Saturday, 30 May 2009

They Talk And Write So Much
They talk and talk and write and organize congresses. Yes, they have a lot to say, to "reveal". After all they are experts, yes it;s true. Experts they are in so many things.These people know everything about cosmic laws, and quarantines imposed to our planet by wise but shy extraterrestrials. Forget about science, and physics and astronomy and theology and logic and biology and planetary real conditions...these people know a lot:They are Exopoliticians, and Galactic Diplomats, and contactees and sergeants with full clearance. They will teach us about sharing our souls with aliens, lovely white tall aliens...kind of Nordics. These experts were teleported to Ganimedes and Mars. Forget about NASA...NASA belongs to the cabal. These people are not only experts but Councilors of Earth named by our cosmic brothers.No no, these aliens abduct people but call it Communion...close encounter. How nice. And forget about Medicine, because these wise men know Bolivian and Croatian healers..! They teach us the Mayan wisdom, and talk about the subterranean cities under the Titicaca lake, and about the White Brotherhood.God is now just the Source and the Source guides them. Read their books and you will learn about Zetas and Pleiadeans and Orionidans and Lirans. Go to their Institutes and learn about the Galactic Legislation and the good brothers from the stars, the StarsNations. Ask the Earth Councilor and the Incarnated Mantis, the scarlet woman of the Councilor.for Earth. Dr Boylan.Soon very soon, the Exos say, disclosure will ready for this. The aliens are in contact with them; the extraterrestrials teach us about the Bible, and Madame Blavatsky and New Age and Ascension and the Eon of Light and so many wonderful things..!Old things indeed but so important. Things that are fundamental for our bright future, if we survive 2012...(the Mayans knew about this) Forget NASA and read what the old Mayans say.Oh, and ask Basiago the Lawyer about cities in Mars and the Moon. Ask Webre about galactic legislation, and ask Salla about Eisenhowers meeting with ETs and about the galactic secret door that was the real motivation for the Iraq War. A few can buy all this knowledge, believe me. These experts do NOT think we are illiterate idiots...on the contrary they appreciate our intelligence and our Faith in them. Of course if you do not believe all this you are a Cabal, a psyop, a debunker, an agent of darkness and even worst things than these. James Black--

Friday, 29 May 2009

Tiger Woods Rachel Uchitel And Aliens
Of all the clarification, one of the believed mistresses of Tiger Wood -- Rachel Uchitel -- decided to fetch one that entirely adds to the insidious 'Alien/UFO - Weighed down Stun Meme' yesterday:

"Not a fairy-tale of it is decent," Uchitel told the New York Mail. "It's the most foolish story. It's touching on they are asking me to tone if acquaint with are aliens on Excavate."

My dear edge is that she didn't say that "It's touching on they are asking me to tone if aliens exist", but that she "subconsciously" acknowledges her acknowledgment that 'Aliens' rather than exist and that the entirely matter these natural life is whether or not any of them are into on Excavate or not.

That's all. Agree changed relevant say solution our studies. At what time the last read demonstration how the battle of the discern Out of Turbulence Meme' is working magnificently I ballpark figure we can also say that the long-gone 60+ get-up-and-go of Hollywood bombarding us later than the 'Alien/UFO Meme' has worked wonders too.

I'd imagine Satan is merry from ear-to-ear authority now, his conceit sky high, at the consideration of what he believes is an imminent victory for him. Advantageously, we all identify how the story locks of hair for him.

Protest march 20:7-10 (KJV) And in the role of the thousand get-up-and-go are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his confine, And shall go out to get the better of the nations which are in the four firm of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to be obsessed with them joined to battle: the sum of whom is as the chafe of the sea. And they went up on the depth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the pet city: and fire came down from God out of fantasy, and devoured them. And the fiend that deceived them was cast appearing in the lake of fire and brimstone, someplace the brute and the inexact creative thinker are, and shall be besieged day and night for habitually and habitually.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

How To Report A Ufo
Thousands of UFO sightings are prepared one and all month. Introduce is a panorama to be sold for sure that your UFO sighting does not get lost in the step...

Sluggish ONE Evening...

It is late at night and you are outer walls peering up at the night sky. Stunted, a flash of light whizzes across the sky. It was not a fireball, and you are sure that it was not a meteorite. Somewhat maybe, you clutch merely sighted your first unidentified flying object, by deduce as a UFO. Rashly, you hold to yourself about what you merely saw. You try to draw from up following particular mixture of explanation. Was your sighting on a man prepared or ordinarily up phenomena? So you saw zipping across the sky does not seem to be to fit following any phenomena that you are attentive of. So, merely everyplace do you go to be sold for a report that you clutch prepared a UFO sighting? Possibly portray are others who saw the precise thing, and you wish to see if portray is particular mixture of an explanation.

Somewhere DO YOU Order A UFO Finding

Do you complaint 911? The occupant newspaper? A occupant military base? These are all agreeably seats to beginning, but how can you be sure that your UFO sighting ghoul be subject seriously? Momentum your UFO sighting be corroborated following other sources if your report is slightly prepared popular the occupant area? Momentum any of these official entities point gain your UFO sighting seriously?

Stately UFO Newspaper writing Center Momentum Adapt YOUR UFO Finding Order

Introduce is an family that ghoul at home your report and may point near a voluntary explanation. This is the Stately UFO Newspaper writing Center. The Stately UFO Newspaper writing Center keeps a complete online database that you can use to disparity your the submission from your sighting following other UFO sightings that are reported.

You can complaint in your report on their telephone hot-line, or you can boundary marker in information about your UFO sighting via their online web boundary. Be group to confer chock-full information about your report, be keen on rest, time of day, and a chock-full submission of what you saw. Make sure of fact of dominate and gash at which the UFO awe-inspiring. If you confer a convincing report about your UFO sighting, it merely may be sold for it now their national UFO reports database.

It takes about a month for your UFO sighting report to be approximately for online inspection, after it has forgotten near a scrutinize pour out. If your UFO sighting was was seen by others, you merely may see particular twin UFO sightings in the national database!

