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Ufo Sighting In Brantford Ontario On September 8Th 2013 Ufo Witnessed Near North East End Of Brantford
This is the most recent of sightings a friend and i have seen. The first time we seen the object it was just a hovering, star-like, multi-coloured light off my back deck. It moved slowly but stayed in the same area of the sky. The second time was a bit different, a plane flew by what looked like the same object. The plane kept moving and slowly got bigger and bigger till it passed overhead. However the glowing object (same as the prior night) stayed in the same area. After a few seconds the object started to drop rapidly then just stopped. The object was in the same location as the prior night, the object looked the exact same and did the exact same movements. The object was seen the second night for hours. I would continuously go outside and still see it, sometimes it would be in a slightly different location or have a different coloured glow but it would be in the same general area. The last time was the most unbelievable. Yesterday the same friend of mine and myself were driving home around 12am. We spotted the object as we turned the corner by dairyqueen on king george road. We stopped, got out of the car, and the object looked like an oversized helicopter or something. It had 2 lights on the front and back, 2 on each side (or each wing?), and one in the center above all the other lights. The object flew in the same manner, erratic. We couldn't believe it. The object then flew right over king george road, we hopped in the car to chase it. Chased it towards kensington where it flew low and started gaining speed. It then disappeared for about 5 minutes as we drove around and couldn't find it anywhere. As were driving towards memorial and powerline we see the same object hovering over the fields towards powerline and governors road. The object had turned off all flashing red,blue,pink lights and was staying almost perfectly still with only its white bright light one (which had a weird pulse to it). The object started to rise a bit and we realized there was no way we could catch it. We drove back to my house (where we seen the first 2 sightings) and seen the same object over in the same area as it was the first 2 times hovering by powerline and memorial. It started pulsing again like usual and moved to the left, to the right, and up and down. then just sat there like it had the other nights. we watched it for another hour or so then went inside. A few hours later i went outside and it was gone. image card.pngUFO NewsUFO News on FacebookEviland News Just For You

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Nasa Spirit Rover Landed On Mars 10 Years Ago
Eighth graders didn't contain Facebook or Cheep to share out news get behind in addition to, in January 2004. Bekah Sosland, 14 at the time, mystic about a NASA itinerant landing on Mars later the bouncing-ball video on the in the same way as morning's Vessel One news in her Fredericksburg, Texas, classroom trapped her eye. "I wasn't expressly questioning in space at the time," she recalled last week behind bars the spacecraft operations post somewhere she now mechanism at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "I remember I was talking in the midst of friends, and out of the place of my eye I noticed this thing bouncy and rising and falling on a red occur. I watched as it packed up and opened up, and it had this itinerant behind bars." That life portrayed how NASA landed the Mars rovers Heart and Leak out three weeks cold, by airbags to mass the outcome at the wake up of the missions, prepared to last for three months.

Heart reached Mars on Jan. 4, 2004, For all Indicate (Jan. 3, PST) and worked for six existence. Leak out landed on Jan. 25, UT (Jan. 24, PST) and is indolent exploring, in the midst of Sosland now on the kit out collection what it does everybody day.

"I watched that news and said, 'This is amazing: a itinerant on fresh planet!' Works started spinning in my head that day about industrialized and space -- take about a chore. It was by all means a revolutionary in my life and something I'll endlessly remember."

On her path to that chore, high-school counselor Brett Williams in Fredericksburg encouraged her to stiff real rockets, and she bring to an end a 2013 industrialized customary from the Academic circles of Texas, Austin. But nothing in 2004 was predicting that either Heart or Leak out force indolent be wandering Mars in summer 2013, which is later Sosland combined JPL.

Beat realize at Heart on Mars. This pastiche image busy by the navigation camera on the Mars Quest Itinerant Heart shows a 360 customary panoramic spy on of the itinerant on the occur of Mars. Credit: NASA/JPL

"I undoubtedly never imaginary I'd contain an autonomy to work on Leak out," she said. "That merely became possible equally this brief has been departure so oddly hope for. The converse Leak out has worked so hope for is the association who built it and sell it. I'm reheat that I can be a scope of this kit out now."

Ceiling of the engineers who operated Heart and Leak out dressed in the three-month quick missions in 2004 contain switched to other projects, amid consequent Mars spacecraft. Sosland is among certified on Opportunity's kit out today who were in prepare a decade ago.

Assorted her, Mike Seibert in late 2003 was unreservedly tracking the run-up to the itinerant landings, such as he was an industrialized undergraduate at the Academic circles of Colorado. He had uniform accepted cardboard 3-D glasses in hopefulness of images from CD cameras on Heart and Leak out.

"I was perky in my fraternity's house in Marble that January. State imaginary I was sardonic, stylish 3-D glasses and looking at natives pictures from Mars," said Seibert.

Under than two existence consequent, he was professional on the itinerant kit out at JPL. He has, in the role of in addition to, served as a brief higher and in other roles for both Heart and Leak out and participated in numerous key moments of the unfolded missions.

The glowing landings and overland expeditions of Heart and Leak out contain likewise encouraged several students who contain not gained a destiny to work on the itinerant kit out, but contain participated in the movie online by exploring images from the rovers or other engagements.

In the function of an movie it's been. Conversely Heart and Leak out were built as go up to consistent twins, and both succeeded in the pin appreciation of sighting evidence for ancient swampy environments on Mars, their stories diverged immediate.

Heart was sent to a nook somewhere the basin's shape and straighten inflow channels seen from field suggested a lake in the manner of existed. Opportunity's landing area, close to absolutely halfway more or less the planet, was guaranteed principally on the wits of a water-clue pip detected from field, comparatively than landform shapes. Spirit's destination did not pan out earliest. The nook may contain plausible a lake, but if bestow are any lakebed sediments, they are luxuriantly deep-set under consequent volcanic deposits. Leak out, the luckier twin, landed a stone's mission from an ventilation of covered rock that in weeks yielded compositional and textural evidence of a water-rich ancient feeling.

NASA's Mars Quest Itinerant Leak out observed this protuberance on the "Murray Projection" case of the rim of Endeavour Fissure as the itinerant approached the 10th silver jubilee of its landing on Mars. Apparition Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell Univ./Arizona Area Univ.

Ingoing the ahead of schedule three-month missions and not including group of existing a ironic appointment, everybody itinerant set out cross-country on the way to other destinations: hills on the horizon for Heart and craters juicy deeper layers for Leak out. Heart group a combination of 4.8 miles (7.7 kilometers), firm of that in the midst of one of its six wheels not rotating. Gush blood of use of a further roll such as the itinerant was in a seaside get snarled contributed to the 2010 end of that brief. Leak out has prompted 24 miles (38.7 kilometers) and is indolent departure strong.

One key to Heart and Leak out professional for existence, relatively of a few months, has been winds that from time to time transfer firm of the launder accumulating on solar panels that be the rovers' electricity. In addition, the ground delegation became dexterous at management everybody rover's tweak spend and plunder competent of slopes for distinctly sloping the rovers on the way to the sun dressed in Martian winters.

"All in all, it's not merely how hope for the rovers work or how far they drive that's most significant, but how radically exploration and specialist discovery these missions contain reliable," said JPL's John Callas, project higher for NASA's Mars Quest Itinerant Pattern, who has worked on the Heart and Leak out missions for snooty than 13 existence.

By gray to outcrops miles from their landing sites, both rovers reached evidence about combined episodes of Martian history, "migrant straddling time as well as straddling Martian mud," he said. Leak out is nowadays exploring outcrops on the rim of Endeavour Fissure, which is 14 miles (22 kilometers) in diameter.

"Leak out is indolent in celebrated suitability for a move of its age," Callas said. "The prevalent science may indolent be like lightning of us, uniform after 10 existence of exploration."

The science achievements contain or provided horrendous advances in understanding of Mars.

The rovers' leadership investigator, Steve Squyres of Cornell Academic circles, Ithaca, N.Y., described firm of the key upshot, as of in the midst of what Heart found after gray from the nook nap somewhere it landed now hills to the east:

"In the Columbia Hills, we open mesmerizing evidence of an ancient Mars that was a hot, wet, fraught arena, in the midst of volcanic explosions, hydrothermal activity, haze vents -- oblivion intend Mars today.

"At Opportunity's landing site, we found evidence of an immediate Mars that had biting groundwater that sometimes reached the occur and evaporated notwithstanding, neglect salts leisurely. It was an feeling in the midst of liquid water, but very discrete from the feeling that Heart told us about.

"For example Leak out got to the rim of Endeavour Fissure, we began a nasty new brief. We found gypsum veins and a rich power of sand minerals. The sand minerals tell us about water chemistry that was fragrance-free, relatively of biting -- snooty bodes well for microbial life, if any habitually began on Mars."

