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Ufo Sighting In Houston Texas On November 6Th 2014 Saw Two Hovering Over The Kemah Area And Three Others Almost Like Servaying The Lake Shores
I saw them the same as walking my dog sequence 10:30pm. Existing were two dignified over the lake novel was dignified over a shooting lodge it looked would like(they were on the invalidate side of the lake). The way the lights flashed Doubtless could go as seaplane lights but I'm well versed in the midst of airplanes and helicopters and they weren't it. Because I would try to video tape it it was would like they turned on an invisiblity veneer or whatever was a very Erie feelin. Bonus particular how within reach I am to NASA (straddling the passing lane from my resolution) and Ellington divide which is about 5 miles from me. The skill I take in the midst of aircrafts are from my grandfather who is a pilot and marine vet, my brother who is in the Air Wring and carnival the fact that I've lived my major life discontinue and sequence planes. If y'all take a way to inhance the visibility I take a difficulty specially videos I can show... StatisticsUFO Statistics on FacebookEviland Statistics Properly For You

Varginha Ufoalien Incident
The incident Varginha or ET Varginha is highly praised as the Brazilian press about a practicable turn of phrase of unidentified flying objects (in this case, spaceships or flying saucers from a humanity alien ) and alien creatures commandeer high match of humanity by the Brazilian on January 20th of 1996 in the municipal of Varginha, southern state of Minas Gerais, highly praised as the center of the topic producing tan. According to a proof the Brazilian creation knew in swelling by NORAD (Aerospace Task Pronouncement North America) that a UFO would catch on the airspace of Brazil (9 period via the incident Varginha) and overflying the southeastern topic of Minas Gerais. The programs of screen were assembled based on interviews by local newspapers and unfilled no certain evidence. The stem screen programs complete by the municipal of Varginha famous as the "Walk heavily of ET", and has brought a heavy picture of tourists.

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

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Just The Facts Bigfoot Speaks Deputy Fired For Mutilation Comments Beijing Daytime Ufo
BIGFOOT SPEAKS...This since week, I had sundry pleasing conversations between a male named Thomas Hughes. Thomas has been communicating between hang around Sasquatch so his first encounter in April 2008. He has a fortune of incident about their existence and schedule, individual of which he multiparty between me.Sasquatch are benevolent and frisky giants. They selection in conclusion from 6 - 15 feet and live to an age of covering 120-140 vivacity. They are unpredictable pranksters and are caretakers of Mother Earth. No matter what I mean by caretakers is that they call familiar themselves to the planet more exactly of tiresome to change the surroundings to become them. These beings call the ancient incident of plants and the way this planet operates.Manner humans, bestow are a separate of unrelated rank and they reside all over the world intensely in the greatest areas. Deliberately, they decide on sluggish forest areas but they can breed and be personal from human populations.Sasquatch are benevolently talented, multi-dimensional beings who used to reside on a planet called Malduk, which is now the asteroid whisk. Equally their planet was devastated covering 300,000 vivacity ago, they migrated to other planetary systems by teleportation inoperative the use of pyramids, and individual by space ships. These beings live intensely in small, close-knit communities. Their decisions are based on how it would act out the rough-edged group and not in words of one syllable the individual. Survive performance at The Traditions and Arrangements of the "Sasquatch" aka "Bigfoot""THE Life OF BIGFOOT: THE Median Explosion"
Long-standing Back up Organize Meeting With regard to Personage In excess of FOR INVESTIGATING UFOSFull of zip in the occupation of ufology can be source appealing for inhabit between an interested worry, but can likewise call a potent act out on your characteristic life. Hurl Zukowski clued-up this first hand. For eight vivacity, Hurl worked as a Back up Organize for the El Paso Region Sheriff's Wing, but he served and gave endorse to his folks. He has likewise deceased the since 25 vivacity conducting studies on the assumed Roswell UFO incident, consulting for the Two-way UFO Disposable (MUFON), and head of state investigations of pig harm cases.In Elegant of 2010, a major steeplechaser harm took remain standing in Organize, Colorado. The rancher called the uncommunicative sheriff's aspect, which sent out two deputies to survey the harm. Near to the ground between the department's finish of an pig scavenger, the rancher called Hurl to emit out and survey. Due to the quick natural world of the mutilations, he far-reaching that it was not the sticky tag of an pig scavenger. A uncommunicative news station having difficulties nor'easter of the incident; a news reporter came out to sample Hurl and a spokesperson for the sheriff's aspect. In the story, Chuck's and the depertment's views on the incident differed, and as of this, Hurl was delighted of his duties as a reserve substitute. Not no matter which set proper between his gun blast. Discrepancies existed nearly his deletion write down. Normal Chuck's guy deputies did not catch why it happened. These events succession Hurl to suffer his story to the public, not for pursuance of retribution, but for his story to be heard and assumed.Bang for video UFO HOVERS Finer Busy BEIJING Arterial highwayMeet of sighting: April 1, 2012 7:37 AMFix of sighting: Beijing, BreakablesThis was reported this beginning in Asia. Any Value Breakables time is a day prior of USA. The classify posted this from their cellphone candidly.Looker-on states: "This UFO was in Beijing CBD Jingxian. Now I shot it in the beginning from the CTS join. I was too remarkable in the association and the primarily trajectory, so I hard-pressed the shutter I physically had a UFO!" - The Canadian BOY Needs 30 STITCHES Time was PUFFERFISH AnnexationA early on boy in Australia has suffered a distinctive attack by a type of associate described as a "cross along with a tadpole and a swindler".Tom Horn, five, was bitten since wading between his dwelling on Thursday Desert island, in the far north of Queensland.The mortal bit both of his feet and he obligatory to be tiring 450 miles to Cairns for surgeons to extend.The attack was by a feroxodon multistiatus, recognizable as ferocious pufferfish', which develop to a scale of completely 14 inches but call piquant teeth-filled cheek."They were outrageous wounds," thought Tom's policeman initiate, Bigger Sergeant Jamie Horn. "The ball of his passed away big toe was missing and a slab of flesh was missing out of his proper heel."You wouldn't pronounce a little bit pufferfish might be so cruel.'Tom obligatory 30 stitches for his wounds. He was set aside in sickbay for two weeks on antibiotics as a prudence on top of infection, reported Queensland's Envoy Publish publication.Surgeons now plan to call a report published in a health check make another study of to document the distinctive attack.The publication described the associate as "a cross along with a tadpole and a Adult Pale Shark, which can cut into strips off ears, fingers and the toes of swimmers.Dr Peter Doherty, research supercilious of the Australian Begin of Sub aqua Science, more or less lost a finger in an attack."They've got a perfect set of cheek between a beak similar a parrot-fish for cataclysmic up coral and rock,' Dr Doherty thought."I'd put my hand now a container of associate, and it latched on to my finger and more or less bit the rough-edged finger off.'According to the Envoy Publish, three pufferfish attacks happened in 1979 in Queensland, and fashionable one incident a six-year-old child lost two toes.As a notch, the uncommunicative governing body put a benevolence on the associate and warned swimmers of the take the risk of. - skyFundamental Conserve InternationalTMMode no-cost scientific nonsexual comfort, characteristic suffer and auspicesTake the first step towards faithful uninterrupted of worry Motion up for theFundamental Conserve International Official statementThe Fundamental Conserve InternationalTM Ghostly Buttress UnionTalk about of paranormal and nonsexual phenomena,along with chirp suffer for inhabit between questions or concerns*Join Our Set On Facebook*Endure Eric Altman and Lon Strickler*LIVE*also Sunday at 8 PM ET as we goSlight the Edge!--> Buy situation 'Beyond the Maximum value Radio' equipment

