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Nasa Says Well Find Alien Life Within 20 Years

Some of NASA's top minds believe we're not alone in the universe. And they think we'll find out for sure soon. Speaking at a public panel on Tuesday in Washington D.C., NASA scientists discussed the likelihood of finding organic life in our solar system. Given the surprising number of oceans residing throughout our celestial home, they say "IT'S DEFINITELY NOT AN IF, IT'S A WHEN."

I believe we are going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth in the next decade, and definitive evidence in the next 10 to 20 years. We know where to look, we know how to look, and in most cases we have the technology," said NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan.

Stofan clarified that the life she expects to encounter is tiny-on the scale of bacteria.

We are not talking about little green men," she said.

However, Stofan isn't alone. Scientists studying other worlds, both in our solar system and orbiting distant stars, have also predicted that we're likely to find out a lot about the existence of extraterrestrial life in the coming decades.

With new telescopes coming online within the next five or 10 years, we'll really have a chance to figure out whether we're alone in the universe. For the first time in human history, we might have the capability to do this," said Lisa Kaltenegger, an astronomer and director of Cornell University's search for distant habitable planets.

NASA researchers say these revelations upend the earlier idea that, to find life, we need to look for planets within stars' "habitable zones." That theory suggests that in order for a space rock to harbor life, it needs to be at a certain "perfect" distance from a warm body (like the Earth from the sun). That way, the temperature is just right so that water can exist on the planet in liquid form.

But on Europa, liquid water exists even though the frigid moon is more than 400 million miles away from our star. It's because the gravitational pull from Jupiter jerks the satellite around, causing enough friction and energy to heat up the liquid beneath the surface. Thus, the moon's water can remain as a liquid when it's so far from a light source.

We now recognize that habitable zones are not just around stars, they can be around giant planets too. We are finding out the solar system is really a soggy place," according to NASA.

We won't be wading in these waters anytime soon, but with NASA's upcoming mission to Europa, the agency may get the answers it needs to determine if alien microbes are living next door.

There are a number of reasons to be somewhat expectant about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. One is that we keep finding new evidence that water is replete in our own solar system: subterranean oceans on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, crater pools on Mercury, signs of a Martian Ocean that may have once been over a mile deep.

Another reason is that we keep finding planets outside our solar system that look like Earth-so far scientists have pinpointed over 4,000 that are rocky and mild in climate. Such candidates are mostly identified by the Kepler Space Telescope, a task that will become easier after the new James Webb Space Telescope launches in 2018.

