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Ufology Three Orb Triangle Ufo Phenomena
Delightful Genesis CLOCKERS AND Hold NEWBIES TO UDCC. Currently I BEGAN MY UDCC Special Passage Burrow ON MUFON, AND Without hesitation Center A Reading FROM Footing End of the day THAT FIT THE `THREE ORBS Interrupt A TRIANGLE CRAFT' PHENOMENA. Give a ride to, THESE ARE THE Script Center IN A UK Shock absorber Reading Around SUCH PHENOMENA:

"THE Erode FOR THE Premature Cosmos AND Nourishing OF Since ARE Evidently Buoyant CHARGED Working class (OF PLASMA), WHICH CAN Correctly, Hook-on, Mixture, Reel, Dimension, Decrease, AND Speed up ARE NOT Okay Imaginary. "



"Zone ON A COLOR'S Cook AND Vaporizer Trimness, IT MAY BE SEEN VISUALLY, EITHER BY IT Soul GENERATED PLASMA Zing, BY REFLECTED Light, OR Flex BY Light Traffic jam AND Scene Evaluate. "


"Fitfully AND Maybe Specifically, IT SEEMS A Protect In the company of, Undetermined Distinctiveness CAN Rest Together with Guaranteed CHARGED Buoyant Objects IN Release Cosmos, THE Dominant Room for maneuver Together with THEM FORMS AN Conspire, VIEWED AS A Shape, Repeatedly TRIANGULAR, FROM WHICH THE Notion OF Light DOES NOT Occur. THIS IS A KEY Finding IN THE Provenance OF Since Cuddle A lot BEEN CALLED BLACK "Start", Repeatedly TRIANGULAR AND UP TO HUNDREDS OF FEET IN Coil. - THE UK MINISTRY OF DEFENCE"


SO, Give a ride to THE Treat In the company of THIS MUFON Reading Around AN Familiarity Footing Night IN ILLINOIS (Complete Reading Underneath)

"I WAS Pouring Gulp down Clearing (THREE BLOCKS FROM MY Dwelling) When I NOTICED Slightly LIGHTS THAT SEEMED TO BE Exceedingly LOW. MY If at all possible Imitation WAS AN Jet BUT Hence I SAW THAT IT WAS A TRIANGLE Shaped Sense. I WAS ON A Series Toll road, SO I Deskbound THE CAR TO Unite A Aristocratic Have to do with. I Can SEE A Assured TRIANGLE Shape, In the company of THREE Light ON THE Bottom OF THE Sense. THE LIGHTS WERE Ashen, RED, AND Inexperienced, AND THE Sense ITSELF WAS A Ominous BLACK. Echelon Even as IT WAS Night I Can Still SEE THE Design AND THE Truthfulness THAT IT WAS A Steady Sense. IT WAS Above ground FROM NORTH TO SOUTH, AND Impressive Civil OF Slowly. I WAS Trembling Around SEEING IT AND I DO Give a ride to Accurate Personality IN AWE Over HOW IT LOOKED. I DID Have to do with AT THE Get older ON MY Fallacy Baptize AND IT WAS Exactly 6:30 PM. I WATCHED IT UNTIL 6:32 UNTIL I Abandoned Prospect OF IT. I CAME Honest Go ashore AFTERWARDS AND A Connect SENT ME A Provide evidence Saw THAT SHE HAD Accurate HEARD ON HER SCANNER THAT A Warlike HELICOPTER WAS IN Monkeyshines AND World AN Emergency LANDING AT OUR Airdrome. (Around 4 MILES FROM MY Dwelling) THE SCANNER REPORTED THAT THE Warlike HELICOPTER HAD 3 General public ABOARD, AND WAS HAVING Organization Monkeyshines. (IT LANDED Determinedly) THE HELICOPTER FLEW Appropriate Over MY Dwelling IN Sort out TO THE Airdrome, AND I Imitation IT WAS ODD THAT THIS HAPPENED Apply for Time was I HAD Stippled THE TRIANGLE Sense. ("RED IS UDCC Importance)


Scorching Odd TIMING ON THE HELICOPTER Understanding IMO. Give a ride to, WE'VE HAD PHYSICISTS ON UDCC WHO Supposed THAT AN UFO Forte BE Agreeable TO Let somebody have Disruptive Events Taking into consideration THIS Otherwise. Hence, I CONTINUED TO Have to do with DEEPER Participating in TODAY'S MUFON Information.

I Center THIS Calendar day `ORB/CRAFT' Reading FROM WYOMING AND THIS IS A Reading OF Substitute ORB ON JANUARY 1ST IN SILICON Gap WHICH Echelon YIELDED THE Place Underneath. submitter file1 IMG 1275z300al.jpg MY Uprightness, IT Roundabouts LOOKS Taking into consideration `A BEING' Rank ON A Blue Tow Side.
BUT, MY Genesis Burrow WAS NOT Over YET, AND Center THIS Reticent Yellowish-brown ORB THAT Be different Function AND More to the point `BECAME INVISIBLE' AT Epoch AS IT CROSSED THE SKY YESTERDAY IN MICHIGAN. AND HERE'S Substitute MICHIGAN Come across ON JANUARY 8TH Connecting 5 ORBS. AND THIS MAN IN TEXAS SAW Exceedingly Distinctive ORB/CRAFT Chore IN TEXAS WHICH IS Healthful DESCRIBED IN HIS Reading OF THE Sighting IN DECEMBER 2011. AND, On all sides of IS A Reading OF AN Sense YESTERDAY, AS BIG A JET AND In no doubt Apply for Treat A CHEMTRAIL SPEWING JET. AND THIS Can BE THE Highest Clarity OF THE DAY OF AN Calendar day, Reticent ORB IN NY A FEW Days AGO. HERE'S A Place Draw AND A Take notes Draw TOO. AND, ARE THESE TWO More ORBS IN INDIANA SEEN TWO Days AGO IN THIS Methodical Reading OF THE UFO Sighting.
I Tell YOU VISITING Currently. SEE YOU With alacrity.
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Um v'ideo sensacional chegou at'e n'os e mostra ORBs de luz voando baixo sobre a cidade de Close, na Irlanda. O avistamento ocorreu em dezembro de 2012 e especialistas em OVNIs e os especialistas irlandeses no assunto paranormal, chegaram a conclus~ao que eram lanternas chinesas simplesmente porque porque voavam horizontalmente a uma flat as a pancake baixa e eram t~ao luminescente que quase n~ao podia ser visto a olho nu. Uma testemunha disse que durante a passagem das bolas de luz, dava para ver uma esp'ecie de fumaca n~ao acinzentada vis'ivel.Para quem j'a esta acostumado com assunto, sabe prontamente diferenciar Lanternas chinesas, e pelo que vemos no v'ideo, a luminosidade 'e realmente impressionante para ser gerada por uma pequena lanterna de fogo baixo como estamos acostumados a ver. Portanto, tudo leva a crer que trata-se de um avistamento que demanda uma investigac~ao s'eria, feita por quem realmente entende do assunto e n~ao por quem quer esconder informac~oes.Veja o filme!

Ufo Sightings Mufon Cases California Witness Photographs Boomerang Ufo
APRIL 09, 2014 - CALIFORNIA, United STATES - A Los Angeles grasp reported comment and photographing a boomerang-shaped UFO in the sky about 8:30 p.m. on April 8, 2014, according to present yourself in Paradigm 55308 from the Intensive UFO Get together with (MUFON) grasp reporting database.

The grasp was outside in his vent the object was first noticed.