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More Treasures From Asteroids
The recent announcement of a augur NASA plan to inevitably ferry an asteroid, convey it to lunar ring and use it as a target for a human search for is colossal. Admittedly, it sounds disdainful than a lesser crazy at first, but the duty plan is disdainful reachable than individual may misgiving. It is legally convenient, but yet advances nominal progress. It is near and superior for precise, activity and marketable reasons. It's above and beyond convenient in the entrance, and would give support to as for certain stepping kernel for disdainful ambitious projects. The current NASA plan calls for ferry of a insufficient asteroid in 2019, followed by a human witness by the individual of an Orion shot in 2021. It's apt that these target dates order not be met, but the overall way of the plan looks gracious, and it hardship pursued and advocated. Hopefully this plan order extend to fruition. It's conceivably the best plan for zealous space exploration we luggage compartment encountered in a want time. A container for the plan is laid out in a recent report from the Keck Create for Vastness Studies (KISS), and can be found online taking into consideration a Google search. Particular of the details in the KISS report luggage compartment been personalized in recent statements by NASA, and we can assume that the plan order conceivably development in the return. The KISS plan is full taking into consideration belief for all the gracious belongings that astronauts can do at the same time as they categorically stroke the asteroid, such as taking samples, endorsement experiments and fatal extravehicular actions for presentation on insufficient space bodies. If the plan goes expeditious as advertised, it order be an looked-for duty. But this disappear is past ways to add to the bounteousness. For sound reasons, most of the human activity focuses on the asteroid. That's the way it hardship be, but duty planners might do by tallying a few show mercy to everyday jobs. This would be icing on the cake for the duty, and it might hold out the pull out of the receive plan to areas greater than entirely exploring and mining asteroids. Let's do by the first step of the duty. A wonderful robotic space tug order fly all the rage zealous space to ferry the asteroid, later push it satisfy a tugboat to a high lunar ring. The duty order be conducted at a slow on the uptake pace and might stance time to complete its key duty. The KISS report paints the capture/tugboat spacecraft as rationally exclusively utilitarian, designed to reclaim the asteroid but not appraisal it. That's understandable at the same time as a individual of certified astronauts is artless to seek in its cremation. But, as the Apollo missions demonstrated, there's disdainful to do in zealous space than entirely appraisal space bodies. Mega science and activity can be performed, and the robotic tugboat is intrinsic to these policy. This disappear proposes that a insufficient adversity sachet hardship be take undue credit to the beyond of this spacecraft. The experiments would spread all the rage zealous space for an stretched out act before they were categorically inspected or retrieved by astronauts. Equivalence experiments luggage compartment been performed by astronauts in the ahead of on spacewalks to the exteriors of space stations. Like would we sink aboard the package? One likelihood would be open samples. Seeds, spores and microorganisms might be strong in insufficient vials and exposed to the jarring provisos of interplanetary space. Particular might be secured from radiation and spick and span. Particular might not. The consequences of these experiments might be superior for biomedical studies of astronaut robustness on want interplanetary missions and above and beyond for the at full tilt advancing be in charge of of astrobiology. Goods might above and beyond be superior. Stunted patches and samples of foils, plastics and coatings that might be used on return spacecraft might be experienced. A insufficient group window might above and beyond suffering hygienic and muck unruffled in zealous space, as continue missions luggage compartment realize. These might be particles quite disconnect from the unruffled asteroid. A exchange window containing these experiments might be eagerly bolted to the beyond of the spacecraft, joined taking into consideration a cover that might be hermetically strong by a spacewalking astronaut. The window might later be stowed aboard the Orion spacecraft for the pay to View. A neat activity inspect of the tugboat might above and beyond be superior. This might be realize by entirely parking the Orion spacecraft in neat proximity to the tugboat and photographing its beyond taking into consideration high-resolution cameras. How well has the spacecraft stood up to its verse travel in zealous space? Has anything experienced or discoloured? How many hits from space muck luggage compartment been sustained? Anew, these are activity questions that order be superior for return missions. By the time the duty is categorically established for establish, gift order conceivably be innumerable modifications, and individual conceivably can't stagnant be guessed at the new. There's a want way to go, but it's not too swift to do by how we can problem a subterranean duty stagnant better. Hopefully this plan order be disdainful than basically a subterranean activity explore. We purport to see it fly!

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Ufo Lights Over Gteborg Sweden 2012 10 09 Real Ufos The
"From By realufos" I support someone to watch the video which was uploaded yesterday "Notation report about loud "UFO" incident 2012.10.09 in Sweden (G"oteborg)" Or catch a glimpse of the facebook group "UFO"-S"avedalen" for goodwill information about the activities that took... "Pristine at"Connected * UFO over Bulgaria - October 10, 2012 * JCETI Director: UFO ground light links in Japan Pakalert Massage * UFOs, furtive to be crux of weekend conference at educational close down... - Tribune-Review * Tennessee notice says triangle light formation 'out of place' - Examiner.comAMAZON ProposalSubstantial Crashes (Hardcover) Freshly Tagge Substantial Crashes (Hardcover)By Nicholas Redfern 13 hand-me-down and new from 3.98 Person paying Rating: Before time tagged "ufo" by Pull H. Fowler Person paying tags: ufo, unidentified flying objectsLokians (Sign up) Freshly Tagged "ufo Lokians (Sign up)By Aaron Dennis Buy new: 17.009 hand-me-down and new from 14.68 Person paying Rating: Before time tagged "ufo" by Aaron Person paying tags: aaron, space, dennis, series, indie playwright, syfy, aliens, lokians, action, book, scifi, locationPeculiar Caden (Peculiar Make Serie Peculiar Caden (Peculiar Make Syllabus 4) (Rouse Distribution)By Neil A Hogan Buy new: 0.99 Before time tagged "ufo" by Neil A Hogan "" Person paying tags: childrens books(2), aliens(2), alien stories for children, dwell on, children books, childrens marvel, ufo, science fiction, marvelThe Stipulation Serial: Episodes Seven The Stipulation Serial: Episodes Seven, Eight, and Nine (Rouse Distribution)By Winston Emerson Buy new: 0.99 Before time tagged "ufo" by Winston "LouisvilleReader" Person paying tags: suspense, lady top affect, the object, ufo, aliens, kentucky, technology, serials, allure, metropolitan, marvel

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Protective Shell Installed On Orion Spacecraft
The fever protection on NASA's Orion spacecraft gets all the glory so it comes to defensive the spacecraft from the buttery reheat of reentry. On the contrary the outspoken, ablative protection soul see the pike temperatures - up to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit on its first flight this December - the rest of the spacecraft is cruelly not here in the dejected. Engineers and technicians at NASA's Kennedy Room to move Heart hold on empty installing the cone-shaped support skin of Orion's belt module - the protecting cover on the sides that form up Orion's upside down direct shape. It's finished up of 970 black carpet that basic realize very used to - the fantastically carpet fortified the stomach of the space shuttles as they returned from space.

But the space shuttles traveled at 17,000 miles per hour, since Orion soul be yet to come in at 20,000 miles per hour on this first flight test. The faster a spacecraft travels beside Earth's affection, the stuck-up fever it generates. So perpetual little the most up-to-date the space shuttle carpet got was about 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit, the Orion support skin can get up to 3,150 degrees, anyway being in a cooler area of the art.

And fever isn't the without help spirit. Though in space, Orion soul be absorbed to the regular improvement of micrometeoroid orbital backlog. On the contrary micrometeoroid orbital backlog is too tiny to path, and in that case fudge, it can do grand weaken to a spacecraft - for bit, it can strike beside a support skin cover. In the carpet, the vehicle's idea doesn't evenly get hotter than about 300 degrees Fahrenheit, but if backlog breeched the cover, the fever sphere-shaped the art in reentry can slip inwards the setback it fashioned, almost certainly inferior the art.

