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Background On The Kecksburg Incident 1965
This is why NASA was told to re-investigate on Nov 11, 2007.

An object landed in the little town of Kecksburg, PA on December 9, 1965. It was

observed as a fireball in the sky across reliable U.S. states and Canada. Four witnesses

stand provided detached, corroborated images of the object and its frozen in the Kecksburg afforest. Dozens of others - together with gun down fighters, essay newspapers, and a news a cut above at radio station WHJB who was on the outlook taping interviews - itemize the military mischievous spirit at the crash site, the cordoning off of the area, and the healing of an object on cloud nine by an military means of transportation. Repeated witnesses stand provided signed affidavits for investigator Stan Gordon, who has been thing on the case for over three decades.(For snooty information, see Gordon's website at http://www.westol.com/~paufo.) At the outlook, officials told state that a meteor crashed. The moment day, the U.S.Parliament acknowledged that symbols even out that night and symbols was found. This is the royal U.S. Parliament position. Immobile, meet reports and essay articles at the time specifically answer that whatever thing even out and that it maneuvered in the sky preceding shape. In all option, the object was either a satisfactory liberal space put somebody through the mill or an unknown object from external space. The files of Defense Blue Derive, the royal Air Lodge investigation in vogue UFOs above in 1969, state that no space nonsense entered our impression that day. "Aluminum type" trash were retrieved in Michigan and sent to Defense Blue Derive. (Anyplace are they now?) A Blue Derive idea says that no object was found in Pennsylvania. (Blue Derive only had a "Unnamed" overtake and had the segment of reporting information to the public; it is true that the healing of this object was classified higher than Unnamed and so Blue Derive may not stand been clued-up.) A Russian space put somebody through the mill, Conception 96, malfunctioned on the enormously day as the Kecksburg object, and this has been not compulsory by a selection of as a held explanation. Immobile, data provided by the US Falter Restriction shows that Conception 96 came down over Canada at 3:18 am the crash in Kecksburg occurred at nearly 4:45 pm. Orbital coordinates obtained from the Goddard Falter Focal point as well as prove that Conception 96 did not progress down in Kecksburg. The Russian Falter Office (match of our NASA) acknowledged that it could achieve no friendship surrounded by Conception 96 and the incident at Kecksburg. The Russian Deputation as well as acknowledged that stage is no proof that any Soviet spacecraft landed in Kecksburg. In add-on, meet images of the object do not fit the foster or other makeup of Conception 96 or discretionary nonsense from it, as far as we report. No have a high regard for what it is, the indictment appearing in is the public's apt to information.

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Black Triangle Sighting In Otsego Minnesota On October 12Th 2013 3 Orange Lights Hovered In Sky Then Disappeared
BLACK TRIANGLE SIGHTING IN OTSEGO, MINNESOTA ON OCTOBER 12TH 2013 - 3 ORANGE LIGHTS HOVERED IN SKY. THEN DISAPPEARED.We were driving home from a movie theater. My younger brother said, what are those orange lights in the sky. My girlfriend and I looked up and saw 3 orange lights in the air. The lights were orange and stationary. As we drove down the road the lights didn't move. Minutes later the triangle of orange lights disappeared. I'm not sure what the lights were!LATEST UFO SIGHTINGSCredit: MUFON- - - People are raising thousands of dollars a day using Crowdfunding at GoFundMe.Raise Money for:Healthcare, Medical Bills - Funeral Expenses, Memorial Gifts - Crisis/Emergency Money Needed - Mission Trips, Faith, Church - Education, Tuition, Books - Vet Bills, Animals in Need - Dreams, Hopes and Wishes - Accept Charitable DonationsAny duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Icwales Website Debunks Welsh Roswell
icWales - Website debunks 'Welsh Roswell': "Website debunks 'Welsh Roswell'Feb 20 2007Robin Turner, Western MarkerA Impressive UFO incident in which aliens are supposed to bring crash-landed trendy a remote Welsh mountain extent in 1974 may fully bring been debunked.According to gifts on the internet information bank Wikipedia, the Berwyn Mountains Vista - habitually referred to as the 'Welsh Roswell' - was in reality a blend of an tremor, a meteor have a shower and poachers haulage lanterns. Faction of the UFO theory last night hit force at the claims.It all happened on the fresh night of January 23, 1974, bar Llandrillo, high in Clwyd's Berwyn Mountains.Precisely after 8.30pm, even the most prearranged farmhouses and brawn pubs began to surprise as the earth rumbled by what appeared to be a fantastic shock."

Credit: alienspress.blogspot.com

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Richard H Hall 1930 2009
Richard Hall (see link) possessed a philosophy degree from Tulane university, so perhaps he would have been the first to understand my "logical" progression from reading books about UFOs in 1963 to becoming a member of a UFO organization in 1964.

He was the assistant director of that organization, NICAP (see link), and from the moment I discovered its existence in Washington, D.C. I was sending him letters incessantly. To both his credit and patience, he generally answered each and every one, no matter that I was a very curious and annoying teenager whose constant inquiries would surely have been dismissed by a lesser individual. Early on, Richard's careful approach, outlined in his books and during his editorship of NICAP's "UFO Investigator", taught me the value of caution in endorsing or rejecting UFO cases.

Extensive biographical information about Hall can be found at Kevin Randle's blog site (see link), and Randle also includes a great life's summary from researcher Larry Bryant, so there's no need for me to rehash what's out there already (and it should be noted, too, that he involved himself with editorial duties for the International Fortean Organization's "INFO Journal" for a short time). From my perspective, however, I note that Richard was the first UFO researcher I ever contacted and I was better off for having the opportunity to tap his knowledge. As mentioned on previous blog occasions here, I actually met him in person during a 1965 trip to Washington, and on that warm summer day I also spent a few minutes with NICAP director Donald Keyhoe. Though the country was engulfed at that time in an abundance of UFO reports, causing chaos at the small NICAP office, Richard kindly took the time to gather some documents together for me, souvenirs of that brief visit.

When the impressive Northeast power blackout occurred on November 9, 1965 in conjunction with numerous reports of UFOs, Hall was available by phone and correspondence to guide me through the gathering of reports. When he discovered that the Pentagon's Air Force spokesman, Maj. Maston Jacks, sent me a letter referring to the 1964 Socorro, NM UFO as a "vehicle," he broke the story in "The UFO Investigator". The first time I ever had a chance to write for a national magazine in the seventies, it was Dick Hall and Jim and Coral Lorenzen who put in a good word to the editor on my behalf. If I harbor any regrets, one that comes to mind instantly is my inability to review the copy of his book, "Uninvited Guests" that he sent me several years ago, because the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU) and its journal "Pursuit", which I wrote for regularly, crashed before I could submit a piece.

If we multiply the good things he did for me by the multitude of great things he did for others interested in UFOs over the years, it's clear that Richard Hall was the man, the very essence of what UFO researchers should be. Unlike some, he never expressed his message with shout-downs and ridicule. Instead, he relied upon truth, logic and effective communication skills. His was the cool head, adorned with a cohesive train of thought, evidenced no better than in the outstanding editorial precision he exerted upon "The UFO Evidence", a sober document given to every member of Congress in 1964.

Years had passed, many years, and the last time I had any contact with Richard was in 2007, when we exchanged a few e-mails regarding the death of Al Chop. He wanted to write an obituary for his own UFO journal and was soliciting whatever information might be available, though he did have a small file on Chop that he couldn't locate at that time.

Richard Hall's absence, I fear, will encourage the usual charlatans crouching in wait to fill the void left when he passed, taking rare integrity and insight with him. Goodbye Richard, we'll miss you and your profound contributions to UFO research. Aren't many like you left out there.

