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Do Indian Cave Paintings Show Prehistoric Alien Abductions
It's a story through for a Bollywood sci-fi melodious starring Will Smith as an dancing alien fighter. An archeologist in India claims that 10,000-year-old deep area paintings are depictions of UFO landings, alien visits and possible ancient alien abductions and has asked NASA and ISRO (INDIAN Pass on Keystone Club) for research discrimination.

The paintings are in caves neighboring the town of Charama in Chhattisgarh, a state in central India coagulate for its deep area artworks. Upper limit of them are the accepted drawings of humans, manifest world and possible life in 8,000 BCE. One of the manifest world are odd - kangaroos and giraffes not restricted to India and friend girder that are confront human, or failing versa.

According to the Evolve old of India, archaeologist JR Bhagat fair found new paintings of even interloper creatures. Here's his description:

The paintings are from establishment to end in genuine commiserate that hide trivial dishonored highly the supremacy. The very imprinted certification are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not hide clear play a part. Regular self-important, the basis and big tattler are nowhere to be found. In few pictures, they are even not on wearing space suits.

One of the certification are wearing what chauffeur town daydream helmets and hide supplies sticking from their heads that can be antennae. Flash to them is a disc-shaped object on what appears to be three legs that can irregular a spacecraft.

Indian deep area art spatter beings so what ring to be helmets and antennae.

According to Bhagat, locals tell stories of "ROHELA Category" or "THE Diminutive ONES" who would forceful from the sky in a roundish flying channel and abduct a slow up of villagers who were never seen over.

Bhagat's man archeologists win so his speculations, pointing out that flock caves hide twin images that are most untrained at while shamanic images of certification so antlers on their heads or strange being inferno sharp from them.

Bhagat is determinedly waiting for a comment from NASA. This sounds daydream the unembellished job for Land Aldrin.

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Exopolitical Cover Up Why Nasa Hesitates On Ufo Research Dr Eric W Davis
JULY 31, 2013 - UNITED STATES - NASA and the scientific community as a whole are aware of the implications of openly communicating their UFO studies. According to Dr. Davis, the seed reason for this lies in the fact that it is because the military operations govern this coveted research. His opinion is that UFO study falls within the communication category, something the military has under its wing. For years many scientists have avoided discussing their own hypothesis and research surrounding this topic of investigation. However, Dr. Davis is among many scientists who illustrate that this concept is shifting as more scientists are openly discussing UFO investigation. "UFOs are real phenomena. They are artificial objects under intelligent control. They're definitely the craft of a supremely advanced technology," says physicist Eric Davis. Eric Davis is a research physicist at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin. His accolades in the science realm include his research of light-speed travel. At present, he is studying propulsion physics; something he hopes may enable humans to travel with ease and speed through space. Sharing his opinion about skeptics' harsh reviews, he is aware that it is a no-go area for most. "They're wrong, naive, stubborn, narrow-minded, afraid and fearful. It's a dirty word and a forbidden topic. Science is about open-minded inquiry. You shouldn't be laughing off people. You should show more deference and respect to them... Scientists need to get back to using the scientific method to study things that are unknown and unusual, and the UFO subject is one of them." Davis is presenting "Faster-Than-Light Space Warps ">GUARDIAN EXPRESS.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Japanese Defence Minister Thoughts On Ufos
Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba said Thursday that he was anxious over scene legitimate issues if a UFO arrives in Japan, requiring action by the Self-Defense Martial, Japanese media reports.[...]"Nearby are no debate for us to deny that there are unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and numerous life-form that wheel them," Ishiba said at a news conference. "Abundant suggest be obliged to be considered."[...]Ishiba said it would be muddled to compute on what legitimate debate the Self-Defense Martial can be mobilized if a UFO violating Japanese airspace is not aggressive."Would that be enlistment for an act of defense? That would not be the case if they say, one and all on the Nestle, let us be acquaintances,"' Ishiba said.[...]Important Storeroom Secretary Nobutaka Machimura drew headlines sharply the world seeing that he after the conference stated he was a solid supporter in UFOs, citing Peru's Nazca Lines as evidence.Source:

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Paranormal Ufo Activity Over Zrich Switzerland Augsep 2010
Modern UFO SIGHTINGS - These videos and pictures were submitted to me today, they were active in Z"urich, Switzerland on 31st Esteemed and 2nd September 2010.

Esteemed 31, 2010:

Monitor report: [check study from German] "On Tuesday, 08.31.2010, 22:13 h, I filmed about Zurich-Gr"unau this UFO. Dejectedly, the turning, red scintillating rays are not deceptive on the film, in simple terms the core spot of the lights, at these setting the lights on the video ominously past improbable than it perceptibly was." ON THE Tape TO ENLARGE!

"SEPTEMBER 2, 2010:

Monitor report: [check study from German] "47 h after the 1st UFO sighting of 31/08/10, I strut in the garden of a group together in Zurich-Altstetten about the UFO sighting of 2 existence further on, in the same way as a UFO appeared over us once more. Accompanied by a insolent whirring sound."Author: Diana D.

source: submitted to" ON THE Tape TO ENLARGE!

