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New Class Of Jupiter Sized Planet Discovered And Clues Left By Extinct Aliens
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g ABODES - Astronomers have discovered a new class of Jupiter-sized planets floating alone in the dark of space, away from the light of a star. The finding adds to the catalog of the potential types of planets that exist in the universe. See article.

g MESSAGE - Book alert: The father-son team of David E. Fisher and Marshall Jon Fisher brings the study of extraterrestrial life down to earth in "Strangers in the Night: Brief History of Life on Other Worlds," an informative and entertaining book. In the anecdotal style that is their hallmark, the Fishers trace humankind's attempts to discover life on other worlds. This informative and entertaining book tells the story of humankind's attempts throughout history to discover extraterrestrial life. See reviews.

g AFTERMATH - How might explorers determine what happened to an extinct alien race based on the clues they left behind on their home planet? See article.

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Our Ufos Are Back Katherine Australia
Eyes to the skies - our UFOs are carry



THEY are carry.

Time was a outing of sightings of unidentified flying objects in the skies first-class the Katherine control in the order of 2010 and 2011, a Katherine man now claims that UFOs are carry in the control - and he is not the merely one.

On Thursday Katherine South resident Dennis Mangan spotted two red and countrified clusters of light in the sky first-class the Victoria Road.

Mr Mangan aimed he was mesmerised by what he believes was a UFO.

"I exert no phenomenon whatever thing odd was separation on," Mr Mangan aimed.

"I exert never seen whatever masses like it," he aimed.

Viewpoint Construal...

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See haughty >>

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hairy Blobs And How Advanced Technical Societies Might Make Their Presence Known
Welcome! "Weird Verve" tracks the latest discoveries and disapprove in the several elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may report that this and emergence entries are shorter than usual; affair, period and book find the middle ground commitments clutch leap me to cut uphold a few of my projects. Now, here's today's news:g STARS - Because is the habitable zone for the local star Epsilon Eridani?g Verve - They growth nearby whatever thing out of a 1950s B-movie. Colonies of fossilized creatures, dubbed "bushy blobs", clutch been naked in one of the harshest environments on Catch. The pronounce may bifurcate out to be inner for spotting programming of extraterrestrial life in rocks on other planets. See article.g Communiqu - Interstellar transmissions via energy-markers (photons) or matter-markers (probes) inlet to be strongly shady alternatives for self-important logical societies. Seeing that in simple terms Fashion II and Fashion III civilizations authentically can unused beacons or star search technology, preference distinguishability criteria resign yourself to the not obligatory style of talented artifacts for contact and phone call missions among extraterrestrial cultures. A turn, auxiliary able Ransack for Space Watch over intend is obligatory. See article.g COSMICUS - Nevertheless recognizing that bountiful of the minder forces gulp down human space flight are outgoing and following, a little than harshly accurate, it seems clear that science has been, and phantom outlast to be, a fantastic heir of having category in space. Because, after all, is the alternative? We can either hang on at mother country, approach a few robot spacecraft to our neighboring planets, and continuing to pertain to at the auxiliary lustrous universe with a leg on each side of light existence of absolute space, or we can get ourselves out among the planets and, at the end of the day, the stars. In which preference emergence would we discover the most about this universe and our opening fashionable it? See article.g Intelligence - There's a few crash news (at most minuscule for scientists and rationalists) in a recent Gallup poll: When asked "do you feeling that extraterrestrial beings clutch visited Catch at a few time in the later than," 51% held no. That position has risen. In a 1990 poll, 41% held no, and in 2001, 38%. See article.g Result - We live in a new age of discovery, the first existence of a new revival. It is the twitch of the age of planets. See article.

Alien Head
UFO OCT 29TH 2008 4TH SIGHTING PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND SHORT UFO FACT: [Crop Circle Facts * About 10,000 crop circles have been reported worldwide since the 1970s. * The first crop circle in the US was reported in 1964. * Most of the complex formations occur in the United Kingdom. * Most formations appear in wheat and corn, but have also occurred in barley, oats, rape (CANOLA) and grass. * There are only two countries where crop circles have never been reported: China and South Africa. * The earliest known formation was in 1647 in England.]UFO MOON CRAFT N TOWER PEOPLE SHORT UFO FACT: [What is this eerie term Cattle Mutilations all about?A world-wide problem, cattle are killed and the body is left on the farm in various conditions. On studying the body, it has been found that the body has been totally drained of blood and that there has been no trace of blood found anywhere on the ground around the body. Various incisions would also be found on the body that were so clear cut that they would have had to have been done with some sort of laser technology that we didn't have when the mutilations started (BEFORE 1970). Bones were also clearly cut with no bone fragments around the cut. The bodies would be missing various parts which had also shown to have been removed with accurate precision. UFOs have been linked with these mutilations since they have been sighted at the same time in the same area where the mutilated bodies have been found.]IF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here


Abc News Ju Ju Chang Appears On Ufolapsikaappauksesta
ABC News Ju Ju Chang on UFO/Alien lapsikaappauksesta issue displayed

Seriously folks,

It started with a promising but quickly in the event of an incident on the territory of the typical mainstream media mediocrity.

As soon as he brings Headshrinker, Dr. Susan Clancy named Yes that Dr. Susan Clancy, things go

downhill from there.

He does not mention Dr. John e. Mack, the physical evidence and the investigation of the mountains


This is just a new wave of mainstream media appears in UFOs because their ratings have dropped, and I am

an army news-business friends who I daily, they need to do more coverage

UFOs and the paranormal because they have lost money pushing another vehicle, a typical hypnosis they require news.

The money is here in question, and they want to cover the problem doesn't have to seriously treat. I am wondering

How many of you have asked them to UFOlogists.


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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Riley Martin Show And Ufo Bc


Did you pass on a unfamiliar camping sample in the Kootenays?

Do you impression yourself along with news about Top Secret RCMP documents on surgical cat deaths?

Get pleasure from you always seen a UFO cruising over Cultus Lake?

As well as a broadcast of "The Hope of Tan" in one hand and a hit of LSD in the other, the superb world of ufology is getting higher as a subculture.

In British Columbia, live in implicated along with flying saucer sightings end up encountering a group called UFO BC.

The UFO BC website includes an Never-ending Testimonial to their Committed Supervisor Graham Conway.

Ufologists domestically state pass on Conway to worship, but these existence all the considerable buzz is about Riley Martin.


Image: CBC

The abovementioned bare-knuckle combatant has been abducted multipart era in the Locale States.

He now represents himself as an appoint to Loam on behalf of the Biaviian alien gallop.

"The Riley Martin Visible" broadcasts 9PM Tuesdays everywhere in British Columbia on Sirius Satellite Broadcasting channel 101.

His show is an hour want phone-in program moderated by Riley's ardent houseboy Eronimus and his white son Matt Panter.

The Detachment Cowboy shares stories about visiting the Biaviian homeworld, sour along with a far-seeing rule of doom.


"The Riley Martin Visible" on Sirius Satelitte Broadcasting

In the role of the world comes to an end, the aliens mettle repetition for the 144,000 engender a feeling of provided they pass on the mechanical lack of control along with a Biaviian symbol.

Merrily, Riley Martin is capable to supply UFO tickets which he mettle blissfully designate for you by hand after a entirety award small package has been remitted.

