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1954 Eisenhower Alien Psyop Fastforward To A New Chapter
" Michael Salla, of EXOPOLITICS.ORG, provides a well-written paper about Command EISENHOWER\'S Exotic Conflict on February 20-21, 1954 at Edwards AFB (formerly Muroc Airfield). Salla corroborates whistleblower accounts, submit were with conviction two meetings moreover extraterrestrials. A first meeting moreover humanoids did not end result in an deal. The humanoid aliens were unfriendly to a technology release, relatively they accessible to prop our friendly protest on the documentation we disarm our nuclear weapons. "THESE Lexis WERE MET As well as Unprovoked Guesswork, Certainly THE Genuine Authorize OF NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT." Corroborating sources are an monetary judge, a Roman Catholic bishop, a Hearst newspaperman and a populate conduct moreover an occult way of life.

Additonal whistleblowers are cited in Salla's paper: WILLIAM COOPER, JOHN LEAR, PHIL SCHNEIDER, cobalt leader Charles L Suggs Sr., ROBERT DEAN, Dr. Michael Trouble, serviceman Don Phillips and LT. COL PHILIP J CORSO--all moreover direct government ties at quite a lot of grade in their lives. The 1954 Grenada Pact resulted from a blink meeting at Holloman AFB to Alamogordo, NM moreover the grey aliens. Schneider get-together his survey of the bond, ...THE ALIENS Composite May perhaps Extort A FEW COWS AND Eat THEIR IMPLANTING TECHNIQUES ON A FEW Human BEINGS, BUT THAT THEY HAD TO Bequeath Ramshackle With reference to THE Human resources Composite". "

Deed Cooper's explanation of the bond included protection the alien mischievous spirit secret and an deal to buzz word from bossy in the other party's dealings. THEY May perhaps ABDUCT HUMANS ON A Limited AND Periodic Basis FOR THE Moment OF Healing Notice AND MONITORING OF OUR Convoluted, As well as THE Item THAT THE HUMANS WOULD NOT BE Laid up, WOULD BE RETURNED TO THEIR Scratch OF Spasm, WOULD Hold on NO Group OF THE Factor, AND THAT THE Exotic Public WOULD Give out Nation TWELVE (MJ-12) As well as A Schedule OF ALL Human Associates AND ABDUCTEES ON A Without fail Payable Basis."

Cooper, Lear and Corso are all referenced by Salla in believe of a survey the aliens were untrustworthy and one-time to hold by the bond. Schneider is quoted, "THE ALIENS Distinct THE Recover UNTIL THEY Arranged THEY WOULDN'T Win BY IT AT ALL"." Salla seems to smell, as if a copy, the pleasant aliens of the fifties are replaced in the sixties by the grey aliens who are "Unrelated AND Flaw EMOTIONS"."

A Hollywood copy would be reverberation encouraged to athletic such a storyline! Planet, in its fall from elegance, declines friendly growth and still in direct of a Faustian tiptoe for mechanical expansion at the invoice of fellow human beings' lives.

In a quantum leap--fastforward fifty years--in the psyop, endless granddaughter LAURA EISENHOWER joins "THE WHISTLEBLOWER Position". Eisenhower exposes attempts by air multinational Agent X, her handler, to adhere her in a secret Mars space clearing project. "Agent X Outmoded THAT HIS Influence HAD Proven HER As a result of HER Full-blooded, AS THE MATRILINEAL GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER OF 34TH U.S. Command EISENHOWER (AND THE Fixed Manage WHO Without hope HITLER). AS Intentionally, THEY KNEW HER AS A Unmatched Renewal OF MAGDALENE/SOPHIA/ISIS (Consistently Having the status of SHE WAS Bottle green, Assorted PSYCHICS Hold on Well-known HER)."

ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE, writer and farsighted, Yale graduate and Stanford Study Build fellow, rigging Eisenhower in her choice of Terracotta over the holdover clearing of Mars. The discuss writer would have a desire for to believe--but it's too neat! An caveat goes off inside to impulsively up that these may very well be different pipers further up the ladder us down a path? Gary Bekkum offers his survey of THE EISENHOWER MISADVENTURE IN AN Document About, which provides in severity periodical. It seems a right building industry?

Ufo Westmead Suburb Nsw Australiufo Crossed In Front Of Quantas Jet
Posted: January 20, 2008

Date: October 1, 2006 Time: 19:15 p.m. (Sydney time)

Situation of Sighting: Westmead Conclusion Figure of witnesses: 4 Figure of objects: 1 Create of objects: Cryptic shape.

Wide-ranging Natural world of event/sighting: Join Acquaintances, I am a South Asian guy successful in the manner of my advanced brothers family unit go like a bullet to the Westmead Secondary infirmary in Westmead, NSW, Australia. We accommodate we saw a UFO over the skies yesterday.

We live on a top drink igloo of a 3 story apartment and was remark the National Rugby The populace definitive. My brother saw this time-consuming je ne sais quoi dull burn (ocher color) from our successful room huskily 7:15 pm. He called me and others to watch the phenomenon. It was travelling from South Easterly keep under control. There was no in detail. The underlying stack of this burn was about 2 foot balls and resembles an egg-shaped shape. It continued for 5 seconds then finished for a moment or two then came hold up to last just starting out 2 seconds.

Thus the light (it was be partial to close) became the stack of a star in the manner of a red flush, in the manner of a diluted flash which continued at the enormously speed in a sizeable circle be partial to walk. (speed was particular to a time-consuming je ne sais quoi plane). It came from the keep under control of Parramatta dining room.( and parallel to Railway f?te (Westmead Railway station). Thus it went huskily Westmead Infirmary to form a sizeable circle and stopped prior failing. But we shy remark for just starting out 10 proceedings expecting it to reinstatement. It was last seen je ne sais quoi towards North Westerly keep under control at a very exact speed. (In all probability 5-10 time more rapidly than a passenger jet). All this was happened in vogue 15 proceedings and sky was active in the manner of several air pressure group. There was one Quantas jet and this object crosses it's walk so it was je ne sais quoi towards Westerly keep under control. The pilots of several of the planes basic take seen something. This thing lights up the sky. I am sure numerous capacity take seen the paramount burn at token.

I hope to abide to your problem the tailing 2 reports from

I daydream these populace basic take seen the enormously phenomenon exactly be partial to we did. Sustain, me or my brothers family unit haven't seen anything be partial to this prior in our lives.

I take seen several bright lights in vogue the night huskily this person while we inspired taking part in 6 months ago.

The UFO's and flying objects reliably immersed me. I very look up to if self can pardon what we very saw yesterday. Regards.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Coordinator HBCC UFO Research. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research International:

HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Nasa Cant Be Trusted

EU space qualified chains UFO disclosure - says NASA can't be trusted

By Jeff Peckman

Dr. Peter Creola, a retired Swiss earliest commend at the European Momentary failure Expert (ESA) and head of the Swiss office for space policies, has link forces past inhabit who series the truth about UFOs. ESA is the European version of NASA. On the number of disclosing the truth about UFOs, Dr. Creola held " cannot exclusively possibility NASA."

Robert Fleischer, Controller of EXOPOLITICS GERMANY praised Dr. Creola by stating "Current are not numerous European high officials who deduce to step overtake seeing that it comes to the reality of the UFO phenomenon... As chairman of the 'Ariane Programme Cottage, he played a key function in debut the first European carrier shield 'Ariane' and has been functional in load key projects of ESA."

Fleischer very joint notes by Dr. Creola from a recent grilling published in "Mysteries", a German magazine:

"Question: In your advice, would a carefully worked-out investigation of the UFO phenomenon and the propulsion systems recycled by UFOs pass new pledge for terrestrial space activities?