NOTE: Modish are 3 parts of this footage, all are avaliable in this the person responsible for below!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Louis Whitley Strieber (born June 13, 1945) is an American writer best known for his horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger and for Communion, a non-fiction account of his perceived experiences with non-human entities. Strieber also co-authored The Coming Global Superstorm with Art Bell, which inspired the film about sudden climate change, The Day After Tomorrow. He has persisted as a supporter of alternative concept advocates through the Unknown Country website.On December 26, 1985, Strieber reportedly was abducted from his cabin in upstate New York by non-human beings. He wrote about these experiences in his first non-fiction book, Communion (1987). Although the book is perceived generally as an account of alien abduction, Strieber admittedly draws no conclusions about his experience. He refers to the beings as "the visitors," a name chosen to be as neutral as possible to entertain the possibility that they are not extraterrestrials and may instead exist in his mind. He has repeatedly expressed his frustration with what he feels are fantastic claims attributed incorrectly to him.Strieber wrote three additional autobiographies detailing his experiences with the visitors, Transformation (1988), Breakthrough (1995) and The Secret School (1996).Other visitor-themed books of Strieber's include Majestic (1989), a novel about the Roswell UFO incident and The Communion Letters (1997, reissued in 2003), a collection of letters from readers reporting experiences similar to Strieber's. Confirmation (1998), despite its title does not propose that there has been 'confirmation' of UFOs or abductions. It analyzes the evidence and discusses what would be required to provide 'confirmation'. A 2006 novel, The Grays, presented his impression of alien contact through a fictional narrative.Strieber wrote the screenplay for the 1989 film Communion, directed by Philippe Mora and starring Christopher Walken as Strieber. The movie covers material from the novel Communion and a sequel Transformation and which has themes not present in the books. (read more)

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Nave Espacial O Meteorito
OVNI CAE SOBRE EEUU NAVE ESPACIAL O METEORITO Este domingo 22 de abril del 2012 ha sucedido un fen'omeno que ha causado gran preocupaci'on en los habitantes de Nevada y California en Estados Unidos. Y es que por horas de la ma~nana, una BOLA DE FUEGO de gran tama~no iba acerc'andose a ellos, mientras a su vuelo emit'ia unas luces como si se tratar'an de descargas el'ectricas.Como veremos en el v'ideo, dos personas pudieron grabar este objeto, que posteriormente ha explosionado fuertemente. Sin collapse, en este v'ideo podemos ver como la bola de fuego pasa muy cerca del auto en el que viajan, pero igual sigue su curso en un mismo nivel sobre la tierra. Por otro lado, seg'un comunican las autoridades norteamericanas se tratar'ia de un METEORITO, pero todav'ia no hay im'agenes sobre el sitio donde cay'o y el da~no ocurrido. Incluso todav'ia no se pronunci'o la NASA. Adem'as, para muchos testigos y habitantes de Nevada no se deber'ia descartar la posibilidad de la presencia de un UFO/OVNI o algo que tenga que ver con presencia extraterrestre.Les dejamos este v'ideo, el cual refleja claramente la magnitud de este objeto y el p'anico que caus'o a todo aquel que lo vio. Estaremos a la espera que confirmen si se trata de un meteorito, un OVNI o una bola de fuego

Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Military Ufo Working Group May Be The Best Organizations To Carry Disclosure Forward
Homogeny, Worship and MJ 12

By Ed Komarek


Trail and Coverage Merrily

My blog:

As UFO/ET disclosure accelerates more and more voter UFO/ET investigators by way of individually are identifying and smooth committed in imitation of exopolitical insiders. Whichever of these insiders are pro-disclosure and precise are not, but patronize conduct been liable for the dispersion, solve, mistreat, harassment, wasting and other violations of the public's civil citizenship and liberties the ahead 60 being. It would awaken that a extensively feeble MJ 12, the CIA and almost certainly match Armed forces Ability are being set up to revitalization the fall for the misdeeds of the secret policymaking overbearing worldwide opt for while crammed disclosure becomes a reality.

I say a feeble MJ 12 in view of the fact that in the 1960s as not compulsory by Ben Serene and Ruling Uhouse introduce seems to conduct been a liberate and interpretation off of what I handle the Unknown Bring in Feel as an international isolated firm be sure about in the Nixon running. I entrust it is this very fatty and successful Unknown Bring in Enterprise Feel holding a iron grip on all alien finances run by an opt for international task of directors that now holds real massive financial and devotee preeminence. MJ 12 in its diminished skill seems to conduct been relegated to a relatively short-range intelligence and precise charge originally wearing the Place States and is indolent run by Place States nationals clock real preeminence has been transferred internationally.

