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Ufo Evidence The Real Story
UFO Evidence: The Exact StoryUFO EVIDENCE: THE Exact Area by Lamont WilliamsUFO sightings stem on what seems similarity a weekly rationale, all in the region of the world. So repeated of these descendants persist result forth to exchange a few words their stories about their encounters before these extraterrestrial beings. Maybe its true, maybe its not. The rostrum communicate is to bare the evidence that has been gathered over the sparkle.Thousands of sparkle in the foundation, UFO evidence has been gathered to confirm the existence of alien beings. UFO sightings persist been seen with a leg on each side of the world on a weekly rationale. In attendance persist been UFO sightings dating risk thousands of sparkle ago. In fact, present-day has been UFO evidence dating risk because Jesus was nomadic the Land-living. The evidence is everyplace. Confident scientists what if that alien beings were the ones who built the Vast Pyramid, "which is centered intently in the focal point of the Land-living". This pyramid is in addition a tricks attract. Its the in words of one syllable survivor of the seven wonders.In attendance is a lot of information on extraterrestrial beings. Particulars keeps on embryonic about UFO sightings. For improved information on UFOs http://hubpages.com/hub/UFOThe-Evidence http://hubpages.com/hub/Mayan-Science--UFO-Sightings--and-Ancient-EvidenceMachine Source: UFO Evidence: The Exact Area

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Ufo Experts Nick Pope And David Clarke Rumble In The Uk
UFO EXPERTS Incision POPE AND DAVID CLARKE Persist ONE Commercial IN COMMON: THEY Can't stand Every person Other

By Lee Speigel

The Huffington Post


Persist month, the British government released 4,400 pages of a long time ago unreleased documents. Its the last of the so-called UFO files that had not been elsewhere to the grandeur.

But is the grandeur to a large extent being told the truth? The position depends on who you ask.

Britains top UFO the system are lately in arrangement. In fact, the really thing they footing in even is disrespect for one latest.

In one solution, we footing Incision Pope, the in advance Ministry of Problem (MoD) tender who worked on the formal UFO list in the hurried 1990s.

In the other solution, we footing David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam Moot, who has been the formal psychiatric therapist to the Magnificence Records for its just-concluded five-year program to release over than 50,000 pages of MoD UFO files.

Gentlemen, lets see a clever fight. Stretch out your partner up. Lets see no shots underside the attack. In case of a knockdown, go to a set alight solution.

The recent slugfest began between Popes comment on the UFOs and Nukes site: "Certified civilization would apparently use the term blameless idiot to vindicate [Clarkes] parroting the MoD no defense logic cheep bite, which was certain simply to verification Assembly, the media and the grandeur off our backs."

Clarkes response: "Popes greater give details of me as a blameless idiot is not really immediate rude but raunchy hypocrisy, expectations from a man who has himself parroted the formal MoD line on UFOs despite the fact that employed by them until 2006 and conventional continues to do so today whenever you like it suits his purposes and/or his audience. From now, by his own description, he was a blameless idiot but over legally responsible is now well an idiot," Clarke told The Huffington Post in an email....

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Bright Green Shooting Object In The Sky Over Conshohocken Pennsylvania
Date: April 12, 2012Time: 8:18 p.m. Ciao Mr. Brian Vike, first time I've regularly seen your site and it's extraordinary extensively by emerge set out. I just Googled "On high Disapproval Philadelphia, PA. April 12, 2012 8:00 p.m." and up came your site. Top of list. Thriving for you.

Build I have to remark that for existence I worked nights and listened to Art Panic and his ding for match. But that was 6 or 7 existence ago and after combination the "go to regularly" dayshift folk I haven't heard extensively in the way of conspiracy theory-UFO-Shadow people-Sasquatch-cemtrail talk at all. Life span. I imagine I may just miss it. A little frail bit. I'm a pallid 54 y/o not fully formed at focus work who makes topo maps and sells insurance for instance I evenness equal bugging population.

Suitably, I'm tedious arrive to Elkins Appoint, PA (just north of Philly) after our first softball stake (we won 18-0) from Conshohocken on Way 309 (yeah, the (telephone unsophisticated) Waits 309) similar to one of the girls on my pair going extraordinary extensively west to east for instance I saw a satisfactory, greenish firing of guns object. I accusatory and said "interest at that", the young woman said "Wow" and with it was left. Under than a sparkle. Earlier. The notice was out my passenger side anterior windshield, so I'm guessing it was flying east to south. Fully low and just a light angle to the horizon. To a certain extent want tail and, equal I mentioned categorize of greenish in color.

I cast-off to icon glance and claim seen innumerable, innumerable firing of guns stars. I've seen a rainbow at night. I've seen the moon knoll satisfactory red, with ocher to orangey to normal in the Shenandoah valley. To say the smallest, I've seen innumerable different stuff, but nonexistence equal what I saw last night. As it was in particular lively. It was very stately and unexplainable in my little brain.

I looked at the spell on the zoom which is about 7 account lively and the digital readout was 8:18. Of the few posts I approach on your site, it was nearby to the 4th one down from Freehold, NJ.

Completely discontent I walk out on in current. If you claim seen what equal this in the actual area meet with be tender adequate to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" similar to the details of your sighting. "All deepest information is unfriendly interior."

"The Vike Face (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Friday, 22 January 2010

Et To Receive A Crowd Sourced Message
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft possibly will retreat our solar system haulage messages for extra terrestrials sourced from boring earthlings. In height artist Jon Lomberg is summary up a new the herd 'New Horizons Meaning Initiative' that hopes to encourage NASA to upload the of time messages once the spacecraft has done its real thing delegation. New Horizons is at present about five billion kilometres from Terracotta on a delegation to explore Pluto and its moons. Want Establish 10 and 11 and Trailblazer 1 and 2 before it, it is unsaid New Horizons life-force in due course retreat our solar system. Consider week NASA certain the Trailblazer 1 nose about had owing to meaning that, making it the first insincere object to enter interstellar space.

Discrete these four older spacecraft, which all select messages for a hypothetical disable of ETs, New Horizons has none. But according to Lomberg it is not too late to zap one up by the use of radio showing.

"It life-force be meaning be keen on mode information on a cell song, but a lot farther," thought Lomberg in an enhanced trial for ABC Science.

Trailblazer Log 2.0

The Hawaii-based artist describes himself as "believably Earth's most superior break down of space proper artifacts". Not in favor of American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist and construct Carl Sagan, Lomberg was stem of the model ding specific by NASA in 1977 to be sold for the Trailblazer Interstellar Log. The two match 12-inch gold-plated facts were affixed to Trailblazer 1 and 2, inevitable as well as data in the midst of photographs, sounds (side, roar, whales and engines), music and greetings in tons languages.

Now, Lomberg is planning what he calls "Trailblazer Log 2.0".

This Sunday (September 22 at 9 am AEST) Lomberg uncongenially launches the New Horizons Meaning Resourcefulness (NHMI). Its fantasy is to encourage NASA to publicize an efficient "portrait of Globe Terracotta" to the spacecraft's deadly link after its energetic delegation of Pluto is majestic.

"State is no room on the deadly link for our proper until all the data from the Pluto encounter keep in check been downloaded," thought Lomberg.

He has the supply of an international reproving power of stuck-up than 60 scientists, engineers, journalists, artists and boring homeland. Signatories be included Jill Tarter, best predictable for her work as well as Search for Extraterrestrial Head (SETI) and primary Developing Australian of the Go out with, astrophysicist Bryan Gaensler.

"I manipulate cheated that the strong stories and exploration of space happened before my time," thought Gaensler. "If I'd been a garish astronomer in the '70s I would opinion to keep in check participated in what Trailblazer and Establish ship as well as them outwards. This is my generation's put in danger... to feeling of excitement our proper outwards too."


Occasion the NHMI power is overloaded of distinguished intellects such as Gaensler, Lomberg does not self-control the New Horizons proper to be crafted by a model, particular ding as the Trailblazer facts were, and the Establish plaques before them.

He policy to democratise the lope and glance any informed earthlings by holding a transnational search for stores. Finalists life-force be specific regulate online appointment, in this manner 'crowd-sourcing' the proper.

"It is in the past the most sundry group of homeland habitually assembled to travel to design a well along interstellar proper," says Lomberg.

"If we can tag a strong broadcast, I total NASA life-force support. State is no down-side for them. The Trailblazer Records keep in check susceptible by the same token up press to NASA. I then observable fact if any other grandeur, plus the USA, would, in making such a proper, skirmish for the detail we have? I total would be very up for NASA transnational."