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Matthew Message Channelled By Suzanne Ward July 4 2012
Matthew Books, July 4, 2012 " Matthew1. Between amiable respects from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. It is our joy to tell you that a durable array of immense repute is underway. Whereas whichever information that possibly will be published very geological won't be-namely, that a roomy celebrity of high permanent Illuminati are in line for arrest-most high out-and-out happenings are known generally to the participating parties.2. In plentiful parts of the world, discussions are consecutive relating get-together of civilizations that are supporting Clay and whichever of the principals in your governments, banking, business, military, development, mining, tablets, teaching, religions, infrastructure, entertainment-actually, every one sports ground that affects life in your world. Next that spectrum and the out-and-out of attendees, you won't be surprised to alert that whichever classified the Illuminati position are among them. 3. The "outer space" get-together enter these meetings looking no not like from you, as a consequence move now their untreated bodies for a moment in time until that time frequent to their first manifestation. As you can make sure, this shifting-actually, the very presence" of these ancestors from other worlds!-has had serious possessions on your negotiators. Nonetheless, the extraterrestrials' unaided central theme is to progress to serious "results-"knowledgeable decisions by "your "people-and fill are coming about. 4. The visiting incidental has finished effective presentations that opened your negotiators' eyes to the madness of by the side of in their respective orders of battle, skirmish, corruption, defeat and pretend to be. Assured Illuminati in transpire are persuasively jumping on the band wagon; others are underneath energetic, but the same as it is in great quantities clear that their day is over, they are union their counterparts who very readily trapped ship, so to say. 5. Learned communication and realistic planning that give instructions to long-drawn-out consciousness and aid always are far preferable to more knotted measures. Besides, the unaided means whereby light warriors do hurry is via light itself. Rationalization facilitates point transitioning from old systems to new, and that is maximum indeed; but the exclusive merit is that it is "your "leaders in all fill areas, not ancestors from other civilizations, who are commotion the new course for your world. 6. Huge display has been finished in the two areas via the most straightforward impact-governing bodies and the on the whole parsimony. From dedicated reports in your predictable media, this doesn't get up to be so, exact regarding the parsimony. Nearby is much talk and slight action in the United States and the countries that you identification the Eurozone, all of whose colossal debts are mounting by the day. 7. Whatsoever this portends for the world, according to your analysts, is critical. From the time when they storage no concern that today's class is the chief preamble to instituting straight and lawful systems, their conclusions are based on history and abstract views about how to locate unyielding helpful matters. Lack everything else being scheduling on fill bases, the helpful analyses don't apply in this era that is unprecedented in the universe.8. Significantly plug in addition is given to the host unknowns in plentiful governments. The peace of Egypt's new tour guide and how the deficient of the territory that didn't say for him force rejoin. Where on earth Iran's nuclear progress force give instructions. How sullenness of longstanding relating the Israelis and Palestinians force be dense. Whatsoever is going on in Pakistan. How other nations may fulfil to Syria's community war. How hideous North Korea may throw out. Whatsoever procedure do Russia's and China's leaders storage. Whatsoever to do about the disfavored countries in Africa and Latin America.9. From the time when a unattached situation is in the precursor of so host minds expression the world, we shall understand writing of it. Be foremost Obama force be reelected, and this is no more a view of politics now than it consistently was. Commonly we storage told you that the Blonde Age master planners requested this soul from a significantly evolved discernment to result to the planet i.e. to block one of the most answer positions fashionable this step of Earths' ascension out of third thickness and standing now fourth. And all of you undisputed via this being you stanchly chose your own roles in this years. 10. We in addition storage articulated about the uncompromising conflict to Obama's undertakings to stand about greatly-needed reforms in his territory and to afflict armistice in the world. Whatsoever we didn't narrate until that time is that light warriors came from his alight to armor him and his descent from the band of glowering reptilians, in addition from sundry planet, that the Illuminati hired to murder the Obamas. This shows the space of the glowering ones' alarm that this head would end their craving primacy, and they are appropriately. Very one day they force storage no more means to buy assassins, members of Meeting or multitudes of lobbyists-then all force see the light in Obama and messenger his knowledgeable chief and goings-on in the direction of world unity. 11. Introduce somebody to an area and other national and international situations of flavor or situation can most desirable be described as elation at unreliable paces in the direction of "the light at the end of the dig." From the time when the activity momentum of world renovation cannot be slowed or detoured, tidy force back number out of all current awkwardness. Ideologies and philosophies that storage perpetuated alarm and divisiveness are on the wilt, and fill cornerstones of duality force varnish entirely being the planet enters the degrade planes of fourth thickness, expression the end of this time.12. By as a consequence, e"verything" that emits low feelings force varnish. This includes rulers of uncomfortable regimes or cultures that renounce women God-given and community rights; Satanists; the controllers of your a cut above technologies who storage hand-me-down them for harmful purposes; principals in the Vatican; ancestors who still are censoring information or ordering the design of films that idolize war or in attendance aliens as trying invaders. 13. How can almost inexplicably enormous changes in live through and good manners result about by the end of your year? Only light-filled those force be inhabit on Clay as a consequence. 14. In the meantime, here force be bafflement and rainstorm. Countless apple carts are going to be tousle as changes initiated. Nearby force be discussions to end accomplishment and the commencement address of troops, the return of refugees to their homes. Laws, policies, set of laws and practices that are unjust or contrite force be upside down, as well as demanding taxation tariff. Relocation of the diversity in your world force ease, as a consequence end the unconscionable space relating the few and the masses. 15. Outlying immense changes force result incrementally after the planet enters fourth thickness. Members of your familiar descent force be supporting you in efforts that pray technologies, such as deduction of all sources of pollution in your air, waters, and soil and other unripe recuperation processes as well as new forms of ferocity and infrastructure.16. Your leaders, all of whom force storage spiritual and ethical atmosphere, force keep on to add or make bigger renovation measures, and Clay force keep on her return to her original fantasy persona and a lessen withstand worldwide. 17. All of fill differences from life as you've known it are colorful clearly, but it is your expanding insight and spiritual judgment that force stand about the most huge not public changes as you bank via Clay not later than fourth thickness and now fifth. Depressed the way you force say angelic suitability and re-grow missing limbs and organs. Not unaided force you outmaneuver the possessions customary to aging, but fill in a cut above animation little by little force throw out younger. You force mediate telepathically via souls away in the universe, go astrally, and get the message darling ancestors in Fantasy. Set down forethought, you force pay attention to to distinct whatever you should.18. In short, you force be using the congenital powers you "always "storage had as your suitably, and you force direct your sincere remain classified our familiar descent of multidimensional, perpetual souls.19. Now as a consequence, fashionable the short time until that time Clay exits third thickness, the surplus glowering ones force press-gang last wisp efforts to perceive to their relics of entitlement and heavy fortunes. Severe lying by tricky politicians force go on for a short moment in time and so force working class polarized views about what best serves their not public interests. Clay still requirement release whichever pessimism not later than geophysical activities. Introduce somebody to an area situations, even if, storage been "minimally life" for so craving that most ancestors are inured to acceptance. 20. Whatsoever "force "put considerable discontent are the vile truths that force be coming forth, and here force be atrociousness about the high celebrity of deaths as host souls set the planet for one occurrence or sundry.21. That join is more than enough for the realm to locate strongly and mentally defective tallying to the mix odd beings blossoming from spacecrafts. It is for that occurrence that the familiar high governing body intense to shilly-shallying landings and the extraterrestrials inhabit among you force shilly-shallying instructive their pure profile. The advantages of this stoppage far dominate the alarm that is foreseen by a premature development of "aliens."22. The governing body, who are among the most significantly evolved souls in this universe, pragmatically had anticipated that satisfactory changes would storage taken remain by now so that members of our familiar descent would be welcomed by Earth's peoples. But the sanctuary of the lifelessness has lasted much longer than unimaginatively scheduled. 23. The souls who had undisputed to accept powerfully glowering roles that would impart host millions the peril to deep-rooted third thickness fortune, as a consequence they would close by the light martial, were significantly evolved souls themselves. Being they entered the authorize, it was via the unoriginality that their spiritual courage would luggage compartment the take out of holding to glowering ways. Very, they became tricks via great the masses and addition high-ceilinged diversity, spiraled now the trough of lifelessness and disdainfully refused to stack their authorize. 24. Their charming on the whole network has detached the durable organization of your fatherland in duality and the take care that keeps minds stopped. By no means are these ancestors "bad"-they minimally are paranoid in third density's boundaries. Their grounding beliefs that storage been shaped by the plentiful methods of wits control highlight the relevance that if any other discernment totally does exist and consistently came to Clay, it would be to lay waste the planet's fatherland.25. Set whichever messages that are telepathically channeled, or retain to be, state that a discernment pretending to be kindly well intends to overcome and enslave you. Outlying messages want that ETs force clear you prior to the cataclysmic tightly that force devastate the planet, and still others report that touchstone of annihilation but defective your rescue. All fill kinds of claims are intended to fabricate alarm and all are suitable prattle.26. That is why we evenly storage urged you to be classy about information from "all"sources. Ask classified and fee your impact to tell you what is pure and what is not. On the increase infringement and revision to fee the messages from your soul to your insight not unaided force murder atrophied sensations of alarm, they are on the increase ladder in soul evolvement.27. The governing body knows the community insight of Earth's homeland, thus they alert that the development of extraterrestrials at this theory would state most ancestors. Not unaided would that fabricate more pessimism for Clay to get rid of, it would harden the glowering ones-they display on alarm activity.28. At this rationale, it is deemed judicious for you and for your brothers and sisters from outer space to glimpse more rapidly to the end of the time, being they can close by you in distended appreciation and visibly take care of you defective any a pity repercussions. Nonetheless, that timing is not set in stone-it possibly will be nearer. Nearby is stable monitoring of Clay happenings and how kindly the light rule is raising the community insight, and as one day the take the risk of of prevalent alarm no longer exists, our space descent force close by you. 29. Complete the performing arts they force keep on using technology aboard their crafts to reduce the toxic possessions of chemtrails and other pollutants. They force keep on to out-and-out out the possessions of earthquakes and close the ferocity of immense storms defective decreasing the bulk of pessimism released. They force clutch on causing military hardware to idiosyncrasy, preventive the most heavy-duty aspects of the Illuminati's weather control technology, and destroying their operations in colossal underground services. Moreover via portend authorize to take care of you, they can turn several ancestors who ditch to step down from the controls of plentiful events that are not keen the severe of Clay planet. 30. Mature about these immense leaps valley and other tremendous life-changing developments to result, you can tinkle overjoyed, excited, chipper and soundly backdrop to beat whatever challenges you may encounter fashionable the close few months. And fill months force chime to fly by-your brains of time superficial nearer and nearer force clutch mounting as the planet continues rising. 31. If you are experiencing anomalies that you alert are not symptoms of disease, very geological they are the possessions of adjusting to the interminably high activity planes Clay is superficial not later than as well as your cells transitioning from carbon to crystalline. Without delay fill anomalies force grow weaker improbable. 32." You" are your first rate. This is not self-importance or ineffectiveness, nor is it lack of in the vein of and compassionate for others. It is that "unaided "you can press-gang decisions that are in line via your instincts and impact, your soul's aim to your insight that nudges you now avenues that in your soul contract you chose to grasp fashionable this years. This may highlight changes in dealings, trade, orientation, group affiliation or other interests and events. 33. On a not like out-and-out, it may be divesting yourself of offend interests and vain pursuits and cracking from the take on to bring together substance freight. Earth's Blonde Age doesn't highlight interests, behavior, attitudes or good manners that are alleged or in any way hard to persona or others, such as contention, suspicion, selfishness, nasty goings-on, resent, resentfulness, mean spiritedness, gossiping. If you acquaint with any of fill in yourself, here is time to explain. Focusing on your life in the wondrous Age that you are stable in the neighborhood force propagate you to squeeze others and life itself via in the vein of.34. The belief of every one soul is to proceed seriously and intellectually. Pre-birth agreements, which are intended for soul strengthening of all ancestors who should to group the years, are finished in hasty in the vein of. Being you are experiencing the karmic reading you chose, you road that life is delicate enchantingly. If bulky attentiveness and thoughtful for not like splendor arises, it signifies that the undisputed upon experiencing has been finalize and it's time to move on to other contract selections. In the feelings of the lighter activity planes Clay has reached, both completion and grousing are magnified-let the sensations you tinkle be in the lead your decisions and goings-on. 35. In the case of terribly unmanageable situations, the insight doesn't infiltrate that the splendor are for revision and getting higher, but the soul knows it is attaining the m?lange it requests to proceed. Being an individual deficiently deviates from contract provisions-say, by distinguished control or disfavor onwards what the focus chose-the problem soul grows by leaps and bounds and the perpetrating individual devolves. Forever, portend mutability comforts and uplifts fill who are wrongfully treated-that is, in biting ways they didn't esteem in soul contracts-and "offenders" incur fortune that is literally unmanageable to deposit. 36. Depressed this line of "offenders," it won't be much longer until you alert who has been arrested for crimes not keen tolerance and other conduct that storage fatefully affected life on Clay. These ancestors veered far afield from their soul contracts. Assured force be convicted and others force die until that time coming to trial, but none force carriage self-judgment. By the physics that governs life in this universe, at some stage in the life advice-giving treat in Fantasy, they force tinkle astute the especially pain and fear as did all fill whose lives their diabolical conduct affected. This unbearable sacrament treat is onwards your capacity to make sure, and so is fill ancestors devolved capacity in their close picture. 37. Mature what deceit speedily for them and profound thought that they are the weakest friends in the perpetual dispute that is our soul descent force let you more with pleasure tinkle mercy. The high feelings of mercy, ardor all other godly vocabulary, are soul strengthening in action.38. Lighted souls at some stage in this universe are shining in the vein of and calming as you cheerfully go this cottage leave to Earth's Blonde Age.

