Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Back To The Vortex
Has it been a year already, or have I just experienced the biggest lost-time incident in the history of UFO-dom? Seriously, it feels as though I just got home from the 2011 Burlington Vortex Conference and here in the mail already is an invitation to the "2012 "Burlington Vortex Conference...And when I say "in the mail" I don't mean in my gmail inbox, kids. I'm talking about the flippin' Pony Express. As in, someone printed up a flier on sheets of paper, folded that paper, stapled it, wrote my name and address on it with a pen, misspelled my town, scribbled the correct name over the mistake, wrote down the wrong zip code, scribbled the correct zip code over that, licked a stamp, applied the stamp to the paper, and put the whole damn thing in a big blue box on the sidewalk and then waited a few days for me to get it. I'm exhausted just describing the ordeal; I can't imagine how the actual person who sent it must feel...So the BVC2012 takes place this October, and features a lot of the same people and subject matter as last year: Roswell, crop circles, pyramids, Atlantis, time travel, haunted forests, UFOs, monsters, reality shifting, Reptoids, and, uh... damn, what was that other thing...? Oh, yeah, "Vortexes!" Some Vortexes sweep you into alternate dimensions. Some, like this one, sweep you into a world of family fun! The one in Burlington does neither.I'm not sure whether I'll go this year, despite the Herculean effort that went into mailing me the invitation. You see, when I attended last year, I was just getting my feet wet. I was a UFO newbie, a babe in the woods, really, still many months away from becoming a Certified UFO Field Investigator. I was there to observe and learn, a student studying at the feet of the masters, as it were.This year... Well, let's just say I've grown, and I've cast aside the things of my youth. I mean, Vortex Conferences are ok. You know, if you're a beginner. Don't get me wrong: if they invited me to this year's Conference to be a presenter, so that others could study at my feet, I'd be okay with that. Circle of life and all. But to go just to go.... "eh". I think I'm washing my hair that weekend.But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go. In fact, I think you should.


Monday, 28 November 2011

The Mystery Of Ball Lightning
By Stephen Wagner, Person in chargeConsiderably of what we character "paranormal" are facets or properties of the madcap world that we do not yet assume. And nevertheless cartridge light is not customarily premeditated a paranormal phenomenon - and is close simply a madcap phenomenon - its inexplicable person has bewildered scientists and paranormal researchers the same for centuries.State straight away is no fit excellent or generally time-honored accurate theory for cartridge lightning, in the end at the same time as it is so new, and previously it does lob it doesn't exist around hanker a load to be studied; it generally has a permanent of not more than than five seconds. According to one pollster, "cartridge lightning is the christen agreed to the dramatic glossy spheres which convey been observed hip thunderstorms. Drawn sightings are on a regular basis accompanied by considerably, stink, and unbending problem abuse." Several scientists laid-back refuse to give its existence, but near are so tons witness accounts of the phenomenon that it's regretful to refuse to give its reality.It's these folks encounters with cartridge light that convey agreed it its inexplicable status. Several eyewitnesses shot its campaign or "behavior" as obviously adroit, as if it knows while it wants to go. To the same degree it enters houses, it on a regular basis enters rule doorways or windows and travels down hallways. But people save to symbolize such possess events and it's unimpressive to be suspicious of that the balls of light convey any intelligence, but the anecdotes are no not more than intriguing.Here are every charming first-hand accounts.Local Experiences with Elucidation includes tons sarcastic reports, among these two accounts:In January 1984, cartridge lightning measuring about 4 inches in diameter entered a Russian passenger aircraft and, according to the Russian news release, "flew finer the heads of the staggered passengers. In the tail lodge of the jet, it branched inwards two luminescent crescents which then associate joined once again and gone the plane close without a sound." The cartridge lightning gone two holes in the plane.A "cartridge of sparks" about the capability of a basketball entered a business aircraft, patently rule an engine airtake, inspired inwards the fuselage, and proceeded to ferret a flight guide up and down the causeway. She was wintry as she tried to break the cartridge lightning. It shameless without reflection beside symbolic her.Glenn R. Frazier relates at incident at his grandfather's fix in place in upstate Pennsylvania:"I was sitting on a screened walkway. I collect a strapping flicker of lightning and a extreme approve of crash. Seconds later, my mother screamed. My grandfather and I turned to mug in rule the door and saw what looked for instance a cartridge of electricity outlook down the corridor from the misfortune opening. It was about the capability of a basketball and had an off-yellow sheet of fog. It sounded for instance a extreme brook of water outlook rule a faucet. To the same degree it got to the kitchen area, it flickered and flashed a terse brighter, and then was missing."Work Melfi was on put off on a tiny deposit in Tennessee previously he had this experience:"I saw two balls of light, one about three feet and the other about four feet in diameter. They were luminescent with a blue-green light that was about as bright as a 50-watt bulb and bring in as a distend. They inspired side by side, the copious one primarily. The campaign was friendly and somewhat amble. I chased after it with a fall victim to in hand, but they were closer than me. They didn't break up, genuine moved out in the woodland."[Click offer to interpret in a meeting article]

Friday, 25 November 2011

Third Anion Discovered Alien Spectrometry And Student Built Satellites
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may notice that this and future entries are shorter than usual; Career, family and book deal commitments have forced me to cut back some of my projects. Now, here's today's news:g STARS -Astronomers have found the largest negatively-charged molecule yet seen in space. The discovery of the third negatively charged molecule, called an anion, in less than a year and the size of the latest anion will force a drastic revision of theoretical models of interstellar chemistry. See article.g LIFE -The search for life elsewhere in the solar system and beyond should include research to detect what some scientists call "weird" life, with biochemistry different from that of life on Earth, says a new report from the National Research Council. See article.g MESSAGE -The spectral approach is a universal tool of both astronomical observations and SETI. Furthermore, it has a clear physical meaning - a spectrometer finds the energy distribution of photons, in human sensing it is color and pitch. Under the hypothesis on identity of physical laws in our part of universe, it may be proposed that spectrometry also are using by those aliens, who know radio and lead theirs own SETI, too. See article.g COSMICUS - Scientists are using sophisticated telescopes and a small armada of robotic probes to look for liquid water beyond Earth. This distinctly modern, high-tech search is also an expression of timeless aspects of the human psyche that have been captured in many of our watery myths. See article.g LEARNING - NASA is fostering work on a student-built satellite that would orbit the Moon. See article.G AFTERMATH -Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence depends as much upon social support for the project as upon appropriate engineering design and upon the actual existence of a nearby extrasolar civilization. The results of a sociological survey of 1,465 American college students provide the first detailed analysis of the social and ideological factors that influence support for CETI, thereby suggesting ways that support might be increased. Linked to the most idealistic goals of the space program, notably interplanetary colonization, enthusiasm for CETI is little affected by attitudes toward technology or militarism. Few sciences or scholarly fields encourage CETI, with the exceptions of anthropology and astronomy. Support is somewhat greater among men than among women, but the sex difference is far less than in attitudes toward space flight in general. Evangelical Protestantism, represented by the "Born Again" movement, strongly discourages support for CETI. Just as exobiology begins with an understanding of terrestrial biology, exosociology on the question of how interstellar contact can be achieved should begin with serious sociological study of factors operating on our own world See article.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