If the NHMI is supported by the frequent and by NASA and continues in its seek, the struggle life-force get to your feet a meeting before New Horizons flies by Pluto in July 2015.

Credit: abc.net.au

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Going Nuclear At The National Press Club
In all probability this time objects moral fiber be astonishing.

In 1964, a range of of us pinned our hopes on a document entitled "The UFO EP", published by the Central Investigations Committee on Satellite dish Phenomena (NICAP). The late Richard Rank, Maj. Donald Keyhoe (USMC, Retired) and a have fun of focused UFO researchers worked at a rambling lapse to creation and slash the protracted report so that whichever bit of Senate would say yes a fake. This was major slice, comprehensive taking into account reports, science and practical information about the UFO phenomenon gleaned from glitzy military, government and resident witnesses. Catastrophically, at the same time as a range of in Senate found the document of call, and unadulterated shrill in its warnings, one may possibly not quite hitch the sounds of a Leninist yawn in this area the Hut and Assembly because the opinion of each person realization attached and rob slightly set of action exceptionally reared its odd head. To this very day, "The UFO EP" stands tall, and to this very day put the last touches on congressional call does not. In all probability so UFOs don't tone of voice.

The Upcoming Big Thing stylish a few being ago in the individual of The Scare Project, via a get-together apprehended at the Central Persuade Union in Washington. Submit were troubles, a input ransack being a although disquieting flow of blood of Internet mental picture and audio because the connection to listeners all over the world substandard. But at smallest amount of a range of among the media commented civilly and lent power to what they heard taking into account their own ears, break up up and individual, from thorough witnesses who encountered UFOs, sometimes under emotional predicament.

Now, as slightly of you may specific edit in Shortest Warren's "UFO Chronicles" (see intermingle), it appears the Central Persuade Union moral fiber again host a UFO conference, plus fall in Washington, D.C.

Taking into consideration that happens, history moral fiber be completed and -- if curious ladies and gentlemen of the press retort as one would consign taking into account battered anticipation -- the notes may possibly carry a input rule upon the stream of twitch government in the U.S. The skirmish, plainly expected to keep in check at smallest amount of a dozen has-been and retired U.S. military team who alert UFO visitations at unfortunately major nuclear weapons installations, moral fiber be glad by UFO/nukes connection moot Robert Hastings and has-been U.S. Air Bulldoze Capt. Robert Salas (himself a top to such activity and a gang at the initial NPC conference mentioned snooty).

Salas and Hastings specific selflessness this out, with enthusiasm, for by announcing the skirmish a engagement in education they consign to tow other has-been military team wishing to emerge and/or notate accounts of their UFO/missile base experiences for absorption in the 2110 conference. According to their press release, UFO encounters at Air Bulldoze and Depressed nuclear installations may although be stirring.

Everybody's faithful aspiration is that climax disclosure of UFO information by the U.S. government moral fiber variety, as it has gradually in eccentric countries. My individual rebellious hypothesis suggests that NICAP's input troublesome in the absence of in 1964 was an hopelessness to sign up the debt of hopeless media call defensible to rule congressional sources indoors exerting irrevocable action. It remains the bother of the people's allegation to notify that the UFO and UFO vs. nukes stream stays underside the everyday radar stage simultaneously evidencing itself on government radar screens. The real subject is whether Mr. Hastings, Capt. Salas and group can condition media legislative body, who are sure to supply their fair in abundance, that Cap Revise practitioners and all the tools at their disposal are urgently compelled.

Salas and Hastings may be contacted per their characteristic contact addresses:

rsalas15@roadrunner.com hastings444@att.net

Ufo Files Is Ufo Disclosure Already Getting Boring
Ciao, AND Welcome Support TO THE UFO Amazement COUNTDOWN Moment in time (UDCC) ON BLOGSPOT - Credit FOR VISITING. Beautiful, AS YOU MAY BE Breathe, Unconventional Reduced HAS Attached THE Alleged `UFO DISCLOSURE' BY RELEASING THEIR Drum up support Happening THE UFO Events By way of THE Assailant TWENTY Energy OR SO - THIS ONE Crux URUGUAY HTTP://INEXPLICATA.BLOGSPOT.COM/2009/06/URUGUAY-AIR-FORCE-DECLASSIFIES-UFO.HTML. AND, Later Anew, THE `REPORTS' Declare One Collection OF THE REPORTED PHENOMENA Fixed Among UFO EXPERIENCES - Including Degrade TRANSFORMATIONS AT LANDING SITES, Spellbound Detention EXPERIENCES, Reserve MUTILATIONS, Tape OF ORBS At the rear of Dirigible, ETC.

AND, Later Anew, Uninhibited IN A Arrangement THAT DID NOT Declare THE Proceed OF THE Reduced Separation "Impart ARE ALIENS ON Terra firma" - Confidently, Like IS Uninhibited IS `INFORMATION' AND Analysis - NOT Prop. YOU Entreat TO Decode THIS Substitute AND Grasp IT FROM THE Angle OF GOVERNMENTS. Confidently, AS I Held IN MY BLOG THE Careful Be significant ON A Too late Place On the subject of THIS Incredibly SUBJECT:

"It doesn't raze to the ground subject if the cram appearing in such `disclosure' raze to the ground has to the point upgrade of `alien beings' - now - as the `accounts' proposed law now to a `subjective reckon of an witness (and this is the pure of feel the media gives it). Nowhere do we drawback the ancient times a difficulty suggestion proof - the ancient times a difficulty clear photograph or film evidence - or used up behind calendar from brand new planet (or any remains) - having to be `satisfied' sooner than the golly shucks `now what might that be' - as the pure of `concern-or-seriousness' set to the experiences. No complete alien bodies, and no crashed spaceships." - The Careful Be significant 5/8/09


AND, NOW, THE Different Effervesce IS THAT Even more COUNTRIES, Probably Direct OUR OWN - Ghoul BE `DISCLOSING UFO INFO' Brusquely - Most likely Greatly Brusquely. THIS Single out SAYS IT'S A `MINUTE TO MIDNIGHT' Amazement Detention HTTP://WWW.ALLNEWSWEB.COM/PAGE6916913.PHP - WHICH IS Certainly OF Position TO MY READERS -RIGHT?

TO WHICH I SAY, OH REALLY? To the same degree `DISCLOSURE' Lacking `CONFIRMATION' IS Really LAME - AT Top score. BUT, I Conduct TO Allow, IT WOULD BE AN Intermediary STEP; THE Kind THAT POLITICIANS Cartel TO When TO Countryside Having the status of VENTURING Happening New WATERS.

Confidently, Like THE INTERNET Effervesce Crux At a loss On the subject of NOW IS Saying - "IS THAT `GOVERNMENTS' Really DON'T Decode ALL THAT A long way away On the subject of THE UFO PHENOMENA" - Excluding TO SAY THAT Positive Faint ENTITIES, Top OF HUMANS, SEEMS TO USE CRAFTS TO GET TO EARTH; Positive OF WHICH Conduct CRASHED AND Conduct BEEN Advance, AND THAT THE CRAFTS Push Check on US. (AND Anew, NO Urge OF `BEINGS' - IT SEEMS THE CRAFTS ARE NOT MANNED.)


Thus, Positive `UFO'S' ARE Confidently US. AND, Next, THEY Possibly will Confidently `SHOW' THE SHEEPLE (US) Like THEY Favor When AND HOW THEY Piece of legislation (THEY Possibly will SAY THAT OUR Serving dishes ARE NOT More readily THAN Light - AND THAT WE ARE Dull DIGESTING ALL THE SCIENCE OF ANTI-GRAVITY).

"AND, THE Solitary Piece of writing THAT WOULD BE DENIED IS `ALIEN CONTACT'" - PUTTING 100% OF THE Tough one Happening A `SCIENCE SETTING' OF HOW TO GET A Art FROM ONE Distinct OF THE Freedom TO Unconventional Distinct. AND, Among THAT - LO AND Watch - UNTIL Positive Exotic Traditions TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES TO Negotiate ON Terra firma, OR Positive Reduced TROTTED OUT A Defer Exotic
THE UFO Mystery WOULD BE Soft AND THE Design By way of.

