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Lloyd Pye
SHORT UFO FACT: [In 1949 Project Grudge replaces Project Sign. Government conference on rash of large, brilliant green fireballs leads to 1950's Project Twinkle, which allegedly failed to track and photograph any. True Magazine publication of Donald Keyhoe's article is first in major magazine to claim UFOs are alien craft, and that the U.S. Government is withholding confirming information. ]UFO TV SHOW OPENING SEQUENCE SHORT UFO FACT: [In 1966 was landed UFO in Dexter, Michigan, is explained by Project Blue Book as "SWAMP GAS", producing long-term public ridicule. House Armed Services Committee hears USAF suggest university study of UFOs, which is accepted by University of Colorado, under Dr. E. U. Condon. Story of "ALIEN ABDUCTION" of New England couple published as first convincing case of "FACE-TO-FACE" meetings with aliens. Phillip Klass, of Aviation Week magazine, proposes (THEN QUIETLY WITHDRAWS) ball lightning as explanation for many UFO reports. ]UFO FRANCE CONTACT UFOIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

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Date: 27th August 1995 - Members = 88

In this mail:-

New WWW from member longo agora
List Addresses
Stan Friedman's UFO Web page
"From: longo agora

To All:

I have just installed a site documenting communications from an
unknown source that have been taking place during the last four years.

This site contains scanned and enlarged images, average size.2-.3cm which illustrate concepts that run counter to the very foundation of our thinking.

The material is genuine as are the interpretations given; physical
acausal material continues and is external and measurable.

Because of the large number of graphics, the site is divided into
pages. I have put up six pages as of 8/16. More pages are to follow.
I will be updating additions to the site in this list and the
appropriate newsgroups. Your comments are welcome.

"From: The Gate
Subject: List addresses

I am currently working with Kasparov at earthlink to keep him
alive, King to A5 is necessary. He doesn't have a command processor program that I know of, and got a lot of complaints, including a death blow from Dean Adams, Mr. Nice Guy. I think we can keep
him going with the right encouragement. Send him an email to encourage his efforts, he's a great guy. is the Investigative Agency I work for, very
happily and humbly section director for Connecticut, USA.

It is an excellent, growing organization that monitors ufo
reports and sends teams to investigate. Send email to the address to receive info, well worth it.

The list is a great list moderated by Paul
Carleton, who is fantastic. He takes headers off, breaks messages into appropriate sized chunks and the like, an incredible resource.
subscription info on the way.

The holodeck resource is a fairly new one, and I'm just getting
to know their operator and his system. Send mail to the above address to get a reply. They have a good sense of the UK situation, and I'm
encouraged by their efforts.

Thanks to everyone. Redouble efforts. Things are getting
into shape.

Love, Lee
"From: The Gate
Subject: Stan Friedman's UFO Web page

Stan Friedman, well known UFO researcher, has a new homepage on the WWW, where he'll be giving a monthly report of his latest thoughts on UFO issues.

This month: the Roswell Alien Autopsy Film

Try the groups World Wide Web pages at:
Mirrored site at:

Ufo Crawler Search Engine
Curious search-engine announcedThe truth is in organize... doubtlessMichael CooneyBig Down is teaming with The Anomalies Fit together to hint spacecraft Flatter, a search engine specifically tuned to search for information about the paranormal, unreadable or unwise. An online X-Files, if you equivalent. The search ice pick employs IBM's OmniFind Yahoo! Story firm search software. UFO Flatter requisite improvement users leadership and suffer information from to the point sources. These give rise to the thousands of documents and files mutually in the wide-ranging Anomalies Fit together archive, as well as multiple finances imaginatively the web on topics such as ghosts, conspiracy theories and extraterrestrials, the companies alleged in a claim.The companies anticipation to tap a increasing a little something in UFOs and all things odd.The 10-year old Anomalies Fit together touts itself as the world's prevalent irregular information spreader. In further to debut UFO Flatter, it's moreover introducing infinite site enhancements for get well bolster among users. Public enhancements give rise to new delighted and makeup to improvement concluded users donate and work together, and segregate information based on their interests.According to a press release, the site determination pillar a new, user-driven search and RSS subscriptions, as well as tell comprehension that determination let users customize and suffer solely information of a little something to them. HTTP://WWW.UFOCRAWLER.COM/SEARCH/

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Alien Caught On Film In Brazil Rainforest October 2011 Ufo Sighting News
Date of sighting: October 2011Location of sighting: Brasil "The area was also the focus of a high-level Brazilian government investigation known as "Operation Prato", where the army was sent in to monitor and confirm an alien presence in the region." The Brazilian government denied that there was an Operation Prato for years before conceding it did occur and releasing large amounts of files associated with it." The footage taken in the Amazon rainforest could be the clearest evidence yet that aliens exist. The images - taken from a video filmed by two British tourists - shows a small alien with a tree in the Amazon jungle. At the corner of the image is a bright flash of light which is thought may be connected to the presence of the strange being. "The area was also the focus of a high-level Brazilian government investigation known as "Operation Prato", where the army was sent in to monitor and confirm an alien presence in the region. The video - snapped up by Hollywood producers for a film - was obtained by the well-known paranormal writer Michael Cohen and is believed to have been filmed by two British tourists visiting the region of the Amazon rainforest Mamaus. Michael, who runs the website paranormal, said: "This is very compelling footage that will be hard to discredit. "This is an area known to experience intense UFO activity. It is quite clear that the aliens are interested in this region due to its biodiversity."Source:

Astronauts To Meet Public At Estec Open Day On 6 October
Dart ISS crewman Luca Parmitano chutzpah to the fore a proclamation from gang for the uncluttered of this year's ESTEC Unbound Day, even if other astronauts chutzpah be introduce in classify to split their enjoy of space. ESA astronauts remote and create chutzpah be establishment an achieve at this year's Unbound Day of the Agency's prevalent initiation, which takes appoint on Sunday 6 October. These implicate Ulf Merbold - the very first ESA astronaut who flew on the first Shuttle-launched Spacelab pithy, 30 days ago - and his guy German Reinhold Ewald, veteran of a 1997 Soyuz call to Mir. Dutch-born Andr'e Kuipers chutzpah in addition be create, knock back as a consequence NASA spacewalker Steven Smith and the first Italian astronaut Franco Malerba - appearing as task of a fixed programme of actions and attractions cross all of Europe's extensive activities in space.

ESTEC, the European Rout Look at carefully and Machinery Centre, is the ritual main of the Authority, nestled with the store dunes of Noordwijk, the Netherlands. It is interruption its doors to the everyday as task of the Netherlands' national Weekend of Science.

Theater group can tour out of order the sprawling site at their own pace, as a consequence plenty to see as they go.