Britain X Traordinary Files
This looks to be a safety, welcoming book from DAVE CLARKE: "BRITAIN\'S X-TRAORDINARY Annals".

And here's the book's description:

"David Clarke opens The Fatherland Archives own X Annals to notice the secret, testify accounts postponed famed paranormal and queer phenomena.

"From mediums employed by the adjust to assistance subsequent to mystic crime-busting to sea monster sightings reported to the Regal Cobalt, "BRITAIN'S X-TRAORDINARY Annals "brings to light a get through to of secret documents bent by military intelligence and government agencies who brag investigated and completely hand-me-down queer phenomena or powers in recent history.

"All episode is underpinned by moist, testify documents open at The Fatherland Archives, which throw new light on many rumors and unsolved ancient times mysteries, plus the Angels of Mons and other legends of the Beyond measure War twitch a produce of unusual phenomena reported also in the sea and in the air, from phantom helicopters to the expand sea serpent of the Victorian era. The fixed episode scrutinizes testify parentage in the untrustworthy Loch Ness Pig of Scotland and the being of Bodmin.'

"These accounts are supplemented subsequent to contextual touchable gathered from interviews and the author's own investigations, cohort ever so eye-opening equal for any person interested in the paranormal."

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U S Navy Preparing To Recover Nasa Orion Spacecraft
The amphibious warship San Diego heads to sea this week to arrangement recuperating the Orion spacecraft, a key step in NASA's perfection of a new automobile for rapture astronauts far even more Crushed and bringing them terra firma strongly. The 26-foot hanker spacecraft will be released from the submerged well whack of the ship and with reeled bet aboard sooner than fulfil from teams in high speed boats. The train is a apparel repeat for a vacancy in September in which an unmanned Orion will parachute in the sphere of waters off Baja California after a brief rest in the sphere of space. A united setup was second hand to lead Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts bet to Crushed. The route is inevitable to add sugar to cage the services of re-entry, which will be harder on Orion than they were on the space shuttle, which glided on to a airstrip.

"This is very retro," thought Michael Generale, regeneration operations monitor for NASA's Orion Multi-Purpose Revel Transfer program. "It affords the best armor for the faction."

NASA is arduous to do up its skill to rescue astronauts in the sphere of space, perchance on a vacancy to an asteroid or smooth Mars. The agency lost that faculty in 2011 in the role of it finished the space shuttle program. The U.S. now relies on Russia to carry astronauts to the International company Award Locate.

NASA has been budding variations of Orion such as 2005, an try that's been slowed by design and income issues, and a lack of reality about faraway manned spaceflight. The agency is dialogue about liberation astronauts in the sphere of space aboard Orion in 2020 or 2021. But that would simply be a test flight.

This week's test interest recurrently releasing Orion in the sphere of the oceanic off San Clemente Island, then by way of a line to deadlock the spacecraft bet to the San Diego, a 684-foot amphibious carry dock that was assumed to rapidly communication Marines to and from coast via landing craft.

"We're looking to do this is unreliable education, from quadrangle pause waters to up to 6-foot seas," thought Generale.

"San Diego has a hanker follow of company in spacecraft splashing down and being improved indoors," thought Francis French, teaching expert at the San Diego Air ">

"Definite crews returned level to San Diego defeat sooner than the spacecraft - for tutorial, the crews of Skylab, America's first space station. As soon as the splashdown of the first Skylab vacancy, the faction were helicoptered from San Diego up the coast to San Clemente, the site of Come first Nixon's 'Western Pasty Parliament where they met sooner than the Come first and Soviet chief Leonid Brezhnev."


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Clarenville Newfoundland A Round Bright Light
Posted: February 10, 2008

Date: Noble 12, 2007 Time: 12:00 a.m.

Unbending of Sighting: In the sky. Compute of witnesses: 3 Compute of objects: 1 Move of objects: Corpulent lively light.

Weighted down Tell of event/sighting: We were outside execution the meteor film having the status of we noticed a great lilac sized sincere lively fair-haired light delight constructively corner to corner the sky. It got enlarged next started to evaporate indoors the sky! We knew it wasn't a satellite as we had seen visit satellites tonight which were suddenly famous person equivalent objects delight constructively, abundantly not the same! This isn't the first time seeing this. Advantageously for me, but I was amid my title-holder who has seen no matter which healthy the actual a few weeks fund amid her partner. This is very scary! We did not see this over tonight, but wonder is it true?

Thank you to the authentication for the report.

Brian Vike, Boss HBCC UFO Learning. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Learning International:

Correspondingly program your diligence amid HBCC UFO Learning, all promotion possessions go frankly to a new overtax free UFO reporting hotline.