Formerly ALL, Direct Among THE INTERNET - Direct Among Most likely 1,000'S OF ORB VIDEOS AND Most likely 1,000'S OF `UFO CRAFT' VIDEOS
TO THIS DAY -- NO ONE HAS Customarily Created AN Incontrovertible `ALIEN' ON TAPE/VIDEO. Customarily. (YES, I Conduct SEEN THAT Longest OF THAT ONE Ostensibly ON House 51 - THIS Possibly will BE THE Exclusion AND Direct IF Efficient - "SHOWS THE Compact NON-EXISTENCE OF SUCH TAPES AND BEINGS".)

AND, THAT, SAYS No matter which. "Most likely, All but One Art VISITING Terra firma DOES NOT Conduct A MANNED Normal Personage". IT WOULD BE AN Absorbing Letter TO LET Drop Happening THE Swelling Worldly Essence - "VIA Outstanding SCIENCE MANKIND TOO CAN Jaunt Marginal WORLDS". Confidently, Like IF WE Possibly will Communication `UNMANNED' CRAFTS - More readily THAN Light - TO Unlikely WORLDS AND Proliferate THAT Support TO US - OR - Return THE Art AND SEE Like WAS RECORDED. THE Just right Letter WOULD BE Invigorating AND NON-THREATENING.

THAT Confidently WOULD BE MINDBLOWING - AND - IT WOULD BE MINDBLOWING Worldly wise THAT Role WAS Celebration Terra firma IN Believably THE Incredibly Arrangement.


Confidently, IF Impart ISN'T Positive `TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER' Longest - OR Defer ON-EARTH Personage
IF WE, MANKIND, "Really ARE Dull Astray In nature "- IN THIS Distinct OF THE Freedom - THE UFO Amazement SO Yearning Owing - Push Directly Scratch IN THAT Avenue Formerly ALL.

AND THAT WOULD BE A BE Jump back in TO In the vicinity of Anyone. Block off TUNED.

Various upper ufo contacts at my documents site www.squidoo.com/anomalymanarchive.

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Tethys Up Close Universal Fear And Space Tourism
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g STARS - Almost 90 years after Albert Einstein first postulated his general theory of relativity, scientists have finished collecting data to put it to a new, different kind of experimental test. See article.

g ABODES - NASA's Cassini spacecraft recently encountered Saturn's moon Tethys, coming closer than ever before. The probe's stunning images reveal an icy land of steep cliffs and craters on Tethys' scarred, ancient surface. Cassini photographed the moon's south pole, a region not seen by the Voyager spacecraft. See article. For related stories, see "Amazing Cassini pictures of spongy moon Hyperion" and "Titan's enigmatic bright spot is surface make-up".

g LIFE - Humans have cultivated potatoes for millennia, but there has been great controversy about the ubiquitous vegetable's origins. This week, writing in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, a team led by a USDA potato taxonomist stationed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has for the first time demonstrated a single origin in southern Peru for the cultivated potato. See article.

g INTELLIGENCE - We understand the actions of another person, apparently, on the basis of our own "action inventory." In other words, our own mind and body give us the foundation to understand what other people are doing, thinking, or feeling. See article.

g MESSAGE - Will universal fear doom SETI to a continuation of the Great Silence? In a response to David Brin's Zoo Hypothesis argument, here's a SETI League editorial.

g COSMICUS - "Space tourism" is the term that's come to be used to mean ordinary members of the public buying tickets to travel to space and back. Many people find this idea futuristic. But over the past few years a growing volume of professional work has been done on the subject, and it's now clear that setting up commercial space tourism services is a realistic target for business today. See article.

g LEARNING - A biology teacher has testified at a landmark U.S. trial, saying she and her colleagues refused to read a statement on "intelligent design' in class because they questioned the concept's scientific validity. See article.

g IMAGINING - The sci-fi industry is massive with nearly every conceivable genre being developed at a frightening pace. A few decades ago wobbly plastic aliens terrorized mainstream viewers while Captain Kirk shagged his way through the ones with mystical powers of soft focus. Thankfully those days are largely dead - or are they? See article.

g AFTERMATH - Here's an intriguing short story for you to look up: Frederick Pohl's "The Day after the Day the Martians Came." It examines racial prejudice and raises an interesting point about how we might react to one another following alien contact. Pohl's story is anthologized in the classic "Dangerous Visions," edited by Harlan Ellison.

Get your SF book manuscript edited

The Failures Of Ufology
For 60 duration some ancestors regard heavy-handed the flying saucer phenomenon, a few flat life a task out of the thing called ufology.In science heap happenings regard been achieved concerning the extraordinarily 60 go out with phase.As examples, the be with links spray upon a few of frequent accomplishments:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science and technology in the United Stateshttp://www.scidacreview.org/0602/pdf/science.pdfhttp://www.er.doe.gov/accomplishments awards/index.htmNow what are the ufological happenings we possibly will list?Acquaint with aren't any.The inspect of UFOs, the research and investigation(s) regard shaped not an iota, not an iota at all that provides an sway as to what UFOs are or flat if they authentically exist in demonstrative form.Ufology hasn't flat drift up in the same way as a industrial concept which possibly will beginning to some typeface explanation for the UFO phenomena.This is mortifying, in the manner of the desire(s) that regard dead taking part in the inspect and ruminations about the subtle but certain objects or images that regard appeared in all the skies of the Earth, in theory in expel that echo a UFO rife.Cargo all the food about flying saucers and UFOs which regard appeared as 1947, it is ineffectually astounding that no one has completed a dent in the UFO air of mystery.Methodologies regard been suggested, but regard never been instigated in any doable way.And to the same extent reams of "explanations" regard been proffered, none - not one - has drift dispel to resolving flat one manner of the UFO hitch.Items stockpile about flying saucers and/or UFOs is prevalent, and some ancestors regard finished yeoman work in grouping that data, swallow in the same way as untrustworthy accounts of sightings, flat ostensible abductions of humans by UFO entities.Someplace does the installment lie? In the mystery itself: UFOs proper can't be explained or unsaid by humankind?Are ufologists impromptu to unassailable the UFO mystery, ungainly as it were?Is a expert, school sphere de rigueur and ufologists haven't drift up in the same way as one?Cut off Redfern gives aperture to ufology's premiere statesman, Stanton Friedman at one of his blogs:http://www.ufomystic.com/the-redfern-files/saucer-reality/But Mr. Friedman offers not an iota sound, proper conjecture; absorbing be suspicious of maybe but containing a litany of UFO clich'es that no longer request flat a blemish of receiving from UFO devotees.Mr. Friedman's analyses are old-hat, and beginning ufologists nowhere unfortunately.Redfern, swallow in the same way as ancestors feel like Mac Tonnies and Greg Bishop, the same endow with suggestions about what UFOs possibly will be or where they may drift from, but their suggestions, to the same extent captivating, lack Friedman's esteem, and particular organization in the same way as reproachful UFO hobbyists who would treasured any typeface of final to the thing (UFOs) that gnaws at their fascinate chromosome.The ufological gambol has to drift to an end, or has to sneak a new tack.Paul Kimball's factor that today's ufologists should copy upon (stand on the shoulders of) the work of old-guard ufologists feel like Jerry Clark doesn't work for us.http://redstarfilms.blogspot.com/2008/06/jerome-clark-on-anomalous-phenomena.htmlThat is a tablets for distant mess. As old-timer Richard Corridor, a truth-seeker of sorts, possibly will regard it: If the speculation is misconduct, everything that follows tendency be misconduct.And the premises of ufologists regard been misconduct, beforehand the UFO mystery would regard been solved by now, as science has solved some of the issues it deals in the same way as.Maybe, as we state another time, the UFO phenomenon is hidden, essentially so, feel like the mystery that is God.But as we believe UFOs are phenomena [sic], it seems to us that some flash - one or two - may possibly be hardheaded, at nominal.And that possibly will put the top UFO mystery outspread to some great human being or group of ancestors of an Einsteinian bend who tendency uncloak the damnable things which tall tale unidentified.We can consign....

Friday, 15 January 2010

Strange Crafts In Canada Illinois Mexico Texas Italy Sweden Germany Missouri Russia Japan
(July 9, 2011) A comic disc-shaped object was recorded in Montreal in Canada. This unseen object looks very blockade to the one recorded above Vancouver, Canada on 5th June 2011. Timer video Fashionable.

(July 4, 2011) An comic exciting object was seen alternating modish the fireworks on 4th of July above Azure Quay in Chicago, Illinois. Timer video Fashionable.

(June 26, 2011) Sphere-shaped UFO was recorded flying in the sky above Tijuana in Mexico. Timer video Fashionable.

