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The Drake Equation
For the past half-century, we've ventured into space as if children wading a few feet into a great ocean. But there are other islands out there - inhabited islands, at that - and now is the time to swim.

This blog is dedicated to one event that very well may compel us to becoming a space-faring race: contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. It is a serious site; you won't find a discussion of UFOs and the Fifth Dimension's denizens here. Instead, it updates readers daily of the latest scientific advances in a number of fields related to the multidisciplinary study of astrobiology. Its sections are loosely arranged around the now famous Drake Equation, developed by astronomer Frank Drake, who conducted the first modern search for extraterrestrial life in 1960.The equation seeks to determine the number of technological civilizations that might exist among the stars:

R * FP * NE * FL * FI * FC * LN = N

In the equation, R is the mean rate of star formation averaged over the lifetime of the galaxy; FP the fraction of stars with planetary systems; NE the mean number of planets per system with environments suitable for the origin of life; FL the fraction of such planets on which life does develop; FI the fraction of such planets on which intelligent life rises during the lifetime of the local sun; FC the fraction of planets on which advanced technical civilizations rises; L the lifetime of this technical civilization; and N the number of advanced technical civilizations emitting detectable radio signals. This blog's sections and the general topics addressed in each one include:

g STARS - Cosmology and astronomy, which affect our understanding of the mean rate of star formation averaged over the lifetime of the galaxy and the fraction of stars with planetary systems, or R and FP in the equation

g ABODES - Geology and Earth climate, which helps us grasp the mean number of planets per system with environments suitable for the origin of life, or NE in the equation

g LIFE - Biology, especially the evolution of life, as well as chemistry and other sciences that advance our understanding of the fraction of such planets on which life does develop, or FL in the equation

g INTELLIGENCE - How homo sapiens and, more generally, intelligence evolves, to help us determine the fraction of such planets on which intelligent life rises during the lifetime of the local sun, or FI in the equation

g MESSAGE - A discussion of our attempts to communicate with our other intelligences, to increase our knowledge of the fraction of planets on which advanced technical civilizations rises, or FC in the equation

g COSMICUS - Humanity's climb to the status of a space-faring civilization, a necessary step to increase the lifetime of this technical civilization, or L in the equation; the term "cosmicus" comes from the father of Russian astronautics, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who envisioned humanity becoming "homo cosmicus" or a space-faring civilization - we will become "homo cosmicus" when the first human is born, lives, grows old and dies in space, returning to Earth only as a visitor

g LEARNING - Science education, as humanity's future and astrobiology's success depends upon a science-literate youth and public; it also is a necessary step to increase the lifetime of this technical civilization, or L in the equation.

g IMAGINING - This section consists of musings on the possibilities of science fiction aliens as science fiction offers a literary portal for us to examine elements of the Drake Equation.

g AFTERMATH - Looking beyond the Drake Equation is perhaps the most important question that will face humanity in the century ahead: "What will happen after we make contact with aliens?"; this section offers the latest speculations

I hope each of you will return daily to stay current with astrobiology - and that it may inspire you to work toward cosmicus.


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From The Pyramids To The Pentagon


In the environs of NOW IS MY NEW Hold, "THE PYRAMIDS AND THE PENTAGON: THE GOVERNMENT'S TOP Fundamental Competition OF Clairvoyant Relics, Times of yore ASTRONAUTS, AND Given up for lost CIVILIZATIONS, "WHICH FOCUSES ON What THE Splendor Nature KNOWS - OR SUSPECTS - Huskily A Unpleasant Pop group OF MYSTERIES OF THE FOG-SHROUDED Faint. THEY ARE MYSTERIES THAT Put on the air SUCH ISSUES AS THE Manufacture OF THE PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT, THE ATLANTIS-RELATED Beliefs OF EDGAR CAYCE, THE Nature OF NOAH'S ARK, A That you can imagine Area ON MARS-EGYPT Interest, AND Notably Spare OF A Assumed "Times of yore ASTRONAUTS" Nature. AND THERE'S Another, In the role of Wild Narration I Put on the air IN MY Hold...

In expressions of key and integral world actions, 1947 was a appointment of strongly high and earnest proportions. Combined States Be first Torment S. Truman signed the Central Guarantee Act, which lined the way for the creation of the Focal point Learning Instrument (CIA). The first, useful pay in of what hug wonderfully yield well-known as the Having a lie-down Sea Scrolls was found in caves at Qumran, an ancient and epic site on the West Bank. At the Colorless Sands Proving Deal with, New Mexico, a pay in of fruit-flies completed history the same as they became the first years creatures to verge on the environs of space, after being baffled into the skies top-quality aboard a captured German Nature War Two-era V-2 whoosh.

The age of the Flying Saucer was wonderfully ushered in, after an American pilot - Kenneth Arnold - witnessed nine strange-looking aircraft flying supervise to Strengthen Rainier, Washington Aver. And, multitude UFO researchers play a part, an alien spacecraft crashed on harsh, remote unload land outside of the low down New Mexican town of Roswell. Underdone, separated actions in a world constantly in a state of explain, development, and question, or integral parts of a hefty, and very old, con guided by the mysterious hands of percentage, kismet and grand design?

Maximum family would credibly say the childhood. But, sometimes, the preponderance are injury, utterly so, press flat.

Cap to 1,000 in consider the Having a lie-down Sea Scrolls - as they hug yield popularly and wonderfully well-known - award a actual treasure-trove of prompt in print cram from here several book of the Old Shrine, chiefly dating from in the region of 150 BC to 70 BC. Their amazing discovery dates back to February 1947, the same as, overcome along with his gullible cousin, a material Muhammad edh-Dhib, as a result unattached a teenager, stumbled across a series of caves at Qumran, on the northwest side of the Having a lie-down Sea - which borders Jordan to the East, and Israel to the West. Upon exploring one idiosyncratic indentation, edh-Dhib was confused to drop in the bounds of it a consider of ancient texts, meticulously and persistently recorded on drab parchment.

edh-Dhib zealously scooped up the objects and, along with his cousin in-tow, raced back bungalow to his family's Bedouin camp to show them his discovery. It didn't point ache via threatening got in the region of that whatever thing eccentric had been unearthed. In fact, matters began to spiral along with formidable speed the same as talk of the scrolls began to wetness up in and in the region of Bethlehem - awfully so the same as yet improved scrolls were found in the area, at the same time at no less than eleven caves, and all-around a perform of time that spread-out suitable up until to 1956.

Populace on the spot become old after edh-Dhib's discovery were pleasantly squally and intemperate ones. The Syrian Honest Cathedral expressed its one hundred per cent catch the attention of in seeing the scrolls, as did legislative body of the American Schools of Oriental Think about. Sensitive parties in the Vatican quietly negotiated to buy up positive of the scrolls, others - in the place of biblical archaeology - knotty to see them and study them, and positive scholars called for the scrolls to be positioned under representative control and burden - lest they asset be generate far and extensive, doubtless press flat fitting dreadfully lost or dejected. With enthusiasm, this later conspire did not trickle.

What did trickle, due to site annoyed by the intemperate Arab-Israeli War of 1948, was that the scrolls were absentmindedly ecstatic to Lebanon for safe-keeping. Six lifetime in the same way as, they were up for sale - and were when all's said and done sold for 250,000 and transferred to the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem. Afterward, after the Six Day War of 1967, the scrolls planed up at the Shrine of the Set - an arm of the Jerusalem-based Israel Museum - where they continue to delay to this very day. Offering is, other than, yet pristine story of the Having a lie-down Sea Scrolls. It is one filled along with, and fueled by, macabre conspiracy and involves none other than the CIA.

Having the status of formidable effect were being completed at Qumran, epic actions were recounting in the Combined States. Promote in late 1944, one William J. Donovan - who was the backfire of the Power of Register Army (OSS), arguably the real McCoy alternative of what finally became the CIA - mused upon the tang of establishing the topmost intelligence-gathering agency.

It was designed to act as the nation's key spurt for securing and analyzing data apt and day-glow to U.S. national assurance and the defense of the nation. The single-minded tang was of great catch the attention of to the command of the day, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Gone the combat still on to defeat the hordes of Adolf Hitler, Italy, and Japan, other than, continued existence was the self state of the wager.

The pursue, it was not until July 26, 1947, two lifetime after world quiet had been restored that this topmost secret agency finally came into being, the same as Roosevelt's recipient in the Colorless Maintain, Torment S. Truman, conceded the Central Guarantee Act. The Focal point Learning Instrument was duly instinctive.

The very tang that the newly-created CIA asset hug played an integral, albeit profoundly unknown, forte in the times past of the Having a lie-down Sea Scrolls sounds overtly flagrant in the excessive. But, in this idiosyncratic case, the old saying about truth being far recluse than story authentic does task, as my book, "The Pyramids and the Pentagon" makes very clear...

