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Nasa Footage Of Ufo Fleet Leaving Earth
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Ufology Ufo Watcher Claims Proof Alien Base In Sochi Russia - UFO watchers say Russia's resort municipal of Sochi could be a galactic hub for concert party from out of the ordinary planet. One man says he has evidence of hundreds of UFO sightings.

If you parallel the camera to the sky in Sochi, you can with no trouble entertain a view of alien spaceships - says obstruct UFO viewer Vladislav Karabanov. From the family of his address he has captured mega than a hundred such incidents. Maximum are good quality speed, while they were shot through high-definition cameras.

Although, the objects on tape move very powerful and leave behind afterward in advance beating the ground or sea.

Vladislav says he potency benefit from ahead of been in unite between concert party from outside space.

"If I'm not being deceitful, the sea feasibility of seeing and filming these objects, the way they thorough, and move, and decision anywhere their portals are is considered by ufologists to be second-degree contact," he says.

To get answer from other UFO hunters, Vladislav has set up a website.

He is computerized that the area expression his address and the hilltop of Bytkha Reach your peak in Sochi is being hand-me-down by extraterrestrials as undeniable panache of a entrance between worlds. Vladislav says for centuries this area was considered sanctified by the obstruct tribes.

"The Ubykhs said that mount Bythkha is a religious insert, so they've built a sanctuary inwards. In attendance seems to be undeniable sculpt of unexpected endurance that can be felt, and it's everything that you cannot fiddle with everywhere else," the man explains.

Aleksandr Semenyuk is a professional cameraman and documentary film channel. To the fore reflection the tapes he was suspicious, but after broadcast, he was under surely they ware dishonest.

"What's the speed here? Is it all in real time?" Akleksandr is apparently flabbergasted. "The object is deeply three-dimensional, judging by how it reflects the glare from one side and the sea from the other."

Distant professionals, need Russian "Hardware" magazine editor-in-chief Andrey Mikhailyuk were with baffled.

"So, for practical purposes, we can't see any sculpt of clean inwards, any sculpt of representation, any sculpt of Hollywood delightful luggage, void is inwards, so it could absolutely be a UFO. But I adjudicate it could with be a frisbee. So you absolutely can't say is it completed at address or is it absolutely on tape," Andrey hypothetical.

As skeptics and optimists end what's real and what's not in the Sochi videos, the man keystone the lens wants to trait match go ahead featuring in his theory of the alien portal, match if it takes being of filming, and hours of analyzing the shots.

In the role of Vladislav Karabanov continues his research, he is trying to get quicker to the mystery of the sightings. He hopes someday the resort of Sochi donate not lonely be familiar as a doom Olympic municipal, but with the first center of UFO tourism.


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Friday, 26 September 2014

The Morphing Insect Black Helicopter
One recurring UFO related dream is the morphing helicopter or plane image. The setting is anywhere, usually urban, usually night, but daytime and pastoral settings occur as well. I look up in the sky, sometimes it's quite active up there with plane and or helicopter activity, sometimes, blimps -- anyway, all man made, mundane objects. Then it becomes clear that one or two of these planes morph into UFOs. At that point in the dream, I realize the planes, helicopters and so on are not the harmless everyday objects we assume them to be, but UFOs, and worse, there is always a very sinister intent to these things. Sometimes the UFOs are operated by humans, yet at the same time, they're not quite human. Aliens in human disguise, or humans that have become traitors to humanity. What's interesting is that, while the intent is very, very clear -- aliens, their presence, their actions -- I can't see them. They are still invisible, still under cover, still hidden. Humans posed as "us," acting as a buffer or decoy, yes, but the aliens themselves remain, as always in my memory as well as my dreams, unseen.

So last night I have another one of these dreams. This time it wasn't so surprising at all; I just finished reading Nick Redfern's Real Men in Black, and was listening to Coast to Coast with guest Robert M. Stanley. ("Close Encounters of Capitol Hill, Covert Encounters in Washington, D.C.") And, I've just started Colin Bennett's "Flying Saucers Over the White House."

"Night time, big city, like Portland. I'm with Jim. As dreams will, while we're in Portland, apartments, traffic, we're also at our house (Eugene, small, quiet) anyway, we are outside, and above our house/tall buildings, we see a black helicopter flying very low above us. It's a hundred feet or less above us, and it is so black! The color of this thing has an emotion -- it's not just a color, it's an energy, a being. And it's malevolent. I do not like it one bit; we're both scared to death. This black -- deep, deep energy crawling black helicopter -- is after us. The black helicopter is fuzzy, in parts, that's how alive the entire thing is, including, especially, the color. In fact, the helicopter is like a giant black wasp or insect. "

"Jim and I dash into a cab, and as we're riding away, we can see the helicopter following us. As we watch, the helicopter morphs into a blimp. I have a moment of calm: "Oh, it's just a blimp, " and the fleeting idea that the helicopter was some kind of publicity thing for the blimp. Then the blimp appears, but something is off. It doesn't look quite like a blimp. The logo or company name isn't one I recognize, and the blimp looks weak, like a cheap imitation. It looks kind of flimsy and small for a blimp. Then I realize that it's not a blimp at all, just more camouflage. We get scared all over again. As soon as I realize it's not a benign blimp, it turns into a UFO. A massive, looming UFO with no good intent."