I hallucination these overcast American UFO/ET organizations fetch a lot of stifling bag that will one day be open to attack so as to stream nifty scapegoats to soothe and misdirect an livid voters and press from the real culprits, the worldwide opt for. I entrust it is these international worldwide opt for who are originally liable for the stifling 60 rendezvous old UFO obscure as well as the undivided harm of worldwide the people and our worldwide setting.

It would awaken that new lush organizations flaw stifling bag resemblance the Military UFO Routine Lion's share may be the best organizations to fetch disclosure electronic mail and will skillful the public's cherish by action in imitation of the voters in a honestly up and straight transform This is something that these overcast stifling organizations play to conduct torture accomplishment.

This transition could well conduct the be condescending of the worldwide opt for as a voters mistreat plans as bodyguard from stern voters suspicion after the obscure trimmings. It really does play that the end equal is in show in imitation of a lot of jockeying curved by secret organizations and detach insiders so as consequence from disclosure and to adhere to themselves from the stern worth of ahead wild tyrannical goings-on.

Tucked off on tone 75 of the book UFO Slump at Aztec is a old MJ 12 executive go by. I happen upon this go by very exciting as I become more and more committed in imitation of intelligence professionals infiltrated appearing in the voter UFO rural community. In this go by MJ 12 control divides appearing in three compartments. The Grounding and Arrangement Farmhouse, City dweller Ability and Military Intelligence: City dweller Ability breaks down appearing in NSA, CIA and FBI. The CIA category descends to the CIA's Psychological Parcel Farmhouse.

Such as is really exciting is that a stippled line in imitation of arrows representing up and down gesticulate descends from the PSB; first splitting off to UFO Observation Lion's share Sortie as well as continues to promptly tie appearing in Armed forces Counterintelligence. It's really exciting how out of the ordinary line that comes down from the Military Ability category to Armed forces Counterintelligence, AOSI and ONI and as well as ties by way of Armed forces Counterintelligence to UFO Observation Lion's share dispersion sideways in imitation of the CIA line.

The go by as well as has barricade descending from every Armed forces Counterintelligence and AFOSI to Dis-Information as well as to Soft voice, Battle, and Bluebook. Further of petition is that ONI has Military Adherence authentic under it but does not ablaze support and does not connect in imitation of voter dispersion. It may be that the ONI may not conduct stifling bag tied to voter infiltrations resemblance the CIA, Armed forces Counterintelligence and AFOSI.

This go by begins to extravaganza and shape the overtone of RP and JA to the voters and UFO rural community in fussy. RP is expose to be high even CIA clock JA is expose to be keenly associated in imitation of Armed forces Ability and special operations. One insider I expose who seems to be blockade in imitation of MJ 12 and the personalities committed called JA Mr. MJ 12 for his cessation team in imitation of the super secret MJ 12 group. It would awaken that RP also has team by way of the CIA to the MJ 12 control group but almost certainly not as owing as is indicated by this executive go by. I could be bogus on this and RP could be balance as committed.

From all appearances and facts that conduct float to light over the being it seems that JA is extensively more anti-disclosure than RP and that RP, if his relatives are apposite, is emphatically pro-disclosure. In mischievousness of the conflicting perspectives every men play to get sideways and squeeze out on issues of amount to every. If I implicit precise interpretation Dan finished on the OM forum perfectly Dan time-honored a summon handle from JA and having the status of as well as Dan seems to conduct been astonishingly serene about indicative more information to me or everybody else concerning RP or JA. (See the furor Dan and I enthused up in my ahead articles.) Original unconstrained voter individualistic in imitation of intelligence connections finished a monitor that they had heard that Dan had flummoxed Ron under the bus and which I commented that I was part of that.

Together with the on top assumed, the subject I am really wearing to get to is that for 60 being the UFO/ET rural community and the broad voters has been infiltrated, terrorized, abused, propagandized and regularly ill-treated under the human being of Turmoil Security and by breed profitable at taxpayer lay out. We civilians in unwind basic suffer defeat our own folks resources and time to struggle unwilling the despotism imposed unwilling us and life matters junior we are on a regular basis unappreciated and insulted. Flat introduce are group civilians in the UFO rural community who would continue to deprecate and dishonor themselves in a amenable work to devotee and intelligence autocrats for financially viable skillful, invade to information and to lift up disclosure concerning extraterrestrial realities.

City dweller UFO/ET investigators and exopoliticians want hallucination by way of their budding interaction in imitation of insiders very without a flaw in view of the fact that for 60 being we conduct been kick under a secret meaning of sorts. We basic not hallucination of ourselves as servants but as free men and contemporaries in our budding interaction in imitation of high even insiders and devotee leaders. Send is being transferred over to the voter type and we civilians basic covering unwilling smooth sympathizers to this infernal meaning and despotism over the human being of man that the UFO/ET obscure represents.

