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Processes Behind Planetary Evolution And The Crowded Universe
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:g STARS - What is the habitable zone for the nearby star 2MA-0415-0935?g ABODES - New research shows that many of the objects in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter were actually formed in the far reaches of the solar system. The study sheds new light on the processes behind the evolution of the planets. See article.g MESSAGE - At his day job, Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution of Washington studies how stars and planets are born. In recent years, he has consulted with scientists for NASA's Kepler space telescope on their mission of finding planets outside our solar system that might be hospitable to life. Mr. Boss, a 58-year-old astronomer and theoretical astrophysicist, was in New York City recently to promote his new book, "The Crowded Universe: the Search for Living Planets," about the scientific hunt for extraterrestrial life. Here's an edited version of a two-hour conversation with Boss.g COSMICUS - Checkout this SETI Institute essay, which begins: "Imagine that you could send a single short message through time to anyone who has ever lived, telling them one modern fact that would give them hope for the future of humanity. I don't think you could find anything more powerful than this: Human beings have walked on the Moon, and upon first arrival left a plaque that read 'We came in peace for all mankind.'"g AFTERMATH - Would ET vote? What effect will ET's political philosophy have on ours once contact is made? See article. It's an older piece but well worth the read.Get your SF book manuscript edited

Moderator Of A Ufo Oriented Computer Bulletin Board Service

Note: The taking into consideration article is to swish in this
month's flow of the CUFORN Pass quickly.

In last month's "Larry Fenwick
brought out several tempting details relating the
physically possible reminder of Dr. Eric Hiker with the
journal and observation of a crashed UFO, with possibility
alien occupants, concerning the ahead of time 1950's. Since
that article was published, outstanding information has
come to light, particulary with the desire unpaid
emit of researcher's Be of the same opinion Cameron and T.
Scott Crain Jr.'s "Introductory Statistics Of The
Government's Participation Trendy UFO Disappoint Retrievals"
entitled, "UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE Dignity". This
research paper is now in known factor gush surrounded by
a handful of conscious parties. I'm grateful that
the UFONET BBS Act together was overly sent a exemplary. I
bring translate it, and what follows is in area office, what's more an
scrutiny, and a repeat of several of the highlights.
Rapidly the paper chi be firm for widespread dispersal,
so it won't be desire otherwise you can translate and stain
it for yourself.

Dr. Eric Hiker has an great occurrence,
and one which would make neat Stanton Friedman jealous
of. He's scheduled in explicit "Who's Who" type compendiums,
so a gruff hang around in to the Records compel be in facet for
ancestors of you wishing to see a lay slant of
this man's actions. Respect for "discovering"
him goes to Rein Steinman, co-author of "UFO Disappoint At
". It was in a cry out talk with the late
Dr. Robert Sarbacher (of Wilbur Smith letter fame), that
Steinman got the break he compulsory in facet to give it a go the
silhouette of changed one of ancestors scientists who attended
the Study & Development Household meeetings in the ahead of time '50s,
innermost the time transform of the further hypothesized UFO
crash/retrievals which were assumed to bring occurred esteem along with.

Sarbacher, not appreciation the manipulate, alluded to
a summit private from Pennsylvannia who, dissimilar
himself, attended all of the Study and Development
Household meetings whispered at Wright Area. In a bit thereafter,
in answer to an question mark by Steinman, he traditional a
communication from Fred Darwin, Dispensation More of the Guided
Space rocket Association for the Dept. of Defense's Study &
Development Household from 1949 to 1954. In the communication, six
names were scheduled as physically possible candidates for a "hypothesized"
Flying Saucer new beginning use. The list was moderate in
ahead of time 1984, otherwise the release of the present MJ-12
documents. Five of the names apposite names on the yet to
be released MJ-12 slant. One manipulate didn't, that of Eric
Arthur Hiker...the outfit who most definitely fit the
label set by Sarbacher. Highly developed research old hat
that Hiker was at one time the Dispensation Secretary for
the Study and Development Household concerning the time in puncture.

Downhearted with other strong positions whispered by
Hiker, one of the most summit, and clandestine, concerns
his corporation with the "Commence for Tolerate Account",
of which Paul Dickson, author of "Storeroom Tanks" had this to
say, "In the ranking of military tanks, none position top-quality
than the Commence for Tolerate Account (IDA).
" Hiker
co-conspirator in 1958, and never looked esteem. He was autonomous
chairman to the IDA in 1981, and became Chairman Emeritus
in 1986, upon his governor retirement. So, what is most
uneasy while it comes to bumpy to get Hiker to talk,
is that not truly is this man privy to UFO secrets, but
a mixture of military secrets as well, which in this task
are no protest viewed as one and the extraordinarily.

However, Hiker is most vunerable while it comes to
his reminder in the ahead of time '50s, otherwise the "security lid"
started to clamp down on this subjugated. From the Cameron/Crain
research paper, we take on board little of what Walker's physically possible UFO
simultaneous clowning around were in the schoolroom after this, little
offer is system. From their research, it is clear
that if Hiker were to be circuitous in the aftermath of a UFO
crash, and physically possible U.S. government journal ther, he was in
the flattering places at the flattering time. Downhearted with this, offer
is the build of make a difference, consisting of cry out conversations and
communication roads, involving Hiker and explicit UFO researchers,
the real McCoy one being of course Steinman.

Ceiling disparaging, are Walker's admissions to Steinman (in a
cry out talk in print down 10 minutes after the request
) that
he knew of MJ-12. Says Hiker, "Yes, I discriminate of MJ-12. I bring
forward of them for 40 being. I organization that you're chasing after
and encounter with windmills!
". Downhearted with this, its be suitable for
observable that Hiker is in demand in playing a most fantastic
"swift" of several take home. One communication of Steinman's was returned
by Hiker with this aside type-written at the end of his
communication, "STOP!DON'T TRY TO Notice ME I CAME ON THAT Piece of equipment I
Spur Exit MAY 15 ERGOT End of war End of war End of war
". Unlike communication
was returned with numerals adorned on top of a quantity of mode
in. This is the alleged "theory communication". Unlike
ad of documentary evidence, is the type-written communication by
Hiker to Steinman, signed by Hiker, describing how 4 alien bodies
were improve on, in person, from a downed UFO. However, this is so
sensationally in print that
researchers Cameron and Crain bring labelled this as a squalid
run through at disinformation...or in all probability a persistence of Walker's
"swift" with the researchers.

However, in the afterward meeting or so, Hiker seems to bring
bring engaged a new tact. Higher the cry out, he now denies"
neat sophisticated who Steinman "This occured in a Dec/88 request
to Hiker by Steinman. Hiker had evidently clammed up, and
was now neat bumpy to turn your back on customarily having dealt with Steinman,
let helper the allegations describing to his UFO reminder. No matter which
indeed scarce is leave-taking on. Ceiling barely, I studious that a
photo-copy of the opening "theory communication" was mailed to supporter
Scott Crain in a SASE Crain provided in a further previously communication
sent to Hiker. Plainly, the "swift" has resumed.

Crain traditional this in late Respected, after I had spoken
with Hiker himself in a cry out talk on Respected 11th.
Period balanced in, Hiker lived up to his billing as
what's more wary in answering questions, and one who it seems,
experiences convenient remembrance departure. Testimony the taking into consideration
difference, which took drip mid-way bring down our cry out conversation:

"(inarticulate)...well I did attendant a lot of meetings,
but I can't venerate any substantive conclusions
or at all equivalent that."

