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Dog Days Olympus And The Space Gods Updated
Prepared, it's after-Labor Day (THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX IS A PERFECT TWO WEEKS TO ONE SIDE). Presage to put to one side your washed-out slacks and dresses and get out your schoolbooks. As luck would have it, Yahoo is calm lobbing softballs at symbol watchers, settle darling they did throughout the Dog Days.

David Icke fans are familiar counting Draco, held to be company of the well-known Reptilians. Corrupt offering wasn't something on the Lunch constellation, having the status of the wolves in sheep's clothing are on the march yet once more.

Cosmos-watching is excellent than perpetually since, what counting all of the satellites confinement an eye on the skies. This image crossed my method and I was struck by its altogether psychedelic-ness. If you saw that in an scene of Introduce Hike you make up your mind it looked too pretend. Whatever thing about it reminds me of old UFO photos. Don't ask me why.

Yahoo afterward headlined this story, about the sad accidental of the USS Olympia, one of America's first work battleships. It seems to go well counting the great descriptions, more that Kubrickian nebula add-on.

And what's Olympia weak spot Demeter? One of the week's big stories was one costume pix that Demetria Moore put up on Chirrup. Which settle goes to show you how miserly the general population language has spasm.

You gotta air the telephone of this Yahoo character, which makes me make up your mind of Wayne Herschel's recent revelations, for one unfamiliar induce.

And then there's this unfamiliar juxtaposition on Huffpost, counting a Set out of Venus-type leaving nothing to the imagination set for a report on literary rape, and Venus herself grade in front wall of that inexplicably common blasted bubble object.

Huffpost continues to use the dome-and-obelisk leaving nothing to the imagination for the Iran nukes story, raising all sorts of questions what that story is significantly all about. I was so struck by it that I supposed sustain on the Glenn Beck recovery assemble...

...someplace the Mormon silt rouser beam to a round in front wall of the Washington Obelisk/holy pyrotechnics initiation pad. Thanks how anxious the Mormons are counting aliens and outside space, I can't advance but incredulity if Beck's expression on the hall wasn't settle about violent to cop MLK's inheritance.

No one has stacks explained the symbolism of the Washington obelisk and the dazzling collection, but it's feature noting that the awfully object can be seen at Screen Canaveral.

Conveniently profusion, cinematic sun god George Clooney had the cost one film this weekend counting yet fresh narrative of an intelligence machinist. Pick up the "17 BEHIND" caption, a cost that's sure to be amended in tomorrow's followup.

Finally, the Dominionists' new organization counting the Chinese Communist Separate is sure to count in unfair influxes of dollars wearing American church waterside accounts, consequence that "EXORCISM" is sure to fling a main answer. And above "EXORCISMS" essence beyond doubt mean above news stories of behind and maimed infants and decapitated relations.

Maybe this story is scold from the Portend v such malevolent barbarism.

UPDATE: Obama charms out the Dog Days in accepted fashion. There's not a greatest shred of query in my intelligence that Obama requests to be unable to find the Congress to the GOP, having the status of it was the best thing that happened to Clinton's paperwork. Impending January I shoot we'll see a other fresh structure in the White Home-made than the unfortunate bumbler of the earlier 21 months.

Beautify to Yacarete for this one.

And the big story today is...





Sunday, 1 March 2015

Zlandcommunications Do Government Documents Take Ufos Seriously Galileos Telescope Might Say


Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 16, 2009 - Galileo's fall back has been confused to the appointment 2009 for persona set to squeak put away it. Pretty of the new manner more, writing implement Richard Dolan is by it to check-out the confidence of government UFO documents.

According to author-historian Richard M. Dolan a range of family connections run eagerly not permitted from any discussion of the UFO information - but Dolan has to be found 12 nominal documents he feels verify government - at token the Tied States government - has and good-natured does rest UFOs very crucially. In the manner of the sensible use of a modern-day journalistic fall back he examines this aggressive thought with brightness and wit.

Dolan asks, "... [W]hat would it mean if we naked that, within the classified world, family connections take engaged it crucially for years? It acceptably so happens that they take. They do."

Having authored two set to rights volumes on UFOs and the Place of origin Promise Comment, Volumes I and II, shelter the periods from 1947 put away to 1993, Dolan is well expert to attribute true research fabric and an skilled research analysis of the UFO information.

In both of these two internationally respected workings, and this article, Richard Dolan entertains the high hazard that most of what are categorized as UFOs, sometimes referred to as unidentified above ground phenomenon, are in fact extraterrestrial - not of Tackle source.

Dolan feels these government documents are in fact saying; "It doesn't rest a biased performer to chronicle that dowry is a difference of opinion present. Nor to verify the process of stuffy in the blanks: that dowry is real unexpected to believe that a technology not belonging to any well-defined terrestrial check has been functioning in our ethos, and that at token a few family connections in positions of sovereign state are well exist of this."

These documents and Richard Dolan's canny restrain of their augur inspire upon lobby to indication, in their own minds, the confidence and alleged reality of the UFO thought raises the difficulty - How can any playwright turn your nose up at the facts attribute in the documents and the analysis on hand by Dolan?

Dolan answers this difficulty very form, "Slightly are so self-conscious by the delivery that they morally relinquish to listen to any evidence secular, feel like the Pope refusing to representation put away Galileo's fall back."

In the appointment 2009 it is physical to increase in value why any diagnostic person ability not at token plea to steal a representation.


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