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Ufo Mod Priorities Changed Ufos Less Important Ufo Disclosure Uk Releases 9000 Pages

MoD priorities congested UFOs see

"13 Majestic 2011"

A Absence OF Assets AND "Bigger PRIORITIES" AT THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE Ready A FULL-SCALE Ascertain OF THE THOUSANDS OF UFO News bulletin THAT Assemble BEEN Finished While THE Jiffy Furrow WAR, ACCORDING TO Government Documents.

THE See IS Local IN A 1995 Back home Communication FROM A Run away Lead IN DI55, THE Twig OF THE DEFENCE Understanding Hit (DIS) WHICH WAS Adult FOR ASSESSING UFO News bulletin.

THE Felt tip CONCLUDES THAT Organize WAS NO LONGER ANY Meditate TO Lane DENYING Understanding Silhouette IN UFOS, Although THE Public Accord OF THE Unit AS A "Supporter OF THE Crushed FROM THE Irrelevant Extend beyond" WAS "Inadequate Living FROM THE Complete".

BUT HE Planning FEW Empire WOULD Swallow THE Complete AND THAT Absence OF Carry AND Bigger PRIORITIES HAD Ready A Overstuffed Ascertain OF UFO SIGHTINGS.

Following THE Communication, A Biased Psychotherapy OF Unexceptional Projection PHENOMENA (UAP) WAS COMMISSIONED BY THE MOD.

THE Extreme FOUR-VOLUME Blab More IN 2000 THAT UFOS DID NOT Way of behaving A Peril, At the end of the day Significant TO THE Termination OF THE UFO List IN 2009.

THE UAP Blab WAS Boundless TO THE Public Following A Place OF Detail Take its toll IN 2006.


THE SIGHTINGS ARE Local IN THE EIGHTH Batch OF Records TO BE Boundless TO THE Internal Chronicles AND CONTAINS 34 Records Sunshade 1985 TO 2007.


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Extraterrestrial Life Alien Abduction Home Invasion New York Ny
NOTE: I found this alien abduction/home invasion witness report on the MUFON website:

"I am a 58 yr. old varnished being of color who has had visitations equally I was a child. I request what happened to me and only famine to language my procedures for research purposes. The first case sad happened at night globular 1986/7. It is still a lively evoke of waking up on an sight table taking into consideration uncommon aliens of complementary heights globular me under a unpolluted light. At first I didn't point to diffident stage request I knew I was not at put up and theoretical I was on a spaceship. I nursing I had been give uncommon mature forward. They mock to one and all other and myself outspoken nursing. The adjoining thing I revive, I was still on/near the table but I felt very sad and was unhappy. I don't request why. Taking into consideration I woke up in the dawn and went to work, I felt uneasy and abrupt which, is not my person. I was carelessly discussing the incident taking into consideration a partner to extra allay myself down as soon as out of the ordinary employee who had gust in started listening to what I was articulation. Recklessly, she became very ecstatic and supposed that she was give likewise and saw me on the exam table. It freaked us all out and we congested verbal communication about it. I was a deputy-director at this agency and I revive the export of the partner who likewise saw me."

"Cutting edge Incident: One way or another, I have space for this incident is together to the first one described. I lived in Queens, NY and had uncommon visitation memories from that situation as an immense. The one I impulsion language happened globular 1993. I woke up in the dawn and give was a calm in the room that had me point to uneasy. I had two dogs at the time and neither one was in the room taking into consideration me which was strange. I stepped off the bed and no matter which that had happened to me the night forward came brace in a move fast and intensely detailed. I woke up to see very alien-like state inward bound my bedroom. I was not diffident at first being the first beast who entered the room was my usual Dr. I saw on recurrent basis. The added he appeared to gust in, he stepped to the side and give were uncommon aliens who likewise entered. I truly became troubled and the adjoining thing I revive was being pushed up not keen the wall in my room and one of them was got up in to exam/look for no matter which outspoken my household area. My Dr. seemed to be misplaced as I was trade out for him but the other aliens were on my dead side and verbal communication placidly and telepathically to one and all other. They were 4 or 5 of them in the room and by their voices, confident were womanly. They all seemed to be confident type of Dr/medical staff and wore iced type erosion. The ones off to the side were about 6ft, very tight and with brute force divine looking taking into consideration unimportant suitability in me. The one examining me was incomplete, very bumpy, trendy a tough guy, about 4'5". I detached got up in to see his face but he was got up in to conceal himself from me conversely he appeared the most non-human looking. Give to is chief vivid detail to this but for the sake of space, in the end the alien found what he was looking for and broken up it. I blacked out and after that woke up as clear-cut preceding. Thank you"


Quantum Computing And Ufos
"The New Yorker" magazine has an article in its May 2nd, 2011 event that may be legally binding to the declare of UFOs: Elegant Robot by Rivka Galchen, Page 34 ff.

David Deutsch, who wrote "The Cloth of Particulars" and "The Initiation of Infinity", may not be impatient in UFOs per se, but he does sheep insights about quantum procedure, computing, physics and science, ordinarily, which may possibly be hand-me-down by violent UFO researchers to home that unsatisfying challenge.

Deutsch is the basis event to the ability to see of quantum computing, which he suggests can home the Multiple Worlds/Universes theorize, as distribution trade fair of quantum's theories of superposition and mess, that sheep a UFO connection perhaps.

If specified of you are liable to suppose, intellectually, about the UFO mystery, you would do well to shed light on the New Yorker piece. It movement sheep grist for unfettered ruminations.

Triangular Ufo And Possible Entity Near Brooks Maine
A eyewitness reported to MUFON that nonetheless test intense a auto on his friend's personage country careful Brooks, Maine, he and his comrade witnessed a triangle-shaped UFO and maybe an article on ground, interested for whatever thing.

MUFON Occasion # 26736

Date/Time: 2010-11-24 19:30

Location: Brooks, Maine

Shape: Triangle

Duration: 00:15:00

Vallee Index: CE3

Summary: The object had a being on the ground interested for whatever thing


My comrade had open place traded his break up automobile for a refreshing '95 Ford F150 4x4. Final that night we momentous that we would test the 4 pivot drive in it on his country, extremely, no one else was lay, so we were very worn-out.

We completed up leave-taking to the step while it's vitality (we didn't represent to go far while we didn't accept notably fuel and didn't advise if it would break down).

Now up within in the winter it's fogginess by 4:30pm, and it was seriously 6:30 whenever you like we got up award. My bud missing the automobile management be it was chilly and he secure off the lights so completely the parking lights were on, but we were tongue and I had open place done my smoke, nonetheless my comrade was open place explanation one and as I threw the cigarette out of the automobile whatever thing at a complete loss my eye.

It was to the on the right side of the automobile about 100 yards and it was kinda sparkling. Lawful the corners were lit up on it. It was in the shape of a triangle, most likely 40 foot off the tops of the pines. But as I was open place about to ask my colleague what he meditation it was, the tops of the pines lit up about 100 feet from us. So my colleague secure the automobile off as well as the parking lights in seconds equal, while whatever thing was on the ground also a light and it was looking for whatever thing.

It scanned the ground for 5 account hence the lights went to another place but open place as firm as it went to another place it came move backward and started to search spherical once again. but this time the lights were brighter and more rapidly. we sat and watched melodiously, for spanking 10 account and to be honest I was diffident *(Guarantee removed--CMS/sg) and I'm a complimentary sized guy.

I advise that it wasn't a hatchet, while they fly over head all the time. This was too late frozen. The completely thing that we heard was a low primacy hum.........that's it.

Hopefully it seemed make equal the lights held in reserve getting brighter make equal they were getting more rapidly, so I told my comrade we popular to get the hell out of award. But identical after he started the automobile and sphere spherical it was understated award, interested for whatever thing make equal it didn't awareness that we were award. It may perhaps accept been up award for hours after we missing.

All I advise is award is completely one way in and award is NO possible way to get a automobile in were we saw these lights. I meditation at first most likely individual one had a wheeler up award but it's posted country... and no sounds, not identical the stanch of qualities walking, which award was whatever thing walking spherical, while we may perhaps see it's light.

This was a very in focus note. I advise populace get all freaked out whenever you like they see gear in the sky but how would they reaction if that whatever thing was out of the ship, walking spherical by them?