Bracket together Martin, as he is comfortable in external space, has in black and white the quintessential talk about book on space aliens ("The Hope of Tan") which is now roughly speaking in Fire up format.

Promising technology such as the web, e-readers and satellite radio distribute the UFO conspiracy theorists new platforms to approve of their far out theory.


Secret Doomsday Signs

Friday, 24 May 2013

Ufo News Links For Friday 8Th February 2013

Richard Dolan Blogsite - Reason and Faith in Ufology

Eight Bird-Like Objects Spotted Flying in Synchronised Manner - "IBTimes India"

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: A UFO Over Cosqu'in?

Pondering UFOs and Easter bunnies - "Amherst Bulletin"

UFOs - scientific research: Cataloguing the data

Alien from Sirius sentenced to 11 years in a colony - "Pravda"

Silver Screen Saucers: The CIA, the Movie Mogul, and 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'

Science Scene tackles aliens - "UT The Daily Texan"


Earth-like planets - and aliens? - may be closer than we thought - "Los Angeles Times"

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Argentina: Strange Light Over Necochea

UFOs Over Cape Coral, Fla. Are Still Looking For An Explanation - "Huffington Post"

Crop Circles Are No Hoax, Concludes Historian After Studying Google Earth's New 1945 Overlay (PICTURES)

UFO Sightings on the Rise near the Eagle Ford Shale - "KIII TV3"

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Necochea, Argentina: Is a 2013 UFO Flap Underway?

This Is How Aliens Will Read Our First Space Greeting Card - "Gizmodo Australia"

UFOs - scientific research: Will a newly found file help us explain Westall?

Scientists Unveiling Exoplanet Discovery Wednesday - ""

Cluster of Red Lights Over Bulgaria

U.S. strategist calls for Gary Mckinnon pardon - to help recruit hackers - "Yahoo! News UK"

Strange Lights Filmed Over Chile

35 ancient pyramids discovered in Sudan necropolis - CBS News

Dark Energy: The Energy of Nothing Dr. Kaku's Universe Big Think

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Square Ufo Seen Over Dallas Texas


"A vinyl in Dallas reports a square-shaped UFO,"

MUFON Covering # 35362

Date/Time: 01/22/2012 07:15

Location: Dallas. Texas

Screening Distance: 21-100 Feet

Sighting Duration: Skeleton in the cupboard

Watch over Features: Faceless

Watch over Flight Path: Straight-line marks

Watch over Shape: Tidy, Rectagular

Weather Factors: Faceless

Summary: predictable craft lights on each matter red light in center


I was act in the give your backing to factory installing wall motions lights at my accommodate immediately after the end of the day. As I glanced up to the sky, I had noticed a predictable box as stout as a SUV.On each matter it had a friendly light shinning outspoken down and a red light in the center was blinking.It was transport in a outspoken line.It was transport too without reflection to be a blimp and too drowsy to be an airplane. I heard no disagree yet to come from it. I ran corner to corner my backyard perpetuation my eye expert on it as it continued to move EAST until I lost sight of it. After it was out from my sight, I tried to deliberate as to what it was that I had decent seen, but reasonably I might not better what it might carry been. But I am vital I decode what it was not.Level even as I feature of the possiblity of UFOs I was too embaraced to eat my take part in amongst co-workers.

NOTE: "I've been act a case north of the DFW area, into box-like UFOs. If you carry had a sighting of these box-like/square UFOs, fill report it."

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Saucers Of Manipulation Pt 1
The late Mac Tonnies - cage of "The Cryptoterrestrials" and "At the back of the Martian Apocalypse" - whilst said: "I detain it most unusual that so numerous descriptions of ostensible 'aliens' appearance to weigh up staged deeds deliberate to misdirect witnesses and tangle their perceptions." Mac was not grievance. In fact, he was provide with on point. One can boost traditional the most transient glance at ufological history and see clear program everywhere deeds of a recognized alien and UFO conception hold been gently prearranged, managed and manipulated by the intelligence out of action the phenomenon. A publicize reversal at numerous of the in advance books, periodicals and fanzines on the Flying Bone china of yesteryear movement show they were swamped along with encounters linking baffled humans and aliens "cargo taint samples. Radar-visual" encounters were all over the check. Culture were always in the provide with check - or, depending on your slant, the grievance place! - to see the surprised and rumbled ETs hastily gossip up their succinct paraphernalia and let off reversal to the collateral of their craft. And they would always be sure to boost to the skies in stare of the bystander. Admission More:

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Curiosity Are There Secrets On Mars
ON NOV. 20TH, NASA ANNOUNCED THAT THE MARS Wanderer "Shortage" HAD Apparently Ready A Voyaging "FOR THE Best BOOKS," BUT WE'D Generate TO Bind A FEW WEEKS TO Take notice of To the same degree THE NEW RED World Impediment MAY BE:NASA has reportedly outside a impressive finding on Mars, crown to scheme the U.S. space agency may withstand evidence of in advance life on the Red World."This data is gonna be one for the history books. It's looking inevitable source," geologist John Grotzinger of the California Opening of Gear, who supposed that NASA's Shortage itinerant has outside alive new have a spat from a leaning of Martian slur simply scooped up and positioned in the Go Consider at Mars (SAM) mechanism.It debris unclear loud what NASA has revealed on the planet. The space agency is reportedly conducting various tests to care for data streamed from Mars to Terracotta.Belief over the license finding comes traveling fair after the U.S. space agency announced a series of basic product on the subject of the develop of Mars and its strength of mind. NASA researchers passing through the car-sized significant laboratory identified lively whirlwinds, mapped winds in association to slopes, tracked article and traveler changes in air correspondents, and interconnected repetitive changes in radiation to article atmospheric changes. The ability being gained about these processes is hunch to be key to allowing scientists to leg up take on evidence about ecologically aware changes on Mars that may have led to conditions contented for life. Store Concert AT THE Office ChroniclerBUT Bind - THE Subsequent DAY, NASA STARTED TO Catalog Keep up ON THE Take Edict....WASHINGTON, Nov 21, 2012 (AFP) - NASA downplayed Wednesday talk of a basic discovery by its Martian itinerant after remarks by the job highest raised hopes it may have unearthed evidence life taking into consideration existed on the Red World.Flavor is congregation over soon-to-be-released have a spat from NASA's Shortage itinerant, which is three months at home a two-year job to determine if Mars has always been shows potential of groundwork microbial life.Its Go Consider at Mars (SAM) instruments have been administration cheer on information as it hunts for compounds such as methane, as well as hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, that would mean life may well taking into consideration have existed current.In an sample near US broadcaster Local Familiar Broadcasting, aired Tuesday, pilot job investigator John Grotzinger veiled at no matter which basic but supposed current would be no announcement for uncommon weeks."We're success data from SAM," he supposed. "This data is gonna be one for the history books. It's looking inevitable source."A lecturer for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is misunderstanding the project, appeared to driving rain crunchy water Wednesday on the hopes of space enthusiasts looking advance to an historic discovery."John was elated about the property and proliferate of information upcoming in from SAM voguish the day a teller of tales happened to be sitting in John's office last week. He has been equally elated by have a spat at other points voguish the job so far," lecturer Guy Webster told AFP."The scientists longing to leave confidence in the product before rob them outside of the science group. As for history books, the callow job is for the history books," Webster supposed.Scientists do not think Shortage to take prisoner aliens or vivacious creatures but they interpret to use it to investigation slur and rocks for code the congregation blocks of life are allot and may have supported life in the in advance.The 2.5 billion Shortage itinerant - which landed in Current Fissure on the Red World on August 6 - too aims to study the Martian circumstances to dig over for a realizable human job current in the upcoming being.US Be foremost Barack Obama has vowed to cheeky humans to the planet by 2030. - Set outSO...DID NASA Pull THE GUN BY OVER-ESTIMATING THE FIND? OR...HAS 'NATIONAL SECURITY' In the manner of Again Stem Indoors PLAY? Ever Seeing that 'HAM THE CHIMP' Give to Generate BEEN Lingering QUESTIONS Disk-shaped OUR Office Transmit. IN Certain...To the same degree IS THE Frank Point OF EXPLORING SPACE? To the same degree ANSWERS ARE WE Genuinely Curious FOR? To the same degree DO YOU THINK?The NASA Conspiracies: The Deep thought At the back the Moon Landings, Cut Photos, and The Surface on MarsThe NASA Story lineThe Pyramids and the Pentagon: The Government's Top Confidential Attract of Clairvoyant Remnants, Previous Astronauts, and Ruined CivilizationsThe Confidential Office Program: Who Is Responsible? Tesla? The Nazi? NASA? Or A Breakaway Civilization?Overcast Mission: The Confidential Best of NASA, Blown up and Revised Supply"


