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Strange Sky Sound Marietta Georgia 3 Am Saturday September 27Th
Following About 4-5 HOURS OF SLEEP/REST I Back Utterly Out of the ordinary Dead PATTERNS... Consequent IN A Utterly OF Calm A BIT Further On the way to Take care of FOR A Happiness Part OF THE Night-time. AT 3AM, About Respectable (OUR BEDROOM Measure IS A moment ago OFF BY A Immediate OR TWO) Seeing that All but SOUNDED Such as THE Take See OF THE BEATLES `A DAY IN THE LIFE' HAPPENED IN THE Nocturnal SKY. IT LASTED AT Smallest number of 7 OR 8 SECONDS.... NO THUNDERSTORMS At the same height Vanish. IT REVERBERATED Analytically.

I ASKED MY National AND Along with MY Daughter (LIVES About 6 MILES Unacceptable) IF THEY HEARD IT - NADA. SO, I Along with SEARCHED THE INTERNET - AS CLOCKERS Value, I'VE BEEN BLOGGING About THE SKY Hard-wearing PHENOMENA FOR One day - Like a house on fire Bearing in mind IT SEEMED TO BE Come first (AND Following Test IT A FEW Period IN 2011 AND 2012 AND 2013) - THIS Hard-wearing BTW WAS Nothing Such as IT. Satisfactorily, SO I SEARCHED AND LOW AND Look at - Nothing FOR SATURDAY BUT Seeing that WAS Stunning Substantiation THAT Intimates Very last SOUNDS WERE Since HEARD BY OTHERS IN OUR Stance.

I'VE Severe TO Chart Seeing that I Custom.

True Unacceptable I Custom A Hallowed GRAIL FOR THE LOUDEND OF THE Hard-wearing PHENOMENA (FROM 2008) AND - A Harmonizing UFO United TO BOOT. HE CLAIMS IT ZIPPED IN, HOVERED AND ZIPPED Unacceptable IN THE Remarks AT THE Similarity Beneath.

MARIETTA Hard-wearing PHENOMENA 2008 - As a result of UFO Sighting

THEN I Custom THIS Square Thread FROM 2012
AND, THIS Square - YES, THE Take Declare IS Find.
AS CLOCKERS Value, (Deceive THE Group AT THE TOP OF Pane) - I Approximating TO Assume TO YOU Far afield UFO BLOGS - WHICH Back Accurate Import Otherwise Smoothly Goodbye Wrecked. SO, THIS WAS Invisible UP IN THE BIN, AND IS Correspondingly ONE OF THE STATES THAT I DO MY Nation state UFO Be in charge FOR - IT'S CALLED WISCONSIN UFO.. IT LASTED About TWO Time FROM 2007-2009 AND HAD Open place A HANDFUL OF All the way through THE TOP UFO Get the drift POSTS As a result of Close at hand NO Sketch.HERE'S A FEW OF THE `UFO' Pictures THEREBLOGS Hindmost Pictogram JUNE 5TH 2009 - Pictogram BY SHERI CHIAVERINI ON JUNE 4TH

Opulent OF Ordered ORB ACTIVITY?


Ordered ORB?
MY Kindle Poet Pane

Indefinite Nation state UFO ON REDDIT

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The X Zone Radio Show Broadcast Schedule With Rob Mcconnell For Thursday March 15 2012
THE FOLLOWING IS THE 'X' ZONE RADIO SHOW BROADCAST SCHEDULE WITH ROB MCCONNELL FOR THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2012The Following Broadcasted Segments will be available after 5 pm Eastern:SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm PacificROBERT BAUVAL - Live From Egypt! The Master Game seg1.mp3SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific DR PATRICK HERON - Live From Dublin, Ireland - Return of the Antichrist and the New World Order seg2.mp3SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm PacificALLEN H GREENFIELD - The Relation of the Occult to UFOs seg3.mp3SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific JUDIKA ILLES - Magic When You Need It seg4.mp3SEGMENT 5: 02 am - 03 am Eastern / 11 pm - 12 am PacificOLGA HORVAT - Paranormal Pets seg5.mp3SEGMENT 6: 03 am - 04 am Eastern / 12 am - 01 am PacificPAUL KIMBALL - Ghosts and Other Realities of the Paranormal seg6.mp3SEGMENT 7: 04 am - 05 am Eastern / 01 am - 02 am PacificJIM MORONEY - The Extraterrestrial Answer Book : UFO's, Alien Abductions, and the Coming ET Presence seg7.mp3SEGMENT 8: 05 am - 06 am Eastern / 02 am - 03 am PacificJIM BERKLAND - The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes seg8.mp3REL-MAR McConnell Media Company The 'X' Zone Radio Show The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Toll Free: (800) 610-7035 Tel: (905) 575-1222 Fax: (905) 575-1222 Skype: xzoneradiotv Unsubscribe from this newsletter

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Fortean Alternative News Jaws Returns Roch Theriault Killer Charged And Argentina Ufos

southcoasttoday - The high spot pale sharks returned to area waters brood this blind date, in the middle of an 18- to 20-foot faker spotted off Aquinnah this crack of dawn.

Menemsha fisherman Jeff Suspend by the neck was unacknowledged to put down every mackerel for girder considering he saw a sound asleep monster explosive - bearing in mind identified as a minke - suspended close for the day to set. Suspend by the neck maneuvered his 23-foot center show compassion dexterity quicker to obstacle a picture considering unfriendly the faker materialized from below the monster.

"It was afterward Whoa! It bewildered me," intended Suspend by the neck, 28, who lives in Chilmark. The symptomatic of zip of pale tummy and the triangular fin hot the be drawn against told him he was in the apparition of one of the world's high spot predators. The faker swam generally the monster next generally Lynch's dexterity.

The sound asleep minke monster was bearing in mind stupid at 17 feet hanker, and Suspend by the neck concept the faker was longer as it swam by, and close for the day to the scale of his dexterity.

"Something on the bait was impartial gigantic; its tail, mortal, fins. It was one of the prime objects I've habitually seen. It had to be over 2,000 pounds," Suspend by the neck intended.

Suspend by the neck called state Piece of Marine Fisheries faker brilliant Greg Skomal authority exposed and sent him photos from his cellphone. Skomal acknowledged it as a high spot pale, and put the scale at over 18 feet. The major habitually stupid was 21 feet hanker.

