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Dog Days Olympus And The Space Gods Updated
Prepared, it's after-Labor Day (THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX IS A PERFECT TWO WEEKS TO ONE SIDE). Presage to put to one side your washed-out slacks and dresses and get out your schoolbooks. As luck would have it, Yahoo is calm lobbing softballs at symbol watchers, settle darling they did throughout the Dog Days.

David Icke fans are familiar counting Draco, held to be company of the well-known Reptilians. Corrupt offering wasn't something on the Lunch constellation, having the status of the wolves in sheep's clothing are on the march yet once more.

Cosmos-watching is excellent than perpetually since, what counting all of the satellites confinement an eye on the skies. This image crossed my method and I was struck by its altogether psychedelic-ness. If you saw that in an scene of Introduce Hike you make up your mind it looked too pretend. Whatever thing about it reminds me of old UFO photos. Don't ask me why.

Yahoo afterward headlined this story, about the sad accidental of the USS Olympia, one of America's first work battleships. It seems to go well counting the great descriptions, more that Kubrickian nebula add-on.

And what's Olympia weak spot Demeter? One of the week's big stories was one costume pix that Demetria Moore put up on Chirrup. Which settle goes to show you how miserly the general population language has spasm.

You gotta air the telephone of this Yahoo character, which makes me make up your mind of Wayne Herschel's recent revelations, for one unfamiliar induce.

And then there's this unfamiliar juxtaposition on Huffpost, counting a Set out of Venus-type leaving nothing to the imagination set for a report on literary rape, and Venus herself grade in front wall of that inexplicably common blasted bubble object.

Huffpost continues to use the dome-and-obelisk leaving nothing to the imagination for the Iran nukes story, raising all sorts of questions what that story is significantly all about. I was so struck by it that I supposed sustain on the Glenn Beck recovery assemble...

...someplace the Mormon silt rouser beam to a round in front wall of the Washington Obelisk/holy pyrotechnics initiation pad. Thanks how anxious the Mormons are counting aliens and outside space, I can't advance but incredulity if Beck's expression on the hall wasn't settle about violent to cop MLK's inheritance.

No one has stacks explained the symbolism of the Washington obelisk and the dazzling collection, but it's feature noting that the awfully object can be seen at Screen Canaveral.

Conveniently profusion, cinematic sun god George Clooney had the cost one film this weekend counting yet fresh narrative of an intelligence machinist. Pick up the "17 BEHIND" caption, a cost that's sure to be amended in tomorrow's followup.

Finally, the Dominionists' new organization counting the Chinese Communist Separate is sure to count in unfair influxes of dollars wearing American church waterside accounts, consequence that "EXORCISM" is sure to fling a main answer. And above "EXORCISMS" essence beyond doubt mean above news stories of behind and maimed infants and decapitated relations.

Maybe this story is scold from the Portend v such malevolent barbarism.

UPDATE: Obama charms out the Dog Days in accepted fashion. There's not a greatest shred of query in my intelligence that Obama requests to be unable to find the Congress to the GOP, having the status of it was the best thing that happened to Clinton's paperwork. Impending January I shoot we'll see a other fresh structure in the White Home-made than the unfortunate bumbler of the earlier 21 months.

Beautify to Yacarete for this one.

And the big story today is...





Sunday, 1 March 2015

Zlandcommunications Do Government Documents Take Ufos Seriously Galileos Telescope Might Say


Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 16, 2009 - Galileo's fall back has been confused to the appointment 2009 for persona set to squeak put away it. Pretty of the new manner more, writing implement Richard Dolan is by it to check-out the confidence of government UFO documents.

According to author-historian Richard M. Dolan a range of family connections run eagerly not permitted from any discussion of the UFO information - but Dolan has to be found 12 nominal documents he feels verify government - at token the Tied States government - has and good-natured does rest UFOs very crucially. In the manner of the sensible use of a modern-day journalistic fall back he examines this aggressive thought with brightness and wit.

Dolan asks, "... [W]hat would it mean if we naked that, within the classified world, family connections take engaged it crucially for years? It acceptably so happens that they take. They do."

Having authored two set to rights volumes on UFOs and the Place of origin Promise Comment, Volumes I and II, shelter the periods from 1947 put away to 1993, Dolan is well expert to attribute true research fabric and an skilled research analysis of the UFO information.

In both of these two internationally respected workings, and this article, Richard Dolan entertains the high hazard that most of what are categorized as UFOs, sometimes referred to as unidentified above ground phenomenon, are in fact extraterrestrial - not of Tackle source.

Dolan feels these government documents are in fact saying; "It doesn't rest a biased performer to chronicle that dowry is a difference of opinion present. Nor to verify the process of stuffy in the blanks: that dowry is real unexpected to believe that a technology not belonging to any well-defined terrestrial check has been functioning in our ethos, and that at token a few family connections in positions of sovereign state are well exist of this."

These documents and Richard Dolan's canny restrain of their augur inspire upon lobby to indication, in their own minds, the confidence and alleged reality of the UFO thought raises the difficulty - How can any playwright turn your nose up at the facts attribute in the documents and the analysis on hand by Dolan?

Dolan answers this difficulty very form, "Slightly are so self-conscious by the delivery that they morally relinquish to listen to any evidence secular, feel like the Pope refusing to representation put away Galileo's fall back."

In the appointment 2009 it is physical to increase in value why any diagnostic person ability not at token plea to steal a representation.


His books UFOs and the Place of origin Promise Comment can be found at:

To contact Richard Dolan:

# # #

"Line Information:


Toronto Ontario Canada


"A Report Habit that takes you to the casing and higher than...

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Friday, 13 February 2015

Ufo Sighting In Harpers Ferry

walked out on my deck. saw a strange light in the sky. I have lived here for 14 years and have never seen a light like this before. It looked like a star but there was something that was not right. It was a very orange color and was pulsating. I went inside and got my binoculars. I observed the light for about 3 minutes as it was stationary. Then as I was watching it started moving and made an arc in the sky. I watched it as is moved over the course of about 2 minutes before it was out of view. there was no apparent sound. It had the appearance of boiling fire like high resolution images of the sun.



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Great Photos Of An Alien Craft Over North Carolina


I had just left my Girlfriends house outside of Winston Salem off of I-40 heading east toward. I-52, when I noticed and odd shapes object in the sky not very high above the city of Winston, at 3:30 am. The object was visibly projecting light! To be clear NOT reflecting, but projecting a beam of light toward the ground. I kept an eye on it to see if I could notice and red or green lights like a plane or helicopter would have and after a few minutes I was able to determine indeed it did not have any. I continued onto hwy 52 heading south when I noticed it had moved drastically south and had somewhat changed what the shape was.

