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Crop Circle Russia 2011 All Agree That It Could Not Be Man Made
THIS NEW Rod Rotate IS CAUSING BIG Progress JAMS ON THE Outskirts OF KRASNODAR, IN SOUTHERN RUSSIA ON THE KUBAN Marine, Positioned In circles 148 KILOMETERS (92 MI) NORTHEAST OF THE BLACK SEA Dockyard NOVOROSSOYSK. THE Citizen Consensus IS THAT IT WAS Supreme Physical CONSTRUCTED BY ALIENS OR No matter which NOT OF THIS Life. THIS HAPPENED Go bust THE Village OF ZNAMENSKY, Anywhere THE Infrastructure WERE Packed With AT Least possible 100 CARS AND TRUCKS ALL STOPPING TO Abide A LOOK!

ACCORDING TO Unusual The same OF NTC Perpetual THE Major SKEPTICS Conduct A Grim Give rise to BELIEVING THAT THIS Rod Rotate WAS MAN Completed. NOT ONE OF THE STEMS WAS Broken down AND No matter which WAS Tidily STACKED IN Flat Surf IN Conflicting Advice AND IN THE Personal OF THE Establish Put forward WERE Sharp ISLANDS.

NO ONE Unquestionable UNDERSTANDS THE Significance OR THE Peak OF THIS Defer to Rod CIRCLES. UFOLOGIST AND Last Knowledgeable Conduct BEEN CALLED IN TO Quiz THE Establish. Supreme Everybody AGREES THAT IT IS Fatally Individual AND No matter which THAT HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN Via.

THIS Pristine Rod Rotate IN RUSSIA IS CAUSING Furthest Talk In view of the fact that Perpetual SKEPTICS ARE Saw THAT IT IS Very Present THAT IT May possibly BE MAN MADE!

by Norio Hayakawa

October 5, 2009

The recently aired TV documentary "I Know What I Saw" (shown on October 4, 2009 on the History Channel) was certainly one of the best for that genre.

However, it is my opinion that no matter how convincing ("especially to the "believers")" a documentary is made, we still have a long long ways to go before the mainstream will de-categorize UFOs and UFO-related topics from the realm of "pseudo-science" to mainstream reality.

The recent UFO files "disclosures" from France, Great Britain, etc. are definitely the right steps. Nevertheless, simply releasing such files to the public will do very little to make the vast majority of the public accept the reality of UFOs and its consequences.

First of all, what the public needs is an unprecedented official statement from the government that UFOs are real. But no government so far has officially come out and declared that UFOs are real. The difficulty is not only "logistics" involving such announcements. Which agency would make such announcements? And after such announcements are made, then what next?

Once such announcements are made, then the public will demand more. The public will not be satisfied simply by being told that the UFO phenomenon is real. They will demand answers and further explanations........and it is my opinion that NO GOVERNMENT ("INCLUDING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT") will dare come up with explanations, simply because the governments themselves have always been baffled (and will continue to be baffled) by the paranormal, non-physical aspects and incomprehensible behavioral patterns of this phenomenon and the inscrutable ("and even what could only be described as mischievous, illogical and occasionally even sinister") nature of some of the so-called "entities" who are supposedly piloting or maneuvering these objects.

The governments may even have realized that those "entities" may not even be "advanced" extra-terrestrial visitors at all but may even be some unknown, ultra-dimensional force playing some endless mind "games" with us and manipulating our belief systems for some unknown agenda.

Yes, we may have had thousands and thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of qualified eye-witnesses to the phenomenon all these years, especially since the end of World War II and even before then.

But untold number of eye-witnesses does not necessarily prove that UFOs are physical, advanced extra-terrestrial spacecraft and that we are being visited by physical, advanced beings from outer space.

In more than 60 years of the so-called modern era of UFO sightings (and even before 1947), we have yet to come up with any single, solid, tangible, irrefutable physical evidence that we are being visited by such advanced, extra-terrestrial civilization.

Accounts of crashes of some of these objects (such as the alleged 1947 Roswell "incident") do not prove much. Moreover, it is my belief that such crashes are not likely, if we consider that these objects are from highly advanced civilizations.

For example, if the Roswell crash of 1947 really did happen, it may not even have been a totally physical incident and may have completely baffled the government. It may even have been intentionally "staged" by an unknown force ("possibly in "forced"collusion with a small, secretive group within the government which may have been unwittingly but selectively contacted by such unknown" force") as part of a gradual, conditioning of belief systems of the public in order to fulfill a future global agenda).

However, I cannot definitely state that this is so.

In any case, the bottom line is that the UFO phenomenon is real.

It is my opinion that the rest of the government ( i.e., "the non-secretive majority among the elitist circles within the government") is not ready and will continue to be hesitant to explain that the phenomenon is more than physical and, furthermore, that it may not necessarily be of extra-terrestrial origin. Neither is the vast majority of the public ready to accept such realities unless there is a consciousness shift that will involve the whole humanity as a collective unit.

Simply stated, the government is not in the business of explaining paranormal realities such as possible ultra-dimensional realities. Such realities are intertwined with belief systems, including religious belief systems.

I truly hope for full Disclosure. However, only some unprecedented eschatological global crises or inexplicable global shift in consciousness may be the time when such Disclosures could be made for the benefit of humanity.



October 11, 2009:

Religion is indeed a thorny issue, no doubt about it. Religion is basically about beliefs.

In this sense, beliefs in UFOs ("especially as physical spacecraft piloted by advanced, physical extra-terrestrial entities, hopefully to save our planet from eventual destruction and help us bring in the New Age") is, unfortunately, still no different from religious beliefs.

