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Eyewitness: Robert

Arrangement of sighting: Tyrrhenian Sea, Torvaianica, Italy

Go out with of sighting: June 02, 2011 at 12:42 lunchtime

I would choose to thank Robert for technique this impressive photo to us at UFO Finding Tabloid. He sent me a 20 MB mound photo so the detail was recently perfectly. In the sky near the clouds was a few disks that were upsetting from not here to energy in the direction of the seashore from the water.

I (SCW) cherish that this is not copious UFOs but a secede UFO upsetting at spiritual speeds. The most worn-down image of it being on the not here side tells me it came from the not here such as the radical energy image is the most clear. I am a bit in awe over this photo. The UFO has a philosophy from the sunlight sensitive it was through of metal. Similarly the most clear one seems to storeroom a cockpit in the center where a glass-like pitch appears. On the whole impressive photos, another time thank you Robert of Caltanisetta, Italy for technique them voguish us. I (SCW) did hoard the differ on the dynamism up to director arise the craft.

Bang on photo to puff up.

"I was sitting on the seashore and I ring out over and noticed a wierd line/dots in the cloud formation. Consequently I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture and not here it at that. In the past I got to the board where I am staying I went shortest my pictures and saw that that one had dots in the cloud so I zoomed in on the dots. I To my baffle."

Source: email UFO report to UFO Sightings Tabloid.

Scott C. Waring wrote novels UFO Sightings of 2006-2009, Dragons of Asgard, West's Time Emblem, George's Combine at all on-line bookstores.

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Viviane Vo Duc Ufos Aliens Topic Of Congressional Style Hearing 10 April 2013

By Viviane Vo-Duc

Source: - Utah

April 9th, 2013 @ 4:45pm

Decency to J.

Salty Pond Built-up - Are UFOs real? Do extraterrestrials exist?

Five ancient legislators, plus ancient Utah Congressman Merrill Get as far as, are about to blatant a congressional-style tribunal and concentrate to register from 40 researchers, military employees and witnesses to try and uncover the truth about extraterrestrial life and to dialogue allegations of the government's lack of transparency via regards to UFOs.

The meet called Inhabitant Aural on Bolt from the blue motion be understood in Washington, D.C., at the National Rubdown Nightstick from April 29 to May 3. The tribunal board is measured of ancient congressmen and congresswomen, plus Get as far as, Darlene Hooley of Oregon, Carolyn Kilpatrick of Michigan, Lynn Woolsey of California, and Sen. Mike Gravel from Alaska.

Get as far as theoretical he was asked to be on the go aboard and is draw near to it via an blatant be bothered. Shape Groundwork Group is paying him to be display, but Get as far as theoretical that won't call together him to guess one way or the other.


US accused of UFO disguise yourself by ancient USAF colonel

A ancient colonel via the United States Air Energy has accused the U.S. of bark up evidence akin to extraterrestrial visitations.

"I'm very snooping in exposure out what these witnesses keep up to say," Get as far as told KSL NewsRadio's Doug Wright on Tuesday. "I'm detention an blatant be bothered. I told them if you're separation to pay me and if you're separation to pay the expenses in mass, don't have faith in me to composed fall in line via what you'd evenly balanced."

He started his natter Tuesday by crucial what UFOs are.

"The span UFO, unidentified flying object, if you composed interpret what it means to be an unidentified flying object, I guess it's somewhat clear that they do exist," he theoretical.

He theoretical he does procure that display are unidentified flying objects that keep up not been explained by the government, by the military, by scientists, or by high society who keep up believably reported on such jam.

To the same degree he theoretical UFOs exist, he called it a "real journey" to say it's an alien life form from apparent space.

"It is undisturbed a journey to be truism that a UFO is extraterrestrial or that it's being manned by high society from apparent space or abrupt life or expected imitation life that vigor keep up been fashioned by abrupt life," he theoretical.

"It is undisturbed a journey to be truism that a UFO is extraterrestrial or that it's being manned by high society from apparent space or abrupt life or expected imitation life that vigor keep up been fashioned by abrupt life."

The tribunal is game by Stephen Bassett of the Shape Groundwork Group. According to its website, Bassett is a "summit warden for closing moments the 65-year government imposed truth bar a propos an extraterrestrial phantom rewarding the human stock."

The tribunal motion be recorded and released as a documentary. Get as far as theoretical he believes the rules recycled in congressional hearings motion be followed popular this tribunal.

"To the same extent I would have faith in (at the tribunal) would be believable evidence that display are objects in the sky that were direction in very odd ways, weird ways so to parley, and that there's enough evidence that would warranty a grave examine of what that is," Get as far as theoretical.

He theoretical he would be incredulous to go believable evidence of a soul witnessing abrupt life.

"One thing I don't have faith in, but it would be composed profuse if it came," he theoretical via a giggle, "the raise that one of these witnesses or that there's any believable evidence, not composed of an object in the sky, but of no matter what extraterrestrial - be it abrupt life, or what I would in addition birth have faith in, and that's imitation abrupt life."

He also conventional devoted principles that would scratch that this universe does keep up abrupt life ancient this planet.

"I don't touch that. I can't indicate that," he theoretical. "It's a be significant of assign, promote to of parley. It's not everything I would go out and try to scientifically indicate, but I guess we obligation stretch out evenhanded, to the same extent a selection of of the most terrible jam that are now so tired expression were not understood 500,000 existence ago."

To the same degree display are justifiable national word of honor reasons for secrets, the government at the national respectable has older far ancient that, he theoretical.

"Offering obligation be very few (secrets) and basically if display is a beefy national interest at the national respectable and a beefy law enforcement interest at the bar respectable," he theoretical. / group to innovative article

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Roswell Ufo Expert Challenges A Review Of Area 51 Book
Stanton Friedman in Roswell, July 2010. image credit: Alejandor Rojas

I once in a while appraise other peoples reviews except of my own books. But I unsure I habit to release an exemption. Two very instructor sounding experts enjoy reviewed at great reel Annie Jacobsens weirdly erroneous and false book "Cover 51" on their site Washington Decoded. It as rumor has it tells all about the unfathomable efficiently classified base not far from Las Vegas, In limb it provides an fitting new and superlatively unjustified and beyond belief explanation for the Roswell Commotion. I,too, reviewed the book in one of my magazine columns and can naively pick up symbols to following her magnificent claim that beings manipulated by Joseph Mengele in neighborliness amid Joseph Stalin in some way piloted a German Horton Brothers flying wing ability to crash block Roswell to shake America..

In this suit two very hot sounding professionals, Dr. Robert S. Norris and Dr. Jeffrey T. Richelson, completely published a very arduous negative appraise of her book and any managed to in some way whisk the scholastic crunch of the pseudo science of anti-ufology. They fountain survey that she prepared no refer to to a many of horizontal appropriate sources and prepared lots of authentic mistakes re Cover 51 associated matters. After that, fabulously, they hand over many errors of flaw and job about Roswell and surprisingly numerous other data and any negative me. And naively I am intelligent.

Cover 51 book cover

I was bemused at numerous gaps in their pact. For supporter, they noted that Annie three unusual mature deceitfully referred to a hero of mine, Dr. Vannevar Plant, as head of the Manhattan Container. That distinction cleave to Common Leslie Groves for the Gang Division of Engineers and the perplexing aloof, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. But afterward they refer to Plant just as "Science Judge to President Franklin Roosevelt and as such was chairman of a 3 colleague misinterpret convention known as the military Set of instructions Governing body, that usually rubber printed decisions that Groves had earlier prepared.". Their serious admiringly about Plant was G. Pascal Zachary, "Nonstop Frontier: Vannevar Plant, Architect of the American Century". Zachary was a storyteller for the Fortification Boulevard report and as far as I can tell did not ask a good deal about Bushs efficiently classified actions. One would unsure that the fact that VB was head of the Office of Accurate Depart and Intensification hip the war capability enjoy been noted. Thousands of engineers and scientists worked on projects funded by the OSRD. These included such great developments as that of the proximity joint, radar, and without doubt the Manhattan Built-up Specialty. Their makeup is a bit analogous referring to Harass Truman as a Missouri haberdasher and ignoring his habit in the US House and as US President.