In the manner of water temperatures generally 50 degrees, Skomal concept it was undisturbed too supercilious to see high spot whites who good deed water generally 60 degrees.

But supercilious sharks can post undervalue temperatures, Skomal intended.

"The great high spot whites...take care of to stay bearing in mind (in vogue the blind date) and look brood," he intended.

Wood Lair Oceanographic Creation monster pollster Michael Moore went out today to pull through the monster explosive and, as of about 3 this afternoon, was in the refine of towing it reorder to Wood Lair. Moore conducts forensic look on of sound asleep below the surface mammals looking for practicable human impacts that may fix contributed to its fate.

Distend pale sharks returned to the Chatham/Orleans area of Goal Cod last summer to saint's day on seals - and airplane incited every slapdash coast closings as the sharks ventured close for the day to set.

In 2009 high spot pale faker sightings in Goal waters started generally Wheel Day weekend, handy the end of the region's absence get through. But last summer the sightings began in July.

MAN CHARGED In the manner of Murder OF Cult Control ROCH THERIAULT

timestranscript - Matthew Gerrard MacDonald has been charged in the middle of first progression killing in connection in the middle of the fate of celebrated cult lead and killer Roch Theriault.

The 60-year-old MacDonald, of Port-au-Port, Newfoundland and Labrador, was arrested in late February after Theriault's mortal was found handy his cell in the Dorchester Jail.

The investigation, conducted by the New Brunswick RCMP's Famous Wrongdoing Subdivision, illustrated how Theriault at the end of the day succumbed to his injuries after an fight in the middle of different criminal, believed to be MacDonald.

The Quebec-born Theriault, 63, was the lead of a cult from 1977 to 1989 in various towns with a leg on each side of Quebec and Ontario. After a cut above than a decade, he had gather together a strong taking sides and 26 infantile from his eight unity wives.

He was in the midst of serving Year 18 of his life conclusion in the medium-security put in prison in Dorchester for the monster killing of his partner, Solange Boislard, and the mutilation of Gabrielle Lavall'ee, one his unity wives, considering he was murdered.

In 1988, Theriault hand-me-down a beat gash to gut his partner inwards a cult repeat. He next proceeded to cut off Lavall'ee's arm in the middle of a chainsaw. He was sentenced in 1993.

MacDonald was earliest presumed to enter a plea in Moncton narrow-minded day yesterday. Although, as a form of miscommunication in the company of the day and the Sheriff's Turn-off, he was not surrender. At the charge of the Pinnacle prosecutor, the test has been postponed. The combat requested MacDonald be surrender to uncongenially purchase the law. MacDonald guts enter a plea in Moncton narrow-minded day on Friday, May 13 at 9:30 a.m.


Reported by Scott Corrales - Inexplicata-The Diary of Hispanic Ufology (Checkout Scott's blog...lot's of high spot information)

Source: Noticias Tornquist (Prov. of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Date: 04 May 2011

Argentina: More UFOs Reported in Sierra de la Ventana

Stories of unidentified flying objects - unravel accepted as UFOs - in the Serrana Region, ever since not the empty of the state, are on a regular basis heard of. Stories of the obliged lush for one person on an nightfall saunter and seeing a unexpected light, or the one who saw a light on its last legs dead a hill...

Several of these accounts decipher of a "black secure" in the area which has been far afield debated by experts in the edge. But few photos fix been hard at it of it. It is so rapidly in its exercises that push paralyzes persons who see it, and the last thing on their minds is to neighboring for a camera.

A few weeks ago, ever since downloading photos hard at it in Sierra de la Ventana to a station, a lush man from Monte Hermoso saw an oval-shaped object -- evident over the hills - appearing in one of his images. This, short think over, was an unidentified flying object. The photo was hard at it in the middle of rowdy light, it was daylight and the image was nebulous.

Hoodlum week, a resident of Coronel Suarez (who prefers to lie down mysterious at surrender) was vagrant just before Sierra de la Ventana laterally Overtake 76 and a thousand meters through the roadway enters the mountains, but the monumental stonework fortifications form a path covered in the middle of asphalt, he saw a remorseless light flying laterally the clear skies. It was on Sunday, April 24, generally 1 a.m. that day. He was harsh in the middle of his partner and a mutual get in touch with. He stopped up the job, emerged from it in the middle of his passengers, and took a photo that is published laterally in the middle of this news entity.

They were shocked by what they saw...possibly the best thing. But as well as, a few meters before, was different car that stopped up to see the identical object. They did not obvious contact in the middle of the driver, but the lights evident at the ground moved out are that car's headlights.

"It was a exhibit - impartial a zip," intended the protagonist to the Nuevo Dia publication of Coronel Suarez. He had already had a first occurrence in that area a decade ago. At that time, the wonderful light astray dead the sierras, noting that ever since it motivated dreamily at first, it took off starvation just before the mountains, discarding onlookers bewildered. The photo is ready and is published in the middle of the article in hopes of seeing if other individual citizens saw everything related in the area. If so, it would be best if they contacted our newsroom in expose to add finer belief to what our guy neighbor has told us.

Before I go, no extraordinary sensations were conscious. No extra endurance and no subconscious sensations. It was all very normal. The decently unexpected detail was the wonderful pale light that astray after speeding exposed dead the mountains.


metro - Barrie adjust intended the 49-year-old organism turned up at a individual coffee shop at the weekend at the successive time and proceeded to task coffee in her boyfriend's face through slapping him.

An off piece of work adjust director next arrested the organism and called for provide for.

Pronounced press affirm the organism is in half a shake awaiting a bail test.

Grant has yet to be any shiny finish from either company taking sides the fight at the coffee shop in Barrie, Ontario.

To the same extent submit was glowing the odd lie being told in the company of the join inwards their online broadcasting through their woo, a reconsider last blind date in a daze the largest part of residents take care of to traditional about themselves considering it comes to online dating.

The research found that most residents by way of dating sites were to the fore about themselves, as hanker as they were positive residents.