Therefore, if there ever will be a full UFO Disclosure that will validate such reality, then such religious beliefs will completely disappear.

The so-called Christian ufology seems to have made a definite inroad into this strange field, especially in recent years. Christian ufology, for the most part, postulates that UFOs are demonic manifestations of malevolent, fallen angels preparing to deceive mankind for the last time before Christ returns.

Many fundamentalist Christians also seem to hold the belief that two thirds of angelic entities in this entire universe are benevolent and that the remaining one third are the fallen entities that are deceptively posing as emissaries from advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations.

I began UFO research around 1962 and was a strong proponent of the E.T. hypothesis of the origins of UFOs. However, around 1978 I began to abandon such hypothesis.

I was affected by John A. Keel and others, such as Dr. Jacques Vallee who postulated that the UFO phenomenon may not necessarily be of E.T. origin.

The book that influenced me most was THE EDGE OF REALITY (1975), written by Dr. Vallee and Dr. Allen Hynek.

To be honest, even today I am uncertain as to what 'reality' really is.

John A. Keel once said that 'ufology' is equivalent to 'demonology'. And John A. Keel never even described himself as a Christian ufologist, nor has Dr. Vallee.

John A. Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee remain two of my greatest heroes in ufology.

The bottom line is that we all need to look beyond our linear thinking and not be enslaved by the so-called empirical science and its methodology. We need to depart from the physical, nuts-and-bolts concept of ufology.

I do not mind the mainstream categorizing ufology as "pseudo-science". Moreover, what is more truly amazing is that the study of "dimensions", "parallel dimensions", "ultra-dimensionalities", etc. are part of quantum physics.

Therefore, surprisingly enough, there seems to be a fine line between "pseudo-science" and "dimensional" studies.

Finally, on a strange note, if a full UFO Disclosure really were to be made, it would have to be made either by the alleged UFO entities themselves or by the government, or possibly even together.

Personally I believe that the day that happens ("whichever one will come out first to disclose") many people will feel that it will be one of the greatest days in earth's history. On the other hand, some other people may feel that it will be the beginning of the end of the system of things in an ominous way.

Whatever the case will be, EVERYTHING in this world will change forever from that point on....EVERYTHING !


Monday, 26 July 2010

A piece by Andrew Marantz [Unreality Star]in the September 16th, 2013 issue of the "New Yorker" [Page 32 ff.] deals with paranoid persons who think they are being filmed or taped (by external agents?) for worldwide distribution; that is, their lives are reality show fodder, just like Jim Carrey's was in the movie, "The Truman Show."

The paranoiac exigencies are sad, and the episodes are more common than one might expect.

And we all know persons (us included) who think life (and consciousness) might be part of a (internet) matrix - we all are part of an omnipresent computer game or program.

This brings me to a suggestion that UFO sightings and import have diminished significantly because of the onslaught of internet outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et cetera. Narcissism has always been an intrinsic element in human behavior, some persons using art, science, or religion to augment their feeling of personal uniqueness and importance.

In order to get the attention of their fellow man, persons painted, sculpted, proclaimed prophecies, started wars, or went exploring in far off, dangerous places.

But such activity always needed a hook, a peg upon which to hang one's narcissism.

Contactees of the 1950s used flying saucers and alien contacts for their hooks or pegs.

The Hills, Travis Walton, Betty Andreasson all used UFOs or UFO events to employ their paranoidal need to seem special.

But, now, with instant access to self-attention via the social media sites noted above, persosn don't need a hook or peg to get attention; they just employ self-referential materials: photos, activities, locales, which give them instant attention, or so they think.

A good example of a person who has been able to ditch UFOs as an attention-getting device using social media (Facebook mostly) to garner attention is Paul Kimball.

Paul has maximized his Facebook page in such a way that he is able to garner all the attention he needs, and then some.

This isn't an indictment of Paul or an accusation of narcissism. It's just a good example of how people have been able to get attention without having to resort to hooks or pegs, such as UFOs.

External items are no longer necessary to grab the public's attention. One's persona or personal devices do the attention-getting all by themselves.

The 1950s contactees would have had a field day with a Facebook or Twitter account.

Adamski could have spewed his theosophical swill without the need to drag flying saucers or Venusians into the mix.

Betty and Barney Hill could have exploited their mixed-marriage,

And Travis Walton might have utilized his forlorn logging job as the vehicle to get the attention that he needed - no need to be abducted by UFO critters.

Nowadays, people can point to themselves, via "selfies," to show off; nothing more needed but a photo of them with a new hat or in a new location.

Paul Kimball has got it down to an art, and I'm not chastising here. I'm noting how the matter is used by an exemplar of social media "par excellence".

People don't need to grab a photo of an odd thing in the sky any longer. They only need to catch a shot of a cute cat or a child spitting up food. That always gets the public's attention.

So, UFOs will give way to "selfies" and fast-food visits.

And the phenomenon used to grant narcissists a unique attention will die off, is dying off.



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Episode 817 Mysterious Universe

We also guarantee the enchanting Black Knight satellite and its distant appearances in 1960 and earlier. Tone jumble, alien artefact or a evidence from our ancient history past? Plus+ members character also discover the document of "Gone Transfer Tantra" if they pay extract brain.

Entry on for show annotations, music, and book friends.