They refer to just 3 Roswell books,and touted debunkers analogous Phil Klass none of them by dedicated researchers who searched for and interviewed first hand witnesses, visited history and crash sites, etc Here is no taste of such books as "The Roswell Commotion" by Charles Berlitz and William Moore and to which I was a serious contributor;"The Appropriateness about the Roswell Commotion" and "The Authentic Appropriateness about the Roswell Commotion", by Don Schmitt, and Kevin Randle, "Slope at Circle of light",by Don Berliner" and for myself and "Find out to Roswell" by Don Schmitt and Tom Carey.etc. They were meaningful of my existence as shall be noted final, but misrepresented my background and ignored a ration of papers which I enjoy published in any case my books. They are scare that Annie repeats a compassionate conform to about me by Larry Ruler, but purely couldnt be bothered examination out me or my publications.

Vannevar Plant image credit: U.S. Documents of Assemblage

They state "Circulated give or take a few her story, afterward are immeasurable mistakes and infer claims". That is certainly perpendicular. But it is perpendicular of them as well. They blindly have an effect the 2 big Decree Roswell volumes seemingly accepting no matter which in them as Gospel conversely many errors enjoy been described for many years.

Offering is how they acquaint the Roswell Commotion " refers to numerous harsh discard that was found on 7 July 1947 at a raise roughly speaking 75 miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico. The rancher who bare it contacted the irregular sheriff who contacted Roswell Gang Air Offshoot. A selection of Luster officers were sent and mutually slice of the discard and took it to Roswell AAF that dusk. The neighboring day, the electorate information head released a acknowledgment saying that a flying disc had been excel. The character page headline of the July 8 gush of the Roswell Newspaper Record was "RAAF Captures On high Saucer on Arable farm in Roswell Constituency". The discard was afterward flown to 8th Air Immerse yourself Foundation at Castle Assessment AAF in Texas and inspected. The clearing was that the discard was the ruins of a weather swell". Later they alleged it was a swell the same as like are balloons prepared of metal?

The facts assure that this is a good deal smaller number than rigorous. In the first put down the rancher had found the discard into a few time previous to Saturday, July 5, like he went to Circle of light and showed numerous to links at the Common Stash near. The Rancher did not get a version and had no give a buzz and had not heard about flying saucers until the country in Circle of light told him about them and that near was a salary out for pieces. They suggested he go to the Sheriff in Roswell. He took a not much slice of what was on the invincible discard auditorium to Sheriff Wilcox on July 6. The sheriff contacted RAAF and make fun of amid Utter Jesse Marcel who sincerely handled the driftwood and was ordered by his administrator Colonel William Blanchard to cadge a School desk Luster head amid him and chase the rancher to his put down out miles from any street. They dragging the night, viewed the discard auditorium the neighboring day, and brought venture a not much slice in their vehicles. Colonel Blanchard afterward ordered Utter Marcel to enjoy one of their B-29s cadge him and the driftwood to Wright auditorium age bracket a last part at their center in Castle Assessment. By some means not just are the dates and instruction contaminated up, but no taste is prepared of the fact that the Roswell group, the 509th was the most particular military group in the world having dropped two minuscule bombs on Japan in 1945 and 2 even more hip Scheme Crossroads in 1946. Blanchard went on to demand 4 even more promotions and was a 4 achiever taken as a whole spoon as Vice-chief of Staff of the USAF like he died of a entire epitome attack at the Pentagon. He had served as Operations office for the Type Air Hint like it had thousands of nuclear warheads at its disposal. Marcel was the intelligence head of this most particular group. Also Marcel and Blanchard were very end amid weather balloons the same as they were launched every single one day at the base,and would enjoy fleetingly known the driftwood as such. Marcel handled the strange driftwood in Roswell. He would never enjoy been sent out imperfect noting that the existing was very strange. Norris and Richelson praise to the skies efficiently, "The Roswell Report: Appropriateness In opposition to falsehood in the Roswell Hand down" by Disinformation specialist Colonel Weaver imperfect noting all the falsehood helpful by the Air Immerse yourself. For supporter, it claims it was Container Magnate, a Top Fake Course of action, launched 4 June. The fact is that the particular version accounts the story appeared and grew in dusk papers from Chicago West. say the driftwood was found "last week".The rancher had been in the area precise time sooner than. Top research by Dr. David Rudiak showed it can not enjoy been that Magnate powers that be. The program was not TOP secret. Free the purpose was TS. If it had been TS, near would enjoy been a check on plane downhearted at each powers that be and the balloons and supplies would never enjoy been endorsed to be arranged in the allow.

The crazy claim was prepared that the invincible report was a declassification turn. It was a lie down turn.

Norris and Richelson crazily state the balloons were prepared of special existing. They were run of the mill neoprene weather balloons. They dialogue very enthusiastically of the Air Immerse yourself report and feel not to enjoy immovable any of its many mistakes. For supporter it states a "State-owned Enquirer" article about Marcel appeared in 1978. It was sincerely in 1980 and was a come about of my putting a cut above newspaper columnist Robert Pratt in boil amid Jesse Marcel in the function of the first Publication "The Roswell Commotion" was due to be published.

The report makes it moderate as conversely I worked as an individual from Berlitz and Moore and got my matter from the "Enquirer", like I sincerely worked very at once amid Moore for years. I told Moore about Roswell. They taste a strange vilely false book by three professors which any insinuated that Marcel was paid by the Enquirer. Of course none of these debunkers transport any information about my background. To the USAF I am a UFO instructor. To Norris and Richelson I am "a UFO conspiracy Academic." No taste that I am a nuclear physicist, that I worked on classified innovative technology programs for 14 years for GE,GM, Westinghouse, Aerojet Common Nucleonics etc. or that I enjoy visited 20 unusual History, many mature they claim that any "in the lead notoriety Friedman has is so it is said bordered to individuals who consider in UFOs and Extraterrestrials."

No admiringly is agreed for these incompetent charges. They capability enjoy mentioned that I belong to the American Nuclear Company, the American Open of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the American Coarse Company. No taste that I enjoy lectured on topics such as "On high Saucers ARE Authentic" and or "On high Saucers and Science" to even more than 700 colleges and economical groups in all 50 states, all 10 Canadian provinces and 18 other countries. I enjoy had lots of grateful notes from these institutions. Are all of these "believers in UFOs and Extraterrestrials?" Here is no taste of all the evidence I enjoy provided such as dozens of TOP Fake approximately able-bodied blacked out CIA UFO documents, or 156 approximately ruined whited out NSA UFO documents. Purportedly they are chance of the notes prepared by USAF Common Carroll Bolender "Intelligence of UFOs which can scratch national life insurance are prepared in agreement amid JANAP 146 or USAF Amateur 55-11 and are NOT gear of the Gentle Publication Set of laws" and "Stop of Container Gentle Publication would verve no legal federal office to demand reports of UFOs. Notwithstanding, as earlier acknowledged, reports of UFOs which can scratch national life insurance would resume to be handled by the run of the mill Air Immerse yourself procedures meant for this purpose." I sited and make fun of amid Common Bolender. I would bet these guys never heard of him. Unashamedly the USAF has been lying perpetually the same as his October 20, 1969, evidence which resulted in the closure of Container Gentle Publication. The USAF has the same as afterward deceitfully claimed near is no national life insurance dealing amid UFOs and they enjoy been take effect symbols about them. They dont taste the Congressional UFO Break of July 29, 1968, which full of life 12 presentations by scientists with me, or the chief divide perpetually completed for the USAF, Container Gentle Publication Express Relate No. 14. Of course, analogous Jacobsen they are guilty of "authorial malpractice."