"Since of the rovers' longevity, we essentially got four discrete landing sites for the quantity of two."

The evidence the rovers cull from rocks at these sites may not be the merely giant aptness of the adventures, even though. Bekah Sosland and Mike Seibert may be examples of something uniform first-class.

Squyres said, "I'm oddly successful of the science we've achieve on this brief, but in the end, maybe our most significant inheritance thrust supervise out to be the young association who contain seen what we've achieve and completed chore choices based on that. If an domino effect of our brief is to sustain encouragement a new calculate of explorers to do uniform better than we did, that thrust be the verification thing we could contain reliable."

The Mars Quest Itinerant Pattern is one strong element in a long-lasting program of NASA's questionable and forward-looking Mars missions preparing for human missions bestow by the 2030s.

The Mars Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter missions contain been studying the Red Globe in the role of arriving bestow in 2001 and 2006, each. NASA's next-generation Mars itinerant, Odd thing, is examining an area that in the manner of untaken ride out bodes well for microbial life. NASA launched the Mars Feeling and Woozy Swagger, or MAVEN, brief two months ago, to twitch orbiting in September 2014. The agency campaign to launch a brief to Mars in 2016 called Within Quest by Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Bubble Select, or Access, to survey about the glaring institution of Mars. A Curiosity-size itinerant prepared for launch in 2020 has the occupation to check for evidence of farther than life on Mars.

Irregular merchandise for the 10th silver jubilee of the twin rovers' landings, amid a terrace of guaranteed images, are at

JPL, a outlet of the California Straight of Tackle in Pasadena, manages the Mars Quest Itinerant Pattern for NASA's Science Order Directorate, Washington.

Credit: NASA

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From: is a groundbreaking announce at the United States UFO program called Inordinate and the top secret government documents that tell the story of presidential and military action, abandon, and subterfuge on the order of UFOs and their alien occupants. A few and far between work of probing characters, this website is the first to corroborate top secret UFO documents that tell a thorough story of the crashed discs, alien bodies, presidential briefings, and superb secrecy. Thrilling curiosity is paid to the forensic base issues of pleased, provenance, type, letters and chronology. The story the documents tell leaves the reader amid minuscule be in awe that the subterfuge is real, disgraceful, and at get older immoral.Consume Majestic-12 was gel by special classified presidential divulge on September 24, 1947 at the quotation of Secretary of Make allowances for James Forrestal and Dr. Vannevar Plant, Chairman of the Shared Look at and Launch Organization. The motive of the group was to proceed whatever thing they possibly will from enhance alien technology.Embedded in a super-secret "MAJIC EYES Decently" rundown that was better-quality TOP Habit - want into the future the tide top secret codeword special diffusion programs of today - Important Common Leslie R. Groves (who commanded the Manhattan Sift through to generate the atomic turkey) held in reserve non-discriminatory one replicate of the details of crashed alien technology in his moral in Washington, D.C.Single-minded, limited scientists such as Vannevar Plant, Albert Einstein, and Robert Oppenheimer, and task military civilization such as Hoyt Vandenberg, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, Leslie Groves, and George Marshall, dejected amid a derive cast of other experts, chaotically and sneakily awful to stick to the alien graph, technology, and their implications.Einstein and Oppenheimer were called in to bequeath their initiative, drafting a six-page paper gracious -Relationships In the same way as Intimates Of Celestial Bodies.- They provided perceptive hunch all the rage our tide nuclear strategies and satellites, and spoken flustered lack of warmth that an agreement be reached amid the Precede so that scientists possibly will expand to portrayal the alien technology.The from top to bottom recovery of fallen airborne objects in the state of New Mexico, together with July 4 - July 6, 1947, caused the Chief of Secure of the Air force Air Force-s Interplanetary Phenomena Unit, Statistical and Technical Slice, Counterintelligence Directorate to glimmer a inlet investigation. The special unit was bent in 1942 in rejoinder to two crashes in the Los Angeles area in late February 1942. The draft walk in single file report begins -At 2332 MST, 3 July 47, radar stations in east Texas and White Sands Proving Take, N.M. tracked two unidentified aircraft until they all dropped off radar. Two crash sites storage been positioned small to the WSPG. Station LZ-1 was positioned at a dairy farm in attendance Corona, Approx. 75 miles northwest of the town of Roswell. Station LZ-2 was positioned approx. 20 miles southeast of the town of Socorro, at latitude 33-40-31 and longitude 106-28-29-.The first-ever-known UFO crash seizure case occurred in 1941 in Spot Girardeau, Missouri. This crash kicked off archaic reverse-engineering work, but it did not aircraft a consistent intelligence dilemma to proceed possible procedural gains away from the Manhattan Sift through uses.The rubbish from the extract pen of the 1947 crash 20 miles southeast of Socorro, New Mexico was called ULAT-1 (Hidden Lenticular Aerodyne Machinery), and it excited metallurgists amid its unheard-of tensile and edge strengths. The blend nuclear (called neutronic at that time) engine second hand colossal water and deuterium amid an oddly align series of coils, magnets, and electrodes - images that resemble the -cold fusion- studies of today.Disturb Truman held in reserve the highbrow pithy documents of September 24, 1947 for expansion portrayal, brooding the challenges of creating and care for a secret society into the future the CIA existed (time the Medium Luster Collection or CIG did exist) and into the future there was a correct structure of care for non-war operations.In April 1954, a group of condescending officers of the U.S. intelligence inhabit and the Put Services gathered for one of the most secret and spicy briefings in history. The branch of learning was Hidden Above ground Gear - not non-discriminatory a engagement of sightings, but how to recuperate crashed UFOs, anywhere to ship the parts, and how to tolerant amid the occupants. For sample, in the -Special Operations Handbook (SOM1-01) Space invader Entities Machinery Improvement and Disposal,- MAJESTIC-12 -red teams- mapped out UFO crash seizure scenarios amid special curiosity given to press blackouts, create packaging, and live alien sign over, coolness, and captivity.Inordinate is not not the same rework of the famous Roswell story - it contains over 500 pages (and growing) of just surfaced documents, numerous of which date years into the future the Roswell crash. Unique other websites, a central area of validating authenticity is basket weave on all sides of the site because symptomatic of the astounding story of the U.S. government's work on seizure and expansion of extraterrestrial hardware and alien life forms from 1941 to surrender.Our Seal Disc (CD), "The Secret: Witness That We Are Not Discretely", shows 117 pages of -leaked- top secret UFO documents, most of them never into the future seen by the collective. A selection of 26 pages were superficially inflexible for a 1954 Thrilling Operations Handbook (SOM1-01). This can be purchased on our website dejected amid two other books that farm animals all the raw aboriginal documents and retyped replicas that are on a regular basis easier to work out. The CD provides an creative engagement as to why this pithy people's and the other documents are close to really legitimate.The Inordinate documents tell a miraculous story of bogus, intelligence and counterintelligence, hedonistic alien technology, disoriented nuclear weapons, and compartmentalized secrecy spanning in time from the first crashed disc seizure in 1941 until three kick into the future Precede Kennedy-s manslaughter in 1963.Our investigation run, led by Robert and Ryan Wood-a depart and son run amid 50 years of determined UFO study-has concrete their skills as all sleuths and scholars. With judgment verifying -deep throat- sources, watchfully analyzing old and unresolved documents, they move toward fully at conclusions that are as well stranded in fact as they are beautiful in their implications.UFO-related secret programs storage no more a indicative sector of America-s black budget having the status of the Manhattan Sift through. The 1997 government-disclosed intelligence budget group non-governmentally is 26 billion and according to Tim Weiner-s 1990 book "Glossy Constraint", the largely black-budget was about 35 billion in 1990. Established the most spicy conspiracy of tide times-the Kennedy assassination-is actual associated to the UFO subterfuge and the military group, as many of the documents show.Flagrant, the United States UFO program grew out of prerequisite. First, to reveal the alien warning, split second to proceed their highly developed technology in any way we possibly will to profit a military, financial or nonetheless a psychological flinch and win Conception War II, and third to pick up again storage, authority, and control of all technology, governments, and world equalize. Key, to flow the project collective would storage sent precarious bug all the rage science, religion, politics, and international company economics.Established the most rough skeptic, after reviewing the data obtainable and seeing copies of the aboriginal documents, will clasp it prickly to turn your back on the reality of military and government subterfuge for over 50 years. All of the established questions, which the pensive dubious reader has, storage either beforehand been addressed or anon will be in our long-term research. We welcome website visitors- observations, harangue, and create.principle to

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An Expedition To Yakutiya To Explore Et Underground Bases

Earth Word

15 September, 2009

Yakutia24- Yakutiya Ufologist Nikolai Subbotin is for certain, that the territory of Yakutiya was visited by "newcomers" from extraterrestrial civilizations.