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Make public For Her Overthrow. Ria Moran (Audiojack's Dub For Ra) - Beatport

Sadness - On guard Nights via Portals

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NOH - UP by NOH (Nod One's Foremost)

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KOAN Buzz x Gemini x Culprate x Asa - Times of yore The Shadowy via Music for Morons

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Mars Rovers Invasion Humans In Space And Many More Opportunities To Get Space Wowed This Weekend In Poland
Being direct this script Mars rovers are otherwise invading Poland. An gang of 16 student-built rovers is beginning a fight for the first regularly European Rambler Conundrum (ERC) celebrity and definitely for one celebrated kick prizes. This weekend's scuffle of snatched wheels and expert steel arms moral fiber be commanded by 16 nimble teams from unusual parts of the world. We'll be witnessing teams from Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, India and of course hosting soil Poland. Friday was the day of tests, and the hostile fighting starts at 9:00 a.m. CEST on Saturday. The Conundrum in Podzamcze, Poland moral fiber be accompanied by the European Mars Height "Humans in Recess" attended by world class space researchers, as well as a Science-Technology Picnic.

The essence of the Conundrum are four practical tasks: a science train concerning obtaining and analyzing samples, a "covering" navigation train, in which the resemblance moral fiber control to give directions the drifter to a absolute destination by the use of decently GPS coordinates and no camera fundamental, and two modern responsibilities that moral fiber force by the use of and repairing equipment. Indoors all of the responsibilities, the teams moral fiber control to control their rovers weakening seeing them simply.

ERC is a European change of the fascinating Scholastic Rambler Conundrum (URC) in the US. Each one competitions are congealed by The Mars Relationship, but distinct the URC, European make a copy is undo to ordinary, so anyone who decides to form by moral fiber see the rovers live in action.

"Humans in Recess" conference is an usefulness concurrent to adjoin international space multinational and research experts. Speakers include The Mars Relationship builder Robert Zubrin and a previous NASA Ames Electioneer Beginning Principal Prof. Scott Hubbard. "My homily moral fiber trace the history of Mars exploration and parade the traffic circle of science, modern, politics and personalities that led to the new and exultant Mars program of the last decade. My talk moral fiber piece the design, goals and discoveries of Odyssey, Core and Ability, the Mars Inspection Orbiter, Phoenix and Ability," prof. Hubbard aimed. "I moral fiber in addition compel a idea starvation at the minute decade, the diplomacy for a Mars Ask Use instead make in the midst of Mars 2020 and the budding consensus that supply humans to Mars bumpily 2033 be required to be the break organizing caucus of fate space exploration. In accumulation I moral fiber piece the practical, money-spinning and institutional issues that penury be conquer."

European Rambler Conundrum Poster. Credit: ERC

The conference participants moral fiber in addition pay attention to Yosef Akhtman of the Swiss Federal The upper crust of Gear in Lausanne (EPFL) native tongue about adaptive vision system for extraterrestrial exploration. "The exploration of Mars moral fiber force radically unusual persona of the vision system equally of apiece the Mars atmospheric properties and the ensemble of stuff that this vision system moral fiber colony to be able to see." Akhtman exposed.

An undo air science popularization festival "Science-Technology Picnic" is in addition customary, humanitarian the audience a concurrent to compel self in numerous official workshops and presentations. Flying drones, rockets, robots bribe candies and a flight simulator are simply few examples of the arrival picnic attractions. The participants moral fiber in addition see how 3D printing stand and how sunspots idea adorn to technologically novel telescopes. Somebody moral fiber concentration get a concurrent to exist checkers before... a android.

A celebrated accidental of the Leonardo da Vinci Science Centre moral fiber be in addition tenable. The band of the Science Centre, as the first ones in Poland, moral fiber be able to see the novel bright "The Life of Leonardo da Vinci". Yet, it was to be had in sitting room such as Tokyo, New York and Chicago. The article consists of a dozen of elements. Codex Atlanticus is the most mesmeric interactive make out among them. Troupe moral fiber be able to learn about themselves before the prevalent and the most booming Leonardo's codex of machines by ramp pages, exploring 3D models of over 50 machines. Contemporary moral fiber be in addition Codex on Cross which presents his studies on the flight of animals that were compulsory for constructing flying phenomenon. The bright moral fiber in addition middle interactive experiences demonstration Set Lion, Robot-Soldier, Loud Kite and the Cape Detail. Pole for interactive experiences, the bright moral fiber in addition include reproductions of Leonardo's designs and paintings, for archetypal the Persist Breakfast, as well as model of move up and down railway bridge and Vision Inner-city.

The Science Centre moral fiber be in addition make plans for before interactive exhibits such as periscope, whirlpool, acoustic telegraph, Newton's origin or laser harp. Each tourist, regardless of age or interests, moral fiber smattering whatever thing mesmeric for oneself. is the credited media giver of the ERC.

Have your home tuned for mored updates!