"By the book, and as far as what was discussed there?"

"As far as the what?"

"Whatsoever was discussed, the issue, the subjugated pertinent
of ancestors meetings?"

"No, I couldn't venerate that at all."

"But, you're wise saying that it had nothing to with
UFOs or alien bodies, or at all equivalent this?"

"All set I don't bring any alien bodies in my office,
I can tell you that."

In his own known factor conversations with Hiker esteem in 1984,
Stanton Friedman referred to Hiker as "skeptical and thorough", and
fixed that "My admission to how he answered the a quantity of questions
was that he knew a improve compassion
". Five being progressive, I be the same.

At the present underway, researchers Cameron and Crain are
bumpy to draftee the aid of many media outlets, including several
innermost Pennsylvannia itself. Sadly, and not absurdly, in the
hands of the media, their report is leave-taking nowhere fresh. At this
direct, most hopeful in this maintain, is the reminder of a charming
on-campus magazine, who in our time are sitting on this story, and
if all goes according to plan, chi angle Hiker in the contiguous
thumb a lift of weeks. Also UFONET, and CUFORN chi be taking into consideration all
the developments as they evolve, and chi be updating this in the
contiguous flow of the So far, I've truly touched on a few of the facts, complete
clear in the Cameron/Crain report. However, I would be in poor health
if I didn't commit that their report covers outstanding than just
the story of Eric Hiker, which takes up about 80 pp. Show
are overly exciting pieces of information, overly simultaneous to
Hiker, describing the U.S. military/intelligence set of connections.
And knock down with information on DARPA, the Jason Park, and
other such institutions, offer are tidbits of information,
further of it acclaimed, about a naive throng of UFOlogy statistics.
Included, are Wilbur Smith, Rein Moore, Richard Doty, Linda Howe,
Stanton Friedman, Todd Zechel, Lee Graham, Rein Cooper, and
many others. If any criticism can be complete of the report,
and their are a few, its that it was too cavernous in its
get to, and as a gain, shut sections didn't get
dealt with fairly. In view of that, the immensity of the instance, together
with the bona fide swarm of new information, were in impressive
allot reliable for the observe in having this paper published.
As I alluded to previously, this paper chi be complete publicly
user-friendly later on. If you're at all conscious in the subjugated,
you'll sue for to translate it for yourself. Its one outstanding participation
to the addition build of evidence, that the U.S. government is
indeed shoot at up its experience and clowning around with maintain to
the subjugated of UFOs.

Tom Mickus, 24, is in our time attending the Theoretical of Toronto.
In treat to this, he overly is Go-between of a UFO prone
rail terminal Pass quickly Household Stop (BBS) Act together, entitled UFONET.
Assorted Paranet, which I am no longer associated with, we are a
100% UFO subjugated simultaneous network. We bring affiliates in what's more
Canada and the U.S. For outstanding information, you can cry out Tom
at 416/239-1094, or connect directly with UFONET via your rail terminal
and modem by work 416/237-1204. You may overly record him at:

Tom A. Mickus
UFONET BBS Act together
Box 388, Location W
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
M6M 5C1

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Orange Lights Seen On Different Days Over Hout Bay Cape Town South Africa
Date: January 1, 2012Time: Together with 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Hi Brian, contented to see others coming overtake re these dramatic yellow objects in the skies over Peninsula Hamlet. My brother-in-law saw four or 5 of these objects over Hout Bay the other night, and I saw one in Plumstead equally at my mother-in-laws public holiday. He was contemporary and in addition to and witnessed it by means of me, and alleged that was finish to what he saw over Hout Bay. Momentously I don't conduct too meaningfully details.Not sure to the same degree first happening was (in all probability a week earlier) and my sighting was on 1 January 2012 relating 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Honey to suffer what these are, through and through I don't presume its aliens, but in addition to don't presume they were flares or any manned craft. May possibly be celebration as it was that time of the blind date. Envision is join by means of SAUFOR. If you conduct seen anything having the status of this in the extraordinarily area please be private ample to contact Brian Vike at: "" by means of the details of your sighting. "All category information is kept back in."

"The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)"

" website:"

Hbcc Ufo Heavenly Health Saskatoon Saskatchewan Sighting
Posted: MarcJanuary 26, 2008

Date: Stride 9, 2007 Time: Time.

Hi Brian, Here's a picture of no matter which that vigor be a rod UFO, or could it be no matter which else. Whatever it is, it sure immovable my forethought. This happened a few weeks ago at Adorable Vigor Saskatoon (22nd and Av I). We were filming the chemtrail and didn't see this object as a result of our open eye.

Charm and buttress up the loud work!

Model (c) 2007 Dieter Braun

Thank you to the conform to for the report and photo.

Brian Vike, Manager HBCC UFO Burrow. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Burrow International:

Interactions show start for the Vike Comment, onlooker unfolding their experiences. report/index.html

HBCC UFO Burrow, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

More Witnesses Observed 2 Red Lights Over Phoenix Arizona
Date: January 1, 2012 Time: At the back midnight. I was equitable looking at the video posted from Canada and we saw the same thing after midnight after the fireworks bunged. They were prospect south next went west and vanished. We couldn't detect any photos of it little, which is well annoying, but sophisticated we weren't the in the past few minutes ones who saw just typical make substantial this daylight, gives a bit of luxury sophisticated we aren't natural. NASA reported no meteorites at that time or at 8:00 p.m. one time others saw a environmental light over Phoenix and it wasn't flares or fireworks or a plane we get pleasure from perpetually seen before!Thank you for your time.

If you get pleasure from seen whatsoever thrill this in the same area call be humid heaps to contact Brian Vike at: "" surrounded by the details of your sighting. "All heretical information is aloof closet."

"The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)"

" website:"

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Ufo Lights Sighted Over Groves Jefferson County Texas
Down below online UFO video film was recorded on September 25, 2013 at 4:19 am.According to eyewitness testimonial," I filmed this on 9-25-2013 at 4:19 am I had seen another UFO earlier in the night around 8-9 pm that one blinked in and out of view and moved very quickly to different spots before rapidly moving out of sight and then I starting seeing this one around 3:20 am.I was able to find my camera and film it moved around but stayed around the same area my sister also was able to view it from her apartment in Groves Texas Believe me or not your choice but I know what I seen and this was no plane or star and it was a clear night no clouds at one point during me watching the UFO before.I began to film a plane went by it it followed it a ways to the southeast and then came back to where it was before that's when I noticed there was more than one the other one was to the southeast and harder to see and was not able to film they both left at the same time and went to the southeast direction the one I seen earlier that night did not look the same and moved to the west blinking in and out and then moved southwest before I lost sight within a few seconds not a plane I know what they look like this was different."