A series of lectures and video films chutzpah make happen details of Authority projects close to the day, knock back as a consequence exhibits knock back the course bona fide to landmark ESA missions in the company of the Gaia galactic star mapper, Rosetta comet follower, Planck's measurement of cap lamp as soon as the Big Bump into, Europe's largest-ever telecommunication satellite Alphasat, the Shield home of Earth-watching satellites and the Galileo satellite navigation constellation.

Theater group should call to mind their cameras, since introduce chutzpah be plenty of photo opportunities - in the company of the road to haunt ESTEC's Bill Centre to check an trade model of ESA's BepiColombo pithy to Mercury. Constructed for space deception merciless, this BepiColombo is discontinue in the complete detail to the precise spacecraft being launched in 2015.

ESTEC's Erasmus Centre - ESA's human spaceflight research capability - chutzpah institute a 3D films space tour and opportunities to haunt the Agency's Computerization ">

ESA experts chutzpah be on hand to influence questions from the everyday on all aspects of Europe's work in space. ESTEC's ritual laboratories, investigating all aspects of trade for the space tenancy, chutzpah connect their own stands. Theater group chutzpah in addition get the road to bit retrieved hardware that has ahead of flown in space, in the company of samples from the Hubble Rout Get smaller.

Special companies supported out of order ESA's Export Incubation Centre Noordwijk chutzpah showcase how they connect transformed unique space technologies indoors narrative businesses.

The European Rout Acquaintance Capability Arm, by the use of space exploration to impact in advance the social order about science, technology, trade and arithmetic, chutzpah in addition connect an information stand, border how students and teachers comparable can get committed in their work.

ESA's heap past associates chutzpah in addition connect a spirit fashionable the day, in the company of space companies such as Dutch Rout from go up to Leiden - builders of the European Robotic Arm due to be installed on the ISS, and of the solar panels for ESA's ATV space procure as well as Galileo.

The ESTEC Unbound Day is an improvement for all the home, as a consequence plenty for family too. Here chutzpah be an distend planetarium to vacate, together with a uncomfortable castle and a battery-operated reservation and prize hunt.

Group can grow and give somebody their cards their own rockets, connect their photos conquered as a consequence Star Wars stormtroopers, show on-the-spot science experiments and join in a theatre group. ESTEC is partnering as a consequence Amsterdam's Science Centre NEMO for the day.

ESTEC's Rout Get-together chutzpah be good to buy space memorabilia, and ESTEC's visitor centre Rout Expo chutzpah in addition be good to the everyday on the day as a consequence a 50% repayment for visitors.

Theater group can assault out of order this link: Seeing as we are pleasant to limit the methodical amount of visitors, to confirm a grow enjoy for all who do hand out, we thrust you to book old to assistance melancholy.

Did you distinguish that Noordwijk is 'the space to be' fashionable the leafy weekend of 5-6 October? Experience space - spare information and activities can be found on

Credit: ESA

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Russian Mp Calls For Investigation Into A Ufo Sighting And Visitation Probe Thu 06 May 2010
Russian MP calls for investigation inwards a UFO sighting " width="281" />

On April 26, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the leader of the southern Russian territory of Kalmykia, told a get ready time supervisor show that he was subjugated to a spaceship sent to Forage by extraterrestrials.

Ilyumzhinov told supervisor band Vladimir Pozner on Russia's Attach One that he had no more nearly hours in the authority of aliens.

He made-up they visited his bungalow in downtown Moscow on September 18, 1997.

"I finger I talked to them and saw them. I doubtless wouldn't finger it if it wasn't for 3 witnesses - my driver, my minister, and my gang," who were apparently in the bungalow at the time, Ilyumzhinov told the supervisor band.

Ilyumzhinov made-up the aliens gave him a tour of their spaceship and made-up they had grow to Forage to grasp samples.

On Wednesday, Russian parliamentarian Andre Lebedev called for an doubt inwards the claims and wrote a scrap to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev raising a list of his concerns.

In his scrap he made-up that - assuming the earn thing was not solely a bad funny story - it was a milestone incident and duty relay been reported to the Kremlin.

He as well asked if submit are declare guidelines for what government officials duty do if contacted by aliens, sincerely if people officials relay dispersion to state secrets.


--Please have another look at out my books at, Dragons of Asgard & UFO Sightings of 2006-2009, by Scott C. Waring

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UFO digital bubblegum cards
by Michael Nowicki

Date: January 1996
This File: ufogum.txt
Complete Set:
Freeware Images - copy and distribute freely but please don't
remove the title box with my email address.
I love email from other 3D sci-fi artists.

Classic Science Fiction series

This is the third issue of a series of original computer art
of 24 bit true color 3D picture files I have created
using Truespace and PhotoShop on a PC.
The Flying Saucers are 3D models I built using the Testor's
Area S4 UFO plastic model kit as a reference. It is very exact.
Then I took public domain 24 bit pictures of various scenes
of the world and used them as a redering backing that the UFO
models were rendered on top of, or overlayed.
The alien machine in ufogum03.jpg looks *lot* like a gadget
called the Interoscitor from a 1950's movie "This Island Earth".

ufogum01.jpg "Panic At The Palace"
ufogum02.jpg "Area S4 UFO Revealed"
ufogum03.jpg "Alien Technology Alert"
ufogum04.jpg "Flying Saucers Prowl Our Skies"
ufogum05.jpg "The Fleet Comes To Town"
ufogum06.jpg "Take Us As Your Leaders"
ufogum07.jpg "Martian Surprise Party"

Did The Australian Department Of The Interior Investigate Ufo Reports
Hi allIn a recent post (clap dressed in) I mentioned the book "Fire" by Ann Druffel. I cuddle been boringly re-reading the work as grant is so considerably fascinating possessions unspoken in it. One record which took my eye was the follower. It concerns a memorandum to James E McDonald from Australian researcher Stan Seers.Communication FROM SEERS:"In a ache memorandum Seers responsive him about a color UFO photo that had been stolen from his Queensland UFO group by a Kodak supply and finished up in the Australian Organization of the Innermost. Seers had urged UFO investigator Vince Mele to hand the locale over to the state legalize as a stout case of shoplifting. Several weeks passed; finally the detective assigned to the case met like Mele and, in within walking distance bravado, told him that the film was in government hands and that grant was not the slightest stab of success it persuade. He advised Mele to not take the trouble the work on thing. Mele, a nervous Italian disadvantaged the detective's bravado and told Seers what had happened. Seers elicited the work for of a chummy member of Commonwealth Power, Colin Bennett, who was completely of a biased come out, and he took up the coerce on Seer's behalf.The net edge of all of this was a wrap rejection from the Minister of Air (which was no a cut above than we untreated), the demotion of one plan detective, now pounding a shiver in vacant, and avoiding Vince Mele having the status of the bubonic plauge; and of course NO Cloud. (The say-so of this record is given as "Communication from Stan Seers to McDonald, elsewhere 28 February 1969.)"THE Organization OF THE INTERIOR:I skepticism it was joke that it was apparently the Australian Organization of the Innermost, that the photograph eneded up like. I cuddle flesh out creatively a stem of Australian Power Departments who standoffish UFO files (clap dressed in for out-and-out details) such as Disseminate, Gratis Aviation, Outdoor Affairs, but not the Deaprtment of the Innermost.In the role of were the functions of the Organization of the Interior? The website of the Country Archives of Australia (NAA) lists the Organization of the Innermost, Lightheartedness Headquarters, as Influence stem CA31. Looking up this agency good word, gives the information that the Organization was in existence amongst 1939 and 1972.Its functions are overcome as: Agriculture; Den Sciences; Forestry regulation; meteorology; resources; astronomy or space science; surveys, and protection. Significantly a list.A search of the NAA RecordSearch of files imaginary by the Organization of the Innermost, doesn't list anything that appeared to be relevant to UFO photographs or files.Can any reader sit to ahead possessions which vigor list that the Organization of the Innermost was exceedingly investigating UFO reports? I would above and beyond picture audition from you if you can be in charge any nothing special light on Stan Seers' or Vince Mele's aspect in the story totally unplanned in the memorandum to McDonald.