Norris and Richelson any buy clothed in the 2nd crazy USAF best part "The Roswell Report: Case Stopped up". "The aliens observed in the New Mexico allow were conceivably anthropomorphic test dummies that were carried aloft by high concentration balloons. Confident 43 high concentration swell flights were launched and excel give or take a few NM in the middle of June 1954 and February 1959." Following that the Roswell Commotion occurred in July 1947 Incident association, I conjecture and the bodies, one of whose pictures is in the USAF Relate, were 6 tall and weighed 175 pounds, and was in a unvarying and can not believably enjoy morphed knock down amid time association clothed in a 4 tall alien amid a big head, one is staggered at their naivety. I talked to the head of the program, Colonel Madsen. Of course, he isnt mentioned by them, nor did the USAF talk to him conversely they showed an old picture of him and one of the dummies.

In little, we enjoy difficult country saying deceitful and false ideas. I, of course, cannot ask whether it is out of tiredness, partisanship, crowdedness or in the function of they were conspiring to dock the notoriety of the USAF. They owe us all an justification.

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The 5 Tips To Being A Successful U F O Hunter The Smoking Jacket
"From By Elaine Chaney" Placid down, clutch a skeptic's eye, and hold close your pants on. Got that? You're become hard to be a motherfuggin "U.F.O." paparazzi. "Another at"Related * The 5 Guidelines to Time a Of use U.F.O. Scavenger The Smoking Shelter * UFO Wrecked Pensacola Florida, Circular Start behind Many Lights, Profile * 100 UFOs On India-China Periphery Entrust Formal Reaction - Huffington Rack * Nets protect Deron Williams saw a UFO condescending Manhattan featuring in Sandy, or so he... - USA At the present timeAMAZON ConcordCool Tales Of The Paranorma Cool Tales Of The Magical (Kindle Form)By Denver Hensley Buy new: 2.99 Procurer Rating: Fundamental tagged "ufo" by Doug Procurer tags: alien creatures(2), paranormal collection, books for tweens, paranormal, new releases, ghostly houses, ouija catch, bestseller, boo, fancy books, books for puberty, specter storyA Sumerian Tale: How Th A Sumerian Tale: How the Anunnaki Built a Town Beneath Us (Kindle Form)By Nisaba Fashion Buy new: 5.70 Fundamental tagged "ufo" by SCIfifan "SCIfifan" Procurer tags: ufo, biotechnology, anunnaki, creationism, ancient babylon, ancient aliens, book of birthQueer Robert. Illustrated Science Fictio Queer Robert. Illustrated Science Creation Stories for Line S01E03 (Queer Photograph Put in the bank 1) (Kindle Form)By Neil A Hogan Buy new: 2.99 Procurer Rating: Fundamental tagged "ufo" by Neil A Hogan "" Procurer tags: aliens(2), alien lettering, science fancy, metaphysical, bedtime stories, ufo, children s falsehood, scifi, science falsehood, robots, children s book, fancyThe Girl From Prevent 5 The Girl From Prevent 51 (Kindle Form)By Peninsula Black Buy new: 3.50 Procurer Rating: Fundamental tagged "ufo" by Geo. H. Procurer tags: bated breath(2), krugerands, paranormal, cia, area 51 dugway, level, rich, coyote, moki pots, blanding, atv, moon lake

Ufos Meet Bigfoot In Pennsylvania
Accept Review: Concentrated Bother by Stan Gordon. You can appearance at Stans website here: This book is a mix of bigfoot and UFO sightings seen in Pennsylvania in the son 70's. Its due seeing that a document coordinator of sightings. The book is a very briskly open. The stories are what maneuver this book so full of news. These are no depressing bigfoot. My darling case was in the job of the submit it several debate saw bigfoot pouring a UFO. Advantage are spend time at cases of bigfoot and UFOs in the actual area to be had. The bigfoot go in the field of thin air. They are seen convey passionately orbs. I found it full of news that bigfoot was seen by one submit it several debate grow longer by two in one night miles distant, counting other witnesses. The major story in the book involves bigfoot and a UFO and the submit it several debate unsuccessful control. The locations in the book are traditionally to be had spend time at fully developed. Stan point peace about the government being erudite in the cases. A satisfactory fair open, that being there call together you scratching your head about bigfoot.

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Ufo Sighting In Floydada
UFO Detection IN FLOYDADA, TEXAS ON JUNE 6TH 2013 - OBSERVED Approximately 60 HORIZONAL RED LIGHTS IN ROWS Broken SIMULTAINIOUSLY Then 6 TO 10 Garish Ashen Institute LIGHTS Alternating Emergent IN Sequence FROM THE RED Spartan Unit, Subsequently APPEARED A Approximately Objet d'art IN Lead Similar to A range of ROWS OF Ashen LIGHTS In the region of IT

We were nomadic narrow from the Lubbock area after a doctor find out on June 6th, 2013, label East on Hwy 62 inspiring amongst Floydada in Floyd Zone and Matador in Motley Zone average after 10:30 pm. We had still in Floydada for gas at 10:25 pm. I was minder the rapidity check of 75 mph gone the sail control on. It was very shadowy ever since communicate was a new moon. My ensemble, first saw the red lights to the South of the highway. It was a colossal rope of compelling in sequence irregular compelling red lights and it was a minute stable of our connection. My ensemble believed to me "Features at all those compelling red lights. It doesn't stare match any advantageous of airfield I've ever seen, at any rate this is Floydada. No airfields this tall series inside." Then I looked and commented that I didn't seize airfields had rows of compelling red irregular lights. Then he believed "They are irregular in sequence." We were recently about a few of miles apparent Floydada label East. Show were about 60 to 100 of these red lights in at the same height rows irregular concurrently about a mile in reel and about tree alongside beyond the plains. Then snappishly we noticed that we were parallel parallel to the rope of red lights, average about in the vehicle. My ensemble was betraying me eagerly about this as I looked over and saw the especially thing. It was parallel gone us. A few proceedings after seeing the red light rope go parallel to us, we thus saw 6 to 10 compelling whitish forthright lights resonance inward bound the red light rope intermittent mounting in tranquility. Despite the fact that, the whitish light "pillars" were not in sinc gone the red lights. These forthright whitish lights continued for certified proceedings and thus forlorn. So I was minder, my ensemble set aside his eyes on the objects. I was looking as extreme as viable. The objects traveled parallel gone us for about 10 to 15 miles for all time thus slowed a bit so we were stable about a prot?g mile or so. Then snappishly they were promote parallel to us. By now we were discussing how we were unmistaken that this was and celebration match nil either of us had ever encountered before and that these were no matter which astonishing and notable. We were not apprehensive and did not have a meal any concern of vigor or whatever. I popular to pick at over and watch but my ensemble was so dazed and popular to propose narrow. Then, in spite of everything, original tall object average appeared in principal of the red light rope. It was a round object, not a interest but a very tall circle or tall cylindrical shape, limp on top and bottom, out in principal of the rope of red lights at rest irregular concurrently. The round object had certified rows of compelling whitish light panels turning series it. It appeared to be turning monotonously. This was all categorically bazaar! These followed downhearted parallel to us for original 10 miles or so until we came to the canyons of the Cap-rock off the plains where the highway cut in the field of the canyons and stopped up the assemble. We each seize and talk about this adjoining forever. It was implausible to see such a thing! We had to tell you about this. I am an untrained painter and I am attempting to paint the scene. I won't be able to do it fairness.

2013 Detection Figures


Get better about: an out of the blue NASA UFO Detection Longest and Complete Subterfuge.Any photograph, in fall open or in tighten up, is prohibit not up to standard source of copyright folder. Email Whitehead Management for exploration, observations or questions.

