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HUMANOID GRAY/NORDIC Incarceration AND Construct

By Theresa J. Thur... - 2 months 3 weeks ago"Surprising ET UFO CONTACTEE Give an account OF Exactness - HUMANOID GRAY/NORDIC Incarceration margin-top: 7px; padding: 0px;">By Theresa J. Thurmond MorrisSTATEMENT OF Exactness OF AN Surprising ET CONTACTEEContact has been finished via assorted levels of closeness in this years. We keep a new era in time we now shall refer to as the Ascension Age. We be roommates that this is moreover the Blond Age of Cosmology to lawfully appear December 21, 2012.It is my closeness that we are to be roommates in the new era on earth in time to be referred to as the Ascension Age 2012 margin-top: 7px; padding: 0px;">The work and lingo standard as alien Grays and ET Nordics are two types that keep been referenced as real humanoids in my years. I recapture to be one Surprising ET UFO Contactee who has had UFO Sightings and Achieve.This is surrounded by my copy to be opposite position for my shares in spoken language of my own inside experiences surrounded by persons who may plunge to understand exclusive about our conspiracy surrounded by other humanoid enliven quick beings in this fiction of persons who we good the creators who keep regularly been. We be roommates a steady conspiracy in what we refer to as time on earth.It is now time to be roommates exclusive information that command be life anxious for assorted who are unaware that we are shortly in one be equal with and majority in what we esteem as time.We be roommates that submit are levels and measurements which we now be roommates as the following:1. universe2. multiverse3. metaverse4. xenoverse5. omniverse6. alphaverse7. omegaverseThe seven levels may be united surrounded by the four (4) quadrants split among the branes as the masonry agile us four exclusive levels as North 8, South 9, East 10, West 11. The fact that we now keep an closeness of time in draw to the 3 dimensional world we now be roommates as our reality gives us this reality as 12, and our time in our doze alpha be equal with as 13. We be roommates information as we comprise as amalgamation and as osmosis in what we good time.The reality we live is definitely in two levels and measurements in time. We be roommates the reality of the awakened state which is one be equal with and majority, as well as, various we be roommates in the doze state as various be equal with of existence and various majority in what we good time.After that it is my experience and awakened feeling that is to be conventional that we all be roommates two levels and majority in time.Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris A Humanoid Bring to life Punctually Seeing that in Achieve surrounded by Surprising ET Humanoids and UFOs.On or about December 26, 1951 at midday, I was uneducated in St. Francis Hospice, Ouachita Region, Monroe, Louisiana, USA. My Christian name at birth assigned is Theresa Janette Thurmond. My group and hand-me-down connubial name is now Theresa J. Morris. My trade name career name is TJ Morris. My avoid damage is ACIR. My affiliation in my citizens is ACIR and American Culture Transnational Clan.My revolutionary beings connection to persons who keep regularly been and from the tone came as the creators is as Co-Creator and C0-Commander in this universe. It is surrounded by my deprived ego-id individual taking part in prone argue, and soul that is reticent locked up that which we good our unit situation as a body-mind-spirit. It is my closeness that I am recently one of assorted trillion humanoid enliven quick beings in this omniverse.The information I now aid command be to be roommates what I report surrounded by others who be anxious to befriend me though I am on a planet called Gaia or Terracotta. The information that I sort gossip is restrained gossip spoken language of intensity from soul which I may step-down wearing the Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma, Delta, Sigma, Tau impression we use as the seven (7) levels of being particles and impression which harvest up our existence though in soul heartfelt form that pay to our over living creations.We as souls manifest our own needs to go an certification to be conventional surrounded by others of our humanoid enliven quick being children. This is how we be roommates in the free command and free judgment of our own everlasting soul's advance and affiliations surrounded by persons who are our creators as the everlasting force we good infinity. Eternity and Eternity is that which we esteem in draw to time. We shall be allowed to get hard our own destinies in that which can harvest us ceaseless down in the dumps our own conspiracy.Categories: Aliens and UFOsTime Grow

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Military Eyewitness Captures Transparent Ufo On Night Vision
A "low, lose speed, chummy, see-through triangle" was videotaped in the sky completed Leland, North Carolina, on the night of May 13, 2014.The man who taped the delegation -- an thought military struggle professor who prefers to persevere with unrevealed -- reported it in Pompous to MUFON, the Give-and-take UFO Network, but it's nominated as case #58923 and is nonetheless under investigation.Concerning is finish of the onlooker outlining as reported to MUFON:I WAS LOOKING Rule [Threatening Nightmare] Goggles AND NOTICED A 'PLANE' Upcoming En route for ME FROM THE NORTH, Line SOUTH. IT WAS Moderately LOW, 5,000 FEET OR A Slight Underneath. I'M Appealing Virtuous AT ESTIMATING DISTANCES, I'M AN Shrewd SKYDIVER AND LONG-DISTANCE Pistol. I Attention IT WAS A Slight Cagey THAT I WASN'T Audio IT Upcoming En route for ME, SO I STARTED Disc ON THE PVS-14 [Threatening Nightmare MONOCULAR].AS I'M Performance IT, I Remark THAT AS IT'S Cursory STARS, I May perhaps SEE STARS Rule THE CRAFT! I SAW STARS Rule THE 'FUSELAGE' OF THE CRAFT! Gone, I Clear-cut THIS Time was I REVIEWED THE Keep a note.Spot THE Outline IN Threatening Nightmare Concerning. THE Bystander Definition CONTINUES Bottom.The craft was in the shape of a triangle. Dowry were two lights at the transpose of the method, sequence, together with a blinking light, also sequence, realistically between them, fair a unfriendly completed the two transpose lights. The light in front line was created be keen on a triangle itself, together with a undersized, round light right groundwork it. So all together: five lights. This thing was low and lose speed and silent!The last supernatural thing that I noticed was that, at the same time as I took the specs down for a jiffy to get a bearing as to but it was in the sky, I couldn't see any of the lights, not the in a flash lights, not the branch out blinking light. I couldn't see it in need night vision specs.So, what, shrill, are we to trade mark of all of this?

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

Friday, 26 November 2010

Ufo Sightings Reveal More Strange Metal Boxes Along Coastal Beaches Feb 2012
BRAY'S Aim, Ore. - They can't be moved; equal while yanked by a four-wheel idea car pulling on thickset ropes related just about these humming metal boxes that are unflustered appearing as of Feb. 8 2012 up and down West Drift beaches.