I pulled over after a few minutes to get a better look and shut my car off to see if I could hear anything. With no traffic in sight it was dead silence, I could not her a sound coming from this. I took my phone out and continued to take about 15 pictures and as I zoomed in that's when it became extremely obvious this was not any aircraft I have ever seen before. It continued to change shapes, from a half sphere to almost a boomerang of multiple lights. A few pictures you can actually see that it had multiple individual lights on the perimeter of it. It seem to come a little closer after a bit and I was by myself and nervous, so proceeded down 52 south with the craft staying constantly to my left side, after about 25 minutes I made it to interstate 85 and headed south west, that when the craft continued a south bound path and I eventually lost site of it. NOTE: The above photos are from the witness.





Sunday, 8 February 2015

Alien Pictures Real
SHORT UFO FACT: [March 8, 1949; Killeen Base, Camp Hood, Texas (BBU) (AFOSI Case 39) 2 a.m. Army infantrymen in separate locations 1/2 mile apart sight different lights, one white seen by Payne, the other, by Cpl. Luke Sims, was of a yellowish red light in level flight crossing 60^0 of sky. (FOIA; FUFOR INDEX) 5 secs ? ]


SHORT UFO FACT: [March 7, 1949; Camp Hood, Texas (AFOSI-32-34) PFC. Max Eugene Manlove, 1st Provost Squadron, Camp Hood, Texas, observed a teardrop-shaped object, orange in color, drop vertically in front of him. Observation time: 2 seconds. (AFOSI 34). 1:30 a.m. Two other sets of military witnesses. Very brief (2 SECS?). (AFOSI 32, 33). ]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ufo Sighting In Toronto Ontario On September 25Th 2013 3Rd Night Event

Sept 25 2013 at 7:40pm I noticed the same bright light hovering over Scarborough near Eglinton ave and Markham rd as i reported to mufon case # 51067 on sept 24 2013. The object repeated the same pattern as I reported sept 24th 2013, Tonight was a little different I decided watch the skies at 7:30pm to see what direction the object came from. One minute nothing was there then a cloud past and there if was. The object sat there for less then an hour and started to move west. I took a couple of pics and a video of the light in the sky before it got dark. I also noticed what looked like a flare coming from the sky not from the object. The flare like object look like a out of control fire work also white in color. 3 days in a row I've seen this object. Lets see if it comes back again tomorrow. If you live in Scarborough near Eglinton ave and markham rd look south west for the brightest light in the sky and wait until 8:25pm and you should see it move west towards the DVP.



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Monday, 2 February 2015

Real Ufo Photo
SHORT UFO FACT: [ORANGE is entities largely converge beneath southern Nevada, northern New Mexico and possibly Utah. Some sources refer to a ["1"] '"human"' race with stalky yellow, red or orange hair, others of ["2"] a genetically-altered, humanoid-reptiloid strain or hybrid. They are often described often as having a humanoid form yet certain '"reptilian"' genetic features.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [PLATO is the project responsible for Diplomatic relations with the aliens. This project secured a formal treaty (ILLEGAL UNDER THE CONSTITUTION) with the aliens. The terms were that the aliens would give us technology. In return we agreed to keep their presence on earth a secret, not to interfere in any way thier actions, and to allow them to abduct humans and animals. The aliens agreed to furnish MJ-12 with a list of abductees on a periodic basis.]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Of Rats And Men Update On The Cia Alien Hamster Affair
Why CIA hamsters might not be aliens, but they might be RATS (Rugged Automated Training System)...

"The best laid schemes of mouse-like hamsters and men... Often go awry."

A few years ago I wrote a short, humorous article about how our friend Dan Throop Smith was convinced his friend from the CIA, Ron Pandolfi, was working for the White House. "The White House Hamster Guy" closes out my mini-book "Knowing the Future: The UFO Spy Games," which is also the featured mini-series in my "Spies, Lies and Polygraph Tape" anthology.


You may recall that Dan is the son of the late presidential tax policy adviser from Harvard, Dan Throop Smith.

In the summer of 2009, I had several phone conversations with Dan, as he mulled over a trip to the White House gate to demand to see Pandolfi. I told Dan I didn't think this was such a good idea. Dan also related how his CIA friend had "tasked" him to investigate the small mouse-like Afghan hamster.

Concerned that Dan might find himself under arrest for making a scene at the White House gate, I emailed Pandolfi, to advise him of Dan's intention.

When Pandolfi responded, "Dan is welcome any time. We need to catch up on what Dan has learned about hamsters," adding, "Dan knows I am the White House hamster guy. He may have added things up and concluded that hamsters are aliens," I suspected Pandolfi was once again using Dan to leak information about something he was involved in at CIA.


Dan may have suspected the hamster assignment was a cover story for an alien investigation, but I knew otherwise, having studied Pandolfi's previous leaks, like the story Dan spread concerning Pandolfi's investigation of an American-Chinese High Frequency Gravity Wave research program in 2007. That leak proved to be accurate when the Federation of American Scientists obtained and published online a copy of the For Official Use Only Office of the Director of National Intelligence MITRE / JASON HFGW Study, in 2008. Pandolfi and many of his associates involved with "weird science" were identified in the official government document. Predictably, the FOUO version of the document had the sensitive (and classified) information about the Chinese connection redacted -- but Dan had already leaked numerous emails between the players in the spy game.

Uncertain how to present the information to the public, I disguised the story using titles of movies made by Alfred Hitchcock as "Inside the Spy Game with the Man Who Knew Too Much."

In the emails leaked by Dan, one intelligence source wrote:

"Publicly accusing a person with seven current contracts with the Intelligence Community, four classified -- with a distinguished career in Intelligence to boot, and who is the current Chair of the Science Board for the Undersecretary of Defense for Chem / Nuclear / Biological matters -- as being in the pay of a Foreign Power who is wittingly passing them classified material..."

Pandolfi chastised me over revealing sources and methods, noting that "methods are more important than sources," which, on reflection, explains why Pandolfi is willing to burn his sources, friends and contacts as a means to an end.

Taking all of this under consideration, I suggested Dan had once again become Pandolfi's designated messenger: but what were we to make of this White House Hamster business?



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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Our Lady Of Ftima
The Miracle of the Sun (Portuguese: O Milagre do Sol) refers to an event on 13 October 1917, when 30,000 to 100,000 people gathered near F'atima, Portugal, to witness an expected miracle. Three young shepherd children had predicted that at high-noon, the Blessed Virgin Mary would appear in the Cova da Iria fields.

According to many witness statements, after a downfall of rain, the dark clouds broke and the sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disc in the sky. It was said to be significantly duller than normal, and to cast multicolored lights across the landscape, the shadows on the landscape, the people, and the surrounding clouds. The sun was then reported to have careened towards the earth in a zigzag pattern, frightening some of those present who thought it meant the end of the world. Witnesses reported that their previously wet clothes became "suddenly and completely dry, as well as the wet and muddy ground that had been previously soaked because of the rain that had been falling".