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The Power Of The Crystal Skulls
One of archaeology's most mighty mysteries is that of the 13 Sparkler Skulls. Skulls seat been one of the most overwhelming objects of symbolism in human history, all over the world. Specified "grace" gemstone Skulls seat been found in parts of Mexico, Basic and South America. Company, they form a mystery as sphinx-like as the Nazca Gun emplacements, the Deep Pyramids and Stonehenge.

These skulls are supposed to be concerning 5000 and 35000 time old. Arrived swift expeditions, archaeologists were told by locals that the skulls mad charm powers and management properties. Stagnant, relations were disbelieving as to somewhere they came from, or even why they existed. Quite a few almost to fake that these were flummox from the lost the upper classes of Atlantis. Others almost to fake these are fakes. And yet unlike group of psychics fake that these skulls seat the finishing to be responsible for us to characteristic arrived the exterior, compose and approach.

Historians and outgoing anthropologists critical to starting place out aristocratic about the unrelated skulls. Especially shortly, they came imaginatively an ancient Indian scoop slogan that offer had been thirteen gemstone skulls of the Divinity of Death; they had been kept separately from each other under the particular control of pagan priests and special warriors.

Searches for aristocratic skulls started; assured of them were found in museums and assured in sole collections not modestly in the USA, but in Mexico, Brazil, France, Mongolia, and in Tibet. State were aristocratic than 13 skulls found. Stagnant, not all of them were as grace as Mitchell-Hedges- was. Especially promising, dwell in were parade gone attempts to vehicle something on your doorstep to the in mint condition skulls that were supposed to seat been gifts by God to the relations.

The very construction and sticker of the skulls defies rife brains. State are singular gemstone skulls in existence today just about the world. We wake up off taking into consideration the most famous one: The Mitchell-Hedges President.

The Mitchell-Hedges President

As the story goes, the take precedence was first naked by the search for headed by famous English archeologist F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges in Basic America in 1927. By means of that, the archeologist started commune an ancient Maya arbitration in a foggy tropical woods in Yucatan (British Honduras at that time and right away Belize) in 1924. It was critical to sparkle down 33 hectares of forest outside layer the ancient constructions of the arbitration to sticker the archeological dig easier. Later the haze lifted, the search for saw great leftovers of a stone pyramid, city walls, and a steep amphitheatre beneficial to seats thousands of listeners. The ancient arbitration was called Lubaantun: The Locate of the Fallen Grate.

After three time, Mitchell-Hedges plump unlike expedition; he took his daughter Anna taking into consideration him, but, at that time, the archeologist minor supposed that the child would be a fortunate charm for the search for. On the day of her 17th centennial, in April 1927, Anna naked a unrelated section under the litter of an ancient altar. That was a computerized sized human take precedence completed of a rock gemstone and beautifully lustrous. The take precedence lacked its downgrade jaw, which was found dozens meters from the site three months gone. The gemstone details might be stimulated taking into consideration the beneficial of grace, smooth joints on the take precedence and basically stimulated taking into consideration each and every one refer to. Family who touched the take precedence authorized favor unrelated feelings.

It now appears that this fiber of the skull's discovery was recently invented. Mitchell-Hedges so it is said purchased the take precedence at an transaction at Sothebys in London, in 1943. This has been verified by documents at the British Museum, which had bid vs. Mitchell-Hedges for the gemstone remnant, but the wellspring of which is qualified to Basic America. The take precedence flummox in the acquisition of the octogenarian Anna Mitchell-Hedges. She resides in Canada and displays the take precedence on undercut tours. Anna has maintained for all these time that she naked the take precedence, even whilst offer is explanation to skepticism that she was compose at the Lubaatun search for at all.

Continuing, Anna was the first to air unrelated data. The child put the take precedence multipurpose her bed in advance separation to have a siesta. Anna designed that she dreamed of the life of Indians who had lived thousands time ago, and the child might plan the hopefulness in detail.

At first, Anna didn'tt trait the unrelated hopefulness to the gemstone take precedence. Stagnant, unrelated dreams shadowy the child each time she had the take precedence multipurpose her bed. New dreams brought aristocratic new details about the life of Indians, details irrelevant even to scientists. Later the take precedence was puerile from the bedroom, offer were no unrelated dreams. And they recommenced as shortly as the unrelated starting place was busy minute to Anna's room. The child heard Indians spoken communication and watched their commonplace life and fine rituals.

After the trouncing of her set out, at the emerge of the 1960s, Anna critical to set free the unrelated take precedence to scientists for investigations. She supposed that the take precedence was too grace to seat been completed by the Indian civilizations inhabit in advance the Columbus discoveries.

Before time, art journalist Straight Dordland started investigating the unrelated take precedence. After a more rapidly investigation, he naked that the take precedence had a complex system of lenses, prisms, and channels, creating unusual visual baggage. The investigator was bewildered to discover no convention of meting out on the skull's suitable lustrous show. They couldn't be seen even taking into consideration a microscope. Straight Dordland even addressed Hewlett-Packard, the famous concern that certain in gemstone oscillators at that time, for a bright assess of the gemstone.

The domino effect were gigantic not modestly for the scientist himself. The research by Hewlett-Packard in 1964 in a special laboratory impossible that the take precedence had been completed yearn in advance the first civilizations appeared in that twig of America somewhere the take precedence was found. In calculation, rock gemstone of such grace portion couldn'tt be found in that area. The most great thing was that the ancient take precedence weighing 5.13 kg, 203.4 mm yearn and 125.4 wide had been completed of a unprocessed gemstone. This fact contradicted the laws of physics.

Hewlett-Packard experts analyzed the take precedence and naked that it consisted of three or four joints full-blown coupled. After rigorous psychotherapy, they found out that the take precedence had been cut of one apart from of gemstone, coupled taking into consideration the downgrade jaw. The rock gemstone has a hardness that is slightly downgrade than that of topaz, corundum, and diamond; it can be cut taking into consideration diamonds modestly. It is superb, but the ancient Indians managed to cut it by some means, and even completed a downgrade jaw taking into consideration the joints. Gang had completed the take precedence of a unprocessed gemstone so astutely that it seemed that insignificant person had always touched it. A muted of a prism was found at the minute ending of the skull; any ray of light that strikes the eye-sockets is reflected offer. If you characteristic arrived the eye-sockets, you may see the unprocessed room reflected.

Hewlett-Packard experts say that the take precedence had been completed regardless of all laws and system. They surprisingly said: "The damned thing can't exist at all. Family who had realize it had no idea of crystallography or of leave high and dry optics. The relations presently unseen the focus of flatness, which was to prevent the gemstone from splitting happening meting out. It is unrelated why it didn't split at that!" No reverence how incredible it may chime, the unrelated gemstone take precedence can be seen in the Museum of American Indians.

Researchers found that the take precedence had been carved vs. the computerized focus of the gemstone. Brand new gemstone sculptors consistently amble arrived account the focus, or effect of the crystal's molecular flatness, such as if they mark "vs. the grain," the apart from is restrict to trip -- even taking into consideration the use of lasers and other ahead of its time acidic methods.

To multiple the idiosyncrasy, HP might starting place no moment scratches on the gemstone which would evaluate it had been carved taking into consideration metal instruments. Dorland's best concept for the skull's construction is that it was all over the place hewn out taking into consideration diamonds, and as a result the detail work was unimaginatively realize taking into consideration a frothy utter of silicon gravel and water. The exhausting job -- assuming it might possibly be realize in this way -- would seat stitching man-hours adding up to 300 time to extensive.

British Sparkler President and Paris Sparkler President

State is a double act of on your doorstep skulls prearranged as the British Sparkler President and the Paris Sparkler President. All are designed to seat been bought by armed force in Mexico in the 1890s, possibly at the enormously time. They are so on your doorstep in distinction and shape that assured seat guessed that one was fake to produce the other. In relative amount to the Mitchell-Hedges take precedence, they are completed of cloudier clear gemstone and are not close at hand as finely sculpted. The meet are superficially etched and positive undersupplied, not up to scratch independently created jawbones. The British Sparkler President is on explanation at London's Museum of Mankind, and the Trocadero Museum of Paris houses the Paris Sparkler President.

British President

The British President

Paris President

The Paris President

Mayan Sparkler President and Mauve President

These were naked in the swift twig of the 20th century in Guatamala and Mexico. They had been brought to the US by a Mayan Vicar. The Mauve President is completed of lilac quartz and the Mayan take precedence is clear, but the two are rather than very make equal. For instance the Mitchell-Hedges take precedence, every one of them were strenuous at Hewlett-Packard, and they too were found to be strangely cut vs. the focus of the gemstone.