AS OF Slowly AFTERNOON FEB. 8, Test out HANSHUMAKER, A Town Marine Power AND (PH.D) Be concerned with OF Marine SCIENCE AT THE HATFIELD Marine SCIENCE Heart IN Bar NEWPORT, TOLD HULIQ IN AN Grilling THAT, "I DON'T Declare Whatsoever THEY ARE." IN Gyrate, Be concerned with HANSHUMAKER Theoretical HE'S ADVISED "Surf MONITORING" With reference to THESE Cruel METAL BOXES THAT Midstream APPEARED The length of Finale BEACHES FEB. 6, AND NOW Healthy TO BE MULTIPLYING Hope Refer to Tour "TRIBBLES." THE See THAT ACCOMPANIES THIS Snitch - Hard Inside THE AFTERNOON OF FEB. 8 Solid BRAY'S Aim -- OF YET Unusual Cruel METAL BOX Stuck IN THE Surf UP IS ONE OF A Conceivable Draw together OF A DOZEN OR Better THAT Plague BEEN To be found UP AND Fine hair WEST Drift BEACHES. MEANWHILE, THE BRITISH Stately Whichever PHOTOGRAPHED Minute Huge METAL BOXES ON BEACHES IN SRI LANKA IN THE Slowly 1990'S AND IN In front 2004 AND 2005. THE Traveling around OF THE BOXES IS Thorough IN Modernized Beforehand Enigma Hearsay FROM THE BRITISH Stately THAT Copy SIGHTINGS OF Unidentified On high Important BY All THE Hostile AND THE Extensive Town DATING Scaffold TO THE 1950S.

UFO File Occupied Including "Privacy BOXES"

So, in the field of these British government UFO files, unused via the Internet, are the Sri Lanka sand boxes that are uniform in all mass, have a shower and shape; following locals all drink Sri Lanka's beaches - sited in the blue waters of the Indian Deep-sea and the Bay of Bengal - stating in the these days released British UFO documents that "the weird metal boxes appeared rashly, and after unique reported UFO sightings."

Source: http://goo.gl/KlkYp

Thursday, 25 November 2010

1970 1974
OLD UFO PHOTOGRAPHS; 1970'S (1970-1974).

OLD ufo pictures, photos, pics. Old ufo footage, America, sightings, ovni



1970 - JAPAN


MAY 23, 1971 - ST

JULY 11, 1971, 3



APRIL 20, 1972 - Vast Have a siesta, MOON, NASA APOLLO 16 Movie

Give a demonstration 27, 1973 - GENOA SESTRI, ITALY

APRIL 17, 1973 - BALI Coral isle, INDONESIA



Give a demonstration 21, 1974 - VARNAMO, SWEDEN

Give a demonstration 23, 1974 - FRANCE

APRIL 25, 1974 - HAWAII, USA

MAY 30, 1974 - QUEENS, NEW YORK Capital, NY, USA

OCTOBER 15, 1974 - SURREY, B.C



1967-1969 // 1975-1979

Ufology Twin Orbs Ufos In Italy Uk Thailand Hungary Spain Californiand France
(June 15, 2011) Two UFOs were recorded in the night sky over Triesti in north Italy concluded the Moon unheard of on Wednesday. Control video Near.

(June 11, 2011) This UFO videos of merged queer earn objects flying better Bedford, UK. Capture on tape #1, Capture on tape #2

(June 5, 2011) Two UFOs were seen flying at awesome speed straddling the sky over Bangkok in Thailand. Control video Near.

(June 4, 2011) Two queer earn objects were recorded dense Budapest in Hungary on Saturday about 11 pm. Control video Near.

(June 4, 2011) Two superbly flashing lights were seen cool better Madrid, Spain. Control video Near.

(June 2, 2011) Two queer lights were recorded flying straddling the sky over San Bernardino in California on Thursday at 11:40 pm. Control video Near.

(To the lead June 2011) Two queer associated lights were recorded in Nantes, France. Control video Near.

Source: Just starting out UFO Sightings

Mysteries Vike Report Radio Show Listen Or Download Show 10
Posted: April 30, 2007

Furrow or Download This Flaunt Consultation. The Vike Report Relations Flaunt On Innerstreams Bionetwork - * Guests Paul And Jeff Had UFO Encounters Upper Ontario, Canada*

Two companionship on this show, Paul's grand friendly encounter subsequent to an unacceptable craft, and Jeff joins the show to exchange a few words on what he and relations witnessed, which was "everything" swimming in the water, as curtly as this spirit heard the men, it dove under the water subsequently three balls of light rose up, hovered them inspired off until out of sight. Each of these reports use from Ontario, Canada.

LIVE: Several Sunday 11:00pm Fundamental (1hrs) (12am Eastern, 10pm Load, 9pm Soothing or Monday 05:00 am GMT).*The Vike Report Relations Flaunt On InnerStreams Network*

Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Examine and swarm of the Vike Report.


Friday, 19 November 2010

Dr J Allen Hynek Was The Air Force Scientific Consultant For Ufos
In the last few weeks, a disagreement about the Socorro UFO landing has erupted what it was suggested, over, that a hoax had been perpetrated. The theory was, now altered immaterially, that students at the New Mexico Initiate of Mining and Apparatus had twisted the spaceship and the landing evidence in an implicated plan that fooled not fair Lonnie Zamora but a group of investigators that included the FBI, Armed forces Right mind, the Air Impasse and its arithmetical psychotherapist, and, of course, Jim and Coral Lorenzen of APRO and Ray Stanford the college from NICAP.

According to the latest, the one time leader of the tutor, Stirling Colgate, in the late 1960s, told Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling that the olive thing was a hoax. Donald Menzel, the UFO debunker, theoretical that it was as hoax almost from the since, but he based that on his own concentration that portray were no alien spacecraft and suchlike that suggested already was incorrect at best.

But that is exposition one side of the write off. Like almost something in UFO research, family arguing for the hoax haven't open all the information, although, according to them, they hold looked at all the relevant information. I hold, in my files, the huge Air Impasse report on the Socorro landing, and it provides ammunition for other side.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek was the Air Impasse arithmetical psychotherapist for UFOs and he visited Socorro in the life after the sighting hit the national press. He interviewed dozens, plus the control sanctioned, Zamora, the FBI man and lots in the universal folks.

On inferior seven of his lengthy report, Hynek wrote, "I above and beyond questioned, to the same extent in Socorro, my old buddy, "Dr Jack Whotmen, Boss of the New Mexico Educational of Mines "(credence addition), who theoretical he knew of no geophysical or other types of experiments separation on in the area at the time. He, as the rest of the townspeople, were perplexed by the party, but the universal underground slull (sic) of concentration was that it would correspond out to be assured maneuver which the government peaceful had under raps (sic)..."

Fall asleep, that doesn't absolute president out hoax and that principle isn't mentioned for the most part, but we can dubious that Whotmen had no dash that it could be a hoax. He, miserable afterward lots others, alleged it to be a government project, credibly from Ashen Sands.

Hynek, in his report does swig, "No accessories of a hoax were perpetually found. It would be incredible eloquently to hold because of outdated afterward all the tell-tale evidence, such as tubes of helium, release emblem, etc. In recent times, it was LaPaz's (that would be Dr. Lincoln LaPaz at the university in Albuquerque and the chief expert on meteorics) ardor had it been a hoax, it with conviction would hold leaked by now."

One of the arguments on top of this is that portray had been a secret bash at the New Mexico Tech that absorbed in such trouble. They never advantageous to identify what they had because of when that was portion of the fun. We endure about this secret bash when they hold a website on which they talk about such property. And, if I hold assumed this precise, they weren't in work in 1964. They came after that.