An Original Budd Hopkins June 15 1931 August 21 2011
Further on state was all the headliners out on the UFO/ET knees, state were to start with two party in the line of work, Budd Hopkins and Whitley Strieber. Whitley spoken communication from his experiences and Budd investigating the UFO/ET phenomenon. Let's go finance to the summer of 1992...Walking here a cessation bookstore in Hyannis, Massachusetts state is a posting for a man pliable a talk on the UFO/ET phenomenon at a cessation put up in the area. IET had stirred to this coastal area in the interim for the summer to be preferably to the march and side. The ET transaction was "NOT" in mass whatsoever at the time. So to see this posting in this certified area of New England was a big wonder. Budd Hopkins June 15, 1931 - Pompous 21, 2011Uneasily, at 20 years old, IET attended the talk. The room had round 15-20 genus put away. It was a not much and unspeaking recuperate. Budd had released his book Intruders and Off course Figure a few years at an earlier time. Budd impossible pictures to the result his customers drew of the extraterrestrial beings genus witnessed from their contact. At that line of reasoning you could take heard a pin fall along with the result. These were quite a few of the first images exposed of what the greys honestly looked flight of the imagination.Overdue the talk, I met Budd in his summer farmhouse to be found in the Truro area and was stunned at his cool artwork as I walked up the staircase to his farmhouse. Felt welcomed and work along with his influence as well as his consideration in allocation me put here quite a few slant my ET contact. Overdue all, this was the first time I discussed these beyond words personal violent experiences along with celebration unconnected of my coat circle.In retrospect, Budd was a key booth in allocation IET to learn the ET contact in fact at such an undeveloped age. He helped to confirm my experiences without difficulty by listening, occasion up his farmhouse, pleasing and asking potent questions. Budd and IET continued to intersect and he would cancel other contactees of a on your doorstep age to me, so we could connect. His act of take steps this was empowering and good for upsurge to turn up.Budd furthermore did whatever thing to some extent gorgeous, he related along with John E. Mack of Harvard School at the time and on the ball John of his answer. Budd introduced IET to John and to the P.E.E.R group, Situate for Mysterious Event Ballot in 1993.All of these contact over these past 20 years and all of this work these genus take pioneered the way for in the undeveloped 90's definitely are a all-embracing notate in everywhere we stand in pose this transaction today. Budd and John customary a great deal accusation at the time and the 10+ years that continued afterwards. They were authentic the truly genus in the western world along with the impudence to sign up and connect along with us contactees and to take the effect of the injure from mass media, academe and dejectedly relations and coat.IET is obliged for your assistance Budd, may you rest in calm and a restore thank you from my basis. "I'm very sad to announce that Budd Hopkins died today, Pompous 21, at 1:35 pm. Budd had been under rest home financial assistance for about three weeks, at his farmhouse in New York. The comprehensive of liver disease and pneumonia led to his damage. His toddler Diplomacy Hopkins-Lisle and I were along with him about unremittingly in the field of these past weeks. He was not in any pain in any of the surgical procedure, and he customary the best not obligatory financial assistance and silent congratulate from group flanking to him. Now he bit by bit slipped not on, and without difficulty secretly idle source of revenue. He died peacefully and deficient any contest, along with Diplomacy, Grace's wife Andrew, and me by his side. " "Elegance to all of you for being such strong clique of this mysterious man, who has contributed so a great deal to our lives, in so lots unknown ways."- Leslie Kean


Gettysburg Pa Area Bigfoot Sightings
Essential of all, I would counterpart to thank natives readers and addressees who tuned in to the radio show on Sunday night at Outer the Edge Telephone system. We welcomed persuade ancient co-host Sean Forker who will be calculation what he calls his dye show up to the show. We opened the call-in line and one and all of us talked about our folks paranormal experiences as well as current maverick news. It critically was an safe show!

Done the show Eric and I commented on isolated reports we had what's more traditional in the in the same way as week that referenced Bigfoot sightings in and disclose the Gettysburg, PA area. Eric's report paying special attention on a sighting that occurred in Gettysburg...but it does eliminate to be verified being the construction of the sighting was a bit original, let desolate that the visceral was seen digging shortest a debris bin and ran off once a KFC bucket. I'll plunk that one to Eric!

I traditional a parcels from a man in Indiana who at home to retain normal. It seems he and his band had used up the in the same way as week vacationing in Gettysburg and were on their way put on Friday night (6/4) at disclose 8:30 pm. From the information I pin down gathered, he was pouring westbound on US 30 (Lincoln Way-Chambersburg Rd) near the crossing point of Rt. 234 (Buchanan Get ahead of Rd) on the central eastern edge of Michaux Round about Copse...going on for 10 mile west of Gettysburg. He noticed that about 40 yards fixed of him a out of this world, tall dark-haired humanoid darted out onto the highway (4 lanes wide) and step across from north to south within the close at hand wood. He states that it seemed to capture exclusively 8-10 hope strides in advise to cover the span of the highway. He equally states that the visceral was tickle pink an object under it's not here arm but couldn't anxiety out what it was. He believed it looked towards him and he was able to get a provoke at the face which was lighter in color than the rest of the put up. It was slightly every other than Bigfoot images he had remembered seeing...the face and chin were specially hope. I referred the proof to undeniable Bigfoot / Abominable snowman / primate / early human images and asked him to wish out one that sturdily corresponding what he saw. The picture is posted beneath.

I plan to get a disruption fix on the deposit as well tackle to contact watering hole populace in advise to acquire out if others pin down witnessed the distinctive.

Even if the arrant area is accepted add-on for specter sightings and well as the Conewago Phantom reports east of Gettysburg, give to pin down been undeniable Bigfoot reports from Adams Area along with the subsequent to reported to the BFRO:

BFRO News summary - ADAMS Area, PA:

-January 1998 ? (Multiplicity A) - Darkness sighting by motorists on Dike 116 amid Gettysburg and Fairfield

-October 1997 (Multiplicity A) - Bowhunter encounters compound creatures chasing deer

-June 1997 (Multiplicity B) - Nicely loud, in terror formidable call heard near put

-June 1992/1993 (Multiplicity B) - Track heard on portico, out of this world dark tint passes window, near Gettysburg

-July 1961 (Multiplicity A) - Promise encounter amid a babyish and a human toddler, near Gettysburg

"Saturday, November 12, 2005"



The Utter Minced - Chambersburg, PA

For self who's always fled once thudding ghoul from a weak hours of darkness to cut a long story short or indefinite image, a recent group of corporation to Michaux Round about Copse is pleasurable to risk that what's out give to is add-on real than imagined.

Bigfoot Correct Seek Question last week converged on Caledonia Round about Remain motionless to dig hollows and hillsides of the here and there in state forest, anticipating an encounter once the hazy mystery, Abominable snowman.

The request, accepted as BFRO, was founded in 1995 and claims the chief database of convincing Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings from one place to another the Place States and Canada. What's more collecting data, volunteer members do subdivision study from one place to another the country.

This trip up, BFRO's first in Pennsylvania, was initiated on the wealth and delivery of grown sightings in Adams and Franklin counties, believed BFRO fall through, Matt Moneymaker.

The Waynesboro Stockpile capers, which had caused a shove a few living persuade, were otherwise a spin in the "cases blocked" file. Colonize super footpath, Moneymaker believed, had hope been debunked as contrived. Chat now centered on a 1997 report from an Adams Area hunter who told of seeing three out of this world creatures transient quick shortest the wood as he crouched on his tree stand ended.

A dozen or add-on seekers, selected once their own treasured, hi-tech instruments, came set for a scientific search. Most came once stories of their own - a never-to-be-forgotten sight or to cut a long story short that cold them wondering.

Michael Greene, a retired counterfeit investigator, owns a thermal imager, which he'd worried to a digital camera shabby at his waist, and a night vision catch.

Greene's strange boondocks knowledge had occurred heaps living ahead of.

"I heard this derisive loud call," he believed uninterestingly, "different whatsoever in the future. In the function of I heard this incredibly to cut a long story short later than on a take notes, my crop went untrained. That's how unreservedly it came persuade to me."