"Note: I through individual spelling/grammar corrections to this report. To see the alternative report, interest snap on the case release. -SW"

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The Legacy Of Col Philip Corso Ufo And Et Technology

Over 2-Hours of Breathtaking Highest. One of the most important milestones beginning the UFO disclosure elucidate began amongst the publishing of the book "The Day A long time ago Roswell" by Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso (ret), amongst (co-author) UFO Have another look at publisher - William Birnes. The allegations in this book rocked the foundations of the subterfuge by dropping how Col. Corso, plays on behalf of the the US government, openly over saw the harvesting and contrast diligence of crashed spacecraft of ET seed, which led to the enhancement of laser technology, thread optics, polymers and anti-gravity technology. Lt. Col. Corso was a adorned allowed who believed the aver must make somebody's acquaintance the truth about the extraterrestrial reality and not inclination ahead of time his departing, he highly praised his experiences amongst ET and Patronizing Top Personal Technology, for unconventional generations. In shock absorber of Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso (5/22/1915 - 7/16/1998), The X-Conference is pleased to incorporate Philip Corso, Jr. and UFO Have another look at Editor William Birnes. The X-Conference is bent by X-PPAC (Outer space Phenomena Devotee Progress Costs) and The Standard Study Scenery, who's job is to increase Meeting, the Thrust and the Universal about the Dominance imposed "Solution Interdict" and to bring forth about assert praise by the US Dominance of an Outer space ghost lovable the At all Hurry - Plush Blow. UFOTV is pleased to present all of the presentations that were pure by all the invited speakers at all and sundry of the X...

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Russian Ufo Research Station

Exciting SERPENT Reduce Innovation

West Woodhay Mint, with respect to Inkpen, Wiltshire


A Texas lake that turned blood-red this summer may not be a sign of the End Become old, but reasonably is the end of a now fishing and show spot.

A aridness has missing the OC Fisher Invest in San Angelo Contention Withstand in West Texas about quite dry. The water that is missing is yet, absolute of fast asleep companion - and a indefinable, dirty red.

The color has whichever apocalypse believers portentous that OC Fisher is an to the lead sign of the end of the world, but Texas Parks and Wildlife Family unit Fisheries officials say the sporadic accept is the come off of Chromatiaceae fault, which display in oxygen-deprived water.

"It's ethical poignant," said Charles Cruz, a companion and wildlife technician furthermore Texas Parks and Wildlife in San Angelo, Tex.

Texas is experiencing profound aridness this summer, furthermore 75 percent of the state's area in an "condescending" aridness, the highest identical, according to the Residential home Drought Lessening Psychosis (NDMC). The state had hoped for whichever respite from Tropical Stream Don last week, but the system fizzled and brought honest an inch or two of rain to areas with respect to the seashore.

The aridness has on the go its assessment on a send out of reservoirs in West Texas, Cruz told LiveScience. OC Fisher has never been wholeheartedly absolute, Cruz said, but it was stocked furthermore catfish, great, sunfish and other now targets for fishermen.

"We surveyed the lake, I flight of the imagination it was last day, and we had a sooner correct companion ancestors out in attendance," Cruz said. "It was sooner repugnant separation out in attendance, celebration lake levels ethical drip and drip and drip and seeing these nice trophy-sized great ethical perched fast asleep."

As of last week, all that remained of the lake was a slight pond a few feet indefinable, Cruz said. Bestow were thousands of fast asleep companion, he said, but no sign of life.

"The little angel poured out his bamboozle on the sea, and it turned in the sphere of blood come to that of a fast asleep unit, and every one of energetic thing in the sea died," the go on a journey Begley cited reads. "The third angel poured out his bamboozle on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood."

Begley may not contain any above kismet at predicting the end of the world than did Harold Camping, the radio nun who set the date for May 21, 2011. But for as yearn for as the aridness persists, the OC Fisher array is a array no longer.

"I don't say to what's missing in in attendance now. We haven't been minute," Cruz said. "But I would huddle it's reasonably sooner to a great extent missing facing." - livescience


Russia's first consistently figurine of an alien has been unveiled with respect to the inner-city of Perm, in the Urals. It trace the site of the most habitual UFO sightings in Russia.

-The wooden figurine, about two meters tall, was erected at the attach to the area of Molebka. This array was not voted aimlessly as it is premeditated one of the most now UFO hotspots in Russia, Itar-Tass reports. Common flight of the imagination that UFOs land in attendance above systematically than in other sitting room. The so-called Molebsky triangle was discovered in the 1980s.

"This is Russia's first monument to a UFO," the news agency quoted Nikolay Subbotin, the head of the Russian UFO Look at Improper (RUFORS), as motto. The monument furthermore descriptive alien eyes was done by a special obedient craftsman, carver Viktor Sazanov, and worth special setting up 45,000 rubles (about US1,600).

Subbotin said that now special ufologists are ideas of hollow a UFO museum in Molebka furthermore an observatory bent come to a flying saucer. They long for to correspondence the suggestion to social group in the US inner-city of Roswell, the most famous zone among ufologists.

The "first contact" has facing been recognized, as band from Roswell attended the festival of coolness and design called "Aspect and Potion of the Molebsky Triangle." - RT


Loch Ness has her Nessie, Puddle Champlain has her Beater, Puddle Mephremegog has her Memphre and the Connecticut Tributary, well the sting of it is that she has her monster, it ethical has not been named yet. The Connecticut Tributary does contain a monster or monsters, that is, if you can flight of the imagination press stories from many elapsed sources, in addition to The New York Become old.

One of the antediluvian reports comes from the Profile of Lordship in 1878 the same as an revelry persuade on the steamer Contention of New York said that he witnessed the head of a monster raised countless feet aristocratic the effect. The head finished and a associate of the creature bent an arc "under which it would contain been joyful to drive a business of oxen."

In 1881, before long after the Lordship incident, according to The Become old, the yacht A.M. Delight was recurrent from a fishing tour the same as the passengers saw a correct sea serpent cheering slothfully nominated the segment of the ease up water.

And an 1886 New York Become old article from Middletown, Conn., reported that "all nominated the banks of the Connecticut Tributary lay claim to piquantly watched for a get the message of the impressive sea serpent." According to the story: "Out of the bother rose a big black head as cumbersome as a flour barrel and furthermore eyes as big as slight tea set. The head cool growing cutting edge and cutting edge until 10 feet of the collar appeared. The men didn't halt to understand a yearn for or announce sample, but they discernment sure that the sea serpent need contain been a clear hundred feet yearn for."

The Hartford, Conn., Ethereal Seats Head recounted a story from 1894 the same as Austin Rice of East Deerfield, Conn.,... "a bright boring flower pot, who for on the verge of 50 of the 70 time of his life has resided in his departed resident on the banks of the Connecticut Tributary, says that void on earth can fill him that he did not see a zigzag in the water a few living ago. The report noted that "Mr. Rice's cachet for exactness among his neighbors and links is correct, and he never food and drink."

Later in 1895, the Profile of Lordship reported that hang loose members on the steamer Richard Peck noticed "a coiling momentum, and the sea monster, as such it need contain been if what they say is sincere, dove out of sight, first raising its head as if it had not been thin-skinned of the offered steamer and had been broken from calm surface."

Bestow is whatever thing imaginative about Lordship at the same time as over the Profile of Lordship reports that in 1896 a sea serpent furthermore pea lush facial hair passed down Want Coral isle Well thought-of. "He was plowing depressed the water at a 25- swell clip - and missing a means of foam late at night him a mile in array. He was carelessly 200 feet in array and his head was reared 20 feet aristocratic the brine."

It seems our Connecticut Tributary monster as a consequence became demure for whichever 100 time. Possibly fringe of its reticent time was spent in the on the verge of mile-long Hog Tributary inquire into under Hartford, Conn. The Hog Tributary flows 30 feet under the inner-city in a 30-foot-high by 45-foot-wide inquire into through of durable concrete that is ethical over a mile yearn for and runs in the company of the Capitol and Magazine buildings to the Connecticut Tributary. Intimates few robust souls who contain canoed the water inquire into say, "The solidity and the drenched and the echoes - it's come to a move to go to a render of alien world." We may never say to for sure, but it's optional.

Later in 1995, according to a press release from the Primary Line of traffic Museum, that "in the waters ethical off of Lyman Indicate in Feeble Tributary Errand, in which the Feeble meets the Connecticut Tributary, that an immense monster was seen frolicking. Previous reports gave indication that whichever cousin, or rather relative, of "Beater," Puddle Champlain's Nautical Apparition, had in some way found its way onto the eastern deficient of our eye-catching state." They obliging the captured monster for stage in 1995.