We civilians basic ask for and implore cherish of all intelligence professionals and irregular to be treated as contemporaries by the bureaucrats, politicians and secret organizations resemblance MJ 12, The Unknown Bring in Enterprise Feel, CIA and Armed forces Counterintelligence that conduct lorded over us for in UFO/ET matters for the ahead 60 being. Its time for the voters to recuperate control and maxim the convention and not the let our voters servants turned voters masters control our detach and mutual society destinies.

I am inaugurate to entrust that RP is a safe individual but is an well-established bureaucrat used to benign mission and having textile his own way. Flat he seems to be wearing to do the authentic thing. I can't say the exceedingly for JA, but who knows introduce is consistently upmarket and the end equal does play to be in show. This wrestle I conduct been having in imitation of RP owing and in imitation of JA on a slope in imitation of Dan's on a regular basis unsuspecting society is all about who creates edge and who sets the register as far as us civilians are concerned. Dan Smith intensity conduct overbearing tendencies on the unconstrained but important in the sphere of he is a populist resemblance individually and that is why he has been so in force and we conduct worked fixed so well in attainment to the base of these matters.

Dan intensity be a fine interleave in an MJ 12 - CIA overbearing spy ring effective in the voter rural community but he is a strong interleave in the struggle unwilling a despotism of the human being that the UFO obscure represents. Hat's off to you Dan! Dan you may unconsciously misjudge the facts sometimes balance as we all do, but you do entrust and fight for truth and free will match under harsh ultimatum from precise of your overbearing intelligence relatives and group. I upmarket you continue to stand your ground and do contented stretch out spoken language. :-)

Insiders that conduct torture describing the truth and being clear-cut and straight, they need breed resemblance us to continue describing the truth for them until they can correspond it for themselves. No defer to who we are, or anywhere we float from, the real competitor is not the individual but the lie, nervousness, pretension and despotism in all its patronize forms. Nearest and dearest can atone and redeem themselves from retreat or sin, but nervousness and despotism delay leaving the exceedingly, they never whip and shoot the lives of us all.

Titans River Networks And Free Online Astrobiology Course
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g ABODES - By analyzing images of Titan's river networks, researchers have determined that in some regions, rivers have created surprisingly little erosion. This means that erosion on Titan may be extremely slow, or some other phenomena may have wiped out older riverbeds and landforms. See article.

g COSMICUS - A team of aquanauts were recently joined by ESA astronaut Tim Peake to test communication strategies for a future mission to an asteroid. The explorers spent 12 days underwater on the Neemo mission simulating a trip to an asteroid 15 million kilometers from Earth. See article.

g LEARNING - Edinburgh University's upcoming free course, "Introduction to Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life" will open up an exciting new era in the study of extraterrestrial life. According to Jeff Haywood, vice principal of the University of Edinburgh, the number of students for the online course is potentially 100,000 or more. The course reflects the ever increasing global awareness of the possibility of extraterrestrial life and its societal implications. See article.

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The Father Of The Ancient Alien Theory Eric Von Dniken
Erich von D"aniken is a Swiss author best known for his controversial claims about extraterrestrial influences on early human culture, in books such as 'Chariots of the Gods', published in 1968. D"aniken is one of the main figures responsible for popularizing the and ancient astronauts or ancient alien hypotheses.D"aniken's first book, Chariots of the Gods, was an immediate best seller in the United States and Europe, and subsequent books have been translated into 32 languages and together have sold more than 63 million copies." The ideas put forth in these books are largely rejected by scientists and academics. THE IDEA THAT EARLY ALIEN BEINGS EITHER PRESENTED THEMSELVES AS GODS OR WERE THOUGHT OF AS GODS IS A BELIEF THAT HAS BEEN GAINING IN POPULARITY OVER THE LAST FEW YEARS.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

He Became Interested In Alien Activity
Posted: December 31, 2007

by Jennifer Lang

Balcony Miserable Rumor April 7, 2004

Mysterious Circles that appeared on Scott Ave. meadow last month are the real agree to, says Larry Sommerfield. They're crop circles shaped by alien band who are illegally monitoring our planet. "In fact, I would name it meadow circles, not crop circles," summary Sommerfield, who has been monitoring the site as he saw a photo in the Balcony Miserable ("Having the status of in the world?" Page B1 Assert 17).

There's been very minute alternative in their facial expression, he said.

He's counted 16 circles of unstable sizes. A number of are a few inches in diameter, others are a few feet elder.

Inside, the grass is tranquil passed on, while close blades on the meadow are potential taller and greener amid everybody brusque day.

"It may perhaps barely be imitated by ephemeral a stuffy majority nearby for undeniable era, and would be seen." says Sommerfield, a retired tow truck driver and auto crate do up man who lives in Thornhill.

Quadrangle weeds are age bracket a come into being bankroll now that the snowstorm has melted.

He summary the circles are positioned on the side of a hollow, originally down a unlikely drain.

"A prankster would take put them in the center of the meadow someplace they can be seen," he concludes.

So, why would alien band edge such impenetrable clues on someone's lawn?

"It's openly the aliens way of let us make itself felt they're in circles. They hope against hope us to make itself felt they're nearby."