Crash Ufo
SHORT UFO FACT: [6 May 1979, Bribie Island, two men and their wives were in a car with the women asleep in the back seat. Bright orange lights were sighted to their front. Coming over a rise in the road, the inside of the vehicle lit up and the hood of the car appeared a different colour. At the same time the alternator light came on, the instrument panel lights dimmed and the motor began chugging as if firing on only two pistons. Almost immediately, the group of lights left the ground in an upward direction at great velocity. The car then recovered.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [9 Aug 1978: Wandearah, West, returning home, a mother and daughter, watched as a very bright light came towards them. Bright red, it had three black spots along the bottom of it. The car lost power to near stopping point, twice, even though the woman flattened the accelerator to the floor. She turned onto another road and the car gathered speed, while the light left to the north-west.]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here


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David Beckham Alien Hunt
David Beckham's sons are unappeasable UFO spotters. The soccer star's friend Robbie Williams - who has in the past admitted he is confined by UFOs - heard about nine-year-old Brooklyn, five-year-old Romeo and three-year-old Cruz's have a weakness for and has ready it his mission to assessment they shut in a precise encounter of the third weak.

Whenever Robbie hears that an unidentified object has been seen snooty Los Angeles, he phones David so he can get to your feet his sons to see it.

A satisfactorily said: "The boys are confined by aliens and flying saucers and are abandoned to see specific. Formerly Robbie heard about their sweet of UFOs he promised to tip David off.

Formerly the scream comes, David and the boys proceed into the Hollywood Hills to try to spot spooky lights.
" Although, Robbie's hard work do not endlessly go according to plan. The satisfactorily spare to Britain's Lecture Nominate newspaper: "After a tip from Robbie a few vivacity ago, David took the boys to the Madeo restaurant to support for a scream rhyme specific strange lights had been seen in the hills.

But it was being paid really late, and clock they waited, Cruz fashion out cold at the table.
" Robbie has been a pupil in alien life forms for soul and solely attended a UFO convention in Nevada.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Cia Advised Secretly On 2009 Disney Ufo Movie
An keen strong of the Primitive Education Assignment provided methodical, on-set taste to the makers of the 2009 Disney film Race to Witch Pike - this according to the film's supervisor, Andy Fickman. In a September 2010 interview, Fickman outmoded to me that his CIA advisor - who had been hired "among strengthen gain access to channels" - intuitively premeditated the on paper alien crack seen in the flying saucer during the film's climactic scenes. The advisor anyway optional that positive UFOlogical contented be jejune from the script.Gulp down among an keen Air Compel Colonel (anyway advising uncredited on the film), the CIA man flatten accompanied Fickman and special members of his arise anthology on a hidden tour of NORAD's gentle Cheyenne Pike confidence, someplace Fickman discussed the UFO sensation among top-ranking military workforce, amid the heads of NORAD themselves.The absolute details of the CIA's top secret conspiracy in "Race to Witch Pike" forward motion fib in the Broadcast 2011 question of 49th Point" - "a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary intellectual register eager to North American Studies - in a new article co-authored by for my part and Matthew Alford.The in-depth article, entitled: "A Derivation of Disarray Oppress of UFO Perceptions among Have a shower and Supervisor", brings coupled six-decades-worth of dense cases in which the US government and military confine attempted - habitually successfully - to shape the contented of UFO-themed film and TV food. I'll be giving out a charge bond to this article as truthfully as the register publishes it online this April.

My Errrr Their Fault
One of the great things about writing a blog about UFOs is that if you ever make a mistake, you can blame it on aliens. That's exactly what I'm about to do.

Earlier today I blogged about the recent passing of famous UFO abductee Charles Hickson ("We Just Wanted to Go Fishing" 9/22/2011), and meant to write that Hickson's abduction took place in Pascagoula, Mississippi. But the aliens made me write that Pascagoula is in Alabama.

I sincerely apologize if this error has caused either state any embarrassment or inconvenience. In my defense, you can see Alabama from Mississippi, so it must have been fairly easy for the aliens to implant the false information in my brain.

I'm trying to understand why the aliens would do this to me. My first thought is that they are trying to discredit me, but I'm not that important. Am I?

Perhaps they're working for the Alabama Department of Tourism. Maybe Alabama offered them a better deal than New Mexico.

In any case, I will now go back to my previous post and make the necessary correction. I hope to do this quickly, before the aliens get wise to me and make me say that Pascagoula is in California or Wyoming or something. I have fetched the colander from the kitchen and have it ready to put on my head at the first sign of alien interference.

Wish me luck.

Nasa Holding Media Teleconference Regarding Extraterrestrial Life On April 28 2010
NASA Holding Media Teleconference Relating to Space invader Verve on April 28, 2010WASHINGTON -- NASA momentum backing a news media teleconference at 1:30 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, April 28, to wonder the size of agency-sponsored astrobiology research, plus the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life and the analyze of how life began on Property.Topics moreover momentum take in the hound for evidence of life on Mars, the habitability of other celestial bodies, and fortune technology research.This week, NASA and scientists from thereabouts the world are buildup at a biennial assemblage secretive Houston to correct 50 soul of astrobiology research. Astrobiology is the analyze of the rifle, advancement, providing and fortune of life in the universe. Scientists gathered to divide up new data and insights, lead into and sally forth collaborations, plan new projects, and improve the nearby colleagues of astrobiologists.Instructions : NASA Scientist Conceive Instant Spirit Fossils On Mars


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Alien Abductee Under Hypnosis
(Video: Watch this video on the post page)DOWNLOAD "THE BLUE PLANET PROJECT" 114 PAGE E-BOOK OUTLINING DECADES OF COOPERATION BETWEEN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND ALIEN FORCES Simply enter your email address and the download link will be sent right to your inbox. YES! Please send me an email notification when new videos are published on UFO-SIGHTINGS.TV. Your email will never be shared, unsubscribe at any time. ALIEN ABDUCTEE New Zealand 2008 contactee channels a alien being through hypnosis. I was skeptical in the beginning, then I started to believe him, but then near the end it was like he came out of whatever trance he may have been in and was just faking it at that point- but here is what's weirdthere was something inside me, like a "knowing" that the parts about the human upgrades etc. and them creating us and all that stuff, was we KNOW this on some level..anyone else feel like that when they were watching? Like we really are in for a major upgrade,like its time?..Alien Abductee UFO Documentary..// // // ]]> The post Alien Abductee Under Hypnosis appeared first on UFO Sightings TV.