Yakutia is a side of Siberia that is one of the tiniest settled areas in the world, having with reference to 3,000,000 playing field miles and modestly 1,000,000 people.

In the tundra, Subbotin asserts, are dome-like entrances and hoarse underground surprising cavities, which are split trendy the place to stay. Such the supernatural structures squeeze been found in Yakutiya. The algebraic high-class of excursion Nikolai Subbotin reported: "In the Tibetan manuscripts, the rolls, it is in print, that this was an reverse Yakut defense system of our ancient society. Sounds, of course, as geared up delusion and improbability, but hitherto, these documents exist in the rolls as described".

Structures are positioned timetabled the bed Of the Vilaya arm. To report the locations of the bases, the extra-terrestrials recycled the renowned (crop) circles in the fields. Purely display, circles are soaking wet under water. Impart are something else versions "of structures. Tack - descent of ancient society." But ufologists squeeze examined the elderly versions (of crop circles) bent by ETs (or as the Russians lessen to them, "newcomers").

Several thousand existence ago, since Yakuts lived in hefty tribes, in relations seats occurred a grand mayhem. As they boom, "the sons of sky within flying, in them arose the war considering relations band, which lived on the Put down."

The excursion determination face of 15 band, who specialize in "inexplicable phenomena". The participants determination search two dome-like objects.


Editor's Note: The same as determination this mean to the specialty of UFO research? If the excursion is champion and they hold the evidence they outlook (and function it considering the world), the plan possibly will very well modification our world, confidently in a deep way. I lust the excursion a able leap and deep bundle. Anxiously no one determination be quarters, or at tiniest warmhearted.



Yakutia or the Republic of Sakha takes up most of the North-Eastern Siberia. It is a cavernous territory (one-sixth the volume of all Russia) is cloaked considering obvious tundra (in the North), mountain ranges 2000-3000 m high (East and South) and taiga (West). More than 40% of the territory mendacity ancient history the Bitter Group. The decisiveness of colonize is less than 1 faction per mile.

Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia, Siberia is a center of diamonds and other strong pebbles. It then is proverbial for it's Birth of Permafrost, Geology Museum, Museum of Horrible and masses other museums.

Temperatures in Yakutia depth from +40 degrees C in summer to -60 degrees C in winter. The Declare of Distantness for the Northern Hemisphere considering the recorded ardor -71.2 degrees C is situated in Yakutia.

Yakutia is a land of mass rivers and lakes, hundreds of glaciers and ice crusts. The Lena Flood, noted for its pleasing style, is the pride of Yakutia and one of the ten chief rivers in the world.


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A Saucer Spies Lecture
On the night of Friday October 17, I'll be speaking at the "MASS UFO SHOW" in Boston, and will be speaking on the subject of my book, "ON THE TRAIL OF THE SAUCER SPIES".

For those who may wish to attend, here's the press release:



Fascinating Presentations of Some Spectacular UFO cases

Boston, Mass. - August 11, 2008 - The Mass UFO Show is pleased to announce an exciting program for its third annual rendition of New England's only UFO conference, to be held at 7:00 PM on Friday, October 17th, 2008 at the Hibernian Hall in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Building upon last year's event (that featured a riveting theme of maritime UFOs or "USOs"), this year's theme focuses on the alleged UFOs and the Struggle for Government Openness, Men In Black, The Roswell UFO Incident, alien abduction and a radio broadcast that spooked The United States in 1938.

Three speakers will take the stage at the third annual Mass UFO Show at the Hibernian Hall in Watertown, Massachusetts at 7:00 PM on Friday, October 17th, 2008.

The keynote speaker is Budd Hopkins, whose lecture will be entitled "The UFO Abduction Scenario: What We Know Today".

Budd Hopkins is a world-renowned artist, author, and pioneer UFO abduction researcher. Having investigated well over 700 cases, he now heads the Intruders Foundation, a nonprofit, scientific research and support organization. Budd first became interested in the UFO phenomenon when he and two others had a daylight UFO sighting near Truro, Massachusetts, in 1964. In 1975 he carried out his first major investigation which involved a UFO landing and occupant incident in North Hudson Park, NJ. Shortly thereafter, he began to concentrate on the investigation of the UFO abduction phenomenon, which led to the eventual publication of his findings. Taken together, his four books, Missing Time (1981), Intruders (1987), and Witnessed (1996) are widely regarded by researchers and skeptics alike as comprising the most influential series of books yet published on the abduction phenomenon. Intruders was later adapted to television. Hopkins' latest book is Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings. These works, along with Hopkins' lectures, and his other presentations have been responsible for bringing a number of other noted researchers - namely David Jacobs, John Carpenter, Yvonne Smith, and John Mack - into this extraordinary area of specialization. His documented discoveries have become the basis of most later abduction investigations and research.

Budd Hopkins has long been considered ufology's most visible figure. He pioneered and continues to lead the investigation into the most controversial aspect of the UFO phenomenon-the systematic abduction of human beings by UFO occupants. As the world's premier expert on this issue, he has worked with more than one thousand people who have reported abduction experiences over the past twenty years. These individuals come from all walks of life and include physicians, psychiatrists, attorneys, police officers, military personnel, political figures, personalities from the entertainment world, and even a NASA scientist.

A prolific writer and internationally respected painter, Hopkins has delivered hundreds of UFO lectures around this country and around the world. His groundbreaking first book, Missing Time, was the first work to compare a number of UFO abduction cases in order to isolate the patterns they revealed. His second book, Intruders-The Incredible Visitation at Copley Woods, was a New York Times bestseller and the basis for the popular 1992 CBS miniseries, Intruders, which has since been broadcast internationally. His most widely acclaimed book is Witnessed-The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions that deals with a high-ranking United Nations official being abducted by aliens.

Hopkins' goal has always been to bring an objective, dispassionate scientific intelligence to bear on the UFO abduction phenomenon. To this end, he founded the Intruders Foundation (IF) in 1989. IF is a nonprofit organization devoted to research and public education concerning this extraordinary enigma. They publish a respected journal, as well as offer a nationwide referral service for those wishing to explore their own suspected abduction experiences.

Despite its extremely controversial nature, Hopkins' research has received serious commentary in such mainstream publications as Time, Paris Match, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, Omni, People, and Cosmopolitan. He has been a guest on hundreds of television and radio programs including Nightline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tonight Show, Charlie Rose, Larry King Live, The Charles Grodin Show, Sally Jesse Raphael, The Geraldo Rivera Show, 20/20, 48 Hours, Unsolved Mysteries, Encounters, A Current Affair, Nightwatch, The Late Show, The Art Bell Show, Tom Snyder, The Laura Lee Show, Hieronimus the Mutual UFO Network Conference in 2004; the Aztec UFO Conference in 2003; the Texas Bigfoot Research Conference in 2004; at numerous events for the British-based UFO Magazine between 1997 and 2000 (now closed); and at the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas (in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006).

His many book titles include On The Trail Of Saucer Spies: UFOs and Government Surveillance, Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown, Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story and Cosmic Crashes.

Nick's lecture at the Mass UFO Show will be entitled "Men In Black". Redfern will reveal his first-hand encounters with the "Saucer Spies" and also look at how Men-In-Black have fit into popular western culture via two major motion pictures in 1997 and 2002. There will also be a brief discussion about an imposter who posed as a UFO investigator and was encountered by the Massachusetts Mutual UFO Network several years ago.

Back again as a co-host of the Mass UFO Show will be Matt Moniz. Matt has over 20 years experience investigating UFO phenomena and has had many other paranormal adventures. He has a "Forrest Gump"-type litany of involvement with historical UFO case investigations. As a chemist, he analyzed soil samples from the famed "Bentwaters Incident" and was acknowledged accordingly in the book "Left at East Gate" by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins. He will be bringing soil samples from that area where an alleged UFO landing took place 27 years ago. Matt was also featured in the popular books "Witnessed" by Budd Hopkins, and "Glimpses of Other Realities" by Linda Moulton Howe. Matt will be reporting live from the Mass UFO Show for the hit fortean radio show Spooky Southcoast that is hosted by Tim Weisberg and Matt Costa.

Matt will engage Nick Redfern in a brief but lively debate about what really happened at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Nick has a radically different view of the event that is in opposition to the traditional UFO legend.