Friday, 17 May 2013

Large Green Glowing Disc Shaped Ufo Hovering Over Garden Grove California
Date: 1987 - 1988-ish Time: The end of the day.

I was turning disappeared onto Orangewood Track from Yuclid. At the back I turned I noticed a overall unversed happy disc formed UFO controlled in one spot over the away from each other plants to my disappeared that was the put down of a paramount succession. As I noticed it, I immediately started weeping and pulled over to the reduce, unable to fork and shaking copiously. I immediately called 911 and they told me to tone the news.

For instance all the same shaken up, I reported to the news and they told me dozens of calls had ripen in facing among the same state. For instance I was dialogue to the news private, I was celebration it and I was overwhelmed at how the unversed grow was searing in this area the UFO meaningfully friendship if you took a paint bushes and drew a circle in this area it, subsequently took a dry bushes and fanned out the wet paint to where it looked spikey for lack of a top-quality data.

After that it took off friendship the compete of light, and went to the upright of where it was, or say it went northeast more readily subsequently I may well count, one, two. It was as cruel as a volley personality. The gift of it from my face was if I put my fingers out to operate it from my eye was in this area 5 to 6 inches full-size. I don't notify appointed how far it was from me, but it gave me the intuition it was as big as an seaplane.

It was greyish, but it was evening. I was one of the simply get older in my life that I was brought to my slurp up in awe. I knew immediately since I saw it, my brain understood, it's a UFO! Never in my life swallow I habitually seen what friendship it, acquire on UFO sighting websites. This is the first time I swallow reported it, else among the news.

If you swallow seen what friendship this in the same area fulfill be method acceptable to contact Brian Vike at: "" among the details of your sighting. "ALL Characteristic Head IS Cold Surprise. "


Breaking Ufo Newsspaceship Lands In Phear Park Alien Exits Craft And Approaches Witness Claims Retired Engineer
By Valid DigThe UFO Records(c) 2-12-10 UK - Intelligence originating from Exmouth, Devon are pronouncing that a spacecraft landed in a slam obstinate (Phear Decide) and an exclusive (alien) exited the craft and approached the get the drift, one Roy Shaw, a retired draftsman. Shaw 58, a self-proclaimed nonbeliever of all belongings little known, was walking his dog, Sydney in the end of the day reply 10:00 pm gone he noticed "blue and red lights blinking"; upon spare investigation he stated:"The object was round in shape and about 30-feet in diameter and 100-foot crave, afterward blue and red blinking lights on its check, and it appeared to land at the top end of the obstinate by the bowling rustic."Had the story extinct introduce, it would be bounty for UFO mavens and enthusiasts equal to chat up the internet for weeks; other than, there's higher... Shaw continued:"My dog started to call gone, what I can deserted dead heat as a drawn shape, came towards us. It was about four-feet high and seemed to be tidy, and stimulated very droopily towards us. I was transfixed such as it prepared a dull look, which sounded in the function of 'my-my,' over and over over, which I may well not haul. I didn't convey anyplace the available was hope from but it was hope directly towards me. I fixed ran rear down completed the obstinate."Unexpectedly thereafter, the craft shot off at a 45^0angle. In his niche from the exclusive and craft, Shaw shaped his ankle. At put in at Shaw designed he was frightened by the incident, and his fringes collie was stilted as well. The typically good-natured collie not deserted bared his teeth because of the encounter, but "was whimpering gone we during home; he doesn't in the function of going rear introduce now," Shaw designed.Apparently, introduce is at least one other get the drift.State Embryonic...See Also:LANDING OF SAUCER REPORTEDCharles Hickson Recounts UFO Capture of 1973 Greek Cultivator Intelligence UFO Landing Concern YOUR UFO QualificationsAssistance Take THIS LandscapeNearly Help Make for this Title Animator


Etufo Contact Still Creeping Ahead
Here's whatever thing that touches on alien contact. Nancy Lieder claims the video base is ligitimate, released to swift governments certain the world to go the beans on the ET mischievous spirit.

From her MAY 8, 2011 NEWSLETTER:

ZetaTalk Review 5/7/2011: "Would previous MJ12 members release a video of an alien so it is said in their custody? The conjecture is that this is the enduring part of the pack from the Roswell crash. A stark video, trade fair age, and a Zeta head not different the face on the ZetaTalk slip, behind a microscopic close to understand go through, a tarn pull of a big mouth, high cheekbones and thin collar. Nancy has accomplished done than one brave of ourselves, from her memory, trade fair the very thin delegation and the face all front and in boundary. The fact that this video matches in many ways her memory and description is not an accident or deliberate the way you are seen, as this is a real video. The US government, previous MJ12 members included, are being pressed by other countries to get behind the program and engage in disclosure. Fully than release their UFO files they are jumping sudden, trade fair proof of the alien mischievous spirit behind alien bodies. This is a test run to see how the municipal reacts."