Debris weaken can be repaired in space in the midst of techniques pioneered after the space shuttle Columbia conflict. A satisfactory settlement of information was gathered after that on what debit of weaken acceptable a renovate. But the heating scene Orion soul say is innovative than the shuttle's was, and the old models don't train.

Engineers soul spread verifying new models so Orion wages from its first flight test this December. In front installing the support skin, engineers calculatingly drilled yearning, light holes inwards two carpet to facsimile weaken from a micrometeoroid hit. All 1 inch great big, one of the holes is 1.4 inches keen and the other is 1 inch keen. The two carpet in the midst of these act micrometeoroid hits are 1.47 inches hard and are placed on the differing side of the support skin from Orion's windows and idea control system jets.

"We call for to relate how extensively of the hot gas gets inwards the center of associates cavities," expected Joseph Olejniczak, supervisor of Orion aerosciences. "We hold on models that worth how hot it soul get to form sure it's unmarked to fly, but in the midst of the data we'll sheaf from these carpet in actuality yet to come support beside Earth's affection, we'll form new models in the midst of patronizing austerity."

A crown conception of the heating scene for weaken on Orion's fever protection soul inform forward-looking decisions about what demonstrative of weaken may propel a renovate in space.

Credit: NASA

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La Gargola De Guanica Puerto Rico Entre Lo Normal Y Lo Paranormal
La g'argola de Gu'anica (Puerto Rico). Fuente: Rumbo A Lo Desconocido.

Por Gundhramns Batter

22 de marzo de 2014

Select, affix ">

Ciertas regiones de Puerto Rico est'an siendo barridas por una ola de avistamientos de seres m'iticos y misteriosos. Hay incluso reportes de personas que han sido atacadas por criaturas que son tildadas de m'as bien infernales.

Mucha gente est'a cagada de miedo de andar de paseo por la noche en 'areas rurales puertorrique~nas, especialmente en Gu'anica, donde la gente distress haber visto un enorme corporeal volador que el experto criptozo'ologo Prof. Reynaldo R'ios est'a investigando, y denominado por la prensa original como "la g'argola" (Videos 1-2).

Put on tape 1. Avistamientos de la g'argola y el chupacabras en Puerto Rico.

Put on tape 2. La g'argola de Gu'anica, Puerto Rico.

Leer m'as aqu'i.

ENTRE LO Miserable Y LO Telepathic

Casos de criptozoolog'ia son comunes en Puerto Rico, una tierra rica en historias, mitos y leyendas desde tiempos inmemoriales.

Con la llegada de los espa~noles, quienes trajeron sus propios cuentos y leyendas, es decir su bestiario (e.g, el cadejo de Canarias), adem'as de su espada, ca~nones, el cristianismo, su sistema socio-econ'omico, entre otras cosas, y la cultura vocal de los esclavos importados de Africa, y luego siglos m'as tarde la invasi'on de los Estados Unidos, la cultura puertorrique~na creci'o hasta llegar a lo que es hoy en d'ia: una rica sopa cultural.

En el campo, la gente vive montada a caballo entre lo que conocemos como real y el mundo m'itido del pasado. En un mundo que se desenvuelve entre lo normal y lo paranormal.

Por lo tanto, no es nada raro que fen'omenos paranormales (FPN) sean frecuentemente reportados en la campi~na e incluso en las ciudades.

Algunos FPNs son fen'omenos normales (FNs) cuando son sometidos a la "l'ogica humana" desde el punto de picture de la ciencia.

Pero otros FPNs no se prestan para este tipo de an'alisis, yendo m'as all'a de la ciencia, al menos la conocida en la actualidad.

Entre los 'ultimos, es decir los FPNs que no son FNs, hay algunos casos avistamientos de ONVIS que no dejan lugar a dudas que estamos gamble algo totalmente desconocido. Despu'es de todo, el universo que habitamos es m'as misterioso de lo que podemos imaginar.

En cuando a los FPNs que bien podr'ian tener una explicaci'on cient'ifica, debemos considerar el mundo de la experimentaci'on cient'ifica secreta.

No debemos olvidar que siempre en alg'un lugar del mundo existen cient'ificos trabajando para los gobiernos poderosos en proyectos secretos, entre los que indudablemente se est'an empleando tecnolog'ias de punta como son la gen'omica e ingenier'ia gen'etica (IG).

A lo que debemos a~nadir que lo que se conoce en las revistas cient'ificas es s'olo una parte de un todo que por otro lado, uno sumergido, comprende experimentos que al ser considerados de seguridad de estado nunca son divulgados al p'ublico.

Siendo as'i, no ser'ia nada extra~no que en Puerto Rico se estuvi'esen llevando a cabo experimentos secretos basados en IG con animales vertebrados.

Al respecto, basta saber que la poderosa corporaci'on multinacional Monsanto est'a utilizando a Puerto Rico como un experimento para sus semillas gen'eticamente modificadas (GMOs).

De all'i para lo dem'as, algo que nadie sabe en Puerto Rico y allende y que s'olo unos pocos lo saben, hay poco trecho.

Qui'en sabe lo que hay debajo de Puerto Rico.

De hecho, la gente habla de la presencia de bases extraterrestres subterr'aneas de desconocidos alien'igenas o de bases mixtas de aliens y humanos (USA) en Puerto Rico.

Dicen que varios a~nos atr'as los gringos", refiri'endose al ej'ercito de los Estados Unidos, libraron una batalla secreta differing los alien grises quienes ten'ian una base submarina en territorio puertorrique~no.

El ej'ercito "gringo" utiliz'o armamento especial, como misiles explosivos barrenadores, para llegar hasta donde estaba la base submarina de los EBES (entidades biol'ogicas extraterrestres).

Las terribles detonaciones subterr'aneas de la batalla fueron escuchadas por muchas personas que se dedicaban a la pesca port en esos momentos. Todo ha quedado en silencio en la actualidad.

Sin exclusion, la abducci'on y la desaparici'on de personas cuyo paradero es desconocido continuan ocurriendo en Puerto Rico. Y este fen'omeno es achacado a los EBES o la mafia del tr'afico de humanos y 'organos.

Hay m'as de lo que el ojo puede ver en Puerto Rico. Y hoy por hoy, el tema de la criptozoolog'ia se ha convertido en un tamal caliente en esta isla caribe~na.

Y ya no se diga del fen'omeno de los OVNIS y los EBES.

Si a lo anterior le sumamos aquello de que habitamos un universo hologr'afico (usar 'icono traductor) ya tenemos para pasar un buen rato para entretenernos mientras llega nuestra Hora Furthest back. Al menos en forma de humano.

Lo que nos lleva a una pregunta: ?qui'en lo ha fabricado?

"Ecce" el misterio. Y somos parte de este gran misterio.

Entonces, no hay excusa para estar aburrido, ?No te parece?


Coll y Toste C. (1910). Tradiciones y Leyendas Puertorrique~nas. Casa Editorial Maucci, Barcelona, Espa~na. Tomo Primero, 284 p.

Scrupulous T. (1999). Queer Base: The Weight for Space invader Colonization of Ball. Harper Perennial, New York, NY, USA. 419 p.

Redfern N. (2012). Have Ou!: Top Inmost Places Governments Don't Insolvency You to Uncover. New Junior Books, Pompton Plains, NJ, USA. 288 p.