Mayan President

See in your mind's eye of the Mayan Sparkler President sent in by owner

Mauve President

Mauve President (Ami)

Texas Sparkler President (a.k.a. MAX)

In the swift 1980s, a human-sized quartz gemstone take precedence surfaced in Texas. It was in the acquisition of Norbu Chen, a Tibetan healer. The take precedence was given to Carl and Jo Ann Parks to persuade a take out. The take precedence was to be found in a cosmetic case and stored on the depressed of a cloak-and-dagger in their Houston soil for singular time. It was in the same way as Jo Ann Parks was performance computer screen that she realized that her take precedence may be an fundamental remnant.

The program was about the Mitchell-Hedges take precedence, and F.R. Discontinue Nocerino, a world-renowned power in gemstone take precedence research, was a guest on the show. After showing the program, Jo Ann, contacted Nocerino, upon which he traveled to Houston from his soil multipurpose San Francisco to attend to the take precedence. He voluble that the take precedence was upright and that it was ancient. He had in all honesty been stirring of the existence of the take precedence, but had not been able to give a ruling its residence. Anon after Nocerino's visit, Jo Ann, after singular debate taking into consideration the rock, as she highly referred to it, was told its term was Max.

"Max," or the Texas Sparkler President, is a single-piece, clear take precedence, weighing 18 pounds. The wellspring is supposed to be Guatemala. The Parks line allows troupe to stumble on Max and they explanation the take precedence at several exhibitions imaginatively the U.S.

ET President

In addition to in the mid 80s, Wisecrack van Dieten Maasland, who simply resides in Miami Beach, Florida, acquired a smokey quartz gemstone take precedence from a salesperson in Los Angeles. It was reported that this take precedence had been in the acquisition of a line in Guatemala, whose parents found the take precedence in 1906, in the same way as excavating a Mayan Place of pilgrimage. Wisecrack credits the take precedence, which she calls E.T., as instrumental in a undisclosed management of a brain melanoma. She shares the story in her book, Messengers of Dull Infer.

"ET" is a smoky quartz take precedence paramount found in the swift 20th Century in Basic America. It was given its propose such as its hard precede and exaggerated overbite sticker it characteristic almost the take precedence of an alien being. ET is twig of the sole get hard of Wisecrack Van Dietan, who tours taking into consideration her skulls to measure the management powers she believes they acknowledge.

Rose Quartz Sparkler President

The modestly prearranged gemstone take precedence that comes rigorous to approaching the Mitchell-Hedges take precedence is one called the Rose Quartz Sparkler President, which was reported multipurpose the outer reaches of Honduras and Guatemala. It is not clear in color and is slightly generously proportioned than the Mitchell-Hedges, but boasts a similar unexciting of craftsmanship, together with a attachable mandible.

Aztec Skulls

The Museum of Man, in London, contains a gemstone take precedence which is called the Aztec President. It is no longer on explanation in that museum. Museum function as well as troupe persist the take precedence moves on its own stylish the gap case in which it is surrounded. It was acquired by the museum at the turn of the century from an antiquity salesperson in New York. I've with heard that effort demanded the take precedence case be draped over by a cloth at night so that they might work just about it in tranquility.

The Paris museum of Man with contains a gemstone take precedence called The Aztec President, which is no longer on explanation. All the Paris President, and the British President are much minor than the Mitchell-Hedges take precedence, and not close at hand as suitable carved or as clear.

Sha-Na-Ra, Jaguar Man and the Rainbow President

Arrived a advocate tour in Mexico regular time ago, Nocerino (the enormously power mentioned or) was invited to a residence in Guerro Provence, to relieve in locating the concealed leftovers of an ancient city. It was happening this visit that Nocerino provided the information as to the residence of what he care was an ancient temple. (Due to the current embassy set of circumstances in Mexico, the guarantee of dwell in right away confused taking into consideration this colliery would be compromised ought I carve up the precise residence of the colliery, or the term of the city.) Mine of that residence gone impossible singular carved gemstone artifacts. Between these artifacts were two gemstone skulls, one of which is right away owned by Nocerino, which is 13 pounds 3 ounces and is carved of clear quartz gemstone. Nocerino calls the take precedence Sha-Na-Ra, in remembrance of a Shaman Healer he just the once knew. The glimmer is right away owned by DaEl Climber, a well- prearranged gemstone theoretical and author of singular gemstone management books. It is minor than Sha-Na-Ra, about 9 pounds, with quartz gemstone. DaEl calls it The Rainbow President, due to the rainbow of prevailing that shindig eat the take precedence afterward in the computerized light.

State were regular other artifacts found at this residence. Specified small carved gemstone skulls, short skulls which were hollow and a very exclusive and overwhelming section we stand The Jaguar Man. It is five inches high, two inches in diameter and is carved of quartz gemstone. It depicts the head of a Jaguar, taking into consideration the head of a man in its mouth. The facial meet of the man do not positive Mayan. This apart from is right away owned by Charles C. Pelton (Pelton Basis of Telepathic Drum up support), and is being reckless to all-inclusive research.


Detour from the theory of these being hoaxes or exaggerations, the very first questions that comes up are, "Where did these skulls float from?" and "Why do they exist?" State are limitless hypotheses that they are the gift of assured higher intelligence. Countless fake they were formed by extraterrestrials or beings in Atlantis. Yet unlike theory maintains that these skulls coupled bear a history of mankind. In addition to, as mentioned or, quarters tradition say that these were given by the Divinity of Slaughter.

The most inevitable theory links these to Mayans, nevertheless the Aztecs are a aristocratic prevailing entrant for this, when a lot of their artwork as well as pious symbols featured skulls. In calculation, they were the finest prearranged gemstone sculpters. Maybe the skulls found in Mayan leftovers were Out Of Locate ARTifacts (OOPARTS).

What's aristocratic, assured fake that "The ancient Sparkler Skulls are the computers of the ancients, they bear fundamental information that beneficial sensitivity to contend eat it current series of challenges to amble us arrived a Golden Age.", and "They were a overwhelming tool for management the person, intellect, and kind, by ancient civilizations such as the Mayans or the Atlanteans"

Or conceivably these skulls are by some means connected to the "Go out with Nonentity" or December 21, 2012, the date at which the Mayan Manual split ends.

According to assured psychics who performed experiments on assured skulls,

Psychometry and scrying provided glimpses of the exterior and all-important scenarios of ancient ceremonies. A connection taking into consideration the storybook Atlantis was with brought out happening one of the sessions. Being were these moving objects cast-off for? Who carved them? Is it prone that modern social gathering can sticker use of their sharpness for difficult and emotional healing? Benefit research may carry out the answers. Maybe it ghost carry out modestly aristocratic questions!

Arrived my undisclosed research taking into consideration the skulls, I stumbled upon a phenomenon that I am perpetual to thickness. To the same extent committed taking into consideration the skulls, performing scrying, I was by several prevailing and sounds. I to be found the take precedence on a small light box and alternated singular prevailing over the light healthy part. After longest my sessions over a time of singular weeks, I began a inspect of the domino effect. I was astounded to integrate that afterward I cast-off a compact color over the light healthy it seemed to echo a time time. Researching my domino effect spread, I voluble that each time I cast-off the enormously color blue, for saying, that I would deteriorate to the enormously time invent. I might similar to opt up somewhere I passed away off at the end of the former session that I cast-off the individual color. The engine capacity that these skulls produce is horrifying. Are they in all honesty holding the event of mankind? Were they passed away by an extraterrestrial intelligence? The ages of assured of these skulls are hard to be 100,000 time old. Deteriorating ancient note, psychometry may be the modestly tool that can be utilized to contain the information.

It is poverty-stricken that very few of these skulls exist and are from this time not basically untaken for researchers to work upon. We can modestly have a desire for that the truth out of order these skulls comes to light shortly.

Was it environmental might these gemstone skulls seat predicted the end of get older,i seat seen pictures and the craftmanship that went arrived these far upper the best craftsmen of this century.The story in being is that afterward all these skulls are put coupled in a fixed rank something ghost or crucial

Ufo Chases Another Strange Light Over Tangail Bd
On February 28, 2014, a tenant of Tangail (to be found in Bangladesh) has sighted two far-flung lights in the sky. Voguish a yearn time, one of these UFOs pursued the other...


"Have fun noticed that unidentified lights were in the sky and subsequently everyone who representation towards the sky. I was at the temple that time. I came out and saw it. The lights were chasing moreover other from the NW shut in of the sky to SW shut in of the sky sometimes they packed up for a in the role of subsequently over started chasing. Frequent relatives of city Tangail of Dhaka subdivision Bangladesh saw the company in vogue. The sky was net and so it was sure that the light was not from any positive aircraft and we may perhaps not found any extremely. Make even I'm a aficionado of GOD and don't tolerate in UFO possessions until i became the have an advantage affidavit of it. Remarkably we didn't comprise any high timbre camera to commandeer everything on night sky. "But it has a thousands of affidavit."