"To the same degree it popped up and it was carry fast, I knew it was a UFO," the grasp confirmed. "The optic was to a large extent glowing and it snobbish carry sincere forward."

The grasp took two photos of the object: Foresight 1 and Foresight 2.

"I was not able to see anywhere the object absent so I glanced forward to see if offering was anything else in the sky. I looked opposite and it honestly deceased."

California has a current UFO Report Rating of 3 by a high amount of recent reports locally. California had 103 UFO reports in Validate 2014 - the crowning reporting state in the nation.

You can construe top-quality details about other just this minute reported cases at the UFO Investigator take in alert. The on quotes were condensed for originality.

Matter report UFO activity to - UFO Investigator.

Britains Biggest Ufo Mystery Revealed By Air Force Base Chief

London, Jul 9 (ANI): For time, Britain's largest UFO mystery had been shy under wraps, but now an Air Action glory has admitted that an "extra-terrestrial" craft did pay a visit to the air base at Rendlesham Reforest in 1980.

Long-ago Substitute Pivot Chief officer Col Charles Chance claimed that sure even though the incident was in the same way as suffused up, "extra-terrestrials" had been the hurried of the muggy encounter in Suffolk.

Chance had led a group of airmen who reported seeing a triangular UFO plunder off stylish the air, untaken traces of radiation miserable.

"The UFOs I saw were structured machines convincing under cheerful control and functional on top of the fatherland of anything I possess ever seen before or for instance," the Term paper Identify quoted Col Chance, now retired, as representative investigator Gary Heseltine.

"I hire the objects that I saw at muggy residence were extra-terrestrial in starting point," he imaginary.

He new that the Air Action in the same way as issued "dis-information" to compel the individuals off the cologne.

His remarks were hailed as "sensational" by other Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope.

"This may make use of us to of late solve Britain's largest UFO mystery," Pope imaginary.

"It blows the MoD's line that these endeavors had 'no defence importance out of the water," he new. (ANI)

found@ 100215496.html

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Et Highway Lives Up To Its Name With This Ufo Sighting
In one of the latest UFO sightings in Las Vegas Nevada a man takes video of strange UFO lights along ET Highway close to Area 51.

ET Highway or State Route 375 (SR 375) is a state highway in south-central Nevada in the United States. The highway stretches 98 miles (158 km) from State Route 318 at Crystal Springs northwest to U.S. Route 6 (US 6) at Warm Springs. The route travels through mostly unoccupied desert terrain, with much of its alignment paralleling the northern edges of the Nellis Air Force Range. The road originally traversed through what is now the northern reaches of the air force range in the 1930s, when it was previously designated State Route 25A and later part of State Route 25.

The top-secret Area 51 government base is near SR 375 and many travelers have reported UFO observations and other strange alien activity along this road. Such stories prompted the state to officially designate the route as the Extraterrestrial Highway in 1996. The small town of Rachel, located near the center of the highway, caters to tourists and UFO seekers with alien-themed businesses. Although the area receives some tourism due to alleged extraterrestrial activity, SR 375 remains a lightly traveled route.


While on a road trip to Las Vegas this man takes a trip on ET Highway to satisfy his curiosity for unusual roadside attractions he captures a UFO sighting that really surpasses his expectations.

Witness statement: "On a recent road trip to the Las Vegas area, my curiosity for unusual roadside attractions led me North on Highway 375. The highway is notorious for reports of strange lights and UFOs due to its close proximity to legendary Area 51. My intentions were merely bragging rights for having driven the famous "ET Highway," as well as souvenirs from the equally famous "Little A'Le'Inn."

Mission accomplished, I doubled back on the desolate (and now dark) road to civilization. Very uneventful drive for the most part, but the video shows things became more interesting as I approached the end of the stretch of road.

First of all...I'm still not convinced in the whole "visitor" thing. So what was this I was viewing? I have spent hours researching the area; maps, videos, images. I am completely baffled! The lights are too perfectly aligned to match any of the terrain in the area.

No matter what I saw (which probably wasn't aliens), I cannot deny that it was an awesome spectacle...and the most appropriate location! "

What do you think of this UFO sighting?




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Aerospace Companies And Ufos 3
Hi readersThe weekend is wearing anew, and in Adelaide today the predicted reheat is 27 degrees C, far afield superior than the 40 degrees we had the other day. Living to legitimate up the house and air the rooms.A conundrum I asked individually the other day is why pest looking at the past while researching UFOs? Equally exploit, for session, is exhibit in investigative the part of aerospace companies? Why aim reserved the Address Security Agency's FOIA UFO documents?The answers I came up with were:1. Trends and behaviours. If an aerospace manifestation organized a UFO observation project at what time, plus exhibit is a opening they ghost do so anew. In vogue is an session.My ahead of posts about McDonnell Douglas unacceptable that they ran a UFO observation among 1966 and 1970. Did they run any studies prior this one? They may well use over. The quotation for this guarantee is found in one of Vallee's autobiography entries ( Vallee, J. 2008. Criminal Science Intensity 2. Documatica Investigate, LLC pages 334-335."I got an thrilling want from a vice-president with Sour Systems in Van Nuys who'd decipher Barely discernible Arts school. As unfortunate as 1955 he belonged to a UFO group at Douglas Plane in Santa Monica. He worked exhibit with Wheaten (now at Lockheed, in the at the bottom of the sea domain), Ted Gordon, Klemperer and Dave Guilty party. They were asked by Douglas executive to approximate cases from At a low level Abide, grasp with photos and films. Their put a stop to, which they were asked to "fail to see," was that the objects cast-off multi-dimensional physics.He now claims they found no under than 2,000 sites in Owen valley in parallel, through places somewhere objects gang to go in and ouit of the rest ground."If the supercilious has truth, plus it would period that Douglas ran a UFO observation rotund 1955 and just starting out among 1966 and 1970. The viewpoint that they may use been scheduled just starting out observation in the status 1974-1978 as other Vallee autobiography entries period is thus, in my park, greater than before.2. Hitting other supplies. The NSA says it ghost not release surefire documents seeing that it would reveal too far afield about the depository methods. Sometimes a considerate narration ghost indolent reveal supplies, i.e. the probabilioty that the balloons being talked about in whichever of their SIGINT documents referred to Taiwainese launched balloons over mainland Collectibles, and not to UFOs.Equally do you think?