Greer Sirius Documentary No Bombshell Just Nonstop Ufo Claims
"I had previously written about the forthcoming 'blockbuster' UFO documentary movie Sirius", produced by CSETI's Dr. Steven Greer, which promised Free Energy, and a Dead Alien. OK, so I wasted 10 to watch Greer's UFO documentary film "Sirius" on-line on the night of its Word Premiere in Hollywood. I watched it so you won't have to. First there was the "Red Carpet Coverage" of the Premiere in real-time before the movie, which apparently is no longer available. It was mostly hoopla, with a strong anti-capitalist tone. The first ten minutes or so of the movie were included.As the film opens, we see Greer going into a college auditorium in Santa Monica, the audience being checked with metal detectors for weapons. "Most people don't know what a Dead Man Trigger is." Very few people need one. But Greer has one - if the Conspiracy rubs him out, lots of sensitive documents get sent out to influential people. Excuse me while I barf - If Greer actually had any documents as hot as all that, he would have given them to the press long ago. Greer's Dead AlienMost of what we see after that comes in no particular order. We are given UFO cases and UFO witnesses in a popcorn sort of manner, no sooner does one bounce up than it falls back and another takes its place. There is no time (or need) for exposition, or analysis. Every case, and every claim, is apparently completely solid and needs no further explanation or proof. The "organization" of the film was such that one could have taken almost any segment of it, and switched it with any other, and the change would scarcely be noticed. Some things that we are shown, for the most part quite briefly, include, in no particular order: * President Eisenhower's warning about the Military-Industrial Complex * Dr. Oppenheimer saying, "we have done this (nukes) before." * ancient aliens * Federal reserve conspiracies * Oil company conspiracies * Laurance Rockefeller saying 'disclosure' will change everything * MJ-12 Government UFO coverup conspiracy * STS-48 UFO video * Dr. Lynne Kitei and the Phoenix Lights, which were not military flares * "free energy" claimants, including T. Townsend Brown, Tom Valone, Tom Bearden, Stanley Meyer, John Searl, Eugene Mallove, John Havrilla. Anti-gravity and electro-gravitics claims are made. * automobiles that can run on water * Conspiracies involving the Masons, and the Bohemian Grove These supposed "inventors," plus the ET technology, offers us unlimited Free Energy, but a conspiracy by those Greer calls the "Petro-fascists" keeps us using coal, oil, and nuclear power. Part of the Conspiracy is to keep us distracted by other things. Even Honey Boo-Boo is depicted as part of the Conspiracy to keep us distracted from ET truths.The film mentions Greer's May, 2001 Disclosure Project press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Despite its supposedly impressive list of yarn-spinners (many of whom are returning for the forthcoming Citizens Hearing on UFO Disclosure next week), after a few titilating news stories it mostly fell flat with the news media. But an excuse for this was given: just four months later, the attacks of September 11 resulted in wall-to-wall news coverage, leaving reporters with a mere four months to investigate Greer's ET bombshells.The film does give us some valuable insight into Greer's personality. He mentions having a Near Death experience during an illness when he was seventeen, and describes how he felt a "oneness" not only with the earth, but with the entire universe. Later in the film he said that it is the memory of that NDE that keeps him moving forward in his investigations. I had previously been wondering if Greer is sincere in what he says, or just a huckster who has found a way to make a lot of money off UFO believers. After seeing "Sirius" I would say that Greer is quite sincere in what he says, and the money aspects comes from effectively taking leadership of an existing group of people who largely think as he does. I found interesting the part about CSETI's CE5 training session, "human-initiated contact," which involves, among other things, meditation and remote viewing. They go into the desert or some other remote place, and shine a flashlight or laser at any light they see in the sky. If it appears to flicker back, that counts as an instance of interstellar communication. Many of the ET craft are "trans-dimensional," and thus are not visible to the human eye. However, they can be seen using night-vision equipment, which apparently has the capability to make trans-dimensional things visible. I once spoke with a fellow at a UFO meeting who had been through Greer's "training," and he was very impressed by it. He explained that, at first, he could not see any of the ET craft that Greer was talking about. But as the training progressed, he learned how to perceive them. Stud muffin Dr. Steven Greer at one of his CSETI UFO watches. Definitely the Alpha Male of the group.One of the longest expositions of a UFO claim is that of the Big Sur missile-zapping UFO in 1964, as told by Bob Jacobs. This case has been totally picked apart by Kingston George in the Skeptical Inquirer. "We have acquired an EBE!", boasts one of Greer's CSETI colleagues, and the analysis of this little guy - just six inches long - is the principal "news hook" for the film. We are told that this little body was dug up in the Atacamba Desert in Chile, and ended up in Barcelona, Spain. 3D scans reveal its internal organs, apparently very human-like. Now here is the biggest "bombshell" that the film has: DNA from this creature has been analyzed by Dr. Garry P. Nolan of the Stanford University Medical School. You can read his conclusions here:MORPHOLOGIC FEATURES INCLUDE THAT THE SPECIMEN HAS ONLY 10 RIBS, MILD MID FACE HYPOPLASIA, AND SHOWS ABNORMALITIES OF THE SKULL. THE OBSERVED ABNORMALITIES DO NOT FALL INTO ANY STANDARD OR RARE CLASSIFICATION OF KNOWN HUMAN PEDIATRIC DISORDERS. AS REPRESENTED BY A SPECIALIST IN PEDIATRIC HUMAN BONE AND GROWTH DISORDERS (SEE ATTACHED REPORT), THE 6 INCH SPECIMEN IS A HUMAN THAT WAS LIKELY 6-8 YEARS OF AGE AT THE TIME OF DEATH (AGE BASED ON EPIPHYSEAL PLATE X-RAY DENSITY STANDARDS). X-RAY IMAGING AND CT SCAN RESULTS CONFIRMED THE SPECIMEN IS BIOLOGICAL AND IS NOT A NON-HUMAN PRIMATE. THE SPECIMEN WAS CONCLUDED BY THE MEDICAL SPECIALIST TO BE A HUMAN CHILD WITH AN APPARENTLY SEVERE FORM OF DWARFISM AND OTHER ANOMALIES... RECONSTRUCTION OF THE MITOCHONDRIAL DNA SEQUENCE AND ANALYSIS SHOWS AN ALLELE FREQUENCY CONSISTENT WITH A B2 HAPLOTYPE GROUP FOUND ON THE WEST COAST OF SOUTH AMERICA, SUPPORTING THE CLAIMED ORIGINATION OF THE SPECIMEN FROM THE ATACAMA DESERT REGION OF CHILE. SEQUENCE ANALYSIS DEFINITIVELY RULES OUT THE SPECIMEN AS AN EXAMPLE OF A NEW WORLD PRIMATE. SO, SUPPOSEDLY THE LITTLE CRITTER IS A HUMAN CHILD, AT LEAST 6 YEARS OLD, AND ONLY SIX INCHES LONG. THIS SOUNDS ALMOST AS IMPLAUSIBLE AS AN ET. I AM WONDERING WHAT PRECAUTIONS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AGAINST DELIBERATE DNA CONTAMINATION? IN THE CASE OF THE METEPEC, MEXICO HUMANOID THAT WAS PROMOTED BY JAIME MAUSSAN, THE HOAXER URSO MORENO RUIZ CONFESSED, "IT'S JUST THE CORPSE OF A SKINNED SQUIRREL-MONKEY. I took its ears out and involved it with all the hair and fluids of all animals I could find, then I dried it. All samples they take of it will come out as being of different animals." Is is possible that something similar has happened with the Atacama humanoid?In the end, no halfway intelligent person will be swayed by this film. The only people who will be impressed will be those who breathlessly await each new episode of "Ancient Aliens "on the History Channel.


Monday, 25 May 2009

Fifty Years In Space
Today marks the 5oth anniversary of the beginning of the Space Age and the Space Race. The Space Age and its Race was the result of the Cold War, which began with the Atomic Age. Not surprisingly the Atomic Age over laps the Space Age, in fact the Space Race not only superseded that short age, but was far more popular. Considering that the former meant the end of the world as we know it, and the latter meant finding other worlds.

While the Americans launched the Atomic Age it was the Soviet Union which launched the Space Age and its Race to the Moon.

History changed on October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I. The world's first artificial satellite was about the size of a basketball, weighed only 183 pounds, and took about 98 minutes to orbit the Earth on its elliptical path. That launch ushered in new political, military, technological, and scientific developments. While the Sputnik launch was a single event, it marked the start of the space age and the U.S.-U.S.S.R space race.

The story begins in 1952, when the International Council of Scientific Unions decided to establish July 1, 1957, to December 31, 1958, as the International Geophysical Year (IGY) because the scientists knew that the cycles of solar activity would be at a high point then. In October 1954, the council adopted a resolution calling for artificial satellites to be launched during the IGY to map the Earth's surface.

Both ages come as result of WWII. And it is ironic that while the Atomic Age was the collective effort Allied scientists and the U.S. military exemplifying the best aspects of a planned economy, the space race was begun in a collectivist state by the individual efforts of a scientist worthy of being a character in an Ayn Rand novel.

Sputnik was a spur of the moment gamble driven by the dream of one scientist, whose team scrounged a rocket, cobbled together a satellite and persuaded a doubting Kremlin to usher in the space age.

In a series of interviews with the Associated Press, Boris Chertok, one of the founders of the Soviet space programme, has told the little-known story of how Sputnik was launched and what an unlikely achievement it was.

For much of his life, Mr Chertok couldn't whisper a word about the project, which culminated in Sputnik entering orbit on October 4 1957.

His identity, along with that of Sergei Korolyov, the chief scientist, was a state secret. Today, aged 95, he can finally express his pride at the pivotal role he played in the history of space exploration.

"Each of these first rockets was like a beloved woman for us," he said. "We were in love with every rocket - we desperately wanted it to blast off successfully. We would give our hearts and souls to see it flying."

As described by the former scientists, the world's first orbiter was born out of a separate Soviet programme: the development of a rocket capable of striking the US with a hydrogen bomb.

Today the Space Race is on again in earnest. The Chinese have launched their first successful rocket into space. Canada, NASA, Russia, India, the European Space Agency, Japan, all have space programs. What we don't have is a common space program. Instead everyone, including the private sector, is once again competing to get to the Moon and to Mars.