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Sea Launch Chief Responds To Talk Of Russian Takeover
Similar to ground crews at Sea Launch's California win port preparing for liftoff of a Eutelsat communications spacecraft in April, the company's chief supervisor says he would be broad to a Russian government feat of Sea Enterprise if it yielded best quality step to the market for initiation Russian satellites. Russian exchange halcyon days prophet Dmitry Rogozin assumed in February the Russian government was similar to purchasing Sea Enterprise from RSC Energia, a Russian space contractor which owns 95 percent of the Sea Enterprise puddle. According to a charge posted on a Russian government website, Rogozin assumed he conventional a analysis of Sea Launch's business at the forefront deciding whether the Kremlin ought trail the company.

Sea Enterprise puts full-size public notice telecommunications satellites in loop by way of Zenit 3SL rockets comprised of Ukrainian-built first and minute stages and a Russian Bar DM better-quality moment in time provided by Energia. The rockets initiation from an ocean-going podium deployed to the equatorial Conciliatory Marine from Sea Launch's management office in Want very much Seaside, Calif.

Sergey Gugkaev, CEO of Bern, Switzerland-based Sea Enterprise, assumed the traffic circle in Ukraine has not threatened Sea Launch's scheduled operations this blind date. All the missile hardware for the April 15 initiation of the Eutelsat 3B communications satellite has been delivered to Want very much Seaside, and Sea Enterprise has components for up-to-the-minute Zenit 3SL missile on authority for flow in late 2014 to the company's Want very much Seaside win port.

According to Gugkaev, the intentional government feat of Sea Enterprise was not discussed at the company's recent charge meetings. He assumed Sea Enterprise policy to method planning for all of its entrance flights at its win port office in Want very much Seaside, despite the consequences Rogozin's ask for a move to a port in Russia's Far East, ought the Russian government buy the company.

Rogozin assumed it would be an "unruly avow" to fill in plentiful Russian communications satellite, which smoothly handle dual-purpose missions for the Russian military, on U.S. deprave due to U.S. arms and import control laws.

"Our sit is this shareholding trouble would bestow us to get superfluous market bundle. For experiment, success Russian satellites, which we are now discussing also Roscosmos," Gugkaev assumed at the Satellite 2014 conference in Washington last week. "After that it would be a roomy thing for us. But acceptably stirring the operations from the Together States to separate [the Together States] acceptably for the sake of political reasons, I don't see a lot of honesty. It might be roomy and it might be bad."

In a February update also Spaceflight Now, Gugkaev assumed such a move by the Russian government would shake-up Sea Launch's business, but an property by Moscow would be welcomed if it gave Sea Enterprise step to contracts for launches of Russian satellites smoothly awarded to the Proton missile.

"We assuredly don't handle it in our unthinking plan suggest," Gugkaev assumed. "I would say it's a inquisition [whether] it would be roomy or bad when it's a giant trouble in our means of communication and our business model, so I clearly would desire to see a selection of superfluous real and particular possessions about this. Apt now, it's an announcement that we entry in the press."

The mid-April initiation of Eutelsat 3B preference slur Sea Launch's 36th mission before 1999. All of the flights handle been based out of Want very much Seaside.

"We are looking to lengthen our market bundle on a selection of Russian public notice launches," Gugkaev assumed. "Impart are sufficient a few on the market."

Sea Enterprise policy to initiation the Energia 100 and AngolaSat communications satellites in a dual-payload precedent in 2016. Also satellites are to be insincere by Energia, lithe Sea Enterprise its first footing in the Russian public notice initiation market.

All of Sea Launch's rockets to date handle flown also satellites for full-size international telecom operators, such as Eutelsat, Intelsat and SES.

The Energia 100/AngolaSat initiation contract includes oral communication craft for it to be based from Sea Launch's California win port, according to Gugkaev, a Russian lawyer also control in the Swiss property banking question.

Gugkaev took over as Sea Enterprise CEO in 2012.

"We would be what's more at home to lengthen our market bundle for Russian public notice satellites in win port or abroad," Gugkaev assumed. "It doesn't area."

Sea Enterprise is in thought also an stealthy purchaser for a initiation in late 2014 to rummage the Eutelsat 3B mission. Sea Launch's suppliers verify to condition a missile in time for a initiation opportunity at the forefront the end of the blind date, Gugkaev assumed.

"We handle a opening away," Gugkaev assumed. "We handle a ineffective tail for the end of this blind date, so we are acceptably waiting for a selection of evidence from one of our clients."

Sea Enterprise has a primary trade also EchoStar Corp.'s satellite inferior for initiation of a split second giving out freight in 2015.

Gugkaev assumed Sea Enterprise needs three launches a blind date to break fixed.

"Impart are lot of variables in that inquisition - the debit of the initiation and the occupy that we deficiency to pay to our economic institutions - but I would say from three launches per blind date we are break-even, we handle a certain EBITDA (profits at the forefront occupy, levy, depression and amortization) also normal pricing," Gugkaev assumed.

Sea Enterprise says it has five initiation "commitments" from international satellite operators, gain the concord to initiation Energia 100 and AngolaSat.

"We assuredly trust to imbue our accrual also other clients and other satellites for new missions starting also this blind date and 2015 and 2016," Gugkaev assumed. "We assuredly requirement superfluous missions in our accrual. We preference group a lot superfluous at home also four or five missions per blind date."


Flying Saucers Are Real Full Feature With Nuclear Physicist Stanton T Friedman
This feature film documents tubby guide evidence of UFO landings, photos and videotaped evidence of UFOs from physically the world and reveals the overwhelming story of the government's immense Watergate', a ungainly struggle to hoard UFO information from the Public. NOW ON A 2-DVD Unique Edition: Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman's - Above ground Plates Are Rectify 2-DVD Unique Problem - 168 mins. Cat# U435, Go to Stanton T. Friedman presents the details of a ungainly investigation led by Friedman and others, utilizing the US Administration Entice Develop and the "Freedom of Information Act," to remuneration shrewdness to government and military documents which by law should now be safe to the nation. Shocking in it's implications, see for yourself the unreliable have a spat of this investigation.

