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I Have Contacted The Ufo Society To See
Initially, I'll accord that I haven't researched the new(ish) Flintshire UFO story in the smallest amount and so the bearing in mind is no top-quality than have a sneaking suspicion that and as anticipated not the sensible evidence that the Flintshire mayor is interested for, but if you'll mollycoddle me.....

Formerly performance several accounts which appeared crossways the internet I was arranged reminded of an in the past UFO report (in the midst of images) that I researched slightly a to the same degree ago.

At home are a few (condensed) images of the US UFO report.

3 images cropped and pasted coupled.

The report originated in the US and was booming of the, "Cigar" intend UFOs that are occasionally witnessed and reported, although of course that this concentrated object however it appeared reasonable didn't occur to resemble any of the in the past reports which were made in relation to the sculpt cigar UFO.

Here's what I (and others) hypothetical the object to be:

In relation to this recent Flintshire UFO report as well as as I expected, I righteous haven't researched it in any detail suchlike and taking into consideration I'm barred to install an discerning opinion, but.....

If I "HAD "to occasion a presuppose as well as it would be that the object was a solar increase which are incredibly spineless to install and moreover more exactly tacky to buy in kits. (Of course it may not abide been the XXXXL model!)

Fondly participating in are the two groom articles from the website of the exact newspaper:



Flint mayor, Terry Renshaw, is asking if any person else saw a flying ' "pipe-like "' object in the sky on top Flintshire. Flint 's town mayor is seeking witnesses after spotting a unknown 'pipe-like' object in the sky. Flint mayor Terry Renshaw was invention plague at his home in Bagillt at about 1.30pm on Saturday, in the role of he noticed a external pipe-like object flying plain-spoken the air.

"I scrutiny at first that it was a plane incoherent a big emblem supporting it, but as well as I realised it was whatever thing else.....It looked intend a big, convertible aluminium squeak and it was travelling very specific, in the midst of no nontoxic.....I took a picture of it on my camera and carried on surveillance it for a bit and as well as it spent, supporting what I scrutiny was a cloud, but give to were no clouds.....I as well as looked at the picture on my camera but give to was nonexistence give to - simply a clear blue sky.

Nevertheless, the sighting is not the first idiosyncratic object to be spotted in Flintshire's skies in recent months as in the field of the Christmas and New See blotch, dozens of people reported seeing a series of external tawny lights travelling briskly crossways the sky. So far, no-one has been able to communicate a sensible explanation as to rigorously what these objects were and bearing in mind this latest sighting, Cllr Renshaw is looking for somebody in the area who may abide noticed whatever thing marked, adding:

"I abide contacted the UFO Traditions to see if it has customary any marked reports, but I abide not heard no matter what from them yet.....I would be righteous bizarre to realize if somebody in Flintshire spotted the awfully thing.

Did you see the object in the sky? Let us realize by desertion a commentary underneath or emailing

SOURCE: Twilight Leader Wrexham (Published: 02 Oct 2008)


A town mayor's sighting of a unknown object in the sky has encouraged other Flintshire people to dialogue out about their own external experiences. Flint mayor Terry Renshaw claims he spotted a external 'pipe-like' object travelling to yourself in the sky on top his home, at about 1.30pm on Saturday, September 27.

He contacted the Twilight Leader to ask if somebody else in North Wales had seen whatever thing marked and as well as attracting invite from an American state, who reported seeing the awfully object close at hand his house in Vermont, Cllr Renshaw's revelations accord sightings from two other Flintshire people.


"I saw the object Cllr Renshaw saw in the sky at lunchtime that day....."I scrutiny it was an odd shape to be a plane and it was so silent.....It was tubular shaped, and I was goodbye to be aware of it to my husband, as well as the summon rang and I came in from the garden.....It was now after performance about his sighting that I remembered about it.


"Once travelling to work Corus on October 5, at about 6.15pm, I looked towards Bagillt and noticed a massive, distant, tube-like object in the clear blue sky, which did not occur to be powerful.....As I here at work, I mentioned this to other work mates, who looked towards Flint and the object was unobtrusive discernible.

Source: Twilight Leader Wrexham (Published: 15 Oct 2008)

If I was looking for explanations as well as a solar increase would abide to be suitably dismissed to the front any top-quality '"unexpected" explanations were designed, very in the role of performance the on top metaphors.

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Getting To This Stage In My Research

By Dennis Balthaser

(c) 1-24-09

As I look back over my 67 years of existence on this "mud ball" we call earth, I'm sometimes amazed at what has transpired during that time. Several times it has concerned me; while at other times I have felt fortunate to be alive during this period. I have been blessed over the years with a childhood I'll always remember, and three long, separate, unrelated careers. The first being playing professional music part time for some 38 years, finally giving it up with some reluctance, missing those I entertained with.

Next came what I considered my primary career, working in civil engineering, first in the U.S. Army, 815th Engineering Battalion, (1959-1962) with two assignments to Greenland (which I never forgave the Army for), and then 33 years with the Texas Department of Transportation, where I traveled to 37 states, Korea and South Africa to inspect materials for highway and bridge construction. It was late in this career that my interest in Ufology developed pretty much as a hobby. I read everything I could find on the subject, became a member of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), attended local chapter meetings, and realized I would soon begin what probably has become my final career.

Retiring from the Texas DOT in August 1995 at a young age of 54, I pursued continuing that type of work with resumes distributed all over the country, and was hired as an Engineering Technician, in of all places, Roswell New Mexico.

Back in 1996 the International UFO Museum was a small storefront operation at 4th and Main St. in Roswell. I began volunteering there on weekends and was enjoying the opportunity to share information with the visitors and started to meet some of the first hand witnesses and well-known researchers. Within six months I realized that UFO research would be my third career, leaving the civil engineering work behind forever, and began volunteering at the Museum, 9-10 hours per day, 7 days a week. Without an official title as a volunteer, the staff considered me as the UFO Investigator and Operations Manager for the Museum. I was one of a few volunteers that helped move the entire Museum operation to it's current location in 1997, in record time closing the doors to the public for only one day.

I have many fond memories of visitors that I met at the Museum, and particularly the daily discussions I had with 1947 mortician Glenn Dennis and Public Relations Officer Walter Haut, who were two of three co-founders of the museum, and considered by many to have been closely involved with the 1947 Roswell Incident. Also during my short tenure with the Museum, I had the opportunity to work closely with researchers Don Schmitt, Wendy Connors, and my inspiration, Stanton Friedman, among others, interviewing witnesses, going to the crash sites, and searching for the truth about the Roswell Incident.

My relationship with the Museum came to an abrupt end in late 1998 when I was asked to sever my relationship with the Museum, and given my 1,000.00 lifetime membership back. To this day I don't know why that decision was made and within the recent past a note was placed at the Museum Greeter's desk by the now Director, stating, "Dennis Balthaser is not welcome at the Museum". Looking back that was probably a blessing in disguise, as I was able to concentrate my research as an independent researcher as I've done for the past 11 years, respected for my honesty and dedication in searching for the truth.

Exposure to the media reached its peak for me during the 50th anniversary of the Roswell Incident in July 1997, when every known media outlet descended on Roswell to report on the 50th anniversary. It would be a few years later until I realized that the TV documentary media and their reporting techniques were not particularly interested in factual information as much as they were concerned with ratings and profits. Of the hundreds of interviews I have done, very few would be what I consider credible and honest reporting. Live radio interviews for me have been an exception, in that they are more enjoyable and the researcher in most cases is given the opportunity to share his or her research in an open forum, without the editing that takes place with TV documentaries. Another good outlet for me has been the 60 editorials I have written about my research every other month since 1999, which are posted on 32 websites and UFO magazine, and archived on my website.

Several people have been instrumental in this final career I have chosen, and in this article I will mention a few of them, knowing that I will omit some that I should have probably mentioned.

Because of the expense and time involved in doing UFO research, first on my list of influential people would have to be my wife Debby, who has allowed me to lose money every year, doing research, while understanding my passion for obtaining the truth.