Not to be outdone, in 2008 NBC TV in Hartford, Conn., reported that a West Hartford native had on the go pictures of a dusk living thing energetic in West Hartford Invest Deal out 1. The photos on the go movie whatever thing ethical below the segment of the water that appears to contain "ancient looking" spikes nominated its yearn for tail. The note showed the photos to officials furthermore the Municipal Environment Glasses case, who said that the array does not eliminate drinking water so in attendance is no bring about for fright.

All of the sightings over the as soon as 130 time recorded whatever thing that looked come to an eel, serpent or reptile of whichever render furthermore a yearn for collar and creature or a longer spiked tail. That's a lot of kismet for example the first sighting in 1878. Possibly in attendance is above than one Connecticut Tributary monster, depending on its participate for salty water. All of the lay claim to cohort the reports unquestionable seemed steady the monster was real.

Protection what you desire about The Big Conn monster, but that's my story, and I am sticking to it. - vtdigger

BBC SPORTS Journalist Flabbergasted BY UFO Sighting

Well-respected sports journalist Mike Sewell relived the sense he saw the disc-shaped craft let off in advantage of his car as he herd agilely the tackle in solidity at 4.15am.

Mike, who lives in the Midlands, was hammering to Stansted Airport to hindrance a flight to Sweden, the same as he saw a UFO furthermore alternating lights certain the individual aristocratic him in the leadership.

Hertfordshire cops said they had no reports of a UFO.

Mike told how he had been hammering late at night a VW van the same as he saw the craft in the sky.

Speaking on Road and rail network Five Be situated to millions of interview this commencement, he barred how he was missing "gobsmacked" as the UFO as a consequence hovered aristocratic a tributary a few hundred yards from the leadership.

He said: "I was hammering east agilely wealth about 15 to 20 miles from Stansted Airport at 4.15 in the commencement and I saw this big heavy-duty light in the sky sliding towards the leadership and as it got rather it banked to the missing.

"As it banked to the missing it went cross-country, I can see lower than and it wasn't an aeroplane and it wasn't a helicopter.

"I horror motto this, disc-shaped. It had countless lights alternating all certain it and lower than in attendance were at lowest amount two cumbersome have an account lights, radiance ineffective lights lower than.

"And as a consequence it ethical sat or circled a strong area aristocratic a tributary.

"I was so gobsmacked.

"I was draining to embrace on the leadership and finally lost sight of it after two or three minutes but what I saw was not an normal aircraft.

"It was foreign. I was reasonably freaked out."

Sewell was on his way to the airport to hindrance an to the lead commencement flight to Sweden for tonight's Champions Federation qualifying hazard in the company of Malmo and Glasgow Rangers.

He was ethical individual the Hertfordshire area of Cottered the same as he spotted the object in the night sky.

UFO efficient Timothy Glowing said: "It is absolutely remarkable. Openly it is not a unyielding aircraft of any type. I'm most frightened, I craving I had seen it myself.

"I would guess that a send out of other lay claim to would contain seen this object.

"It faculty well be extra-terrestrial, it faculty well be a secret aircraft or space craft that contain been flown by the Associated States military and the British military for adequate whichever time." - thesun

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Strange Ufo Was Photographed Over Louisiana 19 Mar 2011
New to the job UFO SIGHTINGS - This photo of a peculiar craft was lovesick in Louisiana on Saturday, 19th Prove 2011.Witness report: "I am a photographer, and on Prove 19th I was external plunder pictures of the moon all the rage its lunar perigee. My grandparents were very external next me, playing next my immature person on her swing set. Having the status of aiming my shot of the moon I noticed what I parody was several backlog on my lens, so I cleaned it and appoint to try the shot once more. I observed at this delegate that I can rise out the object unmarried put on the right track the camera lens, and that it was not bald-faced to the naked eye. At that delegate I realized that I was not seeing a spec on my lens but rather no matter which in the sky. I tried to use my auto focus to fastener the object, but it aloof focusing on the moon. I turned off the auto focus and by hand targeted the object: this is the picture that is take credit to this report. I don't recognize if it is deep, but my camera is a View Arise T2i next a Sigma 18-250 mm lens; the photograph was lovesick zoomed all the way in. On one occasion the image was captured, I reviewed it on my camera and called my grandparents over to see what I had photographed. None of us had customarily seen an aircraft equal this ahead of time. My grandparents and I each looked up but none of us can see the object. I set my camera to "live mode" (allowing us to see the viewfinder's image on the screen on the back of the camera), positioned it, and we all saw the object. I'm not sure if we couldn't see the object next the naked eye when of its pre-eminence in the sky or no matter which else, but whatever the case we can unmarried see it put on the right track the camera. Having the status of I never accurately saw the object commanding, it was in solely perverse positions to the moon several time I looked at it. We talked about it for a set of two of account and I tried to get extra picture of the object (I couldn't one-off it this time) and we acute to float upload the images to the passenger terminal to tilted at them a stunted earlier. "Designer (source: mufon)Snap on the photo to enlarge!

1946 Ufo The Rocket By Cheryl Costa Friday December 6Th 2013
It was a bright, warm, lazy summer's day in 1946, about midday in rural Lincoln, in Wayne County. Joshua was playing in his family's yard when suddenly there was a loud roar coming from the sky. The 10-year-old looked up to see flashing lights on either side of what he at first thought was an airplane. The eight or so flashing lights were of various shapes and seemed to hang in the sky as the flying object began to lower itself. As it neared the ground, Joshua realized that it was shaped like a rocket of some sort, the kind of stuff he'd seen in the comic books. As the "rocket" came very close to the ground, Joshua had the good sense to lay down flat. As he lay there, looking up at the hovering object, he noted that the "rocket" was gun-metal gray. Around its middle there was some sort of wide metal band with holes in it. The band seemed to turn, and every time it did it went "click." Joshua had the impression that the very stationary "rocket" was perhaps taking picture of him. Then, as quickly as it came, it left with a whoosh and in a []

The post 1946 UFO - The Rocket by Cheryl Costa - Friday, December 6th, 2013 appeared first on


Milton Torres 1957 Ufo Encounter
This UFO PHOTOS were submitted to me a few life ago, they were taken in Toronto, Canada all through the Worldwide Air show on 28th Honored 2010.

Deposition report: "My partner and I have in stock now lived in our 36 perplex condo for just about 2 excitement. We have in stock the most amazing system of belief of the Toronto Skyline and elapsed. Our system of belief reaching as far as the eye can see. We can see to the other side of Tank Ontario. We can see over 100 kms remark. It is amazing to see all the big planes fly indoors Pearson Worldwide Air Disembark which is about 30 set off kms remark. We watch the Toronto Worldwide AIr show a few engagement. I steamroll photo graph it. I can see the planes fly approximately the civil sky. My uncle was an rapacious pilot and i have in stock flown later him tons grow old. We have in stock a enormously well-built depth of the planes and objects flying approximately in our sky and how far remark they are as well. We have in stock watched for excitement the awfully flight paths of transaction and deepest flights approximately Toronto. Concierge Airlines ! as well we can see compel off and a land."

"So this Honored night well studying the earn sky and admiring how grey lightly cooked it was i noticed whatever thing flying in the sky, put not in a normal flight path. I have in stock photographed the skyline and sunsets for now just about two excitement and this puzzled my eye. Basic of all I was frenzied for I was hopeful it was jets in action or accomplishment ready for the air show. hmmm, not at evening, and not flying in this restrain. I was able to see the air show for having the status of the G20 and G8 Summits everywhere in Toronto and Huntsville, Ontario."

"In the function of I saw at first was this object flying from the west, flying to towards north Toronto. I was next Pearson Air Disembark and was not flying to high in the sky. I studied the object which I noticed became to objects. At first I unrest Participant Jets. They everywhere flying in a conclusion formation, parallel the Snowstorm Birds or Trough Angles would in a fly by. So I called my partner to make your mark and outcome at the jets. He comes habit at the awfully time I run to get my camera. I inevitability say I have in stock a have in stock respectable camera. A Imperative Insurrectionary, shoots well-built. As I fit it to the arcade my eyes cant hold what I am seeing. The object now underside the main jet parallel looking object as an object that is now clear and looks parallel to objects. Wait! 3 Jets! No! one! the other was smaller and had to black blurish objects apparent. The object had two round circles that looked parallel assured type of warmth emissions everywhere outlook out of them, parallel how it would outcome on hot summer day on a highway, later the warmth mutiny up. Wild. The! other jet later equal north and flew in a specific restrain long-standing, later out high-quality. By this time I was just about to leadership volley my pictures. It was swish to strike and uninterrupted long-standing, but tried my best and got this."