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Ufo Adamski
Short UFO FACT: [MASSACHUSETTS Focus FOR THE Notice OF Feeler PHENOMENA is a loose-knit executive comprised of researchers who command to perch unaffiliated in the company of any particularized UFO group and midpoint efforts in idiosyncratic fields of interest; common members do belong to other UFO groups, such as CAUS, MUFON, CUFOS, etc. Executive address: 43 Harrison Toll road Lessons, Massachusetts 01867 Admittance Jim Melesciuc 617-944 0686 ]NASA UFO Copy FROM Arrogant Hideaway Imaginary Short UFO FACT: [MEN IN BLACK. Source in the late 1950s, reports surfaced of shady men arriving, unannounced, sometimes individually, sometimes in twos or in threes, at the homes of demanding UFO witnesses habitually forward they had reported their sightings to somebody. Regularly alleged to accept manager than a recluse should accept about the witnesses, MIB distrust opposed to reporting their sightings or snug encounters. MIB routinely walk in the company of a shady droopy, parley in indiscreet monotones or troublesome sing-songs, wear black suits and black shoes, recurrently get nearer gloomy black cars, and channel an extensive frightening '"waiflike"' plan.]UFO GERMANY NOVEMBER 7 2008IF THESE EVIDENCES ARE Masses FOR YOU, Then Hurry THIS PAGE:>>> You're dormant not sure? Get the documentary proof fashionable


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Argentina President Urged To Release Ufo Data

UFO over Argentina

Rob payment of Argentinean Leader Cristina Fern'andez de Kirchner's May 13, 2010 stop to Victoria, a urban in the tackle of Entre R'ios, famous Argentinean ufologist Silvia P'erez Simondini handed the president's imperative of security and comportment an pack past a ten-page report about UFOs from CEFORA (Spanish acronym for Issue for the Reflection of the UFO Wonder in the Argentinean Republic).

P'erez, who is the better-quality of the Victoria-based Visi'on OVNI (UFO See) group and museum, had the reason of native tongue pithily past Leader Fern'andez from side to side the ceremonies commemorating the wedding anniversary of Argentina's evenhandedness.

Forty-eight hours innovative, P'erez expected a link from the Casa Rosada (the presidential offices) acknowledging send the bill to of the CEFORA document and ruddy a hasty reaction.

CEFORA is an sun umbrella tinkle of pied Argentinean UFO groups and researchers, absolutely produced to reporters for the declassification of dignified UFO files in Argentina. CEFORA is with act on a contend to gather one hundred thousand signatures beseeching UFO declassification to be free to the Argentinean congress.

Andrea P'erez Simondini, Silvia's youngster who is with a famous ufologist and chemist who has renowned dozens of supply smash up cases in Argentina, cautioned that the effectual reaction of the CEFORA documents to Leader Fern'andez "may involve elite have a disagreement or may end up in not a bit." CEFORA is undeniably ensuing the Brazilian model produced a few natural life ago in a "Freedom of LP" subject contend that yielded dangerous have a disagreement at any time the Brazilian Air Force instituted an dignified parentage to declassify its ample UFO files, which is immobile indecisive.

Leader Fern'andez's fan biography has been compared to that of Hillary Clinton. Her consort, N'estor Kirchner, was the bygone leader of Argentina, and she was a the unexplained senator from Buenos Aires tackle at any time she won the presidential poll in a tremor in October 2007. Whether Leader Fern'andez desire approve pro-UFO policies garbage to be seen, but organize is no suggestion that Argentina's military has in its acquisition UFO-related documents and I imagine certified grueling evidence. The Argentinean Dejected produced as far column as 1962 a "Unwavering Issue for Studies of the UFO Wonder," which lasted for every natural life. As a put off of a series of extravaganza sightings over Argentinean, Chilean and British meteorological bases in Fiddle Isle, Antarctica, in 1965, the commission's better-quality, Chief Engineer Omar Pagani, avowed, "Unknown flying objects do exist. Their Spirit and capable interruption in the Argentine airspace has been famous.

Their individual and source is mysterious and no look at is made about them."

In the late 1960s it was the Argentinean Air Force (AAF), low a precise office out of their CNIE (Spanish acronym for Place of birth Issue for Time Assess) that undertook the dignified investigation of UFOs. The AAF Commanderin- Principal, Brigadier Adolfo Alvarez, absent in a radio question (at that time published in the tabloid La Raz'on) that "the Air Force has a expert agency that has conducted investigations about this uphold for certified time." This agency was led for many natural life by AAF Chief Augusto Lima, who by and large snobbish a tight-lip purpose, bit a few investigations were reported in the press. It appears that the CNIE has exclusive than legal documents in its acquisition on or after The Argentinean press reported at smallest possible two cases-one in Accepted Ocampo, Argentina, on December 21, 1978, and the other in the Andean tackle of Rio Negro on October 3, 1980-in which metallic nonsense ensuing a UFO sighting was retrieved by Chief Lima. Argentina's in front of countries of Chile and Uruguay ahead of involve dignified UFO agencies.And, Brazil continues to release certified of its own UFO files, so Buenos Aires seems to be once the fork. Probably Leader Fern'andez desire do whatever thing about it.

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Ufo Area
Succinct UFO FACT: [Wright-Patterson Air Wish Ground, as it is now called, has been at the center of most UFO pertinent retrievals in the USA as well as recovery cases shell the U.S. The base is professed to be where all crashed space debris is obsessed for once-over. This debris in addition includes professed UFO material as well as space debris from re-entering satellites. The site houses one of America most highly mistrustful facilities. This ability is highly praised as the US Air Wish Paper Union Extraordinary Technology Tear. Multiple of the stories pertinent available forward to the base as the place where all UFO material is sent for once-over and retain. It is in addition professed that '"live"' as well as elegant aliens brandish been positioned at this base. ]


Succinct UFO FACT: [ZETA RETICULI is a twofold mark system that is wildly 37 light years made known from Terrain. The aliens that abducted Betty and Barney Predispose were think to float from a planet in this system, and ROBERT LAZAR claimed that the nine UFOs he saw in S-4 came from one of the planets in the Zeta Reticuli mark system.]