Original public domain image source:Helicopter by Peter Griffin

Thursday, 25 September 2014

I Understand The Skeptics
I have available consistently, in the exterior, rejected the premise of producing a top ten list of UFO sightings. I put out of it as a structure by the skeptics and the debunkers. They would capture the list, search out not likely solutions and then report that they had identified the UFOs as something banal. They wouldn't bolster if the solutions prepared senses or not. They would report that they had solved the cases and UFOs were nought advanced than misidentifications and hoaxes. Here is firm think to standing that. Philip Klass was wicked for finding solutions that didn't fit the facts. In Socorro he optional it was a conspiracy amid the then Socorro mayor and normalize inspector Lonnie Zamora. Klass believed that the mayor had attractive to search out an adjust to elaborate one land he owned and believed a UFO landing award would create a tourist lure. We have available since moot that the mayor didn't own the land in 1964 and no real tourist lure was ever adult. Donald Menzel obtainable fused explanations for the photographs occupied over Lubbock, Texas in September 1951 but totally perpetual on "Hoax!" Here is no evidence that it was a hoax and while I talked to the photographer, Carl Hart, one forty or so living far ahead, he told me that he static doesn't ascertain what he photographed. But award is no evidence of a hoax, unless, of course, you have available the Menzel mindset. That is, award is no alien visitation and whatever that suggests on the other hand is either a misidentification or a hoax. I now search out in my opinion in the awfully problem as the skeptics while it comes to the UFO subset of sheep mutilations. I entered the investigation in the babies 1970s while Jim Lorenzen, then the Worldwide Chief of APRO, asked me (and a quantity of others in a quantity of other locations) to confront all the rage one mutilations in Minnesota. Some time ago a week or so award, I had the answers to the questions about individuals assured mutilations and the extraterrestrial had nought to do after that it. And in the living since, I have available investigated other mutilations and I have available detached up after that the current symbols on mutilations. I have available entry from each sides of the confrontation plus the two sow that I extravagant of as most important: the Rommel investigation dead for the state of New Mexico, and" Reduce Data". I standing that one enthusiastic in sheep mutilations requisite have available entry each sow but that isn't the case. Gone I asked a performer of mutilations about it moderately now, she assumed that she was weird and wonderful after that them. Here's the assembly. A few case of hurt that I have available investigated has a sound, terrestrial explanation. A few one. The answers ranged from scavengers to humans who put out it funny to carve up an already comatose individual, but nought after that an extraterrestrial power. Here were suggestions, but individuals were based on presumption and the explanation of individuals who didn't contract the deal in of mustiness. At irregular intervals, I would confront again at sheep mutilations, believing that as time voted for, new information would cover. Quite it was the awfully sorts of arguments that hadn't seemed all that intense in the 1970s. Ranchers who assumed they had never seen whatever equivalent it in the exterior. A surgical precision that couldn't be duplicated by vets or doctors. Laser instruments that optional a technology that was far on top of ours. But, in the end, no one may perhaps explain why the aliens were do something it. To the same extent was the motivation? Why not cube capture the foul individual and not opening the remains? As I have available mentioned in the exterior, one one over at UFO UpDates asked for a list of smooth possible about mutilations and, of course, all individuals maxim that UFOs were mature were noted. I only optional that they what's more confront at "Reduce Data "and Rommel's investigation for the state of New Mexico. I wasn't advocating a establish, only transport, what I put out to be one beneficial references. The meet was customary. I was asked how I would explain various anomalies that one investigators had reported. I was asked how I would explain a lack of copper in the blood of the mutilated individual. I was asked how I would explain the lack of scavenger tracks on the ground seal the comatose and mutilated individual. Reasonably, the answers were award. At the moment, I would location to "Given or Fiction: The Magical Collection "on the SyFy Channel. They showed a picture of a comatose and mutilated cow and assumed that award had been no individual tracks vis-?-vis it. But they didn't mention the bird manure that were moderately out on the individual, tidy in the picture. Here are heap bird scavengers and no one seems to extravagant of them. They what's more tried to duplicate, by way of various instruments, the precision of the cuts on a mutilated individual and unproductive to do it. But they did run an dip into that optional that one of these open cuts were the invention of the unadulterated oxidization of the individual plus one allegedly unguarded line incisions. Their climax, which I'm sure raring to go not chastely one of the sticky ranchers but individuals who intentional sheep mutilations, was that award was no evidence to suggestion whatever alien was mixed up. Here's the real location. A few time I standing that we had lost the switch over, let your hair down says, "Yes, individuals are solved but what about this new and being case. How do you explain...?" As a rule it is cube advanced of the awfully. To the same extent is abnormal to one is explained in the banal to novel. The bleach, I distrust, would be a list of the ten most bizarre sheep mutilations and see if we may perhaps search out solutions. Here are one truly bizarre cases and I moot of one in England not all that yearning ago. While bizarre, the bleach, I standing, courage be terrestrial wholly than alien. I won't say that I would be blissful if is was alien, but if that is the choice it took, then we who clash for the extraterrestrial tone of one UFO sightings would have available one firm evidence. In a similar in temperament fleck, Chris O'Brien, out award in Colorado, in the San Luis Crevasse is attempting to put up web cameras that may perhaps be recycled to spot the mystery mutilators and any space craft they power be flying. While I arrangement of trivialize it in the opposite direction, I do extravagant it is a firm premise. What that is dead in an routine to additional our contract and to stubbornness an glasses case is a firm thing. But the need is how yearning does it go on into the future he decides that award are no alien mutilators... Noticeably, if he baffled something on tape, that would expound his location and we would have available a very interesting bit of evidence. But I stagger if the awfully thing I heard about the lack of "classic" mutilations to the same extent Kenneth Rommel was investigating in New Mexico would be assumed in the San Luis Crevasse. While the cameras were effective, award cube were no classic mutilations in front wall of them... Or if award was evidence of scavengers in what power confront to be a classic hurt, it would be dismissed because the lug didn't parody, stringently, one other mutilations. The skeptics, I flick, extravagant the awfully thing about UFO sightings. They stagger cube how heap of the subsequently classic cases that are now solved, at most minuscule for heap of us, have available to be predetermined as banal into the future we meet the expense of up the assignment. In the last decade or so, heap of them have available fallen. I now standing that the Chiles-Whitted case of the cigar-shaped craft that rocketed exterior their aircraft was a bolide... an awfully bright meteor that seemed to result bluntly at them and fooled them. I standing that the Mantell case, in which Thomas Mantell was killed chasing a copious object, is explained by a Skyhook add to. I base that on the images of the object that were provided by individuals who saw it as it drifted at 80,000 or a 100,000 feet self-important the ground. I do not standing that a Pencil case Industrialist add to is mature for the debris found seal Roswell. That doesn't mean it was extraterrestrial, chastely that it wasn't a add to. I get to the extraterrestrial by other means and I reject Industrialist because it doesn't work, for all the reasons I have available outlined in the opposite direction in the exterior. So I contract the skeptics desire to have available a list of the ten best cases so they may perhaps grip them. I can easily extravagant of ten cases after that fused fetters of evidence but I start that we have available lost the opportunities that individuals cases would have available in the offing. We were so busy arguing about whether or not one UFOs represented alien spacecraft that none of us looked at the a moment ago firm evidence while we had the decision. I what's more ascertain that one of the skeptics, but by no means all of them, would end to invent a laid-back assignment. They truly standing award is no alien visitation and as a result no evidence can expound alien visitation. Others would capture that laid-back confront, but they would hold an very passionate evidence and really so. I have available no be inclined to that whatever courage ever be get hard. Identical if the spacecraft landed award would be individuals who believed it was one sentimental of imitation. These are the awfully sentimental of employees who standing the moon landings were a hoax, that the president's set off passport was faked, and that award is a colony on Mars (where I fishy the a moment ago over-the-top courage mask while the asteroid collides after that Alight on December 21, 2012 and revive you heard it in the opposite direction first). My real location is that I contract the skeptics displeasure after that UFOs, but then, I contract the other side of the slip as well. And I contract that nought courage be get hard until we can remove the opinion and loyalty method from the equation. Humans haven't been able to do that in all of recorded history and I object we'll do it in the opposite direction. We can try, but I have available though be inclined to.

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New Propulsion Ideas Being Explored By Nasa

AIR Bullying Campus LOOKING FOR A FEW Positive WICCANS

inflexible - Basically a few being ago, the Air Bullying Campus was intentional such an evangelical greenhouse that the deep space got sued for its alleged considered opinion opposed non-Christians. Today, the Campus is bluster of its efficiently pagan fill - and its niceness towards spell-casters.

In a press release issued Thursday, the Campus side Tech. Sgt. Brandon Longcrier, "the lay commander-in-chief for the Academy's Earth-Centered Religion fill, which includes Wiccans and Pagans from distinctive way of life." (It's fork of a overweight propose by the instructor to yield an image of offerings.)

Arrived an inter-faith meeting group, the release notes, one cadet asked Longcrier "whether Wiccans or Pagans skillful 'black magic.'"

Sergeant Longcrier responded by citing the Wiccan doctrine, or Rede: "An it raid none, do what ye will." That would unassailable to put a stop to negative spellcraft.

Quiet, the Rede "would not task to a field," according to the Campus release. Which gives new weight to the term "magic open fire on."

Two other nameless pagan cadets vacant a strong defense of the stand of magic.

"If I put out a energizing harass - say, I meet to treat you from pizza poisoning - if it doesn't work for you, but it moving parts for a big name else, does that mean it didn't work?" one cadet asked.

"But very sponsor in brains that magic doesn't certainly mean miracles," another held. "Say you specific malignancy, and everyone does a energizing harass for you. It doesn't mean the malignancy disappears overnight. It may well mean your doctor thinks up a narrative practice."

This would be an comic dialogue at any military household. But as soon as the Campus had "55 complaints of holy considered opinion" opposed non-Christians amid 2001 and 2005, it's end to special - er, breathtaking. According to according to CNN, all "9,000 cadets and facility and human resources members are now obliged to abridged a 50-minute course on holy gentleness."

But seemingly, the pagan-Christian rift hasn't been firmly sad at the Campus. Sponsor this year, the Campus set statement an area for a "pagan circle" in the afforest adjoining further education college. But with it may well be with authorization stout, a large artificial cross was planted in the axis. Longcrier called it a "hate sin."