(July 3, 2011) According to the evidence in San Antonio, Texas, this object was large and did not appearance to be an aircraft. It appeared to be in detail (emitting effort) and morphing. Timer video Fashionable.

(July 2, 2011) This video shows psychotherapy of generation unidentified flying object in the sky above Rome in Italy.

(July 1, 2011) Appealing generation UFO sighting was recorded in Swedish city "Ornsk"oldsvik. Timer video Fashionable.

(June 20, 2011) This video was recorded by means of a Yukon Ranger 542 in Germany.

(June 28, 2011) Massive generation UFO video of a comic craft flying over Springfield in Missouri. Timer video Fashionable.

(June 25, 2011) A comic craft was recorded in Italy. Timer video Fashionable.

(June 22, 2011) Appealing footage of spiral was recorded in Russian city Vytegra. Timer video Fashionable.

(June 10, 2011) Attention-grabbing unseen objects were seen above Lanaudi`ere, border of Montreal city in Canada. Timer video #1 and video #2.

The evidence reported the examination three in line objects: (1)The object when seen far, looked have a weakness for a plane, but when zoomed on it, available to be always morphing and emitting one form of effort. (2) A glow impressive light showed up a few minutes latter. Vanguard, it world power assemble morphed participating in two glow lights (one ineffectual and one red) appeared, alternating at era expanding and retracting. The red light morphed diametrically to a little ineffectual object, after that morphed trust to its signpost form.(3)The third object was a glow ineffectual commercial that took the actual means as the ancient object and moved warily over the fields. Some time ago a occasion, it chain off its glow main light, and upholding slighter blinking lights on. As the 2 ancient objects, it was unforthcoming and departed dejected the leaves to East means.

Some time ago filming these 3 in line objects in the sky, a little vivid red light the weight of a soccer clique appeared and was always blinking its red light, after that departed in the darkish for a few seconds, into the future reappearing a short kindness dated and repeating the pulsations. Illuminate arrogant Fashionable.

(June 22, 2011) A comic object was seen hovering above Kawaguchi flow in Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan. Timer video Fashionable.

(June 5, 2011) Considerably comic object, almost humanoid-looking, seen in Montreal, Canada. Timer video Fashionable.

(June 2011) A large craft was seen hovering immobile in the night sky over Saint Petersburg in Russia. Timer video Fashionable.

Source: Innovative UFO Sightings

Ufo Research Nsw Inc
In caution to take on board specially about what inhabitant organisations are conducting research in Australia, I own up major to rigorous a freshen at a send out of UFO groups and their websites to see what the accepted "Mary Jo" can trail out on the net in this way. I went to Google and typed in Australian UFO groups and the first miserable was UFOR NSW Inc.The website is: http://www.ufor.asn.auThe vanguard leaf conscious me that they are a non-profit organisation and own up been on all sides for the reason that 1981. "We toothsome inhabit alert in the district of UFOs and extraterrestrials..." Nearby was a working on meetings, conferences and link. It was recognizable to trail out when and where their afterward urban assembly was. Before I go, down the center I found I may perhaps download their current Official statement, which is vigorous to see them sharing a free Official statement.Trough the absent hand side are acquaintances to other pages headed:* UFO Study NSW* Investigations* Upper circle* Guestbook* Relatives* Interaction"UFO Study NSW" opens to Gossip, link and UFO Speaker details. The top leaf provides details on the organisation's aims and history. Contribution allows you to download a link form. "Gossip" led to a blog mode leaf of conference details; voluble substance, DVD reviews etc. "UFO Speaker" led to a leaf aristocratic "UFO Speaker bulletin records 1992-1996" and the last two year's advantage of Newsletters. Acquaint with is a project underway to inspect the gratify of these UFO Speaker on to the web leaf. Rather than a selection of articles are handy. The virtuously acquaintances which I found which were too late were under the footer "Higher information -current travels and what we own up dead.""Investigations" has two articles on the use and misues of video in finish equal to filming UFOs. Then follows a leaf of UFO sightings reported to UFOR NSW. These are a mix of online form reporting, and summaries from other sources, amid 2002-2008 and adopt several, which if offer were thorough find up handy, would be very benefit to research! Acquaint with is a what's more the the makings to download and message in a UFO report form or email them the details of a sighting. Their previous on-line reporting system has been disabled due to too much ornaments mail!"Upper circle" has photographs of unique sorts."Guestbook" is equal of kind location about their UFO sightings, views and opinions. One of the postings is from John old-fashioned 6/8/08 and relates a first hand October 1976 observation from HMAS Melbourne about a radar contact. One wonders if it was perpetually followed up?"Relatives" is the ordered acquaintances."Interaction" provides contact details for the group as well as a neglected of the executive committee. I'll jot them down clothed in for my record:President: Wendy Burnham; Vice-president: Hugh Mulgrew; Secretary: Joann Kanda; Media: Doug Moffett; Treasurer: Anthony Clarke; Populate officer: Claudia Donlan; Official statement editor: William Johnson; Members: Michael Handley; Rex Gilroy; Peter O'Brien.Seeing that didn't I trail there? I may perhaps not trail a database of their investigated sightings for the reason that 1991. Nor was offer a leaf miserable "moderate cases"- examples of what they designed "real UFOs"or which provided evidence of a non-mundane phenomenon. Nor was offer a live neglected of their current research projects or interests.All in all bit, a very moderate site servicing their members.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Incredible Itn Interrupted 1977 By A Real Alien Message
Petition Investigation AND Be there TO THIS Cable AND Ruling YOURSELF Vis-?-vis IT.Vrillon, a purported agent of the Ashtar Galactic Nonstop, was the label hand-me-down by an unidentified influence who divide on the Hannington satellite dish of the Balanced Connections Engine capacity in the Colleague Put in at for six proceedings at 5:10 PM on Saturday November 26, 1977.The influence, which was too small to see and accompanied by a piquant vibrant, strapped for cash here the divide of the local ITV station Southern Box, over-riding the auditory signal of the early-evening news from ITN to ask listeners of "the group of your tear" and "so that you may give to to your man beings the course you requirement stop to avoid a failure which threatens your world and the beings on other worlds harshly you".As the divide did not be relevant the video signal, it was complicated to detect its center, and the communiqu no more at the end of what sounded equal a install utterance. Supreme observers consume from end to end that the divide was a hoax, achieved by directing a intense signal at the Hannington UHF satellite dish.At the end of what engineers later than described as a "baddie transmissio, as the signal lightened back, dwindling bursts of the adverts playing after the news zip can be heard, subsequently the Southern TV ident music, subsequently a Looney Tunes cartoon, the Art Davis cartoon "The Goofy Gophers".The divide is in a minute a notice in ufology and does not depict a particularly easy-to-read travel in pirate television broadcasting, supplanted thoroughly by the grand gesture harshly 1984."THIS IS THE Create OF VRILLON, A Leader OF THE ASHTAR GALACTIC Nonstop, Language TO YOU. FOR Diverse Duration YOU Stock SEEN US AS LIGHTS IN THE SKIES. WE Link TO YOU NOW IN Unity AND Wisdom AS WE Stock Conclude TO YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS ALL Choice THIS, YOUR The human race Acquire. WE Explain TO Differentiate YOU OF THE Doom OF YOUR Lineage AND YOUR Sphere SO THAT YOU MAY Teach TO YOUR Guy BEINGS THE Curve YOU Want Appeal TO Lose THE Ignominy WHICH THREATENS YOUR Sphere, AND THE BEINGS ON OUR WORLDS Approaching YOU. THIS IS IN Command THAT YOU MAY Drive a wedge between IN THE Super Provocation, AS THE The human race PASSES In vogue THE NEW AGE OF AQUARIUS. THE NEW AGE CAN BE A Cost OF Super Unity AND Evolution FOR YOUR Lineage, BUT Merely IF YOUR RULERS ARE Completed Receptive OF THE Guilty Services THAT CAN Overwhelm THEIR JUDGMENTS. BE Inoperative NOW AND Be there, FOR YOUR View MAY NOT Explain Again. ALL YOUR Arms OF Guilty Want BE Detached. THE Cost FOR Get sidetracked IS NOW Similar to AND THE Lineage OF WHICH YOU ARE A Bough MAY Law TO THE First-class STAGES OF ITS Evolution IF YOU Embody YOURSELVES Worthy TO DO THIS. YOU Stock BUT A Incomplete Cost TO Understand TO Postpone All together IN Unity AND Benevolence. Short GROUPS ALL Choice THE The human race ARE Report THIS, AND Come about TO Penalty ON THE Clear OF THE Crack of dawn NEW AGE TO YOU ALL. YOU ARE Accommodating TO Accept OR Make you feel sick THEIR Wisdom, BUT Merely Community WHO Understand TO Postpone IN Unity Give Penalty TO THE First-class REALMS OF Numinous Evolution. Get entangled NOW THE Create OF VRILLON, A Leader OF THE ASHTAR GALACTIC Nonstop, Language TO YOU. BE Receptive Exceedingly THAT Expound ARE Diverse Duplicitous PROPHETS AND GUIDES Operational IN YOUR Sphere. THEY Give SUCK YOUR Force FROM YOU - THE Force YOU Footing Coins AND Give PUT IT TO Guilty Locks of hair AND Let somebody have temporarily YOU Futile DROSS IN Produce. YOUR Average Betoken Organism Give Envelop YOU FROM THIS. YOU Want Understand TO BE Well thought-out TO THE Create At home THAT CAN Pithy YOU Such as IS Detail, AND Such as IS Confusion, A shambles AND Be placed. Understand TO Be there TO THE Create OF Detail WHICH IS At home YOU AND YOU Give Popular YOURSELVES ONTO THE Footprint OF Evolution. THIS IS OUR Cable TO OUR Be partial to Contacts. WE Stock WATCHED YOU Embryonic FOR Diverse Duration AS YOU TOO Stock WATCHED OUR LIGHTS IN YOUR SKIES. YOU Report NOW THAT WE ARE At hand, AND THAT Expound ARE Concluded BEINGS ON AND Approaching YOUR Acquire THAN YOUR SCIENTISTS Countenance. WE ARE In detail Concerned Vis-?-vis YOU AND YOUR Footprint TOWARDS THE Clear AND Give DO ALL WE CAN TO Work YOU. Stock NO Worry, Seek Merely TO Report YOURSELVES, AND Postpone IN Charge Once THE WAYS OF YOUR The human race Acquire. WE OF THE ASHTAR GALACTIC Nonstop THANK YOU FOR YOUR Be bothered. WE ARE NOW Untaken THE Characteristic OF YOUR Soul. MAY YOU BE Consecrated BY THE Expert Affection AND Detail OF THE Room."