Some of the witness statements follow below. They are taken from John De Marchi's several books on the matter.

"Before the astonished eyes of the crowd, whose aspect was biblical as they stood bare-headed, eagerly searching the sky, the sun trembled, made sudden incredible movements outside all cosmic laws - the sun 'danced' according to the typical expression of the people." - Avelino de Almeida, writing for O S'eculo (Portugal's most widely circulated and influential newspaper, which was pro-government and anti-clerical at the time Almeida's previous articles had been to satirize the previously reported events at F'atima).

"The sun, at one moment surrounded with scarlet flame, at another aureoled in yellow and deep purple, seemed to be in an exceedingly swift and whirling movement, at times appearing to be loosened from the sky and to be approaching the earth, strongly radiating heat." - Dr. Domingos Pinto Coelho, writing for the newspaper Ordem.

"...The silver sun, enveloped in the same gauzy grey light, was seen to whirl and turn in the circle of broken clouds... The light turned a beautiful blue, as if it had come through the stained-glass windows of a cathedral, and spread itself over the people who knelt with outstretched hands... people wept and prayed with uncovered heads, in the presence of a miracle they had awaited. The seconds seemed like hours, so vivid were they." - Reporter for the Lisbon newspaper O Dia.

"The sun's disc did not remain immobile. This was not the sparkling of a heavenly body, for it spun round on itself in a mad whirl, when suddenly a clamor was heard from all the people. The sun, whirling, seemed to loosen itself from the firmament and advance threateningly upon the earth as if to crush us with its huge fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was terrible." - Dr. Almeida Garrett, Professor of Natural Sciences at Coimbra University.

"As if like a bolt from the blue, the clouds were wrenched apart, and the sun at its zenith appeared in all its splendor. It began to revolve vertiginously on its axis, like the most magnificent firewheel that could be imagined, taking on all the colors of the rainbow and sending forth multicolored flashes of light, producing the most astounding effect. This sublime and incomparable spectacle, which was repeated three distinct times, lasted for about ten minutes. The immense multitude, overcome by the evidence of such a tremendous prodigy, threw themselves on their knees." - Dr. Formig~ao, a professor at the seminary at Santar'em, and a priest.

"I feel incapable of describing what I saw. I looked fixedly at the sun, which seemed pale and did not hurt my eyes. Looking like a ball of snow, revolving on itself, it suddenly seemed to come down in a zig-zag, menacing the earth. Terrified, I ran and hid myself among the people, who were weeping and expecting the end of the world at any moment." - Rev. Joaquim Lourenco, describing his boyhood experience in Alburitel, eighteen kilometers from Fatima.

"On that day of October 13, 1917, without remembering the predictions of the children, I was enchanted by a remarkable spectacle in the sky of a kind I had never seen before. I saw it from this veranda..." - Portuguese poet Afonso Lopes Vieira.

According to De Marchi, "Engineers that have studied the case reckoned that an incredible amount of energy would have been necessary to dry up those pools of water that had formed on the field in a few minutes as it was reported by witnesses."

De Marchi claims that the prediction of an unspecified "miracle", the abrupt beginning and end of the alleged miracle of the sun, the varied religious backgrounds of the observers, the sheer numbers of people present, and the lack of any known scientific causative factor make a mass hallucination unlikely. That the activity of the sun was reported as visible by those up to 18 kilometres (11 mi) away, also precludes the theory of a collective hallucination or mass hysteria.

Pio Scatizzi, S.J. describes events of F'atima and concludes: The solar phenomena were not observed in any observatory. Impossible that they should escape notice of so many astronomers and indeed the other inhabitants of the hemisphere. Either all the observers in F'atima were collectively deceived and erred in their testimony, or we must suppose an extra-natural intervention.

Joe Nickell, a skeptic and investigator of paranormal phenomena, claims that the position of the phenomenon, as described by the various witnesses, is at the wrong azimuth and elevation to have been the sun.

Jacques Vall'ee has contributed to the investigation of the Miracle at Fatima and Marian apparitions. His work has been used to support the Fatima UFO Hypothesis. Vall'ee is one of the first people to speculate about the possibility that the Miracle at Fatima was a UFO. This wasn't initially recognized as such due to lack of knowledge about UFOs at that time. It is believed by many that if they were aware of the UFO phenomenon that they would have initially assumed it was a UFO instead of a miracle. Vall'ee has also speculated about the possibility that other religious apparitions may have been the result of UFO activity including the Miracle of Lourdes and the revelations to Joseph Smith. Vall'ee and other researchers have advocated further study of unusual phenomena in the academic community. They don't believe that this should be handled solely by theologians. (read more) (video clip)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

On the night of 5/14/2013, between 2045 and 2100 central time, I opened my front door to let my dog outside. I followed her, and just like always, I happened to look up into the sky. There it was, moving swiftly and silently, directly over my home. My first thought was that it was some type of drone aircraft, then I immediately realized I heard no sound. What truly caught and kept my attention was the lighted tips of the object, which formed a perfect triangle. Also, the lights were not very bright, however they were white (non-colored). All three lights seemed to radiate at the same intensity, and the best way I can describe it is as if a dimmer light switch is adjusted to about 70%. Another thing struck me as interesting is that it was flying in a "skewed" position. Let me try to describe. If you imagine an airplane, with a light at the nose and a light at the end of each wing, the light at the nose will always be in the lead, and the wing lights will always stay equidistant in their position, and uniform as the plane moves forward. The same would be true if there was no light on the nose, but two lights at the tips of the wing and one on the tail. From a view on the ground, the flat side with the two lights at the tips/edges would be moving forward (in the lead), followed by the light at the tail. This object flew forward as if it was turned at about 30 degrees off the center axis, so I could not tell what was in the "lead". It only kept its uniform, steady shape as it flew. This entire sighting lasted approximately 10 seconds. Of course, I had no camera with me, and I did run in and inform my wife of what I saw, and unfortunately there were no other witnesses. I have always had a historical fascination with "stuff" like this. I had read enough non fiction about such instances to know that black triangles and the "cigar" shaped crafts are some of the most recognized shapes that have been recorded. So, I knew exactly what it was when I saw it. Shape: What I saw was most closely described as what you have in this link as Fig 5. First version of tip lights illustration. The tips definitely seemed a little rounded, not pointed. Speed: well, I could not judge the speed but it seemed to be moving swiftly for the sighting to only last for about 10 seconds, especially from the point of view I had. Size: If you take a silver dollar out of your pocket and hold it between your index finger and thumb, and then extend your arm above you and look at the flat side of the coin, that is approximately how large the object appeared from my ground perspective. I have read that some witnesses state that these things are very, very large. Well, if they are, then from my view (size of a silver dollar), it was fairly high up. Other features: Some articles I have seen reference a light (red) in the center of the underside of the craft. There were no other lights visible on the object that I saw. Direction: I found my home on Google Maps and judging by its direction, it was traveling due north. If you continue due north from Franklin TN, you will pass by the western edge of the city limits of Nashville. I hope this helps for your records. Again, I never thought I would be reporting anything such as this, so this has truly been a fun exercise.