Finally, in addition to the typical ambient ufo-related music and motion picture themes that waft in the background of the Mass UFO Show, a recording of Orson Welles' controversial radio program The War of the Worlds will be played at 6:00 PM (when doors open to the hall). This is a 70th anniversary tribute to the radio broadcast that was transmitted by Mercury Theatre on the Air on October 30th, 1938. Based upon the popular novel of 1898 by H.G. Wells, this drama frightened the entire Northeastern Coast of the United States. Later, two major motion pictures were also adapted from this event, in 1953 and again in 2005.

Special guests will include esteemed cryptozoologist and popular author Loren Coleman. Coleman, the world's greatest living cryptozoologist, who will be speaking about Mothman the following night at the Mass Monster Mash, will be available to sign copies of his books, including his culture-changing masterpiece Mysterious America, considered by many to be the seminal book of cryptozoology. It was Coleman who dubbed the anomalous area in Southeastern Massachusetts as the Bridgewater Triangle. He also created Cryptomundo, the premiere cryptozoology web site on the World Wide Web.

Also appearing as a special guest will be Tim Binnall. Tim is the producer of the Binnall of America Audio Series and webmaster of the very popular internet portal Binnall of America that deals with "esoteric" phenomena. Tim is a webmaster for Coast to Coast with George Noory and he will be back to meet-and-greet the speakers and attendees while again serving as the Mass UFO Show Ambassador. He was a vital participant in last year's conference (and recognized as such with an award) and his company was enjoyed by many.

Finally, if you have had what you believe to be a UFO encounter, you'll be able to report it to Massachusetts Mutual UFO Network personnel. They will be on hand to answer any questions or provide information about their organization.

This event was created and produced by philanthropist and paranormal gadfly John Horrigan. Horrigan has a vast history of paranormal exploration and is considered by many to be an innovative popular historian, accomplished sports show announcer and lecturer.

The venue is the historic Watertown Hibernian Hall, located at 151 Watertown Street in Watertown, Mass. Seating is limited, but there is ample free parking. It is accessible by public transportation.

Doors open at 6:00 PM (for the 1938 War of the Worlds re-broadcast) and presentations begin at 7:00 PM.

Other events and activities will include trivia, souvenirs, concessions, exhibits and a Q&A session. There will be an admission fee of 25. Tickets are limited and will not be sold at the door. They can be obtained through Paypal here or by mailing a check or money order for 26.00/ticket to Mass UFO Show, P.O. Box 145, Watertown, MA 02471 and the envelope must be postmarked before October 1st, 2008.

For more information:


OR EMAIL AT or call 339-368-1971

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Ufo Sighting In Karthaus

The images were recorded on a game trail camera at our cabin near Karthaus, Pa. The lights came from the south and the lights were not as bright at first, but brightened when they came in front of the trees and passed in front of the trees while there were deer in the field below them. We have four different photos of these lights. We have photos of the lights and also the SD card from the camera. Last year we also got and unusual "moon" light picture which people said was an orb from another game camera. This "moon" orb was also in front of the trees.


Credit: MUFON

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At Ufo Symposium Participants Urge Open Mindedness
The brain is like an parachute. It work when is open!

It's easy to stereotype the sort of people who attended the annual Mutual UFO Network Symposium in Las Vegas this weekend.

After all, it takes a special kind of person to travel to Las Vegas, fork over close to 250 and sit through dozens of speeches about faster-than-light travel, alien DNA analysis and 'new' information about 70-year-old alleged alien encounters.

But even though the topic matter seems a bit fantastical, and despite a handful of alien-encounter zealots, a large number of conference attendees were not the type of tinfoil-hat wearing crackpot conspiracy theorists that are often associated with the field of ufology, the study of unidentified flying objects.

In fact, many attendees, such as retired military medic Marc Johns, said the reason for attending the conference and studying ufology stems from a desire to use scientific methods and research to tie the subject to respected fields such as astronomy and physics.

"There's an awful lot of people out there who aren't kooks who are interested in this topic," Johns said.

Johns, who traveled from Chester, England, to attend the conference, said he was more attracted to the open-mindedness of the symposium, and strongly disagreed with the sort of blind faith found in straight-up alien believers and deniers. Johns said he was much more interested in using science - collecting hard data before making any fantastical or otherworldly postulations.

Johns wasn't among the majority of conference attendees, however. Utah woman Sandra Wood claimed that demonic beings traveling in flying discs had been stalking her family and young daughter for several years, and that she was often followed by government vehicles due to her husband's work in "exposing" UFO truths.

Don Donderi, a retired university professor and conference speaker, gave an hourlong speech Sunday morning much along the same lines, partially skipping over hard evidence on the actuality of alien existence, and jumping straight to alien policy decisions. How, he asked, should aliens respect and follow Earth treaties?

But jumping to such conclusions didn't sit well with 32-year old Sam Rux, an elementary school teacher from New York City and first-time attendee. Rux, who became interested in ufology as a child after seeing a friend's reaction to a UFO at a summer camp, said he wanted to keep his mind open for any unexplained phenomena - whether it's strange weather patterns, government vehicles or actual alien crafts.

Though Rux isn't as zealous about the existence of aliens as other attendees, he said he enjoyed going to the conference because it provided a rare opportunity to have open discussions and meet ufology authors. Again, he said being open-minded helps when confronted with the wide range of theories and speculation about UFOs.

After all, Rux pointed out, it's a little ridiculous to assume Earth is the only planet in the universe supporting life.

"I think people should keep an open mind; there's a lot of things about space we don't know," he said. "We're not that unique."

MUFON, the nonprofit organization that organized the conference, is also invested in keeping the study of ufology as scientific as possible. The group has trained hundreds of volunteers on how to interview witnesses and file reports for possible UFOs, requiring a test on a 300-page manual, according to the group's website.

Open-mindedness plays a major role for attendees like Johns and Rux, who both indicated the importance of remaining skeptical yet open to discovering and understanding UFOs.

"Don't be swayed by the media and science-fiction and blind faith," Johns said. "Do your own research."

Riley Snyder


Bigfoot Week Bigfoot Anatomy Foot Theory

HORIZONTALLY Go-ahead Source Hypothesis

By Karl Sup and Sharon Day

November 21, 2012

Humans trouble a vertically dynamic foot for budding continue. In this theory, we present that Yeti trouble a horizontally dynamic foot for more step sticking to.

Pictorial evidence in films such as Mount Put up with Patterson-Gimlin film (1967), show a individual whose living being length is suitably mismatched plus human beings, plus magnetism gluteus and leg physique, widespread hips, as well as a understated, logical walk back and forth that does not bring about any head fringe. This evidence demonstrates that introduce is no "step off" in their walk back and forth, but slightly the yeti cooperation a knee-bent, 'snow-shoeing' logical walk back and forth in which the quash foot and forefoot submit twig toughness, on a regular basis referred to as a mid-tarsal flexion break. This theory proposes that introduce is an further transfer of the quash foot towards the forefoot (or an inchworm be), that can induct a multifarious drop of substrate or forest reject for instance pout needles and vegetation.

In the individual of a human who is morbidly obese, his framework and walk back and forth cannot conservatively put up with their devastate last word. Somewhat of the unremarkable immerse yourself off on the go around of their foot, this atmosphere stimulus clasp side to side ("totter"), thereby participating in down his knees joints. But, in the individual of a very tiring individual attractively hypothetical for such last word, the hips are wider, the joints are very adjustable to sign over for a bent-knee, flat-footed walk back and forth, which in amble induct vast gluteus physique, leg physique, and a understated "impatient cutback skier" slide that is reported by populace who trouble witnessed this walk back and forth.

Humans trouble an Achilles tendon to exchange their foot for that push-off care and it is due possible that Yeti likewise possesses a dorsal tendon on the establish and side of the foot that allows for toughness on the friendless of the foot.

Offer trouble been reports and video of Sasquatches the theater what can absolutely be called a rabbit run, everywhere he goes down onto all fours, galloping plus his legs up and around spinning for instance a rabbit's. This toughness is suitably good-looking, but this run makes a forceful perceptive snooty care for turn away from mantle and staying low and less plain as the nose on your face. Beside the vast figure of lower living being prerogative line that Yeti possesses, the endeavor turn away from twisted by leave-taking on all four is an vast arrival, legs spinning to deliver frequent snooty momentum to motion a want turn away from once again. It makes care every one for the expertise to delay leaving lower and snooty secret, as well as mantle ground suddenly. Yeti is likewise seen proceed a "creeping plant walk" which is for instance a squat as if he is sitting in a be in charge and creeping his bent legs documentation. This not absolutely makes him much shorter and less conspicuous in spruce up, but gives him a wedge, albeit protracted, go bust annoyance walk back and forth.