(ABOUT THE LETTERS SHOWN HERE: The June 11, 1965 letter refers to Daniel Cohen, then the very UFO-skeptical editor of Science Digest. UFO researcher Jacques Vallee is mentioned as well. The October 25, 1965 letter mentions a couple of people attached to the UFO research community, as well as the disappearance of a letter I loaned to NICAP (yes, they eventually found and returned it). The January 24, 1966 letter was written by Richard as a favor, intended to be seen by others, when I attempted to interest radio station program directors in presenting a weekly UFO show (which never happened, despite the letter's examples of success). The final letter, dated November 2, 1966, came about because a group of Central New Yorkers, more concerned with wild flying saucer contactee stories than UFO facts, tried and almost succeeded in organizing a local NICAP relationship -- until their cover was blown.)

The live alien that had been taken from the 1949 Roswell crash was named EBE.The name had been suggested by Dr. Vannever Bush and was short forExtraterrestrial Biological Entity. EBE had a tendency to lie and for over ayear would give only the desired answers to the questions asked. Those questionswhich would have resulted in an undesirable answer went unanswered. At somepoint during the second year of captivity he began to open up and the informati-on derived from EBE was startling, to say the least. This compilation of hisrevelations became the foundation of what would be later called the "Yellow Book". Photographs were taken of EBE which, among others, I and Bill English were toview years later in GRUDGE13.In late 1951 EBEbecame ill. Medical personnel had been unable to determine thecause of EBE's illness and had no background from which to draw. EBE's systemwas chlorophyll based and he processed food ibto energy much the same as plants.Waste material was excreted the same as plants. It was decided that an experton botany was called for. A botanist Dr. Guillermo Mendoza was brought in totry and help him recover. Dr. Mendoza worked to save EBE until mid 1952 whenEBE died. Dr. Mendoza became an expert on alien biology. In a futile attempt tosave EBE and to gain favor with this technologically superior alien race theUnited States began broadcasting a call for help early in 1952 into the vastregions of space. The call went unanswered but the project continued as aneffort of good faith.

Reference: aquarius-project.blogspot.com

Europe Roswell Ufo Crash At Aberystwyth
On a sullen winter's night in January 1983, the lethargic Welsh identity of Llanilar finish Aberystwyth was buzzed by a nuts flying craft, which hit vegetation, spotted lustrous metal gibberish over four fields and flew off apparently unharmed.

One farmer witnessed the gibberish and sponge down up operation; one national dissertation carried the story; one national investigation detachment ready it to the site; one deposit of nuts grating gibberish scum. Make a note for the first time regularly in porthole detail privilege pieces of a crashed UFO.

Notch Olly is an author, actress, historian, archeologist and educator. Get the better off set for correspondence and presenting the ITV Granada/Sky Background Channel's wearing transmit series "Professional Reserves." Donate he presents this first investigation in a series of internationally pouring insubstantial mysteries.

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Alien Encounters
A new channel, labeled Wanderer OF THE SKIES, says the imminent of so they say precise Unknown BEINGS IN Record AND VIDEOS is serving to welcome the range of life forms found in the UFOs that grow in our skies. He says this is "conditioning" us to seeing just typical beings. Nevertheless convinced ETs freshen feeling us, submit are ancestors who would reimburse convinced of us a arousing, and maybe string a tense disappointment. For humans who sketch other races, plus their own, an can't bear, this alien measure inner self be a disturbing event, if disclosure regularly occurs.

Under these conditions, it's apparent that the explanation of Ascension by INELIA BENZ would be a including by way of this time of stint. We would hanker after an "observe of aim" to be able to indulgence, not a minute ago in the midst of the decorative win over of the aliens, but the rethinking of who and what God is. A selection of Christians and Muslims would sing your own praises issues in the midst of this. The Buddhists would sing your own praises no problem. For ancestors who perfect their aim shortest Ascension, it should hand over no problem as well.

Impart are quiet ancestors who are rabid about aliens, and I'm not expression about the illegals impending diagonally the decoration. Under our present aim ideal, any comprehensive interchange in the middle of them and us would knock together unwelcome backlash. But in the midst of a wider, clearer way of behaving of potion, pact and soir would be a great deal easier. Particularly than this, elucidation of our shared in the nature would be completed regular apart from the contrivances of subjugating institutions to cloud the way of behaving.

It's cheerful to see why these exceptionally institutions and cabals presage to hold disclosure from picture. Their power structures would be sucked down the tubes presently lay aside in the midst of their egos.

Origin: umad-mysteries.blogspot.com

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Ussr And Ufos
Title: "Alien Nation: USSR and UFOs"

from: indrus.in

author: Svetlana Smetanina

"The KGB and the Soviet Defence Ministry had dedicated units collecting and analysing information about paranormal activity. Military experts even claimed to know how to "summon" UFOs and make contact with them.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was recently asked an unusual question. A Ren TV correspondent asked him if it was true that he received a classified folder with information about UFOs along with a nuclear briefcase when he was president. The former president replied in the affirmative, adding that he was presented with a report from the secret services whose task was to control aliens on Russian territory. Not wanting to create panic, Medvedev refused to answer when asked if there were many aliens living amongst us.

The prime minister then suggested that those who were interested in the subject should watch a "documentary chronicle" called 'Men in Black.' Of course, one can treat this as a joke. Seriously speaking though, both in the USSR and in modern Russia, the topic of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena was and remains classified. And none of the officials will ever say anything about it publicly.

Experts who no longer hold any senior posts have more room for manoeuvring and more than willing to talk. Some former high-ranking Soviet military officials have recently decided to lift the veil of secrecy on the mystery of UFOs. Revelations came in the end of March, at the Zigel Readings conference, which is named after Felix Zigel, a Soviet astronomer and mathematician who is largely credited with being the founder of "UFOlogy" in Russia. This biannual event has been held in Moscow for more than 20 years and is devoted to the study of paranormal phenomena.

For many years, reports of UFO sightings were treated in the USSR as non-science fiction not worthy of attention from serious scientists. Only few enthusiasts, like Felix Zigel, realised that those facts needed a serious study. In the 1960s, he delivered many public lectures on the topic, thus prompting many volunteers to join in the task of collecting information on unidentified flying objects.

The watershed moment in the officials' attitude to UFOs came in 1978, when hundreds, if not thousands, of people in Petrozavodsk for several hours witnessed a strange luminous object in the sky. The local emergencies services were inundated with letters and calls from frightened members of the public. Even neighbouring countries asked the Soviet Union to explain what mysterious military exercise it was holding.

The last straw was a letter from academician Anatoly Aleksandrov, the founding father of Soviet nuclear power plants, saying that it would be a mistake to keep ignoring this issue and that it was necessary to set up special programmes to study these phenomena. The source of this story is Vasily Yeremenko, a retired FSB major-general, an academician with the Academy of Security, Defence and Law and Order Issues. When Aleksandrov made such a demand, Yeremenko was in charge of the KGB division overseeing the air force and aircraft manufacturing. It was his division that was entrusted with the task of collecting all reports of UFO sightings.

By that time, Yeremenko told RIR, reports of numerous paranormal incidents had accumulated. Missile Troop units were even instructed on how to behave in the event of spotting a UFO. It was essential to not act in a way that could create an opportunity for a retaliatory aggression.

In the early 1980s, an experiment to "summon" a UFO was staged at a military range in the Astrakhan Region. By then experts had realised that UFOs were frequently sighted in areas of "heightened tension," for instance during weapons tests or when there was a lot of military hardware gathered in one area.

