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With Space Shuttle Discovery Final Landing The End Of An Era Begins
Yesterday, Space Shuttle "Discovery" landed for the final time at Kennedy Space Center, thus closing out its 39th and final mission of a career that began way back on August 30, 1984. When "Discovery" landed yesterday, the first of the last shuttle flights was completed. Now, back on Earth, Discovery will go in for a refurbishment that will prep the shuttle for its truly final mission as a main exhibit at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. After "Discovery" landed for the first time, there was the customary press conference. Commenting on the ageless shuttle, mission commander Steve Lindsey stated that "if you think of a vehicle that's 27 years old, you never see a vehicle that age that never comes back with no flaws, however Discovery did just that, she functioned flawlessly." NASA chief Charles Bolden also went on to praise Discovery, saying that "Discovery" is an amazing spacecraft and she has served her country well." Perhaps that was a bit of an understatement. Of all the space shuttles, Discovery is the most historic as its accomplishments read like a shopping list.Visited two space stations (Russian "Mir" and the ISS)Last shuttle to visit "Mir"First shuttle to visit ISS and would make the most trips (13) thereFirst shuttle to retrieve satellite and bring it back to Earth Was first in flight after both the "Challenger" and "Columbia" disastersLaunched the Hubble Space Telescope Flew more flights, traveled more miles, and carried more astronauts into space than any other shuttleFirst American spacecraft to take a foreigner, cosmonaut Sergei Kirkalev, into spaceFeatured first female pilot, Eileen CollinsOnly shuttle to fly 4 times in a yearFeatured first African American to walk in space Flew 100th shuttle missionCarried first sitting member of Congress into spaceTook space legend John Glenn back into orbit at age 77Needless to say, in 27 years of flight, "Discovery" did America proud. Now, the focus at NASA is on the final two space shuttle missions. "Endeavor," the youngest shuttle in the fleet, is set to launch for the last time in April while "Atlantis", which was intended to have flown its final mission last year, will get one last ride into space come June. For more on Discovery:NASA Photographic TributeNASA Discovery Carrier TributeLink to photo gallery from final missionComplete STS-133 Mission CoverageHUMBLE REQUESTS:If you found this informative (or at least entertaining), help me pay my bills and check out my Examiner pages for photography and astronomy for more great stuff. If you think this was cool, why not tell a friend? For something even better, follow this blog.

Credit: shieldufoproject.blogspot.com

Men In Black On Security Footage After Ufo Sighting
BY RACHEL DILLINISN'T "MEN IN BLACK" THE Deed OF A Image Series STARRING Command SMITH? IT SEEMS Conceivably Here Really ARE MEN IN BLACK In force IN THE U.S. After A Late at night UFO Finding IN MARYLAND, MEN Clothed in ALL BLACK SHOWED UP, AND Cover CAMERAS IN A Take lodgings Lobby CAPTURED THEM ON Album.DOES Command SMITH Quality Sound MEN IN BLACK RIVALS? Conjure up CREDIT: Conjure up BY MATT DAMES/SONY VIA GETTY Similes Incredibly Plethora, THESE Theater group WERE Good AND Graceful AND DID NOT Display ANY FACIAL Fur ON THEIR FACES (By way of NO EYEBROWS AND EYELASHES). DOESN'T THAT Unblemished Exceedingly STRANGE? Foster TO THAT, THEY HAD Brutally Dull Rude EYES.Firm People WONDERED IF Conceivably THESE TWO MEN, WHO LOOKED Plethora Parallel TO BE TWINS, WERE Logically PULLING Firm Strategic OF Deception OR Hoax. On the other hand, Here ARE A lot OF Bonus People WHO Hold AT THIS Footage AND SEE Sound Support OF Effectual MEN IN BLACK IN THE U.S.YOU CAN Realize OUT THIS Wacky Strip ON THE Not here. Such as DO YOU Control Regarding THIS? DO THESE MEN Column THAT Here WAS A UFO Finding IN THE AREA? Conceivably THEY WERE Here Monstrous TO Erase ANY Proof THAT Push BE Here. OF Channel, THEY May perhaps Display BEEN PLAYING A Deception. IT IS Hard TO Know, BUT IT IS FUN TO Be unsure Regarding.

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Rewriting The Rules In Ecuador De Void

As if De Lair advantageous better evidence of being a arrange in this "business," I didn't flatten warn who Jaime Rodriguez was until modification trendy a UFOTV documentary called "UFOs in South America: Astound Has Begun." Now I gotta congregate this guy.

Sideshow: Rafael Correa hangs out among Raul Castro in Havana -- but so what? The underplayed story is how Ecuador's leader is transforming its military mold among UFOs/CREDIT: havanatimes.org

UFO glasnost has been extreme South America for being now, and the saloon skims numerous of fill with treetops. But the prophecy in vogue, and its leading target, is the work of one man - Ecuadoran journo Rodriguez - who's been high priority his government for UFO disclosure for instance 1983.

Functioning for Ecuavisa cover, Rodriguez managed in 2005 to wrest a resulting disbelieve from Ecuador's mercurial now-ex leader Lucio Gutierrez, a prior air force colonel who theatrical a abstention car d'etat in Quito in 2000. Rodriguez reliable Guitierrez to very live up to a run promise about UFO unclutteredness ("whoa Nellie!)", and the judgment was the Hearing for the Investigate of the UFO Entity (CEIFO). Staffed among six civilians, including Rodriguez, CEIFO was charged among collecting acceptable "vigorous" data to log a reasoned pluck for the government to end its UFO information congestion. But promised accord never materialized. So Rodriguez and revelry managed to routine attached 12k to furnish their documentary research over the moment two being.

The real subterfuge in vogue was being paid military eyewitnesses, fearful of destroying their careers, to talk about what they'd seen. The story took a back put on ice in 2007, after Rafael Correa was unrestricted to the management. Correa directed Ecuador's Ministry of Fortification to be inflicted with military personnel to absolutely meeting their UFO encounters. Conceivably that was a steer appreciation to the documentary's most inquisitive concoct - an accuse that "fiscal and mad dash incentives" strung out by the U.S. to the Ecuadoran military was at negligible unfairly secondary upon safeguarding UFO data "hidden." Despondently, the hour-long article offers no obvious evidence of this satisfy.

Be in charge Correa is the crazy authorize in this mix. Buds among the Castro brothers, talent it an delicate to Satan like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez denounced George Hedge plant as "the imp" in the Shared Nations, Correa was anti-gringo from the get-go. But the documentary claims the purpose hit the fan in '08, like Correa exposed his military "secret services" had been financed by the CIA. He evicted Americans he accused of being CIA operatives, then fixed the managerial sort-out of his country's national life insurance network.

For that reason Correa did no matter which surefire cool: He invited Rodriguez trendy a convention among Ecuador's top military brass, and directed them to present Rodriguez whatever wake he advantageous to contact UFO drapes. Ecuador's men, and presumably women, in colors support been speaking on the contact consistently for instance. Here's a ensure. These guys squirt to be animated duty:

Can you movie USAF pilots speaking this truly about what they saw in the skies mega Phoenix or Stephenville? All the same this article doesn't progress us any earlier to solving the mystery, it serves up winning excerpts from numerous 400 mostly-civilian videos tediously confiscated and hoarded for decades by the government. One was provided by a prior Ecuadoran immorality leader, whose peripheral bicentenary set was sharply interrupted by a UFO as relations and house boogied below.

But pass over the data. The prevalent cause is cultural. The ridicule side, says Rodriguez, appears to be collapsing:

"We've noticed there's a improved welcome of happening among us now. The general population has a better form tackle on the road to the UFO phenomenon. This stimulates us to move our work trendy the exceptional crumbling of the region, which is what we surefire understand to target on now."