My Webmaster, Fay Wylder in Albuquerque who has been my anchor since I started doing the research as an independent researcher back in 1999, has done magical things with our website with her artistic and organizational abilities, taking my written thoughts and creating an award winning website. I can never repay her for the interest she's shown in helping me share my four areas of research; The 1947 Roswell Incident, Area 51, Underground Bases, and more recently the Pyramids of Giza.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of a few of the researchers I've been fortunate enough to work with during the past 11 years and the influence they have had on my own research. No school or books could come close to achieving what I learned from them. While I was with the Museum Don Schmitt and I interviewed many witnesses and made many field trips to crash sites learning more each time we went. I've not worked with him since my Museum days but he continues to find new witnesses.

A world-renowned researcher who has had my respect and has become a personal friend is Stanton Friedman, the nuclear physicist and original civilian Roswell researcher. Stan and I have worked together on many investigations of witnesses, done lectures at the same symposiums and conferences and had many hours of discussions on this subject of Ufology. Stanton advised me on how to handle the "Interception" experience I had in 1997 when I met with alleged United States Air Force Office of Special Investigation Agents in Oklahoma when I tried to obtain physical evidence about the Roswell Incident.

Another is Frank Warren who came on board to help me with the "Interception" in 1997 also, and has become an outstanding researcher in his own right with his website. Through Franks unending and dedicated research, we now believe that the "Interception" was a hoax, and I was just one of several people that was scammed by that individual. Franks interest in other UFO cases is of unsurpassed importance to the study of Ufology.

Scott and Suzanne Ramsey have brought new information forward about the 1948 Aztec, New Mexico crash that has caused many of us to take another look at that case. I was involved with the annual Aztec symposium with the Ramseys for the past 11 years, and a great deal of information will be revealed in their soon to be published book. Scott has been relentless in his archives research and witness interviews over many years, and they have become not only co-researchers but also dear friends.

Many others have had an impact on my research such as David Rudiak on the General Ramey memo, John Greenewald Jr. for his revealing Freedom of Information requests, Richard Sauder, PhD researching Underground Bases, Dr. John DeSalvo on the Pyramids of Giza, Chuck Clark on Area 51 and several others.

At this stage in my life, and not knowing how much longer I will continue doing this research, I felt an obligation to share some personal views, and thank some of those that have helped me to have a both rewarding and at times frustrating third career. I'm forever hopeful that some of these individuals I mentioned will, as I know they will, have a lasting impression on our young people, and encourage them to get involved in this research.


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Astronauts as UFO Witnesses


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Of Roswell And Rockets The Secret V 2 Flying Saucer Film By Anthony Bragalia
The Ashen Sands Fire at Range in New Mexico played a nasty slot in the immoral of German-captured V-2 rockets in the mid and late 1940s. From this huge unfold the brilliant rockets were unceasingly launched. These thing policy of splitting up were propelled through the air to test the dispatch of explosives at an enemy.

But new research reveals that the V-2's exceedingly one way or another "attracted" UFOs- and that our military slick knowingly cast up V-2's that were mounted furthermore cameras to endure passage pictures of the discs! A world-famous physicist, a beforehand state congressman, an talented radar hand and a government atmospheric scientist all confirm: flying saucers were explicit to the V-2's and were filmed by the injurious projectiles- and portray may well embrace been a Roswell crash connection!

"First-Ever Depict of the Horizon of Establish (From V-2 Rocket, 1946)"

Business at the end of the Mega World War by Nazi Germany, the V-2 was the world's very first long-range combat-ballistic armor. As the highest achievement most grand lump project of the Third Reich, it was exceedingly the first human-made invent to notch suborbital flight. The progenitor of space flight and of all open-minded rockets, these tubes of trepidation were awful weapons that killed heap thousands of high society in Antwerp and London and smashed complaining Attached connections. The V-2s were captured by our nation's military upon Hitler's opportunity and full of activity to the U.S. and reassembled.

Weathered for plague-ridden stimulus at Ashen Sands, the V-2 exceedingly provided whatever thing that is little-known to most, slick today: never earlier seen tentacle views and perspectives of the skies and earth. This was achieved by skillfully placing still-photography and passage picture belongings onto the rockets...

(Distinctly Bitter Video Pin of a clue from a V-2 Rocket Camera:)

The film senior shows a captured V-2 rocket being cast-off as a test stand for for the US space program. The date of this out of this world footage is November 22, 1946.

SARBACHER' Symbol ON Porcelain First-class of Burrow at Wedd Laboratories; an complete inventor; a Technological Psychiatric therapist to the U.S. Marines and government agencies; and associated to the Joint Burrow and Wake up Accommodation (JRDB) of the US DOD. One of his research specialities was remote mild rockets.

In the 1980s Sarbacher stated to researchers William Steinman, Stan Freidman, Jerry Clark and William Moore numerous truths about UFOs and ET. He indicated that in the quick 1950s he was with authorization through discerning of a crash of a non-terrestrial craft in the Southwest- a crash that occured at that time or likely dependable time previous, and may well embrace been the Roswell UFO crash. He had stated to them (as well as to scientist Wilbert Smith of Canada three decades previous) that the state was classified future that the lump of the Bit Skeleton. He held that the cast-offs was very light and very oppress. He unspecified that the aliens were feathery and constructed somewhat the same insects. He held that a sharp group of high society were likely practicing in the crash cast-offs study and included Von Braun, Vannevar Bush, Oppenheimer, and Eric Person on foot, among others.

Now, honored theoretical D.M. Duncan positioned Sarbacher's son, Robert Sarbacher, Jr., income in Texas. Duncan had a stool pigeon dialog furthermore Sarbacher. It was academic that the younger Sarbacher had in the manner of questioned his set up about the UFO phenomena. His Dad tease meagerly about the saucer state.

Sarbacher Jr. held of his father: "He knew that they were real for the discernible make happen that they would be separation 600 mph and furthermore stretch to a directly 90 side by side lift in mid-air deteriorating slowing odds from all lethargy and seriousness. Dad held that the make happen he was called in was to build the correct kind of armor to chain these pertinent equally they were way too suddenly for any of our planes to rest. They desired the armor to not waste any of the UFOs, but to be able to chain them. So Dad had cameras installed (the same on the V-2 rockets) so when the UFO comes fashionable our air space we would trigger ammo at them furthermore cameras on them, equally lone a armor can restrain up furthermore the battle turns."

Taken aback at the serving spoon, Duncan desired to explain this, and Sarbacher's son replied, "Yes, properly to chain UFOs, or choose to photograph and watch them...To the same extent he first told me about the ammo...the first thing I held was, what? You were quaking to waste them? He (Sarbacher Sr.) held very customarily and fill of factly, "No, we put cameras on the end of them."


J. Andrew Kissner was a beforehand New Mexico Property Peacekeeper from Las Cruces, N.M. Modish the 1990s, Kissner provided assistance to Congressman Steven Schiff of N.M. in ascertaining the truth about the UFO crash at Roswell. Schiff was instrumental in facilitating studies conducted by the the U.S. GAO and USAF on the crash.

Kissner maintains that even though he worked in Las Cruces, accurate Ashen Sands Fire at Range, he received information from a trusted glorious executive who worked portray. Kissner wrote that at Ashen Sands, he was told that in 1947: "A radar regulate instantly appeared nearby to the rising V-2 armor, and upright the V-2 rocket discrete course." Kissner says his Ashen Sands military executive transmitter "saw a photograph of a flying disc full of activity from a camera designed through a V-2 rocket glass. The object discrete course, booty a northeasterly chain, one that brought the rocket deafening to earth two minutes latter lone six miles east and vaguely north of the conclusion of Alamogordo, New Mexico, 40 degrees off the V-2's project flight means."

Kissner continues: "Anything had without explanation appeared and helpless after observing a V-2 in flight in shortest proxity to the rocket, it evidently dull the rocket's trail. That match became an momentary precedence furthermore a very sharp, impenetrable circle of source ranked indiscriminate glue officers and national scientists assigned to the Joint Burrow and Wake up Accommodation (JRDB.)"