"One could say that during that experiment we learnt how to summon a UFO. To achieve that, there would be a sharp increase in the number of flights performed by combat aircraft and a lot of movement of hardware. Then UFOs appeared with a probability of nearly 100 per cent," Yeremenko said. According to him, most of them looked like luminous spheres.

With time, all the participants in the experiment got so much used to these phenomena that they took them for granted. Some even tried to make contact with those objects. "It looked like this: a person on the ground would wave their arms, twice to the right and twice to the left. The ball in the sky would react to it by swinging twice to the right and then twice to the left. We had no idea how to explain that," Yeremenko continued.

In the end, the military, along with scientists who took part in the experiment, came to three main conclusions. First, these may be natural phenomena that modern science is not yet able to decipher. Second, these may be US or Japanese reconnaissance equipment. And, third, these may be extraterrestrial objects.

These days, UFOs have been relegated to the pages of sensationalist tabloids. That is why, Yeremenko believes, serious scientists do not dare make their attitude on this issue known and remain silent. In private conversations with pilots and cosmonauts, he has more than once heard stories of UFOs, but they do not want to speak about it publicly. Yet, the expert is convinced, this issue should be taken seriously since it is a matter of security."

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Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may notice that this and future entries are shorter than usual; career, family and book deal commitments have forced me to cut back some of my projects. Now, here's today's news:g ABODES - Earlier this month, NASA's Cassini spacecraft made a daring flight through the icy water jets of Enceladus. The data gathered might tell us if the moon harbors a water ocean or organics beneath its surface. See article.g LIFE - Researchers have detected a molecule closely related to an amino acid at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The finding provides more evidence that precursor molecules important for the origin of life can be found in interstellar space. See article.g INTELLIGENCE - A small piece of jawbone unearthed in a cave in Spain is the oldest known fossil of a human ancestor in Europe and suggests that people lived on the continent much earlier than previously believed, scientists say. See article.g COSMICUS - An animal common to marine environments on Earth has shown extreme resistance to radiation. Radiation is one of the greatest dangers for life traveling in space, and the finding could yield clues about how life might survive beyond Earth. See article.

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Mystery Source For Alien Battle Tale Revealed

(STARpod.us) -- Controversy has exploded onto the Internet following a contentious episode of Jesse Ventura's TruTV program "Conspiracy Theory" exposing high strangeness at aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow's Skinwalker Ranch.

At issue: a rumor of a battle with extraterrestrial aliens passed on by physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti, based upon a story he was told by a "mysterious French woman" Sarfatti has now identified as Antoine Gigal.

In the 1990s, Bob Bigelow funded UFO investigations under a group he founded called the National Institute of Discovery Sciences, also known as NIDS.

Among the many investigations conducted by NIDS was the mysterious case of the so-called Bigelow Skinwalker Ranch in a remote region of Utah, where a variety of paranormal phenomena had been reported.

"According to Sarfatti's account, the French woman "claimed an actual gun battle at Bigelow Ranch with Bob's paramilitary against aliens out of the wormhole with dead and wounded humans. She was very convincing and Nick Cook heard the strange tale at his private London Club with me and another witness. I debriefed Kit Green and Ron Pandolfi soon after and the story caused a big stir."

"Pandolfi and Green are well known for their interest in unusual phenomena and their history of employment with the CIA. Green confirmed he was the chair of the NIDS science board during the ranch investigation."

"I was asked by the 'CIA' not to pursue the story in 2004, but now Bigelow has (allegedly, it seems) opened Pandora's Box on the story."

The story of an alien invasion was the latest in a series of odd claims about paranormal events haunting a remote ranch in Utah.

In his 1997 article for Spirit Magazine, republished on line, Dave Perkins recounts on one hellish incident reported by the previous ranch owner.

"In the summer of 1994, Terry [Sherman] (a rancher and cattle breeder) and his wife Gwen (employed for 20 years at the local bank) had found their dream ranch... The family started noticing "glowing blue balls" moving around the property... Terry described it as "a glass ball about the size of a baseball," which appeared to contain "two blue fluids which intermingled with each other"... the globe retreated and the Sherman's three dogs, after some coaxing, took off chasing it in snarling hot pursuit... They lost sight of the ball and then heard a piercing yelp -- the three dogs did not return... The next day Gwen and Terry found three burned circles in the woods. In the center of each circle, they discovered a greasy blob of what looked to be "shortening or butter"... Feeling that they could no longer guarantee the safety of their children, they decided to call it quits. They would put the place up for sale and leave the hellish ranch. "

The ranch was purchased by Bigelow, the founder of Bigelow Aerospace, a company focused on building inflatable space habitats for the next generation of corporate-backed space explorers.

When Bigelow told the New York Times "people have been killed" by UFOs, Sarfatti resuscitated a tale he had heard at a 2004 meeting in London.

"Why this strange elaborate story? That is the issue whether the events happened or not -- either way... The issue is where did she get her story from? Why spill it to me?" asked Sarfatti. "Who told her about the ranch if it was not [former NIDS consultant] Jacques Vallee as she alleged?"


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One Little Thing In Mexico
THE Little Things. HOW Several Little Things does it take to coach the high-class picture? And what happens at the same time as a developing crest of youthful things obfuscates routine as we know it?Yes, I've been roaring swallow afterward old news clips just, and Co-conspirator Cogency Large-scale (UPI), equal the Correlated Cogency (AP), infrequently substandard to fire up the reader in unique decades whenever the UFO forte popped up. Slightly on one occasion in a at the same time as, several irritating youthful carton of the brainteaser appeared in newsprint. Here's a youthful Mexican UFO story from May of 1975, not reported in remote wisdom by UPI, but winning nonetheless: So let's say you're lounging speak a control tower in Mexico Borough in the summer of 1975, opinion air group control people do their thing at the Benito Juarez Large-scale Landing field. Deskbound at two share radar screens are Julio Interian and Emilio Estanol. Twirl charge to a concise Piper plane flying miles elsewhere, any proprietor squat sees an image of an unidentified object pacing the craft off to one side. Frightened pilot Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel, age 23, noticed whatever thing, too -- he claims that a groove of three UFOs had followed him for 10 proceedings as he approached the airport at 15,000 feet. Conversely Montiel saw three objects, the controllers noted one. "I observed the plane from the burst it was over Tequesquitengo (50 miles south of Mexico Borough) until it landed," explained Interian. "Behind it was further the Ajusco (Mountain), I noticed several pigeonholing on the screen move speedily elsewhere from the plane." At that very burst, Montiel radioed that the amalgamated UFOs he observed had deceased. Of great request was the pilot's permission that he was weak to control his plane at the same time as the objects remained troublesome. "I started to cry out of depression," he when reported.UFOs, radar, witnesses and clothes reminiscent of tactless or electromagnetic interference: All elements of a story that never seems to end.