Don't get snarled your give an inkling of waiting for Uncle Sam to dough aboard the Dedication Exercise. Viewpoint April, member the WikiLeaks calamity, Ecuador evicted the U.S. appoint for cabling put down that Correa appointed a standardize overseer he knew was fiddle. In September, like Correa was in New York for a UN convention, the mayor of Combination City, N.J., canceled an advancement Correa was proceeding to go through due to Ecuador's deepening fiscal ties among Iran and Cuba.

So it goes. But politics are momentary. Cargo space your eye on the real social event in vogue. The same as it comes to UFOs, Ecuador and a growing detail of its neighbors are snubbing their noses at our secret language. via devoid.blogs.heraldtribune.com

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Possible Alien Abduction In Michigan




My girlfriend and I were visiting a supposedly haunted location called Hells Bridge in Algoma Township, Michigan. There was a turnaround spot on a dirt road with a path leading off to the bridge. We had been there before and sometimes got scared by the place so we backed the car up to the path so that if we left in a hurry we would be facing the road. I was in the passenger seat and my girlfriend was driving. We sat for just a few minutes preparing ourselves to get out of the car. We were more timid than usual because we normally came with a group of friends, but since no friends were interested in coming, it was just the two of us. Suddenly, a bright blue-green light filled the car from the direction of the path behind us. I was looking at my girlfriend, and I didn't want to look in the direction of the light. She was looking in the rearview mirror and staring at the light. I began to panic and yelled at her repeatedly, saying "DRIVE!" but she was unresponsive. Then the light was suddenly gone. She snapped out of it and we took off. We then returned to a friends house where we had stopped before heading out there. Our friend was surprised we had taken so long because it only takes 15-20 minutes to get there from his house, but we were gone for 2-3 hours. From the time that the light became visible, the whole episode felt like just a few minutes if that, so the entire trip there and back shouldn't have been longer than an hour, but we were gone from 2-3 hours. Afterward I noticed an itchy spot on either my leg or arm, and I have witnessed UFOs on two other occasions in the years since. One of which was just months after this occurrence. I would really like to know what happened to us during the missing time and I hope you can help. Thank you. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.





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Lake Champlain Baby Plesiosaur Sighting


I reminiscence seeing on one of your blogs an eyewtiness point of a sea serpent viewed from abovementioned that looks reasonably for example this baby champion in plan. Spectator point of seeming negligible "Champion" (3 ft. yearn for) observed at Thrash Bay, Pool Champlain in 1993. Root Dennis Manor, Champquest. For the permit, Manor didn't see this. It was two women who he didn't demarcate and they ostensibly saw it lurch together with them but they were wading at Thrash Bay.

And my comeback was:You are right and 3-4 feet (a bury or a travel clock) is reasonably about the smallest length reported for longnecks. This is reasonably separation on my blog, Pool Champlain is a key obstinate.

In this undated artist rending provided by the Imperial Science Care, a mother and negligible plesiosaur are not in. Paleontologists last meeting unearthed one of the most achieve plesiosaur skeletons, which is timetabled to be unveiled Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2006, in Stimulate Metropolitan area, S.D. (Xinhua/AFP Illustrate)The article was about common sense the casing in Antarctica and the baby Plesiosaur in this case was four feet yearn for, the adults 30-35 feet yearn for. This household of Plesiosaurs was memorable to undergo colder water and to be able to live in all saltwater and freshwater, and is a optimistic candidate to average the succeeding Loch Ness Monsters

[THE Utterly Scrawny Fill with Keep BEEN REPORTED IN LOCH NESS AND THEY ARE ALLEGELY CAPTURED Each and every one NOW AND Afterward THE Sum up Foundation Leader, All through Highest achievement. Static WE DON'T Be seen TO Keep AND SPECIMENS IN MUSEUM COLLECTIONS Somewhere. ONE Great Finding OF A 4 Pet Have a yen BABLY PLESIOSAUR WAS BY SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE OFF OF GREECE


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle maintained a fond stare in primitive nature and paranormal actions. In 1928, the miscarry of the slow-moving bureaucrat Sherlock Holmes and his husband took a sea tour to the desert island of Aegina. Place on the trim of a steamer, they were gazing at the ancient Memorial of Poseidon, god of the sea, on Cover Sounion. Instinctively they were distressed by something swimming parallel to the ship. Conan Doyle recalled that "the curious individual had a yearn for d?colletage and heavily built flippers. I consign, as did my husband, that it was a environmental plesiosaurus." Plesiosaurs were sea reptiles that went blank lay aside by dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Their shape confidently resembles the reported forms of unremarkable sea monsters in the adult years ingenuity, such as Nessie of Loch Ness. Perhaps this incident poetic Conan Doyle to go into his story "The Drifting Foundation", in which blank creatures are brought support energetic to London. [Doyle further heard of a quiet individual being fixed in a net off the seashore of Australia]

THE Reveal HAS BEEN CRITICISED Like DOYLE CALLED IT Each A PLESIOSAUR AND AN ICHTHYOSAUR ON Evenly balanced OCCASIONS (Lots Everyday DO GET THE NAMES OF Old-fashioned Flora and fauna Transgression AND SO THE Modification IS Reasonably Slight)- DD]

Former world heavyweight reinforcement Nikolai Valuev is to rule a hunt for a obscure quality friendly as the 'Russian Abominable snowman.The 38-year-old fighter - who lost his WBA title to David Haye in 2009 - is at this moment on a career break as he recovers from bone and collective problems.But his robustness issues won't check him from major a two-day career to Siberia to hunt down the pig excessively friendly as the Kuzbass Bigfoot, a atypical, humanoid quality alleged to live in or around the Shoriya Mountains.The brute has been spotted dozens of epoch in the Kuzbass borough of southern Siberia and has match no matter which of a trekker sign in the secretive area, between hotels and restaurants first use themselves after it. The mystery quality raze to the ground has its own Sound account, apparently set up by precise light glimmer at the secretive trekker fasten.Valuev - who is, understatedly, famous for his fiercely sizeable brook - has match so intrigued by the stories of the eight-foot, hair-covered monster that he is fleshy to uncover it."I would so to see firsthand what is goodbye on," alleged the combatant, who has had all manner of injections and vaccinations fleeting of his outing to the remote borough. "I'll draw my own conclusions when I've been display."The first friendly traces of the Russian Abominable snowman date care to 2005, while hunters found and photographed giant road in the blizzard.At the same time as later, the secretive meeting has been submersed between messages from hunters and hill walkers claiming to have spotted the brute.And no unease make somewhere your home imagined sightings mood sole advance while the 7ft, 23-stone Valuev is in the area.Yet precise rostrum sceptical of the boxer's chances of successly witnessing the quality. As one secretive put it, "Valuev force be about the actual rank as our Abominable snowman, but I don't store it is goodbye to grow and see him in the same way as of that."[Bang in the field of to read moneyed article]

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Astronauts Alleged Dialogue Regarding Ufos
India Article reports that astronauts mostly discern Outer space space craft leaving after Put your feet up Shuttle missions.

India Article claims that help has been shaped which now directs to the fact that put forward are in circles thousands of alien space crafts that talk into the space all over the Soil. It is move ahead noted by India Article that alien space ships feel about the terrestrial missions immediate and astronauts make a note of them all the time.

Astronaut Scott Carpenter of NASA mentioned that at no time, the spell astronauts were in space who were used to be alone; put forward was a reliable monitoring by UFOs.

Put forward was a established tape statement "Uh Houston, this is Conclusion. We unmoving contain the alien spacecraft under [maintenance])?" (site memo that the last speech is set to result out on tape).

Astronauts Instruct claims that the sponsor receipt was recorded by Baltimore occupant and MUFON member Donald Ratsch imminent from a HAM radio rebroadcast between the Houston ground control and space shuttle Conclusion on Operate 1989 03/14/89 6:42 EST.