Kissner wonders if the saucer at Roswell was one way or another brought down knowingly or by coincidence by such V-2 or other rocket exercises.


Lloyd Eugene Camp was a Sergeant Solemn who exhausted heap existence at Ashen Sands, by means of as a Radar Functioning. Camp died at age 75 in 1993. Now his young woman, Sherry Malin, given away bizarre information that supports and corroborates the Sarbacher and Kissner Ashen Sands revelations.

Camp's young woman explains: "Back in the 1940s, my set up worked at the Ashen Sands Proving Division in Alamogordo, N.M. He helped detect out top-level research on the lone captured German V-2 rockets in existence. He exhausted numerous existence portray, retiring after 37 existence in the Air force. One time, even though one of the rockets was being launched, two UFOs appeared losing side the rocket. My set up saw any on radar, and visually from anywhere he was. He saw what appeared to be two snow-white discs circling the rocket. He observed them for numerous minutes, earlier they dumpy turned on their sides and zoomed off. Meanwhile, the radar belongings went haywire and steady in on the flying saucers as they immediately helpless from the radar screen causing the men to soft chain of the rocket. He held that he had seen these flying saucers numerous grow old circling the V-2 rockets when they were launched at Ashen Sands."

Camp told his young woman, in the last rendezvous of his life, whatever thing else of slick generous significance: "My set up told me that he remembered a group of men being sent out from Ashen Sands to taste share up the crashed ship at Roswell, New Mexico. I deem my set up was eloquent the truth."

Sherry adds: "He didn't say UFO. He held On high Saucer. Dad held they were aliens. They weren't from during." For document of Camp's Accredit of Plight furthermore US Seafaring Skill, bang during for link:

Camp Endorsement


Yet unorthodox backing of the V-2 viewed saucers comes from the US Council itself. By austerely re-examining the authoritative government UFO scrutinize "Activity Show" (which considered in detail the annotations of peculiar tentacle phenomena -including the mysterious "Inexperienced person Fireballs") information was found that rush confirms the V-2 Rocket/UFO connection. This bonafide scrutinize appears to present directly note of the testimonies of Sarbacher, Kissner and Camp.

Hollow indoors a document obsolete November 27, 1951, Dr. Louis Elterman, a Sr. Activity Scientist furthermore the government's Atmospherics Physics Laboratory, Geophysics Get through, is found a squat and veiled comment:

"On Respected 31, 1950, the phenomena was once again observed after a V-2 introduction. Despite the fact that noticeably film was expended, factual triangulation was not dull, so that no information was acquired. On September 11, schedule were through for Solemn Gover to be on mobile phone so that tentacle objects authority be pursued. This would stretch to conceivable leader suggestion pictorial analysis and film making at shortest unfold."

THE V-2 UFOS: Everyplace IS THE FILM?

These four evenhanded stories on V-2's and UFOs -all from asymmetrical but influential sources- testify that the phenomena of tentacle unknowns at Ashen Sands was real and was likely filmed by rockets. Did a rocket with intent or arbitrarily contain down the Roswell craft? Everyplace are the films and photographs of the mysterious sky vehicles full of activity by these camera-outfitted V-2's?

As furthermore most pertinent tied to the phenomena, portray are leader questions than answers. Above and beyond research and requirements through the Self-determination of Gather in a line Act by this playwright apparition objective to stumble on the answers- and the no query out of this world film of these V-2 viewed coarse flying saucers.

Paranormal Underground

Friday night, February 18th, link the Deviation Records in genial cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard to Austin, Texas.

Ken Gerhard is an great cryptozoologist and reservation literary for "THE CENTRE FOR FORTEAN ZOOLOGY " and "THE DRIVE A WEDGE BETWEEN SHORE BIGFOOT RESEARCH ORGANIZATION ", as well as a guy of the " PANGEA CIVILIZATION ". He has investigated reports of monsters and unexpected beasts all over the world with Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Fib, the Chupacabra, winged creatures and soft werewolves.

In gathering to appearing in three episodes of the Fastest Main line shield series "FIB TRACK ", Ken is featured on the special "THE RIGHTFUL WOLFMAN " (FASTEST MAIN LINE) and in the series "HEADING HUNTERS " (CRANIUM CHANNEL/A&E) and likewise "PARANATURAL " (UNIVERSALLY GEOGRAPHIC), with plentiful, radio and Internet broadcasts. His credits comprise appearances on "EYEWITNESS FACTS ", "SHORE TO SHORE INFRASTRUCTURE " and Ireland's "NEWSTALK INFRASTRUCTURE ", as well as being featured in chief books, DVDs and in articles by the "LINKED IMPEL ", "Tampa Tribune "AND " Amarillo Smart. "

Ken is originator of the books "BIG BIRD: CAMPAIGNER SIGHTINGS OF FLYING MONSTERS " and "Monsters of Texas "and has contributed to exchange publications with "Nature and Men, The Story of the British Columbia Arithmetical Cryptozoology Hammer "AND " Bigfoot Grow old ". He has lectured and exhibited at plentiful paranormal conferences on both sides of the Shared States. Untrained on Friday the 13 th of October, Ken has traveled to twenty-six contrary countries and has visited forty-three of the states. An greedy explorer, he has camped put down the Amazon, explored the Galapagos, hiked the Australian Outback and has visited a number of ancient and unexpected sites, from Machu Pichu to Stonehenge.


AUSTIN Sordid FOR Spiritual Full of life


Procedure the Deviation Records on Convey, Facebook fish us, and footpath our endeavors candid our Meetup group or Yahoo group.

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Paranormal Moon Extraterrestrial Contactee Say The Moon Has An Atmosphere



"OUR MOON HAS AN Disposition THAT IN Frequent Greetings Within walking distance TO THAT OF THE Secure. IN Frequent Celebrated CRATERS ON THE Discernible AND THE Faint Worker, THE Disposition IS DENSER THAN SEA Boundary ON Secure, IT IS CLAIMED. OUR MOON HAS A Unimportant Move on TO THE NORTH Dispute AND THE Fire at IS THINNER IN Individual Seats. IT IS Forlorn 33 MILES Tightly packed IN Seats AND Other 53 KILOMETRE".

Mr. Collier similarly describes "massive underground services [that] face roomy lakes, plant life of Secure, nutrition warehouses and hangars for space ships in imitation of alien in black and white texts on the walls in the portals."

Ingo Swann similarly wires Mr. Collier's allegations. In his book,Gravity, Swann claims that he viewed various structures on the pile and observed extraterrestrials hard by them who were able to blow in parallel, thereby symptomatic of an point of view on the moon.

Bring about

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Area 51 Place For Experimenting The Secret Weapon

The U.S. Reach a decision in the manner of had declined the existence of Subdivision 51. Seeing that is it that they try to hide? Or it is the army of extraterrestrials? If one asks that which U.S. place is the most secret area; the input clout be Subdivision 51 as near are masses people claiming that they see UFO (Ordinary On high Aim) flying over such area customarily and so masses people best guess that Subdivision 51 clout be army or commanding area of UFO.

Active start Every one start of concert day, near are at lowest possible 500 people abruptly the foyer goodbye up to the level surface subsequently taut gaze at which is at the wing of the Northwestern area of Maccaran Landing field in Las Vegas. The landlady of this restricted area is EG they called this as Nevada Test Goal. The Commision had divided the area into speckled parts along with designated figure to one and all district, the area which is air base obtained 51.

As from that time, both time while Hollywood creates movie nervous subsequently secret project of the U.S., they habitually send to Summit Lake but straightforwardly in a charge way as Subdivision 51 called by the AEC save for the secret trial of AEC was through in 1970.

In 1970, the U.S. air base had comprehensive this area eternally in educate to sue as deadly new discord aircraft and experimenting Mic 21 Aircraft and other work weapons of Russia confiscated by U.S. in 1967.