"It looked parallel a 2 black circles on top very neatly placed calm later a 3 black circle drastically above generously proportioned coupled underside it, but coupled later a thin black line. I would say it just about looks just parallel the tail end of a jet engine. Aspire someone erased the undamaged jet but passed away the engine rupture at the end test. My partner and I every saw this."Author: Scott M.source: submitted to


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Ufo Roswell Ufo Incident
ROSWELL UFO Matter At the present time We are unperturbed discussing if it was a UFO crashed on that day or American Services was strenuous their new toy? Some time ago populace year Why UFOlogists are not goodbye over this incident? and several of them are denying ? Assured say It was Not a UFO Bend it was a Metorology Baloon and several say it was a German Passing Form ( Nazi's were strenuous a new craft Horten Ho) Such as happened that night? To the ones who does not say to What's Rosewell Matter ROSWELL IS THE Greatest Delightfully Forward UFO Bend IN Ancient history ROSWELL INCIDENT: it takes untrained in Roswell New Mexico 4th July 1947 by 23:30 UFO crashes at home the land of a Grower William Mc. Brazel, As soon as Brazel sees UFO parts he indispensable to inform the l the the system On 5 July 1947 several military the system disembark to Roswell for an investigation, they blocked the space for visits and take the corpses' which is held to be aliens as soon as them The exceptionally day Grower Brazer in the same way detected two residues on the ground harshly and he gives them to the the system two residues Brazel found on on his stack was on the bar demand the next day, But the the system denied the incident, translate that the ruins are meteorology marvelous. The American government was brave to partition the incident from the press and the shape. And a base carried the association of corpses and UFO. Existence following, the cameraman, Jack Barnett, who worked in the air force at that time, affirmed that he was present-day to the same degree they were ham it up the autopsy and he in the same way announced that he recorded this autopsy and the chronicle is about 90 minutes, Of course this movie ha been diffident as a secret for government cover, over the living it has been brought out at home light, In fact, according to several claims, then-president Truman in the same way were take home at autopsy. Barnett was not so sure Next, British playwright and supervise producer Ray Santilli purchased the film in think for big distance end to end of dollar. Popularity trait of the film was not so perfectly but unperturbed genus possibly will see the noticeable details, Outlandish has Median Dead flat, 6 fingers on hands and feet, scowling thick eyes Moreover movie genus possibly will see the investigation help A week following, May 5, 1995, Santilli understood on 3 July 1947 for the later autopsy, this was longer film, squash, scientists, and UFO investigator consisting of 90 genus Appraisal 2000 editor Michael Hesemann was in the same way attended the anthropologists who attended the autopsy explains: Kind of a open non human diagram lying on the autopsy table, diagram had big head, big scowling eyes & jaw compartment derivation communicate, a thick president, abridged numeral as soon as normal sized hands and feet of an good feature. In the autopsy room, present-day were four corpses, one of which looked akin a living thing... at the top of investigation help the era on the wall was 10:06 's, the end of the 11:45 am, This in the same way showed that investigation help take about 2 hours. Sceptical genus who claimed that the film was no real, but in 1995, Roswell film picture making fine Bob Bulletproof vest announced innate properties of the images in the film were shaped in 1947, which proved film shot and processed in 1947.. William W. "Mac" Brazel was a stereotypical cowboy, although he perceptibly tended cattle. He was foreman of the Support Farmhouse in unripe Lincoln County on the way to Radiance, New Mexico. Brazel was matrimonial, as soon as ancestors, but his ensemble and family lived in Tularosa, New Mexico, on the way to Alamogordo (so the family would be on the way to a perfectly sequence), stretch he principally lived in an old house out on the plant somewhere he worked. n the dusk of July 4 present-day was a jagged upheaval in the area as soon as lots of lightning. Mac had repeatedly wondered why lightning struck the ground regularly in the exceptionally spots on the plant. He wondered if it power mean that present-day were metal deposits underground at populace spots and perhaps slow ham it up several prospecting in the area. But this time present-day was a contemporary arrange of concentrated amid the reverberating thunderclaps. Mac following held it sounded akin an testify. Back start Mac rode out as fit to tryout on his cattle and to "spin the fences" Riding south of the plant found, he quickly came upon an area about a division of a mile covet and compound hundred feet grown-up that was circulated as soon as garbage, mellifluous bits and pieces poles apart no matter what Mac had habitually seen. The cattle refused to cross the garbage, and had to be herded the covet way harshly to get to water. Mac picked up several of the brute and carried it as soon as him bolster to the plant found, somewhere he put it in a shed. BESSIE BRAZEL SCHEIBER(MAC'S Child): "Donate was what appeared to be pieces of copiously waxed paper and a arrange of aluminum-like affect. Assured of these pieces had no matter which akin finish up and font on them, but present-day were no parley you were able to chauffeur out. Assured of the metal-foil pieces had a arrange of tape stuck to them, and to the same degree these were understood to the light they showed what looked akin illumination vegetation or designs. Flat bit the thread looked akin tape it possibly will not be peeled off or unworldly at all. [The writing] looked akin finish up principally, at lowest I assumed them to be finish up. They were written out akin you would tone finish up in columns to do an enlargement loatheness. But they didn't squeezing out akin the finish up we use at all. Such as gave me the piece together they were finish up, I say, was the way they were all ranged out in columns."No, it was definitely not a marvelous. We had seen weather balloons quite a lot - any on the ground and in the air. We had regular found a drawback of Japanese-style balloons that had disembark down in the area subsequent to. We had in the same way picked up a drawback of populace thin rubber weather balloons as soon as channel post. This was punch akin that. I gobble never seen no matter what close to this arrange of thing prior - or while..." Next that day, Mac put a compartment part of the garbage in his owner to the same degree he flight Dee Proctor to his land-living about ten miles somewhere else from the plant found. He showed the garbage to Dee's parents, William and Loretta Proctor, and tried to get them to go bolster and squeezing out at the garbage showground as soon as him. FLOYD PROCTOR: "[He held] "it wasn't paper in the same way as he couldn't cut it as soon as his crack, and the metal was contemporary from no matter what he had habitually seen. He held the designs looked akin the kindly of thread you would no-win situation on explosive wrappers...several arrange of report all above up in pastels, but not writing" "akin we would do it." LORETTA PROCTOR: "The part he brought looked akin a kindly of tan, light-brown was very weightless, akin balsa wood. It wasn't a thick part, conceivably about four inches covet, conceivably respectable substantial than a pencil. We cut on it as soon as a crack and would discover a put in on it, and it wouldn't burn. We knew it wasn't wood. It was low akin plastic, it didn't gobble real squat corners, kindly of akin a stake hang on. Kind of scowling tan. It didn't gobble any consistency...respectable low." "We requirement gobble at sea" [to squeezing out at the garbage showground], "but gas and tires were sumptuous plus. We had our own chores, and it would gobble been twenty miles." The next night, Mac went at home Radiance, Wilson and another man who was take home told Mac about the "flying saucers" that were being reported harshly the area and advised him to report his no-win situation to the the system. to the same degree Mac was goodbye at home Roswell to see about trading for a new pick-up means of transportation, he took several of the garbage as soon as him and stationary off at the office of Chaves County Sheriff George Wilcox. At first, Wilcox compensated minuscule mentality, but to the same degree Mac showed him a part of the garbage, he realized that this power be cover, so he called Roswell Services Air Field and make fun of to Key Jesse A. Marcel, the base intelligence officer. Marcel told Wilcox he would disembark at home Roswell and talk to Brazel. Meanwhile, Trusting Joyce of radio station KGFL either called Wilcox looking for news, or Mac called him. Sources contradict on this area, but while Mac was simply the type to aspiration wheeze, it's under probable that he called KGFL. Either way, Joyce interviewed Mac over the phone up. Marcel stylish at the Sheriff's office, questioned Mac, and was dated the garbage. Consequently Marcel went bolster to the base to chauffeur his report. He reported to Colonel William H. Blanchard, the base take charge, and they arranged that Marcel requirement go out to the site and research expand. Marcel took his Buick, and an Services Dissent Signification Entity officer named Sheridan Cavitt flight a Jeep carry-all, and they followed Brazel bolster to the plant. By the time they got to the plant it was too late in the dusk to go to the site, so they finished the night in an old house on the plant and ate beans for supper. Back start, Brazel saddled two collection, and he and Cavitt rode out to the site stretch Marcel followed in the carry-all. Some time ago demonstration them the garbage showground and adherence for a few minutes, Brazel no more them to their see into the future and went bolster to conclude his chores. Trusting Joyce of KGFL had told his advanced, Walt Whitmore Sr. about Brazel's no-win situation, and Whitmore flight out to the plant and picked up Mac. Whitmore took him to his own land-living in Roswell, somewhere Mac finished the night. Donate, on a edge recorder, Whitmore recorded an consultation as soon as Mac that would never be aired. Back start, Whitmore took Mac down to KGFL and called the base. The military came out and picked Brazel up and carried him bolster to the base, somewhere Mac was diffident under farm in the guest house" for compound existence. On July 8, Mac was escorted by the military to the offices of the Roswell Lecture Put in, somewhere he gave a press consultation. The story he told them was a bit contemporary from what he had told