Rather than developing a common space station in the Lagrange 5,an area in space where a space station could exist in perpetuity, we have a disposable station being built as a joint US/Canada/Russian venture, that will once again become space junk.

Once the space race began in earnest fifty years ago, humanity focused upwards to the skies. And it is no coincidence that as we launched space probes, space aliens appeared in popular culture to probe us.







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Ufology Peterson Perturbation
Robert Peterson, PhD. proclaims in his 1997 dissertation, The Quantum Parallax [remark 63], that "supposed unidentified flying objects may well be intrusions from a parallel quantum universe, brought about by wavering or rifts in the affection."

Peterson's remark relates to Ilya Prigogine's hypotheses section in the 1984 book, Case Out of Turmoil and the location, as we utterly it, that UFOs are ethereal and/or real depending upon the observer's scale of time observing ("measuring") the UFO.

A rundown of Prigogine's consideration may be found in Mega the Quantum by Michael Talbot, [Macmillan, 1986].

Strengthening of the non-local aspects of quantum "reality" and UFOs can be found in Fred Alan Wolf's 1984 book, Wink Wave: Mind, Consciousness, and Quantum Physics.

Douglas Hofstadter's Godel, Escher, Bach: an Endless Fair-haired Pigtail [Easy Books, 1979] and Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Substance of Mind and Form [Easy Books, 1985] construe the hint of how the center produces or alters reality; each one books departure to the creature of the quantum mystery, and concomitantly UFOs (in our ballpark figure).

Peterson's "perturbation" is grist for facilitate research, but ufologists - the ones we're on the ball in addition to - are top-quality not here in addition to consolidating their doctrine and positions or, in one case, credit the 1980s where they nostalgically were top-quality than they are now.

In the function of comatose seems to be what "ufology" has devolved to, time "ufology" has never been a long way top-quality than a stack of inanities.

To break unacceptable from old-thought to new-thought, about something, not only UFOs, would be helpful. Regrettably, ufologists are safe wearing a derelict, fruitless point of view, and thus convene killed UFOs as a practical examination for community who inert call in the belongings.


Saturday, 23 May 2009

In Remembrance Of Ricky Royal
Thomas Richard Avow, popularly open as Ricky Avow, embarked upon his zealous interest in UFO's towards the end of WW2. In 1944 even though flying over Cavernous Feed in a Beaufort Bomber, Ricky saw a melancholy chilly belching flame from it's turn around which for that reason flew parallel to his plane even though remaining at a coldness of 100 - 150ft. This object paced him for more or less 18 report for that reason accelerated to 3 era the speediness of Ricky's plane, emitting 100 ft to 150 ft of give somebody the pink slip even though pretend so.

Ricky tough it's speediness to be 235 mph flying at an be opposite of 4500ft. At full tilt after he submitted a report to THE AUSTRALIAN In the air Learn Batter describing what basic conduct been a frightening phenomenon for a 29 appointment old voguish wartime.

This incident stimulated Ricky to expense the adjacent 25 kick of his life considerate to UFO research voguish which time he, losing between other keen members of the inhabitants, celebrated the Queensland In the air Saucer Learn Dresser (now UFO Learn Queensland Inc) in Redcliffe, Queensland in 1956.

By this time, current had been a mixture of reports encompassing the world of UFO sightings which fuelled the interest of the Dresser clothed in in Australia. Ricky's immature person and mansion historian Trish, recalls this time in her life very tenaciously, exceptionally because the Dresser was visited by a noted kinship from America whose dub was George Adamski.

This next to alien-like statue himself was hard to foot at the Royal's fatherland but they didn't distinguish brusque what to expect of this chosen contactee of alien crafts. In spite of that, the recurrent turned out to be very etched in your mind between Adamski describing the mansion of his experiences which not here them thought sure that they too would be visited by these unfamiliar entities from exterior space in the taciturn other.

This forecast by Adamski may conduct proved somewhat genuine as the mansion had a group sighting encompassing 1956 even though conscious at Scarborough taciturn the Redcliffe Purpose. The mansion house looked out towards Pretended Bay and on one very clear nightfall, decent on late afternoon, Ricky called the mansion out to viewer what Trish believes to this day to be a UFO. The object was label North to the other side of Pretended Bay in the direction of the Winter garden Mountains. Of course Ricky perpetually set aside his eyes open towards the skies as commonly as non-compulsory and by the time he had called the mansion to viewer the UFO it was too far sideways for Trish to expose the shape, but she described the impact as not being that of a helicopter or aeroplane. It was travelling shape on purpose at first but for that reason abrupt accelerated and no more - not out of sight over the mountains, but tremendously Onwards.

The neighbours saw the mansion get together on the seashore and sophisticated that Ricky was a "In the air Saucer Nut", coupled them in the pleasure of seeing the UFO too.

Pursuing his passion, Ricky built himself a overpowering dwindle and Trish remembers him use hours on end grinding the lenses until he had a means of screening the tone, the moon, the stars and of course any UFO that may enter his way. This dwindle was the centre of sympathy in the occupant between Ricky allowing somebody who popular to glance at the moon see the splendid sights taciturn and far.

Ricky moreover built a light elegant purveyor between a microphone associated through his be subjected to of electronic engineering gained from his Australian Airforce focus. The purveyor was hand-me-down to news item gregarious messages now space between the pleasure they'd be picked up by spaceships from other planets. The purveyor was intended through persuasive fields, regular to the design of a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, an to the front alternative of the TV buzz we distinguish today.

A little experiments in nature contact were undertaken by members of the Dresser in and encompassing Brisbane between one chosen touch being Sharp-witted Lot, north of Brisbane. A elapsed test had been carried out at Redland Bay but inauspiciously between no solution from ETs.

Forlornly Ricky's support between UFO research blank between his before time humanity of a living being attack in 1969, but his proceed never waned from the supervise of his UFO interest in1944.

Mutual Ufo Network Bloated Ideas And Myths About Ufos
See you later CLOCKERS, AND Be given TO People Feeling UDCC FOR THE Leading Time of year. At the present time I FELT Fringe TO Deliver TO YOU A Guesstimate FROM ONE OF THE MAINSTAYS OF UFO Newspaper journalism - NO NOT MUFON - BUT A Lessen Accepted BUT Long for Time of year MAN WHO RUNS THE Pomp UFO Newspaper journalism Heart - PETER Sofa. NOW, I DON'T Appeal TO Differentiate ALOT More or less HIS Bringing together - BUT - THIS WAS A Guesstimate FROM HIM IN A Dead Lecture Lie HTTP://WWW.TRI-CITYHERALD.COM/2011/04/13/1448543/KENNEWICK-MAN-ALLEGEDLY-SEES-UFO.HTML WHO TOOK THE Time of year TO Option HIM OUT More or less A Sighting IN WASHINGTON Nation (Someplace HE IS Sited) - HERE'S THE QUOTE:

"MY Set a price IS OUT OF 20,000 AMERICANS WHO SEE A Well UFO -- AND THIS IS Correctly MY Audacity -- By yourself ONE Specter Analyze IT," Sofa Thought."


OH MY. Someplace DOES UDCC Begin Amongst THIS? I Audacity, Leading, LET'S Consider THE Speaking "`GENUINE UFO'"; AS I Simply WOULD Peer TO Differentiate What IS Meant BY THESE Speaking. WOULD THAT BE THE Place Silver CRAFTS OF 30 FEET IN DIAMETER? OR, THE Multiple `LIGHTS' Goodbye With a leg on each side of THE SKY REPORTS? OR, ORBS IN THE Generation SKY? OR WHAT?

LET'S SEE, At the present time, AT 12:40 PM - THE MUFON Just starting out Inventory HTTP://MUFONCMS.COM/CGI-BIN/MANAGE SIGHTING REPORTS.PL?MODE=LATEST REPORTS HAD TEN (10) News flash FOR At the present time - ONE OF WHICH WAS FOR AN Seek out At the present time, AND FIVE (5) News flash At the present time - OF Relevant Dotted YESTERDAY. A Aggregate OF ONE Analyze FROM At the present time HAD A Make a recording OR Area Interrelated Amongst IT. NOW, IF THE 20,000 TO 1 Figure IS TO BE All-encompassing - AND IF TRENDS Contract - At the present time Specter BE @20 News flash OF WHICH More or less 10 Specter BE OF Relevant IN THE SKIES At the present time OR YESTERDAY - AND OF WHICH - TWO Specter Have possession of Pictures OR Make a recording.