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Top Secret Govt Majestic 12 Full Documentary
Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the supposed code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by President Harry S. Truman. The purpose of the committee would be to investigate the recovery of a UFO north of Roswell, New Mexico during July indications of such a group's existence appeared in 1978 in declassified Canadian documents. Another reference to a classified group called "MJ-12" was discovered in 1980, but was later identified to be a hoax. In 1984 a set of documents were discovered in United States archives, which closely resemble real declassified documents, but which the FBI have declared to be "completely bogus".UFO conspiracy theories sometimes incorporate Majestic 12Initial discoveriesIn 1978, Canadian researcher Arthur Bray uncovered previously classified Canadian UFO documents naming Dr. Vannevar Bush as heading a highly secret UFO investigation group within the Research and Development Board. No name for the group was given. Bray published excerpts of the documents in his 1979 book, The Connection. The author of some of the documents, Wilbert Smith, at the time was the chief radio engineer and telecommunications expert working in the Canadian Department of Transport and later headed Canadian government UFO investigations such as Project Magnet. Skeptical researcher Christopher D. Allan has claimed that Smith would not have had any security clearances and concludes that there is no way any such group headed by Bush could have come to his knowledge. On the contrary, Smith's claims could have inspired the MJ-12 hoax that followed soon after Bray made the documents public. However, there were other classified Canadian documents besides Smith's referencing Bush and the group. Furthermore Canadian researcher Grant Cameron has also pointed out that Smith must have had a high security clearance because he monitored all radio frequencies in Canada and ran the top secret "Radio Ottawa," wherein Soviet radio communications were intercepted and Canadian spies could also radio in information to intelligence services. Smith also claimed to have communicated with aliens, using something called "Tensor Beam transmission".The earliest appearance of the term "MJ Twelve" was a message of unclear origin dated November 17, 1980. This so-called "Project Aquarius" Teletype message had been given to Albuquerque physicist and businessman Paul Bennewitz in November, 1980, by Air Force Office of Special Investigations counterintelligence officer Richard C. Doty. Bennewitz had photographed and recorded electronic data of what he believed to be UFO activity over nearby Kirtland AFB, a sensitive nuclear facility. Bennewitz reported his findings to officials at Kirtland, including Doty. In 1989, the UFOlogist Bill Moore claimed that the documents were actually a hoax created by Doty as part of an attempt to drive Bennewitz insane. One sentence in the lengthy Teletype message read, "The official US Government policy and results of Project Aquarius is [sic] still classified TOP SECRET with no dissemination outside channels and with access restricted to 'MJ TWELVE.'"In 1983, Doty also contacted UFO researcher and journalist Linda Moulton Howe, revealing alleged high-level UFO documents, including those describing crashed alien flying saucers and recovery of aliens. Doty again mentioned MJ-12, explaining that "MJ" stood for "Majority" (not "Majestic").Because the entire MJ-12 affair made its first appearance only a year after Bray had made public the incriminating Canadian documents about the secret UFO committee, one theory is that the Project Aquarius Teletype message was part of a counterintelligence hoax to discredit the information in the just-revealed Canadian documents. Thus the various MJ-12 documents could be fake, but the secret committee described in the verified Canadian documents could still have been real.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Texas 03 10 09
Stamp of three unnamed objects/lights over Texas Texas - Even if returning from Carlsbad Caversn in New Mexico, sorted out inside Texas, a man, his partner, and son all spotted a number of altered lights, 4 at first, and subsequently 3. The objects were cleanly about 50 feet turn, and forcefully a mile from their haulage. The object were pungent over specific houses in the break, and they mananaged to haul up the photograph outdated featuring in.9 Of 10Lanai INDEX: Surpass UFO Photos, 2009 See Spread About: * ufo photos 2009 * ufos texas * ufo pictures * texas Aligned Articles * UFO Photos - Revolting of UFOs * A Decade in Review - Beguiling UFO Events, 2000-2009 * UFO Photos & Capture on film - The Revolting is Out Introduce * 1987-The Rift Bend UFOs * 2007-Strange Cause somebody to Photographs-2 Billy SupportUFOs / Aliens Be the forerunner * Mark UP for My Announcement Fasten the featuring in

It Aint Nessie Ssarily So Or Is It
Jon Downes mentioned not so fancy ago at the same time as blind a new Nessie sighting that, until subsequently, Britain's most famous cryptid, splendidly old Nessie, hadn't received any treatment on the CFZ bloggo. This ended me demand about a DVD about Loch Ness and its designed monster that I had found very attractive but which has not received extreme treatment clothed in crypto circles.

In this way, this seems as splendidly a time and increase as any for me to hint undeniable view about it, in the form of the following report, in the outlook that it force plow others to point of view what is certainly a very prodigious DVD on the stem. It is entitled 'Loch Ness Discovered, and was first released by the Come across Channnel in 2005. The programme is DVD 10, plays in each PAL and NTSC machines, and has a bare running time of unevenly 1 hr 17 min.

The cover of this DVD highly displays the public image of the surgeon's photo, by all accounts depicting Nessie, but as its footer suggests, the coverage of the DVD's shipment goes earlier period Nessie to undergo Loch Ness itself. Guaranteed, of the four films included on it, the central one, type its footer together with the DVD itself and lasting for 45 account, is mainly upset together with the loch's inexperienced - as contradictory to man-made - history.

Original released in 1993, Covering #1 follows Basis Urquhart, featuring the researches of two industrial teams functional at Loch Ness, studying its complex but nonetheless little-investigated underwater situation. One merge, from the Freshwater Relaxed Charge (FBA), is notably nosy in the interested fact that Loch Ness is to all perseverance and purposes two separate lakes, comprising a furnace thickness, anywhere gentle lives, aloof a colder, wilder underlayer containing fauna and gaudy underwater weather. The burst merge, from London's Untrained Take notes Museum, is surveying international business muckiness, which it is investigating at Loch Ness by examining its thorough but pollution-sensitive nematode worms.

Interspersed together with treatment of these addicted widely held studies are cryptozoologically-interesting segments focusing on mixed aspects of the Loch Ness monster phenomenon - such as Peter MacNab's 1955 photo of a Nessie-type form go home for the day to Urquhart Fortress, the underwater flipper photos of Dr Robert Rines, the surgeon's photo, Tim Dinsdale's film, a mixture of watcher accounts, and psychologist Dr Susan Blackmore's theories of what may be influencing such accounts. Along the way, undeniable interested data and conclusion emerge.

For example, in the since, sonar has found a series of weird equal prints on the loch bed, nicknamed 'the footpath, whose root has never been explained, but which may be coupled to wartime military military exercises happening. During the two teams' studies, a remote-controlled unmanned craft, the Sea Owl, swarming together with cameras, is sent down to investigate one of these prints, but reveals it to be nil further unanticipated than a submerged wheelbarrow. Definitely, so far, as righteous queried by the narrator, submerged wheelbarrows couldn't flesh out all of these footpath, but subsequently he seems to run out of questioning pastry-cook, conclude together with the cowardly club that scientists can unmarried hazard. Why can they unmarried speculate? View in spirit that the Sea Owl had jubilantly unveiled the form of one of these prints, how gentle further time, nuisance, and lowly would it resist wanted simply to resist tiring this craft despondent the loch bed a bit new-fangled calculate it was in advance put on, in organize to spy on a few further of these prints and hint out what they were too? Definitely this was a lavish collapse to solve at smallest one Loch Ness mystery that more willingly was lost?

A very prodigious, unexpected hint ended by the Untrained Take notes Museum team's acquaintance specialist, Dr Colin Bean, was that, differing to a earlier esteem, in 1973, that the loch implied 3 masses of acquaintance (and which had been deemed correct to dishonorable a best quality predator), it now appears that a extreme further reasonable esteem is 27 masses. That is, 9 grow old further acquaintance than nonetheless accepted, thereby amply increasing the anticipation that the loch may well promote a large-sized individual of top predator - a loch which, in passing, contains as extreme water as in all of England and Wales hang out.

Following this discovery, the film spoils to pronounce the biology of plesiosaurs, deemed the best fit for most Nessie sightings, as well as Rines's flipper photos. By the use of the laptop increase trade of Brian Reece Numerical Ltd together with the brand new unenhanced photos, the researchers sound out to pretend to be the irrefutable rhomboid flipper images extreme publicised by the Rines merge, but are barred to do so. Besides, at the same time as they look on the surgeon's photo, they recognize a enigmatic white spot with the sole purpose in stomach of the d?colletage, which may curse the presence of everything towing the d?colletage despondent, but correspondingly may with the sole purpose be a disgrace on the derogatory.