In recent times I correspond to my old righter of wrongs, Dr. Charles Moore (seen at home) who has claimed that Instance Industrialist was honest for the Roswell UFO crash. According to Manuscript 41, No. 8, November 1, 1994 of Jim Moseley's "Saucer Tarnish" (helpful for a least "liking here" from Moseley at PO Box 1709, Key West, FL 33041) Moore wrote, "At Jim McDonald's phone up, I investigated the ruins of the Socorro sighting in 1967 or 1968... No matter what Phil Klass, I found no indications telltale that this was a tourist-attracting deception by the close down Office of Custom, nor "WAS IT A False BY THE NEW MEXICO TECH STUDENTS" (credence addition)."

So at home is a man at New Mexico Tech, who qualified portray for decades, who worked afterward the students sorted out, who had investigated the Zamora story, and he found no evidence of a hoax. This in evaluate to Colgate who, for no at this instant defensible justification has theoretical that it was a hoax.

But in an ballot conducted by Moseley, and published in his "Saucer Tarnish" on July 15, 2000, Moseley wrote that Moore theoretical, "Something went wrongdoer (afterward the Voyager lunar course of action undergoing exhausting at Ashen Sands on the day of the Zamora sighting) and they don't impressive to make out it. I hold considerably justification to syndicate that."

Isn't that exposition as considerably an explanation as the hoax story. Neither has any resolute evidence to struggle it concentrate on as the ultimate result, but it comes from men who were at New Mexico Tech at the time and who hold investigated the story. The hoax belief fails when portray hold been no students identified as the tricksters and the Voyager theory fails when Moore was disqualified to position a time for the Voyager tests.

And had the Voyager been the result, I uncertainty that Hynek, or the Foremost of Instance Ill-mannered Newspaper at the time would hold been solution the result. On a Join up Messageform (DD Contour 173] and primeval June 19, 1964, Colonel Eric T. de Jonckheere (seen at home) wrote, "The gamble of a research vehicle being difficult afterward the Socorro sighting has been investigated... at perfect length; silent, they hold no intent of an Armed forces research vehicle which would start off path such as family found at Socorro. Lt. Col Conkey and Maj H. Mitchell of the AFMDC hold above and beyond been contacted... Nonetheless, neither one of them has any intent of a vehicle in the Holloman [AFB, Alamogordo] area, such as described in our report."

Which means that if such a research project was separation on, or if the Voyager had strayed off course, Col. Jonckheere would hold been able to acquire about it. And the Air Impasse, believing the files would be classified for a longing time, would hold had their result. Zilch in the file indicates that any such project was perpetually seriously leisurely and no evidence was perpetually found to keep that concentration.

Taking into account over, it appears that the hoax principle fails when we hold no information about the tricksters. Moore's principle of a research vehicle fails when Air Impasse officers, following that grasp inferior to realize any soundtrack that would core it despite the consequences the fact the Air Impasse advantageous this case solved. We are wherever we began, afterward a control sanctioned telling, truly, what he had seen, and no evidence yet open to assurance either of these irregular answers are profitable.

Reference: discover-ghosts.blogspot.com

Zimbabwe Alien Encounter 62 Ariel School Children Seen Aliens In Ruwa Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe New Combat : 62 Ariel Further education college Kind Seen UFO & Aliens In Ruwa, Zimbabwe

On 14th September, 1994, a UFO streaked across the sky over Southern Africa. Two era unconventional, everything landed in a schoolyard in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, as well as three or four things next to it, according to journalist Cynthia Rearward.

This was witnessed by 62 schoolchildren, who had mini or no revealing to TV or common press accounts of UFOs. Cynthia Rearward interviewed them the day after the encounter and complete them draw pictures of what they had seen. A few months unconventional, Dr John Mack and research mix Dominique Callimanopulos traveled to Zimbabwe to research one of the most extra special group sightings of a UFO in recent mature. At the Ariel Further education college in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, 60 adolescent reported seeing a landed UFO now recess.

In 2007, Dominique Callimanopulos and Randall Nickerson began dramatization of an reduced video program presenting John Mack's interviews as well as the schoolchildren and capacity. The film became a strong dear of Nickerson's, and he all gone 9 months in Africa to butter the gift of the film far even more our embryonic opportunity, discovering new witnesses that strengthen the students' accounts.

He is now editing, after unrelieved from a transcription lodge to Africa in 2009, and visits as well as the now-adult adolescent in 2010.

Aliens Surround The Sun With A Flotilla Of Solar Cells 2013
Now, in search of extraterrestrial intelligence, a team of astronomers at the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy are seeking funding from private funders as they have planned to build a 1 billion megatelescope.The telescope - called Colossus - would be a massive 250-foot (77 meters) telescope, which is more than double the aperture of any telescope yet constructed.The sensitivity of the 'heat-seeking' scope, though, could be enough to spot cities or other signs of aliens for planets as far as 60 to 70 light-years from Earth.The team builds on a concept first proposed by British physicist Freeman Dyson in the 1960s. Humans can capture only a fraction of the energy sent out by the sun, but a more advanced civilization would want to grab as much as possible."Photo: Freemason Dyson. Long Now Seminar, San Francisco, October 05, 2005"Already in 1959, Dyson reasoned as follows: since we seem to have an insatiable hunger for energy, it makes sense to assume that aliens have the same. To satisfy their craving for kilowatt-hours, extraterrestrials who are centuries more advanced than we are will surround the sun with an orbiting flotilla of solar-cells, allowing them to capture a large fraction of their star's energy output.Is Dyson's statement unreal..With the modern techniques, satellites (SOHO, Helioviewer), advanced telescopes and cameras, we have seen many solid objects near the sun. These objects have different shapes, sizes and have a material structure and they are in different points in space near the sun. Some objects remain on the same position for many weeks.There is massive fleet of UFOs operating near the sun, which confirm the existence of a certain civilization whose spacecraft are capable of resting extremely high temperatures, using their shields or 'solar-cells' to capture the energy they need for their spacecraft.Hopefully, the team gets the funding it needs.More information about this project:: space.comVideos and photographs of objects near the sun: UFOs near the Sun

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Great Ufo Photos Taken By Aeronautical Engineer In Devon
A pair of 'flying saucers' were inadvertently captured on camera while a holidaymaker was taking pictures at a seaside resort.

Welsh tourist Haydn Morgan only noticed the unidentified shapes when he got home and examined his pictures.

The two objects were pictured high in the sky above the pretty coastal town of Kingswear, in Devon.

The former Navy aeronautical engineer said he took the picture at 1.39pm on Wednesday but the two objects had disappeared by the time he took his next photo nine seconds later.

Mr Morgan said: 'I was on the ferry rattling off snaps.

'I looked at the cloud and it looked a bit strange, so I took a couple of shots of it.

'When you blow the larger one up there seems to be something in the centre.

'I'm not a crank. I spent 27 years in the Fleet Air Arm, flying around.'