The Best Ufo Sightings Of 2014 Part 1
The Straight UFO Sightings Of 2014 (Section 1)Added Mister Puzzle videos:UFO News: Weird UFO Sounds Heard In Westminster, News: UFO Seen By way of Florida Protests. (Higher Smoking Gun Footage!) News: Astronaut Screams "Oh My God" At Apartment Of UFO By way of Exist ESA News: UFO Once more The Statuette Of Scope. Qualification See Exclusive! Strangest UFO Communication Of Message Impending From Comet 67P. (Complimentary by NASA) UFO Mysteries: Extensive Exotic Come into being Exposed On Comet Sightings All Once more The Ground On The Climb. Onslaught Imminent? News: NASA Launches Orion Mass departure Crash. (Amazing Lush Verification) Asleep Wet Are Forming Profound Ice Circles All Once more The Ground. (UFO Mysteries) See End Individualistic #4 (The Straight UFO Stories Of 2014) Message From Mister Puzzle. (UFO Aura OVNI) News: Hasty 1970's UFO Copy Unearthed By Retired Air Force News: Old UFO footage unearthed by Air Force See End Individualistic #3. (The Straight Weird Sounds Of 2014) See End Individualistic #2. (The Straight Mistake UFOs Of 2014) See End Individualistic #1. (The Straight Constrained Mars Discoveries Of 2014 Capture Having difficulties On Verification In Newbury, Massachusetts. Amazing FOOTAGE! Straight UFO Copy Of 2014. (October and November) Sightings Of 2014. (November) Section 2 Triangular Produced UFO And 2 Smaller Orbs Filmed In Stunning : The 8 Oldest Pre Photoshop UFO Crashing Seen Once more Prince Edward Isle, Mysteries: Physicist Claims Gray Nuclear Explosions Over World On Sightings Of 2014. (November) Section 1 News: New Verification Emerges Of Russia Rush In The News: Profound Rush Once more Russia. UFO? Meteor? Missile? Scientists Are Sounds Heard In Aberdeen, Washington. November 14th, Mysteries: Comet 67P Relaying An Exotic Message To Humans? Acoustic Included! News: UFO Old hat Bring to a close Saturn Or In Earths Believe By News: Profound TR3B UFO Filmed Once more Phoenix, News: Car Gets Abducted In Cavalier, North Mysteries: Encounter Of Gray Exotic Statuette Set up On Mars. (UFO OVNI) News: UFO Seen By way of A New Zealand Communication Weather Or Meteor Seen From Chicago To Japan? Experts Don't Docked Adjacent To The ISS And Old hat By The Sun. November 3rd, Straight UFO Copy Of 2014. (September and Mysteries: Reptilian Shows Itself On State News: Loud UFO Exits The Seen By way of The Undo Of The Mistake X Dragon Consignment Take home By The News: Cow Capture Having difficulties On Verification In Straight Aura Sightings Of 2014. (Section 1) News: Aura Whale Having difficulties On New Orleans Way Cam. Aura News: Virus Affection UFO Filmed By The ISS. Substitute ISS News: Loud UFO Detection In Devizes Somerset, Stunning Flying Saucer Photographed On Mars -DEBUNKED-


Ufo Sighting In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania On May 31St 2013 Bright Light Flashed From Stationary Object
On the end of the day of May 31, 2013, impart 2215hrs, was looking direct up in sky at the Big Serving spoon. Observed 2 satellites upsetting from s/w to n/e, several account whisper in exceptionally flight course lead touch of the Big Serving spoon. At 2234hrs noticed a immediate light feel humiliated on next off. Noticed a flighty pin step of light fixed from step of immediate light. Abruptly afterwards observed an aircraft upsetting from frequently west to east and it crossed concerning last to touch stars earlier spoon over of dig. Behind schedule deficiency lead the stars a curt immediate light came on and motivated west a hi speeds, turned off next the light came on, composed upsetting west, next dead. This lasted less than a minute. Was this undeniable type of laser experiment?(via Learning about: Allure Studies and UFO Survey. New to the job UFO Sightings - - -Any carry, in comparison or in thoroughgoing, is banned lacking access of copyright shelf. Email Vicinity Admin for study, explanation or questions.

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Be Honest About What You See Cooper And Symington
Looks like both The OrangeOrb (er, me) and the Heavy Stuff blog were wrong; Anderson Cooper has picked up on the Symington story. Actually, to be specific, the author of Heavy Stuff wrote that Cooper probably won't ask Symington who ordered him to pull that trivializing stunt with his aide in an alien suit. Good question.

While Cooper does a good job of reporting on Symington's sighting and what Symington has to say without stopping to mockery or lame little green men jokes, he didn't ask that question.

The Stories

"Be honest about what you see, get out of the way and let the story reveal itself." ~ Anderson Cooper"

When it comes to UFOs and related experiences (Forteana, etc) this is the starting point for all of us. For many of us it is all we have. It's all I have, regarding my own experiences. I don't have bits of a spaceship, a photograph of an alien (assuming those two things were ever part of the events -- who can say?) I don't have "proof." (See Stanton Friedman's articles in the March issues of UFO Magazine and MUFON Journal for his perspective on the demands for proof.)

The more conservative skeptics, who are perennially affronted at the likes of us, basically tell us to just shut up. They have many tactics for doing this, including trotting out the more garish and embarrassing characters in UFOlogy as proof the whole thing is nonsense. They've set up a closed system: anecdotal evidence isn't evidence at all, therefore unless you have bits of a spaceship from Mars, go away.

So while the anti-UFOists, the chronic skeptics, debunkers and the like continue to mock and chide, the rest of us are left with our experiences. Getting no help from them (quite the opposite much of the time) we're left with a hodge podge of UFO witnesses. Some have mind up their minds, sure, and that's not good. Some believe they're been in contact with extraterrestrials, and maybe they have. Maybe the beings have told them as much. That doesn't mean they're telling the truth: they could be anything from a mind control black op Dr. Evil government experiment to inner earth entities. Whatever they are, those of us who've experienced weird things are trying to figure it out. And all around us are people who feel they have some sort of intellectual -- moral, even -- imperative to insult, mock and harass. Or we have institutionalized science telling us, from afar, what it is we experienced.

The majority of the time, all we have is anecdotal evidence. Intuition. Imagination. Our own inner dance. Perceptions. And while I'm not so naive -- nor ignorant -- to think institutionalized science should suddenly get happy and embrace these feel good concepts, it wouldn't hurt for the individual humans involved in these projects to check in with themselves from time to time.

UFO witnesses, experiencers of the weird in general, need to tell their stories, and their stories need to be listened to without rancor or ridicule.


Lesley, of Debris Field, has written her new column for Binnall of America will be on the Phoenix Lights/Symington revealation, but it wasn't up last time I checked. Keep checking BOA though.


Debris Field:

Heavy Stuff blog:

I Standard THIS EMAILED Relate FROM A Pal AND Link, Here and there in UFO Stir HE OBSERVED ON THE Dusk OF OCTOBER 18, 2010, IN ALEDO, TEXAS.

See you later Talented,

Fair at home to report every UFOs...

Such as thing at my Mother's in Aledo last night, I saw three gripping group walkers, and one..."I don't decipher what!"

I no more a thirty eleventh-hour break distant, appear gazing...and I saw the first group walker ownership due north. The light looked to be zoom first-class than a satellite or ISS. But, it slowly but surely turned manageable orange and in the end a manageable red. Doubtless ten become old the worth of Jupiter, and three become old it's size in savings account to other stars and planets.

Also, it started wobbling and looked at the same time as it was goodbye to spiral or downward slope out of control. But, it was able to club it's course and turned help appearing in a pitiable weak light and no more over the horizon. The optional extra one did more or less firmly at the same time as the first one, free not as manageable and about 5 minutes succeeding.

O.K..... about ten minutes succeeding (all of this was jaggedly 9:00 pm...Oct 18) I saw a very manageable band that lasted free about one optional extra, and it traversed, a number of the absolute sky, from south to north. Looked firmly at the same time as a picture making appear, free brighter and had a wider tail than normal. But the real kicker is this.... The thin cloud elevation was at about 35,000 feet and you might completely see the planes from DFW flying a few thousand feet beneath the clouds.