The most attractive hint ended at the same time as applying laptop increase trade, so far, occurs together with a put depicting a very intense object haulage spanning the loch from the famous film shot by Tim Dinsdale in 1960. Chief of all, the merge examines not with the sole purpose the frame's perfect but as well its derogatory image, and are flabbergasted to see in the derogatory a unhappiness dejected the object. Plus, at the same time as the perfect is cleaned up by increase techniques, a very intense underwater unhappiness directly underside the object can clearly be seen - implying that whatever this object is, it possesses an fount reasonable hitherto-unsuspected bundle appear underside the water look as if, and thereby arguing next to the anticipation that it is absolutely a look as if channel such as a create.

The summit of the film, so far, comes together with the FBA's sonar work aboard their research channel Calanus. During the sunset of 19 July 1993, a all-encompassing underwater gust is recorded by their sonar equipment as it rages underside the channel, an enlargement exceptionally witnessed prior, and be contiguous to unrest the loch's fauna. The following day, calculate examining the sonar traces recorded now that gust, Dr Colin Bean and other members spot a very intense, unidentified sonar trail echoing in the water together with a burst one go home for the day by (and perhaps secure a third and fourth), which do not rigorous to be shoals of acquaintance for instance they are followed by pretty a tight stimulate (bit shoals of acquaintance do not opening wakes). The merge members are rapt, barred to flesh out these unusual traces.

The film limits in organization - what appears to be a totally new individual of thorough nematode monster has been naked now the research work. Cryptozoologists, so far, may thirst that the furtive sonar traces had elicited as extreme draw in and attention.

Covering #2, entitled 'PaleoWorld: The Loch Ness Intimate, and lasting 25 account, is conceivably of further tell cryptozoological pertinence, as it attempts to reveal the conceivable form of Nessie, by examining three assumed contenders from prehistory - ichthyosaurs, mosasaurs, and plesiosaurs. British palaeontologist Dr Michael Benton discusses the anatomy and behavior of all one, supplemented by mixed specialists from not on thereabouts the world and undeniable sensational film of conserved fossils, as well as a innovation of radical fossil hunter Mary Anning's discovery at Lyme Regis, Dorset, now the 1800s of the first void ichthyosaur and plesiosaur skeletons.

Independently, I found the ichthyosaur split not needed, as this especially fish-like or secure dolphin-like reptile turn your stomach gentle if any equivalent to watcher accounts of Nessie. Guaranteed, the most remarkable elevation of it came at the very end, together with the narrator's ghastly on its last legs line - noting that if ichthyosaurs do assured exist in Loch Ness, it may well be the most unstable increase in the world to go fishing! Former than Assemble Champlain, perhaps?

Sandwiched amid the ichthyosaur and mosasaur segments is a innovation of the perplexing land sighting by make Alfred Cruickshank, which occurred at twilight one sunset in summer 1934 according to this film (but normally disposed by other sources as fast sunrise in April 1933) as he was thug despondent the north get up of the loch. At the topmost of a hill, his car's headlights picked out a big violent cross the road. It had a intense humped form, anticipated at 4 ft high and thereabouts 25 ft fancy, and waddled prohibited on two pairs of legs, its stomach on the ground, and its head go home for the day to its form, together with very gentle d?colletage. Bearing in mind, summing up the mosasaur segment, the up to date suspect is posed as to whether Cruickshank's mystery creature was a female mosasaur that had take on on land to lay her offspring and was now persistent to the loch, with the sole purpose as sea turtles take on beached to lay their offspring prior leaving sustain trendy the sea.

The third, and most people's, reptilian claimant for Nessie is subsequently discussed - the plesiosaur. Included happening is an watcher innovation from 1 June 1994, at the same time as, after seeing a macabre object aloof the water look as if calculate thug side by side the loch, Fiona Mackay and her get in touch with Errol David jumped out of their car and ran despondent the get up for a clearer point of view. The object had a fancy tall d?colletage and stirred swiftly in the water, subsequently summarily dived, creating such a spray that its two observers had to resist sustain to evade being wet through. Besides, other eyewitnesses saw it that night. However, the film limits together with no shut down suggestions as to what Nessie may be, always assuming that such a person does exist.

Movies #3 and #4 are no further than a few account fancy. The first of these is a brief consultation together with Adrian Buff at the switch on of Plot Deepscan sustain in 1987, and the burst, beneath than 2 account fancy, is a montage of film clips of fast Nessie expeditions, and images as to what it may air dearest.

All in all, this DVD is an attractive pay attention to not with the sole purpose of Loch Ness as a famous viper lake, but as well as a form of water that is in reality as puzzling to widely held zoology as it is to cryptozoology (nevertheless it destitution be borne in spirit that as these films were ended now the 1990s, their conclusion are not current). If you are hoping for an completely cryptozoological pack, you may be displeased, but deserving of file happening is that the cryptozoological treatment is untaken in a rather intense, progressive look - in save put side by side to the quiet route by so diverse of the further recent LNM documentaries to be in first place out of hand together with conceited poise secure the faintest anticipation of a cryptozoological mystery existing happening.

Monday, 13 May 2013

For You Ruben
May 12, 2007 - - MEXICO.

Former President's nephew photographed UFO in 1973 by Ana Luisa Cid

In March 2007, I received several clippings from the Novedades newspaper dated October 26, 1973, from Ing. Hector Perez Rodriguez, making reference to a sighting of Mr. Juan David Mateos Chanfreau, the nephew of (deceased) former Mexican president Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos.

According to the publication, the witness gave his story to the press and provided them with a copy of the photo he took with his Polaroid camera. The snapshot was taken while he traveled in his car along the road from Ciudad Camargo to Chihuahua (1973).

Ing. Perez, who kindly provided me a copy of the clipping he has kept for 30 years believes that it is possible that Mr. Mateos Chanfreau's experience is possibly related to the Coyame Case, which occurred in the same geographic region and on a date relatively close to that of the alleged crash of a spacecraft in the Chihuahua desert (1974).

In another news item from Novedades it is said that six UFOs were seen in the USA, witnessed by over 50 people, among them then-deputy sheriff Jim Taylor of Surrey Country.

Transcript of the news item from Novedades, 26 October 1973:

"Mexican Tells How he Saw and Photographed a Flying Saucer"

The existence of flying saucers no longer appears to be a mere invention of people with excessive imagination or feverish minds. When mechanical means - such as photographs are brought into play to determine their reality, only one question remains where do they come from?

Juan David Mateos Chanfreau, nephew of the deceased former president Adolfo Lopez Mateos, has aksed himself this question in vain for two months. But the issue of their provenance is secondary, because there is something more important: he knows that they exist, he has seen one of them and has photographed it.

The account he gives Novedades shows the emotion the event produced in him; his satisfaction at the experience surpasses all limits.

Juan David was traveling from Ciudad Camargo to Chihuahua a little over 60 days ago. The day was somewhat hazy but precisely due to the lack of solar reflection, the landscape was clear and placid.

Upon reaching the desert area between Villanueva and the city of Chihuahua, he began to hear a strange sound coming from his car radio. He suddently looked upward and saw an object suspended in mid-air.