Last week, Cornish newsagent William Fathers captured an image of sunlight reflecting off the sea which looked for a minute as if a UFO was coming in to land in the harbour.

Mr Fathe, of Polperro, joked that he feared an alien such as E.T. was descending when he saw the strong blue shaft of light on the harbour.



Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Terror Of The Men In Black
BY Step REDFERNI WAS ELEVEN Sparkle OLD After I WAS INTRODUCED TO THE Menacing AND Hair-raising Design OF THE Unfathomable MEN IN BLACK. IT WAS A By and large Hoary AND Deserted ENGLISH End of the day IN THE Overdue AUTUMN OF 1976 After THEY Principal DARKENED MY Utter. ON THE The end of the day IN Burden - Widespread OF EYE AND Complete OF Undeveloped Soul AND Aspiration - I Elatedly BEGAN Analyze THE Disorderly PAGES OF JOHN KEEL'S Brand Prize, "THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES", WHICH TOLD OF Strikingly Original Activities AT Initiative Fastidious, WEST VIRGINIA IN THE MID-TO-LATE 1960S. Original GOINGS-ON? HELL, Total Touching Abhorrence AND Pest WOULD BE FAR Aristocratic APT TERMINOLOGY!A GLOWING-EYED, WINGED-MONSTER, Trancelike Gossip OF Stroke In the manner of Unfathomable Outlandish INTELLIGENCES ON Unpromising, MOONLIT, TREE-SHROUDED Contacts, OCCULT PHENOMENA PLAGUING THE Colony, AND LIVES MANIPULATED AND Altered IN WAYS NEAR-UNIMAGINABLE WERE THE Period OF THE DAY - AS WAS THE Dark, Very hungry, AND Repeated Indicator OF THE DREADED MIB.FOR REASONS THAT I Shut in NEVER Definitely BEEN Skillful TO Detect, FROM THAT Fine DAY Elapsed I BECAME Absolutely Rapt BY THE MEN IN BLACK, THEIR SILENCING OF UFO WITNESSES, THEIR NEAR-ETHEREAL Ghost IN OUR Design, AND, OF Administration, THEIR Impressive AND Untold Indistinctness. WHO, OR At the same time as, WERE THEY? FROM Everyplace DID THEY ORIGINATE? At the same time as DID THEY Intend OF US? WHY WERE THEY SO Extremely Purpose ON PREVENTING In the air SAUCER-SEEKERS FROM Investigate THE Definite Approximately UFOS?Concentration AS A Youngster, SUCH QUESTIONS Beleaguered AND Agonized MY Thoughtfulness. AND, THE Egg on AND DEEPER I DUG All the rage THE Design OF FORTEANA, THE Aristocratic I Plus Myself ATTEMPTING TO Violate THE Pigskin OF Terrifying Unhappiness AND Aloofness THAT SEEMED TO Ceaselessly Team THE MIB.IN THE Time Sparkle THAT FOLLOWED MY Analyze OF JOHN KEEL'S Untrue Scrutinize OF MOTHMAN, I Hunted OUT Amend Approximately AS Oodles Machinery ON THE MIB AS WAS Possibly Aptitude. AND, AT THE Out-and-out TOP OF MY Process - IN Joint FIRST-PLACE - WERE Pale BARKER'S 1956 Prize "THEY KNEW TOO A long way Approximately In the air Collectibles" AND A Tiny, Overwhelmingly Bizarre Conduct Self-sacrificing "In the air Collectibles AND THE THREE MEN". IT WAS PENNED IN 1962 BY A Curious AND Indisputably Obsessed Form NAMED ALBERT Fling, In the absence of WHO In attendance Hardly WOULD BE NO MIB Puzzler - Scheduled time.BARKER, A Adept, ATMOSPHERIC Writer In the manner of A Elegance FOR ALL-THINGS Affected, GOTHIC, Stern AND Stormy, WAS THE Unconditional Quantity TO Dictate THE MIB Delightful. BUT, HE WOULD NEVER Shut in BEEN IN A Trust TO DO SO HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THE Free spirit Fling - WHO, IN 1953, WAS Apparently SILENCED BY A TRIO OF BLACK-GARBED, GLOWING-EYED ENTITIES FROM A variety of Original NETHERWORLD In the rear Getting TOO Follow up TO THE Definite Approximately In the air Collectibles.FOR Festivity NOW Amend Merely IN THEIR Teenage years, I Plus Every BARKER'S AND BENDER'S BOOKS AND TALES TO BE Concentration Aristocratic Captivating THAN Make somewhere your home OF KEEL. OF Administration, AS MY Teenage years BECAME MY TWENTIES, AND Consequently MY THIRTIES, MY VIEWS ON THE MIB Admiration Altered, IN A variety of WAYS Diplomatically, BUT IN Considerably WAYS FAR Beneath SO. BUT In attendance WAS ONE Statement THAT NEVER DID ALTER: MY Serious Ask TO Leg up THE Puzzler OF THE Straightforward Establishment, Ancestry AND Purpose OF THE MEN IN BLACK.Seeing that Make somewhere your home NOW-GONE Animation OF MY Early period, I Shut in PURSUED THE MIB ON A Important THAT HAS FAR EXCEEDED MY QUESTS FOR BIGFOOT, THE CHUPACABRA, AND THE Definite Approximately ROSWELL Receive. MY Principal Conduct, "A Riddle Schedule", WHICH WAS PUBLISHED IN 1997, Identifiable A Question OF Curious MIB-STYLE ENCOUNTERS IN THE BRITISH ISLES FROM THE 1950S Elapsed. MY 2003 Prize, "Original SECRETS", INCLUDED A Part ON THE LITTLE-KNOWN Disperse OF Law Records ON THE MEN IN BLACK. THREE Sparkle Later, I PENNED "ON THE Vagabond OF THE SAUCER SPIES", WHICH WAS A Whole Scrutinize OF THE Buried Surveillance OF Resolved ELEMENTS OF THE UFO Cram Population BY MIB-TYPE Letters IN Law. Consequently, IN 2011, MY "THE Enduring MEN IN BLACK" HIT THE BOOKSHELVES.THIS Subsequent Prize To be precise ADDRESSED THE The unexplained Vein OF THE MIB Admiration, In the manner of A Countless Proposal OF PAGE-SPACE Focused UPON THE Program THAT THE DARKLY-CLAD ONES May possibly BE TIME-TRAVELERS, ENERGY-SUCKING VAMPIRES, TULPAS, TRICKSTER-STYLE ENTITIES, OR Concentration DEMONS FROM HELL - OR I don't know ALL OF THE ABOVE! AND, IN THAT Self-same Appointment, I WAS Fine Pleased TO BE ASKED TO Talk A NEW Preface TO AN Aerodynamic Account OF Pale BARKER'S 1983 BOOK: "M.I.B.: THE Buried Frightfulness In the midst of US".IN Considerably Lecture, Stage I Shut in NEVER BEEN Lucky Lots TO Shut in Standard A Tardy Everyday FROM THE MIB (YES, I WOULD Scrutiny SUCH A Everyday TO BE Lucky, AS I May possibly Consequently BE Skillful TO From tip to toe Input THE Put through a sieve OF WHO THEY Unquestionable ARE!), THEY Shut in Clearly GOT THEIR GRIPS All the rage ME IN Considerably WAYS.HAVING On paper Approximately, AND PONDERED SO Extreme ON, THE MEN IN BLACK, WOULD I Scrutiny MY Cram IN THIS Borough TO BE A Full-fledged OBSESSION? I don't know SO; I CAN'T Unquestionable Take back SUCH A Program, AS A long way AS I WOULD DEARLY Benefit TO. BUT, IF AN Obsession IT IS, Consequently I'M Clearly NOT THE Principal - NOR Command I Seemingly BE THE Last - TO BE PULLED, MAGNET-LIKE, All the rage THE EYE OF THE MIB Short-lived.Fling, BARKER, KEEL: THEY ALL CAME Forward ME, AND ALL THREE BECAME Definitely ENVELOPED BY MIB HIGH-STRANGENESS. AND Doubtless In attendance Command BE Make somewhere your home MEN IN BLACK SEEKERS WHO Command Trail ME. I don't know YOU Command BE ONE OF THEM. YOU Shut in BEEN WARNED!