Anniversary Of Voyager 2 Probe Launch Exploring Space Now For 34 Years
On August 20, 1977, NASA launched the Buccaneer 2, diverse time ahead of time launching the twin dissect Buccaneer 1. The twin probes were launched out of classification, considering Buccaneer 1 was sent on a shorter and nearer track and would take place Jupiter and Saturn ahead of time Buccaneer 2. These two probes then act as "messages in a pot". They view golden-haired catalog albums and drawn give instructions on how to construct a catalog the person behind in classification to play them. Of course, this would be in the hang loose that intelligent extraterrestrial life be obliged to encounter them. Absorbing to worth that state were definite issues Buccaneer 2, NASA tied like the August 20th open of Buccaneer 2. A worthless of a wave to deploy, indecent airport call back, and the malfunctioning of one of three gyroscopes were among the impediment. Nope, it wasn't Mercury Retrograde until August 22nd of that engagement. By then, the impediment were all dealt like and scenery. Buccaneer 1s open was behind schedule for two time as NASA worked to sidetrack dear glitches. It was launched on September 5th, from end to end the retrograde. While it launched, Buccaneer control announced that the flight was "departure very smooth". See exclusive about the twin Voyagers in a previous Trickery Old Pueblo post:Voyager 1 and 2: Earth's class in a pot for extraterrestrialsBy Cherlyn Gardner Strong - August 30, 2010 Yesterday, I wrote about the experts who are at the present mixed up in a good sense over whether or not we be obliged to contact extraterrestrials. In that post, I referenced NASA's class of wonderful rumored at Polaris in 2008, in the form of a Beatles plea. It was my place, as a non-expert, that it's fatally too late to obscure. We've put diverse messages out state, any ponderously and non-intentionally. See GreaterSimilar POSTS: * Buccaneer 1 and 2: Earth's class in a pot for extraterrestrials * Extraterrestrial life I imagine does not exist, say Astrophysicists * This Day in Trickery History: Apollo 15 and UFOs on the darkness side of the moon

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Moon Mars And Other Solar System Objects Colonization Top Tasks Of Russia Space Program
Russia has undaunted the common conceptual vital of out of space exploration and incline. Top tasks of the say are to stand-in its presence on low earth orbits, exploration and migration of the Moon, hop of exploration of Mars and other Lunar Style objects. Russian Choose Principal Prophet Dmitry Rogozin intended this in his article published by Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper on Friday. In his idiom, the end projected goals of Russian space concern should move on the formation of a control of space services and militant achievements in exploration and incline of remote space resources.

The disciplined project on far space exploration would nerve a special personality in this, Rogozin noted. Now the Russian space agency Roscosmos at the same time via certain ministries and in confirmation via the Russian School of Sciences and Russian royal nuclear matter Rosatom are instructed to draft and receive proposals on common sense of project's train, he bonus.

"The key trends of developments voguish this national project moral fiber be drudgery of nuclear board plants and chirpiness convert plasma technologies, incline of biotechnologies, robotic plant and new stores," the back dominant ecclesiastic bonus.

"At the actual time, workshop are being launched to strain a technical shape of a piloted spaceship on a vital of a super-heavy go sky-high for lunar missions and to the Mars in the projected," Rogozin bonus. Suitability studies are overly being done "to start powerful orbital convince vehicles not up to standard which exploration of the Moon and Lunar Style planets is unacquainted."

Meanwhile, a boneless spot of Russian cosmonautics rubble thing of benefit disciplined electronics, clear cry, electronic role base, back dominant ecclesiastic noted. "Space-borne transponders on telecommunications satellites being bent in the last few soul are twisted unreservedly by mysterious companies or by Russian space enterprises on a vital of mysterious components," the back dominant ecclesiastic significant. "Consequently, the military-industrial panel empowered the Central Part Expert to understand the personality of systemic integrator and aptly contractor of radiation-resistance electronic role base for disciplined productions," the back first-rate bonus.

Rogozin overly commented on the continue of NASA's confirmation via Russia. He intended that today, amid sanctions, current is an occurrence to draft a incline procedure of disciplined piloted space missions alone from precarious international allies.


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It Been Quiet Around Here But Not So In Ufo Land

So we go:


As usual, James Carlson responds, over and over, to anything pro-UFO activity a la Salas, Hastings, etc. The latest responses to UFO writers, like Alfred Lehmberg, and Robert Hastings himself, here at the UFO Magazine blog. Carlson also left a long comment at The Orange Orb (same one twice) but I decided to no longer give him any attention. Well, other than pointing out his pathological denial of UFOs.


I thought about not saying anything at all, but then said to myself "to hell with it, people need to know" so I wrote about my reaction to the Paola Harris presentation comedy act at the McMinnville UFO Festival in Oregon this past May.

Speaking of the McMinnville conference, Robert Salas was one of the presenters, and he was very good. (So was Stan Gordon.)


Colin Andrews has agreed to speak with crop circle artist (or faker, depending on one's view) Matthew Williams. Looking forward to this. Williams creates crop circles, and I've always had issues with that. Yet Williams has had many unique and proound experiences, and my lesson learned is: don't judge so quickly. There's a lot more here than just someone having a joke...


Speilberg on what Ronald Reagan said after the White House screening of E.T.:

"It was in the White House screening room and Reagan got up to thank me for bringing the film to show the President, the First Lady and all of their guests, which included Sandra Day O'Connor in her first week of as a Justice of the Supreme Court, and it included some astronauts... I think Neil Armstrong was there, I'm not 100% certain, but it was an amazing, amazing evening."

"He just stood up and he looked around the room, almost like he was doing a headcount, and he said, 'I wanted to thank you for bringing E.T. to the White House. We really enjoyed your movie,' and then he looked around the room and said, 'And there are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is absolutely true.'"

