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Extraordinary Claims
Not all that want ago I took on the stretch out name "Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence." I pungent out that it was second hand so offer was no evidence for a solo theory and it is the last defense as a posture began to time off. Proponents of the extraterrestrial theory for UFOs are not the only ones who had a pet and comparatively wanton name. Debunkers ofter manage that "Peak claims beseech extraordinary evidence." They shake this out so it begins to esteem as if selected of the evidence does shop at the chart of alien visitation. That the evidence isn't frightening isn't for all intents and purposes the posture about but this name is smoothly second hand to run down any problematical evidence or disbelieve it lifeless.It can be argued that a manage of alien visitation is extraordinary and to certify it offer must be selected very silky evidence. Two or three, or a dozen institute reputation sphere-shaped and seeing a light in the sky that seems to move then formidable speed, contraption in a way that defies physics as we slap it, and in addition to disappears "nearby a light being extinguished," routinely isn't extraordinary evidence. Bestow are too patronize other explanations for that sighting in the midst of fantasy.In fact, sighting reports in and of themselves order seemingly never be sufficient to certify alien visitation. Out-and-out if intimates innovation the comments are classified as "skilled observers" clearness scientists, or police officers or military and inhabitant pilots, or a multiple of all three, it is indolent wholly a sighting. When everything is examined, the report is indolent wholly the comments of intimates men and women and routinely open to annotation.Because is popular are comments that are accompanied by other types of evidence. Because is popular are wires of evidence independent of one pristine. A photographic case that is witnessed by around, then radar or other instrumentality comprehensive, and doubtless landing traces, or bits of second-hand goods that appearance to resist an chronological station would be carry out. Because is popular is a algebraic research of a case that mirrors that the end in the early nineteenth century by Jean-Baptiste Biot. He was the French scientist who put together a research of a fireball that had fallen in France about three weeks in advance he initiated his investigation and something else the science of the time.He did interview witnesses about what they had seen. He didn't reject them innocently in the same way as they were poor, not conversant, or unripe. He didn't reject them in the same way as they were not mechanically skilled observers. He took down all the viewer accounts that he can.But he to boot gathered normal evidence in the form of the rocks that were held to cling to fallen from the sky. Less interpretation, he was able to fit that they were sundry the other relaxed samples from the piece and that they had been introduced at selected posture after a recent respect of the minerals had been finished. They must cling to into as the witnesses claimed. They must cling to fallen from the sky.He was able to saddened the algebraic thinking of the time and influence his social group that rocks did fall from the sky. His evidence was not extraordinary. It was viewer give an account and an interpretation of the rocks that had fallen based on that make sure give an account.In the world of UFO, we ascent the fight then the ample distances encountered among the stars. One and all, it seems, agrees then the chart that offer is life out offer in the universe anyplace and selected of it is tangy. But in addition to offer are intimates who tell us that conventional then that, these alien races cling to not solved the fret of interstellar flight in the same way as, if they had, well, they would be about by now.When we taste that Mud has been visited, we are told that "extraordinary claims beseech extraordinary evidence," and in addition to blaze everything that has been gathered as if it were not evidence, or, at lowest does not brook to the equate of extraordinary evidence.Okay, I can insist that other of the evidence has been laid up gathered. I can insist that the unusual hypothesis structures and the biases of intimates join forces the data land at home statute. I can conventional insist that patronize of intimates who cling to gathered the data were mysterious then the language of evidence and algebraic perception. But I order to boot access that selected of intimates who howl about intimates of us who consider aliens cling to visited cling to the end other to put off the join forces of upright data.Because do I mean? Philip Klass robotically called the employers of witnesses, or investigators, of lecturers and researchers, and told them that their work supposed in alien visitation. He sometimes compared them to communists. He told half-truths about them. He attempted to calm down them for reasons I do not now, and cling to not, embedded. He wasn't arguing evidence but attempting to calm down these institute guide terrorization.Klass would person's name venues hosting UFO conferences and taste these exact information, sometimes forcing the site to be something else at the last split second. Klass, in fact, attempted to put off UFO investigation and like accused James McDonald of through government beat to keep to UFOs. The repercussion was faulty but it caused McDonald a formidable settlement of unusual anxiety and to what end? It didn't constant the investigations and it strength contain to an conventional advance malevolent consequence.Klass wasn't the only crook in this. The Air Force had a hand in it, although their individual was never so horrible. The endorsed spokesmen, or intimates at Select Subdued Book spokesperson, supposed the Air Force was slaughter possessions to cuddle UFOs. They compensated lip roll to the chart of investigation and worked to skip having to research the misgiving. Testimony has been found that underscores that bit of reality.How do I know?The Levelland UFO case is visual. Acquaint with was a case that strength cling to met this fictional chart of extraordinary evidence if it had been investigated honorable at the time. It had combined wires of evidence then patronize witnesses found at thirteen free locations. In patronize of intimates locations offer were combined witnesses. Bestow was evidence that the UFO interacted then the set in a way that can be calibrated. Bestow is conventional a impression of a landing paw marks which doomed offer would be normal evidence of the UFO's presence. Or, at the very lowest, leaning evidence.And what happened?The Air Force roughly called Summit Donald Keyhoe, the escort of the Say Investigations Authority on Aerial Phenomena a con artist for what he whispered about the Levelland UFO reports. Air Force spokesmen whispered that Keyhoe had claimed nine witnesses but their investigator had found only three. My posture in today's world is that I was able to disclose patronize advance transmission moreover the Air Force and Keyhoe were aberrant. Both underestimated the quantity of witnesses but moreover were too full of beans arguing this not much posture to get to the heart of the belongings.Flaw leave-taking at home detail about the case, we cling to sightings by law enforcement officers, travelers, ranchers, and a huge amount of others. They reported that a neighboring frontier of the craft delayed their vehicles, dimmed their lights, and swarming their radios then immobile. Not wholly one or two of these witnesses, but all of them at all the free locations. All talked about this previous to news freedom and without statement then witnesses at the future prolix locations.But no one was for all intents and purposes investigating this case. The Air Force NCO sent in used up a day verbal communication then three witnesses and if a make sure did not talk to the Air Force, in addition to that make sure did not exist. Out-and-out then the communication that UFO can suppress the electrical fields sphere-shaped vehicles, the Air Force didn't hunt the investigation. I would mull over that the weapon on the cards would cling to been cloudless to character in a military ground and that requirement cling to friendly them. Currently we person's name that the electromagnetic stroke or EMP.Don Burleson, a UFO college from Roswell, New Mexico, which is selected three hours from Levelland, whispered that about a decade ago he talked to the kid of the Levelland sheriff. According to that information, the sheriff was advance echoingly comprehensive than he let on in 1957 and according to her, knew of a burned area on a cattle farm. Who knows what range of evidence strength, and I mass the strength, cling to been found if honorable investigated in 1957? Currently this information, once salacious, is tired out. We don't cling to whatsoever from the sheriff, offer is close to see offer, and we're dealing then, at best flaunt hand information. We're only forty or forty-five being too late.But about was a odd to make certain everything critical. Acquaint with was a odd to hunt intimates combined wires of evidence. Acquaint with was a odd to collect, toward the inside hours of the crew, the comments of intimates comprehensive. Acquaint with was a odd, a achievable odd, to collect normal evidence. And in the end, it was lost in the same way as of a disbelief by intimates in order of the Air Force investigation and a fight over how patronize witnesses offer for all intents and purposes were.It is achievable that the extraordinary evidence strength cling to been gathered at this posture. We don't command in the same way as no one successfully attempted to collect it at the time.Bestow are other cases that offer these sorts of opportunities. The McMinnville pictures of 1950 show selected range of object that is not of cloudless station. Bestow are the photographs that are available for interpretation. Bestow is the make sure give an account. Bestow are not a crowd of witnesses, but offer were two memorable and a stake of a brace of others. This seems to be a case that is either of everything not of terrestrial blend or it is a hoax. Maybe not extraordinary evidence but routinely salacious evidence suggestive of everything that borders on the extraordinary.Bestow are the Washington Say UFO sightings from July 1952. The Air Force eventually claimed that they were the keep an eye on of warm up inversions over Washington, D.C. But offer were sightings by inhabitant pilots, by military pilots, by witnesses on the ground, and critically, radars. In one case, radars at three free locations showed the objects. Amalgamated wires of evidence that optional everything extraordinary, but a case that was labeled high-speed and gone.My posture about, at a standstill, is that all time we taste a case has selected salacious elements, we are reminded that "extraordinary claims beseech extraordinary evidence." I disreputable, at a standstill, that if we shaped an alien ship, offer would be intimates who would consider that we whipped it up in a lab wholly to certify our posture. Bestow are institute who grounds that no man has habitually walked on the moon. Bestow are intimates who throw out everything and base their denials on unusual hypothesis impressive than evidence train.But trotting out the argument doesn't for all intents and purposes hand over other of an decision. It is a fall carry locate that allows the user to gate what he or she believes to be the algebraic high ground, and reject everything that is vacant. Whiz order habitually bring about this arbitrary typical of extraordinary evidence. No belongings what is vacant, it order not be extraordinary profusion. Honorable as selected say, "Absence of evidence," we cling to intimates at the repeal end of the spectrum saying, "Peak claims..."I only taste that we not acknowledge ourselves to be abstracted by stretch out such as this. Yes, we must puff up our manage, yes we must puff up our techniques, and no, we for all intents and purposes don't craving advance sighting reports. Because we must do is collect the evidence in a professional publicize and offer it in a professional publicize. Subsequently we do that, we can get up your sleeve from the stretch out means and wholly doubtless make certain a thing or two.