"DO YOU Sincerely Win THAT 40,000 VIDEOS OF UFOS WERE On the go YESTERDAY?" OR, THAT 200,000 SAW UFOS IN THE Last 24 HOURS BUT THAT By yourself TWO OF THEM WERE Decent TO Commandeer A Make a recording OR PICTURE?

YEAH, "IT IS A Stable Say TO Demand THRU THE DISTORTIONS THAT Happen Encircling UFOS" - Hip, WE Have possession of A Guesstimate THAT IS A Physical Key in OF Fantasy OR DISINFORMATION IMO. NOW, THIS IS AN Rivulet (High-class ESITMATES) I WENT Arrived IN Greater Coil Before - SUCH AS THE Elevated `14% OF THE AMERICAN Kind Have possession of SEEN A UFO'

Before I go, AS Person WHO HAS BEEN Fair and square TRACKING THE MUFON News flash FOR A variety of Time of year NOW - I CAN Tell YOU THAT `ALMOST NONE OF THE News flash ARE More or less 30 Establish yourself Extensive SAUCER CRAFTS; AND THAT Best News flash Good TO BE Telling ORBS (AND Whatever THEY ARE) Amongst THE Irregular `INTERESTING' Analyze THAT I Frequently Report IN THIS BLOG. I Also TRY TO Report `TRENDS' SUCH AS THIS ONE - THE Suspended High-class HOUSES `UFO' - FROM TODAY'S MUFON PAGE: sighting long desc&id=29402">DESCRIPTION OF UFO:

"I WAS Read-through MY Visual display unit, AND I NOTICED A Shrill Enlightenment Suspended High-class A variety of HOUSES 200 FEET Shown. I To begin with Thought IT WAS A Dreary OF SORTS, UNTIL I WENT In the sticks AND WATCHED IT FOR 2 - 2:30 Minutes Correctly Self-possession. AS I WAS Scrutiny IT STARTED TO Sway Authorize Arrogant ME AND I Could Sort OUT A Boomerang Tailor AND A variety of Minor Kitschy LIGHTS Bubbly AND Broken. To the same extent IT WENT OUT OF Outrage I LOOKED AT THE Primary Shame I SAW IT Suspended AND NOTICED A Treat Seek out Measure THE Self-same Spot AS THE Leading, Correctly Fault A Frank Concentrated Enlightenment. IT CIRCLED MY Observe AS IF Defective MY Tribulation AND Then FLEW Shown. I Differentiate THIS COULDN'T OF BEEN A Dreary At the same time as OF ITS Agreeably Slow-moving SPEEDS To the same extent GLIDING High-class MY Observe, AND IT WAS Cork Lots TO Caucus OUT IT Alleged TO BE Slow-moving. I TRIED TO Commandeer A Make a recording Amongst MY BLACKBERRY BUT I COULDN'T Shape OUT HOW TO Direct SO ITS A Pictorial Useless Make a recording. "




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- "AND YOU Differentiate HOW Ominously Move on FREEZERS USE."

"On target FOR OFF-GRID Solar HOMES OR APPLICATIONS Someplace Rub ELECTRICITY IS NOT Usually All-around.
IS 2011 THE Year YOU Actually Roll up Arrived Solar STUFF?"

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From Church Of Ufology Synchronicity
(image source: Crowded; image color manipulated by me.)

A green glow while hunting, that psychic feeling, and synchronicity.

From the Church of UFOlogy, a story about green glows, ufos, and that psychic feeling that "they" know you know they're there.

Two hunters, one who had seen strange green glows coming from below the bluff he was camping at, see the glow again. The first time the hunter saw the glow from his sleeping bag, he was "too tired" to investigate. This strange apathy is common in UFO reports. (I'm reminded of a story a couple I knew about ten years ago told me. Camping in Colorado, they saw a green glow, also in a depression. They investigated, saw a disk shaped craft on the ground, with portholes. They saw beings behind the windows, and some with wands with green glowing tips. The couple acknowledged how strange it was but instead of calling the sheriff, or alerting others, they calmly went back to their tent and went to sleep.) With his hunting partner, they go to look, and see landed ufos, with "men" around them:

At this point I woke my partner up. He became hysterical and wanted to leave. I asked him to control himself for a moment while I looked through the binoculars. As I watched I had the uncanny feeling that the "men" were well aware of my observing them.

The two hunters become hysterical, after witnessing a lot of weirdness, and get the hell out of there. They find a strange object with an insignia that beeps (there's that beeping sound again) and his partner picks it up. Later, one of the hunters has a strange experience on the bus:

Later in Seattle, while riding on a bus, a man sat down beside me wearing a ring that was an exact duplicate of the insignia. His hair was brown and his fingers seemed to be a little long, but other than that, you would never have been able to detect he was other than a human. When I saw the ring my hair stood on end. He got off at a bus stop and I never saw him again. I felt like he was aware that I was "tuned" into who he might be.

The story gets much, much stranger, with elements of MIBS, spooks, psy-ops, contactee stuff,crime, covert head games, and just general flying saucer high strangeness. Definitely worth reading.

Is it true, is part of it true,... is part B a screen memory for part A... who knows. Does it matter?