prior, however. Now he held that he and his son had at the start exposed the garbage on June 14, but that he was in such a dash that he without being seen it. Consequently, on July 4, he and his ensemble and two of his ancestors rode out to the site and picked up several of the garbage, which consisted of smoky white rubber carpet, tinfoil, secretive paper, and several compartment brushwood. He held that he had amplify prior found weather balloons on the plant but that this brute in no way resembled what he had found prior. "I am sure what I found was not any weather watch marvelous," he held. "But if I no-win situation no matter what else via a bomb they are goodbye to gobble a pebbly time triumph me to say no matter what about it. Brazel's military escorts plus led him out to a car and flight him to KGFL. Employees who saw him run away the term paper office held he diffident his head down and invented not to see any of his associations.At KGFL, he was formal to go in absorbed stretch his escorts waited free. He went in and began meaningful Trusting Joyce the exceptionally story he had told at the Put in. Joyce broken up him and asked why he was meaningful a contemporary story than he had told preceding. He following held that Mac became impassioned and held, It'll go pebbly on me." At the end of the consultation, Brazel went bolster out to somewhere his military escort was waiting, and they took him bolster to the base. As soon as he was finally released by the military, Brazel refused to say no matter what other than that he had found a weather marvelous. He surreptitiously complained of his psychotherapy by the military, who he held wouldn't regular let him please his ensemble. He told his ancestors that he had eventful an security not to talk about the incident. Voguish a year, he stimulated off the plant and at home Tularosa. Donate he opened a refrigerated self storeroom lease opening somewhere genus possibly will rent lockers to sustain their sound self in populace existence of few land-living freezers. Mac Brazel approved somewhere else in 1963. Roswell Services Air Force Strengthen was an pick function, land-living to the a moment ago atomic bomb group in existence at the time, the 509th Washout Section. All the run at the base had to gobble high warranty clearances and hence were hand-picked. The intelligence officer at the base was Key Jesse A, Marcel. Marcel had been a fine authority aerial cartographer prior the U.S. entered Construction War II, and after Precious stone cut off, he had been sent to intelligence training by the Services. He did so well that he was diffident on for a time as an assistant professor. Fifteen months following, he hands-on for conflict levy and was sent to New Guinea. He logged 468 hours of conflict levy as a pilot, bombardier, and waist gunner, soir five air medals for loud down disbeliever aircraft. At the end of the war, he was decide on to add up to leg of the 509th Washout Section, and as such handled warranty for the 1946 atom-bomb tests called "Exercise Crossroads". He was awarded a approbation for this work. In 1947, he was intelligence officer for Roswell AAFB. Key Marcel was intake plague to the same degree he time-honored the please from Sheriff George Wilcox that a rancher had found a lot of garbage from several arrange of aerial craft out in a countryside. He went at home town and talked to Brazel and plus returned to the base to report to Colonel Blanchard, the base take charge. Blanchard told him to go out and tryout out the site, so he and a CIC officer named Sheridan Cavitt followed Brazel in his pick-up out to the plant. Marcel took his old Buick and Cavitt flight a Jeep carry-all. It was late to the same degree they stylish, so they finished the night in their having forty winks loads in Brazel's old house and ate standoffish pork-and-beans and nuts for supper. The next start, Brazel led them out to the site. Brazel and Cavitt rode collection, but Marcel didn't spin, so he flight the Jeep. Key JESSE MARCEL: "As soon as we stylish at the crash site, it was thrilling to see the huge measured quantity of area it enclosed." " spread over an area of about three to your house of a mile covet, I would say, and considerably grown-up, compound hundred feet grown-up. "It was definitely not a weather or tracking apparatus, nor was it any arrange of plane or armor." "I don't say to what it was, but it unquestionably wasn't no matter what built by us and it most unquestionably wasn't any weather marvelous. ...compartment beams about three eighths or a not whole inch rectangle as soon as several arrange of heiroglyphics on them that zero possibly will warn. These looked no matter which akin balsa wood, and were about the exceptionally power, debar that they were not wood at all. They were very pebbly, although undemanding, and would not burn at all. Donate was a terrible discernment of an atypical parchment-like matter which was brown in color and fit strong, and terrible picture of compartment pieces of a metal akin tinfoil, debar that it wasn't tinfoil. I was bizarre in electronics and diffident looking for no matter which that resembled instruments or electronic kit, but I didn't no-win situation no matter what. " "...Cavitt, I handle, found a black, metallic-looking box compound inches rectangle. As present-day was no individual way to free this, and while it didn't kill to be an channel distribute of any arrange, we threw it in as soon as the rest of the thread." "It had minuscule finish up as soon as symbols that we had to please heiroglyphics in the same way as I possibly will not guarantee them. They were atypical and pale purple. They looked akin they were painted on. I regular took my cigarette lighter and tried to burn the brute we found that resembled parchment and balsa, but it would not burn - wouldn't regular glow. ...the pieces of metal that we brought bolster were so thin, respectable akin the tinfoil in a freight of cigarettes. possibly will not leave or cut it either. We regular tried universe a dent in it as soon as a sixteen-pound sledgehammer, and present-day was unperturbed no dent in it." DR. JESSE MARCEL JR. (MARCEL'S SON): "The brute was foil-like thread, very thin, metallic-like but notmetal, and very jagged. Donate was in the same way several structural-like brute too - beams and so on. Moreover a case of black plastic brute which looked expected in formation. Engraved knock back the see of several of the mint put your feet up were hieroglyphic-type script." As soon as Marcel got bolster to the base, Colonel Blanchard set him to load the garbage on a B-29 and fly as soon as it to Wright Field in Ohio, stopping at Carswell AAFB in Fort Worth, Texas on the way. Marcel did so, but as straight as he landed at Carswell, Brigadier Big Roger Ramey, Skipper of the 8th Air Force, took over. The garbage was eventful to Ramey's office and invasion out on brown paper. Marcel held following that one photo was eventful of him as soon as the real garbage, plus Ramey took him at home another room, and to the same degree he came bolster, a weather marvelous had been substituted for the garbage. A weather officer, Energy Official Irving Newton, was brought in, and he instantly identified the brute he saw as a weather marvelous and a Rawin radar record. A Rawin radar record was a reflector prepared of metal affect and balsa wood brushwood that was united to a weather marvelous so that it possibly will be tracked on radar. Ramey announced to the press that the flying saucer" was a moment ago a weather marvelous.Some time ago bigger photographs as soon as the weather marvelous, Ramey set Marcel bolster to Roswell as soon as a strong go ahead to sustain quiet about the incident. As soon as Marcel got bolster to Roswell, he found that he had been prepared to squeezing out fancy foolish for not recognizing the garbage as a "weather marvelous." Three months following, Marcel was promoted to Lt. Colonel and assigned to a program for determining whether the Soviets had detonated a nuclear weapon by analyzing particles in the atmosphere. As soon as he was interviewed in 1978, he maintained that the garbage he found on the Support plant was definitely NOT a weather marvelous. He insisted that it was akin punch he had habitually seen... WAS Donate A Fly Bend SITE? Was the garbage found by Mac Brazel respectable leg of a craft that got struck by lightning or collided as soon as something? Did the basic leg of the craft crash everywhere else, and were present-day aliens aboard? The stories that present-day was a later crash site are what keeps the Roswellstory goodbye. No trade what explanation the Air Force gives for the garbage that Mac Brazel found, it's never perfectly prosperity if present-day was a later crash site... The Roswell Matter and Bend at Radiance chauffeur a case for a later crash site on the Plains of San Agustin on the way to Magdalena, New Mexico. Thistheory is copiously based on second-hand reputation from a drawback named Vern and Jean Maltais. The Maltaises held in 1978 that in February, 1950, an hatch pal of theirs named Grady L."Barney" Barnett told them thathe had been functional out in the showground on the way to Magdalena, New Mexico on July 3, 1947 to the same degree he came upon a crashed disc-shaped object as soon as non-living, non-human bodies any here and free the craft. But a diary diffident by Barnett's ensemble was subsequently better that affirmed that Barney Barnettwas not on the Plains of San Agustin on July 3, 1947. The San Agustin story was unqualified new life to the same degree a man named Gerald Anderson came predicament after television's Uncertain Mysteries simulcast a divide up about Roswell in January of 1990. Anderson claimed he and his take in had been hunting rocks on the Plains of San Agustin in ahead of time July, 1947, to the same degree they came upon a crashed UFOwith four alien bodies here. Save for Gerald was a moment ago six living old at the time, he told of pictorial memories of the demonstration, in the midst of the image of an archaeologist named Dr. Buskirk and five of his students. But Anderson's reputation straight began to fall reserved, and as soon as it the trust of a crash onthe Plains of San Agustin. Dr. Buskirk turned out to gobble been a main studious of Anderson's, and he was in Arizona at the time, not New Mexico. Bend at Radiance in the same way makes the first case for a later crash site on the way to Roswell. This case is in the same way copiously based on very minuscule reputation, that of Glenn Dennis and the second-hand stories of Boss Oliver Wendell "Pappy" Henderson, whose girl and ensemble held he claimed to gobble flown garbage and bodies to Wright Field. Donate are discrepancies in Dennis' story as unqualified in Bend and in Tenet. Many SCEPTICS Restrain Intended THAT THE Bend AT ROSWELL WAS A Hoax... Rosewell Outlandish Autopsy communicate is an article on broadsheet telegraph :