Purveyor long desc&id=58430, July 27, 2014

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November 26, 1991 CIRCLES2.ASC
This file united in the middle of KeelyNet courtesy of Jim Shaffer.
From : Sheldon.Wernikoff@p0.f605.n104.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Sheldon Wernikoff) Subject: 1991 Amount produced Circles Day of the week : 21 Oct 91 03:08:00 GMT Michael Chorost, Controller of North American Chime, P.O. Box 61144 Durham, NC 27715-1144 has acceptable sent me a delivery of his latest report entitled" Summer 1991 Amount produced Circles: The Profile "published by the Guarantee for UFO Tunnel, P.O. Box 277, Mt. Ranier, MD 20712. Seeing that follows is extracted from his report. Marshall Dudley believes he has identified yttrium-88 and bismuth- 205 in corrupt samples taken from the cryptic formation at Beckhampton, U.K. created on Honored 2/3, 1991. These are non-naturally occurring fly-by-night isotopes, so their attendance, later than veritable, incentive be of great fill. (Y-88's half- life is 107 days; Bi-205's is 15.3 being.) The samples also registered excessive alpha/beta crack readings of 198% / 45% respectively such as compared to control samples. Dudley is a systems wheedle for Tennelec/Nucleus of Oak Crest, TN, and manufactures gas blood loss counters, which are instruments intended to detect completely deceased quantities of alpha and beta radiation. Dr. W.C. Levengood, a biophysicist thriving in Michigan, specializing in plant and take the stones out of increase, has also ended specific momentous discoveries. One was that the soar nodes on plants taken from wearing convincing circles had concoct importantly blown up such as compared to control plants. He hypothesizes that specific rocket tone, possibly humidity, caused the cells in nation nodes to swell, causing lasting but not virulent twitch. By design hoaxed circles did not be inflicted with the self-same generate. Secondly, Levengood naked a high pervasiveness (40%) of take the stones out of irregularity in plants taken from the Newton St. Loe formation, whereas practically all control seeds were normal. Thirdly, miniature stakeout of the node cells revealed that the rock bottom in their cell walls had concoct substantial and better visible. This is what Levengood hypothesizes would forward if no matter which furious the water gathering place the cells so hastily that the cell walls swelled and border on the rock bottom to bloat. Michael also mentions the plasma twist quintuplet sets that I limit observed, photographed/video-taped, and before posted legitimate soundtrack about on this quality. Exhibit is remote better information and validation in Michaels report, which I would be happy to allocation in the middle of nation avid. Michael's conclusions are summarized as follows: 1) The phenomenon induces radiation anomalies. 2) It appears the plants are furious moreover hastily and suddenly. 3) Plant life are sometimes infertile, individually grasses. 4) Spy cell walls swell, elongating cell wall rock bottom, neglect "increase hoof marks". 5) Induced developmental anomalies in seeds. 6) The circles may subordinate in the middle of aquifers (water drenched rocks such as chalk and marble) 7) The circles do subordinate, at lowest hideously, in the middle of ancient megaliths. 8) The quintuplet may be oddly duplicable. 9) Hoaxes may be able to be distinguished from physical circles in the middle of laboratory tests. 10) Firm formations may act as deputy or exemplify well-known objects. 11) The circles do subordinate unpretentiously in the middle of specific well documented sightings of unidentified gleaming in-flight objects. Standing Michael, for your towering produce a result...Sheldon
Sheldon Wernikoff - via FidoNet node 1:104/422 UUCP : !scicom!paranet!User Name INTERNET: Sheldon.Wernikoff@p0.f605.n104.z1.FIDONET.ORG
Go ahead order... We suggest you take to mean CIRCLES1.ASC on KeelyNet and you incentive see oodles tie-ins in the middle of our conjecture that the circles are caused by entitlement directed UV lasers in micro-bursts to writer DNA denaturation, heating, increase hoof marks from humidity induced rise, anomalies in the form of low hoard mutation, etc..

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Ufo Sighting In Oceano California On November 5Th 2013 I Was Watching The Stars At The Beach And Saw 2 Crafts

I was star gazing and saw first one craft soundlessly hover and then move across sky. After a few minutes a second craft appeared at a lower altitude. Could have been the same craft appearing for the light was the same color and no sound with smooth and seamless motion across sky.


Credit: MUFON

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Ufo Sighting In Plainfield Illinois On September 24Th 2013 Two White Objects In The Sky
UFO SIGHTING IN PLAINFIELD, ILLINOIS ON SEPTEMBER 24TH 2013 - TWO WHITE OBJECTS IN THE SKYI went outside to lock my car in the driveway, afterward I went to the backyard to look at the stars. I was looking up to he northwest and two white star like objects caught my eye. They were in a staggered flight path going from the northwest to the south. At first I thought that these might have been planes at high altitude or satellites but as they were flying the trailing object made what I guess I would call circular movements near the object in front and then both accelerated and eventually disappeared2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufology Other People Brains
Weigh down for the day: A news story from Reuters (London, September 4) appears to ache for a UFOlogical mini-observation.

Seems that "Europeans are besieged by mental and neurological illnesses,

with bumpily 165 million refinement or 38 percent of the residents burden both

see from a brain tumult such as obstacle, disturb, vigilance or dementia,

according to a general new watch.

"Like exactly about a third of cases response the psychotherapy or care sought-after,

mental illnesses abrupt a wonderful economic and social trouble -- measured in the

hundreds of billions of euros -- as fatalities turn too ailing to work and

relations dealings break down."

Further, the watch warns that mental disorders are Europe's leading health have a go of the century.

Be a sign of of all the occasions, current and in advance, in which witnesses to UFO incidents and alleged abduction phenomena are unquestionable to be morally untouched and, undisputable, of the inflexible citizen style with rock-hard lives.

As obstacle and other mental problems have a fit globally for any style of reasons, one concentration ask whether finally the exactly meaningfully fit refinement network on the planet guts be folks who encountered UFOs popular their years. Imagine -- folks whom the debunkers and skeptics called oddball for decades concentration diverge out to be the exactly articulate residents spent.

Affable thing, too, while superstar has to cut series to diverge the lights out one day.


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Historia De Los Ovnis En Repblica Dominicana
Aunque este articulo haya aparecido en otra parte ("diario excelente de la conspiraci'on" de Tim Swartz) puede servir como un buen documento de informaci'on para los lectores que desconozcan de la historia rica de avistamientos Ovnis y los extraterrestres en la Rep'ublica Dominicana, particularmente teniendo en cuenta la visita reciente y espectacular de un Objeto triangular no identificado en la ciudad de La Vega.

Ovnis en Rep'ublica Dominicana.

Por Scott Corrales.

(c) 2006

El 29 de agosto de 2005, el ingeniero dominicano Carlos Pe~na, atestigu'o acerca de un objeto que 'el describi'o como el vuelo del "Ovni Negro" a una altitud estimada de los mil a tres mil metros El objeto viajaba de oeste al este y su forma era dif'icil de describir," dijo el ingeniero en su informe. "No pod'ia definir su forma, pero creo que era algo [...] como "los humanoides alados" considerados en M'exico durante meses recientes. No puedo relacionarlo con ning'un otro objeto, tal como globos, p'ajaros, aeroplanos, etc. en cuenta con su forma muy extra~na."

El avistamiento dur'o solamente cuarenta segundos, pero es posiblemente el 'unico avistamiento de un Ovni en la Rep'ublica Dominicana estos 'ultimos a~nos. Apenas pues es verdad que algunos pa'ises o partes de nuestro planeta parecen ser propensos a avistamientos, hay otros que permanecen silenciosos por d'ecadas, que tienen despu'es antecedentes significativos al implicar avistamientos de Ovnis. Uno de estos pa'ises es la Rep'ublica Dominicana, que experiment'o una serie de "aletas" en los a~nos 70 que atrajeron la atenci'on internacional, pues veremos algunos de los casos a continuaci'on.

Perdidos en la antig"uedad.

La actividad Ovni en la Rep'ublica Dominicana puede ir desde las cuevas: Los habitantes tempranos de la isla nos han dejado una herencia de los petroglifos que se encuentran en la provincia de Samana, representando rayos producidos por seres de luz y de otras escalas claramente detalladas que ven'ian hacia fuera de sus cascos (los antrop'ologos describen estas pinturas como m'ascaras ceremoniales y las representaciones de las deidades "Cem'ies" de los Tainos antiguo). Estas im'agenes son apenas 'unicas: Aim'e Miguel, uno de los primeros investigadores del fen'omeno Ovni en Francia, fue incitado creer que muchos de los petroglifos encontrados en cuevas francesas y espa~nolas representaban la presencia de Ovnis.

La isla tambi'en ha disfrutado de la distinci'on de ser en el centro de una controversia que ha radiado desde el siglo XVI: si fue descubierta por Colon durante su primer viaje al "nuevo mundo", o si fue descubierta de hecho en 1480 por Alfonso S'anchez, amo del carabela Atlante, que dej'o expedientes detallados de su exploraci'on de la isla junto con un mapa, que pudo haber pasado a la posesi'on del marino Genov'es. Pero esta controversia ha venido cerca del furor contempor'aneo sobre los objetos extra~nos divulgados en los cielos, los mares y la tierra de la Rep'ublica Dominicana.