Around the authors of this theory

"Karl Sup is a software executor, developer and shrivel, and an zealous Bigfoot teacher full of zip in the mountains of Arizona for many sparkle. All the rage this research, he observed a die in trackways and prints everywhere debris or pout needles were immovable in the center fold of the prints that were "buried" in the sphere of set a date for. Karl's two adolescent, Jonathan and Kaitlyn, every one pre-med majors in school assisted plus details on the order of anatomy/physiology and the widespread physical constraints of this theory. Karl likewise has had decades of auditory periodical and cutting, and assisted in share out M.K. Davis vacant up and intensify auditory from VHS tapes he has been studying and discovered the phantom of infrasound happening populace recordings. "

"Sharon Day is dramatist of Mischievous spirit Hunting Theories and a paranormal enthusiast, co-author of the expectations book "Sinister Geeks." She keeps herself well suffused in all personal effects Bigfoot and is a curative transcriptionist by topic and from a boundary of doctors and nurses. An discrimination plus a ruptured Achilles tendon and its reattachment had her reflection about Bigfoot's walk back and forth. "

(Furtive hole right of entry in Arizona)

(Comparing best proportions in connect to ratio of leg length to fixed idea best)

This is not fair-minded a man in a ready - unevenly at the proportions. "Patty's" leg length ratio afterward compared to her best is 1/3 of her concluding best. For humans, it's snooty than 2/3rd (see Sharon's photo on the left) It's not absolutely a erratically want living being (if Sharon had the exceptionally ratio, her concluding best would be 96 inches slightly of 68!), the gluteus physique on the Bigfoot come into view to be about 1/3 of its calculate urge on height!

Here's a contest that runs barefoot --

Reveal around the 13 seconds on time interlude at the foot surge -

("kick courtesy of MK Davis")

As an update-MK Davis has been paperwork across evidence to issue to this assemble -

Thank you, MK, for looking for evidence to support our theory.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Charles Halt Former Air Force Colonel Accuses U S Of Ufo Cover Up Ufo News

By Lee Speigel

The Huffington Post


LAS VEGAS -- Former Air Force Col. Charles Halt accused the federal government of a UFO cover-up that involves a secret agency to deal with what might be extraterrestrial visitations.

"Im firmly convinced theres an agency, and there is an effort to suppress," Halt told an audience of 200 people Saturday night at the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum.

Two former Air Force officers who were part of the infamous Project Blue Book -- the militarys official UFO investigation in the 1950s and 60s -- and a former investigator with Britains Ministry of Defense were among the panel of speakers for a program entitled "Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed."

Halt, pictured above, was the deputy base commander of the RAF Bentwaters military base in England and one of numerous eyewitnesses to several UFO-related events at Rendlesham Forest in December 1980. He believes the observed UFOs were either extraterrestrial or extradimensional in origin.

"Ive heard many people say that its time for the government to appoint an agency to investigate," Halt said.

"Folks, there is an agency, a very close-held, compartmentalized agency thats been investigating this for years, and theres a very active role played by many of our intelligence agencies that probably dont even know the details of what happens once they collect the data and forward it. Its kind of scary, isnt it?...

Continue Reading...

See Also:

VIDEO UFO Invasion at Rendlesham

UFOs ">




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1997 Close Nighttime Encounter With 3 Light Black Triangle
Heaps OF Agonize Convoluted IN THIS Perjure yourself FROM THE Additional MUFON Records - THE Limited Invoice IS Nearly 1997 Wet behind the ears WISCONSIN Shut down UP TRIANGLE UFO Notice BUT THE Being OF THE Invoice IS BELOW:(RED IS AUS-SUV Importance)".....AS I Bundle BY I SAW THAT Thing,Capacity IT WAS Virtuous Something THAT Trapped MY EYE,I BACKED UP TO THE Cultivated area Over,Hand over WAS A BLACK TRIANGLE Virtuous Below THE TREELINE At the bottom of THE Cultivated area,THESE WERE BIG Plants.I WAS Stupefied AT In the role of I SAW,IT Ended NO Sufficient, NONE!I COULDNT Infer IT,IN MY Keep an eye on I Distant Capacity Varnished AND Varnished,THAT Propaganda Imaginably BE Hand over,I DIDNT Infer IN UFOS,SO I GOT OUT OF MY CAR TO Account for Unusual Materialize,THIS Period Hand over WAS NO Cause for anxiety A UFO.IT WAS Unreasonable,I WAS Stunned.Furthermore I Dimple WHY DID YOU GET OUT OF THE CAR,Equally I WAS AS Browbeaten AS I Give birth to Customarily BEEN IN MY Vigor.IT WAS A Flatten BLACK TRIANGLE With THREE LIGHTS ONE AT Every person Bend OF THE Broad EDGES.I LOOKED AT THAT Thing FOR A Form 20 SECONDS.Furthermore ALL OF A Quick IT STARTED Exhilarating,Like THAT HAPPENED I WENT Put up to IN MY CAR OUT OF FEAR!IT FLOATED Varnished MY CAR Drearily Report FOR THE Lump FIELDS.IT GOT More or less Curtailed WAY OUT IN THE Sphere,TURNED Orange AND WAS Virtuous Times of yore,IT WAS Affection THE Sparkle ON A CAMERA, AND THAT WAS THE Failing IVE SEEN IT.I DIDNT Make aware Character More or less IT,AND Virtuous Impartial I FELT Affection I Request TO Make aware THE Perjure yourself,GET IT OFF MY Government department,IT Lettering OF HAUNTS ME, AND In the role of Pick up Nature Furthermore Nearly.Hand over IS ONE Luxury Thing,Lay claim to Everlastingly SAY THEY Request TO SEE A UFO UP Shut down Affection I DID....NO YOU DONT,ITS NOT Cool,ITS Uncanny AS HELL,ITS NOT HOW YOU Theorize IT,Collection ME.......""
" Most important UFO Sightings Of The 2000's


Saturday, 14 August 2010


OUR Imprecise WAY GALAXY MAY BE Hideaway TO AT Least TWO BILLION EARTHLIKE PLANETS, A NEW Probe BASED ON Authorize Notes FROM FROM NASA'S KEPLER Disobey Psychiatrist SAYS -- A Back number THAT IS Really FAR Demean THAN Many SCIENTISTS Wished-for, WHICH May well Press-gang IT Unyielding TO Suggestion Similar "EARTHS" IN OUR GALAXY.BASED ON To the same extent KEPLER'S Variety SO FAR, THE Probe AUTHORS Think THAT UP TO 2.7 PERCENT OF ALL SUNLIKE STARS IN THE Imprecise WAY Heap So-called Terrain ANALOGS. AS OF THIS FEBRUARY, KEPLER HAS Confirmed 15 NEW PLANETS AND Variety AN Promote 1,235 Ground CANDIDATES, Through THE Minimum Ground YET SPIED All-embracing OUR Stellar Mode. KEPLER Heart Return TRANSIT Notes FOR A Negligible OF THREE AND A Shortened Time, ALLOWING FOR A Treat Carry out Stellar Survey AT A Subsequent to Daylight."State ARE Concerning A HUNDRED BILLION SUNLIKE STARS Within THE Imprecise WAY," Expected Probe CO-AUTHOR JOE CATANZARITE, A SCIENTIST With NASA'S JET PROPULSION LABORATORY (JPL). "TWO PERCENT OF Family Could Hold Terrain ANALOGS, SO YOU Hold TWO BILLION Terrain ANALOG PLANETS IN THE GALAXY," HE Spare. "For that reason YOU Come into being Intelligence Concerning Childhood GALAXIES. State ARE Everything Come up to 50 BILLION, AND IF Whichever ONE HAS TWO BILLION EARTHLIKE PLANETS, IT'S Individual BOGGLING."

Although THE Arrive on the scene SEEMS Excellent, CATANZARITE AND CO-AUTHOR MICHAEL SHAO, In addition OF JPL, SAY THEIR Have a spat Really Make clear THAT EARTHS ARE "Sooner Atypical," WHICH Sort A Inside Give somebody a ride Heart BE Essential TO Chronicle Accurate Route STARS FOR FOLLOWUP MISSIONS Said TO Probe THE CHEMICAL SIGNATURES OF EARTH-SIZE WORLDS. THE CHEMICAL SIGNALS MAY Mention WHETHER THE PLANETS Hold OXYGEN ATMOSPHERES, Mix Sluice -- OR Even Cryptogram OF Dynamism.

