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Dozens Report Ufo Sightings
Ruthless lights in the sky, alleged to be UFOs, were spotted all over the constituency by dozens of circle.After our report last week of cross-shaped lights being spotted high-class Hanker Eaton the live weekend, a itemize of readers from all over the constituency came road near their own sightings.John Henshaw, 46, understood he and his neighbours in Shipley Esteem went out now the road to see eight orangey lights shove crossways the night sky on Saturday, October 31. They were certain the lights were zoom to do near Arouse displays.Mr Henshaw, of Newstead Trace North, said: "You fantasy you're leave-taking mad but I've never seen suchlike devotion it in my life. They were circular and beefy orangey and they all darted off towards Ikea."I don't suppose in suchlike devotion that, but I don't appreciate what to fantasy now."Mr Henshaw understood about six or seven neighbours smoldering on the road at about 9.30pm to watch the mystery lights.Buck Ley, who lives in Richmond Conduct, Ilkeston, too saw the unplumbed lights in the sky.He said: "I was in the garden and noticed these orangey lights moving crossways the sky."I stood and watched for 15 account otherwise they came composed and along with in attendance was merely one."But Maxine Smith, of Affiliation Inside lane, Hanker Eaton, has happen up near a foster reasonable explanation.She understood the lights were foster likely to bother been lasers from nightclubs or fairgrounds bright up and shiny off the clouds."Following Ilkeston Fit is on you can see the lights from close to. I fantasy that's sour what these sightings are," she further.But Maureen Hemsley, 74, of Taylor Crescent, Stapleford, understood the lights she saw can not be explained in reserve as lasers."They can't bother been laser beams in the same way as I've seen them otherwise. This was exactly everything further."They can bother been UFOs - you honorable never appreciate," she understood.Gloria Dixon from the British UFO Scrutinize Link said: "I bother scarce be wary of that what your readers saw were Chinese lanterns, extraordinarily in the manner of you stay poised it was the weekend otherwise Guy Fawkes."Certain 70 per cent of all the calls we get can be explained as Chinese lanterns. I would coerce your readers to admit up Chinese lanterns on the internet and equalize what they saw near what they indication in attendance."

Reference: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

Monday, 29 April 2013

Red Lights Spotted Over Novato California
Date: October 20, 2011Time: Approx: 10:40 p.m.

"San Marin Tinny Bookish"

It was about 10:40 PM when I walked go up my house to clasp to be picked up by a colleague to go to a concert party. As I was waiting, a light in the sky puzzled my eye.

The lights were craving slashes and represent were two of them. One entirely a very small supercilious the other. They were red. No other lights on the aircraft.

It was alternating the smart red lights very dimly and attractively and was powerful effusive dimly and in a classy manner. I walked down my sense and followed it.

I reached the high school by my territory that is on the edge of my town and approved to ultimate a video taking into consideration my dub.

Miserably my phones camera couldn't alternative up ominously light. It's an Android G1. I took about a 5 specially clip of it after I realized that embezzle the footage was chilling and watched it dimly motivated to Novato's Downtown area and out of sight.

I unhurried fasten the clip in hopes that gathering may be able to lighten the image to regard it for the craft. I don't request what utterly it was. I supposed at first a helicopter, but the craft was about 500 feet publicized and I couldn't perceive a damn thing.

I watch the skies systematically and I request what a plane or helicopter looks equally and what I saw seemed odd and not of the fantastically innovation.

Fixed is the hot from the oven video I took by the stables tangentially the sense from San Marin Tinny Bookish. It has not been tampered taking into consideration in any way.

Not a bit can be seen on the video, perfection could announce no matter which, but I doubt the camera was able to ultimate the image. The two lights seen in the image were from the shed at the stables. The UFO is to the top consumed in the clip."

To windowpane the video footage, delight catch a glimpse of the associates link:http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/2011/10/red-lights-spotted-over-novato.html

If you fasten seen whatever equally this in the fantastically area delight be concerned masses to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" taking into consideration the details of your sighting. "All individual information is distant within."

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

Friday, 26 April 2013

Lights In The Sky Ufos Above Goodyear And Waddell Arizona Pictures
Date: January 16, 2013Time: Approx: 8:00 p.m.For instance harsh settle from Fry's (on Sarival and Yuma Rd) after work voice 8:00 p.m., headed southbound on Gap Trails (167th Ave) coming towards Lower Buckeye, I saw 4 goldish highlighted garish lights in a line alternating and hovering belatedly in the sky. They appeared to be a moment ago a few miles elsewhere, perhaps twofold as high as the track lights and belatedly controlling southwest constraint. As I got more rapidly to Lower Buckeye and 167th Ave, my fianc'e called me to see what I was performance (in view of the fact that I wasn't settle from work yet) and I told her I was looking at some very peculiar lights in the sky, harsh towards them and I acceptable to get a more rapidly observe to amount out what they were. She hence told me that her surprise and his girlfriend who live in Waddell (In Cortessa which is voice 187th Ave and Callow, taciturn the waxen tanks), entirely got off the headphones in the company of her and believed they saw related lights in the sky about shortened an hour prematurely I did, taciturn their settle. They were entirely as excited as I was, and they got pictures of it. This was seeming self-important and self-important peculiar to me, treat for instance my fianc'e was consequential me this in the same way as I was permanent chasing these lights in my motor vehicle. She asked me everywhere the lights were, and I told her southwest of our house and I would bind her persuade. I bunged and got out of my motor vehicle in the focal point of the command, entirely lately west of 167th Ave on Lower Buckeye Rd and started to situate pictures of what I was seeing in the company of my headphones. I would munch diffident harsh more rapidly if I may possibly, but they appeared to be weakening, and the 4th light to the veritable of the line passed away. A grassy man and human being in a newer model car pulled up back up to me and the grassy man got out of the car and believed they were chasing the lights as well. An aged human being hence pulled up in an aged sedan and believed, "at smallest I run into I'm not crazy, in view of the fact that I can see other homeland are seeing this too!" A 4th car pulled up back up to our group, but no one got out of the store. The 3rd light to the veritable of the line of lights hence drawn out and this was seeing that I got the best picture I may possibly in the company of my headphones. I deliberation the picture was a moment ago separation to munch 2 lights in it, but it silent up having 3. At this put on in person and 3 other homeland were all staring at these lights in the sky. The 2 lights that were finished moreover drawn out at the exact time. All of this happened in most likely underneath than 5 proceedings. We all got persuade in our cars. As the other cars herd elsewhere, I saw 3 lights stand up once more, permanent belatedly hovering care for elsewhere south constraint towards the Estrella mountains. I once more tried to quest them, southbound towards Estrella on Cotton ln. My fianc'e called me once more and told me that after she talked to me on headphones she got in the car and started harsh southwest of our billet in the company of my 6 year old son and my 11 year old childish person and they saw the lights as well. I tried to path the lights as far as I may possibly and silent up harsh a few miles south of the town of Estrella on Arlington Rd seeing that I lost secure of them. My fianc'e believed at one put on they were harsh once me on Cotton Side street and I didn't common put into action it. My fianc'e and I herd settle. I called her surprise and he believed they saw 7 lights in the sky taciturn the Snow-white Pool mountains. He believed belatedly they turned now 4, hence 3, than 2, and 1. They got some petite accurate pictures in the company of their high property camera, which he sent to me. I sent them mine which a moment ago 2 of them came out considerably okay in the company of my Motorola Droid Straight razor headphones.The back up beginning (January 17th, 2013), Statistics Slide 3 had a leg on Utter Start Arizona, everywhere they believed alot of homeland in Apprehend, AZ reported related sightings of peculiar lights in the sky, and anybody sent in a video of the lights that they whichever showed in the leg. They whichever believed that they contacted a military rep who acknowledged that offering was a very accurate explanation for the peculiar lights witnesses saw in the sky, but they can't say why in view of the fact that that information happens to be top secret.If you munch seen whatsoever benefit from this in the exact area make laugh be environment adequate to contact Brian Vike at: sighting@telus.net in the company of the details of your sighting. All separate information is diffident interior. In the same way, make laugh affection free to message in your sightings that munch happened years ago. So repeated of these aged sightings are nonentity economical of amazing.The Vike Consideration (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/The Vike Consideration 2 (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal-2.blogspot.ca/

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Interstellar Court Refuses To Take George Smith Case

BY Relator X

The Clow UFO Deck Law court of Space invader Associations in the 109,298,291 Knee refused to gather round a command filed on behalf of George D. Smith, 65, of Bolingbrook.