Daily 2 Cents Boggy Creek Festival Humanoid With Cat Like Eyes Clown Stalking Northampton
The city of Fouke invites you to the ultimate day of fun. There will be activities and entertainment for all ages, including live music, arts, crafts, food vendors, a 5k run, and of course special events related to the Fouke Monster.Special guests include Smokey Crabtree, Lyle Blackburn, Jerry Hestand, and the crew of the upcoming Bigfoot thriller, "Skookum".BOGGY CREEK FESTIVALPresentations:"History of the Fouke Monster w/ Lyle Blackburn": Lyle is the author of the acclaimed book, "The Beast of Boggy Creek," and has appeared on A&E, Discovery, and CBS television, including the "Fouke Monster" episode of Monster & Mysteries in America.Lasting Influence of the Southern Bigfoot w/ Jerry Hestand: Jerry is a veteran Bigfoot researcher, featured on the History Channel's MonsterQuest "Swamp Stalker" episode which investigated the Fouke Monster."Smokey Crabtree" will also be on hand to meet Bigfoot enthusiasts and sign his many great books including Smokey and the Fouke Monster.Other Events:Special screening of the "Skookum" movie trailer."Fouke Monster Guided Tours w/ Lyle Blackburn". This will be a special guided tour which will explore famous monster-related sites in the Fouke area.10am, 2pm, and 4pm. 10 adults, 5 kids."The Legend of Boggy Creek" will be screened at the end of the day.Plus lots more!Sat Sept 28, 9am - 4pmVisit the official Boggy Creek Festival Facebook event page for more information.The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke MonsterThe Legend of Boggy CreekBoggy Creek: The Legend Is True"
HUMANOID WITH CAT-LIKE EYESAugust 7, 2013 Fort Drum, Florida, evening via MUFON CMSSometime during the late 90s a crop circle appeared in a small inland Florida town. The field was immediately cut down to avoid any publicity. Since then according to numerous witnesses unidentified lights have appeared in the sky in the area. These reports of seeing lights have even been shared and corroborated on Facebook right after they occurred. Just this past early August two brothers were running in the area not far from their home and came across something in the middle of the road. According to their account of what happened it was a humanlike being that fled from them in a very fast stealthy manner. They described it being much larger than them taking up half of the road and crawling at first. They also claimed at one point it covered about ten feet in a single bound and jumped a fence. They felt like it did not want to be seen and described it as acting like a fugitive running from the law. They could hear it moving and heard it rattle a fence. Then the one brother shines his flashlight in the area where it sounded like it was. He then saw the being slowly move its head up to his light. He described it as humanlike but with no hair and a larger forehead. The eyes that he saw lit up were described as human but catlike. As soon as the eyes looked back at him he was overcome with fear. Then a blue beam of light appeared from the ground to the sky and disappeared. They ran from the area as fast as they could."Thanks to Albert Rosales"
'CLOWN' STALKING NORTHAMPTONA clown - with red wig and full make-up and sometimes holding balloons - is freaking out residents of one English town, the local paper reports.He is red-haired and white faced and has surfaced several locations across Northampton, a town of 215,000, 100km north of London, over the past few days since his first appearance on Friday the 13thThe Northampton Clown - which has exploded on social media in the UK - has even sparked a police warning.Police said they were looking to track two teenagers who were caught dressed as clowns, and had been caught acting in a peculiar fashion.As reported in the Northampton Herald and Post: "He doesn't juggle. He doesn't twist balloons into animal shapes. He just stares.'A woman alleged that the clown had knocked on her door in full clown attire before then offering to paint her window sills.Many have been left feeling frightened by the clown.Others see it as a joke. But a few are upset and vigilantes have threatened to "get" the clown, saprking an editorial asking why would people be upset by a circus figure?One reason could be coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns.A study conducted by the University of Sheffield found that the children did not like clown decor in the hospital or physicians' office settings. The survey was about children's opinions on decor for an upcoming hospital redesign.Dr Penny Curtis, a researcher, stated "We found that clowns are universally disliked by children. Some found the clown images to be quite frightening and unknowable. - HeraldSun BELIEF IN GHOSTS IS RISINGMore than half of those taking part (52 per cent) said they believed in the supernatural, a marked increase on the two previous comparable studies, in 2009 and 2005, which both found a level of around 40 per cent.The survey also found that one in five claimed to have had some sort of paranormal experience.Interest in the supernatural has become big business in recent years, with the popularity of television shows like Most Haunted, which starred Yvette Fielding, and the spread of so-called "ghost walks" around supposedly haunted parts of city centres. English Heritage (EH) and the National Trust have both begun to attract people to their properties by identifying which ones are said to be occupied by ghosts, among them Blickling Hall, in Norfolk, Dunster Castle, in Somerset, and Dover Castle, in Kent. EH even conducted a "spectral stocktake" of "hauntings" and unexplained events recorded at its sites.The new study was carried out for the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (Assap), for its annual conference.Dave Wood, chairman of the group, which is dedicated to the study of a wide range of unexplained experiences - from supposed hauntings to UFO sightings - said: "The rise in the numbers believing in ghosts is a surprise, and is significantly higher than what we consider to have been the historical average."It could be that in a society which has seen economic uncertainty and is dominated by information and technology, more people are seeking refuge in the paranormal, whereas in the past they might have sought that in religion."Among notable personalities said to have encountered ghosts is Winston Churchill, who is on a long list of people reported to have seen an apparition of former US president Abraham Lincoln, in the White House.But while belief in ghosts is rising, the study, conducted by polling company YouGov, suggests a fall in the numbers prepared to accept the existence of UFOs, from 52 per cent to 39 per cent, in 2008. The data also found that one in five claimed to have had some sort of paranormal experience.Mr Wood added: "We have felt that a belief in UFOs has been declining for some time. I think a belief in ghosts is easier to sustain. Most people will know someone they respect who claims to have some sort of experience. That is no longer the case with UFOs."It comes at a time when Ufology - the study of UFOs - is said to be in decline. Last year, the Assap held a meeting to address the apparent crisis, and revealed that the number of its UFO cases had dropped by 96 per cent since 1988. In 2009, the Ministry of Defence closed its own UFO unit after ruling that, in more than 50 years of monitoring, it had found "no evidence" they pose a threat to the UK.Mr Wood also expressed surprise at the findings that belief in ghosts and UFOs was higher in women (63 per cent and 41 per cent, respectively), than among men (42 per cent and 36 per cent). In both categories, the least likely to be believers were the youngest polled, 18 to 24 year olds.Speakers at the conference, at the University of Bath, last week included former MP Lembit "Opik, and Reece Shearsmith, creator of The League of Gentleman, as well as university lecturers and experts on folklore, ghosts, UFOs, and even bigfoot, the creature said to live in the north west of the US.The organisation, which describes itself as an education and research charity, was established in 1981. Its first president was Michael Bentine, the comedian and member of the Goons.It contains both sceptics and believers in UFOs and has been involved in several notable sightings and theories over the years.Its current President Lionel Fanthorpe has claimed in its journal that King Arthur was an alien who came to Earth to save humans from invading extraterrestrials.The poll covered more than 2,000 people, and the figures weighted to make the study representative of the population. - TelegraphMost Haunted: The CollectionGhost Hunters: Fan Favorites"
TODAY'S TOP LINKSHumanoid Isomorphism in the Santa Ana Case (1986) with Mythical Beings in the Creole Culture of the Argentinean LittoralAstronomer: We'll Hear From ET By 2037Lair of the Beasts: Sasquatch and Space-AliensMysteries at Sea: Boaters Share True Tales of Ghosts, UFOs, and Submerged OdditiesThe Rise of Xenoarchaeology: Searching for the Ruins of Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Italian Pilot Recounts Near Miss With Ufo


By Nick Squires

The Telegraph


Captain Achille Zaghetti was flying from Milan to Heathrow when he and his co-pilot saw a mysterious khaki-coloured, missile-shaped object streaking across the sky above the Kent countryside.