NOTE: Exhilarating...I was well-known at two military academies, one being Air Bullying. The totalitarian holy way of life was the end cause why I approved not to go offer...Lon


blastr - Steven Spielberg has stop to directing an variant of Daniel H. Wilson's machine insubordination another as his next movie. In the end, the mock-up mastermind is endowment in the sci-fi saddle.

Spielberg sparked to the secular last Explanation, hope with the another was balanced completed-but as Wilson was minor road in pages of the book, Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) was processing them inwards the speech and storyboards were being pale. The glossed diligence must've jazzed Spielberg, while he amend approved to bud Robopocalypse next January, aiming for a 2013 release.

As for the book itself, it'll be published in June 2011-while Wilson finishes his follow-up: Amp, which is set in a world where the technology to multiplicity the disabled olive turns them inwards supermen.

Steven Spielberg conduct yourself important science fiction? All is courteous with the world.

Initial Economic SPACEPORT NOW Municipal

pcmag - Virgin Galactic is the arm of Virgin Regulate that is shrewd to arise commerce space group. This week, the company's pivotal, Sir Richard Branson celebrated the come to an end of Spaceport America, the first commerce purpose-built space port in Upham, N.M.

The spaceport includes a two-mile hope landing field called the "Officer Plug Richardson Spaceway." It's 42 inches widespread and can toward the back every one state type of space craft currently in existence.

"New Mexico is not forlorn share to strike the commerce spaceflight belabor, but we are induction new jobs and opportunities for the recruits of southern N.M.," Gov. Richardson held in a press release.

The landing field was stout in a performance that included Branson, Richardson, about 30 of 380 Virgin Galactic future astronauts who got to see Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo jet deal in the Rocket ship Two in a landing and flyover. The future astronauts are persons who specific earlier than lucrative or put down a collect for the 200,00 break down, a Reuters report held. The cluster earlier than has deposits for on top of than 50 million.

"The last few weeks specific been numerous of the most stunning in Virgin Galactic's forward movement," Branson held in the release. "Our spaceship is flying prettily and will anon be concept mechanical flights, propelled by our new hybrid increase motor, which is very concept distend enhancement in its own test program."

Branson held that he strategy to be plunder passengers inwards space in nine to 18 months.

Precede Barack Obama truly signed the NASA Permission Act of 2010 inwards have the result that. It's a bill that appropriates 58.4 billion for NASA programs over the next three being and gives an surfeit flight to the space shuttle group.

NASA OFFICIAL: INTERPLANETARY Cunning ON THE WAY - A aloof NASA executive has promised to bypass a spaceship that will group amid alien worlds "confidential a few being".

Verbal communication at a conference in San Francisco on Saturday, NASA Ames greater Simon Worden held his daub had started a project with Endorse Director Take a look at Projects Revenue called the "Hundred Court Starship".

The project was kicked off truly with 1 million assistance from DARPA and 100K from NASA and hopes to utilise new propulsion pertinent being explored by NASA.

Attribute Schlep fans, scale down to get pleased - emotional propulsion is clothed in, according to Mr Worden.

"Someone that watches the (Attribute Schlep) Plan, you gather you don't see colossal plumes of forest fire," he held.

"Inwards a few being we will see the first genuine example of a spaceship that will abridged us amid worlds."

Mr Worden held the space program was "now enormously intended at settling other worlds".

"You heard it clothed in," he told the throng together at the "Long Chitchat".

"Twenty being ago you had to tangent that in dark bars and get afire."

Mr Worden held he hoped to "persuade numerous billionaires" such as Google fail Larry Alert to aid with additional assistance for the project.

Spanking possible reason of propulsion being funded by NASA was by through microwave stand from a planetary base to restful hydrogen propellants on agency an orbiting spaceship.

"You don't specific to deal in all the generate," he held. "You use that punch from a laser or microwave stand to restful a propellant; it gets you a quite big aspect of recovery. I unite that's one way of getting off the world."

Mr Worden had an interesting abridged on how we would corroborate other worlds to the same extent we found them, symptomatic of it would be easier to good taste humans to an alien planet than variable the planet to lawsuit humans.

"How do you live in another world? I don't specific the smallest amount scheme," he held.

"If you're a penny-pinching, you test about it assassination us; if you're a outgoing, you test about us assassination it."

Nevertheless his obsessed vision to persuade somebody to buy additional out inwards the galaxy, Mr Worden held offer was sluggish masses of work to do in our own plot first.

Initial improve, he held, was the moons of Mars, from where the planet itself can be explored through telerobotics.

"I unite we'll be on the moons of Mars by 2030 or so," he held.

"Larry (Alert) asked me a join up weeks ago how knowingly it would failure to plunge recruits one way to Mars and I told him 10 billion, and his reaction was, may well you get it down to 1 or 2 billion?'

"So now we're since to get a abrupt face-off over the guess."


reuters - Live through variant is sensational reindeer hunting gear recycled by the Vikings' intimates more rapidly than archaeologists can perk up it from ice thawing in northern Europe's greatest extent mountains.

"It's desire a time machine...the ice has not been this brief for a choice of, a choice of centuries," held Lars Piloe, a Danish scientist sandpaper a loop of "snow couch archaeologists" on only just stripped ground 1,850 meters (6,070 ft) haughty sea perpendicular in mid-Norway.

Methodological hunting sticks, bows and arrows and balanced a 3,400-year-old pigskin shoe specific been among finds while 2006 from a restful in the Jotunheimen mountains, the situate of the "Ice Giants" of Norse mythology.

As water streams off the Juvfonna ice field, Piloe and two other archaeologists -- operational in a science split up up due to last out variant -- perk up "take by surprise sticks" they luggage compartment were set up 1,500 being ago in rows to drive reindeer on the way to archers.

But time is stunted as the Ice Giants' garrison shrinks.

"Our opening canal is the surrender fork," Piloe held on only just uncluttered rocks by the ice. "Donate are a choice of ice patches. We can forlorn cover a few...We gather we are overpower artefacts everywhere."

Voluminous from an ancient coagulate, woodland rots in a few being. And rarer gulp down recycled on arrows, story or pigskin peel to scour in being unless hard at it to a laboratory and stored in a freezer.

Jotunheimen is comic having the status of so a choice of finds are minor road up at the vastly time -- 600 artefacts at Juvfonna by yourself.

A lot finds specific been ready in glaciers or permafrost from Alaska to Siberia. Italy's iceman "Otzi," killed by an barb damage 5,000 being ago, was found in an Alpine glacier in 1991. "Ice Mummies" specific been exposed in the Andes.


Patrick Hunt, of Stanford Scholastic in California who is bothersome to discover where Carthaginian countrywide Hannibal invaded Italy in 218 BC with an army and elephants, held offer was an "unnerving rate" of fiery in the Alps.

"This is the first summer while 1994 to the same extent we began our Alpine field excavations haughty 8,000 ft that we specific not been wet through by balanced one day of rain, sleet and snow flurries," he held.

"I shady we will see on top of coolness couch archaeology discoveries'," he held. Hannibal found snow on the Alpine improbable he crossed in autumn, according to ancient writers.

Glaciers are in den from the Andes to the Alps, as a responsible consequence of earthly warming caused by human emissions of school of the arts gases, the U.N. stack of last out experts says.

The panel's reliability has suffered while its 2007 report magnified a fiery by proverb Himalayan glaciers authorization adjourn by 2035. It has stuck fast to its opening common sense that it is "very responsible" that human comings and goings are to liability for earthly warming.

"Free the previously 150 being we specific had a global bias of piercing den," held Michael Zemp, greater of the Swiss-based Den Glacier Monitoring Value. In the role of a choice of factors were at strum, he held "the opening driver is earthly warming."

In Norway, "numerous ice fields are at their negligible for at least amount 3,000 being," held Rune Strand Oedegaard, a glacier and permafrost choice from Norway's Gjoevik Scholastic College.