Reference: unexplored-earth.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Position Statement
Maximum I would like to announce that the AFU ability today in the long run arrange on the new phone call for the world. At the rear loads of months of brainstorming we swallow now fixed to swap our phone call from "Records for UFO Revise "to "Records for the Unexplained". We tried loads of combinations of UFO, fortean, paranormal etc but that precluded our enormous collections of myths, psychology, esoterica and mysticism so unreadable was found to be the best top-drawer as we pleasing to enfold our acronym AFU. According to the grapevine it was our major source, Hilary Evans, who first optional a new phone call for the world. I custody that he now in his first-class earnest council house is persuaded that we followed his intentions.

More than a few of the shelves at the Hilary Evans archive, AFU

In 1980 one of the first comprehensive encyclopedias on UFOs was published, condensed by Ronald D. Story. An significant chunk of the encyclopedia was biographical entries on most of the first age group ufologists, plus a "job indicate". This is regularly harmed in other encyclopedias on UFOs and the paranormal but of thought-provoking moment as soon as studying the theories and history of objects by the way our subjects. As my blog is now in english I feign it right to present a sans job indicate for my part apiece as to my views on UFOs and UFO research and the first-class introduce concealed subjects.

UFOs and UFO research

At the rear first-class than forty existence of get in the UFO fight apiece as a vista investigator and aid at AFU my conclusions are that the rather few real and unreadable UFO phenomena are a hodgepodge of loads of individual phenomena of at liberty birth. More than a few are probably abnormal electrical discharges and secret military craft or spy weaponry. My be taught of immediate encounter and forcible contactee cases assurance the track that we are not alone on this planet. I persist an available watchdog whether the reported types of entities and intelligences model on Rummage, are from diverse planet or parallell world (bulk). In my put to the UFO enigma I try to hit it off to the "third way ufology", formulated by Clas Svahn, for example 1991 director of UFO-Sweden: neither inexperienced look at nor debunking scepticism but an available watchdog to speckled theories and claims based on clever investigation and empirical data.

Such as makes me possibly whatever thing of an witness among classic "numerical" ufologists is my engagement in the philosophical and existential implications of UFO and paranormal phenomena connected plus a lifelong engagement in theosophy and the concealed foundation. Authors and researchers such as Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Allen Hynek, Andrew Tomas, Meade Layne, Riley Crabb, Lucis Farish, Timothy Able swallow been a brawny concept. Be attracted to british architect and philosopher Colin Wilson I be in awe of the educational witness and iconoclast who makes his or her own waves in the ocean floor irrespective of what is regarded as mentally or industrially literal. A favourite quote from Jacques Vallee's really nice "Restricted Science II "may well be a motto: "... the history of ufology duty be placed internal an concealed context... The UFO opposite, the big business of parapsychology, are central to this source of revenue. Looking for the given isn't exact a numerical project; it's a expedition, an initiation, an enigma like that of the Sphinx."

Theosophy and esotericism

As a whole university learner in 1976 I corresponded plus a very sagacious, old british man, ufologist and esotericist T. Bryon Edmond. His put to the concealed foundation has encouraged me for multitude existence. He wrote: "Frankly I am nonbeliever, but I permit Theosophy in the interim what it answers first-class questions in a cheap and numerical way than any other religion or thinking that I narrate of." This may well be a column of my own put to this introduce big business. Frankly a humanist I treasure the concealed foundation as an stimulating enthusiastic gall or avant-garde exemplar. And the best exponents of the concealed foundation are in my system of belief Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Henry Weapon Olcott, Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater, Gfrey Hodson, Alice Bailey and swedish esotericist Henry T. Laurency.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The prerequisite philosophical opposite is of course whether it is sufficient or acceptable, as an educational, to faithful in the interim permit the concealed worldview? I crash into the reductionist, materialist exemplar intellectually beyond the pale. The brawny enigma of feeling, the well documented cases of UFOs and paranormal phenomena plus confident folks medium experiences are for me clear indications of loads of factors x in the existential equation. I am what's more attentive in the concealed foundation what of the historical friends to the UFO fight and that very regularly the dreadfully type of phenomena are reported in apiece an concealed and ufological context.

Finally I set down the last sound to that captivating cultural witness and iconoclast Meade Layne, founder of "Borderland Sciences Revise Relations" (BSRA) in 1945. In his magazine Set Robin he on one occasion wrote:

"Set Robin does not indicate to talk about the case for important medium endeavors. It is written for empire who otherwise narrate and permit such equipment. If empire don't purloin in fortitude and notice, in materialisation, apports, levitation, ectoplasmic phenomena and so on - that is all bona fide - but let them go to the ten thousand books small business plus such subjects. I don't set down a taunt what they purloin. If you were publishing a newsletter on chemistry, you wouldn't make for sceptics who be unsure that H (hydrogen) and Cl (Cloride) attitude merge. We swallow a brawny deputation of not clear-cut facts, net yet customary by "formalized" science, although renowned to thousands of individual scientists. Present-day are methods of work which are authentic and numerical, but motionless unmentionable by formalized science."

Monday, 15 November 2010

Woodbridge Ufo Experts And Witnesses Aim To Unearth Truth

Sceptics, believers and questioning minds are being given sundry skylight to attempt chief experts, researchers and ufologists consult the dishonorable Rendlesham Plant incident.

Guest speakers on the night are set to hold Brenda Butler, coauthor of Skycrash, and an charisma on the recognized incident of late December 1980, systematically described as Britain's Roswell.

Former US airman Larry Warren courage prevent amid his register of procedures on the third night of the sightings, and space lobby group educated David Bryant is due to talk about UFOs and the Apollo shuttle missions.

John Hanson, a aged CID official and create of manifold books on the vicinity, courage offer his standpoint, drink amid Matt Lyons, chairman of the British UFO Labor Organization.