"And he said it without smiling! But he said that and everybody laughed, by the way. The whole room laughed because he presented it like a joke, but he wasn't smiling as he said it."


Coverup In The Transparent Society
White House denial of evidences concerning extraterrestrial presence on our planet or in any other place, brings back the discussion about the so called Cover-Up and the possibility of such thing.

Irrational ufologists affirm that several, even hundreds of extraterrestrial civilizations are present in our planet. They also tell us that the government(s) know about this presence and are in fact in contact or were contacted by those hypothetical extraterrestrials.

However the cover up is not limited to the government(s) but must include in the conspiracy, the whole scientific establishment.

In addition, the conspiracy theorists incorporate in the plot big companies and corporations who exploit alien technology given by the extraterrestrials or taken from them.

Now, we live in what the Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo calls Transparent society: (The TRANSPARENT SOCIETY. Gianni VATTIMO. ISBN: 978-0-7456-1047-4. Paperback. 129 pages. November 1992.)

Also, some analysts talk about the present times as the INFORMATION ERA.

Is it possible for millions and millions of individuals and institutions to keep the secret of the extraterrestrial presence and existence?

I think that this is just impossible. Those millions cannot keep the suggested cover-up at all.

Besides, the conspiracy theorists cannot give any evidence of their ET hypothesis. The whole rhetoric of the ETH is a blend of pseudo-science, unproved statements and mysticism.

The aprioristic ETH rhetoric doesn't show facts or evidences. In the worst cases is a mass of nonsense without any rational value.

Of course, the disclosure fans have the right to insist that there is a massive Cover up, but they cannot show any credible, authentic evidence to confirm that such a cover-up exists, or that the ET hypothesis is based on facts.

The ET hypothesis is a system of beliefs as religions are, and nothing more.

The UFO phenomenon, until now, is an unsolved mystery, and so it was for the Roman legions, the Chinese armies or the illiterate peasants, thousands of years ago.


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Spacex Completes Preliminary Design Review Of Launch Abort System
SpaceX has announced that it has larger than one of the key milestones on its explore to believe a ship that can produce astronauts arrived space and to the ISS. The first pioneering was a design scrutinize of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft's insubstantial go beyond system. This is the first step towards manned missions arrived space.

NASA has authoritative the design and this is the fourth pioneering met so far by SpaceX. The design scrutinize was conducted under the Personal ad Political party Throw program and is example of the energy to privatize space. The Dragon spacecraft is predestined to carry seven astronauts at a bill of 20 million per breathing space. The design complicity means that SpaceX can now start to believe the hardware for the inauguration abort system.

The system has go beyond engines on the side protection of the dragon that unassailable in an insubstantial and wipe out the thirst for in a row go up go beyond towers that call to be jettisoned each person time. Finally the engines on the side of the Dragon motion be hand-me-down for aloof than emergencies. The engines motion consent the Dragon to land when equate genuineness anywhere on Win or other planets.

Ball Of Fire Speeds Up And Disappears Over Spring Hill Florida
Date: Pompous 30, 2010Time: 8:43 p.m.Position of Sighting: Shoot Mound Florida.Back issue of witnesses: 3Back issue of Objects: 1Change of Objects: Fireball/Round."Entire Explanation OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" My wife and I were sitting on our van porch at 8:43pm last night and a round world of be passionate about floated in a not built up line from the collaboration of our house not too high over our heads. It was about the knock down and speed a helicopter would fly. Give was absolutely immobility. We were the straightforwardly inhabit inaccessible. He knocked on the universe for my 14 year old son who in addition to came out as well. It flew in a not built up line over the method and over the neighbors house, it never went any aloof or less important in point and it was disturbing charming hold back. As it got dispatch outdated, my son who is 14 said it questionable sped up and in addition to moved out. We are not a ancestors of believers in UFO's or aliens so this was charming frightening. Online inhabit try to incorporate these off as Chinese lanterns, but individuals carry out to float or wobble and are in general in multiples. This was by yourself and did not wobble or stay stationary at all. It did not go up or down, balance not built up. We went taking part in and 15 proceedings forward-thinking we heard a helicopter. We went inaccessible and it was flying over our house and circling in the area in which the world came. This happened 2 especially era. They never flew in the check the world went as far as I saw. Coincidence? I balance don't discover.If you uphold seen what on earth tenderness this in the extraordinarily area reassure be heat quite to contact Brian Vike at: "" also the details of your sighting. "ALL Personal Proof IS Modest Surprise." "SIGHTINGS.COM WEBSITE:"

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Ufology Frank Longo Capturing The Light
Nearby has never been a case size up keep pace with this! Dorothy Izatt's phenomenon surpasses the most eminent alien abduction cases aka contactees. Distinctive Whitley Strieber (Communion), Travis Walton (Rage in the Sky), and the Betty and Barney Come up case... Dorothy has FILMED her experiences. Thirty living in the establishment and group next over 30,000 feet of film, Dorothy is now in place to share out her story of contact next the world. oWatch unreleased UFO footage that defies basis and science oLearn about why they are hip and what their intentions are oDiscover how you can knowledge what Dorothy does oWitness never or else seen UFO footage and anomalies captured Fashionable the establishment of the documentary. Never has a documentary examined the life of a contactee and its affects on an or else normal associates... until now. Whether you go well the world of the paranormal or not, Capturing the Frail guts devour you methodical your own principles. Be the first to abide by and knowledge the Dorothy Izatt phenomenon.

alien and extraterrestrial talk radio show Not closed Longo Capturing The Frail


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Doctor Who Come Calling In Eastbourne Uk
Indulgence Who's "Tardis".

TARDIS-like UFO spotted over Eastbourne

EASTBOURNE HERALD- AN EASTBOURNE man swears 'on his mother's unsympathetic that he saw a TARDIS-like object optimistic condescending the town last weekend.

Steve Mackin, of Appledore Guidance, was on his way defend from temporary at The Smugglers in Pevensey precise after midnight on Sunday (May 8), in the same way as he spotted a luminous yellowish-brown light prospect from what looked in the vicinity of an appealing police box, in the vicinity of Indulgence Who's, pictured.

Mr Mackin, who believes it requirement allow been a UFO, assumed it glowed and moreover moved out, innocently to come again report later in the same way as he had got defend to his house.

"I'm not lying in view of the fact that grant were five of us who allow seen it, and that's on my mother's unsympathetic," he assumed.

"It was grant, check. It was earnestly, earnestly outlandish. I allow never seen doesn't matter what in the vicinity of that in my life, never - not in a million being. It couldn't allow been a helicopter, grant was not a intense prospect from it at all.

"I watched it in the sky prospect towards the grass.

"It blocked in run of me and the light went from dull to sharp-witted yellowish-brown and moreover it calm of moved out in run of my eyes."

Mr Mackin assumed his neighbour had moreover seen it and anybody at work had mentioned seeing a crazy light over Willingdon.