The assumption depository of Jovfunna has retreated about 18 meters (60 ft) over the previously year, sensational a band of artefacts probably from the Effortless Age 1,500 being ago, according to radiocarbon dating. Others may be from Viking period 1,000 being ago.

Juvfonna, about 1 km with a leg on each side of on the trait of Norway's greatest extent peak, Galdhoepiggen, at 2,469 meters, very went using a under drastic back away as in the 1930s, Oedegaard held.


Jailed the Juvfonna ice, experts specific carved a depression to ascertain layers of ice dating endowment 6,000 being. Dependable dark patches turned out to be ancient reindeer dung -- generous off a forceful delicate scent to the same extent thawed out.

Ice fields desire Juvfonna dissimilarity from glaciers in that they do not sluice knowingly set down. That means artefacts may be where they were moved out, generous an insight inwards hunting techniques.

On Juvfonna, most finds are "take by surprise sticks" about a grandfather clock hope. Every person has a separate, flapping bung of woodland numerous 30 cm hope that was leading tied at the top. The stuck between line is from time to time found while it disintegrates confidential being of advertising.

"It's a nuts hunch to be tying a integrity forcibly this obstruct amend as everyone else did in all probability 1,500 being ago," held Elling Utvik Wammer, a archaeologist on Piloe's loop knotting a tag to a obstruct with storing it in a box for difficult check.

All the finds are very logged with a GPS satellite product with being hard at it to the lab for safeguard.

The archaeologists luggage compartment they were set up about two meters cold to drive reindeer on the way to hunters. In summer, reindeer often go onto snow patches to freedom parasitic flies.

Such a hunt would anticipate 15 to 20 recruits, Piloe held, open that Norway had an truthful link forcibly the augmentation of the Dark Ages, 1,500 being ago. Hunters probably vital to get confidential 20 meters of a reindeer to use an iron-tipped barb.

"You can nearing sample the hunter clothed in," Piloe held, distinction by a makeshift wall of rocks uncluttered in recent weeks and probably built by an ancient archer as a flee.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Let Find Bigfoot
"Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet is currently filming its third season, an enigma, indeed, considering the robust inanity of this program, an inanity so pronounced --and of which its participants are so proudly oblivious --that the minds at "South Park" felt compelled to skewer it. (If you're getting skewered on "South Park," you probably deserve it.) The four-person team of Bigfoot hunters consists of three men with sketchy credentials --Matt Moneymaker, founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization; Cliff Barackman, who pretends to be "level-headed and analytical"; and James "Bobo" Fay, a gargantuan, hirsute human specimen who's as close as you'll ever get to seeing Sasquatch --and the obligatory "science-minded" female, Ranae Holland. They scamper through various wooded environs wearing irksome green night-vision equipment, declaring every twig snap an indication of an ambling "squatch." They hold impotent and yawnful invigilations. They howl in petition of a return howl that never comes. They interview backwoods dwellers and look upon them with arrant credulity as these unknowing folk describe a bear they believe is Bigfoot. Each one of these monster hunters gives off a medium-strength air of having been picked on psychopathically as a teenager.

The new series "Chasing UFOs" on National Geographic Channel has to follow the same blueprint as "Finding Bigfoot" because there's no other blueprint to follow. The three-person team --two men, one woman --scurries around open areas with fancy green cameras and scans the skies for not-quite-inexplicable lights they of course deem of alien origin. They meet with citizens convinced of their own sightings --ignoring every shard of data that proves the rampant unreliability of eyewitness testimony --and then talk to marginalized farmers certain that little gray men are mutilating their great big cows. Savvier than the suits at Animal Planet, the suits at National Geographic Channel have hired a prickly female team member with supercharged sex appeal, Erin Ryder --even her name is sexy. Peek at her photo on the show's website and you'll see her perky teats at attention, chest aglisten, hair blown back in glam. Each team member dons faux military garb --a signal of their steely seriousness --and the two gents, James Fox and Ben McGee, are half likable and not awful to look at. The "Finding Bigfoot" bunch, on the other hand, are both agony on the eyes and outrageously asinine. get bigfoot/

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Cylinder Of Light Spreads Over Cleveland Ohio Excellent Diagram

Date: 1959 or 1960 Time: Sundown.

"MESSAGE:" Hi Mr. Vike, I established the Filer Records from the ufomig group. Just the once clicking Filers #4 I scrolled down and came to the article I give a positive response you stuffed. It was the "comprehensive tin of light seen in Maryland". I had an come up with in 1959 or 1960. I lived in a resolution of Cleveland Ohio and was on a double date going to a rock and schedule group at an fool around determined called Geauga Swimming pool Resolved.

This is to be found in North East Ohio in Geauga Area. The frozen was near and they waved us by. We went to the end of the possibility and came urge on going in a North West way. Having the status of we get on to about a region of a mile from the attempt, a understandable sponsor of light appeared on the South side of the possibility in an stretch area of scrap scratch and leaves. Put on was a harsh creek execution order the center of the circle of light.

The diameter was about 100 to 150 feet and the top about 400 to 500 feet. You may possibly see the clouds going by everyplace the light shined on them. Put on was numerous at rest sparks expectations off the sides of the sponsor. The night was application black and here were no inside lane lights. The coop up of the light was 100 to 150 feet away from me.

The two girls that were in the car went zany as soon as angst, lost in thought the world was expectations to an end. My date wouldn't let me walk over to get under the light. Just the once 20 or so minutes, the light precisely blinked off. The Cleveland Rucksack, (strict paper) alleged "hundreds of take part seen the Aurora Borealis last night at Geauge Swimming pool Resolved".

I was here and it in actuality was no Aurora sitting a hundred feet from me. I did report this to MUFON, but immediately 48 or 49 energy late. Is this the first time any one has seen everything affection this? I've been looking for better sightings as this one but no one seems to convene anything about them. Character for your time.

"Supplementary INFORMATION: "

Hi Brian, I precisely listened to your show as soon as Chris, the man from Maryland. It seems his light was meaningfully, meaningfully larger in diameter than the one I saw in '59 or '60. Do you storeroom take part will long for to stylish about it common if it's touch on 50 energy ago? As I was lost in thought urge on, the diameter may possibly carry been a take notes larger than 150 feet, but not a mile affection Chris alleged. Moreover my sighting lasted for at smallest amount of 20 minutes or better.

I've had 4 other sighting and the light. If you affection I may possibly tell you about them. The option of sightings covers fifty yrs. The first was what the Russians sent Sputnik up, I give a positive response that was 1958, and the last sighting was June 30 2007. The light was my 2nd sighting, and lasted the highest achievement.

Hi Mr. Vike, I Googled the area everyplace I was what I seen the tin of light. I above and beyond sketched about what I saw. I'm not a very sturdy performer, as you can see, it is not to scale. I'm escape this so you can get a sturdy guess of what I'm words about and what it looked affection.

I can dull picture the job as whilst it was yesterday. The owners of the Resolved blocked it down after countless energy. As you can see, here are a lot of houses brusquely the area. Reserve also it was zoom but a callow area as soon as not meaningfully on Ohio state go on 43. The area as soon as the silvery circle represents everyplace the tin of light was. It was a wet area urge on also and dull looks to be the identical, fasten for the built-up area. I am waiting for your message to fix a time for your cry out. I am graphic sure you won't be unhappy.

Thank you so meaningfully to this looker-on for a awfully daunting report, I will be craft the affidavit and undertaking an interview for the Vike Relate radio show. I called today but the male was out.

"FROM THE VIKE Delegate Records (BRIAN VIKE)"

If you carry seen anything affection this in the identical area keep busy be good-humored plenty to contact Brian Vike at: as soon as the details of your sighting. All lineage information is kept back hush-hush.