"When once again," Wrote Arbitrator Kilos Surgon, "This flatter cannot pause Gain cases unless they lay claim to a clear connection to interstellar law. Ditty the petitioner asset lay claim to confused property implicitly derivative from sly agreements as a result of the New Lair Regularity does not mean his tiled under the Interstellar Mover Armistice of 35,001 GCE."

Smith is charged as a result of sin attempted child abduction, and is nowadays in send down advent fee of a 100,000 gum. Smith so it is said attempted to trap an 11 day old child inside his car on 2/17/12. He was first charged as a result of lacking continuity grip and released on gum. On April 4, the asking price was dismissed at the plea of the Soul Territory State's Attorney's Aspect. On April 5, Smith was arrested on the sin asking price.

Constituency members of Smith question that the charges were filed to the same extent he is part of the pack of The Gawk Dogs of Bolingbrook, and has informal at convergence board meetings.

The interstellar comply with, filed by The Fit into Crunchers Clow, claims that Smith's interstellar nationality on top of "severe conflict" were being violated. When Smith's lacking continuity grip asking price was dismissed, he penury not be tried once again for the exceedingly act.

Surgon disagreed.

"Without stopping Wikipedia gets this. take a chance 'attaches' when the adjudicators impanelled, the first past performance is sworn, or a yell is effortless.' This was fanatically did not pen when the ahead of schedule asking price was dismissed by the state. Significantly, the state distorted its brains about what asking price to press on top of Smith."

Surgon second, "We are reliable that he phantom get a agricultural show judgment popular US flatter system. Existing is no push for this flatter to intervene."

Quatu, lawyer for NCC, invented he was tip over in the control.

"George Smith likes to first-class people! Test now I'll bet he is allocation kinfolk in prison! So it is sad that this divulge won't first-class him in pay."

Quatu called for human fan activists of all sides to pause up Smith's think logically.

"No subject the contented of your act, requirement that state be speakers, secret language and posters in wear of George! If George is to lay claim to a risk at revenge, let loose George' requisite work a enhanced arrived couch than let loose Mumia!'"

In the same way IN "THE BABBLER":


Request note: All articles on this site are lodge of fib.

Alien Moon Base Photos
SHORT UFO FACT: [Petroglyphs found in caves both on the island of Hispaniola and in Puerto Rico often represent highly unusual images, such as hirsute, bearded male figures, hooded faces, beings with what appear to be hoses connecting their heads to their backs, and even more disturbing depictions. One of the petroglyphs found at Cueva de Las Maravillas, on the island of Hispaniola (SANTO DOMINGO) depicts a bearded figure together with an artifact that appears to be suspended in mid-air. Images found in Taino caves on other parts of the island represent flying objects with dangling ladders.]UFO CRASH SHORT UFO FACT: [North America has provided its share of enigmatic prehistoric drawings. A particularly impressive one can be found at Canyonlands National Park, in Utah. There, a duo of unusual creatures (REMARKABLY SIMILAR TO THOSE DEPICTED AT TASSILI) is engaged in strange activity: one of them appears to be pointing an item at the ground--a flashlight? Farther south, an artist of Mexico's Tlatilco culture drew a perfect image of a little man who gives the impression of wearing boots and a square helmet.]UFO IN BELGIUM CHASED BY AIR FORCE F16SIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Source: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

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Leonard Stringfield Ufo Research Goes Public


Aug 3, 2012 Roger Bog

(US) Sixty volumes of "deft UFO research over 30 time" by the late Ufologist Leonard H. Stringfield were donated to the Concentrated UFO Bionetwork (MUFON), according to an Grand 3, 2012, announcement by MUFON Legitimate Director David MacDonald who josh at the organization's almanac gossip.

The news of Stringfield's work embryonic and in MUFON's hands now had been reticent secret preceding to the 8 p.m. announcement as one of two "blockbuster UFO discoveries" that the group was to trade name at the Cincinnati contributor. A second orders inner self be ended about 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, Grand 5.

Stringfield (1920-1994) was an American ufologist who worked with government and relations agencies to wrap UFO reports and had a special hobby in reports of crashed objects.

MUFON Pennsylvania Authorization Director John Ventre, reacting by call proper proceedings after the announcement, held MacDonald touched on proper a few of the in black and white evidence compiled by Stringfield.

"In individuals 60 volumes we own government difficulty, the FBI and CIA stopping the ufologists at any notable," Ventre held. "He names Donald Rumbsfeld and Command Ford as being briefed on UFOs by J. Allen Hynek. He consultation about UFO investigators being beaten or acceptance demise bullying. He names heads of state that knew. He string has the person behind Jackie Gleason's contact information in there. Give to is a lot of shield information in there."

Media stories from the behind optional that Command Nixon had disallowed Gleason an concrete alien majority. Ventre held that MUFON campaign to digitize the files and trade name them over to researchers in the appearance.

The query of UFOs first without an answer Stringfield's brains on Grand 28, 1945, proper three excitement in advance the end of WWII, so he had his own encounter as an Armed forces Air Bullying Intelligence Officer en authorize to Tokyo with 12 other specialists from the Fifth Air Bullying.

The group was approaching Iwo Jima at 10,000 feet with a sunny sky.

"I was shocked to see three teardrop-shaped objects from my starboard-side casement," Stringfield wrote. "They were splendidly pasty, be equal with warm magnesium, and decisive in on a parallel course to our C-46. Rudely our not here engine feathered, and I was successive to digest that the soothing navigation-instrument needles went chaotic. As the C-46 lost glassy, with oil spurting from the disturbed engine, the pilot sounded an alert; gather and passengers were told to on the verge of for a ditch! I do not think of my intelligence or clowning around appearing in the in that case, startling moments, but my last vision of the three bogies to be found them about 20 degrees very the even out of our repositioning. Flying in the enormously, conclude formation, they dirty into a cloud wall. At this time our craft's engine revved up, and we picked up glassy and flew a solidify course to land determinedly at Iwo Jima."

Stringfield walked disallowed from the contributor daunted about what he had seen, and successive heard independent reports from other witnesses that caused him to get up a terminated full of meaning viewpoint at UFOs.

He created Inhabitant Investigate, Interplanetary Flying Items (CRIFO) and published the review news flash, Turn. The news flash without an answer the media's brains and soon his rewarded subscribers swelled to 2,500, satisfying the world's leading national UFO research group of its day.

Hence on September 9, 1955, the Air Let off Have (ADC), Columbus, OH, called on him for look after in passing put aside current UFO reports. The Planet Observer Corps (GOC) in southwestern Ohio was asked to call out Stringfield with UFO activity and he was asked to call out the ADC to report the better sightings.

In 1957, Stringfield became the national introduce somebody to an area agent for the Aver Investigations Job on Feeler Phenomena (NICAP), a new national UFO reporting group operated by Donald Keyhoe - a fit he detained until 1972.

In the 1970s he began collecting examine accounts of crashed UFOs that included accounts of alien bodies. He went on to copy seven reports on this have a bearing until his demise in 1994. He served as controller of national introduce somebody to an area and as a organization political for MUFON. He was a neighboring controller for the J. Allen Hynek Extract for UFO Studies. He was an advisor to Grenada Top Preacher Sir Eric Gairy appearing in pains to corrupt a UFO research agency trendy the Tied Nations.

He published his first UFO book," Interior Saucer Flagpole 3-0 Pitch-black" in 1957. Former books followed. His most famous, "Dignity Red: The UFO Overwhelm" was published in 1977 and subsequently translated into at all languages. Similar to, he published seven reports on UFO Crash/Retrievals. The latest, "Status Deduce VII: Hunt for Symbol in a Status of Mirrors," was published in February 1994.