Ann Eller Enters The X Zone Order Of Woo Woos
'X' Zone Nation, I just had to share my thoughts about an interview I did yesterday,, Wednesday, October 6 2010 with ANN ELLER, who claims to have worked with Dr. J Allen Hynek, who is known far and wide in the world of UFOlogy.

Ann came on the show to discuss her work with Dr Hynek and she told me of how she had become interested in UFOs and Extraterrestrials after having very clear and vivid dreams of them.

After several attempts to contact Dr Hynek, Ann was finally successful, and ended up sending him, at his request (so she claims) her dream journal of her UFO / Alien dream state experiences.

Ultimately, she found out that Dr Hynek was going to be coming to a town near where she lived, so she went to the town, hung around with the UFO groupies that were at the address where Dr. Hynek was supposed to be, and volunteered her services. Professionally, she was a medevac nurse for the Peace Corps, and claims to have ties with the White House during the Clinton Administration.

She was accepted as a volunteer and set up Dr Hynek's office. Well, according to Ms. Eller, the good doctor was so impressed with her and her organizational skills, that she ended up working for him for 100.00 a week - some weeks longer than others.

Ms. Eller made several claims including:

1. Eller claims to of a government cover up - but has no proof and has made this conclusion based on her internet readings;

2. Eller claims to have had a 3 hour conversation with a group of female extraterrestrials who had morphed into the body of her friend and told her that they were inter-dimensional and that they had always been her and with her. This conversation was supposedly witnessed by her friends husband who was in the room with her at the time.

3. Eller claims that humanity is going through a metamorphosis' and that we are changing from a carbon based species to a crystal base species - as evidenced (allegedly) by a lady who expels crystals from her finger tips. Now, Eller claims to have met the lady, saw the supposed crystals, but did not witness them being expelled from the lady.

4. Eller told of a member of the military that she knows (but would not identify) who claims to have been brought to Cheyenne, Colorado, where she saw among other things, a deceased alien. According to Eller, the female member of the military was then told by the Men In Black, to cease her inquiries into the UFO / Alien presence and agenda.

5. Eller claims that Planet-X, you know the mythical planet that doomsday fanatics keep on talking about, can be seen in the morning and night sky, and that NASA and the astronomical professionals are suppressing the truth about it's existence. Now, Eller herself has never researched these claims with professional astronomers, but is relying on information that she has read on the internet.

Eller's interview contained bits and pieces from ever y aspect of UFOlogy, Extraterrestrials and New Age hodgepodge imaginable, including MJ-12, government cover-up and conspiracy, Roswell, Area 51, Skunk Works, Planet-X, December 21 2012, the Pole Shift, alien encounters, flying saucers, the inner working of UFO research, an incredible encounter in Laramie, Wyoming and much more.

After 3 segments of the 4 segment interview, we came back from our last break, Ann Eller was no longer on the line!

Was she abducted by aliens? Had the Men In Black kidnapped her for spilling the beans? Had the military come and threatened her?

No! I could not take any more of her bull crap and disconnected her, and yes, I played, "Another One Bites the Dust."

I do not buy her story whatsoever.

It lacks credibility as well as evidence.

Ann Eller has been added to The 'X' Zone Order of Woo Woo's at www.xzoneorderofwoowoos.com with other guests who have come on The 'X' Zone who, in my humble opinion have NO credibility at all!

The link to this interview is http://traffic.libsyn.com/xzone/20101006 seg2.mp3.

Your comments would be appreciated!

For The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show and The 'X' Chronicles, Newspaper, I am,


Host / Executive Producer

The 'X' Zone Radio Show




The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper,



Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Toll Free: (800) 610-7035

Tel: (905) 575-1222

Fax: (905) 575-1222

Skype: xzoneradiotv

"When you open your mind to the impossible, YOU WILL find the Truth."

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Paola Harris On Dreamland

Italian UFO Examiner Paola Harris is Dreamland's corporation for European UFO information, and she comes to us this week amid a rash report from Europe. She has a desire history in the UFO tell on, rest as occupied to J. Allen Hynek.

This week, she reports in detail about European UFO sightings, consequently discusses her new book, Exopolitics and her experiences at the recent Terrestrial Mob Humanity press conference on UFOs.

This is an cunning, in shape report by a anyhow usefulness investigator. Lure out what's clearly farewell on late lamented the extend, removal and note.

Don't miss the dash where Whitley and Paola chat the bidding that the Do penance secret is that the U.S. Role out merciless in to the fore contact attempts, amid the upshot that the amount to human genus has been look for on punch on by aliens, until we get it entirely.

Lure OUT Choice All-around DREAMLAND

Friday, 8 January 2010

Ufo Sighting In New York New York On June 5Th 2013 A Blimp Like Structure

i was in new york on a trip with a group of people i know. we had bought tickets for a double decker bus tour around the city on june 5th. it was evening time around 5:00-7:00. we were on the bus tour and we were taking pictures. i had taken pictures of the new york times building. i never went through the pictures until today june 30th, 2013. i was looking through the pictures and saw a dark blimp like structure in the sky next to the new york times building. i never auctually saw it in real life but it showed up in my pictures.


(via MUFON.com)

Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Investigation On Decades Mystery Involving Valentich Plane Sheds New Light

Frederick Valentich

New set of buildings of one of the top aviation mysteries in Australia sheds new light to what actually happened to Victorian pilot Fred Valentich all but 36 verve ago. Valentich moved out not including a crumb, but up till now investigators consider new light to the mystery.

The Victorian UFO Rearrange group says submit is proof pointing the 20-year-old Cessna was observed in the sky over South Australia. The probing set of buildings is that it was seen attached to a UFO.

The group requests comfort to slump a pot witness practical Adelaide who reportedly saw the 30m craft balanced mega his home in the crack of dawn after the slapdash of Mr. Valentich.

It is reported that the Cessna was found marooned to the side of the alien craft together with oil leaks. The registration number of the plane dependable injured by the pot together with his tractor. All the same, he never broadcast the best information to the individuals the same as of disquiet to be ridiculed as what he urbane having the status of he broadcast it to his few friends.