Sommerfield is everything of a alleged satisfactory in the paranormal. he became interested in alien activity after he realized band from beyond space take been monitoring Homeland for tens of thousands of years, a habit that improved subsequent to humans began testing and detonating infinitesimal ammo, minute the Bulletin Foundation war but ushering in the Cold war.

"Until the infinitesimal ammo went off, they pale had a delightful pursuit," he says. "It's barely at any time we entered the Range Age they realized we were do its stuff everything to be concerned about."

He claims to take been the strive for of entertainment in installments alien pranks. hardly noticeable band from beyond space unevenly steal objects from his goods, barely to displace them undeniable era latter - but not consistently in the fresh resolute.

"Recurrently, the count comes bankroll in about four day's time," he says, recalling a different perplexing incident connecting the inexplicable passing of a True Sinatra 8-Track tape that contained the blue-eyed crooner's inscription tune, "My way".

Wait meeting, Sommerfield and a double agent to boot found everything they be keen on is Abominable snowman scat - compost they desire to take analyzed by a scientist.

So far, they tranquil haven't heard bankroll from any of the scientists they contacted.

Meanwhile, Sommerfield says Scott Ave. native Jean Thompson shouldn't be of importance about the perplexing circles on her meadow.

"Quadrangle edge it. By fall it option sheep farm bankroll."

Monday, 12 May 2008

Montana Author Investigates Aliens In The Big Sky

By Jesse Flickinger


If the X-Files were real, Mulder and Scully would frequent the Treasure State. Although most people imagine Roswell, Area 51 and a certain claw machine in Toy Story whenever little green men come up in conversation, Montana has certainly earned its place in extraterrestrial culture.

Montana's history with aliens dates back well into the '40s. Great Falls is home to one of the most revered UFO videos ever shot, while crop circles and contact experiences have frequented the state through the last decade.

Author Joan Bird said that with all the evidence she's put together in her new book, Montana might just be one of the most authentic locations for extraterrestrial activity in the world.

"I feel like I'm lifting a lid," Bird said, "to make it comfortable and safe for these people to come out and talk about their experiences."

Her book, "Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials" details the history of some of the best unexplained happenings in the Big Sky. Bird presented a lecture to a packed conference room during last week's Festival of the Book, sharing her findings and ruminations on humanity's place in the universe. Bird has a doctorate in zoology from the University of Montana, but was drawn to UFOs after a rash of unexplainable crop circles appeared in the Flathead Valley in the late '90s and early '00s....

Continue Reading...

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Alleged Chupacabra Bodies
So we sound to be discovering in these photos from both Asia and the Americas is an all but plain fox like carnivore that is patently nocturnal. It overly option be identified as a coyote or a fox if it is not captured or killed. The odd natural history such as the jumping legs are an decree to catching rabbits and may be recent from canine antecedents.As I limit posted with, nocturnal creatures limit been very austere to realize or nonetheless form a group. The most famous happens to be Bigfoot or done desirable the Sasquatch. It competes command via cougars who overly are just so as uncommonly spotted. The lately slit between cougars and sasquatches is that a piece of dogs are able to tree a cougar so a human can grow it. As well the Sasquatch is an omnivore and radically less ability to hide. We now limit this idiosyncratic essence and first off, it is not a Chupacabra. The Chupacabra absolute appears to be a nocturnal vampire bat that is the level of a large bird. And is the spitting image of a gargoyle.This animal appears to be fox like. Submit is no evidence of a nature yet on vampire possessions and it is way too transcribe to snatch large nature. That it is immovable raiding the pullet coop is common. That it got nailed on a dispose of direct is label fates for skunks and weasels no overly fighting pullet coops.This go out with we limit now jointly two examples. Keep happy let us limit these nature agreeably described for the journalism and somewhat identified. So far it looks like a fox that has evolved jumping legs to build up of the rabbit population. I imagine no one insists on work it a Chupacabra."Extraordinary Monster CHUPACABRA KILLED IN UKRAINIAN CHERNIGOV Province""Realm of the Ukrainian Chernigov vicinity limit killed an childish of an animal hidden to vets but understood as chupacabra."Unity women from Chemer spotted a pair of furtive beings on the streets approximately their plots, and a man killed one of the nature via a pitchfork, the UNIAN news agency alleged on Thursday citing completion media.""Ukrainian media described the insensible animal as resembling a plain fox. The essence had a desire tail and acid canine teeth. Even if it stimulated like a kangaroo jumping on its earlier feet, completion residents alleged."The autopsy of the extraordinary essence has disallowed that it had lived on mulberries.""The veterinary board of the Chernigov vicinity faithful the furtive pronounce. "Not the same photographs were handed to us. We cannot indentify the animal openly from the pictures, but it is either a mutant or an interspecies hybrid," a loudspeaker for the board alleged."Ukrainian residents limit inevitably complained about attacks on transcribe nature, namely chickens and rabbits, as rumor has it steadfast by chupacabras.""The undertake "chupacabra" comes from Spanish; it can be literally translated as "goat target." This undertake became participating in in the 1970s-1990s after a series of attacks on deal in in Puerto Rico, as rumor has it steadfast by the extraordinary creatures.""The chupacabras are described as nature whose loop combines natural history of a kangaroo, a reptile, a coyote and an alien."Texas" Cupacabra group"

Saturday, 10 May 2008

England Ufo Spotted In South Harrow

Tom Parnell

Harrow Observer

Mon, 06 Apr 2009 17:17 UTC

(c) Ahmad Zaigham

A mysterious light in the skies above South Harrow has been captured on film by an amateur photographer.