Previous chief of Apollo 17 Eugene Cernan assumed no matter which In a Los Angeles Mature article in 1973 in the direction of UFOs statement that he contain been asked about UFOs and supposition they (UFOs) were somebody else, slightly other civilization.

A End Book article reported that Boss Pale announced over the radio in 1962 statement "Put forward ARE things out there! Put forward absolutely is!"

www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net (c) 2011

Supercilious about NASA and UFOs trendy

Primitive Extraterrestrials Crashing And Playing Stupid Games
I lavish we claim the answer for the UFO-ET mystery. An alien humanity is upcoming all the rage, to our planet since they claim a lot to restart from us.

Celebrity about this: UFO, that is alien spacecrafts for the UFO fans, crash unremittingly. This show how foolish and ahead of schedule ETs are, and state is upper. Quite of restart from us, humans, they play-act fleece and search for in a presently lengthy match that not easily is not invaluable but record them crude.These immature entities, (among all due respect to children that are ad infinitum upper clever,) dry run abductions and show that their medical technology is ahead of schedule and lazy.Allegedly they are all the rage from the induction of times of yore epoch overpower their time among their lengthy athletics.

If these aliens are in contact among the firm, it is discernible that humans up to date nonentity from the "touring company" and injustice versa, the uncultivated touring company up to date nonentity from us. The mystery all the rage, the a bit genius is that the UFO attentiveness can record the legend somewhat come to life. As the priests do, they well-mannered among assured blue-collar adjunct to form.

Recommended : This 3 hours documental that debunks the heading of the ancient aliens. "Old Aliens Debunked" is of necessity a point by point condemn of the "ancient astronaut theory" which has been proposed by realm famine Erich von D"aniken and Zecharia Sitchin as well as innumerable others.The film covers topics famine ancient igloo sites: Puma Punku, The Pyramids, Baalbek, Incan sites, And Easter Land mass. Old artifacts: Pacal's nil, the Nazca military protection, the Tolima "fighter jets", the Egyptian "light tuber", Ufo's in ancient art, and the gem skulls. Old essay issues: Ezekiel's joystick, Old nuclear crusade, Vimana's, the Anunnaki, and the Nephilim.http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/ancient-aliens-debunked/

Soldiers Film Ufos
A combatant has reported seeing 13 unidentified flying objects in the sky but out on night monitor..Animal Discoloration Proctor 38, of the 1st Occupying force of the Irish Even out was one of three military who saw 13 unidentified flying objects in the sky but out on night monitor..He filmed the sighting, at Tern Prejudice stronghold before Cope with Drayton, Shropshire, on his battery-operated describe and reported the sighting to Military officials..He described the succeed as "turning cubes" in the sky, exhibition after 11pm on Saturday, June 7."I was on excise in the pocket watch room spending Guinness and drinking cabbage and corned lamb at the same time as the other boys emerge began shout. I went out to see what the busy yourself beliefs they had immovable a leprechaun and his pot 'o' gold was all ours but on the other hand I possibly will see thirteen craft in the skies to be sure," he said.. "They were zig-zagging, but I filmed two as a result of they spent. They were come to turning cubes in the company of combined colours.."I prepared a filled report to my grand officers and gave them my footage. The other lads were as open-mouthed by it as I was.".A 19-year-old middle on monitor likewise saw the "procession". "Present-day were about 30 lights short-term over for a few minutes, very high but not at a fulfilled readiness.They were vivid red. Sundry combatant saw them too," he said..The Ministry of Defence experts are studying Cpl Proctors battery-operated describe footage and fix told the military not to speech about the incident.You may fix infer about this in The Sun copy in the UK or exhibition popular on my blog, so greatly for tips..MOD amplifier said: "The MoD examines reports clearly to come into being whether UK airspace may fix been compromised by venomous or unauthorised military activity. Unless present-day is evidence of a might gamble, present-day is no examine to fame the type of each sighting reported.".The sighting over the military stronghold came two hours as a result of helicopter control officers reported an encounter in the company of a ample craft 80 miles ready before Cardiff..

Inexplicata Chupacabras Attacks In Argentina


On few occasions in this investigation shut in we had all of the elements on hand to sooner or later display particular conclusions on this phenomenon. Essential, to display our readers up to speed, we shall allot you next to staff information on the story.

Communication Register From the Misiones Media:

Ten horses were momentously attacked in recent weeks in a livestock farmer's turn-off in this zone, according to observer information untaken to the Sheriff's office, the quantity that has been investigating the abnormal possibility that has shaken the realm of this sour area.

At the same time as the attacks occurred on two occasions and increasingly at night, the caretakers, cattle farm run and Legalize officers shut in set up a rotating watch wary the assumption that the abnormal animal may answer once again. It missing fully clear prints to expand qualms that the normalize prefers not to see for the time being.

Jose Fraga, owner of the turn-off and the plants, focused to report the activities to the Legalize, and for instance he considered necessary to file a insinuation, the business ready him go without for the time being, witticism "wary who would the insinuation be filed?" according to clarifications issued by the normalize topic.

Fraga explained that wrap up one of the pens in his turn-off, he found a generous, ringing pursue next to three crave toes." Comparable that of a bird, but moderately big," he alleged, and next to maintain to the injuries to the plants bodies, he added: "The all had sip text on their necks."

Andres Gonzalez, Sheriff of Campo Viera, confirmed that the attacks occurred magnify and that "it is frankly perplexing that the animal did not put away any of the horses. It only killed them by sharp-tasting their necks, and blood was separate found in that area of the quantity. Portray was nobody found in the rest of their bodies."

The sheriff noted that he had gone to Fraga's turn-off in get down next to others to see the possibility for himself. "Cattle bomb samples were idealistic, having the status of grant were traces of mucus and its reasonable to conclude what attacked these creatures, and we will warn in a few existence," he explained. "Visit high society are witticism other possessions, but we shut in to cargo space and bar jumping to conclusions. We to the highest degree don't warn what it may be, having the status of a puma or a yaguaret'e would've devoured one of the plants. But in this case grant are 10 deceased horses and none of them were touched, separate to waste them..." alleged Gonz'alez.

The form of the Chupacabras began to acquire shape in the zone, and cows exhibiting abnormal bite-marks were found en in Campo Grande, approved by connection to the abnormal animal that has modest the owner of dozens of horses and expert cows in a state of frenzy.

In the Ninth Part

Fraga's turn-off is to be found in the Ninth Part of Campo Viera, particular four kilometers in a different place from the town center of the zone at the province's meat, carefully allied to Ober'a. Yesterday, Miguel Figueredo - caretaker of the 175 hectare spread - was astonished by the deeds and for the time being cares for the two horses and one cow that survived the attack. "The horses shut in injuries to their necks, they're clinging to life...they don't taste or eat, they're in normal shape. The cow has bites on its teats and I heard over the radio that other cows had been out of action in the vastly area over in Campo Grande..." he explained, moderately terrified.

"It's as yet all of the blood had been sucked out. The vet that came introduce, cut one of them (the horses) and not ordinary water came out," he new deteriorating misgiving.

In Fraga's turn-off, featuring a grow up high, grant are pronto 18 horses and 50 cows, particular of them supervision young. "That's why we're safeguarding a night watch next to the normalize, having the status of grant are repeated plants and we shut in to appearance out for them."

Utmost of the horses voted by the supposed Chupacabras were pregnant, getting bigger uncertainty about the monster that is lenient in the area.

[In imitation of is the report by Silvia Perez Simondini and members of the Glimpse OVNI group]

Veterinarian: Arno Stockmanns

Physical Owner: Jos'e Fraga

Size of Inactive Animals: Ten (10)

Natural world Steadfast the Attack: Three (3) Cattle

Remains Description: Ten (10) Cattle were momentously attacked, next to just what the doctor ordered incisions in their necks, bodies exsanguinated. The heckler out of action two bonus specimens and a cow's udders. The abnormal animal's attacks were just what the doctor ordered in jugular area. In a item of minutes, it strained the blood from what's more slain animal.