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Black Triangle Sighting In Alliance

I was sitting in my living-room watching T.V. when my daughter and her boyfriend came in and told me they were seeing lights in the sky. I went outside and saw a fast moving object heading north it seemed to glow flame in the center and had a light in the rear of the object. A few moments later two more objects on the same flight path appeared from the south and headed north until vanishing out of sight. I live close to a national guard air base helicopters and planes fly by all the time these were not ours they we too fast and large. I saw a airplane a few moments later just to the east of my house there was a great difference in the way they acted and differed.



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Ufo Sighting In Independence Kentucky On June 27Th 2013 Gigantic Lantern Over Nky Skies 62713

Shortly after 10 p.m. tonight from my back porch, I witnessed a very strange object in the sky about a half mile away and about a half mile above ground. I screamed for my wife to bring a camera. She had to look for it and just grabbed her phone instead. She took three photos but it took her 30 seconds to get her Iphone5 and by this time the object had moved well away. Initially, the object was close enough to see the periphery, which clearly appeared to be rectangular with a giant yellow-orange-white flame inside that filled most of the rectangle shape but the flame did not extend beyond the well-defined rectangular borders. For how bright the light inside the rectangle was, I was surprised to not see much of a halo of light around it. My first impression was that it was just a very large hot air balloon because I heard what I thought was the sound of propane fuel burning. I absolutely did not hear an intermittent propeller type sound. It was definitely more of a low steady dull rumble sound. I had a clear view of most of the horizon. The object moved from left to right from my vantage point facing northeast, slowly at first, then very fast, faster than a jet airplane. It moved all the way across the sky easily in less than one minute, including the first 30 seconds or so in which it looked like it was just drifting along very slowly at wind speed. Basically, it just shifted into high gear and took off going away and up. The object was ascending rapidly without question. It was moving east to southeast in direction in mostly clear skies at the time. The long axis of the rectangle seemed perpendicular to the ground at all times even though the pictures seem like it tilted (my wife must have slanted the camera in her rapid response). The three pictures revealed almost a figure eight light source, almost like some kind of multiple loop circuit. However, in person, the object looked very bright to the naked-eye like a giant, uniform flame burning upwards. I would best describe it as a gigantic lantern. The rectangular or cone-shaped borders seemed black and very thin and the flame inside the borders took up most of the rectangle but not all. The pencil thin borders were blacker than the darkness around the huge flame inside the object. It was almost as if the object was transparent between the flame and surface. There was like a 7/8th moon out that night I believe providing some background light. Any insight into what this object was would be appreciated. I thought hot air balloons just moved at the same speed as the wind. On a side note, I have also seen once a few months back a huge black triangle at night with atleast seven or eight lights around it moving west to east with some of the lights blinking and others not. This object moved faster than any other I have ever seen in the sky and when it was almost gone over the horizon I heard the big sonic boom like the skies were opening up.



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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Ufo Sighting In Vancouver Washington On December 11Th 2013 Sphere Like With V Shape Lights

I was taking my 15 minute break at work when I noticed this object. For the last few months i've seen this same star like object from my homr witch is just 5 minutes from where I work. For some odd reason I decided to take a picture of it, zoom in and thought u guys could tell me what this is. It comed around almost daily, same time just before sunset.


Credit: MUFON

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Clamoroso La Melodia Registrata Dalla Sonda Rosetta Di Origine Extraterrestre
Vi ricordate quando il 13 novembre vi avevamo parlato delle misteriose registrazioni di una strana melodia provenire dalla cometa 67P? Da quel momento gli ufologi e gli astronomi di tutto il mondo hanno avanzato milioni di ipotesi. L' E.S.A. (European Space Agency, Agenzia Spaziale Europea) ha comunicato che questi suoni sarebbero prodotti dal rilascio di particelle neutre nello spazio che si caricherebbero elettricamente attraverso un processo chiamato ionizzazione, al contrario la N.A.S.A. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Ente Nazionale per le attivit`a Spaziali e Aeronautiche) dice che questi segnali si sentono nello spazio da pi`u di 20 anni. A chi dobbiamo credere? E se la risposta fosse un'altra? Parlando dei motivi della missione dobbiamo aprire un altro capitolo, perch'e anche su questo argomento volano le ipotesi. Possibile che la NASA e l'ESA abbiano mandato questa sonda solo per studiare una cometa? Un ricercatore ha persino dichiarato di aver ricevuto una mail da un membro dell'ESA nella quale spiegava che la cometa 67P in realt`a `e un meccanismo alieno. Anche questa volta, a chi dobbiamo credere?Secondo diversi scienziati, il mistero (o meglio, i misteri) della cometa 67P avrebbero avuto tanta importanza quanto il misterioso incidente di Roswell.Che cosa ci nascondono NASA ed ESA?


Friday, 16 January 2015

On This Memorial Day Weekend Remembering Capt Thomas F Mantell Jr

By Berry Craig

Associated Press


FRANKLIN, Ky. - Nobody knows what Capt. Thomas F. Mantell Jr. was chasing through the winter sky on Jan. 7, 1948.

His pursuit of the "flying saucer" cost him his life. The 25-year-old Kentucky Air National Guard pilot from Louisville died in the crash of his P-51 "Mustang" fighter plane near Franklin, the Simpson County seat.

A county historical marker just off Interstate 65 in Franklin commemorates the aviator's death. "Because he was killed trying to catch an unidentified flying object, the story made headlines around the world," said John Trowbridge, manager of the Kentucky Military History Museum in Frankfort. "There is a real X-Files twist to this, too. Mantell lived almost his entire life in Louisville. But he was born in a hospital in Franklin, only a few miles from where he was killed."

A World War II hero, Mantell is buried in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in Louisville. The Louisville Male High School graduate is probably all but forgotten except to family members and friends, Trowbridge said.

"But the investigation of Mantell's crash became part of Project Sign," Trowbridge added. "Project Sign later became Project Blue Book, the Air Force's official investigation into UFOs."

Mantell and three other pilots, also in single-seat P-51s, were flying near Fort Knox when their radios crackled with a strange request from the control tower at nearby Godman Field. "They were asked to investigate an unidentified flying object which had been seen in the area," Trowbridge said. Col. Guy F. Hicks, Godman Field commander, "said he observed the flying saucer for some time," according to an Associated Press story at the time.