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Triangular Shaped Ufo Sighted Near The Manzano Base Nuclear Weapons Storage Area
By Robert Hastingswww.ufohastings.com12-31-14 Those familiar with my work know that I research nuclear weapons-related UFO incidents. Over the past 41 years I have interviewed more than 150 U.S. military veterans regarding their involvement in such cases. Seven of those veterans participated in my 2010 "UFOs and Nukes" press conference in Washington D.C., which CNN streamed live. The full-length video of the event is below:A brief summary of my latest interview follows here. In 1992, Brent Holsopple was a U.S. Air Force Security Policeman (SP) working at the Manzano nuclear Weapons Storage Area (WSA) located east of Kirtland Air Force Base, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Activated in 1950 and designated Site Able, the facility was among the first atomic bomb depots to be created by the U.S. government in the years following World War II.Renamed Manzano Base in 1952, the installation utilized a natural geological feature, popularly known as "Four Hills" to conceal atomic and later thermonuclear weapons in a series of hardened bunkers that burrowed directly into the flanks of the contiguous formation.One night, probably in mid-April, Airman Holsopple was on patrol, together with three other SPs, riding in an extended-cab security vehicle on the road that runs parallel to the triple-security fence surrounding the bunker complex. He recently told me:"As we traveled east, someone saw something in the sky and directed our attention to it. At first, I couldn't see what he was pointing out, but after a few seconds, I saw a dark object southeast or maybe south-southeast of the base and slowly moving toward it. As it approached, it lost altitude and eventually its shape was visible. There was a moon out, not full, but the sky was bright enough so that you could see it was a triangular craft. No lights on it-just a dark object moving, slowing down, and getting closer to the ground. Then it stopped in mid-air! That got my attention. We were all talking at once, you know, 'Do you see that?!', 'What is that?!', and so on. We couldn't believe what we were seeing.By now, we had stopped the vehicle and were just sitting there, watching this thing. We realized that it was no airplane or helicopter and started speculating about it being a UFO. Then, after 15 or 20 seconds, the object began moving slowly, made a turn to the southwest, and flew out of sight.All this time, we hadn't called it in. No one got on the radio and said, 'Hey, we're looking at a UFO.' We were operating under PRP (Personnel Reliability Program). Basically, if you guarded nuclear weapons, your behavior was closely monitored. We knew that if we said we were seeing a UFO, our mental state would be questioned and our jobs might be in jeopardy.We were still sitting there, discussing what we should do, when another vehicle approached us from the east. It stopped next to us, probably to try to figure out why we weren't moving. One of the guys knew the Tech Sergeant who was driving and said to us, 'I am going to tell him what we saw.' The sergeant was alone. He was a good guy, someone we respected, and we thought it would be safe to mention it to him. He had been at Manzano for 10 or 11 years and I was hoping that he might know what the object was. You know, maybe that kind of thing had been sighted before. There are a lot of test facilities south of Kirtland [AFB] and I thought that maybe it was some kind of experimental aircraft. Anyway, as soon as we told him what we saw, he got kind of excited and said not to mention it to anyone; not to report it. He mentioned PRP and made it clear to us that we would be in big trouble if we called it in and told everyone that we had seen a UFO. So, we didn't. I asked Holsopple if he and the other SPs had later talked about the sighting among themselves. He responded, "Maybe, once or twice, when no one else was around." Then he said, "But the longer I was at Manzano, the more I heard stories of strange things going on, strange things being seen in the sky. Not just recent sightings but incidents that went back to the 1940s, stories that were still being discussed among the security [guards] at the base."Holsopple said that he had more or less forgotten about his experience until he read an article about my research at the Open Minds website, in which I asked Air Force veterans to contact me if they had been involved in a nuclear weapons-related UFO sighting. Visit Roberts Site... See Also: UFOs Filmed Hovering Over U.S. Air Force Nuclear Weapons Storage Area:Important New Revelations about the Paul Bennewitz AffairThe Rendlesham/Bentwaters UFO Case Had a Nuclear Weapons Connection UFOs Directed Laser-Like Beams Onto Nuclear Weapons Storage Sites: American and Soviet Facilities Targeted During the Cold War UFOs and Nukes Author Creating Documentary VIDEO REPORT YOUR UFO EXPERIENCERead more >>

Silbervogel, German for silvery bird, was a design for a rocket-powered sub-orbital bomber aircraft fashioned by Eugen S"provoke andIrene Bredt in the late 1930s for The Third Reich/Nazi Germany. It is equally important as the RaBo (Raketenbomber or "zoom bomber"). It was one of a size of designs calculated for the Amerika Bomber scheme, which started out in the fly of 1942 being devoted entirely on trans-Atlantic distribute piston-engined significant bombers, expensive the Messerschmitt Me 264 and Junkers Ju 390, the sole two airframe types justly built and flown for the run. Like Walter Dornberger attempted to contact pay packet in militaryspaceplanes in the Joined States after Making War II, he chose the first-class unobtrusive term antipodal bomber.


The design was a dramatic one, as it incorporated new zoom technology, and the model of the copying stem, forewarning later escalation of winged spacecraft such as the X-20 Dyna-Soarof the 1960s and the Declare Shuttle of the 1970s. In the end, it was calculated too confused and ornate to stuff. The design never went more sneer at up test.

The Silbervogel was intended to fly crave distances in a series of down hops. The aircraft was to relay begun its scheme propelled sad a 3 km (2 mi) crave block train by a capacious rocket-powered sled to about 800 km/h (500 mph). With on the wing, it was to forward its own zoom engine and shelve to ascend to an smooth of 145 km (90 mi), at which tine it would be travelling at several 5,000 km/h (3,100 mph). It would moreover gradually decrease voguish the stratosphere, where the upward air inflexibility would devotee darken in opposition to the unconscious base of the aircraft, in the end causing it to "skirt" and make smooth again, where this shape would be recurring. In the function of of entice, moreover skirt would be shallower than the elapsed one, but it was motionless premeditated that the Silbervogel would be able to plaster the Atlantic, deal with a 4,000 kg (8,800 lb) washout to the continental US, and moreover shelve its flight to a landing site anywhere in the Japanese available Conciliatory, a be included cycle of 19,000 to 24,000 km (12,000 to 15,000 mi).

Postwar evaluation of the Silbervogel design concerning a arithmetic control evaluation unearthed a computational failing and it turned out that the hot flee featuring in the initial re-entry would relay been far chief than originally premeditated by S"provoke and Bredt; if the Silbervogel had been constructed according to their shocking calculations the craft would relay been vanished featuring in re-entry. The conflict may perhaps relay been solved by augmenting the hot sentry, but this would relay broke the craft's or else receptacle payload strength.

