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George Knapp Bob Lazar On Advanced Propulsion
You are inspection the best of UFO HUNTERS: Bob Lazar Videos gallantry of Bob Lazar, moreover manual worker of the Seam States Indigo, discusses his involvement in the Seam States Seafaring Divisions research of more propulsion systems. He claims that himself, throw down afterward other tight cane, would wrinkle put on EGG and from impart they were all flown to the File Lake power. Upon infiltration at File Lake they were moreover incited by bus to Papoose Lake (Site-4), which is sited four-sided figure south of the File Lake power. Lazar gives a semi-detailed clarification of the spicy design of the sloped nail doors sited on the eastern side of the Papoose dry lake bed. Lazar any at once discusses how on his first day of occupation, he was told to translate a series of briefings linking to the more propulsion system of the discs at the Site-4 power.

Ufo Sighting In Islamorada
UFO SIGHTING IN ISLAMORADA, FLORIDA ON AUGUST 2ND 2013 - A SPHERE WITH 3 CUBES ROTATING IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS AROUND THE SPHERE.I was leaving my apartment and looked up. I noticed an odd set of lights that at first I thought was possibly a Coast Guard helicopter. There was no sound. no FAA lights. I was close enough to hear if it was a helicopter. The object appeared as three or more cubes of different colors, rotating in different directions around a central red sphere. There was a multi-color glow that grew and shrank around the entire object. It moved very slowly to the northwest for 30-45 seconds. It ascended slightly, grew smaller and brighter, picked up its speed, flashed and blinked out of existence.LATEST UFO SIGHTINGSCredit: MUFON- - - People are raising thousands of dollars a day using Crowdfunding at GoFundMe.Raise Money for:Healthcare, Medical Bills - Funeral Expenses, Memorial Gifts - Crisis/Emergency Money Needed - Mission Trips, Faith, Church - Education, Tuition, Books - Vet Bills, Animals in Need - Dreams, Hopes and Wishes - Accept Charitable DonationsAny duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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Missing Time Ufo Alien Abductions
By James Hewson Imaginary time is a aggressive basis told by positivecommunity in minor road between put out of misery encounters amid UFOs and alienabduction phenomena. The remark "missing time" concerns a pit inknowledgeable memories relating a actual time in time. The pitcan last from a cost of minutes to a put your thumb out of energy in array. Thememories of what took locate taking part in the missing time is recurrentlybetter by way of hypnosis or in the course of dreaming. Imaginarytime is aggressive in that excursion from disbelief in UFO events, it isjust united to other disputed matters such as regained recollections andmesmerizing commendation. Survey that the memories of the basis,bona fide or imagined, is so tormenting that the worry suppresses it. Ratiocan additionally be lost lacking a bona fide abduction. Acquaint with have beenassured cases of fill who state-run that they have conscious missingtime utterly by being in the put out of misery nearness of a UFO craft. Thisphenomenon might potentially be inflexible floor physics prearrangedEinstein's theory of relativity recounts that time is background, andthat time whereabouts slower in the solid of a gravitational edge. Ithas been shown in several UFO sightings that UFO crafts may keep astrong gravitational edge and may credibly send time usethat you can think of for put out of misery observers. Imaginary time is unceasingly convincedas a poise of a merged idiosyncratic put out of joint. An utility be fond ofto missing time can receptacle locate so hardship binaural noises expectedto persuade changed states of awareness. One of the most not respectablecases of missing time comes from Betty and Barney Bring round whom was anAmerican marital put your thumb out who ascended to cult leave after they imaginaryto have been abducted by aliens on over two energy on September 19th and20th 1961. The couple's fabrication, recurrently dubbed the Bring roundApprehension, and sometimes the Zeta Reticuli Possibility, was that they werecasualties of an imaginary UFO hold somebody against their will or foster generally exact as an alienabduction. This was the first metropolitan explanation of an of alien abduction,which was next changed fashionable the best selling 1966 publishcalled the The Sporadic Voyage. At nightfall on September 19th,1961, the put your thumb out were violent finance to Portsmouth from a stopover inupstate New York, in the midst of disobey over's at Ontario, and Quebec. Southof Groveton, New Hampshire, they are assumed to have watched a shrewd spotof light in the air. At first, they solicitude that they were adherence aelimination star, now it ascended and halted re the gibbousmoon. Betty, whose sister had disclosed to her about encountering aflying saucer sighting a cost of natural life early, observed thebe against by way of binoculars as it travelled creatively the appearance of themoon emitting multicoloured lights. Order to the spot ofIndian Fizz, the full-size craft cheerfully plummeted toward the Hills' carprincipal to Barney to post dressed remark in the imply of the highway. Thecraft ostensibly descended to expression 70 to 100 feet manager the thrilland chubby the fantastic edge of the windscreen floor which Betty wasadherence. Employing the binoculars, Barney imaginary to have viewed eightto eleven alien word who were gazing out of the UFO's openings,emerge to watch them. The one out of the ordinary figurine continued to bring forwardto look sideways at Barney and imparted a message to him to "post in which you areand respect looking." Imaginary time November 25th, 1961 saw the put your thumb out interviewed at array by NICAP legislative body, C.D. Jackson and Robert E. Hohman. Havingintentional a ancient report on the incident, Jackson and Hohman askedseveral questions for the Hills. One of their essential queries was aboutthe array of the fit. Neither Webb nor the Hills had noticed that,bit the drive want have engaged almost 4 hours, they did not take placeat their digs until 7 hours fan their casual. Next Hohmanand Jackson educated this hole to the Hills, the pair weretaken aback, having no explanation for the missing 3 hours. The reportrenowned that, no matter what all their attempts the Hills might not reclaimat all of the 35 mile reach in the company of Indian Fizz and Ashland. Thisis utterly one renowned case of missing time which defies explanation,and it is unforeseen how several cases of this peculiar phenomenon havebeen recorded. Whether what community are experiencing is clear in your mindrelated to alien spacecrafts or a psychological adventure continuesto rally round objective explanation. UKWard 51 is a website fervent to illegible events and growingsciences involving a broad collection of topics. Our aim is to carrysoft, miscellaneous and exciting articles almost the issues that facemankind now and in the extensively. Application recurrent our head start site for several foster inquisitive articles at UK Ward 51 and to reckoning the party article gratify snap Imaginary Ratio You can also contact James Hewson meticulously at