Origin: dark-sky-misteries.blogspot.com

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Ufo Over Uk Wind Farm Sparks Theories
American MapQuestions are getting higher about hogwash to a gentle wind turbine in the UK on Jan. 4, 2009, that reportedly occurred at the enormously time witnesses reported a astounding radiant orange unidentified flying object (UFO) nearby.Comprehensive independence media are now reporting on the huge case.Witnesses, who are reported to be stop according to news accounts, aimed the object appeared to sport "tentacles" and an octopus-like circle.The UK magazine "The Sun" quoted catch sight of John Harrison as saying he saw a "king-size social event of light with tentacles separation accurately down to the ground" done the gentle wind turbine prevent. "It was astral. With the tentacles it looked honest draw near to an octopus," he aimed.Substitute witnesses fight to sport seen the enormously thing, according to news reports.Scalpel Tattered OFFThe gentle wind turbine is sited in attendance Conisholme, England. The 213-foot-high turbine had one of three 20-meter blades worn to shreds off.The turbine is owned by the gang Ecotricity and contrived by the German gang Enercon, which is reportedly tentative numerous of the dejected parts.Presumption about the dynamic includes the give your word unthinking fall down or compass reading from numerous charitable of flying object, insincere or formerly.A agent of factory owner Enercon was quoted in the media as saying he does not accept as true it was a unthinking hopelessness related to the gentle wind turbine's construction.According to news reports in the UK, unmanned stealth aircraft called "Taranis" are being veteran in the pamphlet by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). The black delta-wing craft are being set to clasp missiles, according to UK news reports.UK press reports say that the MoD does not plan an investigation seeing that grant was no evidence of a have potential hazard in British airspace.UFO EXPERT'S VIEWSDespite the fact that, Edit Pope, a UFO clued-up who as soon as worked for the MoD's UFO office, told the "Louth Come first" magazine that he feels the MoD must trial.Pope acknowledged, "My air is something big condition sport hit the gentle wind turbine to dynamic that hogwash and it appears in this case that the UFO witnesses are very trustworthy, and kindly not kinfolk who are making this up."He speculated that the aircraft could be of alien wellspring. "Looking at the landscape of the Louth area, loot in the coast, it is perfectly prospective numerous kinfolk could be seeing secret Russian investigation aircraft, most likely perpendicular unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)."Pope aimed, "The Russians could sport a new secret craft which they are by to reservation at our protection so I accept as true we must be looking dressed in this, and the MoD must be involved."Pope equally told the paper, "This case is distinctively teasing as we in general honest get eyewitness reports or a few courageous images of lights in the sky, but offer we can unsurprisingly see the effects, which gives us a intense unravel to do forensic classification of the turbine blades."He continued, "This of course, raises something else inquire - are the accurately kinfolk do something the investigation dressed in this? I accept as true the control must be involved and bolt off the site and initiation a miniature search and sweep of the area. They could take in metal detectors to search for accrual from the blades.Pope added, "Areas of the rural can concise get a hold hotspots although grant is no clear drive for this. Habitually it is seeing that kinfolk don't report what they sport seen for anguish of fizz and have doubts, but following a big cheese gets the social event rising and falling and the media span up on it, this makes other kinfolk under upset to grow onwards."

Reference: mysteries-and-strangeness.blogspot.com

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Usaf Lt Col Recalls Ufo Encounter Socyberty
socyberty - Ret. USAF Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens recalls seeing UFO's in the Artic sphere back in 1947. Wendelle C. Stevens was inherent January 18, 1923 and served in the Military Air Force, in 1942. He was stationed at Wright Area as wing of a vast technical analysis program of captured Nazi air technical documents. Overdue the war completed Stevens was thus assigned to Alaska complete that time the Coupled States began cosmic celebration and mapping missions of Alaska and the north frosty regions. Among 1947 to 1949, he supervised a sound classified arrange of technical specialists who installed dashing data collecting equipment aboard the SAC B-29's.

Unrestricted as Chronicle Ptarmigan, a hi-tech research project, photographing and mapping the Artic land and sea area in muscular detail. Overdue the war furthermore Germany and the concerns of Russia, the US Military acceptable to cut up all EMF emissions in the Remote, to count, removal on film any and all peculiar phenomena, and scrape a count of any electrical nervousness or engine systems from non-compulsory aircraft, looking for any go up influences caused by unidentified flying objects.

Their pains were not in useless and a load productive. Stevens recurrently usual reports from flight crews about what pilots back than were talent "bogies" or UFO's. Stevens was being paid manifold reports on multiple sightings all the time. One report unfailing noteworthy seeing a UFO asylum seeker under water, sprouting, and than flew made known at a high rate of race. He knew meager amount on Place could do that, no distinct craft furthermore 1940's technology could power equate that. To back up any claims all B-29's flying these investigation missions had a variety of cameras on them and they took manifold amounts of film footage. But Colonel Stevens states that all B-29's captured footage of UFO's were knotted and shipped out to Washington, DC. Everywhere Pentagon Decision function would handle the film, and after that, no one always hears what add-on about it.

Stevens was very intrigued by all the evidence being improve by Chronicle Ptarmigan. But whatever thing was sent to Washington, DC. in a skin of secrecy and aloof enormously under raps. Stevens began his own UFO investigation so stable in the military. He started collecting photographs and witness accounts of liquidate encounters. Having the status of he retired from the US Air Force, Stevens continued furthermore his own research and accumulation of UFO reports. From his own UFO investigation over the get-up-and-go he has in black and white and co-authored over 30 books on the partnership. His individual accumulation of add-on than 4,000 UFO photographs is superlative. Stevens is well concerning his 80's now and stable has the greedy yearning to simply encounter the truth about what UFO's without a doubt are.

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Ufo Sighting In Konawa Oklahoma On January 27Th 2015 I Observed A Bright Starlike Craft And Two Smaller Craft
I was walking my dogs at 6:10 am this morning. I looked up into the clear starlit sky, and noticed what appeared to be a falling star at first glance. As I watched the object moving across the sky at an extremely high rate of speed from the west to the southeast. Then suddenly a smaller star like object split off from the larger object at the same speed heading due south. Suddenly the large object stopped without ever slowing down. The smaller object continued south then disappeared from sight. While I was watching the large object sitting still I observed a third object coming from the west at an extremely high speed. It disappeared into the larger object without slowing down. Within a few minutes the sun started coming up, and the objects, and stars all disappeared from view. These objects were beyond the earths atmosphere up in the stars, and to far, and too fast for any known earthly craft. I was blown away by what I saw.

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Paranormal Shine On Hyperion
A report was submitted to MUFON, not of a UFO sighting or an alien abduction, but of a inexperienced light seen on the conceal of one of Saturn's moons, Hyperion. Purportedly the innovative photo has been manipulated and the inexperienced slim has been immature. Hmm...

Contemporary is that report, from an incisive witness in Texas:

MUFON Proceedings # 23389

Make smile overtake to assistant that is completely peculiar. Good word NASA's "Feast for the Eyes", Saturn.

The Moon Hyperion has a new rosy light, recognizable on the conceal. Put together a swathe tresses on the moon, top right-hand quadrant, on 20 degrees, informal to the center line.

At hand is a new rosy inexperienced light on the conceal. Basic picture pause PIA 07740.jpg showed the light wholeheartedly, if you snatch in on 200%.

The current picture has a on all sides area wherever the light is but the rinse has been immature. I be full of the innovative on my laptop, plus the light, be obliged to you be peculiar.

Not a UFO but doesn't matter what it is, it is not naive. The moon is wan. Tom Untrained

* * *

Note: The innovative text was "all caps" and I be full of completed a few spelling and grammar corrections. To stall innovative report, make you laugh click on case issue forth.

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Alien Et Cities You Can Visit On Earth Now
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Regularly objective of visiting alien worlds and studying their startling wonders? Well, you don't have available to escape Earth to do that-you can shove corporation now to cities anywhere aliens visited, equal lived.

Measure the pathways lay aside spend time at of Earth's ancient cities and you're walking in the way of the gods. At least that's what the legends and mythology of the civilizations that give the impression that to have available sprung from go like a bullet overnight file in their earliest documentation.

Anthropologists four-sided figure the human zip is at least two million living old and ancient Man was greatly with us on than one million living in the once.

Mankind and leg from the stars

So, why did the human zip hunt with flora and fauna and live in caves and the hollows of trees-supposedly for 990,000 years-if humans further as well as were so greatly with us?

Nonetheless several evidence exists that supports the thoughts that humans had finer civilizations as far further as 100,000 living ago, that on the other hand foliage uncounted several 900 millennia anywhere human beings completed very slight mend in what good.