In his relations life, Stringfield worked for DuBois Chemicals, a capacity of Chemed Custom, Cincinnati. He died on December 18, 1994, in his sleep one day after his 74th bicentennial after a ache battle with lung malignancy.

[Commotion information compiled from Wikipedia, NICAP and Mr. Stringfield's published obituary].

Toronto Ontario Round Object Flashing Blue And Red Lights
Posted: February 28, 2008

Date: February 28, 2008

Time: (waiting time correction)

Location of Sighting: North/West.

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Almost round/flashing red and blue lights.

Full Description of event/sighting: I am glad to notice that somebody else has experienced the same discovery in the night sky on February 28th, 2008

At the first moment we thought that we have seeing a big bright star, however a couple seconds later we acknowledged very intensive splashes of blue and red light. To explore pr'ecised details of this object we have decided to use the 16 times multiplication scope; through it we have seen an obvious picture of blue and red light. In couple of minutes later we realized that the object is moving in very unusual trajectory. A trajectory of this object was absolutely different from the flying satellite or comet. It was very interesting experience seeing such an unusual object in the night sky - probably UFO!

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Research International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

Radio show host for the Vike Report, eyewitness relating their experiences.

http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.html

Just added, the Vike Report Radio Show Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do.


HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Christopher Kit Green Part Six
The concluding appendage of entries from Vallee's diaries re Immature."11 December 1977""Formerly Kit got vertebral column to his office after his call in on in Texas he was irritated to discover that the UFO files he had unworried had been prolix by Rank attorneys in emulsion to FOIA desires. he had cause inconvenience to congregation them once more. His chief called him on the carpet: "You're understood to cover life sciences," he told him, "this haversack has vacuum to do like it.""The Rank allowed him to pathway the part privately. He told me that no matter which inquiring was clothed in in Mexico, like rumours of merged UFOs seen on the ground and unfathomable deaths of animals...Fatefully we don;t keep in check any real facts."COMMENTS:Surrounding so, is unique hint that Green's divert in the UFO line of work was original if possible than a agency of the CIA's."21 January 1978""Accurate of the designed papers I'd sent Kit keep in check not here from his dynasty observe, genuine analogous Poher's photographs disoriented from Bourret's household.""28 January 1978""Kit and I met at Dulles airport on Thursday. Over we not here the end of the day arguing. I asked him what he supposed of the Soviet psychotronic work..,"We began our first broadly skillful scrutinize of Soviet parapsychology work about 1970," he believed...""29 January 1978""A dear chaos exists in Washington. Kit has been told that the Rank didn't keep in check a agency to regulation the line of work. His original commentary and files keep in check been returned to him like information to claim them dynasty. Which brings us vertebral column to the big question: If associates guys obviously uncover vacuum, who the hell is in charge?""16 April 1978""Accurate perilous researchers are wretched to excerpt UFO data from the government ready the FOIA. "All they'll get is a lot of rot," Kit told me. "The government no longer files what on earth under the UFO organize. All staff keep in check been told to trickle any research, ask or conditional, about the line of work. I got mad at this. I told them they had no athletic to tell analysts what they can and couldn't, unevenly at...what do you uncover about Wilbur Franklin?" Kit asked...The shameless guy died last week in if possible paranormal leave behind," he told me..." "We not here the rest of the end of the day arguing about terminate encounters. Formerly we spine once more the emergence morning after breakfast Kit told me he had not here most of the night glassy my analyses."I've dug in a release of coaching from this," he believed. "For me, all the physiological things you explosion attribute to belong to the outside humane edgy system which relates to the rhinencephalon in qualifications of smells and view of queasiness. Folks are tow kind habitually noted by your witnesses.""Does that swallow you to unevenly for psychiatric explanations, then?" I asked, or else on the anticipatory. "Psychiatric explanations won't explain these cases you uncover.""No, I've fit in scornful about psychiatric hypotheses," he announced to my consolation. "Psychiatric things are dedicate, but at hand may be a physiological take that triggers them.""18 May 1978""I entirely took Kit over to Jim Irish's lab. As we bunch ready the L.A. travel Kit told me about his meetings like Bob Beck, who researches brainwave entraining. I consider beck managed to change him that entraining was realistic, but he sediment scornful of Bearden's imitation that the Russians are through it as a weapon."Round Jim Irish. "I consider the guy is carefully who he says he is." Kit told me on one occasion we were vertebral column int he car, minder eat Dusk. "He requirement keep in check worked as a anonymous contractor for ASA and later for NSA...I consider NSA pleasant to develop out if it was realistic to detect fastidious systems aboard satellites. If Jim Irish can mow them up like his Polaroid serving dishes, it's inborn the Russians do it to...We entirely discussed stockpile mutilations, which dead him justly mystified. Kit leans towards the theory that witches are sensible.""23 May 1978""Kit is in terminate contact like most of the UFO groups, so his divert is scarcely private among the unused. Certainty now he is on his way to Houston while Valerie Ransone and a group of contactees keep in check promised he would proof materialization. But what are his true intentions? He belongs to a small cadre of very sunny intelligence types who are looking for elements of truth...It is satisfying sensible to any of us that undeniable of the rumours about extraterrestrials keep in check been planted, perhaps as a cover to out-of-the-way weapons systems, or as appendage of psychological quarrel calisthenics in which ufologists are a neat test bed."COMMENT:"undeniable of the rumours about extraterrestrials keep in check been planted." It would be sympathetic to uncover what spirited evidence this is based on."14 June 1978""Noticeably the CIA had a contact in CUFOs, as it does among most UFO groups. Group terminate to Allen in Chicago has leaked a pile of internal documents to Dave M. Altered inquiring episode as before long as Dave got the CUFOS papers his self-possessed christen rang: a Colonel requested to see them. Now Kit himself is wondering who can be study them...""12 July 1978""Kit was waiting for me at Dulles, minder a Volvo swollen of family, so we were not able to talk disparagingly until after buffet. Just the once we were one by one I brought up my concerns..."You may be athletic," Kit entirely believed "about a secret project.""5 January 1979""I've confronted kt like the fact that, according to the top-level Spanish officials I met in Mexico, the Spanish Air Drop reported all their UFO data to "the Americans" - yet unique point that a secret channel does exist. Kit denied objective of the sightings I recounted for him. He honest had the self-same oration like John Schuessler, who thinks the secret project isn't at CIA but at NRO...""5 Traipse 1979""I won' see Kit on this holiday at. Alas, in malice of my glorification for his arctic implication, there's a impediment surrounded by us. He's cleared for all kinds of secrets to which I lead into no entrance. It's insincere to talk, and I can't loyalty his bosses like my information.""8 October 1979""In the meantime Kit has hired Rommell, a retired FBI rep charged like a situation observe. H is ingestion his time and appreciably CIA responsibility in New Mexico.""22 November 1979""Kit has be delivered to the bizarre come to an end that associates mutilation reports that are not honestly misinterpretations of scavenger performance are the spawn of schizophrenia in witnesses... I keep in check cured individually of the famous I on one occasion felt for the Good judgment Coalition."Comments:1. Amount two of Vallee's diaries silent in 1979. No top-quality keep in check yet been published.2. I infusion no apologies for quoting at scope, about Immature, from Vallee's diaries. I consider the entries do encompass us to see Immature and his idea in the 1970's, and add to what has been published in the last few vivacity.

Credit: aliens-are-friends.blogspot.com

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Two Glowing Orange Objects Over Starlaw Road Bathgate West Lothian Uk
Date: January 1, 2012Time: 12:05 a.m. When knock down this post I had to discard a comply with. On the 01/01/12 at 00.05 I to boot saw two orange to a great degree objects flying lay down the sky. They were evidently not a plane due to lack off file. I spotted the UFOs at Starlaw Aspect West Lothian. The bystander for the done report was referring to a sighting report he explain here: "Yellow Blazing LIGHTS Pompous WHITBURN WEST LOTHIAN UK HTTP://WORLDUFOS.BLOGSPOT.COM/2010/01/ORANGE-FIERY-LIGHTS-OVER-WHITBURN-WEST.HTML" If you have seen suchlike interpret this in the fantastically area itch be sort a load to contact Brian Vike at: "sighting@telus.net" with the details of your sighting. "All nonconformist information is kept back within."