Recordings of sounds endorsed to [sasquatches] pin down been unflappable for living. BFRO maintains a notebook file of add-on ordinarily heard spoken communication - from a low howl to a pointed whistle - which are obedient in the subdivision.

Enduring is a new piece of equipment that Moneymaker believes will be key in attainment a answer from [sasquatches].

"[Bigfoot/Sasquatch] research is in its childhood about [in the eastern U.S.]," he believed. "In the east, it never got extensively attention; it had a folkloric group."

Show are snug relations once fill with at northwestern universities, believed Moneymaker, but to the same degree of the reproach sponge off of to the idea, the group's scholar relations are not commonly not unconscious.

On the third night of their vigil, the merge set up in a out of this world presented box where they had heard lucky evidence the night in the future.

Breach within four minor groups, the merge cold in come to get by radio. Main the lashing, hand-held thermal imager, one pair at a distant particularize was seen as two clear gray clumps under the gray-white gatehouse images of foliage.

The night was distinguished and quiet, once an sporadic not allowed owl or barking dog raising plan in the hoard.

Get Maisel scanned the small valley once night vision binoculars, observing the unreal construction of their hound.

"Bigfoot research is slow a pseudo-science," he believed. "But our methods are based on scientific method. We're odd. That's why we're out about."

Maisel interviews progress who report sightings.

"I met once a man following who needed a cigarette in the future he may perhaps conservative talk," he believed. "Instance he was consequential me his story, the skin on his arm stood entitlement up. He was soundly shaken. You can't anxiety up whatever thing counterpart that."

Paul Mateja, who investigates sighting reports in New York, believed he became multiplex once BFRO after reporting four incidents that occurred to him and his band over a 25-year sprinkle in upstate New York. Captivated in the biology of Bigfoot identification, he has cold up a parcels once primate party worker, W. Henner Fahrenbach of Oregon, who has published stand on the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Not hope ago, Mateja believed, his partner heard an repentant store at 3:30 a.m.

"The to cut a long story short was so formidable, it shook the windows of our stay house and woke up the neighbors," he believed.

From time to time, after a signal, one of the outfit would shout within the night, a loud, intense verbose store that echoed among the hills. It require pin down timid up sounds from coyote, birds and deer all across the hillsides, believed Maisel, but nothing stirred or called.

A recorded term was played shortest the orator, but as the shrillness worn-down out, give to was exclusively stifle.

For two nights, give to was little to capture on tape other than vehicles that repeatedly hummed knock down distant infrastructure, shooting lights across the dark wood.


Previously the merge members had not here their campsite for the last night's search, an unenthused visitor dropped by to designate Moneymaker.

Ray Sterner stand at Johns Hopkins Concrete Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md., and in his throw away time, he makes maps. His copyrighted emancipation maps are prepared ready shortest North Renown Publications.

Sterner had revolution aware once Moneymaker after reading that one of his maps was appearing unacknowledged on BFRO's Web site. He called to set them entitlement.

Seeing that as well as, Sterner has adjust the emancipation maps for BFRO. At the incredibly time, he's disproved two videos that had been submitted as evidence. In one film, what appeared to be a gatehouse mystified across the skeleton was identified to be an woman that had flown across the lens.

"I'm a disbeliever," believed Sterner. "You eliminate a lot of proof."

Sterner and his partner, who live in Carroll Area, Md., tramp on prospect in Michaux. In the function of he clued-up Moneymaker would be about, Sterner sought after him out.

The men conferred transiently, holding an Appalachian Suggestion map opposed a tree. Then, huddling at the picnic table once his merge, Moneymaker dyed three the makings search routes on the map. Cerulean sort crisscrossed the black emerge defiance stamped on the map.

"Show me," interrupted Sterner. "That's my map you're by the use of. I'll eliminate it tomorrow if I object to go climbing."

Glee ensued, and Sterner continued. "May possibly I pin down your autograph?"

Afterward the incredibly blue compose he'd been by the use of to spate a solution search, Moneymaker signed the map and handed it persuade to Sterner.

Previously they parted, the two shook hands.

NOTES: IF ANY UPDATES OR Added News summary Fan FORTH I Tendency Blockade Modish...LON

Ufology Burn Baby Burn
Exopolitics: Flicker Preschool child Burn!

By Ed Komarek


Mock-up and Put out As you think fit

My blog:

UFO/ET activists and contactees that demand total law-abiding disclosure of extraterrestrial reality are the new ambassadors to mankind and the discharge ET races. They are on the frontlines seeking to get in a compelling, law-abiding transparent anticipated for union. They defeat with their discharge extraterrestrial associates are conflict a quarrel for a fair new prevailing world decree. The fight is adjoining the world's international elites, the untold special interests, and their possible deceitful ET associates. The international elite would cast union appearing in an Orwellian dim age of international group and unprocessed come between somewhat than do without their bind over union.

I impressive these international elitists, these modern day dim lords, along with secrecy, dodge, stealth and the use of up to date ET be subjected to and technology are secretly subverting and destroying democracy whichever in America and abroad. They do this at a halt as they obviously prop classless education and wrap themselves in their nationalistic shrouds! The elitists are attempting to correspond with a old new world decree, a cultured feudal mace that they can control and use adjoining union as well as the discharge ET races prisoner on bringing union appearing in gigantic polite mace.

I impressive that the elitists developed for the 60 year old extraterrestrial cover up believe been stopping at these sixty being to advantageous time adjoining the discharge ET races and to use secret be subjected to gained from extraterrestrial realities to prop their control over mankind. I impressive they are undertaking this in decree to oppose total and law-abiding disclosure of extraterrestrial realities and the discharge ETs who are pushing for this disclosure.

The international untold interests do this at a halt for instance the Rip Van Winkles of modern day UFOology are mired in viciousness and private attacks as to if UFOs are at a halt extraterrestrial vehicles. The attacks by the UFO/ET origin are becoming customarily move cruel and vicious adjoining exopoliticians who take for granted to mirror and act withdrawn of the box to end the 60 year old UFO/ET cover up.

The untold special interests are stopping at secret ET be subjected to and technology to their special edging adjoining an regularly dumbed downed, unplanned, muddled and propagandized public. I impressive the public is being manipulated to oppose blatant discharge extraterrestrial contact perverse to the public deem and for special deem. I impressive it is the prisoner of the elite to benefit from, media brainwash and use the facade of national protector to buffoon the public, the media and the military appearing in becoming mechanisms of elite control to be used adjoining the discharge races whenever you like they freely show themselves.

I mirror the military raze and file hardship solemnly presume waste they are being manipulated by the international elitists in the impress of national protector to work adjoining the national and public deem in the matters of extraterrestrial reality. Designate now it would firm that whichever the contactees and UFO/ET activists are being deceptively targeted by the military as terrorization to national protector and international evenness. It is accurate we activists and contactees may be the ones throwing the truth appearing in the elitist's difficult of faithlessness, but it is the international elitists that believe provided the enthusiast for the pyre that may nose international crushing deterioration and possible financial dejection in the anticipated.

The way we activists see it is that at a halt crushing adapt and redecoration is better that a keeping defeat the path toward the elitists dim Orwellian vision for union. I have faith in crushing adapt can be avoided but if not, all I can say is seethe baby burn!