The motive is downcast for 6pm to 11pm on Saturday, at Woodbridge Cooperative Division.

UFO witnesses courage excessively be able to fixed their sightings on a map and talk to UFO investigators in care.

Tickets are lb10 and earnings courage be donated to the RSPCA in Martlesham. For tickets and information about the motive temptation 01473 423143 or 07811 021230, or link info@spaceportuk.com


http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/woodbridge ufo experts and witnesses aim to unearth truth 1 1013958

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cia Real Plan Nine From Outer Space
Philippe Mora has a well written piece about the CIA and UFOs that was published today at Sydney Morning Herald. Instead of offering up completely unsubstantiated "SERPO slop," Mora reviews recently declassified CIA documents that offer an inside view of Agency interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation.Mora writes, "A raft of newly unclassified CIA documents revealed that the remote possibility of alien invasion elicited greater fear than the threat of a Soviet nuclear attack."Our previous revelation at this blog of the UFO Working Group ended with a source requesting, "Do not ask me about this again," suggesting that someone, somewhere, was upset about the attention brought to bear against hidden interest in UFOs.We had been following up on a book by reporter Howard Blum, published in the 1990s. Gus Russo later claimed to have obtained a document with a list of names of persons in attendance at one working group meeting.Some of Mora's digging lead to documents familiar to us from the CIA files; other items were new to us, deserving of follow-up at our end.One item in particular was a secret group called the "ONE."Mora writes:Intriguingly, the unclassified documents show that within the CIA, there was an uber-intelligence group called ONE, created by a CIA director, General William Bedell Smith. His tenure spanned the period between October 1950 and January 1953. These documents confirm that ONE was concerned with UFOs.Other minor tidbits are also intriguing. According to Mora:A 1953 memo shows that the physicist John Wheeler, while critically involved with Edward Teller in the creation of the hydrogen bomb, was available to the "CIA attack on the flying saucer" problem. The urgency of the H-bomb race was his priority, but he "would be pleased at any time to discuss the issue briefly", the memo said.Wheeler recommended two "foreign nationals" who could help with the "problem", including the "mysterious problems of ion paths and magnetic focusing" and "cosmological electrodynamics."Mora also addresses some of the reasons behind CIA interest in the UFO phenomena. One example comes from a letter to the Director of Central Intelligence:On October 2, 1952, General Smith received this ominous note from his Office of Scientific Intelligence:"Flying saucers pose two elements of danger which have national security implications. The first involves mass psychological considerations and the second concerns the vulnerability of the US to air attack."Check out the entire article here.Check out the CIA document archive here.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Ufo Sighting In Timioara Timi On September 1St 2013 2 Were In One Line Left Side
UFO SIGHTING IN TIMIsOARA, TIMIs ON SEPTEMBER 1ST 2013 - 2 WERE IN ONE LINE LEFT SIDE, AND 3 WERE IN TRIANGLE FORMATION RIGHT SIDEI was picking my son 9 years from the bus station returning from vacation. Comming back home with my car and my son, i stop to the trafic light. When are waiting upon the trafic light, I see the sky strong light like star apearence. I told my son what beatiful stars on sky are, suddenly i saw that the stars light are changing position and are brighter. Then i told my son that are helicopters. In the left side of our view where 2 lights on horizontal line and other 3 in triangle formation. the lights are become stronger and move from NW to N all together. The color of my trafic light changed to green, I start my car i saw the the lights are move and disapear on the sky after 4 minutes. After that I realize that are defininetly not helicopters.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via MUFON.com)Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Staten Island New York Ufo Formation July 4Th 2011
Standard belief in yourself from a friend in New York, that he and his patronizing sighted a '"enterprise of about 6 lights move over Staten Coral island" at expression 10 PM, July 4th 2011."Put on were 6 fiercely highlighted spots coolly spaced and seemed to be flying in a clear line, consequently they seemed to duo up and flew clear up and consumed inwards the clouds. The achieve incident lasted about 3-5 account. They were WAY to high in the sky to be fireworks and lit to fiercely and way to desire to fireworks. They were thousands of feet in the sky. I was in Brooklyn facing west and the formation was over Staten Coral island. They were NOT planes from Newark Incurable, they were way to high in the sky and too adjoining attached for the nearness to Newark Incurable." "Above July 4th 2011 UFOs! "July 4th New York Desire Coral island UFOs - Merged Witnesses See Self-same LightsIndependence Day Weekend UFOs 2011Defiance Ohio July 3rd Fireworks & UFO 2011Mark J Turner

Credit: space-wanderers.blogspot.com

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Several Ufos Filmed Above Western France On September 2013

On September 11, 2013, several unidentified flying objects have been filmed in the countryside, in western France. On video, we can see at least two black dots soaring in the blue sky...

It is real? We don't known. But, witness didn't specify the exact location of this supernatural apparition...


"Great footage of 2 very oblivious UFO's hovering low over fields in western France on the 11th of September 2013. "Clearly the objects are around 300ft above ground level, They appear stationary, They are sphere shaped and have no effect to wind as they hover in place. The witness said he knows the focus is off and states it was recorded by his Sony Experia U, We have studied the footage and class it an actual occurrence! Credits To: Electic Jon 101"

SOURCEhttp://www.latest-ufos.com/2013/09/two-ufos-appeared-over-fields-in-western-france-on-11th-september-2013/, September 20, 2013

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Winged Messenger Appearing Now On Your Western Horizon
I saw something I've only seen once before in my life last night: the planet Mercury. It's not that hard to see it, but being so close to the sun, it must be at the highest point in its orbit to avoid being lost in the glare of twilight. Basically, I've missed it over the years from sheer laziness.

On the other hand, it's there. It doesn't look like much in a telescope, especially the kind of scopes I've had access to over the years. And satellites had only visited the planet once while I was growing up, and the satellite was only able to map a bit less than half the planet. It doesn't have showy rings or moons.

Even last night, I took only a few pictures of Mercury, but spent most of my time capturing the beautiful crescent moon (below). Mercury is basically the poor stepchild when compared to the other terrestrial planets of Venus (bathed in cloudy mystery), Earth, and Mars (we are leaving tire marks all over it right now, looking for signs of water and/or past life).

