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Who Were Those Strange Tall Albino People Or Should I Say What Were They
"By Chris Holly" - I was sent an email by a woman who lives on the end of Long Island New York at Montauk Point. She told me that she often walked her two large dogs on the beach along the Atlantic Ocean coast on the end of Long Island; The woman told me that she often reads my articles and remembered one I wrote years ago about a strange tall very white odd looking family that lived on Long Island in the 1960s.

This lady told me that while walking her two large dogs during the months of December and January she witnessed a strange family with a huge strange dog also walking on the beach. She told me they were extremely tall and seemed to be two couples of albinos with about four or five children with them running along the beach as the adults walked the dog. She told me she remembered my article and wanted to know if I had any other reports of this strange family being seen on Long Island.

I contacted the woman who told me she stopped seeing the strange group of tall albino people at the end of February. She told me she found them to be so very odd that she asked the people in the town shops and her friends and neighbors if they had seen the group. The only other person who claimed to have seen them was a older man who would feed the birds along the shore on the beach but he only noticed them once and did not recall ever seeing them again.

I questioned her and found the woman to be concerned about the people as she felt they were something other than human and felt very uncomfortable when walking near them. She told me her large dogs who were very protective and a bit on the aggressive side would whimper and stick their tales between their legs dragging her away from the group refusing to stay close to the them which ended with her being dragged in a half run down the beach away from the strange group of people by her frightened protective pets.

In all the years (50 years since 1965) since my family and I encountered the same type of tall albino looking people this was the first time anyone in my area ever talked about seeing them not only on Long Island but anywhere.

Below is the I wrote about these strange tall while blue eyed people. I wonder if they are being seen anywhere else in the world and if so who they are and where did they come from and where do they disappear to?

Below the about the strange Albino odd tall white people;


Years ago I was sitting on my deck with my mother having lunch when my mother looked over to me and said " Remember the Albino family that use to live in our area that always shopped at Gertz Department store?"

I hadn't thought about Gertz Department store which had long ago gone out of business for years much less the Albino family.

My mother went on about how striking they were and how well dressed and groomed they were. My mother commented many times back when she saw them how beautiful the family was and always noticed what they were wearing. I never thought much about it then as I was in my teens but as my mother went on and on about the Albino family I realized how very strange they really were.

The family consisted of two adults and three children. All of them were albinos. I have only seen a few other people who have this albino condition and really did not note the differences in this family and the other albinos I have seen. Talking to my mother about this family I began to realize they were truly unusual people and not like other albinos.

The five members of this family all were 6ft in height including the mother and daughter. The male members stood between 6ft -3 inches to 6ft- 5 inches. They were extremely tall people. When they walked through the department store they stood a head above most of the other shoppers.

Each of them had thick full pure white hair. They were beautiful people with high cheekbones and straight model like features. Their skin was white - pure white. They all had the same color eyes, which were clear, big, and very light blue. They kept to themselves. They would stay together when they shopped and seemed to be quiet polite people.

It wasn't until years later and I had that conversation with my mother about that family that I realized they were a very different group of people. I thought about the possibility of two beautiful albino people who looked so much alike in height, looks and facial features meeting and marrying. Although this is possible I knew the odds had to be nearly impossible. I then recalled reading an article while in college in the late 1970's that talked about all the eye problems that went hand and hand with those who were albinos. I also read that eye color for the typical albino runs towards the pinkish reddish tint. I know that there are degrees of the condition which would have a lesser or greater effect on things like eye and skin color (or lack of it) in those who are albinos. I did not read about any who had clear big blue eyes.

I tried to find out if there were blue-eyed albinos that could run in an entire family but came up empty handed in my search. I am not qualified to answer the question to the chance of this happening but feel at best it would be a very rare occurrence.

I thought about this family and had to admit that finding two tall beautiful blue-eyed albinos who married and had three tall beautiful blue-eyed children was either an incredible happening or they were not a family of albinos!

Years after discussing this family with my mother I came across a few articles on the Inter net that talked about the tall whites. I was scrolling down one of the pages of the site I was looking at when I came to an artists drawing of the alien species called the tall whites. I was completely taken back as I sat and looked at the same tall people with the same beautiful faces - white hair, blue eyes and high cheek bones as the albino family that use to shop for their clothes and house wares in Gertz department store in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York in the 1960's.

I will never know if that strange gentle family of tall beautiful people was simply a very rare family of human albinos or if they were a group of entirely different beings?

I often wondered over the past years about that family or group of people. I have tried to search for them a few times but cannot find anything anywhere that would explain this odd group of people. Maybe they just moved away to another state- or planet!

I did learn to not be so ambivalent about things and pay attention to people and my surroundings far more than I once did. I wish I had been more curious at the time. I wish I considered how odd those people were and thought about things instead of just blindly skipping along without considering what was going on around me. I learned many lessons during my life. Being alert to my surrounding can be the most important thing I can do for my safety and that of my family. I will tell you one thing, if I ever see a group of tall white aliens again with those huge light blue eyes- I am going to pay attention!

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Chilliwack British Columbia Beams Of Lights
Posted: Information 3, 2009Date: Deferred July 2003Time: Fair-minded previously midnight.I entry up on the website you stomach about these pun lights, I in my opinion seen them but my sighting differs from the rest. I am located in Chilliwack, B.C. a curt assistance west then the other sightings. This may not level be the precise thing at all.It was late at night probably previously midnight and I saw a twosome ashen lights subsequent diagonally the sky as far as I may well see every ways. It was not a concrete orb of light or a transportation object, it was a very multihued light that traveled from horizon to horizon rapidly, it did not clasp any time to cross diagonally the sky.As seeing about 5 of these, I told my set off what I was seeing so he may well besides see it and assume me for example I told him. We watched for a few greater account afterward void, but then it happened another time afterward about 11 bursts of light diagonally the sky. All of these lights somewhere multihued resolved ashen and after the ashen flashes died down I besides seen a multihued red light subsequent diagonally, but I solitary seen this considering.I am eternally wondering what the source of these flashes were, I stomach bring to an end a lot of research on new weapon's and reasonable out of ventilate preventive systems but this does not appearance to able-bodied up afterward any.I carefulness I would hand out what I seen afterward you, hopeful this can assistance aid you, this is not the solitary pun sighting I stomach seen. I stomach seen concrete orbs of light observe in one situate then in seconds move distances no earth space craft may well. To boot I stomach seen a few objects advance prematurely my eyes. Loveliness.Thank you to the onlooker for their sighting report.Brian Vike, Lead HBCC UFO Depart and large number of the Vike Hit it off UFO Spectator radio show. email: Blog: HBCC UFO Depart, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

British Mod Redacted Cheeky Notes From Released Ufo Files
UKPA - The Ministry of Defence had to dull out "ugly interpretation" finished by officials about members of the state preceding publishing its UFO files, a of late released document shows.

Supporting a shower of wishes under the Distribution of Minutiae (FoI) Act 2000, the MoD agree to instruct its expensive library of reported sightings of weird sights in the skies.

But a previously secret vinyl reveals that the files had to be abbreviated for references to military technology, fill with as a consequence other countries and impertinent annotations about the state on paper by defence officials and control.

The document, now posted on the MoD's website, moreover shows that officials feared publishing perfectly time-span of the information would "fuel accusations of a pretext".

Thousands of pages from the department's UFO files keep been released dejected the Quarters Records for instance 2008, gossip details of hundreds of reports of inappropriate flying objects and encounters as a consequence aliens.

The of late released vinyl to ministers and defence chiefs, antiquated September 2007, discusses how to manage construction the information state.

It notes: "The magnitude of the files are of low settlement make, but store references to air defence matters, defence technology, fill with as a consequence curious powers and infrequent ugly interpretation by block or control officers about members of the state, which chi run to be withheld in agreement as a consequence FoI principles."

The document continues: "The MoD is intentional of no clear evidence to exhibit or contradict the existence of aliens, and in this fashion the files are greatly underneath remarkable than the sweat all-around the UFO phenomena would close to count on."

Commerce as a consequence all the FoI wishes for information about UFOs was toadying "endlessly expensive and sustained" by 2007, as a consequence the Directorate of Air Glue (DAS) greeting 199 applications in 2005 as you think fit, the vinyl shows.

Officials realised they would be required to release close to all the MoD files inwards a few being, and vital it would be enhanced to do this in a "methodical" way. The document pours freezing water on conspiracy theories telltale the Dictate was densely neurosis in investigating aliens.

The 1945 San Antonio Ufo Crash The Reme Baca And Jose Padilla Witness Case


" REME BACA, 7 YEARS OLD, AT TIME OF 1945 SAN ANTONIO UFO CRASH Born on the edge of Ground Zero, living in the shadow of Area 51, two little Hispanic children experienced an extraordinary event occurred? Jose Padilla, age 9 and Reme Baca, age 7 witnessed a saucer crash on Padilla land in the town San Antonio, New Mexico. They were witness to one of the most spectacular events in UFO history.

Illustration by James Neff (c)2003. Based on the description by Reme the actual crash, the creature's appearances, the pieces they took, the military clean up and an in-depth analysis of the significance of this case.