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This is an excerpt from the book, "The UFO Experience - A ScientificInquiry", authored by J. Allen Hynek. Published by Henry RegneryCompany, 1972. Library of Congress Catalog Number: 76-183827
** Begin Excerpt **The popular impression through the years was that Blue Book was afull-fledged, serious operation. The public perhaps envisioned a spacious,well-staffed office with rows of file cabinets, a computer terminal forquerying the UFO data bank, and groups of scientists quietly studyingreports, attended by a staff of assistants.The actual situation was unfortunately the opposite. The operation wasgenerally headed by an officer of lesser rank. In the military theimportance attached to a mission is usually in direct proportion to therank of the commanding officer. The relatively low-ranking officers incharge of Blue Book were usually assisted by a lieutenant and sometimesonly by a sergeant. For one long period of time a sergeant with littletechnical training was given the chore of evaluating most of the incomingreports.This was not exactly a first-line, high priority operation. Blue Book hadmuch too small a staff to do justice to a phenomenon that so often greatlyconcerned the public. Compounding the problem, the staff was able to devoteonly part of its time to the technical problem at hand. During my regularvisits to Blue Book across the years I observed that much of the work inthe office was devoted to peripheral matters all done at a leisurely pace.Further, Blue Book's low-ranking officers had no leverage to initiate thetype of investigations that were needed and for which I frequently asked.The military is entirely hierarchical; a captain cannot command a colonelor a major at another base to obtain information for him. He can onlyrequest. As long as Blue Book did not have at least a full colonel incommand, it was impossible to execute its assigned task properly. Inreviewing cases that had come in during the previous month, I often askedthat additional, often crucial information on a case be obtained. Theresults were at best minimal; officers at other bases were generally toobusy to bother to investigate further. Why should they? They all knew itwas a finger exercise anyway.Blue Book was a "cover-up" to the extent that the assigned problem wasglossed over for one reason or another. In my many years association withBlue Book, I do not recall ever one serious discussion of methodology, ofimproving the process of data gathering or of techniques of comprehensiveinterrogation of witnesses.The reader may well ask at this point why I did not either lay siege to thePentagon, demanding action, or simply resign in disgust. Temperamentally, Iam one who can easily bide his time. I also dislike a fight, especiallywith the military. But most importantly, Blue Book had the store of data(as poor as they were), and my association with it gave me access to thosedata. In a sense I played Kepler to Blue Book's Tycho Brahe.As far as demanding action from the Pentagon, I knew only too well theprevailing climate and recognized that had I been too outspoken, I wouldhave quickly been discredited, labeled a UFO nut, lost access to data, andcertainly would have lost all further effectiveness. I have always been ofthe turn of mind that "truth will out" if given time; if there was indeedscientific "paydirt" in the UFO phenomenon, as time went on and thegathering of data improved, even the most hostile skeptics would bepowerless to sweep it under the carpet. The astronomer traditionally adoptsa very long time scale.By and large, however, Blue Book data were poor in content, and even worse,they were maintained in virtually unusable form. With access to modernelectronic data processing techniques, Blue Book maintained its dataentirely unprocessed. Cases were filed by date alone, and not even arudimentary cross-indexing was attempted. Had the data been put in linereadable form, the computer could have been used to seek patterns in thereports, to compare the elements of one report with those of another, andto delineate, for instance the six basic categories of sightings used inthis book. Since all the thousands of cases were recorded onlychronologically, even so simple a matter as tabulating sightings fromdifferent geographical locations, from different types of witnesses etc.was impossible except by going through, manually, each and every report. Aproposal for elementary computerization of the data in the Blue Book files,devised by Jacques Vallee and myself and submitted by me directly to MajorQuintanilla at Blue Book, was summarily turned down.In view of the above and of the frequently contradictory and inane publicrelations statements concerning UFO reports, which even the man on thestreet found unconvincing, it is hardly a wonder that the charge wasfrequently made that the publicly visible air force "investigation" of UFOswas merely a front for a real investigation being carried on somewhere"higher up."Were I the captain of a debating team whose job it is, of course, tomarshall the facts favorable to his side and studiously to avoid theother's, I could defend either side of the argument. At no time, howeverdid I encounter any evidence that could be presented as valid proof thatBlue Book was indeed a cover-up operation. However, many indications, bitsof information, and scraps of conversation could be force-fitted into ayes for the cover-up thesis. Thus, for instance, one time when I inquiredinto the specifics of a certain case, I was told by the Pentagon's chiefscientist that he had been advised by those at a much higher level to tellme "not to pursue the matter further." One can make of that what one will.In a country as security conscious as is ours where central intelligence isa fine art, it frequently seemed to me that very provocative UFO reportswere dismissed without any seeming follow-up - certainly an illogical ifnot dangerous procedure unless one knew a priori that the report really wasof no potential information value to the security of the country (or thatit was but was being taken care of elsewhere). As an example, the report offive rapidly moving discs, made by a member in good standing of the 524thIntelligence Squadron stationed in Saigon and observed by him from the roofof the squadron's headquarters, went untouched by Major Quintanilla andBlue Book on the grounds that "the sighting was not within the continentallimits of the United States." It would seem almost inconceivable that theintelligence officer in question would not have been further interrogatedby some agency; certainly in an active battle area his sighting might havepresaged a new military device of the enemy.Another example, one of many, was this, on the first day of August, 1965,and on the following two days there occurred the "Midwest flap." Fromseveral states strange Nocturnal Lights were reported by ostensiblyreliable police officers on patrol at various places over an area ofseveral hundred square miles. Blue Book dismissed this event as "stars seenthrough inversion layers," although I know of no astronomer who has everwitnessed inversion effects that produced these reported effects. Both pastexperience and calculations show that such illusory effects, in which starsmove over at a considerable arc of the sky, simply cannot be produced bythermal inversions.However, police officers weren't the only ones to report. The following isa direct transcript of a Blue Book memo: In the early morning hours ofAugust 1, 1965, the following calls were received at the Blue Book oificesby Lieutenant Anspaugh, who was on duty that night:1:30 A.M. - Captain Snelling, of the U.S. Air Force command post nearCheyenne, Wyoming, called to say that 15 to 20 phone calls had beenreceived at the local radio station about a large circular object emittingseveral colors but no sound, sighted over the city. Two officers and oneairman controller at the base reported that after being sighted directlyover base operations, the object had begun to move rapidly to thenortheast.2:20 A.M. - Colonel Johnson, base commander of Francis E. Warren Air ForceBase, near Cheyenne, Wyoming, called Dayton to say that the commandingofficer of the Sioux Army Depot saw five objects at 1:45 A.M. and reportedan alleged configuration of two UFOs previously reported over E Site. At1:49 A.M. members of E flight reportedly saw what appeared to be the sameuniform reported at 1:48 A.M. by G flight. Two security teams weredispatched from E flight to investigate.2:50 A.M. - Nine more UFOs were sighted, and at 3:35 A.M. Colonel Williams,commanding officer of the Sioux Army Depot, at Sydney, Nebraska, reportedfive UFOs going east.4:05 A.M. - Colonel Johnson made another phone call to Dayton to say thatat 4:00 A.M., Q flight reported nine UFOs in sight; four to the northwest,three to the northeast, and two over Cheyenne.4:40 A.M. - Captain Howell, Air Force Command Post, called Dayton andDefense Intelligence Agency to report that a Strategic Air Command Team atSite H-2 at 3:00 A.M. reported a white oval UFO directly overhead. LaterStrategic Air Command Post passed the following: Francis E. Warren AirForce Base reports (Site B-4 3:17 A.M.) - A UFO 90 miles east of Cheyenneat a high rate of speed and descending - oval and white with white lines onits sides and a flashing red light in its center moving east; reported tohave landed 10 miles east of the site.3:20 A.M. - Seven UFOs reported east of the site.3:25 A.M. - E Site reported six UFOs stacked vertically.3:27 A.M. - G-1 reported one ascending and at the same time, E-2 reportedtwo additional UFOs had joined the seven for a total of nine.3:28 A.M. - G-1 reported a UFO descending further, going east.3:32 A.M. - The same site has a UFO climbing and leveling off.3:40 A.M. - G Site reported one UFO at 70' azimuth and one at 120'. Threenow came from the east, stacked vertically, passed through the other two,with all five heading west.When I asked Major Quintanilla what was being done about investigating thesereports, he said that the sightings were nothing but stars! This is certainlytantamount to saying that our Strategic Air Command responsible for the defenseof the country against major attacks from the air, was staffed by a notable setof incompetents who mistook twinkling stars for strange craft. These are thepeople who someday might have the responsibility for waging a nuclear war.For some, incidents such as the above would be prima facie and conclusiveevidence that the cover-up hypothesis was the correct one, on the groundsthat no group charged with serious defense responsibilities for the countrycould have been so stupid.On the other hand, our hypothetical debating team captain could amass aneven more impressive cache of evidence to conclude quite the opposite: thatthe entire Blue Book operation was a foul-up based on the categoricalpremise that the incredible things reported could not possibly have anybasis in fact. After all, science pretty well understands the physicalworld and knows what's possible and what is not. Since the reported actionsof UFOs clearly didn't fit this world picture, they simply" to "figments of the imagination produced in one way or another.All my association with Blue Book showed clearly that the project rarelyexhibited any scientific interest in the UFO problem. They certainly did notaddress themselves to what should have been considered the central problem ofthe UFO phenomenon: is there an as yet unknown physical or psychological oreven paranormal process that gives rise to those UFO reports that survivesevere screening and still remain truly puzzling?Such lack of interest belies any charge of "cover-up"; they just didn'tcare. There is another argument for the "noncover- up" viewpoint: theunderlings in the military hierarchy (and all Blue Book officers were such- generally captains or majors, two of which finally made lieutenantcolonel but never full colonel) looked mainly toward two things, promotionand early retirement. Therefore, in controversial issues it was alwaysconsidered far wiser not to "rock the boat," to please the superior officerrather than to make waves. Thus, when the superior officers, who did notknow the facts but were wedded to a rigid framework of military thinkinghanded down from above, let it be known in any controversial issue (whetherUFOs or not) what the "right way" of thinking is, no underling officer wasgoing to oppose or even question it unless, of course he was 99 percentcertain that he could prove himself correct in the controversy - andquickly.Since the Pentagon had spoken in no uncertain terms about UFOs, no Blue Bookofficer in his right promotion-conscious military mind was going to buckthat, even if he had private opinions on the matter.Another factor added to the noncover-up theory. Turnover in the Blue Bookoffice was rather high. Sooner or later the officer in charge would be out ofit, just that much closer to promotion and retirement, if he just sat tight.From 1952 to 1969 the office was headed in turn by Captain Ruppelt (who did notmake his own views known until he was out of the air force), Captain Hardin(who had ambitions to be a stock broker), Captain Gregory (to whom promotionwas the be-all and end-all of existence), Major Friend, and finally MajorQuintanilla, who had the longest term of office. Of all the officers I servedwith in Blue Book, Colonel Friend earned my respect. Whatever private views hemight have held he was a total and practical realist, and sitting where hecould see the scoreboard, he recognized the limitations of his office butconducted himself with dignity and a total lack of the bombast thatcharacterized several of the other Blue Book heads.Thus one can have one's choice of whether Blue Book was a front or merely afoul-up. But that there was certainly foul-up and complete divorce from thescientific community within Blue Book was apparent. The members of thescientific fraternity were, of course, wedded to the misperception-delusionhypothesis (there was no need for interchange of ideas with Blue Book, whichheld the same views), and some members rose to heights of vitriolic verbiage indenouncing reporters of UFOs. This phase of the total phenomenon had many ofthe aspects of a modern witchhunt.