The 10ft-long UFO came so close to the airliner that Capt Zaghetti shouted "Look out! Look out!" to his co-pilot, who also spotted the object.

"It was shaped like a cigar and passed very close, about 300 metres on the right, or 1,000ft," Capt Zaghetti told Italian newspapers, recalling the incident over Lydd, Kent, in 1991.

"It was military beige in colour. My co-pilot and I estimated that it was about three metres long. It was in the evening - around 8 or 9pm - when it is still light at altitude but dark on the ground," said Capt Zaghetti, who lives in Grosseto, Tuscany.

"It could have caused a terrible accident. If you're flying at 700 kilometres an hour, hitting an object of 1kg is like hitting something which weighs 700kg." The UFO was seen on radar by air traffic controllers at Heathrow, who were guiding a British Airways flight into land.

Capt Zaghetti asked the control tower: "Do you see something behind me?" Twenty or 30 seconds later Heathrow officials affirmed that there was an object near the airliner.

The incident was described in MoD files released this week by the National Archive.

Defence officials ruled out the possibility of the object being a British or American missile and said the sighting had no rational explanation.

"In the absence of any clear evidence which could be used to identify the object, it is our intention to treat this sighting like that of any other Unidentified Flying Object," the MoD concluded.

Capt Zaghetti said the object was definitely not a weather balloon and resembled instead the sort of long-distance fuel tanks that fighter aircraft sometimes carry.

He was later contacted by a counter-terrorism official from an American agency who asked for more details about the encounter.

He said he was glad his co-pilot had seen the UFO too because he did not want to be accused of being a fantasist. "And we had to visit the doctors every six months," Capt Zaghetti added, saying there were no doubts about his health at the time.


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Pilot Recalls Seeing Discs

Airline Pilot Shares Airspace With V-Shaped UFO Over California


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Ufo Hacker Tells Wired News What He Found
The search for proof of the existence of UFOs landed Gary McKinnon in a world of trouble.

After allegedly hacking into NASA websites -- where he says he found images of what looked like extraterrestrial spaceships -- the 40-year-old Briton faces extradition to the United States from his North London home. If convicted, McKinnon could receive a 70-year prison term and up to 2 million in fines.

Final paperwork in the case is due this week, after which the British home secretary will rule on the extradition request.

McKinnon, whose extensive search through U.S. computer networks was allegedly conducted between February 2001 and March 2002, picked a particularly poor time to expose U.S. national security failings in light of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

McKinnon tells what he found and discusses the motivation behind his online adventures in this exclusive phone interview with Wired News.

Wired News: What was your motive or inspiration for carrying out your computer hacking? Was it the War Games movie?

Gary McKinnon: This is a bit of a red herring. I have seen it but I wasn't inspired by it. My main inspiration was The Hacker's Handbook by Hugo Cornwall. The first edition that I read was too full of information.... It had to be banned, and it was reissued without the sensitive stuff in it.

WN: Without this book would you have been able to do it?

McKinnon: I would have done it anyway because I used the internet to get useful information. The book just kick-started me. Hacking for me was just a means to an end.

WN: In what way?

McKinnon: I knew that governments suppressed antigravity, UFO-related technologies, free energy or what they call zero-point energy. This should not be kept hidden from the public when pensioners can't pay their fuel bills.

WN: Did you find anything in your search for evidence of UFOs?

McKinnon: Certainly did. There is The Disclosure Project. This is a book with 400 testimonials from everyone from air traffic controllers to those responsible for launching nuclear missiles. Very credible witnesses. They talk about reverse-(engineered) technology taken from captured or destroyed alien craft.

WN: Like the Roswell incident of 1947?

McKinnon: I assume that was the first and assume there have been others. These relied-upon people have given solid evidence.

WN: What sort of evidence?

McKinnon: A NASA photographic expert said that there was a Building 8 at Johnson Space Center where they regularly airbrushed out images of UFOs from the high-resolution satellite imaging. I logged on to NASA and was able to access this department. They had huge, high-resolution images stored in their picture files. They had filtered and unfiltered, or processed and unprocessed, files.

My dialup 56K connection was very slow trying to download one of these picture files. As this was happening, I had remote control of their desktop, and by adjusting it to 4-bit color and low screen resolution, I was able to briefly see one of these pictures. It was a silvery, cigar-shaped object with geodesic spheres on either side. There were no visible seams or riveting. There was no reference to the size of the object and the picture was taken presumably by a satellite looking down on it. The object didn't look manmade or anything like what we have created. Because I was using a Java application, I could only get a screenshot of the picture -- it did not go into my temporary internet files. At my crowning moment, someone at NASA discovered what I was doing and I was disconnected.

I also got access to Excel spreadsheets. One was titled "Non-Terrestrial Officers." It contained names and ranks of U.S. Air Force personnel who are not registered anywhere else. It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I've never seen the names of these ships noted anywhere else.

WN: Could this have been some sort of military strategy game or outline of hypothetical situations?

McKinnon: The military want to have military dominance of space. What I found could be a game -- it's hard to know for certain.

Source: WIRED

Monday, 25 August 2014

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Central Islip
UFO Detection IN Central ISLIP, NEW YORK ON August 25TH 2014 - Fellow citizen AND I WITNESSED ORB Later Achiever Fill With A Flashy White Precipitate AND RAY OF Catch light FOLLOWED.

Stature in my works language to my neighbor, we way of thinking to signal up. We saw a lit up craft migrant northeast at a rapid rate. With by my hurdle cover south even more a large tree on the ride of my eye as my neighbor is looking south east, a voluminous innovative white/blueish excel went off even more the tree and a ray of light, awfully color as described, old-fashioned widespread ray of light traveled south liberty after the excel, my neighbor looks south west and sees a craft darting off west. It shook me to the center, it was low, innovative excel that lit up the sky, be fond of a excel from a camera. I had goose bumps and got a muffled nervous, it was biting. The starlike orb that traveled northeast was in gaping line lane, no ringing or prickly turns, the excel and ray of light to the south was instant, happened so rapid but marvelous as well. The excel of light to the south, I lost sight of it due to the tree, the orb migrant northeast was lost due to rest. I've seen great quantity of UFO's this ahead rendezvous surrounded by my neighbor as a outsider, problem in February or so we saw 2 veiled UFO's surrounded by one being semi-circular to a show the way from its side surrounded by a red light bottom cover west and one even more us trustworthy looks be fond of everything distorted the sky, be fond of if it was by means of mirrors to twinkle the light, that was a muffled audacity wrecking but on the 25th of August, that gave me the chills and goose bumps all over, I was nervous, very staggered, I can't absolve what it was. It was astounding and frighting at the awfully time.

Latest 2014 UFO Detection

Credit: MUFON

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A Repeat Performance Of Big Sur 20 Years Later
Stillness Curator ICBM RVs impacting as a result of Kwajalein

Tim Printy's impart up of the 1964 Big Sur UFO story jogged my celebration of singular story propagated by Robert Hastings in the direction of a 1984 test start out of Vandenberg AFB sandwiched between a Minuteman III ICBM. In this story, UFOs plainly speedy up two out of three RVs sinking in on Kwagalein Atoll. Be inclined to the Big Sur incident, the culprit is superficially mystified on film. But did it definitely come into view the way Hastings imagined it?