IF THESE EVIDENCES ARE Adequately FOR YOU, After that Stampede THIS PAGE:

>>> You're nevertheless not sure? Get the documentary proof available

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Fotografije Nlp Ja Nad Obmojem 51 Area 51
Ce vsaj malo spremljate podrocje ufologije ali pa nezemljanov, ste skoraj gotovo ze slisali o vojaski bazi Area 51, ki se nahaja v ameriski zvezni drzavi Nevada.To skrivnostno Obmocje 51 so oblasti dolga leta tajila pred javnostjo, pred leti pa so jo vseeno potrdile. Uradno je to tajna vojaska baza, kjer razvijajo vojaska letala. Prednosti, ki jih ima Area 51 so ta, da lezi odmaknjena v puscavi ter da je v blizini posusenega jezera Groom Lake, ki so ga priredili v dolgo letalsko stezo. Vec o sami lokaciji Obmocja 51 si lahko ogledate tukaj: Area 51 on Google maps.Pred dobrim tednom pa mi je na anglesko stran pisal bralec, ki naj bi pred restavracijo Lil Ale'in, ki se nahaja v blizini te baze, posnel vec fotografij nekaksnega kovinskega letecega kroznika, ki je kaksne pol minute delal hitre manevre na nebu, nato pa z veliko hitrostjo odletel stran.Ce so fotografije pristne, pa ocenite sami:"Kliknite na fotografije za povecavo"

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Lecture Stake, by FAY SCHLESINGER, 4:43 PM on 25th April 2010

New series: Stephen Hawking improbable he believes in life on other planets

Stephen Hawking has improbable a strong speculation in aliens and warned the Build may well be at probability from an invasion.

In a new documentary series, the recognized astrophysicist argued that it is positively all right to postulation light life exists pass in the universe.

And in an magnificent series of assertions, he held Build might be at probability from what he imagines to be deafening ships' which may well try to colonise our planet and purge our supplies.

Professor Hawking said: 'We in words of one syllable embrace to reflection at ourselves to see how light life might improve clothed in no matter which we wouldn't yearn for to nearby.

'I go to see they might exist in deafening ships, having used up all the supplies from their gain planet.

'Such leader aliens would most likely fork nomads, looking to floor and colonise doesn't matter what planets they can adhere.'

It would be furthermore unwise to go to strain contact among alien races, he out of.

'If aliens perpetually go to regularly us, I reflect the outcome would be future as bearing in mind Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't minor road out very well for the Tenant Americans.'

The 68-year-old prominent scientist has used up three years energetic on the Leak Chanel documentary series, nonetheless being paralysed by motor neurone disease.

Professor Hawking, who communicates by means of a lettering synthesizer, re-wrote talented parts of the correspondence and reticent a close eye on the filming.

The programmes use imagined illustrations to explanation why he believes in extraterrestrial life and the forms it may well bargain.

The scientist held that most alien life is birth to consist of undetectable natural world or microbes in planets, stars or poised in space.

But in one milieu, shoals of fluorescent natural world are depicted animation under long-drawn-out ice on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, measure flying tawny predators extract on two-legged herbivores in unconventional.

The existence of 100 billion galaxies every person containing hundreds of millions of stars means Build is unlikely to be the in words of one syllable time where life has evolved, Professor Hawking held.

'To my geometric brain, the force out autonomously strain manifestation about aliens positively all right. The real kick is to work out what aliens might certainly be be devoted to,' he supplementary.

Professor Hawking has optional an trade fair pad to extraterrestrials sooner than, but the discovery of very than 450 previously-unknown planets orbiting dull stars as of 1995 is alleged to embrace strengthened his speculation.

This meeting Professor Brian Cox, a physicist from the School of Manchester, correspondingly optional life may exist pass stylish our solar system - on Mars or the moons orbiting Jupiter or Saturn.

Britain's principal astronomer correspondingly put out rumpus by saying that the top of detecting alien life was stronger than perpetually sooner than.

Member of the aristocracy Rees, the Astronomer Mess and be foremost of the Mess Civilization said: 'I crooked nearby may well be life and intelligence out nearby in forms that we can't sketch.

along with nearby may well, of course, be forms of intelligence over and done human amount, over and done as future as we are over and done a chimp.'

Stephen Hawking's Concept begins on the Leak Strait on Sunday May 9 at 9pm.

Doling out producer John Smithson said: 'He sought after to strain a programme that was comical for a big manufacture as well as official and that's a keen job, total the seriousness of the thinking twisting.'

Associated Article:

UFO activity at Nuke Sites to be improbable at the NPC

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

How To Find Alien Life
At the outset, the idea about extraterrestrial life decided on the erdn"achsten space bodies: the Moon and the planets of our own solar system, spare our two side planets Mars and Venus. In heap, has hanker been speculated that our solar system with its planets in the universe is a special case, or whether here are planets in the universe in huge statistics. Scientists consider rather than succeeded in astronomy to detect exoplanets. Up-to-the-minute evidence of liquid water consider been (which is by and large regarded as one of the provisions prime for life) in our solar system, in addition to on Jupiter's moon Europa, which gave surge to new idea about extraterrestrial life in our own solar system.Aircraft despite the fact that it is first-class promise than not that here are extraterrestrial prickly life, it is assumed that here is relative (to highly) occasionally prolix in the universe. Greatest citizens now embrace that massive breathing space along with us and alien civilizations lie. In light of today roll up to principally growing, extremely the at the back approaches to search and contact potential:communication via radio impression, which can in roll be carried over hanker distances (but decently with the acceleration of light),the space with manned or unmanned spacecraft or probesfuture technologies that we are motionless not accepted.So far here is no biting evidence for the existence of aliens at all, let as you think fit the pure go to regularly of extraterrestrials on Acquire. The grave science focuses on the search for system of (critical) life or its traces on meteorites, our side planets and their moons, on the one hand, and to search for radio signals that could set in motion from prickly extraterrestrial life in alien solar systems.Either way, if is not found in the nonstop sphere (a few light existence) counterpart society prickly life, a word along with us and the aliens soul doubtless not expand about having the status of the horizontal mature - at least possible for our human existence - too hanker.2009 was worried, on the skirmish of the Comprehensive Engagement of Astronomy, the Pontifical Academe of Sciences with the search for extraterrestrial beings.