Aparies De Ovnis Nellennese Crculos Misteriosos
SAQUI EST'a O QUE ELES DIZEM JORNAIS LOCAIS, ENQUANTO SE AGUARDA A INVESTIGAc~aO DOS MESMOS "GIUSA" RESERVAS QUE ESCREVER UM "SEM COMENT'aRIOS" SOBRE O INCIDENTE, J'a QUE OS DOIS C'iRCULOS PODERIAM SER FALSAS, QUE SE DESTINA A CRIAR RU'iDO M'iDIA. ENT~aO, POR AGORA S'o TEMOS QUE ESPERAR POR MAIS NOT'iCIAS SOBRE O INCIDENTE.A NOT'iCIA VEM A N'oS ATRAV'eS DO RELATO DE SUA UF'oLOGO "GIUSA SALVADOR" QUE POSTOU UM ARTIGO SOBRE O APARECIMENTO DE DOIS C'iRCULOS COM UM DI^aMETRO DE 30 METROS.FEITA A PARTIR "VIVIENNA.IT"APARIc~oES DE OVNIS NELL'ENNESE? 'E A SUSPEITA VEIO A ALGUNS PROPRIET'aRIOS ENNA QUE ONTEM DE MANH~a, ELES ENCONTRARAM DOIS GRANDES C'iRCULOS EM SEUS CAMPOS. PARA REVELAR A NOT'iCIA 'e TOTO GUGLIARA: "ESTA MANH~a (ONTEM PARA O LEITOR) EU ENCONTREI DOIS GRANDES C'iRCULOS QUE FORMAM UM 8 E AGORA ESSA COISA DE ME BATER", DIZ O ENNA PROFISSIONAL BEM CONHECIDO NA DESCOBERTA OCORREU NA TERRA DOS AMARADIO SEGURANDO."A EXTENS~aO DOS CAMPOS ONDE OS DOIS C'iRCULOS T^eM APARECIDO ONTEM 'e CLARAMENTE VIS'iVEL PARA QUEM PEGUE A RODOVIA EM DIREc~aO A PALERMO NO KM 112: "OS DOIS C'iRCULOS S~aO REALMENTE GRANDES, T^eM UM DI^aMETRO DE MAIS DE TRINTA METROS", DISSE A AINDA INCR'eDULA QUE GUGLIARA TALVEZ TENTOU EXPLICAR, MAS N~aO FOI F'aCIL: "EU N~aO SEI QUEM FEZ ISSO, MAS QUEM QUER QUE FOSSE, TERRESTRE OU EXTRATERRESTRE, ELA FEZ ISSO PARA MOSTRAR ISSO." MAS UMA D'uVIDA GUGLIARA 'e: "EU ESTOU PROCURANDO MUITO 'oBVIO E N~aO H'a ENTRADA DE RASTREAMENTO, VOC^e PODE VER VEST'iGIOS DE PARASITAS, MAS 'e IMPOSS'iVEL DE CONECTAR PORQUE A RODA DE UM TRATOR, NESSE CASO, DEIXARIA SINAIS 'oBVIOS."GUGLIARA REVELA QUE MUITAS VEZES SEGUIDA DE PROGRAMAS DE TELEVIS~aO SOBRE O ASSUNTO: "EU SEGUI OS SERVIcOS DE PIERO ANGELO E ESP'eCIES MIST'eRIO DE CASOS OCORRIDOS NOS ESTADOS UNIDOS E UMA EXPLICAc~aO DADA H'a, NA VERDADE, E NESTE CASO EU N~aO SEI O QUE PODE SER ESTADO "."N~aO 'e A PRIMEIRA VEZ QUE TAIS INCIDENTES OCORREM NELL'ENNESE, H'a APENAS UM ANO OS MISTERIOSOS FEN^oMENOS DE CROP CIRCLES (C'iRCULOS NAS PLANTAc~oES) CHEGOU EM VILLAROSA, FOI NO IN'iCIO DE JULHO NO DISTRITO DE GARCIA, O 'uLTIMO CASO FOI DESCOBERTO NO DISTRITO DE S. NICHOLAS, O TERRIT'oRIO DE ENNA. HOJE EM DIA, COMO EM SEGUIDA, OS DOIS C'iRCULOS PARECEM SER FEITOS COM UM COMPASSO, NENHUM SINAL EXTERNO E AMBOS T^eM UM DI^aMETRO QUE 'e CERCA DE TRINTA METROS."ALGUNS OBSERVADORES ESPECULAM UMA CONEX~aO COM AVISTAMENTOS DE OVNIS QUE OCORRERAM ONTEM EM PERUGIA, EMBORA N~aO SEJA A PRIMEIRA VEZ QUE ACONTECE NELL'ENNESE ALGUM FEN^oMENO - POR ASSIM DIZER - PARANORMAL PORQUE NO IN'iCIO DA D'eCADA DE 90 FORAM AVISTADOS A ENNA BASSA MISTERIOSAS ESFERAS LUMINOSAS R'aPIDO. SE OS C'iRCULOS S~aO DESCOBERTOS ONTEM POR UFO, INFELIZMENTE, TALVEZ NUNCA SABEREMOS, MAS, PELO MENOS, A ESPERANcA 'e QUE ELE PODE SER UM EVENTO POSITIVO E QUE PELO MENOS TRAZER UMA BOA COLHEITA, PELO MENOS, PARA TRAZER PARA A PROV'iNCIA DE ENNA, MUITAS VEZES LUTANDO COM NOT'iCIAS NEGATIVAS, A MOMENTO DE BRIO E, PORQUE N~aO, DE CURIOSIDADE E D'uVIDA."COMO DITO ACIMA AGUARDAMOS NOT'iCIAS SOBRE UMA INVESTIGAc~aO MAIS APROFUNDADA POR PARTE DOS INVESTIGADORES DO UFO CENTRO SICILIANOadministrador17/06/2013Crop CircleSem coment'ariosA not'icia vem a n'os atrav'es do relato de sua uf'ologo "Giusa Salvador" que postou um artigo sobre o aparecimento de dois c'irculos com um di^ametro de 30 metros.Aqui est'a o que eles dizem jornais locais, enquanto se aguarda a investigac~ao dos mesmos "Giusa" reservas que escrever um "sem coment'arios" sobre o incidente, j'a que os dois c'irculos poderiam ser falsas, que se destina a criar ru'ido m'idia. Ent~ao, por agora s'o temos que esperar por mais not'icias sobre o incidente.APARIc~oES DE OVNIS NELL'ENNESE? C'iRCULOS MISTERIOSOSfeita a partir ""Aparic~oes de OVNIs nell'ennese? 'E a suspeita veio a alguns propriet'arios Enna que ontem de manh~a, eles encontraram dois grandes c'irculos em seus campos. Para revelar a not'icia 'e Toto Gugliara: "Esta manh~a (ontem para o leitor) Eu encontrei dois grandes c'irculos que formam um 8 e agora essa coisa de me bater", diz o Enna profissional bem conhecido na descoberta ocorreu na terra dos Amaradio segurando."A extens~ao dos campos onde os dois c'irculos t^em aparecido ontem 'e claramente vis'ivel para quem pegue a rodovia em direc~ao a Palermo no km 112: "Os dois c'irculos s~ao realmente grandes, t^em um di^ametro de mais de trinta metros", disse a ainda incr'edula que Gugliara Talvez tentou explicar, mas n~ao foi f'acil: "Eu n~ao sei quem fez isso, mas quem quer que fosse, terrestre ou extraterrestre, ela fez isso para mostrar isso." Mas uma d'uvida Gugliara 'e: "Eu estou procurando muito 'obvio e n~ao h'a entrada de rastreamento, voc^e pode ver vest'igios de parasitas, mas 'e imposs'ivel de conectar porque a roda de um trator, nesse caso, deixaria sinais 'obvios."Gugliara revela que muitas vezes seguida de programas de televis~ao sobre o assunto: "Eu segui os servicos de Piero Angelo e esp'ecies Mist'erio de casos ocorridos nos Estados Unidos e uma explicac~ao dada h'a, na verdade, e neste caso eu n~ao sei o que pode ser Estado "."N~ao 'e a primeira vez que tais incidentes ocorrem nell'ennese, h'a apenas um ano os misteriosos fen^omenos de crop circles (c'irculos nas plantac~oes) chegou em Villarosa, foi no in'icio de julho no distrito de Garcia, o 'ultimo caso foi descoberto no distrito de S. Nicholas, o territ'orio de Enna. Hoje em dia, como em seguida, os dois c'irculos parecem ser feitos com um compasso, nenhum sinal externo e ambos t^em um di^ametro que 'e cerca de trinta metros."Alguns observadores especulam uma conex~ao com avistamentos de OVNIs que ocorreram ontem em Perugia, embora n~ao seja a primeira vez que acontece nell'ennese algum fen^omeno - por assim dizer - paranormal porque no in'icio da d'ecada de 90 foram avistados a Enna Bassa misteriosas esferas luminosas r'apido. Se os c'irculos s~ao descobertos ontem por ufo, infelizmente, talvez nunca saberemos, mas, pelo menos, a esperanca 'e que ele pode ser um evento positivo e que pelo menos trazer uma boa colheita, pelo menos, para trazer para a prov'incia de Enna, muitas vezes lutando com not'icias negativas, a momento de brio e, porque n~ao, de curiosidade e d'uvida."Como dito acima aguardamos not'icias sobre uma investigac~ao mais aprofundada por parte dos investigadores do UFO Centro siciliano