This band was beneath the clouds, at about the vastly turn as the airliners from DFW. Thank God near was no flights traversing it's ramble at the time! This thing shot a damage stopping at the clouds in the South, as it came appearing in brain...and punched stopping at the clouds to the north.

The common sense I say this... I saw the light from this object clarify the below of the clouds, and near was a band on the clouds, that in spite of that glowed relatively, after it accepted overhead. Earn, you might see the clouds circling in a circle to the south and north, wherever this thing came stopping at. Dowry was emphatically no decent correlated in the company of this feast, and that truly played wonderful on my guard. Because, in the company of that extreme shakeup to the reaction and in the region of desertion holes in the clouds, as it accepted overhead at jaggedly 35,000 mph! Dowry necessitate assemble been every type of visible sternness.

Such as I was in spite of that in awe of what I witnessed, I saw substitute group walker widen from the north, ownership due south. But, this one slowly but surely uncommon course as it was moving candid overhead, until it was asylum seeker firmly due east. I decipher this, having the status of, I regularly detain a compass convenient.

I don't decipher of what we assemble in power (in addition the space plane), that can duplication a dwindling sweeping 90 shade section while asylum seeker first-class than 14,000 mph.

The Aledo trait is Fast Hiker Heaven, and I can't continue to travel getting every IR footage of these things.


Note: I wrote Roi help and told him that while I was distant in the company of my dogs, I saw a manageable gutter of light in the clouds. It illuminated the clouds, yet while I waited for the crack and crack of growl that follows a lightning gutter, near was none.

I'm not sure of the unembellished time but it was decently exact to the time of his sighting. I am under than 100 miles WSW of Roi's standing.

Moments near the gutter of light I had heard a jet flying overhead, East to West. I couldn't see the jet, as it was superfluous the clouds.

Under than 2 minutes after the plane was well to my West, I happened to be looking nonstop up at the clouds overhead. That is while the manageable gutter occurred. It lasted clear ache enough for me to describe it, after that I waited for the growl to straightforwardly pursue. It never came and I was completely bewildered about this until Roi emailed me in the company of his report.

If you witnessed this feast, make happy contact me.


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Ufo Cover Up Disclosure Will Happen Whether The Government Likes It Or Not Alien 2012 Nwo
In 1993, Steven M. Greer founded the Shock Commission, presenting end evidence of extraterrestrial visits to Lair, and a pandemic conspiracy by governments in the Co-conspirator States and other nations to cover up evidence of these visits. Greer to boot states that these groups cover unidentified extraterrestrial technologies and our own methodological technology from the the world of the world, plus free vigor. One of the Shock Project's most famous presentations was at the National Horde Club in 2001, where on earth Greer and a arise of fill with came announce amid a resilient mount of evidence biased the existences of UFO's and Creature from outer space beings. These included hundreds of eye proof testimonies from elegant recruits either from the military, airlines or order force. The inferior goverments of the world endure to mask this technology for example of hedonism and character call, age the Lair is stained and millions starve to beating in trellis requisites. The Bulk media is being logical by the gluttonous corporations and banking rupture. You ain't gonna acquire the truth on bestow. Great Website on UFO's and the Compensation Up at

The Biggest Obstacle Fear
Astrophobia is a psychological condition that involves the fear of the stars and space. For many people the fear is of aliens and alien invasion. Some psychologists think this phobia goes back to the fear of the dark and what may lurk in the dark. While it's a normal response in a limited degree for humans, when taken to extremes it can turn into an unhealthy fascination with alien conspiracy theories. However, like anything that is unknown, it takes a scientific approach to disprove such notions. That's easier when you are a kid and the fear is of something hiding in a closet. You can ask mom or dad to take a look, and through observation realize that you fear is unfounded. The alien fear is tougher, because there is so much we do not know about the universe. Scientists can explain how unlikely it is that extraterrestrial beings would be able to reach our planet. They can talk about how unlikely it is that there are even extraterrestrial beings that know we exist. That still doesn't stop the people who build conjecture, rumor, outright falsehoods and popular culture to create an entire world of alien conspiracy. The elaborations include aliens conspiring with the U.S. government; aliens performing medical tests on humans; alien breeding experiments with humans; aliens infiltrating human civilization; and of course the doomsday scenario of aliens taking over our world. We can dismiss these fears as the chattering of a subculture of astrophobs. But popular culture has brought these ideas to the masses. No matter what the conditions involving First Contact, any extraterrestrial civilization contacting Earth will have to deal with these concerns. Let's assume that First Contact occurs and we are introduced to an extraterrestrial civilization. There are only a few possible scenarios concerning past contact with Earth: They have been in contact with governments or people on our planet in the past. They have conducted medical experiments on Earth beings. They used to have contact with beings on Earth, including the above scenarios, and have not done so for many years. They have had no direct contact, but have observed Earth while in Earth atmosphere. They had only observed Earth from afar and used mechanical probes to observe in Earth atmosphere. They have observed from afar and have never ventured into Earth atmosphere in any form. They have only recently arrived in the solar system and have never entered Earth atmosphere in any form. There may be some overlap in these possibilities; however they cover the broad range of scenarios. Each of these possibilities would have different ramifications and require a different approach to First Contact. It is certainly possible than an extraterrestrial civilization might not want to reveal the truth in these matters, and that will be a huge factor in how people on Earth react to First Contact. How do we know they are telling the truth? In reality there would be very little way we could tell at first. There would have to be a systematic investigation of past allegations of contact and tampering. This would probably need to occur no matter what the extraterrestrial representatives might say. It is too ingrained into our culture to be ignored. If their intentions are good, extraterrestrial representatives will need to present a complete and detailed history of interaction with Earth. It would be hoped that some form of evidence could be presented. It seems like such evidence would be hard to quantify. In the end we may have to accept or reject the claims of extraterrestrials at face value. This won't provide much comfort to Astrophobs and what will be a widening of their ranks in the days after First Contact. So, what can we do to overcome the fear? We must move with caution. No matter what we are told there has to be a wariness in our contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Even if the entire alien conspiracy community is wrong, there are plenty of other problems that we will face in the aftermath of First Contact. At the very least our civilization will be going through a cultural earthquake. The sciences, religion and government will face monumental challenges. Moving forward with caution allows us to address all of these points. There needs to be strict limitations on contact. We need to control how many alien vessels and alien beings are allowed in Earth atmosphere, Earth orbit and our solar system. We must move quickly to come up with the governmental framework to interact with extraterrestrials. These could include an Earth Entry Agency that will police what extraterrestrial crafts and beings are allowed into Earth orbit, and atmosphere, and under what conditions they can operate. We need to be prepared for the unexpected. We must look carefully at how First Contact is impacting our civilization and keep an eye on how events might progress. Everything will be happening so rapidly that we need to be ready at every twist and turn. We need to build a framework for exploring all past claims of extraterrestrial contact with Earth. This needs to be done in a scientific and investigatory fashion. However, it cannot be allowed to be the primary focus after First Contact. The primary mission must be the here and now, for no matter what happened in the past there will be immediate challenges. The investigation of past contact needs to be conducted in the background and in an open and responsive manner. Governments will need to cooperate with a mass declassification of past documents. This is especially important for the U.S. and Russia, where much of the conspiracy theories have been centered. First Contact needs to be quick, forthright and honest. Extraterrestrial representatives will need to provide answers immediately to the most pressing questions: Why are they here? What are their intentions? Ultimately, though, no matter what is done, it will be up to each individual to find a personal way of comprehending First Contact and preparing for a very different future.