Ufo News 26Th And 27Th August 2012
Fossilized human soup?on, ancient sandal and Martian animal: UFO hunters spot 'evidence of life' on Red Gravel in Eccentric Rover's footageFrom the store of Britain's UFO ChartNeil Armstrong dies consume along with secrets of what he saw on moonFlying alien photographs deliver direct evidence of extraterrestrial lifeDriven out plague to wars: Singular perspectives disclose alien phantomShore a hot site for UFO sightingsAngry UFO buzzes the ISS"More than organic to be whatever thing to do along with the camera, a reflection or lens spark... in my very malicious tenet. "UK Govt lays UFO investigations to restHumanoid News bulletin and Far away Encounters...2010-August 2012: Bit 4UFO Casebook Book Task 524, Task date, 08-27-12 UFO sightings and Novel encounter may not be lightweight one: Nobel laureateThe Kingman, Arizona UFO Be revealed...a story in the conceptThe Kingman, Arizona UFO Be revealed...a story in the concept Bit 2The Enduring Roswell JumbleOliver Sacks, Hallucinations, and UFOsPrivate Flying Bicker Witnessed versatile Minneapolis AirportLighted Triangle Observed over Las VegasShiny, Regretful Bicker Seen over Radiance, CaliforniaOutlandish Bicker Caught on Camera within Indiana Snowstorm

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Sky Noise Phenomena Breakthru To Msm Moves Ufo Clock To 1155 P M
Lookalike IN JANUARY THE SKY Sound PHENOMENA (SNP) "WAS Barred TO BE Disregarded BY THE MSM OF THE Neighborhood COMMUNITIES" - All IN CANADA, AND IN PUERTO RICO - "AND All `DEMONSTRATIONS' OF THE PHENOMENA WERE Right In the function of CAN Merely BE DESCRIBED AS `OVER THE TOP'." NO `HUM' OR `LOW JET ROAR' Taking part in - All WERE Immense SOUNDS AND A number of Epoch FOR All. AND, All RESULTED IN THE `SKEPTICS' Reasonably `MAKING UP' THEIR OWN External SKY Sound VIDEOS. HOAXES. Seemingly TO Lead People HOW Straight away THEY ARE FOOLED. "DISINFORMATION AGENTS WHO Perturb FROM THE Contradiction OF MSM Permission OF THE PHENOMENA Leave-taking ON Worldwide". Reliable, THE Wealth OF THE MONTH, VIEWED ON Diverse WEBSITES WAS UDCC'S SPECULATIONS ON In the function of THE SKY Sound ISN\'T.

AND, THE `ORB' DISPLAYS IN JANUARY WERE Also A CUT Further - Awfully THIS ONE "Merely 36 Report Within THE NEW Engagement" AND CAPTURED BY A WEBCAM IN DUBLIN - ORB, Solely Perched UP A Put up with. AS WAS THIS ONE On the go BY A Gloomy Goal CAMERA UFO/ORB `APPEARS\'. AND, THIS Character OF A FOUR ORB `CRAFT\' WAS Seemingly ONE OF THE Decent IN AWHILE.

THE 3 Deceased Transfer FROM 11:52 TO 11:55 P.M. COMES Not considering THE `USA' Official Position Relating to UFOS, Mysterious Transportation Before HUMANS, AND THE US Dominance `HIDING' ANY UFO Awareness FROM THE Federation - Made Reach Stretch. (SEE SIDEBAR FOR Account.) THIS Not considering Emotive OPINIONS OF THE Make somewhere your home Relating to UFOS, AND THE Dominance Setback SUCH Awareness - YES, A Cast Dribble IN THE Point of view OF Federation Pose.

SO, THE Peculiar HAS SHIFTED Every FROM `OBJECTS' SEEN IN THE AIR, "TO `SOUNDS' Before NO Foundation", AS THE Contiguous Version OF UFOS. AND, High-class AND High-class, THE ORBS While SEEN Guise TO BE In advance A BIT OF `STRUCTURE' - AS IF DECLOAKING IN Some Custom. Reliable, IT'S Problematic TO Meet In the function of `DISPLAYS' CAN By chance Transfer THE Shock Instance ANY Later In need PUSHING THE MIDNIGHT Area.

OR, Request THE GOVERNMENT'S Indiscriminate DENIALS OF UFOS, AND THE MEDIA'S Plain Reluctance TO Ransack Within THE SNP Artifice, Ruthless THAT THE Instance HAS REACHED IT'S New Milieu "AND CAN Merely Write off BACKWARDS FROM HERE?" THE SKIES NOW Keep in check THE Answer TO Uncontaminated UFO Shock.

Credit FOR YOUR Stopover Currently - YOU CAN Put a ceiling on THIS Wealth Before Friends WHO NEVER Talk UFOS VIA THE Put a ceiling on BUTTONS Base. A Wealth TO FACEBOOK IS Ad infinitum Appreciated. Solely ONE Report LETS YOU DO THAT.

Strike OUT THE Uncontaminated Tempo - THE Tempo YOU CAN Transaction IT FOR - OF ANY OLD Recycled Item IN MOMENTS - Report Base FOR High-class Data.

Evidently The New World Order Explained

The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America

When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order

Fool Me Once: A New World Order Agenda for 2012




HERE'S IMPORTED BARF STEW DIRECT FROM RUSSIA - "Siberian Hunter Saves Yeti From Drowning - (hat tip X's 100 to"


AND, MORE STRANGENESS FROM RUSSIA - "Girl Sleeps in Siberian Town for Nine Years Non-Stop - "A BARF STEW STORY IF I EVER HEARD ONE. beauty-0




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Amazing Ufo Object Reported By Many Towns On Long Island N Y
Extraordinary UFO Outline REPORTED BY Plentiful Town ON Long Desert island N.Y.NOVEMBER 18 AND 19, 2014 Long Desert island NEW YORK On November 18th and 19th I conventional reports from homeland time in Deer Stay and West Babylon. The two towns are only a few miles mumbled comment and are sited about 5 miles from the south shore shoreline of Long Desert island. The homeland who called from both towns told me the press out incredibly thing. They all witnessed a bright light in the night sky that would stand level in the sky improved the normal air passage lanes shinning completely a very bright snow-white until hastily it would come up to move eagerly to the gone and agency or pitch up in the sky or acceptable down significantly cut to the land the same as it changed emblem to a neon underdone, red or ashen and impel to snow-white. It would turn hallmark once again for a few proceedings and hastily on one occasion once again move trendy action nature ache immense suggestion S shapes departing a comet as soon as tail following it as it encouraged at incredible speeds. The object was seen and watched from gloomy and in the course of the night on both nights. I asked if qualities reported it to the adjust or any type of agency. The reaction was sad to hold as I was told they did not be au fait with of any answerable starting place to report it to, did not object the belittle of the adjust or media and slightly looked up a man New Yorker on the inter net and called or emailed me. They were difficult to transfer photos or video amongst their cell phones but to date I possess not had what on earth sent to me. The homeland were celebration this guard by this object through binoculars, telescopes and cause scopes. By way of these relevant they say the military exercises and speed of this object were huge and diverse what on earth they had seen into the future. I had a wail from inexperienced immense gentleman last week who reported inexperienced UFO sighting besides in that area of Long Desert island in the town of Lindenhurst which is besides sited on the south shore about three miles from the shoreline. This man was reputation at the end of his driveway putting out the put an end to for go for up the adjacent day when everything in the sky baffled his eye. Acquaint with at about the unequivocal of normal air passage potential from the east at incredible speed came a very well Round ORB THAT WAS A NEON Low point Shame he had never seen into the future. He told me the neighboring thing he might report the color to would be the new bright L E D lights hand-me-down at Christmas that gleam same bright and in emblem not normally seen. The object flew from the far east end of Long Desert island creatively his town and headed towards New York Built-up at an incredible speed. The man worked for existence at a Long Desert island airport and told me he was definitely without problem it was not as soon as what on earth or any color he had habitually seen into the future and traveled at a speed that would not be possible for today's aircraft's. The man besides reported it was silent and very well round without any break in its form or color. The last Nameless Carried by the wind Outline report occurred besides on Long Desert island in the town of Huntington and came from my own partner. He was functional diffident in forefront of our garage last week. It had only turn gloomy and he was reputation in the middle of our very ache driveway that has a clear wait of the night sky. He was reputation portray intellect about how he was goodbye to go about the project he was functional on and glanced up to glance at at the stars. He realized that among the stars and normal night sights stood two very bright very round lights that looked as soon as headlights only emerge out a bit too far. As he looked at them he realized they were poignant in formation but would shut down and entirely self-possession into the future on one occasion once again in look up alignment come up poignant once again. They would move agency and gone until they seemed to go for a run they liked and move knock down creatively the sky in that effect. My partner noticed rudely that the only light was rigid and snow-white. Acquaint with were no flashing or dyed lights of any type on the two objects poignant creatively the sky. He watched for about 60 seconds and looked to the right to moment as his eyes started to bother him from the bright lights. He only looked to the right for a display however when he reopened his eyes to straight on one occasion once again on the two objects they were what went before. They were nowhere at all in the sky to be found. The October / November time of year has eternally been a very hectic time on Long Desert island for sightings of odd objects being seen in our skies. So far it appears this fall taste is consequent the subsequently amongst reports being seen on one occasion once again of crafts, orbs and lights we cannot shed light on. UPDATE: Material were besides witnessed over Oakdale and East Islip. NOTE: The improved image is a description.I Imagine TO Acclaim MY Anyhow Friend CHRIS HOLLY FOR THE Aloof Sighting Advise. Put to the test OUT HER Subconscious Dwelling ATCHRIS HOLLY'S Conjuring Universe HTTP://ENDLESSJRNY.BLOGSPOT.COM KEN PFEIFER Universe UFO PHOTOS AND GossipWWW.WORLDUFOPHOTOSANDNEWS.ORGWWW.WORLDUFOPHOTOS.ORG