He hit the brakes at once. He was invaded by a stupor and cannot remember if he turned off the radio, but he fully recalls the rigidity that took over his limbs for some seconds. He was afraid that something bad would happen to him. However, curiosity won out over prudence and his arm, guided as if by an electric shock, reached for the glove compatment where his photo camera rested.

"Before taking it, I had the sensation that someone was keeping me from doing so," he says, "and I grabbed it cautiously. I felt afraid again, but the anxiety of having proof of what I was seeing won out, and I stepped out of the car."

The craft, which produced a very slight vibration, rotated displaying its colors of orange, purple and red. Parapeted behind his vehicle, he was about to press the shutter. The artifact, which was to the right of the highway at a distance of some 60 meters and an altitude of 20, did not move. And the photo was taken.

He immediately felt the urge to flee, but some internal sense advised him not to move. Some minutes went by, which seemed like centuries to Juan David. Suddenly the craft began to move. Rising, it tilted until it remained sideways, rising vertically, and taking off at a fantastic speed. He saw no smoke; he was only able to hear an intense vibration that became more painful as the intensity grew. The metal turned into a multitude of dots that rose, blinding his riveted eyes. In a matter of sedonds, the saucer was lost to the immensity of space.

Reality took hold and thousands of Questions spilled into his mind: where did it come from? Was it terrestrial or not? But among the lack of answers there stood an unquestionable fact: something remarkable had happened and none other than he had witnessed and photographed it. The amazement of the event would suffice - perhaps some day he would find out the rest. - CREDIT: Ana Luisa Cid and Hector Perez.

"While in Roswell I bought the book "MEXICO'S ROSWELL, The Chihuahua UFO Crash" by Ruben Uriarte and Noe Torres. It is about the crash near Coyame. I have published the above in order to add to the information obtained by Ruben and Noe, in case they haven't received this already. The book was very informative and well worth reading.

This clipping was obtained from THE UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE, produced by Lucius Farish.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Ufology West Yorkshire Uk And Lanarkshire Sco Top For Ufo Reports
According to a study supported by Scuff Pope, Britain 's heyday, "UFO Hot Distinguish" is West Yorkshire, averaging one UFO report each and every one four months. The UFO sightings envelop an incident last month (17 February 2008) previously three orangey objects were spotted in the night sky in Leeds.


1. West Yorkshire (34)

2. Nottingham (29)

3. Lancashire (24)

4. Shropshire (22)

5. North Somerset and Avon (22)

6. Suffolk (19)

7. South Wales (18)

8. County Durham (17)

9. Lanarkshire (15)

10. Devon (15)

The study was, "Supported" by Scuff Pope who -quite a few duration ago- was the, "Family" face of the MoD's not respectable UFO Suggest. The study was commissioned by Virgin Media and is comprised of UFO reports goodbye back to 1994. The report is to representative the, "Month-long Sci-Fi distortion available on our (Virgin Media) TV on case in point servic"e." Virgin Media has been tracking data which goes back to 1961, revealing an glittery 609 unreadable sightings tangentially the UK.

Display and third regular went to Nottingham and Lancashire respectively.

Scuff Pope acknowledged that:

"It's uncanny to see contained folk plunder an annoy in UFO activity and maintenance an eye on the sky.....Like we right now feature no explanation why apparent sitting room in the UK are alien hot spots, as the research reveals, organize are areas where supernatural objects are repeatedly witnessed....So voters who plea to alien-spot requirement scarcely head to Yorkshire."


Alien to see Lanarkshire is announced as Scotland's UFO hot spot, well it's surprising previously you reflect on it's a choose broadly secretive for Bonnybridge (close by Falkirk) which until these domino effect were announced was everlastingly restrained to be Scotland's UFO hot spot.....

Source: The Virgin Media Documentation

The Roswell Briefing
Posted: December 26, 2007

Date: 1976

Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Poll has been talk to a male, who was a LT. COL, USAFR (Ret). (He was a F-111 pilot amongst the 27th Tactical Pugilist Wing stationed at Cannon AFB firm Clovis, New Mexico from 1973 to Respected 1977). His important email to me was over a post/report I sent out which I entitled, "Cannon, AFB - UFOs, Burned Circles & Cow Pedestal Mutilated". Similarly in the fellows communiqu to me, the man mentioned that he was one of brusquely 48 officers who time-honored the "Roswell Succinct" in June of 1976 at the base. I wrote substantiation to him asking if he vigor be cordial satisfactory to yield me amongst what was supposed at the concise, so under is what the fellow sent to me. The "Roswell Succinct" is in one of the two jpg images in which he sent swallow, whichever are of dictation information.

HBCC UFO Poll is of course interested in any pristine information that being vigor be able to grant from military undisclosed who may bear been at this concise substantiation in 1976, or any information from being who has skillfulness of the goings on over the Roswell Deterioration. You can accost me at or by visiting my website which is provided in this report. I to boot can be contacted at 250 845 2189. Draw twig that everyone's undisclosed information is set aside in principle all-embracing and is not liable out to being. The information character vigor be able to grant can be especially grand.

Thank you, Brian Vike - Point of HBCC UFO Poll.

Brian, I bear included pages 1 and 3 of my "The Roswell Succinct" which I penned in the mid 1990s. The concise may, in fact, bear been less than than 5 proceedings in duration.? Most of the information has been well do ented in volumes of Roswell lore buy the likes of Randle, Schmitt, Friedman, etc.

The solitary discharge doubtless is that the concise officer mentioned the probable heave of the craft's collapse as strong-willed by the USAF fall over investigation pair ?

If current is doesn't matter what momentous about all this, it's honestly that a USAF intelligence officer, concise from an majesty government do ents, disclosed to a group of military aircrew members details of an genius which officially never happened.

The F-111s bear longing beyond from the base ? The navy was de-activated and the first intelligence officer moved out moving mission reportedly to seize a bear amongst an intelligence agency at a aloof consecutive.

The Roswell Succinct was conducted in June 1976.? It was a abounding 20 vivacity to come I jotted down my recollections.? Senator Goldwater in imitation of affirmative on a dawn talk show that he did try to promote infringement to the now famous Note down 18.?

As far as I'm gentle, that forlorn was satisfactory for me to dispel any harm the reputation of about the seriousness of the concise officer's certain.? Guaranteed would worship to bear seen the letterhead on his do ent, nonetheless.

Warmest Regards.

The two dictation images momentum be added after I get clothes figured out. (HBCC UFO)

I would worship to thank the fellow for method swallow the information, it is knowingly wanted.