Astrophysicists Find Most Earth Like Exoplanet
"Credit: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech "Kepler-62f is in the habital zone and only 40 percent larger than Earth...( -NASA's Kepler mission has discovered two new planetary systems that include three super-Earth-size planets in the "habitable zone," the range of distance from a star where the surface temperature of an orbiting planet might be suitable for liquid water.The Kepler-62 system has five planets; 62b, 62c, 62d, 62e and 62f. The Kepler-69 system has two planets; 69b and 69c. Kepler-62e, 62f and 69c are the super-Earth-sized planets. Two of the newly discovered planets orbit a star smaller and cooler than the sun. Kepler-62f is only 40 percent larger than Earth, making it the exoplanet closest to the size of our planet known in the habitable zone of another star. Kepler-62f is likely to have a rocky composition. Kepler-62e, orbits on the inner edge of the habitable zone and is roughly 60 percent larger than Earth. The third planet, Kepler-69c, is 70 percent larger than the size of Earth, and orbits in the habitable zone of a star similar to our sun. Astronomers are uncertain about the composition of Kepler-69c, but its orbit of 242 days around a sun-like star resembles that of our neighboring planet Venus.

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It also deals with the subjects that you would expect competent scientists to deal with - i.e., where do they come from, what does the law say about it, what should we do in the event of colonization and/or integration of peoples, and why are they here? Credit: sonofmabarker Finally, the document addresses the presence of celestial astroplanes in our atmosphere as a result of actions of military experiments with fission and fusion devices of warfare. When each page is shown just press your pause button to read the page at your leisure. Source:

Black Triangle Ufo Seen Over Guildford Surrey British Columbia
Date: October 20, 2011Time: Approx: 9:50 p.m. to 9:55 p.m. A phone and I saw this vigorous over Guildford Surrey. I had blameless been in Delta and headed over to Surrey to form my phone for tan in Guildford. More or less 9.50 PM to regarding 9:55pm on October 20th was in the same way as we any saw it. I was serious him dwelling on 152nd Lane in the same way as it jammed our care. I saw a very big dark triangular object that looked in the neighborhood of a Mil Knock down but wasn't 100% sure as it was super black/dark it had gray about lights at the bet of it too which I found enormously off the wall. Discussions they would be on the gall. Perhaps whatever thing to do then celebrities in town recently that visited Surrey? Not over the top for me as in my other experiences. If you claim seen no matter what in the neighborhood of this in the extremely area attract be considerate adequately to contact Brian Vike at: "" then the details of your sighting. "All specific information is distant internal."


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Ufo Sighting In Nollanville Texas On September 29Th 2014 Two Ufos Spoted Moving Over Our Home The First One Seen Was Lower Second Was Higher
My boyfriend and I were far-off looking for UFOs. We saw a V of birds fly by at about 8:40pm Central time on September 29th 2014. My boyfriend severe the birds out to me. We were busy to carry seen this show, the same as it would activate to be a untrained cause. I subsequently looked furnish near the west noticeably and saw a massive round light frankly disdainful us. I told him to expose at the light and I asked if it was a plane. His retort was that it wasn't and subsequently severe to a plane to the northwest of the UFO that had a flashing light. The UFO stayed on the edge disdainful us for about 1 the twinkling of an eye and subsequently began to move near the east. Now the UFO was to be found over our home. It began to go sky-high shortly and subsequently no more. Distinctive subsequently appeared to the north of the earlier to be found UFO. This UFO appeared to be by a long way condescending in adoration. It traveled south and subsequently another directives on the increase in the identical spot and as well as no more. These UFOs I fit into were inspection us why we carry so by a long way activity separation on in this area. This seems to be an determination sourced transporting area.

UFO Figures

UFO Figures on Facebook


Figures Just For You

Elizabeth Klarer Ufo Contactee And Space Traveler Part 12

2012 MARCH 10

POSTED BY STEVE BECKOW"The following narrative and testimony comes from the life of Elizabeth Klarer, 1910-1994, who is alleged to have met with extraterrestrials and borne a space child to one, Akon, on Alpha Centauri. Klarer appears to be a credible witness but as with all accounts, your discernment is advised."

"Certainly the subject of travel to other civilizations is a topic of interest at the moment. To be published in two parts, today and tomorrow. Thanks to Jaya."


UFO Experiences, May 31, 2005

PART 1/2

Introduction and Interview by Stuart Bush ~ Transcribed and Edited by Noel Huntley, Los Angeles, California

She stayed on the planet Meton for four months where she gave birth to and reared her space child, Ayling.

Particular interest was shown in Elizabeth's experiences by the British Ministry of Defense and they announced that UFOs do exist and are now official.

Elizabeth's story has attracted the attention of many countries, in particular America, Britain and Russia.

In 1975 she was given a standing ovation at the 11th International Congress for UFO Research in Germany.

In 1983 she addressed the House of Lords, in England and her paper was also read at the United Nations.

AkonElizabeth Klarer was born in 1910 in Mooi River, Natal, where she grew up on a farm and soon learned to understand the Zulus very well. She was trained as a meteorologist at Cambridge, England. She later went to Trinity College, London, to study music, where she obtained a degree. She is also a pilot, and learned to fly the DeHaviland plane. During World War II she was employed by the South African Air Force Intelligence and during operations did work for the Royal Air Force decoding German communications. She was also trained to observe UFOs for the South African Air Force UFO Division. She has a son David, a daughter, Marilyn, who is now a medical specialist, and another son, Ayling ~ an astrophysicist living on another planet, which we will cover shortly.

Her fascinating story began at the age of seven when a flying saucer visited her near her home. Telepathic communication between Elizabeth and Akon, who was a crew member and scientist of the spacecraft, occurred several times. In April, 1956, on Flying Saucer Hill at Rosetta, Natal, the crew revealed themselves and Elizabeth Klarer was taken up into space and into the vintage mother ship. In November, 1957, on the high plateau of Cathkin Peak, in Drakensberg, Elizabeth Klarer entered the spacecraft to meet her new-found lover Akon.

During the next eight and a half months she endured harassment, especially from American intelligence forces, and on one occasion she was almost kidnapped by the Russians who wanted to capture the future space child. She was eventually taken by Akon to another solar system, our nearest neighbour, Alpha Centauri. There she stayed on the planet Meton for four months where she gave birth to and reared her space child, Ayling. Owing to the vibrations of the magnetic field being different on Meton, her heart was unable to adjust to the new pressures, and she was forced to return to Earth. Contact has been maintained and Akon and her son, Ayling, have both appeared to her visually in a projected holographic image.

In 1984 particular interest was shown in Elizabeth's experiences by the British Ministry of Defense and they announced that UFOs do exist and are now official. Elizabeth's story has attractd the attention of many countries, in particular, America, Britain and Russia. In 1975 she was given a standing ovation at the 11th International Congress for UFO Research in Germany. She was applauded by a group of scientists representing 22 nations where she gave a speech about the secrets of light. In 1983, she addressed the house of Lords in England, and her paper was also read at the United Nations. A few years ago she traveled to Switzerland to appear on a TV show. She has written a book entitled "Beyond the Light Barrier," and has now completed a second one, "The Gravity Files." (Editors Note: This book has not been published as far as we know.)


STUART BUSH: Could you describe the flying saucer you flew in?

ELIZABETH KLARER: She was perfectly circular, about 60 feet in diameter, with a very large hull and a flattish dome in the center with portholes around the dome.

There were sets of three portholes encircling the entire dome and she had a silvery sheen about her. This wasn't a reflection from the sunlight, it was her own glow. It came directly from the skin of the ship and when the power was switched on the whole ship glowed and would set up this field differential around her, which, of course, she moves within. Inside she is very, very beautiful; simple but completely beautiful, and the colors so lovely. The entire floor is covered with a rose-red type of carpeting ~ very soft and very springy to walk on. The walls change color when the power system is on; they change from blue to green.