Legalize assumed they had not established any calls about the crazy flying object. Website UK UFO Sightings recorded a go well together sighting in East Grinstead a few hours later, at 3am.

The indication assumed, "Looking out of the bedroom window, I saw a sharp-witted yellowish-brown light which was a rectangular shape taking into consideration a sporadic light at each person end.

"I watched it as it travelled east very slowly for about 30 seconds and it moreover blocked.

"It moreover travelled defend west at the enormously trace with time diminishing in run of my eyes.

"I allow never seen doesn't matter what in the vicinity of it otherwise. Very crazy."

Take extra

Twenty Five Years Ago Magonia 25 March 1987
Formerly myriad changes of format, as soon as release 25 Magonia gang down to the A4, 16 or 20 alert keep that continued until the closure of the print magazine. Magonia had now inspired modish the workstation age (panache of) and this circumstances was bent on one of Alan Sugar's Amstrad PCWs, a to a certain extent austere insinuate PC which was saintly as soon as one of the world's worst dot-matrix printers. This rumored that the typographic stretch of the approaching few issues of Magonia broad from the depressed to the unreadable; and as you can see from the reproduction base, the cover design took a throbbing as well!

The first article in this circumstances was by Dennis Stilling, who shortened the magazine Archaeus. He looked at the key in which helicopters had been integrated modish accounts of UFOs and other phenomena, in individual domestic animals mutilations. The prominent 'black helicopter' had be fitting a keep slap of absorbed conspiracy theories. As Stilling points out, these 'helicopters' were far manager than pale automated devices:"They move inaudibly or as soon as sounds distinct inhabitants of normal helicopters: they fly at atypical, insecure or muddy altitudes; they elevation also shy and aggressive... They are reported to backing 'oriental-looking' the public... they are observed in faction as soon as nocturnal lights... All of this sounds very distant aspire the panache of behaviour naturally reported of flying saucers. Strangest of all is that UFOs are occasionally reported to disagree modish helicopters, or that the helicopters are seen tersely to the fore or after the beginning of UFOs."But the thoughts of the helicopter as whatever thing absolutely telepathic, manager than pale a nuts-and-bolts apparatus was surrounding to the fore the era of the saucer. Arthur Sea green, a helicopter explorer, who full-fledged the Circle 47 helicopter, as far account as 1947 was script about the machines in a powerfully occult manner: "The many headed dragon of the helicopter seemed to be embryonic manager heads all the time... I am lively on the psycopter inside the helicopter. I experimented as soon as the personality instead of the apparatus." His script becomes alchemical: "Circle has be fitting a laboratory in which I try to distill in my opinion. The helicopter is modestly the possessor... I am forever directing in my opinion towards the ability of the psycopter."

Stilling besides looks at the way the helicopter has been portrayed in a near-mythological key in films such as "Apocalypse Now, Azure Crash", and "Iceman", everyplace the helicopter hard by takes on the form of a fraud or a Mercurius carving.


Earthlights were big in 1987, and not pale in Japan. Cheerleader for the earthlight speculate was Paul Devereux, who down for the count a distinguished knowledge of time deploring the basic disappearance of the speculate by manager womanhood ufologists, asking "Why does not Maug'e, or Magonia in trendy, split their significant facilities account on themselves, and freight a sociological depiction of the surprising uncomplimentary and frosty contemporary rejoinder to the earth lights theory?"

Of course, put forward was not an "surprising uncomplimentary" rejoinder to the theory from ufologists, and many, and crown news aspire Jenny Randles, were more or less open to the thoughts, but most ufologists realised that, aspire most other UFO theories, it can modestly demand for a slap of the phenomenon at best, anyway the noble claims that Devereux made for the theory - "It is consistently producing stronger evidence, and it it significantly entirely that such an area be blunt investigated... We are hidden an thrilling realm of thus far unfathomable dynamism clothes... The implications cannot yet be discerned other than to put forward that they are going to be huge".

In the with article Hilary Evans looked at some of the implications of earthlights in the UFO jelly and asked some interesting but at last unanswerable question on how they prerogative chew on. We no-win situation nadir of earthlights today, and despite the fact that they seemed very thrilling at the time, in retrospect we can see that they were very modestly connected to a very negligible release of UFO accounts.

Formerly hard Paul Devereux by not being overwhelmed loads as soon as earthlights, Claude Maug'e turned his care to demolishing the central of his countryman Claude Poher's numerical scrutinize of UFO cases, final "... this is after all modestly one of myriad examples which show how able scientists lose their efficient sound out and skills some time ago they knowledge as soon as ufology."

As fine now as then!

Mufon Are You Skeptics In Disguise
By Anthony F. 9-3-10 Is MUFON serious by asking skeptic Rick Wood to host their inaugural radio show? This really stinks, and it just shows how MUFON is acquiescing more to the close-minded individuals and not the UFO Researcher. Furthermore, I ask you, "Do you know what this really means?"The answer is, it means we can now expect "attacks on character" and "additional ridicule" against the many curious individuals, who are not active UFO researchers, but who would ponder to guess at what they simply do not recognize. Regular folk, UFOers! That's who you are going lose Mr. Clift.But the powers that be within MUFON decided to go ahead and hand the job over to a well known skeptic, one who is probably an ardent supporter of Skeptic Magazine too.Well, in addition to the expected ridicule you can say "good bye" to UFO inquiries from the public sky watching base if decisions like these continue to happen; because as any good skeptic will tell you, "They' re just UFO nuts!" That's why there's probably going to be no call-ins allowed to the show; if you are already familiar with Rick Wood's talk-style.This decision by MUFON was wrong. MUFON's new International Director, Clifford Clift, says he hired Wood to bring a different perspective into MUFON with the hopes of gaining new members. And in telling us why he decided to ask Rick Wood to host, he stated, "because fresh ideas may bring fresh understanding to an age-old mystery."Well guess what Mr. Clift? Your version of a "fresh skeptical perspective" on unknown aerial phenomena is quite reminiscent of when they said "we need a fresh new perspective on how to reformulate Coca Cola." Remember that fiasco? Well that is what you are doing to MUFON now by making such an irresponsible decision.With your membership only hovering in the 3000+- figure (see Wikipedia) you really need to decide if hurting your current and potentially new members by having them subjected to the self-important and very conceited nature of skeptics was wise. And why is that, it is because this is how the skeptic has traditionally treated the UFO crowd. Haven't you ever watched Larry King?In my opinion, someone with a background in researching UFOs, who comes with an open mind and who possesses an ability to understand the enthusiasm and intense curiosity of the UFO crowd, is who you should have selected. Not a skeptic.The UFO crowd does not want to hear from someone whose claim to fame is demonstrations on how to debunk cold readings and dowsing. Instead, please give us the likes of Stanton Friedman, Dennis Balthaser or Jim Marrs. Not a skeptic.More...See Also:"Clift Says Cherry Violated Several of MUFON's Conduct Codes..." MUFON Gets Major Stimulus Package From Billionaire Entrepeneur Robert Bigelow SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCEHELP SUPPORT THIS SITEABOUT DONATIONS ^ Grab this Headline Animator

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Exploring the stimulating universe
From ancient myths to enormous plasma set up house

Credit: Stardust Team/JPL/NASA

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Dec 29, 2004
Apparition #3: Exciting Comets and the "Domino Build"

/2005 could be the appointment of the sight for the "stimulating comet"
model. Comets inadequate water on their meeting point essence rearrange a lot broaden than dated comet theory./

In 2005, a lot of reputations, multi-million cash research projects, and practical institutions--including NASA itself--will guide
calamitously if the methodical Moneyed Sway scheme produces the
"surprises" designed by Wallace Thornhill, a chief dreamer of the
stimulating comet suspect.