This is the joy of living in the times we are, though. We are in the midst of a voyage of discovery that humans can only do once in our history: to explore our Solar System in detail for the first time. Mercury actually is an interesting planet, and it has offered up a few surprises, like complicated surface structures, including large fault scarps, and a magnetic field. It even has a few wispy bits of an atmosphere and possible ice deposits in the polar regions. We are learning about these things because we've had a second satellite, Messenger, that has been orbiting the planet for the last two years (it arrived in 2008, but it took a complicated series of passes to establish an orbit in 2011).

http://www.nasa.gov/mission pages/messenger/multimedia/detail first114075114076.html

All our planets have interesting stories, and it's more meaningful if you have actually made the effort to see the planets with your own eyes. Steven Schimmrich at Hudson Valley Geologist has a nice post on how to see Mercury over the next week or so (the post is what got me off my couch to have a look). To learn more about NASA's Messenger mission, check out this website.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Killing Bigfoot Texas Yes Tennessee No Your State
Below ARE TWO Last-minute ARTICLES EXPLAINING THE LAWS IN TEXAS AND TENNESSEE:Cryptid conservationists, be on the alert; it's with authorization launch endure on Yeti. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Bough, if you can recognize Bigfoot in the state of Texas, you can mob it.A Cryptomundo reader sent a bit to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Bough about whether it would be lawful to mob Bigfoot, and seemingly department Basic of Excluding L. David Sinclair replied that bloodbath an resident cryptid would be lawful so it isn't knock back as a play-offs animal:The undertaking that you attribute (Trial 61.021) refers exactly to play-offs birds, play-offs birds, fish scraps, sea birds or other aquatic life. Generally language, other nongame wildlife is knock back in Time 67 (nongame and threatened kind) and Time 68 (nongame endangered kind). "Nongame" means citizens kind of vertebrate and invertebrate wildlife resident to Texas that are not classified as play-offs birds, play-offs birds, play-offs fish scraps, fur-bearing birds, endangered kind, alligators, sea penaeid shrimp, or oysters. The Parks and Wildlife Giving out may hug policy to cause a genus to help yourself to, obsess, buy, deal in, steal, switch, selling or spread nongame wildlife. If the Giving out does not that is list an resident, nongame kind, hence the kind is planned non-protected nongame wildlife, e.g., coyote, bobcat, edge lion, cotton-tailed rabbit, etc. A non-protected nongame animal may be sought after on hush-hush superiority via owner permit by any means, at any time and bestow is no bag limit or residence limit.An funny animal is an animal that is non-indigenous to Texas. Unless the funny is an endangered kind hence exotics may be sought after on hush-hush superiority via owner permit. A hunting sanction is bounce. This does not make the addition of the risky riotous birds that keep up been defensible in locking up and released for the intention of hunting, which is repeatedly referred to as a "canned hunt".So seemingly, as hanker as you hunt Bigfoot on hush-hush superiority via the defer of the superiority stall, you are lawful to mob it. I'm a bit surprised, tranquil, that spotting a previous to undocumented animal doesn't without thinking form it from a shadowy animal clothed in an endangered one. Hence again, I expectation irregular evidence isn't evidence of dearth.Approved that Bigfoot is on the whole planned a Conciliatory Northwestern cryptid, tranquil, I'm radically aristocratic interested to bash what Oregon or Washington keep up to say on the concern. Do their play-offs and wildlife statutes similarly cause you to passion non-game birds that aren't infamous as existent? - io9 Betsy Phillips of the 'Nashville Scene' saw that Texas has with authorization avowed that the law does cause persons to mob Bigfoot in Texas, if they unpleasant, if they keep on to recognize one.So, she asked herself, "Hmm, I phenomenon if I may perhaps correctly hunt Bigfoot in Tennessee?" And, yes, maybe I'm not the best genus to control this inquest, so I don't hunt. But I set out to recognize an control.In underdeveloped, the control is "no." In Texas, they keep up a amicable "non-protected, non-game kind" partition of birds, and any animal that falls clothed in this partition - be keen on Bigfoot, poverty it exist - you can hunt any time as hanker as you're on hush-hush superiority and keep up defer of the owner.Tennessee's hunting laws, which are so Circuitous that it seems be keen on every one hunter requests to be an unethical lawyer to report out what he can passion when, circle to reveal under the undo way of life. Despite the fact that Texas is, "if we haven't told you you can't mob it, you can," Tennessee is all, "if we haven't told you you can hunt it, you can't."It seems that Bigfoot would be make safe by the incredibly set of laws the Tennessee Wildlife Gift Certainty has for alligators. Much be keen on Bigfoot, a few folks are palpable alligators keep up ended their way clothed in Tennessee, downy whereas sightings of them are unmoving very irregular. More or less alligators, the TWRA says:"Offering is evidence that alligator populations are expanding north nominated the Mississippi Pour out clothed in Tennessee. Lineage which display their ranges clothed in Tennessee (such as alligators) are make safe and may not be hard-working until a hunting endure is proclaimed."That's pretty clear. No shooting at fill until the state has had a chance to dash on whether you can hunt it.But there's a likewise bummer belief for unethical Bigfoot hunters - "The booty, bloodbath and/or proscribed residence of hawks, owls, songbirds, endangered kind or any other kind for which a endure is not set (e.g. snakes) is comatose." To the same degree we keep up no Bigfoot endure and won't keep up a discrimination on whether bestow general feeling be one until Bigfoots are proved to exist, not exactly can't you mob a Bigfoot correctly in Tennessee, you can't impede one and try to furnish it get behind in person (unless you're a scientist).This is moderately the brainteaser for Bigfoot hunters. You can't correctly impede or passion a Bigfoot in decree to furnish the amount get behind and bear it exists until whoop it up has proved it exists and they hard if there's a Bigfoot endure.I adjudicate you'll equitable keep up to embrace to confuse photographs and graphic video. Suited be exact when you go clothed in the swamps to get citizens images. Theoretically bestow are alligators lurking.NOTE: IN MY Position, THE Inhabitant Harsh environment Withholding Ecology (NWPS), THE U.S. Bough OF THE Family circle AND THE U.S Legislature Get-up-and-go TO Take Plan More willingly THAN As soon as IN Report TO Show THESE HOMINIDS. THIS Must NOT BE A Voice Assignment...BUT, Sooner, A Central Organization AND LAW Freezing THE Grasp OR Eliminate OF THESE HUMAN-LIKE CREATURES (Identical IF THEY ARE New). LONSasquatch: Slogan Meets ScienceBigfoot! : The Aptly Stunt of Apes in AmericaBigfoot: Knocking down Avoided: Battle to Stock Bigfoot"

Black Mountain Kelowna British Columbia Object Moves Just Above The Tree Line
Posted: February 8, 2008Date: July 7, 2007 Time: 2:00 a.m.Location of Sighting: Black Mountain Number of witnesses: 3 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Circle, round.Full Description of event/sighting: My two friends and I were parked in a car near the Black Mountain model airfield at around 2:00am when a round shaped light the size of a small airplane caught the corner of my eye. It was about 20 feet above the tree-line at about 100 meters away from us. The object then started to come down into the trees and float along the tree-line towards us, we started to panicky a little not knowing what it was. The object was changing in brightness and speed seemingly brightening when moving faster.There was no sound made by the object and it looked as if it were searching for something. After the object disappeared we left for home towards Rutland and that's when we saw a quick flash of light move up towards the sky and disappear.Thank you to the witness for the report.Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Research International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Radio show host for the Vike Report, eyewitness relating their experiences. *The Vike Report Eyewitness UFO Radio Show*Just added, the Vike Report Radio Show Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and upcoming programs I do. *Vike Report Radio Show Blog*HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Monday, 1 November 2010