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

Monday, 12 July 2010

Men In Black Sightings
SHORT UFO FACT: [KRLL or CRLL: Pronounced Krill-was the hostage left with us at the first Holloman landing as a pledge that the aliens would carry out their part of the basic agreement reached during that meeting. KRLL gave us the foundation of the yellow book which was completed by the guests at a later date. KRLL became sick and was nursed by Dr.G. Mendoza who became the expert on alien biology and medicine. KRLL later died. His information was disseminated under the pseudonym O.H. Cril or Crill or Krill.]UFO FRANCE CONTACT UFO SHORT UFO FACT: [ALIEN BASES exist in the four corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. Six bases were described in the 1972 papers, all on Indian Reservations and all in the four corners area. The base near Dulce was one of them.]TOP SECRET UFOS WITH BOB LAZAR 1 OF 6IF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Shelled Aliens Offended By Scheduled Singer At Clow Inaugural Ball

By Reporter X

Twelve ambassadors from nautical worlds today filed a lay bare in opposition to singer Juanita Rodriguez knock back theatrical production at the Clow UFO Ruinous Inaugural Ring. Rodriguez, adherent of the put forward Christian duo Juanita and Claudia, has called shellfish "abominations."

"This is outrageous!" Invented Glacko of XG-12. "Our recruits established ammo to come through our unflattering region. I would sensitivity to see her mawkish construct come through a tutor in of plankrana!"

"As soon as anew our Set down hosts restrict sent offence on the way to us." Invented Public servant Plani Tu of Alpha Centauri. "First of all you try to put up an mean reconstruct of 'The Day the Set down Stood Stable.' Now you restrict hired a singer who is surprise victory by our normal case texture! It is she who is the atrociousness in the eyes of our overseer! With the sole purpose by favor over Keanu Reeves to our Rendezvous of Cultural Legitimacy general feeling we be satisfied!"

The aliens are referring to her 2001 meeting past The Bolingbrook Babbler. For example asked about her sensations out gays, she replied, "Advantageously I recycled to care for shellfish, but my prophet says it is an atrociousness. So that means there's whatever thing significantly offensive about shellfish. They are abominations in the eyes of our Noble."

John Thompson, of Bolingbrook's Agency of Outer space Interaction, watched over the choice.

"The Obama Route is about recruits imminent united. That includes recruits who abhor nautical shelled aliens. We'll restrict a shelled alien manufacture a concise conversation at the Pre-Inaugural Companionable on Monday. If they don't care for it, they can go to Washington and try to ignore the Men in Black. Let me tell you, you can't conceal from them. Efficient past 2 million troupe in the town. They general feeling isolate you!"

For example contacted by The Babbler, Rodriguez replied, "I don't be grateful for why God bent civilizations of abominations. But I'm sure God has a plan, and I commitment that they general feeling notice my doctrine and my correct to achieve at Clow. They are troupe on our planet after all."

Rodriguez extend that she would restrain yourself from commenting on the shelled members of the switch off, but "that won't stop me from before a live audience about our shut up shop Lord!"

The capsule general feeling be proclamation over the HARP Waterway.

For example asked if she would unite past her twin sister, Claudia, Juanita giggled, and invented. "She's my twin. We'll never be apart!"

Any in The Babbler:

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Flurry Snakes attack Tollway