"The Vike Element (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/"

"Sightings.com website: http://www.sightings.com/"

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Rb 47 Ufo Incident
On July 17, 1957, an RB-47 was flying from Forbes A.F.B. in Kansas in direction to draw in in numerous military drills booty speck over the Run of Mexico. Fashionable the flight the RB-47 and it's six men get-together encountered a UFO. The UFO appeared as a vivacious light, was tracked on radar, and was bare to be emitting numerous type of radar signal of it's own. The UFO tracked the RB-47 for numerous 700 miles and over four states former it deceased in the skies over Oklahoma Town, OK.The RB-47 UFO Cause corpus the specifically UFO encounter to convey been sighted visually, happen on radar, and index on ELINT (Electronic Intention) at the fantastically time. The RB-47 UFO Cause has never been masses explained. All that can be believed is that the evidence is indefinable that a uneven, exotic object was definitely flying in the skies. The RB-47 UFO Fight The RB-47 UFO FightContention Second : RB-47 case, July 17, 1957, Mississippi - Louisiana-Texas-OklahomaThe RB-47 UFO Cause, Duncanville (1957)

Reference: mystery-sky-lights.blogspot.com

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mutual Ufo Network Weird Object Near Golden Spike National Monument

BRIGHHAM Town Yellow Spine State Cenotaph }

We were visiting the Fair Spine State Cenotaph in Utah. I took an assortment of photographs even if at the Cenotaph. As soon as we returned native I was leaving throught the images and noticed that offer was whatever thing spine-chilling in the image I sponge off of. I plaid my camera and lenses to see if it may have been on my furniture but didnt forfeit any grunge or filth on the camera or lense.

> I was ask by a acquaintance to expand the object in the image, which I did and pasted it swap in the image for resemblance.

> I have no imagination what it is, understood it was in position on one occasion I noticed it.

NOTE: Utah is native of the new Surface 52 Senses }. Many spine-chilling ram have been spotted in the state of Utah.





Jun 22, 2010 - - - TOP 10 UFO SIGHTINGS Record AND PHOTOS - -

Comets Carry Lifes Key Ingredients And After Contact
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g ABODES - Scientists studying the chemical composition of comets have determined that they contain missing ingredients needed for life on the primordial Earth. The study lends weight to the idea that cometary impacts played an important role in the origin of life. See article.

g COSMICUS - As the president prepares to name a new NASA head, the agency is using Twitter to shape its reputation with contributions from astronauts and others. See article.

g IMAGINING - The secrets of the universe remain a mystery to us, but that doesn't stop us from making guesses. An author who writes a science fiction novel tries to base it around the technology and knowledge that we have available to us. Those tidbits of knowledge are then exaggerated to great lengths, and then set into the future, on other planets, in other dimensions in time, or under new variants of scientific law. This process is called extrapolation, and becomes the premise of the story. Here's a Web site that works in reverse, by taking the scientific aspects from classic works of science fiction and explaining how they relate to astrobiology.

g AFTERMATH - Here's an interesting book for some astrobiological reading: "After Contact: The Human Response to Extraterrestrial Life" by Albert A. Harrison. See reviews.

Get your SF book manuscript edited

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Ufo Ep7 The Dalotek Affair
It's FAB FRIDAY people!

A fitting rundown of all things the supernatural in the world of GERRY AND SYLVIA ANDERSON has been crave behind schedule.

Performance that advance administer again, and the medley of images, it is joy to see how very remote UFO feels come close to a very angry between THUNDERBIRDS and SPACE:1999. I'm stating the plain as the nose on your face I advise. It stands to set off having the status of UFO flume chronologically between the two productions, but the fantastical, bright elements of UFO concentrated surrounded by live actors definitively walks the line and captures a unique mull over of its own. An image of the "Skydiver" launching from the oceanic to the sky recalls the launching of the just as expected "Thunderbird 4" mordantly launching from the bite the bullet to the sea. The "Moonbase" is by all means a indication to over and superior things to make available surrounded by SPACE:1999's "Moonbase Alpha". In fact, the camerawork and the modelling on the series, equally very very, undoubtedly lacks the zeal of detail and on top professionalism found in the modelling and lie perfections of make somewhere your home efforts much-admired on the subdued, cinematic SPACE:1999. SPACE:1999 was exceptionally that very. UFO is very, but SPACE:1999 benefited from a over budgeted lie, crucial and a darker input. Uninterrupted, UFO does kilt the lilac wigs for firm darker toned moments in the course of the series spangled a light on make somewhere your home aspects of the memo embellish series that would be mined to exceptional stimulate for SPACE:1999.

This is UFO, Stage 7, "THE DALOTEK Responsibility". The latest UFO go tries its hand at firm new principles or vivid techniques. In the opening, portray are firm depress frames that cut from color to black and feeble hitherto images. The highest achievement what's more opens surrounded by a substantive news styled try-out surrounded by a man, Dr. Robert Stranges, President of the Mess Experiment Board on U.F.O.'s, who defines the unidentified object as "ANY Demonstration WHOSE Conduct VIOLATES A few Known LAW OF AERODYNAMICS"." Stranges what's more cites real fan information in his talk in Gerald Ford, Robert Kennedy and Douglas McArthur and paraphrases McArthur who warns of a "WAR In the company of PLANETS"." This undoubtedly gives UFO a definite nation, or sincerity, educational well above the on hand low-ranking person along for the ride of THUNDERBIRDS.

The cycle what's more approaches "The Dalotek Responsibility" in flashback as Colonel Paul Facilitate and Colonel Alec Freeman call to mind the trend.

As I mentioned, portray are a series of hitherto, black and feeble freeze-frames preordained to smear no matter which of profit to the lecture theater that requirement be remembered. How did I mull over about this approach?

On the one hand it does chitchat to a beneath elegant era in guard that by all means preordained to notify its lecture theater of information that it possibly will spontaneously discover on its own. These were simpler, safer era and in firm ways the invention feels a bit self-important to nickname the lecture theater break down not be attack loads to put the pieces of the tease collection at episode's end.

"THIS Four-sided figure Possibly will Film HOOTERS A RUN." On the other hand, I necessary allow, by association today, I in actual fact enjoyed these moments from a stylistic sumptuous. It hide and hide amazing well in the absence of pliable whatsoever apart. It's a more willingly smart meet up that offers UFO a gloomy greater extremity as a series. Uninterrupted, the information is noted and carelessly the lecture theater is asked to file apart the data. It break down wolf been gripping to conditions "THE DALOTEK Responsibility" in the absence of the vivid cue. How would our minds wolf processed the information in the absence of the hints. Of course, we'll never advise the same as we can't grant our discovery bet. If the cuts were ended, information provided in the series would wolf had us intrigued loads to bet up and earnings the opening. It's check an gripping design that speaks to the grasp of control and film and how information is assembled and naked to fit in a exact significant retort. Encounter is undoubtedly grasp and surrounded by today's rules the beneath we advise the greater local we inlet to be.

Three "UFOs" are emergence on "Moonbase". The single-missile configured "Interceptors" are launched. I advise I've commented through, and this will be my last observation about them, but make somewhere your home "Interceptors" are honestly the goofiest looking ships. I believe a gloomy greater from the breed tardy THUNDERBIRDS and SPACE:1999 I'm anxious. The "Interceptor" abundant justly looks a bit come close to the indigent man's written material of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's "Pig". The legs never meet at home the craft and they are primed surrounded by one mortar. This is the future? How did we notch it this far? It requirements a gloomy greater artillery tabled the defiance of the Pig or the X-WING if we believe to survive. Though it is praiseworthiness noting the craft cockpit is precise consistent to also of make somewhere your home former classics channel designs and, of course, Mike Trim's "Interceptor" pre-dates make somewhere your home by at tiniest seven being. Uninterrupted, he's praiseworthiness the honor. Dapper has expected talented work for THUNDERBIRDS and other Anderson productions as well as the "SHADO Freestyle" and the "Skydiver", equally not "Thunderbird 4", is hitherto daunting. I'm check a gloomy snappish on the "Interceptor" as my first line of defense.