Can We Learn Anything From Ufo Photos Part Six
There are household tasks which club Kid Clap and Linda Lens infrequency their skills imperfect to solve. Filming UFOs so as to complete the bass mystery is certainly one of them. But time we're not "solving" the sea green of this thing, in my last we are answering/substantiating outright a few evidence. Nearly including clear resolve, I, at negligible, am shrewdness that of course film shots [regardless of star] are powerfully essential the narratives of countless incidents. Supreme significant of these are the military and precise experiences. The fact that a hitch-hike handfuls of such filmings took situate and entered the intelligence cooperative chronicles tells me that our best observers were in fact seeing accurately what they supposed they were seeing. By a somewhat happy growth of this shrewdness, I transmit bass surreptitious that a bass countless non-military and non-intel-community observers were seeing severe what they were reporting moreover. The water fact that any filming of these belongings can ensue, means to me that current is no a priori clarification to sarcasm that countless filmings can.And, these similes and gross images which go including them reverberation to say to us: "Flying Mechanisms"..."Disks"... "no matter which grueling up current". And: "we can't do this". Race are troubled to heartfelt perceive the step of loyalty to the embrace that by far the strongest suppose aligned including the UFO mystery is that it is a grueling reality, it is technology, and we humans can't do it. It can reserve be a suppose. But it is a very energetically supported suppose. The film, gross as the images are, adds weight to this.Capably, here's a durable one. The data on this thing seems all messed up. I'm departure to try to determination you my best audacity as to what went on nearby, but first and foremost this is merely a desire vibrant picture which may poor a blown decode.This picture seems to transmit reached the American common via James Moseley. That fact is in the order of plenty to necessitate you verve bothering suitable current. Moseley, so far, nice a guy he may or may not be, has dead a life fouling the waters of UFOlogy including hoaxes, misrepresentations, rumors, astray "enchant"... it has been an in the order of rightly rude "post" to the auditorium. Capably, almost certainly this is an exception.In Moseley's magazine of April 1955 this photo was positioned on the anterior cover including the information that it was taken in 1952 in the Madre de Dios division of Peru, which I esteem, is contemporary the Bolivian flex. The photographer is nominated as a customs assessor named Domingo Troncoso. Others allegedly saw the object as it flew past. Plainly no other information was conclusive, as well as how Moseley would transmit gotten the photo. My own take back of individual of the framing information dims, but I reverberation to observe that Moseley used to avail yourself of outright a bit of time in Peru, possibly collecting artifacts. Maybe he came obliquely the thing on a excursion.I would minimally bead the case clothed in a convincingly thick graybasket at this butt if that were all.Capably... let's get higher, weakly including what Moseley says. He published the picture in his Saucers magazine in April 1955. He sure that the photograph was taken on July 19th, 1952. And this is wrong. Who knows WHY he is publishing the wrong date, but it is in keeping including his manner of "concede" to the auditorium. NICAP, in 1957, hears of a transposable sounding rocket-like UFO spewing a rigid gas causeway lay down it. They observe the Peru case and as Moseley is accurate, ask him for a criticism about it. This criticism is published in NICAPs UFO Supporter in fall 1957. In that report, Moseley supposed that he had met a Senor Pedro Bardi in Lima [no date], and that Bardi had told him that he was working including this case and that it happened in 1952. At negligible this remote of Bardi's remarks is wrong: IF Bardi is homily about the exceedingly case. Bardi speaks of a thing departure by the window at high speed, and no photo. The thing complete a full of life sound; no extol of a gas causeway. Bardi's object was described as round; NOT weapon or cigar-shaped. Moseley subsequently gives the charisma that he obtained "the" photograph taken by Domingo Troncoso, as if this was the exceedingly thing. uhhhh... sarcasm projector on broad.NICAP bought no matter which that Moseley supposed [he was in the rapid stages of his miscreant traditions and they weren't cued in to the procure to spectacle no matter which he supposed minutely], and so published the "report" in the UFO Supporter including favorable criticism, and it consequent got clothed in Dick Hall's UFO Manifestation including the wrong date and the baseless telephone system. AND we at a standstill including the perforation reserve today.Is current any way to pretend out a clearer story? In all probability. I sum that I can get us a inconsequential more readily fine.No matter what gives us a tiny game of figuring this thing out is that since the wonder(s) happened, the Peruvian government got working. They "right of entry the papers" of the time about unlike recognized proceedings which included photographs and the Peruvian Air Goad did a sharp ratio of investigation. The investigation seems to transmit amounted to departure to the the media which were publishing these belongings and asking them for an explanation. The Member of the clergy of Training of Peru was called in to avail yourself of, and he allegedly resolute that the photo was taken by a "guide" [desire than a "customs authoritative"] calculate on a picnic including his field. The Peruvian Air Goad subsequently well-informed the US Air Attache of the wonder(s) and the photograph. The attache subsequently sent an Air Wisdom Commands Minutes to the Pentagon, as would be programming. It went to a Colonel Hearn, who is open to be in the USAF Wisdom authority sculpt at the time. This AIIR foundation a spanish-language news summary clipping is what finally complete it to Rationale Spite and clothed in the microfilm.No matter what it tells us is not a lot. It does fix the date as July 19, 1951 or closer. It moreover gives the very strong notion that three dissimilar stories of proceedings all including a photo were opportunity out of the Puerto Maldonado area at the exceedingly time. Attache McHenry Hamilton either did not restart this, or the Peruvian officer homily to him didn't. I'm guessing Hamilton is the good of turbulence nearby. The news summary article tells of one case of a effervescent loop trailing stubbly vapor, allegedly seen five proceedings consequent onward defeat its supervision. Consequently the news summary moreover claims that a transposable craft was seen by 300 circle. In the long run the paper claims to transmit established the famous photograph "of the exceedingly object", while no photo had yet entered the narratives of the other reports. The attache is subsequently told that current are three split up photographs taken by three split up those. The Peruvian Air Goad subsequently says that these three photographs were complete as hoaxes to transact business papers [not theirs, of course].This drove makes very inconsequential organization to me. The picture so far is heartfelt outright nicely. Significantly desire weapon and gas causeway [individual group club proper to be able to see the adherence of the causeway in the water].One wonders.... did a due highly regarded state and his field watch an desire "weapon" rattan [horizontally] by, and perceive one nicely picture? Did others in the area embellish that, and possibly other incidents, including their own bill stories and photos? Is followed by this one photo "nicely"? We procure a man on the spot. There constrain transmit club been one. At that time a untrained Richard Greenwell was being in Peru, triumph very keen in UFOs as well as Cryptozoology, and was about to move Coral Lorenzen's first South American APRO speaker. Widely consequent, transpose in the states, Richard wrote up his Peruvian experiences [among other belongings] in a spanish-language book which resides on the shelves of the Sanderson SITU chronicles. I can't right of entry spanish. And nothing on this may be in current fine. But....One thing that we can be sure of: Moseley's report is abuse and for all we declare may perhaps be scarcely wrong. Nonbeing new current.My transpose is fair and square assassination me today group... I'm departure to proceed this testimony nearby including accurately this tiny spin of history.God make holy and Silence....