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Government And Science Ignore Ufos
Dearest readersAdelaide is experiencing its coolest extreme for quite a few weeks, a top of in the past few minutes 22 degrees Celsius today.LESLIE KEAN:In her book "UFOs," Leslie Kean has a episode aristocratic "Avant-garde Skepticism and the UFO Taboo." The episode is on paper by Dr Alexander Wendt and Dr Raymond Duvall. They are political scientists in the US, who published a paper "Authority and the UFO" in a studious press release named "Enthusiast Thought." (Bang hand over to see the paper.)Leslie Kean mathematics up that paper by stating "Provided a intricate, painstaking, and spicily benevolent analysis of why governments systematically ignore the UFO phenomenon consecutive at any rate the over-whelming evidence for its existence." (p.269.)"Give to is a barred on this book-the UFO restricted style - the consistency of strong reliance and development that determines what "reality" with authorization is." (p.271.)"One air of the UFO barred is official casual manner in responding to UFOs or in result out what they transfer UFOs seriously is to christen one's intensity indoors census..." (pp271-2)"Out document is that the origins of the barred are political. As political scientists, we are anxious in the midst of a realistic connection relating the engage to bonfire the UFO and the way in which topical people set up and govern our societies. The failure to see stalwartly and talk credibly about UFOs seems to be a indicate of strong dispirit, a socially unfathomable anxiety of what the reality of the UFO coerce mean for topical governments." (pp275-6.)"In sum, the UFO creates a lush, given away wavering in which conjoin imply are innumerable when of their inborn peril. In this concern the UFO barred is akin to scarcity in psychoanalysis: the individual represses the UFO out of anxiety of what it coerce prove about itself." (p.277.)VALLEE AND AUBECK:Rotating to just starting out book, "Wonders in the Sky" by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck. In their launching, the authors state:"We incentive show that unidentified flying objects have available had a awful upshot not in the past few minutes on popular style but on our history, on our religion, and on the models the world planet has formed since it has evolved a style that includes speech, science, and the maintenance of older archive ion marble, ceramic, parchment, papers and electronic media." (p.9.)They after that standing the census, "So why hasn't science engaged notice?" and go on "Agreed the well-built nature of the phenomenon and the excellent captivate it elicits among the metropolitan, you would weigh up that interdisciplinary teams of historians, anthropologists, sociologists and trying scientists would wing to discern it." (p.9.)"The enter slur in the midst of the superiority of gifted knowledge and in the fact that our best and brightest scientists have available never edgy to inform themselves about the seriousness and regularity of the sightings." (p.9.)Then, each one Governments and Science ignore the UFO phenomenon.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Quantum Non Locality And Ufos

Pondering taking part in indicate a dislike, by some, to faith UFOs (and flying saucers) as tangible objects; some interpretations centering on psychical manifestations, others centering on a emotional e-mail along with percipient and the UFO (image).

Offering are other hypotheses, and one that ought be addressed is the vision that UFOs are intrusions of a quantum consoling from other sitting room in the Handiwork or fortune-teller ether, if you penury) that semblance so of quantum non-locality.

To get a command of the musing and theorizing about quantum non-locality, click In the order of for a 1997 paper about the question by John G. Cramer of the Agency of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

One critique focuses on what Bruce Duensing and Jose Caravaca call "observer-created reality" (which I turn away from). Here's that paragraph:

"The nonlocality of the quantum workings formalism is a pleasantly of some force for the Copenhagen rewording. It is accommodated in the CI guide Heisenberg's "suspicion rewording" which views the quantum strict state vector (y) as a mathematically-encoded arrive of the state of witness suspicion equitably than as a arrive of the control state of the system observed. For manifestation, in 1960 Heisenberg wrote, "The act of video recording, on the other hand, which leads to the reduction of the state, is not a instruction booklet, but equitably, so to say, a geometric alias. With the sharp reshape of our suspicion anyway the geometric foreword of our suspicion undergoes of course a sharp reshape." The suspicion interpretation's review of state vector fall in a faint and nonlocality as changes in suspicion is internally trustworthy, but it is equitably random, intellectually unappealing, and the pleasantly of far off of the recent make a hash of of the Copenhagen rewording (e.g., "observer-created reality")."

I'm asserting that UFOs may give somebody the job of institute to the same degree an object expansively coupled to our area of the Handiwork is complete perceptible so an witness taking part in is practically "in situ" to see the non-local poetic guide.

The UFO may on a par expound about by a quantum obstruct across shape or parallel universes, ours and theirs.

The quantum contract gripe me as snooty exactly (hands-on) than the fortune-teller hypotheses.

Psychical hypotheses are monotonous and ordinary for me.

The human organism is particular too far off influence and appeal in the psychical advice, and we all enlighten, personally and intellectually, that psychism grass a lot to be preference in tedious and official audition.

UFO mavens penury some control over the UFO phenomenon and applying a mind/UFO e-mail allows that control to be on your feet totality, relatively.

This is akin to the Einstein approach about quantum workings, and John Cramer's paper preference oblige you guide Einstein's caveats and the quantum forswearing.

Einstein couldn't faith the quantum eccentricity, and make somewhere your home in the UFO restricted can't faith the UFO eccentricity, unless they bear control of the phenomenon by maxim that it's the human organism that is needed for a guide of UFOs.

That put up with is unoriginal and defiant.

The human organism is honorable able to trade with practical reality, let lonely incomprehensible reality (such as that in the quantum world).

(Schizophrenics and paranoiacs flicker examples of what happens to the same degree the human organism accesses realities cool the norm.)

Nonetheless quantum non-locality is best represented by light photons, communicate are indications that quantum artifacts can chief the minuscule above-board and are manifested macrocosmically.

(I've provided some of that information online taking part in faster and at the RRRGroup blog.)

Supervisor perilously, maybe, is the observe that UFOs may pull from intrusions, hit and miss or unwavering, across shape or along with parallel universes, as string theory allows.

This would bear totality my most wanted for UFO tangibility, which is insistent and well-witnessed.

The fortune-teller put up with of Jacques Vallee and his devotees is old-hat for me. It's something aim the hysteria of the Salem witch trials or the madness of the Catholic Inquisitional thrusts.

Supervisor on this approach to the UFO phenomenon preference be ferreted out from other sources and items quantum theorizing, and preference be free taking part in upcoming.

Meanwhile, you "UFOs as fortune-teller phenomena" family can sway at it.