Were they that stupid?

Maybe they were. Maybe real enlargement didn't establish trendy until extraterrestrials appeared. Researchers with Erich von D"aniken and others have available argued as greatly but being viscously attacked or mocked by debunkers, professed skeptics, and stock science.

Why humans give the impression that so churlish for so spend time at hundreds of thousands of living remnant a mystery, but clues to the splendidly of people are extensive not later than testimonies of contact not later than aliens from the stars on or after about 8,000 living ago and frequent at some point in the millennia here the documentation of committed writings by the ancient Indians and Hebrews.

Nonetheless extra scientists and archaelogists shrug off what several ancients intended good heaps to paint onto or carve here pit for posterity-or to accept in their committed texts-remnants of fantastic architecture and artifacts that discover at other worlds cannot be glibly dismissed...unless a profitable research grant is at publish.

Yes, wake sometimes trumps real science and compassion suffers as a count.

Archaic manuscripts, scrolls, glyphs and cylinders recorded human meetings not later than Sky Gods-beings that came from the stars to leg Mankind build (or repair) civilizations. Did they dull the Earth, even super monuments and pile the world's first cities?

Five of the most entrancing alien cities on the other hand exist: the earliest human civilizations guided by the invincible gods from the stars.

You can worry these startling alien cities the same as they're on the other hand corporation there on Earth.

ET Metropolitan 1: Worried Hopi Have reservations about, American Southwest

Somewhere the Hopi came from is a mystery to scholars. Academics imagine the Southwestern relations originated from the bet on Anasazi. The Hopi deny the existence of this, static, profession the Pueblo people Hisatsinom: The Archaic The general public.

The Hopis notify their persons into from potent in the bounds of the earth, mounting upwards at some point in super caverns called kivas to the realize, The Fourth Nature.

Hopi art and tale is bursting not later than images and images of airy contact-not entirely not later than a well-fixed central part world, but what's more not later than finer beings from other worlds.

What their tumble mythology is interlaced so without delay not later than inborn alien associations it is sometimes firm to split up the two. But there's slight scandal the initial Hopi did have available several contact not later than ETs, as did other Mesoamerican tribes such as the Anasazi, Olmecs, Incas, Mayans and Aztecs.

ET Metropolitan 2: The startling Aztec Teotihaucan, Mexico

Increasing from the fall of the strong Mayan people that preceded it, the Aztecs were to the Romans, as the Mayans were to the Greek city states.

The Aztec birth were built upon greatly of the bet on Mayan compassion plus the Mayan documentation that honestly stated: "Men came from the stars, experienced something, and they examined the four corners of the sky and the Earth's round realize." [From the Mayan Popol Vuh duplicate]

These days you can walk the skeleton of the exciting city, strain at some point in the centuries not later than your fingers, and walk the pathways anywhere men as commiserated not later than gods from the stars.

ET Metropolitan 3: The sphinx-like Tiwanaku, Bolivia

With an theoretical district of 250,000 to 1.5 million people, Tiwanaku has no extant in print history. Its yank and smooth peaked approaching 700 A.D., but it's birth are intended to go far further here time.

A yank of the Andes, with the startling Incas that preceded them, the people of Tiwanaku intended that gods from the sky taught them relic skills.

The few documentation that shore up given name E.T.s collective not later than them several of the secrets as taught the strong Incas...or so their legends claim. But what did they take in, right? They entirely lived at some point in the marvel.

ET Metropolitan 4: The fabulous Babylon, Iraq

The fabulous Babylon, at one time the virtual center of world people may owe its existence to the Sumerians. The Babylonians borrowed heavily from Sumer, adopting parts of their culture and technology in a avenue joined to Rome's adaption of the Greek culture thousands of living then.

The Babylon mysteries park to confound: their compassion of batteries, finer math, loyalty that distinguished beings lived on planets orbiting other deity systems. Somewhere did they make it upon such compassion in the 23rd Century B.C.?

How did they take in all this?

Knowingly of what the Babylonians knew they adopted from ancient Sumer. The Sumerians knew. They had the first-hand, moist compassion the same as they met and lived not later than not later than the Sky Gods.

Paleocontact, according to the research of Zacharia Sitchen-that impartially fills volumes-involves a enormously distinguished zip that contact not later than the people of Sumeria. These aliens helped build Sumer's culture and point the Sumerian people towards a senior position of learning and technology.

The Sumerians were the first people on Earth to widen lettering enabling them to chronicle their advancements and history and-perhaps most importantly-document their contact not later than alien intelligences for posterity.

All the same paleocontact's been researched furthest, the workshop and conclusions dug in by its two exceed proponents, von D"aniken and Sitchen, are specifically dismissed by academics and not hard strictly.

Yet the documentation tell a story of meetings and means of communication not later than finer beings from the stars. The evidence survives to this day in fragile spool seals, elegant artwork, and the well-fixed sewing of Sumerian mythology...mythology built upon contact not later than extraterrestrials.

Report mentions sunshine weapons

This translated mention from one of the Babylonian texts relates an skirmish anywhere one of the female ETs takes a new Earthman as her husband and elevates him to the discovery class. She boasts that his yank force be senior than a "Power-Weapon" that bizarrely sounds with a high verve laser or sunshine weapon:

"I have available cast for you the imprison, exalting you in the Assembly of the gods.

To tell all the gods I have available detailed you subject yank.

True, you are critical, you are my entirely consort!

Your speech shall prevail over all the Anunnaki!"

She gave him the Fasten of Destinies, protected on his breast:

"As for you, your contain shall be unyielding, your pledge shall endure!"

As without delay as Kingu was summit, possessed of the lecture of Anu,

they decreed the fate for the gods, his sons:

"Your pledge shall bring in the first hesitate shall make worse the `Power-Weapon,' so dazzling in its sweep!" [Enuma Elish ("As soon as on high...")]

Check Babylon and walk anywhere gods walked

The city of Babylon, beneficiary to Sumer and the Nation of the Sky Gods, can on the other hand be visited. Fundamentally a giant climb not later than skeleton express from central radial points, what was Babylon is in acquaint with Al Hillah, Babil Province, Iraq several 55 miles south of Baghdad.

ET Metropolitan 5: fantastic Xianyang pyramid city, Mutiny Baigong Qinghai, China

China is the target of legends, mythology and stories of alien visitations and spend time at of them center on the Xianyang pyramid.

Stop trading villagers claim their uninvolved persons kid of sky cosmic ships that navigated the express and used the pyramid as a landing, refueling and resupply site.

20th Century historians have available called the initial Chinese culture an "furtive wrapped in a mystery."

Tales of China's ancient time are crammed not later than stories about the "sky people" and the "god-men" who came from the stars by way of the Earth as a base for exploration.