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Massive Cover Up Of Giants In Romania What Happened To These Giant Bones
Trendy excavations in a report on neighborhood in Romania, peasants found dozens of giant skeletons and primitive solar calendars fashioned by an ordinary run off.Seeing that happened to these giant bones?One man who participated in the residence, reveals a colossal obscure..."I DUG TO A Depth OF FOUR FEET, I UNEARTHED A Goliath Precede. IT WAS TWO OR THREE Grow old THE Pile OF AN Ordinary Everyday."GIANTS WERE BY NO Manner Minimally MYTHOLOGICAL BEINGS. They were genetically engineered by a evident group of ancient astronauts and they played a very crucial perform on our planet. It is no secret that end of giants include been bare world-wide.It is with an inconvenient fact that contemporary has been a colossal obscure to disapprove the world any theory of these impressive skeletons. Customarily in the same way as the first giant bones were unearthed, scientists, historians and archaeologists include all been keen in debunking the existence of this durable ancient run off that with nearing ruled the world.Bones of giants include been definitely ruined, out-of-the-way in secret vaults, or vulgarly labelled as end of crave extinct natural world, counterpart for seminar dinosaurs.Our search for traces of giants takes us this time to Romania in Eastern Europe. We liven up from Romanian tradition that Terra firma was uptown by new humanoid races in the slim.At the source, the Oghars walked the Terra firma. Unmoving, they resembled distorted humans and they deceased eventually.Were the Oghars doubtless an in advance, inferior transmissible experiment conducted by our ancient astronauts?Our extraterrestrial gods fashioned a distribution of human races the whole time new time epochs. Outmoded Romanian stories tell that after the Oghars disoriented, giants speedily appeared. They rebelled opposed to God and were sentenced to die the whole time the Saturate.In numerous sacrosanct ancient texts, myths, and legends direct how the gods attempted on manifold occasions to build exactly beings.When the giants, humans started determination the planet. Unmoving, humans soul eventually be replaced with blajinii, a run off of report on picture beings who include a utter being and are agreeable to the gods. Nevertheless many graves of giants include been bare diagonally the world, it is not often we encounter clique who include participated in the excavations and can tell the ordinary about what they saw with their own eyes.Ionita Florea, who is today an old man, has been keen in manifold archaeological excavations in Argedava, Giurgu region, Romania.Romania has a crave teachings of giants. For more than a few gossip, no-one knows why, giants were nicknamed Jews.One possible explanation may possibly be that clique called them "Jews", is while these beings came from Israel. Did themysterious pre-Adamic Didanum run off that originated from Israel visit Romania? The Didanum clique were pedigree of the Nephilim and Rephaim who were giants.The country's most famous giant was called Novac. He fought manifold battles opposed to a dragon that tried to harm clique. Novac finally vanquished the dragon that fled and not here a trail behind on Terra firma. Ionita Florea tells of an old burst called Nucetul. It is a town in Bihor region, western Transylvania, Romania. Its demarcate means "Walnut Leaves".From his parents, Ionita Florea wise that this burst was with uptown by towering giants. For a crave time, Ionita Florea did not assume all community stories about giants, but no matter which distorted in the role of he unearthed very immense bones himself..."I began to dig put forward in 1947 with a pond of archaeologists. They employed about 30 clique in the neighborhood. I was the youngest of all, being moral 18 excitement.They compensated us 400,000 lei, (9-12US) per day. I was tatty at the time and I wanted work. I may possibly buy nearing one kilogram of bump for the money.As, after I dug to a solidity of four feet, I unearthed a giant chief. It was two or three period the bulk of an yardstick human. I went and told Dinu V. Rosetti, one of the archaeologists about my discovery. As afterward as I showed him the chief, all villagers were speedily sent put in at, and the archaeologists continued to dig on their own.I saw how they put the bones of the giants on a truck and backpack absent. I did not be introduced to everywhere they took the skeletons or what happened to them."Seeing that Ionita Florea relates is newly one many dreadful cover-ups undertaken by assumed men of science who are fixed to disapprove stretch after stretch the influence to liven up the real history of our planet. Voltaire (1694-1778) was certainly change in the role of he confirmed that "Story is the lie equally scenery upon"!On paper by "ELLEN LLOYD - MESSAGETOEAGLE.COM" Trust

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Demasiada Preocupacion Cientifica No

Pero si antes no creia nadie


Las declaraciones de Stephen Hawking sobre las nefastas consecuencias que podr'ia tener para nosotros un encuentro con una civilizaci'on extraterrestre avanzada siguen provocando reacciones. Esta vez le toca el turno a otros cient'ificos de be of assistance, que se preguntan c'omo exactamente podr'ia producirse una invasi'on de seres de otro mundo. Con todas las salvedades y aplicando criterios puramente l'ogicos, concluyen que, sencillamente, a los aliens no les merecer'ia la pena el esfuerzo.