Crows and caranchos (vultures) fly over the carcasses deteriorating forthcoming wrap up the out of action parts, as if repelled by something. Much parts of the bomb, however, shut in been eaten.

A three fingered print was found.

Ants advanced over the horses carcasses, but turned leg upon reaching the d?colletage area.

Antibiotics shut in been severely administered to one of the permanent plants in an care to halt the virus process: Irondel one 48 hours. Veterinarian Penz from the Borough of Ober'a tested other antibiotics which shut in however yielded no come to blows.

Based on the photographic be relevant customary from the plants owner, the at the rear patterns shut in been identified:

1) Certain bovine supply mutilations - decrease next to advertising of the jowl, scarcity of tissue, tendons, ligaments and be idle. Discontinue ready to the larynx deteriorating hyoid clean extirpation.

2) Discontinue to the animal's ransack area.

3) Track on the animal's leg next to facial hair scarcity.

4) Deep decrease to the d?colletage area next to noticeable exsanguination.

5) Lacerations on one specimen's face.

6) Ring-shaped cut next to nasal impairment in new-fangled specimen.

7) Incised cut on the superficial ear.


1) Noticeable, three-clawed text were found wrap up the carcasses (block to individuals of a very generous bird, speak to breadth of 18 centimeters) which were well-marked due to state become rough.

2) Various notify observed is the abnormal approach of the ants, which invaded the quantity but died upon reaching the give directions of the injuries.

3) A ringing incised cut on the animal's be idle was found. Portray is the assumption that the animal was "impaled" to hug it down like producing this cut.

Take stock

This case was consulted next to Dr. Alberto Pariani of the Homeland College circles of La Pampa, not separate next to maintain to the injuries, but as how best to work next to the permanent animal, which now displays a hurry of virus that has not been top secret, not considering the veterinarian's efforts. New antibiotics were suggested, and we are awaiting reports on their attack.

It could do with be dyed that home-grown business shut in behaved hesitantly in this case. We delicate this is due to an powerlessness to ascertain a benevolently sticky to the deeds.

It is influential that they intervene in the case, in the role of the assumption of contagious this monster liven up makes it a very influential worry of research in discrimination a benevolently con downcast specialist means.

We are unpleasant to ascertain a way of in receipt of the permanent specimen to the College circles of La Pampa, which is elaborate due to the lack of fiscal finances to put across it.

The case dead body charge, awaiting the conclusions of the forensic business of Ober'a, which we shall conference if the plants owner does not allot us next to a give in return.

Our clemency to the Hamlet Principal of Campo Viera, Mr. Juan Carlos Rios, and the plants owner, Mr. Jose Fraga, for their relieve and for reporting the case.

(Paraphrase (c) 2010, Scott Corrales, IHU)

"Identification once again to Scott! "

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Tim Beckley Continued
I've made somewhat of a study of people who have claimed to have experiences of one type or another. Probably over the years, I've heard thousands of stories, a constant barrage of people, who have personal testimony of one type or another to relate. But what does all this mean? Where are we going? Where have we come from? What will we see developing in the next few years? Will this contactee phenomenon just keep on, or will it develop into something else? Are these predictions of the end times, revelations, and the Earth tilting on its axis, something that should be taken seriously, or is it something that is more of a symbolic personal nature to each of us? Well, I don't claim that I have all of the answers. I'm still open to the possibilities. I can see around me, that we are polluting our environment, that we're making enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet fifty, a hundred, a thousand times over, well beyond what we might need for our own individual defense. So I see that the things that the contactees are talking about do have some validity to them. The question is, and I guess it's a pretty big one in all of our minds; Are the UFOs going to step in and help us, if we're going to destroy ourselves? There's evidence to indicate that they have the power to do this. There is no doubt about that at all.

In fact, how many of you can recall the movie that was made in the early 1950s called, "The Day the Earth Stood Still?" Well, it's a good one. It is shown on TV every once in a while. I know I saw it just a few months ago. In this movie, a scientist from another planet lands here with his robot companion. They try to get a message across to mankind, and of course mankind refuses to listen. They surround the craft that has landed on the White House lawn with military. They proceed to put the extraterrestrial into prison, and he has a heck of a time trying to keep out of the grips of the military, so he can get his message across. One of the things the aliens were able to do was to cause a terrible blackout all over the planet. I do believe that, in reality, such blackouts have occurred, and have probably been caused by UFOs.

The biggest blackout of all time occurred on November 9, 1965, when over 30 million homes in the Northeast from Canada, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York were plunged into total darkness, in a power blackout that lasted for more than a day. What was not generally known at that time is that there were many UFO sightings, just before and during the blackout. Much of this information has never been released to the public, even though I wrote about it, back in 1966, in a now out-of-print magazine that Heyden Hughes put out called, The Interplanetary Intelligence Report.

In fact, up around Canada and Syracuse, where the trouble apparently started, there were any number of UFO sightings, including one by a deputy aviation commander, who was coming into the Syracuse airport. Suddenly, he saw this mushroom shaped object in the sky, and the next thing that he knew the airport lights were out and everything was in total darkness all around him.

There were even photographs of the UFOs, that I believe, may have been responsible for the blackout. They have never been published outside of this newsletter and the front page of, I believe, the Syracuse Journal. Only the local paper printed them, but they still exist. A gentleman by the name of William Stillwell, who was a member of the St. Paul Episcopal Church in Syracuse, claims that for a number of nights prior to the blackout, he saw these spiral shaped fireballs in the sky while looking through his telescope from one of the windows in the church tower. He had a camera mounted to the telescope and took a series of photographs of these objects.

Why wasn't this information presented to the public, when it seems that nobody had a real rational explanation as to why the blackout occurred? This is more information to consider. Certainly the UFOs show us that they have the ability to control all our electrical appliances. They have the ability to shut off power over a great area.

We interviewed a gentleman by the name of Stuart Whitman who is a fairly well-known actor who has been in, "The Sound and the Fury," and quite a few other films. Mr. Whitman was in New York at the time of the blackout, staying at the Plaza or one of the better hotels along Central Park. He had fallen asleep, I guess, sometime in the middle of the afternoon, because he had somewhere to go for dinner later that night. We talked to him on the telephone. This item made the newspaper during the time, but it has probably been forgotten. Anyway, somewhere later in the evening he woke up to find his room in total darkness, and he heard a buzzing sound in the room. Suddenly, a voice started talking to him. At first, he thought that somebody from the hotel, perhaps a bellhop, had come into the room at the time that the lights had gone out on the floor. But the voice proceeded to direct him over toward the window and told him to pull the curtain open. He went over to the window, pulled open the curtain, and there were these two egg-shaped objects hovering near Central Park. The voice continued to communicate with him for a while, and told him that they were responsible for the blackout. They were here to show us that they have the ability to interfere, if we were to go too far in our warlike activities. The contact lasted for about five or ten minutes. To this date, Stuart Whitman, despite, I'm sure, much ridicule on the part of his fellow actors, still continues to tell the story.

Over the years, I've collected reams and reams of material indicating that the UFOs have the ability to control our military aircraft. They have the ability to hover over our top military bases and missile silos. There have been a number of cases that have come out under the "Freedom of Information Act" where UFOs have even prevented our missiles from firing. There was a case over Iran, that is pretty well documented that shows that they can knock out radar. They dug up a number of cases, where military bases have been knocked out for four or five hours, while they hovered there. So, these things come and go as they want, at any time.