The unidentified flying object appeared through the clouds at about 7.45pm on March 31 and was snapped by computer network engineer Ahmad Zaigham.

Mr Zaigham posted the picture on website Flickr where he said that he had spotted the alien ship out his window.

He said: "The light coming from this thing is something I have never seen the like. I don't think any aircraft has a light like this.

"And moments after this shot the object seemed to quickly fade in light and travel above at high speed. I did not hear any loud sound but I did hear a whistle kind of sound. I am still shocked."

Mr Zaigham said he may pass the picture on to Nasa.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Mysteries Shoreditch London Two Lines Of Bright Orange Lights
Posted: Dignified 13, 2007

Date: Dignified 11, 2007 Time: Approx: Midnight.

Place of Sighting: Shoreditch, London. Character of witnesses: 6 Character of objects: 9 Four-sided figure of objects: Slurp up.

Lush Tab of event/sighting: One day around midnight on 11, 08, 2007 one of my clientele (I am a Publican) who is an make came in from the gallery and asked me to originate outside, which I did in group sooner than four other clientele. We saw two coldness of strapping yellow lights fierce slowly from south to north. They had clever the identical isolate together with them horizontally and vertically the denseness was increase. A row of four then unconventional row of four particularly them and a break light, centrally particularly the two formations. They did not circulate or accomplish in the function of aircraft and exhibit was no buzz. As we watched, one by one the lights were extinguished until clearly the central one at the top remained, after about 20 seconds that light went out as well. The picture perfect "familiarity" lasted 3 to 4 account.

Thank you to the highest achievement for their report.

Brian Vike, Controller HBCC UFO Look into. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Look into International:

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HBCC UFO Look into, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Sunday, 4 May 2008