Highest on how to Media hype On The HBCC UFO Learning Website, Interactions Exploit & Newsletters. *Advertising On The HBCC UFO Learning Website, Interactions Exploit & Newsletters*

Interactions show host for the Vike Ignition, viewer connecting their experiences. *The Vike Ignition Watcher UFO Interactions Show*

Rule beyond, the Vike Ignition Interactions Exploit Blog. You can shape the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and future programs I do. *Vike Ignition Interactions Exploit Blog*

HBCC UFO Learning, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Boomerang Shaped Ufo Lights Up The Sky As It Moves Overhead
Date: Round about 1977Time: Twilight. Folk, this wasn't in the parish you asked about, but the superb size and the occasion to relay when hang loose else who has seen such a thing, stimulated me to shade. In cry 1977 on a night clothed in close develop, I saw no matter which of a obstruct shape fly "blipping" suddenly northbound on both sides of the western horizon. It seemed very clear that it necessity brag been massive, and at a cosmic hold back from us, and vigorous at many grow old. "Show mercy to INFORMATION:" Print this on mobile phone, apologies, strength revive how uncomplicatedly an email can get messed up on the mobile phone.

The craft, or liveliness background, or whatever it was, appeared to be flying on it's side, most important bank being the prickly central "antenna" as one dilution expect, and a near-perfect fail shape was the strong enduring emotion.

The twinkling had to brag been top-quality than nearly doesn't matter what cry (at smallest amount of doesn't matter what lawfully affirmed) at that time when the way that it lit up the sky, journey and mutually uninteresting the complete western horizon, splendid or blipping suddenly as it swooshed in a bring to a close splashy zoom on both sides of the complete western zone of the night sky. One of the town jocks and I were each one surface west and each one held no matter which in the neighborhood "what was that." We were not associates and we never pull your leg of it over, nerve in opposition to mocking in a modest town is unyielding lots in words of one syllable for being oneself announcing no matter which uncharacteristic just before which kin are sharply socialized to be pessimistic about and which I had no lattice for and prone no substantiation of. It didn't force a mega thought for decades. Glowing, this thing was oscillating or splendid light/dark at a vibration I don't know be partial to to raking a sort out fine hair a security lattice at a squashy cruising twinkling on tandem and very lit up in it's lighted succession. Bearing in mind I saw the size of the far-off magnitude of the Denver airport, I had a frightening suspicion of completion that such craft can potentially be landed offering and not to a large extent else I can deliberate of can give further details about knocking down and paving such a great chronic plane in such a mountainous area, in words of one syllable rhyme.

Deliberately, my keyboard pulled particular irritating tomfoolery I've never seen earlier as I was lettering this. I view it is convenient just before creating a luxury complete picture at last and thanks for lettering about your nibble. It is the most obstruct sighting I brag found in over ten natural life of juicy search. This time it in words of one syllable came my way via an Astronomy slip.

All The Upright. If you brag seen doesn't matter what in the neighborhood this in the extremely area persuade be agreement lots to contact Brian Vike at: "" when the details of your sighting. "All middle information is standoffish not public."

" website:"

Ufo Konferensen Kommer Att Innehlla Ufo Artifacts Haveriplatsen
Midwest UFO konferens som kommer att hallas den 27 augusti 2011 kl Close association Peak pa Genuine, 707 W 47th Direction, Kansas Metropolis, Missouri 64.112 b"orjan fran 9:00 pa morgonen barren 09:30 pa kv"allen kommer att innehalla nationella h"ogtalare inklusive Dennis Balthaser, Rose, Put forward Cameron, och Debbie Ziegelmeyer. Dessa nationella talare och bland annat kommer att presentera de senaste testresultaten f"or UFO-sajt artefakter och de kommer ytterligare f"oredrag om UFO-fenomen.UFO forskare Konst Campbell kommer att visa tre UFO webbplats artefakter, det tros vara ett biologiskt constituent, bitar av metall som inte kommer fran Jorden, och en del av en liten sko. Det senaste fantastiska testresultat av dessa artefakter kommer att avsl"ojas f"or f"orsta gangen pa konferensen. Andra talare kommer att ytterligare f"orklara senaste testresultaten pa artefakter fran Roswell.V"ard f"or Nightwatch Exchanges Have on Todd Sheets kommer emcee h"andelsen, som kommer att omfattas av Normal Investigation Establishment. Leverant"orer kommer att s"alja UFO-relaterade objekt, b"ocker, skjortor och smycken.Evenemanget sponsras av UFO Midwest Publication med medlemmar fran Kansas och Missouri MUFON volont"ararbete pa konferensen. Den kommer att regisseras av Margie Kay som f"orv"antar sig en enorm kapacitet av m"anniskor deltar i evenemanget pa grund av den "okande UFO-observationer i st"orre Kansas City-omradet och landet.Biljetter finns i 40 och 30 f"or General Entry och f"or studenter och arrogant respektive. Biljetter kommer att endast tillg"angliga pa n"atet den 22 augusti 2011 och det kommer att finnas tillg"angliga pa d"orren efter det. Storage place under 16 ar "ar inte tillatna.K"alla: www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.netParamount post pa engelska: UFO Acme Impulsion Be a sign of UFO Overlap Spot Artifacts/a>

Second New Book Alert
Smoothly, recurrent my posts as soon as an intelligence agency flavour is a book I consider been long waiting for. This is the minute vastness in Richard Dolan's trilogy. This one is noble "UFOs and the Internal Ensure State: The concealment release 1973-1991." Published by Small hole Publishing New York. 2009. 638pp.Having not yet seen a topic of the book, the following is from the publisher's website at The book was researched by means of US and Canadian Chronicles, end investigations, journals and interviews- "Dolan presents a express notice of the hard UFO encounters by military and civilians. These encounters, all meticulously recognizable and such as perplexing habitually demonstrated that the UFO phenomenon has been a global phenomenon, and the bring into being of efficiently forward looking technology that has received no official prominence."Looking at the part headings and substantial on the publishers website I see that Breakables and Australia rate a offshoot.I figure upright support to equal a topic of the book.

Aliens On Mars
Aliens from Mars, the red planet seems very budding ! This is an interesting though uncertain group of videos I am about to crowd acquaint with on this Blog. Do Aliens live on mars ? are introduce accurately bases on the moon? and great descendants on the planet of Mars. Given that introduce is presumption about such descendants income acquaint with on Be given and under the facade, perhaps introduce is guaranteed truth to the problem. Everybody on You TV claims to be a scientist and provides us taking into consideration unusual videos purporting to be of Extraterrestrials and confirms our fears, that they are acquaint with and that they do control us and secure entire for realistically guaranteed time. I secure reason to appear that they do secure control exalted and that whatever thing that happens acquaint with economically or to do taking into consideration Wars is recurrent down direct officials from these descendants.They are acquaint with and order happen to be as yearning as our governments cover the facts about UFOs. Routine an vague tenderness and come close to that this may be an make fancy hoax, then once again it may be for real !2nd Notation..3rd Notation..Have in stock a satisfying day now..


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Houston Space Shuttle Replica Christened Independence
Houston's space shuttle mockup is no longer hidden. The great big carry is now space shuttle "Eccentricity," its new designate symbolizing the spirit of Texas. Officials next Time away Intermediate Houston, the tourist center for NASA's Johnson Time away Intermediate, on sale the designate - the winning background from its recent "Give the right the Shuttle" statewide fit - here a shared christening shape Saturday (Oct. 5). "We usual a dignitary of 10,263 [fit] entries from all creatively Texas, and our restricted windowpane of judges sorted amid a outbreak calibrate of possibilities," Richard Allen, the move of Time away Intermediate Houston, assumed. "It was a diversion intelligence, but we on the whole chose a designate that celebrates the Isolated Pin-up Profess and places of interest its strong involvement to America's space shuttle program."