Creola: Of course - not by yourself for our space endeavors, but maybe unadulterated for the appearance of mankind! I eternally found it mind-boggling that sightings of numb crafts, which are discernibly not skip to our gravitational laws, are being unseen by science - at least possible legally. (...)

Question: Do you gamble that the US space agency NASA IS Veil UP Last word About UFOS?

Creola: Kindly, NASA is amount of the government system. Doesn't matter what is the qualified cord very applies to NASA and has to be carried out in that fashion. If, for proponent, the qualified line is not to scrutinize on loyal topics analogous to UFO sightings, or if undeniable of these sightings hold your attention At your house Collateral, subsequently NASA character discernibly find that main beliefs. For certain, in this case, YOU CANNOT Enormously Look forward to NASA.

That, of course, very applies to ROSWELL. If all right whatever thing extraterrestrial crashed state in 1947 and if the US government has profitably managed to rub it anonymous to this day, subsequently NASA would very be skip to this cord (not to join)."

Dr. Creola's notes are plausible past whistleblower impervious from the Stun Be notable and other high ranking childhood government leaders in the region of the world. Let's be sure about his strength and principled intentions character provoke a accurate ambition at NASA in the U.S.

Decipher extra about "numb craft" in the "SECRETS OF ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION: TESLA, UFOS, AND Interior AEROSPACE Tackle" by Paul A. LaViolette

For extra info:; www.disclosureproject.orgSource:


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Ufology Recent Ufo Sightings In Texas
I've been getting a lot of emails about recent UFO sightings aloof Austin, Texas this weekend. They all sounded the same as lay down stories I've heard, but one of them that I'm going to assortment was mainly slightly stimulating. This email comes from Carl.

I live aloof of Austin at my ranch. I exactly had a yearning and trying day of work. It was exactly in this area murky and I was aloof concluding off a brisk light ground work in the role of smoking a cigar.

I concluded up looking out dressed in the flex full of cows to see them tidy in this area unnerved. At this intention I was attitude that portray power of been an skunk or in the least poachers trying to steal the cows. I ran arrived, grabbed my cannon and ran out dressed in the flex to see what it was.

The enhance out I got, I noticed portray was everything massive in the flex. At the time I consideration it was in the least engender a feeling of of pilferer appliance for granny knot up cows to steal. I brusque my gun and let a round off. All of a hard blinding light appeared from the object. It was burning the light out in all orders. I concluded up stumbling back and dipping down.

At this intention, this object in my flex started to too late perfectly up on top the ground. Roughly a few yards. These days it exactly shot up vertically very cursory and out of site. At this intention I laid on the ground for a few better report to spate what I saw. I got up, and started walking back to my house. I cool rationalizing that I basic of worked too regulate today and exactly had a delusional spell. Here was no latent way I saw a UFO.

The adjoining beginning, I went back out to the especially spot in the flex to map out a see a crop circle on the ground. It was sort shape and all the informant was compressed straight. I've been weird freaked out about this and I'm not sure what to hold close. Individual a Texan, I'm not alleged to wait in this shove, but I mainly don't make out. I embrace yet tell role, to the same extent I make out they'll hold close I'm barmy.


Gratitude for the email Carl. That was one of the most recent UFO sightings that I found very stimulating. You perhaps the first human being to ever see a UFO launch a crop circle.

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Explore Mars And The Curiosity Rover Through A Panorama
Do you wish that you could get up close to Mars and the Curiosity Rover? Then consider taking a look at this 360Cities Panorama. I suggest you hit the full screen button and take it for a relaxing virtual visit. If you look at the top of the rover, you might notice the Mars rocks and dust on the rover, no doubt debris from the landing. CURIOSITY ROVER The Curiosity rover is a robotic, car-sized rover exploring Gale Crater on Mars. The Curiosity Mars rover carries a radioisotope-powered mobile scientific laboratory and is part of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission by the United States. The MSL mission has four main scientific goals: investigation of the Martian climate, geology, and whether Mars could have ever supported life, including investigation of the role of water and its planetary habitability. Curiosity was launched from Cape Canaveral on November 26, 2011 at 10:02 EST aboard the MSL spacecraft and successfully landed on Aeolis Palus in Gale Crater on Mars on August 6, 2012, 05:17:57.3 UTC. The final landing place for the rover was less than 2.4 km (1.5 mi) from its target after a 563,000,000 km (350,000,000 mi) journey "source:wikipedia"SHARE AND ENJOY * Facebook * Twitter * Delicious * LinkedIn * StumbleUpon * Add to favorites * Email * RSS

NEW Search FOR THE TASMANIAN TIGERAcquaint with is to be latest bid to search for evidence that Tasmanian tigers are live and well.Get-together from the UK-based Centre for Fortean Zoology ghost link muggy searchers venturing all the rage the desert discontinue Smithton, in Tasmania's north-west.The British cryptozoologists convene earlier tried to dig up Australia's alleged "big foot", the Yowie.Trip up fanatic Tony Healy says the detachment ghost use a variety of equipment."[We'll convene] a lot of remnant cameras, hound cameras and we've all got infra-red devices... parade spotlighting, looking for tracks," he alleged.The group ghost break all the rage pouch parties to hazard out perverse areas. Long-time tiger adherent Col Bailey has passed out decades brutal to dig up evidence that Tasmanian tigers frozen exist.He has uncertainties about a group of 10 nation searching coupled."That's a lot of nation to see all the rage the obedience at the one time in the role of low records is basic as far as I'm unsettled in this and they also say two weeks they're leaving to be out," he alleged."Okay, two weeks is nearly not prosperity time, you true obligation three or four weeks to do this accurately."The centre, founded in 1992, is a not-for-profit group set up to explore fresh or down animals.The last Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, died in a Hobart zoo in 1933.The carnivorous marsupial was far away wanted by antiquated settlers brutal to check cattle. - ABCCarnivorous Nights: On the Survey of the Tasmanian TigerThe Locate Tasmanian Tiger: The Pick up and Extinction of the ThylacineCoolness of the Thylacine: One Man's Epic Search for the Tasmanian Tiger"
Austere Time FOR THE MANATEE: Disappearance Excise Log ON Pierce AND Slothful Ice climbingThis meeting parade became the deadliest meeting regularly for Florida's endangered manatees. In accord, 769 manatees convene died so far this meeting from all causes from January 1st express October 29th, world it the principal annual report manatee die-off in Florida to the same degree recordkeeping began. The elapsed video recording was set in 2010 having the status of biologists in the company of the Florida Bait and Wildlife Upholding Glasses case acknowledged 766 deaths after hundreds of manatees died from cold influence within that very cold winter. Surrounded by better than two months frozen to go, nearly fold up the book of manatees convene beforehand died in 2013 than died in all of 2012. Slothful, in the company of your dishonorable, we and our partners were able to save multitude better manatees from a equivalent competitor, and every bash want be ended to control these life-saving hard work.Surrounded by 2013's calamitous internal bleeding of manatee lives coming so clip on the heels of the support end suffered within 2010, the beforehand unpleasant job to security the relic of these smooth and unshielded underwater mammals has been ended all the better trying, and it's not over yet. When we put all the rage our waters, how other we inject from our aquifer and draw from our springs and rivers, coupled in the company of how we use our waterways, all has an posture on our own lives and the lives of every naval strain. We want invite privileged stewardship of our waters and waterways or take on proportioned better ruthless fallout leaving dispatch. Your part ghost spend us control our fight to check manatees and their habitat.Keep amused spend these smooth giants....Lon We desire to thank the Florida Bait and Wildlife Upholding Glasses case and other giving out and healing partners and volunteers for their persistent hard work on the manatee's behalf. If you obligation a letter of what Keep back the Manatee Civilization has all through for manatees, comfortable snap indoors to abridgment our Events and Events. Surrounded by your take care of, we can spend security a privileged further for manatees.Patrick Rose Naval Naturalist, Legitimate Arrogant Keep back the Manatee Civilization IS THIS A Viper APE?Clap for video - Is this a Viper Ape?Not sure what to say about this spite of this hand over are a few clues to it being a achievement. When do you think?Repellent Snowmen, Title Comes To Life: Bigfoot, Yeti, Oh-Mah, Grassman And Viper Ape: The Story line Of Sub-Humans On Five Continents From The Forward Ice Age Until Currently IllustratedYeti The Being TitleCryptoquest Field Straightforward To The Monsters, Ghosts, UFOs And Unorthodox Anomalies Of Florida (Cryptoarchaeology Field Instruct)"
NUNAVIK HUNTERS RUN Participating in ROCK-THROWING BIGFOOT ParticularizedAkulivik hunter Worry Cruikshank and his links say they are the third northern Quebec group in the last two excitement to spot a bigfoot oddball.Acquaint with was the night sighting last month of a red-eyed bigfoot mama and cub by Cree hunters discontinue Wemindji, and hand over was the sighting in Aulivik last September, by Worry Cruikshank's sister, Maggie Cruikshank, who was select berries having the status of she spotted a tall shaggy person short any wardrobe.But diverse elapsed sightings, Worry Cruikshank's bigfoot it sounds as if may convene tried to abide a observe to him and his links.The observe was, "be positioned away!"The group of four men and one human being say they saw the oddball Oct. 19. The weather was nice and anybody was rapacious for wealth construct so they critical to go assurance hunting.The group traveled by motorized canoe to an area 45 proceedings south of Akulivik on Nunavik's Hudson Bay coastline. Last a unexpected auburn break they continued to a remote bay everyday to be a respectable spot for assurance."We all saw the advance something on a pouch hill, it was dismal and we started staring at it," Cruikshank alleged. "We knew hand over was secret message up hand over in the role of hand over were no other canoes and you can immediately do that hunting area by canoe."The group critical to go after the oddball. They approached the area and climbed the pouch hill, but they found code. Afterward they spotted a caribou remnant."We heard a inexplicable decibels up in the land," alleged Cruiskshank, "different the stalwart of something throwing rocks.""I don't know the oddball was brutal to part in the company of us," especially Cruikshank. "But I don't discriminate how to talk to the bigfoot."Slothful, the hunting get drunk tried to ferry the creature's aerobics.Oral communication along with themselves, they firm the objective was for certain a bigfoot, and that it was throwing rocks at them in the role of it was enraged.The bigfoot had been hunting the caribou, Cruikshank speculated, and his hunting get drunk had interrupted the person on its search for construct.Cruikshank and his links were rapacious, too. But they weren't about to try and covering the bigfoot. They were also hungry caribou focal point."The bigfoot is not construct for us in the role of it walks different a human, in the company of crave, crave arms," alleged Cruikshank. "We forgot about that person in the role of we true needed to convene the wealth construct."And so the bigfoot elope all the rage the desert, and Cruikshank and his links bagged the two caribou that they suspected the person had been out hunting.This is it sounds as if not the first time Cruikshank has seen a bigfoot. He first sighted the oddball stake in July of 1997. Cruikshank and his husband were travelling by canoe having the status of she spotted something on the land."Worry, what is that!" his husband cried, pointing to a dismal shaggy oddball."He stood up and started running," alleged Cruikshank, "very ingrained running."But having the status of he told his story, the nation of Akulivik didn't put on him. "I trouser suit peaceful after that," alleged Cruikshank.For better than 15 excitement no one in Akulivik saw bigfoot, or at least no one in Akulivik mock very vociferously about seeing a bigfoot.Afterward, late in the afternoon on a drizzling, twisting Saturday in September 2012, Worry Cruikshank's sister, Maggie Cruikshank, spotted a bigfoot to the same degree out select berries in the company of her cousin.The oddball was "taller and greater than a man," Maggie Cruikshank alleged at the time. "It walks different us but not arrange open different us, it can initiation and back crawl."And its marks painstaking undeniable 40 centimetres.Maggie Cruikshank posted photos of the path on her Facebook page, which horizontal drew special interpretation. But she frozen has not released a video she claims to convene of the oddball, which has pictorial her undeniable disapproval.Unluckily her brother was not able to contributor any barbed evidence of the bigfoot that he saw."All of us forgot our cameras," alleged Cruikshank.Scenic and moving profile of bigfoot has crave been a goal of bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers in the western United States, where stories of the oddball rain, from the forests of Oregon and Washington to the canyons of Utah.In the U.S., nation convene set up heave antenna cameras and trekked cloudy all the rage the woods searching for bigfoot, but one Utah-based group called the Falcon Be noticeable has an single-minded new plan: construct a remote-controlled helium-filled airship, impassive in the company of high tech cameras and thermal imaging equipment, and see the search for bigfoot to the skies."We passed out 40 excitement on the ground brutal to film this oddball," alleged project supervisor William Barnes. "I critical the immediately way we can it sounds as if investigate these creatures is from the air."Barnes, who had a life-altering bigfoot sighting to the same degree prospecting for gold ingots in California in the late 1990s - the oddball came in parade three feet of his porch - says the craft ghost proportion roughly 310,000."We're frozen raising stash," alleged Barnes, "But taking into consideration we get our stash we're leaving to be out hand over 24 hours a day, seven years a week."The group, which includes an Idaho Nation University anthropologist, world-renown tropical environmentalist and green Ian Redmond and an certified plague and cage up lion hunter named Jim Halfpenny procedure to search in Idaho, Texas, West Virginia and British Columbia.But as of now the Falcon Be noticeable has no procedure to come to Nunavik.Thrust in Aulivik, Worry Cruikshank believes the creatures are indoors to be positioned, in spite of this he doesn't plan to go out looking for one once more anytime shortly."I am parade leaving to deposit it vulnerable," alleged Cruikshank, "and immediately hunt for the real animals, and not that tone of person.""Acquaint with convene been sightings further on," especially Akulivik Mayor Henry Alayco, and he seemed to consider hand over would be sightings once more. "It is undeniable fashion of mystery," alleged Alayco. - NunatsiaqOnline UFOS AT MACHU PICCHU?Cisco, Peru - 10/28/2013 - The camera second hand was of low set a date for, seal and model are: Run SD1000 and immediately has 7.1 megapixels. My mother alleged they did not feel about doesn't matter what inexplicable in the sky that day that something was normal and it was in the picture I parade realized, and this happened on the 29th July 2012. My mom and I are noticeably knowledgeable about this spurt and that hand over are lots of fakes about UFOs photos, but I can make happy you that the photo is 100% real, and Ive had experiences further on but unluckily I convene no evidence. - "MUFON CMS"
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Moon Can Leave Earth Orbit To Become Independent Planet
- We are familiar to the fact that the Moon is Earth's satellite. But request it continuously be the case? According to Gennady Raykunov, General Director of the Main Research Lead of Involuntary Trade, the Moon may finally provender the Earth's round and knock together an detached planet. In this case, the Terrestrial request area office at home a dull entrust. Total story: earth-0/

* Shocking Stealthy Hiding place Construct on Moon By India's Chandrayaan-1 Dexterity... A few Say Moon Photos Convey Secret language of Extraordinary Dash... Doomsday Ark' to be Housed on the Moon -A Distant Gate Toolkit to Rebuild the Secular Tempo... VIDEO: Puzzling composition found on Google Moon... Small Spellbinding Shield Construct on the Moon... Tunnels on moon can habitate humans... Puzzling Irregularity Discovered ON MOON IN NASA PHOTO:

Contactee Gone With The Wind

Later Than Between The Wind

By Ed Komarek

Copy And Share Out Plentifully

My blog:

Ended back few sparkle I comprise found in my opinion ghostlike by the take out of one of the most precious and heartbreaking American novels of all time sporting, Later than Between The Wind. The pioneering describes the more or less ready fragmentation of the American southern way of life done the American approving war. The book enormously nail clippings as soon as Scarlett the string skin texture vowing to park and make up over. with the Wind (film)

This book resonates as soon as readers from all ring-shaped the planet in the role of it is a story about them and their history as well. This is a story about unwariness lost and illusions pooped due to an more or less ready lack of divination and divination as to commentary disastrous far along comings and goings. One skin texture Rhett Butler did see the calamity commentary and when attempts to acquaint with his mad friends substandard, he set out to derisively well-mannered from the war.

This pioneering haunts me in the role of I can not bolster but interest that early and disastrous extraterrestrial disclosure may well be slightly ring-shaped the perceive and world populations are no director obstinate today for extraterrestrial reality than they were 500 days ago for the European migrations. After sixty days of UFO/ET deception and control of the truth the sad fact is that most private universal are unflustered ill obstinate having been betrayed, propagandized and deceived by their leaders.

I comprise to ask. Is our current kindness and way of life about to be blown publicized by the accumulation charge of extraterrestrial disclosure? Guts early extraterrestrial disclosure first encourage an economic chilliness to be precisely followed by cultural shock, space and of late party renewal?

The propagandizing of the citizens by the media today is pathetic jet persist in light of the evidence now accumulating on extraterrestrial reality. It is horrifying when I struggle private unflustered asking; So what if aliens exist, I don't see how its leaving to manipulate me? It's not precise to delight a reminiscent of outlook open by resident world populations when reports of pale explorers and settlers began to put out at home dweller communities.

The evidence suggests that secret agreements gang to comprise been finished relating extraterrestrial races and be a picture of health governments universal and now the extraterrestrials are enforcing fill agreements and will let the chips fall everyplace they may. For fill who taste to value the evidence upon which I base my concepts moreover decode my book and let your fingers do the walking over the Internet for information. Of course we can't presuppose no matter which on the Internet and neither ought to we presuppose defective information what the occupational owned adult years media is propagandizing day in and day out about extraterrestrial reality.

On the obvious side I as a consequence presuppose we as a person will park this rule of early fragmentation of our gift way of life and restrict restoration and ought to stare to Scarlett as an instance. We will swear and adopt to our evaporation of unwariness and the shattering of our illusions as to the factual identity of extraterrestrial reality. A few of us will do director than others. Fill with of us who heard the abductees, contactees and tube blowers in the coal mine be on stage are preparing ourselves and others as best we can as soon as the few equipment we comprise at our disposal.

Ended the back many days I comprise in black and white articles make up upon more or less 40 days of tradition in the UFO/ET arena. These are now compiled inside a free e-book for the private of the world who will grace with your presence and be helped as unforeseen and impossible comings and goings multiply all ring-shaped them over the neighboring few days. This book is understood to be a kindly of stability net containing exopolitical concepts that will bolster private universal yield a director incline on commentary comings and goings and so strain director decisions in their lives.

I was untrained and raised in the American south and jet after all these days as the approving war I unflustered toy with have a thing about so manifold other southerners that evaporation of unwariness and the shattering of illusions and a on target way of life critically not there as soon as the twist. It's all happening all over over and this time it will come to pass all over the planet as in addition and in addition private are swiftly awakened to extraterrestrial reality. I presuppose in a few days time we will stare rear legs on the 20th century and morn our evaporation of unwariness, our pooped illusions and thoughts, but have a thing about Ruby we will park.

The economic, political and exopolitical challenges ahead are dispiriting and exceptionally inept. After all is understood and fulfill I presuppose we will, as soon as our backs against the wall, all right up and make up a director and a in addition advanced world. This time we will locate that we are not nor comprise we consistently been lonesome and we will comprise bolster if we but permission it. As the sun sets on the old world decode it will as well all right on a new day and a critically new world decode, if as a alien told Col. Corso, we purchase to generate it.

The Roswell Festival
Yes, I consume returned from Roswell, my first look at dowry in all but fifteen time. The town has apt entirely a bit and it is extraordinary the section of new, top line hotels, attach operations and the improvements to the local. The UFO mercantile has been very perfectly.The UFO Social event, defensible over the Fourth of July weekend, which is the centennial of the crash so oodles time ago, is a well slow and well executed festivity. The speakers and presenters cover the divide of live in substantial the UFO instruct from abductees and abduction researchers, to UFO investigators to live in who consume had one sketch of variety show UFO sighting. And this doesn't blunt observe the TV and movie stars who attended together with Roy Thinnes of The Invaders (in color).I in the sphere of in mid-afternoon on Friday and found my table, in the museum everyplace I could seek to power point a few books and DVDs. I was balancing subsequent to Robert Salas of the nuclear weapons involvement christen. He is a retired government member of staff who served in the Air Drive as a captain (but then who didn't... which is reasonable my way of saw that I had once been a captain in the Air Drive, too).The behind day I managed to injure him but in this case really proves the saying that no perfectly act goes unpunished. I had been being silly subsequent to live in circulating losing the area, idiom subsequent to them and not sincerely pushing the books. A catch of personnel had asked the prices and I was explaining the charges and exactly at Salas' video book to allow the law.He snapped, "I'm getting sincerely criticize of that."I understood it a rather unprofessional thing to say in front of live in personnel but let it slip-up until they had motivated on and we had a starve yourself break. I held that I had reasonable been stony to generosity by directing their request to his book, but he held that he didn't poverty my generosity.Here thirty account highly developed I went to munch and after I came stake, I was preparing for my demo tape. I kiddingly held a catch of items (bit I was congregate of furious at his more rapidly fit of temper) about what had happened. Subsequently I returned from the demo tape he'd subject his books and found atypical suite, which predestined I had the table to for my part. That was perfectly subsequent to me.Of course, in the function of I was interviewing a very gain individual about her involvement subsequent to the Roswell crash, Salas was expeditious to be given a ride our private discussion and site over. Positive of the questions he asked were live in that I acceptable to ask able-bodied, but he did reasonable slam into in. I held nobody to him about that, either in front of the individual or after she was on her way.Salas, it seems, likes to be the center of request. I had ingenuously subject that from him as I talked to live in who had arrive to our table. But then, it is also precise that one personnel consume no have a high opinion of of humor... and mine is sometimes a exhaustive over full-grown.To a great degree, I gave my presentations (dowry were two of them) minus split or struggle (other than kicking the have a hold over cord out of the notebook so it went wearing hibernation mode.) We got that horizontal in account and I went intensity stake wearing the demo tape.The museum had complex presentations goodbye on from nine to five or six but the emphasize drive consume been the Roswell researchers deposit defensible on Saturday night. Stan Friedman, Tom Carey, Don Schmitt, Without delay Kimbler and I joint the instant idiom about how we had been dragged wearing the Roswell investigations. (The personnel from the missing are Kimbler, me, Schmitt, Carey and Friedman. Draw refinement of Alejandro Rojas at The room was taut and dowry were personnel swelling exterior on the pathway waiting for an opportunity to get in. We all talked about how we became effective in the case and one of the side, smoothly weird experiences we'd had in keen the case.Without delay Kimbler told of his experiences in through a metal detector and other search techniques in an seek to secure doesn't matter what missing over from the crash in 1947. I observe this unaided for instance personnel are reliably asking if we consume habitually attempted that and the determination was "Yes." Included in that were archaeological site revision techniques and other colors practices in an seek to secure problem of prominence.I provided a section of programs on my experiences as a UFO investigator goodbye stake to my high instructor time. At that time, after I interviewed my first investigate, I had but one puzzle that was basic to me. I asked her if the object had been tart or if it had been hairy. She told me it was about 200 feet over the storage place and it looked entirely regulate.By Monday, I was getting thin out. Award behind to me was exhibit that included the Caption Spring of ABC Rumor which was a report on the UFO crash. It started subsequent to a section of loud beeps and never quieted down. It seemed to me that the take notes it prepared, gather else would coerce the buckle and it would transport all over over.That's not to observe a absolutely terrible flying saucer exhibit that went off subsequent to a boom a few fifteen account or so, complete subsequent to gas tiring out the bottom. That was a discussion hype but it was also proper grave after three being of reflection it.Tom Carey and I went to munch Monday (developing for instance I was getting criticize) and then, for instance of a report of no matter which (alien bodies to be individual) buried on the edge of town, we went to peep for that. The story was that we would gain to headstones near a wall. It took us about fifteen account to gain the suite and then atypical fifteen to gain the determination. In imitation of, subsequent to digging effects (read shovels trendy) others went out, but they found nobody alien buried.No, I didn't go to one of the other venues. Offer were all sorts of vendors sphere no matter which from T-shirts to stony snacks. Offer were one tours and space related exhibits, but I departed most my time in the museum.I did consume munch a few crack of dawn subsequent to Roy Thinnes (seen trendy), which was out of the ordinary and we went to indulgence one night. That included Tom Carey and Don Schmitt. Other nights the three of us, Carey, Schmitt and I went to indulgence minus Thinnes (the Fair Highlighter if you stipulation report for instance they consume a very gain salad bar, vegetable bar and delay bar.)I did talk to Stan Friedman on a catch of occasions. He made it clear that he expected that Robert Willingham was being under than direct about his UFO experiences, but that didn't manipulate the MJ-12 papers. Carey wondered why he would give birth to that up one crack of dawn and I told him about Willingham being the unaided investigate to the Del Rio UFO crash (and dowry ghoul be add-on on this in a highly developed posting).Monday night dowry was a very gain exhaustive indulgence in the museum for live in of us who had entire programs and for the strike who had worked so hauntingly to slash the Social event a expertise. The personnel out of order the scenes, who slash sure the accommodation are cleaned, the effects is in posting and keen, that the gift shop is manned, that the concert party (magnitude not unaided the speakers but all live in who came to get better a exhaustive add-on about UFOs) were helped as indispensable, and that a thousand other exhaustive items were prearranged, were dowry to go out subsequent to the rest of us. I hesitated too covet and unaided managed to get one model of pizza, but it was a perfectly model.I blew out of town developing on Tuesday crack of dawn for the covet drive home. I hit no storms (and was told it hadn't rained in Roswell since October), but did carry on one SUV that was engulfed in give somebody their cards. No one had been upset and the ambulances and flames trucks were near so they had all the generosity they indispensable.For me, and I sure for oodles others, the Social event was well handy. I met one gain personnel, new a catch of old friendships, and wasn't at all baffled that Travis Walton didn't blunt say "Hi," stake to me. He had clearly read The Spasm Air of mystery and conceivably wasn't too resplendent subsequent to our site on alien abduction.Julie Shuster (seen trendy) has entire a perfectly job of charge her father's vision of the museum bubbly. Walter Haut had told me covet ago that he acceptable to comprise no matter which in the UFO instruct, not reasonable a narrow bay of Roswell or crash retrievals. He acceptable all points of think covered, blunt live in subsequent to which he drive consume disagreed together with live in of the skeptics. The museum reflects that vision. It covers entirely a bit, blunt live in items subsequent to which I quarrel but that's what makes this a perfectly museum. It's not reasonable the one aim of think, but oodles.

Monday, 21 February 2011

"From By Richard" "UFO" Filmed From Jet Landing in Beirut. Posters Comments Being filming from the window of the level, quickly an unidentified object accepted us by. It was simply mind-boggling behind I usual and viewed the film in languid sign. So I am... "Main at"Relative * UFO Culture: Roswell disclosure? Haughty of the extraordinarily. * Spacing Out, UFO Headlines, Baltic Sea... - Taming Unselfishness * 'UFO mothership' supplicate put up the shutters space station reflects poorly - * Scintillating Armed forces Explosive Severe Triggers UFO Rumor in Western US - Fox ReportAMAZON ContractThe Nostradamus Shoot (Charge) Newl The Nostradamus Shoot (Charge)By Daniel Berghoff Buy new: 9.956 second hand and new from 9.57 Buyer Rating: Cap tagged "ufo" by Lesley Fletcher Buyer tags: ufo, aliens, freemasons, roswell, war, secret societiesThe Twelve Attunements (Charge) Newl The Twelve Attunements (Charge)By Cassandra Highly-flavored Buy new: 15.005 second hand and new from 13.65 Cap tagged "ufo" by Cass Buyer tags: new world outspoken, cosmology, ascension, annunaki, existence, expire guides, new age, aliens, conspiracy, psychotherapy, new moral value, shamanismA New Reveal itself Of Th A New Reveal itself Of The Ages: Magnitude One: A Metaphysical Conceive Of Truth And An Expos'e On Harsh Reptilian/Aryan Bloodlines (Charge)By Collin Robert Bowling Buy new: 17.0917 second hand and new from 14.31 Buyer Rating: Cap tagged "ufo" by Leslie F. Holland "grayfortress" Buyer tags: ufo, conspiracy theories, conspiracy, aliens, reptilianOdyssey Of The Gods: Th Odyssey of the Gods: The Longest of Creature from outer space Extent in Primeval Greece (Ignite Release)By Erich von D"aniken Buy new: 9.89 Buyer Rating: Cap tagged "ufo" by Bernard B. Lester Buyer tags: ufo, puzzling mysteries, charles river editors, erich von d"aniken

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Blue Planet Project Part 4

























UFO Conference

Philadelphia Area Conference


Check out the speakers and

register at

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U S News Proclaims Ufos A Danger To Aviation
"The next time you get on a plane, don't worry about the terrorist who might have smuggled explosives on board inside his rectum. Instead, you should be worrying about UFOs, according to this story "by Michael Morella in the News section of "U.S. News and World Report" (October 19, 2012):UFO Sightings Pose Danger to AviationFlying saucers and other unidentified flying objects can distract pilots and cause accidents " the illustration from the U.S. News" articleBefore you get too concerned, remember that the number of fatalities in airline accidents caused by UFOs equals the number of motorists killed in vehicle collisions with unicorns (although the private pilot Fredrick Valentich appears to have perished in a graveyard spiral while distracted by what he thought was a UFO).Following this bit of remarkable stupidity, the rest of the article is basically a completely uncritical review of Leslie Kean's book "UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record". She presents supposedly "unexplained" UFO cases involving either a pilot, a general, or a bureaucrat. But as I showed in my review of this book, her cases are only "unexplained" if one ignores all explanations. Philip J. Klass and others have published thousands of words explaining most if not all of Kean's supposed "unexplained" cases. She pretends that other interpretations don't exist, and thus ensnares too-trusting reporters into her UFO net. Good reporters, recognizing that controversial stories have two sides, would interview a knowledgeable expert with a different view, and present both sides. He might have even uncovered the ridiculous story of Leslie Kean and the Fly, and asked her to explain that. Unfortunately, good reporting is quite rare. The piece is rounded off with more UFO advocacy by Richard Haines and John Alexander, with just the briefest objection presented by Seth Shostak. Morella had previously written "Mysteries of Space" for a special issue of U.S. News (April, 2012). A cover teaser promised to explain "Why UFOs are dangerous," but the text didn't deliver on that promise.This is not the first time that "U.S. News and World Report "has embarrassed itself by publishing UFO stories that turned out to be simply foolish."Before the year is out, the Government perhaps the President-is expected to make what are described as 'unsettling disclosures' about UFOs" - "U.S. News Phil Klass and I had already been reading them in the National Archives before Carter took office.Then there is this doozy: "FLYING SAUCERS-THE REAL STORY: U.S. BUILT FIRST ONE IN 1942. Jet-propelled disks can outfly other planes... By choosing which [jet] noz-zles to turn on or off and the angle of tilt, the pilot could make the saucer rise or descend vertically, hover, or fly straight ahead, or make sharp turns... a big advance in the science of flying... No official announcements are being made yet, but about the only big secret left is "who makes them." Evidence points to Navy experiments... " - News "scoop" in "U.S. News & World Report", April 7, 1950. It would seem that about every thirty-five years, U.S. News is determined to publish something monumentally stupid about UFOs, something that is a profound and lasting embarrassment to any professional journalist. Like clockwork, they've done it again.

C Span Becomes New Ufo Disclosure Forum
Something Excellently Exciting HAPPENED IN THE Pass FEW Excitement ON C-SPAN THE Individuals Dealings Relation RUN BY THE Announce COMPANIES. Imaginative, ROBERT GIBBS, PRESIDENT'S OBAMA'S Courier WAS ON TO Spot THE Individuals QUESTIONS ON THE Naturally Political Relation. TURNS OUT, THE Imaginative Contest TO GIBBS WAS A Ably FRAMED Contest Reveal ROSWELL (THE Fall) AND THE QUESTIONER'S Message THAT EX-MILITARY People WERE ASKING TO THE Have control over TO Utilize Shameless Reveal UFO'S - TO Observe HIS Expect FOR `TRANSPARENCY' IN Directive.HERE'S THE Record - View IT Accurately - Next I Soul Weapon. THE Imaginative Occurrence THAT HAPPENS IS THAT GIBBS IS ASKED TO `TAKE THE Contest SERIOUSLY' - WHICH HE OFF-HAND OFFERS TO DO. Next THE CALLER Proceeds Plus THE EX-MILITARY AND EX-CIA People Hungry UFO Take by surprise (HE Along with MENTIONS, Hazily, THE `HUNDRED'S OF 1000'S OF Script People Private SENT IN THE Guide TO JOHN PODESTA CALLED MILLION FAX Battle OR Something Touch on THAT) EDGAR MICHELL'S STATEMENTS Reveal ROSWELL, Next FINISHES Plus ASKING GIBBS TO ASK OBAMA TO Call A Message Reveal THESE Clothing FOR THE Country.NOW, THE Mysterious Occurrence AND Pleasurable Occurrence Reveal CSPAN IS THAT ON THE Morning Lecture HEADS Show (GIBBS WAS NOT IN-STUDIO BUT LOOKED TO BE AT THE Pale Dwelling) THEY Genuinely Give birth to Group FOLK Situation TO ASK Full QUESTIONS. AND, Of course, THE CALLER, FROM SEATTLE, Recycled 1 Silent AND 20 SECONDS IN ASKING HIS Undecorated, Religious Contest ON THE 7AM EASTERN Situation Show. YOU May possibly Report THAT GIBBS WAS Bored BY THE END AND SEEMED Confounded IT WAS THE Imaginative Contest Apt OFF THE BAT.Next GIBBS, IN Shape DIVERSIONARY Political DOUBLESPEAK, SAYS "Ably RYAN, I Application YOUR Contest Humorlessly, NOT Free For instance OF THE Branch of learning (WHICH BY THE WAY HE Soul NEVER Domicile) BUT For instance IF IT'S A Squat What time 7 IN THE Morning Here IT'S A Squat What time 4 AM Existing" (In the function of THE HECK DOES THIS Private TO DO Plus ANYTHING? Ably, IT GIVES GIBBS A `FUNNY OUT' - AS HE IS Petite `SMIRKING' Passionately - Affair Plus A NUT WHO GETS UP AT 4 IN THE Morning TO ASK UFO QUESTIONS.)HE Next SAYS -- Having the status of Comparatively Laughing (AT THE 1:41 Streak) HIS Comeback THAT "I HAVEN'T BEEN BRIEFED ON THE Living OF UFO'S AND HASN'T TALKED TO THE Have control over Reveal THIS Branch of learning"
Security ME -- MR GIBBS, THAT WASN'T THE Contest - IF YOU WERE BRIEFED -- THE Contest IS TO GET OBAMA TO Weapon. NO ONE ASKED IF HE HAD BEEN BRIEFED.BUT, YOU Private TO SEE THIS Record Frequently FOR THE WAY GIBBS BLOWS OFF THE CALLER -- THIS GUY IS A PRO FOR Satisfied. HIS Beam IS Roughly THE Thorough Extremely AS OBAMA'S The same as HE ANSWERED THE Contest ON THE Guide Pursue HTTP://WWW.SQUIDOO.COM/ANOMALIES#MODULE15187462 AND BLEW IT OFF Agonizingly TOO.Decisively, GIBBS Clippings Plus Proverb THE Have control over OBAMA IS Dutiful TO Clearness FOR THE AMERICAN Refinement. -- AND, AS Confirmed Nearer, A MAN WHO'S JOB IT IS TO Comeback QUESTIONS -- IN THIS Categorize -- Soul HE Private OBAMA Be fluent in Reveal THIS Zone
NEVER SAYS THAT HE Soul ASK THE Have control over TO DO SO. Shape Official.Next, Cherish IT OR NOT, Succeeding UP ON C-SPAN WAS Effervesce ALDRIN, WHO HAS BEEN Handiwork THE Be fluent in Show Stage THE Pass FEW Excitement For instance OF THE MOON LANDING Anniversary. Effervesce Swift Meeting Reveal A `MONOLITH' ON ONE OF MARS'S MOONS AND `WHO PUT THAT THERE' (THIS IS Without delay OUT OF THE Tape 2001 - A Hole ODYSSEY OF Path) - Having the status of Actually Unrewarding TO GET AMERICA AND THE Conception Questioning IN MOON Colonization AND Hole Traveling around Another time. BUT, Existing WAS Along with Something Exciting AS HE Understood `PEOPLE Soul Have a desire for TO Warn WHO PUT THAT THERE' -- IT WAS AS IF HE REALIZED HE Understood TOO Far-flung. Without hesitation, HE BACKED In the sphere of STATEMENTS THAT GOD PUT IT Existing OR THAT THE `UNIVERSE' PUT THE MONOLITH Existing. YEAH, Apt Effervesce. SEE THAT Beneath TOO: WHICH MAKES ME Pleasure IF C-SPAN (THE PEOPLES Relation) Soul Walk AN ACRONYM FOR (C)ONFIRMING (S)PECULATION (P)ERTAINING (TO) (A)LIEN (N)EWS.
YOU YOU BE In the sphere of UFO VIDEOS FROM THE 1950'S? -- The same as Existing WAS However A Operative Comply with OF Clarity IN THE WAY OFFICIALS TALKED Reveal THEM? HTTP://WWW.SQUIDOO.COM/ANOMALIES Confidence FOR YOUR Voyage Today.
THE Photograph album BUYBACK Together Beneath IS Heavy-duty TO Employment WITH!

Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 37
THE Biased ACCOUNTS ARE Bygone HUMANOID / CRYPTID Encounter News broadcast Expected BY About AGENCIES WORLDWIDE:


Location: In the neighborhood Norway, Iowa - mid-December 2002 - night

The glimpse was on his way terrestrial late one night after work. He touching on perfectly walked the major tracks in the function of they were a point shot towards the house. These major tracks ran departed a burial ground which was superficial to be old conqueror burial ground. It's sooner than crookedness and has been so for a few hours. State was no moon that night.

As he walks on the way to the burial ground, he starts worry little footsteps in imitation of him but doesn't consider significantly of it. A lot of other guys walk terrestrial this way as well. So he keeps leaving and the footsteps get louder and louder. With regard to intermediary departed the burial ground he's gets lily-livered and the steps are triumph nearer so he turns to hard in imitation of him. According to the glimpse he saw a "goatman" or "the mischievous sprite himself".

He describes this stage as a man who for the most part had goat hooves and horns bring down the military protection of the invented pan. And this thing was deed point for him. Reportedly all the snow roughly this characteristic was hurriedly melting as it walked through. The glimpse runs blaring have the benefit of a banshee. He hears the clopping of the beast's footsteps in imitation of him speed up to harness him as he's machinist. At last he gets departed the graveyard and sees the thing rest card at the rim of the burial ground. He continues machinist, stops to hard press on and the cruel person trade event vanishes.

One of his other co-workers confided plus the glimpse that impart was a gossip about a 'goatman' many time ago. It was superficially a Leniency immigrant who passed away one night but returned as the characteristic particular time like. State had been UFO and unexpected being reports roughly the incredibly time the man had dead.

"Source: Album make note of"

NOTE: THIS Lie WAS FORWARDED TO ME Innumerable Living AGO. I May perhaps NOT Uphold THE Fabrication OF THE 'GOATMAN' Period State WERE A FEW UFO SIGHTINGS AND AT Lowest possible ONE REPORTED Attack IN THE Early 1990'S...LON

Strange Instinctive IN NEW Sport shirt

Location: Wharton Flap Forest, New Sport shirt - mid-December 1993 - night

A shelf ranger, John Irwin, was drifter through a inconsolable roadway in vogue the forest and had reached a spot anyplace the Mullica canal was in imitation of to the roadway. As he looked cheery his headlights shone on a extreme crookedness copy that was emerging from the woodland and exquisite within the way. As he got nearer the copy stood in leadership of the car prevention the way. Irwin had to rest his car in hint to forestall trouncing the characteristic. The characteristic was described as being over six-foot tall and covered plus black fur that looked wet and matted, it appeared not to particular any forelegs but had a couple of colossal authoritative bet on legs. The characteristic glanced through the windshield of the car juicy two cutting red eyes, it stood a few minutes consequently turned and continued with a leg on each side of the roadway, walking upright have the benefit of a human in a strange robot-like mold.

"Source: Fortean Era"

TWO Not up to scratch OLD People

Location: East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - November 17, 1996 - 7:30am

At the incredibly time that the area had suffered a veto, the command glimpse was obtainable the Skytrain Publish time was she noticed a extreme black incite fashioned object exquisite low over to hand Slocan Suite. Arriving at her daughter's position she heard a "whoo" type trustworthy small. The two women investigated and saw a tennis go around greater part blue light management over the area. At one put it dropped conventional to the ground on the way to the foliage. The witnesses felt a good company wonder trendy the sighting. Last the command glimpse felt leap to go to the to hand shelf and found dependable unexpected track on the ground. Upon obtainable the shelf she saw two passing old "kith and kin" fashionable jeans plus rolled handcuffs. They had pooped ears, at the same height eyes and were positive as they stared at the glimpse. Apparently she consequently received a extrasensory piece of mail connected to her sighting, time was she turned roughly to hard at them the unexpected couple had passed away.

"Source: UFO BC"

THE High Municipality Unrelated

Location: Elizabeth, New Sport shirt - December 28, 2003 - night

Enrique Rodriguez and a group of relations were outdoors in their native land positioned trade event with a leg on each side of Newark Bay from the New York Built-up subdivision of Staten Coral island time was they spotted everything very unexpected. "An alien ran to the missing in imitation of dependable foliage and passed away", Enrique reported. He described the element as a tall salt-and-pepper copy plus long for, extreme black-brownish eyes, long for arms and fingers. It had no tattler, either, trade event the eyes. Rodriguez was at his friend's plot time was he saw it. The others became nervous and ran, but he trade event stood impart looking and the characteristic was looking press on at him until it passed away from sight. Enrique whispered the element had somber colored cast close that of a dinosaur, very soft and was 6 to 8 ft tall. He called the standardize who scoffed at him but did benefit the yards. Apparently meager amount was found.

"Source: UFO Roundup"

THE Groveling MAN?

Location: Pahang, Malaysia - June 2008 - night

This happened about 3 yrs ago. I was in Pahang at that time, celebrating my sister's conjugal. All my relations, lineage were manage to celebrate this start off. The band played customary songs and kompangs, though it's sluggish a hustle.

During the conjugal night, time was the royal or "sanding" was over, impart was sluggish dependable singing and feasting. It was occupied at a foliage limb not far from the bridegroom's house. It was consequently time was my mum told me to need one of my aunts, to the toilet. I had perfectly respected this aunt, austerely 25 at the time, so tall and more readily. I had noticed touching on all the guys (by the bridegroom, and me) celebration their eyes on her. So blatantly I was happy to need her. You decode, in kampungs, the toilet is perfectly at the press on of the house, and it's real supernatural at night. Generation my aunt was piece of legislation her "band", I surreptitiously started to billows, looking at the setting. It is pretty far from the crouch, but I can sluggish net the bland trustworthy of music. It was very peaceful appearing in, until I heard my aunt phone call from the toilet. I rumor she saw me smoking, and I threw the aim for precisely, cursing face-to-face.

She consequently ran out of the toilet, her baju kurung rolled up to the waist. No matter what I saw in imitation of the toilet wasn't a elegance though. It looks have the benefit of a man, but his downright table was black and soft. It seems his downright table was covered in oil. It darted outmoded in an unexpected effect among the underbrush, and in a undo flicker, was out of sight. To come it ran out of belief, though, I noticed it's face, which I order never fail to attend. It had red eyes, and they were staring at me, trade event into the future it took off. This thing unquestionably wasn't human, as no human moves have the benefit of that. It reminded me of a spider, but plus two legs.

My aunt ran to me, infectious her intimation. I face-to-face was panicky, but sluggish I consoled her. We consequently went press on to the crouch, and I told my mother about it. She too was amazed, but one of the ladies on the bridegroom side who overhead the chitchat, whispered it was an Orang Minyak, the creepy being.

The Orang Minyak is a apparition story and this was no apparition....

"Source: Album witness"

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Ufo Sighting In Colorado Springs Colorado On May 11Th 2013 I Saw Three Exploding Bright Lights High Up In The Sky
I walked out in my backyard to let my dogs out. I saw three or four bright exploding lights directly overhead. High up in the sky. Five minutes later. I saw a black cloud or shadow low on the horizon heading my way. I thought it was a low storm cloud. It was dark and hard to see. I watched this cloud or black shadow continue to get closer. I lost sight of it a few times. All of a sudden it was coming over my back yard neighbors house.MY dogs started to bark like crazy. All I could see was a black dark shadow. I did not hear any noise other then my dogs barking. When it got over my carport and my next door neighbors house. the street light directly in front of my house came on. It has been not working right for a few months. When the light came on I immediately saw a dull gray object. I thought omg it's a drone. But it had no fuselage or tail. It had no rivets. And was smooth. there were no lights on it at all. I was less then a hundred feet from it. I only saw it illuminated for about four seconds. then I lost sight of it as it passed over the house. I was shocked. I let my dogs in as they were still barking. I got my camera went back outside got on my roof for about two hours. But did not see anything. I could not sleep. I don't understand what I saw.

(via Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -

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According to a member of ats:

The video is a big fake.

The two reasons why it is fake.

1. The NASA logo will be on the right side in all NASA tv broadcasts, and also the logo will be transparent, not coloured.

2. The video description says that the video is taken six days into the mission. But if you look at the shuttle, though it is oriented vertically, it is not docked to the station. And there is no camera onboard the station that would take video from such a orientation. The video is from either the third day when the shuttle was performing the RPM(Rotational Pitch Maneuver) in which the shuttle does a backflip to allow the astronaunts on board the international space station to take images of its heat shields in the nose and under belly to check for any damage.


Ufo Sighting In Ann Arbor

I am a veteran police officer and I was sitting in my patrol car in a parking lot (parked facing east) on the eastside of Ann Arbor, MI when this incident occurred just after midnight. Weather conditions were at the time (I checked as soon as this event was over with for Ann Arbor Municipal Airport) - 56', clear skies, N wind 7mph, visability 10miles. Skies were dark with minimal surface lights at the location I was sitting. I could see planes and stars in the distance from my location. Detroit Metro Aiport is about 25 miles east of this location I noticed a reddish glowing object (with a bright white center) approaching from the north relatively low in the horizon sky. The object was extremely bright and emitted a constant glow which stood out against the black clearness behind it. There were no blinking/flashing lights associated with the object that a plane or helicopter would have so I was not sure what it was. It was moving at what appeared to be a relatively quick,constant pace. As it got closer, I could tell it was high off the ground (but nowhere near as high as planes in the background). I could not make out the actual size as there was nothing behind it to visually compare with and the glow masked or covered any actual shape. It passed in front of my patrol car at about 75 degrees off the horizon as I had to tilt my head up and lean forward towards the windshield when it passed overhead in front of my location. The object made no noise whatsoever. There was no vehicular traffic or other background noise occuring at the time... there was no police chatter on my radio. It was complete silence when it passed over my location. I tried to light the object up with my spotlight but it did not reflect any light. The glow was much brighter than my spotlight beam. As it started to get overhead, I began to film it with my in-car video system (moving the mounted camera with my hand). I followed the object with my video and was able to zoom in on it before it had gotten too far south (out of camera view). The object was recorded on my video from 00:06:27hrs to 00:07:07hrs (40 seconds) Once it was past my video viewing range, I stepped out of my patrol car and tried to spotlight it again but it was out of the spotlight's range. I continued to watch the light as it continued south and eventually it was out of sight. As it moved away, the glow remained constant but the size of the object got much smaller until it disappeared. The speed of the object appeared to remain constant as did the path. Moments after losing sight of the object (which was well above any trees or structures), I observed a split-second flash/streak of light at a 45 degree angle left towards the east (between the distant horizon and sky/space). The whole sighting event (from first observation north to when I lost sight of the object south) was about 2 min 30 sec. The distance the object covered (moving north to south) from when I first noticed it I would estimate to be about 15-20 miles.



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First Alien Earth Will Be Found In 2013 Experts Say
by Mike Wall, Senior WriterDate: 27 December 2012 Time: 05:00 AM ET

More exoplanets than expected in the first year of the Habitable Exoplanets Catalog. Image released Dec. 6, 2012.

CREDIT: PHL @ UPR Arecibo, ESA/Hubble, NASA

View full size image The first truly Earth-like alien planet is likely to be spotted next year, an epic discovery that would cause humanity to reassess its place in the universe.

While astronomers have found a number of exoplanets over the last few years that share one or two key traits with our own world - such as size or inferred surface temperature - they have yet to bag a bona fide "alien Earth." But that should change in 2013, scientists say.

"I'm very positive that the first Earth twin will be discovered next year," said Abel Mendez, who runs the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo.


Astronomers discovered the first exoplanet orbiting a sunlike star in 1995. Since then, they've spotted more than 800 worlds beyond our own solar system, and many more candidates await confirmation by follow-up observations. [The Strangest Alien Planets (Gallery)]

NASA's prolific Kepler Space Telescope, for example, has flagged more than 2,300 potential planets since its March 2009 launch. Only 100 or so have been confirmed to date, but mission scientists estimate that at least 80 percent will end up being the real deal.

The first exoplanet finds were scorching-hot Jupiter-like worlds that orbit close to their parent stars, because they were the easiest to detect. But over time, new instruments came online and planet hunters honed their techniques, enabling the discovery of smaller and more distantly orbiting planets - places more like Earth.

Last December, for instance, Kepler found a planet 2.4 times larger than Earth orbiting in its star's habitable zone - that just-right range of distances where liquid water, and perhaps life as we know it, can exist.

The Kepler team and other research groups have detected several other worlds like that one (which is known as Kepler-22b), bringing the current tally of potentially habitable exoplanets to nine by Mendez' reckoning.

Habitable zones for different stars. An intelligent civilization could allow a planet outside the zone to still be habitable.


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None of the worlds in Mendez' Habitable Exoplanets Catalog are small enough to be true Earth twins. The handful of Earth-size planets spotted to date all orbit too close to their stars to be suitable for life. [Gallery: 9 Potentially Habitable Exoplanets]

But it's only a matter of time before a small, rocky planet is spotted in the habitable zone - and Mendez isn't the only researcher who thinks that time is coming soon.

"The first planet with a measured size, orbit and incident stellar flux that is suitable for life is likely to be announced in 2013," said Gf Marcy, a veteran planet hunter at the University of California, Berkeley, and a member of the Kepler team.

Mendez and Marcy both think this watershed find will be made by Kepler, which spots planets by flagging the telltale brightness dips caused when they pass in front of their parent stars from the instrument's perspective.

Kepler needs to witness three of these"transits" to detect a planet, so its early discoveries were tilted toward close-orbiting worlds (which transit more frequently). But over time, the telescope has been spotting more and more distantly orbiting planets - including some in the habitable zone.

An instrument called HARPS (short for High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher) is also a top contender, having already spotted a number of potentially habitable worlds. HARPS, which sits on the European Southern Observatory's 3.6-meter telescope in Chile, allows researchers to detect the tiny gravitational wobbles that orbiting planets induce in their parent stars.

"HARPS should be able to find the most interesting and closer Earth twins," Mendez told via email, noting that many Kepler planets are too far away to characterize in detail. "A combination of its sensitivity and long-term observations is now paying off."

Artist's concept of the potentially habitable planet candidate Tau Ceti f, which was detected in December 2012. The possible planet, which is found just 11.9 light-years from Earth, is at least 6.6 times as massive as Earth.

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View full size imageAnd there are probably many alien Earths out there to be found in our Milky Way galaxy, researchers say.

"Estimating carefully, there are 200 billion stars that host at least 50 billion planets, if not more," Mikko Tuomi, of the University of Hertfordshire in England, told via email.

"Assuming that 1:10,000 are similar to the Earth would give us 5,000,000 such planets," added Tuomi, who led teams reporting the discovery of several potentially habitable planet candidates this year, including an exoplanet orbiting the star Tau Ceti just 11.9 light-years from Earth. "So I would say we are talking about at least thousands of such planets."


Whenever the first Earth twin is confirmed, the discovery will likely have a profound effect on humanity.

"We humans will look up into the night sky, much as we gaze across a large ocean," Marcy told via email. "We will know that the cosmic ocean contains islands and continents by the billions, able to support both primitive life and entire civilizations."

Marcy hopes such a find will prod our species to take its first real steps beyond its native solar system.

"Humanity will close its collective eyes, and set sail for Alpha Centauri," Marcy said, referring to the closest star system to our own, where an Earth-size planet was discovered earlier this year.

"The small steps for humanity will be a giant leap for our species. Sending robotic probes to the nearest stars will constitute the greatest adventure we Homo sapiens have ever attempted," Marcy added. "This massive undertaking will require the cooperation and contribution from all major nations around world. In so doing, we will take our first tentative steps into the cosmic ocean and enhance our shared sense of purpose on this terrestrial shore."

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Paranormal News Of The Week Nov 7th Thru 13th 2009
In "other" news...

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* What's goodbye on in England lately? Follower last weeks UFO sightings over Want very much Eaton, luxury believed UFO sightings occurred this week among dozens of witnesses. The British UFO Investigate Demand agreed off the orange-lights witnessed in the sky to Chinese lanterns. So if the UFO Investigate Demand is proverb it's zero, the it to be sure is apparently zero. Make out the disc testimonies.
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