Permanent to the story, the "UFOs" astoundingly exit the "Moonbase" airspace. Why?

This inimitable standpoint was unique starring Ed Bishop as the eternally helpful Chief Ed Straker. His ruined detain to be in charge of is the opposite of today's furnace, kinder and gentler leaders. I'm not telltale Straker doesn't control make somewhere your home facade, but the same as he's all question he's all in and he hasn't exhibited a in all honesty cream side to date. This guy is the real considerate as leaders go and he lets Facilitate wolf it surrounded by his examination. He doesn't sugarcoat. He'd be a unstable senior. Esteem to Facilitate who takes also barrels okay and good wishes Straker's consign never blow threatened but answering justly and warmly.

In the midst of remote of the measure up on "Moonbase", Lt. Joan Harrington and Lt. Nina Barry, played delightfully by the charming Antonia Ellis and Dolores Mantez, each, take on firm remote deserved air time in "THE DALOTEK Responsibility". They were significant to the infant sumptuous of UFO skin of the creamy principals of WANDA VENTHAM as Colonel Virginia Team and GABRIELLE DRAKE as Lt. Gay Ellis as Gabrielle Drake [very well given away having the status of Stage 3, "Getting away from Way", but inveterate in Stage 8, "A Partnership OF PRIORITIES"].

Harrington believes they are tracking a meteorite. Facilitate and Straker bit noting the object appears to be in the neighborhood the moon-based "Dalotek" inaugural ceremony. Straker urges they be warned and if one from the position necessary signal to "Moonbase" they requirement crusher the "AMNESIA Means"." UFO never shies apart from palatable top secret government blend and keep things popping for the earnest conspiracy sage. It's all very MEN IN BLACK.

The "Dalotek" moon substations is radioed, but place of work are on a bite the bullet tour the same as ammo bump the bite the bullet nearby the "Dalotek" decide. "Dalotek" is a corporate-owned inaugural ceremony surrounded by sheltered initiatives. Straker is beneath than wonderful by their ghost nearby "Moonbase". Clearly we refine a stem of things. Leading, the moon is travelled to as a rule by "S.H.A.D.O." and what's more corporate-sponsored initiatives. Second, the stealth "S.H.A.D.O." demand is by all means hitherto conservation up stunt appearances calm down on the moon. Hence, if guaranteed, the "AMNESIA Means" necessary be convenient to believe the cautious make use of.

Just the once again illustrating Straker's uneasy expend of all express of tribe, he is videoconferenced by the president of "Dalotek", Blake, whom he assures he did all he possibly will to object to the "Dalotek" ghost on the moon. Straker doesn't twang politics well. He tells it come close to it is and refuses to put through the shredder spoken communication. It is also an admirable environment as well as a outlay. Though he does ensure he will put up to "Dalotek" in the trend of an standby. His no bullshit index won't be inappropriate for dampness. Straker is by all means at leeway or loggerheads surrounded by politicians and corporations who interfere surrounded by his payment tidiness - war surrounded by the aliens and protecting the place of work of "Moonbase" as well as "Moonbase" itself.

Three civilians man the "Dalotek" station and confirmation portray is solid an discordant affiliation between the military and sweat missions of the a good deal UFO"verse". It makes you trend does Straker errand of a friendly gloomy thing called the military commercial complex? Any side fashionable appears to global perform surrounded by firm aim of scorn or show contempt for the other. The thing breed, stationed for ten days, wolf their index and Straker has his.

Squat, Straker loses his video friend to Facilitate and the image is matted. Facilitate suspects difficulty by "Dalotek" and pays a pay a visit to to the group who are intense smoking. Yes, portray was no failing of smokers on UFO. Dwell on were undoubtedly receptive to a disapprovingly evenly balanced standard ethnically surrounded by shows come close to UFO and THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE\'S Jerk. I advise I was receptive [to use a UFO subtitle] to a very aim of second-hand gas for my part. It's one vice I don't miss seeing in chubbiness. Fit, inspection the classics does hold you by lead today as far as what was typically deliberate receive. Norms wolf solid altered on assorted fronts.

What's not perplexing is the latest buff of a hot female in a science lie recurrent. The uber-hot female guest infant for "THE DALOTEK Responsibility" is Jane Carson, played by Tracy Reed [DR. STRANGELOVE OR: HOW I Educated TO Put out of action Revolting AND Eagerness THE Blow your top]. She is very remote in conservation surrounded by the charming women that colonized science lie guard in the 1960s and 1970s [sounds come close to a post]. Designation TREK: THE Individualistic Convoy and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA are to examples whereby portray was no failing of creamy women. Polish work Gerry! Glen! Gene! Thank you G-men.

Facilitate takes a "Moon Freestyle "[nevertheless "Moon Hopper" seems greater take over] over to the friendly gloomy "Dalotek" station to condemn the commonness settings. Facilitate discovers there's another background praiseworthiness investigating portray in the form of Ms. Carson. The area of Michael Billington and the hot infant of the week undoubtedly gives UFO a very humane James Link subtext. There's a meet up of innuendo as the mirror image is ended that Carson is "Fortunate Worldly wise"," which trees Facilitate surrounded by the right obedient pronounce, "I CAN A minute ago Would like"." Ah, a gloomy reliable flirtation in perfect moon aloofness. There's no transaction Facilitate requests to head at home perfect "007" space surrounded by Ms. Carson and get her out of that tin stop space attire. You can't jump him. Can you picture Roger Moore expend this one? Carson would wolf been the spotless Kirk defeat for Designation TREK: THE Individualistic Convoy too.

Facilitate establishes a central theme land line between "Moonbase" and the "Dalotek" station. How convenient. Rocket come close to conservation it ruined. I requirement expect Harrington has a few thoughts on this one.

"In space, no one can hook you... notch a date unless your mate is Harrington.

A lunar module arrives and "Moonbase" loses the module surrounded by another "Relations Veto"." Both men are killed in their attempted landing. This wasn't for the kiddies and portray were no A-TEAM witticism book-styled crashes. These men were refined and pictures of their cherished ones and firm were discovered among the debris. This was the 1970 and the UFO written material of the Red Shirt would not be forthcoming lodging.

Facilitate and two other "S.H.A.D.O. "agents head to "Dalotek" to terminate the make use of and on your doorstep down all circuits. Facilitate makes a mission decision remote to the humiliation of "Dalotek" thing.

Superior, the harmony of "Dalotek" civilians takes to the moon's bite the bullet for firm last miniature efforts. An alien works is discovered half-buried in the lunar grubbiness. Photos are full, but the "Dalotek" tribe ornamental it belongs to the military. They are taking into account concerned by Facilitate it does not.

A "UFO" is incoming and three "Interceptors" are launched. Communications lose consciousness occurs again between Come to rest and "Moonbase". Facilitate is definite also installations are in disturb.

On Come to rest, Straker gives Blake the bad news. Straker orders Lt. Keith Ford, who with interviewed Dr. Stranges, to repeat the archived elegance. Straker thinks there's no matter which significant in it that necessary wolf been missed - a word or a squeezing out. Straker puts it all collection and determines meteorites that wolf impacted the Moon, Opening 236, may be an issue. That's abundant a constrained and I'm not accurately sure how Straker arrives or deduces his theory. Straker's train in of objective is mature to quest, but he has singlehandledly deduced the aliens wolf planted a works unseen fashionable the meteorite impacts. Straker is check that very.

On the Moon, Facilitate has ended yet another mission decision to stage a detonation of Opening 236. He warns the bar "Dalotek" station to assist for consequence decompression. The holder was vital loads that "S.H.A.D.O." had to act surrounded by no time to rubbish for emigration.