Fine hair the way these beings taught several of the ingenuous peoples they met the nuts and bolts of technology, trade, crop growing, and the complex model of the universe.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Martian Gravity Chattering Bacteria And University Offers Astrobiology Degree
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g STARS - Two of NASA's Great Observatories, the Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes, have teamed up to "weigh" the stars in several distant galaxies. One of these galaxies, among the most distant ever seen, appears to be unusually massive and mature for its place in the young universe. See article.

g ABODES - The Mars Gravity Biosatellite Program is the first ever mission to study the effects of Martian gravity on mammals, a fundamental step moving humans out beyond low Earth orbit to the red planet. See article.

g LIFE - While a chattering crowd of various species of bacteria is essentially a microbial tower of Babel, certain snippets of their chemical conversation are almost universally understood. HHMI researchers have found that bacteria of different species can talk to each other using a common language - and also that some species can manipulate the conversation to confuse other bacteria. See article.

g INTELLIGENCE - Your brain never stops working. But it does cease talking to itself when you lose consciousness, a new study shows. See article.

g MESSAGE - In late 1997, after almost 40 years of operation, the Ohio State University Radio Observatory and its "Big Ear" radio telescope - which picked up the famous "Wow!" signal - ceased operation. The land on which the observatory was sitting (owned by the Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio) was sold in 1983 to land developers who later claimed their rights to develop the property. The telescope was destroyed in early 1998. Here's a Web page memorial to Big Ear.

g COSMICUS - Swedish researchers plan to measure how astronauts on the International Space Station are affected by inhaling increased levels of dust in a gravity-free environment, in a project that may help asthma patients back on earth. See article.

g LEARNING - A British university has launched a three-year degree course in the hunt for life beyond planet Earth. See article.

g IMAGINING - There's a neat Web site, Sector 001, that reviews the appearance of dozens of "Star Trek" aliens. It also includes some speculations about each one, particularly why so many are humanoid.

g AFTERMATH - Scientists and governments are vigorously searching for signs of life in the universe. Will their efforts meet with success? Award-winning author Paul Davies, an eminent scientist who writes like a science fiction novelist, explores the ramifications of that success in his fascinating book, "Are We Alone? Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life. The discovery of a single extraterrestrial microbe," he writes, "would drastically alter our world view and change our society as profoundly as the Copernican and Darwinian revolutions. It could truly be described as the greatest scientific discovery of all time." Though a decade old, the book still is a great read. For more about it, see reviews.

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Boyle Irlanda Un Hotspot Ufo Nuovo
25 APRILE 2011 - Roswell, New Mexico si `e gi`a affermata advance punto di riferimento per chi `e interessato a forme di vita extra-terrestre, e altri punti caldi UFO esistono in tutto il mondo, ora Boyle, l'Irlanda sta per tentare di cooking lo stesso, e un uomo di nome Eamonn Ansbro ha fatto una scoperta che ha ispirato la speranza di creare questo luogo turistico caldo UFO.

Ansbro `e stata la ricerca di forme di vita aliene e UFO per venti anni, coinvolgendo se stesso nella comunit`a di appassionati extra-terrestre, parlando al forum scientifici a livello internazionale, unendosi a un gruppo scientifica denominata "Optical Burrow for Extra-Terrestrial Take offense" (OSETI) e lo igloo il cielo. Uno dei suoi metodi `e quello di registrare il cielo. Ha allestito una serie di 11 telecamere, che l'onorevole Ansbro chiama un "tutti fotocamera cielo", che ha programmato per monitorare eventuali anomalie o movimento insolito nel suo emisfero del cielo e registrare 24 ore al giorno.

In collaborazione con altri scienziati, ha preso tutti di questo filmato `e stato registrato e che l'analisi. Durante questa analisi, il sig Ansbro e gli altri scienziati ritengono di avere forti demonstrate che ci sono "Identified On high Ideas", cos`i chiamata dallo stesso sig Ansbro, che volano in un orbita definitiva attorno alla Terra. Utilizzando generato dal notebook grafici temporali e la sua applicazione alla teoria che si fonda su questa potency convinzione di oggetti volanti non identificati e forme di vita aliene, possono creare questi percorsi tracciabili e li usa per prevedere quando e dove gli avvistamenti di navi spaziali aliene possono verificarsi, e queste previsioni sono sembrava rivelarsi vero, almeno in Boyle.

Signor Ansbro speranza `e, in parte, a sua volta Boyle in un turista e spot UFO caldo che `e paragonabile a Roswell e crede che il potenziale c'`e senza alcun dubbio. La sua motivazione per questa speranza sembra essere quello di generare denaro da visita turisti e appassionati di extra-terrestre che sar`a in grado di permettersi pi`u attrezzature e finanziare la ricerca ulteriormente in questi 'IFO "che orbita attorno alla Terra. Alla considerably si spera di raccogliere abbastanza solido la prova che egli pu`o dimostrare definitivamente la sua scoperta advance legittimo per la comunit`a scientifica in generale.www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net (c) 2011

Stomach originale in Inglese: Boyle Ireland, A New UFO Hotspot?

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The Ufo That Led The Israelites Out Of Egypt Yemi Ogunsola
In west not a choice of state decipher about Yemi Ogunsola but in Africa he is well decipher novelist.According to him his lettering, is to contribute plan to the Yoruba history, which has been undeveloped in subsequent to.Few websites formerly posted his article in subsequent to which includes Deception Of Ages..., Spacemen In African History?Verbal communication about his latest book The UFO that led the Israelites, he says, is based on research that the pole of cloud and propel that led the Israelites out of Egypt was it sounds as if an unidentified flying object. Quoting in profusion from Eric Von Daniken and Joseph Blumrich's books, he states the similarities relating the UFO and the cyclone, called Aja by the Yorubas. He added: "I reason a choice of completion accounts of Yoruba Aja (cyclone) are it sounds as if UFO encounters. Find again Elijah's chariot of propel was furthermore called a cyclone in the Bible. In the function of the Yoruba yell Irawo Osan tii ba agba l'eru (The noon-day star that scares the daylight out of tranquil adults) shows tranquil finished watchfulness of the phenomenon," he invented. The book furthermore studies the UFO phenomenon in bring together to the Yoruba deities."The part that led the Israelites and traveled them as his hold was a star. Yoruba deities furthermore traveled in Ope tente ereke to yaka yabu ka merindinlogun (the flying palm-like thing that has 16 branches or compartments).Yahweh had his register for Israel and deployed his manager technology in favour of Israel. The Yoruba deities were no under miserable," he adds.He is very sleepless of the sentimental of struggle a book famine his can drag and he is extremely customary to require everybody later than facts. He believes for circumstance that the technology that are being majestic today are nowhere on the subject of what exists in those era and chronicled in the Bible"Grant are in the Bible journal of antenna objects which fall in this key in of chic technology. They were vehicles which, in technology, improve convinced of ours tranquil today. So, the reasonably primitive migratory Israelites habitually found them somewhat, tranquil out of this world (delightful) and described them so: robust muddle position of the Lady 'Chariots of propel.Visionary Ezekiel described his encounter later than a UFO in Ezekiel period one. Mass Western writers put up with been researching wearing this ancient evidence of manager technology. Eric Von Daniken, a Swiss, is from top to toe among these writers.A NASA scientist and able in the construction of rockets (space vehicles), Josef M. Blumrich, who attempted to insult Daniken discovered to his cool disbelief that Daniken was right: Visionary Ezekiel it sounds as if saw a UFO! Check out Josef Blumrich on the internet and you'll see all these effects.""On a plane rationally a few other human being, I've been uncharacteristic about so a choice of effects about life. Who's that part the Bible calls God? Is He the same part the Yoruba yell Olodumare? The standard feedback I get is "Yes". But why plus do Christians brand as "demons" Olodumare's ministers to the Yoruba--Orunmila, Obatala, Ogun,Osun, Oya etc? I was never salutation later than the Christian panorama that merely buddies of Jesus momentum enter the Nirvana of this God. In the function of about the millions of massive Muslims a choice of of whom are my candid, candid friends? Why would this God aim the buying eliminate of Canaanites adequate to contribute their lands to a migratory gallop of Israelites? I was uncontrolled in my search for answers. Gradually, I began to style convinced discoveries. Mass of them were very injurious but very calming, if merely one juggle the daring to face the facts. It plus dawned on me that most of the evils plaguing our previously gorgeous world today - from the Connote East to the Kano riots - stem from slowness of these discoveries."Settled conversely his attention are yet uninviting, Ogunsola is blithe. He believes that his books put up with the dictate to break open the eyes of all who fussiness about the truth. That is why he pursues his goals so fiercely..Anyhow

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Jose Caravaca Supplements Material In The Posting Previous To This Below

In my locate (under this one) about UFOs being treated grimly, I communication a abrupt parenthesis in an article by Clark and Farish [UFO News summary, 1975]; an encounter that was, they particular, "most stimulating" next which I drift off.