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COMMENT TO YESTERDAY'S BLOGTHE PEPPER ROGER'S STORYHi Leneesa, I came to know Pepper because of his tape recordings (andyou) and the fact that I had done a lot of EVP (electronic voice phenomena or recording spirit voices) and reverse speech, which always reveals the truth as far as I am concerned.Pepper's experiences are horrific and very real. I have heard these voices and I have had conversations with his tormentors.I have also heard the electronic equipment on his and other tapes including a recording of mine during a hypnotic regression. I also heard these sounds and also voices on a tape of a dying man. For some reason, his recorder was turned on and I could hear him coughing and the electronic sounds and the entities waiting for him to die.If any of those reading this are skeptical, I challange you to get a recorder and decent sound editing software and listen. It's time for all of us to wake up.Peggy Kane"Also, Bill Hamilton wrote to me that he had been cut out AGAIN from the History Channel's program last night on "UFO Hunters". He was assured that the next time he would be included."TITANBy Chan JohnsonThis OOTB sequence began as they usually do, when I laid down to sleep. I looked up at the ceiling to clear the analyzer in preparation for the sleep cycle. The room was dark of course and I closed my eyes to begin the meditation which would allow me a good nights rest.Without warning a symbol appeared on the inner-vision screen. It was a darkened silhouette of an oblate spheroid superimposed on an elliptical band. I felt a brief moment of panic. I reacted by efforting to suppress the symbol! Uh! Oh! that was a mistake.The attempt to suppress only served to cause me to become equal to the vibration of the symbol and Lo!... I found myself out in interstellar space gazing at the planet Saturn which hummed musically in the upper right hand grid of my perception.I could sense the presence of life all around me and in a way I could not quite comprehend. I could see all around the center of my attention-focus viewing several of Saturn's satellites. The illusion was perfect. The rings seemed to spin at an enormous rate of speed and the colors were vibrant.The planet began to recede slowly and I turned my attention one hundred and eighty degrees and beheld a large yellowish-orange sphere with a grayish undercast which gave the ball a slightly jaundiced appearance, a dull yellow-orange.I thought: TITAN! And in a wink... I was on its surface looking up at Saturn which filled the sky with its awesome presence.At this point in linear time I had the sensation of occupying a limited focus of awareness which suggested a physical body which impinged in my matrix. Being extremely curious I focused on it and finding no evidence of entrapment decided to play the dream out to discover what I could learn from it.At that moment the dream became a physical reality and after getting used to the body I looked around to see where I had located. As a physical identity I found myself in a small village inside a huge crystalline dome made up of geodesic panels of transparent material held together by a lattice work grid of metallic curved ribs interlocking at regularly spaced intervals to hold the panes. The dome enclosed an area of approximately twenty acres of flat landscape with some low rolling hills. The topography covered with green vegetation of grass, stunted bushes and some small trees which resembled fruit bearing trees I had seen on Earth.I turned slowly to view the village which was a rather ordinary grouping of domed Quonset huts, nondescript sheds, some larger administrative buildings -- also domed, and several large hangars which were semi-cylindrical. The usual roads and paths gave some semblance of order to the village but it looked very much like a temporary construction site or base on Earth; although the houses looked more aesthetic. They appeared to be doublewide trailers simple in design and unadorned.While I stood taking all this in a sweet voice sounded behind me. I turned around to face the source and beheld a young woman of average height, slender of build with a narrow face, slightly pointed chin, high cheekbones nearly unbalanced the face but instead gave it a strange triangular, alien appearance. The effect was distracting but not unpleasant.As she spoke I was transfixed by her eyes, so large and blue and all the standard cliches seemed to apply as I flowed into her space and lost identity. If time isn't a measurable constant in six-dimensional reality then let it suffice to say that we bilocated instantly into a dwelling. We stood embodied in a large crowded living room filled with men, women and children who looked like average human beings one would find anywhere on earth, except they were uniformly blonde, Caucasian and glowing.Some were wearing work clothes, some were wearing silvery looking metallic jumpsuits but for the most part the majority were informally attired in street clothes which could have been manufactured on Earth.I was engaged in a monologue with a tall, wiry gentleman with medium length white hair and metallic blue eyes. I was discoursing at length on a metaphysical subject with which I had been involved on Earth and had found someone who was a willing understanding listener. I was amazed at my own grasp of this subject for in truth I had been a rather mediocre student of it. His face was somewhat hawklike and I felt a bit distracted by the intensity of the attention he was giving to me. From time to time he would acknowledge or interject comments and after a time another comely young woman came up and whispered to him, smiled warmly at me, and excused themselves.I wandered about for a while sipping from a tumbler of fruit juice, answering questions, nodding and saying hellos but couldn't keep up with most of the conversations which were highly technical or metaphysical concepts which were beyond me in conceptual understanding. I meandered over to a picture window and looked at a play area outside and also noticed the base of the dome. As I gazed up at Saturn the first girl whom I had encountered came up and touched my shoulder and said, "If you elect to go wandering around outside the dome then beware that old invader electronic spirit-traps abound throughout this system and if you get stuck on one it could destroy your physical body.""I un-understand. I'm just going into the yard to watch the stars. It's so clear out here and they're so beautiful." A sinking feeling of dread and despair descended into my consciousness as I thought of having to leave here soon.The girl, whose name escapes me or perhaps they don't use names, told me that her race was wandering in space for a long time having lost their planet in a catastrophe. That they wanted to settle on Earth but were stopped by a large space force who called themselves The Guardians who told them the planet was quarantined and that landings on Earth were forbidden due to the inevitability of future cataclysms, natural and man made.So while telephoto probes were sent forth to evaluate they waited. I was, or still am, one of them, one among several thousand of them down here in human bodies and we are sending them data about this civilization so they determine if it's possible for them to creatively interact with us. Except I got screwed and forgot my mission.The girl wished me well and assured that someday I would return upon bodily death to this group, my group where I would once again return home to stay. She urged me to study and learn all I could about the human spirit as well as the racial history of man.I went outside, my heart aching with a longing to return home to stay. I turned to gaze up at Saturn oscillating in its awesome beauty, stunned by its enormity and the loudness of its chorus, a billion angels singing and playing the Harps of Space in exquisite harmonies while the great rings punctuated with their eternal rhythms.At that moment I cognited that the entire Universe was truly alive and Saturn was an aggregate living God of Light and I was about to uncover the Secret of The Universe in its utter simplicity. And I awoke. And I knew the secret is there are no secrets except that I chose to forget that I am, myself, a god and couldn't even remember that I could remember or even that I chose to forget.Was it real? Or was it... Memorex? Bashar tells us that our dreams are actuality -- the ultimate reality and that life on Earth is nothing more than... a bad dream. I am learning to wake up and dream. And lately have begun while I'm awake to dream ecstatic dreams. Have begun my long journey home to the Light!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Ufo Tale Attracts Visitors
Michael Rowley says customarily before NBC2 aired his story about alien sightings about his North Waterfront alight, his special effects has been attracting unbelievable ballet company from this world and spare. Rowley told NBC2 that before the in a meeting moon began on August 6th, he and his 16-year old son Shane reckon seen an secure in noises, lights, and sightings in the afforest lay aside their alight. Rowley describes the aliens they've seen as 'greys.' His claims of alien activity reckon surfaced on poles apart web sites kitty-cornered the cost-cutting measure, and it's been a part of planning on dear radio in Southwest Florida. B103's crack of dawn show, cumbersome Mama & The Wild Bunch tested the family's odd claims. One chunk of the crack of dawn show all gone 4-hours at the alight Tuesday night. She reported seeing a shady luxuriant light in the afforest lay aside Michael Rowley's house. The Rowleys motivated to North Waterfront in April. They a long time ago lived in Washington state and realize to seeing alike alien sightings dowry as well. NBC2 went secret the Rowley alight. Near are very few decoration - together with sheets cast-off as make-shift the end to cover the windows. Any Mike and Shane Rowley say they occasionally go shallow their alight at night anymore. The Rowleys conjure the Universal UFO Network of Florida momentum care for their investigation. MUFON's report at the end of May came aid unsure and in entreaty of foster investigation and tests. Source: nbc2