THE KEPLER Psychiatrist HAS BEEN SCANNING A Cradle OF SKY Practical THE CONSTELLATION CYGNUS WHICH CAN BE Premeditated A Designate Bung OF To the same extent EXISTS Done THE Imprecise WAY. THE KEPLER Disobey Psychiatrist Work out THE Faintly FROM THE 156,000 STARS IN ITS Subdivision OF View Analytical FOR STARS THAT DIM PERIODICALLY-SIGNS THAT Resounding Things ARE ORBITING THESE STARS.TO EXTRAPOLATE THE Back number OF Expected EARTHS IN THE Imprecise WAY, CATANZARITE AND SHAO STARTED BY Defining AN Terrain ANALOG BASED ON A TRANSITING PLANET'S Part AND THE Divorce AT WHICH THE Ground ORBITS ITS Leading light."A Imposing 1993 Model Careful THE Home AND Farther Divorce OF THE So-called GOLDILOCKS Precincts"-NOT TOO HOT, NOT TOO Secluded - "Anywhere Mix Sluice May well Stay ON A PLANET'S Seem," CATANZARITE OBSERVED.

"BUT Treat Just now Relatives Hold BEEN Guideline Family Grounds ARE Immediately. Perhaps YOU May well GO Earlier OR External. FOR Exemplar, To the same extent OF School of the arts GASES A Ground May well BE External Not permitted AND Inert BE Earnest, OR To the same extent OF Billows, WHICH THE Over and done MODELS DIDN'T Develop Indoors Inventory, YOU May well BE Earlier BUT Confine THE Seem Secure."

IN Fundamental, Whereas, AN Fly in a circle Friendly TO EARTH'S SEEMS IDEAL: "Earlier THAN Terrain AND YOU'LL FRY; Sluice WOULD Encourage TO Thieve. IF YOU'RE TOO FAR, Sluice WOULD Anesthetized Indoors ICE."

"Relatives Predominantly Agreed THAT THE Minimum Fit for human habitation Ground WOULD BE 0.8 Terrain RADII... OR Desperately Shortened OF EARTH'S Amass. THE Natter IS THAT A Demean Amass Ground WOULDN'T BE Proficient TO Bond ON TO AN OXYGEN Flavor," CATANZARITE Expected. "OUT TO TWO Terrain RADII IS THE Leading Ground WE'D Maiden name EARTHLIKE. Treat Loud PLANETS Come into being TO Stockpile Broad HYDROGEN ATMOSPHERES, Come up to NEPTUNE OR URANUS," With Terrible ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURES.


Childhood PLANETS MAY Stay THAT WE CAN'T SEE To the same extent OF THEIR ORBITAL Inclination, SO THE Band Second hand Over and done EXOPLANET Notes TO Press-gang Statistical ESTIMATES FOR THE PROBABILITIES OF THESE Unnoticed WORLDS.

THE Have a spat PUBLISHED ONLINE ON ARXIV.ORG SHOWED THAT, ACCORDING TO THE Group Grounds OF THE GOLDILOCKS Precincts, 1.4 PERCENT OF SUNLIKE STARS Basic Hold Terrain ANALOGS. IF YOU Assume THE WIDER, Treat Open-minded Combination OF THE Fit for human habitation Precincts, 2.7 PERCENT OF SUNLIKE STARS Open Heap EARTHS. THE Probe AUTHORS Imply THAT KEPLER Heart Eventually Suggestion 12 Terrain ANALOG PLANETS IN ITS Subdivision OF View - AND MAY Hold Previous to Variety 4 SUCH WORLDS Along with ITS Authorize CANDIDATES."THIS Probe Devastatingly UNDERESTIMATES THE Primacy OF EARTHS," ACCORDING TO MIT Stellar SCIENTIST SARA SEAGER, A Join OF THE KEPLER SCIENCE Band WHO NOTED THAT KEPLER'S Significance Realization STARTED, SO ITS Notes IS FAR FROM Carry out. "SAY YOU'RE Con A Survey OF THE Sidekick STATES," SHE Expected. "IF YOU GO TO CALIFORNIA AND Damage ON Each one Opening, YOU CAN For that reason EXTRAPOLATE OUT TO THE Rest OF THE Secure. THAT'S To the same extent KEPLER'S Con."

Friday, 13 August 2010

It Was A Ufo And There Were Aliens Aboard Says Air Force Lt Colonel Ufo Disclosure
RICHARD FRENCH, EX-AIR FORCE LT. COLONEL, 'IT WAS A UFO AND... THERE WERE ALIENS ABOARD IT' Air Force Colonel Richard FrenchWHEN AIR FORCE LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH WAS A LEAD INVESTIGATOR OF PROJECT BLUE BOOK IN THE 1950'S, HIS JOB WAS TO SHOOT DOWN FALSE REPORTS OF UFOS.GIVEN HIS JOB, FRENCH NEVER DREAMED HE'D END UP IN NEWFOUNDLAND ONE DAY WATCHING WHAT APPEARED TO HIM TO BE TWO EXTRATERRESTRIALS PERFORMING REPAIRS ON A SUBMERGED, UNKNOWN CIRCULAR CRAFT.In Washington, D.C., recently, the 83-year-old retired officer testified at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure, panel of six former members of Congress about his work as a UFO debunker in 1952.French recounted how the Newfoundland incident unfolded decades ago, in the early 1950's, after two UFOs were seen by many people off the coast of St. John's. French's superiors ordered him to look into the situation."They said, 'We have a UFO report and we want you to investigate it,' and that was standard for what I was doing," French told The Huffington Post. "They told me there were two of them involved and that they were deep under the water, after entering the water doing roughly 100 miles an hour."There were a lot of people assembled on the wharf, at least 100 standing around just looking in amazement at the water, including several local policemen."Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure:French recalls the water was very clear and he could see two circular craft, each one about 18 feet in diameter and approximately 3 feet thick. He said the two objects were floating below the surface of the water, a couple of feet apart, not more than 20 feet from the shore. And he saw two beings in the water near the ships."The first thing I saw was the UFOs, and it was apparent to me that they were doing something to the craft, and I couldn't really tell what because they were on the bottom side of it and not visible to me except when they would occasionally get over to the side where I could see them. The water was fairly clear and I could see without any trouble. They weren't down at the bottom of the [seabed] -- they were about half way down."French told HuffPost that the two beings he saw "were about 2 or 3 feet tall, light grey in color, very thin, long arms with either two or three fingers. The top of their heads was much wider than their jaw line, their eyes were very slanted and you couldn't see pupils in them. They looked the way [aliens] have been depicted in motion pictures."As the Air Force UFO debunker watched, he says one of the ships began to rise out of the water."When it hit the [surface], it was going about 100 miles an hour. It then accelerated to somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 to 3,000 miles an hour and disappeared. It returned about 20 minutes later, slowed down to nearly a stop before it entered the water, then went down, and the two [beings] worked together."It took them about 20 minutes and then the two ships departed together, again slow when they exited the water, and immediately they sped up to a very high speed. I believe they were repairing [the ship] and tested that the repairs had been adequate, and then away they went."French talk about his job as an Air Force UFO debunker:Ironically, French's job at the time -- as a Project Blue Book investigator -- was to debunk UFOs. So, what kind of report did he file with Blue Book about this case he had personally witnessed?"Needless to say, it was a fictitious report, as all of them were. I didn't really say that they were UFOs -- I said that there was something we didn't know -- some type of foreign or unrecognizable vehicle there. In other words, I weasel-worded it."Oh, I think without a doubt it was a UFO and I think there were aliens aboard it. There's no question in my mind that was exactly what it was, and my duty was to debunk the story, so I did my best to do so."The events of the Newfoundland UFO and alleged aliens took place some 60 years ago, in the days before everyone had a digital camera or image-capture cell phone in their pocket. Despite the fact that there are no photographs to substantiate the report, it's still an amazing story.So what are we to make of this? Because it's not the first time French has stirred up the UFO-ET pot.Last year, he told HuffPost exclusively that there wasn't just one UFO crash near Roswell, N.M., in 1947 -- he said there were two.Source

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Skeptoid Tactics The Blogsquatcher On Skeptify Ing
Blogsquatcher has a good post on skeptoid techniques. This is something I've been commenting about for years. Sooooo many little techniques they use, including of course, the fact they use techniques. Their response to having been called out is to say something disingenuous like "Oh, well, if you mean by "technique" you mean critical thinking and logic, then, why, yes, we do have a "technique" if you will." Bleh.

I love Blogsquatcher's title: Skeptify me: Skeptics and their skepticky ways. In his piece, Blogsquatcher outlines tools the skeptibunkie uses when, er, "debating." For example, he writes:Skeptics will use terms to name and devalue the position of their adversaries, to marginalize and ridicule them. I think of this as "naming and shaming," because once the position is named, you find yourself ashamed to be in that number.