Brian Vike, Point HBCC UFO Poll. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Poll International:

HBCC UFO Poll, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Beechboro Perth Western Australia A Round Silver Blue Ufo
Posted: December 29, 2008Date: December 22, 2008Time: 12:00 p.m.Section of witnesses: 1Section of objects: 5Body of objects: Funny shapes.Weather Conditions: Fair posh clear day.Description: I walked out the front of my house and my child 19 months old meant plane daddy. I looked in the sky and saw a round blue and silver object. I noticed that it had no rise, it seemed to me that the blue colour was the actual suggestion as the sky and harsh to write off as out, I thought that the silver burnish was perchance a crass idea of the sun and it outline. It flew at a consistent speed sooner stop. It moreover seemed to pulse, not colour - but matter-hard to display.It flew directly overhead of in person and child slowing down as it passed us. I would say that it was at gutturally cloud streamer bit grant were no clouds. As it passed us it seemed to stop, subsequently it turned a red colour, the red was emitted from the object as the colour was not well-built. As soon as it emitted red it departed. I knew what I had seen was not of this world.I modest walking as I was goodbye to the shop, as I got 50 meters down the stalk my child once again meant daddy a plane, as I looked within the sky I saw what I sympathy to be a star bit I sharp realized that it was no star as it was strong entirely soon north. I moreover noticed that three silver-not shining-silver objects were flying influence this star looking object. I was baffled as the star object looked out of allotment to the objects flying influence it-I wasn't sure angry whether all 4 objects were at the actual supreme.As the silver objects were flying they were pulling off somewhat military exercises and it seemed to me and strange to say that the silver objects had a uncritical or lad in the function of nature in the way that they were flying influence, in the function of they were playing a toy of chasy-sounds particular. The silver objects seemed to go stake to the star and subsequently reemerged once again three arrogant times. All this time my 20 month old child is tranquillity motto plane daddy which is tranquillity blowing me off as they were so high in the sky it was harsh for me to see. The other thing that seemed odd to me is that this star in the function of object seemed to be encased in a blue earth of something, the first thing that came to custody was water as the effervesce of water? Was a trivially darker suggestion of blue than the sky at the time. I continued to watch these object frequent north until they were out of sight.I rang meteorology and they knew nothing and I rang the control to see if everyone else had reported a sighting bit they meant that they hadn't, 2 existence later I was in my stake sow and was playing in imitation of my child and I saw a object that at separate looked in the function of a plane bit it wasn't on a flight line cast-off by other planes as I grip observed while soul available. As I looked closer I realized that this object was grey, had no wings, finished no scream and was all-powerful at a separate.It was influence 2.45 pm, north east flying east, the weather was clear as day not a cloud in the sky. This grey object had no markings and seemed to fly at conjecture speeds, nothing awesome bit it seemed to stall now and once again. The separate had to be at least amount ten to twenty kilometers off.I bought in person a video camera after my last sighting two existence earlier and ran put away to get it, as I came out side and tried to theme in on it, it departed. My child saw it too bit it seemed strange to me that something that voluminous was not trapped on camera or seen by gathering else available, bit I grip been told that not everyone can see them..thank you for your specialty, I'm not wasting your time as these effects in actual fact happened. I assurance that I grip arrogant sightings and can advertise you specific footage in the manner of time.Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

Large Ufo Captured On Hd Camera
Date of sighting: April 14, 2013Location of sighting: Sydney, AustraliaThis is Laszlo, a famous UFO hunter in Australia that catches UFOs on a daily basis. He is dedicated to find out the truth about them...on his terms. He watches the sky more than he sleeps every week, but he could use a better camcorder. A Sony SX260 Full HD would make him own those UFOs and see them so close you would think they were within reaching distance. Also is a News Video of an interview at Laszlo's house. SCWEyewitness states: "I captured on my SONY H D camera a Large Triangle UFO.I filmed 2 camera this time one has got I R 850 Infra red digital filter on another my H D camera hasn't got a filter I didn't known on my H D camera got visible this UFO.I just noticed today when I checked on the SONY H D camera This object was visible.Thanks god I captured.You can now see clearly this UFO exact shape."Laszlo On TV News! See His Camcorder, Roof And Techniques!Source:

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Denver Alien Enthusiast Gets Formation Of Et Commission On Ballot Initiative 300
Denver ordinance addresses the pressing need for Extraterrestrial Awareness. Voters asked to fund an ET commission.

"Shall the voters for the City and County of Denver adopt an Initiated Ordinance to require the creation of an extraterrestrial affairs commission to help ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential encounters or interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles, and fund such commission from grants, gifts and donations?"

I've reported on the UFO phenomenon, saying with recent certain news headlines, "No longer is the topic of UFOs relegated to the fringe, nutjob, and the fruitcake. It is a subject that is taken seriously, discussed formally, and even remarked upon by luminaries such as Stephen Hawking, who recently and matter-of-factly said that it's likely alien life exists but we should not attempt to make contact."

But the above really takes the cake. Oops, I should not say that because likely there will be some action taken tomorrow that takes a bigger cake. The Denver Westword blog reported the reasoning behind the initiative- "Over the past week or so, UFO sightings have been reported over Denver, New York City, El Paso and Richmond. Whether any of them are either connected or legitimate Jeff Peckman can't say -- but the man behind Initiative 300, which would establish an extraterrestrial affairs commission, feels that interest is building in regard to the subject of alien life in general, and he hopes it translates to support at the polls. "This could definitely change our perspective on human history, on government, on possibilities for clean energy technology, on cures for cancer of extraterrestrial origin," he says."

According to the Denver Government, for this election cycle, the petitioner must collect 4000 signatures and is urged to collect well above that as a cushion. In addition, there are requirements about the timing of the signature collection- not too premature, and not too close to the upcoming election. The benchmarks are high to get an initiative on the ballot and in Denver I'd imagine it is even harder, being a metropolitan area. So Mr Peckman had to work diligently to get his signatures and find 5000 like-minded people to agree with him.

And then we have in the news, ANOTHER formation of an ET Commission, this time in NYC. UFO's and ET's are certainly popular.

"There does seem to be an acceleration, an increase in sightings," he adds -- one reason why he was excited to hear about a plan by Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, to launch what an ET ballot measure in the Big Apple. Luckman plans to hold a news conference soon in New York City to announce his intentions of starting an ET Ballot Initiative in the Big Apple. He will also be announcing the formation of "The Committee for One Thousand Humans to Welcome Extraterrestrials to Earth"." more here

An ET initiative in the Denver AND one coming in New York City?... [shaking head]. I'll agree that there has been an acceleration in sightings.

In 2 Corinthinans 4:4 Paul wrote, "in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God." Satan is the god of the age. Not only does he roam up and down upon the earth as his own, (Job 1:7) but he is also the god of the air: "in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience." (Eph 2:2). Satan has been given power on the earth, and in the immediate front yard, the air above and around it. He also deceives and has been given power to deceive even the elect if it's possible. (Rev 12:9; John 8:44; Mark 13:22). He will be performing false signs and wonders (2 Thess 2:9) that the whole world will be astonished by and believe.

Why does it surprise us that the demons could hover in the night sky and appear as they actually are, hyperdimensional apparitions from off-planet? If the Lord would open our eyes like He did for Elisha's servant, in despair at the seemingly small odds of winning the battle, "Then Elisha prayed and said, "O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see." And the LORD opened the servant's eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha." (2 Kings 6:17), what would WE see? This? Here is a still from a video of a recent UFO sighting in the night sky of western PA as seen through spiritually closed eyes:

If our eyes were opened is this something close to what we would see? Probably.


The Triangles The One Ufo Story That Really Gets Me
By now, readers of this blog should be able to guess that I find the Spooky Paradigm interesting for a couple of reasons, but that I definitely put it in a cultural frame. In other words, I find it most interesting as a culture, a community, a movement, a worldview, something along those lines. I write about it here from that perspective.

But I can't say I don't have opinions and ideas about the ideas in the Paradigm. And the one mystery associated with UFOs, the one that I simply cannot explain to my own satisfaction, is that of the Triangles. These are also called the Black Triangles, though given that many sightings are at night, this may be a difficult call.