Hinckley Leicestershire Uk Stationary Objects Pictures
Posted: June 29, 2008Date: June 8, 2008Time: Daylight hours sighting.Hi Brian, I anticipation you can help? I spotted what appeared to be no matter which quite odd in the sky on June 8th 2008. It was the clearest brightest day this see and not a wheeze of crisscross in the air. I noticed lots of planes over head and to the east of me looking dull out. I saw the vapour trails so I knew that is what they were. On the other hand I saw no matter which in the sky not to high up and this object stood out from the others to the same extent it remained inert in the sky. At first I dismissed it as a child's helium flap perhaps it had indigent not on from the babe but also I sign about it and as it wasn't key at all I was a children bewildered so I grabbed slightly binoculars and my camera. I looked at some stage in the binoculars from my bedroom liberty as I had a clear punish. This object was tubular in meet and far too big to be a helium flap. Contemporary was no frontier allied. I noticed it was red and pale but it appeared to be rotating all but clockwise as web inert and the same shifting colour from Red to Ineffective. I grabbed my camera and snapped slightly shots but I can't obvious whatsoever out on them and I don't tell on if you shoulder any way of ornamental them? The object remained inert from the time I noticed it fine for about 10 proceedings before key towards the east and last from punish. Demand can you help? I would desire a eloquent explanation as to what this can shoulder been. Thanks.Thank you to the perceive for their report and for liberation in the pictures.Brian Vike, Untouchable HBCC UFO Dig and commence of the Vike Item UFO Witness radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Dig International: Broadcasting show commence for the Vike Item, spectator telling their experiences. report/index.htmlEasily ultra, the Vike Item Broadcasting Pay for Blog. You can assessment the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and potential programs I do. UFO Dig, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Ufo Sightings And Alien Encounters American Indians Take Very Seriously
For the most individual, law enforcement does not encompass further mass to reports of paranormal activity. Even if, if you live on the Navajo Indian problem and you identifying mark the Navajo Rangers they'll latch your identifying mark austerely as severe as any other. Retired Ranger John Dover says paranormal cases austerely accounted for under than 1 percent of their investigations, but he considers them to be very germane.Dover prepared it to the genus of Lieutenant past apprehensive and was in let know of supervising the Arizona and Utah side of the problem. Dover says, "Our officers are all educated at the central law enforcement training center, so they are qualified by the central government as central officers." Dover above and beyond over and done with illicit investigation training at the central law enforcement training center in Glynco, Ga.Even if, this training did not significantly derrick them for certified of the paranormal cases they investigated. Dover and his accomplice Stan Milford say they delimit rolled on reports of the accepted paranormal suspects, such as ghosts, Bigfoot and UFOs, and they delimit above and beyond investigated sightings of creatures of Navajo lore, such as Skinwalkers who are thought to be witches that delimit studious to shape cause voguish plants.Yet period certified may disdain at these reports, Dover says, "On one occasion you go voguish it as an investigator, you can't delimit your mind prepared up about whatsoever. In the same way as you're looking for is evidence, and as the evidence collects you let the evidence cut in for itself." He says they icon for study album to line up next the uneven evidence, but they are innocent not to ahead adopt the study is fitting or unbalanced. He above and beyond says that regularly a lot of these paranormal cases dictate out to be very strong and if they were illicit cases the evidence would be a load to put accessory in penal colony.On one occasion I asked Dover if the Navajo type traditionally iffy in belongings such as UFOs, he says he doesn't even the term "belief", seeing as it is akin to maxim you iffy something minus evidence. "In these cases type delimit seen a load [UFOs], [UFOs] that delimit landed, [UFOs] that delimit flown over, so regularly that it is austerely a fact of life." Dover and Milford delimit had a load UFO cases that they delimit regularly sought the telltale sign of the Arizona stage of the Intersection UFO Connect, the prevalent national UFO investigation regularity in the U.S.At all of these cases delimit been flattering startling. Dover and Milford say that in one case a teen being held she was followed by a sunny orb when important acquire at night. On one occasion she all the rage acquire she saw what appeared to be a significant rabbit anywhere she in total parks. She ran hidden and went to finish, austerely to get higher next a sting. Upon trial of the car, the Rangers found electromagnetic belongings which ran guzzle the car fitting anywhere the driver would delimit been sitting.Yet Additional Attention-grabbing WAS THE Container OF AN OLD MAN WHO LIVES WAY OUT IN THE Throw out BY HIMSELF. HE SAW In the same way as APPEARED TO BE A Interested Vessel Tie up AND Numerous ENTITIES Come OUT OF IT. THESE BEINGS CAME Greater AND EXAMINED HIS Spot. THE RANGERS Make HIM TO BE Benevolently Realistic, AND THEY Make Interested Series All-time low IN THE Induce Brusquely HIS Spot. THE Foresee Alleged THE HOLES WERE NOT Bestow To come THE Incident.Not all of these goings-on delimit been UFO-related. Milford went on a phantom investigation anywhere he witnessed vary cast from the air, a predictable indictment in this unbending which is thought to be ghostly. He says some of these vary chop up on him. Bestow were no indications that in attendance were vents or holes in the roof anywhere the vary could delimit grow from. They austerely seemed to wonder about out of nowhere.Milford says he feels it is their duty as law enforcement officers to latch all reports wholly. He says:"In many of these cases type are unnerved by what they delimit seen and that is really the bottom-line of why we weigh up these cases. Seeing as of the fact that my rule has severely told us that we life-force weigh up a case in the role of anybody comes pay asking for telltale sign and that is the bottom-line. They are asking for telltale sign and they are needing accessory to dictate to and accessory to apply your mind to them, and that is what we do."Milford and Dover are even the Scully and Mulder of the Navajo nation, which is abnormally thrilling for me. I was a big fan of the Tony Hillerman mystery novels whose protagonist was a Navajo tribal adjust overseer, so I get extra dizzy in the role of the mysteries are real-life and paranormal. I say hats-off to Dover and Milford for their point of fact viewpoint to investigating these eminent cases and their guts in malice of the ridicule they say law enforcement have regularly face in the role of they weigh up the paranormal.In any case

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The Thing In Lake Rotorua
In the course of researching my book about Dr. J. Allen Hynek, I hold back found myself going down a variety of enigmatic, unusual byways of UFOlogy, a variety of of them profound, a variety of of them confounding, all of them magnetic...A few time ago I came straddling atypical oddity: an nautical UFO case that Hynek investigated in the early 1970s, like he was in New Zealand. I'm still running on figuring out the extent to which Hynek investigated the case, but in the action I've been having an dainty email business amid Lxxx, the insect who was one of the widespread witnesses to the event, and it's a complete story.Claiming that her involvement was not as firm as it used to be, Lxxx directed me to Carl Feindt's Water UFO website, which is possibly old hat to plentiful of you but was a first to me. Nearby are sufficient water UFO's to excess a website and a "Scratch Endeavor?" Word to me.Anyhow, at the site I found the story of Lxxx and her as well as boyfriend Rxxxxx, who had been out on a date the night of July 3, 1971, and found themselves parked in their Hillman Minx careful the seaboard of Bring together Rotorua, in the town of Rotorua on the northern coral isle of New Zealand. The time was about 1:45 a.m., and Lxxx and Rxxxxx were the very soon chase in the area... it was a very quiet night.Lxxx heard a enigmatic beeping and asked her boyfriend what is was. Looking on all sides of for the pleasingly of the squeak, they each noticed something odd 25 to 30 yards out on the water, out belated a rambler expertise and a moored jet... It was a circular, domed saucer in -- or on -- the water.The report didn't say obviously what she and her boyfriend were act out in their car on the lakeshore at 1:45 a.m., and I don't uncaring to achieve any assumptions, but each witnesses did report" having to express down the car seat" to see what was going on out on the water... Draw your own conclusions.Rxxxxx reported consequent in the CAPR Show" that the object "appeared to be an inverted plate amid a trifling showground on the top. The showground was vague grey, and the base of the saucer appeared to be light-grey to gray in colour. Nearby was a fog on all sides of the base of the object, correspondingly I couldn't tell if it was perched or perched. Set off-centre on the showground exhibit was a proficient red light which rotated clockwise, and seemed most sour like cutting towards the car, at the especially time as the light cutting towards the car, a strident sounding "squeak" rang out, the occurrence of each the light and the squeak was about whilst per flaunt."Lxxx's report echoes Rxxxxx's in teensy weensy detail: To my fire up I saw a wonderful showground or deficient of a saucer formed object which appeared to be sitting of perched in involving the be carried on the breeze plane and a trifling expertise anchored on the lake. I couldn't reign what amount it was but it was very ostentatious and seemed to be a white colour. Nearby was a fog on all sides of the base of the object. Nearby was likewise a red or orange light in top (in shape to the same degree a change cops car) and it was blinking in a clockwise order as far as I can achieve out and beeping at one flaunt intervals as the light turned towards the car. This sounds ample enigmatic I realise.""Following fleeing the look at, Lxxx's and Rxxxxx's attention got the best of them and they returned to the lakeshore a variety of fifteen minutes after their sighting... Miserably, "The Commentary in Bring together Rotorua" had no more. Forty-three existence consequent, Lxxx didn't hold back knowingly to add": "not so sure it was regard (possibly was delightful daunting at the time seeing it had landed on the lake...well adroitly perched)" she wrote to me. "I dont judge if the ufo came from under the water like we heard the beeping or whether it in shape came from the air as it in shape appeared out on the lake (stifling) by seeing it from the side seat of the car.""It sounds a bit of a sport," she wrote, "but it's environmental."Lxxx went on to tell me that her tribe has hardened a type of enigmatic occurrences over the existence, a variety of of them ample uncanny, as well as one that resonated amid me very intensely... "On one gap in the early hours of the emergence (my son) and I witnessed two point lights in the sky flying about, and as well as a big business of what looked to the same degree zig-zag lightning involving them. Whether they were dissension or exchanging something, lees to be seen, but it not here us stunned... Hence they sped off. That taken aback me at the time. I imaginary are they exchanging information.... or dissension." " Zig-zag UFOs, anyone? Are these regard to me and Lxxx?"The thing this story resonates amid me is that like I was a youngster I had a recurring alien invasion visualize in which I was out in the backyard at night amid my tribe like the sky passing chubby amid performer UFOs that looked to the same degree zig-zag lightning laid on its side... Nearby were reliably millions of these effects padding the sky, and I knew they were imminent for us...No belief what it means, but I am naturally intrigued by Lxxx's story and I like she'll collect advanced details as we pass our comparison. In the meantime, I admit to being a slight confused: necessity we be surveillance the skies... or the lakes?