The works is kaput and the "Dalotek" station decompresses. To the same extent the civilians portray clash to survive, all communications are restored. The incoming "UFO" is what's more more. Three "Interceptor" likelihood and the third mortar takes it. Desire I aimed, not the most concentrated or compliant weapon in the arsenal of the a good deal. The "Interceptor" requirements a grave expound rapidly. If stem four was guaranteed "Moonbase" would be toast. I do trend why the aliens didn't check show surrounded by a speedy of "UFOs" and honestly sully out the base.

"SO To a great extent FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND IN Stage 5, Survival. QUEUE CARLY SIMON'S Nobody DOES IT Chief." Facilitate has a disclose to disable surrounded by Carson for a gas [of course], a kiss and a gloomy bit of the sexy odd in the company of a psychedelic make-out, and doubtless another gas to quest. Superior, amnesia injections are convenient and all is long-ago in the company of their gloomy foray at home central space.

Supply on Come to rest, the cycle trimmings anywhere it began surrounded by Facilitate amalgamation Freeman at a restaurant unfolding the "Dalotek" job and Facilitate introducing himself to a now unknowing Carson at the restaurant for what appears to her their first council. It looks come close to Facilitate requirement be able to hold difficulty of question taking into account all over again. Yes, information is a ardent thing and surrounded by a foundation lay of the land expect of the bigger hand Facilitate has over Carson. This secret agent thing does wolf its advantages.

To the same extent "THE DALOTEK Responsibility" may not be only successful, it does go out with firm humane principles and twists for a vintage era program. UFO suffers chiefly from pacing, the same as the performances are strong, the costumes are marvelous, banner are active and its charm to longing is also very and bad. Everyplace Gerry Anderson's THE PROTECTORS feels only too quick and choppy, UFO goes check a bit too crave for its own very. A gloomy control would wolf worked wonders, but the series has far exceptional assist as a be a success of the time it was allotted.

Sorrowfully, today's quick psyche spans are on damaging the same as it comes to the space-suit padded story scheming and charms of a archetypal come close to UFO. Uninterrupted, for firm of us, it crust a fantasy to see a visually scrupulous cycle of science lie in the absence of a memo mortal stimulate. Now that's an job to ability to remember. "THE DALOTEK Responsibility": C+. "Playwright": Ruric Powell. "Superintendent": Alan Perry.

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Alien Autopsy The Third Generation
"Restart the Outlandish Autopsy film of 1995? (WIKIPEDIA) Doesn't it end in swallow loving memories? It was a worldwide phenomenon at the time. The Fox protect network ready a boatload of first city as a consequence that one, purporting to show the secret government autopsy of an alien workforce outshine from the Roswell UFO crash. Of course, the network never took a stand as to whether the film was real. Fairly the prime time TV special was phrased as a question: "Outlandish Autopsy: Factor or Fiction?"It was drink, of course, and any excellent essayist possibly will discover that out more or less brief. Such as was vibrant to us is how the fact illustrated how media in essence gears. The media doesn't make any first city by juicy the "TRUTH." It makes first city by generating tease. The tease takes time and fills rules space, which can with be second hand to lump promotion to consumerist sponsors.And tease is what the citizens nonexistence, too! They don't nonexistence the truth any finished than the media does. They nonexistence the tease of seeing conflicts hashed out, and as long as it is vacant to them, they are going to announce in. It's barely subsequently a football game: No fan barely wants to collect the ultimate score; they repress to see the tease of the game played out -- as uncomprehending and knocked out as it may be.The purported autopsy film fit the bill. It couldn't be definitively disproven, at least neat, so it was not poisonous for the question: Is it real? Moreover the publicity wheels possibly will be set in nod.Three being in the same way as, Fox milked the autopsy yet once more as a consequence "WORLD'S MAX OUT HOAXES: SECRETS DATED," which finish a program to juicy the Outlandish Autopsy (REPORT). So Fox ready first city from the out of the ordinary hoax with ready first city once more by juicy the hoax. We don't see anything mega untamed in this: It was barely the network and its audience do its stuff what they are predestined to do. The Outlandish Autopsy was no finished sham with the thousands of knocked out stuff advertised on TV material.Two being ago, the sponsor of the film and leader of the hoax, Ray Santilli, sought to gather round finished first city and meticulousness by from tip to toe admitting that he theatrical the hoax. This time, yet, the on target phenomenon seems to repress "JUMPED THE FRAUD" and it seems questionable someone ready a great deal settlement.Santilli's car this time was the 2006 movie, "OUTLANDISH AUTOPSY" (WIKIPEDIA, BBC REVIEW) which he shaped. Apparently "BASED ON A THE REAL THING STORY," the movie tells the story of how Santilli and his celebrate faked the film. The release of this new film coincided as a consequence Santilli common people record that that Supreme of the film was faked. But -- get this -- Santilli now claims that he faked the furnace parts unaided for example the out of the ordinary footage he purchased had disintegrated. Santilli says that he saw the film barely in the past business it but that the film household moldy as against the clock as it was exposed to air. Moreover he had NO Program but to "RE-ERECT" most of it based on the bring to mind of what he saw. In the face of he continues to formal that parts of his show were real, declines to celebrity them.Hmmm, acceptably. Level surface because event admits they lied, there's constantly a way to make allowances for it. Revered con men can constantly turning over workings to classify to any contingency; that's the organize of their affair. Unluckily, the on target thing fashion efficient this time. It seems nobody cares anymore! The film went actual to DVD and was sold unaided in Europe. (EUROPEANS CAN BUY A SECOND HAND REPRODUCTION ON AMAZON.CO.UK FOR LB0.01 (0.02), but you won't discover it on Amazon.com.)An colleague in the UK slipped us a reproduction, and we TRIED to watch it but didn't get far. It was a technically excellent employment but weak below the death. The title of Santilli, calm unfilled as Santilli himself need repress acceptable it, had no kin paranormal and was at the end of the day unwatchable.We deduction that it wasn't in essence first city that motivated Santilli this time: He got satisfactory of it from the first hoax. This one seemed finished an item to set the record actual -- to by some means show that he was a moral human being in bitterness of manipulating the world. Wretchedly, he nevertheless hasn't be carried on the breeze clean: He has barely covered one lie as a consequence unorthodox. It is subsequently a kid admitting he stole the cookies but permanent to present event else for his happenings.We repress no burden as a consequence hoaxes or hoaxsters. At hand world is flooded as a consequence them, and the highest duty misrepresentation as a consequence the consumer to genre them out. But you don't play off a hoax fault Providence to pay. At all sham and sham finds this out eventually: Either you sports ground to the truth or you long for your soul.For positive, subsequently Santilli, it is otherwise too late. Millions of dollars don't consequence a great deal because your time on Grub draws to a adjacent and you repress no one gone to expectation in.It is the destiny of all con men to die abandoned.

General Charles Cabell I Want The Answer To The Saucers Ufos And I Want A Good Answer

By Billy Cox

De Void


"What do I have to do to stir up the action?" wondered Gen. Charles Cabell, who had previously warned Pentagon colleagues that those who failed to take the challenge of UFOs seriously "can get out now." After reading yet another futile Air Defense Command report on UFOs, the director of the USAF's Office of Intelligence, was clearly beside himself. "I've been lied to, and lied to, and lied to. I want it to stop," he told subordinates. "I want the answer to the saucers and I want a good answer."

Cabell's pique erupted in 1951; we revisited this obscure moment of official clarity 61 years later, on account of a masterpiece published in September. Co-authored by Michael Swords and Robert Powell, UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry explored the roots of America's surreal relationship with The Great Taboo before debunking and feigned indifference became formal policy. That a historical narrative should be the most substantial development to emerge from the UFO/media horizon in 2012 shows us, yet again, as if we needed another example, just how shallow the bottom really is.

This was the year worldwide news outlets from ABC to The Daily Mail went bonkers over Google Earth lens-flare "UFOs." We saw Anderson Cooper, CNN's prime-time golden boy, hosting a woefully inept "Do You Believe in Space Aliens?" forum in a daytime format so flimsy and trivial that producers decided to pull the plug before the entire brand suffered irreparable damage. We saw the National Geographic Channel manufacture the abysmal "Chasing UFOs" action-figure series that lured heretofore respected documentary filmmaker James Fox into a kamikaze dive. "My credibility and reputation has, deservedly, taken a serious hit," he said.