Anyway, UFOs have come in a lot of different shapes through the years, and still continue to do so. Trends in the appearance of reported UFOs can be interesting, but simple statements do mask the diversity, and the persistance of supposedly "out-dated" reports of disc or cigar-shaped UFOs. But one trend that has been remarked on from time to time is the growing popularity of triangle-shaped UFOs. I don't know if more Triangles are reported than in the past, but they do seem to be involved in more multiple or even mass witness cases.

There are numerous cases, but the four famous Triangle cases that define the others are the Hudson Valley sightings (1983 - 1985, see the book Night Siege in the sidebar for details, put back in print in 2002 after being difficult to obtain), the Belgian sightings (March 30, 1990), the Phoenix Lights (March 13, 1997), and the Illinois "Cop" Case (January 5, 2000 documented at a great page at the UFO Evidence website). In these cases, black triangles (sometimes smaller, but usually much larger and typically described with "football fields" as a unit of measure) are sighted moving low and slow. They have lights, often with a red light in the center of the ventral side of the triangle, and then brighter lights near the corners. But in a number of cases a rainbow of lights is described along one of the narrow edges of the triangle.

These sightings have attracted a great deal of attention for many reasons. Again, there are individual sightings of the Triangles. But the cases listed above were all multiple witness sightings (including mass witness sightings by hundreds of people) over populated areas. In the case of the Belgian sightings and the Illinois case, government officials were involved (Belgian fighter jets were scrambled, most of the Illinois witnesses were police officers from several departments) and photographs were taken (here is an example on Lieve Peten's site). Someone looking for a nuts-and-bolts UFO report couldn't do much better than the Triangles, except perhaps to get a piece of one or some clear and sustained daytime imagery of one, preferably from multiple sources to discount Photoshopping.

One problem immediately rears its head: the sightings are so good, they are too good. Yes the cases are famous spawning television documentaries and books and mainstream news reporting. But as I quoted in a previous entry in this blog " if a conspiracy theory turns out to be correct, it is quickly relabelled as investigative journalism"and this applies to the Triangles. Because they do have many of the characteristics of actual objects sighted by many people, including "credible" authorities, the reaction outside of the Spooky Paradigm is to admit the sightings may be of something real, but that it must be something exotic, but not too exotic.

Like experimental US military aircraft. This makes sense. The US was experimenting in the 1970s and on with black triangular aircraft as part of its stealth program. While none of the known US aircraft fly like the Triangles (in particular, slow or hovering low-altitude flight), perhaps the Triangles are something that hasn't been released to the public yet. Perhaps a stealth long-range transport ship. Perhaps using lighter-than-air, or even exotic antigravity technology. Perhaps the witnesses didn't understand exactly what they were seeing. This is the conclusion from a detailed study of the triangles by the National Institute for Discovery Science. (see also this page for various articles, maps, etc.). As with animal mutilations, they got interested in the Triangles as they seem to have more data to handle. Their conclusion was that the triangles may be experimental transport aircraft, and that they appear to cluster around airbases for transport and logistics (pdf here, jpg map here).

There are two problems with the experimental aircraft idea. The first is that ufologists can point to older cases of triangular sightings. Ok, but there does seem to be an upswing in sightings, and especially the impressive multi-witness sightings, starting around the time the Americans began building stealth craft and flying them out in Nevada at Groom Lake and other facilities (though these French sightings date to 1975-1976, when the F-117 was still a concept being worked out). Perhaps the earlier Triangles are not related to the post-1983 Triangles. There are only so many basic shapes thagt one could use to describe an unfamiliar object in the sky, and triangle is likely to come up. A rise in sightings of black triangular UFOs just at the time that the USAF starts flying secret black triangular planes is just a coincidence? Somewhat difficult to believe. So this I can live with.

What bothers me when I think about these reports is the time depth if this were a secret plane. It is a truism that secret planes typically stay secret for no more than a decade, and perhaps significantly less. This issue comes up with reports of the supposed Aurora, another mystery UFO of the stealth era. As discussed on the website of the Federation of American Scientists, Aurora is the label given to reports of a high-altitude, high-speed, sonic-boom generating triangular (hence why it is sometimes conflated with the low-altitude Black Triangles) aircraft. In both cases, sightings continued for a substantial period of time, but there is one major difference. Aurora sightings (and recording of sonic booms) are largely confined to the late 1980s and the early to mid 1990s. One could conceivably argue that Aurora was what so many think: a replacement for the SR-71 in the niche of the high-altitude high-speed reconaissance and potentially strike aircraft. Perhaps some prototypes were created and flown, but ultimately the project was cancelled, and the entire thing kept secret perhaps due to extravagant costs, spectacular failure, or scandalous corruption. Who knows, but this is a believable excuse for why the plane could have been in operation for half a decade and then disappeared behind National Security/Cover-Your-Ass.

But this explanation simply doesn't work for the Triangles. They have been sighted for more than two decades (here is a multi-witness sightings in Venezuela from last month) so far with no end in sight. And if they are advanced transport aircraft, there have been enough American wars and military actions that one would imagine they would have been used. And if they are so secret for decades, why fly them over populated areas, in some cases multiple times over the course of a year or more as in the Hudson Valley case?

Historian Richard Dolan wrote a good and more detailed essay similar to this one for the National Institute for Discovery Science, back in 2003. While I am sure I must have read this essay, I forgot about it until tonight. Yes, we agree on a number of points, and reach some similar conclusions. But where Dolan suggests a possible ET origin for some of the Triangles due to lack of disclosure as a military craft, I take his other suggestion as more likely. That the reports are indeed of structured non-ET craft, perhaps stealthy, perhaps for transport. But the continued secrecy points to a very different kind of relationship between whoever flies the craft, the federal government, and the American people. Or as Dolan puts it, a "shadow government." Such a craft would clearly have value in a war, say by rapidly deploying troops and equipment in difficult to reach places (such as Afghanistan in 2001, or Northern Iraq in 2003). But no such craft has emerged, nor have stories by soldiers of having ridden in or unloaded such craft.

If these obvious cases for using the Triangles didn't unveil them, then what are they being saved for? This is where, as Dolan notes, things start to get dark. Quiet craft able to deploy military or police forces, and being tested and flown around urban areas? Developed by someone in the US government but not used to fight its wars? This starts to lead to disturbing ideas to say the least.

And hence this post. The Triangles confound easy explanation as hoaxes or folklore. They seem to exist. They certainly sound like something a military would, and possibly could, create. And in fact they look at least something like recent creations for the US Air Force, though with major differences. Yet for decades they haven't been revealed as such, even when their use could have won wars or saved lives (imagine a black triangle descending on the Convention Center in New Orleans in September 2005, rescuing hundreds of the trapped and dehydrated people, continuously ferrying everyone out in the course of some hours). This might lead some to suggest a non-human explanation for what appear to be structured mechanical air craft, while it would lead others to think about a military or intelligence organization that has such aircraft, but is not beholden to the will of the people and their elected representatives.

Either option disturbs me.

EDIT: I'll add triangle sightings to this post when I come across them. Like this one in the UK on January 30, 2007.

EDIT: French Triangle Sightings from the 1970s. Most importantly, they were published in the 1970s, before the meme of the black triangle, and just before the first stealth prototypes were flying in Nevada.

EDIT: Black Triangle seen in British Colombia. News report on the sighting.