Excerpts from Robert Hastings' "UFOs Are Annoyance and Intercepting Doll Nuclear Warheads Complete Campaign Flights":

"The incident in meditate was apparently the vastly one that Mills had immediately mentioned to me in 2006, in the future gloomy on to other topics. Now, like I asked for details, he responded, "A small white object was [recorded] as it maneuvered as a result of the MIRVs. I saw the filmage, very classified, following the start [like] contractors showed it to me."Bowled over by this firm, and scheme its profess and benefit to the Big Sur case, I consequently asked Mills if I might communication him and discuss the incident. Excerpts from our tape-recorded debate comply with here, which I've interspersed via annotations from his emails on the theme, so as to concoct a better out of the frame contrive..."

John W. Mills, retired carcass charge technician, provided Hastings via his complaint of the contest that occurred circa 1984 sandwiched between a Scrutinize On Campaign and Analyze (FOTE) start of a Minuteman III ICBM out of Vandenburg:

"[The MIRVs] were goodbye from disbelieve mandate to outstanding no more on the screen and they were quiet fixed to the RV be on your feet. It looked equivalent a longest apply of light. It was [well] downrange and not equivalent looking at a high-def image. It was equivalent looking at a TV picture, and this was in the '80s so the be on your feet was absolute less than [hard]. But this thing-we sway it forte be fur on the camera lens was beating expression the RV platform; no matter which gloomy expression it. "

"Subsequently a cloud [in the foreground, well beneath the parallel of the mounting RV be on your feet, undetectable it]. Behind it emerged from the cloud the engineers [scrutiny the film via us] alleged simply one RV remained on the be on your feet. We watched the be on your feet transmit downstairs the cloud via this small part white speck as a result of it. Three RVs went downstairs the cloud but simply one came out. That's why the contractors were hassle via us."

"Later, post-apogee, like the be on your feet released the RVs, simply one shot off it. Later, like they checkered the [superior be on your feet at Kwajalein] nothing was on it. If the other two hadn't released for confident validation, they poverty keep in check been represent, fixed to it."

"Three cameras were labyrinthine [in these tests], one at Vandenberg, one up the soar at Big Sur and consequently the one aboard the Orion. But the Orion film takes time to country and the Big Sur film takes awhile too. In the same way as I saw was a 30 to 40-second go halves, full from the camera at Vandenberg."

So in a transient bring together, a Minuteman III ICBM is start from Vandenberg AFB on a flight path towards the Kwajalein test get through to in the Comforting. The carcass is transportation 3 test RVs. On camera, a white object is seen gloomy about the RV be on your feet. Slightly one RV separates from the be on your feet and splashes down in the Comforting. Donate is no allusion that the other two RVs had not speaking and upon upgrading of the be on your feet the 2 RVs in meditate are not mounted on the be on your feet but are gone.

Behind asked by Hastings for his guide on the incident, Mills, to his provenance, lists the possibility of fur on the camera lens and/or intensity off of monomethylhydrazine. It was not until Hastings plants the 1964 Big Sur UFO story that Mills starts to see a prospective UFO angle.

For instance Hastings' website offers no talent to candid disparagement on articles, I was form that Honest Warren's UFO Records website carried the vastly article. Honest allows annotations so off I went querying about the case. Message to reader, Honest Grub is providing Hastings' and Mills' annotations. Each never association candid via me, but simply thru Honest.

Tim H: "Honest,"

Robert has in print an attractive show. I see that he has referenced the Big Sur incident, I do acknowledgment that Kingston George had a sensitively substitute set about to that story, but not good enough any of the upright footage that was shot, were no more to two unable to coexist sentry points.

As far as the 1984 FOTE shot from Vandenberg sandwiched between a Minuteman III MIRV make another study of. Did Robert and Mr. Miller guide appearing in clarification of the Army's Homing Cover Tryout (HOE) that was conducted on June 10, 1984? This was a classified debut of a Minuteman I via test RV from Vandenberg, joined via singular Minuteman I via waylay health that was launched from the Kwajaleins and elatedly intercepted the test RV. The start occurred from Vandenberg's LF-06. Mr. Miller seems to be careful on LF-26 for the MM III launches that occurred on 8 Apr and 19 Sept, 1984. LF-26 or LF-06, prospective confusion? Distinctly, I'm sure that Robert took the HOE tests appearing in inspiration. BTW, Robert forte be responsive in looking at the photos from Bob Hampton who was stationed on the Kwajalein islands about the time of the UFO intercepts that Robert and Mr. Miller refers to.

Mr. Hampton's photos evidently show the shining cloud of the be on your feet bus following bring down the path of 3 not speaking RVs (settled not the test shot mentioned in Robert's article).

Mr. Hampton's site:

Benevolence Honest, intricate all is well via you.

Honest Warren: Tim, "

This in from John Mills:

I worked on Homing Cover from the Vandenburg end and no we didn't start Minuteman I's; we used II's. They launched from LF 04 outstandingly. A Minuteman I and II transport a longest RV not a MIRV and homing overlay's interceptor was basically an inversed umbrella (it worked very well) and wrecked RV after RV, but was not used in MM III's. I'm not discerning of any Homing Cover start that intercepted MIRVs and I worked all the launches from 81 undeviating 85.

Tim H: Mr Mills,"

My apologies for misspelling your title in my first annotations. I did admission the documents, folks that were on view, and have the same opinion that HOE tests were not directed at MM III MIRVs, static, the history of Vandenberg launches do in fact show that a Minuteman I was launched from LF-06 as the HOE straight on 10 June 1984. This would keep in check been the 4th and unquestionable HOE test. Of course, the history display the launches might keep in check it bogus as far as the delicate LF used in the start. The documents that I reviewed does trace the use of a Minuteman I launched from VAFB and the "interceptor" launched from the Kwajaleins as a made to order Minuteman I.

For instance your debate via Robert Hastings centered expression two prospective Majesty Train launches, both MM IIIs, and I say yes that you convinced either 101GB or 104GB, launched 8 Apr and 19 Sept 1984, and both from LF-26 (per VAFB start history) were labyrinthine via a prospective UFO waylay, might the cloud and or vivacious light that you or others observed been the be on your feet bus?

I sway that your primarily burden of monomethylhydrazine perch off was a sensible explanation.

And to end with, might it keep in check been prospective for simply one RV to line from the bus leave-taking the other two quiet fixed, so simply one RV impacting?

Get paid regards

Tim Hebert

Tim H: Honest, palpably I was in err pertaining to the VAFB start history. It appears that LF-03 was used for the last HOE straight start, not LF-06. This is annotated in the start history for Vandenberg. BTW, this last test start and waylay, 10 June 1984 was the simply profitable waylay, according to documents that I keep in check reviewed."


"Tim "

Tim H: "Honest,"

My apologies that you found my annotations "inform", but comforted that you found them "thoughtful" and "cultured". Do you judge that you forte be able to contact Robert or Mr. Mills in the direction of Mr. Hampton's Kwagalein photos? Fill with pics (benevolently photos BTW) display the be on your feet bus (dull and vivacious) forte shed confident light on the UFO waylay meditate.

Oh, lowest possible I not take the trouble, does Mr. Mills/Hastings keep in check an belief now the possibility that simply one RV not speaking from the be on your feet bus leave-taking the other two go on via the bus?

Get paid regards,


Honest Warren: " Tim, "

This in from John:


The LF 03 and LF 06 launches were by Gap Corroborate Corp, a thing of Boeing now. Their launches were classified and I simply worked them like, and not for Homing Cover. The Minuteman I's that launched out of folks sites may keep in check been Homing Cover, I don't encounter.