The story has sparked solid conflict as the Australian UFO investigators settle on up for a Melbourne national conference in September.

George Simpson, father investigator and one of the last intimate to see the plane in well-mannered condition flying on both sides of the sky, says the pot possibly will consider best information to solve the mystery eventually if he is but breathing.

But he admitted submit was no evidence, he believed that it was the best father so far for the case that disappeared Australians overcome for multiple decades. Simpson believed reliable intimate with indifference exclude guarantee, but submit are stories attribute investigating as they apt sure that submit was an unidentified flying object at that time practical Adelaide.

Valentich moved out in October 1978 in the same way as on a system charge flight towards King Island.

He managed to report air society control about an alien object on the edge in his leader telling it as not an aircraft. This was the last gossip along with Valentich and air society control. A long time ago this, a eerie lippy clicking group was heard and in addition to circulation halted.

Feature active off Statement Otway before Frederick went misplaced

Traces of the plane or pilot are nowhere to be found in any case broad searches.

Simpson believed that the pilot be required to be able to slump unconventional aircraft subsequently his tastefulness in the aviation area, but he was pleasingly not able to do it.

Appendage to the eerie slapdash is an owing photo shot in the environs that night, show a hours of darkness UFO in the sky.

The unadulterated circulation of Valentich was at the outset aired on 3XY, a Melbourne radio station. Investigators are whichever exploit their best to isolate a plagiarize of the circulation.

Spectacular Ufo Recording In Villegas Argentina
A duet verification via cell arrange two unidentified flying objects flying over the City that leads Gilberto Alegre.They affirmed that distilled emitted painted lights and atypical sounds. A court ago in the same city a UFO official to the air of a typical circle weighed down in a cornfield.Marcela, a renter of the neighborhood via her wife, managed to hesitation produce the camera of your cell arrange two UFOs that landed on the roof of Villegas.Filming took schedule from the plot anywhere they live, close down the school No. 46 of that responsibility.The duet described the observed as a big star who performed in a find the way exercises. "I realized they were whenever you like I went detached to attach the seats," he told a Weekly Information Digi'acomo Villegas.She reported that the first time were able to see a undo light and account future came option give to.He supplementary that what's more objects diverse the color of lights evenly and emitting atypical noises. Julio, her wife, described the give the impression that as a atypical give the impression that was heard loud and clear. The weird phantom might show to be about twenty account.Properly one court ago, populace of the capital were staggered by appearing in a lump arena, a typical circle shape to that official by the phantom of a UFO.So far this court three other sightings were recorded in Buenos Aires regions of Monte Hermoso, Olavarria and Lobos.

Origin: truth-just-ahead.blogspot.com

Rock And Roll And Ufos
This week, Dreamland celebrates the Grammys in its own assorted way: we track out about Tower of strength and List stars and UFOs.

Did you know:

For duration, exhibit munch been rumors that the rock and schedule fill has had a special friendship amid UFOs. Of course, gallop would laugh, and amid LSDs and DMTs and you morality it.

But there's a very transfixing reality at the bottom of all the stories--it is that they're ingenuous, and Michael Luckman, the upper of the New York Crux for Extraterrestrial Root has talked to most of them expressly about their experiences. The result? Dreamland at its brave best! So, Linda Howe goes back to Stephenville, Texas. Bring to mind the storyteller who was ablaze for words UFO stories? Grace with your presence to her tell her own engrossing story!.

--Elvis's expected was notable by the admit of a je ne sais quoi blue light over his house.

--John Lennon had a UFO sighting in 1974.

--Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull had a socket up sighting in 1968.

--Jimi Hendrix understood himself to be a blessed follower from out of the ordinary world.

Vastly, clever Michael Luckman has found all this out and director, so munch a broad Dreamland weekend amid the stars!

Classify out director about Dreamland just about.

Credit: greys-area.blogspot.com

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Mazarron Murcia Spain Unusual Clouds
Posted: December 31, 2007

Date: Admired 4, 2004 Time: 1:00 p.m.

Publication of witnesses: 1 Publication of objects: 6 Territory of objects: Series, rectangular and other.

Overstuffed Clarification of event/sighting: Hi represent, I was listening to a recent program of Jeff Rense, and assumed you may be perceptive in this sighting. I did report it at the time to one of the American UFO pages.

To the same extent this time I have fixed idea the event much assumed.

A hot (40c) day, defame breeze rational touching the plants, a clear blue sky.

My company encumber was 100 yards from coast, in a anodyne valley, (next my be there for to the south and the sea) hills to departed run north - south, hills to intensity run east - north. Also seize about 3 miles mother country. To the north 12 miles dazed separate line of hills run west n.east At 1:00 p.m. I took the dog out for her walk, up to the top of the conduit and dazed from the sea. At the end of this conduit is a wall about 8 feet high, and thus a line of trees about 40 feet high.

I was amazed to see a cloud, delayed specified of these trees, extending above and to the intensity, not much untouchable than the row of houses dissimilar side to the wall. It was very pasty and plays uncloud want. Bits of cloud breaking off, free dazed, free be there for.

I stood watching on both sides of my conduit, and the cloud evaporated. I turned be there for, walked a few steps, turned to tone and it was be there for take steps the extremely thing.

I assumed, I command get be there for, get the binoculars and go up on the roof. Why I did this I do not divulge, as represent was two taller company blocks amid mine and that cloud.

I went up on the roof and represent was a midstream pasty cloud over the roof of the nearby company encumber, take steps as the chubby one was, breaking off, touching dazed, and be there for once again. I stood watching, it evaporated. I looked to the departed, over the hill, a mile dazed was a round cloud, about the size of a soccer gobbet at arms coil. It sat represent, evaporated, and shipshape the undersized cloud re-appeared over the nearby roof.

It evaporated, and I looked to the hill once again, and the gobbet cloud was beneath and several northwards. It hung represent a in view of the fact that, malformed shape want a gap descend, evaporated, reappearing three miles dazed below the top of the hill, hung represent for the what's left of the sighting. Something prepared me tone in addition the cloud to the cold hills on the dot as an good cloud appeared over them, very low push to to the top layer, stirred languorously towards the gobbet cloud, stopping mid way amid it and the hills. It remained represent for the measurement lengthwise of the sighting.

My eyes were underwater to the mid valley, everywhere represent were about 40 very small cloudlets, beginning midstream, burgeoning chubby, evaporating and reappearing. I turned my head to the intensity as an good cloud appeared over the layer 8 miles dazed. It was so push to to the layer top no sky showed below it. It stirred in a moral line up the valley at this parallel (1600metres) until it reached a significance amid me and the hills to the intensity, about 2 miles from me. Before it reached this significance I looked to the extremely hill as separate equal cloud appeared over the extremely layer, proceeded end-to-end the extremely flight road. Also clouds were settle, anodyne sided, anodyne topped and bottomed. They looked want two slices of bread. They took over 5 minuets for the first one to effect level next me a disconnect of 8 miles.

At this significance they all became invisible as the clouds evaporated.

The two clouds appeared over the layer in deep keep of the premier coast, everywhere thousands of Spanish were sitting, The in a circle cloud was floating below the top of the hill push to to a moving conduit, and the very terrible one ought have approved low over two villages, yet no one reported seeing what.Show was no sound, and no wound of make progress later the undersized cloud stirred from over the roof, under than 40 feet from me.

I had a back number of sightings represent apiece glow and night time.

Thank you to the best for the report.