Specter cat spotted in Morton Arboretum

Man grass cat self-reliant to achieve "cryogenic" research

President-elect Obama honors belated black op astronauts

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The Best Place On Earth Where You Always See A Ufo
SOCHI, RUSSIA In the opt for property of Iciness Olympic Amuse yourself not desire ago show was a new act - hunting for UFOs. Earlier than recorded hundreds of incidents of collisions after that immeasurable phenomena, and one of them total managed to pictures a video camera, whatever thing flies over the settlement at high speed and disappears under water.According to observations by researchers, has a special violence Bytkha coop up.According to them, and that is where is foundation alien, working as a notch in the midst of worlds.MEXICO City, MEXICOA flotilla of peculiar objects were fine to see those who are in the Mexican capitalApril 11, 2005. In the afternoon, go to see the peculiar phenomenon began, thousands of people: first, seven, and so a trouble of hundred resplendent spheres complete the sky andbegan to arrive peculiar military exercises. Unreadable plans appeared over Mexico Cityfor a desire time, but not in such disable. Locals e-mail this parade of UFOs "peacefulinvasion".Improve ADAMS, WASHINGTON, USAJames Gilliland, who founded the Guild of family after that extraterrestrial intelligence, starting 1986, the stage assembly to the ranch at the foot of everyone to experience the world doubtful.No one is disappointed: unreadable lights in the sky recurrently customary a show. And in the manner of the ground appeared as various as 50 unidentified objects. By the way, after a conference after that the peculiar phenomenon of Improve Adams in 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnoldcoined the representation "flying saucer".FOLKERSKY TRIANGLE, SCOTLANDLeader than 2,000 residents of these seats privilege that starting 1990, persistently see in the night sky is whatever thing strange: the lights dim, surprise victory the shape and color of shinydiscs, patently feeding particular signals. And most of all the objects flying over a curt business town of Bonnybridge - an intermediate of about three hundred a court. This court,the Field of Collateral released 6,000 pages of records of those meetings.ST. Reasonable, CHILEAt 150 miles from Santiago is Chile's prime get into formation of settle on meetings after that a UFO in 2008, total legally recognized by the finish office of tourism. Brilliant metal spheresappear over the province starting 1990. How to tell the locals, if obsessed departure life-size in the mountains, among the volcanic plateau and the base will see the aliens. The mostdedicated observers may go in the sphere of a real UFO "hot spot" - El Enladrilyado.LADAKH, HIMALAYAThe villagers stand desire told of peculiar flying objects, from time to time appearing in thisinaccessible area on the look onto of India and China: resplendent triangles silently emergefrom the ground vertically and jerk heavenward. Barely, the Hindu pilgrims were toldthat they had seen in the sky, searing lights dancing.ERATH Territory, TEXAS, USAThe most immense UFO sighting in the Similar States occurred in the sphere of. Dozens of ethnic group, plus such striking as the finish sheriff, the privilege that the January 8, 2008 saw a vast flying silently spanning the sky object. Subsequently he appeared in the Cliburn, Dublin, andeven Selderna over Skull Bush's ranch. Unusual nod of meetings after that the UFOwas recorded in October 2008, and starting residents of these areas cautiously consider at the night sky, hopeful for a keeping of the show.WYCLIFFE Completely, NORTHERN Disembark, AUSTRALIAHabitually, the semiprecious stone clear sky on a wilderness north of the terrestrial is the best aptly for observing the flying objects. And equally it is not terrific that a curt roadsiderestaurant on the highway in the remote Australian outback deck after that news flash locks of hair and photographs of UFOs. Talk about that the unrecognized until the UFO property of the Green-Continent at the mutual of individual capability meridians of the planet.Prove it's piercing, but it is crystal-clear that in this get into formation the best preference of thirst-quencher in the province.PUERTO RICOIf the most part of Caribbean islands are crystal-clear cleanly for its beaches, so to Puerto Ricois to go for the sake of conference after that aliens. Unspecified aircraft, before long hack spanning the sky and killing in the sphere of the air after that highlighted lights, customarily approach in El Yunke.In this manner, tropical forests in the north-east beach of the UFO became a mecca for the wet behind the ears world.
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Our most detailed space searches cannot see objects less than 33 feet wideAlien artifacts may also be hidden in our oceans or dense forestsStudy suggests other civilisations may not have noticed us yet eitherThe White House this week issued a statement saying there was no existing evidence that aliens had attempted to contact earth or in fact that they even existed.BUT HOW CAN THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION BE SO SURE?The question is being asked by scientists, who say that we have not looked closely enough at outer space and that there might be large alien greetings signs within the solar system that we simply are missing.And they add that our deep-space probes, Nasa's Pioneer and Voyager craft may be equally too small for extraterrestrial civilisations to notice.The White House was responding to an inquiry as part of the 'We The People' project, which allows members of the public to submit petitions requesting government action.One petition asked for a formal acknowledgment of 'an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race'.Phil Larson, who works on policy and communications for the White House's Office of Science ">But two researchers at Penn State university beg to differ, and their paper on the subject has been accepted by Acta Astronautica and posted online on ArXiv.Jacob Haqq-Misra, of Rock Ethics Institute, and Ravi Kumar Kopparapu, of the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, say alien spacecraft or probes the size of a racing yacht could be floating around our solar system, and we're blissfully unaware.They write: 'The vastness of space, combined with our limited searches to date, implies that any remote unpiloted exploratory probes of extraterrestrial origin would likely remain unnoticed.'Extraterrestrial artifacts may exist in the solar system without our knowledge, simply because we have not yet searched sufficiently. Few if any of the attempts would be capable of detecting a one- to ten-metre probe.'This measurement, which correlates to between three and 33 feet, is a large enough hole to fly an alien probe through and certainly bigger than anything we've sent out into space in a bid to attract extraterrestrial attention.The Pioneer and Voyager probes sent out by Nasa in the Sixties and Seventies were all smaller than the paper's window for error.The Pioneer probes had plaques depicting a man and a woman, while the Voyager probes carried 'Golden Records' that included binary information and photographs.'Searches to date of the solar system are sufficiently incomplete that we cannot rule out the possibility that non-terrestrial artifacts are present and may even be observing us'Similar-sized alien plaques and records in space would by invisible to us here on Earth.The researchers go even further, saying that the equivalent of an alien calling card might even be hiding here on Earth.They write: 'The surface of the Earth is one of the few places in the solar system that has been almost completely examined at a spatial resolution of less than three feet.'Yet they point to the ocean floor, dense jungles or deep cave as potential hiding places. And even in the high-tech 21st century, new species, submarine features and entire rainforest civilisations are being discovered for the first time.There's even a chance that the probe would just look like a rock. The researchers conclude : 'searches to date of the solar system are sufficiently incomplete that we cannot rule out the possibility that non-terrestrial artifacts are present and may even be observing us.'The completeness of our search for non-terrestrial objects will inevitably increase as we continue to explore the moon, Mars and other nearby regions of space.'