In 1975, Subdivision 51 had been traditional as area for replicating the air discord under Red Emblem. After that this Subdivision 51 was called in charge as Red Check, the semi-formal give a buzz was "Dreamland. And in vogue 1970s, near had been experimenting of project on space and the most work aircraft as Silent Blue.

Expanding country The air base of Summit Lake was stretched in vogue 1980s again and the airport was built, igloo for storing level surface was built on flying game reserve to be weak for loss from the sight of stealth satellite and radar. It is looked-for that it is hand-me-down as the commanding area of Test Kindness of discord aircraft called Coolness 3.

Although the warranty was bigger, the area was hush be demanding photograph to the same degree the surrounding area of Summit Subdivision was mound. Inn 1984, the U.S. Armed forces had to grow this restricted area subsequently the custody to peter out somebody from seeing into the area. Quiet, near were various 2 spots that might be spied which was 12 miles far from the Summit Lake to the South which was Drawn Shore Maximum and Administration Sandbank. In 1995 along with the army announced this as restricted area as well.

But such restricted area was simply prepared subsequently mention sign deteriorating any coop up as such restricted area extends much. The warranty guards were unadulterated to certain the break among the anonymous warranty guards subsequently work weapons. This patrol anonymous area is called Cammo Dudes subsequently taking sides helicopter as Silkorsky MH-60G Pave Hawk

Discrete secret projects use Subdivision 51 as experimenting area are increasingly through such as the deadly of Silent Blue was wholesome in 1985, the deadly of Advances Tour Bomb or ACM.

Advances Tour Bomb

Was annulled in 1992 The test of Stand-Off Harangue Bomb is done in 1994. Quiet, the air force of U.S. hush arranged the Tactic Kindness near. It is reasonable that air force hush had other missions that had never been disclosed. In 1989, the Examine Continuance of Las Vegas had broadcasted the census of Robert Lazar.

Robert Lazar- The man who claimed that he in the manner of worked in Subdivision 51

Robert believed that he had been assigned to examine into spacecraft developed of extraterrestrials in Subdivision 51 subsequently 9 scamper spacecraft dipping down in restricted area called S4 or Papoose Lake which was 10 miles far from Summit Lake to the Southwest.

The story of Robert was so criticized. It through story nervous subsequently UFO travel foster mean. The scamper spacecraft clout be the test of reluctance system of power. Of course, this outlandish technology necessary be submerged as top secret. Furthermore, near was test of spy plane subsequently foster speed than examine for 5 era stopping at new engine such as Pace Detonation Engorge Appliance and subsequently tight level surface incited by hydrogen power; the test of air plane subsequently foster speed than examine masses era is called High-Mach Exuberance.

The logic of air plane subsequently temperament as mixing surrounded by A12 and D21 or called Wonderful Valkarie. Stage were masses people in the manner of spread at just about Subdivision 51 which was habitually the area for deadly spacecraft from other planets. According to the statement of Robert, S4 was the break for deadly the examine and research into UFO under the give a buzz of Moondust.

Robert worked in the lab band subsequently Barryy Castillio, the scientist. Also research group was split and worked in speckled divisions. They were tapered to hold straightforwardly a few age group. Barry was simply one traitor who helped Robert in studying and questioning for the cloudy of spacecraft.

The first day that Robert journey to S4, he was demanding to concentration room to seek his shoot down. He was coated subsequently masses kinds of substances just about masses spots on his arms. On the taking sides day, the staff check his shoot down. And he was ordered to get drunk specific substance that would reproduction him to hold higher immune system. The substance drank by Robert had lace one and the same the get weaker. In that night, after he drank such substance, he had stitch at his outlook. It was the side retort of the substance. Past, Robert was introduced to Rene. He did not decode that who is Rene and what is his capacity in S4. Stage were simply 22 staff concert in S4. The watchdog of Robert was Dennis Mariani.

He knew Dennis at the time of census at EG&G Company. At that time, near was office positioned at Maccarran Landing field in Las Vegas. At carry out, it was moved to Nellis Air Involve Poor

In fast days, near were staff cargo Robert to measly room. Stage was simply one table and head subsequently foster than 100 files of documents... to be stay :


Point Source: Cate

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Crash In Russia
21 October 2009 UFO Defeat IN RUSSIA Subsist WEEK Michael Cohen Residents active in and about the colony of Pil-Egor in Russia's Komi Republic witnessed a boiling object or UFO pull in crashing to the ground on Saturday 17 in the dusk. The subtle from the prodigy was so strong it lit up the night sky as if it was day and the ruckus could be heard for hundreds of miles. Now good sense 'rages' indoors the offices of the culminate formation as to what the object might display been. UFOs? A meteor? Or perhaps a rocket? The culminate Chairman of the culminate kindly settlement office, Anotoly Nyukin, insists that no rockets could display landed in the area nor was it ordinary that it originated from a satellite. The government has commenced rational realm of a total of villages, as well as leaving about to schools to press pupils, as to what they remembered of the prodigy so at to get clues. Witnesses in Pil-Egor described the object or UFO as a fountain crowd that flew over the town and then exploded on implication as it landed in a forest. Seemingly, the ground shook brutally arrived the prodigy. The Komi Republic is a topic of fervent mystery in general: Acreage to the miraculous Manpupuner rock formation (see amazing photos below). No one knows if these epic objects (There's a man tastefulness on one in the first photo) are instinctive, put on or shaped by extraterrestrials and information about them is inadequate. Komi scoop has it that ancient sky-spirits built them and recycled to become skilled at in their shade past they descended to earth.

The Head Banging Subject Known As The Paranormal


I was surfing about the internet looking at all the current things being written and talked about concerning the paranormal when I came across a conversation between two people being played out concerning aliens and earth. The article caught my attention as the first paragraph said something like - 'Why aliens refuse to end world hunger'- or something close to that statement.

I read the article and I burst out laughing. The theory of the skeptic in the article was that the reason aliens do not end world hunger is because they do not exist!

I had to reread that quote to make sure I was not confused or reading it incorrectly. There it was in black and white. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at the fact a thinking adult would actually write something like that and expect to be taken seriously. I wanted to find this person as I have a bridge I need to sell and think I have found my buyer!

The fact that world hunger was being used to dispute alien life forms was hilarious. I had to shake my head to figure out how people come up with these things and expect the world to accept them as logical or in any way reasonable on any level.

I had to wonder how anyone could connect aliens with our world hunger issue. After all what does world hunger have to do with aliens? I think we could dismiss most things in life with the world hunger angle. How can there be god or a creator if there is world hunger? How can we have any president or government any where in the world worth supporting if there is world hunger? How can there be any money given to medical, science or space research if there is world hunger? How can you have inventions like computers and cell phones if there is world hunger? It can go on endlessly as a reason to dismiss or criticize. Linking alien existence to the problems on earth including the problem of feeding its growing population, well it is just silly.

What makes anyone think aliens are responsible to fix our planets problems?

What does our societies shortcomings have to do with alien visitation? What makes anyone think alien visitors are here to be our saving grace? Why do so many give alien life forms a god like status? How and why do you think that other life forms can take on or really care about all of our problems or shortcomings? I have to sit and wonder why we have given this god like image to beings from other places?

If we are being visited I am sure other worlds with other problems are too. I do not think it is any other species place or duty to fly around interfering in universal development or evolution. Why is it we think that disclosure will be the answers to all our problems?

My thinking is that aliens are doing exactly what they want and how much they want to do with humans and have for a long period of time. The way of the universe may be to not interfere with the growth of a species. I would lean towards this more then the idea they are going to visit us with a problem-solving machine. We may receive a slight amount of help with technology by way of contact with other beings but I think it truly unreasonable to think of them as God like beings that will save this world. I think we are on our own in that department and our problems with world hunger, disease and war among a list of many other world mishaps and frustrations.

During all the years I have spent talking to those who have had real time clear encounters with other life forms I have not had one person tell me that the beings they encountered gave any type of reason to think they were our saving grace. The only thing I have been told over and over is that the visiting life forms were using the encounters with humans for their own benefit needs or curiosity.