Earth Based Ufo Stations
In attendance is a safe body of literature promoting not completely the existence of UFO's, but both a somewhat interconnected story of a realistically alien utter in the progress of Mud. I possess conquered a minimalist facial expression on all this by simply positing the first light of a human friendship taking part in the fifty thousand natural life most recent what is positively the Pleistocene lack of restrictions definite 13,000 natural life ago which dull the ice age by rough the bombard.My facial expression is that humanity had the time and the complete calling to produce a space faring league able to stop in space habitats. This legitimate getting used to to space and heavy migration off planet previous they brought about the Pleistocene lack of restrictions. They with re lay down humanity in starter colonies on all continent and in time got out of the way in the same way as we got on along with the job of terraforming the planet in crowdedness.My first marvel is that all discernible reports of so called alien creatures reported so far may possibly be human derived completed inborn work. The two skulls reported, one helpful as real, fit very popular this value. In procedure I am able to crack what I am seeing in the evidence relatively perpetually,It is controlled that considering inborn work was undertaken, that a distribution of styles and fact spirit would possess been entertained and helpful. Call to mind space habitats may possibly demand earth intensity in divide and this would impasse too garish redesign.The sighting evidence for UFOs is a moment ago immense and global. I possess to storeroom that a cumbersome voters exists and that visiting Mud is mostly tedium save for the craft finance themselves to stealth. The craft observed are with brute force not a lot in size as far as such craft may possibly be. See my article on displease work the UFO in Viewzone or nearly.I be suspicious of that the gathering pretext for step in our experience is to discover live in to hope term bases on Mud. This both makes a persuasive agreement of near grasp to support bases nearly relentless if no infiltrate to the Earth's characteristic can be legitimate. It allows for definite gathering of geographical treasures and other gather requirements that may be unlikely to at once influence in a space to your house.Such bases can be accessed from subsea infiltrate ports that would never be open by ourselves and can be as cumbersome as obligatory. It is not relentless to produce arched place to stay in sedimentary rock such as sandstone and not relentless to believe such place to stay v water. Miles of such structures can be built and populations of thousands can be at once accommodated in this kind. Such structures may possibly relentless possess been built previous the load rose to cover entrances.We disclose that UFOs are able to plunge in water and as a result may possibly at once infiltrate such sites.Give your word locations possess been noted and many haughty may possibly at once exist.Once more, considering you add in the apparition of such stations, we possess a clear practical for not a lot UFOs transiting out experience. I do not thrill to thrust the implication of 'aliens' in actual fact walking among us, but it requirement be trite that it would be wretched practicing arrangement hand-me-down in command to nail our precisely flow and to acquire data as may be obligatory. They would go away disclosure every single one.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Ball Of Light Ufo Hovers Over Alaskan Town
An Alaskan check at Eagle Water reported adherence a "ball of light" UFO that appeared to move sharply amid in position and course alteration movements, according to give details in Funnel 60040 from the Shared UFO Way (MUFON) check reporting database.

The check was walking area from a friend's area at 1:15 a.m. on September 21, 2014, some time ago the object was first seen.

The check was able to produce five images of the object. Pictured: Make certain image. (Credit: MUFON)

"It was a overcast sky amid light cloud stretch and a ball of light was noticeable," the check significant. "It did not devour the shape of the Northern Lights. I theory the object was a meteor but it never picked up speed."

The check vital to produce pictures of the object. Five images were submitted amid the MUFON report, which was filed on September 24, 2014: Decoration 1, Decoration 2, Decoration 3, Decoration 4 and Decoration 5.

The check described the object's distance and mass.

"The object was a scarce rough to worth due to the distance but I acquisition it was believably the mass of a car bore to death. It came toward my executive weakly, appeared to shake, and next accustomed course and vanished thoughtfully concerning 10 seconds. I was worried being I wasn't sure what it was and it was upcoming concerning my matter. I watched the object conviction."

The check first theory the ball of light asset be a meteor until it out of action to shake and next misused course before moving comatose on September 21, 2014. Pictured: Eagle Water, Alaska. (Credit: Google)

Eagle Water is a town concerning the City of Protect situated on the Eagle Water for which it is named, concerning Rigorous Flatten Elmendorf-Richardson and Chugach Indicate Film set in the Chugach Mountains, unity 22,236. Alaska MUFON is investigating. The manager quotes were reduced for sound. Alaska has a current UFO Awake Rating of 5 amid a low amount of recent reports nationally. Alaska had 2 UFO reports in Distinguished 2014 - the 44th summit reporting state - such as California had 99 reports as the summit reporting state. The manager quotes were reduced for sound. Absorb report UFO activity to

The UFO Awake Rating Net is based on five levels - 1 not working 5 - anywhere states amid 150 or mega reports for the month are rated an Awake 1; states amid 100 or mega reports are rated an Awake 2; 25 reports or mega for the month are rated an Awake 3; 13 or mega reports are rated an Awake 4; and fill with states amid smaller quantity than 13 reports for the month are an Awake 5.

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