One of the warplanes, evidently low on fuel, flew on to Louisville. Hicks said in the news account that the air base lost contact with the other three fighters "in about 20 minutes. Two of the planes later called back and reported no success."

The other P-51 was Mantell's. His fighter was not equipped with oxygen for high-altitude flight, Trowbridge said, adding, "He apparently flew too high, blacked out and crashed."

Glenn Mayes, who lived near Franklin, claimed "he saw Mantell's plane flying at an extremely high altitude shortly before it apparently exploded in the air," the AP story said. "The plane circled three times like the pilot didn't know where he was going, and then started into a dive from about 20,000 feet," Mayes said. "About halfway down there was a terrific explosion."

The wreckage of Mantell's doomed plane was "scattered over an area two miles wide," according to Mayes. "None of the craft burned," he said.

Many aviation historians say the speedy, machine gun-armed Mustang was the best propeller-driven fighter of World War II. Mantell, who joined the Army Air Force in 1942, piloted troop transport planes in the global conflict.

"He participated in the Normandy invasion and many other European operations," according to the AP account. He earned a Distinguished Flying Cross and four Air Medals for bravery, according to the Kentucky Air Guard.

Many people apparently saw the "saucer," including "several other pilots" who flew after it, the story at the time of the crash said. Two of the aviators, James Garret and William Crenshaw, both from Hopkinsville, thought the UFO was a balloon. "Astronomers at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., reported they saw some object in the sky...which they believed to be a balloon but the Nashville Weather Bureau said it knew of no balloons in that vicinity," the AP story said.

In Ohio, "a flaming red cone" was reportedly spotted close to the air base at Wilmington. "Army spokesman said they had no information on the object or its origin," the AP story said.

It was suggested that the "UFO" was a huge Navy "Skyhook" balloon. "Whatever it was, it gave Capt. Tom Mantell his 15 minutes of fame," said Trowbridge, who helped get the marker for Mantell in Franklin. The blue and gold plaque stands outside the Simpson County Tourist office.


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Chicago O Hare Ufo
A video surfaced in the spring of 2007, showing an unprecedented pre-debate interview from CHICAGO O'HARE AIRPORT UFO sighting by Jon Hilkevitch (CHICAGO Tribune journalist who reported transportation history of CHICAGO UFO ) and Jim Wagner newscaster at CLTV, a 24 hour news channels in Oak Brook, Illinois.The video shows two men having a discussion outside antenna on the amount of the reaction of the international media about the history of UFOS, and United Airlines to discuss alleged "flip-flop" on the event and explaining the FAA as a meteorological phenomenon ", according Hilkevitch sources" does not wash. "Hilkevitch also mentioned that the photographs were taken by any driver with a digital camera and that history is" history's most read in the history of ( "with almost a" million visits. "

A Circle Of High Strangeness


Reports of strange phenomena absolutely abound throughout the English county of Staffordshire - which happens to be where I spent my childhood. But there is one place in Staffordshire that seems to attract a great deal more than its fair share of such activity. Its name is deeply familiar to one and all throughout the area as Castle Ring. Located near to the village of Cannock Wood, Castle Ring is an Iron Age structure commonly known as a Hill Fort. It is 801 feet above sea level, and it main ditch and bank enclosure is fourteen feet high and, at its widest point, 853 feet across.

It has to be admitted that very little is known about the mysterious and long-forgotten people who built Castle Ring, except to say that they were already in residence at the time of the Roman invasion of A.D. 43 and remained there until approximately A.D. 50. Some suggest that the initial foundations of Castle Ring may even have been laid as early as 500 B.C. Moreover, historians suggest that the creators of Castle Ring might have represented a powerful body of people that held firm sway over certain other parts of Staffordshire, as well as significant portions of both Shropshire and Cheshire at the time in question.

While its enigmatic builders exited our world millennia ago, and left us with very little solid knowledge of who they were or what they actually represented, Castle Ring can claim to play host to far stranger entities, as I will now demonstrate.

On May 1, 2004, Alec Williams was driving passed the car-park that sits at the base of Castle Ring when he witnessed a hair-covered, man-like entity lumber across the road and into the trees. A shocked Williams stated that the sighting lasted barely a few seconds, but that he was able to make out its amazing form: "It was about seven feet tall, with short, shiny, dark brown hair, a large head and had eyes that glowed bright red." Interestingly, Williams stated that as he slowed his vehicle down, he witnessed something akin to a camera flash coming from the depths of the woods and heard a cry that he described as "someone going 'Hoo.'"

Just over one year later, on June 8, 2005 to be precise, in an article titled "Hunt For Dark Forces at Chase Monument", "Chase Post" newspaper journalist Sarah Taylor reported that "paranormal investigators are set to swoop on one of the area's oldest monuments to find out what dark forces lie beneath it." As the newspaper noted, "a team of real-life ghost-busters" had determined that the area of Gentleshaw that surrounds Castle Ring lay upon what was described as a "psychic fault." Certainly, the whole area surrounding Castle Ring has been a hotbed of weird activity for years - and not all of it revolves around weird beasts.

For example, commenting on the mountain of strange activity at the Ring, Sue Penton - of "Paranormal Awakening", a group affiliated to the "Association for Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena" - said: "There have been reports of strange music being heard up there. It is such a high place there have been lots of UFO sightings there, too."

The comments of Sue Penton were echoed by Graham Allen, then of the Etchinghill, Rugeley-based "Staffordshire UFO Group": "Obviously, Castle Ring is the highest point on the Chase which makes it a good place for UFO spotting. There have been numerous incidents of UFOs, which could be because you are more likely to see something from a high point."

Graham Allen elaborated to the press on what he knew about the mysteries of Castle Ring: "There have been reports of something landing there in the 1960s. From a research point of view there are a high number of reports around ancient sites. One argument could be that ancient sites have been located there because of the incidents of UFOs and natural phenomenon. There could be locations where there could be magnetic influences in the ground which have been attributed to earth lights."

Moreover, relatively close to Castle Ring is an old, disused windmill, which, it is widely believed by local folklorists, was built upon nothing less than an ancient, pagan burial ground. Ghosts of the miller's children, who allegedly suffocated in a flour silo, are said to haunt the mill to this day, and legend tells of a strange black, humanoid figure that manifested just before the tragedy occurred. Could this perhaps have been the very same, dark figure that Alec Williams saw near Castle Ring in 2004?

Equally as strange are the reports that come from the nearby village of Cannock Wood - from which Castle Ring lies in a northwest direction - of a ghostly nun reported seen in the vicinity of an ancient well where water was once dutifully gathered by local villagers.

In September 2005, local media reported that the aforementioned "Paranormal Awakening" investigation group had recently completed a nighttime investigation of Castle Ring in an attempt to chronicle the strange activity that had been reported there for years. It was an investigation that proved to be immensely profitable.