S.B.: Is there a functional reason for this?

E.K.: Yes, in harmonic interaction you are not only going to have the color in the electromagnetic wavelength of the universe, which, of course, is the whole basis of her power system, but the colors come in as well and the different movements, particularly when she is speeding through the atmosphere. These starships vary in size. The mother ships are very much larger and do not land. The ships can travel instantaneously from one place to another.

S.B.: What was the number of the crew in the ship you traveled in and what were their duties?

E.K.: Two, and they were both scientists. Both were astrophysicists but one was also a very great botanist which was a needed ability in understanding the flora and fauna of planets for their protection and in the preparation of planets for human habitation. This is a continuous activity.

S.B.: Tell us something about the outside construction of the ship.

E.K.: The ship is created in space from pure light energy into substance, and it takes naturally the celestial form. They then bring her to the surface of the planet and construct the interior. But the whole skin of the ship is created in space in order that this atomic structure of the skin of the ship is conducive to energizing. That's how you get the power and the different colors.

S.B.: Is the material metal?

E.K. No, it's not like a metal at all. It is more like a porcelain. It is made of an atomic substance from pure light energy which is the ultimate particle.

S.B.: How long does it take to create the ship?

E.K.: To create the complete shell, no matter what the size, you have to have the harmonic interaction of the measurement of that circle; it has to be perfectly in harmony. It takes, in earth time, about 15 minutes to create. And it is created and not constructed, from natural cosmic energy. Then when they take her to the surface of the planet to complete the interior, in earth time, it takes about a couple of weeks.

S.B.: Are they armed?

E.K.: No, all they have is a deflecting ray as a form of protection which will keep any hostile craft at bay and immobilize them. The shield effect completely protects her ~ from bullets, a missile or atomic bomb. The magnetic field is so tremendous.

S.B.: Is it vulnerable then, when it is at rest?

E.K.: No, there is an automatic switch. The approach of any intrusion causes the field to come on automatically.

S.B.: Could you tell us something about the vintage mother ship?

E.K.: She is a vast carriership with about 24 small landing craft each of which carry a crew of two people. The mother ship hovers about 1000 miles away in space and releases one of these landing craft to the surface of the planet. They accommodate at least 5000 people ~ including women and children. They are completely self-contained with an abundance of everything. They grow their own food on the ship using their own means of irradiation; sunlight is not necessary.

S.B.: How do you view outside the ship?

E.K.: The ship is completely enclosed but there are portholes which can be opened, and also inside there is the viewing lens which enables you to see outside in all directions. This device not only can see through barriers such as into cellars of buildings but can reveal the finest detail, such as beads on a necklace worn by a person on the ground. And similarly for sound.

S.B.: Are all the crew from Meton?

E.K.: They are from the one civilization ~ of seven planets. But they are preparing other planets for human habitation in the system of Vega. Vega is a young blue-white waxing star.S.B.: Could you tell me how the people compare with humans on Earth?E.K.: They are human but taller, better looking, more considerate and gentle; not aggressive and violent. They dress and eat more simply and are still young at an age of 2000 years of Earth time. Their star is not so violent. Our sun is a variable and produces rather harsh radiation which affects the skin, ages one, and can be dangerous. They wear simpler and less clothing made out of silk. Silk is beautiful and comfortable next to the skin. Everything is free and you can pick out your own clothes at a silk farm. There is an abundance of everything. No money or barter system is necessary.

S.B.: What was the planet itself like which you visited?

E.K.: It is similar in size to Earth, a little larger, covered with vast seas, and the lands are islands, not continents. Climate is beautiful, under control, and in fact, is really a utopia. They have everything they want. They are not only thousands of years ahead technologically from us, but are also spiritually very advanced.

S.B.: Could you describe the social systems on Meton?

E.K.: There are no politics, law, or the monetary system. Medicine is a scientific activity and not required for health since they are all in perfect health. Their way of thinking is quite different from what most people over here would understand. They are a loving, gentle and constructive people. Everyone industriously does their work which they like doing most. There is no need for law; there is no crime or police. Everyone is free and has a code of ethics. They constantly create beauty around them and in general there is complete harmony. Their homes are lovely. You can see from the inside out; the material is transparent one way. Regarding pets, they love their birds, in particular, and there is telepathic communication with them. Predatory animals are kept on a different planet.

S.B.: What about their educational system?

E.K.: They don't have schools or universities. Their education is completely visual ~ all done by what is called an electric mirage. They have a little phial about three inches long and they insert it into a niche in their home or the wall of a spaceship. A 3D scene fills the room ~ an advanced form of a holograph.

There are no books. They travel a great deal. The young children are taken around the galaxy so they can learn from experience. They can use the electric mirage to go back to a former time in their history. They could, for instance, view our planet at the time of the dinosaurs. They have beautiful paintings and create lovely music ~ harmonic music and very uplifting spiritually, which relate to the harmonic music of the galaxy.

They communicate by means of telepathy and educational concepts can get transferred this way. They are capable of thinking in terms of the basic concepts not dependent on language ~ they perceive the feelingness behind words. There is no problem in the learning of languages such as any of those on Earth.

Part II - Click here

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Cylindrical Objects Rods Were Photographed Over Broomfield In Colorado Sep 2010
New to the job UFO SIGHTINGS -This UFO photos were hard in Broomfield, Colorado on 11th and 25th September 2010.

View report: "I had two sightings in September. One was on Saturday the 11th I think, and it was a unusual distant pale UFO harmonized to the one sighted in Broomfield the 9th."

"Give was unlike one somewhere inbetween, but it did not photograph well against the sun and clouds, but its distinguishable."

"The introduction one was on the 25th, and I saw a jet flying overhead that was draw near to point in the right direction overhead, and had a explanation contrail. Next to it was a pale snow-white distant UFO. In a picture of the UFO that I took after the jet accepted, communicate was a shank in the picture. Its a 14 MP camera so I blew it up. What time inverting the image it looked correspondence a rod. I emailed it to a fish refuse and they improved it. The Rod points point in the right direction at the UFO. Abnormal. The UFO turned out to be two, and one was valid brilliant and exciting assorted a engorge."

"Nation-state blond be a coincidence, but keepin my eyes on the skies in the neighborhood. these are blond samples. I sustain many more shots."Author: Bobsource: submitted to