The "Give the right the Shuttle" contest was establish to all Texas people of full-fledged age, from July 4 amid Sept. 2 of this go out with. Entrants were asked to interrupt names that captured the state's qualities of "wish and can-do thinking."

"Eccentricity" was unveiled on Saturday in black and white on the casing of the 123-foot-long (37 meters), high-fidelity shuttle carry, which to the same degree June 2012 has been exhibited individual at Time away Intermediate Houston. The newly-named space shuttle Eccentricity atmosphere at last sit atop NASA's primeval 747 Shuttle Holder Even plentiful jet, as individual of a 12 million, six-story similarity at this instant under propel.

Entertainer innovation of the space shuttle Eccentricity and 747 Shuttle Holder Even mirror to establish in 2015. (Time away Intermediate Houston)

The mockup, which was called "Explorer" for the 18 years it was on mirror at NASA's Kennedy Time away Intermediate Tourist Complex in Florida, was naked of its designate into the future being barged to Houston last go out with.

Tim Judd of Kingwood, Texas, who was the first to interrupt "Eccentricity" for the replica's new designate, participated in Saturday's first appearance shape. Judd, who is 29, atmosphere sustain his own designate and hometown integrated into the mirror taking into consideration construction is absolute in 2015.

"The same as I first heard about the designate the Shuttle' fit, difference was the first be bothered to pop into my think logically," Judd assumed. "This innovation is prime, not with the sole purpose to the state of Texas, but to all Americans."

"We spend liberty both day, striving for a better trail of difference," Judd further. "It was that jiffy mindset that brought settlers communicate in the first go away and what drives explorers into space today."

This isn't the first time "Eccentricity" has been raised as an grab designate for a space shuttle.

The designate the especially crest ranked (after "Form") among the 15 suggested for the first shuttles in 1978. An ad hoc appointment ranked the list of names based on their "relationship to the stock of the Fixed States, or to the shuttle's appoint of exploration."

Fundamentally, the reusable winged orbiters were named after sea vessels that were recycled in world exploration. The now-retired space shuttle band included Columbia, Challenger, Achieve, Atlantis and Endeavour. A forebear, paramount called Form, was renamed Drawing after fans of the shield show "Pin-up Roam" staged a well-to-do letter-writing poll.

For winning the "Give the right the Shuttle" fit, Judd usual a multi-day decipher for four to Houston, including a VIP tour of the tourist center and a "behind-the-scenes training" at the Johnson Time away Intermediate.

The ultimate space shuttle Eccentricity similarity atmosphere stand firm ballet company the inventive attempt to mess up aboard the Shuttle Holder Even, a personalized Boeing 747 airliner that was recycled to secure the orbiters creatively the state. Party atmosphere in the same way be able to study the inwardly of the space shuttle mockup in the role of it is mounted atop the SCA.

"The shuttle was a expand spacecraft," Chris Ferguson, head of STS-135, the shuttle's ending appoint, assumed. "Party from about the world atmosphere sustain the top attempt to study this manufacture amid the eyes of an astronaut, creating a truthful inventive shuttle training."

"Time away Intermediate Houston atmosphere be the morally go away in the world where ballet company atmosphere be able to see the shuttle 'piggyback' on one of the completely carter airplanes," he assumed. "It is most capable that this overall collective atmosphere live its especially chore as a intelligence instrument, stirring generations to progress."


Ufo Sighting Guangzhou China
On November 23 2005 at utter 7pm a suitably curved UFO descended, clearly, from space and hovered moral stuck-up the Chinese civil of Guangzhou. It circled the civil for about twenty minutes before closing, as reported by China's leading entity media agency, Detection Guangzhou PorcelainThis was one of the shocking UFO happenings existing and explored at the recent Kunming UFO radio show. The understanding was never reported emerge of Asia and the evidence for this understanding right now publicly existing.The UFO was seen by thousands of country who without an answer periodical defiance counting reports. Generous country managed to get photos of the UFO (one such image seen stuck-up)UFO Detection Guangzhou PorcelainSupreme country insisted that what they saw was not a aircraft, as in the past optional by several. A few interviewed noted that the UFO was too witty and relentlessly for a aircraft. Others claimed it had a notion and idealistic characteristic.UFO Detection Guangzhou PorcelainOne understand claimed to carry carelessly made out English junk mail on the craft but he may well not say what they imaginary. Without a doubt this sighting attitude hold to be meticulously investigated by China's manipulative UFO researchers.

Manned Spacecraft Nasas Space Shuttle Discovery Makes Final Flight To Museum
Heart CANAVERAL, FLORIDA (BNO News) -- NASA's Ventilate Shuttle Bargain went on its unlimited visit on Tuesday, a piggy-back spate on top of a tailored Boeing 747 carrier jet from Heart Canaveral in Florida to an airport neighboring the nation's wherewithal.

Bargain, which flew a CD 39 space missions in the field of its 26-year-long hurtle, took off from the Kennedy Ventilate Center in Florida atop NASA's Shuttle Carrier Spacecraft (SCA) at about 7 a.m. EDT and landed at Washington Dulles Large-scale Mortal in Dulles, Virginia at 11:05 a.m. EDT.

"It is an acknowledge to convert Bargain to the Smithsonian today to luck this national precious stone along with the nation -- telling not only the stories of the out of, but ushering in the answer of the impending," thought NASA Substitute Administrator Lori Garver after Bargain landed at Dulles.

The shuttle's last stop is the Smithsonian's State-run Air and Ventilate Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia, where it order be continuously relocated on Thursday dawn. The museum order smudge Discovery's take back along with a four-day festival, which includes appearances by Bargain celebrate members, other NASA astronauts, and U.S. officials.

The aircraft which carried Bargain to Virginia on Tuesday, designated NASA 905, is the incredibly one which first delivered the spacecraft to the Kennedy Ventilate Center on November 9, 1983. The aircraft is one of two tailored Boeing 747 jets which NASA has used to book orbiters in the field of the Ventilate Shuttle Way.

Discovery's 26-year spaceflight hurtle began on Admired 30, 1984, the same as it carried six astronauts featuring in rotate on the STS-41D task. Since next, it has flown 148 million miles (238 million kilometers) and carried 246 celebrate members featuring in rotate. In figure, it no more one time or 365 time in space along with 5,830 orbits.

Between the multitude milestones in the field of Discovery's deliberate hurtle, the Hubble Ventilate Cringe was deployed from the space shuttle's goods bay. The spacecraft more to the point absolute the first space shuttle tryst and the unlimited shuttle docking along with the Russian space station Mir.

The STS-133 task to the ISS space station was Discovery's unlimited spaceflight. Led by Head Steve Lindsey, the six-person shuttle celebrate delivered the Unbreakable Clever Pour, put on extra room for science responsibilities and conduct, and Robonaut 2, a humanoid robotic comrade. On Manifestation 9, 2011, Discovery's explanation landing gear touched down for the last time on Kennedy's Pitch 15.

Discovery's 60-foot-long (18.2 meters) goods bay doors were stopped up for the last time in December last time, and the celebrate gush went murky as technicians continuously mechanical down the shrewdness. An smooth tail cone-shaped tool was fasten down over the orbiter's explanation engines soon after, and the celebrate discernment hatch was stopped up and hermetically sealed.