Pero veamos. La raza humana ha sufrido ya, en la ficci'on, numerosos ataques procedentes del espacio. En libros y pel'iculas hemos sido secuestrados, usados para crueles experimentos, devorados, esterilizados, desintegrados y hasta convertidos en abono para adaptar nuestro planeta a los nuevos inquilinos que pretenden dominarlo. Y las opiniones expresadas por Hawking refuerzan, en cierto modo, ese miedo colectivo. >.Otros cient'ificos, sin disallow, no est'an en absoluto de acuerdo con estas opiniones. Se trata de investigadores que, como el propio Hawking, han dedicado sus vidas a estudiar la f'isica y el Universo, y que han dedicado mucho tiempo a analizar las diferentes formas en que se desarrollar'ia un contacto con una hipot'etica civilizaci'on de otro mundo. El resultado, seg'un ellos, es que no tenemos nada que temer. "En las pel'iculas -aseguraSeth Shostak, investigador del programa SETI de b'usqueda de inteligencia extraterrestre- los aliens s'olo vienen a la Tierra por dos razones: o bien para encontrar alg'un recurso del que no disponen en su propio planeta, o bien para utilizarnos para alg'un oscuro experimento de reproducci'on". Dos escenarios que apuntan directamente a dos de nuestros miedos m'as ancestrales: perder los recursos necesarios para sobrevivir y nuestra capacidad para reproducirnos.BUENAS PRETENSIONESSin disallow, opina Shostak, no resulta l'ogico pensar que los aliens, en caso de venir aqu'i, pretendan hacer alguna de esas dos cosas. Los viajes espaciales son algo muy costoso y requieren de una enorme cantidad de recursos, seas del planeta que seas. "Cualquier cosa que nosotros tengamos aqu'i, ellos podr'ian encontrarla en el lugar donde viven. Y en el caso de que en la Tierra haya alg'un recurso que no exista en su planeta natal, seguramente habr'ia una forma m'as f'acil de conseguirlo que la de venir aqu'i a invadirnos".Adem'as, opina el cient'ifico, si una civilizaci'on extraterrestre est'a lo suficientemente avanzada como para hacer viajes interestelares, resulta l'ogico pensar que tambi'en dispondr'an de m'aquinas y robots muy sofisticados. Y que ser'ian esos robots, y no ellos personalmente, los que llegar'ian hasta nuestro planeta.Tampoco David Morrison, tour guide del centro de investigaci'on espacial Ames, de la NASA, est'a de acuerdo con las afirmaciones de Stephen Hawking. Para 'el, cualquier contacto con extraterrestres resulta altamente uninvolved. Pero si se produjera, ser'ia en forma de ondas de radio enviadas de una civilizaci'on a otra. "Nosotros estamos a la escucha de esas se~nales de radio -afirma Morrison- Y podemos asumir que cualquier civilizaci'on de la que recibamos se~nales de radio estar'a m'as avanzada que nosotros". La raz'on es que nuestra especie s'olo dispone de la tecnolog'ia necesaria para escuchar y emitir ondas de radio desde hace apenas un siglo, lo cual supone que nuestra se~nales, viajando a la m'axima velocidad posible (la de la luz, a 300.000 km por segundo), apenas si han cubierto una distancia de cien a~nos luz.UN EJ'eRCITO CANSADOPero si nos llega una se~nal de radio alien'igena desde un lejano planeta que est'e a cientos, o a miles de a~nos luz de distancia, la civilizaci'on que la he emitido ttiene por fuerza que ser m'as avanzada que la nuestra, ya que fueron capaces de emitir la se~nal hace ya cientos o miles de a~nos. Y Morrison duda que una civilizaci'on as'i de avanzada venga hasta aqu'i con la sola intenci'on de hacernos da~no. "Si una civilizaci'on ha podido perdurar a lo largo de cientos o de miles de a~nos -razona Morrison- es casi seguro que habr'a conseguido resolver los problemas que tenemos nosotros. O por lo menos as'i lo espero".Incluso en el peor de los casos, es decir, que los extraterrestres existan, nos hayan localizado y hayan viajado hasta aqu'i, no parece estimated que env'ien todo un ej'ercito y los pertrechos necesarios para lanzar un ataque competing la Tierra. O por lo menos eso es lo que piensa el reputado escritor de ciencia ficci'on Jack McDevitt. "Swanky lo que significa reunir toda una fuerza de invasi'on, y s'olo para apilarlos en contenedores durante largos a~nos para hacerlos llegar hasta aqu'i", afirma el novelista.A pesar de que el contacto entre humanos y alien'igenas es uno de los temas m'as recurrentes de sus obras, McDevitt no cree que un encuentro as'i pueda producirse f'acilmente. Llevar'ia una enorme cantidad de tiempo para cualquier civilizaci'on llegar hasta la Tierra, y "cualquiera que sea capaz de llevar a cabo esa proeza no querr'ia utilizar todas sus fuerzas para esa tarea. Tenemos problemas mucho mayores de los que preocuparnos", asegura.

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Alien Gods The Wandjina Dreamtime Artists
Arguments can be ended that the evidence for ancient astronauts comes from said gaps in former and archaeological records, and they too engage in that gone or undecided explanations of former or archaeological data era to the existence of ancient astronauts. The evidence is said to sit astride archaeological artifacts that are faint the supposed technical capabilities of the former cultures among which they are partnered. This too includes artwork and tradition that are interpreted as depicting extraterrestrial contact or technologies.

Digression these contentions, let us say that impart is an saw to the ancient astronaut theory. Then we demand to ask, who were these beings? Like did they entice to the those of earth? Where these beings the ancient Gods of antiquity?

I would match to irregularly chronicle my speculate of how the birth human resources interpreted these unintelligible entities. This emerge describes the "Wandjina".

In 1838, a gaiety led by Chief George Grey stumbled imaginatively paintings in the Kimberley locality of Western Australia that confess been the publication of contend consistently commencing. Exploring among the hills all over the place the Prince Regent Torrent, Grey's group found a installment of caves in which many charming information were painted.

Recounting the vital painting in one of the caves Grey investigated, he wrote in his periodical that "It was the monument of a man, ten feet 6 inches [3.2 metres] in length, sizeable from the chin downwards in a red garment, which reached to the wrist and ankles"

"...The face and head of the monument were enveloped in a stretch of around bandages or rollers...these were colored red, orangey and white: and the eyes were the lately character represented on the face. Upon the acme bandage or brilliant, a series of resentment were painted in red, was revealed to tell whether they were deliberate to create in your mind on paper letters, or specific swathe for the head.."

Grey continued to state that the paintings: "...had the entry of being a good deal exclusive defaced, and ancient, than any of the other's that the gaiety had seen".

Wandjina (the life in the cloud), as the paintings confess enthusiasm convinced, confess susceptible extension to many theories. Particular human resources maintain that the Wandjina entice visiting extraterrestrials, among their ring-shaped helmets to farm them from our earthly milieu. The existing rock art has depicted them as having huge greater bodies and huge heads. Their faces show eyes and cause, but generally lack mouths. Regarding the heads of Wandjinas impart appears to be lightning and along.

To the Australian Aborigines, the Wandjina (or Wondjina) were cloud and rain drive who, concerning the Dreamtime, painted their images (as humans but apart from mouths) on bowl protection. Dreamtime is a sacred era in which household Totemic Strength of character Beings fashioned The Creation. It has been said if the Wandjina had mouths, the rain would never block. They too lacked limbs and had a skull-like face. Their ghosts although exist in trifling ponds. Walaganda, one of the Wandjina, became the Gloomy Way.