A spokesperson for the group said, after the experience was completed: "The Cannock Chase local authorities were kind enough to give permission for "PA" to conduct its research. Indeed, we are extremely grateful to them for being so open-minded as to allow us to conduct our research at this historical and most important monument. The group's results are stunning and have created yet more questions than we have answers. We appear to have obtained a very strange mix of UFO and genuine paranormal activity."

As for the specific nature of that activity, this was made public midway through February 2006. The "Chase Post" elaborated on the revelations: "A paranormal investigations group say they have evidence of strange, dancing lights and ghostly figures at the area's most ancient monument." On one tape, said the "Post", one of the group's members is heard to exclaim: "Tell me that isn't a big black shape walking towards me." The "Post" added that: "A mystery make voice responds, 'There is!'"

Lest we forget, large, walking, dark shapes and strange lights were both staple parts of Alec Williams' May 2004 Bigfoot-like sighting at Castle Ring, too. But the story is far from over. In a future article I'll highlight the most recent reports of high strangeness at Castle Ring, which are as creepy as they are monstrous...

Monday, 12 January 2015

Alien Encounter In East Fremantle Western Australia On January 10Th 2002 Tall Nordic Angular Looking Beings
Watching television, time approximately 7 pm. I am always a late sleeper, usually in bed by 4 or 5 am. I was not employed, at this stage of my life. I felt and overwhelming sensation, to go to sleep. The T.V turned into a static screen. I turned it off and went to bed. In my mind, I heard a loud metallic type noise. It sounded like a freight train. It began at a low noise level and increased to a very loud level. As if some thing was approaching me. Oddly enough, as loud as this metallic noise was, it was not discomforting in any way. The impression that came to me, was that this noise was part of a tunneling process.Tunneling through space. I was then standing in a round room, with 3 beings in front of me. The room, for the lack of a better word. Was a gun metal grey color,completely smooth. Instinct told me, perhaps a vessel of some kind. This room was completely empty of any structures. As my mind turned it's attention, back to the beings. The tallest of these beings, who I approximate was at least 11 ft tall. Was seated on a gun metal grey color chair, more like a throne to be precise. Behind him seemed to be a screen, though it was the same color as the room. It gave me the impression that it was a screen, due to the gaps or edges that defined it from the wall or room surface. This screen would have been about, 15 ft in length and 5 ft in height. He possessed angular features, from head to feet. He had long white hair, at least to his elbows. He wore a grey type flight suit, my best description. To his right hand side was another male being, similar looks, but about 10 ft tall. To his left was a female, about 9, 9 and half ft tall. The seated being seemed to be the one in charge. From what I have come to understand, through telepathy is how we communicated. I asked him, " Why do you not show yourself to mankind? " As his answer was being heard in my mind, the room transformed itself. For the lack of a better word. To a scene from World war 1. That was my impression. " Mankind is a violent species, you are not yet ready. " While my mind was hearing this, I took in visually the death and destruction around me. I seemed to be in a cratered and muddy field. It was dark, not so dark. Perhaps just after sun set. Bodies ever where, men running past me with bayonets fastened to their weapons. Charging an unseen enemy. I could see smoke and explosions erupting every where. I could see me falling, to the ground with anguished looks on their faces. It is if I was really there. Except that there was absolutely no noise, nor did I feel any fear. My next recollection was waking up at home, at about 1 am I guess. The T.V was on.

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Latest Ufos
SHORT UFO FACT: [Apr 1979, Gormanston Saddle, a green light with a purple edge came straight at a taxi driven by a fifty one year old man, seemingly going straight over the vehicle, and lighting up the interior as if it was daytime. The taxi lost power and would not accelerate, the motor just shook. The driver tried to radio for help but it was dead. After the light passed everything returned to normal.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [13 Apr 1980, South Kilkerran, out of the corner of his eye a man sighted a row of flashing lights, yellow in colour, and apparently pacing his car. He attempted to accelerate but the engine "CUT OUT" for a second. This occurred three to four times in fifteen to twenty seconds. Then all of a sudden the car acted normally and he was able to drive on. The lights seemed to move off very quickly from his right to behind him.]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here


A Look At The Mothman Phenomenon

Mothman Statue

The Mothman was seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia between November 1966 and December 1967. It is reported that about 100 people seen this strange creature during this time frame.

The description of the creature varied some, but generally the creature was described as being 5-7 foot tall, man shaped, grey or brown, with wings and wider than a man. The strangest detail told about this creature was it's lack of a head, with witnesses stating that it's red glowing eyes set on it's upper chest area. To me this would represent the lack of a neck with the head sitting down between the shoulders. The red glowing eyes were often described as being as big as bicycle reflectors.

Another odd detail, about this totally odd being, is that witnesses told that the Mothman didn't flap it's large wings when taking off or while in flight. People reported seeing the Mothman ascent straight up in the air without any wing flapping, odd indeed for a winged creature.

There is at least 1 report of the Mothman pacing a car at approximately 100 mph! The terrified witnesses in the car escaped when Mothman broke off it's chase at the city limits.

Some people also reported hearing humming sounds coming from the Mothman and a few reported screams that sounded like a woman screaming.

Another odd thing about this is that some people reported radio and electronic interference. Stuff like lose of TV reception or YV's having static and that radios would not work correctly.

One thing is for sure, everyone who saw this creature was struck with terror. This terror might play a part in the concept that seeing the Mothman is a bad omen or of a pending disaster. This is also fueled by the collapse of Sliver Bridge, which crossed the Ohio river to Point Pleasant. Witnesses claimed to have seen Mothman in the area before the bridge collapsed. The bridge collapsed on Dec. 15, 1967 during rush hour traffic killing 46 people, 2 of which were never found. The Silver Bridge was build in 1928 and named "Silver bridge" due to it's shiny aluminum paint. After the collapse investigators determined that a small 2.5mm defect in one single eyebar in a suspension chain and being overloaded caused the collapse. The bridge was replace in 1969 and name Silver Memorial Bridge.

Another eerie part of this story is that the Mothman was said to have been hanging around the old World War II munition domes in Point Pleasant. There are over 100 of these old TNT domes in the area. Some thought Mothman chose that area due to the chemicals that are buried underground there.

Over the years there has been many movies and books about the Mothman. One of the most known movies is The Mothman Prophecies starring Richard Gere. Cryptozoologist Loren Colman wrote Mothman and Other Curious Encounters for which he received very high praise.

The Mothman sightings are not just contained to the United States. There has been several reports from other areas. In 1985 a similar type creature was reported just before the Mexico City earthquake and in 1986 a Mothman type of creature was reported just before the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant meltdown. There was also a reported sighting in 1963 in England and many others. There continues to be Mothman sightings even to this today.

So is the Mothman part of the terrible disasters or is it just some type of warning that we do not understand? No one really knows for sure and that part of the tale is open for debate.