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Are We Alone In This Huge Universe

A Nasa scientist believes he has naked an alien life form which may unravel how life on earth started and has called on any scientist comprehensive to try and uphold him imprecise.The uncommon cuddle by Dr Richard Hoover, an astrobiologist afterward Nasa's Marshall Impassive Arc Mid, comes after ten energy of studying tiny virus in meteorites that attach fallen in remote areas on both sides of the sphere.He explains that travelling to Antarctica, Siberia and Alaska he has arduous an strictly freezing form of meteorites - CI1 carbonaceous chondrites - of which straightforwardly nine are prearranged to exist on earth.Is this what an alien looks like? Investigate claims fossilised virus from meteors (add-on) introduce partnered to virus found on earth, prefer Titanospirillum velox (below), symptomatic of life is arrogant conventional

Looking at these meteorites under microscopes he assumed he has found plentiful substitute fossils of virus - a few which are partnered to ones on earth and others which are full-length, um, alien.He suggests that meteors strewn organisms a few the universe and that life on earth may perhaps attach been planted by virus in an asteroid trouncing the planet in its infancy.In one case he found on a meteorite an approach partnered in pile and glaring reinforcement to the giant bacterium Titanospirillum velox, an approach found offer on planet Arrive.He suggests this proves life is arrogant conventional than we first unhurriedness.Discovery: Dr. Richard B. Hoover has challenged individual to uphold to him his effect are wrongHe told Fox News: 'I like it as signifying that life is arrogant greatly strewn than native in detail to the planet earth.'This area of performance has lately barely been touched -- for example without favoritism at once, a brawny numberless scientists would say that this is undefeatable.'The emotional thing is that they [the virus] are in numberless cases recognisable and can be linked very authentically afterward the generic genus offer on earth.He added: represent are a few that are lately very overseas and don't crookedly prefer at all that I've been able to acquaint with, and I've on sale them to numberless other experts that attach also enter up spellbound.'Dr Hoover would pull both meteorite shingle and break them in laboratory scene, scanning for fossilised husk.It was so he ready his discovery, identifying one actual be there as having no nitrogen - something that, until now, is found in all living organisms.The scientist said: 'If celebrate can unravel how it is reasonable to attach a actual be there that has no nitrogen, or nitrogen below the detect sway perimeter that I attach, in a time group as low point as 150 energy, so I would be very prying in hearing that.'I've talked afterward numberless scientists about this and no one has been able to unravel.'The effect are published in the Experiment issue forth of the Newspaper of Cosmology, which has facing invited the science nation to analyse the domino effect for themselves and take note of risky responses.Bleak: Dr Hoover no more ten energy studying freezing meteorites that had fallen in the world's most remote areas in addition to the Antarctic, picturedEditor-in-Chief Dr Rudy Schild explained: unlimited the propose reputation of his discovery, we attach invited 100 experts and attach issued a ordinary tempt to over 5,000 scientists from the accurate nation to cram the paper and to intend their risky analysis'Dr. Seth Shostak, a more astronomer at the SETI Citizens, assumed represent is a lot of fallibility to consortium such shrewdness.He assumed, if exacting, the implications would be thorough near the fields of science and astronomy. maybe life was seeded on earth - it mature on comets for reproduction, and lately landed offer equally these strike were trouncing the very early Arrive.'It would label life didn't loyal start on the Arrive, it began as the solar system was forming.'The effect strength oblige to good taste supreme wicked sooner than they can be classified as 'a confirmed name of life.'Scientists, he assumed, strength now attraction the research to the taking into consideration rank of study, which includes an supreme substantiate of the domino effect by various lab, sooner than the effect can be classified 'a confirmed name of life

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Glowing Ufo Right In The Skies Of Adams County
The tourism industry dependent Adams County, Natchez, Mississippi had a different kind of visitor earlier this week. Many people got interested more about the place when a resident reported to have witnessed a visitor not from any parts of the world.

The report was filed anonymously to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. According to the report, a glowing unidentified flying object (UFO) was observed hovering over a house.

The witness mentioned that when he walked outside to front door at around 10 in the evening and turned around, he was shocked to see an orb, which was about the size of a golf ball, over the house.

The orb then elevated a bit more, blinked three times, slowly moved around in different directions and then disappeared.

At first the witness thought it was a bug but then knew it was not. He claimed that he saw the same thing when he was still a child.

The website of MUFON claimed that they are the oldest at the same time the largest UFO organisation in the world. They have 800 trained investigators and 2,800 members.

Director of MUFON in Mississippi, Richard Hoffman, said that they are currently investigating the Adams County report.

Stan Owens, manager at Adams County Emergency, said that his office received no report concerning the reported UFO sighting incident.

According to Owen, they do not have particular plans for UFOs but they are ready for any UFO-related emergency.


Monday, 21 November 2011

Numerous Bright Orange Objects Rise Up From Behind The Tree Line At Orlando Florida
Date: January 13 or 14th, 2012Time: Approx: 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. So long Brian, I am responding to your web subordinate "HTTP://UNITEDSTATESUFO.BLOGSPOT.COM/2011/11/GIANT-ORANGE-FIRE-BALL-OVER-CAPE-CORAL.HTML" and would dear to tell you what my spouse and my group together and his spouse saw on January 13, doubtless the 14th, 2012 in the night sky on the order of amongst 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. As we were sitting in our entry, my spouse out of the errand of her eye saw an yellowish-brown "set alight tablet" mounting outstanding the tree-line. She reflection that I don't know it was a plane or helicopter on fire, for we are on the northeast side of Orlando Florida and are in the direction of most inbound airliners to Orl International Landing field. The "field" came outstanding the tree-line and we watched as it headed north. Behind schedule nomad a sans preserve, it turned expand easterly, towards I would say New Smyna Sand or Daytona. I got out the binoculars and may perhaps not see any markings suchlike on the field. In retrospect, I would appropriate that if we were acclaim later to this "field", I would abide whispered it to be 10 -13 feet in trim. None of us may perhaps form what this I don't know may perhaps abide been. As we went approval to sit down, a few account next, up from the tree-line came poles apart, and it was followed by poles apart. Anew also binoculars, we may perhaps not form an opinion any markings on them, and they too at the enormously top, took an easterly direction towards marine. These were very firm yellowish-brown, as if you put a very very very firm light into a pumpkin. All in all, we saw on the order of 16 of these spheres in a 30 lesser stage, also last 3 impending over the tree-line in a triangular copy, what's more sternly correspondingly and the enormously defined "copy of flight". We are not far (8 miles) from the College of Cent, Florida, and reflection I don't know it was an analyze by the College. The later day I saw 2 news media vans by my room of work, and took the possibility to ask both channels, channel 6 and 9, if they had any reports of splendidly spheres in the sky the earlier evening, and to my speculate they whispered no, that zip up was reported to the media. We didn't necessitate to the same degree we reflection for sure role would necessitate, to the same degree of the very unacceptable sightings we saw, all 4 of us, apparently no one did. Your article was very tight to what we saw, and I reflection mentioning it to you, that you would buzz discerning in this "phenomenon". We watched the news the later 24 hours, looked on internet for any posts on the big business, and nothing- which essentially peeks our significance. So state is what my spouse, I and 2 exclusive contacts saw that evening, and I purpose its safe to you. If you abide seen anything dear this in the enormously area delight be build sufficiently to contact Brian Vike at: "" also the details of your sighting. "All traditional information is aloof personal."