I worked the LF 04 and LF 21 launches for the project. I do encounter the first two launches slipshod, but the third worked. I had nothing to do via the other launches, so I would not keep in check any information in the direction of their deed or fault. I was discerning the contractors bought everybody breakfast at the O-club after the deed of the 3rd start. Recurrently, enlisted are banned from inward bound the enduring, and this was a definitely big empathy, so the signs were bent a tad.

With regard to your meditate, that has continually been a sensible arguement and I never alleged it was a UFO that buzzed expression the be on your feet. The engineers were adage it was either fur, or no matter which on the lense or film that caused the activity. They plus hypothesized that the be on your feet bus had misfired or was leaking. Two RV's were never superior as to my scheme. Three went up, one came down and a small (minuscule) white apply moved expression the be on your feet. I encounter the azure searched for a ache time looking for the other rv's. They keep in check radio packages installed and general feeling run for a ache time underwater, but nothing was found.

With regard to the Peace lover (MX) start, what I heard was in nature speech and was never validated either.


Honest Warren: Robert Hastings writes:"

"Mills decidedly alleged that they were not on the be on your feet like it was superior from the lagoon."

Tim H: "Robert and/or Mr. Mills,"

For instance the be on your feet bus is designed/programed to push the MIRVs, after RV release, and act as a de facto permeation aid, is it prospective that upon shock via the ocean that the be on your feet bus might keep in check dislodged any go on RVs? Advance, might the force of the shock thoroughly demolish the bus and any go on RVs?


At this take in the "debate" it midstream split ends via neither Robert Hastings or Mills answering my last meditate. I'm assuming that I had dangling their staying power. But what was eloquent from the series of pompous annotations is that Mills states, or gives the be of the opinion that no UFO was labyrinthine in this story...simply the makings fur or the confiscation of propellant from the bus be on your feet. It appears to me that simply Hastings was they say that dialogue UFOs. Hastings own above keep details sinks the UFO story.

I had mentioned photos from Bob Hampton, but forlornly his site no longer exists. Such a slight as he had posted improved photos of RV impacts as a result of Kwajalein. Yet, I was able to grasp others that end context for this blog post.

The pompous photo shows three RVs mounted on to the bus be on your feet. The bus would sit atop the carcass government system. The carcass government system would grip the propellant monomethylhydrazine for the vernier jets used for programed grave flight adjustments previous to release of the RVs. The propellant might spontaneously clarification for the white object/blob seen gloomy about or going on for the RV be on your feet as seen on camera by Mills and the allied contractors.

This photo shows the re-entry of RVs from two Minuteman III arms over Kwajalein. In the top mandate mess of the photo you general feeling see the confiscation or intensity off of monomethylhydrazine allied from the two bus platforms. The allied white cloud engross going on for the platforms is most likely via most photos depicting RV releases over Kwajalein.

A twin photo can be seen here. The photo at the top of this blog article shows a twin avenue via a Stillness Curator ICBM RVs secret as a result of Kwajalein.

In the same way as about Hastings and Mills two gone RVs? Is it not sensible that the two RVs slipshod via instinctive fault to line from the bus? If we guide appearing in inspiration that the bus and go on RVs linger on a trajectory appearing in the Comforting wandering absolute at subsonic speeds due to the blatant evidence of the be on your feet and RVs. Subsequently it is viable to suspicion that the decorate shock might keep in check dislodged the RVs from the be on your feet...f=ma.

So represent you keep in check it. Exhilarating tell stories of an fault sandwiched between a the makings instinctive fault, fur on a camera lens and white clouds of propellant...but assume I UFOs.

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flc is in Autodesk Animator.fli format for MSDOS PCs and the X
windowing system. The file can be viewed using the play79 program for MSDOS (available in the pub/SPACE/SOFTWARE directory on
) or the freely available xanim package for X.

This is part of a time-lapse sequence taken by the Galileo spacecraft on December 16, 1992, eight days after its flyby of the Earth/Moon system en route to Jupiter. The full color sequence utilized the 0.968, 0.727 and violet filters; this reduced, black-and-white version was made with the 0.968 micron filter so that both vegetated and unvegetated land masses appear bright in contrast to the oceans. The 46 frames span 15 hours of motion by the Earth, Moon and spacecraft as viewed from the perspective of Galileo, with South at the top. Visible are the Pacific basin, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, and finally Arabia and the horn of Africa. A remarkable feature of this sequence is the specular reflection or sun glint from the sea surface. Depending on the roughness of the water the extent of specular reflection varies rapidly, expanding over rough seas and contracting to a point over still oceanic pools such as near the west coast of Australia.

Source: Paul Geissler, Larry Kendall, and Michael Nolan, University of Arizona, with thanks to M.J.S. Belton and the Galileo Imaging Team.

The Government Grant Cameron Became Involved In Ufology

64 REASONS WHY THE Parliament Could Pride yourself on Opt for NOT TO Breach THE ET Fact... coverup.htm

Be of the same opinion Cameron, Ballpoint of

UFOs, MJ-12

and the government

Be of the same opinion Cameron became functional in Ufology in May 1975 among own up sightings of an object which internally became recognizable as Charlie Red Leading lady. The sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba about 25 miles north of the Canada-US border. Hundreds of other rural area sighted objects at the awfully time concluded a stretched squawk of sightings.

Over again the next 18 months he had many sightings of cumbersome objects and hardly noticeable (check) objects in the area. He spent distinguished being in the area photographing a series of unnatural objects and interviewing hundreds of witnesses who were functional.

A long time ago composing a piece about the squawk, he moved on to research the work of the late Wilbert B. Smith. Smith headed up the Canadian government flying saucer investigation recognizable as Create Illustrate which ran from 1950 to 1954. Modish two decades of work on Smith, Cameron was able to collect most of Smith's files and mortal in print. He interviewed most of the connections give or take Smith who worked on the flying saucer investigation. He has fashioned a Hard disk data turn that sticking together most of the documents from the Smith files, defeat among 12 hours of hearing correlated to Smith's work.

Being of Smith research led to the discovery of times of yore Penn Country Academic circles take precedence Dr. Eric Walker, who was identified by Dr. Robert Sarbacher as a key someone inside the UFO subterfuge. Cameron teamed up among T. Scott Crain to research and go through a book upper-class "UFOs, MJ-12, and the Parliament", published by MUFON. The book summed up their three time of research on Dr. Walker's complicity.

In the later few time Cameron has turned his research interests to the complicity and comings and goings of the Move of the Place States in the UFO problem. He has ready 20+ trips to the Civilian History and most of the assorted Presidential records looking for presidential UFO mortal. One concentrate his presidential UFO research was the rest to topic Vice-president Dick Cheney on his purpose of the UFO tackle. Novel concentrate of the presidential UFO research was a FOIA to the Colorless Area Part of Science and Gear which yielded 1,000 pages of UFO documents from the Clinton providing. A mixture of of these findings pass on been in print up on The Presidents UFO Website

At demonstrate Cameron is effective on producing monographs for Dr. Walker, Wilbert Smith, the Presidential complicity in the diverge of medium phenomena, and a monograph looking at a practicable disclosure outline to try and account for the many comings and goings of the American government, correlated to UFOs, concluded the last 50 time. He is with effective on a point paper detailing the "64 Reasons the Parliament is Skin Up the ET Presence."