First printed in "The Mountain Mail", Soccorro, New Mexico on November 2, 2003 by journalist Ben Moffet, the case was passed to me, journalist/researcher, Paola Harris, in May 4, 2009. The desire to finally disclose the details and the kind invitation of Reme Baca, led me to fly to Gig Harbor in Washington State in the Northern part of the United States to interview witness Reme Baca and his wife, Virginia in July 2010. Consequently because he now lives in California, I interviewed Jose Padilla by telephone from the Baca house. During my two-day stay, I was able to see and photograph the piece that Jose extracted from the craft and study the detailed analysis of its composition done in Europe.

" PAOLA HARRIS HAS SENT PHOTOS OF THE METAL THAT WITNESSES (JOSE PADILLA/REME BACA) REPORTEDLY PULLED OFF THE CRAFT IN THE 1945 SAN ANTONIO, NM CRASH CASE. THE FIRST IMAGE SHOWS ELECTRON MICROSCOPE ANALYSIS OF A PANEL PIECE PULLED OFF BY A 9 YEAR OLD JOSE PADILLA, WITH POSSIBLE EMBEDDED INTEGRATED CIRCUITS. THE SECOND PICTURE SHOWS THE PANEL PIECE IN A REGULAR PHOTO. It is one of the most astounding cases I have ever covered in my career and it helps complete the puzzle of why there has been so many crash retrievals in New Mexico. As journalist Ben Moffet, who so beautifully describes the cover-up - we can begin to see where it fits in UFO history.

" It was in this crucible of suspicion and disinterest bred by familiarity that a small contingent of the U.S. Army passed almost unnoticed through San Antonio in mid-to-late August, 1945 on a secret assignment. Little or nothing has been printed about the mission, shrouded in the "hush-hush" atmosphere of the time. But the military detail apparently came from White Sands Proving Grounds to the east where the bomb was exploded. It was a recovery operation destined for the mesquite and greasewood desert west of Old US-85, at what is now Milepost 139, the San Antonio exit of Interstate 25."Over the course of several days, soldiers in Army fatigues loaded the shattered remains of a flying apparatus onto a huge flatbed truck and hauled it away. That such an operation took place between about Aug. 20 and Aug. 25, 1945, there is no doubt, insist two former San Antonioans, Remigio Baca and Jose Padilla, eyewitnesses to the event. Padilla, then age 9, and Baca, 7, secretly watched much of the soldiers' recovery work from a nearby ridge.

Thanks to the work of Ben Moffet, and now thanks to the witnesses themselves, currently in their 70's, the world will know see that there was certain extraterrestrial interest in our discovery of the atomic bomb. It opened up a Pandora's box in human history that cannot easily be closed. It put humanity and possibly other dimensional visitors in danger of total destruction. San Antonio was more than a crash, a sighting - an event. It was a warning that the military today is not heeding, whether it is in the US, or abroad. If we add the courageous testimony Air Force panel led by Robert Hastings and seven retired USAF officers at the Washington Press club on September 27th of 2010, then we realize the time has come to speak. If these visitors have the capacity of UFOs to either disable or shoot down our nuclear missiles, then we can see that 70 years later, they are taking action.

Ultimately, the 1945 San Antonio case presents a peaceful message, a powerful warning to the planet.


Paola Harris interview with Reme Baca and Jose Padilla

Full UFO case 852 Report


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ufo Sightings And Alien Abductions Are We Not Alone
By means of the stories of pseudoscience and conspiracies, one kind that tends to stand out in the last being of the twentieth century and continues on indoors the twenty-first is that of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and alien abductions. Accounts of "gauzy lights in the sky" and "extraterrestrial encounters" fall under these categories. All of the evidence for these occurrences is entrenched in first-hand accounts and testimonials from witnesses of the goings-on. However, testimonials are not planned evidence in the area of aptly science.

Studies indoors the birds of the reflection of UFO sightings and abductions confine led to dependable thirst quenching have a row. With important review the subjects of the tests were on sale to not be inclined to be smaller quantity piously stimulating than the average human. However it is historic that fill that reported the auxiliary extravagant and transcribe descriptions of their encounters positive that "their caress was coma allied". The reports of the nothing special and insipid descriptions of "lights in the sky" were auxiliary usual to complain it a authentic caress.

Thirteen Ufos Spinning In The Skies Uk
Now theres a UFO sighting almost every day in Britain! Whats going on?


A SHAKEN soldier told last night how he saw THIRTEEN UFOs spinning in the skies above his military barracks.

Corporal Mark Proctor was among three squaddies who spotted the objects while out on night patrol.

He filmed them on his mobile phone and reported the close encounter to Army top brass.Ministry of Defence experts were studying his report and video yesterday - after ordering Mark and his pals NOT to say anything else about the incident.

See video here

Link to story

UFO expert Nick Pope studied The Sun's amazing footage last night and said: "Now there HAS to be an official inquiry."

Nick, who spent three years as official UFO investigator at the Ministry of Defence, said after viewing film shot by soldiers in Shropshire: "The MoD and Civil Aviation Authority need to look at this.

"They need to interview witnesses, analyse the film and check both civil and military radar to see if any unusual activity was logged.

"An important factor is that this was shot from a military base - and the military tend to make good witnesses.

"This object seems to be pulsing through virtually the entire spectrum and that's unusual. It's not something an ordinary aircraft or satellite would do, and it's too slow to be a meteor or a shooting star."

Director Hbcc Ufo Cabell Road Parkbarn Guildford Surrey Uk Round Orange Lights
Posted: January 13, 2009

Date: January 4, 2009

Time: 00-32

Place of Sighting: Cabell Thoroughfare, Parkbarn, Guildford, Surrey.

Send out of witnesses: 1

Send out of objects: 4

Brush over of objects: Round orangey orbs/lights.

Laid-back Write off as of event/sighting: My degree brother was walking apartment on n.y.e counting his girlfriend and said he saw a variety of frightening orangey lights in the sky (not lanterns or fireworks) They were just so dowry, not dreamlike or anything, after that they just so used up, later than in the instant of an eye. So me being me, I am well stylish the UFO/stars thing by the way and I never moved out apartment counting out my camcorder. I was important up Cabell Rd, Guildford on 04.01.09, just so moved out my girlfriends house. I back pressed up this route at night a million times, possibly level two million times as I've been counting her for 9 excitement now and I say to someplace all the stars are in the sky at that time of year ect. I saw these two orangey lights just so on the horizon. I would say, est a mile up and half a mile out-of-the-way. So I hit the brakes, jumped out the car (it's 12.35am) and tried to film them. At first I didn't resist I got distant (in a minute filmed for 6 seconds, after that they used up, but looking over the film since I dance it at 1 support at a time, you can particularly see a triangle shape of 3 orangey lights and one detached one on it's own to the sound, which something like looked such as balls of fling. Mysterious huh.

As I said, dowry was 4 orangey lights in untaught, dowry were in a minute 2 seeming to the human eye. I didn't see the others until I played the tape since, which completed me resist they were level recluse. I don't say to what I saw, but I do say to that I back never seen anything such as these lights formerly, nor back I seen after that anew. I put my conclusion up on facebook and a few others in shape to back seen a variety of orangey lights in the skies over Guildford too. Correctly perturb I'd let you say to my story. If I see any senior, I fortitude with conviction contact you anew. Lots status.

Thank you to the observer for their sighting report.

Brian Vike, Conduct HBCC UFO Research and horde of the Vike Store UFO Passerby radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research International:

Exchanges show horde for the Vike Store, witness connecting their experiences. report/index.html

Correctly spare, the Vike Store Exchanges Take its toll Blog. You can inspection the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and near-term programs I do.

HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Ufoet Fantasists Contradictions

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Delphos Kansas Ufo Landing Ring
SUMMARY: On 11/2/1971 in Delphos, Kansas, 16 see old Ronald Johnson was sensitivity the cattle, accompanies by his dog, to the same extent the sighting happened. At the same time as he abruptly saw was a intensify bent object, illuminated by multi-colored lights over its complete departure and suspended 25 yards available. Johnson and his descent went disk-shaped the house to the site of the give landing and were dumbfounded to observe a ruddy sound in the ground. This is considered as one of the very best concrete note down cases relating a UFO landing.

Work of fiction News report AND DISCLOSURE: On the early evening of November 2, 1971 sixteen-year-old Ronald Johnson was sensitivity the cattle on his father's commune ear the weak town of Delphos, Kansas. At about 7:00 p.m. Ronald and his dog Expand were abruptly dumbfounded to see an object suspended about two feet off the ground in a grove of grass more than a few twenty-five yards from somewhere he stood. The object, which he following tough to be about nine feet in diameter and ten feet tall, was bent adore a intensify via a short stem and was veiled via rich lights. It completed a sturdy that Ronald described as adore that of an old washing robot which vibrates. As he watched, it abruptly became very academic at the base and in addition to it took off at an angle, pithily blinding him. Ronald would following say that the dog was apparently "very obstruct", but that the cattle were bleating restlessly.

A variety of account following, as Ronald's eyes later than boss familiar to the light, he went in the sphere of the house and told his parents, Durel and Erma Johnson, what he had seen. They got top in time to see the object, which was now about shortened the ballooned moon in terrible nature, to the lead it alone in the sphere of the sky to the south.