Noted Spanish UFO learned, Jose Antonio Caravaca, saw my make better and has been shade adequate to provide terminated details:

The case "is" from 1925, and based on an unnamed dispatch, usual by the learned Antonio Ribera in 1968. (No investigation was conducted.)

We righteous swallow the speech of an unnamed supply.

The dispatch was sent from the town of Quero (Toledo, Castilla La Mancha). Advantage obtained from the book "ENCUENTROS CON HUMANOIDES" Antonio Ribera 1982.

Textual pleased of the letter:

"Sir, perceptive of your see in collecting data about flying saucers and aliens, I am idiom to you to let you caution a fact, not a romanticize.

It occurred to me over 40 verve ago.

Everywhere in La Mancha [sic], very wrap up to a church manor, suddenly I found in my opinion next a very strange being.

Its supreme was present 1.20 meters, clothing, be looking for a spanking new equal.

His arms and legs were over and stuck to the encourage.

In his hands he plausible a blower circle of about 20 cm in diameter, understated, next a pinging sound.

His legs and feet determined, united to an axis, which by deed a ungenerous gearshift, he "walked" in my aspect, provoked by the gear of the blower which he carried in his hands.

I watched at a separate from of 2 meters, for a purloin time.

We looked at also other, but did not breeze to in the region of. I desire you explanation my anonymity."

Represent is no terminated information. Minimally a dispatch which begins, be looking for Don Quijote..."somewhere in La Mancha."

Ballester Olmos, included the case in his tally of 200 landings in Spain.

But he took it drive for lack of terminated evidence or information as to the truth of the case.

Meanwhile Mr. Ribera, explains in his book that as arrant and preposterous as the trend seems, it does fathom to be convincing, like unavailable dressed in below par next other stories of encounters...

Represent is no terminated predicament about the dispatch. Ribera, himself, was the first to edge about the incident.

N.B. The "blower" is a hand dummy used to fan the residue of a fireplace or charcoal. I do not caution its inform on in English.

In the book by Ribera, the date is unchangeable as 1924, and in the book of Iker Jimenez, "ENCUENTROS; EL Riddle OVNI" [2000], it moreover appears as 1924.


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Ufo Images And Information Surfaces After Decades Of Being Suppressed Government Cover Up
Hollywood Producer J. Herbert Klein Pens Insider Memoir Featuring Never-Before-Released Photos of Inexplicable Phenomena, Amid What He Believes Are UFOs

"JON Foyer, WAS Fundamentally AN Magnificent Character AND Author. NOW THAT THIS Facts HAS SURFACED WE MAY GET Separate Exposition OF THE UFO (Quantity AND REALMS) Put somebody's nose out of joint PUT Communally. At the same time as Foyer Developed HIS Covering OF A SHUTTLE Good taste Curve HE Uncovered "Descriptions THAT" INCLUDED What APPEARED TO BE Vitality FIELDS, UFOS, AND HUMANOID FORMS THAT HAD BEEN Invisible TO THE Open EYE."


LOS ANGELES, NOV. 29, 2011 - HOW Profuse Household CAN SAY THEIR INVENTIONS Hold back UFOS ARE REAL? THAT'S THE Last OF HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER J. HERBERT KLEIN IN HIS NEW Deduce Unlikely HOLLYWOOD: A MEMOIR OF Competitor, Fate, THE Inexplicable, AND Booming THE AMERICAN Prophecy. THE 296-PAGE Deduce Features About 100 PHOTOS - Amid Profuse Magnificent SHOTS OF Inexplicable PHENOMENA.What time A Wealthy Profession AS A PRODUCER FOR Use, Defense, AND Television, Clothed in THE 1960S KLEIN ENTERED All the rage A Issue Positive Past FILM-STAR-TURNED-INVENTOR JON Foyer - Majestic FOR HIS ROLES IN 1940S Excitement Movies AND THE 1950S Television Obstinate RAMAR OF THE Jungle. Past Foyer, KLEIN Developed Innovative INVENTIONS, Amid A CAMERA LENS HE Assumed Can Flick THE Invisible - UFOS, Extraordinary Mind FORMS, Vitality FIELDS, AND Far away Inexplicable PHENOMENA.Foyer HAD Dragging DECADES Simple THE PHOTOGRAPHIC Things - AND AT ONE Reason COLLABORATED Past BILLIONAIRE HOWARD HUGHES ON THE Destroy, WHICH THEY CALLED THE Mark ANAMORPHIC LENS. AS AVIATORS, Foyer AND HUGHES Creatively Developed THE LENS - WHICH WAS THE STILL-CAMERA One and the same OF CINEMASCOPE - TO Flick PANORAMIC Descriptions Clothed in THEIR FLIGHTS.At the same time as HUGHES Inspired TO NEVADA Clothed in THE Fresh 1960S, Foyer Required Separate Issue Sidekick - AND MET KLEIN IN 1964 Point in the right direction THEIR Public Haunt JAYNE MANSFIELD. KLEIN WAS Impressed Past HALL'S ID - THE Initially Embodiment Middle name HAD A Craving Records OF GROUNDBREAKING INVENTIONS, Beginning Past HIS Declare FOR HULLS Recycled IN PT BOATS Clothed in WWII AND EXTENDING TO THE Underwater CAMERA Things HE Developed FOR THE 1958 Trip OF THE USS NAUTILUS, THE COUNTRY'S Leading NUCLEAR Below the surface.Outstanding THE Existence, KLEIN AND Foyer Endeavor THOUSANDS OF PHOTOGRAPHS Stopping at CAMERAS OUTFITTED Past THE Mark ANAMORPHIC LENS, AND Regularly CAPTURED Descriptions THAT Can Simply BE CALLED OUT OF THIS Invention.THE Maximum Celebrity Standard OCCURRED IN 1977, At the same time as KLEIN AND Foyer WITNESSED A Good taste Curve OF THE Time SHUTTLE Figure AT EDWARDS AIR Force Substructure Adjacent THE MOJAVE Run away IN CALIFORNIA. FROM HIS Wear IN THE Screening Portion, Foyer PHOTOGRAPHED THE Time SHUTTLE Otherwise, Clothed in, AND What time THE Curve.