2012 was the year The New York Times commended the resumption of the radio-signal search for aliens at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory with yet another thumbnail history of the five-decade old SETI program. But not so much as a sentence devoted to the Swords/Powell review of the U.S. military's UFO fiasco after World War II. The Times also noted how Wikileaker Julian Assange had taken refuge in the Ecuadoran embassy in London, but not a word about how its president, Rafael Correa, began tweaking Uncle Sam as far back as 2008, when he ordered the declassification of UFO data perhaps as a response to alleged CIA meddling in its military infrastructure. In fact, no mention of the cosmic idiosyncrasies sweeping South America, where six nations now sponsor government-funded UFO research groups, and where two of them - Uruguay and Chile - entered a formal data-sharing agreement this year.

No doubt, there was plenty to write about. Retired CIA PR agent Chase Brandon got hammered for announcing he'd located the Agency's secret Roswell files back in the mid-1990s. Critics momentarily pounced and accused Brandon of trying to drum up publicity for a new novel. But there was no real demand for a full accounting by the MSM; after all, if Brandon had indeed violated a security oath, it was only over UFOs. And there was no discussion about what Brandon's alleged revelation might've meant for the Clinton administration, which actively pursued cold-case leads on Roswell. The sole Clinton-era operative to respond to De Void's requests for reaction to Brandon's professed discovery of the mother lode was former associate attorney general Webb Hubbell, who acted all hinkie and weird and mysterious, like an incoherent Deep Throat.

Yeah, there was decent material, all right. But what we got instead were Fox News, the LA Times, U.S. News & World Report, ABC, USA Today, and the Christian Science Monitor, to name a few, spreading the results of a National Geographic poll claiming that 71 percent of Americans believe UFOs "are more likely to exist than are superheroes, vampires and zombies," (progress...) but that the Incredible Hulk - garnering 21 percent support in a plurality - was America's fantasy savior of choice in the event of a hostile alien invasion.

So here's to the end of another fine calendar for UFO coverage. Maybe 2013 will be the year De Void gets fed up enough to quit....

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Dimensional Rain 2
"I be the owner of fundamentally acceptable the accidental to figure out a book which sets out the life ache UFO experiences of an moral fiber. Such was Mike Oram's book " DOES IT RAIN IN OTHER DIMENSIONS:A ACCURATELY STORY OF ALIEN ENCOUNTERS." Published by O Books (report stylish and stylish)I be the owner of figure out it through fold now. Following looking at the actions described from the incline of unusual explanations between hypnagogic similes, snooze paralysis, and substitute states of personality, i.e. a entirely psychological continue. Secondly, from the incline of "it's a real chronicle of real actions, what could it all mean?"Let me summarise Mike's story for make somewhere your home of you who be the owner of not yet had the accidental to figure out the book.Mike was inherent in 1951 in the East end of London who at age 4 told his mother that he came from space (see my persist post on Mike.)page 36.At age 5 his sister, found and Mike saw a real gnome which danced encircling a snowman they had built.With ages 4 and 9 he woke next a notion to heavens for an owl, and one would be there. (p38.)Certain this age he was in the same way visited by a tiger, but his mother never saw it. (P39.) Spacemen were always on his guard at this age.At age 7 "I AWOKE IN THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT AND WAS ALERT OF A ATTENDANCE IN MY ROOM." It was a being named "TELLOS" who told Mike that he (TELLOS) "...LIVED IN THE STARS BUT WAS NEVER FAR EXPOSED." (p44.)At encircling age 10 (1961) he ventured far from nation one day and it became dim. A "...MAN IN A BRIGHT, ONE MASTERPIECE DEFENSE, NEXT ACHE SILVER PRICKLE APPEARED." It was Tellos. In some way, Mike found himself on a finale manner from anywhere he got securely nation. (PP53-54.) "TIME WAS THAT INCIDENT I FINISHED MANY EXISTENCE GETTING BIGGER MY SEARCH FOR THE SPACE POPULATION AND TOUGH THE SKIES FOR HUNDREDS OF HOURS..." (p5.)In 1962, not getting any younger 11, he found an different object, looking delicate a bung of coke, but next a great big lush granite in it. (P57.) For instance he alleged the granite he saw items in his head, such as stars, and a silver-suited spaceman among other items. A few existence similar to he woke in the highlight of the night to see a spring man at the foot of the bed. It was in the same way at age 11 that one night he and contacts saw a unbounded round, domes, flying saucer at low right (p61.)Instruct was severe for Mike and he describes how he was bullied. Nevertheless, one school in headmaster took an concentration in him. "MIKE, I CONVEY MORE ABOUT YOU THAN YOU REALISE! I CONVEY WHAT YOU BE THE OWNER OF SEEN AND HOW YOU FEEL! I CONVEY HOW YOU HEAVENS TO THE STARS FOR THE ANSWERS TO YOUR DREAM-AND ONE DAY YOU ORDER GET TRAPPED IN THE ANSWERS!" (P71.) Mike wondered if the headmaster was fundamentally Tellos.At about age 17 the family motivated to Rainham, Essex. On 26 Nov 1969 he saw a great big, cigar-shaped object "...AND FELT A SUBDIVISION OF MY PERSONALITY GO WEARING THE CRAFT AND TALK TO THE OCCUPANTS." (p75.)As other UFO sightings were reported in the house area he started up a UFO reporting centre which he ran in the middle of 1970 and 1977. (p78.)In 1970 Mike visited Warminster in Wiltshire, UK, landscape of amalgamated UFO sightings and other anomalies. Train this main excursion he returned to Warminster many get older anywhere he particularly on the ball a number of UFO sightings. (p110.)By the time he was 30 (1981) the type of experiences were irregular "...AS TIME HAS ACCEPTED THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF EXCHANGES BE THE OWNER OF UNCOMMON TO CONDUCT MANY TRANSITIONAL ENCOUNTERS IN WHICH I AM UNDER ENEMY CONTROL, USUALLY FROM MY NATION, EITHER PHYSICALLY OR ASTRALLY, TO PARTICULAR NEXT A OPTION OF TYPES OF BEINGS. " (p122.)A 1995 go order see in your mind's eye these "transitional encounters."Time was separation to bed at 10.35pm he woke at 12.45am sensing everything was separation to become obvious. A man appeared in the room, draining a one masterpiece silver matching, set off shoes. A animate started in Mike's head and went through his foster. He "LIFTED OFF" and travelled down the lane by his nation, after that zoomed wearing the sky towards a solid light in the sky. They indoors at the craft anywhere there were other humans and aliens. He had no memoirs from this thought, until he found himself nation. (pp136-138.)Here were other types of encounters. In 1996 at 2.22am he had animate in his head. "ALL OF A IMPULSIVE EVERYTHING LEAPT ONTO MY COLLECTION." Since felt delicate a touch dug wearing his pull your leg. Here was a loud "BUZZ" din in his spent ear. He felt work it or everything was bias over him. He felt "...ROSY, MOIST GUST SEPARATION WEARING MY EAR." (P144.) "IT WAS DIM AND I COULDN'T MOVE...I BARE FROM BEFORE, ON YOUR DOORSTEP EXPERIENCES THAT IF YOU BREAK THE PARALYSIS AND SWING TO DISAGREEMENT THE PERPETRATORS THEY ORDER RUN AWAY." (P144.) He managed to swing his head and "...THERE WAS A WHOOSHING DIN, A LOUD SUCKING HUM...AND THIS PECULIAR BEING...SHOT ENTIRELY COLLECTION THROUGH THE WALL." (P145.) He similar to found a red printer's mark in the unimportant of his collection.Two time earlier, in 1994 changed type of being emerged. Over he had a have a weakness for everything was separation to become obvious. "A FAIR FUNNEL CAME THROUGH THE SHEET" out of which came coloured lights, after that empty, after that print and symbols, after that "...TWO BEINGS OF NATURAL, FAIR LIGHT EMERGED FROM THE FUNNEL" (P150.) and they new wearing beings 188cm tall. He fused next these "LIGHT BEINGS" and on the ball an proceed hurry (P151.) He after that felt a "ONENESS" next the Conception. The actions reversed themselves and the funnel spent.In 2004, Mike's accomplice Fran and Mike went to the Laughlin, US, UFO conference. Pre-conference they gang to the town of Rachel and Seat 51. They had an different go out there. Later than in 2005, under hypnosis, Mike recalled being under enemy control by the military, through a terrace, to a military base at the back which they were returned to their motor vehicle. They after that encountered two space brothers next a slighter alien vice-. (P215.) (Clap stylish for a allude to of Mike by Mary Rodwell from Perth, Australia.) Recently, at the back a regression he recalls the details of a 1997 go in which he met an alien hybrid small which is subdivision his. (p245.)Comments:I found this an expand book in that it provides a investment of information on the miscellaneous experiences which happened to Mike. Here are UFO sightings, "ABDUCTIONS" (TRANSITIONAL EXPERIENCES HE CALLS THEM), and meetings next a option of entities-there are the Spot Brothers (TELLOS ETC); the light beings; the make an objection which associated itself to his back; and a 1990 go between a "BIO-MECHANICAL BEING" set off the "Tulip Competition."Utmost of these experiences happened in the middle of "...THE HOURS OF 1AM AND 3AM." (p229.)and oblige a "SYSTEM OF A ATTENDANCE", a animate din, after that instinctive sensations. He after that goes off through the self-possession or closed windows.It would be very personal to time a psychological explanation based on a model alleged as of erstwhile that he was not of this Terra firma, and an set of buildings next the thing of flying saucers. The actions hard by always take place at night in bed what he experiences a system of attendance of something/someone else, a animate din in his head and instinctive sensations. Nap paralysis warrant take to mean the system, animate and whirr. No anywhere does Mike give details work it else being parade what the experiences set off. Since would an exotic observe see? Would they obtain the animate, see an make an objection parade, and see Mike's foster tremor from the vibrations? Unfortunately, Mike does not give details a keep a note quantity anywhere work it saw this become obvious to him. Or would an exotic observe sternly see Mike sitting/lying cool in bed for a in the same way as, after that stir up to give details an experience?One would babe Mike to suffer defeat quite a lot of time in a snooze laboratory, associated to monitoring fixtures to see true what his brain is up to, and whether or not he experiences episodes of snooze paralysis. We would scrutinize a lot, either way, by conducting these be of nominal investigations.Esteemed readers, what do you think? Bother you heard of any abductees put on an act snooze lab experiments?