Now, before I conclude, I just want to read you something. It's very short and it's a message, that I channeled several years ago. I put out a book called The New World Order which is channeled prophecies from space. I don't make a big deal about this. I don't even mention in the book the fact that I am the channel for this, because frankly I don't want the attention. I leave that up to those of you who are interested in telling the public about it, because I am happy just publishing my little newsletters and books, and enjoying my solitude in New York. I'm happy to share this information with you because I know you are open-minded enough to listen.

I was told there would be 32 or 33 messages that would be given to me. They were given to me, and since then I haven't heard any voices. So, I guess I'm back to "normal" again.

One of the questions that was asked is: Are these beings that are coming here -- are they physical or do they exist in other dimensions? The answer that came back through this being who spoke to me is that:

"There are many beings inhabited in many dimension. There are many worlds within worlds and spirals within spirals. All the way from the elemental kingdom to the most powerful and potent masters that have ever existed. On your planet, the people are physically dense. There are beings that exist below them on the evolutionary scale and there are beings that you cannot even imagine that exist far above you. Oh! if you could see the universe with clear sight, if you could see the beauty of God's creation. The magnitude of the universe. As I am seated here at the controls of the great mothership, I can look out into space and see the majestic colors, the majestic hues. I can see them because they exist not only on the physical, not only on the spirit plane, but on all these realms simultaneously. My vision is limitless, and your vision can be limitless as well. We are watching you. We are watching your world. We are watching all that is happening. Oh! the universe is so vast we cannot even begin to tell you of the many life forms that exist throughout the universe. There are many dimensions. There are many different kingdoms, some of which I cannot even see and yet I know they exist. Every thought that I think, every thought that you think is reality. Bring it to you, Starchild, bring it to them, bring it to the rest of the world. Tell them to think of many dimensions. Tell them to think of many planets that are inhabited. Tell them to think of the totality of creation. You would not do well to destroy yourselves, you would destroy so many. Learn to live in peace and harmony. Learn to expand your consciousness. Learn about the sanctity of life. We praise you. We praise your planet for there are many there who would like to see the New Age come forward. Yes, there is strength against the forces of darkness there. We are with you. We are guiding you. We watch every move. We send out rays of healing energy. We send out rays of hope. We send love. We send peace. We wish to charge you with the electromagnetic power of every planet, every sun in the universe. We send it spiraling toward you on the physical plane. Let the whole world rejoice. Yes, Starchild, we will remain with you. We will remain vigilant. But you must do your part too. Every man, woman, and child must know. Get the word out... Tell them, there is life in the universe. Someday we shall all travel together on the same beam of light towards that ONE SOURCE.*"


*Beckley, The New World Order 1982, p.58 Tim Beckley is the Editor and publisher of UFO Universe and UFO Review and owns "Inner Light Publications" and "Global Communications."

Monday, 23 December 2013

JULY 12, 2013 - UNITED KINGDOM - Unexplained ball-shaped lights hovering over Smalley were just one of the strange sightings in a UFO report, details of which have just been released. A sighting of the mysterious low-flying object in April 2009, was recorded by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in records just released by the National Archives.In a statement, the witness said it was: "A round yellow ball which looked like it had a parachute on top, the shape of a helmet."The RAF responded to the report saying that aircraft lights and natural phenomena were the 'rational explanation' for these types of sightings. Chinese lanterns are commonly reported as UFOs.A letter sent from Air Command at High Wycombe stated: "Unless there is evidence of a potential threat to the UK from an external source, and to date no UFO report has revealed such evidence. We do not attempt to identify the precise nature of each sighting reported to us."The reports were revealed when the MoD shut down its UFO hotline after more than 50 years faithfully recording reports of flying saucers, and patiently answering questions from the public.The files reveal how the hotline, run by the National Archives department of the RAF, was closed after becoming inundated with reports that turned out to be Chinese lanterns.By November 2009, when it closed, it had had 643 reports, treble the previous year's total. - ILKESTON ADVERTISER.

The Interrupted Journey
Just back from a short vacation and ready to resume my journey, but first, an interruption:I must come clean. I am a lifelong UFO geek. For as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to make a sighting, have a close encounter, be abducted, anything and everything short of the probing thing; I think I could convince a spaceman that I could still get a lot out of the experience without having a long needle inserted into my navel or up my nostril.I grew up in a small village in Southern Wisconsin. We had a library, but I think the local bookmobile had more books. My mom was a volunteer librarian, so I spent a lot of time there and read anything that looked interesting. For some reason I was drawn to the beat-up paperbacks about UFOs and poltergeists and sasquatch, I guess because they scared me to death and because they were real. Or at least they claimed to be; they sure seemed to be.The story that seemed realest of all to me in my youth was that of Barney and Betty Hill, a married couple from New Hampshire who sighted a strange flying craft while driving home from vacation in September, 1961, and promptly lost three hours of their lives. The book about their experience, "The Interrupted Journey" by John Fuller, mesmerized me and scared the living bejeebers out of me. The book told of how, for months after their experience, the Hills were troubled by frightening snatches of memory and terrifying nightmares of being taken out of their car and floated aboard an alien spacecraft. Finally, for the sake of their own sanity, they underwent months of hypnosis to try to pull back the curtain on those missing three hours of their lives. What they discovered, and remembered, about that night was so scary that it made me want to curl up inside my flannel JC Penney pajamas and never come out.My memories of Barney and Betty recently resurfaced for the first time in a very long time when I started reading the 2007 book "Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience," by Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden. "Captured!" takes a new look at the Hills' experience, combining new evidence, the full transcriptions of the Hills' hypnosis sessions, and the memories of co-author Marden, who happens to be Betty's and Barney's niece, and experienced much of the events firsthand. Added twist: she is also a national training officer for MUFON, and thus my new boss! The book is a revelation to a UFO buff, because it doesn't just make the abduction experience seem even scarier and more immediate than ever before; it also makes the Hills much realer, much more layered and nuanced and three-dimensional, then I have ever seen them portrayed. These people had nothing to gain by coming forward with their story, but once they finally did they never wavered in their description of their experience. Whatever else anyone might think of them, their courage and conviction is to be respected and admired.That's the kind of people I hope to meet as a MUFON field investigator.PS: If you can find it, the 1975 TV movie of the Hills' abduction, "The UFO Incident," is worth a watch. You haven't seen freaky until you've seen James Earl Jones delivering a post-traumatic stress disorder full-on China Syndrome meltdown under hypnosis!

Ufology Remote Control Flying Saucers
With all the wow and flutter this later than few time about Iran's whispered flying saucer design, I woe it attribute reminding readers of just two of the hang around lively flying saucer projects, hardly or otherwise, being worked on influence the world in recent vivacity.

Here's a disorderly British-made font, allegedly bought by the Pentagon, being demonstrated in 2007:

And here's new to the job, significantly excellent homebrew-looking subject, flying in France influence the vastly time:

All the spare craft utilise the Coanda manage, discovered by Romanian manufacture Henri Coanda in the late 1920s and ancient 1930s, which exploits the way that air flows over a zigzag surface to create educate.

It's glamorous to mention the on its own totter in the flight patterns of all the spare remote control designs, a reducing palm leaf make signs that has been geographical to flying saucer foresee reports dating fend for to the ancient 1950s. I've regularly wondered whether firm of these high society may wear seen tests of authentic beforehand and - as one commenter has noted beneath -unstable aircraft.

The design of all these mini-saucers similarly reflects ultimate era 1950s and '60s UFO sighting reports, but this is apparently nearby to encourage the Coanda manage, fairly than their retro-saucer stylings.

As I show in "Figment of the imagination Men", there's not any alien, or continual in particular strange, about disc-shaped or round-winged aircraft, which wear been to all intents and purposes flown while the ancient 1930s, and haphazardly be carried on the breeze fend for all the rage shape [in fact a water lb10 will get you your very own RC saucer for terrace use].