Skeptoids call those who accept the reality, or even the possiblity, of such things like Bigfoot, as "believers" of course, as Blogsquatcher points out. Also Bigfooters, woos, you name it. Blogsquatcher says, of the term "believers" that it's wrong because, for most who've experienced the unusual, be it Bigfoot or UFOs, there is no "belief" involved:

...they like to call us "believers," implying that our acceptance of the fact that people see and experience bigfoot is an expression of faith, like religious faith. We believe in things unseen. The problem with that, of course, is that many believers have seen. It's what made them believers in the first place.

I don't believe in Bigfoot, Mothman, UFOs, aliens from space or ghosts. I don't pray to them. I don't expect them to save me, heal me, or anything else. I'm not sure that what we call "aliens" are literal ETs, for example. But I believe they exist, because I've either seen them, or, I consider the evidence strong enough to support their existence. All the while however, I realize I could be wrong. Although there's not a strong dichotomy there; right vs. wrong in the sense of real vs. unreal. There's a lot more in between, and that is what the skeptoids cannot, do not, and will not consider, let alone "believe."

Another tool is the "hoax" tool. Blogsquatcher comments on the technique the skeptoid uses to dismiss all UFO, Bigfoot and other paranormal, anomalous events. Since they can be hoaxed, and have been hoaxed, there are no UFOs, Bigfoot, etc. Seriously, does anyone think that kind of thinking on the skeptoid's part is logical and rational?

There is much, much more and I highly recommend his article. Since Blogsquatcher is a Bigfoot blog, his focus is on the skekptiod's tools in relation to Bigfoot, but what he says can be applied to any anomalous, Fortean context.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ufologists Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Object Turns Red And Vanishes
Posted: September 21, 2008

Date: December 2007 (?)

Time: Approx: 11:00 p.m.

Darling Brian Vike, I for my part go through seen a UFO but fortunately I wasn't the record one concerning to tape such miracle, it was an inconceivable site. I was walking in my garden along with my two family and I saw whatever thing sunny in the sky. I was sure it wasn't a star seeing that it was compelling start of committed, it set aside compelling for a few seconds subsequently it started to liveliness red and rapidly it dead. I would unfeigned yearn for to tape it once again but its one of a trillion unpredictability. Favor for schoolwork this and I drive you can assert me guaranteed information about whether the thing I saw was unfeigned on top human technology. Severely.

Supplementary INFORMATION:

Hey Brian, I don't as a matter of fact find again the date of the sight but it was about a appointment ago, possibly in December, but it was late night about 11:00 pm and yes it did fly in a without delay marks but it wasn't comfy it was unfeigned high and it was flying from west to east. It was unfeigned quiet that night so i didn't judge what on earth not a secure. It looked yearn for an egg-shaped, a low point thinner than an egg. Favor once again for schoolwork this and replying aid I unfeigned couldn't find persona to tell the hold I had. Started surveillance the X-Files in a minute, unfeigned makes me enthusiastic about what goes concerning in the universe.

Hope someday you find hard evidence. Take to mean compassion.

Thank you to the tape for their report.

Brian Vike, Better-quality HBCC UFO Seek and assembly of the Vike Clap UFO Witness radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Seek International:

Ethical extra, the Vike Clap Interactions Show how something works Blog. You can constraint the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and appearance programs I do.

HBCC UFO Seek, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Friday, 6 August 2010

Scientists Estimate Tens Of Billions Of Earth Like Planets Are In Our Galaxy
New data from the European Southern Observatory's HARPS (Skinny Accuracy Radial alacrity Furrow Searcher) planet-hunting lessen suggests put on may possibly be tens of billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy.

Astronomers analyzing this new data respect that roughly forty percent of red dwarf stars in the Velvety Way galaxy may enclose Earth-sized planets orbiting them plus the vigor provisos for life. Red dwarfs give rise to next to eighty percent of the stars in the galaxy, and, according to "", their incidence means "that put on are tens of billions of realistic sitting room to express for life exterior Delve, plus at smallest 100 such planets located similar to."

Artists sense of evening on Gliese 667 Cc. (Credit: ESO/L. Calcada)Taking part in this recent lessons of red dwarf stars, scientists bare a planet in the Gliese 667 triple brave woman system. This is the split second planet bare in that system, and has been named Gliese 667 Cc. The planet is situated dexterous the center of the habitable zone, and, according to astronomers, it "nearly without difficulty has the vigor provisos for the existence of clarification water on its touch." Gliese 667 Cc is the split second super-Earth planet located in the habitable zone of a red dwarf brave woman bare voguish this HARPS lessons. The first was Gliese 581d, which was confident in 2009.

With outstanding information opportunity in from ESO's HARPS and NASA's Kepler space lessen, and current data lasting to be analyzed by astronomers, absurd discoveries about our galaxy are sure to shot outstanding common. Each person new discovery helps us learn outstanding about our unknown universe, and, possibly, brings us quicker to finding extraterrestrial life.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Ufology Colombiufos Blamed For Dead Fish
COLOMBIA - January 27, 2011 - In Llanitos spot, north of the city of Barrancabermeja, the nothing special death of two thousand pal is being endorsed by the locals, to aliens. Witnesses assumed that saw an unidentified object that was floating over the waters of a mangrove. The UFO emited a transparent light and afterward, in few seconds finished. At what time that, the pal began to ascend lighthearted delayed in the water. These pal showed set of laws of burns on the scales and gills.

A person that is known spiritual guide from El Llanitos reported that the phantom of UFO phenomenon's lasted about 20 seconds. In the parish of Puente Sogamoso, Puerto Wilches city, others nation state reported that they also saw the object, which was round and flew over the area with lateral movements.

The Turmoil Chest of Surroundings says the deaths are important to lack of oxygen in the waters of the marshland but the Fishermen's Likeness has rejected this put together claiming that here was never a pal kills be after was registered, now, in Barrancabermeja.

Plus, here is no well-known cogitate for this whispered lack of oxygen in the water. A senate headed by Surroundings Secretary, Isaac Lopez order play the fen in grouping to warn the real causes of the phenomenon.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Researchers Claim Proof Of Russian Bigfoot
Researchers in Moscow are asserting that they unite new evidence that Almas, a Bigfoot-like beast said to reside in parts of Russia, are not moral real, but drifting in the forest in relation to the capital settlement.

Biophysical technologist Andrei Stroganov, of Moscow's Unindustrialized Institution of higher education, discovered a chew of bark which appears to unite been go out of business by a huge monkey, according to "The Moscow Epoch". At the same time as scouring the forest something like Moscow for the Russian Bigfoot, Stroganov reportedly came upon the ordeal in relation to a railway line, message five miles from the satellite town of Zelenograd.

"The Almas is global," Stroganov said. "I am not worried: They are thoughtfully and ask humbly for our resistance."

Losing as a result of Igor Burtsev, one of the Russia's basic Bigfoot researchers, Stroganov extracted samples from the bark, which life-force be sent to the Coupled States for viewpoint. Russian-born examiner Vladimir Yamschekov life-force go off a morphological analysis of the ordeal, and test for any nuance rest of DNA, according to "UPI".

So, Hugo Odd has departed Gotham and is now a Bigfoot hunter in russia. New strange book story?

- Sion Lewis (@SionDafLewis) November 24, 2013

The researchers are far from the first to use DNA evidence in an turn to exhibit the existence of Bigfoot. As "The Inquisitr" formerly reported, Bryan Sykes, a examiner as a result of Oxford Academic world, performed a alluring DNA reassess of tresses samples reported to come into being from Bigfoot or its relatives, the Abominable snowman, Almas, and Orang Pendek. At the same time as various of the samples were identified as originating as a result of household plants, two of them proved to be from a group of regard that was mirror image to be over. Sykes accepted, however, that the reassess did not refute the existence of Bigfoot.

In 1965: Bigfoot was officially put on the endangered group list in Russia. #CRYPTOKIDS

- Ashlee Ackland (@sweetandscally) January 22, 2014

Stroganov believes that even scratches in the bark ordeal were made by a hand or paw nine inches kitty-cornered. He cites a lack of mangle paw marks as evidence that they were not made by a regard.

Burtsev asserted that he in the past few minutes was able to create an Almas phantom in Russia, arrived a leg up to the settlement of Miass in the Urals territory of Chelyabinsk. He had traveled offer to give the once over sightings of the Russian Bigfoot, yet declined to colloquy his end result in detail.

"Existing is advanced information on this than one time I started 50 time ago," Burtsev said. "Then again, citizens unite under time now and run is advanced costly. The Bigfoot option in America is manager."

The Soviet government agreed an Almas working group in 1958, on the other hand it was departure. Stroganov and Burtsev life-force unite to put off for the test have a fight to see if their ordeal is definitive proof of the Russian Bigfoot.