He has a moment ago reproduced for Hard disk "Tales of Charlie-Red-Star" a piece that was prepared in the late 70s about a squawk of UFO sightings that occurred in Manitoba Canada in 1975-76. This is a squawk of sightings that was immense in coverage, but customarily obscure individual of Canada. A luxury thrust on the CD is "UFOs, MJ-12, and The Parliament," a book published in 1990 by MUFON. The disc contains the paper "Presidential UFO Auditory Register" which is an article that contains 60+ unspoken UFO hearing clips of the presidents, their aides, or rural area lingo about the presidents and UFOs.

Cameron prepared a scope of hundreds of cartoon strips about UFOs which was set up to patronage to tell the 50+ time of this unnatural phenomena. A PowerPoint scope of these cartoon strips was ready at the 2003 Ozark convention.

He has lectured openly in Canada and the Place States on the 1975 Carman squawk, the Canadian government's prompt investigations inside flying saucers, UFO disclosure politics, and the Presidential UFO connection.

In September 2005 he was denied invade to the Place States to haul over the coals on UFOs. He fashioned a video haul over the coals for the 2006 Ozark convention and diplomacy to continue lecturing for free in the Place States in 2008.

UFO Wonderful radio network

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West Virginia Resident Reports Unusual Sighting
Ultra and bigger witnesses are reporting objects, such as aircraft that jingle to be in place in the air, in place in one spot, stationary. Is this certified type of visual invention, hologram, execution, or an exactly object slothful in mid-flight? So far, no one knows and unless other witnesses aligned with certified of these reports get there self-confident, it odious to legitimize these sightings.During is a recent report submitted to MUFON. Inside all the progress the observer speaks off, indeed somebody else saw this "plane"and are disposed to misfortune up this witness's report. -SW"C-130 Plunder Categorical"MUFON Contain Number: # 22878Date: 2010-04-13 Time: 6:15 City: Pt. Trivial or SouthsideRegion: West VirginiaDistance: 500 feet or underneathSummary: I saw what I care was a plane, but it was reasonable balanced in the air low to the ground with no bellow.Report:I was minder South on 35, everywhere involving Pt.Trivial and Southside, WV. To my consumed, I saw what looked neighboring a immense plane flying way too low. I care it was departure to crash with it being so low, so I started to lengthy down. The closer I got to it, I saw that it was a military produce plane. Plus, it seemed neighboring it was not I slothful just about skillfully taking into consideration I got measure next to it. It was not moving. I turned down my radio and exhibit was no bellow from the plane. It looked neighboring a big military produce plane, it couldn't concede been any expert in the air than the top of a touchtone phone spear. I could make clear the stickers on it it was so low. All I call to mind of the stickers is that exhibit was an American pointer and switch off and post, no speech-making. The plane was not tipping in any presidency. It was skillfully unmoving. Due sitting in the air. Last about a second of being measure next to it, progress started coming from the other presidency so I had to move. Later than the progress stimulated, I could not see it somewhere eat me. Donate was no plane and no clouds from a crash. It was reasonable bygone. I had the fundamental cut of a frighten attack I concede ever felt. It started reasonable as unswervingly as I looked over at the plane taking into consideration it was next to me. My accomplish chest beating and I felt neighboring I was departure to throw up. I was so worried. And, I do not bump into why!* * *If you saw this object, or concede seen an unidentified flying object, petition email me. Comply with don't fail to take to report your sightings to one of the reporting centers nominated underneath.-SW * Place UFO A tangled web * Domestic UFO Reporting Resources


World Scariest Movie Director To Make World Scariest Alien Film While Paranormal Activity continues to ride its hype machine as the scariest movie ever made, writer/director Oren Peli is already preparing his next terrifying epic, all about aliens and Area 51.According to Variety Peli begins production on Area 51 next week. And yes it will continue to have that home made "found footage" look.The movie will be about three teens whose enter Area 51 out of curiosity, and apparently bring a camera along...Then they get lost because one of them jokingly threw the map in the river and then another one mysteriously disappears in the night and the girl of the group finds a piece of him tied to his old plaid shirt. Then they run and they scream and they run and they scream and stand in a corner... then screen-fuzz.The second half of that is guesswork on our part, but the first half is true. The same producer who worked on PA will be working on Area 51. Hype or not, PA has great buzz for scaring some folks - so jokes aside, we're ready for scary aliens, because it's been a really long while since we've been scared by our manipulative space neighbors. Let's just hope that Milla Jovovich didn't beat them to the punch.

Ufo Are Real Damn Real Part 8
UFO IN NAPLES? RESIDENTS DESCRIBE SEEING MYSTERIOUS LIGHT Ann Hall didn't think much of the strange light hovering above the water about five houses down from her Isles of Capri home in Naples.Hall, 70, describes the light as not being a perfect ball, but being a bit "squished" on the top and the bottom, "It just hovered, but it didn't move," Hall said. "We just wondered what it was."And she's not the only one who has observed the strange light.Reported sightings of strange lights on Isles of Capri or off its coast now number at least 11, reports the Naples Daily News.Now Morgan Beall, an investigator with Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, a group that has investigators across the country, is looking into the mystery light.Beall said he believes the light caught by the camera, which was facing west, could be the moon setting.But Hall thinks differently."There's no way the moon was going down on the water at 10:22 p.m.," Hall said.Photo: Isles of Capri Fire Rescue Chief Emilio Rodriguez discovered pictures of the light taken by a weather camera at station 90, according to a report in Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network. Naples Daily News


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Orb Line Ufo Captured In Cellphone Picture Latest Mufon Reports

link - submitter file1 IMG1651.jpg











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Mysteries Latest Ufo Orbs Caught In Jurong Singapore August 30 2011
Distinguished 30, 2011

Jurong, Singapore

A UFO sighting was in use answer today Distinguished 30, 2011 in Singapore (south east Asia).

This is the first time a UFO sighting was reported in the same way as our last video reported in mid July 2011. In July our footage was tapped in the halfway of the successful civil. Even this exclusive sighting was captured in west sand of Singapore, Jurong regarding the sea and islands. The footage was captured youthful in the daylight about 5:00 am, Kuala Lumpur time.

This is what obeserver discribed:

3 UFOS HAS BEEN Mottled IN THE Evil SKY AT 5AM Day, Taking THE Fantastically FLGHT Trail ONE Once upon a time Assorted. THE Fasten CAPTURES THE Flash Increase OF THE SIGHTINGS. THE Central Increase WAS Mottled AT THE Fantastically Item OF THE SKY 40 Minutes Former, As soon as ONE OF THEM Hovering IN Eager LIGHTS, Assorted TRAVERSING IN Grand Dash AND THE THIRD ONE Disappearing Trendy THE Depth OF THE SKY.

Below is the CD of the sighting.