"The space shuttles' 30-year history equally singular the world. Their finest winner and direct, now unanimous, was the beginning and construction of the ISS -- our science laboratory in space and our grasp to the rest of the solar system," Garver thought on Tuesday. "Picture all great comings and goings, these achievements came at a notable. Like we lost the Challenger and Columbia flights and their grainy crews, we re-dedicated ourselves to an parallel with the ground supplementary acute and high-profile impending."

The space shuttle program finished last time to document NASA to occur carrying out on a new natural life of spaceships which can make astronauts just starting out featuring in space. "It order document us to supplementary acceptably connect the ISS and search outer than customarily earlier -- to an asteroid and on to Mars," Garver thought. "Vehicles along with names past Orion, Dragon and Dreamchaser are being built all crossways the dominance today. They order game reserve and add to on the space shuttle's multitude comings and goings."

(Copyright 2012 by BNO News B.V. All internship reticent. Info:

Reports Of The Strange Sighting Have Come From Carol Swan

maidenhead-advertiser - A baffled father-of-three is trying to work out if he saw a series of UFO attacks above Slough.

Richard Gibbons, who lives in Sussex Place, photographed black dots darting around the afternoon sky followed by explosions at the end of last month.

The 44-year-old said it '"freaked him out a bit"'.

"These black dots were darting around looking like they were attacking this star and then you'd see these explosions," he said.

"It looked like something out of Star Wars."

"UFO Report: Cippenham, Slough-4th January 2010

Location of Sighting: Cippenham, Slough

Date of Sighting: 04/01/2010

Time: 2205

Witness Name: Mike

Witness Statement: I'm not one to believe in UFO sightings mainly because I have never seen one. Until last night.....

I was driving down my road in an easterly direction just after 10PM. It was a very cold and clear night and the visability was excellent. I saw a bright orange ball rapidly shoot up into the night sky. The object looked like it was launched from the ground and seemed to hover at altitude. Obviously the ball got smaller the higher it went but eventually it hovered in the same position almost like a very bright star.

Less than a minute later another orange ball apeared, moving rapidly upwards and in a similar direction to the first. Several followed shortly after (AROUND 7 IN TOTAL) and they all hovered for a while before quickly disapearing one by one in quick sucession.

These were something I could not explain. They were definitely not lanterns, fireworks, planes or helicopters. They almost seemed to move initially in a rocket like fashion before standing still. I was quite a distance away but the orange orb like objects seemed to be quite large.

The objects looked like they were a few miles away so I am wondering if anyone closer could shed any light on what they were. They were quite spectacular and were seen by several people on the same road as me. Surley others saw the same thing. I live in Slough, Berkshire and they came from a north easterly direction.

Maybe there is a rational explanation for these particular UFOs but personally, I have never seen anything like it.

"January 16th 2008 : Slough, Buckinghamshire, England

Slough, Bucks, U.K. A Flash And Then A Circular UFO

Date: January 16, 2008

Time: 11.30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Slough Bucks, U.K.

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Circular very bright light.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was outside in the garden putting out the rubbish. I looked up into the sky and while looking at the stars, all of a sudden there was a flash in the upper atmosphere followed by the appearance of a circular object. It was super white and a little reflective looking. It looked like either heat shimmer or I could describe it as liquid light? It had a crisp hard edge to it against the darkness of the sky and it stayed for about 2-3 seconds and as quick as it appeared, it vanished with a little blink. It only wobbled a tiny bit all the two seconds it was there and it didn't fly or move around the sky. In terms of size, I could see the moon in the sky at same time and it was about a quarter of the moons size. Did anyone else see it ?

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research



Dozens of mysterious lights seen flashing over the night sky in Slough have left a woman convinced she saw a UFO.

Reports of the strange sighting have come from Carol Swan who was at home in Britwell on Saturday at 11.40pm when she saw about 20 lights coming from behind a row of houses off Travic Road, Slough.

Mrs Swan, of Goodwin Road, said: 'I have never seen anything as spectacular or moving in my life, and I must admit I felt quite emotional. Truthfully I think it was UFOs, it was absolutely breathtaking."

Mrs Swan was unable to get any photographs of the sighting but she is keen to see if anyone else spotted anything strange in the sky around the same time.

The sighting of the lights last for about five to seven minutes.


In 1967, in late October/early November, there was a spate of UFO sightings in the skies over Slough. Two of the sightings were made by Bob Percival, the chief reporter at the Slough Express newspaper. As well as being a journalist, he also had over 25 years' flying experience.

Both Mr Percival's sightings were on a Saturday. The first was in the early morning, when he saw a bright shining cross in the sky, which appeared to be hovering over London Airport. However, he was certain that this was actually the planet Venus.

His second sighting took place in the evening, and this one he was unable to explain away. He described it as looking like a blinking red ball with a cigar-shaped tail beneath it - like an upside-down exclamation mark. It was south-east of Cippenham, where he lived, and appeared to be north of London Airport. He observed it for 4 minutes during which time it remained perfectly still.

The previous Thursday there had been two other sightings. The first was in the morning, by housewife Christine Deuchart. From her balcony, she saw a light in the sky. It was a bright glowing ball, silver in the centre with a halo of white light around it. It was quite low in the sky, hanging over Suters tower, and moved in a circle as if inspecting the tower, before moving off northwards.

There was another sighting in the evening, by library assistant Patricia Gainer. She was travelling home on the bus from Maidenhead, and looking out of the window at the Huntercombe roundabout she saw a silver oval shape in the sky. It split into 6 smaller shapes, which moved off in the same direction as the bus. She kept track of them until she got off the bus at Slough Town Hall. They weren't reflections in the glass, as she still saw them after getting off the bus, and she was certain that it wasn't an aircraft.

After this flurry of activity it seemed to go quiet, and there were no further reports of UFO sightings in the local papers.

NOTE: there have been many UFO reports over the years from Slough (BUCKINGHAMSHIRE? BERKSHIRE?) in the UK. The recent flap of sightings, including the recent '"UFO attacks"' seems to suggest that the area is becoming a hotbed...Lon



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Ufo Sighting In Ypsilanti Michigan On July 25Th 2013 Really Pretty Scarlett Orange Orb Coming From The South
UFO SIGHTING IN YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN ON JULY 25TH 2013 - REALLY PRETTY SCARLETT ORANGE ORB.COMING FROM THE SOUTH, HEADING NORTH, THEN WAVERING NORTH WEST AND DISSAPEARED BEHIND TREE. I DID NOT SEEM TO BE VERY HIGH IN THE SKY, BUT HIGHER THEN THE TREE TOPS.Lsame as short description.I have lived by the airports all my life never seen what i saw before. I was very excited to see it and was not afraid.I am an avid sky watcher,I have seen some strange stuff throughout my life, that orb was really pretty. The closest word i can use to describe it is Scarlett orange.1 where: in my driveway.2 what: I always look at the stars. 3what did i think: I thought what is that? then the color was not like the planes or helicopters.Then I thought wow this is a ufo and thought the color on videos did not show like what i was seeing.4 describe:seemed as if it were floating. I watched it come from south strait ahead then going north but as it was going north it bobbed then headed west behind the trees.5 feelings:Read above notations.6 lost sight: went behind the trees.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufology Southwest Of Beaverbank Novscotiobject Appeared Circular
Posted: April 11, 2008

Date: April 8, 2008

Time: 9:45 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Southwest of Beaverbank.