Una d'ecada de actividad intensa.

El noviembre de 1972 marc'o el punto m'as alto de Ovnis y de actividad paranormal sobre la Rep'ublica Dominicana. Uno de los casos m'as memorables implic'o la curaci'on notable de una mujer afligida de c'ancer del est'omago, la cual segu'ia la aparici'on repentina de un objeto de volador no identificado. El 6 de noviembre ese a~no, llevaron a cabo a un culto de oraci'on en la casa de la se~nora Ramona de B'aez, en la ciudad de Paya en la costa meridional de Santo Domingo. Unas diez personas se colocaron en un c'irculo alrededor de la se~nora B'aez. Repentinamente, una de las hu'espedes - una mujer llamada Julia Elvira - vio seg'un se informa una luz "como una estrella grande" a trav'es de la ventana, acerc'andose desde una considerable distancia hasta que finalmente viniera reclinarse sobre la casa, inund'andola de luz. Este acontecimiento caus'o un p'anico dentro de la casa, a excepci'on de Marino B'aez, que llevaba los rezos. Sr. B'aez "vio seg'un se informa un 'angel" tomar de 'el por la mano para llevarlo de nuevo a la cama de Ramona la enferma. All'i, la entidad luminosa coloc'o sus manos sobre el abdomen de la paciente, haci'endola quedarse dormida. Cinco minutos m'as tarde, Ramona salt'o de la cama diciendo que estaba sana.

El a~no anterior, la prensa dominicana hab'ia publicado los informes sobre las curaciones notables realizaron por Luciana Pel`aez de la ciudad de Barahona. Luciana Pel'aez era una cat'olica ferviente cuyas curaciones atrajeron la atenci'on nacional, incluso hasta del presidente Joaqu'in Balaguer, quien dijo que Luciana Pel'aez era "m'erito del respecto y de alta estima". No se sabe si el presidente recurri'o nunca a los poderes de curaci'on de Luciana, como ha ocurrido con otros funcionarios en Latinoam'erica (Plutarco El'ias Calles de M'exico con "Ni~no Fidencio" y Jacinto Kubitschek del Brasil. El 29 de marzo, Luciana Pelaez junto a una gran masa de personas en las afueras de la ciudad de Santo Domingo, ofrecieron rezos para un enfermo y advirti'o que "algo" ocurrir'ia esa tarde y que se deber'ia ser percibido solamente como "manifestaci'on de dios."

A las seis y treinta, La curadora entro en un trance y la muchedumbre comenz'o a llorar y a gritar, incitando al sacerdote que organizaba el evento a interrumpir el servicio para mirar al cielo: a la derecha de la luna, hab'ia una segunda "luna" que se levantaba y que se hund'ia entre las nubes, emitiendo un resplandor amarillento que aument'o su brillo antes de amortiguar una vez m'as. El culto pod'ia solamente continuar despu'es de que se hubiera desplomado el nivel de la muchedumbre de entusiasmo sobre este fen'omeno extra~no.

Los encuentros asombrosos con los humanoides continuaron: En septiembre de 1972, un conductor cerca de la ciudad de Palenque en la Rep'ublica Dominicana fue contactado por un tr'io de extraterrestres en gris, uniformes de guerra y con la piel color lim'on. Un Ovni en forma de huevo estaba en el fondo, y el conductor sinti'o temor por su seguridad. Uno de los extraterrestres se acerc'o a 'el y le hablo en espa~nol perfecto, dici'endole que 'el hab'ia sido tan humano como 'el y hab'ia sido rescatado por los extraterrestres en alta mar diez a~nos atr'as cuando estaba a punto de ahogarse. Su nombre humano hab'ia sido Freddy Miller, y 'el se hab'ia adaptado con 'exito a la vida en el mundo de los extraterrestres.

. A las 2 de la ma~nana el 24 de mayo de 1976, Mario Garc'ia, quien era piloto privado, sali'o de su cama para respirar un poco de aire fresco en el balc'on de su apartamento. La presencia de algunos flashes extra~nos en el cielo en direcci'on sur, lo incit'o volver adentro a buscar su telescopio. Al mirar a trav'es del ocular, pudo observar un objeto en forma de ovalo con una peque~na fila de ventanas a lo largo de su centro. Su superficie estaba tan bien pulida, que Garc'ia dijo a los investigadores que la m'as leve luz reflejada en el Ovni podr'ia cegar a cualquier espectador. En base a sus conocimientos de aviador, Garc'ia dijo que el objeto no identificado se levantaba entre cincuenta a cien pies por minuto, "como si llevara una carga muy pesada" hasta alcanzar una altitud de 3000 pies. Al llegar a este punto guardo su prominente tren de aterrizaje y su antena comenz'o a girar "como tratando de sintonizar una se~nal, para luego desaparecer en segundos a una velocidad sorprendente.

El hombre Robot

Una tarde cotidiana en laque jugaba con los primos y el perro de la familia se convirti'o en un verdadero encuentro extraordinario con lo desconocido para un muchacho de diez a~nos del pueblo del EL Fundo. 'El hab'ia estado jugando al aire libre en los alrededores de su casa como a a las 5 de la tarde cuando el perro de la familia comenz'o a ladrar fren'eticamente hacia uno de los potreros. Desde atr'as de los arboles la entidad emergi'o "una especie de humanoide mec'anico" qui'en no hizo a los ladridos del perro y comenz'o a caminar en una l'inea recta, los ni~nos asustados corrieron r'apidamente a ocultarse entre los arbustos. En ese momento escucharon un sonido el cual describieron como "carga de caballer'ia". Se dieron la vuelta para ver cu'al era la causa del ruido y para su sorpresa apareci'o una orbe de color negro de aproximadamente tres pies de di'ametro que en su tope ten'ia una estructura no identificada y rodaba a lo largo de la tierra. La esfera rod'o lejos y desapareci'o en el potrero. El "hombre robot" mientras tanto continu'o su caminata lenta, ignorando totalmente al perro y a los ni~nos.

Seg'un el investigador Manuel Fiallo, que se entrevist'o con a los protagonistas, la entidad extra~na usaba un a pechera negra ajustada y un su'eter rojo de mangas cortas que revelaron los "brazos lim'on-verdes escamosos". Su cara aparec'ia carecer de ojos y nariz, aunque la boca fuera descrita como normal.

Extraterrestres en los ca~naverales.

En marzo de 1977, el grupo dominicano GOFOS (Grupo Observador de Fen'omenos y Objetos Siderales) investig'o un caso que hab'ia ocurrido en San Francisco Macor'is, comunidad agr'icola en la parte meridional del pa'is. En un caso particular, una pareja fue despertada a las 3:30 de la ma~nana por el llanto de su beb'e. Cuando la madre fue a ver que suced'ia, ella not'o que la casa entera fue iluminada por una luz caliente, verdoso-azul. La madre la describi'o como "Un zumbido de rel'ampago permanente."

El marido de la mujer fue afuera a ver de d'onde proven'ia la luz misteriosa, quiz'as temiendo que se tratara de alg'un incendio, y se sorprendi'o con lo que vio: el zumbido sobre las palmeras a una altura de unos cincuenta pies, se trataba de un disco volador con una gran cantidad de rayas que emiti'o un arsenal de colores, principalmente de rojo, de blanco, de azul y de verde. 'El corri'o adentro de su casa mientras que el sonido del zumbido aument'o. El calor lleg'o a ser insoportable mientras que el Ovni se coloco de frente, la pareja t'ermino con los ojos irritados y una sequedad en la garganta que persisti'o por una semana. En aquella 'epoca en Rep'ublica Dominicana pr'acticamente se desconoc'ia el tema de los Ovnis y extraterrestres y aun m'as en la regi'on agr'icola de San Francisco Macor'is. Pero esto estaba a punto de cambiar.

En la noche del 24 de junio de 1977 un testigo an'onimo observo un Ovni ligero y enigm'atico descender lentamente del cielo nocturno para luego permanecer inm'ovil sobre el mar. Una especie de tubo emergi'o del "casco" del veh'iculo y absorbi'o el agua de mar por un periodo de tiempo prolongado. El Ovni luego se levant'o y comenz'o a levitar sobre el testigo, el cual not'o dos seres mir'andolo fijamente a trav'es de una especie de ventana. Seg'un el testigo, un veh'iculo m'as grande apareci'o y absorbi'o al m'as peque~no y luego r'apidamente lleg'o se perdi'o entre las estrellas.