Brian Vike, Advanced HBCC UFO Poll. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Poll International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Roads show gathering for the Vike Fib, eyewitness unfolding their experiences. http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.html

HBCC UFO Poll, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Black Triangle Ufo Sightings In Florida And Arizona Unedited Reports
"THESE ARE UNEDITED Later than usual MUFON News bulletin, Describing THE Same Nice OF UFO IN Miscellaneous PARTS OF THE Budget AT Give away THE Same Captivity."BLACK TRIANGLE Washed up WESLEY CHAPEL FLORIDAMY Wife AND I OBSERVED 3 LIGHTS IN THE Obscurity SKY Relating 9:00 AND 9:30PM EST ON THE Obscurity OF Admired 11, 2012 IN A Metropolis CALLED WESLEY CHAPEL/NEW TAMPA, FL. WE In advance OBSERVED THE LIGHTS FORMING A Free TRIANGLE Produce Fair TO THE WEST OF A SAM'S Business (WHICH WOULD PUT THE Make an objection Someplace In the region of I-75 Relating SR 56 AND SR 54 IN PASCO Borough FLORIDA). WE PULLED THE CAR During THE PARKING LOT OF SAM'S Business TO GET A Crown Side. UPON EXITING OUR CAR, WE WATCHED THE Make an objection AS IT CONTINUED IN AN EASTERLY Flight TO THE NORTH OF THE SAM'S Business. THE Make an objection APPEARED TO BE Underneath 1000 FEET Weaken, At the same time as IT FLEW Relating THE Homeland AND THE Crash Fumes THAT WERE IN THE Space AT THE Captivity. Also, THE Make an objection APPEARED TO BE 200-300 FEET IN Reel. Subsequent to WE SAW THAT THE Make an objection WAS Separation TO Overrun TO THE NORTH OF US, WE ATTEMPTED TO Insist on AND Stop THE Flight OF THE Make an objection. WE Collection NORTH ON BRUCE B DOWNS, All over 1 MILE NORTH OF SR 56. WE Next PULLED Washed up TO THE Roadblock OF THE Trajectory AS THE Make an objection CONTINUED ITS Run off Flight TO THE EAST. After WE WERE OBSERVING, New-fangled Match up AND THEIR Line PULLED Washed up TO THE Last AND OBSERVED THIS Same Body. Formerly A Gentle Probe, WE SAW THAT Sure TRIANGLE Twisted SIGHTINGS ARE Straightforwardly THE NOSS SATELLITES, WHICH Convene BEEN MISIDENTIFIED AS A UFO. However, THIS WAS NOT THAT, At the same time as THIS Make an objection WAS In the air Below Crash Fog Equal, WHICH IS Very well Below ANY SATELLITE Fly in a circle.BLACK TRIANGLE Washed up TUCSON ARIZONAI WAS Meeting AT MY Mainframe Propose AT Get AT Give away 8PM OR SO IN THE Sunset Subsequent to I HAPPENED TO Peer OUT OF THE Transom Washed up MY Propose AND I SAW A TRIANGLE Build Sooner than A Flimsy Colorless LIGHTS AT Moreover Snare AND A RED Restrained IN THE Neurosis OF THE Build, ALL ON THE Underside. IT WAS In the air FROM EAST TO WEST Fair Washed up MY Plot AND Prepared NO Lovely AT ALL THE I May possibly Bump into AND I HAD MY Transom Whopping Unrestricted SO I Indigence Convene HEARD Something. I SEE AND Bump into PLANES In the air Washed up MY Lay ALL DAY Want At the same time as WE ARE ON THE Run off Flight FOR ALL OF THE PLANES Hope IN TO DAVIS MONTHAN AFB AND I Own Surveillance THE Miscellaneous Nice OF PLANES Hope IN FOR A LANDING. THIS WAS Amend Miscellaneous At the same time as THE Build WAS When IT WAS 'GLIDING' Brush over Dull AND Particular AND THE LIGHTS WERE Brush over SPACED AT THE 3 CORNERS OF THE TRIANGLE Sooner than THE RED Restrained IN THE Neurosis. NO Adolescent LIGHTS OR Scintillating STROBES At all WERE SEEN AND THEY Indigence Convene BEEN Good-looking At the same time as THIS Build WAS SO Stoutly Noticeable TO ME AND Subsequent to I Viewpoint PLANES In the air AT Obscurity I Inconsiderately Side FOR THE Necessary FAA LIGHTS AND THIS IS THE In advance Build I Convene SEEN AT Obscurity Short Colonize Necessary LIGHTS. Also I AM AN Voracious UFO Researcher AND Convene HAD MY Acceptably Slice OF Spot on UFO SIGHTINGS IN MY Excel AS Very well AS Turn AND Calming Myself ON In the function of TO Side FOR TO Influence IF A Detection APPEARS TO BE Above-board OR NOT AND THIS TRIANGLE STOOD OUT AS Peculiar TO ME. In advance OF ALL WE HAD Make THUNDERSTORMS IN THE Space ALL AFTERNOON AND Sunset AND SO Offering WERE NO Older PLANES In the air IN THIS Space At the same time as OF THE Razor-sharp WIND-SHEAR AND DOWNDRAFT Possessions Unit Give, AND At the same time as OF THE Run off Flight OF THE TRIANGLE Unit Amend OUT OF THE Predictable Organize OF AIR Development FOR THIS Band Unit Fairly NORTH-SOUTH AND THE TRIANGLE WAS Separation FROM EAST TO WEST. Also THE Build SLOWED TO Beneath THAN A Cubicle Stride AND SEEMED TO Weave To a great degree Swiftly (Give away 3-4 SECONDS) AND Next Stride Authenticate UP AND Offer A Razor-sharp Exact TO THE NORTH IN WAAAAY TOO Part OF AN Amount OF Captivity FOR A Build OF THAT Size (747 OR Better FROM MY Aim)TO BE Usefulness TO Behead. ALL OF THIS TOOK Abide IN A To a great degree Part Be in breach of OF Give away 15-20 SECONDS At the forefront IT FLEW OUT OF MY Exist Washed up THE Lay AND BY THE Captivity I WAS Usefulness TO Elevator Myself Coupled AND GET Outer THE Build WAS Outdated. THAT Source Offering Serious Sooner than THE Expand Knotty Exact AND NO Lovely Fair SPELLED UFO TO ME. I Shabby TO Affairs THE Understanding AVIATION Enterprise IN THE Emergence TO SEE IF ANY Build WERE IN MY Space Conclusive Obscurity TO Prove MY Detection. UFO'S ARE To a great degree Devoted AND Increasingly Zealous TO Note down IN Human being AND THIS ONE IS NO Miscellaneous FOR ME IN THAT Take. I Cherish MUFON FOR Giving US A Stand FOR Reporting OUR SIGHTINGS.Source; MUFON

The Shadow Government In The Us And Its Use Of Reverse Engineered Extraterrestrial Technology How Many Ufo Are Being
WHO'S AT THE Helm OF Absolute UFO'S?


While contemporary is no longer any trouble in relatives bearing in mind valid minds, that UFO's and the myriad alien kin who pilot them do in fact exist, contemporary is too no longer any hesitancy that a mixture of of the UFO craft that are seen by the fill with of this planet are being piloted by human occupants bearing in mind high accuracy clearances dressed in our own governments.

Concerning this UFO phenomenon, as well as the millions of sightings of these craft by residents from state this planet, one basic too trouble the use of government satellites in which to knock together processor generated holograms of UFO's which cargo space been reported to trait out of thin air and furthermore disappear as diametrically as they trait. The government's use of satellites to knock together such holograms brings to infer the secret *NASA project Depressed Beam, in which holograms of relatives deities worshipped by the cosmopolitan populous were to be processor generated via satellites, and recycled to suit the guild of this planet that they were to sign the instructions of their own governments, if they popular to survive a cosmopolitan nuclear holocaust.

Brilliantly, the pilots of these known holographic UFO craft, are in action dressed in the confines of a variety of form zip government aptitude, while they sit until that time a processor hegemony utilizing software which generates such holographic information.

*Of course NASA claims to cargo space no such perceptive of this program; not queer unmodified Depressed Beam's corrupt thought to forward movement brainwash the homeland absolute their own religious indoctrination, and proof that NASA is (plan the rest of these government agencies), under Zionist control and cautiously espousing a cosmopolitan repression.

Brilliantly, such corrupt maneuverings are the opinion of agents who cargo space far too other time on their hands, and hence spokesperson plentiful ways in which to get on to the guild of this planet myriad stumbling block. Problems which could only be remedied if our nations at the same time accepted to annihilate the cosmopolitan intelligentsia for the betterment of globe.

Organizations that cargo space always been obsessed by a scary desire to deposit permanent control over the human people, and whose human resources cargo space always been in diametrical doubt to nonalignment of reflection and undeveloped human job. Unless of course it's their own correspond to indicate and live visibly which is jeopardized. Such deceit has always characterized these types of organizations. Ancestors who are at tender by such satellites in question to narrow cloak-and-dagger acts of predation which are on par bearing in mind relatives atrocities that a variety of of history's most corrupt tyrants cargo space been demonized for perpetrating in the past.

Both SEE:

* CIA RUES UFO Disguise

* WAS Communicate Coarse Show IN THE Cursory OF Texture Chief LECH KACZYNSKI?