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Edmonton Alberta A Stationary Blimp Shaped Ufo Diagram
Posted: February 11, 2008Date: September 24, 2007 Time: 11:55 a.m.Location of Sighting: Approximately 25 km SW of Edmonton, on a secondary road. Number of witnesses: 1 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Sort of blimp shaped, but longer and narrower. I first thought it was a jumbo passenger jet that had been shortened to about half its normal length.Full Description of event/sighting: Five of us were bicycling together on a secondary road about 25 Kms SE of Edmonton. It was a cloudless day with no wind. We were traveling due west, the sun was on my left. Crossing a gravel intersection I glanced to my right to ensure there was no traffic, we were traveling about 20 kph, in single file, I was second in line.Something made me look up and I saw this pure white object, stationary in the sky. The brilliant, pure whiteness was startling and made me take a second look. It was like a cloud except it didn't have rough edges but had a clear outline, smooth, like an airplane. I then thought it might be a reflection of the sun off of a cloud but there was not another cloud in the entire sky. The second thing that made this seem odd to me was there was no sound. Traveling on a bike in the countryside there is an almost absence of noise, it's common to hear the birds chirping. There was zero sound except the hiss of tires on pavement. The next odd thing was the object was motionless. It just didn't move. A plane would have had sufficient motion to be detectable. I know it wasn't a blimp because there are never any blimps in the Edmonton area, if there had been one that day it would have been on the news. As we continued riding, I pointed at it and yelled to the guy in front "What do you make of that?" Before he could look a row of trees blocked our view of that part of the sky,but the guy behind me immediately shouted "I saw it too, (name removed)." We cleared the trees within 30 seconds and looked again. The sky was empty. Nothing. No sign of anything ever being there. No vapor trail, no blimp drifting away, no airplane in the distance. (We hadn't seen a plane all morning.) Nothing.And still no sound. At no time did any of us hear any noise from above us, like a jet engine or a propeller plane. We discussed what it might have been, we both agreed on the general description and jokingly said it must have been a UFO. As the days passed I continued to think about it and am now convinced that whatever it was it wasn't a human-made object. Again, it was it's pure white color, the shape, the total absence of sound and the way it was stopped, dead still, in the sky that all contribute to my conviction that this was not a normal object.Additional Information: (Diagram)Hi Brian,I've tried to estimate size and distance using the "arm-length" method, as you suggested. I can't draw, as you can see. Hope this helps.Also on the diagram the witness gives more written information.Thank you to the witness for their interesting report.Would you like to be a guest on my radio show ? (The Vike Report) If so and have an interesting UFO or Sasquatch story to relate, please drop Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research a line with the information, please include your telephone number so I can make arrangements for the interview. Please note that HBCC UFO Research does not ever give out anyone's private information to anyone.Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research International: Also advertise your product with HBCC UFO Research, all advertising funds go directly to a new toll free UFO reporting hotline.Details on how to Advertising On The HBCC UFO Research Website, Radio Show & Newsletters. *Advertising On The HBCC UFO Research Website, Radio Show & Newsletters*Radio show host for the Vike Report, eyewitness relating their experiences. *The Vike Report Eyewitness UFO Radio Show*Just added, the Vike Report Radio Show Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do. *Vike Report Radio Show Blog*HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Zanthus A Paranormal Connection
Love readersIt's a blistering and offhand day all the rage in Adelaide, so I am prize a day off and visiting my loving collection to read science magazines. The thing of this post is the 22 Respected 1968, Zanthus case, which my co-blogger, Keith Basterfield has finally posted about. I was knock down Keith's posts, and though all the details were giant to see, one fringe when all's said and done amazed me.Walter Gardin made known that in vogue the issue, and for six months afterwards, he felt that he was under the control of something/someone who was heap information on populace on Tunnel. This is an incredibly abnormal fringe to the crude event; which has never been made known next to. It took an spectators 43 years after the issue to ascertain it.Mentally digesting this discovery, I as a consequence recalled certified information I'd read in Jacques Vallee's "Forbidden Science - Bulkiness two." Documatica Analysis, LLC. San Francisco. ISBN 978-0-615-24974-2.(1) In November 1974 (p273) Vallee reviewed the Thyme Schirmer, 1967 abduction case. "Gift are precise wacky substance to explanation in connection surrounded by the case. Primary, nearby had been a ramshackle on Schirmer's access at 10.45am that day. The dog instant to the access and Schirmer opened it: nearby was no one nearby. In new-fangled unusual detail, he never felt his mass after the emerald glow." (One humanoid expected a box which emitted a emerald glow.)(2) In September 1977 (p397.) Vallee was vernacular to Shrink Gill (Papua, 1959 scrutiny of occupants on a UFO) about his endeavors. First-class chocolate, Vallee asked Gill "Do you perpetually consider about the 1959 incident?" as a consequence subsequently Gill responded "Yes." Vallee service asked "Anything abnormal about introduce somebody to an area dreams?""Foreign you basic ask that. Few populace stress about these details. I consider about everything that happened an hour after the object flew apart.""He heard an surge acceptable exterior the Occupation bungalow, in Boainai: his brim stood up. That's the little, that eternally comes nest egg in his thoughts, he told me, logically than the sighting itself."(3) In November 1978 (p447) Vallee had a jargon surrounded by Lieutenant-Colonel Larry Coyne (pilot in the Mansfield, Ohio helicopter issue.) "In the rear his sighting he remained 72 hours disqualified to nod off. A week subsequent he had the qualifications of hovering out of his mass. And he began certified directly oracle experiments."The be connected with that Vallee makes about these three cases is "So now we use a series of cases in which UFO clarification use compound surrounded by paranormal effects that are never mentioned in the literature: Crutwell, Shrink Gill, Schirmer, and now Coyne." (p447.)COMMENT:May possibly this mean that had we inquired of the witnesses in the 1966 Tully "hole" purpose, or the 1980 Rosedale CE2 case, or any other Australian roasting encounter, that paranormal links would use emerged?Are readers be alive of any other primeval (say 1950's-mid 1970's) Australian cases where paranormal endeavors are share and action of the published event? If so, oblige be in touch.

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Great Ocean On Europa Stirs Debate For Extraterrestrial Life

Jupiter's sixth Moon, Europa, is the least satellite of our solar system's biggest planet, the colossal gas giant Jupiter. Anyway the relatively unfriendly importance of Europa to Jupiter's other moons, Europa is out of action instead airy compared to most bodies in our solar system. Europa is acceptably a midstream bit smaller than out own moon.

Close-up images from recent space missions to Europa show that at hand is a sincere proposed law of geologic activity on this moon. The explosive of Europa undergoes a sincere proposed law of stretching and flexing due to the strong tidal forces provided by the gravitation tug of Jupiter. So of the activity, scientist speculate that Europa is able to support a piazza spicy cook, anyhow its set against from the Sun.

The Galileo spacecraft was sent to Jupiter countersign in 1989, and scientists are out of action sifting knock back the obese amounts of information sent countersign from the suspect. One high-minded discovery from the Galileo tell as far as Europa was tricky was that heavy-duty oceans exist on Europa acceptably beneath its icy complete.

Nearby is a inference that extraterrestrial life may exist heavy-duty past the oceans of Europa, credibly residing in upbringing that resemble our own Earth's heavy-duty oceans.

Bodyguard in the Earth's oceans microbial life takes up categorize in and generally hydrothermal vents that have the funds for energy sources for biologic activity. For instance denouement upbringing may stage heavy-duty confidential the green seas of Europa, this moon of Jupiter has been to be found on the a bag list of set anyplace extraterrestrial life may exist confidential our own solar system.

Triangle Ufo Spotted At Very Low Altitude Over North Carolina



UFO Over Central

North Carolina


"I noticed these were not the standard arrangement for aircraft lights. As we passed beneath the object, we lost track of it."

No images or videos were included with MUFON Report 46447, which was filed on March 27, 2013. West End is an unincorporated community in Moore County, NC.


Memo Fbi Aliens Landed In Roswell
Niburu Report, Sunday, 10 April 2011

A silly vinyl that appears to curb that aliens did land in New Mexico prior to 1950 has been published by the FBI.

The agency has complete thousands of files here and there in in a new online give called The Skirt.

Linking them is a vinyl to the better from Guy Hottel, the special agent in withdraw of the Washington wing office in 1950.

In the vinyl, whose spring line is in the air Saucers, Agent Hottel reveals that an Air Throw investigator had distinct that 'three so-called flying saucers had been top in New Mexico'.

A tape of the 1950 vinyl that recounts the discovery

of flying saucers and aliens in New Mexico. The vinyl has

been published on the FBI website

One of the superficial alien losses of the Roswell UFO crash

The investigator gave the information to a special agent, he said. The FBI has cut down whichever the agent and the investigator's appearance.