So just what is Mothman? Many speculate that it could be an alien, while others believe it to be some type of mutation due to the chemicals in the TNT domes. Others think it could be some type of a death angel sent to warn people of impending doom or disaster. Still others think it's just a hoax.

If you have had a Mothman sighting feel free to contact us.



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Students In China Witness A Blue Ufo On March 27 2010

Students of a technical college in the northern Chinese city of Harbin have found themselves in the spotlight after recording what they think might be a UFO of extraterrestrial origin on March 27th at around 9pm (see photo below).

The Chinese media has extensively reported on the incident over the last week.

The sudents, who has stayed behind on the campus late at night were about to leave when they noticed a large, bright, blue craft or object hovering above them. One of the students, Mr Yong, was able to capture the event on his mobile telephone camera. Mr Yong is convinced that the UFO he saw and filmed was an alien spaceship.

In the last month UFO sightings in China have increased dramtaically, further enforcing the belief amongst many Chinese citizens that aliens are taking an increasing interest in their nations future.

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Heyday For Lawyers
Exopolitics: Heyday for Lawyers!

By Ed Komarek


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Over the period of the 60 year old cover up of extraterrestrial reality the entrenched special interests have operated outside of the law where only the law of the jungle has ruled. Today as UFO/ET disclosure quickens the rule of law and constitutional authority is bound to return to cover extraterrestrial reality. It will proceed at first slowly then will come on with a vengeance as large trial lawyer firms realize the billions and perhaps trillions of dollars to be make as the lawsuits begin to fly.

No wonder the current administration is trying to set a legal precedent by giving telecom companies retroactive immunity from prosecution when they cooperated in illegal government wiretapping activities. As the UFO/ET cover up ends many of the largest international corporations and perhaps even nations will become vulnerable to prosecution and lawsuits. Those national and multinational corporations that have cooperated with unconstitutional and illegal government activities in the suppression and secret exploitation of extraterrestrial reality will become highly vulnerable to not only citizen outrage but to criminal and civil lawsuits.

I expect we will soon see many big name international corporations involved in fossil fuels, defense and aerospace, transportation, electronic and computer industries seeking relief from lawsuits while corporations and private citizens seek redress of grievances. The trial lawyers will make huge sums of money but the past falsification of patents will certainly make many patent lawyers and their firms very rich as well. Interested parties should read, The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso.

I would suggest an alliance between those of us seeking UFO/ET disclosure and the powerful Wall Street legal firms. It will take more than ideals to finally put an end to the extraterrestrial cover up. What we exopoliticians need now is some special interest financial muscle behind us. For many years the opposition have used divide and conquer strategies against us and it is high time the tables are turned.

Hopefully at some point soon some very large powerful legal firms could become involved in disclosure out of self interest. The huge amounts of profit to be made through lawsuits and protection from lawsuits should be great enough of an inducement to cause the law firms to break rank from the rest of the pack. When the litigation begins that will sound the death knell for the UFO/ET cover up.

The rapid disclosure of extraterrestrial reality will surely create economic hardship for many nationally and globally but it will also present many opportunities. There will be those people and industries like the legal industry that will flourish and profit greatly from the upheaval. The same can be said for some countries around the world. Some countries will benefit especially those countries where technological innovation is being suppressed as in the third world countries and in Japan and Asia. Other countries like the oil rich Middle East countries could be devastated unless they are well diversified away from oil.

It's not hard to see now which countries are pushing for disclosure and which countries are vigorously against UFO/ET disclosure. Just look at what countries economic interests will be harmed by disclosure and which countries will benefit the most. It's easy to see who the players are.

The only thing that appears to be holding the cover up together and keeping pro disclosure countries from breaking rank is the very real possibility of catastrophic disclosure soon. Because of the 60 years of suppression and manipulation of technological innovation what should have been a gradual process of acclimation and renewal over 60 years may soon become a catastrophic process of renewal.

Those nations, companies, and citizens that have prepared themselves for possible catastrophic economic instability and renewal after UFO/ET disclosure will be able to take advantage of new opportunities. These will flourish in such a time of upheaval while those that continue to remain brainwashed will suffer greatly. I am placing my bets on the lawyers and the legal profession coming out on top of the whole mess.

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The Carson Sink Ufo Incident Nevada 1952
US Air Force B-26 Crew Encounters 3 Triangular UFOs over Carson Sink, Nevada 1952

According to author Edward Ruppelt, on a clear, cloudless day, two U.S. Air Force Colonels requisitioned a twin engine B-25 bomber at Hamilton Field north of San Francisco for a cross-country flight to Colorado. Between Sacramento, California, and Reno, Nevada they entered the "Green 3" aerial highway to Salt Lake City, Utah. At 3:40 P.M. MST while at 11,000 feet (3300 m) over the Carson Sink area east of Reno. According to Ruppelt, the two pilots saw three unknown aircraft make a left bank and fly quickly to within 400 to 800 yards (meters) of their B-25. The two men estimated the speed of the unknown aircraft to be at the very least three times that of the F-86. After four seconds, the aircraft sped away out of the vision of the pilots.

When they landed in Colorado Springs, they contacted Air Defense Command Headquarters and learned that no civilian or military aircraft had been anywhere near the Carson Sink at the time of the incident. The two men dismissed the suggestion that they had seen F-86 jets, since they were intimately familiar with the design of that craft. Air Defense Command relayed the report to Ruppelt at Project Blue Book. In his subsequent book, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, Ruppelt characterized it as a "good UFO report with an unknown conclusion".

Link - Sink UFO incident

Blue Book unknown #1584 - Carson Sink, July 24, 1952

3:40 p.m. - Witnesses: two USAF Lt. Colonels McGinn and Barton in a B-25 bomber. Three silver, delta-shaped objects, each with a ridge along the top, crossed in front of and above the B-25 at high speed, in 3-4 seconds.


This is a case where the witnesses were si extremely reliable that they simply had to be believed, so their sighting drew great attention at both ATIC and the Pentagon when it surfaced. The two competent observers who were both Air Force officers, Lieutenant Colonel John L. McGinn and Lieutenant Colonel John R. Barton. They were intimately familiar with every type of aircraft or missile in the world at that time.

North American B-25 Mitchell

They where on board a twin engine B-25 Mitchell bomber that they had requisitioned for a cross-country flight beginning from Hamilton Army Air Field. After take off they were headed for Colorado Springs on a very clear day with unlimited visibility. Such perfect flying conditions are appreciated by any veteran flyer, especially the two lieutenant colonels who were looking forward to a smooth ride and the chance to take in some beautiful scenery. While over the Sierra Nevada, McGinn and Barton did see some amazing terrain but soon saw something even more spectacular.