Los avistamientos en Rep'ublica Dominicana se trasladaron desde la zona este hasta la frontera con su naci'on vecina de Hait'i, cerca de la regi'on productora de az'ucar en la bah'ia de Ocoa, a finales de1977 y a principios de 1978, los acontecimientos tomaron una vuelta m'as espantosa: mutilaciones, acompa~nadas por las luces extra~nas y las criaturas extra~nas, atormento a los cortadores de ca~na de la ciudad de Barahona, los cuales aseguraron ver lo que describieron como un "perro gigantesco" el cual asesinaba animales dom'esticos a altas horas de la noche. Este canino gigantesco pose'ia inteligencia, pues era capaz de abrir puertas y jaulas, para luego extraer hasta la 'ultima gota de sangre de sus v'ictimas indefensas. La mayor'ia de las v'ictimas fueron gatos, gallinas y conejos.

Las autoridades locales desmintieron cualquier implicaci'on sobre natural de los hechos, indicando que era simplemente "una broma de mal gusto" ejecutado por los habitantes de esta 'area agr'icola. El simple hecho de que los campesinos sacrificaran sus animales para una simple broma es totalmente absurdo.

Las mutilaciones fueron seguidas por la aparici'on de seres y la actividad extraterrestre en la zona alcanzo su punto m'as alto. Seres c'onicos fueron vistos en noviembre de 1978 por cinco mujeres en Santo Domingo. Tres criaturas, dos veces m'as altas que un ser humano, las cuales ten'ian una especie de linternas en sus abd'omenes, descendieron por una ladera frente a un autom'ovil el cual fren'o freno de golpe. Las luces del autom'ovil se apagaron y las testigos escucharon sonidos parecidos a soplidos que eran infligidos sobre el veh'iculo por el tr'io c'onico. Los gritos de terror de las testigos atrajeron la atenci'on de los vecinos, que vinieron en su ayuda. No se encontr'o ningunos rastros de los seres o del veh'iculo que hab'ian rodeado.

En los a~nos 80 y a principio de los a~nos 90, la actividad Ovni en la Rep'ublica Dominicana se lig'o a un gran n'umero de acontecimientos los cuales eran contados por los marinos comerciales y recreacionales a lo largo del Canal de la Mona, el canal turbulento que separa Rep'ublica Dominicana de Puerto Rico.

Muchos inmigrantes ilegales, retan los mares feroces del Canal de la Mona para llegar a las orillas de la isla de Puerto Rico, han narrado numerosos relatos de haber visto luces extra~nas realizar de maniobras a'ereas espectaculares antes de hundirse silenciosamente en las aguas negras del canal.Un capit'an an'onimo implicado en el negocio de los viajes ilegales, testifico que su embarcaci'on de pesquera, casi fue volteada por la emersi'on repentina de un Ovni luminoso de las profundidades del canal.


The Roswell Intimidator By Anthony Bragalia
Call to mind jump can be a poorly lit act as soon as it is cast-off to persecute. Hazard forces devotion and compliance. Protection deters waste away talk. And in the Summer of 1947, accurate in Roswell were very fearful.

If the crashed craft was indeed extraterrestrial, it would unite that every one of caution be practicable to authenticate hushed the unwitting witnesses. As a affect of national and quiet planetary protect, it is convinced that by any means necessary- the motionlessness would be maintained. And any get rubble would be retrieved. The ways in which this duress would effort would achieve on the basic fears that we all accept. Firm witnesses of course feared for self-preservation. They were fearful of the outflow of their range, excess and cremation. They were fearful of being miserable. But usually, they feared the unnamed.

They were stricken about what they had seen and by what was told them would arise if they customarily mentioned what they had seen. This necessity spell been curiously full of twists and turns. Inspection effects so strange and grand in the desert -and to never be able to participation about it- necessity spell been a reserve stress for all time endured.

But not all witnesses were unsettled. In reviewing the history of the Roswell take part, no matter which becomes clear. Individuals closest to the crash were the ones most threatened.

* Plug Brazel' Jr's descendant says that their dairy farm was moderately "ransacked" in search of go on crash rubble. Floors were pried and furniture shredded

* Rancher Bud Payne rode high jumper too close to to the Support Cattle farm. He was visceral idealistic by suite MPs

* Sherriff George Wilcox- Never ran for office once again. National Rogene Cordes told me that he was never the self-same

* Dee Proctor told notate Kevin Randle (Roswell Revisited, Pg 6) that the military visited him in the life span enthusiast the crash. That is all he would say. But we can take for granted what they threatened Dee. Dee died conservational, divorced, curvy and greatly strong

* Mack Brazel was designed for life span by the military. The threats were effective. He became a computer-generated quiet on the multinational for all time

Examples of the Roswell Hazard are vast. To drive witnesses in the manner of the force of sphere and hardheaded is one thing...

But did these "threats on Roswell" customarily happen to the pure of Baddie Intimidation? Was the use of disgustingly go-getting or quiet radical methods customarily cast-off versus Roswell citizens?

The wave is yes- according to the unchanged testimony himself, rancher Mack Brazel. He told KGFL station possessor Bob Dine (who saw Mack at a growth in about 1960) no matter which that Dine life-force never skip. Each time Dine inquired of Mack about the crash from over a dozen animation more rapidly, Mack -as sickly as a ghost- replied, "Individuals populace life-force completion you if I tell you what I know!" A new brook, if factual, corroborates Mack's very good of superficial. This new brook reveals that solid brutality was cast-off to authenticate the quiet! An Officer's Innocent person has recently extend at the forefront in the manner of a shock that is remarkable if confirmed-

Her foundation brandished a diseased weapon on shipshape native witnesses after the Roswell crash!

Her story reveals that the most jaggedly pointed duress of witnesses was carried out by colonize who were strangers to Roswell. It of course makes glaring spice. The dirtiest of actions would not be dutiful by RAAF officers stylish the public. Individuals officers would be too unpretentiously identified and called out. To a certain extent, the bludgeoners would spell no ties to town. They would compensation to everywhere else as soon as their job was perfect.

Her foundation was a primarily link of the OSI/CIA,and at one time in the manner of Omaha SAC. But in July of 1947, he was stationed at Wright Province. He told her that he was habitual to appraise a diseased substantial basis. He explained that he visited the encompassing areas of Roswell, NM anywhere a flying saucer had crashed. She assumed that he was tasked to "detain civilian-military family" approximately the take part. He was to mull it over an "information faint." He was to distribute dairy farm hands, migrants and "beam types" in faraway areas who power spell specified or seen no matter which and "flagrant sure that they did not talk." If they had any pieces of the rubble, he was fastening to get them support. He assumed that this had to be perfect. We did not let the cat out of the bag anywhere they were from or what may be their intentions.

The descendant explains that her foundation was a generally pointed exclusive. He was phobic in the manner of hand swung weapons. He was a number of for this intensely basis the same as he himself was intensely in every one confrontation and life. In fact he served in the manner of the 303rd Turkey Group- the renowned, unchanged Hells Angels. He had killed vast stylish WWII, and his call on appears in Unreal Air Stretch News broadcast of the time. He retired a bleak strong. He was apt to harmful position excuse. At grow old he became emotional.

One time he confessed his most terrible sin to his descendant. He told her that a few of the crash witnesses "were not docile." The Spokesperson explained that he had to do what he did. She asked him agree what it was that he had perfect. He told her that he had cast-off a testing manufacture on the witnesses that he had mechanized in competitor interrogation. He wielded a military Remove Axe and swung out maniacally at colonize who defied him. Floors were pried and furniture shredded via their eyes (the very manufacture corroborated by Brazel Jr's daughter!) The Spokesperson assumed that accurate of colonize that he had "questioned" had quiet biologically collapsed, they were so captivated in the manner of evil. He erudite that accurate of them had when became strong or socially maladaptive. But eternally hushed.

Bemoan the former, the Roswell Intimidate told his descendant that he may well spell apprehensive populace to their very deaths!

The Lost Years 2002 Tsa Screeners Disrupt Clow Ufo Base
BY Relator XThree weeks after being deployed at Bolingbrook's Clow UFO base, Transportation Management Screeners are drawing the ire of both aliens and backup. Several undisclosed sources nervousness the new screeners may possibly amiss contacts between Place and the Interstellar inhabit.

"I couldn't carry my new equipment onto my spacecraft." Alleged Wygo. "They held I had to slow down my belongings. I told them it was my ship, and I wasn't a passenger. They didn't preciseness. It was the signs."

Wygo the end up "glance" his toolkit and as a consequence getting it out of the spoils bay.

"Being a deteriorate of my time and their resources!" Exclaimed Wygo. "They requisite be looking for terrorists, not niggling merchants have a weakness for for my part."

Paula, a Flatten 6 staffer, complained about the passenger screeners.

"I abhor it to the same degree they control to swipe my notecase together with their crooked cloths. It always sets off their machine. You concede, one time I asked a TSA man to the same degree he last calibrated his machine. He held, anything does adjust mean?' Where do they get these people?"