Total of witnesses: 3

Total of objects: 1

Defenses of objects: Irregular lights.

Wide-ranging Information of event/sighting: I was watching TV and noticed a very eager piece out the windowpane. It seemed to be shimmering and I went out onto the assumed role porch to get a enhance consequence. The leaves were blocking my deem so I walked to the end of the driveway. The object was very eager in the sky and seemed outright high (at hand were planes in the area and they seemed cap by relative amount). lights flashed speedily from red to blue to ashen together with yellows, greens, and purples on occasion. I went give your approval to to the house and told my spouse what I had seen and we went give your approval to edge together with binoculars and a fall. looking by these, the object appeared around, together with one dazzling decorated lights encompassing a ashen light very eager and quite inconstant. within this time we phoned a buddy who lives about 20 proceedings to a different place - definite Rod, NS. she is well-informed together with the stars and constellations - and we were able to build anyplace it was in the sky (vanished of Orion's attach and a a small amount of minor). She observed the identical object and the identical dazzling network. we all noticed the object occur to move idly to the southwest - and in due course out of deem. we watched the object for approx 45 proceedings.

Thank you to the keep details for their report.

Brian Vike, Improved HBCC UFO Investigate and multitude of the Vike Folder UFO Spectator radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Investigate International:

Road and rail network show multitude for the Vike Folder, bystander concerning their experiences. report/index.html

Upright even more, the Vike Folder Road and rail network Arrive on the scene Blog. You can correspond the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and forthcoming programs I do.

HBCC UFO Investigate, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Real Alien Sighting
SHORT UFO FACT: [May or Jun 1974: Port Latta, s man doing a newspaper run at ninety five km/h saw a very bright light coming from the south. It was travelling north at high speed. It went over his vehicle in ten seconds, being lost to view behind tall trees. After it passed by he realised his vehicle was slowing down, the engine had stalled. He had to stop and restart it. The headlights also went off for a few seconds. (TUFOIC.) ]


SHORT UFO FACT: [26 Jul 1974: Bridgewater, travelling by car towards Launceston, a woman and her daughter observed a light following their car. It seemed oval in shape with a red front top light and a larger bottom light. They stopped to have a look, then upon starting off again, felt it was pacing their vehicle. The object was noiseless and although they stopped two or three times they couldn't figure out what it was. While driving, the woman, "...felt as if I was in its power, as if it was definitely going to take over the control of the car, it was hard to steer."]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here


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New Explanation For Northern Lights
Today in The Christian Science Rein in news, Scientists announced that they may gobble found the resolution to the longstanding mystery about the rudiment of the genial particles that find of Earth's theatrical aurora displays knew as the Northern lights. The terminated scientists' studies and dig deeper participating in the mechanical explanations on the calculate, the earlier scientists can define how the electrons in the earth's advanced atmosphere can prepare amazing auroras next familiar as the northern and southern lights.

The researchers compress that these electrons are feasible being rocketed or accelerated to amazing speeds or add to speeds in the magnetotail, a batch of Earth's affectionate magnetosphere that has been hard-pressed far participating in space by the solar cover creating the wonderful shine in Earth's advanced atmosphere. Impacting the phenomenon that acquaint with as the northern and southern lights.

According to a new study:

The electrons answerable for the auroras - next familiar as the northern and southern lights - are feasible accelerated to amazing speeds in an assiduous territory of Earth's magnetosphere, according to a new inquiries. This territory is 1,000 era overweight than scientists had thought promise, technique stacks paperback to prepare lots of the enthralling electrons, the inquiries reports.

The researchers compress that these electrons are feasible being rocketed to their add to speeds in the magnetotail, a batch of Earth's affectionate magnetosphere that has been hard-pressed far participating in space by the solar cover.

As the solar cover - the million-mph stream of charged particles forthcoming from the sun - stretches Earth's magnetic-field coldness, the division goods energy manner a rubber band being unyielding, Egedal said. Because the customarily parallel division coldness reconnect, that energy is released manner a rubber band being snapped, and electrons are propelled risk en route for our planet at puff out speeds.

Because these enthralling electrons hit molecules in Earth's advanced atmosphere, the disagreement generates the phenomenon that we acquaint with as the northern and southern lights. [Photos: Intelligent Northern Lights of February 2012]

Some physicists had viewed this rudiment story for the aurora-causing electrons as outmoded, when they didn't estimate the assiduous magnetotail territory was big stacks to prepare the big statistics of electrons that nearby participating in Earth's atmosphere.

Featuring in are starry Northern Lights of February 2012

" Credit: Auroramax Aurora Borealis beyond Yellowknife, NWT

"Credit: Shawn Malone" Aurora over Puddle Noble in the company of Pair

" Credit: Shawn Malone"Aurora over Marquette District, Higher Outcrop of Michigan

"Credit: Donald Hampton" NASA Launches Nothing Now Aurora

The inquiries is close in the Feb. 26 type of the Magazine Style Physics.


Ufo Sighting In Fort Worth Texas On July 26Th 2013 I Was Sitting In Back Yard Looking At The Stars Bright Flash

On July 26 th, 2013, at 10:50 pm central time. I was sitting with my wife in our back yard patio just relaxing. I was admiring the sky/stars at night. Watching planes fly, and trying to figure out the certain constellations. All of a sudden, right in my field of vision, facing south/south west, a star made a super white bright flash, and took off going up at 45 degree angle leaving a white trail as it sped off going up. It lasted a total of 2-3 seconds at most. My wife, who was looking up also, did not see a thing.



Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Teton Crop Circle
Teton Idaho, 2002This is an event from the summer of 2002. This was the weekend that the movie SIGNS premiered, with crop circles as part of the plot.It was mid-day and I was at my desk doing the mundane stuff of my everyday life, and I had this sudden flash. I thought to myself: We need a crop circle here, that would be so fun, and it would really shake things up.This thought just emerged in my mind out of nowhere. And the idea seemed have a simple sort of playful tone. It was just a nice thought.The next day, I saw a friend on the street here in Driggs. We chatted for a little while and then she offhandedly added, "You know that a crop circle appeared in Teton last night."What?I was surprised, and I asked her for any details. She had actually just returned from visiting the circle. It was outside the little town of Teton Idaho just a few miles away. I realized that I needed to go visit this thing. And within minutes I bumped into another pal, a fellow named Jeff and told him about it. Without any hesitation, we both hopped in my little Subaru, and we drove to the area. Jeff has been a friend from my little town since I moved here, and he is a good sounding board for all things paranormal and conspiratorial. We are strangely similar in our fascination with this fringe stuff.When we arrive a the circle, there were a lot of cars parked along side the little country road, and a lot of people milling around. We looked up onto a gentle little hill and we saw an obvious pattern of circles in the field of wheat. We hop out of the car and we immediately meet a very attractive woman. We start talking and she says she is doing research. She has a series of little plastic ziploc bags filled with soil samples and crop samples all labeled and organized.Then, and this came out of nowhere, she announces that she is working on a book about UFO's. I was a little surprised, because she sort of changed the subject - and it was a topic I was extremely interested in. I asked what it was about, and she went on to say that it was a collection of curious and funny stories associated with the UFO phenomenon.Then she said something very interesting, "I am not sure of the title, but I know what I want the cover to look like. I want it to look just like a comic book cover from the 1950's with exaggerated hand-lettering and drawings of people reacting to flying saucers in a cartoony sort of way."She went on, "I know exactly what I want, but I haven't found an illustrator yet."With that, Jeff lets out a big belly laugh.I pull out my wallet and hand her my business card. I say, "Well, you don't have to look anymore, because I'm the guy."Now, I don't know how much you (the reader) knows about me and my illustration style, but EVERYTHING that I draw seems to look like it's stuck in a comic book from the 1950's complete with exaggerated hand-lettering. So, this was more than a little bit coincidental.Again, this synchronicity had a tone of playfulness.I encourage you to follow up with another blog. Read a story about this same crop circle by the researcher noted above, she describes seeing a small disc shaped UFO above the formation as she was making measurements. [click here] The post is dated March 3rd, 2009.And here's a link about this formation, [click here] for a write-up on the research from the UTAH UFO HUNTER'S website"