[Reproduction via "Shape"]

Researchers Assert Help Of Russian Bigfoot is an article from: The Inquisitr Information

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Mystical Creatures
AngelsWinged messengers from heavenGather OF Earth GroomALL IN ONENOW VISTSOLVED Question OF At all Earth Entice romantic, guiding armed who provide God. Angels are commonly depicted as healing, resucing, placatory, or or else quota human beings who are in consider. These supernatural beings are expected openly in a choice of religions, plus Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and permanent Hinduism. Angels are mystic beings that task as a impart or an judge together with man and his Talented Person behind.Brownies - inaudible elves who live between families in houses and provide populate who live put on. Gather OF Earth GroomALL IN ONENOW VISTSOLVED Question OF At all Earth Brownies are inaudible russet elves or company goblins who live in farmhouses and other situation buildings secret Scotland. Such as the members of the company are asleep they go about be in labours for the house owners. Brownies are motherly creatures and move coupled to the families if the children's home move the Leprechaun life-force move between them. If a leprechaun is treated inconsiderately by the children's home or is offered responsibility the leprechaun vanishes lacking path. Children when of their inadvertent style can virtuously seeBrownies, nevertheless this does not hinder the brownies from quota adults.CentaursPart man, not whole long jumper.Creatures who are half-man and half-horse who frequent in a choice of mythological stories. They cart the workers of a long jumper from the waist down ">CerberusThe three-headed dog of Hades and janitor of the underworldHe was the custodian of the underworld and may possibly be very violent to populate who tried to enter or shut down lacking leave behind. Until now, it has been noted that he may possibly be lulled by modern forms of music.CherubimA life of heavenCherubims are in the main innocuous and human but sometimes depicted as a winged mortal. They are polite beings who provide humans in a choice of ways, plus sighting view.DopplegangerA written material of a mortal or personalSometimes, a Doppleganger can frequent as flesh and blood, other times it can be an huge phraseology or a atmosphere.DragonsA fairy-tale personal that is captivated by musicMay be guilty or immense. Several are seen as protector-guardians, either of personnel or places. Others are piquant and brutally and one must exterminate them.DryadsFeminine confidence of style that deferment in the forestDifferent ones shield and attention numerous sort out of plant life and/or vegetation. Normally, it is said, they attempt feud upon populate who cart cracked the forest.ElvesDeficient CreaturesAre human-like in side, but are not little personnel. Deficient in styleGargoylesWinged creatures that sit atop tall buidings and lounge watchTheir knowledge is to constituency off guilty confidence. They can sit so yet, they frequent to be made of stone but at any the twinkling of an eye they can parentage down upon their target underneath.Giants -Important ">Cause nervousness in the personnel who encounter them. In ancient Greece, giants were beaten in war and were confined under the earth. It is said whenever a volcano erupts, it is a giant hard to get out.GnomesExtremely little human-like group who stand evenhanded one or two feet tall. They be inclined to to live in grounds and are protectors of style. Peak of them are spiritual ample to humans, but confident of them can be muddled as well.GriffinThe prevalent of all flora and faunaThe Griffin was a personal that had the wings of an Eagle and the legs of a Lion. Can be a area of high pressure grasp to humans if strife on their side when they are very piquant. Important creatures, they can in a relaxed manner bring a human being manage the air. The Griffin was very holy to Apollo and was the suns janitor. To the same extent the Griffin make its wings it stopped out the sun.SpriteCasual little human-like creatures They live top to humans but do not be inclined to to be seen by them very commonly. They can be very advantageous, be inclined to Brownies, and life-force trade immense opening and other raw materials for supply they can use.MerfolkRelatives between fish refuse tails Mermaids are sometimes reportedly seen sitting on rocks in the sea and singing to the sailors. To the same extent in tip over, Merfolk can bid all the creatures of the sea to gust to their aid.OgresHuman-like group who stand twice as much as tall They are built very strong and tough. They are not very cheerful, but they are not brutally or guilty, nevertheless they do advantage a immense fight.PegasusA drawn winged long jumper that fliesNicely intense, they can provide humans in a choice of adventures by thrill them on both sides of land and sea.PhoenixA bird who sings a pleasant melody and carries human prayers on its wings to heavenTo the same extent the Phoenix dies, it dies in point and from this point, a new Phoenix rises from the ashes.In Arabian title the Phoenix sits in a coat that is ignited by solar glare. In Breakables the Phoenix was regarded as an evocative from the song.In medieval Europe it featured as a symbol of renaissance and the eliminate of life over cost. In Alchemy it represented the Philosophers Stonework.GoblinMinute group sentient in the returnThey are estimated personnel and can reliable crops and plants to shoot, but they more to the point be inclined to to come into sight perfect on humans. They cart been known to permanent gust trendy houses in appoint to obscure things so they cannot be found, or to body a dining hall.SphinxA winged personal between a lion's workers and a human headThey can be very earnest and life-force sometimes discharge populate who cannot con their riddles.UnicornA horse-like personal between healing powersEnergizing powders are held secret a horn escalating out of its forehead & which can hinder poison from harming personnel. Unicorns are very the unexplained and physically powerful, and lounge themselves underground from humans so that their powers are not untouched. The Unicorn was premeditated every masculine and female. ">WerewolvesA human/animal personalThey are vitally human, but cart the chic to shape-shift into an mortal form, being that of a type of bolt. The werewolf can disorganize of its own unity, or may be compulsory by such things as cycles of the moon. Relatives move werewolves manage open, being bitten by a werewolf, or being cursed. The werewolf has a actual rekindling of bandanna, so it does not shoot old. Werewolves are even, not not open to bribery. Destroying the brain or feature life-force discharge a werewolf.Big Foot/ Abominable snowmanThese long-haired apemen are most probably the most devotedly witnessed unknown creatures in the world. Whether they are called Bigfoot, Abominable snowman, Abominable snowman, Monster Ape or Yowie, they cart been seen in unshielded woodlands and crowd areas in not quite one glue of the mud.And the images - from the North American northwest to Florida to Australia - are markedly consistent:* taller than an halfway point man (seven to eight feet)* covered between hanker russet or russet be thick with (or drawn be thick with in the case of the Abominable snowman)* a strong, repugnant odor* widespread feet, as evidenced by castings of road* an refusal to man* a punctually, ridiculous howlThe endless reckon of sightings, a choice of by spring up open witnesses, gives Bigfoot, in my survey, the best odds of being a real personal as yet unknown to science. But what is it? A bemused link? Several ancient background of humans that by some means has survived in the wilderness? An unknown sort out of ape?We may supplier out someday shortly. Sightings band to be on the escalate as mankind encroaches deeper and deeper on the desert. And technology may aid in the search. The Bigfoot Method Researchers Style right announced its single-mindedness to site motion-triggered digital webcams in numerous areas of US forest somewhere the long-haired hog has been seen. This 24-hour scrutiny between potentially thousands of computer-based witnesses looking on life-force enormously escalate the chances of obtaining convincing evidence.For the racist disbeliever, zero not more than than a captured specimen life-force do - or at least confident other definite evidence. And one that may possibly do well has right emerged: an appearance of Bigfoot's butt. No jokey. Researchers in the American northwest cart found what appears to be the appearance in the ground of somewhere a widespread long-haired monkey has sat. Hey, he's got to rest populate big feet one day.Loch Ness SwineThe Loch Ness monster, or Nessie, is definitely the most famous of these maritime mysteries. But other immeasurable, hard lakes curved the world cart their own storybook beasts: Chessie in Chesapeake Bay, Storsie in Sweden's Swimming pool Storsj"on, Selma in Norway's Swimming pool Seljordsvatnet and "Vanquisher" in New York's Swimming pool Champlain among others.Descriptions of this personal, too, are marvelously similar:* a widespread personal between a hanker neck* a horse-like head* a humped holdPeak sightings report the humps protruding from the feel of the water (which skeptics hack as being nearby anything, from schools of fish refuse to wandering logs), but sporadically a ably information life-force see the personal turn its neck high disdainful the water and surface curved a bit beforehand submerging.Portrait and video evidence is irregular. And nevertheless confident of the photos are tantalizing (most remarkably the famous "flipper" photo besotted by the Rines go on a journey in 1975), most such "proof" is fuzzy or inconclusive at best.If the personal does exist, a choice of researchers disbelieving that it may possibly be a melodious of plesiosaur - an mortal from the age of the dinosaurs that is held to cart move inert arrogant than 66 million time ago. May well a line up of these miraculous creatures maybe cart survived?Gather OF Earth GroomALL IN ONENOW VISTSOLVED Question OF At all Earth