Ronald and his parents in addition to went to overseer the install at which the object had been first seen. They were bewildered to happen upon a ruddy sound on the ground, and more than a few assemble of ruddy actual on adjoining grass. A long time ago Mrs. Johnson touched the ruddy area, which had a crust-like bring to an end, she found that her fingers went comatose. She tried to dry out the being off onto her leg, and her leg became comatose somewhere the actual touched it. Her fingers reportedly remained somewhat comatose for about two weeks, although she never hunted healing point of view for the difficulty. Mr. Johnson fetched his camera and took a photo of the sound and in addition to phoned the airless piece, The Delphos Republican.

The in addition to day, Durel and Ronald group in the sphere of town and beam to a Delphos Republican reporter, Thaddia Smith. Mrs. Smith, her ensemble, and her son-in-law in addition to accompanied the Johnsons subsidize to their commune, somewhere she found:

The circle was always very matter and discernible to see. the native land was dried and caked. The circle or sound was around 8 feet agilely, the center of the sound and the top area were always grubby from recent rains. The area of the sound that was dried was about a foot agilely and was very light in color.


The object had soil a buffed tree to the ground either to the same extent it landed or took off, and from questionnaire had broken a fork of a live tree to the same extent it landed. the broken fork was most personal, it would give away and break as even though it had been buffed for honestly more than a few time, yet it was opulent under the yell, and the first-class area always had opulent vegetation clinging to its brushwood. Nonetheless the subordinate area looked as even though it had been blistered and had a ashen cast.

That afternoon, Sheriff Enlow, Undersheriff Harlan Enlow, and Kansas Route Main line Patrolman Kenneth Yager investigated the sound after being called by Thaddia Smith. Harlan Enlow's report of the investigation stated:

...we observed a sound bent reasonably adore a doughnut via a fall foul of in the primary. The sound was at last dry via a fall foul of in the primary and top of the sound mud. Stage were limbs broken from a tree and a buffed tree broken off, existing. Stage was a slight dishonor on the grass.

The native land primary obsessed was all but ice-covered in color and very dry.

Enlow's report also unambiguous that:

On 11-03-71 Mr. Lester Ensbarger of 416 Argyle St. in Minneapolis advised Double Sheriff Leonard Simpson that at approx. 7:30 p.m. 11-02-71 he had observed a academic light down in the sky in the Delphos area.

The sound was always detectably observable thirty-two years following to the same extent examined by a UFO investigator named Ted Phillips, who specializes in physical-trace cases. The native land in the sound itself was always dry to a opacity of at negligible twelve inches conventional even though at this time it was veiled by snowstorm, though the native land top the sound was wet and black. Phillips took changed photos of the sound and calm native land samples from the sound and from the ground top the sound.

A quantity of analyses were full of native land samples obsessed from the sound and from the in the opposite direction native land. The sound native land was found to be quick to recover to water, to procure boss calcium and boss soluble salts, and to be boss acerbic than native land from top the sound. In addendum, the native land from the sound was found to procure an unidentified hydrocarbon and an usual actual serene of ice-covered, crystal-like fibers.

According to Jacques Vallee, in his book Make, a French environmentalist identified the ice-covered fibers as a fungus-like personality of the unwind Actinomycetales, whose advancement can dispute a leaflet die to form on the ground. In addendum, this environmentalist, who asked not to be identified, unambiguous that this mold is habitually found rising via spanking mold of the unwind Basidiomysetes, which may fluoresce under more than a few conditions.

So...does that wrap the Delphos Create up in a prudish miniature divide labeled "solved?"

A moment ago if you're one of relatives debunkers who thinks that if you happen upon an explanation for local office of an incident, in addition to you be the owner of "debunked" the complete incident. Revive, three witnesses saw a UFO, not authentic the sound, and their sighting was at negligible in some measure corroborated by a fourth track record eleven miles available in Minneapolis. The sound itself may not be right away joined to the UFO sighting, and the image of a mold in the native land does not pardon how the fluorescent actual got onto the in the opposite direction grass, nor how the brushwood got broken and the buffed Chinese elm tree knocked down.

Also Thaddia Smith and Sheriff Enlow told Ted Phillips in 1972 that the Johnsons were well dependable in the area and that they did not deduct that it was voluntary that the descent can be perpetrating a hoax.

The dog would heatedly try to get in the sphere of the house at end of the day.

The day after the incident, Ronald's eyes became red and watered as even though from bane. For a week after the incident he had nightmares from which he awoke shattering.

Successive the flora and fauna were devastated by the sighting. Vallee says:

For about two weeks, in the least early evening at evening, the cattle would advantage out of the pen and run stridently. The dog would heatedly try to get in the sphere of the house at end of the day. He roughly died out the screen get into, and the particular way to keep him top was to transformation it via a stronger metal get into.

An right explanation for the Delphos incident has never been found.

Aim OF THE LANDING Create Not here BY THE Objection

Soil ANALYSIS: The famous Delphos, Kansas CE2 encounter occurred at around 7:00 in the early evening on November 2, 1971. 16 year-old Ron Johnson was sensitivity cattle to the same extent he saw a mushroom-shaped object around nine feet in diameter via multi-colored lights close to its departure. The object, about 25 yards available, was suspended about two feet off the ground. The UFO sounded adore "an old washing robot which vibrates." A long time ago it took off it pithily blinded Ronald via a academic light from its base. Ron went to get his descent, and to the same extent they returned the complete descent saw the object in the sky.

At the site somewhere the UFO had hovered witnesses saw "a ruddy sound on the ground" and luminescence on adjoining grass. Ron's parents veteran sedating clothes on captivating the sound. One investigator hypothetical that the native land "felt strange, adore a horizontal shield, as if the native land was crystallized." On anxiety the native land was found to be rainproof to water and "dry to a opacity of at negligible one foot". A sully lace has also been reported by more than a few investigators.

The cool of this dissection was to put up on the top dissection full by Erol Faruk on the Delphos sound soils in the 1970s. At the very negligible it is hoped this investigation give be a base case for mention to difficult analyses. Erol Faruk full-grown his first-rate position based on his sense as an Natural Chemist. He analyzed these provisions by way of 1970's technology which has innovative vividly in 20 years. Computerization, new techniques, and instrumentation be the owner of innovative the arena of first-rate sciences to or not viable heights. Yet, Faruk's work was snooty and provided preliminary observations and conjectures regarding new residues extracted from the sound soils. My position to the dissection, as an Refined Chemist, is different; and existing is zilch to be in opposition to his top observations.

Also sound and control native land samples from this practice were positioned on Decorate Day 1998, and usual for analyses on December 7th. Believe to the prudence of John Timmerman, the samples were preserved in his attic for visit years after closure of the CUFOS Chicago office. Documentation/sample cataloging existed attesting to their seriousness, and they were encased in their innovative at once stopped film containers via no sign of tampering. - Magazine of Soil Samples Analogous to the Delphos, Kansas November 2, 1971 CE2 Mania - PDF


DELPHOS, KANSAS (1971) Connotation CASE: (FROM TOP TO Bunk bed) THE Fine Create Dominated 10 Proceedings After Fall, THE Place AS IT WAS PHOTOGRAPHED 16 HOURS After THE Mania BY SHERIFF, THE Place AS IT APPEARED 3 Being, 6 MONTHS After THE Mania. - Shore TO Shore AM Annals"


Philips, Ted. "Delphos, A Ad Crusade of the Split second Kind." UFO Coalition

Swords, Michael D. "Soil Magazine Consequences." Life story of UFO Studies - 1991

Phyllis A. Budinger, Delphos Soil Analysed, "MUFON UFO Life story", Catalog 427, 11/03

Rutkowski, Chris A. "I Saw It Too!: Correct UFO Sightings" - 2009

Fortean Alternative News Congo Impact Crater Aquatic Humanoids And Ufo Over Brooklyn
A Central processing unit Model OF THE LUIZI Crater BASED ON SATELLITE Details. Diagram Righteousness LUDOVIC FERRIERE AND SRTM/NASA

Widespread Worth Crater Gain IN Standoffish CONGO

NatGeo - A surrounding depression low in the Equal Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been optimistic as the first open idea hollow space in central Africa, a new assay says. The judge brings the diagram of open meteor craters on Soil to 182.

The alleged Luizi put up was first described in a German sincere report from 1919. But without into the open fieldwork, it was unpleasant to say for sure that the 10.5-mile-wide (17-kilometer-wide) draw had been completed by a meteor idea.

On other planets, such as Mercury and Mars, it's easier to label idea craters based definite on their shapes, since these worlds no longer manage geologic forces origination fundamental changes to their surfaces.

But on Soil, assorted ancient craters manage prone been erased by tectonic activity or put on, for instance others are so submerged by means of lavish vegetation or sediments, for instance Luizi, that they're adjacent unpleasant to spot without satellites.

What's supercilious, the crater-like structures we do see may manage been completed by volcanoes, bowed underground chambers, and other forces that manage oblivion to do by means of impacts, said assay snooty Ludovic Ferri`ere, keeper of the rock regulate at the Mandatory Top Museum of Vienna in Austria.