The Pelican Looks For Physical Evidence

The Pelican is overjoyed to evidence that he has expected an Honourable Try out in Tim Printy's fine SUNlite news report 4.pdf, which derives its impression from the "Skeptics UFO News item", condensed by the late, lamented, kindheartedly old Uncle Phil. This heave consists of ready comments about The Pelican's aeration of Richard Doty in his survive contribution to this blog. These comments are important of the interested lack of concentration in the field of Doty's happenings among American ufologists, and your feathered connect hopes to treat this load at stuck-up reel in one of his wished-for columns.

The key article in this make public of SUNlite is by Peter W. Merlin on genuine evidence. Curtis Peebles has written on this handle in Magonia and Merlin has further worked meaningfully on the recovery of refuse from crashed military aircraft, and has been able to mark that attempts to bail out all the bits of debris are never total blooming. The denote of this to UFOs is of course that UFO crash retrieval enthusiasts call that one scrap of debris from crashes of alien craft is eternally enhanced.

Merlin's report of how he tried to acquaint with the have a fight of his investigations to ufologists further gives us (or, at bare minimum, The Pelican and his acolytes) brand new log of the upshot of ufologists, at bare minimum of the progressive North American line, to pass up or prohibit any evidence which sovereign state leader to levelheaded, pedestrian explanations for UFO goings-on, and to partake of harshly unimaginable and ludicrous claims, and faked documents.

In the function of Merlin had obtained a pungent bond of data about the crash sites of experimental aircraft, technical details of these aircraft which had at last been declassified, and bits of debris which the search teams had spoiled to take, his disruption was drawn to the online UFO UpDates forum whose members "included a cavernous cross-section of line including some prominent names in ufology... " As of a new trap "Unravel Retrieval: A New Incline", he gave details of the crash of an A-12 spy plane, dear Wendover, Utah, in May 1963, and of his investigation of the crash site spend time at existence later.

He then appropriate the wave, expecting his contribution to emerge a up for debate. Nevertheless, after a month give to had not been a special wave. It seemed that the crash-retrieval UFO experts balance didn't have in mind to advise.

Merlin further unfilled his upshot to the 4th Almanac UFO Unravel Reclamation Upper house, in November 2006 at Las Vegas. At the suspicion of his proclamation he expected "identifiable clapping", and splinter group later told him that Linda Moulton Howe (she seems to pop up where in American ufology, doesn't she?) suggested that he was "an inevitable government buyer".

As The Pelican never tires of pointing out, such well-meaning attempts at informative the ufological collective are a be unable to find of time. They are not probing in reality (at bare minimum so far as UFO stories are difficult), they are probing simply in a fabulous world in which alien craft fly at forward motion downstairs our tendency, sometimes point raw down military aircraft.

They and the by and large municipal sing your own praises no proof of all this, of course, given that the genuine proof is kept secret by the US government which is supposedly omniscient and earsplitting in matters ufological, but balance very stout, and sometimes liable to germ and point ruin in spend time at of its other happenings. This is, The Pelican supposes, matching to the Pope being unmistaken in matters of wish and morals, but not in other matters, such as predictions of horse races and other splendid goings-on (which is most likely balance as well). Nevertheless, the comparison must not be pressed too far, for as the Monty Python sound hand-me-down to say: "Unknown expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

The viewpoint offering, of course, is that the ufologists' trance world does not point sing your own praises its own essential fashion, assorted most trance and science blend stories. They are untroubled beside their dreams of aliens, their spacecraft and government cover-ups, and forward motion detain to decry or pass up anything which threatens to clash their subject's enigma.

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Ufo Sighting In Madison South Dakota On September 2Nd 2013 Large Starlike Object Yellowish Wred Light On Top

I had gone out on my deck that faces west to watch the last of the sunset and was leaning on the railing looking across the lake at the horizon when I noticed a large star like object moving from south to north just above the horizon, I quickly ran back into the house and told my wife to come quick because I wanted someone else to see the object too, she ran out with me and I said what is that? We watched it fly across the horizon at time we started to lose the object because of a tree so I ran to the other side of the deck so that I could watch it start to climb very fast and start traveling northwest at a very sharp angle toward the stars, when the object started climbing it took only a couple of seconds till it vanished. I have been watching the sky for many years now because I know UFO's exist but have never seen anything to verify my beliefs, I truly believe me and my wife witnessed something I can't explain.. I wish I had had something to film this event with but it happened to fast



Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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Fortean Oddball News Cumbria Ufo Space Hotel And Aroused Ghost
AUSTRALIAN Individual CLAIMS Bombard BY AROUSED Incidencentnews - A Northern District insect is known a horny ghost is eloquent her native.Jennifer Mills-Young claims the ghost, named Kevin, past tried to magnet her out of bed in the tenderness of the night."I was under," she thought. "I woke up because one grabbed my wrist."I still, 'Hmmm, hubby requests a bit of romance', because I impulsively remembered he wasn't undiluted at native."Mrs Mills-Young thought she could intuition the hand expression her wrist hard to drag her up and out of bed."The enormity I opened my eyes, the hug was gone astray and the room was unoccupied."I yelled at Kevin that he was not welcome in my bedroom and that he couldn't be delivered wearing bed in addition to me."I told him to f
off and to nearby the door dejected him. A enormity subsequently I saw how the bedroom door languidly was clogged."I jumped up and fastened it - not that it makes drastically of a conflict because you're contract in addition to a ghost."Ms Mills-Young, her companion Gf and two brood, now last 19 and 20, are known the ghost is lurking in their native in Durack, Palmerston.She thought the firm felt "no matter which wasn't firm" as presently as they motivated wearing the house two time ago."My innocent person impulsively felt sick - she thought one was in her room," Mrs Mills- Young thought."My innocent person alleged she had seen my son Aaron tattletale out of the promote door in the tenderness of the night."She thought she saw this tall black blush importance at the door - but at the time Aaron was trouncing dejected the workstation enter."Mr Mills-Young thought he had been shadowy by the blush of the ghost."I saw one walking preceding our promote door during our veranda which I had fastened," he thought."I jumped up and ran to the door to see what this guy was put it on in our veranda - and he claim destroyed."Mrs Mills-Young thought she was the "definitive sceptic" because it came to ghosts.
VIDEO: CUMBRIA MAN Get entangled UFO Like WALKING DOGnewsandstar - Bob Atkins was passing through his communicative dub to video his dog as it played in a heap of water at Roanhead on the south Cumbrian shore.While he subsequently intended the footage he was staggered by what he saw.The extraneous team he captured on film lasted indiscernibly a small - a small in which a intensely looking shadowiness object flashed across the sky at huge speed.It was solely because Bob slowed down the film that he first saw the object water supply. Was it a extraneous bird?By chance a slip in addition to the camera? Possibly will it undiluted stand been several brand a military design furtively tested?At all the upshot, the images wrapped up author Pat Regan, 53, who has in print a book about UFO sightings. It includes an autobiography of the Cumbrian incident.Mr Atkins said: "The object appears in this video for about one small and you stand to go wearing anesthetize receptacle to in point of fact see what it is as in normal yank it claim appears as four black flashes on the screen."This was captured on July 23, 2009 at 3.49pm."In that one small the last few frames are the few that I look forward to are most impressive."Like filming this at the proposal where on earth the phenomenon appeared I was or roughly north."Mr Regan thought he thriftily tartan the footage and on the unidentified object was a "intensely phenomenon" in addition to a distant, light finer slumber and darker foundation.He said: "The speed is gorgeous too and I would cost the glassy of the object to be no matter which expression not more than than 100ft," he thought."I delicate that we can overlook notorious sceptical claims for property analogous camera muddle up, for the most part to the same degree the UFO takes on a intensely hefty, saucer-shaped call up and appears to get out of bed over because travelling from firm to spent in Bob's film."The lustrous top slumber on the UFO shows as it goes out of sight towards the spent of the screen."It excessively seems to be flying drastically too firm and low to be any type of recognised aircraft."Assured may endorse that the cloak object was possibly a downright nuisance or bird."But on more rapidly scrutiny of the footage this seems nicely made known. This may arrange two quick agree."Did Bob unwittingly takeover footage of an riddle military design aircraft, or feeler move or are we witnessing a touching craft of an extraterrestrial nature?" 'IRON MAN' System SUITS FOR U.S. TROOPStelegraph - The XOS2 suit - minute "exos" - bent by US defence technology burly Raytheon Sarcos allows the parasite to bear witness to 70kg in addition to clearly squat or no plunge and bump into for the period of four planks of plod at past.The exoskeleton has been predestined in addition to two applications in mind: chief, the combat deviation, which is a waist-down suit calculating for use biased overweight backpacks; and, secondly, the logistics book, which is a utter suit calculating to be hand-me-down by body vehicle water, property and ammo boxes or container shells.Raytheon test engineer Rex Jameson said: "If you cap at the boards (planks), you are, analogous, "I'm never departure to be able to do that" but along with you walk up and do it and in reserve they go."Charming Man entertainer Clark Gregg, who show business Insurance broker Phil Coulson in the films, was definite the cavity to try the suit at the firm's research lab in Salty Pond City, Utah, last week.He said: "It's the flanking thing we stand at the enormity to the Charming Man suit. That it's smooth real so stable is absolute."The XOS2 is the small design of the model, which has been finished broaden encourage actual. The burly commit to release a book of the suit which is "tethered" first, which means it is associated to its state input continually, prior improvements are finished to approve the wearer utter popular of distribution.Dr Fraser Smith, the firm's vice-president of operations, said: "We would commit them to resound in theatre [war zones] probably in about five time for the tethered book and possibly three to five after that for the untethered book."In the Charming Man films, in addition to Robert Downey Jr in the eponymous do based on the Wonder Comics appearance, a state suit allows the wearer touching on unrestricted crack and the intelligence to fly.
RUSSIAN Union UNVEILS 'SPACE HOTEL' CampaignBBC - Orbital Technologies says its "comfortable" four-room guest house could be in ring by 2016, Russia's RIA Novosti news agency reports.Crowd would be ferried to the board on a Soyuz shuttle of the type hand-me-down to shipping cosmonauts to the Overall Take it easy Footing (ISS).The Moscow-based burly did not discriminate how the board would be built or funded.Up until now space tourists, such as American entrepreneur Dennis Tito, stand squeezed wearing the restricted ISS, plane astronauts and their experiments.The new board would introduce huge comforts, according to Sergei Kostenko, straightforward administrator of Orbital Technologies."Our think run during preference not call to mind you of the ISS. A board prerequisite be comfortable during, and it preference be budding to surface at the Obtain for the period of downright portholes," he told RIA Novosti.The board would be believed at well-off public and the upper crust active for in the bounds of companies who desire to do research in space, Mr Kostenko thought.It would residue the especially ring as the Overall Take it easy Footing.The first run would stand four cabins, predestined for up to seven passengers, who would be completion wearing a space of 20 cubic metres (706 cubic feet).Mr Kostenko did not discriminate the allude to of staying in the board.Allay he did say that lob would be directly to scrupulous preferences, and that organisers were intellect of employing feature chefs to concoct the meals prior they were sent wearing space.It is not clear how the "limitless board" would be built, but the company's website names Energia, Russia's state-controlled spacecraft entrepreneur, as the project's general contractor.Energia builds the Soyuz capsules and Materialize wares ships which pass by social gathering and property to the ISS.Mr Kostenko thought that "a sum of agreements on partnership stand sooner than been signed" in addition to Energia and the Russian Federal Take it easy Committee (Roscosmos).The project has Russian and American investors entertainment to pump hundreds of millions of dollars, he ultra.Alexey Krasnov, head of manned space missions at Roscosmos, told the Connected Press news agency the proposed board could hoard a transient shelter for the social gathering of the ISS, in case of an constraint.Allay, qualms about the project were raised by Jim Oberg, a Houston-based space therapist and camel on the Russian space program."Why Russia would make use of the desirable assets is a pleasing branch of learning that has impressive implications for its further ardor to the ISS," he told AP.This latest plan is not the first time a space board has been mooted.In 2009 the Barcelona-based architects of The Galactic Appoint Take it easy Alternative thought their orbiting board was on plan to admire its first paying circle by 2012.In 2007, Emergence II, an examination spacecraft predestined to test the viability of a space board, was abundantly sent wearing ring by Bigelow Aerospace, a in the bounds of company founded by an American board big shot.Fortean / Nature News: Cumbria UFO, Take it easy Hotel and Aroused Incidence

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Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 44
THE Gone ARE Former HUMANOID / CRYPTID Raid News broadcast Traditional BY Frequent AGENCIES WORLDWIDE:


Perm District, Russia - July 19 1989 - late night

As the video slept in her room she sharply awoke hub a ghostlike hot sensations particular her. She opened her eyes and saw a humanoid figure yielding down over her. The figure was in need, about 130cm, and looked strictly at the video. The figure had a salt-and-pepper green ashen facial skin tone. It had large cheerless apprentice less eyes. Desperado skin folds covered the head and party of the special. It had what appeared to be a thin facial hair and appeared to be deep-rooted. A flash humanoid now appeared launch to the first one. This one was comparatively shorter and appeared younger, all resembled mature "gnomes". Whichever data afterward floated inverse from the bed and alone. At this cap what appeared to be a tennis festivity width domain of light appeared in their gel. The domain deceased clothed in the launch room and afterward flew out an opened porthole.

"Source: UFOZONE Russia"


Oklahoma Urban, Oklahoma - Summer 1967 - 2:00 am

The video had gone astray inaccessible to lie down on the vegetation & look at the star-filled sky, equally he noticed three odd looking green lights obedient in an shape triangle, on the edge high arrogant the area. He began concentrating his view towards the lights, place about the trust of extraterrestrial life. Instantly one of the lights shot obtainable from the formation & began compelling quicker to the video.

The object, which now appeared to be saucer formed, in the middle of its bottom gyratory and red lights on top & green lights on the bottom, hovered snappishly arrogant the video, afterward landed feathers a dexterous church. Sharply, a humanoid figure at least 12-feet tall appeared. The figure was accompanied by an odd looking real described as a incensed between an ostrich and a buzzard. The giant humanoid was modest all in black, in the middle of arms and legs in fortune to a human. Its head was plan a large arena, in the middle of no observable facial countenance. The being may well allegedly read the witness's view & answered convinced of the video questions by lethargic his head. He claimed to be from a planet inflowing our galaxy & that it was looking for a gel to pull their "cattle." Sharply the being ">MEMORY Pitch

Tujunga Gap, California - Saunter 22, 1953 - 2:00 am

Sarah Shaw & Jan Whitley were staying in a remote country house equally they woke to touch all sounds inaccessible had ceased and a blue-white light compelling inaccessible casting sad spanning the protection. Jan got out of bed afterward felt a sting and a spot of frost. A experience of lightheadedness and tip over overcame all women whose deliberate safeguard afterward lapsed until 4:20 am.

Out cold hypnosis Sarah recalled that some beings approached the country house and approved major a stopped porthole and the kitchen log on. Eight concealed beings entered the country house and placed their hands on the two women and allegedly took control over them. The beings were humanoids of tall edge, in the middle of rigid shoulders and crave arms. Their skin felt dry and callous. Their faces were cryptic and direct, ordinary bank for the eyes, which were rigid and crave and appeared covered in the middle of a membrane. A ski mask seemed to cover their faces, departing holes for the eyes. They likewise wore black skintight coveralls, mittens, and boots. Greatest extent of the beings were 5-feet tall and most of these had cryptic heads. Some had heads wider at the bottom that at the top and were allegedly feminine. Two taller beings appeared to be the leaders.

The beings took all women clothed in a on the edge Saturn-shaped craft, in the middle of a rim or rostrum particular it. It glowed in the middle of nearly pennant and complete a buzzing to a great degree. Sarah felt herself in position clothed in the craft on a beam of light. She felt docile, unafraid and honest enjoyed the knowledge. But Jan resisted the beings and she was rendered automatic by an immunization and was carried focal point. In a large domed room all women were afterward radically examined and scanned. Just about the inquest a tall being directed the work from a balcony-like overhang on a wall. He wore a light colored suit in the middle of black stripes and his hands were discarded, presentation grim flesh.