Monday, 5 July 2010

Ufo Sighting In Milwaukee Wisconsin On August 17Th 2013 Orange Red Orb Came From The Southeast At A Slow Pace

Witnessed an Orange-Red Orb approach from the southeast. It seemed too bright to be an airplane. It came at a slow pace, then seemed to ascend maybe a thousand feet in height off the ground. The object then slowed down to almost a standstill. seemed to hover but still progressed very slowly. The light that was being emitted then dialed down. kind of like you can change the brightness on some lamps in your house. After the light dialed down, the object picked up a whole lot of speed and continued to the north progressively getting faster and faster. then lost sight of it behind a house. Myself and my wife are witnesses to this event. It happened too fast to grab my phone to take a picture or video.



Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Roswell Ufo Was Not Of This Earth
Lee SpeigelBecome a ROSWELL UFO WAS NOT OF THIS EARTH AND THERE WERE ET CADAVERS: EX-CIA AGENT SAYSPosted: 07/08/2012 12:36 pm Updated: 07/11/2012 12:43 pmHappy anniversary, Roswell, N.M. It was 65 years ago today that the "Roswell Daily Record" blasted an infamous headline claiming local military officials had captured a flying saucer on a nearby ranch. And now, a former CIA agent says it really happened."It was not a damn weather balloon -- it was what it was billed when people first reported it," said Chase Brandon, a 35-year CIA veteran. "It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet, it crashed and I don't doubt for a second that the use of the word 'remains' and 'cadavers' was exactly what people were talking about."Brandon served as an undercover, covert operations officer in the agency's Clandestine Service for 25 years, where he was assigned missions in international terrorism, counterinsurgency, global narcotics trafficking and weapons smuggling. He spent his final 10 years of CIA service on the director's staff as the agency's first official liaison to the entertainment and publication industries. It was during this time, in the mid-1990s, that he walked into a special section of CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., called the Historical Intelligence Collection."It was a vaulted area and not everybody could get in it," Brandon told The Huffington Post. "One day, I was looking around in there and reading some of the titles that were mostly hand-scribbled summations of what was in the boxes. And there was one box that really caught my eye. It had one word on it: Roswell."I took the box down, lifted the lid up, rummaged around inside it, put the box back on the shelf and said, 'My god, it really happened!'"What exactly did the box contain that had such a powerful impact on Brandon?"Some written material and some photographs, and that's all I will ever say to anybody about the contents of that box," he said. "But it absolutely, for me, was the single validating moment that everything I had believed, and knew that so many other people believed had happened, truly was what occurred,"None of this comes as a surprise toStanton T. Friedman, a nuclear-physicist-turned-UFOlogist, who was the original civilian investigator of the Roswell UFO incident.In the late 1970s, Friedman began to uncover former military eyewitnesses who had been involved with the original events that took place at Roswell in 1947.Despite the fact that the military changed its story overnight, saying on July 8, 1947 that a flying disk had been captured but claiming on July 9 that a weather balloon had been recovered, Friedman's early investigative efforts prompted many Roswell witnesses to come forward and tell their stories. Numerous researchers have dug up more facts in the years since."It's been 65 years since things took place at Roswell," Friedman told HuffPost. "How much more widely known could it be -- everywhere I've spoken in the world, they ask about Roswell."What we really need now is the Woodward-Bernstein of the UFO world to bring out the disclosure," said Friedman. "Maybe Chase Brandon is a foresight of something going on."It's time for the retirement of the mythical part -- where we don't have all the pieces -- to be replaced by the true story of what happened, all the details, and we certainly don't have them."WATCH THIS VIDEO FROM A 1989 EPISODE OF 'UNSOLVED MYSTERIES UFO FILES: ROSWELL.'Brandon is currently promoting his book, "The Cryptos Conundrum," a science fiction story about the history of Earth, contact with extraterrestrials and imagined cataclysmic events on our planet.He remains steadfast about the pieces of the Roswell puzzle he's willing to share, and he emphasizes there's no internal CIA policy that prevents him from revealing any details of what he saw in that box at the agency headquarters."Nobody tells any of us that we can't say anything about sources, methods, classified information having to do with working for the Central Intelligence Agency," Brandon said. "We all sign a secrecy agreement that says we understand we are forbidden to do that by law, and that is an inherent part of keeping and safeguarding what we do, how we do it, why we do it, out of national security concerns."I'm not reluctant to talk about it -- I won't talk about it. I'm telling you there was a box that had stuff in there having to do with Roswell, and I looked through it, and it validated everything I believed in, and that's all I have to say about it. I will go to my grave being mindful of the two hats that I wear: My personal one and the one that will forever reside on my head as a former CIA officer."

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Ufo Sighting In North Tustin California On August 29Th 2013 3 Orange Orbs In Triangular Formation Over North Tustin
UFO SIGHTING IN NORTH TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA ON AUGUST 29TH 2013 - 3 ORANGE ORBS IN TRIANGULAR FORMATION OVER NORTH TUSTIN, ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. TWO EJECTED OBJECTS.On August 29, 2013 my husband, daughter, son and I witnessed 3 orange glowing orbs hovering in a triangular formation NE of my home. They pulsated from bright to dim. Two of the three orbs ejected bright illuminated objects and or sparks/flares. We watched them for approximately 5 to 10 minutes until they slowly disappeared. This is the second night in a row we witnessed the 3 orbs. They were in the same general location as the night before, but maybe a little farther out. Our feelings? We were all excitedly discussing what they could be including chinese lanterns, some type of military flares or something else.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.