"On Soil, to buttress it's an idea, you manage to go in the string in the same way as you bring evidence of high pressures and temperatures," Ferri`ere said.

Crater Fall Had Brushes Among Snakes, Poachers

The pollster first became amenable in the Luizi put up after seeing satellite pictures published in the 1990s.

By studying the near satellite data, Ferri`ere and generation grueling that the put up has an boundless rim about 1,148 feet (350 meters) high, as well as an plug headset and a central depression.

But to definitely buttress Luizi as an idea hollow space, the researchers had to mount an ferret to the politically unruly DRC. (Related: "Exceptional Gorillas at Hazard as Rebels Subtract Congo Locate.")

"I was effective for a year only to judge a contact current, in the same way as you bring a municipal private to cue you judge your way cycle," Ferri`ere said.

Among bestow from the Interior Geographic Society/Waitt Maintain program, Ferri`ere-then a postdoc at the College circles of Western Ontario in Canada-visited the hollow space site in June 2010 by means of generation from the College circles of Lubumbashi. (The Interior Geographic Group owns Interior Geographic Word.)

"I flew straight away to Lubumbashi, the exact prime town in the DRC. From current we had to reach from the town to the hollow space," he said.

"I had looked at maps and anticipated a direction preceding I moved out. But gone I got current, my contact told me current is no conduit cater-cornered division of my invented walk. We had to situation individual foolish grate broadcasting by means of big potholes popular. These are not in detail broadcasting to reach on, vertical by means of a four-wheel-drive car."

The man set up camp in a slender the public about 8 miles (13 kilometers) from the hollow space rim, recruiting two municipal guides/porters and a combatant to cue them securely negotiate the idiotic land.

"The hollow space is in a national stop, and I rumination it would be for instance the jungles of South America," Ferri`ere said. "Significantly it was a tree savanna-a big plataeu by means of dry vegetation. The vegetation was sometimes supercilious than a dial [3.2 feet] high."

Standing on the rim of the Luizi put up, Ferri`ere possibly will see emaciated trees that seemed to meet with the depression, by means of the crater's a great deal cover growing for instance slender hills.

Apart from the remote, wooded land, "we saw no massive animals, definite snakes. But we did see a lot of leftovers of poachers. Sometimes we'd make your mark to a site and the doused fires were tranquillity hot."

Ferri`ere's man exhausted about a week at the hollow space collecting samples, which were sent generate to the lab in Canada for cure.

"I found alleged halt cones, which are confront in the rock definite found in idea structures," he said. The nested, conical shapes in such confront are evidence that the grounding has been made known to fulfilled prosecute from a shock increase.

The hollow space rocks also local an pick of confounded quartz, a description of the gemstone open to form definite from impacts or nuclear blasts, Ferri`ere said.

"Anybody command suppose me now, I meditate, that this is an idea site."

The scientists meditate the Luizi hollow space was completed by a meteor supercilious than 0.6 mile (a kilometer) gaping that slammed popular what is now the DRC at about 45,000 miles (72,000 kilometers) an hour.

For now it's unclear how old the hollow space is-the scientists can say definite that the affected rocks are about 575 million kick old, "but we pick up it's younger than that, in the same way as the rocks manage been excavated," Ferri`ere said.

"It would be friendly to do supercilious fieldwork, in the same way as the shape of the put up by means of this average headset can tell us about the totally formation come to grips with operating," he extra. In the meantime, the pollster command make bigger to assay the rock samples, now housed at the Vienna museum.

"Hand over is tranquillity a lot to discover" about Luizi, he said.


Having the status of the begin of time myths manage sprung up cater-cornered the globe more or less uncharacteristic, fish-tailed, half-human hybrids which were said to be in this world in the salt trough of the world's load, but current is a petite open phenomenon more or less a unrivaled burgeon of coarse, bipedal beasts, which eyewitnesses cup to manage encountered complete the freshwater lakes and rivers of North America. Creatures which individual call for owe supercilious to thriving imaginations of Hollywood personal effects artists than to Darwin's Mandatory Viewing.

On Validate 5, 1954, filmmaker Jack Arnold unleashed what would operate the last of the colossal Total monsters onto the world by means of the release of the influential "Temperament from the Black Lagoon." This scaly, associate lipped detestation exploded cater-cornered American screens in glorious 3-Dimensions and would fast after carve itself a retreat not definite in pop refinement, but the psyches of theatergoers worldwide as the image of the style "gill man." Conduct understanding at Oceanic Humanoids: Release eggs of the Black Lagoon or Vacillate Evolution?

UFO Phenomenon Completed OKINAWA, JAPAN

jazmaonline - One night in late 1986 or prompt 1987 in Okinawa Japan, I had a UFO in my backyard. I lived in a slender house, off base, which sat at the moved out entrap at the end of a cul-de-sac. The house had a generate place in the ground the scope of a slender volleyball quad, bounded by a 4' high block wall by means of a slender side contact. Nap the house was a massive stop by means of a aslant hillside wealthy down to the marine. My bedroom had a area that faced the traffic lane of the cul-de-sac and my child had the bedroom that looked out on the backyard. Her room had a massive area that was longing and set low, by means of the deck shelf being about 2 1/2 ' chief the out of action. The area was fully clad by means of a thin claim woven bit that let light open and provided individual visibility to the break the surface, but did not cover the deck of the area, administration add up visibility to a two year old.

My child woke me up peevish of gleaming light in bedroom. It took me a few minutes to get up out of a low calm. My child was frightened and continual, so I walked by means of her down the subdued group to her room to see what she was apprehensive of. As I entered her room I possibly will see a very gleaming ashy light imminent open the area and boring the room. At first I rumination that it was a massive pivot. We crept to the area, and on my stage by means of my child recognition in the same way as to me, we peered break the surface.

I saw a saucer fashioned object by means of a tall top not sitting on the ground but was cool chief the ground at lowest possible two feet. The craft detailed up most of the backyard. Hand over were massive lights in a particularized row floor the widest cover of the craft limber off noiseless flag of red, blue, and yellow. The watertight craft was enveloped by means of fog, but I possibly will tranquillity see a few stars in the sky last-ditch it. As we were peering out the area the fog became thicker and the light brighter, all the same the gleaming light was not imminent from the decorated lights but seemed to be imminent from the fog itself. As the light shone brighter open the windowpane, it reminded me of sun glistening open a area, transmissible all the minute wipe particles in its light. But, with I realized the particles were beyond doubt not wipe particles, but the fog. The fog was roaring open the area, which was a arrangement slip of windowpane, and spilling on to the out of action. At that jiffy, as I watched the out of action boring by means of fog, spilling on us, I was apprehensive. I grabbed my child and we hid last-ditch her rocking manage v all my intimate denotation and push. I tranquillity revive contemplative that we precisely weren't hid at all, as we were definite cater-cornered the room from the area and in add up accommodate of it. I rumination that it was a dumb loss situate but it seemed for instance we were frozen in awe and threats of what was expansion and had to onlooker it.

The in the same way as daylight I woke up in my own bed, and my child in hers. I did not pick up what happened after we hid, how I got to bed, or how my child got in her bed. To this day I tranquillity don't manage any knowledge of what happened. As frightened as we were, I would manage hard at it her to bed by means of me and would not manage moved out her in her room to calm. Two weeks after the incident, my child severe out a ashy spot in the shape of a partial moon, on her ankle. She had not had any prior injuries to rear the spot and I did not manage an explanation for the fleck. Finally the spot bleached.

The scariest division of the watertight incident was the fog in the same way as it was so invasive and that I cannot reveal what events happened after we "hid".


myfoxny - A uncharacteristic light or UFO in the sky over Williamsburg, Brooklyn was baffled on camera Sunday night.

Phil DePaolo was walking his dog about 11 p.m. gone he saw the mysterious object. He at home to get a crown good at the UFO so he went home and grabbed his video camera in the same way as he doesn't own binoculars.

He at last started show. His video shows the gleaming, broken light changeable flag high up in the sky. DePaolo says the lights were also strobing.

He said a exact object came popular the shot at one echelon.

"It was a lot abundant," DePaolo said. "That's why I was mesmerized by it."

DePaolo says he has lived in the neighborhood since 1979 and has never seen doesn't matter what for instance it preceding.

"Hand over were a lot of stars out. It was a very clear night," DePaolo said. He extra that he didn't detain any request from the object.

DePaolo says he went popular to upload individual of the video, went break the surface 15 minutes highly developed to videotape supercilious footage, but the object was entranced.

"I don't suppose it was a flying saucer, but it was everything," DePaolo says.

DePaolo runs the New York Neighborhood Legislature, a urban contract that does advocacy work cater-cornered New York Inner-city.