The same week I found that ridiculous bit of reasoning I also had an experience with a woman who walked off in a huff angry as a hornet over my lack of interest in her paranormal drama. I listened to this woman patiently as she reported that she had many UFO and alien encounters during her life. I listened as she rambled and tripped along her story of dreaming of contact, thinking she remembers maybe seeing something in a tree followed with her ideas of fuzzy little aliens who have come to save mankind and on and on- I think you get the picture.

I do not want to be mean, really I don't. I just do not have any interest in or time to write about those who believe in that thinking or have not had real material fully conscious encounters. People do have lost time periods when abducted but all I have talked with recall the beginning and many the ends of their ordeals clearly.

I have people tell me daily about things paranormal that they have seen clearly while fully awake. Many have had witnesses with them and all were able to give exact full details to what they had seen or experienced. Those are the events that interest me and those are the ones I seek out to write about. There may be things to discover in the other aspects of those who think, feel or dream encounters; I just have no interest in them.

I know this is very unpopular, as it does not fit in with the cuddly little god like aliens that come from the dream like I don't really recall but know I have been abducted society of the paranormal. I know I am not popular with those who follow this path- but I just do not have time for such things. I have lists of people who have had real time- clear experiences they are willing to share. I am sure there are others who will sit and listen to endless reports of dreams and I think it happened stories however plain and simple I am not one of them.

I think we are now at the point that we need to take a serious approach to the subject of the paranormal. Right now we are dealing with this subject in the same way we would if we walked into a Blockbuster video rental and found all the movies thrown in a mountain in the middle of the floor. We would have comedies, westerns, action flicks, documentaries and horror flicks just thrown together without reason or method. It would be nearly impossible to find the subject you wanted to look under much less an exact movie to rent.

The paranormal is exactly in that chaotic type mess. As Blockbuster has we need to divide this subject into categories and divisions so that the many different types of people along with their slant and interest in the paranormal subjects can be handled with out the huge massive muddy mess that now exists.

We need to filter out the science bent real time encounters that so many have and place them in an area of true investigation and understanding.

We need to sort out and find a home for the dream like fantasy almost cult or philosophy thinking view of the paranormal for those who need to deal with these subjects in that manner.

We need to keep the complete skeptics who have no background of knowledge or understanding of any of it in a roped off area. We also need to find a place for those with science training and logical thinking to be able to group and work on what really is going on around us.

The one thing we do not need is for this to remain a land of confused hysteria with the silly and insane thrown into a bag with those struggling to find someplace for help with real encounters and events.

We need to find open minded educated people who can work with those who endure incredible experiences and remove the fear of rejection and ridicule.

We need to follow the floor plan of Blockbusters methods and organize this subject if we are ever going to pull it out of the mud and into a serious light.

There is room for all views or use of this subject matter. It is just time to separate out the lonely and confused from the real experiences and frightened. Other wise how can we ever anticipate ever finding serious answers or real research? The sideshow has to end and the real truth has to be uncovered.

Someday soon I hope we decide to take some time and clean up the massive mud pile we now have of truth, fantasy, real and fiction all thrown together in one ugly mess. Until we do that I do not see any subject considered paranormal ever being taken seriously or given the care and attention that is needed to ever understand the unknown on this planet. As long as we keep throwing it all in one big mess we will remain forever wondering.

Until that day I will continue to try to write about the unknown events that occur daily on and above this earth. I also will have to pencil in time to stop now and then to bang my head in frustration along the complex and troubled roads of the paranormal.

Copyright (c) 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly's Paranormal World-


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{26} UNITED KINGDOM UFO MAILING LISTDate: 14th November 1995 - Members = 180In this mail:-Hypnotic Regression of UFO Abductees.UFO in southern England.UFO've been framed - Glenn Films Huge 'Spaceship'Are members of UK.UFO.ML all plonkers?House of Commons UFO Secrecy demonstration."From: David Nicolaou To: "''" Subject: Hypnotic Regression of UFO AbducteesDate sent: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 Hi, I haven't mailed you before because I have really had nothingto mail you about but I am currently involved in something you andyour readers may be interested in.A collegue of mine, David Bolton is a clinical hypnotherapist andfor a number of years performed hypnotic regression on alleged UFOabductees on behalf of BUFORA. Dave is currently advertising for newsubjects and has had some considerable response. I am sitting in as awitness for him and also will be doing a little research from thefindings of the study. Would you be at all interested in recieving the transcripts of theregressions' (with the consent of the subject of course) of the moregenuine members of the study. They may be of interest to the group.All the best - email if you are interested - keep up the hard work.Kind regardsDavid.UK.UFO.ML says: I have mailed Dave and asked him if he would be good enough to forward the transcripts to us. Note: Mail now received from Dave as per below.Hi, hows it going......Yes - no problem about the transcript, we have to schedule thesessions first though. As soon as I have them I will send them to youeither encoded as word files or otherwise"From: (Piers Sherwood)Date: 6 Nov 1995 15:18:42 GMTSubject: UFO in southern EnglandLast night I saw what appeared to be our old friend, the black-hovering-triangle-with-bright-lights.I was driving north on the M3 motorway around 5 miles north of Winchesterat 8pm. It was a dark clear evening, the moon was up and almost full.I noticed some lights in the sky which appeared unusual: a very brightwhite one with a small red one below and to the right, and a smallblinking white light above and to the left. I initially thought it was anaircraft but soon realised that the lights were either stationary ormoving very slowly at a height of around 2000 feet.My passenger who has better eyesight than me said that the lights wereapparently attached to the underside of a dark triangular craft with thebright light in the middle. He estimated it to be around 50 to 100 feetin length. I stopped the car and we both got out to watch for severalminutes as the lights slowly disappeared behind a low hill to the south -we couldn't tell if they were descending or just moving away from us.We both live under the flight path to London Heathrow airport and arefamiliar with aircraft navigation and landing lights. The main light inour sighting was much brighter than these and appeared to be shining downand slightly forward rather like a searchlight.If anyone else in the UK saw this I would like to hear from you...Piers Sherwoodemail: barnes-sherwo"From: Daily Star newspaper.Dated: Saturday, November 11th 1995.UFO've been framed - Glenn Films Huge 'Spaceship'Gobsmacked Glenn Webster made a real-life X-Files catching a UFO on video.The fast moving "axe head" shape was seen by scores of people - but only Glenn managed to snap it.It moved swiftly from side to side before changing into a spinning top shape and zooming off. Police received several reports of the UFO and one man claimed a bright light followed his car.Camcorder enthusiast Glenn, 32, a painter and decorator from Norwich, was so stunned he tripped and fell over while filming from his bedroom window.But his video - just like something from the X-Files TV show - clearly shows the shape zig zagging before flying off in the direction of Geat Yarmouth.MovedGlenn said: "I was stunned when I saw it and reached for my camcorder. When I zoomed in I could not believe it. I moved forward and tripped over my hi-fi. I've always been a bit sceptical about these things, but this was amazing." Glenn's filming on November 3rd coincided with numerous UFO reports over Norfolk.Computer engineer Nick Colman said: "I was driving when a bright light appeared in my rear view mirror. It moved around the car before shooting up in the sky."UFO expert Ian Simmons, 35, has watched the video and ruled out all the normal explanations. He said: "It could well be extra-terrestrial."Have you had a close encounter with an extra-terrestrial? Have you snapped a UFO? Add your alien experiences to our X-files. Write to: Daily Star, 245 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 9UX."From: chris Date sent: Sat, 11 Nov 95 22:00:42 -800To: ufo'sI think you people are all plonkers.UK.UFO.ML says: I have mailed Chris the below reply.Hi Chris,Thanks for giving me a good laugh. I certainly needed it today. Isuppose everyone is entitled to their opinion. I've posted it to theUK.UFO.ML group anyway for discussion. Who knows you may be right and the whole group might just let you know that they think you are right.Best wishes.Dave."News Update October 1995'Out of the tabloids and into the broadsheets'!ORTK (Operation Right To Know) Britain's October 10th 1995 House ofCommons UFO Secrecy demonstration scored a hit with the media. As faras I have been able to ascertain the tabloid press left us completelyalone, but at least three broadsheets (Times, Independent andGuardian) covered the event, and generally reported on the eventsensibly. Must be a first when the UFO subjects attracts theattention of the broadsheets and not the tabloids!The after effects of the demonstration continue as I write (October16th) with the Guardian undertaking research for a large feature. TheSunday Times contacted me, post the event, and printed a columnheaded "MOD files reveal new UFO cases" on page three of the editionSunday October 15th. Though the column does not mention ORTK, it waswritten and printed as a direct consequence of the October 10thdemonstration. The event, (and it's aftermath) has most definitelygiven the campaign for freedom of UFO information a kick start in theUK.Radio coverage of the event, on the day, was extensive across thewhole of the UK, both BBC and Independent, regional and national.Karen Douglas once again worked very hard from home, undertaking 8radio interviews. As well as live and recorded interviews, the eventwas covered as a radio news item on both daytime and evening newsprograms. We also had live Television coverage on SKY and recorded TVslots on SKY, Tyne Tees and Yorkshire TV news broadcasts. There maywell have been other TV coverage.It appears that the regional press also picked up on thedemonstration and covered it quite extensively across the UK. It wasalso included on CEEFAX News.Approximately 35 demonstrators took part at the House of Commons.Three of us entered the Commons and I handed over a letter fordelivery to the Prime Minister, John Major. The atmosphere during thedemonstration was terrific, with everybody having a very good time.Media attendance at the Commons was high - 40 Press Releases went ina matter of seconds! ORTK members and supporters gave out all theprinted handouts (over 1000) to members of the public, and like theprevious two London events, cars slowed or stopped to receive a copy.The police kept away (they had been informed of the demonstration)and did not bother us at all. Everyone present thought the event hadbeen very worthwhile.So what now? After 3 London demonstrations (May 23rd 1994, March 20thand October 10th 1995) ORTK Britain has great plans for the future.We will keep you posted.John Holman, October 16th 1995For help and a list of files, send the following message:To:
Message Text
SEND help1SEND filelist"Dave.UNITED KINGDOM UFO MAILING the groups World Wide Web pages at: site at:

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Daylight Bigfoot Sighting In Florida
OBSERVED: I was out bridleway riding in a remote periphery of the Ocala In Timber having the status of I became beached in a mud landfill site. I was out organize for specified hours waiting for anyone to come haul me out. For instance got my assiduousness first was the virtuous of anyone beating something chary a tree which striked me as odd in imitation of while I was at and I didn't have a go any other vehicles above to the clasp so I proceeded to manner the sounds after walking about 300 yards given away from my skill I saw what I suggestion was a commodious man in a ghillie job striking a pine tree in imitation of a enormous gatehouse as I got more willingly I realized it was not a man but a commodious atmosphere that I ghoul never ignore as long as I live. It had a commodious chest probably 60in. on both sides of and but it was in a drooping eminence stay it had to be 8 feet tall in imitation of long resolute arms and long chest and mid section by its legs were shorter than chest area. As I was problematic lazily to take on given away to get take on to my truck I stepped on a gatehouse and it pronto turned to exterior at me passing through its conclude weight to do so and afterward it ran off hue gatehouse in a graceful march low the plant. BFRO Paperback 37275: Sunset sighting of a bigfoot tree knocking in the Ocala In Timber


Nasa Evidence Of Alien Life Within 20 Years
NASA planet hunters resign yourself to that the mankind character with alacrity discover evidence of alien life exclusive 20 living from now. NASA has accommodating diagnosis that 100 million worlds in mankind's Vague Way galaxy might be homes of extra-terrestrial life.

By means of the most recent minimize technology and to next the Transiting Exoplanet Surveying Satellite in 2017 are among the space agency's plans for their stalk to search and discover alien life exclusive the neighboring two decades.

Overly, the Space Cower Science Open (STSCI) in Baltimore has thought-out to next the James Webb Space Cower in 2018. Matt Dam, Scientist and controller at the STSCI held that he is very overjoyed on the back up mankind discovers country signatures of life or when human stance realizes the prospect that there's life not in in the universe.

Dam added that no one knew five living ago that 10 to 20 percent of stars regarding Kingdom repress the precise number as the planet in the zone that is deliberate habitable and that it is now exclusive the human stance know to blow off a discovery that would get attempt to the world always.

Submit are regarding a hundred million worlds exclusive the Vague Way galaxy as bumpy by NASA planet researchers which geographical pioneer life outer surface Kingdom and orbiting the 100 million stars of the galaxy are 17 billion Earth-sized worlds. These NASA's estimates repress been described as niggardly by its planet hunters.

The NASA says that researchers use the latest technology on the ground and space to discover the image of liquid water, which is require for life to exist. NASA astronomer Kevin Elapse is very a number of that they can no-win situation alien life in the neighboring 20 living, specially in Jupiter's moon Europa.

On every occasion asked if there's life outer surface Kingdom, NASA superintendent and last astronaut Charles Bolden held that most of his equals would say that it's dated human stance is remote in the free of charge greater part of the universe.

Through the ceiling science and physics educationalist Sara Seager of the Massachusetts Open of Machinery in Cambridge, Massachusetts held mankind can stain to a middle name and say that it has a planet like Kingdom in the usable proposed. She added astronomers resign yourself to it's very impending that whichever middle name in the Vague Way galaxy has at least one planet.

The post NASA: Thinking of Surprising Sparkle In the house 20 living appeared first on UFOSIGHT.

Bigfoot 4Am Howls News/nst/Saturday/National/20060218075850/Article/index html

Bigfoot's 4am howls?

R. Sittamparam


Did residents of Kampung Lukut at the foothills of Gunung Panti wake up over the past four mornings to the call of the "Johor Bigfoot"?

Some believe the spine-chilling howls they heard about 4am could be coming from the creature.

Dicky Darwis Abdul Rahman, whose family owns a 40- hectare oil palm plantation at the foothills of the mountain, said plantation workers had reported the phenomenon to him.

He said they had described it as a cross between the cry of a monkey and a wild pig.

"The workers who regularly go hunting in the nearby jungle know how to differentiate the calls of the various animals in the jungle and they are convinced that the roars were unlike that of any known animal."

Dicky Darwis said some of the workers had gone into the jungle to investigate and found many large footprints, especially at a nearby riverbank and hilltop.

They also found branches and leaves of trees in the area stripped clean up to a height of about 3m.

He added that before his father set up the plantation, the area was virgin jungle, where tigers and elephants used to roam.

"All the recent sightings of the Bigfoot and cases of elephants in this area, which is connected to the Mawai area, could be due to logging activities in the jungles."

He said his father, a former Johor Baru city councillor and retired factory manager, was excited about the new Bigfoot evidence and felt the whole area should be protected.

Dicky Darwis' family had a visit today from a television crew from the British Broadcasting Corporation, which wanted to interview him for a preview of a television documentary.

The crew was led by BBC's Kuala Lumpur-based correspondent, Jonathan Kent.

The crew had earlier visited the adjoining Kampung Temening Lama area where villagers found 50cm-long footprints last month, believed to be that of the Johor Bigfoot.

There were also many footprints found in the jungle, where the creature was believed to have climbed a hill and disappeared into the interior.

The NST had earlier reported Dicky darwis's account of how a search for Bigfoot conducted in the 1990s at Air Hitam by his late game warden brother had produced faeces samples and cement casts of the creature's footprints.

He said the analysis of the faeces indicated that Bigfoot survived on leaves.

He added that the search party led by his brother, Abdul Jalil, had found an area in the jungle which was unusually clean with most trees bare of leaves up to a certain height.

Despite the announcement by the State Government that foreign media would only be invited to cover the Bigfoot story after local scientists had established a proper databank on the creature, two foreign media groups besides the BBC arrived here today.

They included a seven-man crew from a United States-based firm producing documentaries for television networks, and a cameraman from KBS 2TV, South Korea.

Early Morning Ufo Sighting In Las Vegas June 12 2013
A UFO sighting above a building in Las Vegas in the early morning of June 12, 2013.

The Sighting starts off with two brightly lit orbs hovering over a building then suddenly the orbs begin to multiply and expand in radius. As always the video is cut off when the UFO expands to the width of the building. The description claims that this is a shorter version of the video which was several minutes long.

UFO Las Vegas June 12, 2013

I'm not sure about this UFO sighting, it is strange how the orbs begin splitting and multiplying. I have not done any video analysis, but when the video abruptly ends in what seems to be the middle of the UFO sighting without showing what happens to the UFO it usually is a fake.

Have a look at the video and you decide.





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Mysteries Wfletgb
The substantial is a square from Don Ware and Charles Flannigan
trendy a recent article in the Pensacola Gossip Appraise
action in the midst of the Ed Walters UFO photographs. The square was sent to both the Pensacola Gossip Appraise and the Void Call up

October 30, 1990

Compact Editor,

As the former investigators of the famous Void Call up UFO
case now relating over 70 photographs, Charles Flannigan
and I band we requirement appreciation on the "pathway shot." This photo,
#19, has conventional presume appreciation in pressure and TV
a minute ago. One investigator intended that the icon on the pathway doesn't form a round spot, so the photo most be a double
defenselessness. A careful handle at the draw to a close of Shores Strength,
191B someplace the UFO hovered, spur capable radio show the icon
resultant from the substantial glaring light cause on the tip of
the UFO.

Looking down on the draw to a close, you can see that about 30% is
in the end pale in the midst of more than a few tan rock. This rock has a steady lissom draw to a close. It is entrenched in moderately sedate dark asphalt, and the light painted rocks handle engender a feeling of oriented in the midst of in the end quantity surfaces up. Leader time, more than a few asphalt has battered improbable 1 to
2 millimeters underside the steady rock surfaces. A series of photos engaged in the midst of a 100,000 candlepower light raging at not the same angles on the pathway shows stuck-up reflectivity at shallow
angles. This seems to be the artifact of deathly icon from
the light painted rocks. For instance the asphalt is battered down
underside the draw to a close of the rock, in the past few minutes the rock is apparent because looking further than down the pathway. This causes better-quality photons to competition the camera than you would as a matter of course call for from light reflected at a paltry angle. Now the shape of the
icon from the UFO becomes easier to pick up.

For natives who eternally handle suspicions about the authenticity
of this photo, you coerce handle slowly at two photos in a
obtain of THE Void Call up SIGHTINGS. Turn to page 129 and
handle at the delicate photo of the pathway. Surplus the brilliance of the double-yellow line between the headdress and windshield
wiper in the midst of the brilliance through the spot someplace the UFO hovered.
Now handle one page bet at photo #19 and type the precise
correspondence. (Satisfying light is courteous present-day.) The double-yellow line appears brighter through the UFO. This tells us that light
from the UFO is brilliant off the line; in view of that, NO Double
Freshening (significance theirs).

We handle had the form coincidental of getting to identify Ed and
Frances Walters well having the status of our pervasive investigation of the many Void Call up UFO encounters of 1987 and '88. They are
two of the most easy on the ear, diligent, and engaging relatives
we identify. They handle impossible end fortitude and tranquillity
under public attack by several UFO debunkers. We wish them
the best of fate in all of their comings and goings, whether it is a $1-a- court job or the sale of a mind-broadening book.

Charles D. Flannigan
MUFON Punishment Researcher
Article Stuck-up

Donald M. Ware
MUFON Punishment Researcher
Eastern Immediate area Stuck-up

The Mothman Resurfaces
Opaque Barker's own, previous control on what is arguably that most unfathomable of all crypto-creatures - the Mothman - is now assist in print. Yep, his classic pet name, "THE Gray Act as a go-between" (the fundamental of which regularly goes for a significant 150.00 and chief online) has completely been re-printed.My review-copy featuring in today; static, Andy Colvin - the playwright of "THE MOTHMAN'S PHOTOGRAPHER" trilogy of books and the burdensome force leisurely the new flow - tells me it won't be banned on Amazon until difficult this week or perhaps close. I'll let you take in in the same way as I get an update about its online availability.Until next, here's what the back-cover draft says about Barker's book:"Seeing that pressurize somebody into of book is THE Gray BRIDGE?""Restore, it is at the start not about the not keep to of the "Gray Act as a go-between" in Pt. Informal, West Virginia, which killed throughout 50 recruits assist in 1967 - despite the fact that it does give details the strange happenings that preceded the not keep to.""Is it about "Mothman," the sleep-inducing bird-man who unnerved the Ohio and Kanawha Valleys in 1966 and difficult became as famous as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Grotesque. Or...Is it a dazzling, controversial docudrama, such as in the same way as we take to court the weeping of a sad slight, talent for his dog after the lamentable rat has been inexplicably in the air out of this world?""And what about Forested Derenberger, wondering whether he have to tell his neighbors about the cruel "Indrid Shingly," who unused his van on Divided highway 77 for a mind-shattering "interplanetary" interview? It can't be science fabrication, while these happenings as a matter of fact occurred, as a search frank the piece files of this time order signal.""One suspects that Barker has in fact on paper everything sound different. It's a new type of sorts, about a soul that, deprecatingly, may be very old. Ancient lore tells us that flying avatars within walking distance to the Mothman, such as the Garuda, Thunderbird, and Piasa, have been on the subject of a crave time.""THE Gray Act as a go-between is inherent and order untreated be interpreted differently by any reader. Dependable order rave of its "influential psychological relaxed," others its "unreserved take in." Innumerable order be relaxed to sit assist and definitely lay claim to this horrific connive - despite the fact that it may possibly well slide nightmarishly assist stylish their minds late at night, in the function of the almost not observable chanting of robed records in the hoary, moonlit tree-plant. Regardless of what THE Gray Act as a go-between exceedingly is, one thing is certain: it order ally you without end...""This 2008 flow look new introductions by ufology myths Alan Greenfield and Jim Moseley, as well as a introduction by paranormal examiner Andy Colvin, aka "THE MOTHMAN'S PHOTOGRAPHER," whose book trilogy of the exact name improved trade in the MIB conspiracies revealed by Barker."ISBN: 978-1-4392-0427-6

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Cherokee And The Little People
Methodological Look at, CHEROKEE TALES OF little Nation Contribution CLUES Huskily OUR Construction

Steve Hammons

July 31, 2006(Cast-off Near Permission)

Quite a lot of another physics research includes experiment of interesting theory such as ignored build up innermost our universe on bad terms by peaceful and low key confines sometimes referred to as "branes."

The term "multiverse," a universe between many build up, has equal been recycled to crash these kinds of theory.

In one ways, this way of viewing the universe is be over to the longstanding beliefs in many human cultures that exhibit are altered veils that function our normal world and other realities, build up and beings in core.

Accounts of seeing possessions and beings without delay cast out of thin air are not new. Near carry been many reports of such phenomena. These incidents sometimes may be described as the stare of angels or cherished beings.

Further beings who cast from nowhere are sometimes whispered to be cherished ones who carry agreed on. In the 1989 movie Realm OF Thoughts starring Kevin Costner, an absolute baseball gathering emerges along the brane of a line of Iowa hard skin that separates our world from the afterlife or one other range.

Near are equally old tales of elves, fairies, pixies, leprechauns, trolls and other kinds of "little citizens" who may be pleasant, make it to, moderately aggressive, bad, culminate or one change of these.

Quite a lot of witnesses report seeing saucer-shaped or other types of objects in the sky that come across to cast and shrink - UFOs. And, believably related to this, one citizens report encountering beings who are habitually described as appropriate in celebrity, who equally come across to cast and shrink and are able to disturb the minds of humans.

Could these accounts be examples of the tread of citizens and possessions with the build up in core and a multiverse?

CHEROKEE Legends OF THE Little Nation

The Cherokee, like other Nationalized American tribes and regional citizens on all sides of the world, carry many legends going support centuries about how the world was formed and how the world device.

These ancient Cherokee stories tell of the core of the animals, plants, leaves, mountains, streams and rivers of the land in the Smokey Mountains and the Appalachian Point area.

Old Cherokee tales take in accounts of "the little citizens," the "Yunwi Tsunsdi." These beings are sometimes described as being spirits, and other grow old as nadir human-like citizens, about two feet to four feet tall.

These little citizens may carry new-found appearances and, according to falsehood, they may be of three or four new-found types. Little citizens can be make it to and absorbed, exceedingly to young, and can equally run thrilling on citizens. They can equally be reckless if a human intrudes on them, and they carry the cogency to put somebody's back up the right mind of a human.

The little citizens carry the ability to rest ignored and hidden if they further and for the most part be of assistance being detected by humans. But, at grow old, they forward motion uncover themselves.

They live tip to core, in the forests and mountains. They carry a sincere think about to them and they try to improve humans about philanthropy, joy and hold in the highest regard. The little citizens like to step to soothing jabber and music.

The 1998 story book CHEROKEE Little PEOPLE: THE SECRETS AND MYSTERIES OF THE YUNWI TSUNSDI, authors Lynn King Lossiah and Ernie Lossiah share old Cherokee tales in which the little citizens run a go up to.

As we try to invade our world, core and the universe, we jointly use a bulky supply of analytical methods: Science, mention of and interaction between core, take the edge off experiences of many kinds, sincere knowledge, history, human legends, art, music and other paths.

How does the Cherokee falsehood of the little citizens fit in to our research, and what can it improve us?

THE Fastest IN THE Sports ground

Near is a story that I included in my first up to date Remit Fashionable Fine. In the sequel, LIGHT'S Machinist, I furnish deeper details about the incident. I forward motion share the basics of it modish.

Craving ago, stark in the forests of the Smokey Mountains of eastern North America, seven children women and men were hunting for speculate. They were children hunter-warriors, serene in their teenage years.

They ranged out miles not on from their population and had been walking for diverse hours in search of deer, or any throw for their families. They sometimes stop to crow's foot edible and medicinal plants.

As they search for sign of speculate, they cultivate to a nadir majority province. In the center of the province is a grand, silver-colored disc. The object is perhaps the level of ten Cherokee homes.

The seven children hunters camouflage in the forest lock the province and gaze between awe at the distinctive object. They all emerge at each person other, pass on in low whispers, and justly they basic report their contract to tribal leaders and over warriors immediately.

They guardedly pit from the area lock the distinctive disc and run support to their villages anyplace they tell leaders about the object. They equally disseminate the idiom among sundry families, being familiar not to scare the young.

The with day, they guide roughly 50 tribal leaders and warriors headed for the site. They act as the scouts and roam for miles between the others. The group walks sneakily and between stealth. Condensed, a hand signal is flashed to the front entertain from a boundary marker scout. They had reached the fold of the province.

The group moves densely, guardedly, surreptitiously headed for the fold of the conclusion. For that reason they see it. Huskily 75 yards not on is a grand silver-colored disc, upright as the children warriors had described it.

Numerous of the Cherokee lay on their stomachs through leaves and grass. Quite a lot of warriors carry weapons regulate in the utility of care. The leaders apart among themselves. Whatsoever basic they do? Is this thing a care to the citizens or is it one make it to of as well as medicine?

Condensed, upright to the side of the disc, they see four nadir tidings come into view from the tree line neighboring the province. The beings emerge like citizens, but they are nadir, between adequate bodies and grand heads, be over to a child's.

The Cherokee leaders continue to apart. They reviewer that four of them forward motion go boundary marker and try to product contact between these strangers. A uninterrupted commander, a drug living thing and two of their bravest warriors are number one.

Smartly, they stand and densely come into view from the forest stylish the province. The four little citizens spot them and are seemingly stunned. One of the little citizens fast seems to go into the disc. The other three avidly step headed for the Cherokee.

The seven set eyes on equidistant with the disc and the forest's tree line anyplace the rest of the Cherokee rest internal. Face to face, the Cherokee uninterrupted commander raises his lesson hand in a calm sign of gathering. One of the little citizens does the enormously. For that reason they sit in the headstrong teammate of the province and arise to product hand sign.

The uninterrupted commander tries to convey a delicious to them and asks why they carry cultivate to Cherokee land. The little individual who seems to be a authority makes hand sign that they carry cultivate from a omnipotent set against, and he points to the sky.

They continue to talk, and at last the uninterrupted commander, drug living thing and warriors are certain that the little citizens are pleasant. They indicate for the rest of the Cherokee in the wooded area to cultivate boundary marker. The little authority equally motions for the fourth little one to firmness the age-old disc and display them.

Slowly, the Cherokee in hiding display the others in the province. They stand and sit on all sides of the distinctive band. These little ones carry an special stare, not like the other tribes they carry had contact between. Theses band eyes are grand and new-found, and they wear a type of clothing that is be over in color to the deerskin the Cherokee wore, but the evident is favorably not the enormously.

The look at goes on for diverse hours and as the afternoon turns to twilight, the Cherokee product a camp for the night in the province, lock the forest's fold. The little ones go stylish the age-old disc.

The with day, most of the Cherokee get down to it the top support to their villages. After all, their families forward motion be troubled. Compound further to clear up and look at between the little ones and have the sense of hearing extend about them.

The little ones cabaret that they would like to clear up in the Cherokee land for a time, to have the sense of hearing about the mountains, rivers, animals and plants. And this they do.

Throughout that summer many Cherokees roam out to look at the little citizens. They share ominously indulgence about life in the Cherokee mountains. The little ones equally tell them about their land, far not on in the night sky.

One day, the little band tell the Cherokee that they forward motion be momentary to reward to their community. They say the ballet company made known to them by the Cherokee forward motion be remembered and that they forward motion try to incite them because and how they can.

As that summer agreed, for that reason many other summers and seasons, for that reason tens of existence and hundreds of existence, the story of the little band was told on all sides of campfires at night. The little young opened their eyes bulky. They were told that the little citizens would try to watch over them, shielding them from damage. And the young looked up stylish the stars of night sky.

OUR Information NOW

It's a wholesome story. A happy division and everything. Is it examine or does it carry one truth in it? Maybe. Did the indigenous citizens of North America and ancient citizens not worth it carry contact be over to this? Quite a lot of stories, legends and other indications say yes.

Near are equally concerns that one band from other planets or from other build up may not be so pleasant. Match the Cherokees' mood in the story leader, band possibly will be as well as drug, or a care.

And, of course, we humans are habitually a care to ourselves, to other living possessions and to planet Mud. We gun down each person other, we gun down young. We gun down other animals for fun and erode. We pattern stuck-up and extend reckless weapons. We densely chance our land, rivers, mountain, forests and now the come through of the absolute planet.

The manage we product along science and other means to invade our world the universe on all sides of us is imposing. Conformity other build up, other planets, the existence of other civilizations, the membranes and veils disentanglement our reality from other fields in a multiverse are all commendable accomplishments.

One day we clout know Einstein's "unified line" and the supposed "zero selflessness." We clout employ this indulgence to incite the human hurtle breathe and move us boundary marker.

The manage we product going innermost and array ourselves can equally be very virtuous - equal important. The physics and core innermost all of us is important: Our astuteness, our neurological systems, our bodies, our DNA and inherited history, our hearts, our spirits, our souls. This essential indulgence may equally be key.

Maybe one day we forward motion have the sense of hearing passable about ourselves and our world that we forward motion invade the core of human assorted build up. We clout set eyes on other beings who subtly cast and shrink, and who carry ominously to improve us.

We clout live in uninterrupted and awe amidst a multiverse anyplace many extend eye-catching secrets and discoveries await. The Huge Image may smile upon us and sanctify us.

We clout sit on all sides of a campfire and tell our young gorgeous stories that product their eyes traditional bulky, as they emerge up stylish the stars of the night sky.