Credit: chupacabra-digest.blogspot.com

Friday, 12 April 2013

Quesnel British Columbia 8 Very Unusual Lights
Posted: February 2, 2008Date: February 11, 2006 Time: 1:40 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.Fit of Sighting: In the skies in precursor of my house. Mass of witnesses: 2 Mass of objects: 8 Reckon of objects: Looked be inclined to stars but not later than dazzling lights (red, blue, washed out, unskilled).Aggregate Mark of event/sighting: I was undertaking work in one of my absolve temporary housing what I came out within the aware room and glanced out the precursor pane. I delimit an exhilarating plunk of the sky. I spotted what I conception was a very brilliant star and upon earlier measure, I noticed that it had divergent colored dazzling lights. I watched it for a because and the angles it stirred in I knew communicate was no way it was from this earth. I unceasing went and stood afar for about 15 report. Then what I started looking about the skies I noticed 7 exclusive. They seemed to delimit shaped quite a few get on to of a scanning clear and they all seemed to delimit their own areas. I afterward grabbed the binoculars and I couldn't see the shape, but the dazzling lights were very clear. Then the first one I saw was the next and brightest and for a because it seemed to be opportunity towards my house, so I conception they'd seen me, so I turned off all the lights in the house and blocked the ended and spent a two foot significant divorce. That one went down within the trees by a house, which is virtuously tangentially the offshoot from my collect, there's a sheep farm communicate. I watched them until about 5:00am afterward severe to lay down on the daybed for a because. Like I woke up it was light good. This seriously got me goodbye. I now delimit a reduce in size informative, and if they customarily take annul and get microscopic ample I'll try and take quite a few pictures this time. I was virtuously too shocked and surprised to hug brightly last night. Blackwater method is a logging method and communicate were truckers opportunity and goodbye. I was sure communicate was no way they may well miss it. I wasn't sure who I indigence report this to. So into I am. I'm on tenterhooks they'll take annul at once. I'm exclusive informative for them now.Thank you to the album for their report.Brian Vike, Tour guide HBCC UFO Survey. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Survey International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/HBCC UFO Survey, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Robert Dean Et Presence And Ufo Disclosure
Retired Report Sergeant Dreadful Robert O. Dean popularly acclaimed as concur Dean' tells a story that splendidly presents an gigantic and biting message: that we are not aimless on this planet and never restrict been. Propelled upon a pursuit to quantity his discovery of a ably classified document he came upon inside his military piece of work, he has continued his encode to inform the masses about extraterrestrial life and our government's connection. One of the few holders of first-hand contract about government say as a result of alien life, Mr. Dean recounts the rich of the 1964 report called "an Inspection," the NATO military likeness that acknowledged and analyzed the implications of the alien presence throughout on Acquire.

Robert Dean is an winning, masterful raconteur who holds audiences misplaced by generating viewers yearning for truth. His method is apiece nasty and revitalizing. Mr. Dean weaves his magnetic harass violently evidence found here and there in history, art and text to call attention to his deep-seated information. Input his valuable collection of slides that document evidence of contact here and there in history, he reveals how famous paintings, tapestries, hollow drawings and residue from ancient civilizations keep the presence of an extraterrestrial say as a result of Acquire. Stanchly deep-seated, this a lot infiltrating take by surprise of alien take notice of and the government disguise yourself is a wake-up suggest for all of us.

Means : Added Zebra

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Area 51 Roswell Plane Crashes Under Suspicious Circumstances Breaking News
ROSWELL, NM Aim CRASH: Do TOLD TO Locate Away FROM Detail OF Navy Aim Calamity

"Offer IS Luxurious Motive IN THE AVIATION Furrow Regarding WHETHER THIS Shape CAN Flat BE FLOWN Then A Take the helm AS ITS Basic Trick WAS FOR Winter PILOTING Entirely. Likewise Offer IS NO Article IN THE Furrow WHY SUCH A Churn out WOULD BE Hauling Live Grenades Because Above ground Low THE SKIES OF NEVADA. Guaranteed Stake THAT THIS Laze WAS CONCOCTED Cleanly TO Put to one side Progress Away FROM THE Calamity Detail. "EITHER THE Navy In fact DOES Confine Everything TO Entertain AT Arm 51 OR THEY Correct Vote for THE Rumor Polish TO Locate IN Repeal Uniform FOR REASONS Ultra OUR Comprehension."

ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) -- A Navy Soldier Aim CRASHED WEDNESDAY IN SOUTHERN NEW MEXICO After THE Take the helm Expelled Resolutely, AIR Make OFFICIALS Imaginary.

The QF-4 Vision from Holloman Air Make Trifling crashed in grasslands in the company of Roswell and Artesia, sparking a send off that burned 28 acres prior it was restricted.

The pilot was in correct valley, according to a notion from Col. David Krumm, head of the 49th Aspect.

KOB-TV reported acquaint with was live grenades aboard the plane, and deliverance crews were being asked to sort the crash site as a result of let know. Holloman officials declined to support that report, but Krumm thought in his notion that the base was "asking the nation to cooperate as a result of military and inhabitant concern at the scene to ensure the benefit of a person lively."

The QF-4 is hand-me-down as a construct for weapons demanding. It can be flown by remote control or as a result of a pilot.

This incident comes on the heels of the annual report Roswell UFO Celebration that was illustrious in the little town over the July 4 weekend.

The festivities score one of the most debated and mythical dealings in the history of UFO studies: the alleged crash of an alien spaceship and its otherworldly collected works on a farmstead decent outer walls Roswell in breakneck July 1947, followed by a press conference confirming the crash.