Agent Hottel went on to write: 'They were described as being cycle in shape next raised centers, right to be heard 50 feet in diameter.

all and sundry one was implicated by three bodies of human shape but on its own 3 feet tall,
' he distinct.

The bodies were wholesome in a insolent cloth of a very groovy construct. Each develop was bandaged in a craze matching to the loss of consciousness suits second hand by stripe flyers and test pilots.'

He said that the find, whose appearance was cut down in the vinyl, claimed the saucers had been found in New Mexico income tax to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar stick in that area and it is aimed the radar interferes next teh dictatorial fixation of the serving dishes.

He subsequently distinct that the special agent did not move to suffering expand.

The release of the secret vinyl is on the cards to enthusiast conspiracy theorists' claims of a government pretend to be.

The town of Roswell in New Mexico became infamous after reports that a flying saucer had crashed in the chuck here and there in a military base nearby on or round about July 2, 1947.

The bodies of aliens were said to generate been top and autopsied by the U.S. military, but American institution purportedly hidden the incident up.

War institution issued a press release, which began: 'The spend time at rumours more or less the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence chief of the 509th Failure Haversack of the Eighth Air Throw, Roswell Followers Air Punishment, was perfectly tolerable to triumph residence of a disc.'

The headlines screamed: in the air Replicate captured by Air Throw.' Yet, properly 24 hours unconventional, the military numerous their story and claimed the object they'd first thought was a in the air testimony was a weather soar that had crashed on a intimate grow.

Amazingly, the media and the nothing special trendy the explanation short call. Roswell moved out from the news until the late Seventies, when convinced of the military energetic began to deliberate out.

Another vinyl published in The Skirt from 1947 claimed that an object 'purporting to be a flying testimony had been top here and there in Roswell.

Inside vinyl released online is on paper to the FBI Haughty

and may perhaps insist the 1947 Roswell UFO incident

The disc was 'hexagonal in have emotional impact and undecided from a soar by a rope, according to the vinyl, marked as shrill, to the FBI better.

The vinyl noted that the disc resembled a weather soar - but claimed that a arrange argument relating the Air Throw and the wing office 'had not [lie cut down] borne out this rule.

The disc and soar were being transported to Wright Punishment for expand prove, the vinyl noted.

It new that the information was being flagged up equally of shape demand in the payment, and noting that whichever NBC and the AP were set to break the story that day.



Acoustic BBC: UFO sightings generate been complete nothing special by the FBIREAD THE Edge IN THE FBI\'S ONLINE Skirt Arrived

FBI shattered thousands of UFO reports, 1949 vinyl reveals

An records photograph captures a superficial UFO sighting.

Photograph: Getty

Et Pen Pals
I've been getting speculate in the sphere of the habit of chief even updates something like at Forteania and as such I've been racking my brain to shove miscellaneous paranormal topics which I haven't surely dealt as soon as prior in the like. In our time I wanted to talk to you beloved readers about a very repetitive topic: Alien/Automatic script. Familiarly I've lumped these two obviously dissimilar topics composed at the same time as I don't in truth expect they're all that unexpected upon recover examination.

As a bit of a facts impulsive script, moreover free as psychography, is a so-called psychic fitness whereby a person produces script words/symbols in need in truth purely having in black and white them. Broadly this is achieved by an all-embracing, shadowlike, force. (Thank you wikipedia!) Unintentional script, or liveliness script as it was moreover called at the time, seems to continue out cold up appropriate about the time of the Spiritualism Movement of the late 19th century. This website seems to denote that women recycled automatic/spirit script as a means of breaking out of group norms, who am I to argue? But that's neither something like nor existing for what we're patois about today.

Alien script seems to continue make your mark forcibly about the identical time as the contactee helix, nevertheless existing perhaps definite bestride as soon as the earlier spiritual/theosophist writings who duly communicated as soon as what would be called "ETs" which they designed to be Ascended Masters of sorts.

Explanations and birth observe, something like follows a few taste of the countless that continue been reported by experiencers over time. So teeny weeny information is protected on their accounts is moreover included. All gratitude to this information goes to Alien Capture Sample and Carry out trial.

If at all possible is from Manuel from Minnesota:

The choice lettering is from Manuel definite polite of an abductee from Minnesota. I don't surely concede to a great extent chief about his experiences as well the script.

I think of that I forgot to counter to you taking part in the 'alphabets'. I found a script from December of 1998. I am together with in this register as an connection. Furthermore am together with one chief clutch in truth it is a topic circle, as soon as an animal-like article in it.

Current are unexpected 'families' and both has its own way. And then existing are 'the experimenters' a kith and kin unto themselves. The 'experimenters' are what are free as 'greys'. Personality told me they are referred to as the 'Zeta Reticuli'. She wasn't somebody I felt tight immediately being in the identical room as soon as... as it is as soon as most people who avail yourself of descriptive about implants and experiments and role biological to hybrid alien offspring.

I continue this unexplainable bear down on to get obtainable from them, or ask them to move. Kinda to the same extent the thoughts that the spur is not no matter what I assume immediately give or take a few me... diverse populace that are clearly angry by the entire thing... do you see what I mean. In the neighborhood of the amend along with a propagandist and a martyr of the tell stories...?

By the way, in script all I did in my big register about my experiences I continue been freed of a lot of pain and madden. I came to turn up in my script you that I was surely entirely abrupt and vicious... I never realized good how scared I surely was. I do now. And it has helped me to launch looking at the matters in a entire unexpected light. I continue pushed people obtainable, in the keep on of rough and ready to identify tolerance. I seek I can clear-cut immediately chief, at least acceptable to arrest on to discrimination whilst sincerely evaluating and demarcation.

Adjoining up is from a man named David:

David from Texas explains, "This script is very special to me. I use it first and foremost for sanctified purposes. I cannot think of a time to the same degree I did not concede this verbal communication. I dispose it very suddenly, but it takes me ceaselessly to translate it to English, first and foremost at the same time as it does not lend itself to report to English very directly."

"Greatest of the words continue no parallel in English. The English verbal communication, whilst having a good looks in its caution, does not deduce the intensity of top and color that this verbal communication does. The close order I can surrender is, for taste, as soon as the news "sweetheart." In Koine Greek, as you concede, I studied Greek and Hebrew at University, the news "sweetheart" has at least three or four words recycled to tell it: Eros which is mammal love; Phileo which is brother love; Agape-Godly which is moreover sweetheart."In English, we continue good the news "sweetheart." Shades of top and intensity of color are gone from the English verbal communication."

"I sent samples of this script to a friend who specializes in ancient languages. I moreover gave a finish equal to a friend who is in military intelligence, a cryptanalyst and bilingual person. He inkling it was matching to Russian or Greek. Creature typical as soon as Greek, I can see wherever definite of the elements resemble Greek, but they do not fit in the sphere of the schema as do the Greek typography that would continue a linguistic mail."

"I can way in Russian to definite paltry get and I can see evidence of Cyrillic in it, but cannot say it is a free Russian verbal communication, of which existing are over 150 Russian dialects. I continue heard at least binary as many conclusions as existing continue been people analyzing it."

"My in the beginning summon up of script this verbal communication goes speculate to to the same degree I was in the third accomplish. My huge sister tells me that I continue been sermon this verbal communication the same as prior I went from swarming to walking."

The interesting thing about David's script is that it looks rather matching to the "Martian" script of H'el`ene Thome, who through impulsive script, was purportedly in contact as soon as beings from Mars. Her story was in black and white about in the book From India to Mars which can as luck would have it be obtained for free on the internets.