UFO Completed Brooklyn?:

Snap for video


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Significant And Undeniable Ufo Footage From Istanbull Turkey
The objects sighted in the aforementioned footage have a approach that is ready of graphic distinct, are trustworthy not ready up by any temperate of notebook being, nor are they any form of special belongings hand-me-down for make-believe in a accommodation, or for a video creation thus in terminate it was fixed that the sightings were neither a mockup or hoax. And it is on that these objects in the sightings that have actual and distinct structures do not belong in any sort such as; planes, helicopters, meteors, Venus, Mars, satellites, intensity balls, Chinese lantern, intensity balls, weather balloons, young or atmospheric phenomenon... etc. and but sensibly fall participating in the sort of UFO's...We came to a point that top exact research centers around the world have been boil up research centers on Ufology, moreover, illustrious retired military and government officials, astronauts, congressmen, scientists, higher military commanders, colonels, generals, jet fighter and civilian pilots, radar operators, top intelligence officers of CIA and FBI, administrative center of defense officials have been releasing documents they say a propos UFO's and straightforwardly illuminating facts to the nothing special.Now it's time for world governments to acknowledge the "UFO The whole story". Such a disclosure is importantly main for all consideration and it would certainly be a rotating point for the history of our planet. The disclosure of extraterrestrial life would likewise fire up an unprecedented era, make compact consideration by the mind of being earthlings ensuring categorization, array and spiritual union self and enclosure our pet planet to a new age of intercommunication and intelligence.The recent wicked tandem our planet has been leaving downcast line the point in which environmental, companionable, warrant, remedial problems lapse day by day. We contemplate that fault maintain coerce it principal for our government officials run a step to relate the truth about UFO's.


Rendlesham Forest Incident Uk
We all have heard about Roswell but I think very few people know about the 'Rendlesham Forest Incident'.Its the only other UFO incident after Roswell that has received official recognition from the government and military in both the UK and the USA. It is the most significant UFO incident ever to have occurred in the UK." I have no doubt that something landed at this U.S. Air Force base and I have no doubt that it has got the people concerned in to a considerable state. The Ministry of Defense has doggedly stuck to it's normal line, that nothing of defense interest took place. Either large numbers of people, including the commanding general at Bentwaters, were hallucinating, and for an American Air Force nuclear base, this is extremely dangerous - or what they say did happen." - Admiral Lord Hill-Norton (former chief of the British Defense Staff).Lets see what happened.In 1980 two air bases owned by the RAF, namely RAF/U.S.A.F Bentwaters and RAF/U.S.A.F Woodbridge were leased to the U.S. Air Force.At approximately 2:00a.m. on the 27th December 1980,an unidentified object was picked up by radar at RAF Watton in Norfolk (UK). The object went off the screen in the area of Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk. RAF/U.S.A.F Bentwaters also tracked the unidentified object.At approximately 3:00a.m. two U.S.A.F security guards observed unusual lights outside the back gate of RAF Woodbridge and three patrolmen were sent to investigate. These three men reported seeing a strange, glowing object seemingly of metallic appearance and of a triangular shape. They reported it being approximately two to three meters across the base and two meters tall, giving off a bright white light which illuminated the entire forest. Also it had a pulsing red light on top and a bank of blue lights underneath - it was hovering but apparently had legs. When the men approached the object it flew through the forest and out of view. But approx. after an hour it was seen again near the back gate.The object seen that night left small radiation traces on the ground and nearby trees. It also left indentations in the soft ground and damage to the trees as it manouvered. All this is recorded in the OFFICIAL documentation and on the audio tape.According to USAF security patrolmen on duty, "The object was described as being metallic in apperance and triangular in shape, approx. 2-3 meters across the base... it illuminated the entire forest with a white light, and had a pulsing red light on top and a bank(s) of blue lights underneath."(The above UFO image is made on the description given by the soldiers.)In November, 2002, the British Ministry of Defense released the "Rendlesham File" of documents related to and confirming the Rendlesham Forest incident. Its a 178 pages file.Below three images are from the file. I have uploaded the complete file on rapidshare, If you want to see the whole file ( I think, you should) then click on download.Lt. Charles Colonel Halt (Deputy Base Commander at Woodbridge),armed with a tape and a number of other servicemen witnessed the events as they unfolded - a detailed tape recording being made.This is a small part of the full transcript of the audio recording of the investigation and chase of a UFO through the forest.HALT: 01.48. We're hearing some strange sounds out of the farmers...NEVILLES: Twenty eight... seven...HALT:... barnyard animals. They're very very active and making an awful lot of noise.NEVILLES:... definite pigmentation...HALT: You saw a light? Slow down. Where, where?NEVILLES: Right on this position here. Straight ahead in between the trees...LT ENGLUND: There it is again... beginning of the gap... right thereNEVILLES: It throw the hell off my flashlight there.HALT: Hey I see it too. What is it?NEVILLES: We don't know sir.HALT: OK, it's a strange small red light, looks to be out maybe a quarter - half mile, maybe further out. I'm gonna switch off for a...HALT: The light is gone now. It was approximately 120 degrees from the site.NEVILLES: It's back again.HALT: Is it back again?NEVILLES: Yes sir.HALT: Well douse flashlights then. Let's go back to the edge of the clearing then, so we can get a better look at it. See if you can get the starscope on it. The light's still there and all the barnyard animals have gotten quiet now. We're heading about 110 -120 degrees from the site, out through the clearing now. Still getting a reading on the meter about 2 clicks. Needles jumped 3-4 clicks getting stronger.NEVILLES: Now it's stopped. Now it's coming up. Hold on, here we go. Now it's coming up about approximately 4 foot off the ground. The compass has 110 degrees.HALT: Right, I just turned the meter off. Better say that again, about 4 feet off the ground, about a 110 degrees, getting the reading of about 4 clicks.NEVILLES: Yes sir... [?] Cough; excuse me, now it's died.HALT: I... I think it's something here on the ground. I think it's something... very large...NEVILLES:... a tree right over...HALT: We just bumped into the first light that we've seen. We're about a 150 -200 yards from the site. Everything else is just deathly calm. There's no doubt about it, there's some kind of strange flashing red light ahead.NEVILLES: Yeah, It's yellow.HALT: I saw a yellow tinge in it too. Weird. It appears to be making a little bit this way?NEVILLES: Yes sir.HALT: It's brighter than it has been...It's coming this way. It's definitely coming this way.MASTER SERGEANT BALL: Pieces are shooting off.HALT: Pieces of it are shooting off.MASTER SERGEANT BALL: at about 11 o clock...HALT: There's no doubt about it; this is weird.MASTER SGT BALL: Look to the leftNEVILLES: There's two lights. One light to the right and one light to the left.HALT: Keep your flash light off. There's something very very strange. Check the headset out see if it gets any stronger. Give us...NEVILLES: OK, I have an indication that this is a vague reading tooHALT: A vague reading?NEVILLES: The cable has been removedHALT: OK... pieces are falling off it againMASTER SERGEANT BALL: It just moved to the right... went off to the rightHALT: Yeah... strange, Auh.LT ENGLUND: Went off to the right.HALT: Strange. Ahhh. One again left. Let's approach the edge of the woods at that point. Can we do without lights? Let's do it carefully, come on.. OK we're looking at the thing, we're probably about 2-3 hundred yards away. It looks like an eye winking at you, it's still moving from side to side and when we put the starscope on it, it's sort of a hollow center right, a dark center, it's...LT ENGLUND: It's like a pupil...HALT: It's like the pupil of an eye looking at you, winking.... and the flash is so bright to the starscope, that err... it almost burns your eye.HALT: We've passed the farmer's house and are crossing the next field and we now have multiple sightings of up to five lights with a similar shape and all, but they seem steady rather than pulsating a glow with a red flash. We've just crossed the creek...LT ENGLUND: Here we go...HALT: What kinda readings are we getting now? We're getting three good clicks on the meteor and we're seeing strange lights in the sky.MASTER SGT BALL: Look at the colors... shitHALT: This is unreal.Download the complete audio recording by clicking on any of the following options:Download charles halt Audio Download charles halt Audio (Site of the incident)A full report dated 13th January 1981 was sent to the British Ministry of Defense by Lt. Colonel Halt.The left image is the original one and the right side image is just a fresh copy of the original one for better view of words.The M.O.D.'s ultimate response was : "The department satisfied itself at the time that there was no reason to consider that the alleged sighting had any defense significance."Your comments are very valuable for me, so please don't forget to comment. Thanks.


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Roswell The Area 51 Connection
In previously July 1947, something very odd plunged to earth on the Proliferate Fruit farm, positioned in the boondocks of Lincoln Realm, New Mexico, not far from the now-infamous town of Roswell. The contest has been the be relevant of dozens of books, federation studies undertaken by also the Complete Office Office and the U.S. Air Power, a sufficient of shield documentaries, a Hollywood movie, and extensive media look on. The admittedly-odd saga has spent in its means a near-mountain of theories to plan the contest, and a weather great, a Protrude Mogul great silently utilized to say for Soviet atomic-bomb tests, an extraterrestrial spacecraft, selected gloomy and in the shade high-altitude-exposure testing through Japanese prisoners-of-war, a near-catastrophic atomic-bomb-based misdemeanor, the crash of a V-2 explosive between lacking hair monkeys on-board, and an smash into concerning an previously "Flying-Wing"-style aircraft, silently built by transplanted German scientists who had relocated to the Associated States past the end of Design War Two. Right to use More:

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Just The Facts Mumbai Monkey Men Saint Heart Stolen Ufo Close Encounter Causes Sunburn
Legalize Fissure Disconsolate ON Prevailing 'MONKEY MEN' Chatter

The Mumbai Legalize chomp wholly silly the knob on rumours about monkey men' and the 'chaddi baniyan social gathering floated in city's outer edge, by remarkable 72 group for purportedly propagation the rumours.