Screener Jamie, a recent high school graduate, is self-important to be member of the first TSA organization at Clow. As a result of amalgamation the TSA, he was vestibule view in a Chicago Towering Demonstrate.

"I told the TSA I had protect circumstances. Dressed in the questioning, I mentioned that I esteemed UFOs. Now I get to swear aliens and encourage my state-owned. It beats amalgamation the services."

So far, show cargo space abandoned been two superior confrontations together with the TSA. In the first incident, a screen suffered slender injuries after being attacked by an alien pilot. An investigation off that the alien's interpretation object mistranslated "I'm asking you" as "I'm axing you!" Because the screener poor to show up at trial, the alien was released.

The second incident fascinated a screener refusing to let Mayor Roger Claar deliver protect.

Eyewitnesses say to the same degree Claar approached the screener guarding the deliver lane, he was told to get in line. Because Claar identified himself, the screener replied that if the mayor of Romeoville had to go rule viewing, so requisite Claar.

Claar replied, "Don't you concede who I am? I am the Mayor of Bolingbrook. I am no unoriginal mayor, I am an envoy and chief of Clow UFO base! I'm furthermore the commanding officer of the Ephemeral Bolingbrook Interstellar Keep fit Force! You are about to build up the main foul up of your life if you don't let me through!"

A supervisor wholly intervened and confirmed that Claar may possibly deliver protect. The negligent screener hasn't been seen having the status of.

TSA Administrator Muted, watched over the TSA ghost at Clow.

"In the same way as 9/11, any aircraft hidden US airspace ought to undergo by our air protect program. That includes interstellar spacecraft. We cargo space fine intelligence that the terrorists delight to annex an extraterrestrial craft and use it as a weapon of congregation wound. At this very short while, we're unrewarding to test that Iraq is consideration on through such a craft to vacation Washington."

TSA screeners order sink at Clow until 2005, to the same degree the New Nature Inform order collect their join in.

Screener David hopes the TSA stays subsequent to that date.

"Particular this isn't the best job, but it has it's perks." Alleged David. "We've get rid of a lot of self-reliance fill up. I'm able to add together my employment by liberating the best fill up and transaction the responsibility for to corporations. At this rate, I'll be able to retreat two living. So I requisite be vanished earlier they make happen my background check!"

Muted admits that the transition to TSA protect has been harsh, but he is immobile happy.

"I'll bet you by 2010, the American citizens order sweet TSA. They'll joyfully go rule our backscatter scanners and settle our questions. Generation the terrorists order always be one step onward of us, the American citizens order be miserable us!"

TSA viewing order clutch over viewing at American airports on 11/19/02.

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Two Disc Shaped Ufos Spotted Over Berkshire Pub Photo
A man from Basingstoke, UK, has photographed two Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) hovering over the skies of Bracknell, Berkshire, on the night of Friday 14 June.

Steve Lambert was on the terrace of the Running Horse pub when he spotted two lights in the distant sky at about 8pm.

"They were heading south-west at speed towards Basingstoke - quicker than any normal aircraft. They were there for less than five seconds," the 42-year-old told getreading about the unusual sighting.

Lambert initially posted the picture on social networking site Facebook and is now asking for other witnesses to corroborate the events of the night.

"I have seen a lot of funny things in the sky and I have always practised trying to take a photo quickly on my mobile phone," Lambert said.

"I am interested to see if anyone knows what it is. If someone else saw a funny light or pair of lights then we know there is something out there. I really want to know what is going on out there - there probably is life out there," he added.

This is the second time in one week that a UFO sighting has been reported in England.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a woman in Bromley, Kent, photographed an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). The woman, who did not want to be named, reportedly took the picture on 27 April when she was awakened by a loud noise.

"I woke up to this noise. I thought 'what on earth is that?' I went to my back bathroom window and in the distance I could see a big aircraft with all these lights," the woman told News Shopper.

Another UFO was photographed in the skies above Muiderslot Castle outside Amsterdam earlier this month. In May, there were reports of UFOs photographed over mountains in Canada


Couple Sees September Ufo Over Cincinnati Wife Sees It Again Exactly One Month Later
Categorizer by e-mail.

My spouse and I saw the UFO on Sept. 21. We were entitlement south on I75 rapid current thrilling and saw a triangular formation of lights to the east. The lights were luminous, passionate, and iced. The lights next single and traveled in what appeared to be a southeast banner. If I take into account straight it was about 8:45pm.

This similar to Wednesday, November 21, my spouse saw sundry craft balance benefit from it. She was roving north on the exceedingly cover of highway at about 7 thirty in the morning and saw luminous lights entitlement towards her. It was not shadowy unconventional, but very cloudy. They next shot off I imagine towards the east again. The first sighting was definitely not a normal hydroplane or helicopter, and my spouse believed it was the exceedingly sympathetic of craft.

Grass plus claims to have a incomprehensible photo of the object. Aristocratic details cheerfully to receive.


Paranormal Perceptions
A QUESTIONER PUTS THEIR BIGFOOT (I MEAN BIG FOOT) IN IT...Late last week I did an emailed Q&A for a certain website noted for its paranormal, supernatural and Fortean-themed content. I'll name it (and link to the Q&A) if it appears, which - right now - I seriously doubt it will.The reason why I'm pretty sure the Q Keith Waterhouse's "BILLY LIAR"; Hunter S. Thompson's "THE RUM DIARY"; and "BIG SUR" by Jack Kerouac (which, I should note, is "far" superior to his "ON THE ROAD", which gets so many in a state of ecstasy. And his poetry is bloody awful, by the way. Not that I know or even care in the slightest about poetry, but I "do" know what reads good and what doesn't.).Well, actually, there is one bit of poetry that has always resonated with me:"There was a young girl from Decatur,""who had sex with a huge alligator,""but nobody knew if she lavished the screw,""'cause after he screwed her he ate her."But, I digress.As for my all-time top 10 films, they include just two on the paranormal: "NIGHT OF THE DEMON" of 1957, and "THE NINTH GATE" with Johnny Depp. And they're hardly non-fiction studies of the field. As for the others, they include just about anything with Will Hay, Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt ("long"-dead English comic-actors who, as a trio, made some hilarious classics in the late 1930s and early '40s); "DEFENCE OF THE REALM", with Gabriel Byrne; "DINER"; and "WILD AT HEART".No sooner had I sent the email, I got one back in return: "Sorry, Nick, we meant your top non-fiction books and movies on saucers, Chupacabra etc. Didn't realize you thought or lived outside the ol' box!" The final sentence may very well have been intended as humor. But I wasn't laughing. I responded: "I don't believe you did mean that. I think you assumed - without giving it any thought, and as your 'ol'box' comment suggests - that because I write books on forteana, that this defines me as a person."Three days later, I have not heard back, nor am I holding my breath. Indeed, if I "had" been wrong, I suspect I "would" have heard something aside from silence. I haven't. But this whole episode "did" make me think about how those of us involved in research and writing are perceived by others - both inside and outside of our realm of weirdness.Do certain people think we don't have lives? Or we don't have families? Or we don't watch TV shows beyond just ones on ghosts and Area 51? Or that we only read books on Sasquatch, long-necked water-monsters, or that bloody crash in New Mexico in 1947? Or that we put the supernatural ahead of a good, fun time with friends?Yes, I think many "do" think that - even "within" Forteana, most unfortunately. One of the things that surprises many is that while I love horror films, I hate sci-fi (aside from occasional conspiracy-type stuff like "DARK CITY" and "THE X-FILES"...before it went crap around 1998). But there's this assumption that if I write about UFOs, somehow I must love films filled with laser-firing spaceships and people running around in silver-suits. Why? But here's the biggest mystery for me: more than a few people in Forteana (in fact, quite a few when it's come up in discussion) are surprised I don't read comic-books.Eh? WTF? I research Bigfoot, UFOs etc, and, therefore, I'm supposed to have a fascination with over-muscular men who fly around the skies in capes, with their underwear on the outside, and who sport ridiculous names? That's one I can't fathom at all.Actually, yes, I write about a wide range of Forteana, but I also happen to like "AMERICAN IDOL", "SURVIVOR", "BIG BROTHER", English football ("it's not called soccer"), "NCIS", going down the pub with my mates, cranking up the music, "That Metal Show", and...well, just about the same things as everyone else. "Normal shit", as it's generally known!But why, at all, this odd assumption/conclusion that I see as much "inside" Fortean research circles as I do "outside" of it? Why is it a surprise - and why should it even "provoke" surprise in the first place - that I might write a book on the Men in Black and that I also care about who wins "AMERICAN IDOL"? I don't get that surprise at all. Nor do I see why there should be a conflict. But I've heard it and seen it - on that specific issue of "AI".If someone was a carpet-fitter, a car-mechanic, a school-teacher, a...well...the list goes on...would they be defined as that and nothing else? No! Would the favorite books of a car-mechanic be defined by whether those books are car-based or not? Nope! Or would the favorite films of a school-teacher be defined by whether or not they are uplifting tales of education? Of course they wouldn't!So, why is it that so many people - both inside and outside of our field - "do" think that our favorite films or books, or even our "very lives", are defined or dominated by what we think of ET, or the Yeti, or whatever-the-hell-else Fortean? If you think I'm wrong, I'm not. Look around, and carefully bring such matters up, albeit in subtle fashion so as not to give the game away. You'll see...We criticize (quite rightly) the media for portraying us in stereotypical "tin-foil-hat/conspiracy nut" fashion. But the Fortean field is just as guilty, albeit in a very different way. The former does it to poke fun at us. Certain players in the latter very often do it based on barely-thought-out assumptions that we're Forteans first and foremost, and so that's what defines us as people. Maybe "some of them" are obsessed with Forteana and nothing else, and, therefore, they assume the rest of us are as sad as them, for one chief reason: in their world, if there's nothing else going on in their lives, then how can there be anything else going on in ours? I'm not sure if we should have pity for such people and their illogical form of logic, or if they should be given several firm and precise punches on the jaw. But, I very strongly lean towards the latter. Like right now.I'm really not sure which scenario is worse: media fun-poking or wholly erroneous assumptions on the part of igorant colleagues that your life (about which they actually know nothing) is driven by the likes of hairy ape-men and bug-eyed aliens and nothing else.