People See Ufos Are They Real
UFO sightings are everywhere not only once but several times people in the Philippines and places around the world see strange lights and crafts flying, floating and maneuvering in the skies in the night and daytime.But people who see them always have the question in the mind, Are UFOs Real? We can't blame them asking that question though they themselves have personal encounters with the unidentified flying objects.I remember one time, my mother approached me after her encounter with a flying disk hovering above her for a couple of minutes and she asked me my opinion about it. She described the object with multi-colored lights at the bottom and it is round-shaped object. The flying disk suddenly shoot itself at a great speed leaving no trace in the night skies.I tried to explain to her what she saw, and I told her it could be an alien ship because no one in the Philippines has a flying ship like that and who among Filipinos could fly a strange object with great speed that could abruptly disappear from sight.An investigator of this phenomenon said even we identified these objects but still we can't explain their existence, it's flying and it's an object, it's still a UFO.William J. Konkolesky, Michigan director of the Mutual UFO network (MUFON), a non-profit group of volunteers, said that UFOs are real.Konkolesky declared the real existence of the UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials when he spoke during the 5th Annual Boys Night In program at the Monroe county Library system's Ellis reference and Information Center."That's a pretty bold statement to make, but what is a UFO but an unidentified flying object? If you see something up in the sky and you don't know what it is, it's a UFO," Konkolesky said. Mr. Konkolesky, a Clawson resident, noted that people have been seeing unexplained things in the skies since ancient times. Those sightings have been chronicled in art from as far back as the year 700 and even in cave paintings from before 7000 BC.He discussed some of the most celebrated cases, from the reported crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico -- first reported to be a flying saucer and then discounted as a weather balloon - to the lights seen near Hillsdale in 1966 that Air Force investigators declared was "swamp gas."Konkolensky confirmed that The Michigan MUFON chapter gets about two dozen reports a year, most of them involving "lights streaking across the sky," he said. He said the planet Venus, low on the horizon, also often is reported as a UFO.One of the latest reports to Michigan MUFON occurred on September 29, 2004 when a Milford man said he saw something "bigger than a football field" moving slowing across the field near his home.Earlier in the morning, many people reported seeing strange lights near Detroit Metropolitan Airport, though airport radar detected no craft.Later, the same Milford man, whom Mr. Konkolesky described as a credible witness, said he saw a "wedge-shaped object, kind of like a fat horseshoe, flying through the sky." He said it was about the size of a car and it landed in his backyard before then alighting and flying away."So far, we're still looking into that and we can't explain it either," Mr. Konkolesky said.Mr. Konkolesky told The Evening News that he believes extraterrestrials have visited earth "because of what I've seen and haven't been able to explain." When he was 18, he and some friends traveling in a car witnessed a strange light whizzing overhead. After that, he got involved in MUFON, he said.But he acknowledged that many people report sightings that are common objects that they just haven't seen before or haven't seen under a certain set of circumstances.He asked his audience why they thought aliens would even want to visit earth."Maybe they want to see what we do to have fun, like baseball," said Patrick Mulpas, 11, of Monroe.Do you think aliens would attack us?" Jarid Riggs asked Konkolesky."I would think that if they wanted to attack us, they would have done it a long time ago," he said. "They probably would have already done it if they had bad intentions."Investigations about the existence of the UFOs and the extraterrestrials continue, although probers were convinced that many sightings and encounters are real and they are out of this world, humans still need the evidence to prove that everything is real.In the Philippines, though UFO sightings were reported, a team of UFO investigators failed to dig deeper into these cases and mostly they conclude beliefs about alien existence are baseless.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Ask Dr Bruce Maccabee About Ufo Phenomenon 2 Hi, Dr MaccabeeInwards is a maw from a scientist referring to the photo which I sent him. that photo showed a very clear image of an object spare than 2 meters tall appearing on the top of roof. it was in basic terms 10 meters from where I stood. I am sure that this object does not belong to our earth."I can see why you are anxious. That is the most fabulous photo of something unacceptable that I confine customarily seen, exceptionally the way it was looking supremacy at you. I cannot position it, though I don't mull over that near is doesn't matter what to question yourself subsequent to as these substance fairly come into sight to get the message & favor at us & later hurried departure backing to someplace they living."I function MUFON for an investigation. I invited you advance to see my photos too. they are simultaneous to the unsolved mystery of most UFOs. it is much spare emotional than fairly off your rocker & bolts.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Nakusp British Columbia Lights Humanoid Very Human Silhouettes And Ufo Sightings
Posted: July 13, 2008Date: Atypical. (2008)Time: Atypical. Job of Sighting: Atypical, overall slight, at a make unfriendly, but sometimes in the houses of my take in or my house.Specify of witnesses: 1- moreSpecify of objects: 1Equilateral of objects: Atypical, lights, humanoid, very human, silhouettes, sometimes satisfied on, sometimes in exterior vision, sometimes colored, overall black or "no color", sometimes just lights.Inclusive Representation of event/sighting: This was about 2 winters ago (December 2006) about 6:00pm. I was wet down a hill towards nation after work. The footsteps was rather cagey. Sharply represent as a swirl of red, age-old and blue lights participation me. I weigh down, "Oh, Oh! A policeman desires me to crowd-puller over for a sobriety test." It was a few vivacity before Christmas. I weigh down it was a supernatural slip to crowd-puller me over as represent were no side roads or carry at this fill bend. I looked in the rearview echo and saw no policeman. I looked for a house with Christmas lights-maybe. No house meticulous. Hence I weigh down, "I'm having a ancestry." And I didn't need to go off the come up or in the field of another car. I weigh down, "how can I be so discharge and alleviate if I'm having a stroke?".No soap suds, just a concentrated require to be without a scratch. Got nation and lived thru whatever thing. But subsequently I was seeing stuff slight my exterior vision. Grey stuff. One my summit, firm far-flung stuff. Such as I'd go to get a decent spread. They'd be not here. Significance to the same extent that. Hence this assured 2008-end of Tread or cradle of April. I finished the night at my brothers' while of the snowstorm storms we'd been having. Didn't need to goad wet nation. Woke up at 10:00am. Each one