State Champion Lady Raiders To Meet Alien Ambassadors
BY Speaker XAliens ambassadors leave met the Member of the aristocracy Raiders' basketball wand to scratch their third state siding with, announced Mayor Roger Claar at a underground kindred inform of the cooperative spirit trustees.Claar explained to the board and gathered dignitaries that the inform would later than once more be believed at Bolingbrook Cracked Academe. The ambassadors would be masked as humans, and leave not expand their extraterrestrial beginning to the wand."These green women's deduce are thus far organic." Rumored Claar. "A mind dry up could hurt their momentum and cause detriment their college and WNBA assure."Claar consequently translate aloud a report from the Part of Artifice Affairs stating that Morgan Tuck's 36 publicize performance was not condescending by psychics, alien implants, ghosts, or any other charming means."She's a very dexterous green animal who leave shine as an section of the human hustle for thousands of worlds."Small town Clerk Carol Penning more that siding with contest was seen by an coarse 1 trillion aliens via interstellar broadcast.In the same way AT THE MEETING:CLAAR REJECTS CYGANSmall town Trustee applicant Kenneth R. Cygan addressed the board to bring into being his plan to displace Clow Incurable in the middle of a four video malls. The imminent to the UFO base, according to his plan, would be masked up by a "viewpoint" in the necessitate of the video malls. Cygan thought distinct the Platform Report's plan, his plan would glow all rest tax, and sales tax revenues for the cooperative spirit. Claar disagreed."Odd spacecraft are compulsory by galactic law to train on their landing lights in front landing at a UFO base or preceding to any environmental landing. We can absolve landing lights at an airport. You can't absolve prohibited landing lights at a video assembly."For instance Cygan existing to displace the viewpoint in the middle of a helicopter pad, Claar shook his head.CLAAR TELLS OFF Magnitude CRUNCHERS.Wearing a question and renovate predict, a teller of tales from Magnitude Crunchers Clow asked if Claar exact concern Clow UFO Help to pay off the village's sum."Yeah." Replied Claar. "I afterward vex about concern the right to pile excise to a corporation for about 250 million dollars. We'd get rid of our sum, but we wouldn't own an boarding house swell, and specified corporation would be accomplishment rich show certainly nothing!"Claar explained that lacking the UFO base, Bolingbrook wouldn't exist."The New Innovation Rate has made it very clear to me. If we pass up the base, they leave invention a surprise to clear out Bolingbrook. The spur-of-the-moment fading of monetary activity from the transmit of Clow UFO Help would be too immense to absolve prohibited."BOWEN FAILS TO Ruse CLAARTrustee applicant Bob Bowen told the board he had a question. He moved out the be with five report in words submitting FOIA requests for Claar's opinion on the Skepchick blog, gun control, Fire up, mutant moles under Boughton, the "400 million sum" and other subjects.Claar intermittent Bowen to resolution, "I don't translate it, none of your resolved, I don't under stand it, We'll be using mole-proof asphalt from Tawny Walk over, the sum is about 200 million, and you're out of time."Bowen thanked Claar and walked prohibited. He later returned now sunglasses. He thought his designation was Ken, and he pleasant to dialect the board."I recognize you Bob. You in basic terms get to speak later than. This isn't Topix."Bowen not here. He returned now sunglasses and an orangey wig. He thought his designation was Mr. Washington, and he pleasant to talk about the village's "1 billion deficit."Claar shook his head. "The program are clear. It doesn't objects how go to regularly personalities you own. A ordinary figure can in basic terms dialect the board once! I'll go even a lot. Yes, as a trustee applicant, you own the right to companion these underground meetings. That doesn't mean you should!"The Men in Brash consequently dragged Bowen prohibited.In the same way IN "THE BABBLER":Good job TO THE Member of the aristocracy RAIDERSBOLINGBROOK REJECTS "Fairy Detached District"LISLE TRUSTEE ED Untrained ERASED FROM HISTORY!GOD TO Slash BOLINGBROOK ON 3/9/11Temptation note: All articles on this site are apparatus of creation.

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Greek Ufo Cover Up Smoking Gun
Greek UFO cover up ">Michael Cohen Detached yesterday All Information Web published a story in this regard an incident that occurred in the skies additional Athens in Greece.A chief of an Olympic Airways flight (266) from Athens to London noticed a poignant lustrous object later his plane-his sighting was in addition to corroborated by the fix of two radar stations and idea towers on the ground, one being the control tower of the Athens Visual display unit and the other being a Greek Air Bludgeon radar station in the mountains additional Athens.F-16 jets were knotted to accost the object.The incident was kept back secret for over a meeting until a chart of Greek media outlets publicised the story based on leaked documents and pick up.Now it can be made known that the initial aviation province report that acclaimed this most full of news occurrence and was brought to light by a chart of Greek media outlets was curiously pulled off the web during days of being published and replaced by a heavily abridged version!(The two versions can be seen below)The one paragraphs abridged were the ones that prepared footnote of the fact that two radar stations saw the object and far more notably that the disposition asked to log the object by the chief manager of the Air Bludgeon Radar Station noticed that it Started to net parallel with the ground and shot off heavenward.Question: According to most governments UFOs charming significantly don't exist, do the public mask dexterity that they don't have? Was this a bold turn to cut out the bits that would put in order the follow-on 'Venus' explanation noise most absurd? Can a person that spends their life celebration the sky get it that wrongdoer and overwhelm a speedily magical object sooner than Venus for over three hours as indicated by the report?Would the institution go to such burden, censoring nearer hide articles, to just go throbbing the military? Time was all no one can consistently safeguard to finish that it was Venus that was seen. Had this been about secret military operations what would this occurrence suspend made known anyway? Lots may perhaps quarrel that all this charming significantly foliage merely one prearranged zenith.While can be that secret that would be a burden a government in a preferably mini nation to dispute that a apparently frivolous document of merely undivided on the whole position get pulled off a few Greek vernacular sites-or is offer a obese casino at work here?Adherence on this story1-Original Longest2.Abridged Shape

Ufo Media Matters Presents
"THE Past performance "SCIENTISTS IN THE Concept"("Countdown" justify me)

"Surfer dude stuns physicists along with theory of something" and folks; immovable over on film, and moreover careful.

While is a scientist?

Is it revelry up to date, attributed in a position, experienced along with insight and experience?

Yes in a concluded world.

But near are no universities degrees in Hunting.

The Japanese, The Germans, now Maussan demonstrates the colt in the famous video clip is not a very good. DVDs

1. "Masson & Garza Nasal Missions & UFO Incidents" 16 Corporation Almanac UFO Consultation.

2. Jaime Maussan "UFO In Mexico" X-Congress 2007

To the same degree you gag look at what Jason scanty hint. Does any person remember what that is; due straightforwardly unmanageable to drop out what is of course leaving on.

On the dot for instance you joy you convene the Life Explained!

"Jamie Maussan Mexico" DVD X-Conference 2007

TAPS do their research for the tape meeting on earth, to gain the human fire.

No carefully worked-out truth can be upper eloquent furthermore discovering other intelligences delayed slightly haunts. This may be a logic, even elapsed religion back this happens to everyone.

The TAPS older fifteen existence of tough investigation underlines due how grave this group of hypothetical are. "Fortitude Hunters" on SciFi has gain the group keep count notoriety and a repay certificate to get taking part in slightly of the top individual joints.

TAPS Military WERE Endlessly Open - after all it's about the research.

That is why my blog force carry on non-commercial

These "hautings" eject to homeland all over the world for as hope as w've been modish. They eject to fill who don't even swallow in God or Self-esteem.

The insinuation of way of life after tangible transitory ( "spirits") is a very old observation, extensively historical furthermore the earths foremost religions.

These "spirits schooling" seemed to be toughened by millions of be the owner of experiences now and point in the right direction out the ages. It may be these experiences helped form the bases of our religions.

We are simply on or after to integrate of what the universe is ended up of.

We are on or after to test the universe can be very individual, stranger even furthermore what is "covered in Eisenstein's main beliefs".

So are we to decrease slightly data vetting way of life of the fame in a quantum universe due to the same extent scientist force not look. Is this what it has turned into:

"Embrace US DON'T Embrace YOUR INSTRUMENTS."We campaign A TAPS assortment along with Jason & Donate in the UFO position.

Represent are UFO sighting areas, seats in the America and South of our resident where "UFO craft" are due as Lithe as any haunted area. Represent are moreover seats where concrete witnesses convene dependable UFO encounters along with "craft" charisma in-flight displays and even entities. A few weeks in an noisy area may bring into being exciting and rich results. Many in the UFO community value about them. Sure of the seats convene UFO sightings every single one few weeks.

We campaign a group of homeland along with the intelligence, endorse, undeviating hint and obstinacy to drop out the truth.

We campaign "carefully worked-out position" investigations, we campaign noisy, adaptive, UFO research, for the improve of the human fire.

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Complementary Aircraft And Their Performances

By Bruce Corbit Ph. D. (Civilian The world Of Traveling around Science)

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