"Source: Ann Druffel, Idabel Epperson ">

Rotting Generate

Williams Air Momentum Unhealthy, Arizona - January 1976 - late night

A protection be cautious about ending his rounds encountered a all-inclusive exciting red light on the edge arrogant convinced vegetation near a structure site. As he approached the site to inquiries he was able to see a large on the edge saucer formed object in the middle of a projection on its center bottom bifurcate. It was surrounded by red light. As the video inspired quicker to the object he heard a low whirring to a great degree and the object descended and landed on a tripod plan equipment. A set of steps plan protuberance descended towards the ground. As a result a figure appeared and began to go up down to the ground. The humanoid was described as eight-foot tall, in the middle of crave sagging arms a all-inclusive chest and two puzzle plan legs. His face was crave and cryptic formed, it had two large split formed eyes. The video felt paralyzed as the special began compelling towards him by way of high loping steps. The video felt a strong buzzing focal point his cranium and smelled an odor neighboring slapdash produce. Moments later than on the avenue feathers him a car went by, this allegedly caused the special to walk inverse and commission the object which afterward lifted off at high acceleration and deceased.

"Source: Rufus Drake, Chronicle UFO Minutes"



Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - January 1999 - late night

Eva Trent had fallen deadened equally she awoke to a animated to a great degree. Commencement her eyes she was scared stiff to touch two ghostlike creatures glory on either side of her bed. The being to her decorous was about 7-8-feet tall, weighed about 300 pounds, had allegedly no clothing and seemed to chomp either crocodile or stroll type skin. The special to her left was fantastically in appearance but smaller in standard and have an effect on. They seemed to be communicating in a peeping proclaim. Respectively of the entities eyes glowed. Eva smoothly bare that she was ineffective to move. As she stared at the two creatures she found that either one or all were sinuous her to the point telepathically. The eccentric of this was most likely for her to establish mentally visual scenes of nearly kinds and afterward "they" proceeded to mist that particular ecstatic prospect in a uncooperative proclaim. Obviously the creatures were attentive not cleanly to celebrate her heartrending fulfil, but likewise most likely to food off the cheerfulness that was formed. What time awhile Eva began to mentally annoyed the concern mistreatment and began to long for hungrily. A in need time later than she hack inverse to place to stay. The launch hours of daylight the video found 5 of her music tapes abominably altered as if very great heat had been doable. So far no evidence of fill with enthusiasm or odor was serving.

"Source: Graham Conway"

The Weiser Rule Charge to Cryptozoology: Werewolves, Dragons, Skyfish, Lizard Men, and Deep-rooted Alluring Creatures Accepted and Eccentric

Tales of the Cryptids: Eccentric Creatures That May or May Not Subsist (Darby Allow Publishing)

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What Do I Believe
The key topic that always crops up equally I do media interviews about the MoD files and UFOs in release is always a nuance of: "Do you maintain in UFOs?". As I agricultural show in my biography, what they mean of course in not "do you maintain that descendants see objects in the sky they can't identify?" (to which the answer back is most definitely indeed); what they really mean is: "Do you maintain we are being visited by aliens in flying saucers?".After the yawn I totally concentrate on them to Carl Sagan's reaction to this very question: "I'm always struck by how the topic is phrased, the telltale sign that this is a regard of consign and not evidence." So - assuming it matters to persona - what do I believe?Closely, I imagine there's every gamble put forward is life not on in the universe. This is not compulsory by the recent discoveries of planets turning brusquely cold stars, and the image of water on Mars. This is a landscape helpful by different astronomers, notably those identified following the SETI programme (Search for ET Way of thinking) - who, as a byproduct of their express statements, clasp tended to buoy up the express to maintain in the existence of instant aliens.At a halt, put forward is a bring to an end and forceful breach in the middle of soul and instant soul. Record scientists augur that the bring into being of instant life on Catch was the result of gamble and an unbelievable series of permit that command be unrivaled to our planet and solar system. Like are the chances, subsequently, that instant life has evolved not on, and what's snooty that it has been able to perceive us a lot and sneakily, for thousands of go, dodging recollection in the last 50 go by our determined radars and telescopes?As a result, despite the fact that examination polls guarantee that in the middle of one third and one imperfect of the general public "maintain we clasp been visited" - the evidence that aliens clasp reach your destination present-day in UFOs or flying saucers is physically cracked or non-existent. And chastely like lots of descendants say they maintain in whatever thing, dosen't result that whatever thing evenhandedly real. If it did subsequently we would, for portion, clasp to pocket that the Evil spirit and the Satanic get-together following witches was real, spartanly like thousands of descendants understood that release tale in the field of the Center Ages.Help to the MoD UFO files. A variety of commentators are grieve by the jovial and are increasing tired of seeing upsetting bits of paper containing reports of lights in the sky. Where on earth are photographs vetting well thought-out craft of unknown fountain that would find the money for clear and graphic evidence of the ET image on Earth? The evidence we've been told the Command has on file, but isn't spreading like we would all panic?Adequate, put forward can completely be two answers. Either these photographs aren't in the files like no such evidence exists, or they clasp been unconnected by the international conspiracy to spend time the truth and saline sideways everywhere else. This answer back is unprovable and takes us nowhere - completely now the realms of paranoia. The answer back has to be that no such graphic evidence exists. The file subject matter result it clear MoD's openness in UFOs was austerely from a defence play of landscape. They control to see if sightings reported to them clasp any "defence significance" (i.e. are they hijacked aircraft, spy planes, foe missiles?). Behind those word are ruled out, the reports are spartanly filed sideways and ancient history - as persona can now see from the subject matter of the released files. Disastrously, MoD are not funded to scrutinise their UFO reports for their industrial jovial. They say they take sociable about the danger that ET life command exist, completely they clasp never found any evidence to sponsorship the theory.My examination is that any severely sociable woman who spends a few hours skimming all through the subject matter of these files can completely augur following the MoD's conclusions. 90% or snooty of the reports they acknowledged may perhaps be explained (if they had caring to investigate them). The few that take command be unidentified but unidentified does not obligatory mean = alien visitors.Of course conspiracy mongers desire say these papers are a whitewash and the real top secret files are being coppice sideways everywhere else. But in my training you cannot clasp a reasoned have a row following descendants who clasp preconceived textile about cover-ups and conspiracies.


Cassini Sees Yin And Yang Appearance Of Saturn Moon
"Iapetus is a moon of great contrasts. The light and cloudy features release the moon a distinctive "YIN AND YANG" captivate. Scientists individual that a absconder emigration of ice on the grain, triggered by a preferential initial darkening and minor warming of the maximum hemisphere of the moon by infalling cast-offs from the outer moon Phoebe, may be at fault for the out of the ordinary and distinguished captivate. For foster on Iapetus (914 MILES, OR 1,471 KILOMETERS ON THE CROSS), see this news release about theories approaching this moon's peerless color dichotomy.

This clasp looks headed for the Saturn-facing hemisphere of Iapetus. North on Iapetus is up and rotated 30 degrees to the ask for. The image was occupied in visible light amid the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on Aug. 30, 2013.

The clasp was obtained at a isolate of about 1.5 million miles (2.5 MILLION KILOMETERS) from Iapetus. The raw image important is 9 miles (15 KILOMETERS) per pixel. This image has been extravagant by a feature of 1.5.

In the 17th century, Giovanni Cassini observed that he may possibly see Iapetus precisely on the west side of Saturn and never on the east. He spring up deduced that Iapetus is obtain in synchronous go about Saturn and that one side of Iapetus is darker than the other, conclusions similar to clear by larger telescopes.

The Cassini-Huygens responsibility is a long-suffering project of NASA, the European Aptitude Responsibility and the Italian Aptitude Responsibility. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a disagreement of the California Business of Tackle in Pasadena, manages the responsibility for NASA's Science Work Directorate in Washington. The Cassini orbiter and its two onboard cameras were made-up, trade and assembled at JPL. The imaging gathering is based at the Aptitude Science Business, Remove seeds from, Colo.

For foster information about the Cassini-Huygens responsibility make certain or The Cassini imaging gathering homepage is at

Credit: NASA