Between Sacramento and Reno they entered "Green 3," the airway's version of a highway into Salt Lake City. At 3:40 P.M. MST while at 11,000 feet over the Carson Sink area of Nevada, the pilots spotted three aircraft ahead of them and to their right. At first the lieutenant colonels assumed these must be F-86 jet fighters.

The "bogies" were moving much like the new jets - although something just did not add up. If they were F-86s, they should be lower in accordance with civil air regulations, and it also appeared odd to see military jets fly in what appeared to be a perfect V formation.

In short order their B-25 closed in on the objects, close enough for a better look. The pilots then immediately realized they were not F-86s at all. Each craft appeared very bright silver in color with a delta wing-like airfoil. They thought these could not be a new type of delta jet because they had no tails or pilot's canopies. The craft all displayed a clean upper triangular wing with a definite ridge running from nose to tail. Before McGinn and Barton fully grasped the fantastic sight before them, the strange objects made a left bank and zoomed within 400 to 800 yards of their B-25, an uncomfortably short amount of space in the air. Their speed was estimated by the men to be at the very least three times that of any conventional jet then flying. Yet after four short seconds the hair raising maneuver was over and the UFOs were gone.

As soon as McGinn and Barton landed at Colorado Springs they were on the phone to Air Defense Command Headquarters. When they learned that no civilian or military aircraft were anywhere near them at 3:40 P.M., the magnitude of their sighting finally sunk in. McGinn and Barton were both command pilots with very distinguished service careers, having logged several thousand hours flying time each. They were assigned to the Pentagon with highly classified assignments and were perfectly familiar with even the most secret foreign and domestic aircraft designs. Neither had seen anything remotely like those objects before, but they indicated that they had probably witnessed what friends of theirs had observed, "flying saucers."

Triangular Wing UFO Illustration

Blue Book made their own study and located all delta wing jets, then exclusively flown by the Navy, yet none were in the Green 3 area. They also checked other sources, which had no records of aircraft, balloons, or anything of any kind over Carson Sink at the time.36

Although only one of 22 reports which made it into ATIC that day, and just one of about 100 worldwide sightings for the 24th, the Carson Sink Sighting, case number 1584, is the best of those in the files marked "unknown."

Captain Edward Ruppelt was the head of the US Air Force official UFO investigation effort at that time, Project Blue Book. Later in his memoirs The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects he narrated the case, respecting witness anonymity: (...)

Next to the "Insufficient Data" file was a file marked "C.P." This meant crackpot. Into this file went all reports from people who had talked with flying saucer crews, who had inspected flying saucers that had landed in the United States, who had ridden in flying saucers, or who were members of flying saucer crews. By Project Blue Book standards, these were not "good" UFO reports either.

But here is a "good" UFO report with an "unknown" conclusion:

Link -

Link - dir.htm

Link - Blue Book - Air Intelligence Information Report

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bigfoot Discovery Day


Staged Saturday by the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers and the Bigfoot Discovery Project, the event has been held every year since 2006, the Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel reported.About 50 people attended the outdoor lunch and meeting in the town of 1,051 people north of Santa Cruz to hear of purported Bigfoot sightings and examine evidence.

Many of the stories were told with an emphasis on Santa Cruz County, the newspaper reported Saturday. "We have plenty of evidence of a Bigfoot presence up here in the mountains," Michael Rugg, curator of the town's Bigfoot Discovery Museum, said.

"I have some vocalizations we've recorded, we have some video that we shot locally, and we have a number of eyewitnesses who have reported sightings," he said. "In our testing, we've come up with more evidence to indicate it's true than the opposite."

Rugg said he founded the museum in 2004 because he wanted to "have a bigger part in trying to solve this mystery."

"I'm so sure this is real, I don't care what anybody says," he said.

BIGFOOT IN SANTA CRUZ COUNTY?: ENTHUSIASTS MAKE THEIR CASE DURING BIGFOOT DISCOVERY DAYThe Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers and the Bigfoot Discovery Project presented the annual Bigfoot Discovery Day Saturday, staged at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. The all-day gathering began in 2006.

From local investigators to interested families with children, more than 50 people attended the outdoor lunch and roundtable discussion, where purported Bigfoot sightings and evidence were presented, and numerous stories were told with an emphasis on Santa Cruz County.

Bigfoot Discovery Museum founder and curator Michael Rugg officiated, answering questions and facilitating much of the day's discussion. Rugg said the goal of the annual Discovery Day is to get people in Santa Cruz County to realize that the museum is not just a roadside attraction on the side of Highway 9, but a center for diligent research.

"We have plenty of evidence of a Bigfoot presence up here in the mountains," Rugg said. "I have some vocalizations we've recorded, we have some video that we shot locally, and we have a number of eye witnesses who have reported sightings. In our testing, we've come up with more evidence to indicate it's true than the opposite."

Rugg, who recounted his own Bigfoot sighting as a toddler in 1950, told the gathered crowd that, since he founded the museum in 2004, he's had an opportunity to further his research and hear numerous firsthand tales of sightings.

"Our museum is trying to serve as an advocate for eyewitnesses," he said. "People have been reporting anomalous events that our scientific authority figures have relegated to complete nonsense. What we're saying is, give these folks a break. There are plenty of things to learn yet."

Entering the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, one is confronted by plaster casts of giant feet, looping footage of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film, where an unidentified creature bounds across the screen, and Bigfoot-themed art. There is also a wall-sized map of Santa Cruz County, with pushpins detailing reported local sightings, stretching from the Santa Cruz Mountains to Nisene Marks State Park in Aptos.

Boulder Creek resident Bill Tucker, a longtime volunteer with the museum who stood behind the counter alongside Capitola resident Mike Barrow, recounted his own experience coming into contact with the unknown. Tucker was camping in Washington in 1987, he said, in an isolated campground. He found himself at a river, where he had the feeling that he was being watched.

"Then, a bunch of rocks came across the river," he said. "This happened, off and on, for the next 12 hours. Something was trying to keep me out of there. I began to believe right then."Barrow said that his interest stemmed from the Patterson film, which was released when he was 7.

"It grabbed my imagination and, ever since, I've been looking," he said. Pleasanton resident Tom Yamarone has been involved with the museum in various capacities since it opened, he said. Yamarone, who writes Bigfoot-related folksongs, which he performed later in the evening, said that he was encouraged by Saturday's turnout.

"My interest in the subject is very active," Yamarone said. "It's great to see so many people turn out for this."

The Discovery Day moved to the Louden Nelson Center later in the evening, where further presentations were given, including discussions on the latest game-camera technology used in Bigfoot-tracking and a historical slide-show of newspaper reports on Bigfoot dating back to the mid-1800s.

Rugg said the day was a success. He added that he founded the museum in 2004 because he wanted to "have a bigger part in trying to solve this mystery."I'm so sure this is real, I don't care what anybody says," he said.