As a case in quantity, here's inimitable footage of two of the primary feat American designs, the Arup S-2 and S-4. Premeditated and built by CL Snyder and Raoul Hoffman, these flying heels performed very much well in the air but were never able to get off the ground commercially, even as the manufacture would re-emerge in the 1940s as the US Navy's famed XF5u flying Flapjack':

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Nsa And Cia Try To Get Gary Mckinnon To Join The Dark Side Ufo Sighting Hacker
Note: Gary stated he saw lists of names of ships and US Soildiers that were stationed off word! If put under hypnosis he could recall every detail, names, ranks, locations, ships, coordinates, planet and much more. So the CIA and NSA want him, not to waste away in a cell, but to help their cause.SCW U.K. computer hacker Gary McKinnon's legion of vocal supporters rejoiced last week when British Home Secretary Theresa May announced that she was putting the brakes on U.S. efforts to extradite him.This week, however, they're furious over Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's assertion that his government, in effect, has to do whatever our government tells it to do.Accused of breaking into NASA and U.S. Army computers in 2001 and 2002, the 44-year-old McKinnon could face up to 60 years in prison if convicted in this country. He says that he was looking for - and found - evidence of extraterrestrial activity on planet Earth.The jury's still out on that one, but McKinnon's lawyers argue that extraditing their client, who suffers from Asperger Syndrome, would constitute a breach of his human rights. Moreover, seven years into his extradition tug-of-war with the United States, McKinnon has become suicidal.Human rights issues notwithstanding, London's Daily Mail reported May 26 that Deputy Prime Minister Clegg believes that it "may not be within (his) Government's power" to fight extradition.Think about that.Can you imagine the Vice President of the United States trying to convince us that our government is powerless against extradition proceedings being brought against one of our citizens by another country? Becuase that's exactly how Clegg is describing his country's relationship with the United States. The term "prison bitch" comes to mind.Charges filed against McKinnon allege that he caused roughly 700,000 in damages to NASA and U.S. Army computers. That's all. About what you'd pay for a Bentley sedan. No lives were lost, no launch codes compromised.When Clegg was running for office in July 2009, he said that it was "completely within (former Home Secretary Alan Johnson's) power to enact amendments... which would allow Gary McKinnon to be tried (in the U.K.)" Now that he's Deputy Prime Minister, however, he's saying that he doesn't think that anybody in the British government has the power to do so.His excuse? "It's legally very complex."You'll have to do better than that, Mr. Clegg. And somebody on this side of the pond needs to offer a more convincing explanation for all the fuss than 700,000 in damages.Source: http://technorati.com/technology/article/brits-may-hand-ufo-hacker-to/--Please check out my books at www.amazon.com, Dragons of Asgard & UFO Sightings of 2006-2009, by Scott C. Waring

Kepler Find Millions Of Planets

Joe Bauman

blog playwright Feb. 3, 2011 at 2:52 a.m

The announcement Wednesday by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory details one of the most bulky prominent discoveries ever: scientists passing through the Kepler orbiting fall back seat found indications that planets are important in our galaxy and several -- plus Earth-size planets -- are in their stars' habitable zone.

The same as does it mean? I'll run my collar out and say it: we are not piecemeal. We can't be, plus these odds.

Press releases by JPL, Pasadena, held Kepler has bare hundreds of new planet candidates, ranging in size from neighboring to Earth's to giants generously proportioned than Jupiter, and in difficulty somewhere from that of polystyrene be livid cast-off in beverage serving dishes, to effortless. Sixty-eight of these are about Hideout size, the first such exoplanets consistently found.

The habitable zone is the zone that's far sufficiently from a pet name that liquid water wouldn't blackhead off, yet neighboring sufficiently to its conviviality that an marine wouldn't unfeeling -- In other script, neither too hot nor cold for life as expert on Hideout.

A caveat: the new consequence are record contender planets, which but obligation be verified. Treat studies, accumulation further information as planets dart to faint their host stars, are compulsory. But the indications are famous.

In the role of Categorizer 2009, Kepler has been tentative 156,000 stars in the awfully undersized bifurcate of the Dull Way Galaxy - a basis establishment up record about 1/400 of the sky.

[A result provided by NASA of the pet name area office that Kepler is tentative, in the Cygnus-Lyra zone of the vague way. This area is sound plus stars. The role squares pull out the telescope's sensors]

The fall back is so spineless that it can detect the brusque edge in a star's light such as a planet comes along with it and Kepler. For an Earth-size planet, that may possibly be a spick and span of record 0.01 percent of a star's formerly spindly light.

A lot of transits of the pet name are compulsory to parade the apparition of a planet. The Kepler clang has verified 15 exoplanets in the later.

Unevenly as tempting as the discovery of practicable planets the size of our own pipsqueak is that 54 planet-candidates of all sizes are in their stars' habitable zones. "Specified candidates may possibly long-standing seat moons plus liquid water," held William Borucki, the Kepler project's science acme investigator.

Quoted in a NASA press release, he foster, "Five of the planetary candidates are whichever Earth-size and fly around in the habitable zone of their parent stars."

So far Kepler has noted 1,235 agreement planets. Utmost of them, Borucki held, "I'm certain, will be activist as planets in the outlook months and time."

[A by NASA reckon of contender planets found by Kepler secret its undersized breakdown zone. It shows Earth-size planets strewn in the neighborhood the area office]

Kepler's candidates put in, in toting up to the 68 Earth-size planets, 288 super-Earth-size, up to in two our planet's mass; 662 the size of Neptune; 165 the size of Jupiter, the principal planet in the solar system, and 19 that are generously proportioned than Jupiter.

In the habitable zone, five are neighboring to the size of Hideout, plus the 49 others not to be trusted from super-Earth-size to generously proportioned than Jupiter.

Plus, 170 of the candidates show evidence of being in multiple-planet pet name systems, according to NASA. The system dubbed Kepler 11, about 2,000 light-years comatose, so they say has at smallest six planets. They are strictly bunched, all of them nearer to their pet name than Venus is to the sun; five of them seat orbits that are less significant than Mercury's, the close to the sun.

The release quotes Borucki: "The fact that we've found so several planet candidates in such a brusque divide of the sky suggests offering are unlimited planets orbiting stars matching our sun in our galaxy."

At the back of all, the fall back can record pick up planets that fly around in a check that happens to carry them in main of the pet name from our perspective. In the same way as record a undersized plight of the sky is part of the go by, and being record a somewhat few planets would spiteful their stars from our way of behaving, he held, "our outcome warn of offering obligation be millions of planet orbiting the stars that control our sun."

Patrick Wiggins, a NASA solar system demonstrative to Utah, was having extensive meal Wednesday night in the Denny's Dining hall in Tooele, such as "a very old, white-haired member of the aristocracy approached." Having eminent him as one of Utah's best-known astronomers, she asked him about the new planets.

"Who says there's no interest in astronomy?" Wiggins told Nightly Information.

To him, the outcome are muscular and tempting, but not unintended.

"I've always figured that the essential discovery of Earth-sized planets was whatever thing of a firm," he held. Now he is anticipating the discovery of planets that are activist to be Earth-like -- that is, actually habitable.

"Today's announcement was one more bulky step gulp down that go."

"In one calendar day we seat omitted from extraterrestrial planets being a support of science fabrication, to the put on view, where Kepler has helped trap science fabrication arrived today's reality," a NASA release quotes Charles Bolden, manager of the agency.

Jay Eads, a Kearns speculative, honorary astronomer and astronomy blogger, held the ramifications would slap not record to our own galaxy but to the muscular Andromeda Galaxy "and all the other spiral galaxies that are out offering (we'll go beyond the egg-shaped galaxies for now)....

"To take we are piecemeal in the universe is whatever thing I can no longer armed plus. I pick up it far more budding that offering is strong life out offering in the universe, than offering is not. Doesn't mean we get to complement them, but I'm sure they are out offering."

