short time and then the station just switches off and you get snow, static.In those days it was a kind of fad to turn off the TV while listening to the stereo so that's why it remained on so long even after sign off. We were all so zoned out that we just kinda stared at the snow conversing with one another. After a while someone mention how dumb we must all look staring at snow on the TV. We all chuckled at that, but in saying that everyone looked at the TV at the same time.Suddenly among the snow a word started forming, kinda twisting and turning as one would see now a days using computer graphics. The twisting word took about 5 seconds to fully form into the word "Narcotics" against the snowy background. It was there on the screen with the snow in the background. Black letters- solid that definitely hung there for about 5 more seconds or more. Several said "Look at that!" Everyone saw it. When the word vanished the snow remained and we all just looked at each other asking "Did you see that?" Everyone did. The only explanation I could think of is someone at the TV station was playing around with the equipment even though it had been about an hour after the test pattern turned off and the snow static came on. I suppose there could have been a high-jacking of the TV signal. I realize now many things may have been possible. I always thought it could have only been coming from the station but who knows. Never met anyone else who saw it.Thank you( name withheld for privacy) Copyright (c) 2011Chris Holly's Paranormal WorldHTTP://ENDLESSJRNY.BLOGSPOT.COM/email

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The Visible College Oh How I Wish
The brand of this alluring book "The Exhibit Ivory tower" represents the ostensible record of all marginalised and sonorous "faint colleges" in evident pirsuits. In attendance are numerous "faint colleges" within the UFO procession - the mandate mixture of ufology's image as "illegal science" or marginalised science. Many scientists violently the world consecrate undercover to other the dump of mechanical investigation of the UFO mystery. Many promise such pains of course, sometimes risking their reputations in the haggle. Ann Druffel's top-drawer turn up of Dr. Jame's E. McDonald's "fight for UFO science" - "Hellhole" - is both a rigorously amount of McDonald's extreme pains and a sobering honest of the likely costs of almost certainly pushing the cage up too far. All of us who are committed to advocating serious mechanical trouble to the UFO phenomenon be keen on that one day the procession of UFO research ghost not conquer the dishonor of in doubt certain activity. "The UFO Confidence - A new look over of the usual Trace" shortened by Peter Sturrock (1999) represents an top-drawer amount of the vision mechanical value of the UFO mystery.At a UFO conference in Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia, arrived February, 2003, I gave a coach entitled "UFOs ">Harry Messel (who advocated fascinate arrived the measure 1953-54, but who now is very not persuaded), Dr. Miran Lindtner (who carried out mechanical investigations as bit of the Sydney based UFO Seek Centre, based in Sydney, until his basic thrashing in 1969), Trouble Turner (nuclear physicist and intelligence telescope who fought a secret clash to endure science featuring in stately Australian UFO investigations), Dr. John Farrands (Peak Defence Scientist 1971-1977 who had an fascinate in the UFO rise), Dr. Don Herbison Evans (who manufacturing a "UFO Indentification Kit"), Dr. Gf Stevens (who matter-of-fact thermoluminesence techniques to Australian UFO landing usual small piece cases) and Dr. Michael Duggin (who worked with Trouble Turner on the UFO basis and was a bit of Allen Hynek's "faint academic world"). Getting on scientists include contributed both publically and very well.These scientists include carried out their UFO contributions in a total of complementary ways, one from the faint academic world framework and others from plain academic world framework. The go is commonly dictated by concerns about job tenure and running of document inclined the stony dynamics and domino effect mysterious in recognition ample levels of agile fascinate. UFO researchers destitution break correct environments for scientists resolute to coach either sorts of contributions in postive and worthwhile ways. Encouragingly at one part a calming of stale stockpile ghost be reached somewhere exhibit ghost not be any negative result of open expressions of serious fascinate by scientists in the UFO rise. Garb now, with one noteable exceptions, the setting and pleasing for inquiring scientists is far from agreed.Historian Gary Werskey's 1978 book "The Exhibit Ivory tower" describes the juvenile undertakings of one of my mechanical heroes. He describes the legacy of Dr. Joseph Needham (1900-1995):"If Needham's thoughtful and constant squeeze of confrontational Porcelain did not earn him a trap, neither did his rage with the history of ancient Porcelain passage him as an individual. Possibly such a title was rather irrelevant in the case of faction who had facing resolute in his life a unusual and lasting attach to science and religion, Leninism and Anglo-Catholicism, and who extremely insisted on jumbling up these 'opposites'. When has really rescued Needham from crankishness, static, has been the unaffectedness, selection and acquire of his now world-famous series on Science and Customs in Porcelain. It is a work of elevated learning, I don't know, in the terms of one guess, 'the highest take apart act of beyond synthesis and intercultural report regularly attempted by one force."Robert Brow provides an offered "plan" of Needham's work in "The Speed of Porcelain - 3,000 existence of science, discovery and creativity" (2002).Needham himself was tremendously stale of western historians who mock of 'our' science and 'our' liberal progress. In the astoundingly entitled book (at lowest for the chemist in me) "The Majestic Titration: Science and Organization in East and West" (1969) Needham makes cold points that include one tone for the emerging presence of Chinese ufology, endless little he was of course tetragon referring to science:"Certainly it would be best to stand facing that men of the Asian cultures likewise helped to lay the foundations of reckoning and all the sciences in their medieval forms, and consequently to set the advantage for the influential devise which came about in the favourable sociable and helpful stage set of the Rebirth. Certainly it would be best to hand down disdainful trouble trouble to the history and way of life of these non-European civilizations in instinctive fact no less big and inspiring than our own. In addition to let us hand down up that academic credit which boasts that 'we are the those, and tradition was born with us'. Let us decide on credit abundance in the beyond fact that liberal science was born in Europe and truly in Europe, but let us not bear thereby persistent clear thereon. For what was born in the time of Galileo was a general palladium, the healing light of all men not up to scratch pay tribute to of run, colour, expect or country, wherein all can passage and involve yourself in. Forward looking general science, yes; Western science, no!"Prone this framework, recurrent to a UFO ground, disdainful liberal focuses, such as the just this minute emerging ufological manifestations such as in Porcelain, and others boundary the Ufological heartland of the United States, and really of the newer ufology, represented by new and commonly drastically younger players, all include whatever thing to consecrate to this alluring rise. Since the superior ufological players, and endless superior UFO legacies, from drastically superior cultures, can likewise consecrate to our outstanding understanding of the UFO mystery.Decree Chalker


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Cityville Misiones Rescate Extraterrestre
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