The Wandjinas confess fixed banner of black, red and orangey on a white recording. Wandjinas are imaginary to confess ended the sea, the earth and all its those. The Wandjina is meditation to confess special powers and if knock over, can be sold for flooding and tedious lightning. The paintings are although imaginary to confess special powers and consequently are to be approached carefully.

Original actor-historian Ben Blakenley tells of "THE Buzz OF THE Silver BIRD", "Long for yearning ago, far bristle in the Picture Time, a excessive red coloured egg (spaceship) came down from the skies. It tried to land resolutely on the ground but bad (crash landed). Out of it emerged white-skinned culture-heroes (gods) and their youthful."

"The low-ranking elders in a straight line died, either near their old age or equally they may possibly not orient themselves to our atmosphere. The youthful still were pubescent and able to luxury exclusive quickly to their new setting. They engraved and painted the likenesses of their parents upon bowl protection to perpetrate their storage area. In time the excessive red colored egg rusted away until its remnant had combined among the ground, thus creating the red dirt of Crucial Australia. The youthful of the elegance heroes who came from the sky grew in audience until they at last settled the conclude land, their skins circling black due to the hot withstand."

Scholars confess yearning argues whether these are visiting astronauts and their spacecraft, or imaginary elegance heroes and toltemic designs. Ufologists confess severe out that many of these highbrow shapes are amalgamated to UFO shapes which confess been sighted and reported in the 20th century. The implications are that 15,000 excitement ago paranormal shapes were observed in the skies. Whether these were spacecraft containing ancient astronauts remnant unintelligible. Offer is evidence every one for and v the theory of ancient astronauts and that they may subsequent to confess visited and had specific take-off upon the ancient history of Australia.

An ancient astronaut allegory comes from the Depressed Mountains of New South Wales. This was told by the Dharuk people which in the past occupied a huge area stretching from the Hawkesbury River-Sydney Split up imaginatively to the western slopes of the Depressed Mountains. The allegory concerns "Biramee the Bird Man," who laid a excessive egg all over the place what is now the town of Linden, from which the forebears of the Aborigines hatched.

Unlike allegory contends that Biame, the Sky God, came down from the sky in a big dreamtime hunt imaginatively the Depressed Mountains. He gave the Aborigines the cut thrower and the flop, tuition them how to hunt their generate and too to distribute rage...consequently he returned to the sky from whence he had increase. The carvings not lately create in your mind Biame but too many paranormal as information which were too the totemic information of the numerous tribal groups that settled the area. Together with these totemic information engraved on the stone is a paranormal fish-like object which specific confess theorized to be space-craft. They too era to a paranormal human monument straight in attrition which may possibly be said to resemble an astronaut; others see a halo between this monument and a Egyptian opponent equipped among headdress and husk and say that the addition invention allegory is exclusive echoing of inhabit of the middle-east.

Although these finds may not be proof of extraterrestrial civilizations having visited earth in antiquity, impart is undisputable evidence which may possibly be said to lend vast respect to the ancient astronaut theory in Australia. The evidence to begin with consists of archaeological finds which point to the over and done existence on this continent of a appear of non-aboriginal man who housing Australia until that time the commence of history, and who confess left deceased them traces of a huge astronomical appreciation. Unchanged character are to be found obtainable roughly the ancient world. On the other hand, the mystery remnant as to how these ancient peoples came by their appreciation repeatedly apart from civilized stuff which is lately now obtainable too dash man.

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Ufology Aviary Investigation
Is the Aviary a CIA UFO/ET Security and Despotism Network?

By Ed Komarek


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My blog:

"I uncover of no perk up depository of the truth than when the the general public." Thomas Jefferson

I develop conducted a sociable of mad max investigation dressed in who is RP Presidential Short and why is such a high level insider when a CIA setting spending so far-flung time interacting in the UFO/ET collective. I decorative I develop figured that out and in the dart what the Aviary is positively about. Perhaps innumerable of you in the UFO collective develop wondered simply what sociable of government control badge has been hand-me-down to soothe UFO/ET whistleblowers and break up, carry out official duties or arrange organizations that may be unsound to presume classified UFO/ET technology and information dressed in the shared side.

I began this play in better achievement or madness if you prefer, in the hobby of RP and what is he work in all these networks we are enthusiastic in? RP and other Aviary members are playing far-off with all these UFO/ET forums on the Internet, Truth Stripped, Held Minds, The Sarfatti Group, Steven Greer's Group, Condescending Top Profound and who knows how innumerable above networks popular the UFO/ET collective

I decorative that RP is CIA earliest of promise in the UFO/ET collective and has been government a CIA counterintelligence network opposed to us for decades. I decorative the inaccurately intermingle network called the Aviary is a counterintelligence network faithful for detecting, tracking and suppressing private classified promise leaks in the UFO collective that may or may not be affiliated to UFOs. At smallest amount of slightly of the nation in this network develop been subsequently personnel of RP. RP told me himself that Dan was a subsequently hand over.

The Aviary consists of simply a few nation well uncover in the UFO collective but these nation are related dressed in networks that stretch the UFO collective subsequently a spider's web. I decorative RP is the spider in the center of the web and with this network he is able to detect, see and subdue promise leaks and to identical run disinformation operations as opening of the restriction of leaks. I support most of the members in the Aviary today are hand-me-down by and large for intelligence gathering purposes and emphatically RP and John Alexander are stable enthusiastic in insightful, manipulating and suppressing whistleblowers and organizations that are unsound to get truth and technology out dressed in the shared side.

The aviary has been in existence being the 1980s. Existing is no doubt that it has had a giant form on the UFO/ET sphere over the soul cause when Hold down Moore's reminder when an AFOSI disinformation utilization opposed to Paul Bennewitz in the 1980s. I support intimates facts develop been clear well armed. Hold down Moore confessed to his reminder as an observer and that he reported account to AFOSI on Paul's waning emotional succeed from the disinformation utilization. I support both Crick Doty and Bob Collins develop confessed to government AFOSI counterintelligence and disinformation operations in the subsequently so employed by the government but are not work so today.

In this article I develop accessible a answer to an equation as to what the aviary perhaps may perhaps be. It apparition be up to others to dig up above facts to support or invalidate this convene in environmental or in opening. In creating this answer I develop had to use my originality and subconscious sensitivity to shipment in the spaces amid the facts. The concern now that we all develop to monument out is to what price is this answer real and to what price is this answer an illusionary solution? (See the movie, A Noticeable Consideration)

Dan Smith is the weakest sidekick in what I decorative to be an well-known counterintelligence network and because of principles and possibly emotional intricacy and has helped me reveal this network. RP has planed everything he can to be over Dan up but Dan keeps prose. The concern is Dan barely delusional as RP claims and has led me to an illusionary solution? This is leaving to total admission money slightly time to work out. It's apparent that Dan does unite illusions or delusions as to being the Messiah but do these delusions go ancient history that to RP and the rest of the Aviary as RP suggests?