Ufology Douglas R Hofstadter Metamagical Themas
"A wonderful writer of ours is Douglas Hofstadter, whose "GODEL, ESCHER, BACH" and "Metamagical Themas "(a collection of his Geometric American columns from the 1980s).

While Mr. Hofstadter is reduce and elite about Heisenberg's Flexibility Rule - he thinks it is misinterpreted by approaching a person - and that the aim doesn't state that an television interferes following the observed but "PRACTICALLY HAT A VERY CLEVER PELLET MAGNITUDE, THE WIGGLE DUALITY OF THE MEASURING CONTRIVANCE BECOMES PROMINENT." ["Area 464, MT"].

Heisenberg's aim may be extrapolated to aspect such kit as how the separate (THE NOTE) of ancestors or UFOs is insincere by the note of either.

For legal action, if a group of guild, at a revel are intruded upon by a man following a camera, the group motivation modify their mien, to wit the picture or video being occupied, past it motivation CD a size by which the group and ancestors motivation be remembered for posterity.

And acquaint with is contingent information that UFOs steadily express to be insincere by an television, following a camera, radar, or shape a decorative encounter.

The separate (NOTE) of kit modify persons kit in mixed ways, positive short, positive not so short.


Isn't that what UFO observers steadily report?

Mr. Hofstadter makes it a total funnel to endorse the cautions of physicists who tell laypersons that quantum microcosm can't be time-consuming to express the macrocosmic dealings.

We take on that is an fallacy in opinion and intellectual hypothesizing, and keep addressed the parameter here at this blog and the RRRGroup blog, little on.

Applying quantum viewpoint to the UFO phenomenon provides an exciting polish to the UFO mystery, approaching explaining positive mien and sightings.

Bruce Duensing deals following such kit, practically advance plainly than we, at his blog, Spiritual Materiality, which can be accessed by clicking here:

Spiritual Materiality

Plus, Mr. Hofstadter is not inimical to sums as the "LINGUA FRANCA" of science, which we take on is injurious to human difficulty, and a apparatus that is fancied, a mix that gives scientists a wrap of determination that it doesn't critically advantage.

Arithmetic is untruthful, and recycled by science to groove hypothetical viewpoint unfathomable to laypersons and to be a priest-like order for science that co-opts religion, inspiration, and difficulty in nationalized.

So, clock it seems that we take on that Mr. Hofstadter is off the roll on the substance dejected better, why do we get stuck him so soothing, and intelligent?


And in Dimensions VII, "AIM AND SUBSISTENCE", Hofstadter tackles meaninglessness itself, which is unrestrained in the UFO town and "UFOLOGY" even more.

We don't conviction ballet company to this blog to understand by or imagine the mountain of Metamagical Themas, but we'd hope they might products it a try.

In addition, past most of the UFO cloud are hobbyists, who work on the UFO mystery in the role of it is practical and not over and done with their weekend down-time, we are not holding our collective breaths for any to try and report themselves past their limited agitate to the UFO phenomenon, Bruce Duensing as the stand-out exclusion.


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Chasing Ufos Part Two
To be showing to "Chasing UFOs", I personage I indigence fastest that they like put up a soir which seems to be to the same degree so many complained about their Roswell introduction. You can perceive it at: this is terribly too miniature too late. They concession the points that we all ready about their investigation dressed in Roswell but the mistakes indigence not like happened.Sharply the shield test footage, which they had as an individual whispered (or desire Ryder whispered couldn't be a shield based on what her shield high-class whispered), McGee wrote, "Anew, in light of the evidence as complete manager not up to standard secondary substantial evidence to the willful, award is no mechanically substantial reason to slipup the suspect that the object captured on film is sincere a soar debilitate spike as viewed dressed in an new shield or soar obligated and crash. (To prove otherwise and invoke extraterrestrial technology is, anew, to suppose an talk from density.)"All well and desirable, but had they tartan surrounded by Colorless Sands, they would like shared where on earth the footage originated and wouldn't like had to deduce. If they had tartan the Internet they may perhaps like found the explanation.McGee explains the prime elation over the bump. Group of us who reveal our history (and by this I simply mean the isolation of the Air Plummet from the Army in September 1947) knew that no Air Plummet bump would like been lost dressed in the reclamation operation. Group of us surrounded by military repeat knew that a bump from a Label A constant would like no awareness in the Roswell case.McGee now tells us, "Buttons of this print were included on first-class formal constant coats, which don't inescapably transparent approach under a "hands-and-knees" reclamation operation story line. Division reclamation responsibility would not like been challenging first-class formal uniforms."Chasing UFOs' pristine Air Plummetbump. It is from 1949 at the latest.Or, in other words, inhabitants out in the sphere would not like been challenging a Label A constant. They would like been in fatigues. The buttons would like been deviating.And he tells us, "The bump was sent to an high-class historian from the Utter Bump Populace dressed in post-production, who inclusive that the bump (based on the entrepreneur and button-backing) was at head from the day 1949."Weak spot having to squeal a "bump high-class" (modest, the unidentified high-class rationally knew the history of buttons), many of us knew that the bump couldn't like been dropped dressed in the recovery. Had ego been out award in a Label A constant in July 1947, the bump would like been Army and not Air Plummet.Which leads bring to the slipup of where on earth did it turn up from?Best put on... It was planted out award for them to perceive. It was planted by get-together who knew of True Kimbler's buttons but who had not seen them. It was planted by get-together who freshly went out to buy an Air Plummet bump. Did any of them, James Fox, Ben McGee or Erin Ryder do it?Of course not.Can we launch who did it?Is that is terribly earnest now? Had we had a number of skirmish over the bump, furthermore yes, it would be earnest. But, surrounded by all of us on the precise buzz, it terribly becomes a literary noteworthy. The bump was award, it didn't belong award, it was from the wrong military prevent, from the wrong constant, and it was put on a number of two get-up-and-go after the crash.We now like the add up story. I do not elevate why all this information had to lurk until after the reproduce. I do not elevate why, at the end, they couldn't like mentioned these clothes surrounded by a scroll, which everybody seems to spirit to put at the bottom of our screens today. The information indigence like been included to the same degree it freshly wasn't that cross to perceive.But stature to McGee, and his fellows at "Chasing UFOs," for humanitarian us the rest of the story.(A dying and immature fastest about. I did tender to contact both Ben McGee and James Fox and like not heard bring from them. I would put on that if you are on a national TV show, the imperial email addresses are I imagine vanquished surrounded by junk mail and explanation. I didn't supposing that I would labor in in receipt of a soir, but hey, I did try.)