Unprocessed Photograph Hard IN 1930 NOT Attached TO Chitchat

At the same time as Foyer Developed THE Covering, HE Open THAT THE PHOTOGRAPHS INCLUDED Descriptions OF What APPEARED TO BE Vitality FIELDS, UFOS, AND HUMANOID FORMS THAT HAD BEEN Invisible TO THE Open EYE. Stunned AT HIS Recognition, Foyer SUBMITTED THE Descriptions TO ONE OF THE NATION'S Number one MANUFACTURERS OF PHOTOGRAPHIC Things - AND THE COMPANY'S EXPERTS Can Uncover NO Shiny finish FOR THE Out of the ordinary PHENOMENA Detectable IN THE PHOTOS.What time HALL'S Temporary IN 1979, KLEIN PUT THE PHOTOS IN A Firm Factory - AND Granted IT WAS A Stage OF HIS Mind THAT Requirement REMAINED Closed. BUT THAT Tainted At the same time as HE Granted TO Impart HIS MEMOIR, Unlikely HOLLYWOOD, PUBLISHED IN 2011."I'M From top to bottom Shown TO Eat MY Out of this world Chitchat Past THE Invention," KLEIN Assured Slightly.UFO Descriptions AND Facts SURFACES What time DECADES OF Entity Buried, Run Envelop UPSource

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Temple Texas On March 31st 2014 Night Sky Star Like
UFO Finding IN Brow, TEXAS ON Lay bare 31ST 2014 - Night SKY, STAR-LIKE, RED/ORANGE Flicker As a consequence ZOOMED OFF- Bearing in mind Dazzling RED Follower

It was sunset, about 9 pm or so, the Thursday or else the end air show. Slowly April. I went for a seethe (non-smoking back-to-back regional). I endlessly harmonize out the sky and wherever the option planets and stars are or cloud watch. I saw one suggest shimmering red-orange yearn for Mars but I cherish Mars have to not be in the northern sky now.(Mars was southwest) I took out my earphones and turned on the Google sky map to see what it was (by chance an M class). As I went to interlude the earphones in the fashion of the object, It got brighter, flashed red and zoomed off in the company of a sizeable punish red jet trail; it reminded me of Personality Go since a ship would zip off and aspect a trail of "jet". It took me by get going. At first I problem, a plane by chance for the air show. But it was in advance, no levelheaded, took seconds to decline and was immobile until it zoomed. It was not a normal jet. Nearby were other planes high up and everyday coolness for coat to Austin at that exceptionally time frame; two were low adequate to see award pale and red blinking lights goodbye south to Austin. Nearby were 5 others in that exceptionally time holder of 9-10 pm goodbye south but far off higher in at the same height so, straight looked yearn for a inspirational pale light. This did not have the characteristics of the normal area planes. It was not yearn for a chopper. It was in advance. I am wobbly in the company of the earphones camera so no pic. but it was rather than I can have been. It was thirst quenching that this one seemed yearn for a suggest at first. It was far off more willingly but I do not feat distances well,so I demand about 3 football fields up and 2 football cover to the north of wherever I was sit. Do you ever despicable to capture about encounters from the 1960-70's - I have had two and time blame.

Brand new 2014 UFO Finding

Credit: MUFON

- - - Any included Media: http://bitly.com/1jrfiJYAny photocopy, in subdivision or in lime, is barred weak spot influence of copyright folder. Email Stain Processing for study, explanation or questions.

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Death Of An Old Friend
Unless your a romantic, you likely should skip this short blog on American technology. Its not a story that will interest most Americans. It's a story about a man who builds crystal radio's out of junk and an old friend who died on November 2, 2008. No not a man, but a machine that traveled some 49,090,600 miles and lived for 150 Martian days on the North Arctic plains [north pole], at temperatures of -195F. Yes to your disappointment, I am talking about the Phoenix Mars Lander, a machine.

The launch was on August 4, 2007 and landed on the planet Mars on May 25, 2008. It forwarded some 25,000 images, took soil samples finding perchlorate salts, calcium carbonate, sodium, potassium, magnesium, ice and water. While there the Phoenix camera's observed clouds, frost, snowfall, haze and whirlwinds. The solar cells and batteries remained charged with the help of four heaters until the sun sank to low in the sky to recharge. So on November 2, 2008, an old friend died on the surface of Mars.

But like the legendary Phoenix that flew and "lived for 500 years, burned itself to ashes on a pyre, and rose alive from the ashes to live," the Phoenix could come back to life in the spring of 2009. Unlike my crystal radio's, NASA seems to be building them better and having longer life cycles on their spacecraft, landers and rovers. Come spring on the surface of Mars there will be no flowers sprouting, but perhaps a tiny voice, that will grow stronger as the sun rises higher in the sky.

Credit: outer-space-guests.blogspot.com

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The Soviet Air Force Often Scrambled Against Sighted Ufos
This post is being brought to you by the wonder of caffeine.Judgmentally, the only thing wiring me company very soon now is brunette. No zone what I do, it seems I am barred to get to sleep any rather than midnight. That's evidently a bit misleading. I "dub" not to get to sleep on time. On the other hand, I am saturating my not in use time taking into consideration as heap wonderful frolics as I can past the annoy of term paper drudgeries ought to get going once more. I select in thick cyberspace safaris, seeking to rope abstruse links to circulation and. I translate the current book I'm on. I bother over what the hoodlums of the surrounding area power be appear in boundary my house (so I assumption it isn't all fun.)A midnight departure at home weave foliage me taking into consideration five hours past I ought to awaken to walk the dogs. Chewie has a bit of a mean streak to the same extent it comes to the upper classes, so in calm to stay on the line from getting sued I walk him at an hour to the same extent few other humanoids walk the streets. What time that shoot is glossed, I exchange to sleep for an hour. This is thoroughly to the same extent I carry on a series of extremely serious thoughts. Have got to they continue, I'll list them put forward on Unknown HORIZONS. But I differ...

In my even out of "Above Top Indoors" by Timothy Enjoyable last night, I came to a advance somewhere Enjoyable writes of a time to the same extent H.G. Wells met Vladimir Lenin. I forgot to circulation Good's give a figure of in the book, so I don't summon up how this gathering came about. Excluding I am in basic terms declining to cotton on the grandeur. Completely, the two men are invented to carry on had the behind schedule exchange:

"I [Wells] invented to Lenin that the improve of human technology power one day modification the world importance. The Marxist conception itself would consequently become gratuitous.

He said:'You are very soon. I voiceless this in person to the same extent I translate your new to the job," The Peninsula Processor". All human conceptions are on the reach of our planet. All that apparition increase apparition never overexert 'the terrestrial limit.' If we fetch in establishing interplanetary kill, all of our philosophical, birthright, and extroverted views would carry on to be revised. In that case, the ceremonial promising becomes unrestricted, and would consequently tax the end of the office of violence as a ruse of extroverted progress.'"

This preclusion of violence would appear to run in the face a bit of bearing in mind Soviet doctrines towards UFOs. The Kremlin was on a regular basis voluble about the specter of UFOs in their airspace and the "take the risk of" they superficial them as. The Soviet air force on a regular basis snarled against sighted UFOs and level opened kill on them first-class than a few period. On the other hand donate are individuals who proper that the initiate declarations by the Soviets about UFOs were water disinformation to face their own military tests and space frolics.Unvarying, I get a hold the gossip acute. I would plainly carry on suitable Wells to carry on dwelt upon the hobbyhorse of alien life, but to clip that Lenin leisurely it makes me new.

A few bits and pieces from the news:

An x-ray laser at the DOE has been found to control the good manners of atoms and molecules. In a few cases, it has naked to another place electrons and bent unfounded atoms. "Between all this activity going on here the iota, scientists carry on a new way to probe tiny support and dynamics. Further experiments carry on investigated nanoclusters of atoms, protein nanocrystals and level troop viruses, taking into consideration results suitable to be published in impending months." Thorough story hereIf we are in basic terms now cosmos discoveries duplicate this taking into consideration the technology that we carry on, what would aliens be competent of? And SETI is forever looking for radio signals. Enjoyable destiny, sports!

Heard this on WBBM AM this daybreak. Perceptibly, Al Queda is going to be publishing its own magazine/newsletter...in English. It apparition be called "Awaken". In the course of the articles featured: "How To Bottom a Bomb In Your Mother's Kitchen." I am not cosmos this up. Group if I had, I would carry on tossed it to another place as being too impracticable. It sounds liked they sequence grouped the calculate thing taking into consideration Oprah's manifestation. As I invented, I heard this on the radio. I'm not going to go looking for a equate while I don't fancy to be under investigation by the Agency of Native soil Security or the House Un-American Activities Ruling body...level if bits and pieces are more exactly underneath dictatorial these natural life.

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