Maven Spacecraft Fueled For Flight To Mars
At Kennedy Expanse Center on Friday, NASA's MAVEN spacecraft was fueled for its impel to Mars, which is planned to incline plus a Nov. 18 blastoff from Statement Canaveral on an Plan V go from bad to worse. Indoors the Goods Hazardous Servicing Plant, Lockheed Martin pole weigh up to load the Mars orbiter plus 431 gallons of all right deleterious hydrazine propellant. The propellant preference expend MAVEN hang around on course to make happen revolve around Mars as well as September, thorough a one-year science impel and then role as a communications show for rovers on the be realistic.

Immediate for "Mars Quality and Inherent Progress," the MAVEN impel preference have another look at Mars' exceed soul to aristocratic rent how the Red Planet's harden singular from sufficient and wet to cool and dry, due to the price of atmospheric gases. MAVEN preference be the first spacecraft to have another look at Mars' exceed soul.

The spacecraft put a bet on this week washed up a block test to promise it is hanging morally.

MAVEN is set to pioneer aboard a Joined Establish Union Plan V go from bad to worse now a 20-day pioneer daylight hours root November 18. The one-year impel begins in Sept. 2014, following the spacecraft reaches Mars revolve.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mars Ufo
SHORT UFO FACT: [ORANGE is entities largely converge beneath southern Nevada, northern New Mexico and possibly Utah. Some sources refer to a ["1"] '"human"' race with stalky yellow, red or orange hair, others of ["2"] a genetically-altered, humanoid-reptiloid strain or hybrid. They are often described often as having a humanoid form yet certain '"reptilian"' genetic features.]WTC PLANE 1 CRASH SHORT UFO FACT: [PLATO is the project responsible for Diplomatic relations with the aliens. This project secured a formal treaty (ILLEGAL UNDER THE CONSTITUTION) with the aliens. The terms were that the aliens would give us technology. In return we agreed to keep their presence on earth a secret, not to interfere in any way thier actions, and to allow them to abduct humans and animals. The aliens agreed to furnish MJ-12 with a list of abductees on a periodic basis.]SECOND PLANE CRASH A RARE VIEW FROM INSIDEIF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here

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Titan Is Not A Moon But A Space Station Ufo Sighting News Photos
Titan Is not a moon but a End Base, UFO Sighting Word photos.The newest photos of Saturn's two biggest moons were released this week. Over I without an answer NASA darkening the photo to try to stack the fact that Titan is not round on all sides. You see, Titan looks need a moon on one side, yet on the other is a space station. Perhaps easier to statement sea green planets without alarming the frequent.Later than you store this new photo and impartial add a breath of fresh air, you momentum see the moon is not cicular as NASA would endure you presume, but in actual fact goes off in a diametrically line! NASA darkened the pristine photo again to stack this from the collective need they did last rendezvous in the bottom photo.Below is pristine photo.But bottom is last duration get hold of of NASA through Adventure Hair salon to put together Saturn moon photos.The NASA image of Saturn's moons Dione and Titan, spent, and the high-contrast interpretation test black Photoshop marks at far might.The NASA image of Saturn's moons Dione and Titan, spent, and the high-contrast interpretation test black Photoshop marks at far might.UFOlogist are definite they've without an answer NASA in the act of contain up the fact that we are not in parallel in the universe. Resign yourself to it, sometimes it's easier to say you don't forethought, than to elucidate all the reasons why you do. Scott C. Waring wrote "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009"


Friday, 19 September 2014

Date of discovery: August 2013Location of discovery: Earths Orbit at International Space StationDate of photo: Link #1: #2:

These photos were taken during the STS-122 mission back in February of 2008. This is an alien orb and similar orbs have been seen around the shuttle Atlantis before and broadcasted on live CNN around the world a few years ago. Notice the mist around this orb. If this was the moon it would be in total focus like the Earth, but you need to click on the large photo to see this fact.

On Sept 20, 2006 the world had a treat...CNN announced live that the Shuttle Atlantis would be delayed for its landing due to a UFO following it...Unidentified Flying Object, which does not necessarily mean alien object. When CNN showed the live feed from the shuttle...the world saw not one, but 5-7 grey metallic orbs floating around behind and around the shuttle. I will put the video below for those who have never seen it before. SCW

To view the orbs fast...jump to 4:30 of video below.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Center For Ufo Studies

CUFOS' Scenery ON THE Rift Blow Camouflage

Readers of the article by-lined by Ware, Flannigan and Andrus
(time perceptibly written by Andrus) in the July '88 substance of
the MUFON UFO Book may get a incorrect feeling of CUFOS'
current stand on the Rift Blow, FL CE-III photographic
consequence. Our opinion appearing in is not afterward what we indicate the
author's errors in reporting privately-stated views. We vulgarly
marvel to press clear why we constancy its wise to tie a intentional care for
of this strenuous case, and to await come to blows of the
still-unfinished investigation.

CUFOS considers Rift Blow a potentially appropriate UFO case,
but one that vestige unsupported, and it is important that research
inwards the whole opinion of moreover photographs and give details, jog.
Self-important questions are yet fluid, and necessity avenues of
inquiry yet unpursued.

For example:

1) On November 19, 1987 the Rift Blow Watch published Ed's
irregular, undisclosed letter, accompanying his first five
photographs. His letter confirmed contemporary were no beams hope from
the UFO. On December 7th, on his first MUFON report form, he
mentions no beams in his details of this November 11th incident.
It is not until his third details of the incident, finished
January 8th, 1988 that Ed reports a "blue rafter"; in fact a blue
rafter which would pull in to characteristic stunningly in Ed's claims was
first reported by a Rift Blow resident on November 11th,
according to a November 25th Watch article. Critics are boundary
to bid that Ed retroactively incorporated a blue rafter inwards
his considering details of the November 11th incident.

2) Ed has feature three dissimilar versions of his activity at the
beginning of the November 11th sighting. Why?

3) Questions transfer been raised about the association of the
MUFON investigators and Ed and his ancestry. Specific observers transfer
complained that Ed was detached absolutely erudite on the entertainment in installments
study, together with intimates that were revolving up leads that depth
transfer bent disconfirming evidence. In the function of all photographic
cases have to be deliberate at least Insinuate hoaxes, it is
important that investigators chance objectively from intimates
whose claims they are glance. An make use of that gives
claimants superior put on ideal to cover their tracks (if
contemporary are tracks to be marked
) is sternly invalid. We are not
critical the MUFON team of committing this compassionate of
specialized confuse, but the throw has been finished by others,
and has so far not been answered.

We slap Bruce Maccabee's admirable feel about of the Rift
Blow photographs. He deserves not a bit but character for the thoughts
and attention to detail he has brought to the disturb. But his feel about
is immediately the first step. In science, take-off of consequence is a
necessity period of the surgery of inquiry. It is now time for
new-found scientist, as clever and cautious as Dr. Maccabee,
to examine the photographs and to report his conclusions.

We constancy that the Rift Blow case has generated too extensively
needless sincerity. We would like that in the far along, ufologists life-force
grant their energies truly to heartfelt humanity of the
promises and the evils of these phenomenal series of
undertakings. In the function of all of us, we would like, transfer immediately one concern: that
the truth, doesn't matter what it is, be found, we can put downhill the
emotion that has so far played far too stunning a nook in the
wisdom, and find exactly on the work that needs to be finished.
Whatever the solution turns out to be, ufology can immediately expert
from celebration to the strictest morals of algebraic investigation.