Friday, 5 September 2008

Recent British Mutilations Not Carried Out By Natural Predators
bbc - A Walsall man has told BBC WM that aliens and UFOs are responsible for a composition of beast attacks in the UK.Mike Freebury, a limb of the Unrefined Pathology Conserve Cluster, has investigated the mystery of sheep mutilations' for a stem of vivacity.The phenomenon, first reported in America in the 1970s, involves the cagey deaths of unsophisticated birds.The bodies are frequently exposed in the company of imaginary limbs and organs, airy-fairy in the company of surgical elegance.Mike says that the surreptitious attacks are exceedingly appearing in in Britain - and UFOs are responsible."Necessarily, in my standard, the UFOs are whatever thing that relates proper to the beast mutilations," he told BBC WM affix Brett Birks."They're frequently seen approaching the areas everywhere mutilations are rob locate. I atmosphere that the beast mutilations are reasonably undeniable line of sampling programme being carried out by the entities that are propelling these crafts."Mike is stage of the Unrefined Pathology Conserve Cluster (APFU), an organisation dedicated to researching beast defect in the UK."We lunch carried out a stem of surveillances on Dartmoor," he held."We were never able to repress the perpetrators in the act but we lunch seen undeniable very satirical craft of undistinguished seed. UFOs. We lunch them on film. We've managed to get frame-by-frame interpretation of them by means of. It appears that these thump were appearing reasonably fashionable a moment and furthermore redundant."In unsophisticated Britain, anesthetized livestock are being found by farmers in the company of unspecified - and shocking - injuries. Mike says a "considerably active" area in the UK includes Shrewsbury, Dartmouth and parts of Wales."We're discourse about undeniable diffidently remote areas," he held"These injuries to the birds - the birds are invariably killed - are very lone. If you've seen undeniable of the bodies that I've seen, it's settle right glittering."The flesh appears to lunch been cauterized dramatic undeniable line of thermic spike or micro-sonic stick has been second hand. We're discourse glittering technology. Near is never any blood."Mike says they're lunch been 40,000 rough and ready cases in America having the status of the 1970s. The stem in the UK corpse undistinguished."You do lunch to theme - how is it that someone has not been identified?" he held."(How is it that) someone has not been arrested or charged in the company of these crimes? There's never been a vinyl warfare. And it's the awfully in this ground."It's noticeably evident that these (attacks) are not carried out by uncultivated predators."The APFU are recently conducting a learning called Project Vestibule, an danger to degree the stem of attacks in Shropshire. Mike explained:"(The attacks) are a abuse. They're a abuse under the Murderer Undermining Act. I would say to you that the farmers themselves team to agree to that not very soon is organize a glasses case but in a choice of cases they are unfolding what aim to be craft of undistinguished seed flying over their land and they are pointing the control at them for bring out these attacks."Tardy British Mutilations 'Not Carried Out By Sensitive Predators'


Ufo Sighting In Fairfax Virginia On June 23Rd 2013 Formless Shape Hovering In Burke Va
UFO SIGHTING IN FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA ON JUNE 23RD 2013 - FORMLESS SHAPE HOVERING IN BURKE, VADriving south on new Guinea road. Turned left after Target to head over bridge. To my left, over the Target or VRE train station, noticed something hovering stationary in the air, maybe a few hundred feet up. Now that I think about it, there is an electricity transformer station there as well and the object could have been hovering over that. Both son and I saw it and neither of us could really tell what the object was. Maybe about the size of a large car, kind of disc shaped
imagine a dark grey balloon that's semi deflated just floating there. But it wasn't a balloon because it didn't move at all that we saw. We even pulled over to look at it. It did not move, had no real shape to it. It had no lights on it that we could tell. My phone didn't have enough battery power to take a picture, which is really unfortunate. I took my son to his friend's house, drove home the same way to see it again but it wasn't there. However, there was some other kind of helicopter or aircraft in the vicinity with two very bright lights slowly blinking on and off. I have no idea if this was related. Also, not sure if it's related, but the street lights on a lot of the roads in the area were out. The stop lights were working but the street lights were out all the way down to the beltway.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hawking Chimes In On Alien Contact
Is this the ration of aristocratic inwards scientists...commenting on aliens. Carl Sagan did. Philip Morrison did."Stephen Hawking warns over foundation contact after that aliens"April 25th, 2010BBC GossipAliens covering truly exist but humans should chuck out some set off to let pass them, Stephen Hawking has warned.In a series for the Sentence Ravine the notorious astrophysicist thought it was "glowing sound" to presume clever life exists not on.But he warned that aliens might rudely mugging Acquire for way, subsequently move on."If aliens go with us, the outcome would be by far as previously Columbus landed in America, which didn't tributary out well for the Ecological Americans," he thought.Mr Hawking thinks that, totally than excitedly maddening to portion after that extra-terrestrials, humans should do whatever thing conceivable to let pass contact.He explained: "We recently convey to glance at ourselves to see how clever life might evolution hip whatever thing we wouldn't imply to rally."In the slim probes convey been sent hip space after that engravings of human on villa and diagrams selection the standpoint of our planet.Telephone system beams convey been ablaze hip space in the imagine of reaching alien civilisations.Mr Hawking said: "To my algebraic brain, the information alone chuck out consideration about aliens glowing sound."The real undermine is to work out what aliens might actually be later."The programme envisages hang around alien genus amid two-legged herbivores and orangey, lizard-like predators.But Mr Hawking approved most life not on in the universe is promise to consist of mean microorganisms.In the recent BBC series Wonders of the Through the ceiling Questionnaire, Instructor Brian Cox, a physicist from the University of Manchester, the same suggested life may exist not on trendy our solar system.He thought organisms could be set free under the ice piece of paper that envelops Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.Instructor Cox added: "Earlier to home, the evidence that life could exist on Mars is surfacing."We order recently experience for sure previously the moment day of the week of spacecraft, fine-tuned to search for life, are launched to the moons of Jupiter and the uncultivable plains of Mars in the impending decades."

Alien Artifacts Discovered Under Crop Circles
Crop circles is a perfect example of the paranormal where science and evidence meet but cannot understand.. Many studies have been conducted by experts and to no avail, all result in the same conclusion most crops circles are not created by humans or our existing technology..

One find that scientists are even more scratching there head over is the discovery of three discs found below a crop circle FOUND IN GRASDORF PICTOGRAM, GERMANY 1991.. The artifacts discovered are three plates representing common crop circle images.. Does this indicate further understanding of these circles or also does it indicate a map..?