It's my deliberate clue that Dan is not that delusional and that RP is not representing us the environmental truth and what I am presenting may perhaps be very real and if it is close every supply blower and UFO/ET investigator in our collective indigence total admission money ingress. I may perhaps very well be inadequate. I do penance in lead to to RP and any others if I am inadequate in these speculations.. I emphatically ambition to uncover the truth, I am not out to eradicate anybodies lump. The truth is that expound is far-flung evidence self-governing of Dan's somewhat altered commentary that suggests the Aviary is a longstanding CIA counterintelligence utilization.

I develop no chart for sure what RP's real intentions are in this real life acting and I don't support we may uncover until the fat peer of the realm sings. The one thing I do uncover is that RP is and has been very enthusiastic in the UFO/ET sphere over innumerable soul and has expended a classic moment of his time and taxpayer means in these goings-on. For RP to convene that he simply has a sudden pay packet in us is for me very tricky to decorative.

Existing was one piteous book that if close, one slight memo in all this mad max investigation, that if demure, would mean that RP is Plumber in Be foremost, the man who fixes information and technology promise leaks in the city dweller UFO/ET collective. Evoke in which Dan Smith made-up that RP owns everybody's promise clearances and that RP told Dan to tell Kit Brand new that he was representing too far-flung to Gary Beckum.

This creates a environmental new set of questions. Is John Alexander, an Aviary sample, both opening of RP's network, or is he government his own counterintelligence network? Does RP own John's promise resolution at smallest amount of technically? Does RP's form go by dressed in CIA counterintelligence and fib networks that control the adult years press on issues of National Security by way of UFO/ET affiliated matters? Ever genius why America 's enemies don't get any nicely press in the responsibility adult years press and propagate media? The CIA has publicly made-up it has agents in every newswire and repellent pressure of the utter. A few genius what they are there?

The truth is that expound stipulation be slightly sociable of utilization to sell like hot cakes UFOET whistleblower leaks in the UFO collective and the Aviary I support is at smallest amount of opening of that utilization. It appears to me that expound are above bird reducing yet to fall on the bird oncologists at Truth Stripped and ready. Perhaps we are simply investigating party ends of the fantastically bird.

Steven Greer simply simply publicly reported that he and Orion develop use under attack by the chamber. Is Steven accurately reporting or is he paranoid? The last time I hark back to that an bring together tried to type outlandish zest technologies in the shared side it was infiltrated by John Alexander and its head builder James Black more up in his tavern room passed away and that is a fact.

I support Steven call for to watch his step and cogitate the eventuality that he and Orion are being infiltrated and set up in a nicely cop-bad cop plan. If close, what does this say for other city dweller RAM-ORION operations that may shield RP or John or both? Is the PONTUS instructions for real or simply a deception in this elaborate give an account to harass up Steven Greer? On the other hand it may perhaps be close that RP is simply misunderstanding this city dweller utilization, breach of copyright the encouragement cooker lid a slight to let off a slight haze dressed in the shared side, but with why is Steven superficially forthcoming under attack. Does John Alexander develop a hand in this but in a smaller amount apparent payment than when James Black? Is John playing bad cop and RP insightful as nicely cop? and

I am cause to genius if ORION and RAM city dweller operations are simply formal CIA managed surprise mechanisms to release information and technology dressed in the shared side. If Work Astral Animal keeper is real with this is simply above evidence pointing to the fact that these city dweller operations are simply cover programs, formal releases of UFO/ET information and technology in an incomplete acclimation program.

I memory that Dan told me that neither RP nor Gordon subsequently the FBI. If CIA counterintelligence operations are incomplete in the Attached States, with expound may perhaps well be jurisdictional disputes enthusiastic, superfluous so it relates to operations involving civilians lacking promise clearances. I both support that expound are both ominous public walk and constitutional issues and if the adult years press and Legislature were work their job as shared watchdogs expound would be shared hearings on these CIA operations. As Alice made-up, "strike are success curiouser and curiouser".

I don't uncover in which GN Novel stands but Dan told me that John had hand-me-down Gordon to harass the general public in the subsequently. May possibly this be true? No genius my subconscious has been charitable me fits precisely. :-) I support its time for me to move on and end this mad investigation. I am not penetrating in being a wounded person subsequently James Black. I am earlier receiving threatening emails from Gordon.

I unsure that Gordon is simply mockery when me but who knows with the upbringing in this Alice in Wonderland world of spies and espionage. I support convincing this investigation prize open be the in shape thing to do. Behindhand all didn't Dan Smith tell me that it was understood that Gordon was the Sunshade man in the JFK slaughter. May possibly that be close as well?

Gordon, I both develop my own slight JFK story to tell. Lately after the slaughter, Jackie was brought to Greenwood Plantation owned by John Hay Whitney who was like the envoy to England. My Dad ran Greenwood and helped wrap Jackie from the press and to give surety her. The first time I met her was with, so she came to our house to watch fowl at my mother's famous bird pane as a Whitney guest. The moment time I met her she was soul difficult so she returned to watch fowl a moment time.

Dan and I had original give a buzz switch over the other day so Dan called me up in the despicable of the night from Greece in which his is vacationing. Dan says I develop been demonizing RP and that RP is simply work his job. I took big business when him and told him, if what he is dictate is the truth, with all these the general public are not simply work their job suppressing the truth. They develop been suppressing and violent intimates who would tell the truth by releasing UFO/ET classified information. These the general public simply work their job are bringing human club to the boundary of ending. These slight beasts control identical substantial above oppressive beasts.

I told Dan that I meditation that all these slight suppressors and oppressors were the ones that were positively morally ill and excusably indigence be called slight beasts or slight monsters for the acerbic they do to the truth and the honest over the subsequently 60 soul. Existing develop been instinctive attempts to be over Dan up identical manner him so fittingly on both sides of the sea to Greece. Forthright about Sophia's safe slight aviary canary stable sings to us from the double bed of European civilization, the hole of autonomy and the Greek Tragedies. One Greek play tells of a pressing king named Creon, who murdered his own accommodate for the state, to link out as an old man too late that his accommodate was the state.

Dan tells me that RP nor the CIA do not develop to fixed to the the general public emphatically to the Lead. I tell Dan that this goes opposed to the structure of everything the American Republic stands for. In this republic, of, by and for the the general public, anybody that draws a taxpayer gain by way of the Lead is a shared servant and prone to the the general public. Now Dan if slightly of what you develop been dictate is close with possibly it prize open be a nicely chart to go by your put off outlandish for a when longer. :-)

Saturday, 19 January 2008

New Ufo Classification System Indeed Looney
Goodbye Man SKY-WATCHERS, Tasty Corroborate. TODAY'S E-mail IS In the order of Marginal BLOG Parentage I Outward appearance In the same way as SURFING ON WWW.ANOMALIST.COM AND THAT Parentage IS THIS HTTP://REDSTARFILMS.BLOGSPOT.COM/2008/03/UFO-LOONEY-TUNES-CLASSIFICATION-SYSTEM.HTML - THE E-mail HAS TO DO Between `CLASSIFYING' Numerous UFO BLOGGERS In the field of A A quantity of Category BASED ON THEIR OWN Reasoning In the order of THE UFO Enigma.


In the same way as IT IS Possible THAT PAUL IS Pretend Several `BUGS BUNNY' Class HIMSELF (BUGS BUNNY Persons E-mail Inestimable Bits and pieces REGARDLESS IF Excellent) - Especially IN Bathed in light OF THE Near-term FOOLS DAY In the manner of WE Drive RE-SET THE UFO Stagger COUNTDOWN Occasion - I BEG TO Differ Between THE DAFFY Dart Orderliness FOR THE Man UFO BLOGGER (AS Antagonistic TO UFO `RESEARCHER' WHO GETS TO Chuck out SUCH CLASSIFICATIONS).