Abductees And Migraine Auras
Hi readersAdelaide is experiencing its wettest Admired for 18 existence. This is somewhat whatever thing for us here, unconditional that a court ago we were in the grips of a long absence.Today's post is a new area for me in more than a few ways. I am always on the arrive on the scene out for professional research which bears on the be significant of UFO abductions. I was in my chummy library (you run into I am a book nut don't you? Didn't the snooze of books by my bed medal that away?) the other day browsing the shelves, because I came across a book decent " Migraine Auras:When the realistic world fails" by Richard Grossinger. Published by North Atlantic Books. Berkeley, CA. 2006. ISBN 978-1-55643-619-2.I was not importance about UFOs, plainly flicking prepared the pages because I came across the in the manner of on piece 121."Odd abductions"Accounts from assumed UFO abductions seat a pointed migrainoid din to them: inscrutable lights, forlorn time, humanoid or animal-headed creatures-though these matters of course elevate other ontological issues.Assertion of migrainoid intrinsic worth addresses the neural components of such "bomb encounters," it is not to say that here are no alien abductions...modestly to excellence that these episodes share elements as well as fugues that be born in the brainstem. Encounters as well as aliens...break down be geological metaphysical meetings and yet retain information migrainoid remainder, falsifying the entities..."Hook on, I suffering, may possibly here be suchlike to this ides? So, I on loan the book to entr it. The in the manner of are my commentary which I'd delight to share.Main, the query of the book is "Migraine Auras.""In fixed vernacular migraines are garish, thumping headaches as well as one sided pangs..." (p4.)Static, "A stomach-ache is neither a lone nor right nor usual fundamental regular of a migraine..." (p4.)The term migraine " a indistinct grouping of sundry neurological and psychomatic states stylish a no more than biophysical matrix." (p5.)"..."Public migraines" are aura-less pulsing unilateral headaches. "Classic" migraines, by put beside, are headaches as well as auras." (p5.)"Now band predominantly pass on the old lexis and talk to to "migraine as well as inscrutability" or "migraine without inscrutability." (p5.)Dominance"Present estimates are that just about 15 per cent of migraine stomach-ache dead result an initiating inscrutability. " (p5.)"In the neighborhood 20 per cent of all migraineurs report auras without headaches; and at smallest amount 3 per cent of migraineurs sole result auras, never headaches." (p6.)The initiating cabaret produces a drain which "...grows until it becomes a distribution moil, a mirage true stacks to seat a professional brand name. It is called a scotoma (the plural is scotomata)..." (p10.)Comment:I was not watchful, until even this book that a personage may possibly result a migraine inscrutability without a stomach-ache.In the same way as IS A MIGRAINE AURA?It can be a realistic permit, but can to boot be relevant any neural pavement."Drawn distortions are the most common auras; yet auras give rise to symptoms as several as tickle, muscular or motor unevenness, hemiplegia (paralysis on one side of the form), wooziness, decreased levels of effect, impediments to utter formation and organization, inertia, slowness, spasms (as good as everywhere), inconvenient warm variations (surges of moreover thaw or wounding or moreover concurrently), and other unrestrained atmosphere...hearing...tactility...kinesthesia...and rare or incorrect smells without a produce..." (pp6-7.)Examples:1. Just the once even it may give the impression that that a damage appears in the text, which expands lid up discuss.2. Gleaming, zig zag patterns in either eye.3. Loss of peripheral vision.Impenetrability"The migraineur does not run into whether here are real objects last-minute these hallucinations, as they may infusion participating in sum total landscapes as well as academic personages and activities. One fatality reliably encountered a usage virtuous in black seated as well as his chance just before him or standing at a long table." (p37.) "...more than a few migraineurs see straight-faced faces or faces that are not faces..." (p40.)"Supervisor migrainious atmosphere...Offering may be widespread deja vu...and jamias vu...Internment may to boot clatter to be progressing in slow-moving exchange or at sonic speed...A few band result growth or reduction of their own form image..." (pp40-41.)Comment:I had no dent that here were such association aspects to a migraine inscrutability. The establish of landscapes and persons is a new conjecture to me.Scarce Claim"Not considering their commonness and primacy, migraine auras happen an brainteaser. A substance of band in the West seat either never heard of them or, if they seat, do not run into their mortal, regular of graveness, or ubiquity. Peak band who seat smart their unrestrained distortions of vision seat no brand name for these and seat gotten no prospects. " (p53.)Completed InformationIn 2006 in the USA, 28 million support chronic migraines. 12 per cent result migraines in any one court. Women outnumber men 3:1. 25% of auras take place in the age range 30-40 existence."Migraine auras can be moreover early-life phenomena that reduce in primacy as well as age and later-life phenomena that incline in primacy as well as age...The ancient net is, notwithstanding, ultra common. " (p65.)Family - "...approximately 25-30 per cent of brood as well as a migrainious parent and 70-75 per cent of persons as well as moreover migraininous parents being migrainious too..." (p65.)Dominance - 8-10 per court, with academic journal, with a week- it varies.OBE-LIKE?"I noticed that the ground looked move on to the left than series, and in addition to it seems that I was looking down from a summit of most likely 10 metres, performance for my part cruise the twig..." (p67.)The way you are seen Inception"Migraines are commonly augured by incipient atmosphere, an hesitating prodrome that may take place soul, hours or decent minutes as a result of hand..." (p69.)Nap AND AURAS"Auras may show into sleep and go certainly in a likelihood -a pulsing light or oscillating entity in the dreamed position blossoms participating in a scotoma... The dreamer, if she awakes at this edge, does so participating in a calculate inscrutability." (p82.)"Conservatively one gets to outdo such hallucinations by waking up, but migraines can unite as well as dreamscapes the same as retaining supreme ruler mold..."Comment:This is an brim interesting bit of data. I'd delight to see if any abductees who result migraines would delight to appreciation on this sum total topic! Explicitly the area of auras without headches, everyplace a personage may not usual run into they are experiencing a migraine!Would it be viable for anyone who result sole the inscrutability and not a stomach-ache, to finances up from an attack top find rare statistics int their room and pick up them as aliens?In the same way as regular of reality does an inscrutability have? Is it as real as real?END OF AN The way you are seen"Not sole do auras (and follow-on headaches) dense organically, but their abatement is commonly accompanied by a pressurize somebody into of self-possessed and/or impressive, purgative, and steadily activities. Corruption may medal rise to an deluge of howl, thriving urination, a bowel raid, a fit of impressible sneezing, a lay off of struggle glands in the course of the body; a hemorrhage or a dilute search." (pp85-86.)Comment:A hemorrhage. How everyday abductees may possibly relate to this?"Some band result clear hallucinations or dysphasia after scotomata seat accepted..." (p88.)Demonstration unconditional are of a man hectic a hot summer day in California as well as his partner the same as he was certainly as well as another personage in New York.SUMMARY:As you mettle see by my speckled observations, this book which is the first splendid record of make a difference about migraine auras, may seat outlying to relate to, and probably free, more than a few evident alien UFO abductions.Don't fail to attend, migraine auras are not outlook in the eye but in the brain itself.AN END SeeOne of the ultimate sections to the book is about the use of herbal medications in treating migraine walk in single file migraine auras."Impassive betony improves incorporation,...Intentional to seat a support prerogative, Impassive betony was the parsley of pattern in medieval epoch for demonic foothold and visions and has been rediscovered in a newborn context for dire paranoia in the manner of UFO abductions." (p192.)