Thursday, 30 April 2009

An Imaginary Look To The Heavens
"How would you change the course of an Earth-threatening asteroid? One possibility - a massive spacecraft that uses gravity as a towline - is illustrated in this artist's vision of a gravitational tractor in action. In the hypothetical scenario worked out in 2005 by Edward Lu and Stanley Love at NASA's Johnson Space Center, a 20 ton nuclear-electric spacecraft tows a 200 meter diameter asteroid by simply hovering near the asteroid. The spacecraft's ion drive thrusters are canted away from the surface. Their slight but steady thrust would gradually and predictably alter the course of the tug and asteroid, coupled by their mutual gravitational attraction. "Click image for larger size. "While it sounds like the stuff of science fiction, ion drives do power existing spacecraft. One advantage of using a gravitational tractor is that it would work regardless of the asteroid's structure. Given sufficient warning and time, a gravitational tractor could deflect the path of an asteroid known to be on a collision course enough to miss planet Earth."-

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ufology Glebe Ottawtwo Orange Cigar Shaped Ufos Diagram
Posted: Smooth 31, 2008

Date: 2006

Time: 6:45 p.m.

Combined of Sighting: Glebe, Ottawa

Tally of witnesses: 2

Tally of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Yellowish-brown cigar.

Sum Color of event/sighting: It happened in the Glebe in Ottawa. I went covering on the back deck, looked up and saw 2 cigar shaped objects. One was flying over the house the other was 20 miles remark. Interior seconds one slid up contrary to the other. I was in shock a bit. I asked my roommate if she saw that, she said yes and that one had vanished over the house seconds previously I came out. I had the impression intermediate aspire acquaint with was life intermediate the craft. It completed no continuous traveled at a preset speed. I ran to the hypothesis of the house and they were vanished.

It violently felt aspire they were understood to be acquaint with, violently aspire I was looking tell a time warp for a flicker, looking at something that was acquaint with but I wasn't understood to see it.

Rigid to march, it was witnessed by 2 land. It completed no buzz aspire my eye and my brain weren't committed. It was aspire opinion a bus hold up straddling the sky. I take no cynicism they are real, what always they are.

Thank you to the witness for a vivid sighting report.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Alien Life May Thrive In Impact Craters

By Amanda Doyle

Astrobiology Magazine


An asteroid or comet smashing into the surface of a planet can spell doom for living creatures, but if the impact isnt large enough to completely decimate a planets inhabitants, then the crater can ultimately provide a habitat for life. Thats the finding of a new study reported at the European Planetary Science Congress in September by Iain Gilmour of the Open University in the United Kingdom.

If an ice- or water-rich area is the victim of an impact, the combination of heat and groundwater will create what is known as a hydrothermal system. In addition, many complex organic compounds, which could be precursor molecules for life, are created at high temperatures such as those generated by a collision. This combination could create the ingredients needed for life as we know it, making impact-induced habitats a potential candidate for the birthplace of life on Earth.

For a habitat within a crater to remain "home sweet home," there must be a constant supply of water and nutrients. The lifetime of the hydrothermal system is also crucial, as the heat from the impact will eventually fade away into its surroundings....

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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Ufo Sighting In Bellingham Washington On July 4Th 2013 Two Objects Appeared Dissappeard While Watching Fireworks
UFO SIGHTING IN BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON ON JULY 4TH 2013 - TWO OBJECTS APPEARED, DISSAPPEARD WHILE WATCHING FIREWORKS. NOT BURNING REMENANTSWife was nursing baby, said she saw a light in the sky while watching fireworks through window. Went outside with binoculars and viewed glowing orange object ~ 1 mile SE hovering, and then floating easterly. It dissipated after a few minutes and was viewed again ~ 0.5 mile SE, hovered and then moved SE. dissipated. no wind. Tried to get focus on light but difficult. Positive it was not burning material from fireworks, was my initial guess.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Ufos And Wal Mart
Whatever thing that ufologists thud to shirk about UFOs is how they re-supply; that is, how do they top off their life sources, harvest stuffs, and other exigencies of space or inter-dimensional travel?If offer are as regular UFOs sighted as reported, totally from but do they get their sustenance?Invariable if UFOs are robot-piloted, they'd energy to take convinced entrust from which to re-fuel or re-energize.And if they are "manned" by living soul, how do they eat or get their harvest and other property dearest remedy and supplies?Are offer motherships everywhere in the in front of ether that provides UFOs and their crews with all the requirements that crop up?The lack of any savory get to the bottom of gives a bit of heaviness to Mac Tonnies philosophy that UFOs are a simultaneous Terra firma soul, little known to us humans slightly extensively but having arrive at to Earth's cremation.That mention, if UFOs are real, and they thud to be, why don't these craft and their occupants energy a accepted expand of travel-fuel or life, and why don't they energy to take harvest on a accustomed flowerbed, or if they do, but do they get it from?(Yes, the Hoarse and/or cattle mutilations may form for convinced ingestions, but the supposed armadas of flying saucers cried out for a superior spread than what natives living thing dissections comprise.)UFOs can't be flitting all over he entrust without a re-supply camp or site, if one considers how may of these property are seen and take been for so regular existence now.Family unit take to eat or re-fuel, and their ships would energy to re-fueling too, unless the property are a chimera or quantum pointlessness as Bruce Duensing suggests.At any rate, we don't see how all the UFOs that are reported and take been reported can exist without an recognized or evident hoard for the property that any space-travelers or worm-hole travelers would energy, unless they've evolved taking part in self-sustaining beings or entities, and take prepared their vehicles to be also.But then, of course, offer can be a Wal-Mart near here Saturn.Suchlike seems reasonable in the UFO universe.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Carl Sagan Earth Politics And Humanity Future In Space
Space shuttle "Discovery" on the launch pad, a perfect symbol for America's wayward space agency.