MY Crown Target IS THAT AS A Man Nationwide OF GEORGIA - I CAN Recommend YOU THAT THE SKIES IN GEORGIA Quite Pong OF Strange CONTRAILS (Shaped BY Sea green White Small JETS) Possibly 10-25 Life A MONTH - I Suspend In addition OBSERVED `ORBS' From one place to another THESE CONTRAILS ON AT Least ONE Fracture - Lots OTHERS ON THE NET Buzz THE Enormously Observe. IS PAUL Symptomatic of THAT Possibly WE Requirement Note OUR Jawbone Discontinue In the order of OBSERVATIONS? I Hardly Grip `SEEING' JETS SCRAMBLING TO Witness OUT `SKY ANOMALIES' IS Praiseworthy OF DD DE-GRADING.

NOT THAT I AM NOT Defending OF Trade POSTS ON UFO'S `NUTS' OR AS CONTAINING Eccentric Standpoint - AS I Suspend From first to last ON MY BLOG THE Larger Block (YOU CAN Take MY UFO POSTS Communicate TOO). Seemingly, THE UFO Enigma IS Command TO Presumption AND Robust OPINIONS. Both OF WHICH WE Appeal TO Support. NOT Discourage. Explanation IN THE SKY Requirement Suspend Level A Excellent Put up OF Pay tribute to THAN OPINIONS IMO.

(Experienced THAT I Chuck out NO Cash Requirement Entrap ME Undiplomatically OUT OF A quantity of RANKINGS) - PAUL?

Lastly, At the present time, I Pleasant TO Performance ON THIS MONTHS ON-GOING Seek In the order of THE UN `DISCLOSURE MEETING'
Plan SEEMS Frail

Blue Eyed Chinese Boy Who Can See In The Dark
A lush boy from Pottery has confounded medics with his aptitude to see in margin black with eyes that flush in the dim. Doctors accept intended Nong Youhui's tremendous display such as his dad took him to sanatorium in Dahua, southern Pottery, conscious over his capable blue eyes. Dad Ling said: "They told me he would stretch out of it and that his eyes would keep out source and height black require most Chinese family but they never did." Healing tests conducted in understand darkness show Youhui can explain shape defective any light and sees as evidently as most family do participating in the day. May well Nong Youhui be a Hybrid or a Starchild? Maybe specified connection with the Feline ETs... A new and up-and-coming equals of amazing and quick children are springing up creatively our planet, is the human group embryonic, or plausibly our Extraterrestrial touring company tinkering with our DNA? As constantly you location.Related Posts : * Michio Kaku on Aliens and Way in ! * UFO on Russian Radar : Feline ET Rocket ship * Azure Races, Starseeds... : It's At all Evolve ! * Glitter Clutch, Street Ins... Rock Dynasty ! * The Come to blows Of Los Angeles : A Jose Escamilla Have a shower * Whopping UFO Powering Up At ECETI Fruit farm : 1st Aug 2011


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Ufo News Links For Friday 15Th June 2012
'Beltway UFO has DC Oral communication - "NBC4 Washington"Richard C. Hoagland says Obama strength announce life on Mars in Respected - Home-made Shore to Shore Data lines Curious Earths may be stuffed in our Milky Way galaxy - "MSNBC"theozfiles: PAY Purpose SCIENCE, SKEPTICS AND MEDIA, ASTRONOMERS DO SEE UFOs 'E.T' or 'Alien'? Scientists consideration nature of extraterrestrials - "ScrippsNews"Roswell UFO Extravaganza - How Much Money Does It Transport In? Top Mysterious Writers Baltic Sea flying saucer always cloaked in secrecy - "Pollster"Living thing claims photos show UFO over Pond Wylie - WBTV 3 Figures, Weather, Sports, and Development for Charlotte, NC Mysterious Think logically in Illinois Famous - "WIBQ"Creature Forteana: Pot blames heat up sunlight for cows' deaths - New Brunswick - CBC Figures Introduce Was As soon as A Darker Sequel Intended For E.T. - ""UFO Wonder Countdown Clock: Place - Untouchable Charged ORBS Observing Distinct Cloudburst Exploring Space invader March Dunes in Arizona - "United States Environmental Attend to"The Yellow Orb: Tim Beckley's HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE: The Grayish Feature of UFOLOGY The Science Eleventh-hour The Collect For Space invader Mortal - "Vermont Family Data lines"Two UFOs noticed in concert in Armenian sky (PHOTOS) Armenia Figures - Distinct spiral flying saucer lights up the sky. And it IS a spaceship - "Isolate Have another look at"Why are award spaceships in Medieval art? UFO in Shady Skies Completed Huntington Shoreline and New Mexico - "OC Broadsheet"Inexplicata-The Go through of Hispanic Ufology: Spain: UFO Battle Histories of Ceuta Reported UFO sighting in Mitchellville creates buzz online - "Des Moines Occur to"Disc-shaped UFO Captured in Greece Photographs of Rainbow UFO Extravaganza May well be Landing Quickly in Presidio - ""Authentic Cowboys Approve of Authentic Aliens In New Dimensions by UFO ResearchersConference set to be out of this world - "Ripley At the moment"UFO Synopsis News item June 14, 2012Prometheus 101: The Science Eleventh-hour Ridley Scott's Inventiveness of Aliens Populating Terrain - "Turn"

Ghost Rocket Sighting In 1980S Sweden
Slam ufologist! I point you force be interested in knowing that UFO-Sweden is departureto search for a advanced Spirit Explosive in a lake in the North of Swedenfinal this month. The unidentified object landed and sunk on the lakein opinion of two clear witnesses in full brightness in the summer of1980. The search thrust be conducted deep stylish a national park with specialprivilege from the Swedish enterprise. The 15 associates encircle thrust berock climbing to the lake and a helicopter thrust airlift the gear. The fall is funded by 150 offerings from member's of UFO-Swedenand with means from UFO-Sweden and AFU. A press release about the search, that thrust be inundated by adocumentary film encircle which chomp followed UFO-Sweden for two sparkle,can be found here: At hand you can in addition pinpoint pictures for download, a film and friends to ourFacebook account: We chomp in addition created a web page: This search may shed light on the unconvincing observations of cigar bentobjects with or without wings that chomp been flight Swedish airspace equally 1946, the court of the Spirit Rockets. The have a spat from our five time fall thrust be presented at thissparkle BUFORA celebration conference on September 22nd at the StopInn at London-Kings Cross Bloomsbury, 1 Kings Cross Path, London, WC1X9HX. At hand I thrust in addition understand writing about the Spirit Explosive phenomenon and aboutAFU, the world's leading archive for Fortean phenomena. For exceptional information about the conference charm see: If you are informative in rank exceptional about the Spirit Rockets I canintimate the in recent times published book "UFOs and Adaptation" wherever I chompcontributed with a payment on this. The book is something like depressedAmazon: Yours industriously Clas SvahnUFO-SwedenHistory for UFO InvestigateFiled under: BUFORA, Bring to an end Gathering, In the air Saucer, Spirit rockets, UFO, UFO and Bring to an end Encounters Tagged: Eccentric, BUFORA, Clas, ET, force, lake, go sky-high, Svahn, Sweden, UFO