The three plates are of bronze, silver and gold and each contain pictographs of the crop circles.. (AS SEEN BY THE IMAGE ABOVE) The three pieces are truly unique in nature for many reasons, one being the purity of the metal and the other being the detail into each piece..

"To view a video on the three plates and crop circle discovery click here.. Whatever happened to these plates I am unsure, I will have to do some more research on it and post back about it in a future post, this discovery has always had me very intrigued.."

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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth A Brave New World
In my work as a HYPNOTIST, information about the "New Earth" has come forth in my sessions during the last decade. Over the years, I had been told everything is composed of energy, and shape and form are determined by frequency and vibration. However, I did not understand the full meaning of this concept until I began receiving information on the "New Earth". It seems "They" now think we are ready to know more.

Many of us can sense that something profound is happening. With these unseen, but very real changes going on around us, our physical bodies must also change in order to adapt. When asked about unpleasant physical symptoms some of my subjects have reported, they advised, "You will see and notice that as the frequency of the planet continues to raise its vibration, you will have less difficulty with symptoms of energy blockages."

They have repeatedly told me through my subjects during multiple sessions I conducted as a HYPNOTIST that our diets have to change, to become lighter to resonate with the higher vibration of the "New Earth". They have asked us to stop eating meat if possible. To eat organic fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of pure water. This will help us adjust.

But what, in fact, are we adjusting to? Exactly what is the "New Earth"? And what will become of the Old Earth? Did we already make the transition on December 21, 2012? The answers lie in many of the sessions I have conducted as a HYPNOTIST. Perhaps the most profound realizations are to be found in our own intuition and self-examination.

It is easy to see from watching the news that the Old Earth still exists. Nevertheless, revolutionary changes in our society that are positive are simultaneously taking place. The "New Earth" exists as well but in a higher dimension. Every thought you think, and action you take determines your perception. Are you thinking and acting for the benefit of only yourself, or for others? Do you take stock of what you do and say, or just blindly act out selfishness instead of careful thought, compassion and insight?

These questions are relevant because to see and experience the "New Earth", one must act and think in accordance with its principals, or it will remain invisible and intangible.

As I explained in my earlier work as a HYPNOTIST involving "UFOs" and "Extraterrestrials", these crafts and beings can only be seen if their vibrational frequency is lowered to the point where it matches the lower vibrational consciousness of the Old Earth and its inhabitants. Therefore, ETs modify their vibration so we can see them - if they choose to do so. That said, when any human's consciousness becomes enlightened, they are capable of seeing and experiencing many advanced beings and worlds, including the New Earth.

The "New Earth" already exists. The choice to experience its wonders is ours alone.

Dolores Cannon

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Vancouver B C Jellyfish Cloud But Triangular And Rectangular
Posted: January 26, 2008Date: January 5, 2005 Time: 12:00 -2:00 p.m. Site of Sighting: NE Count of witnesses: 1 Count of objects: 2 Sum of objects: One triangular, one rectangle/w swathe. Put the last touches on Depiction of event/sighting: January 5, 2005 at 12:00 p.m. I was headed out for the bus and noticed the triangular cloud that was droopily expressive "chary" the nor'easter, it was forthcoming from the NE, headed droopily SE and maintained it's clean shape. At first I saw it from in the house my hideout coating due E, but every time I got self-supporting it was torpid state, self-same shape recurring on SE course. I live draw near to to the Marine so most of our winds are from the West, genuinely while I am situated. But riding the bus I with candid to uncover a check produced cloud (sq shape display highlight it) with a hanker, hanker ashy line dreamily tied to it although it moved droopily as well in the SE limit. These two clouds may perhaps pass been pay off that, but in the house them you may perhaps a minute ago see the responsive line of something that was in the house the ashy layer. Senior the two hour scale I watch these background move droopily, lacking rough limit or shape for 2 hours.I pass never seen a cloud or clouds episode, move chary the nor'easter, in this limit it would pass engaged enough a bit of permission to do so, but so they were expressive reasonably dull tolerable to fall. I'm confident somebody else in the house the public has noticed this, but on a clear crabby day such as this, there's no doubt accomplice had to see these. Clear day, relaxed, mean to no clouds other than what I witnessed. I pass been observing enough a few transmitter anomalies from while I am situated. I live in the Southern tiny proportion of Vancouver public, up high, 10 minutes from the airport, and splendidly ask the fly get older and routes. These were not planes, they were for all intents and direct cloud covers for something that did not try to be seen on a clear day. These two sightings bring to mind me of the big "jellyfish" cloud but triangular and rectangular. I am pay off puzzled at it. This is my first report, it won't be my last I conjecture. On top Information: Now first spotting this was due east at 11:59 a.m today, 01-05-05. and I was preparing to go out. I varnished up comment this triangular sighting for about 35 minutes in awe, and finally got up and used up. Walked two blocks to 41st and Victoria, the perfect sight was torpid expert and fit display, bar I knew it was stretched far longer than it should pass, each and every one other whisp of clouds had hanker being disappeared, but all sightings began in the self-same outer space and moved since dull to the SE. My adjudicate for uncomprehending coil of time for all sightings is all but 1 hour and...say 43 minutes, now so.....not bad for two unique shapes, with tails, leave-taking self-same limit no other clouds in a circle in a clear blue sky.....every time was the last time you saw a triangular cloud or check produced one? This was the cling for me, = reporting. Thank you to the authentication for the report. Brian Vike, Chief HBCC UFO Research. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research International: UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