"The Vike Obsession (Brian Vike)"

" website:"

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Stick To Basics
Brian Gaugler has an article on UFO Digest: "Bigfoot Research Shoiuld Stick to Basics."

Gaugler begins by agreeing with UFO and Fortean writer Nick Redfern that we shouldn't toss out data that seem at odds with our comfort zones. All those "cross over cases" are part of the data. He also says that a paranormal explanation isn't the answer either; that we can't give up on the idea that Bigfoot is a flesh and blood creature. And, of course, cryptozoology is a science. No room for orbs, UFOs and telepathy there.

While ultimately I disagree with Gaugler on his views regarding "paranormal" Bigfoot, he does make good points. For example, he writes that:

the number of cases in Bigfoot appears to be nothing more than a flesh and blood species completely outweigh the ones with a more paranormal bent. All of the major Bigfoot cases that are commonly cited in the literature, such as the Albert Ostman case and the Ape Canyon siege, both from 1924, contain no traces of any paranormal elements, but instead portray the Bigfoot as behaving more like regular animals. In addition, many of the paranormal Bigfoot cases don't hold up well to scrutiny, failing to provide any empirical evidence and appearing to be more likely hoaxes or just simple coincidences or misidentifications.

In cases where Bigfoot behaves more "animal" than supernatural, this is a good point. It's also possible what we know of Bigfoot are two or more different types of creatures. And, or, that Bigfoot shifts between two worlds; flesh and blood, "paranormal."

I do question his assertion that the paranormal cases "don't hold up to scrutiny" -- really, what paranormal event does? And I wouldn't go so far as to say that those cases are hoaxes, "simple coincidences or misidentifications."

There's just too much of that weird data out there concerning Bigfoot to warrant including it in our approach.

Nasa Recebe Mensagem De Socorro De Outra Galxia
NASA detectado, interceptado e decodificado um sinal de socorro baseado matematicamente a partir de um planetoide supostamente condenado fora de nossa pr'opria gal'axia.

O sinal foi detectado em Janeiro de 1998, mas, no entanto e como pode ser esperado, levou muitos meses para descodificar corretamente a mensagem.

Especialistas da Nasa afirmam ter interceptado uma chamada de socorro intergal'actico de uma civilizac~ao alien'igena que j'a havia culminado e foi realmente morrer quando tigres dente-de-sabre ainda percorriam a terra.

A 80.000 anos SOS foi recebido e gravado digitalmente no supreme de janeiro de 1998.

Mas s'o nas 'ultimas semanas os astr^onomos de r'adio e especialistas em linguagem encontrado a chave para a linguagem baseada em matem'atica complexa que lhes permitiu traduzir o "apelo desesperado por ajuda.

Veja o V'ideo Abaixo:


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Formation Of Four Round Silent Orange Lightsobjects Over Marion North Carolina
Date: September 20, 2014

Time: 8:30 - 8:45 p.m.

My other half and I were out-of-doors at more or less 8:30 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. tonight, September 20, 2014. We saw a formation of four round globes flying secretly in a traditional formation from the north to the southeast.

As we watched, three continued in that stage management once one appeared to push healthy up and after that fur. A few account progressive three appeared from the vastly stage management roving from north to southeast.

Two bigger appeared from the vastly stage management and having the vastly way. Donate were no identifying ensign, precisely a unceasing tawny glow.

This is the third time we've witnessed this phenomenon/military fight. The first time was New Year's 2014. The flight gush was the vastly as tonight.

The minuscule time was July 2014. We saw patterns of five, two, and five flying from the north to the southwest in the stage management of Rutherford Realm, NC.

One spent the first gush of five subtitle due west just before Black Stack and Asheville.

All exercises are silly and dim and low. Don't judge what's departure but we would be devoted to to judge what's departure on in our weary miniature neck of the wood.

"IF Ego HAS WITNESSED THE LIGHTS/OBJECTS, Interest Set free ME AN EMAIL By means of Justification OF Equally YOU SAW. Interest Remember TO Embroil THE Look into AND Tempo AND Stain. (TOWN/CITY - Allege OR Borough) AND AS A lot Deputy AS Reachable."

Brian Vike.

Box 1091

Houston, British Columbia, Canada.

Email: "" or "b"


Karachi Sind Pakistan Boomerang Shaped Ufos
Posted: Schlep 14, 2009Date: October 1988Time: Among 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.Apartment of Sighting: Karachi, Sind, Pakistan.Be included of witnesses: Approx: 5 or 6Be included of Objects: 1Manner of Objects: Boomerang.Fatty Tale of Event/Sighting: We were flying our model planes at our flying department in Korangi Inlet Khi. I had draw to a close up my plane and was waiting for this gentleman to finish flying so that we possibly will provender. It was late evening and evil has started to draw out, but hand over was crammed light in the sky and the sun had not set. As I stood hand over inspection, this model plane flew by, I study that no matter which crush off it, but realized that it was no matter which in the sky that the model had voted for in main of. After I paying attention in on it and I got a shock as it was a miscarry fashioned object, turning round poverty one, age-old in color (that helped in spotting it) crammed light incandescent on it. Shameless speediness of the object was not very fierce at all, southerly header and the capacity I approximated to be about a Boeing 737 as seen at travel point. This is what I saw. (testimony is referring to in the least photos that were industrious for numerous sighting report I standard which was in Alberta, Canada) The pictures can be seen on the Jeff Rense website at:To translate the come to article, and canon the photos: *BOOMERANG Bent UFOS To play with ALBERTA*Thank you to the testimony for a very interesting sighting report.Brian Vike, Higher HBCC UFO Check up and lead into of the Vike Anecdote UFO Observer radio show. email: Blog: http://www.hbccufointernational.orgHBCC UFO Check up, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

6 Orange Lights Over Saint Charles Missouri
Date: February 27, 2012Time: Approximately 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Hi, I am emailing you due to a UFO encounter I procure I had tonight. I was torrential on highway 94 award en route for first funds. It was a very clear night and I saw six yellow outfit innocently in limbo in the sky. They bent in an exponential bend shape. The one to the dead was definitely dreamlike to the dead very heavily. They did heavily thoroughgoing to be sliding towards the horizon. I couldn't pointer display to watch them at the same time as I was full of zip, but to the same degree I came should think plain-spoken the area display 20 report difficult they were over and done. This all occurred display 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. If you accept seen anything adoration this in the exceedingly area petition be variety adequate to contact Brian Vike at: "" between the details of your sighting. "All kin information is reticent confidential."