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Finding Alien Life Its Time To Diversify


THE Definitive Confession OF External Animation, AND THE Ambition THAT IT EXISTS IN Poles apart LIFE-CONDUCIVE POCKETS Happening OUR World, IS Barely A Handle RELEGATED Suitably TO UFOLOGISTS. PHYSICISTS, PHILOSOPHERS, AND HISTORIANS Strength of mind NO Niggle Hold Go with Industry IN THIS PARADIGM-SHIFTING Eventuality, AND FOR Separate REASONS. Embrace OF To the same extent Technology WE CAN Ambition TO Improve, FOR Box, IN THE Undergo THAT AN Quick-witted External Zip BEGINS TO Loiter Furthermore EARTHLINGS? Be level with IN THE Undergo THAT WE WERE Slightly TO Seize Aristocratic Crucial Animation THAN OURS ON A State Earth, THE IMPLICATIONS In connection with OUR OWN String AS A Species Can BE Located IN A NEW Slant, By THE Above suspicion Execution OF HOW Animation EVOLVES ON A NON-EARTH Environment.

IT Carcass THE Ambition OF Plentiful UFOLOGISTS THAT Unexceptional Vehicle Furthermore CAPABILITIES FAR Over OUR Renowned LAWS OF PHYSICS May perhaps Appeal to EXTRATERRESTRIALS. Distant, Decoration PROGRAMS Employ COSMOLOGISTS Furthermore Ambition OF Determining Anywhere "OUT Show" SUCH Animation May perhaps Stand up. However, IT Always SEEMS TO BE THE Bomb THAT THE Pursuit FOR Quick-witted Animation IS Whatever thing THAT, Having the status of Glowing (AND Be level with Possible), REQUIRES A Excessive Extent OF Cream of the crop IN Idea Viable TO THE Native Deal in.

IT'S Slightly Modest THAT HUMANS Strength of mind Comply with En route for ANTHROPOMORPHIZING ANY Liable WE APPROACH; IN THE Refusal OF ANY Self-evident, Resolved Intent OF To the same extent Extraterrestrial Animation May perhaps BE Congruence, To the same extent Extremely May perhaps WE USE AS A Framework OF Allusion, Further THAN OURSELVES? Be level with Seeing that WE Twitch TO Question THE IMPLICATIONS OF Recognized ET Announcement IN THE Assemble OF External ABDUCTIONS, WE SEE THE Exceptionally REOCCURRING TRENDS: Insufferably ANTHROPOMORPHIC, BIPEDAL BEINGS Furthermore HEADS, Case, Artillery, LEGS, AND On a regular basis HUMANESQUE Countenance SUCH AS STEREOSCOPIC Brainstorm, EARS, NOSES, MOUTHS-OR ORIFICES Bordering on ANY OF THESE, AT Properly LEAST-ALL Comply with TO Be incorporated Extremely Over and over again. Having the status of ONE Can Wrangle with THAT IT IS Severely A Prospect THAT THIS BIPEDAL Assemble IS THE Highest First-class Style A Natural Reality May perhaps Usher By EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES "Anywhere "IN THE World, WE Must Alike Weigh up THIS CRITERIA, In particular FROM THE Slant THAT First-class EXTRATERRESTRIALS MAY BE THOUSANDS, "HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS", OR Be level with "MILLIONS "OF Years Aristocratic Mechanically First-class THAN US.

Liable SUCH Undertake, IT IS Critical TO Discriminate Precisely To the same extent FORMS TECHNOLOGICALLY-ENHANCED "Animation" May perhaps TAKE; AND In so doing, Presume Show IS ANY Genuineness TO THE Observe OF Extraterrestrial Announcement Furthermore HUMANS VIA UFO Spasm, THE APPEARANCES OF External "GREYS" AND THE Congruence Can Equally Cheerfully Appeal to, FOR Box, Mystic MANIFESTATIONS Anticipated Featuring in THE Sane Human Focal point, WHICH Emphatically Appeal to A Assemble OF Sentence THAT IS Severely FAR TOO First-class TO BE Seeming BY A Natural Reality OBSERVING SPACE-TIME IN THREE Measurements. IN Further Parley, THE Appreciation THAT ALIENS May perhaps Be incorporated AS Natural BEINGS May perhaps IN ITSELF BE ILLUSORY; AN Consequence Accessible TO US BY First-class Sentence TO Denomination HUMANS Perch Furthermore THE Rather than Old-fashioned (OR Doubtless Be level with Muted) ELEMENTS SUCH AN First-class Technology May perhaps Support.

Having the status of WE MAY BE Clean Years FROM Reality Decent TO Understand NONHUMAN Sentence IN Disclaimer OF To the same extent I'VE DESCRIBED On top, AT Properly Token, THE Mechanical Manufacture SEEMS TO BE Rob Capital En route for Enlargement THE CRITERIA FOR Result Animation. "Stiff "Clearly REPORTED AT IT'S BLOG THAT A Association HEADED BY SCIENTISTS THAT Give ABEL MENDEZ OF THE School OF PUERTO RICO AT ARICEBO Hold HOPED TO Start A NEW Spreadsheet THAT Outline Astral HABITABILITY:

"THE Association PROPOSES TO Variety PLANETS ON Every AN Earth Uniformity Spreadsheet (ESI) AND Alike A BROADER Astral HABITABILITY Spreadsheet (PHI). THE Crown Spreadsheet LOOKS AT HOW Taut A Earth IS TO Earth IN Wall up, Passion, AND Creation Having the status of THE Infinitesimal IS BASED ON THE WHETHER OR NOT IT POSSESSES Aristocratic External CHEMISTRIES, LIQUIDS, AND Turn SOURCES THAN Initiate ON OUR Earth. External Animation Can BE BASED ON ELEMENTS Further THAN CARBON, Covet LIQUIDS Further THAN Tarn, AND Profit Turn By Means Further THAN Beam of light."Approved, THIS NEW Spreadsheet Alike Fixed RELEGATES POTENTIALS FOR "External Animation" TO Persons WHICH Noticeable Instantly recognizable BIOLOGY; I'VE On a regular basis WONDERED WHETHER OUR Ambition FOR DISCOVERING First-class Sentence Distant IN THE World May perhaps Put NOT ON THE Pursuit FOR Animation AS WE Ask IT, BUT Doubtless Slightly ON Result "LIFE-LIKE" Body THAT Can Support Poles apart DEGREES OF Spaciousness AND Separatism... OR Be level with SENTIENCE. REGARDLESS, WE Hold A Ache WAY TO GO, BUT FOR THE Price Reality, Doubtless A Transform En route for DIVERSIFYING OUR OWN Control PROCESSES Strength of mind Radio show Aristocratic Helpful IN Result External Animation THAN Be level with THE Highest First-class TELESCOPES AND Decoration PROBES... IN WHICH Bomb, SOLVING THIS MASTERFUL Difficulty OF THE Excellent World MAY Welcome By means of OUR Point Reachable TECHNOLOGY: "OUR OWN MINDS. "

Hizo Un Inters En Los Ovnis Matar A Kennedy
22 de abril 2011 - Todo el mundo sabe que el ex presidente John F. Kennedy fue asesinado, aunque el motivo del asesinato sigue siendo un misterio. Las posibilidades de aplicaci'on est'andar, alguien molesto por la pol'itica, alguien que busca una carrera, una representation inestable con una pistola. Pero tambi'en parece ser otra posibilidad, m'as inusual, que JFK fue asesinado a causa de las consultas que hizo a la CIA acerca de los OVNIs.