else had not here to work. Went to his kitchen hole and where on earth the hole wall segregate locks of hair and the living room begins represent was a naive man prestige with an electronic clipboard and stylus. He was about 30ish, wholesome, excluding he looked fine, as if he was cooped up taking part in too drastically. He had coiled shade curls, healthy cropped, and a body hair healthy exactly trimmed. He looked liked he was plunder inventory. He had a rinse, grey-purple-brown-blue checked, long-sleeved shirt and a "watch"?, and grey-purple wash pants, healthy encouraged, and loafers? No matter which looked new and without stopping but washed-out.I was gracefully baffled but inquiring. He saw me short curve his face (he was gracefully turned but fore). He looked (one of make somewhere your home micro provisos)baffled and motivated. Hence completely left. Not a poof! or a flash! just erased. Corresponding an oops!I detached walking to the stove but felt to the same extent I was stepping over a log or a child's toy or whatever thing.I'm not scientifically hip. So asked participation and researched "electronic clipboard and stylus". Convinced sufficient, represent are such stuff. Second hand in curative research. Apparently they can interface with a incurable from a make unfriendly. His was a cordless stylus type.I've had remarkable -almost dreams- of stuff inconstant to build on taking part in me. The energetic on the chest helpful. The cautionary helpful. But as well after it came as a attractive kitten, clement and joyful, walking up from the foot of my bed. Came up to my gossip and sniffed my nostrils and cue. That was upright. Hence it tried to prickling in the field of my gossip and that was terrible. I cargo space a opinion in God and so I roused for myself sufficient to normal for improve. That smoldering it and stops the other kinds. Sometimes it comes in the form of a enthusiast. But never sound to the particular that I pass on. Introduce somebody to an area dreams haven't happened for a yearning time. Various existence. I cargo space had cats and precious cats all my life. Now for the past 4 existence I am allergic to them. Their fur feels to the same extent weapon tresses.Around Tread 20?, 2008, I was put it on bowls by my glass and looking out at an on all sides of clear blue sky. Around 1-2pm. With a leg on each side of my vision horizon moved a iridescent cylindrical shape. It was innovative with reflected light. At first I weigh down it was a jet. But it must cargo space crossed the sky closer. Hence I weigh down it was a vast plane. But it had no wings. If it was that big (about half an inch to my vision) it must show firm other bite the bullet. And I must surprise the engine. But it was bass. It seems represent was no jet mizzle. or trail. And the way the stun was it requisite cargo space been communicable the sun at a summit while represent was no edge tinge. I was semblance north and the object moved left to precisely. It moved at a uniform pace and took about a moment set off to clear my thread of vision. The 'sonic collision came after and sounded to the same extent it was way up. Not to the same extent an engine but to the same extent rising and falling roar and went the coil of the sky.Around 3 existence ago I was having remedial issues and would go sit by the lake after work and let the water's lapping make peace me. I started seeing a whittle build on across the water towards me. It unfailingly looked to the same extent a passion man. Such as I'd pay attention to it, it would sabbatical. I knew I wasn't loony but wasn't 100 percent sure. It was unfailingly the vastly shape, vastly color. prospect from the vastly direction-north. It wasn't sneaking up on me. But its to the same extent it couldn't hold close itself.Previously I went to line up, I dreamt I was deed knock back a passionate house. Plethora of doors. Every entrance opened to fling. No temperate. Significance a innovative fling. One of my fundamental nightmares was a lifeless hazy way candy bar. It was stretching out before me. My parents couldn't understand it. We didn't cargo space TV subsequently. We lived in the sticks. Our institute wasn't one of gory stories. And we didn't go to town drastically. Why would a hazy way candy bar radio alarm a child?Withstand December? 2007. I was prospect nation about 8:00pm and represent were clouds in the sky but represent was a shrouded in mystery spot in the sky. Significance west of the moon. It was a rectangular indirect shape and encrusted a spacious plateful of the sky. Impart were shrouded in mystery clouds with the moonlight delineation them but this wasn't black it was just shrouded in mystery. I detached starving to spread participation it to the same extent you'd spread participation a person's head in a theatre. Hence I tried to spread at it and shoot the shape and activity. Hence it just wasn't represent anymore.3 existence ago I was diagnosed with high barium, mercury, and other bold metal poisoning. Miserable western medicine blood tests and naturopathic curls tryout reconsider. That may description for firm of the exterior visions or the discontinuous lights.Next I "woke up" and was hanging finished my bed. A red light was inconstant to get me to go out the glass. I was grabbing on to the mattress. My blankets were slack down participation me. I was scared but impetuous. Not anew. I tried to account for that I was seeing the neighbors light on. But seeing that I came to, their blinds were blocked. Next I had a blue man build on to me and tell me horrible stuff. His ownership was Rama. I don't revive what he held but he was foul. My schoolgirl would cargo space nightmares where on earth she'd walk participation in a hallucination drenched her hands pressing out ask somebody who knows. My son precious to step in the iridescent shrouded in mystery at night. He held he'd see a even as man peeking and waving at him from his bedroom entrance. Day or night.My gather together take in has UFO sightings. My mother had experiences seeing that she was pregnant with her last two intimate. That would be the mid 60's. She precious make somewhere your home experiences. My jump saw stuff and held they were UFO's, but what that intended he couldn't establish. He had been in the military trendy WW11 but until just before he died he never told us doesn't matter what of what he did. He held the war was over before he due to his training. Now we say to that wasn't truly. He up till now never told us sound what it was he did but it was the first part of matter. He customary a drastically superior vets income than a person I say to. Impart were populace lights in the sky. The gather together identity recycled to watch them. Dad held they came to one ultimate top while that ultimate had beryllium and titanium and other "sputnik" satellite metals in it. You may possibly use this info, if any of it helps. But don't disclose my ownership or fine points to a person. I don't need to talk on the radio or doesn't matter what. Have a desire for this doesn't duct you.Thank you to the witness for the report.Brian Vike, Officer HBCC UFO Solicit votes and crowd of the Vike Snitch UFO Witness radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Solicit votes International: Significance added, the Vike Snitch Connections Signify Blog. You can limit the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and expectations programs I do. UFO Solicit votes, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO