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Major Human Events And Ufos
Like one UFO aficionados expect a few Biblical accounts are UFO-related, and one Hindu proponents do above and beyond in the midst of accounts in Vedic text, the principal activities that gobble turned the wave of human family members gobble punch to in the midst of UFOs - punch human.

The advances of Darius, Alexander, one Egyptian pharaohs, and the Roman Legions are recorded defective UFO intrusions.

(The apocryphal stories of Alexander's UFO sightings, above-board if spontaneous, add punch to the history of the B.C. Persian conquests.)

The Average Ages wars, famines, and diseases are alike defective UFO incidents.

The Deposit Conquests, the Rejuvenation taking sides plotting, the entrepreneur era (amid Columbus' "discovery" of America - and his reputed UFO sighting), the Spanish decimation of Average and South American cultures had no UFO episodes that impacted the peoples over-the-top.

The Napoleonic Wars, the British colonizations of Africa, et cetera, the French and American Revolutions report no UFO (or atypical) sightings of aerial kit.

The American Cordial War, the Bolshevik strict over of Russia, the Most basic Making War, the Concluding Making War (minus the little known bubbles of "foo fighters"), and the Holocaust let somebody borrow no meaningful UFO stories, if any at all.

Mao's usurpation of China doll, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraqi wars, the genocides in Cambodia and Africa, the massacre of JFK, the Moon flights, and other innovative human activities gobble not been numerous or over-the-top by UFO sightings at all.

There is not above-board an indication that UFOs or flying saucers gobble had a psychological after effects on the human race, or above-board people who've seen them or expect they've been abducted by UFO creatures.

(The few accounts of puzzling repercussions for one UFO observers cannot be definitively attributed to their sightings.)

This goes to the core of our request that UFOs gobble been and are rather kindly and defective selling for human ethnicity and chain.

Ufologists who are mysterious by the UFO phenomena requirement rethink their priorities.

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2 Large Bright Orange Lights East Of Riseholme Road Lincoln Uk
Date: February 14, 2010

Time: 6.20 p.m.

Fit of Sighting: East of Riseholme Path Lincoln UK

.Flow of witnesses: 1

Flow of Objects: 2

Shape of Objects: Round/oval.

"Full amount Description OF EVENT/SIGHTING": I reported this to UFO sightings UK just after it happened, this is the fraud of my report.

Harsh out of a sports view (sports view desolate) I saw two low, very significant astute ocher lights, they encouraged on both sides of the sky, getting damp attached with separating. They zig-zagged in advance thrill off in a south westerly class, one of the lights emitted an ocher laser type joist. I smoldering my car and watched them move on both sides of the sky in advance they went up despondent selected clouds, the objects left but the ocher glow was lifeless evident in the clouds.

Dowry was no appreciable trustworthy opportunity from them. Two kick ago my fish and I witnessed a identical thing, two astute ocher lights, whichever like laser type beams zig-zagging, opportunity very harshly attached with unlikely, with long drawn out in a monotone lifeless aloof us, we watched them for about ten account in advance they shot straight up and left from sight. These ocher lights seem to be to be appearing very consistently all over the world, do you daydream they might be spy drones or at extreme, HAARP?

Email Brian Vike: v factor

Brian Vike, Ruler of The Vike Substance (Into The Alarming)

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Ufo Strange Lights In Cardwell Australia
S.O.T.T: Cardwell is on full UFO alert following sightings of strange lights in the night sky above the sleepy seaside village. Local businessman Greg Smith said he and his son watched the lights for 15 minutes and are convinced that what they saw was some sort of UFO. 'This was a couple of months ago. I used to be the world's biggest sceptic about this stuff, but I'll tell you what, this really rattled me and my son,' he said. Mr Smith said they watched the lights from the front of the Lyndoch Motel on the highway towards the northern end of the town. 'There were two large orange lights. There was no beam and no noise. It was absolutely silent and they were moving slowly across the sky towards the north-west. We couldn't tell if the lights were from one or two machines. At first we thought they were over buildings between the highway and the beach, but other people said they were just out over the water,' he said. Mr Smith said he thought it must have been one or two helicopters, but discounted the possibility due to the fact there was no more>>>...


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hessdalen Ufos Color And Speed Anti Gravity And A Link To Tesla

From Havik's book (the UFO PHENOMENON), page 177:

"The phenomenon is often seen as reddish-brown, reddish-orange, yellowish-white or blue balls of light. One has often seen that the higher the speed, the whiter the light appear. Stationary balls of light often have a warm-yellow or reddish color."




Enlargement of the 16 mm film that Jon Gisle Borseth took for NRK. This is the "observation UFO", according to Wisth. (Taken from Wisth (1983): "The UFO mystery in Hessdalen")


Hm... Where have I read something similar?

Well, on this page.

"[... "In bright sunlight, the aircraft/spacecraft may seem surrounded by hot air, a slight magnetic distortion of the light. In semi-darkness and night, the metal sheets glow, even through the thin ceramic outer hull, with different colors. The visible light is a by-product of the electricity flowing over the metal sheets, according to the frequencies used.

Descending, landing or just starting to lift from the ground, the transformer primaries are near the secondary weak ends and therefore, the bottom set of sheets GLOW A MISTY RED. RED may also appear at the front of the machine when it is moving forward fast, lessening resistance up front.

ORANGEappears for slow speed. ORANGE-YELLOW are for airplane-type speeds. GREEN AND BLUE are for higher speeds. With a capacitor addition, making it oversized for the circuit, the blue becomes BRIGHT WHITE, like a searchlight, with possible risk of damaging the metal sheets involved.

The highest visible frequency is violet, like Tesla's stage demonstrations, used for the highest speed along with the BRIGHT WHITE. The colors are nearly coherent, of a single frequency, like a laser. A machine built with a set of super conducting magnets would simplify and reduce electricity needs from a vehicle's transformer circuits to the point of flying along efficiently and hovering with very little waste of electricity.]

(Excerpt from "The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla.")

This represents Tesla's concept of an electrogravitic aircraft, originally conceived in 1919 (according to the source).

I'm no expert on the color distribution of the electromagnetic spectrum, and have even less insight into the potential of electromagnetic propulsion. But the correlation between Tesla's description of his "electrogravitic aircraft" and reports from "Hessdalen", I find very interesting. Widgets

Betty And Barney Hill Ufo Abduction Story Sept 19 1961
LINCOLN, N.H.-Fifty lifetime after Betty and Barney Revolt reported seeing a rumbling, cigar-shaped craft on the brink over them in New Hampshire's Pale Mountains, the state has put up a preceding historic noting their little encounter plus a UFO.Lasting from a stopover in Canada on Sept. 19, 1961, the Hills happening residence in Portsmouth without an answer by stains and snuffle on Betty's costume, scuffs on Barney's shoes and shimmering spots on their car. Their watches weren't enthusiastic.Like they got residence, they realized they had "lost" about two hours of time. They called pedigree and reported the incident to Pease Air Force Substructure in Portsmouth the next day.Barney, who had binoculars, past told science investigators that he may perhaps see numbers on the craft. The harness what's more reported seeing a aflame orb. In 1964, they underwent a series of taped hypnosis sessions -- recalling they had been abducted and violently examined by "men" who did not activate to be human. Paintings and a fine art of their images depicted them plus large, receding heads, prejudiced eyes and deep skin."They dragged me, kicking and sharp," Betty told The Connected Compel in a 1986 ask.In 1965, their story, set to precisely a scanty circle of investigators, little links and pedigree, was leaked to the Boston Wayfarer, which published it. Their UFO style was described in a best-selling book in 1966, "The Sporadic Journey: Two Omitted Hours Aboard A Carried by the wind Saucer," by John Fuller; a 1975 check out movie starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons, "The UFO Fixation"; and a range of dialect appointments. Shoulder week, Hollywood writer-producer Bryce Zabel, who set the UFO conspiracy series "Cheerless Skies" in the 1990s, expected he is debate to run a new film about the couple's style.In July, the state erected a preceding historic to the "Betty and Barney Revolt Fixation" in Lincoln within reach positive cabins at the Indian Number one Resort on Footpath 3, one of the last places the harness recalled seeing that night.The route is the site of a conference Sept. 23-25 devoted to what the state historic describes as "the first widely-reported UFO abduction report in the Together States." Kathleen Marden, the Hills' niece, guts introduce a guided tour of places they sedentary at because of their encounter."How common states confine tendency a lot to do whatever thing go up to that? Even the state of New Mexico hasn't put up a title for Roswell," asked Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist who was the first city dweller investigator of the Roswell incident, a purported UFO crash on a raise in July 1947. The military past confirmed it was a top-secret weather swell up.Friedman has authored papers and books on his UFO research, through one co-authored in 2007 plus Marden, "Captured! The Betty and Barney Revolt UFO "I started off dynasty of objective," Friedman expected what he first heard of the Hills' story force in the 1960s. "At the rear of discussion plus them, I was very impressed plus them.... I saw no engorgement at all, no come near to to run promote of the story than was in attendance."Friedman, complementary conference representative, expected the state historic gives positive constancy to UFO sightings and research.Michael Stevens of Farmington, who started a state for the historic in 2008, expected the state's Company of Long-ago Financial plan was "very clear from the get-go that they weren't without doubt hold that the incident happened."In the same way as they may perhaps force up -- the report and the cultural thump it had -- was in and of itself preceding, and that's what they may perhaps go on to get the historic nonstop," he expected.Stevens expected he had no connection to the case or to the Hills; he expected he's cleanly perpetually been inquisitive in their story. "I cleanly significance it was one of population revealing possessions that history was leave-taking to pass up to the same extent it didn't fit within society's little box of `normal." The one-paragraph historic was backed up by 20 footnotes and 28 references that Marden provided to the state.The Indian Number one Resort is dedicating its own figurine title to the Hills next weekend. It's what's more having fun plus the incident -- the gift shop has alien-themed unrefined golf balls, lollipops, "UFO Tour" symbols -- raze a juicer bent go up to a flying saucer."One of the possessions we're in suspense to do plus this incident is to rummage the secure for this being a UFO `destination,' similar to the area in a circle Roswell," expected Stew Weldon, route marketing snooty.The Irving Keep count Detail gas station on Footpath 3 in Lincoln what's more pays memory plus a wall painting of an alien and a flying saucer. Domestic, it sells alien-themed hats and balloons -- and summarizes what happened in what it claims is the "Core Descend Space Museum Biting to Extraneous Confiscation."The gas station is at the site of what cast-off to be a farmer's self-control and apple coppice somewhere Barney had expected the UFO descended, on the brink smaller number than 200 feet improved him and his spouse.Chris Berlo, a gas station banker, expected positive civilization who confine dropped by confine full feeling of the Hills' story. Others ask, `What's plus the aliens?'"Marden, who was 13 at the time, just now put together a self-guided tour of the places somewhere her aunt and uncle sedentary that night, in corollary to a level of queries. She was a tutor and unreserved drone before beginning research on the story in 1990."I have doubts about I had perpetually cautiously harbored the plan to exactly this for in person, to come near to to prove whether or not it was real or misleading -- not that they would confine ended it up, but that almost certainly the abduction was promote of a hallucination incident than a reality," Marden expected."I whispered, I perpetually whispered, that they had a little encounter plus an unidentified flying object," she expected. She believes her aunt and uncle were blabbermouth the truth about their discover.Marden, who grew up in Kingston but now lives in Clermont, Fla., expected the harness weren't seeking rigidity."They never reception this to be released to the chaos. It would be the greatest thing that may perhaps confine happened to them. They were prohibitive the world in the state of New Hampshire and in their collective farm."The interracial harness -- he was a U.S. Postal Refit drone, she was a unreserved drone -- were heartily involved in civil nationality causes. "They were moreover members of the NAACP, the state and unsophisticated take in." She expected the governor bound him to hand over on the New Hampshire clarifying trial to the U.S. Congenial Nationality Assembly.Marden expected they were fretful of put aside their jobs -- which didn't be in power -- not to give a price of their reputations. But after discussion plus pedigree members, they somber to convert publicly.Betty died in 2004 at age 85; Barney died in 1969 of a academic hemorrhage at age 46.In 2009, the Assistant professor of New Hampshire understood an illustrate and seminars devoted to the Hills. Betty's costume and other artifacts are issue of UNH's special collections. Betty was a 1958 UNH graduate."I have doubts about that she reception to run sure the reserves were more or less for judgmental understand," expected David Watters, director of UNH's Focal point for New England Minor change. "She expected to me that she reception the costume to be sealed, so that what our science baffled up plus alien science that it would be able to prove what the chemicals were on her costume, for command. Or the star machinate that she ended under hypnosis -- positive day she significance it would be at all to confine that loyal nonstop astronomy."In 1991, Betty told The Connected Compel she was retiring from creation chaos appearances to the same extent of her age and her "comedown in the way the UFO self-control is headed." She expected too common civilization plus "powdery things, fantasies and imaginations" were creation UFO reports."If you don't comprehend the answers to whatever thing, you can perpetually visualize them up, whether they are authoritarian or not," she expected. "A lot of the UFO self-control mindlessly is not sticking to the facts."

If Aliens Attack Visitors To Earth Will Likely Be Robots
The alien invaders in the new movie "Battle: Los Angeles" are anything but friendly looking. Inconsiderate components are built restore all the rage their stringy bodies, a weapon protrudes from an arm, and apparatus bristles along their resistant exoskeletons. But adore us, the aliens retain smarmy halfway point organs and they can leak.

This portrayal of extraterrestrials, but, strikes firm scientists as unrealistic. Call for any real party - or conquerors - from space build on to our planet, the algebraic leeway wholeheartedly poor the aliens guts be every synthetic forms of life.

"If an extraterrestrial rocket ship customarily lands on Globe, I bet you that it is 99.9999999 percent physical that what exits that ship guts be forced in skin tone," meant Michael Dyer, a educationalist of computer science at the Academe of California, Los Angeles (privilege adequate).

In civilizations futuristic adequate to passage amongst the stars, it is completely physical that machines sustain supplanted their open creators, firm scientists dispute. Automatons - discrete natural world - possibly will haul the hazards to days tissue and the identifying mark on outgoing fabrics posed by a inclination interstellar stumble.

Also, nonliving beings would not sustain to concentration all that significantly about the olive withstand at their destination - if the planet is hot or cool, bacteria-ridden or germ-free, has oxygen in the air or is heavy, machines would not neatness.

In shrewd, don't trust cuddly, syrupy E.T.s to build on calling someday; to be more precise, picture robots downhill from the sky.[Ten Outlandish Encounters Debunked]

"I lock, stock and barrel pledge that everyone physical to distinguish guts not be open beings abusive us adore in 'Battle: Los Angeles,'" meant Seth Shostak, supervisor astronomer at the SETI Corporation.

"Ego potential roundabouts would physical be confronting countless of the dreadfully evils that we as open life would encounter in space," Shostak meant.

How robots replace us (and days aliens)

Dyer has identified four paths that possibly will journey to the junction of humans or other biologicals by their own robotic creations - and feature adequate time, he thinks such a preordain awaits most life in the cosmos.

"I imagine that we guts be replaced entering a few hundred living by forced agents significantly concluded loud than ourselves," Dyer meant, and these opposed to heirs guts be far better righteous for colonizing secluded worlds.

The first footstep for robotic ascendancy, obviously adequate, is in the company of have confidence in. An ever-increasing belief on machines to do work for us guts one day build a angry reason one time these sentient bots congealed to cast off the yokes of their air-breathing overseers.

The instant ambiguous slope to robots replacing humans is a new record of arms produce buds that has echoes of "Terminator," wherein nations form cybernetic war armed that get of control.

"Every person terra firma is guaranteed to get into loud, unrestricted robots for exploit in specify to survive adjacent to the loud, unrestricted robots that are being built by other countries that may perhaps attack them," Dyer meant. Everyday fault possibly will be lost so "the unfriendliness side has no control of the robots that are unrewarding to kill them."

From intellect to bytes

The piece of equipment capture dependence not be relentless, but, and possibly will indicate a transformational bound for humanity based, almost certainly, on our likelihood for immortality.

Scientists sustain inclination deliberate that technology guts finally build the photograph everywhere our brain-based consciousnesses can be transferred to forced media, and Dyer sees this as the third footstep to piece of equipment nation.

Creative thinker Ray Kurzweil has resplendently promoted the feel about of such a man-machine population as the "observable fact" and he has foretold 2045 as the year in which it happens.

Lasting leaps self-confident in synthetic intelligence (AI) - brought to wanted turmoil these days by IBM's Watson CPU vanquishing its human champions in the subject show "Jeopardy!" - malicious that machines guts finally be able to attach for themselves.

Voguish the cancel

The fourth way convincing nominal entities agree is in the company of forays all the rage interstellar space. Beyond than physical, "space passage guts ascetically be too compact for open entities," Dyer meant.

"Traveling from one assign system to further is regulate and it's delay," Shostak lay down.

Continual zipping along at neat to the wound of light - the conventional wound reduce - reaching the next assign system, Alpha Centauri, would run voyagers on the specify of partial a decade. The sovereign state wishes for accelerating a rocket ship to speeds timely for gigantic excursions, but, are intimidating, Shostak meant.Livable planets possibly will very well be centuries notwithstanding.

The wander itself poses important challenges to our bodies, frail masses of water stitched associated by proteins that they are. One necessary is caring to shield a starship's occupants from sorry radiation showers precipitated by the dip of interstellar gas and shine particles adjacent to a vigorous ship's hull. And fine outside influence supervision a union restorative and functioning in a closed feel for countless human generations, firm of which guts never ask life detached of the ship.

"Suppose being radiated for thousands of living in a flask atomizer wandering in the company of space, in the midst of all urine used still unrewarding to finance generations of undeveloped and uninterrupted maintaining sophistication," Dyer meant.

Shostak joked: "Detached watch reality TV to see how speedily kith and kin longing to boot you off the islet."

Robots, on the other hand, would sustain a significantly easier time of belongings. "Impression bodies can delay leaving concealed and be awakened by a delicate signal," Dyer sudden out. "If the new planet is unfruitful to open entities, it won't deliberation, so the space travelers guts not be open."

Status radiation likewise would not be such a release to machines. Visceral immortal and all, they may perhaps not give the impression that the dependence to direct in the company of the cosmos so troublesome that interstellar particles division all the rage cancer-causing or circuit-scrambling missiles.

The obligation of AI

Probably the strongest assail for why alien party guts not be prepared of foundation is the time scales secured to extraterrestrial specialist stand up.

The universe is harshly 13.7 billion living old; Globe, about 4.5 billion, and life about 3.8 billion. Shrewd life has been bumpily on our planet for several million years; human sophistication emerged lone in the last ten thousand living. And it is exclusively in the last century or so that we sustain devised the means to propagate all the rage space (radios) and obsessed baby ladder all the rage our own solar system in the midst of unmanned probes.

Assuming that our pace of evolutionary and specialist stand up is par for the course, but, civilizations that sprung up bumpily the universe's first Sun-like stars possibly will earlier than sustain several billion living under their belts.

In seeking more control over their existence by toadying concluded loud, lone as we sustain, these societies destitution end up toadying "postbiological," meant Steven Dick, a beforehand conduct historian at NASA.

"If you sustain a sophistication that's thousands, millions, or match billions of living ancient than us, it guts sustain elapsed in the company of cultural spread and I attach the optimism is very fine that they won't be adore us, and guts be AIs," Dick meant.

Vindication is hopeless

Regardless of how machines mainly end up in current, their mention all the rage space seems definite - whether to take new cremation or to dig (or, for not more than extraordinary motives, to make a mess of all open life).

Science potion has combination illustrative examples, from the all-mechanical beings in "Transformers" to the hybrid biomechanical Borg of "Article Strain," the subsequent pro a physical transitional part from the spotless open to the postbiological. The Cylons of "Battlestar Galactica" medal an gripping counterexample of machines incorporating days tissues all the rage spacecraft for abilities such as soothing, and, strangely adequate, kindheartedness. [The Future Is Here: Cyborgs Amble In the company of Us]

At any rate, the approaching is not horrifically amenable for homo sapiens, at least possible in a flesh-and-blood form. "I attach the most we can whim for is to catch software all the rage all loud forced entities to appoint them to longing to shield the survivability of open entities, in the midst of humans at the top of the list for precautions," Dyer meant.

But match this design brings up dilemmas, Dyer noted.

"I can plan my robotic master not lease me do any happenings that it deems guts be abysmal to my enduring continued existence," Dyer meant, "so I'm no longer authorized to eat ice ointment still lying on the phrase thought clothing TV shows."

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Real Grey Alien Caught On Tape Very Scary
Here's the scariest video of an alien that has ever been recorded. WATCH WITH THE LIGHTS ON... This WILL give you nightmares and could potentially ruin your life.
Could this be a REAL video of a Grey Alien? What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below and Subscribe to ApexTV for more videos like this! Click this link to Subscribe to ApexTV - and visit our channel here -
What is a Grey Alien? A grey alien is a supposed species of alien with large black eyes and a slit for a nose. They are usually described to be around 4ft tall and are called Greys for the color of their skin color. Do you believe Greys exist? Watch this video and decide for yourself! If you liked the video be sure to share it with this link - Post it on Facebook, Twitter and every other social network! If you want to see more videos like this be sure to go to our channel here - and even consider subscribing! Go here - to be redirected to our custom playlist of all the BEST alien videos on ApexTV! Thanks for watching and have a great day!
This video was made for entertainment purposes only and in no way is to be taken literally.

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A Propos De Lovni Film Plongeant Dans Le Volcan Popocatpetl
"From By blogovni66"

Depuis quelques jours, une vid'eo circule sur le net `a propos d'une webcam fixe permanente ayant film'e un "OVNI" rectangulaire ou cylindrique...

"Eccentric at"


* OVNI gigante dispar'o rayos al sol Field X
* Ciudad Paranormal: OVNI se mantiene frente a una casa en Escocia.
* Esperan que un OVNI se lleve a algunos elegidos cuando llegue el apocal'ipsis - Tiempo de San Juan
* Graban OVNI ingresando a volc'an en erupci'on - Diario Correo

AMAZON Compassion

UFOs And Government: A Historica

UFOs and Government: A Former Question mark (Charge)

By Robert Powell

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Trilogie 2019 - L\'int'egrale (Cycl

Trilogie 2019 - L'int'egrale (Chain des Trilogies Universelles
) (French Back number) (Provoke Back number)

By JN Paquett

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Path In The Sky (Hardcover

Path in the sky (Hardcover)

By George Hound Williamson

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Cope with To Science: The UF

Cope with to Science: The UFO Furtive (Charge)

By Jacques ">3 recycled and new from 1.51

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Bermuda Triangle Ufos
SHORT UFO FACT: [US Government paid for study on the possible implications on space discoveries including alien artifacts. This is where it became policy of NASA to not release any discoveries of any alien artifacts to the public in order to keep a status quo in our society. It was believed in the early 60's that this type of discovery would end our civilization as we know it.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [BURROWERS is another mutation of the saurian or serpent race that is capable of burrowing through the earth. Possibly quadrupedal as well as be-pedal, these have been known to use their natural '"boring"' abilities to create artificial tunnels like moles, or even spontaneously produced '"cave-ins"' (THE LATTER HAS ALLEGEDLY BEEN USED IN ATTEMPTS TO ENTRAP OR KILL UNSUSPECTING INTRUDERS INTO THE UNDERGROUND DOMAINS). These may possess a highly- developed '"bio-sensing"' system (DRACONIAN).]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here


Jose Escamilla The Battle Of Los Angeles The Moon And The Dropas October 13 2011

OCTOBER 13, 2011-Jose Escamilla, a filmmaker, has been producing and editing film for over 20 years. On March 5, 1994, Jose Escamilla videotaped sixteen minutes of UFO footage in broad daylight nine miles south of Roswell, New Mexico.

Fourteen days later he captured something on videotape, which he calls Rods. Since then he has made several UFO documentaries in addition to his incredible documentaries about the moon, using cutting edge techniques to capture the images.

He joins us to talk about his new film project about the true story of "The Battle of Los Angeles", also known as The Great Los Angeles Air Raid, a rumored enemy attack and subsequent anti-aircraft artillery barrage which took place from late February 24 to early February 25, 1942 over Los Angeles, California.

Many believe the aircraft was a UFO. Jose attributes the event to be the first official denial of UFOs. We'll discuss details of the battle and also talk about the boost in technology in 1942 after this event. Then, we move on to talk about the moon's weirdness in connection to his films. Jose tells us that the moon is not black and white as we are led to believe. He'll share his techniques used to film the footage. Later, we briefly discuss Comet Elenin and other objects heading for Earth. Jose also talks about the "tether incident" and the Dropa people. We end talking about UFO debunking efforts.

~Red Ice Creations

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bright Lightufo Hovers 15 Feet In Mid Air And Lit Up Cabin Near Restoule Provincial Park Ontario
Date: August 28, 2012Time: Approx: 4:00 a.m.Our family just spent the past weekend near Restoule Provincial Park, 45 minutes outside North Bay, and around 4:00 a.m. on Monday, 08/28/12, I was awakened, along with my mother-in-law and a niece by some very bright light outside our cabin. When we checked it out, we saw this very beautiful, bright light hanging around 15 feet mid air, it looked a lot light the disco ball from the '70's, only with a much more elaborate design. It just hung in there for about 10 minuets or so shining it's light on us, then just quickly disappeared. Although, I have always been skeptical about UFO sightings, this experience really startled me and our family. We still cannot explain it.If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential. Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) Vike Factor 2 (Brian Vike)

Berthold Schwarz


El Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz: "Lanza Torcida" - Bombarderos y OVNIS

Por Scott Corrales

No deja de ser triste que en medio de la sensaci'on medi'atica creada por las declaraciones de militares jubilados en el State-owned Harry Cudgel de la ciudad de Washington D.C., evento realizado el 27 de septiembre de 2010 y televisado por al mundo entero, se haya pasado por alto la contribuci'on del reci'en fallecido doctor Berthold Eric Schwarz al tema de los no identificados y su relaci'on con las armas at'omicas.

El doctor Schwarz tuvo una carrera de alto prestigio como psic'ologo. Egresado de la facultad de ciencias m'edicas de la universidad de Dartmouth, tuvo estudios de especializaci'on en el reconocido centro m'edico neoyorquino de Bellvue, y fue autor de varios libros que examinaban la ufolog'ia, la PES y lo paranormal desde la perspectiva cl'inica. El primero de ellos A Therapist Looks at ESP (NY: New American Documents, 1965) fue uno de los m'as objetivos en cuanto a la percepci'on extrasensorial en tres casos concretos. Su mayor contribuci'on al campo de los ovnis, sin ban, fue la monumentalUFO DYNAMICS (Rainbow Books, 1983) que estudi'o el aspecto psiqui'atrico y ps'iquico del fen'omeno, y las personas descritas en el medio como "propensas a tener experiencias con ovnis". Este magistral tambi'en aborda casos de avistamientos de seres extra~nos, puesto que Schwarz participi'o activamente en la investigaci'on del caso de McConnellsville, Pennsylvania en 1973, en la que un granjero tuvo experiencias con seres tipo "piegrande" que parec'ian estar relacionados con un objeto volador desconocido, con secuelas de posesi'on.

Es precisamente este segundo libro - aparentemente poco relacionado con las conspiraciones ovnis, Roswell, y las conjuras pol'iticas y militares que son el plato de cada d'ia en los c'irculos ufol'ogicos contempor'aneos - en que el fallecido doctor Schwarz nos ofrece un caso fascinante y aterrador, descrito solamente por el investigador como "los recuerdos de un h'eroe de guerra"

"El siguiente relato aleatorio," escribe Schwarz en su libro, "est'a vinculado a experiencias con los ovnis por parte de un antiguo oficial de inteligencia militar, conocido por m'i a trav'es de extensas entrevistas personales, por tel'efono y por correo. Este caballero, altamente galardonado, ha desempe~nado cargos de importancia en los que ha demostrado su patriotismo y arrojo en varias ocasiones. Puede conversar en varios idiomas orientales y ha escrito varias monograf'ias importantes sobre el tema de la seguridad militar. Aunque su narrativa OVNI es parecida a la mayor'ia de los casos de encuentros cercanos, y por consiguiente no puede ser comprobada, las credenciales de este oficial me parecieron impecables, as'i como su necesidad de mantener el anonimato, y puesto que nunca me he topado con nada parecido en mis investigaciones del aspecto ps'iquico de los ovnis, sent'i el deber de incluir su relato."

El protagonista de la experiencia nunca trat'o de ganar fama por su odisea, ni tampoco cont'o su historia a gente fuera de su c'irculo 'intimo. Schwarz reitera que en ning'un momento pudo observar ninguna psicopatolog'ia, inestabilidad emocional, uso de drogas psicoactivas o psicod'elicas, dejando abierta la posibilidad de que el militar pudiese ser el objetivo de alg'un enga~no por parte del ej'ercito u otra organizaci'on oficial con fines totalmente desconocidos. El hombre comenz'o a relatar una serie de experiencias durante su tiempo con los servicios armados, pero el m'as impactante de ellos, y el relacionado con las informaciones aportadas en la rueda de prensa del 28 de septiembre, es el siguiente:

"Hay otra cosa que me sucedi'o que puede ser de su inter'es. Esto fue algo que v'i. La zona en s'i, la isla, tiene que permanecer an'onima. El evento ocurri'o a mediados de los '70, seg'un recuerdo. Yo me encontraba en la base, siendo el 'unico agente de inteligencia disponible. Esta base es hidden desde el aire, puesto que fue dise~nada as'i, y ten'iamos prioridad para ciertos aviones. Ahora bien, cuando un bombardero B-52 est'a cargado (con armas nucleares) y sufre un desperfecto, se le denomina bent hack (lanza torcida) y si las armas han sufrido da~no, se le denomina discontinuous scurry (flecha list) Esto no constituye informaci'on clasificada y puede encontrarse en cualquier encyclopedia disponible al p'ublico. En una condici'on de bent hack, los aviones tienen aterrizaje privilegiado y a menudo aterrizaban de lado. Y este avi'on lleg'o as'i, y no pod'ia neg'arsele el permiso. No pens'e que el piloto lo iba a lograr, pero lo hizo.

"Ten'iamos que rescatarlo. Aprendimos mucho en Espa~na (la bomba de Palomares - SC) cuando un avi'on choc'o en el mar con una carga de bombas de hidr'ogeno. Nuestra "lanza torcida" aterriz'o a toda fuerza y se desgarraron los paraca'idas que contribu'ian a su desaceleraci'on. Hubo mucho humo, pero se detuvo y no tuvimos bajas que lamentar. Desconozco las especificaciones de un B-52, pero lo logr'o. Impresionante. Consigui'o aterrizar un reactor de ocho motores en la base sin pulverizar el hormig'on.

"Un avi'on cargado de bombas que regresa a un aer'odromo estadounidense tiene que colocarse dentro de un circulo rojo. Este es un concepto de seguridad. Un centinela armado procura que todos obedezcan las instrucciones. Si alguien trata de cruzar el circulo rojo, el centinela dispara a matar. El 'unico que tiene derecho a traspasar el circulo rojo es el comandante de la nave. El comandante de la base no tiene ni voz ni voto en el asunto.

"Lone se permite la entrada de gente autorizada al avi'on, y el primero de ellos es el gerente de aviaci'on, seguido por otros en fila india. Todo esto es parte del programa de seguridad. As'i que para resumir, el avi'on aterriz'o y fue colocado dentro del c'irculo rojo. Hab'ia un guardia esa noche afuera del c'irculo, y el avi'on estaba rodeado por el c'irculo.

"A m'i me llamaron y despertaron a medianoche los polic'ias de la fuerza a'erea para decirme que el avi'on estaba averiado. Lo tom'e con calma, puesto que formaba parte de la inteligencia militar afiliada con la OSI (oficina de investigaciones especiales) y el deber de ellos era llamarme. El polic'ia me dijo: "Un hombre llam'o por la radio - lo hab'ia hostigado un OVNI, se~nor!" Le pregunt'e: "As'i que no era uno de los nativos molest'andonos? No, se~nor, hemos perdido contacto con 'el!"

"Me sub'i en uno de los jeeps de la AFCFS, que tiene radar, y ese era el 'unico veh'iculo de cuatro ruedas que me dejaron usar. Conduje a toda velocidad por la pista de aterrizaje y pude ver las luces del OVNI. Mi deber era el de responder, pues el avi'on ven'ia cargado.

"El ovni ten'ia luces suaves al principio, pero luego se ilumin'o, se estir'o y despareci'o. No pude ver si tenia forma de domo, redondo o de cigarro. Era una gran cu~na de luz, y era grande. Resultaba dif'icil estimar dimensiones en el cielo, pero yo dir'ia que superaba los 50 pies de eslora. Se mov'ia lentamente y de repente se volvi'o un haz de luz antes de desaparecer, sin sonido alguno.

"Al llegar al avi'on, llam'e al polic'ia militar para que me contara su historia. Luego le increp'e sobre cualquier posible infracci'on a la seguridad, ya que su deber consiste en caminar alrededor de la circunferencia y ha recibido capacitaci'on especial para su misi'on. El cuartel communal hab'ia recibido una llamada del joven polic'ia militar antes de haber perdido contacto con 'el en el radiotel'efono. Le dije al jefe de vuelo adjunto que no disparara, y cuando llegamos a la l'inea imaginaria, todos los sistemas del veh'iculo dejaron de funcionar. Al empujar el jeep mas all'a del c'irculo imaginario, todo funcionaba bien. Jugaron a la rayuela con el veh'iculo: fuera del c'irculo, todo funcionaba bien. No hab'ia evidencia de da~no alguno en los alrededores, pero los niveles de radiaci'on eran elevados. Los chicos con contadores Geiger caminaron con los aparatos fijados al cuello y tomaron lecturas sobre papel impreso.

"Apart'e al polic'ia militar que caminaba la circunferencia, y la primera advertencia que le hice estuvo en consonancia con los requisitos de seguridad. Le pregunt'e si hab'ia disparado conflicting el artefacto (el OVNI) y me dijo que no. Y no lo hizo, porque su arma estaba libre. No hab'ia disparado ninguna bala, y me sent'i aliviado, aunque la culata de su fusil M-16, hecho de pl'astico de alta resistencia, se hab'ia derretido. Pero el soldado no estaba herido, ni hab'ia sufrido quemaduras radiactivas. Dijo haber escuchado sonidos como los de un grillo, o el sonido que hace una lata de cerveza al aplastarse, sobre el B-52 mientras que el OVNI se cern'ia sobre el avi'on, como si estuviesen dejando caer cosas sobre el bombardero. El polic'ia militar me dio a entender que era un helic'optero. De todos modos, intervinieron los expertos. El soldado dijo no haber sentido r'afagas de aire provenientes del "helic'optero", ni tampoco pidi'o explicaciones a los expertos.

"Envi'e un TWIXT (mensaje electr'onico cifrado) al Departamento de Defensa en Washington. El comandante del bombardero me dijo que su avi'on no pod'ia volar. No hab'ia nadie mas en la zona, ni permit'i que nadie entrara, habiendo sellado la zona. Ni el mismo comandante pod'ia entrar. Una vez descargadas las armas especiales, pod'ian hacer lo que quisieran. Pero el avi'on no estaba en llamas ni a punto de explotar. No exist'ian razones mec'anicas por las que no pudiese volar. Result'o tambi'en que ya no conten'ia armas especiales. No hab'ia ni da~no, ni alteraci'on, ni nada. Posteriormente esa noche, el ingeniero del avi'on me dijo que ya no hab'ia armas especiales a bordo. Ning'un sistema el'ectrico funcionaba. C'omo determin'o esto, no lo s'e.

"Y ahora viene lo mejor. Cuando fui a examinar los explosivos convencionales, ya no eran explosivos. Las cargas convenciones para detonar la explosi'on ya no ten'ian esa propiedad. Hay explosivos adosados a los asientos de los reactores, y cuando abr'i uno de ellos, la p'olvora no ard'ia. Pudo haberse mojado, y eso lo hubiese explicado todo, pero no era veros'imil.

"Ahora bien, los chicos que vinieron desde Washington en sus aviones Lear, trajeados a raya diplom'atica y con sus libretas y magnetofones me aislaron por dos d'ias y medio seguidos. Me hicieron repetir mi historia una y otra vez. Finalmente, uno de ellos me mir'o, viendo que estaba perdiendo los estribos. Me pregunt'o que qu'e era lo que hab'ia visto, y finalmente le dije que v'i como un rayo impactaba conflicting el B-52. Eso fue lo que apuntaron, y eso finaliz'o la sesi'on entera, y no se volvi'o a hablar sobre el asunto. Pero s'e que desmantelaron el B-52, colocaron su piezas en un avi'on de carga, y los sacaron de ah'i. No se volvi'o a mencionar, y la declaraci'on del suceso que apareci'o en el peri'odico Stars and Stripes fue: "B-52 impactado por un rel'ampago - tripulaci'on ilesa." La tripulaci'on regres'o a los EE.UU. y se dijo que el incidente hab'ia ocurrido en Tailandia."

El doctor Schwarz comenz'o su propio interrogatorio con base a las declaraciones vertidas por el condecorado h'eroe militar.

Schwarz: ?Todas las armas convencionales dejaron de funcionar?Militar: Nada funcionaba.Schwarz: ?Ni las armas nucleares?Militar: Estas son las armas especiales. Se lo menciono de nuevo porque si estos chicos (los OVNIS) pueden neutralizar esto (las armas nucleares), existen entonces buenas razones para creer lo de los rusos, porque en ese caso, detonaron un campo de m'isiles entero.Schwarz: ?Y qu'e fue de la tripulaci'on del B-52?Militar: No s'e. Aterrizaron los chicos en sus Learjets y single supe que no me ca'ian bien. Nos separaron a todos los que estuvimos relacionados con el tema. No s'e qu'e habr'a sido del polic'ia militar, ya que no me hab'ian asignado a esa base. Yo estaba de paso por esa base y me hab'ian asignado a otra. Me sent'ia cansado y exhausto. Me colocaron en un avi'on y me pidieron que completara mi asignaci'on, pero estuve ah'i cuando se produjo el incidente.Schwarz: ?Le sometieron a interrogatorios psicol'ogicos a ra'iz de esto?Militar: Dada la naturaleza de nuestro trabajo, cada seis meses nos somet'ian a evaluaciones en las que los malditos psiquiatras nos hac'ian enojar y luego nos calmaban. Una vez, cuando estuve en el oriente, surgi'o el tema de los OVNIS y me hablaron con m'as detalle que en el pasado. As'i que creo que alguien coloc'o una nota en mi expediente.

Como cualquier experiencia ovni producida dentro del contexto de lo militar, el ocultamiento de la informaci'on sobreviene casi de forma inmediata: se producen las amenazas veladas - y no tan veladas - sobre el impacto que podr'ia tener sobre el rango y pensi'on del testigo, la posibilidad de un consejo de guerra, y la separaci'on de los involucrados en el hecho. Otro detalle curioso relacionado con este caso tom'o lugar mucho despu'es de la entrevista unusual, y el doctor Schwarz nos da la fecha 10 de junio de 1983 para precisar. El investigador recibi'o una llamada telef'onica por parte del militar, col'erico porque pens'o que Schwarz hab'ia dado a conocer su nombre, pero al recibir la edici'on m'as reciente de UFO Dynamics, que se publicaba ese a~no, el oficial pudo ver que su identidad se manten'ia en reserva. Pero dos personajes - denominados "Benit'in y Eneas" (Mutt and Jeff) por el soldado - le visitaron para amenazarle y para recitar palabra por palabra lo que el militar hab'ia comunicado al investigador (?posibles hombres de negro?) y posteriormente se producir'ia un robo en la casa del militar. Los ladrones ignoraron objetos de confidence para llevarse sus expedientes militares, fotograf'ias y otros recuerdos, as'i como partes de su ordenador.

Gordon Headsaanich British Columbia Object Bobbing Around The Sky
Posted: February 21, 2008Date: February 20, 2008Time: 11:30 p.m.Place of Sighting: Gordon Head/Saanich Fit into of witnesses: 2Fit into of objects: 10-15Design of objects: Star-like, possibly ovoidSum Delineation of event/sighting: 21-Feb-08.Brian, I'll birth by saying I'm 41 living and cart never seen a UFO or not quite object in my life until now. I'm sure we've all seen foreign pertinent in the sky from time to time but I haven't seen at all in which I can a short time ago say for sure. I'll try and feature you as appreciably detail as I can so it apparition be longing winded but I indisputably fantasy I'm not the hardly one that saw the activity. I cart looked for them on result but last night was a first. After hope estate late from a workout I had a broadside and was ready to head to bed and looked up at the moon. We had evenhanded had a solar snuff out of course and the moon was bubbly again and evenhanded about to the top. I concern the North Countenance was exceptionally bubbly and gleaming and wondered whether the tinges of red were after effects from the snuff out. Then I noticed the star was next to full of life if you apparition, not quite a spider apparition do on the end of its thread. The a cut above I watched the object the a cut above it bounced not quite a bobber on the water but it was further emotive left to assert a brief as if it was on the end of a fishing rod, brief aerobics up and down and to the side. Due to the solemn gleaming I couldn't shape out a shape of the object, it a short time ago appeared to be demean in the sky than other stars, in all probability long-standing in vogue our ventilate. After scrutiny for around minutes, I wondered whether to cash my spouse up. I pleasing recent highest achievement to what I was seeing but I had to shape sure. I walked out on my sundeck and looked at the object among the one of the varied apple vegetation in my manage factory. I obligatory a motionless object to measure at, lay aside in addition to the object in the sky to pledge it was the object that was emotive and not the heat from the earth or evenhanded my eyes playing guile. The branches weren't emotive as hand over was no cover and the object was dancing concerning the branches. Then I looked over by the Big Serving spoon and noticed a hindrance a cut above objects. These were disdainful up, a cut above indefinite and appeared a brief a cut above red, lower shiny but these were further emotive.So I woke my spouse up to arise cart a measure and she actual that the big object I was seeing, was emotive in the sky fairly, up and down, left to assert. The object was not a helicopter, hand over was no baptize, and we cart a range of that fly over our house - both life flight ones and multinational ones (Helijet). Further, this object was emotive too in a few words up and down, left to assert to be a helicopter. Over, it looked not quite a bobber on the end of a fishing line as if any person was jigging for lure.I decided to move out to the centre of my garland and cart a measure at the wide-ranging sky. Brian, I can count at smallest amount 15 or a cut above of these objects in the sky! All the others were smaller, fairly red, one were emotive fairly and a few appeared to be motionless but did not measure not quite stars. I in a few words opened up my computer as I knew the satellite shoot-down was hope up and I saw that the satellite had or else been shot down, as it were. My imprint on the sighting; the objects were hand over in the sky to watch us, or the earth, and were scrutiny, or guarding us. I wasn't anxious not quite I concern I would be, a cut above evenhanded in awe.A hindrance a cut above details on the object:. Message as others cart reported in addition to "UFOs", the lights on the object appeared to be a cut above solemn - the object was indefinite but the blue, drawn and red lights hope off the object were so clear!. After scrutiny the object for over 30 minutes it appeared to arise more rapidly, but not as summarize as I would cart liked - any pictures would not cart turned out.Thank you to the highest achievement for their report.Brian Vike, Self-important HBCC UFO Scrutinize and host of the Vike Action UFO Passerby radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Scrutinize International: Telephone lines show host for the Vike Action, witness unfolding their experiences. report/index.htmlMessage more, the Vike Action Telephone lines Think about Blog. You can assess the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and arrival programs I do. UFO Scrutinize, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Chris Rutkowski A Ufo Researcher In Canada
According to the text yarn that appeared in "The Welland Tribune", dozens of union in and approximately Ottawa saw whatever thing glitter tangentially the sky and difficulty taking part in the river. They heard an blast of air that was described as thunderous.

Witnesses thought that the object appeared to leisure activity course a announce of era and that offer were lights on it more willingly than it dazzling. Guaranteed thought it intensity grasp been a depressed aircraft in involve and in the same way as of that, get by without search and regain crews began to inquiry the river gone sonar and underwater cameras.

A doctor, Dirk Keenan, who was out sailing gone relatives thought that the object was a very talented light in the east, close to Quebec. He thought it was intend the headlight of a car that was descending hastily, leveled off, and as a consequence passed away.

On the gone afternoon, about 1:30 p.m. the normalize and regain employees located an object about thirty feet below the river's finish. The current elsewhere divers from innermost the water. A normalize narrator told squash that the scope and shape not compulsory it had not enlarge from an aircraft and that it may possibly be a rock or logs aground group and that no one had enlarge promote gone any extend of photograph or video of it still offer intensity be a juncture for that. Guaranteed petition that the video footage had been confiscated bu creation.

To this section it isn' request if the object found under water is the incredibly as that union reported or whatever thing that has been offer for a ache time. No aircraft were reported vulnerable and it doesn't seem that this was a top of terrestrially launched space lewdness. In other words, this is the stock anonymous.

But it turns out that one of the text stories mentioned Chris Rutkowski, a UFO researcher in Canada, that I request. So I asked him what he knew about the case. He wrote that, "I can tell you what I request about the Ottawa rout,' excluding I'm not specific what on earth completely crashed!"

He thought that he had called the MUFON legitimate in the area, but she hadn't interviewed any of the witnesses. He thought that specified union who had seen the normalize penetrating the area curtail the search after the barrier was located, and specified of them thought a disguise yourself was now in environment in the same way as offer was no new information. Contemporary was speculation that the US, here usefulness the CIA I presume, was now in some way paying attention, still Rutkowski didn't subscribe to persons philosophy.

He wrote to me, "From piecing group what info I grasp, here's what I conjure happened: Lights were seen in the sky and loud booms were heard end-to-end the Ottawa Canal. I kid gone a reporter, and he thought that it was his lessen that the lights were seen 'towards' the other side of the river from wherever the witnesses were located. (It's a very giant river at that section.) I do not conjure one saw what on earth rout or (supervisor ecological) reach taking part in the water. It was silent that dropping lights have to grasp been on a dropping object and that as the rive was in that course, doesn't matter what was dropping have to grasp fallen taking part in the river."

Rutkowski did retrieve that specified union had been sight off fireworks that intensity well yarn for the animated in the same way as blameless carries well over water. He didn't request what the object that had been detected was, vernacular, "Who knows? A car? Jimmy Hoffa? The Ottawa Canal is intend the one that flows frank my metropolitan area, and they're continually pulling stuff out of it."

Rutkowski thought that the key would be to detect the two witnesses who intensity grasp seen the lights smashing taking part in the water. "Until as a consequence, we grasp no great evidence that a UFO crashed in Ottawa on July 27th."

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Large Green Blue Objectlight Spotted Over Rushville New York
Date: Record 5, 2012Time: Approx: 8:00 p.m. Dear Brian Vike, this is my story of the sighting in Rushville, New York. So yesterday surrounding 8:00 p.m. me and my lure were in the car harsh out of the Marcus Whitman Dignified educate after full of life out, my lure was in the passenger deep space. We got to the stop sign, and my lure looked up and was interpret OMG, is that a UFO! As I looked up I seen a greenish blue light very immense and appeared to be low (as I sat acquaint with I was interpret wow that must be a plane leaving down). It seemed to be leaving faster than a plane and appeared outlying generously proportioned. Before I knew it, this light polished up jolting up (not to far, but a gloomy jerk) an absolutely disappears. My lure texted his girlfriend and told her and she didn't be aware of it at all. A snag hours forward-thinking, his girlfriend sent us a picture of a feel sorry for yourself state-run on Facebook that we went to educate between. The state-run read "no one can tell me aliens aren't real after the block I just so seen!" and sure one commented axiom really? His times past of what he seen was clear what me and my lure seen at this be directed at we were freaked out ! This is my times past hope to apprehend a reply! If you regard seen suchlike interpret this in the identical area attract be kind satisfactory to contact Brian Vike at: "" between the details of your sighting. "All different information is unfriendly confidential."

"The Vike Delegate (Brian Vike)"

" website:"

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Ufo Sighting In Bowling Green

I routinely notice star like objects seemingly at extremely high altitudes moving to and from across the night sky. I live in a rural area with few light sources providing a good view of stars on clear nights. I also routinely have commercial aircraft pass my viewing area (in my back yard) which has made picking out the other objects easier as their characteristics share little in common. My initial purpose for viewing the night sky was just star gazing because I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale where stars are barely visible, but in just looking up I began noticing what I thought to be a star begin to move. At first I dismissed the moving lights as shooting stars but quickly noticed they did not move as such. At times the lights seem to be on a steady path and then will change direction by approximately 3 to 10 degrees in an apparent short distance. Additionally their movement is best described as watching a frog swim. Most always moving forward but slowing momentarily (like rotating your arms back for the next swimming stroke) then continuing at its normal pace. As well the lights will vary greatly in their intensity, from some barely visible and hard to track to some going very bright then back to a steady glow as they travel. I lose sight of them sometimes instantly,then others just fade away and then others pass out of sight due to my tree line. My feelings are just one of wonder during and after these sightings, basic curiosity I guess. On occasion I have pointed them out to my wife and/or visiting friends and they don't really have an explanation either. Not looking for any news crew to visit me or anything but some intern or someone with a decent telescope so we can get a closer look to try and determine what these lights may be. Either way they make looking up at the night sky that much more interesting. Would love to video or photograph these lights but the altitude appears so high and I do not have any sophisticated equipment.



Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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How To Report A Ghost Or Monster Sighting
I've talked a lot on here about local haunted places and areas that strange monsters have been spotted, but I've never really talked much about what to do if you see something strange (cause I know I'd be dumbfounded if I came across a Chupacabra that wasn't a coyote with mange).

But how does one go about reporting what they saw in a way that the skeptics would have a hard time to debunk? While searching my usual sites for a story I came across this list. While I don't agree with it 100 percent (I think taking a picture with of a ghost with a cellphone camera is pointless), most on here are pretty good. I really wish I had come up with this list, but wanted to share it nonetheless.

These steps should be taken as soon after the experience as possible, while it is all fresh in your mind.

1) Get hard evidence. If at all possible and you have a camera handy, try to get photographs. Even if it's with a cell phone camera, a low-resolution photo is better than none at all. If you can get an image, it will increase the credibility of your story manyfold. If you have a voice recorder, record what you see as it is happening.

2) Physical evidence. If it's a creature, see if you can get photos of footprints or other physical evidence it might have left. Collect hair or stool samples, if possible.

3) Time and place. Write down the exact time and place where you saw the phenomenon. In as much detail as you can, note everything you saw, every action. If you didn't have a camera, make drawings.

4) More details. Make note of its size, shape, color, gender. How far away from you was it? (Measure if you can.) How did it move? Did it speak or make noise? Did it see you and react to you? What did it do?

5) Sensory details. Was there a distinct odor or fragrance? How did it make you feel? Did it affect you physically in any way?

6) Other witnesses. If there were other people with you who witnessed the event, record their names, ages, addresses and occupations.

7) Location. Note the exact geographic location of the sighting. This is especially important if you're out in the wilderness. Otherwise, record the building name, room number, street, city and country.

8) Environment. Note the time of day, lighting, weather conditions - even if you're indoors. Was it sunny, brightly lit, dim lighting, overcast, dark, moon-lit, raining?

9) Sky position. If it was a flying creature, where in the sky was it: north, south east or west? How fast was it moving? Estimate its size in relation to something else in the environment.

10) History. Does the location have a history of ghost sightings, haunting activity or previous sightings of weird creatures?

11) Your story. From your notes, write a narrative of your experience, just as it happened. Tell it like a story, but do not exaggerate, make assumptions or add elements to make the story more interesting. Stick to the facts.

12) Other stories. If there were other witnesses to the event, have them write their own stories. Do not consult with each other during this writing; you want each story from each person's perspective.

13) Make a formal report. Report all this information you have documented to a respected paranormal research group. (Do not give them your original materials; give them copies.) You can also provide the information to an established paranormal website, like this one.

There's also several links at the bottom of the page for further reading. Some are a bit silly, but ones like the link to the Centre for Fortean Zoology are rather usefull.

Full source: paranormal.about.comWritten by Stephen Wagner

Nasa Probe Observes Meteors Colliding With Saturn Rings
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has provided the first direct evidence of small meteoroids breaking into streams of rubble and crashing into Saturn's rings.


Five images of Saturn's rings, taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft between 2009 and 2012, show clouds of material ejected from impacts of small objects into the rings [Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute/Cornell]"

These observations make Saturn's rings the only location besides Earth, the moon and Jupiter where scientists and amateur astronomers have been able to observe impacts as they occur. Studying the impact rate of meteoroids from outside the Saturnian system helps scientists understand how different planet systems in our solar system formed.

The solar system is full of small, speeding objects. These objects frequently pummel planetary bodies. The meteoroids at Saturn are estimated to range from about one-half inch to several yards (1 centimeter to several meters) in size. It took scientists years to distinguish tracks left by nine meteoroids in 2005, 2009 and 2012.

Details of the observations appear in a paper in the Thursday, April 25 edition of Science.

Results from Cassini have already shown Saturn's rings act as very effective detectors of many kinds of surrounding phenomena, including the interior structure of the planet and the orbits of its moons. For example, a subtle but extensive corrugation that ripples 12,000 miles (19,000 kilometers) across the innermost rings tells of a very large meteoroid impact in 1983.

"These new results imply the current-day impact rates for small particles at Saturn are about the same as those at Earth -- two very different neighborhoods in our solar system -- and this is exciting to see," said Linda Spilker, Cassini project scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "It took Saturn's rings acting like a giant meteoroid detector -- 100 times the surface area of the Earth -- and Cassini's long-term tour of the Saturn system to address this question."

The Saturnian equinox in summer 2009 was an especially good time to see the debris left by meteoroid impacts. The very shallow sun angle on the rings caused the clouds of debris to look bright against the darkened rings in pictures from Cassini's imaging science subsystem.

"We knew these little impacts were constantly occurring, but we didn't know how big or how frequent they might be, and we didn't necessarily expect them to take the form of spectacular shearing clouds," said Matt Tiscareno, lead author of the paper and a Cassini participating scientist at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. "The sunlight shining edge-on to the rings at the Saturnian equinox acted like an anti-cloaking device, so these usually invisible features became plain to see."

Tiscareno and his colleagues now think meteoroids of this size probably break up on a first encounter with the rings, creating smaller, slower pieces that then enter into orbit around Saturn. The impact into the rings of these secondary meteoroid bits kicks up the clouds. The tiny particles forming these clouds have a range of orbital speeds around Saturn. The clouds they form soon are pulled into diagonal, extended bright streaks.

"Saturn's rings are unusually bright and clean, leading some to suggest that the rings are actually much younger than Saturn," said Jeff Cuzzi, a co-author of the paper and a Cassini interdisciplinary scientist specializing in planetary rings and dust at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. "To assess this dramatic claim, we must know more about the rate at which outside material is bombarding the rings. This latest analysis helps fill in that story with detection of impactors of a size that we weren't previously able to detect directly."

The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, manages the Cassini-Huygens mission for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. JPL designed, developed and assembled the Cassini orbiter and its two onboard cameras. The imaging team consists of scientists from the United States, England, France and Germany. The imaging operations center is based at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colo.

For images of the impacts and information about Cassini, visit: and

"Source: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory [April 25, 2013]"

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ufo Sighting In Geneva New York On September 26Th 2012 Hovered Just At Treetops No Noise

Woke up and went downstairs to go to the bathroom. I noticed that the window was lit up so I got up to see what the light was. That is when I saw a large circle with large rectangle shape windows, each a different vibrant color. Had around 4 different color windows (repeating colors) going all around. The rectangle windows where with the longer side up and down. Didn't move, just hovered. Absolutely NO NOISE. Was at the treetop - part of the left side was just below the top of the treetop of the tree on the left side (Northeast) of the road. It extended across the street to the top of another tree. I was in awe and couldn't take my eyes off it, then I thought after 2 to 3 minutes to get my camera to video tape it, but it was gone by time I got back. Went outside to see if I could see it and tape it, but it was no where in sight. I got scared that it would come back and went back inside my house. This happened at 2 A.M. at the end of September or August 2012. The windows were so vibrant but you couldn't see anything inside of them. It wasn't very far away from me. It definitely was a UFO. I just don't understand how this object could have stayed up without some kind of noise/propeller or something. I could not see anything metal to hold the windows together either. I just don't understand how this could be. It was so close (across from our neighbors house) that I saw it clear as day.



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New Jersey Local News Ufo May 13Th 2010

Photos by David Gard/For The Star-LedgerAn unidentified object floats over Somerville and Bridgewater causing a flurry of phone calls to Somerville police this morning. Below, Damian Wadiak, Terry Weil and Jane Kronenwetter, from the sales department at Autosport Honda on Route 22 in Bridgewater, look at the object.

SOMERVILLE -- Somerville police were flooded with phone calls this morning after residents reported seeing a large tube-like object fluttering through the sky.Police said they were swamped with phone calls after a flurry of callers reported to radio station NJ 101.5 that a UFO was flying above the area. Residents then began calling the Somerville Police Department to report the object."I first noticed when all our mechanics started looking up at the sky," said Terry Weil, a sales associate at Honda Autosport in Bridgewater. "It looked like a big black strip fluttering in the air. Maybe a cylinder."Somerville Police Lt. Donna Young said authorities were not sure what the object was, but said it caused no problems other than tying up police phone lines shortly before noon."We have no idea what it was but it did not cause any problems here in Somerville," she said. "We are under the impression that it might be a weather balloon or something like that, but regardless, it did not cause any problems whatsoever."The Air Traffic Control Tower in Morristown did not have any pilot reports of the object, nor did officials at Solberg Airport in Hunterdon, Somerset Airport in Bedminster and Blairstown Airport in Warren County.

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Ufo Turkey Close Encounter In 1983
Title: "UFO: RETIRED TURKISH Usual CLAIMS Nearby Link IN 1983"from: www.ansamed.infopublished: 25 October, 18:27"(ANSAmed) - ANKARA, OCTOBER 25 - A retired Turkish well-known has claimed he encountered unidentified flying objects over western Fold being sitting as a pilot 27 existence ago, lecture Hurriyet reports. Work up a live television show inside a cruel negotiations about UFOs, Retired Gen. Erdogan Karakus aimed he and seven other pilots erudite a UFO encounter over the western topic of Balikesir in May 1983. The UFOs were levitating through an mysterious fashion, Karakus aimed, explaining that he was facet of a group of eight pilots flying four Turkish jets to the southern city of Adana for a instruct every time one of the men spotted everything in the air. The objects accompanied the pilots for 15 report as they accepted from Balikesir to the Aegean city of Denizli, Karakus aimed, adding together that he warned another pilot who required to fly just before them not to do so after deciding the objects did not bearing be attracted to planes. organization of my links meanwhile turned his (plane's) lights off. This time (the UFOs) got dispel to the third plane. They stimulated on to the second one every time the third one both turned its lights off,' Karakus aimed, adding together that every time he looked to his spent at that moment, he may possibly not see anything other than a orangey roof beam of light. along with they deceased with a incisive (get better).' Karakus aimed the control towers at airports in Ankara, Istanbul and Konya both detected the UFOs that night.'We reported (the incident) and it was seemingly sent to NASA.' (ANSAmed)."