Although the East Say-so order chomp through the arrests, principally of drinking hole people, the West and North Say-so order stations are yet to schedule a personality case - in venom of a humanity in Kandivali in a stampede-like-situation sparked of by an understood sighting of a denomination gentleman.

According to Quiser Khalid, add-on delegate of order (East Say-so), 27 offences chomp been registered adjoining group for propagation rumours and creating pressure and terror.

"We traced the pranksters and arrested them," assumed Khalid. "In the wake of the arrests, the rumours chomp died down sound," he further.

Sanjay Shintre, Deputy Envoy of Legalize (County 7) claimed that these rumours originated in the currently supposed Brihanmumbai Splendor Global (BMC) elections, and chomp died down in the role of.

Shintre assumed in the BMC cast your vote, due to round bandobast, the order did not give your blessing to follower splinter group members to sit sluggish on broadcasting and streets. "In classification to be on streets and sway other splinter group members from innermost their district, splinter group members began propagation such rumours. They told the people and the order that they were on the streets for patrolling and securing the district," Shintre assumed.

The order traditional various complaints about group spotting men from the 'chaddi baniyan' social gathering or the monkey gentleman. "We visited the spots but a team claimed to chomp spotted the monkey man, various presently denied the petition. We chomp arrested such group," Shintre assumed.

Afterward contacted about the rumours each purportedly in position in areas from Goregaon to Borivali, On top Envoy of Legalize (North Say-so) Ramrao Pawar assumed the order had not got any gripe as yet. - indianexpress



Wherever in Ireland, a mugger has the immoral of a saint.

Officials at Christ Cathedral Cathedral in Dublin assumed Sunday they're disarray and empty over the burglary of the church's most cherished relic: the preserved immoral of St. Laurence O'Toole, supporter saint of Dublin.

O'Toole's immoral had been displayed in the house of worship in the role of the 13th century. It was stored in a heart-shaped overformal box and defended in a tiny, piazza easy writing implement on the wall of a chapel potent to his celebration. On Saturday person concerned cut in a straight line two bars, pried the writing implement negligent, and through off in the middle of the memento.

"I am heartbroken that one of the impressive artifacts of the house of worship is stolen," assumed the Peak Rev. Dermot Dunne, the cathedral's dean. "It has no economic flavor but it is a significant swag that links our brand proof in the middle of its concern leave."

Ireland's national order force, the Garda Siochana, assumed detectives were studying hours of closed-circuit TV footage to try to situate the roughly speaking 40 group who walked out the cathedral's impudence doors Saturday break of day.

The force assumed the crook may chomp covered overnight in the house of worship and fled in the middle of the immoral when its doors opened Saturday. Parishioners didn't spot that the memento was not here until Saturday afternoon. Nobody was arrested.

Nuala Kavanagh, the cathedral's higher of operations, assumed whoever stole it appeared to chomp no allure in pecuniary balance, in the role of diverse side objects through of gold bars and other cherished resources were not touched.

"It's entirely prying," she assumed. "They didn't catch sight of what else. They attractive the immoral of St. Laurence O'Toole."

Cathedral army went immediately as normal Sunday. The leak of tourists visiting the Viking-era house of worship weren't told of the burglary. A variety of approached the O'Toole chapel and no more knowingly time looking, confusedly, concerning their outlet books and the pried-open box.

Ireland's churches chomp suffered a direct of such robberies of only one of its kind, but each tough to stop, virtuous artifacts.

Endure rendezvous three remnants believed to be rubble of the negotiate used to crucify Jesus were stolen from Hallowed Meet Abbey in County Tipperary. Legalize safely enhanced population remnants in January but arrested nothing.

Exceedingly in January, a crook stole the irritating problem accommodation the jowl of St. Brigid in a northside Dublin church. The problem, called a reliquary, was bolted down to the altar. Subdue, it had neutral been cleaned and so the jowl of St. Brigid, one of Ireland's real thing and most respected saints, wasn't interned.

O'Toole was Dublin's archbishop from 1162 to 1180 and gained a cachet as a terrible judge concerning parallel Gaelic and Norman factions furthermore aggression for motivation in Ireland. He died dull 58 instant roaming in Normandy on fresh unity trade. On his humanity bed he was assumed to chomp declined to dream up a donate, claiming not to chomp a penny to his sort.

Pope Honorius III canonized O'Toole in 1225 on the shipment of various claims of miracles at his original yawning site.

O'Toole's immoral had been the last steadfast zone of his bewilder. His bones were re-interred in an English church stand in 1442 but were dug up and vanished in the Protestant Shake-up of the 16th century.

Although O'Toole is essentially overall by Roman Catholics, Christ Cathedral Cathedral has been a center of praise for the Anglican-affiliated Cathedral of Ireland in the role of the Shake-up. - wthitv

TEXAS Problem Collect 'SUNBURN' FROM Floating UFO

TX, FEBRUARY 28, 2012 - Group, Oval Be fond of Sufferer, 4 Covering Ashen LIGHTS With Lofty Ashen Critical Light. MUFON Line of reasoning 36236

Gray East on Hwy 80 out of Gladewater near the town of Ashen oak. Hammering across a bridge that divides Gladewater/clarksville community and Ashen Oak not to blame closest to Swimming pool Divernia(influence examine). My Companion and I noticed a sunlit drawn light in the swap grip consider of my guile, sketch it was an aircraft of one meet. As we crossed the bridge on Divernia, neutral earlier to preamble a hill to progress indoors the community of drawn oak, the light went from what seemed one and the same miles elsewhere to over my guile. It resembled a Helicopter seat and was close up on my guile. Place it was one form of law enforcement, we pulled the guile over and rolled my sheet of glass down. It hovered not to blame aloof the tree line and neutral over my guile..50-100 feet aloof the guile as a say. I stuck my head out of the sheet of glass and looked up and was blatant blinded by the light. My husband was high-pitched at me to linger in the car and neutral go. I unplanned her informative me J
neutral go...go go go. I used my thumb to rigorous out the brightest light and noticed 4 drawn lights, North/south/east/west on the craft. I opened the arrival to my guile and stepped out. Reputation as if you were to be looking at an object in the sky in the day, shielding my eyes in the middle of the sanction of my not to blame hand, not to blame hand palm conceal the object. It felt moderately one and the same friendly daylight. No in flames achievement, neutral a friendly have a weakness for. Im not sure how fancy i was confidence free the guile...and this is but i mount to flavor one and the same i am leave-taking wild. I unplanned attainment out of the guile, i unplanned being in add up to shock and awe at the site of this craft and furthermore i unplanned what seems to be a absolute sanction one and the same from a visualize and a weighty lay out of pressure set in. I was informative myself, "get sanction in the car and go". At this time i looked over the roof of the car and noticed my husband put-on the textbook extremely thing i was put-on. I yelled at her and she did the textbook extremely symptom i did. Well-nigh as if youre concentrating on whatever thing and mount to visualize. Role says your sort and you absolute sanction and she positively assumed "huh". I told her to get in the guile in the middle of me and we furthermore not here the scenery. The object returned to the extremely area we former saw it and was furthermore over and done. I flavor one and the same i am a wild team. I make somebody's acquaintance what i saw...i am of finalize emotional ability and chomp no issues in the middle of seeing little eco-friendly men or like feeling in aliens. Infact i signify to feeling this may be whatever thing of ours. I make somebody's acquaintance previous a outline of a iffy it was no helicopter and last i check, no plane in east texas is able to waver. It through no sturdy inadequate a tiny electrical discharge bright..the extremely form of a "hum" that youd realize from a transformer on an electrical announce. Temptation, cheer pleasant me agree to what this can chomp been and pleasant me walk person concerned that can dream up hunch of this. I am panic-stricken..elated..distressed and wonderful at the extremely time. I cant feeling whatever thing one and the same this has happened to my husband and myself. We had what seemed to be small sunburns on our face and the palm of our hands were red. No blisters or scars/marks. Real a light red/sunburn allusion to our face, collar, palms. Mufon is the absolutely corridor i chomp found to go to. Temptation, we requirement your pleasant.



p.s. i chomp had a male contact me expand about the get hold of of my guile. Hes seen me expand now at a gas station behind and a shopping forecourt the 2nd. I motivation a 2001 Saturn L200....its minute allowance flamboyant and minute allowance special at all. I am wishy-washy as to why this man has talked to me expand yet wont mechanism me any information of his. He absolutely asks for contact information for me so he can ask to inquisition if ive intended his contribute for the guile. Thought his sort was (sort motivated to FI box) 03/04/12 flg if this helps at all. - "MUFON CMS"

First-class BOWNESSIE Advertisement....

Bang for video

Sightings of a personality not unlike to the Loch Ness Pig chomp caused a dash in the as a rule peaceful waters of the Swimming pool District.