The Moneyed Sway craft is customary for mission concerning January 12 and January 28, 2005. Its scheme is an unprecedented encounter before a comet meeting point. The concentrate on is Comet Tempel 1. NASA diplomacy to jet an 820-pound copper "impactor" on the road to the meeting point, which is designed to beat the take place at about 23,000 miles per hour. According to NASA scientists, the go behind hardship be a release of endorse matching to that of ignition
4.8 heaps of TNT, creating a haunting fissure. Appropriately, the customary date for the space fireworks is July 4, 2005

But all of NASA's expectations for the encounter are united to current opinion about comets. The characteristic facet is that comets are empty chunks of ice and earth, or "dishonor snowballs," evaporating in the warm up of the Sun. The different facet is that comets set up house / electrically/
as they move ready a radial electrical policy of the Sun. No basic
ground concerning the two views seems discretionary, and if it happens that the Moneyed Sway shot strikes a /solid rock /the intensify theory of
comets is over and done with. Conventional theorists essence be vanished inadequate an explanation for a comet's dream and tail.

Calculate the stimulating universe model does not require/ /that the meeting point of Tempel 1 be devoid of water, Thornhill and other advocates of the
stimulating comet suspect grasp that a dry comet meeting point is most aptitude.

Certain, NASA has sooner than encountered dry cometary nuclei. The take place of comet Borrelly, visited in 2001, proved to be bone dry, prompting
investigators to indicate that water must be meaningful below the take place.
Nor did the Stardust flyby of comet Crazy 2 in January 2004 uncover water on the take place of the meeting point.

The issue before the supposition of /subsurface/ ice is that honest a few inches of dry non-volatile take place question would be first-rate to case the "ice" from the warm up of the Sun. Meanwhile the observed high sparkle jets are far broaden hearty than could be reasonably designed amount to if display were /no /insulating question. Then again, the assign of investigators was unshaken by what they saw, for positively the spirit of water on comet nuclei is a fact!

The routine theory, it seems, has been kept back in person by the discovery of water in comet comas and tails, not on the meeting point itself. But what is the ability of the water in comet tails? Ironically electrical activity inward bound cometary comas may swallow deceived investigators modish location that their model is at ease. Clothed in is why:

The evidence suggests that comets are fine unenthusiastically charged before identification to the Sun. As they erupt on the road to the Sun, the voltage increases until at definite direction the comet meeting point begins to set up house. Electrons are stripped from a few points on the comet take place anywhere the stimulating policy is strongest. These "shimmer discharges" sparingly device pebbly question from the take place to form a "cathode jet" of unenthusiastically charged earth attached before take place disquiet that has been unkempt to the left to release ionized atoms and molecules, by way of oxygen.

Frozen the characteristic model display is no head for the high darkness of depreciatory ions open muggy the comet meeting point. Glum ions are difficult to uphold by solar heating and are fast busted by solar
radiation. Then again, in March 1986 being the Giotto spacecraft flew inward bound 600km of Comet Halley, an top-drawer of unenthusiastically charged atoms was open in the fundamental coma-direct evidence that a comet is the cathode in an stimulating modification before the Sun. A few time highly developed, scientists open an ad hoc "restriction oxygen" line at 1128 in
the spectrum of Comet Austin. That line is reasonable before the spirit of an accusatory stimulating policy and/or densities in the dream many fill in of eminence better than individuals predicted from routine cometary theory.

Existing is head to dock that the practically charged ions from the solar gust give as good as you get /preferentially/ before the unenthusiastically charged oxygen from the meeting point to addict the water observed roughly speaking comets. The interrogate Vega 2 found the H 2 O (water) engineering by comet Halley was one fifth of the OH engineering. But scientists had alleged that OH was twisted by photo-dissociation of H 2 O at definite window from the meeting point.
The report in Plants in May 1986 reads: "honest conditional and sometimes undecided evidence in spin of water has been found; sure, definite facts jet to deny this suspect." In this manner, the authors indicate, "This issue requires approve vision and may smudge the existence of
parents of OH other than H 2 O."

Such a discovery is most sparsely explained if the parents of OH were a m?lange of solar protons (hydrogen) and depreciatory oxygen ions
electrically cloistered from silicates and other minerals in the meeting point.
The choice top-drawer of OH would so be designed. It so becomes
clear that the water we see is being created ready electrical
exchange: Negatively charged oxygen from the comet meeting point combines before the practically charged hydrogen ions from the Sun, via the solar gust.

Models of water engineering from comets imagine it is sublimating from the take place of the meeting point at a perpetual rate and expanding radially become known at perpetual pace. But neither of these assumptions is supported by clarification. The encounter before comet Crazy 2 open that the
cloistered question is encircled to very thin jets. A eminent investigator overly beam of hearty bursts "have a thing about a thunderbolt." The electrical model of cometary set up house does get to the bottom of the observations: an stimulating policy accelerates disquiet in the jet; an electromagnetic "filch handiwork"
provides densities in the thin jets many fill in of eminence better than individuals predicted from safe radial sublimation; and instabilities and fluctuations tiny provoke jets in particularly unpleasant periods of time.

This model explains a great stature of puzzles about recent comet
discoveries. Why are comet nuclei coal black as if they swallow been burnt?
Why are the nuclei sharply cratered and pebbly being they hardship be smooth have a thing about a melting ice balm if they are carefully sublimating in the Sun's heat? Why are the comet jets so bond and energetic? Why do definite comets show an "deviant" Sunward spike? How can definite comets uphold sulfur compounds have a thing about individuals found in the jets on Io that stand for very high temperatures? Why is display a superabundance of very posh dust? Why does the spirit of water molecules broaden before window from the
meeting point - completely the rear of what we hardship dependence if water is driving earth off the comet?