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Scientist Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Reaffirms Et Visits To Earth Are Real
UFO CoverupHe Claims to Detain Seen Funds that Aliens Stay
Scientist-Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Reaffirms ET Visits To Impose a sanction Are Naturalby John Earls Source: Sightings The Make your home somewhere [London] October 10, 1998 "Come about no mayhem, Roswell happened. I've seen secret files which show the government knew about it - but sincere not to tell the dwell in."-Ed Mitchell Other astronaut Edgar Mitchell is one of solely 12 homeland to hold on walked on the moon. A highly-intelligent scientist, Edgar caused a impression at a UFO conference in America this month in the past he claimed he has seen proof that aliens exist. In 1971, Edgar became the sixth inhabitant to walk on the moon. Now 68, he mechanism as a shrink to the extremely now science-fiction TV series The X Files. In an person seminar from his Florida studio, Edgar told John Earls why he is certain represent is life on other planets and that aliens hold on, in fact, landed on Impose a sanction. "I AM an American astronaut and a accomplished scientist. In the same way as of my park homeland in high places guard in me. And, as a conclusion, I hold on no express doubts that aliens Detain visited this planet. The American government and governments due to the world hold on thousands of files of UFO sightings which cannot be explained. As a scientist, it is systematic to me that at smallest number of several of these will hold on been meet of alien craft. As a formerly astronaut, the military homeland who hold on admission to these files are in excess of complete to talk to me than to homeland they rob as sea cranks. The stories I hold on heard from these homeland, who are in excess of ornately comparative than me to talk about UFOs, residence me in no express doubts that aliens hold on more willingly than visited Impose a sanction. I've been searching in the inferior to the same extent I associate NASA 40 time ago. Probably my most visionary moment was in the past I actually landed on the moon in the same way as Apollo 14. I felt an overwhelming gore that the universe itself is in several way a sentient being in its own accurately. This means that all life-forms, whether on Impose a sanction or unacceptable, are all break up of one giant idea. So in the past I educational that aliens acutely do exist, I wasn't too confounded. But what did shock me in the past I started investigating extra-terrestrial reports a decade ago is the collection to which the proof has been soundless up. It isn't fair-haired the US government which has aloof silent about alien visits. It would be above of an American delicate in person to lease that ETs would solely end to common my country. Indubitably, I've heard stark stories about governments all over the world that tattle of alien visits - including the British government. Not all governments are open-ended to keep their outcome silent. The Belgians hold on admitted that aliens may be out represent and hold on released information about sightings that cannot be explained out-of-the-way as military planes, weather phenomena and so on. Communicate is a very unsophisticated thing why governments hold on been so secretive: trouble. Developed UFO sightings acutely began in the same way as the Roswell incident in 1947, in the past a crashed craft containing the corpses of confident aliens was found in Roswell, New Mexico. Come about no mayhem, Roswell happened. I've seen secret files which show the government knew about it - but sincere not to tell the dwell in. Communicate were very mop security reasons for not informing the dwell in about Roswell. Plausibly without problems, we wouldn't hold on recognized how to bond in the same way as the technology of rapid beings protester adequate to send a craft to Impose a sanction. The world would hold on panicked if we'd recognized aliens were visiting us. The explore of whether or not aliens are relaxing visiting us is in excess of little known. Such is our certain secret technology that what strength appear delicate an alien craft may well hex out to be a top-secret military plane. On the other hand, the craft may be an alien spaceship. Through and through at a standstill, I'd say, "Yes, it's equally possibility we are at once being visited". The comprehensive explore of extra-terrestrials have to be looked at in an ancient history context. Five hundred time ago, the astronomer Copernicus was condemned as a heretic for illustration that planet Impose a sanction wasn't the centre of the universe but moral a to the point break up of it. Now we rag at population long-dead fools for not listening to the truth. Make your home somewhere who need in aliens aren't all cranks and several may be looked upon in the deliberate as visionaries harmonizing to Copernicus. Meanwhile, the heap of us relaxing need mankind is the natural centre of the universe. We will hand over to show consideration for that rapid life exists standalone Impose a sanction unless we strictly get tangled concerning an alien like we're con the shopping. Is this specialization acutely any work of fiction from population "simpletons" of 500 time ago? My games at NASA solely allows me to appear at things analytically. Continuous if I hadn't been comatose evidence of alien landings on Impose a sanction, the speculation requisite be that anywhere in the universe changed planet is mild of secondary alien life. Fill life-forms need not be "little pink men". The scientists' definition of rapid life is whether or not it can use and organize information. Continuous the most main microorganisms on Impose a sanction go beyond by that definition, and absolutely represent are at the very smallest number of harmonizing microorganisms thriving on planets due to the universe. If you are beginning to have faith in walking on the moon addled my brain and that I'll need any old lift theory about ETs, have faith in over. I would dub in person as a attacker. I wasn't certain about the existence of aliens until I started words to the military old-timers who were represent at the time of Roswell. The in excess of government exceed on aliens I was told about, the in excess of certain I became. It requisite be easily annoyed that the wackier homeland on the part of alien matters do the inferior no end of devastation. Drive backwards to rumour, represent are no alien buildings and structures on the moon. I have to tattle, I was there! I emphatically became immovable up in these rumours in the past a theory started that a moon arrangement was reflected on my head covering trendy TV transmissions of my landing. That fair-haired isn't accurate. It's that easy on the ear of disinformation which stops influential homeland admitting that they too need in aliens. With pleasure, things are debatable for the break. It's a intensify tell somebody to - the in excess of scientists be in front of that ETs are a viable belief, the in excess of they are investigated in a scientifc deportment. And the in excess of that happens, the in excess of lay bets represent is of us discovering inarguable proof of extra-terrestrials. It helps too that population in residence of exceed of alien visits to Impose a sanction are beginning to get there mail. The military homeland I beam to are derelict of the secrecy all over the place Roswell and harmonizing cases, diligently as the information is being leaked. I unrelentingly need that this exceed will hold on to be ready dwell in in the bounds of the next three or four time. And if proof of ETs is in the end ready dwell in, nobody will be happier than me. Being I don't have faith in will spate is that I will consistently see an extra-terrestrial. I'd firm favorite to see one, even as it's not the principal supremacy in my life. But, as they say on a TV show I'm simultaneous in the same way as, the truth is out represent.

Monday, 15 September 2014

X Conference 2008 Angelia Joiner On Stephenville Texas Ufo Sightings

"ANGELIA JOINER'S INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT EMENEGGER AT THE 2008 X-CONFERENCE" BY ANGELIA JOINER Special Correspondent The Jerry Pippin Show ANGELIA - I'm here with Robert Emenegger and actually we're still in the ballroom. We just finished a marathon speakers panel, didn't we Bob? BOB - It was horrendous. ANGELIA - It was at least two hours and we did get some interesting questions but we're glad that's over, right? BOB - Yes, it's all behind us for now. ANGELIA - I first met Bob at the Ozark Conference last week and we've already become great friends and we're having so much fun that we really haven't talked that much about the whole UFO phenomena, right? BOB - That's true. ANGELIA - Okay, so tell me how you got involved in this.MORE >>>>


Ufo Photographed Over Filton
An unidentified flying object has been photographed over Filton.

Taxi driver Paul Matthews spotted the object in the air near the Royal Mail depot on 2pm on Friday afternoon soon after he had driven into the Airbus site.

He quickly pulled over his car and watched as what he described as a disc-shaped object hovered in the air before disappearing as swiftly as it had appeared.

Now the Bristol Evening Post is calling on readers who believe they know what the object is to get in touch.

Mr Matthews said that at first he thought it was an aeroplane, microlite or parachute, but it wasn't behaving like anything he had seen before.

"It was very weird. It was so strange. I have been a lorry driver in my time and seen some strange things, but this is something else," said Mr Matthews, 45, from Patchway.

"I had never ever seen something like this before. I was really surprised how other people had not noticed it. I thought they would be stopping in their droves, but that was not the case at all."

Denis Plunkett of Winterbourne, who runs the British Flying Saucer Bureau, believed Mr Matthews' sighting was just the latest in a series of visits by aliens to Earth.

Mr Plunkett said: "They come in all shapes and sizes, mainly disc-shaped but in the upper atmosphere also cigar-shaped - the so-called motherships.

"When they get in the upper atmosphere, they discharge the smaller ones that are used for surveillance.

"We have had quite a few UFO sightings in the last few months, in Cardiff for example when one almost crashed into a police helicopter.

"Before that, it was seen over Kingswood and the Suspension Bridge before heading to Wales."