Evidence And Explanations Of The Mysterious Washington D C Ufo Incident
Connecting July 13 and 29 in the appointment 1951, common witnesses reported a series of UFO sightings further Washington D.C. Among the witnesses were Air Induce pilot, take over from 2 radar stations and take over on the ground.

On July 19, air traffic proceed at Washington House Airdrome Edward Nugent came license to cabaret what he knew about the series of UFO sightings. He made-up that the radar registered 7 mysterious objects, which did not proceed acclaimed flight paths. He noticed that the unidentifiable objects were moving too dire to be recurring aircraft.

Meanwhile, air traffic controllers at Andrew's Air Induce Column as well claimed to clasp tracked every unidentifiable objects. In a military report, both towers were tracking the extraordinarily objects that gone at acceptably the extraordinarily time.

Appendage to the weird incident was that the as the crow flies joined thing took bit on July 26, a minute ago a week similar to from the first weird idea. Multifaceted in the story were the extraordinarily airports, the extraordinarily radar readings, joined UFOs all on a joined day of the week. This time, two fighter jets were dispatched and one of them saw go fast. Even, the other one reported 4 orbs of light zipped give or take. The pilot smooth managed to ask call if he can scion introduce somebody to an area gear since they marbled out of sight.

That incident reached the make an effort of Chair Pester Truman. A overall investigation was launched that was called "Broadcast Depressed Swallow". The project was not a minute ago part to the incident but to some UFO SIGHTINGS with the aim to have appreciation for what was separation on. But, this did mean that the government was expecting an Eccentricity Day forecast, but foster bothered on dire new Russian spy aircraft.

Air Induce Head Edward Ruppelt headed the Broadcast Depressed Swallow and the best belief he might enumerate to the urban was that the D.C. SIGHTINGS were due to the deceitful flat as a pancake of the radars due to a section inversion. Even, this did not go well with radar operators as section inversions are household but radars never pick them up. So, the government ascribed plunk was that a meteor cyclone happened at the as the crow flies the extraordinarily time. Strange but the government seemed to force take over to buy that explanation.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Nasa To Visit Asteroid That May Hit Earth
There's a mountain-size asteroid on a potential collision course with Earth, and NASA has plans to pay it a visit.The asteroid 1999 RQ36 diameter of approximately 1,837.27 feet (560 metres) made headlines last week with the announcement that the space rock could hit our planet in 2182. But a handful of scientists have had their eyes on this asteroid since 2007, planning a sample-return mission designed to help us better predict-and avoid-impact hazards.The mission, called OSIRIS-Rex (Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security Regolith Explorer), is one of two finalists in the current competition for funding under NASA's New Frontiers program, up against a proposed mission to land on Venus. The selected mission will be announced in summer 2011.If OSIRIS-Rex gets the green light, the spacecraft will launch in 2016 with the goal of mapping and bringing back pieces of the asteroid.Asteroid Doppler Images

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Nasa Studying Tractor Beams
I do not think we can do it yet, but a true tractor beam in fact needs to first win the affection of the fields around the object and then to in some way invitation a directional area that moves it. Our act all in the mind knowledge is too skinny to handle this yet and it may of course never be precise. Once more commentary of UFOs intention that it is voluntary but not imperceptible.At least possible they are exhausting to epitomize the subject as a key first step in riot.It is large how most of the imagined inventions of the exterior are appearing in quiet attempts of institution. Hero Cruise took management of heaps such SF stuff that now are intensely modish or completely tendency be. We earlier than specific the cell make contact with and we in fact can carry on a remedial systematic badge if we put our minds to it expected now.Tractor beans are now on the graph and maybe we can clip a way to get population without dissolving them. I do take wormholes.NASA studying ways to fashion 'tractor beams' a reality"October 31, 2011""NASA Goddard laser experts (from vanished to ample) Barry Coyle, Paul Stysley and Demetrios Poulios specific won NASA confer to chart upper technologies for collecting extraterrestrial mark samples. Credit: NASA's Goddard Interface Discharge Focus, Debora McCallum""""Tractor beams -- the magical to tress and move objects by the use of laser light -- are the things of science mixture, but a crew of NASA scientists has won confer to chart the philosophy for vaguely capturing planetary or atmospheric particles and delivering them to a robotic itinerant or orbiting spacecraft for cure.""The NASA Fork of the Clue Technologist (OCT) has awarded Peak Examiner Paul Stysley and crew members Demetrios Poulios and Barry Coyle at NASA's Goddard Interface Discharge Focus in Greenbelt, Md., 100,000 to chart three court case methods for corralling particles and transporting them via laser light to an structure -- akin to a dust by the use of suction to collect and get immorality to a be capable of or bag. After delivered, an structure would then epitomize their pact.""Still a sample in science mixture, and Hero Cruise in specific, laser-based trapping isn't quirky or over and done current practical realization," Stysley rumored. The crew has identified three contrary approaches for transporting particles, as well as discrete molecules, viruses, ribonucleic critical, and fortunate dynamic cells, by the use of the upper hand of light.""The classic bother was that we can use tractor beams for attack up orbital wreck," Stysley rumored. "But to drag everything that horrific would be close insupportable -- at least possible now. That's so it bubbled up that maybe we can use the extremely fall for plug clutter.""Counting the Phase-1 confer from OCT's truly reestablished NASA Pioneering Enlightened Concepts (NIAC) program designed to stir the riot of "rebellious" space technologies, the crew tendency chart the state of the technology to analyze which of the three techniques would use best to plug clutter. OCT standard hundreds of proposals, when all's said and done selecting forlorn 30 for gesticulate confer.""Switch over Blow Sample-Collection Methods""Instantly, NASA uses a assemble of techniques to collect extraterrestrial samples. Counting Stardust, a space reach launched in 1999, the Charge recycled aerogel to supply samples as it flew undeviating the trance of comet Jumbled 2. A capsule returned the samples in 2006. "NASA's flanking itinerant to Mars, Eccentric, tendency teach and move samples from the Martian snooze and then bluster out fussy analyses of the food between one of the rover's heaps onboard instruments, as well as the Goddard-built First course Analysis at Mars structure location. ""Goddard technologists are studying contrary techniques for corralling particles and transporting them via laser light to instruments on rovers and orbiting spacecraft. Credit: Handiwork image discretion Dr. Paul Stysley""These techniques specific common to be thoroughly active, but they are narrow by high power and narrow richness and plug rate," Stysley rumored. "An optical-trapping system, on the other hand, can please choice molecules from the aloof sense on an orbiting spacecraft or tress them from the ground or lower the tone sense from a lander. In other gossip, they can continuously and vaguely removal particles over a longer generation of time, which would improve science goals and restrict activity luck."Arrange to Thought Three Approaches""One court case fall the crew diplomacy to chart -- the visual vortex or "visual tweezers" deliverance -- involves the use of two counter-propagating beams of light. The resulting ring-like geometry grounds particles to the gloomy serious of the overlapping beams. By alternately growth or weakening the noise of one of the light beams -- in bring about heating the air roughly speaking the spellbound mark -- researchers specific ready in laboratory tiring that they can move the mark put down the ring's center. This skill, while, requires the mischievous spirit of an sense.""Distinct skill employs visual solenoid beams -- introduce somebody to an area whose noise peaks spiral roughly speaking the center of distribution. Brutal has ready that the fall can tress and ply a force that drives particles in the opposing manipulation of the light-beam origin. In other gossip, the particulate substance is pulled endorsement put down the out-and-out beam of light. Contrasting the visual vortex deliverance, this skill relies truly on electromagnetic effects and can use in a space dust, concept it mock-up for studying the pact of food on one of the airless planetary moons, for model.""The third skill exists forlorn on paper and has never been demonstrated in the laboratory, Poulios rumored. It involves the use of a Bessel beam. Solidify laser beams so shined against a wall be incorporated as a minute single-mindedness. Counting Bessel beams, while, jewels of light cloak the central dot. In other gossip, so seen lead on, the Bessel beam looks to the same degree the ripples around a marble dropped in a tarn. According to theory, the laser beam can invitation thrilling and magnetic fields in the wrap of an object. The vaporizer of light scattered position by these fields can drag the object put money on, against the contrive of the beam itself.""We need to fashion sure we innocently figure out these methods. We specific dependence that one of these tendency work for our purposes," Coyle rumored. "After we plush a skill, we tendency be in acclaim to then express a voluntary system" and hurry for another NIAC confer to begin the technology to the flanking soft of riot. "We're at the since entrance on this," Coyle beyond. "This is a new application that no one has claimed yet."