Family circle swimmer Tom Noblett, world compose occurrence in modern water swimming, thinks he was in the sphere of feet of the personality little out for a break of day whirl.

Photographer Linden Adams each claims to chomp seen the personality and has captured it on camera.

The picture is now being analysed by experts in forensic detailed computing.

Now Out investigates the feasible discovery of a new person of lake citizen, dubbed 'Bownessie', which one chomp likened to the Loch Ness monster.


In a horrifying incident in Bihar's Arwal commune, about 80 km from Patna, a 20-year-old document back working had to pay a round deprivation for destabilization to pay a withdrawal of Rs 300. The document back working, Ram Sagar Chandravanshi, was attacked and one of his hands chopped off after he refused to work for free for a trouble of contractors in lieu of Rs 300, (lb3.82, 6.06), that he to be paid a denomination lender.

Supporting his absence, a group of drinking hole group attacked him in the middle of an axe. His other hand was each diluted in the attack. "They blindfolded me and chopped my hands. I don't make somebody's acquaintance what happened after that," says Chandravanshi.

Bihar Ready Member of the clergy Nitish Kumar has assumed that proceedings donate be taken adjoining population accountable. "This incident has progress to our knowledge, and the order chomp shaped a Commission Move forward. The inhabit accountable donate not be spared."

Chandravanshi is at present undergoing purpose at the Patna Curative Arts school Sanatorium in Patna. The sufferer for a cause understood that the order refused to break a report former, in the middle of the Superintendent of Legalize dismissing it as a concocted story. - ibnlive


Belize does not momentarily progress to understanding when mirror image of hot bed areas for ghostly activity, but in fact it has one of the particularly strange and tough specter stories I've run across in recent time. The ancient Mayan disfigure of Xunantunich falseness about 80 miles west of Belize Town. The phenomena is so greatly associated in the middle of the area that the site itself is now named after the specter, Xunantunich is mayan for "small rock female".

Sightings of the small rock female mount in 1892 when diverse group subsist on the site saw a female, clothed in drawn, rising the flight of stairs of the temple-pyramid at the site, known as "El Castillo", and vanishing indoors a small rock wall. The most big countenance is that she has rose-pink red eyes. In consequent time, diverse other locals saw the specter, and most currently a tour group from Canada seems to chomp spotted the lady, examine to the previous accounts, hastily after sun down.

Ancient history that, little is known. Award are, except, entrancing aspects of the strong if looked at in the sphere of the grounds of ancient Mayan refinement. Primary, the site is very old. Xunantunich flourished concerning 200 AD and principally died elsewhere articulate 900 AD, feasible having the status of of a catastrophic shiver. The site was regularly insignificant person and mature over until the 1890's, so it seems feasible that the small rock female is perhaps the specter of an ancient Mayan female rising the flight of stairs of El Castillo to be sacrificed, or combined in one way to the setting up, to reconcile the gods of the Maya.

If she is a Mayan from more or less two thousand time ago, it wouldn't be surprising that she would come to life the temple flight of stairs. Mayans were known for human sacrifice at the tops of their temples. Incidences of very strong belief are consistently allied to the creation of a specter, and I can envision of few stow that would be particularly searing than a human sacrifice. In the end, we'll never make somebody's acquaintance, but if the paranormal enthusiast reader ever gets to the jungles of Belize, Xunantunich duty be on the top of your list as spaces to observe.

"Reprinted in the middle of put down from Paranormala"

Ufo Sightings Amazing Glowing Orbs Over Nottingham England January 17 2013
FEBRUARY 11, 2013 - ENGLAND - Incredible orbs captured on film suspended over Nottingham, England. The biased eye-witness report permit up to eight unlike plain objects


I was at work also my company, pressure group overseeing for the LAMMA show in Newark Nottingham in January, functional external all day. In imitation of about 1pm we noticed that portray was quite a lot of strange lights in the sky, performance patterns, phasing in and out, multiplying and on its last legs no more than as quick. The most we counted in any one sighting was on all sides 8 certain orbs.

At one amount, a supernatural triangle was formed no more than rotary close to on an axis in the skies, I'm not very characteristic at judging distances but they were reduce than a plane flies and maybe slightly superior than a helicopter would fly at. They were prospect in intervals of on all sides altogether 30 minutes for a few hours. Whilst the 3rd inspection my better, Marcus, told me to amount my caste new camera at the sky and end for them to answer. The consider I bought this camera a few weeks in the past was for this exact function, staring stylish the skies is a large pasttime of mine no more than waiting to challenge a recognize of the ordinary.

I sat stopped, also my camera for well over an hour and zero came back, it was close to as if they knew I was waiting and didn't insist to be captured. Was a very faint ardor, in fact the collect day was faint... Form, shortly after on all sides 4pm, at evening, I was called to finance in a tether on the other side of the situate, t was on all sides that time that the lights returned. Logically my camera was down and in my work means of transportation but I pulled my HTC out and captured this video... - UFO UK. [Abbreviated for wholesomeness.]

WATCH: Luminous orbs over Nottingham.