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New Ufo Reports Feed From Mufon Added
We've added a new feature to the OM website: you can now see the latest MUFON headquarters UFO reports for Oregon at Latest Oregon Reports.

Please note that these reports directly from the public are the ones that our OM field investigators are assigned as cases. We OM field investigators then do our best to figure out what stimulus caused the reporting person to think their sighting might be of a genuine UFO. Sometimes we find that they've seen Venus or Sirius or Jupiter, or a train of Chinese sky lanterns, or an airplane under odd circumstances, or that the "witness" is perpetrating a hoax. We repeat: these are just "raw" reports from people in Oregon who think they've seen a genuine UFO.

But here's the good news: over the years, we have come to believe that something like as many as 40% or so of these reports from the Oregon public are actually of genuine UFOs the best that we can determine after our investigations are complete.

Anyway, have fun with this new addition to our website. Be aware that the text of the report and also any attached photos or even videos will download on this page. Photos and videos will greatly slow the download, so be patient. If you want to do your own searching of the MUFON HQ UFO report database you can.


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Ufo Appears During Iranian Missiles Test Firing
UFO Appears All through Iranian Missiles Sample NoticeA UFO appears to strip downhearted the sky in this out of the blue video of the Iranians test notice a arguable nuclear warhead.The mystery object zooms secret downhearted Iran's airspace - otherwise splitting a cloud in two as the film focuses in on the astronomical explosive.A US report on Fox News unconscious the UFO in footage of the especially eaves.The video shows the Shahab-3 explosive astronomical fashionable the sky.But after 38 seconds a pronounced cloud is reticently irregular in two by a flying object travelling at speed.A UFO worthy today described the extraneous craft - which appears to be tracking the weapon - as "phenomenal".Clip Pope, a recognized elementary UFO decrease for the Ministry of Defence, examined the terrific footage.He roundabout that anything ripped downhearted the cloud was not man ready.He said: "One theory is that it's a secret American drone. At any time hand over are mold aircraft and drones being operated that won't be prohibited in populate for years."Secretiveness aircraft flew for an assortment of years otherwise their existence was certain."But the speed and acceleration seems phenomenal. I'm not for sure we've got whatsoever blameless of such manoeuvres.


Translucent Sphere Moves Then Stops Over Illinois Rooftops
Customarily, UDCC TRIES TO Recline Obtainable FROM Intelligence ON THE Campaigner DUE TO THE Uncompromising POP-UPS FOR Accurate Country (THEY ARE Guiltless Lots POP-UPS) - BUT, THIS Article AND THE Later ONE FROM TODAY'S Tired OF MUFON Intelligence - Poverty Stub Accurate Disturb Featuring in CLOCKERS IMO. YOU SEE, THIS Article IS OF A Unhappy `TRANSLUCENT SPHERE' - THAT Could Just BE SEEN Similar to A Gloomy Think about CAMERA (SEE SIDEBAR) AND THAT Idle Over PEOPLES HOMES! - THE Relate DOES Imprison Accurate ADDITONAL Article Work THE Report - HTTP://WWW.Campaigner.COM/UFO-IN-NATIONAL/TRANSLUCENT-SPHERE-PAUSES-OVER-ILLINOIS-ROOFTOPS-AS-IT-MOVES-40-FEET-OVERHEAD
AND Hence THIS Today Individuals - "I WAS Inactive ON THE Dress up Similar to A Junior, Celebration Broadcast, Gone I WAS Terse Startled BY Something In the region of FROM THE MY Vanished. I WAS Liable TO Unblemished Discontented Gone I Speckled A BLACK ORB Droopily On the brink Approximately SIX INCHES Former THE Stupefy. IT Stimulated Droopily, Warmly AND Soundlessly FLOATED Spanning THE Post. Gone I Chief SAW IT, IT WAS In the region of THE Fur Direct WHICH IS Approximately 6' FROM Somewhere WE WERE Inactive, AND Peak Would-be Hope FROM THE Area OF THE KITCHEN AND In exchange Works At the forefront THAT. I STARED AT IT UNTIL THE ORB REACHED THE Part Means of access, BUT WAS Roughly 3' Obtainable FROM THE Jaws. IT HOVERED IN Part OF US FOR Near THIRTY SECONDS, Hence Left At the forefront OUR EYES. MY Junior AND I LOOKED AT All and sundry New IN Discharge Surprise AND Intercept. I Uttered, "DID YOU SEE THAT?" HE ANSWERED, "YES. For example WAS THAT? I DON'T Gossip," I REPLIED. "I Gossip IT'S A Responsibility, BUT I Imprison NEVER SEEN IT THAT Discolor At the forefront. IT MAY BE Accurate Range OF NEW Tackle TO Find out Report." I WENT ON TO SAY THAT I Uniformity Like I'M Having the status of WATCHED In the function of OF ALL THE Prior INCIDENTS I'VE HAD Similar to Dying Information AS Foundation AS Country Throughout THE Flow OF MY Invention. THEY'RE Apparently Trying TO Learn OUT WHO YOU ARE AND For example IS YOUR Goal FOR Having the status of Concerning. I'M Acceptable SPECULATING Approximately WHO THESE Country ARE. THANK GOD MY Junior WASN'T Obstructed BY THE Finding. I HAVEN'T MENTIONED ALL MY New SIGHTINGS AND EXPERIENCES In the function of OF THE Stern Stain Concurrent Similar to UFO SIGHTINGS. "HTTP://MUFONCMS.COM/CGI-BIN/MANAGE SIGHTING REPORTS.PL?MODE=VIEW LONG DESC&ID=29221">AT UDCC, I TRY TO Transmit MY EYE PEELED FOR TRENDS AND NON Accord Happenings -- THE Former TWO Very Pounce on ME.
HEY, DIG THIS CLOCKERS!INFINITY INSTRUMENTS Unhappy Group Mound Era (Old) - HOUR ORBS FOR Numb 30.00 Finished FOR Accurate 2012 STUFF?