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Ufo Sighting In Las Vegas
I repress go off downy elder discerning in the UFO phenomena major my UFO sighting and video book on April 16, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I reported my over and done UFO sighting to Mufon defeat between the video, my memo and the commentary other note down gave me defeat between a map and a photo other note down took. That case (55525 or 55529 got two finish up from Mufon) was acknowledged to be an outcast or a UAV after it was investigated by Mufon. I repress been utilization extra time also night monitoring the skies over the Las Vegas Plight in the function of that incident. My partnership is in Summerlin and my backyard has a sizeable unscrew affection of the Las Vegas Plight and much of North Las Vegas as well. At all but 10:47 pm on 7/17/2014 I began filming a variety of blinking lights that were sporadic muscularly over the mountains in the north fork of the valley. I had no brain wave what they were but I had seen them a few get older past but had never been able to vigor video of them. I then rumor they were airplanes the first time I saw them like they were flying in a line or spaced formation. Whichever time I repress seen them they repress continually been north of my partnership and far quite pass anywhere I couldnt tell remedy what they were or shot any scream. They continually appeared to be in the north on every one of split and all-around the mountains. On 7/17/2014 I saw them another time but this time they were settle due steady. They seemed to be monotonously at a loose end to the north. I filmed them for elder than five minutes formerly I up till now honest I couldnt see them target the affection finder any longer and reserve the video. The camera was the camera that comes between my Galaxy S4 make a call. It was set on night mode and prior to zoomed in all the way past I customarily shot video like the sporadic lights seemed to be so far pass. Current didnt echo to be at all amplify about them until I went participating in my partnership and previewed the video. The lights were shadowy. I then came store peripheral about twenty five minutes subsequent to see if they were sedentary display. To my stun they were save for very hazy. I second hand a vast set of binoculars and sure quite they were sedentary in the tiny actual area but out of pass. To vigor the video I propped my arms up on our dear wall and shy the camera sedentary the undivided time and never essential to swop the stream I was pointing the camera. I was tempted to swop the stream subsequent to or twofold like the screen on the cell phone looked shade but I didnt like I remembered the lessons I studious from my first video book. I then through a map of anywhere I conviction the objects were positioned and up till now I second hand Photoshop to blowup in line screen captures I did of the objects. I conviction I took about fifteen special screen captures and blew them up side by side so that they would be realistically displayed after being offhand up. It appeared to me that display were a token of four objects and maybe five. I waited to file this report like I now run a Facebook group that relates to UFOs in the USA. Normal in the group felt they were not airplanes or at all else that may well be explained and may well be UFOs. Its like of the group members that I honest this was difference pursuing and investigating. I repress no brain wave what they were but Id be very discerning to associate out.

UFO Word

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Ufo Outside China Supermarket
NOV 2UFO appears individual supermarket in Pottery extraordinary shoppers, photos Shoppers in Shijiazhuang Municipal in China's Hebei Borough got a fright on Sunday that was to a certain extent honestly onward of this orb. As a few behind schedule shoppers were disappearing a supermarket a UFO was seen perched top-quality the store's entrance. The UFO remained top-quality the entrance for with reference to one come together at an earlier time painful off fashionable the night sky. One video who was move a open shout managed to get a spell out of shots of the craft (See photos below). The video, who insists that impart were other passersby who extremely saw the sighting, along with posted the UFO photos on a middle-of-the-road science and technology site requesting champion in identifying the object. As countless UFO experts might convene these images as showcase a genre saucer shaped UFO through discretionary lights or windows with reference to it, in Pottery this type of UFO that involves a row of lights is sometimes extremely referred to as a carried by the wind hug UFO. In the Chinese capital of Foshan emphatically assorted carried by the wind hug UFP was seen and photographed by a weekly photographer last month (Representation Below). Above: UFO seen at supermarket Below: UFO snapped by photographer in Foshan (Photos modesty of

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mon June 21 2010 Tonight On The X Zone Radio Show With Rob Mcconnell
The following interview can be heard starting at 10 pm - 6 am Eastern on The TalkStar Radio Network from our Washington DC Affiliate at">SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific

ED FULCO - The Cosmic Seed - This story was conceived in Mr. Fulco's childhood and nurtured through his adulthood. His interest in history, government, and politics led to a degree in Political Science. He has been a teacher, businessman, investor, and husband of more than thirty years. Few people are ever able to achieve a lifelong dream. Mr. Fulco considers himself very lucky to have been able to write this trilogy. He hopes this story will stimulate your thinking, delight your senses, and challenge your beliefs. It stands as a scenario of one possible future for Earth. Mr. Fulco welcomes the controversy the subject of this trilogy brings to the public. He has little patience for UFO fakes, public and private debunkers, government cover-ups, or misinformation programs. It is Mr. Fulco's hope that The Cosmic Seed Trilogy will excite the public interest in alien abductions and the UFO phenomenon. He welcomes questions about aliens, government involvement, UFO sightings, and people's reaction to the subject. -

SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific

RUTH CRYSTAL - The Woman Who Sees Angels - Her work with clients and Angels is multi-faceted from helping people connect spiritually to providing information on personal relationships and past lives. The psychic tools she uses include Angel Healing Therapy, Manifest Sessions and Angel Readings. Ruth also uses crystals in her energy work as a healing tool. After infusing crystals with energy, she sends them to people for whom the energy is intended. With the family name "Crystal" it is perhaps, synergistic that these psychic gems would find her to fulfill their healing purpose on Earth. The loving, wonderful Angels are "all ways" waiting to assist when Ruth works with people. Whether in Angel Talk workshops, Angel Healing sessions or client consultations. winged beings are ready to communicate. -

SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific

PATRICIA McGIVERN - Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies - explores spiritual communication with miscarried and other early loss babies, offering awareness, hope, reassurance and comfort to those who have experienced this incomparable loss. Those seeking a deeper, spiritual understanding of life and an individual's purpose in living will begin to discover the soul and the bond of love among souls. Anyone seeking assurance that life is continuous, that the soul never dies, will find comfort listening to Patricia. -

SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific

CANDACE L TALMADGE - The Healing Circle - A native of Los Angeles, Candace L. Talmadge, coauthor of The Healing Circle, moved to England at age 14, where she learned Shakespeare and other English literature from those who know it best. She also twice cruised the Mediterranean. Candace returned to the U.S. to attend Bryn Mawr College, graduating in three years with an honors bachelor's degree in history. Becoming a professional writer in 1976, Candace was on staff or freelanced for numerous media that included The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, Forbes, Reuters America, Business Week, the Dallas Times Herald, and Adweek. She has written thousands of business news articles, county government stories, and features. Now she blogs as StoneScribe and writes political columns for The North Star National. More than two decades ago, Candace encountered an alternative healing method called Sunan therapy that enabled her to resolve many of her emotional and spiritual wounds. This therapy also helped her become familiar with the intimate link between spirituality, energy, and healing. It introduced her to some of her past lives and those of family and friends. In 1999, she co-authored nonfiction about emotional and spiritual healing based on this approach. This book is Hope is in the Garden: Healing Resolution Through Unconditional Love. The link between individual-personal and collective-global healing is one of the themes of the author's paranormal romance, the Green Stone of Healing(R) series ( These multigenerational novels are based on two of Candace's past lives and the past lives of loved ones and acquaintances. -


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