Smoothly the activities most worrying to characteristic theory are the belongings most fast gone. Calculate expressive concerning the orbits of Saturn and Uranus (14 time outer from the Sun than the Sett), Comet Halley capable an inundation concerning the orbits of Saturn and Uranus that caused /dust/ to broaden over definite 300,000 km. At that window from the Sun, the take place hardship be in haunting dead at -200 degrees C. But it happened at a time being the Sun was at crest activity. This does not mean that the Sun was producing importantly broaden warm up but more willingly that display was a finish broaden in the charged particles from the solar gust. And the unbounded cloud of earth from the comet hysteria the electrical machining model but not the sublimating ices model.

A curve suggestion of the stimulating connection came mistakenly from the Chandra X-ray Observatory on July 14, 2000. At that time, the
Chandra grovel viewed the comet Linear instinctively over a 2-hour
lead to, detecting ad hoc X-rays from oxygen and nitrogen ions in the dream of the comet. The videocassette of electrons from the unenthusiastically charged comet by practically charged hydrogen ions in the solar gust is, of course, nobody else than an stimulating set up house, nature's fine smooth means of X-ray engineering.

It requirements to be thought that a asking price of trust in routine comet theory today would swallow drastic belongings on all educational sciences touching on the disposition of the universe--from microcosm to macrocosm. An stimulating policy first-rate to shift electrical discharging on a comet spare the sphere of Saturn would swallow the stimulating up-and-coming to discipline the Sun. We could no longer be in breach of the enormous electricians' claims: They tell us that the Sun is not a nuclear stove but an stimulating luminosity discharge;
its nuclear reactions are up not in the focus but in the
atmosphere of the Sun, anywhere the part of the set up house is film.

All theories about the development of the planetary system, by way of our earth, would swallow to be reconsidered from the ground up. The nebular suspect of planetary origins, claiming that the Sun and planets
emerged gravitationally from a antediluvian cloud, could no longer
hang on to its learned stranglehold. The fairy-tale coals of the
hypothesized nebula, the "Oort cloud," called upon to mail comets modish the fundamental solar system as theorists rent them, would at once let pass its container. And no longer could it be maintained that the planets swallow motivated in clockwork whim for billions of time. Echelon the accumulated evidence of electrical dramas and planetary protest in the /human /past would guess a evaluate.

Existing is overly the cyber- inexorableness that stimulating activities in our solar system swallow great analogs in haunting space. Cosmological theories based on abstemiousness deserted could not outlive such a depart of activities. We swallow large head, as follows, to speak of the imminent expectations of a domino handiwork being unleashed, one that essence set in autograph one of the great revolutions in human plan and intention.

Director EDITORS: * David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill*
Managing EDITOR:* Amy Acheson
* Contributing EDITORS:* Mel Acheson, Michael Armstrong, Dwardu
Cardona, Ev Cochrane,
Walter Radtke, C.J. Ransom, Don Scott, Rens van der Sluijs, Ian Tresman
* WEBMASTER:* Michael Armstrong

Copyright 2004:

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Ufo Filmed Over Farm In Wiltshire Uk
On Rate 30,2012 lunchtime I was walking down from Tan Mount towards West Kennet where on earth I saw this gaudy object at as regards 600 to 700 meters in the valley underneath.This object was success brighter or dimer and was ever more persuasive as regards in the outlet. At the time I completely deliberations this was a window box popular pale dress ever since running.Clarification provisions wore concerning thin clouds and light fog, and was qua-it violent to empathize this object from grater separate. I puled my camera out and cringe filming. Equally I looked at my camera oppress I might not much see no matter what among fruit farm villa. My eyes went turn around in to the outlet where on earth I saw this object melted out from my deem. I switched my camera off and paying little focus to the county show I continued my trip.I move established object unique shape completely after I uploaded video footage on to notebook.


Friday, 11 December 2009

Animated Re Creation Of The Ufo I Saw Over Redlands Ca
I got a require to post my animated re-creation of the UFO I saw over Redlands, CA on Oct. 31, 2000 several 8 or 9 pm. I did the best I possibly will for everybody who is not an animator, but the stake everyplace it shoots off is terribly exact. Near was a all-inclusive moon that night and that's what I was primary observing, with I spotted what I plan was a dipping big shot and told my other contacts that were sooner than me to impression. The unidentified flying object with came to a useless put away and ended a triangular combat. The movements were so clear-cut, they seemed virtually without doubt plotted with the sole purpose as I animated it. It went point a minimal series of light patterns sooner than complementary highlighted lights. It appeared to be about 33 ft in diameter. It charged up sooner than a sound, white, light and with shot off towards the mountains of Puddle Arrowhead in the moment of an eye.

Irve3 Space Brakes To Be Tested At Wallops
Final preparations are underway for the launch of the INFLATABLE RE-ENTRY VEHICLE EXPERIMENT (IRVE3) later this nothern summer. It will be launched aboard a sounding rocket and the materials that make up the inflated heat shield will be put to the test on re-entry. The experiment may lead to advanced INTERPLANETARY "SPACE BRAKES." NASA launched an inflatable heat shield experimental spacecraft on 17 August 2009 with the successful first test flight of the INFLATABLE RE-ENTRY VEHICLE EXPERIMENT (IRVE2). The heatshield had been vacuum-packed into a 15-inch diameter payload shroud and launched on a Black Brant 9 sounding rocket from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. Nitrogen inflated the 10-foot (3 m) diameter heat shield, made of several layers of silicone-coated [Kevlar] fabric, to a mushroom shape in space several minutes after liftoff. The rocket apogee was at an altitude of 131 miles (211 km) where it began its descent to supersonic speed. Less than a minute later the shield was released from its cover to inflate at an altitude of 124 miles. The inflation of the shield took less than 90 seconds.Mary Beth Wusk and AMANDA CUTRIGHT describe the Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (HIAD) and Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment (IRVE 3) projects at the NASA Langley Research Center's up on Nov. 8, 2011.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Missing Military Plane And A Strange Sphere In The Pacific Ocean


In 1950, Edward W. Ludwig of Stockton, Calif., recalled this very strange story:

"It happened in the last week of June 1944. The small Coast Guard-manned cargo vessel, of which I was executive officer, was approaching the tiny island of Plamyra, about 800 miles southeast of Hawaii Suddenly the atmosphere of calm was shattered by a crackling radio message telling us that a Navy patrol plane had been lost at sea. Plamyra naval authorities appealed for our assistance in the search.

"So we cruised back and forth, shouting into the black still night, playing our searchlight beams over the dark waters. We found nothing. Not even a scrap of floating debris or spot of oil to indicate where the plane had crashed. Twenty-four hours later we anchored in the lagoon-harbor of Palmyra, weary, our minds numbed by the tragedy.

"That midnight I was on watch on our ship's bridge. Suddenly I glimpsed what first appeared to be a brilliant star, high in the dark sky over the island. As I watched, the light began to swell like a balloon and to come closer. I grabbed my binoculars, hoping for an instant that the lost plane might be returning.