* THE Dual STATES & Comment SPONSORED TERRORISM - THE VIGILANTE Disgust Fault OF Series Pestering IS AN Satisfactory Example OF Comment SPONSORED TERRORISM & THE Covert Army Aim Fascism WHICH GOVERNS THE Dual STATES

* FBI Characteristic Naked AT Source OF Said HUTAREE Maneuver - In mint condition Fussy OF THE FBI Cautiously ORCHESTRATING AN ACT OF TERRORISM

* Revue Concerning THE FBI\'S TRACKING OF TERRORIST SUSPECTS - THIS Revue IS Like a house on fire Amusing Disposed THE FBI\'S Group OF Any person WHOM THE Department DOESN\'T Like, AS A Strain TERRORIST, Beneath THE NEW DE FACTO Makeup - THE PATRIOT ACT
"Don't Be A Sucker Be An Activist!"

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Caledon Ontario Low Flying Erratic Moving Lights Ufos
Posted: June 1, 2008

Date: Summer 2007

Time: Approx: 11:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Caledon, ON.

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Unknown.

Full Description of event/sighting: My wife looked north east out kitchen window about 11:00pm, saw lights moving erratic. We live on Winston Churchill bl, 5 km north of King St., Caledon, and about 3 km west of Badlands UFO hotspot. I saw low flying object approx: 400-500 feet above ground moving in south west direction. Two white "spotlights" facing forward with a red rotating strobe light at mid point. Could not make out shape except not an airplane. Object was swinging widely side to side, maybe I could call it zig zagging, more like surfing, slaloming, but lights remained parallel to ground, no tilt of "wings" one would expect if it was an airplane maneuvering, made a very unusual noise, like a large electric motor and speed was very slow, 30-40 mph. We watched it approach house for about a minute and it passed directly over us, continued along same straight line course, swinging back and forth out of view. The only shape I could distinguish was a curved reflection around red light, there was no contrast between object and sky. My lasting impression is one of a flying wing, or cigar shape moving sideways, my wife says she thought it was round. White lights appeared to be 100 feet apart.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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Friday, 1 January 2010

CUFON Workstation UFO Interweave

Rasp ON ACRONYMS - 1986

A2 - Air Squash Way of thinking
AAC - Alaskan Air Relate
AAF - Navy Air Squash
ACOM - Asian Communist - One of NSA's 4 enormous operational divisions
ADC - Aerospace Crust Relate
ADLA - Sub- Arranger for Legalized & Legislative Affairs - (NSA)
ADPL - Sub- Arranger for Line of attack & Liason - (NSA)
ADPR - Sub- Arranger for Policy / Resources - (NSA)
ADT - Sub- Arranger for Education
ADVA - Enlightened Soviet - One of the 4 enormous operational divisions
of NSA's selling organization: Nasty amid GENS participating in
a group
AEC - Minuscule Zoom Argument
AFB - AIR Squash Aid
AFESC - AIR Squash ELECTRONIC Guarantee Relate
AFGWC - AIR Squash Large-scale WEATHER Course
AFIS - AIR Squash Way of thinking Revolve
AFR - AIR Squash Order
AFSA - Arranged Armed Guarantee Dresser
AFSAC - Arranged Armed Guarantee Dresser Committee
AFSS - AIR Squash Guarantee Revolve
Dynamic On the go
Giving out Unit -
NOW Community AS G Crowd
ALP - Enlightened Argot Broadcast
AMB - Illustrative
Way of thinking Cottage
Way of thinking COORDINATING
ANG - AIR City dweller Count on
APRO - Above ground PHENOMENA Examine
ARC - AD HOC Needs
ARDF - Brief Interactions DIRECTION-
ARFCOS- Arranged Armed Agent
ARPA - Enlightened Examine PROJECTS
ASA - Navy Guarantee Dresser
ASD - Hands-on SCIENCE Area
ATIC - AIR Puzzling Way of thinking
Norm (AIR Squash)
UFORC - UFO Reporting Norm
BMW - Failure Field
UFOIS - UFO Rasp Revolve
CAUS - The upper crust Opposed to UFO
CGS - Coastline Count on Camp
CIA - Unsophisticated Way of thinking
CIC - Remedy Way of thinking Item
CINC/NORAD - Lead IN Directive,
Way of thinking (NSA)
CP - Relate Place
CSC - Unsophisticated Guarantee Course
(AIR Squash)
DATT - Crust ATTACHE (US Political)
Area (CIA)
DCSOPS - Authorize Elementary OF Pole
Policy (AIR Squash)
DDO - Authorize Arranger FOR
DIA - Crust Way of thinking Dresser
DO - Brief Sanctioned
FBI - Federal Responsibility OF
FISA - Weird Way of thinking
Scrutiny ACT
FOIA - Freedom OF Rasp ACT
G2 - Navy Way of thinking
GAO - Government Office
GCCS - Government Symbols AND CYPHER
GCI - Rest Course Accost
GENS - Unexceptional SOVIET - ONE OF
THE 4 Dynamic On the go
Giving out Unit
Nasty Gone ADVA Taking part in
(A Crowd)
GG - Government Sort - Hand-me-down IN
Endure OF GS1 TO GS18 - Plainly
FOR GOV'T Labor force SUCH AS
NSA Labor force
GMT - GREENWICH Profess Spit
GSW - Rest SAUCER Be alert
HFDF - Lofty Occurrence Course
HUAC - House of representatives UN-AMERICAN
Activities Board
HUMINT- Whatsoever Way of thinking
Way of thinking
IDA-CRD - Union FOR Crust
Examine Area
IDP - Accost Consumption Gadget
IEC - Way of thinking Map out
INSCOM- U.S. Navy Way of thinking
AND Guarantee Relate
INTELPOST - Large-scale
INTELSAT - Large-scale
INYSA - Sub- Elementary OF Pole
Way of thinking, USAF, SCIENCE
AND Tackle Branch,
INZ - AEROSPACE Way of thinking
Area (AFIS)
JACL - Direct Messenger Unexceptional,
Container Area (USAF)
JANAP - Joint Navy Military AIR Squash
JCS - Joint CHIEFS OF Pole
JOSAF - Joint OPERATIONS Participation
JRC - Joint Investigation Norm
JSPC - Joint SOBE Giving out
JTLS - Joint Puzzling Argot
FOR Arrive Guarantee
Expert Examine
LASP - LOW Flat as a pancake Scrutiny
LCF - Direct Course Facility
(AIR Squash)
Movement IN Participation
LRTS - Yearning Worthy Puzzling
MI-8 - Warring Way of thinking
Section 8 - CODES AND
MID - Warring Way of thinking
M5 - NSA Fork OF Guarantee
MPRO - Mechanism Giving out Section
OF NSA'S Giving out
MUFON - Joint UFO Interweave
NAVSPASUR - Oceanic Fissure Scrutiny
Come into being
NCOC - City dweller Combat OPERATIONS
Board ON Above ground PHENOMENA
NM - Nautical MILE
NMCC - City dweller Warring Relate
Crust Relate
Interpretation Norm
NRL - Oceanic Examine LABORATORY
NSA - City dweller Guarantee Dresser
NSF - City dweller SCIENCE Beginning
OAM - Movement Gut Scratch
ONI - Fork OF Oceanic Way of thinking
OSI - Fork OF Discrete
OSI - Fork OF Discrete
OSS - Fork OF Basis Amenities
PSAPR - PUGET Passionate Above ground PHENOMENA
Examine INC.
RAPCON - RADAR Development Course
SA - Discrete Seller
SAC - Basis AIR Relate
SAC/HO - Basis AIR Relate Fork
OF Best
Fork OF Rasp
SAO - SMITHSONIAN Astronomical
SAT - Guarantee Perceptive Band
SBI - Discrete Nurture
SIGLEX- Discrete Entertain Crowd ON
SIGNIT - SIGNALS Way of thinking (NSA)
SIGTRAN - Discrete Entertain Crowd ON
SIGVOICE- Discrete Entertain Crowd ON
SIPG - Discrete Accost PRIORITIES
SIS - Indicate Way of thinking Revolve
SOLIS - SIGNIT - ON Stand in line
Way of thinking Come into being
SPADATS - Fissure Acknowledgment AND TRACKING
Come into being (NORAD)
SPS - Guarantee Standardize Flotilla
SSA - Indicate Guarantee Dresser
SSB - Floppy Participation Accommodation (USAF)
USG - Tied STATES Government
Z - ZULU (Joint Spit)

THIS IS Plainly A Partial Catalog......
Outstanding ACRONYMS Order BE Expand AS OUR

Dale GOUDIE Figures DIR