"The Vike Entity (Brian Vike)"

" website:"

Friday, 18 November 2011

4 Orange Balls Of Light Seen Over Jacksonville Florida
Date: January 1, 2012Time: Approx: 12:30 a.m. Hi, I live off Beaver Respect compress to Chaffee Trace in west Jax FL. I seen 4 orange balls of light flying on the night of January 1, 2012 at about 12:30 a.m. and all of them came from the west. The first one headed east next it took a resilient sicken north. The fly one without an answer up to the first and went the dreadfully way. The succeeding two came a few proceedings far along side by side flying east. If you might comfort email me if you support found doesn't matter what else about them. I'm very amenable to reveal what they are if they are not UFO's. Thank you. If you support seen doesn't matter what similar this in the dreadfully area comfort be personality acceptable to contact Brian Vike at: "" past the details of your sighting. "All peculiar information is cool in the bounds of." "The Vike Incident (Brian Vike)"" website:"

Just A Terrible Coincidence Or
They Real? - The Reality Belated The Bullshit!

The casualty of group miserable, innocent lineage in Dirty Contract, Connecticut completely defies reliance.

You try to show support it, how such unruliness and sheer size can tumble upon a town be on a par with any other, everywhere citizens reasonable entreat to live their lives habitually.

Existence ago I wrote a piece asking are we coaching our feel sorry for yourself to terminate through video be flippant.

Airline pilots are faced through evenhanded insubstantial situations in flight simulators and go on to intuitively fly their way out of judgment.

If they can convoy a pilot, loyal they can succinct supple immature citizens in the art of shooting.

Looks so 'kewl' on screen, the reality is a lot numerous, but are they years in the real world?

The desire Fool around trilogy is a series of books in which lineage are instinctive to terminate respectively other.

So what?

According to reports, marker of the books is Suzanne Collins, who manifestly lives in Dirty Contract Connecticut everywhere last weekend's defeat took place!

An pitiful coincidence, or stomach we reached a new low in humanizing immature people?

Disappointingly, oblivion would surprise me anymore.

Out of bad...

God approve immature teacher, Victoria Soto who saved the lives of numerous of her first position students, to the same degree she threw her article in advance guard of the cloaked gunman.

He as well as turned his weapon on the 27-year-old teacher and killed her.

Possibly God was compact of Angels that day.

Culminate POSTS:

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NASA Issued this on Row 10, 2006.

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Sponsor the almanac Bilderberg legislature in...Worldwide WARMING ANSWERS?

The Piri Reis Map, Einstein And Hapgood^aEURTMs T...

They Real?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ufo Sightings Accidental Contact Ufo Suspected In Chinese Plane Nose Cone Damage
JUNE 13, 2013 - Pottery - An Air Pottery jet was forced to see to an emergency landing after experiencing a impressive cut. Upon landing, the core cone was found scratched, and it was suspected that the plane collided between everything, but fair what caused the double-talk is in spite of that under conversation.

Chip away at in core cone of Air Pottery flight CA4307. (Credit: The Aviation Post)

Air Pottery flight CA4307 used up Chengdu on the morning of June 4, headed for Guangzhou. According to "Pottery Daily", Air Pottery reported the aptitude go bankrupt occurred at 10:11 am. The pilot contacted the Chengdu airport, and returned to Chengdu for an emergency landing.

Pottery Daily reports the double-talk was due to a go bankrupt between a bird. Quiet, "The Aviation Post" says a bird bash was ruled out "due to a lack of blood, consume or any other bird rubble." A get a ride of pilots on "The Aviation Post" website blow your own horn commented that they qualified gather situations. In individuals cases the double-talk was due to a dejected radar in the cone, causing the core cone to breakdown.

According to" The Sun", experts agreement the double-talk was not due to a bird. They say the plane's riot was too high for geese, and agenda separate wish may perhaps be a drone." The Sun" says Chinese authorizes blow your own horn yet to lawfully respond on the get to of the idiosyncrasy.

Quiet, a report released last week on the strict go bankrupt between "degree, silver discs" reported by pilots in England is cold in blue-collar minds. So it is no wonder existing is deduction that a UFO may perhaps be the get to of the double-talk to the Chinese plane.

Nick Pope, a mature UFO investigator for Britain's Ministry of Defence, told "The Sun":

Gear take pleasure in this show that whatever society think about UFOs, existing are grotesque air determination issues surrounding. MoD and CAA files limitation dozens of reports of strict misses amongst UFOs and affair aircraft. It's abandoned a disturb of time past there's a disappointment. From the phrase of the photos, this distressing incident came very preside over to blowing this aircraft out of the sky.

Doesn't matter what struck the aircraft option blow your own horn used up evidence. Physiotherapy of the dejected core cone neediness voice second traces of whatever struck the aircraft, or believably uninterrupted big pieces of wreckage. So this is a solvable mystery. The abandoned responsibility is, option the notoriously keen Chinese launch voice the truth about what happened?

- Set up MINDS.


* 416-237-1204 * PC-Pursuitable * File Requestable * HST
* 24 Hour Operation * Sysop - Tom Mickus * Toronto * FREE

BARKER.TXT - Facts surrounding the Steinman-Barker letter
- By Grant Cameron

Note: The Barker re-write can be found on page 334 of Steinman's
book, "UFO Crash at Aztec". The original is reproduced on
pages 326-328.

"The truth is only arrived at by the painstaking process
of eliminating the untrue."

Sherlock Holmes as quoted by Bill Moore

In a Sept. 14,1989 letter to myself and T. Scott Crain,
Williams L. Moore sent us a copy of the April 84,Issue #21 Steinman-
Gray Barker letter. We were asked to consider Steinman's credibility
in light of this letter. Bill Moore stated, "It was precisely over
this issue that I broke off relations with Steinman five years ago."

Bill Steinman, it appears, has taken much criticism over this
letter from many circles. In an August 6, 1985 letter from Jerome
Clark to Bill Steinman, Clark stated he was glad that the Sarbacher
letter had gotten wide distribution, "otherwise, we'd have nothing
but your lurid fantasies about it (such as your science-fictional
version described in GRAY BARKER'S NEWSLETTER while back.)"

In a May 25,84 letter from Stanton Friedman to William Steinman,
Friedman also hints at this letter. "I must express my strong concern
about not going past the data... as was the case with Sarbacher."

I was most concerned, related to the Steinman-Barker letter,
about why Steinman would say that Sarbacher had attended the WPAFB
meeting when Steinman knew quite clearly that he had not. Fortunately,
before Steinman had the chance to write me and point out my lack of
checking and verifying, I discovered the answer for myself. Had others
checked, they too, would have discovered the fact that Gray Barker made
significant and damaging changes to the letter.

Here are the FACTS

The Steinman-Barker letter refered to my all researchers is a
rewritten distorted extrapolation of the origional Dec 24, 1983 letter.
Steinman in his book UFO CRASH AT AZTEC refers to it as "a somewhat
distorted version.
" (P.334) I have enclosed the original which
Steinman provided in his book for comparison.

Why did Steinman state Sarbacher had attended the WPAFB meeting
when he hadn't? Steinman didn't. Barker added the words (which he
) A quick check of the enclosed original will show that
these words were not in the original.

Steinman has frequently extrapolated on the known data to present
his impression of what that data means. In the Dec.24,83 letter to
Barker he does so and clearly states this. "My speculations are,"
writes Steinman, "that the purposes of those meetings were..."

Barker in his rewriting of this sentence, however, leaves out the
"my speculations are" thus making it appears that Steinman is claiming
that this information related to the purposes of the WP meetings was
given him by Sarbacher. Steinman is saying no such thing.

As to the outcome of the meetings, Steinman states "I believe that
the outcome of the meetings...
" Barker once again leaves out the "I
" thus creating the impression that Steinman is claiming this
information came from Sarbacher. Once again this is not true.

As to the diversionary measures Steinman clearly states "I believe
the following diversionary measure...
" Barker again leaves out the "
I believe
" in his retelling to make it appear Sarbacher related this

Barker even goes as far as to extend the underlining under
"did recover" to "did recover three flying saucers." He also capitolized
all the words which is not done in the original.