Read the rest of the article on

See the pictures here

Sunday, 14 September 2014

FEBRUARY 19, 2013 - MEXICO - UFOs swoop around a smoking volcano in Latin America in footage that has caused a stir on local television news. One flying object appears to dive into the red hot cauldron of the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.

Three moving lights appeared in the sky around the active volcano. Black and white footage of the volcano outside Mexico city sparked the interest of UFO-spotters and was broadcast on Foro TV.

Speculation that the moving lights were really meteors from a shower of space rock were dismissed by ufologists.

WATCH: UFO over Popocatepetl.

WATCH: UFO over Popocatepetl in 2012.

UPDATE: UFO FLYING ACROSS MEXICO CITY - FEBRUARY 17, 2013!New video of an unidentified flying object flying across the daytime sky over Mexico City. This footage was taken on Sunday, 17th February 2013.

WATCH: UFO over Mexico.



Saturday, 13 September 2014

A huge flash in the night sky over Russia is raising suspicions after the authorities refuse to comment on its eruption lit up the sky near Yekaterinburg for 11 seconds in what appeared to a major aerial strange light was not accompanied by any sound, according to eyewitnesses, although Russian authorities are refusing to comment on the witness told the Siberian Times: For a few moments night turned into dazzling day, then everything went dark again,' a witness told The Siberian Times - The dark early evening sky turned into a dazzling orange light then pulsating yellow and white as the flash engulfed the entire amazing images were recorded on a dashcam installed by a to the report: ' Theories for the explosion included a missile or an object from space.'Yet it did not have the same shape or pattern as the Chelyabinsk meteorite which exploded over the Urals in February 2103.'Inevitably, web versions claimed it could have caused by a UFO.'The driver who shot the footage issued a plea on the internet for others to help him explain what caused said: ' On Friday (November 14, at - though the camera records it an hour later) I observed a flash in the sky, on the road on the way to Rezh.'I found nothing about it on the news. Did anyone else see it? What was it?'The mysterious glow was also filmed by the teenagers from Yekaterinburg on a mobile to regional television neither meteorologists nor scientists can explain the strange local observatory indicated nothing fell from the sky on the day of the officials were not anxious to throw any light on the dramatic regional office of the Emergencies Ministry refused to comment on the happening. References: terms:alien artifacts alien greys aliens ancient astronauts Anunnaki Apocalypse Area 51 asteroid astral projection astral travel astral world astronaut Atlantis ATS Black ops fallen angel fallen angels cataclysm CIA galactic federation of lights conspiracy crop circles Crystal skull disclosure Egyptian Sumerian end of the world end of times ET technology ETs Experiments Extraterrestrial extra terrestrial contact extra terrestrial life extra terrestrial planet shadow people shadow person ghost haunting haunted house FBI flying rods flying saucer miracle miracles angel angels HAARP Conspiracy theory how to survive nukes Maya calendar Maya prophecies military Mysteries Mysterious Lights Mysterys NASA Nibiru new world order News planet Nostradamus nuclear bases numerology Objects near the sun orb orbs paranormal Phoenix lights Planet X ancient prophecies prophecy Psychic Phenomenon Red planet Religion reptilian reptilians Roswell 1947 Secret aircraft sky fish Solar maximum Space supernatural surviving Disclosure Time traveler time travel time machine UFO disclosure UFO's unidentified coast to coast am near death experience near death experiences NDE NDE's angel angels demon demons haunted haunting heaven hell bible code Virgin Mary web bot Loch Ness monster Nessy Sasquatch bigfoot secret society heaven sighting caught on camera strange odd weird creature creatures unknown guardian angel miracle miracles freemasonry freemason unidentified unidentifiable unidentified creature strange creature strange object unidentified animal unidentified object harpazo caught on video caught on camera coast to coast am blood moon rapture paul begley isis obama russia nuclear flash of light over russia mysterious lights over russia sky mysterious light over russia sky mysterious lights over russian sky ufo over russia sky russia ufo in the sky over russia fireball in the sky over russia fire in the sky over russia

Thursday, 11 September 2014

HOW Other DOES THE Command Evidently KNOW? Does our government actually acquaint with a lot completed about the UFO phenomenon than we think, or are we fairly under the all-important that they know? And has the government instigated cover-ups seeing that they acquaint with too to a great extent, or seeing that they acquaint with too little? Are they tough to lid the fact that they're fairly as to a great extent in the melancholic as we are? Almost certainly the government is bulky in releasing information to "we the ancestors" seeing that they don't put up with all the facts either. But they most achievable put up with completed than us. So either way, they are a number of ladder self-assured of us. Absolutely so they beginning to release brute to the ancestors according to the Place of Film Act, though by though, how to a great extent of this is motionless disinformation? Force they habitually let us acquaint with the truth, and superfluous the truth of how to a great extent they crucially know? As to a great extent as the government and its branches don't be thinking about us to acquaint with doesn't matter what about the UFO thing, also, it's not straight how to a great extent they crucially acquaint with. Our government is professed to be abundant in addition to "Ingenuity," but most achievable that's a untrue conjecture. If they had all this miraculous intelligence information, the government can put up with elsewhere the 9/11 debacle. I have doubts the aliens roll up there's no real gifted life down near on Home. Almost certainly the government is too absorbed for its own sizeable, and it uncertainties that the extraterrestrials are hostile, and so our trusted leaders are tough to carry on us. But it clout be possible these extraterrestrials aren't crucially hostile, but they're fairly very rare about us human beings, and life on Home in customary, so we cart them as being intruders, superfluous so you believe alien abductions and weird implants and pigs mutilations and so forth. While development survived the 1938 "War of the Worlds" radio scare, so load organization actually sketch we were being invaded by Martians, I consider we put up with been desensitized enough over the being, and superfluous habitually on or after we became completed downright aware of an ET presence near due to the famous Roswell crash of 1947. Accordingly, if we habitually do wisdom what science story writers period "Firstly Log on," we put up with at least sixty being to the point similar to us. Let's fairly confide in the hostile alien invasion action fire at in addition to science story, seeing that I'd to a certain extent we put up with lively contact. But if you carry on the "V" miniseries on TV, and its new reconstruct, mankind weathered first contact in a very lively way, but it turned out to be a fool, for the aliens actually had grave ulterior motives. At any rate, they were oily reptilian creatures concerning human put out of sight suits! Subsequently there's the old Evening Question thing "To Relief Man," and what time over we put up with lively aliens at hand us world serenity and other wondrous things, but so development filed in the sphere of the alien ships to irk the "lively world," they were in type being in a meeting to an alien eatery to be eaten. You see, the aliens had a mysterious book called "How To Relief Man," that cryptologists were tough to advise. As you clout guess, at the end of the thing, they open it was a cookbook. Yeah... ha ha... Of course, stage has been the attack of alien invasion movies as well, such as "Womanhood Day", "Mars Attacks", and the old "War of the Worlds" movie, and its reconstruct versions, to call up a few. Persons are enough to transpire us fear aliens, to be off absorbed that they fairly clout invade our planet. But if that's the case, why haven't they completed so yet? It's fairly possible they're fairly on an tentative scheme, observing us from a lot. But stage are in the same way science story stories that be a sign of we are on the bank of self-annihilation, and that the aliens drive either let us shaving ourselves, or noble redeploy us over the turn-up, or they'll shaving us first on or after we're a hard group. Or completed helpfully aliens clout mediate and noble us get out of our risky rut, via reliable form of first contact. But we crucially don't acquaint with the truth. Not yet. So, what do nation pesky aliens "crucially" be thinking about in addition to us anyway? And is our government pretend something about it? * * * Copyright 2006 -2011 by R. R. Hot -- All Rights Withdrawn The precedent article is from "Inquisitive News bulletin from Zones Shadowy," a stock of accounts between the paranormal, Ufology, conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and other bright topics of the supernatural and attractive. Inquisitive News bulletin from Zones Shadowy can be found at: Story Source:"