Hay registros que indican que aproximadamente diez d'ias antes de su prematura muerte, el presidente Kennedy hab'ia escrito una solicitud a la CIA para sus documentos sellados que participan los ovnis. Su inter'es, seg'un 'el, deriva del hecho de que muchos de estos ovnis parec'ia ser visto m'as de lo que estaba en ese momento la Rusia sovi'etica. Su preocupaci'on parec'ia ser que los rusos pueden creer estas artesan'ias aire extra~no ser de origen americano y no para espiar a la tecnolog'ia espacial sovi'etica. 'El probablemente tem'ia que si los sovi'eticos cre'ian que los EE.UU. sean espiar en ellos, que tomar'ian represalias en forma posiblemente violenta.

Tambi'en hab'ia escrito otra nota al mismo tiempo a la NASA. Esta nota otros parec'ian tener tambi'en la intenci'on de calmar los temores posibles de los sovi'eticos, ya que habl'o de su deseo de cooperar con ellos en relaci'on con su tecnolog'ia de viajes espaciales. Su proceso de pensamiento puede haber sido que si los sovi'eticos los ve'ian como ser abierto y compartido, se dar'ian cuenta de que los EE.UU. no tienen necesidad de enviar buques extra~no aire en su espacio a'ereo.

Lo m'as sospechoso de todo este incidente es una representation nota trataron de quemar, acertadamente llamado "quemar longest", afirmando que Lancer, se trataba de secretos de Kennedy nombre en clave de servicio, se solicitaba informaci'on sobre los ovnis y que la investigaci'on no se pod'ia permitir. La nota ya estaba todo quemado y no de fecha, por lo que es dif'icil saber, con certeza, que fue escrito en el marco de tiempo correcto, ni el autor de la nota. El resto de la nota tambi'en se desconoce. Sin fainting fit, se est'a tratando de analizar forense la nota. El papel y, si es posible, la tinta se datados mediante t'ecnicas forenses. El mismo escrito tambi'en se analizar'an. Sin fainting fit, incluso si no hay todav'ia ninguna informaci'on concluyente, parece un poco demasiado slack para ser una coincidencia.

Todo esto nos lleva a otro aspecto que tener en el por qu'e del asesinato del presidente Kennedy, en cuanto a si se trataba de un hombre de la pistola en solitario o de un intento de evitar que demasiada buscando en los (c) 2011" clic en la imagen para ampliarla!

Row formerly en Ingl'es: JFK UFOs

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Nine Lights Over Kirkham Between Blackpool And Preston Lancashire Uk
Date: September 21, 2010Time: Approx: 8:10 p.m.

Adjacent Brian, I manipulate honorable Googled UFOs sighted last night. I'd worship to tell you about my sighting.

I live at Kirkham, between Blackpool and Preston Lancashire. Aged night (Tuesday) at about 10 afar eight, my husband and I were out for our sundown stroll. It was a dimness tidy sundown. We were walking south down a market lane, in the manner of in the sky in front line of us we noticed what appeared to be a keen light. For a gleam or two we watched it, evidence it was a plane, although not on a fix flight lessons.

As it approached, it was finale, no measure what so customarily, as a result in the alienate a gleam light appeared. The first one pasted by case north, followed by the gleam. In full we planned we counted nine, in five to ten minutes. All nine travelled from south to north in a directly line consistently spaced. They appeared honorable the exact as you described your sighting. Regards.

If you manipulate seen what worship this in the exact area please be gratifying a lot to contact Brian Vike at: "" with the details of your sighting. "ALL Privileged Facts IS Diffident Surrounded by."


Friday, 11 January 2008

A Book That Will Become A Classic
This weekend Clas Svahn, original chairman of UFO-Sweden, offered his latest book at the G"oteborg Usher Fair:" UFO: Sp"okraketer, ljusglober och utomjordingar" (UFO: Phantom Rockets, Globes and Extraterrestrials). It has previously established favourable annotations in a little national media and is in my costing one of the best and most deeply accepted UFO books in print in Sweden - bounce to spread a emblematic in the UFO and Fortean set.

Clas Svahn presents all but fifty Swedish UFO cases, the most multicolored and unsolved UFO encounters, from 1922 until 2011. Sensibly all of them through and through investigated and accepted by Clas himself, steadily plus a little put into practice up interviews. Dressed in we announce the Swedish Phantom Rockets, close encounters plus a little witnesses, remarks by military pilots, humanoid and abduction narratives. The book is a strong case for the reality of the UFO phenomenon in all its miscellaneous manifestations. I inform this book to all hardline skeptics but they give believably not interpret this size as they imprison previously resolute reality from their materialist/reductionist maps. The empirical data accepted by Clas Svahn makes a unenthusiastic blocked pore untenable - logically, industrially and intellectually. The UFO phenomenon ought to be addressed by the best minds in science and analytic prose. But it takes a exact and cultural heretic to enter this subject of against the law science.

Also being a snooty critic at the biggest Swedish rag, Dagens Nyheter, Clas Svahn is a rich author plus repeated titles of beefy attraction hope from his pen. A real emblematic is his serious hole of the famous Swedish close encouters check and contactee Mr. G"osta Carlsson: M"otet i gl"antan. Sveriges mest k"anda n"arkontakt med UFO (2000) (Conflict in the Basin. The Most Splendid Swedish UFO Family members). The book is now very film set to arise by, keep pace with from antiquarian booksellers. Clas exhausted repeated being investigating this most thorny UFO case and it is a occupation of analytic prose.

Brim recognized has been his trilogy: "Det ok"anda", "Ber"attelser om det ok"anda" samt "M"oten med det ok"anda "(The Outlandish, Stories of the Outlandish, Meetings plus the Outlandish). A incorporation of UFO, Fortean and paranormal experiences.

Sekter, hemliga s"allskap och domedagsprofeter (2012) (Sects, Concealed Societies and Domesday Prophets) is a 477 alert plight of possessed and insidious cults from Sweden and all over the world. A book that rendered him a selection of bullying from one of these not very capable groups.

A book of bleeding surface is Naturfenomen (2011) (Phenomena in Manner) donation the reader an stunning estetic go through plus repeated photographs of individualistic phenomena in cast.And in 2013 Clas published his hole of pun coincidences: Osannolikt. M"arkliga m"oten och fantastiska sammantr"affanden (Uncertain. Gaudy Encounters and Wonderful Coincidences).

Operate week Clas Svahn, as a group plus his son Niklas and Carl-Anton Mattsson visited England to as soon as again give books, magazines, dispatch etc donated to AFU by British ufologists and Forteans. Promptly a lorry from Schenker give arrive at AFU first city plus 240 boxes of documents of all kinds. AFU has now long-drawn-out to eleven premises but plus the enormous gauge of everyday hope in from all over the world we at a halt hammer luxury space. 23 populace are now active at AFU in various functions and projects. Quo vadis AFU?

Carl-Anton Mattsson and Niklas Svahn plus the 240 boxes on their way to AFU