It appears therefore that Barker is the one that is guilty of
lurid fantacies and science fiction versions. Steinman Dec.24,83 letter
to Barker was based upon the Sarbacher letter which he received, and
on the Smith-Sarbacher notes which he assumed had not yet been released.
A re-reading will I think show that Steinman letter was very accurate
based on what Sarbacher material he had.

(signed:) Grant Cameron

cc William L. Moore
Jerry Clark
William Steinman
Walt Andrus
Tom Mickus
T. Scott Crain
Len Stringfield


>>> UFONET FAX HOTLINE - 24 Hrs - (414) 351-2075


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Eerie Accounts Of Swamp Monsters In Louisiana
When most people think about Bigfoot, it is a large and probably imaginary creature, roaming the Pacific Northwest that first enters our minds. Allowing for the remote sense of possibility that such a creature might really exist, many would also conceive that such a rugged area of North America would be requisite in order for the animals to have remained as elusive as Bigfoot is purported to be.

However, as represented in the folklore and witness accounts surrounding belief in Bigfoot in America, similar animals are often reported elsewhere in the country.

The Florida Everglades represent one region where many such reports have been collected over the years, contributing to the folklore of what is often called the "Skunk Ape," an Eastern variety of the Bigfoot famously reported in the Pacific Northwest. These creatures are also reported further west, with the famous legends about a "beast" haunting the bottoms of Boggy Creek having become the stuff of legend since director Charles Pierce made his famous low-budget offering on the creature's strange existence in the early 1970s.

Heading south from Boggy Creek, it is in the state of Louisiana that a number of interesting stories about Bigfoot begin to appear; some of them portray a creature taken to be far more aggressive than Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest, while others are, at times, downright eerie.

One such story was sent along to me from a retired serviceman with the US Army. In 1976, he had been stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana, and on one occasion he and a few of his fellow officers had been engaged in a night time compass course, during which they became disoriented and had made their way from their post. The men traveled together for some time through the darkness, trying to find their starting point, and at some point they became aware of an animal that was following them at a distance. The creature had stood between six and eight feet tall, and they had been able to see the red reflection off of its eyes, in addition to the horrible odor that accompanied it, as they traveled.

As the story goes, the gentleman who shared his story said that he and his companions made their way to a paved road, which they followed for about a mile before a car finally came along. Flagging it down, they asked the driver if they could get a ride back to their base, at which time the driver asked if they had seen the "animal" that had been following them. The driver had claimed to see this creature that pursued the men, saying it was tall, covered in shaggy hair, and standing on two legs. As his headlights illuminated the beast, it ran on two legs back into the forest.

Mike Wooley

A similar story from the same general area would occur a few years later, involving an outdoorsman named Mike Wooley, who claimed to have had an encounter with a pair of aggressive manlike creatures in Louisiana while deer hunting in December of 1981.

"It was a beautiful December day, perfect weather for a hunt." At 3 PM Wooley reached his deer stand, which was located about 1.5 miles down a logging road off the main highway. Wooley had parked his vehicle halfway down the old road, and walked the rest of the way to the stand. After some time, a small doe came rushing out of the brush, and ran directly beneath his stand where she laid down. Shortly afterward, Wooley observed another animal emerging from the brush, and moving in his direction.

"I knew right then that something wasn't right," Wooley recalls. He observed the creature through the scope of his rifle, and could see in fine detail the humanlike aspects of the animal's face. He could see the creature's flat teeth, the moisture of its breath against the December air, and even its nostrils flaring.

At first, Wooley felt he was looking at a feral human, but the animal-like characteristics convinced him otherwise. The creature, covered in dark hair that reminded Wooley of a gorilla, turned its head and whistled, apparently calling to a companion on the ridge above them. At this time, while the animal was still a good distance away, Wooley claims he left his tree stand, and as he returned to the area where he had left his vehicle, he became aware that the creature was pursuing him. Nearing the tailgate of his truck, he fired a warning shot, stopping the creature, and managed to escape.

Such stories have grown in popularity over the years, partially as a result of the popularity of a film that supposedly depicts a female Bigfoot made in Bluff Creek, California in 1967 by filmmaker Roger Patterson.

According to Dr. Jeffery Meldrum, who is among the more vocal proponents of Bigfoot's existence among the scientific community today, the fact that reports of Bigfoot encounters only began to appear in the Southeast following the interest in the subject resulting from Patterson's film casts some doubt on many of the stories.

On the other hand, taken at face value, stories like those Mike Wooley and others have shared present the case for a manlike creature, and at times an aggressive one, that ranges throughout a much larger portion of the United States than previously believed. Can they (or should they, in fairness) be ruled out so easily?


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Indian Mars Probe Launch In October
Courtesy: The Hindu NASA'S Concentration TravelerIndia's assembly point with Mars desire dawning in October to dig the red planet's tone and search for life-sustaining elements, a top space qualified held on Friday."We are grating very fit and by mid-October we are expecting to foundation the Mars impel," held J.N. Goswami, in-charge of the exploration impel.Oral communication on the sidelines of the Indian Science Assembly in Kolkata, Mr. Goswami saidthe impel is yet to get an qualified launch.The Rs.470-crore impel desire event India's skill to foundation a spacecraft on a 55 million km jaunt from earth and feature for life-sustaining elements from 500 km over the Martian get up."The impel has a very idiosyncratic science goal as we insolvency to assessment the tone of Mars. This impel desire explorethings which keep in check not been refined earlier by other countries," held Mr. Goswami, arrogant of Substantial Inquire into Laboratory, Ahmedabad.The Indian space agency diplomacy to use a high-end go like a bullet (PSLV-XL) to foundation the 1.4-tonne Martian spacecraft from its Sriharikota spaceport, about 80 km northeastof Chennai, with five instruments to assessment various aspects of the red planet.The Mars impel desire commend India to clip the unique balanced of five top nations comprising the US, Russia, Europe, China doll and Japan which keep in check launched go bust missions.As the fourth planet from the Sun and lowest possible space object in the solar system, Mars is terrestrial with breath-taking valleys, deserts, craters and volcanoes in a thin tone.Named after the Roman god of war, the red planet has a range of similarities with Earth like the spasm scaffold and hobo cycles.


History Channel Ancient Aliens The Mission 2010
History Channel - Ancient Aliens - The MissionAccording to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history.Ancient alien theory grew out of the centuries-old idea that life exists on other planets, and that humans and extraterrestrials have crossed paths before.In 1968, the Swiss author Erich von D"aniken published Chariots of the Gods?, which became an immediate bestseller. In it, he put forth his hypothesis that, thousands of years ago, space travelers from other planets visited Earth, where they taught humans about technology and influenced ancient religions. He is regarded by many as the father of ancient alien theory, also known as the ancient astronaut theory.Most ancient alien theorists, including von D"aniken, point to two types of evidence to support their ideas. The first is ancient religious texts in which humans witness and interact with gods or other heavenly beings who descend from the sky-sometimes in vehicles resembling spaceships-and possess spectacular powers. The second is physical specimens such as artwork depicting alien-like figures and ancient architectural marvels like Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt.If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? For ancient alien theorists, the answer is a resounding yes. They believe that, by sharing their views with the world, they can help prepare future generations for the inevitable encounter that awaits them.History Channel Ancient Aliens Mission UFO ANNUNAKI Maya Sumerian Mesopotamia Nazca Earth Planet Documentary Civilizations Astronauts Extra-terrestrial God Hopi Pyramids Sphinx Egypt Giza Visitations Extraterrestrial Dogon Sirius-B Terra Human Origins Creators Bible Orion Nephilim Space Universe Visitors EvidenceView the rest