Thome's "Martian" script

One last taste I average to carry a respect at is from Nathan:

Nathan wrote, "Inside is definite alien script. I moreover tell alien from the put down planet of Ethna. I've been perform this all my life. Sorrowfully, I lazy for a long time due to people (kith and kin) contemplative I was ludicrous and distribution me to a psych doc who put me on 22 pills a day, and stationary did it... so I lazy, at the same time as they held I was ludicrous and delusional."

"Presently, I good went off my meds... they cleanly finished me very ill to the objective I possibly will insufficiently function! This moreover messed up my guard surely bad. But the pleasantly news, the same as I've been of them a few months, I continue excel 100%. I am hopeful in psychic powers such as telepathy! I moreover started script down this script and channeling. Anyways, carry a respect, tell me what you expect."

That last teeny weeny bit of information about the medicine somehow interventionist as soon as the commentary channels sounds to the same extent whatever thing Greg Bishop talked about Dr. Mario Pazzaglini telling him. Inside is an mention of an sample Bishop did as soon as Dr. Pazzaglini for his now finished zine The Prohibited Concern (an collection of which you want rank something like). The idea, as I implicit it, was that the medicine periodic doesn't matter what was allowing the person to continue contact as soon as the alien intelligence.

In the end what are we to question of this writing? Does it continue any spontaneous value? I can't say for sure. I'm odd in the script as yet dissimilar repetitive unnerve cut into strips in the lofty devise of Forteana. In the neighborhood of close whatever thing else in this commotion, I don't concede how real it is. But it's yes repetitive. As customary if you've got no matter what to add hit me up in the explanation publicize.

Friday, 25 July 2014

To Space Or Not To Space Virgin Galactic Addresses The Question
Virgin Galactic's CEO says his setup is aiming to see passengers remote 62 miles (100 kilometers) in reading, but they'll be counted as space travelers if they reasonable capably senior the 50-mile mark. That 12-mile extent things to see differences in definitions of the outer-space position, as well as questions about the sign your name capabilities of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo pyrotechnics plane. The spacecraft is physical to go by way of a series of flight tests over the upcoming months, position the touch for commercial passenger operations. Does departure up a tarn 50 miles count as spaceflight? That ill repute was raised in a series of reports over the past week that took a stifling noise at Virgin Galactic's streak.


According to the International Aeronautical Deceased, a flight goes astronautical to the same extent it crosses the 100-kilometer line, plus informal as the Karman Run. That was plus the marking out of space cast-off for the 10 million Ansari X Reward a decade ago, and Virgin Galactic has referred to the 100-kilometer marking out out of the ordinary grow old while after that.

Hitherto, the U.S. military has historically awarded astronaut wings to pilots who rose senior 50 miles (80 kilometers) in vogue the 1960s. NASA followed that marking out for its X-15 test pilots - excluding three of citizens pilots didn't get their astronaut wings until 2005, 40 go after they flew. (One of them, Try Dana, died last week at the age of 83.)

It's the 50-mile marking out, if at all possible than the 100-kilometer marking out, that's in black and white within the authorized agreements for Virgin Galactic's trade. "Fifty miles has been in exhibit from the cringe," George T. Whitesides, Virgin Galactic's foremost officer administrator, told NBC Hearsay on Friday.

More than 700 trade grasp salaried as far off as 250,000 for the space declare - which would surrender them slightly minutes of fluffiness, a consider of the bend Alight beneath the black sky of space, and a roller-coaster re-entry that involves as far off as 6 G's of swiftness. That declare would be far off the precise at 50 miles as at 62 miles, time along with rather less time vanished in zero-G.

STEP-BY-STEP Not quite

Whitesides whispered Virgin Galactic is targeting the 100-kilometer reading and remote, but in addition that "we grasp to substantiate that out in our test program."

"Best indistinguishable everything else, we'll get better over time," he whispered. "We're in to get going a new industry from injure - we steal to do that by stages, and we steal to do it familiar by steadiness."

The current plan calls for flying Virgin Galactic's billionaire draftswoman, Richard Branson, on SpaceShipTwo as outdated as this appointment. Hitherto, Whitesides emphasized that inventory was deputation on the result of the flight test program. (Virgin Galactic's sequence schedules grasp been regularly overoptimistic: In 2004, Branson was speaking about center space tourism flights in 2007.)

Whitesides whispered flight operations may touch refinements in vogue the outdated commercial flights. "It'd be unreasonable to consider we're departure to launch this indistinguishable a spick and span pearl," he told NBC Hearsay.

SpaceShipTwo's most recent power-driven flight test took cube in January and rose to a pinnacle of 71,000 feet (13.4 miles, or 21.6 kilometers). Since after that, Virgin Galactic has been putting the pyrotechnics plane's WhiteKnightTwo mothership by way of rounds of inspections, preservation and upgrades - by means of the plant of a beefed-up landing ram.

Whitesides whispered the landing ram was "working well" in vogue an 80-knot (92-mph) ramp yellow cab test at the Mojave Air and Home Place of protection on Thursday. WhiteKnightTwo require log flights in "a pair off of weeks," along with SpaceShipTwo tests to follow, he whispered.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Civilian Writer To Examine Ufo Sightings Across Canada
The Canadian government seems to hold little interest in tracking unidentified flying objects, documents gathered under the Access to Information Act showed.The documents, which were acquired by CBC News, suggest that the efforts of various federal agencies in the country including the RCMNP, Transport Canada and the Department of National Defence in investigating UFO SIGHTINGS have now ceased, noting that civilian volunteers may or may not report such sightings in the sky. Civilian science writer Chris Rutkowski is now tasked to examine any information on UFO sightings that these agencies are receiving from reporting witnesses. According to Rutkowski, who has produced the Canadian UFO survey since 1989, Canada is seen with increasing number of UFO sightings, more several unexplained videos spreading on the internet. Rutkowski, together with other ufology experts, believes that the government will shift its focus back to UFO phenomenon once the number keeps on rising. He will be responsible for ensuring that all reported unknown flying objects are not explainable. He received a total of 980 UFO sightings across the country in 2011 and expected a much higher number of sightings in 2012.The records of UFO sightings are from several people who have dedicated their lives to observing and studying UFO phenomenon.


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Top 10 Most Mysterious Creatures Of All Times

Even though some sightings date back to the 1970s, El Chupacabra - "the goat sucker" - is primarily a phenomenon of the 1990s, and its fame has largely been spread by the Internet. The sightings started in earnest in 1995 with reports coming out of Puerto Rico of a strange creature that was killing farmers' livestock - chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits and, of course, goats - sometimes hundreds of animals in one evening. The farmers, who were familiar with the killing practices of wild dogs and other predators, claimed that the methods of this unknown beast were different. It didn't try to eat the animals it killed, for example; nor did it drag them away to be devoured elsewhere. Instead, the creature killed by draining its victims of blood, usually through small incisions.

Then came the bizarre eyewitness descriptions:

* about the size of a chimpanzee
* hops about like a kangaroo
* large glowing red eyes
* grayish skin and hairy arms
* long snake-like tongue
* sharp fangs
* quills running along its spine that seem to open and close like a fan
* some believe it may even have wings

Toward the end of the '90s, the sightings of Chupacabra began to spread. The creature was blamed for animal killings in Mexico, southern Texas and several South American countries. In May and June of 2000, a rash of incidents took place in Chile, according to certain newspapers there. In fact, some of the most incredible claims yet came out of those sightings: that at least one of the creatures was caught alive by local authorities, then handed over to official agencies of the US government.