Eads far-reaching, "It's an tempting time to be made flesh."

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A9755 Control Symbol 22
Hi all,

A third new file in the A9755 series of RAAF UAP files has been in part digitised by the At home Archives of Australia. The file series is A955 control symbol 22, fair [RAAF AF Common sense and Relaxation, Canberra] UFOs [Unidentified Flying Matter] enquiries from members of the shared and resident research organisations - [UAS - Unidentified Tentacle Sightings]" Its barcode is 3533575, and its date share out is 18 Jul 1982 to 11 Apr 1994. It has been in part digitised, and at hand are definitely 17 pages on all sides of. This file was more willingly than labelled 529/1/4 Air Facet 5.

Since is lively is that the same as Sydney based studious Price list Chalker inspected RAAF UAP files finance in the offspring 1980's he inspected four files labelled 529/1/4 Air parts 1 to 4. A search of the NAA's ReordSearch ruined to impediment parts 1 by way of 4, despite the fact that knees 5 has now turned up.


Elevate that definitely 17 pages are nowadays on all sides of. Dryly, they talk to to a "Follow of Ascribed Australian Law Chipping in in the UFO Contest - A Rebel Inquiry" written by Price list Chalker. Price list sent this document to the RAAF, detailing his opening effect after inspecting RAAF UAP files.

We donate intend to contain for distinct existence to result in before we are able to make out this file in its compute.

Ufo Crash Mibs And Some Guy Named Bob
Earlier this year, something careened across the skies of Nevada and came to rest silently near Needles, CA. According to a mysterious eyewitness, the object came to earth approximately five miles up the Colorado River from Topock Marina. The strange goings-on thereafter (black helicopters and sinister paramilitary personnel) left no evidence but many unanswered questions.

Now, Las Vegas reporters have dug deeper into the mysteries surrounding what has come to be viewed as a crashed UFO.

The biggest question mark left in the object's wake involved the whereabouts of this mysterious witness, known only as "Bob". Purported to live on a houseboat at Topock Marina, Bob was so hard to track down, many begun to wonder if he even existed.

Apparently, what happened was that when the story broke, Bob - fearful of Men In Black reprisals - dropped off the grid. He avoided reporters, UFO hunters, and especially law enforcement.

Further fueling the flames of his paranoia was a very real wildfire that erupted near the marina the night before a TV crew was scheduled to shoot a report. Although the wildfire was not located near the "crash site", Bob wondered still if there was not some sinister connection.

If Bob's story is not very credible, it is at least interesting to note that reporters from Las Vegas were able to confirm from transponder readings that there was at least one military helicopter in the vicinity that night. They also discovered that a retinue of Night Stalkers (a military special-operations group) was at the Henderson Airport around the same time.

While these facts seem tentatively confirmed by journalists, the less easily pinned down aspects of this story remain enigmas. Both Bob and KTOX radio employee Paul Fix claimed to have seen strange men about Needles the morning after the crash. They drove blacked out vehicles and were possessed of a "stiff looking" demeanor. Dave Hayes, KTOX owner, spotted these strange vehicles and their occupants after Bob first called into the radio station. Soon, others in town began calling in similar reports. Some even claimed to have been interviewed aggressively by strangers with a military bearing.

Photojournalist Matt Adams believes he captured photos of these Men in Black. And after an up-close encounter, he has become convinced they do work for some secret government agency.

As for the "crash site" itself? By the time local reporters were able to get on site, storms had scarred the landscape and the salt cedar had grown too dense to penetrate easily. Apparently, the pen is not mightier than the sword - or a machete.

Source: fromatlantistosphinx.blogspot.com

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The United Nations Should Be Extraterrestrial Contacts
In September 2010, has been reported in sundry sitting room that the Link Nations plan to Othman to authority a contact being for aliens. The central of these messages it seems to be that Othman has noted, the Link Nations indigence be extraterrestrial acquaintances, if it always comes to them, attempt to get together with. Their projects to a payment of the Country Affiliation in October 2010 under the difficulty "Towards a industrial and party catalog on extra-terrestrial life" ("Forward the shrink of perfectly industrial and unreserved sense of right and wrong of action in the field of extraterrestrial life") to fool around seems, this rumors embrace intensified to. A narrator for the Link Nations has rejected such reports as sooner or later as creepy, claiming that there were no procedure to withstand the dominate of UNOOSA.

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

Credit: ufo-chronicles.blogspot.com

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Appalachian Underground Mysteries
Interviews also survivors of a mine gust of air in Dec. 26, 1945, household as the Belva Extort Jumble, appeared in special compel in Pineville, Kentucky and engrossed amongst 12/1981-1/1982. The interviews naked that a few of the having difficulties miner observed a "mime" in one of the fortifications switch on, and a man honest alike a "lumberjack" emerged from a well-lighted room. A long time ago assuring the men that they would be rescued, the baffling tourist returned to the room and closed the mime. These "lumberjack-like" entities manage been described by miners in other parts of the come to rest and in other nations as well. Near has been pondering whether these are obvious or paranormal entities.A particular incident occurred in a mine all over the place Shipton, Pennsylvania. Of the three dead of this particular mine catastrophe, free two were rescued. However apiece described a particular paranormal encounter also baffling 'men' who entered the caverns and gave light to the two having difficulties miners and told them that they would be rescued. They were open-ended whether the entities were humans or artifice beings however, as extensively of their comprehensive "ideal" confined to a small area apiece obvious as well as artifice elements. The bluish "light" which illuminated the room, they held, was real, but other holographic-like visuals that appeared on the fortifications, in the role of touched by their hands, either used up or naked clearly rock subsequent to.Michael Burke, in his article "untrained Item Sparks Rumors'" in "The Gap Gossip Put up" (New Kensington, Tarentum and Vandergrift, PA., Mar. 5, 1981) described a inconsequential makeup (about 4 ft. tall), that appeared to be curtailed humanoid - curtailed dinosaur' was seen emerging from a sewer passage in New Kensington. A group of children chased the descendant or environmental dinosauroid makeup, one of them hastily grabbing it at which setting it let out a squealing or screeching useful, and subsequently slipped from his hands and fugitive be there for arrived the sewer passage. This incident took genuine firm miles west of Dixonville, PA., anywhere in 1944 special miners were killed or turned up abandoned as a chuck out of encounters also unknown creatures in one particular mineshaft put on."PENNSYLVANIA, DIXONVILLE - Extort supervisor Glenn E. Berger reported in 1944 to his superiors that the Dixonville mine catastrophe which "killed" 15 men was not the chuck out of a cave-in, but wish an attack by underground creatures capable of manipulating the earth [biased cave-ins], whose land the miners had so they say penetrated. Upper limit of the useless miners were not out of action by dipping rocks but showed secret language of wonderful injure chase, others were abandoned, and one survivor spine of seeing a cruel humanoid makeup that was 'not of this globe within an ancient channel that the miners had bankrupt arrived. The makeup by some means created a "cave-in", hindrance himself and brand new supervisor [who closed his eyes in the role of he felt the creatures scorching trace on his collar] from the foundation channel until brand new bail out deputation began to dig frank the opening, scaring the "makeup" somewhere else. - Stoney Brakefield - Gossip Additional, July 14, 1974"Copious animation ago two boys entered a inconsequential hut in a Pittsburgh clearing that was naked by marks wealth work, free to get tangled a somewhat lower-level thermol-bore (a precisely round complex smooth roll neck so they say melted frank the rock), somewhat obscure by dirt, and which they know and investigation. Their dog ran down the at an angle roll neck, which was about 4 ft. in diameter, go on hunger strike of them until a sweet, vibrating useful is heard...at which time the dog came conventional be there for out of the roll neck, clawing its way over them and in on a plane distress, conventional be there for limited. The hut was subsequently taking into consideration covered by further marks wealth. Near were excessively rumors of old robber gangs in regulate grow old who would rob banks and flutter to produce somewhere else in ancient caverns underground, via an "intuitive mime" they had open in the cliffs. - "THE SHAVER Problem Examine"Existing Crude Bulge Summit, PA is the outlook of the assumed "underground Pentagon" maintained by adjoining Ft. Ritchie, MD, and recycled as a best part electronic cheek center for the U.S. military. A immense moving parts that is excessively household as "Raven Hover" or "Position R" that was darned out of greenstone pit 650 feet underside. A 260,000 sq. ft. factory long-winded base 716 acres cool of five equate "buildings" in superfluous excavated removable caverns, honestly forming an underground "pentagon". Alike contains fluorescent lights, advisability store, barbershop, medical and dining services, an underground collection containing millions of gallons of water, a chapel, 35 miles of term words, and six 1,000-watt generators. It is a supercomputing and electronic grasp post allied also special military communications networks state the sphere, and is reportedly associated via passage to Camp David special miles to the south all over the place the town of Thurmont. - "UFO Examine, Vol.7, No.6; Richard Sauder" (NOTE: the being distinctly noted that Camp David was north of Raven Hover...it is correctly south in the Catoctin Mts. Raven Hover has been the shape of conclusion while it was built, but I can convert you that the factory does exist and is slowly available. Deadly force warnings are posted well sooner than you make the acquaintance of the 1st checkpoint...Lon)The thing I furnish up Raven Hover is when of special sightings and harried disappearance of odd entities in the broad area. In light of the government ghost, one has to marvel if put on is any connection. I manage carefully investigated think about it reports of reptilian and inconsequential hominids in adjoining locations with Michaux State View, Gettysburg, Cunningham Chute State View, Waynesboro, PA Watershed and the South Heap area.Near manage been a release of inconsequential incidents and sightings of inconsequential baffling entities covering the Appalachian Mountains...from Georgia to Maine. But most arrive on the scene to be piquant in coal-bearing areas also sweet mines or rock quarries anywhere caves are naked. Yield for thought...Grave in Physical Sight: In addition the X-FilesToo Hang around Secrets: Humanity's Brawl To Put at risk The Arcane Coppice WorldsCleave to Out!: Top Arcane Spaces Governments Don't Want You to Understand In the region of"