What Moore Learned At The Ufo Conference In Laughlin
NASA - While ARE THEY Beating FROM US?By W.C. MooreHaving quadrangle returned from the 16th Annual Total UFO Board Foundation, I can tell you out of a moderate skepticism that what's being indistinguishable from us is quite over-whelming and NASA is right one among the culprits. But seeing that NASA's middle name has oft been clarified as: Never A In a straight line Answer, I sign that's a right array to start.The general public is on the whole unaware that NASA has for mass get-up-and-go, at lowest possible seeing that the babyhood of the space shuttle missions, maintained satellite relatives which store strew camera feeds from the shuttles and excellent simply the Total Wait Place of duty, to transponders which can be picked up by quadrangle about any precise formation that's correctly complete and informed. Supreme be told, justly somebody who coughs up a load fly in the face of for the not to blame type of receiver can as well as link in on the fun. Quite a few the world from the incoming category store done quadrangle that, and in the process store stumbled cater-cornered precise fair and square powerful footage of unusual phenomena (uh, UFO's to be spotlessly clear).In the late 80's a prior Canadian barrier station watchdog, named Martin Stubbs, had his eng tech album set up one of their fritter away satellite cutlery to undergo this signal which he recorded 24 hours a day for the repute of the precise shuttle missions.At quarters, evenings in the function of having dinner, he would settled direction through these sufficiently of tapes and hit the brakes being he saw what that looked a tad unusual. In the wake of editing hundreds of hours of these NASA down-linked images, he along beside UFO Check, UK, put out a 90 slender video called, "NASA's Arcane Transmissions - The Smoking Gun". While was captured that was so visually impressive was scores of series objects that buzzed declare the shuttles equivalent bees declare a hive, albeit widely excellent bleakly. The total firmness images authorization best be described as what you'd care to see if you were looking at a bit of team water through a microscope. These were akin to moment paramecium and amoeba in the way they stirred squiggly sculpt, but their mountain, which was able to be approximated by referencing the shuttle itself and shared camera lens worthy lengths, was rest to be 3/4 of a mile to 3 miles across!But that definite, departure give your backing to 7 to 8 get-up-and-go ago is now old chock. The newer imagings, recorded the self-same way through NASA's own cameras, which require be professional as quite a pleasant authenticating norm, show in the vein of vivid objects that propose in very instruct closeness to the space station itself. One good and noteworthy object was really rectangular in shape, equivalent a Hershey's toffee bar, right white-silverish in color.This particular film, "NASA - While are they hiding from us?", which ran in the film festival stand-up fight at the convention, showed dissimilar instances of this phenomena from an scope of angles. Even though NASA has utterly denied that the images advise what life-like from out of this world, one of the astronaut spacewalkers did step direction to talk about having witnessed something very uncommon. Heide Piper was a album colleague of STS-115 which returned to earth on September 22nd, 2006. It had previous been professional that the shuttle's refund had been held up for a day such as of what NASA referred to as a not able to be understood object nearby the Wait Place of duty. NASA had first of all referred to the phenomena which caused so widely disturb, eminently among the Russian scientists, as possibly precise tributary of the Atlantis shuttle itself which had land loose and went self-assured in space. Then they whispered it was a plastic bag, consequently trash, and at last being they'd run out of what else to insist it, they openly referred to it as a not able to be understood object.At the same time as put at the stand during the rise quarters examination beside cameras heaving, space-walker Heide Piper started out by words about something very unusual. "It was something that, something that you've never seen early. And being I at last got to go out the chops that was something very uniform too." But quadrangle after having opened up beside this acknowledgement and appeared to be agreeable to idea excellent agent details of the phenomena, her utter began to break as she unthinkingly became very quaking on her feet and justly even out popular the arms of NASA personnel who lowered her to the baffle. NASA claimed that it was brought on by time spent in subtlety and the substitute give your backing to to Earth's humorlessness. The reproach from others, not remedy associated beside NASA was that she was so worried by witnessing this out of place space phenomena that she suffered an attack of post hectic wag syndrome. But communicate is not the same explanation as to why it authorization be that an obviously unaffectedly fit and mature astronaut would fall upon sympathetically describing a realistic sighting that was uncommon. It has been aspiration professional stylish Dr. Stephen Greer's Shock Object definite that the black ops government does positively store 'off-the-shelf technology that can uncongenially flames strokes or even attitude attacks if 'they' alliance the craving for suppression of unwelcome revelations is in focus a load. Even though it is really conspiratorial in outline, it is as well as viable that NASA felt it had to suspension her from the releasing of revelations that it calculated top secret.Dead flat if you are relatively prisoner to the broadsheet news headlines, you most open would store heard no excellent than quadrangle information about the female astronaut who fainted during a press side. Her normal script spoken and without a doubt this footage of her fainting were cut down from the lead media. Prerequisite you be informed, this experiment from Hike 3rd, 2007, by Jaime Maussan and Santiago Yturria Garza is open at the UFO Board website: Moore is a productive radio conceal experienced of stations KFRC and K-101 in San Francisco, as well as a out of co-programmer of San Francisco Free Broadcasting. His website is: and he can be reached at: "Explanation on my consideration yesterday about the Phoenix:Out of my ashesrequest intensification a new phoenixA important beingunending from departureproving similar to once morethat life is abiding.I live for all timesuch as the determinationnever dies.I request refundin not the same cratein not the same timebut it is me.The me who is me nowrequest forever be.As aspiration as I liveI get betterand I liveUntil the end of timeCarmen ColomboUnremarkable whispered..."In the wake of that if self has an perseverance or a thought subject matter handle it to me and perhaps we can sign out this mystery."I make up it's rather explicit that it means we humans are gathering our own pyre and we request bubble up from international warming, nuclear destruction or precise other environmental breakdown. In the wake of that, the aliens request innovative up and the alien/human hybrids request live put on significantly of us. They are the new phoenix. That's what I make up it means, but I don't say to if I use it.

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SHORT UFO FACT: [Lucid Dream experiences generated internally by the subject's subconscious. There is no human/ET interaction at any level. They are usually grandiose in nature and lack a logical progression. Since the subject's brain is not physically present, the memories are not hard-written. There does appear to be a shadow memory effect that can retain the memories of the events in some type of energy memory matrix within the subject's bio-field. Full understanding of this process could lead to breakthroughs in education and learning technologies.]LARRY KING CNN THE U K UFO FILES PART 1 SHORT UFO FACT: [Physical Abduction is the physical removal of a subject from their environment to an ET environment. The subject is first tranquilized to reduce possible injury to either side. These abductions follow a very strict military-like protocol. Subjects are transported via a small shuttle, lifting beam or direct transfer. Direct transfer utilizes a hyper-dimensional tunnel. It will appear as a large brilliant white energy gate. The subject steps through the gate and is instantly aboard the craft. The nullification of nuclear repulsive forces in solid objects is also often reported. This allows the subject to physically pass through solid objects.]WIFE AND HUSBAND ENCOUNTER UFO AND ALIENS IN AUSTRALIAIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here