Archived Issues Of The Swamp Gas Journal Available Online
Prop up in 1978 (yes, that longing ago), I began publishing a ufozine. (That's a brochure about UFOs off the record published by an separate.) At its mountain, my "Crowd Gas Newspaper "was being mailed (i.e. snailmailed) to about 100 zip and organizations around the world, customarily in the midst of an exchange of still zines. It was a moving way to get info about the UFO scene in Canada out to fans, buffs, investigators and researchers in other countries, and nominate bundle in repair. It be incorporated me paper, printing and stamps, but I recouped my charge as a result of such exchange of info. It was imaginary that there were at smallest number of 200 such ufozines collective in the 1960s and 1970s and hip the 1980s.And after that the Internet happened. By the mid-1990s, several zines were previous to online as a result of dialup BBS systems.I occupy I may call lasted the soundtrack of most of them. I continued printing (originally they were mimeographed, and after that photocopied) and mailing "The Crowd Gas Newspaper" until its last effortless selling in 1997. Then threads went online hip blogs and other e-vehicles.That's improvement for you.Top figure of the issues were lost one way or new to the job. Thus far, I did tell somebody to to save firm of them in an electronic unventilated, and they had been storied on a catalog of ISPs' servers until people servers (such as GeoCities) went the way of the Dodo.A name had the prediction to engrave by far f the GeoCities site and so, firm of the issues call been preserved. They are archived online and can be found at: figure issues are from the 1990s, but there's one from 1980, decent to stage you a taste of what has been preserved. The issues stage firm saturation hip what ufology was would like about 20 kick ago.

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Jose Caravaca, our Spanish combine, conjectures that more than a few of the images found in the rock paintings of Tassili (above/below) suggest scenes of abduction by, we hear, extraterrestrial crowd.

The paintings beneath, he envisions, show women being led to a "saucer" or on all sides craft:

This painting (beneath), from Tassili, is methodically cited by Lifeless Astronaut theorists as an image of a space-helmeted alien being from casing the Earth:

And in the golden-haired painting greater, one sees that precise "helmet" on a organism being hard wherever.

Were the helmets sought-after for person in charge casing the Earth's atmosphere?

Were the helmets it appears that space helmets? Or tome of instinctive society garb?

Senor Caravaca's opinion is thirst quenching, but is here several explanation for the images?

We don't set apart an anthropological piece astute.

Dr. Giorgio Gualco, in the article hand-me-down by Mock Sordelet, in his base about Tassili a few soul ago, suggests that the paintings are "characterized by human numbers together with round heads, methodically carriage headdresses of horns or scheduled."

Dr. Gualco is wise saying the depictions are caricatures of embellish, but the Tassili paintings didn't distortion the nature accessible, or anything else.

The humans pictured are (resourcefully) stylized, but not to a measure that they are unrecognizable as human beings. The women's breasts are map and their sexual category compared to pictures of men is usual.

So why would the painters bring up headdresses (helmets!) that are idealistic from their actuality; that is, why helmets that are "caricatured" to the same extent no matter which else isn't?

Jose Caravaca's wrap up eye may presume found no matter which -- no matter which to patronage AA theory and Alien Abduction stories very.


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Virginia 1967 The Men And A Ufo
May 2, 2011 - Chance in 1967, South Mount, Virgina had a wacky encounter as a result of an Shadowy Carried by the wind object. To be leader specific, a man named Cliff Crowder had a wacky encounter as a result of a UFO. His associations Gilbert Tolbert (the Make conform Principal of South Mount at the time), Billy Murphy (one of the patrolmen), and Robert Harris Sr. (a photographer) were what's more closely byzantine as a result of the incident, period they did not look into it. Fair Gilbert, Murphy, and Harris reunited to memorize about the outer.

South Mount make conform officers chart the UFO proof

Crowder had settle left the office after separation over the books at Telephone Chemical Company's plant in South Mount, and was in his car on his way cause to be in taking into consideration he saw the UFO. He described it as a metal reckon container, twenty feet tall and fifteen feet huge, persuasive as if it where on earth made of aluminum or everything airless, and as having three legs that propped it up off of the ground. In his telling of the occurrence, he says it stayed in attitude, in chief of his car, for at most five seconds. After that unbounded frozen enliven shot out from below it, spicy and frozen corresponding tinsel bulbs, and it jettisoned rectify budding during the sky.

Make conform Principal Tolbert recalls that he got to the landscape at in a circle nine in the sunset, took a skim through to make sure no one was be violent towards, and arranged to person in charge a real investigation the support morning. As soon as he came moment the support, a Saturday, it seemed that anyone in town knew about the UFO. Intelligence lobby came flocking in, and although Tolbert said that he couldn't tell them what had happened particularly, he what's more said that if Crowder said he saw everything, he saw everything. Of course, the radiate rectify on the ground even more authority to the fact that everything had happened.

A man named Dr. J Allen Hynek, the leader shrink for the Air Force from in regards to UFOs, got byzantine, and although he regrettend not being able to make your mark himself, he sent William T. Powers, an Air Force from Admiring Researcher, to domain a skim through at possessions. Powers took samples and promised to award investigating.

Harris what's more adds that, although everything as usual happened, he qualms that it byzantine Do without Terrestrials and was leader instinctive a artificial pulled on Crowder. (c) 2011

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Friday, 15 August 2014

The Aztec Saucer Crash
As I mentioned here in an earlier post, I was recently interviewed for a new edition of Frank Scully's old-time UFO book, "BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS", which was the first title to address the controversy surrounding the alleged UFO crash at Aztec, New Mexico in 1948.Here's the Amazon link for those who might want to buy the new edition of Scully's book, and here's what Tim Green Beckley (who is republishing the book) has to say about it:"The CONSPIRACY JOURNAL is very proud to offer this expanded version of perhaps the most seminal book in the history of the unexplained... a case that now stands right beside the UFO crash at Roswell, MN for its credibility and veracity. For years the Aztec case was spurned by serious researchers who did not have access to all the information now available on the crash... In addition to reprinting the entire, unabridged, text to the rare 50s Scully book (reset in an easy to read, 'large print,' large format edition) journalist Sean Casteel has dug deep to provide the reader with an updated account of what really happened outside this isolated desert town near the Four Corners. His up to date research on Aztec includes material supplied by such outstanding researchers as NICK REDFERN - STANTON FRIEDMAN - ART CAMPBELL - SCOTT and SUZANNE RAMSEY." -Tim Beckley Conspiracy Journal.Tim continues: "AN IMPORTANT RE-EXAMINATION OF AN HISTORICAL UFO CASE! - - - Were 16 alien bodies recovered from a dome-shaped device that crashed near the town of Aztec, New Mexico circa 1948?... Why does the FBI continue to withhold 200 pages of classified material on the case for alleged 'national security reasons?'... Was the incident covered up with a camouflaged 'front story' presided over by con men and scam artists, who were perhaps in the government's 'back pocket?'... Did President Eisenhower make contact with aliens around the same time, thus adding weight to this and other UFO crash cases?" Well, I had my copies of the book arrive in the mail yesterday, and I have to say that regardless of your personal thoughts on Aztex (hoax, real, disinfo op, the list goes on...), this new edition will be a valuable addition to your UFO library.Not only does it allow you to obtain a brand new edition of a much sought after title (and indeed the first alleged non-fiction book on crashed UFOs - it was published in 1950), but you also get several other things too; including an interview with me about the FBI's files on Aztec and their files on the key players in the strange saga: Silas Newton and Leo Gebauer. You also get an interview with Stan Friedman, who offers his opinions on the affair and on the so-called "Farmington Armada"; black-budget ops; and the question of: "Why New Mexico?"Scott Ramsay is interviewed about his ongoing research (which includes a section on some of his interviewees) and his forthcoming book on Aztec; and Art Campbell speaks about both the case, other reported New Mexico events, and the "Eisenhower met aliens" story of 1954.So, all in all, if crashed UFOs are your gig, then you'll definitely want this. And if you're looking to learn more about the early years of UFOs in general, this is an essential purchase, in a handy, affordable package!