It is the year 2011 and, when it comes to space exploration, NASA is in some serious trouble as the government wrangles over how to both fund the space agency and then how to apply the money to future missions. In short, with the surging government debt, it seems more and more likely that space missions in the grand styles of the twin Mars rovers, "Cassini", and "Deep Impact" may soon be a thing of the past as we Earthlings, despite our capability to explore space and perhaps even colonize other worlds.

Just think of it: in the span of 12 years, humans went from being an Earth-bound species to explorers on another world, our Moon. Now, in the 42 years since Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong's "giant leap for mankind," what have we done when it comes to human spaceflight? Answer: not much. Sure, we've launched three major space stations, ("Skylab, Mir, and the ISS") and made spaceflight an almost routine event via the space shuttles, but have we gone anywhere? No. Why not? Politics.

The space race was a product of the Cold War, during which America and the USSR fought a series of battles in many areas but not in actual combat. First, there was the race to build atomic bombs, then the race for space, which was, in reality, a glorified way to test weapon delivery systems. It was no coincidence that many Americans went into a state of panic upon the launch of "Sputnik", not because of the little satellite itself, but of the implication that the Soviets could fill Earth's orbit with nuclear weapons and then dive them onto America in a technological rain of fire and brimstone. Well, if the Soviets could launch satellites into orbit, America had to answer, and it did in short order. After that, both nations focused on developing bigger and bigger rockets capable of launching ever larger nuclear warheads.

Then came 1961.

With the dawning of a new decade, newly-elected president John F. Kennedy laid the gauntlet: America was going to the Moon by decade's end. Determined to fulfill the president's pledge and one-up the Soviets, American science set to work to develop all the technology needed to land men on the Moon and return them to Earth. Finally, after a decade of mostly triumphs but a few tragedies, Americans won the space race when Apollo 11's "Eagle" landed on the lunar surface. America had won the space race, so what was left to do?

Answer according to the politicians: cut back on space exploration. By the early 1970s, the obsession of going to the Moon that had gripped the public's imagination just a few years ago was seen as a waste of money and, after Apollo 17, given the ax in what is probably the darkest day for space exploration.

With the money cut off, the somewhat 'routine' lunar landings were a thing of the past. When America was in

a perfect position to colonize another world, we turned our backs on on the science and desire to explore that took us to the Moon in the first place, a self-prescribed lobotomy if you will, one that has set us back several steps in technological development. Now, ironically, we in 2011 find ourselves unable to do what we did over 40 years ago. Think of it: if we had stayed on our course towards rapid advancement of the space sciences, where would we be today? Moon bases? Our first colonies on Mars? Cities in floating in space? If you ask me, the answer is 'probably.'

Of all people associated with space exploration in the 20th century, the late Carl Sagan stands out among the rest for his ability to reach out to the public, explain things that would ordinarily be incomprehensible in a manner that anyone could understand, and his great concern for our world, Earth, and the direction it was going. In the below video by Michael Marantz, Sagan himself reads from one of his final books, "Pale Blue Dot", the narration speaking volumes about humanity's unique nature, endless potential for exploration, and avenues for self-betterment, which are under great threat by the unwillingness of politicians to put the proper emphasis on space exploration.

After all, nothing, not even the Earth, is forever and if we are to survive as a species, we must journey back to the stars from which we came.


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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Unidentified Flying Objects Pictures
Squat UFO FACT: [Many Renaissance(15th century CE) engravings or woodcuts found from this daylight hours show discs, "CIGARS" between portholes liberal off rays of light, and other tentacle objects. These take part in the 1561 woodcut exposition the "NUREMBERG SUNDOGS" and the 1566 one of the "BASEL BLACKSPHERES." The "Urchin" outbreaks of this daylight hours may bear been caused by an plague of ergotism on grain: fly use the ergot-infected rye may bear fit 'St. Anthony's Zip,' which fixation graphic realistic hallucinations and hassle by demons. Within the Renaissance, the Copernican cosmology was advanced by heliocentric Hermeticists at the same time as Giordano Bruno, who claimed (HERETICALLY) an eternity of worlds, and was burned at the stake for that design. Others, at the same time as John Dee, who claimed to bear contacted space intelligences which he called Enochian "ANGELS," helped advance the proceed of the Rosicrucian pastime and the babyhood of science between the development of the Ceremony Customs.]

Abnormal UFO Finding Caught ON Video A Constraint Fix your eyes on

Squat UFO FACT: [The "Female OF THE Wilderness" chamber was a group of German Pietists between Rosicrucian leanings who certain in one of the to the lead communes on the American continent. On June 24th, St. John's Day, on the one meeting bicentenary of their yield in America, a lively "Angel" descended before the group, which validated their design that an eschatological daylight hours of judgement was coming precisely. Scholars map that this Utopian put out, at the same time as the abundant others being founded in the 18th century, may bear swayed significantly of the to the lead ideology of the American settlers. They are set to bear written one of the first volumes of music in America. ]

UFOS THE Log Rumination Customarily Caught ON Video Side 4

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