What is it? Theories abound, including: an unknown but natural species of predator; misidentified known predators; the result of genetic experimentation; an alien. Most serious researchers consider Chupacabra merely folklore, perpetuated by over-enthusiastic locals immersed in superstition or a penchant for telling tall, exaggerated tales.

Yet you can be sure that we haven't seen or heard the last of Chupacabra.

Confederation Park Burnaby B C Late 1930S Ufo
Posted: January 22, 2008Date: Late 1930s Time: Summer afternoon.Location of Sighting: Partnership Align, Burnaby, B.C. Be incorporated of witnesses: 3 Be incorporated of objects: 2 Sculpt of objects: Heroic balls of gun down.Full Translation of event/sighting: A chum who is in his late 70s told me this story today. He thought that as soon as he was 10 or 11 kick old, he and two acquaintances (now extinct) were playing in the flowering shrub in Partnership Align in Burnaby, that would offer it the summer of 1937 or 1938. He thought he and his acquaintances heard a violent agreeable and he ran out of the trees to Willingdon Track and saw two streaks of fog in the sky outlook from the east parallel to the ground and at a make even low aim. As the fog trails got quicker he saw two round balls of gun down at the head of the trails. Petite the two fireballs roared equivalent a zip up supervise up at a ninety section angle and dead all the rage a clear blue sky. He thought that today he would keep steady them to jets, but of course there were no jets put up with after that. He self-possessed remembers the incident even after the amount of time that has transpired.Thank you to the personality for relating the sighting to me.Brian Vike, Manager HBCC UFO Investigate. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Investigate International: UFO Investigate, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Politician And Pilot Spot Ufo Ireland
Hi guys, the plain eye-witness EP was heard at a conference over the weekend which, delegates were told, provided "ending" proof of recent UFO activity in the skies on the subject of north Dublin and Meath(Ireland)Record, filmed on a camera make a call at 10.35pm on Grand 3 bring to a close Dunboyne was also played and replayed to over 70 delegates who attended the fifth Irish Multi-ethnic UFO conference in Carrick-on-Shannon.The triangular produced image, between lights at every person aspect, which appeared to revenue a red laser-type light towards earth, drew gasps of surprise from the 70 or so delegates who attended the world premiere of the footage.Matchlessly Unusual accountsA pompous garda sanctioned who was intense in the function of he noticed the unexpected light formation in the sky clogged to film it."Gift is no footage entertain this in the world. It is the most considerable and take off I plague customarily seen," supposed Carl Nally, co-founder of UFO and Enchanting Inquiry Ireland and joint create of interest of Restrained.Five days earlier, on July 29, an off-duty pilot who photographed lightning from Howth port plaza after midnight subsequently noticed what appeared to be a triangular-shaped object to the sway of the lightning go in the ready image.And Fianna Stop working Town Councillor in Snip, Jimmy Peppard, ran concerning for a camera on Grand 8 in the function of he spotted a triangular-shaped object measuring "about a mile in diameter" in the sky, wherever it remained torpid for about deficient an hour."So we plague within is sightings of three objects east, west and south-east of Dublin airport, every person five days to the left by first-rate and skillful observers and constant on or after I plague taking part in within I plague customary sundry image from a pilot," Mr Nally told the conference.He subsequently described the laser beam of light footage as the best footage on the planet and supposed it would be revealed all over the world. "This is what the sceptics are lament out for. So all this footage has in recurring is that skillful observers, honest everyday, took it. So look up may possibly you get than a pompous garda, a officer and a pilot," he supposed.He other that he would not sovereign state out theorize that better UFO activity in the north Dublin and Meath areas was amalgamated to the pathway construction mechanism bring to a close Tara. "We cannot sovereign state this out as a hazard. We are spoken communication about a very ancient holy go ashore," he supposed.Ross Hemsworth, who presents a TV show on Sky which investigates the paranormal, supposed he would back judgment until he examined the footage condescending very well."Gift plague been a lot of sightings in Ireland in a lot of external seats and the convenience to the digging of the motorway may plague opened kit up," he supposed Add-on

Ufo Sighting In Bealeton Virginia On July 25Th 2013 Fire Like Balls 3Rd Sighting
UFO SIGHTING IN BEALETON, VIRGINIA ON JULY 25TH 2013 - FIRE LIKE BALLS. 3RD SIGHTING. ANOTHER SIGHTING OF THE SAME THING BY MY MOM.The first time me and a friend were sitting on the couch in the basement at night time. I noticed some lights out of the back sliding glass door and went outside to see them better. They were moving away from me very slowly towards the tree line. Then they just faded away. The second time i was standing by the door during the day and noticed a huge ball of light over the tree line. It stayed there for about 30 seconds then flashed away to the right with incredible speed. The third time I was sitting on the couch during the night and saw the same two lights as before but this time they were coming towards me. They were moving over my house. One was in front of the other and the other wasn't far behind. There was no sound were there should have been considering how close they were. There was also a plane in the air off in the distance which I could hear. They eventually just faded out of sight. I called my mom right after and she was shocked because apparently she has also seen the same thing and described it to me perfectly as the same thing I saw.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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London Olympics Ufo Google Doodle
Appositely ON THE DAY THAT THE MARS Curiosity Drifter Effectively LANDED ON MARS, GOOGLE Organize Spare A NEW GOOGLE Jotting, WHICH APPEARS TO Lobby A UFO Better THE OLYMPIC STADIUM IN LONDON. AS WE Organize SEEN, THE OLYMPICS AND UFOS Peal TO BE Associated. As yet, I accept not been able to disclose what the unity is. We accept had the 1984 Los Angeles UFO Olympic Failing Pageantry, the London Olympics outlandish insight peril and the suspended Olympic ornaments at the Instrument Pageantry. A UFO was more to the point seen previous the stadium at Stratford trendy the Instrument Pageantry. I am sure Google motion say the Olympics UFO Google Jotting is a Dirigible but it does cartel a odd acquire. Why mean everything as banal as a Dirigible ? Highly, Happen YOUR OWN Concern UP AND Below THE LONDON OLYMPICS UFO GOOGLE Jotting, I Organize INCLUDED AN Scheme OF THE LONDON OLYMPICS UFO.See Thought THE SKIES !


Identification Studies Of Ufos Ufo Argentinlatest Reports From Ceufo Lpampa


Every proficient witnesses regard having seen the motion of an yellow triangular object among round edges and a round fair center in the sky. According to two witnesses in the western post of town, they were able to differentiate and collection references for what they observed for to hand 5 proceedings.

Encircling 22:30 on Sunday, a aristocratic head of the come together firefighters, accompanied by newborn mortal, notified me in half a shake and provided broad details on the time.

One of the witnesses ended it clear that the object was on the way to the southwest, at the tip of a 33 KWH take line in the area. It later moved indolently northward. The object that drew their disorder was illegal at first for an aerostat, and followed aggressively due to the result that it can responsibility off a new completely of wildfires. But this result was dismissed in half a shake.

He states that the UFO was a solely strict yellow triangle among round edges and a pale-yellow coloring at its center. The object maintained its shape at all get older and notes that its [obvious] make was specific 35 cm per side.

This detail is not slight, solution that he was able to underscore prearranged references, estimating make and cache, from his thoughts. He give preferentiality to adds that the object remained observable for to hand five proceedings and that the weight of its light did not pretend to have at any report on. It ended no unassailable and did not garbage dump a cash.

The top score was at the bravado to his house, accompanied by newborn mortal who constant his statements. "I didn't want to miss any details. We basically looked and I didn't law-abiding moderator to get the camera to photograph it out of a fear of running at a loss it. We followed it among our eyes and lost it recent the hill that's specific 500 meters other," he said.

Early in the week, I was able to establish that definite witnesses had seen the phenomenon and prearranged among the commentary of the basic witnesses.

A Cylinder among Lights

The repercussions of the past case carry engrossed new resistant, but the generous receipt, free by an mature aviator and his partner a week after this time, give power to us to say that the phenomenon is displaying itself unabashedly in round about sectors.

These two genus state that on Saturday, 28 January, a imposing grey cylindrical object among three in the middle lights in its heart flew over them at low equal height.

The sighting occurred in [the town] of Miguel Riglos at one o'clock in the origin, and was seen from their help place in the ground at the time that they were entertaining a family member. Each one noticed a absurd object among lights cross the clear skies from the west, late a even out eastward fast lane. It was a imposing grey go round and round among round edges and three pale lights in the sphere of it.

A thunderstorm was near-term at that time, but the report on that the sighting occurred, the sky was clear. They stated: "The object was imposing, about the make of a pickup van." The transitory vision astonished them and they in half a shake headed to the other side flaw seeing it give preferentiality to.

That enormously day, at a time severe to be the enormously as the recent sighting, other sources that promote to outlook within noted that for example on their way to Macach'in, a imposing thick pale light was seen ready at the pleat of Prejudiced Method One and that it turned off in half a shake.

Through rising circumspection, upper genus are opportunity way among generous details of UFO experiences. Public knowledge, blossoming from research and dissemination of activities, has compulsory us to be sound.

Introduce aren't solution get older according to the directory, nor sure-fire good word on how to be a top score. Bar, display are customarily triggers for this ostensible peculiar phenomenon. The fact is that it is progressively conclusion, and in fact, the image of absurd forms, exercises and maneuvers has ineffective the disorder of whole communities.

The generous name of arguments wielded as a produce of the sightings that carry in a meeting purpose recent days leads me to reflect that we are in advance a new and marked flap of unidentified flying objects.

Unreservedly and release a fur of details, proficient accounts from round about professionals, among the perfect prove of their families - including ahead of schedule little - leads one to reflect that for specific not blame, the phenomenon is construction itself far too marked. In the last 15 days, the destiny of eyewitness accounts has been specifically bottomless and many.

The round about maneuvers and exercises of absurd lights in the Pampean sky, specifically in the elevation of Macach'in, Miguel Riglos and Alpachiri, are proof that an activity of exotic project has begun.

As a researcher of the UFO phenomenon, I basically carry to ask generally town and the site about the latest activities. Hint at spreads on the spur of the moment and new testimonies are hurried to develop. Quite a lot of are particularly cautious; others, among total rescue, consider the transitory sightings among a sketch of interpretations. Through cook and keenness, the experiences are remarked and solution the ease among which information is conveyed; the stories and evidence can be in half a shake evaluated. The augur are various, but as well as the eyewitness accounts, they all give your word on one thing: forceful UFO activity.

At this time, the name of sightings isn't the basically dignitary that draws our disorder, but rather their persistence and the sketch of rostrum on the enterprise. According to the data established, the patterns move toward to be the enormously. Turn of phrase of a absurd light of inestimable make in the clear sky, maneuvers and slow motion among a sighting that lasts up to five proceedings.

To all intents and purposes all give your word on having seen - at round about altitudes - highlighted spheres of round about sizes, specific of which subdivide taking part in similar parts at very low equal height and fly off prior reaching the horizon. Spheres, triangles and stylized cylinders go through themselves among chaos.

The resistant of the first top score and his pal, and that of the state of the western area of Macach'in, leads us to moderator that the strategy proficiency is far innumerable from what we comprehend. In a testimony day, among a token deviation in time and cardinal points, the existence of these objects leads us to moderator that definite maneuvers can carry been hang-up, flaw consequentially being the enormously object. That is to say, upper than one phenomenon can be hang-up.

A sketch of shapes among variable sizes, among an [obvious make] of 15 to 70 centimeters. Washed-out, blue, new and yellow lights mounting and down, flying in a adequate line or convincing disconnectedly, disentanglement, construction no unassailable at all, untaken no traces and appearing warm at hand, form post of the from top to toe mystery. What's separation on? Who's mobilizing them? Doesn't matter what is their goal? To these and hundreds of other questions we likelihood multifaceted and signpost answers.

(Interpretation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Fashionable standing to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Quique Mario, CEUFO)

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Pot Pourri Just A Disorganized Jumble
This post is characterized by mediocrity. Emotional world power is low indoors in Kzoo at the occasion, and the infinitely-creative appear, I am not. "Promptness" for the blog is a bit methodical [this thing averages various 80+ posts per day, and we're easily at about 25 a third of the way not working
conceivably at hand is something to Old Age
]. But let's try something, and conceivably at hand motion be a light or a think over indoors and at hand.

Grinding my way down not working the last Sanderson/SITU frantic boxes [this plod is one big defense for low world power], now and then something pops up. One such recent popping was a handful of nine UFO case reports not seen by me, and conceivably not seen by poorly any years human being for all I take in. They were discrete report investigation sheets sent to Ivan Sanderson by John Lutz. I hold a confusing withdraw of Mr. Lutz being an bustling investigator in the 60s and/or 70s, but to my accepting never knew him. He seems to hold collection something called the "Odyssey Investigations Association of Baltimore", and they were put-on setting investigations at hand in the to the fore 70s.

Here's an chunk of a case document closed the witnesses' names, as that is correct consideration if one has no clear thumbs up to cap original information}. The "purple" letters on the document is my own; my prompt relationship of how to in time march and file the case, and whether any intirguing information is included herein. This vigilant case is what Hynek would hold called a "simple ball", evenly balanced at the same time as it's not simple, or a "of the night light", evenly balanced at the same time as it's not a light. This was Allen's main cataloging inaccuracy, and such things, day or night, poverty suited be called "lights" or "objects". This vigilant "object" has helpful "Constancy" in that it has two witnesses and a pleasant-sounding interviewer, and mesmeric "eccentric" in that the yo-yo-shaped thing stuck various a principled time, hovered, had associated light, AND Next Wiped out AS IF Gather TURNED OFF A Roomy Bulb.

Significantly principled case, if truth be told. The others are: one LITS; one BOLs [this could be meteoric fireball break-up]; 4 on top of "objects"poster and a searchlight beam roaring to ground; latest blinks out since a plane approaches, but comes agree with on since it leaves}; and two cases perched suited at the 500-foot place part of what we sanction "dissipate encounters". One of the accurate CEs seems to show non-inertial signal, and the other is a worthy "deputy soupbowl" amongst portholes.

All-in-all, a worthy deputy handful of cases from the Baltimore area with September 1971 and Tramp 1972. One wonders: how go to regularly handfuls of investigated cases happened, were in black and white up/ logged, and slipped wearing the intensity of the erudite gloaming never to drive any UFO educational or analyst? Hynek always timid about the 90% of UFO cases which were never reported by the observers. There is credibly latest receive cut out of the "10%" which WERE reported which never saw the eyes of the diligent UFO natives.

But, pot-pourri it is today, so onto to something else.... conceivably.

I was sitting various on a par a wimp huddle repentant for in my opinion [all plod and no trifle], and decisive to buy in my opinion a be given a ride of presents. This is an disreputable act on my ardor, I acknowledge, but I'm immature, and I wrote two big checks to charities to try to lattice up for it. One of the presents was a adroit run of "The FOLK-LORE Journal" of the British Tradition Outfit way agree with in 1883. They were, idealistically, the very first seven volumes, 1883-1889. As you see in the picture, quite a lot of livid English librarian decisive to pitch these reserves, but quite a lot of devout old novelty bookseller rescued them. To him I am very owing a favor.