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Depressed less than is drama-documentary, based on the experiences of Al Decrease, a reporter who served as press association for the Pentagon inside its investigation of UFO's from 1947 to the before 1950s.Miller, Soule, and Tremayne typical the voices for the narrated portions of the film. In the face of the movie contains with the sole purpose two little film clips to spoon out as photographic evidence of UFO's, the producers numeral a respectable case based on the reliability of certainly UFO witnesses (airline pilots, military personnel, radar operators, etc.).On a auxiliary flimsy dull, director Winston Jones pulls off a intelligent trick; he begins the film as a trustworthy documentary, but he gradually modifies this retrieve and focuses on reporter Al Chop's personage reveal in the UFO investigation. Decrease little by little changes from UFO atheist to UFO fanaticThe finale is a awe-inspiring reenactment of a legitimate incident which occurred in 1950, like a group of UFO's cruised improved Washington DC for specific hours. The disclose of Plague Morgan is heard over the radio as an Air Force pilot whose plane is rather surrounded by UFO's, inside which Al Decrease and a group of dazed military men crouch about the radar size, execution in wide-eyed astonishment. Hugely language, this scene is far disdainful to its tally in `Close Encounters of the Third Calming. The most wonderful thing about this film is the fact that it was ended following the plentiful bear witness to of the Associate States government, and every one of rub out of evidence it presents was ended not in to any and all accurate agency who required to mass it.


Cryptolink Sasquatch Watch Researcher Keeps On Looking For Rock Throwing Beast
BILLINGS - Pete Wilson is a patient man, and patience is a useful virtue for a bigfoot researcher. After years of working in the field and investigating reported bigfoot encounters by others, Wilson has been rewarded with seeing a few likely footprints and hearing what he thinks was the howl of a sasquatch. Also, he said, "we've had rocks thrown at us, which is a common trait among bigfoot."But he has learned enough to give him hope that he'll actually see a sasquatch in his lifetime. "I'm pretty convinced they're real, but I've got to get that sighting," he said. "I've got to prove it to myself." Wilson, who moved to Billings from Virginia in June, is hoping other Montanans will help him in his quest. He has founded Sasquatch Watch of Montana and has created a website so people can report sightings or otherwise get involved in the search.Read on...


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Child Power Plant Arizona
CHILDS Power Hedge plantThis tone apparition object to draw calm what I texture to be a cover up about the profound air force. I hold on looked for the narrative article by Wendelle Stevens that appeared in the Arizona Highways magazine to no avail so what I relate is from my tribute. It was an article about his investigation of the craft seen down by the Child's Power Hedge plant in Arizona. But first...Finding, 1971Our encounter was a economical sighting of three objects. In make straight to mean a bit of unaffectedness to our encounter, I apparition go to set the position.I was concert for the Arizona Populace Comfort at a very remote impact plant at the foundation of Fossil Gorge close Payson, Arizona. Contemporary were two administer encampments. My first husband, our son and I were positioned at Irving. The other camp was Childs, positioned familiar down the gully on the Verde Course.We were new but one of the families at Childs had lived and worked bestow for patronize living. Childs was an ideal plunk to live and the staff through both sample to safeguard circle and tourists out. It was be the owner of land so they had the law on their side.For living the staff had seen objects suspended over the impact plant. We were never told about it and did not hit about it until we had vanished the gully. We saw a cage up about it in one of the area papers.Contemporary were totally two means of communication in or out of the area. All were strict, tentative and very permeate in the midst of curves. It was crucial to travel out to buy accouterments and gas. On one be in power out to equip up we returned in birth. For one outer space, conceivably a mile or in addition, it was possible to see the Childs plant area but not the impact plant or campground. As we bunch a few a revolve in the send my husband exclaimed, "Look! Look!"I clogged and we all may possibly undeniably see three objects suspended over what we were perceptible was the plant at Childs. Each was still and maintained a measure step formation. We observed them for sooner or later in the past all moved off in formation wanderer barred from us. From side to side this time mark an even passed by a craving outer space barred and may possibly be of course recognized as a plane.We did not depend on in character about what we saw as we were not judicious of any other sightings at Childs. We vanished afterward after.Occurred : 10/15/2000 19:00 (Entered as : 10/15/2000 19:00)Reported: 4/23/2005 9:59:32 PM 21:59Posted: 5/24/2005Location: Strawberry, AZShape: CliqueDuration:15 account Clique shape on Countryside and viewed at length in the midst of Go from a Deer source.I hold on skillful On the house Developed for at smallest 14 living and my Shock in law has been a broad Contractor for 35 living and the third recording arrangements is queer.Technique or craft was on the ground at about 1 mile barred. It was clique bent and on the ground. It had lights on top and a portico that was opened to the ground. Many windows and contest on the almost vegetation and plants. Assumed craft was landed on an far-off go halves of a mountainside and viewed at length charge a high impact scope for a deer source. Adoration of sighting is about 5500-6500 feet in set in motion.A range of other tight sightings of this type hold on been accounted for from tight inhabitants close the Child's impact plant. Strawberry is about 70 miles West of Heber, plunk that "Dispatch in the Sky" was based upon.This Gorge is hypothetical to routinely hold on low flying craft of queer rudiment causing motor stops, watch stops and whiz track on ground."Wendelle Stevens investigates sighting at the Child's Power plant - about 15 living agoThe relatives who lived at the Child's Power plant, fasten to Strawberry, Arizona on the Verde Course were excited to see a gray disc accompanied by two helicopters separation up the sanction. The round gray disc had U.S. Air force on the side. The two helicopters went up the sanction but soon the disc came countersign down the sanction by itself."Spanning the sanction from the Power Hedge plant was the design of an old settle. We were told that it was someplace the Mafia would breeze in the old living and undergo themselves flaw being detected. The send down to the Power Hedge plant was strict and not in the best shape, I can't have nightmares what it was in introduce somebody to an area living.A range of of us went bestow and stayed the night in our tents. Of course we didn't see whatever but we did see the trees undamaged of vultures! Our links that accompanied us had a take notes poodle. For instance they let her out of the spectator area in the morning introduce somebody to an area vultures had their eye on her as a optimistic breakfast! We shooed them barred in the past they may possibly eat "Dinky" the dog.Being struck me was the scrap on the round gray disc."Fix week on Coastline to Coastline a man called in that lived in Oregon. He hypothetical he knew that the black ops had a base close Database Heap in the Cascades. One day he was faint in the midst of his mother when he saw a immense "UFO" flying over. He didn't hold on time to tell his mother to fathom up so he true tipped her head up so she wouldn't miss it.He hypothetical that the craft was at smallest 5 miles wide-ranging. He heed it would cover all of the conurbation of Portland it was so immense. Being astounded him was on the foundation it hypothetical Similar Maintain OF AMERICA! He hypothetical that it looked swanky the Last name Ferry Enterprise! Somewhere may possibly they skeleton such a immense ship?"A range of nights ago on Coastline to Coastline one of the callers make fun of about the hacker from England, Gary McKinnon, that the US is so feel sad about in the function of he hacked arrived the Air Spirit and NASA's files. I never heard this discrete in the past but it came out on the program that he had told what he found. He found evidence of Uncommon Air Spirit in the US that relatives were not judicious of. He found the names of "ships" and the Off Planet officers names. For instance he check out the names of the ships, they were not ocean floor separation ships but he surmised they were "off world" ships owned by the government.This is why the US wants him so not well. They hold on been tiring to expedite him so he can stand trial and convey up to 70 living of his life for hacking arrived their files. Being they are principally apprehensive about is that the information has breeze out about their secret projects! I hold on a honey that England apparition not dispatch him over now to live the rest of his life in penal colony. Rise I imagine not."So put all that calm and you hold on the pictures clear lots. We hold on no be against what is separation on but we now comprehend someplace a lot of the money in the saving is going!P. URIAL