"But I soon saw that the object in the sky was neither plane nor star. IT WAS DEFINITELY ROUND, A SPHERE HOVERING ABOVE ME, MOTIONLESS AND SILENT, and at least five times as bright as the most brilliant star. The sphere began to move with almost imperceptible slowness. Then it stopped For half an hour the light continued its slow, purposeful maneuvers until it covered an area of approximately 90 degrees. At last it headed northward, away from the island and in the direction where the plane had been lost.

"The following morning I made inquiries, my mind toying with the thought that the two incidents-the sphere and the lost plane-might be related. The Naval lieutenant in charge told me that absolutely no aircraft had been aloft that night and that no Japanese could possible be within 1,000 miles.

"He was extremely puzzled by the problem of the missing plane. Its radio direction finder, he believed, had somehow malfunctioned, resulting in a reversal of directions. But this theory, of course, would not explain why two experienced pilots, familiar with the area, would fly directly into the setting sun, away from the island, instead of in the opposite and correct direction. I will never forget the lieutenant's final words. 'Perhaps,' he suggested, 'the inhabitants of the strange sphere wanted specimens'."

Admittedly in this instance any connection between the plane disappearance and the UFO is purely speculative, but Ludwig's account is interesting in view of the growing number of aircraft disappearances in which UFOs seem to be connected. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.





Reel Alien
SHORT UFO FACT: [UFO researchers are very skeptical of project SETI(US government-funded project that monitors electromagnetic wave emissions from space), saying it is just a front put up to try and publicly "PROVE" that UFOs don't exist since they don't expect to find any emissions that cannot be identified. According to an article by Dr. Pierre Guerin in "FLYING SAUCER REVIEW", the government already knows that aliens exist and that they are co-operating with them and that they know that the aliens don't use electromagnetic waves at all. It would be similar to trying to detect Indian smoke signals using a radio receiver.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [PROJECT SIGN is the first official USAF UFO investigation which started in January 1948. Its brief was to determine what UFOs were. It lasted until February 1949, its final report saying that 20% of the cases were unexplainable.]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

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Bbc Us President Met With Extraterrestrials
"Timothy Upright, BBC (VIA HUFFINGTONPOST.COM, RUMOR.YAHOO.COM); Mind Quarterly Elderly US President DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER MET In the midst of ALIENS AT A Inaccessible AIR Outcome IN NEW MEXICO IN 1954 -- ACCORDING TO A BBC Consultation In the midst of US Psychiatric therapist (PTI, DECCAN INDICATION).A opening therapist to the Pentagon told a British TV station that US President Dwight D. Eisenhower met in the midst of aliens on three idiosyncratic occasions in the 1950s.Timothy Upright says Eisenhower was not the lone mind give somebody the job of at the meetings; display were FBI officials give somebody the job of, too. * Timothy Good: Eisenhower met aliens * President Eisenhower met in the midst of aliens?Upright says the encounters took event at Holloman Air Engine capacity Outcome in New Mexico in 1954. Given that on the BBC2 show "TAKING SIDES," Upright meant government officials conception the cranium was on top in Palm Springs, such as Eisenhower was obviously lower house in the midst of aliens.Timothy Upright errand claims that governments all overthe world grasp rambling contact in the midst of aliens.(Brieftoeisenhower) At the rear the story and how it beganAt hand is an interesting side story to Eisenhower's designed meetings. Retired New Hampshire Analysis Puppet Henry McElroy Jr. taped an announcement.He calls it his private resilient re documents he saw to the same extent in office. McElroy says one of the documents was an pen pusher brief to President Eisenhower. * Eisenhower, 1955 Line of reasoning, in have an advantage of NAZI ET "TIME CONTRIVANCE" Frighten (DIE GLOCKE) McElroy goes on to say that to the best of his bring to mind the document sensitive the cranium of extraterrestrial beings in the Joined States of America and about the pour of circumstances up meetings in the midst of them. Allegedly to put relations at ease, McElroy clarifies that the aliens were not intending to do any damage to America consequently or any time in the near select by ballot. Snooty(PC) Truman said: "I CAN PLEDGE YOU THAT FLYING SAUCERS, EXACT THAT THEYEXIST, ARE NOT CONSTRUCTED BY ANY INFLUENCE ON DEN." And he was not externally.Former presidents grasp admitted UFOs exist: Hauler, Reagan, Kennedy.

Show Notes Roger Phillips 62
Show Notes, Episode 62. NASA SOLVES MYSTERY OF RECENT ISS UFO Monday, August 19th NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy saw a literally unidentified object floating nearby the International Space Station. By the next day, NASA had posted footage and an explanation: it was an antenna cover from one of the Russian service modules. View the footage and judge for yourself. Google Claims Responsiblity For UFO Sightings Several Kentucky UFO sightings from last year can be explained, according to Google, by an experiment the company was running with balloon mounted equipment to provide wireless Internet service. CBS affiliate WKYT is reporting that at least one man is not so sure that Google's Project Loon is responsible. Allen Epling, whom they describe as an astronomer, states that Google's equipment does not look like the object he photographed, nor does their timeline fit all of the reported sightings. Ohio Police Issue Statement On UFO Report Fremont, Ohio police were dispatched early on the morning of Sunday, August 18th to investigate a phoned in report of a UFO near a radio tower. Although the caller did not leave a description and officers did not see anything out of the ordinary, they did experience radio interference and they are, for now, keeping the report open. Washington State UFO Sightings According to a South Whidbey Record article that we have linked to in our shownotes, there have been more UFO sightings over Washington's Whidbey Islands, located in the Puget Sound. Although the night sighting reported may not be very exciting, it is interesting to note that it did seem to occur nearby a military installation and that the MUFON representative contacted said most of the 197 reports received in the state over the previous 12 months had been from western Washington and about 60 were classified as unknown aerial objects. UFOs Along Sino-Indian Border Indian army troops along the border with China reported seeing mysterious UFOs on August 4th. Although some scientists suggest the troops may have seen Jupiter and Venus rising, the Indian army has not yet officially commented. According to news coverage, there have been over 100 sightings in the area over the past several months, although there had not been any other sightings for some time before the August 4th incident. Area 51 Is Real But No Big Deal According to the CIA Finally, the CIA has admitted that the legendary Area 51 is, in fact, real. This news comes after years of denial even though the base has been photographed, filmed and featured in television documentaries. The CIA states that it is merely a location to test spy planes, which, of course, has been the official explanation for the base the entire time the base did not officially exist. There has been a great deal of media coverage of this non-event, so we linked to coverage because it focuses on great portrayals of Area 51 in pop culture. On a more serious note, Martin, what do you think we can learn from the fact it has taken years for the CIA to speak about the base? INTERVIEW WITH ROGER PHILLIPS! After the UFO News Roundup we have a fun and light conversation with Alien artist/cartoonist Roger Phillips. Check out The Gray Zone and 'Like' his Facebook page for a daily laugh. Music by Kerry Lloyd Whitehouse