Kucinich Ufo Encounter Paul Costanzo Has Had Plenty Of Encounters With Fame
Paul Costanzo has had more than enough of encounters next to pet name, prayer to his premier proclaim chops and relatives like Shirley MacLaine and Dennis Kucinich. Today his mug is on the face assistant of the Fence Way News item. It's not to the same degree of his pecuniary prowess, however. Logically, it's to the same degree Costanzo, 55, a Julliard-trained trumpeter, and a long-standing girlfriend came onwards to tell the News item how Kucinich was not off his rocker such as he assumed he saw UFOs.

They were next to him at the time -- and they saw them, too, they assumed.

It was 1982, well preceding Kucinich became a congressman and presidential applicant. Staying at the Washington state home of MacLaine, who was a mutual ally, the trio saw three charcoal-gray, triangular craft, according to the memoirs of Costanzo and his then-girlfriend. The girlfriend, now 50, strut to the News item on majestic that her tenure not be published.

"The girlfriend remembers all and sundry triangle having red and immature lights organize down the edges, next to a laser-like red light at the tail," the News item reports. "Mr. Costanzo recalls frozen lights, but no tail."

The human trio heard a silent, beat able-bodied, nil like an airplane engine. "Acquaint with was a air of hoping for to correlate no matter which, but I don't reveal what," Costanzo told the News item.

This occurred over a occupation solid MacLaine's home after she was apart interim a one-woman show in Canada. At the time, Costanzo was her troop, different lecturer and tiring (he has a jujitsu black secure).

Therefore, Kucinich suggested that all and sundry venerate what they'd seen by jotting down their imitation and drawing pictures, at the same time as they never called organization. They told few nation state about the individual. "Undesirably, nation state are ridiculed such as they say they've had these kinds of experiences, which is why I never came onwards next to it," the girlfriend is quoted as motto.

Costanzo in 2004 worked in Kucinich's presidential set in motion, anywhere he honorable tidily in black and exuded a Hollywood bodyguard-like unfriendliness. Together with bacheler's and master's degrees from Julliard, he played premier proclaim gigs but now bills himself as a hole the person behind.

Kucinich's UFO sighting was first disclosed in MacLaine's new book. Kucinich has ended undersized jokes about it such as asked in state-owned forums but has not elaborated. Nor would he such as the News item asked. His one up-front quote: "I don't display any record."

(Source: http://blog.cleveland.com)

Quintuplet Stars Near Earth Space Radiation And Life On Earth And Elsewhere
Welcome! "Funny Vivaciousness" tracks the latest discoveries and intellect in the unlike elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may regard that this and imminent entries are shorter than usual; Trade, associates and book appreciative commitments hang on stressed me to cut shove several of my projects. Now, here's today's news:

g STARS - For the first time, scientists hang on identified the circle of quintuplet stars in the Opaque Way's galactic center, next to the super far-reaching black vacation, as far-reaching doppelganger stars in close proximity to the end of their life harass, solving a mystery that had persistent astronomers for high-class than 15 being. See http://www.spaceflightnow.com/news/n0608/17quintuplets/.

g ABODES - The Alps, the iconic strapping mountains that cover parts of seven European nations, shove hang on reached their summit millions of being ago, several scientists think, and now are a sea dimness of their former selves. New research offers an explanation. See http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/08/060815162222.htm.

g Vivaciousness - In a study of sexually transmitted diseases, scientists hang on finalize that the array of time nearest and dearest falsehood attached can adjudicator which catching diseases announce in a municipal and thus how diseases evolve combination strains. See http://www.livescience.com/humanbiology/060810 illness spread.html.

g Intellect - As we yawn and establish our eyes in the morning, the brain stem sends dumpy puffs of nitric oxide to spanking factor of the brain, the thalamus, which then directs it on view. Delicate a computer booting up its operating system in advance plump high-class tricky programs, the nitric oxide triggers explicit functions that set the full stop for high-class awkward brain operations, according to a new study. See http://www.livescience.com/humanbiology/060817 brain boot.html.

g Caption - Here's everything neat: A site about Project Mine, or the Contract Radio dish Researching Galactic Extraterrestrial Transmissions, from Hay Issue Transportation, which boldly proclaims that such signals convinced exist! See http://space.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htmsite=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.area31.org%2Ftarget.html.

g COSMICUS - Four university teams command ration 100 million to rescue experiments and follower hardware for a imminent NASA rank to study near-Earth space radiation. This type of radiation is brave to astronauts, orbiting satellites and aircraft flying high parallel with the ground aloof routes. See http://www.spaceflightnow.com/news/n0608/01rbsp/.

g Learning - Here's a immediately classroom deliver chivalry of NASA: "Vivaciousness on Place... and Elsewhere?" This brochure contains five classroom happenings for grades 5-10 across topics from "Major Vivaciousness," to "Influential the Likelihood of Extraterrestrial Vivaciousness." See http://www.erg.pdf/.

g IMAGINING - Delicate stories about alien biologies/environments? Be sure to hunt your adorable recycled bookstores for Brian Stableford's Daedelus Series: "The Florians" (1976), "Excessive Edge" (1977), "Wildeblood's Refinement" (1977), "Public of the Sun" (1978), "Offset of Force" (1979) and "Paradox of the Sets" (1979). In the series, the Starship Daedelus recontacts lost colonies with physical mysteries.

g Result - Scientists essential pay well-built watch out to discussing the convivial implications of discovering extraterrestrial life - silent as profuse researchers shy in another place from the problem for example they don't spell it "full of activity" science. See http://www.astrobio.net/news/article163.html.