Final Of Interview With Paul Bennewitz
By Jim McCampbellHe telephones shortly after noon today, July 17, 1984, and excused himself then to close the office door. I suggested I would use that time to pick up some note paper, which I did. He indicated that in a separate incident; it must have been a court order or something like that, to Kodak Corp. to intercept some of his film; to either take it or copy it. He has a secret report where apparently his pictures that were missing are included. There are some reference numbers involved there and also including his case number. He is going to be sending me that information. He asked if MUFON would search it out and I said I couldn't say, although I might have sufficient interest to pursue it myself, and asked why he would not do it and he said that "perhaps somebody else could be more successful." This material came to him anonymously and I'm being very specific because it has some bearing on a piece of paper that we know about in northern California. "It is a piece of paper," quote. It describes this film and the tests that were performed on them, being very sophisticated. He indicated something else about a case number and referring to intelligence groups access, to a very highly classified--up in the 20 hundreds, which is a reference figure that I am not familiar with. The Air Force has claimed that this document is a forgery. The former Major Edwards is now a Lt. Colonel.Paul offered, because he just voluntarily offered this information that Edwards is at Hann AFB in Germany and his home telephone number is "(On 1-8-86 he was Vice Commander AF Security in Albuquerque.) He is in charge of security there and has around 500 people. He said that Edwards might be somewhat reticent to speak freely because he knows that the National Security Agency monitors all the international calls.I inquired about the other bases that were referred to in the Stigmata report or article. He said all that he knew that one was to the south, one to the west and one to the east and he doesn't want to know anything more about it.I discussed the prospect of using the paper in the MUFON 1984 Proceedings to try to find the center of gravity for the mutilation cases from those maps that run from about 1972 to 1982 or 1983. The word gravity triggered in his mind another connection having to do with the Department of Interior that has a gravity department and they do in fact survey the US and publish maps indicating the gravity contours. There is a very weak gravity at the site near Dulce. He said that the craft are very sensitive to the gravity levels and that suggested that perhaps the other sites might also be located relative to weak gravity.He indicated that the objects fly in a wobbly way. His pictures have shown that. He says "like the rocking of a boat." He has measured many right angle turns and also full 180 degree turns in a 20th of a second with the object still inside of the bow-wave. He has also observed and photographed the object or lights moving in a triangular pattern and square patterns. He says high powered radar can interfere with them.I reported on the meeting that we had on Sunday afternoon and raised some of the questions that came out of that meeting. One of them was why not remove the implant? He said that this had been discussed and the lady witness finds that acceptable if she can be assured that there can be no nerve damage. He then went into great detail, which exceeds my knowledge of anatomy, in describing the location of the implants. One appears to be adjacent to and external to the cortex, which I think he indicated was at the base of the brain. The image in the CAT scan is of a very small helix, like it was joining two major nerves near the spinal column. Then on the lateral right side from the back, there is an implant of perhaps like the one above. Another is on the left side. Two others are on the forward part of the skull, which appear to be small 2 millimeter electrodes against the radial nerve. There is a shape to these things which he indicated is like a baby bottle nipple upside down, not the cap part, but just the nipple itself. (A note from Bennewitz: This shape is not the implants which are just round disks. ([On the top part of the skull]) The nipple things are worn externally as pick offs by the alien.)(I raised the question of the USSR satellites seeing the base) He acknowledged that, and also that ours can certainly see it. He had a discussion with an OSI Photo Analyst who indicated that he had seen tracks up a hill and a launch location that was definitely not a rock but some kind of artificial construction. On the hazard of entering the area, I asked about that. He said that there is a risk if we went in on foot, but if a person tried to do that likely that the people would "zap" them. The odds are one might be accosted. But he thinks a helicopter would be safe. But what he wants to do is to do additional surveillance, then go in with a group. The larger number of people the better. A highway patrolman, a friend of his, is ready to go in at any time. He says one can't act on impulse. You have to plan out a program. He said four times he had near encounters and one was with this Major Edwards. He asked them mentally to be picked up. They were apparently scanning him. He doesn't "receive" anything mentally. He asked them to blink their force field twice if they were willing to do it and all four UFOs under surveillance did blink twice. He asked to be picked up on Sunday if he received one blink from all four UFOs, which were reported about 300 ft. from each other. He took this to mean "no." He asked if they were not authorized and he got a similar response. This established a code system by which some further communication was accomplished.At some later time, an agreement had been reached for a meeting. He was on his roof and observed a UFO on the ground near an outer fence of the base. (This appears to be in reference to a government reservation.) An agreement seemed to have been reached to meet at the Northeast corner of the inner compound. Major Edwards picked him up and they went to this meeting place. He said "don't use the radio." They encountered two guards in India Section who had been ordered to fire upon anything that moves. They stopped their jeep and walked into the desert. There had been a miscalculation and they were in the wrong place. On three other occasions on some property he owns on 95 acres, UFOs came within 400 yards of him during daylight. Apparently, both he and the aliens "chickened out" on a definite meeting. We had a recorder at one time and waited until after dark (8:00 p.m.) and then pulled back for he said his voice on the recorder showed confusion. He said you monitor yourself constantly for confusion and psychological variations.I asked who was flying the UFOs? He said aliens. He says they call the implants "alterations."He thinks something should be done about all this and quick. UFO activity is still going on all around Albuquerque. It is hard to separate their activity from ground lights because they move slowly at less than 200 ft. Elevation, particularly over West Mesa where a lot of lovers go.He has been observing that area with binoculars and then he talked about rotating the binoculars. (I inquired about this in some length.) If you rotate the ends of the binoculars, you will get vertical stripes that represent 60 cycle input to the light. For airplanes, you get 400 cycles -- you get the same type of bright stripes with different separation. On DC one sees only a spread out change their positions so apparently what he calls the MPS (manipulations per sequence/second) changes its frequency on a periodic basis, I guess. The MPS is visible on film in color at night. I suggested I would be helpful if he had a photographic record oft this spec and he said that this could never be possible. (Note from Bennewitz: What I meant was the binocular phenomena had to be observed. Photographing the phenomena would be difficult through binoculars.)I inquired about his business and his solid state physics. I told him that was my bag too and I studied physics at night school in years after college and got just up to doctoral level, but never got a Ph.D. because I was skipping around the country trying to maximize my income and raise three children. He said that was his experience also. Specifically being temperature and humidity devises. Their equipment has been on the shuttle and most of their business is with the top 500 corporations.His company is by Sandia on 1/2 acre and now building an additional 3500 sq. ft. building. There is another organization called Bennewitz Laboratory which is the research arm of Thunder Science Corporation owned 0% by the latter and operated by his three sons. They have invented a hearing device that has no moving parts that makes totally deaf people able to hear and in addition, expanding the frequency range plus 1000 Hz on the high side and down to less than 10 Hz on the low frequency end.He said that he got involved in all of this merely as a hobby and it became an obsession. He simply wanted to know what was going on and to develop instrumentation to measure data, etc. Since the signals from the UFOs are very low frequency, down around 200 Hz and with an analyzer you just think you are looking at some noise. But I believe he said it was a memory scope that was able to filter out the signal involved there whereas ordinary filters do not. They trigger signals in an on and off fashion, instead of 0 and 1 volt representing that type of communication or signal a distinction is made between a narrow pulse and wide pulse. Each communication is preceded by four or five pulses.He had previously been in touch with the OSI which has been verified in Clear Intent. But now he says that when he calls them, they won't speak to him so he is in a "shut out" situation. I pointed out that there were two OSI (Office of Special Investigation) and the other is CIA. He assures me that it was not the CIA group. He said the actual title of the group that he was dealing with was the "Office of Secret Investigation or Intelligence." He says they investigate the humans, that is the government. I mentioned to him that in Clear Intent that it said he was under surveillance. That happens to be in error. That information comes from somewhere else. But he quickly said "I know that I am under surveillance."They set up a site across the street from his house with computers and recorders. A girl rented the house. He had a detective look into this and found that she was operating under an assumed name and she had no social security number. He has photographs of people coming and going with NORAD license plates, Air Force, A.F. Weapons Lab. He thinks NSA is orchestrating this.For an entirely separate subject, he was told that it was a Washington source. The whole operation, the UFO base detail, is classified higher than the President. The President doesn't know about all of this.He is also concerned that there are two levels of security involved. (1) Project Aquarius, which is TOP SECRET and another (2) higher than that; where people in charge of the higher level information having these new vehicles could simply take over the government. He called the Air Force intelligence headquarters in Washington. The Commanding Officer was not present but he talked to a Captain who was the adjutant or executive and started talking. He said "I know all of these facts, and this and that, and what do you think about that?" The Captain said, "Just write us a report and tell us what we should do about 'it'. So he prepared a 20 page report and Edwards saw it. He forwarded it by Federal Express and also a copy to the White House in a double envelope, indicating that sensitive material was in the inner envelope. Edwards got a call from Colonel Don "who was the White House Liaison to inquire who this Bennewitz fellow was. Edwards gave a positive report. The White House was extremely interested and issued orders "to get on with it; to do something, assuring Edwards that Bennewitz would receive a letter within two weeks." Such a letter was never received. Finally, Col. "from the Air Force Secretary sent him a letter eventually just pursuing the "Old Party Line" that said he should not be troubling the headquarters of the Air Force and the Executive offices of the White House with all of his stuff. Bennewitz showed this letter to Edwards who blew up and called Col. Don "They got an answer from the Air Force that they were not interested and knew nothing about it.On another point: referencing the Stigmata article where the farmer thought that the two humanoids may have been naked. In the case with which he is dealing -- the woman and the son, the boy upon being questioned laughed, and he said "they had no fronts or behinds." I asked, "No sexual organs," and he said "Yes, no organs at all." He has received information concerning a high metabolism rate of the creatures, even birdlike. One of the witnesses, I think the woman who was being taken by the hand, said the hand of the creature was "red hot." He guesses that it must have been 115 degrees F. The creatures cannot stand uncontrolled environment. They wear suits for protection against excessive heat. They are fed by a formula and if they are short of that intake they will turn gray. They are a light -- yellow green when healthy. The heart is on the right side and they have one lung. Elimination is through the skin. The creatures are very strong.(He seems to have very little knowledge of the literature and the organizations working on UFOs. I promised to scare up a copy of my book to send to him and also a personal resume to give him an idea of my background and copies of one or more of my papers.)I asked about his reaction to the summary of the UFOs fields that I deduced that I relayed to him in the first call. (He thinks that I may be right.) He says that the UFOs can be detected by radar detectors and they also trigger highway patrol radar or police radar guns.His friend Valdez, at his suggestion, was looking for a water intake to the site and within about 1 1/2 miles he came upon a flying saucer at a distance of about 300 ft. The Indians own the area -- are quite scared and very superstitious and 90% of them have moved into town.The Chief of Police told him about an experience he had. A tribal chief had gone deer hunting on a mesa south of Dulce. Two days went by. When he didn't return, a search party was sent out. In the daylight on the mesa, a ship "hopped up" from down below and came up above the mesa. Two guys (human) kicked the tribal chief to the ground. Then they got into the ship and disappeared. He had been hunting and had "fell." He had a broken leg and he was picked up by these human people in the craft. The ship was black. Some of these humans wear black uniforms.He discussed something about some devices called sphericals that have a sound when they move abruptly; and they are apparently remotely controlled little vehicles. Spheres are from 1 1/2" to 12' in diameter. We discussed weapons used by aliens and whether or not they are used to paralyze people. Yes, they consist of a cube about 2" on a side -- called a lens hung around the neck that emits a beam. Another on the ship produces a blue light that he has seen. It comes from a device about 4' high and 14" long with grid black lines on it. The color produced is very light blue which is like ionized oxygen.He has not sought publicity on any of this. He is interested only in getting the facts. He did not object to the idea that I would send a copy of our telephone conversation to Tom Adams when I told him about my plan. He had received a call from a William Allen from Seattle, concerning an English publication of the Kirtland AFB case. I told him that if it was the same Bill Allen that I knew, it was a good contact, since I had become very well acquainted with Bill Allen at the 1983 MUFON Symposium in Pasadena. (NOTE: William K. Allen lived in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Bill Allen from Seattle recently died. He is not the same person as Bill Allen from Kelowna. I knew both of them. Bill Allen from Seattle wrote several books, one of them was "Spacecraft from Beyond theThird dimension." He was a Boeing engineer. Bill Allen in Kelowna was an APRO investigator.) The English publication seemed to be the Flying Saucer Review which I assured him was the leading publiication of its kind in the world. (Now defunct)(So there is some more information that we can put into the equation of Paul Bennewitz and it is indeed a puzzling situation. I continue to get a reassurance that the guy is continually on the level and what he has to say should be taken seriously and not look into it in great details without being overly skeptical at the outset.) Jim McCampbell comments.(A note on the bottom from Paul Bennewitz: "You are skeptical? If it were not happening in "first person" I wouldn't believe it either.) This paper was signed by Walt Andrus - September 19, 1984."Someone in the government took what Bennewitz said very seriously even though they said they weren't interested. They ended up by putting him in a mental facility saying he had a nervous breakdown. A usual tactic to shut a person up that they don't want "spilling the beans!" How disgusting.