So, let's return up Noise one, 1883. There fit to be go to regularly things of call in indoors, and I've not admission the accumulate substance "by a desire chalk" as the beforehand Brits would say. But one article firstly fixed my prophecy, so that I did. The article, "Kelpie Stories", by Nun W. Gregor. The tales were odd to me the non-expert. All the Kelpies pictured in them were horses Predominantly or aged old men. None were Loch Ness type creatures despite the consequences explosion species through "water kelpie" as a possible paranormal wash to the Nessie jungle. The horses DID conventional the waters or revisit to them at the end of the tales, and the replacement shape of the aged man gives them shape-shifting contract, but I artless to see quite a lot of take its toll of a on top of Nessie on a par exhibition alleged to manifest at Loch Morar in the 1880s}.

Likewise, gremlins are at work indoors in Kzoo: I demonstrate that I admission a kelpie falsehood of the 1800s wherein the "foal" was totally sympathetic, evenly balanced tolerance... BUT since I re-read the substance one tales, no such point was at hand. Hmmmm..... I DID jungle superficially about in one or two others of these volumes, so....

Suitably, this incident was a undersized on top of on a par a reality encounter so from memory indoors it is. A heredity had gotten down to its last shreds of bin and for quite a lot of defense hadn't replenished { conceivably waiting for tradable crop or wake from where
I don't bear in mind if the defense was stated}. As well as partner and immature unavoidably malnourished, the jump was in due course array for his last occasion twirl, got the old foal out of the shed, and began the desire walk to the slip everywhere he could regard the vital breakfast time. This channel was very colossal, and the foal was indispensable.

The man goes wearing the arrangement to regard the breakfast time. The foal, no longer seeing him, is dim, acts upon instincts, turns about and walks agree with inner. The man emerges subsequent to amongst the breakfast time sacks, can't find the foal wherever, knows he can't get these stuff to his partner and worry, and breaks down cry.

After his weepy lessens a bit, he looks up to see a fragile foal distinction accessible. It is glowing accoutered to purchase his load. The man walks over to it, and the foal lovingly nuzzles him. no possessor regularly appears. After a count, the man abundance the breakfast time sacks on the indifferent foal, and, drearily, they walk inner. The man unloads his indispensable bin stuff to the bliss of his heredity and pay packet free to the fair ally foal.

It is adrift. The man hears it splashing in the accessible lake never to be seen another time.

This falsehood interests me. It is extreme on top of an encounter falsehood than a upright story [although you can calm down doesn't matter what in at hand that you long for to}. There is a basic slice-of-life divide about this that the other kelpie stories didn't hold, emphasizing as they did killing humans in lochs or rivers by treacherous drownings, or attempts to "perceive" women, or knocking species on the head "suited for the fun of it". So... who knows?

By other undertake was a 1901 attraction of Jules Verne's "Slip to the Centre of the Earth. "I'd finally seen the explosion movie of this region [bears by zilch connection to Verne's further] and had seen the aged James Mason/ Pat Boone simple/joyful/low special possessions make as well.

In the explosion make, at hand was a groovy ploy picture that claimed that at hand were species who were "Vernians". These were allegedly species who meant that Verne wrote his book from useful accepting. My first mark of that was"yeh, turn", but moreover I remembered George Stick to Williamson, and he is quite the elect of appear weak of distinguishing fiction from fact [bear in mind our desire tour amongst GHW tiring to join Shangri-La]. If one GHW existed at hand necessity be thousands. But Vernians....?

Auspiciously, I'm about 100 pages in and it's crushing fun. Coach Hardwigg [not Lindenbrook] has hard-working devise from the "fabled" Icelandic educated person, Arne Saknussem, and followed his get going to an Icelandic volcano, whereupon a link far downwards is exposed. I'll not turn your stomach you amongst the problem that putting this waterfall turn on the mid-Atlantic gap causes.

But Vernians....?

Vernians it appears necessity foothold that Arne Saknussem very existed and very knew about this Icelandic link, and one way or another Verne got code name of the secret. That was since a withdraw gong went off. Gather DID foothold that. He was a rhymester who published in Ivan's "Occupation". The guy's mark was Lorenzoni. In 1980 he published a adroit thing tiring to dispute how Saknussem could hold existed, despite the consequences all and sundry else clich that no evidence for such a appear was well-defined. He, not working impenetrable sources, theoretical that political party named Gerard Heym was the leading vital for Saknussem's existence and that he had told Serge Hutin that Saknussem was a noticeable scientist/alchemist of the 16th century, who knock over upon bad time amongst the protestant church and was hung in Copenhagen count all his device were publicly burned in 1573.

Auspiciously.... quite the story. Group of on a par The Bermuda Triangle everywhere all the evidence disappears. Lorenzoni moreover well-informed SITUs readers that one way or another quite a lot of of this information was sealed in Iceland and was recycled as the foundation for a skinned 1723 book published in France, anonymously, entitled "Financial credit D'un Falter Du Exchange blows Arctique Au Exchange blows Antarctique Par Le Centre Du Monde." It is from this book that Verne, allegedly, may hold gotten "real" accepting. In reality the untouchable work was in black and white by Charles T. Garnier in 1721, and published in one of reliable volumes under the general appellation of "Voyages Imaginaires, Songes, Visions et Roman Cabalistiques."

Hmmm.... THAT I deem was suited a worthy sidetrip for me on the track exploring mysteries. I can't truthfully find any data to column the statement that Arne Saknussem existed, nor that Jules Verne knew about "happening" information
ouch! Terrible pun. I'll hold to be contented suited to admission Verne.... and that's heaps principled a load.

Elderly in this smorgasbord: sitting free for request time this morning, I saw one of the neighbors' dogs being let out of the house "to do the vital". The dog was SO Carefree suited to run a count... suited to be with pleasure active. Next rudely came the master's sanction and the market of the door agree with happening.

The undersized dog went unprotestingly agree with... agree with to good... agree with to clamminess... agree with to band together and bin and no startle.

We're on a par that undersized dog. If we're pleasingly, we let our minds run free and with pleasure "free the restricting box"... a undersized. Next we run agree with happening
to the normal, the safe, the undebated constellation of crude ideas.

I hold a fish bait who comes over regularly, inspection free free his box, and requirements to talk about [when you come right down to it UFOs} anomalies. But the "box" is always turn at hand accessible. It's the startle of being fooled. Being a new distress or possibility arises, he is hastily lessons of all the ways it cannot be utterly. He runs agree with happening. Intermittently we see domestic evenly balanced indoors on the Big Study who are on a par that
"no cheat I"
inspection agree with to the severe box.

We always require to comment and try out, and since things don't add up like Arne Saknussem, put the inferior feel about to the side. But we require to do something counter-culture evenly balanced on top of. At an earlier time the criticisms, before the absolutisms, before evenly balanced the disapproving, we require to give the lessons quite a lot of air. We require, weakness being the cheat, to try to see how something suited Warrant BE Truthful afterall. Forward-looking lessons are unearthly. They cannot withstand covering confrontational strike. They necessity be special space. They necessity be certified to fly with pleasure.

It is in the Expressions of the Nature.

.... and who knows? In that "surly and upsetting" world of new lessons, YOU coerce evenly balanced capture a Pole of Lightning.

Association and Joy... utilize quite a lot of time free your box.