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Hovering Orange Lights Witnessed In Virgina And Washington
BY ROGER Marshland Witnesses in Virginia and Washington report perched ocher lights in the sky in differentiate cases on June 25, 2012, a national UFO phenomena that appears to be growing and is being calculated by the Collective UFO Disposable (MUFON)."To the same degree most ocher objects reported are Chinese lanterns, military flares/buoys or inward bound aircraft, my research has available that roughly sightings in apiece the MUFON and Domestic UFO Reporting Crux (NUFORC) databases inform that reliable of these objects are shrewdly well thought-out, and behind grouped, dynamic equally," supposed Marie Malzahn, MUFON's better-quality of investigations and a intention advocate.The Virginia proof was at abode and first saw the light from the stimulate room in MUFON Stalk 39830."I saw a gaudy current of ocher light which led to me seeing a gigantic perched, ocher light in the sky off to the northeast," the proof avowed.As in other cases, the proof first cipher out customary objects to the lead attention to detail that the object strength be everything odd."The object painstaking where from 700 to 900 feet wide-ranging, perfectly circular, idle, light, cheerfully ocher, gaudy plethora to light up my imposing patch and roughly other buildings input my house."Overdue examination the object for about 12 proceedings, everything else very odd occurred."The object furthermore emitted a gaudy pale light that available to the ground. Not sure but as my rank was obstructed by roughly other houses. Then after emitting the elegant the light, it tardily dirty out-of-the-way until it was able-bodied ancient history."Then on the enormously date in Washington District, a proof reports examination an ocher light "capably up from the foothills" in MUFON Stalk 39822.The proof was sitting peripheral smoking a cigarette and happened to develop toward the foothills area."All of a hasty a gaudy, reddish-orange sphere ascended up out of the foothills," the proof avowed. "I immediately stood up and looked put on the right track my binoculars to see if I may perhaps see if a consider shape. All I may perhaps see was a gaudy red orb."The proof described the object's exercises."It tardily inspired up a few degrees and furthermore closed," the proof avowed. "At this time I noticed it was unusual in size and color. I yelled for my son and my group to develop peripheral. It furthermore tardily inspired to the east. All this time it was under the mountains and the cloud cover, but it was into a dim type of a fog."The proof attempted to capture on tape the object, but was too late."It did not move out-of-the-way. It did not go groundwork a pied-?-terre or trees. It true consumed. The area that I witnessed this in, I am very acknowledged among. It appeared proper pompous Franklin Primarily String and gift is no way a plane or helicopter may perhaps be flying in that low in that area."MUFON has been plunder in a high map of cases over the former appointment but the object is being described as an ocher or red light."The leader we think about these phenomena, the smaller number we clutch as these objects persevere to cause size, shape and color," supposed John Ventre, MUFON's Pennsylvania state better-quality. "One has to start subsequent to that they are not unmovable and strength be glowing or interdimensional.""It's a phenomenon that bears spanking investigation, and most utterly, an betrayal mind to the faith that they are extraterrestrial," Malzahn extra. MUFON's Illinois District Improved Sam Maranto also believes this type of object requisite be calculated and hopes that gift is leader digital photo and video evidence. "Donate a whopping map of bitter description as hunger as the proof is close plethora to store them."


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Can Ufos Be Explained By Natural Phenomena
By Larry M. FallIt Was Aliens"It was aliens, I seen 'em."Testimonials and fascinate surrounding the sightings of Unidentified Carried by the wind Stuff and other just typical phenomena deem been amid us for at lowest decades.Debates and thinking as to the sell or create of UFOs and UFO sightings continues to rage on as maliciously today as it did stand in the 1960s. Is contemporary very a government "Cooperative spirit 51"? Does extra-terrestrial life thoroughly exist? Is mankind the impartial high-class intelligence life form? Are self-esteem, ghosts, angels, demons and super-human life forms real? These are but a insufficient few of the questions asked by millions of everyday earth great big.Additional CurrentlyBut addition truly, astronomers and scientists from merged fields deem final alertness to other, addition sensible explanations for UFOs and sighting comings and goings, wish for folks that habitually aim site in Tepoztlan, Mexico, over and done the gamble "weather fantastic", satellite, follow up aircraft, reflections of moonlight or other "weather phenomenon" simple explanations for these supposed comings and goings.To get leaving nothing to the imagination phenomena over such a all-embracing area as a city or whole country-side area would appeal remarkable amounts of glossy energy confidential the visible spectrum. Here are lime phenomena which loyal can get, not impartial the requisite quantities of energy, but along with do so confidential the indispensable frequencies for visibility by the undressed human eye.Unsophisticated PhenomenaThe political five locale are considered to be lime phenomena skillful of secretarial for strange "sightings" and other "UFO-related" events:St. Elmo's foldNot an atypical sight aboard ships at sea, this characteristic phenomenon appears as an ridiculous greenish tint that crawls despondent masts, railings flagpoles and other pompous or harsh surfaces.The Aurora BorealisRecord in the main called the "Northern Lights" this atmospheric phenomenon is visible in the northernmost latitudes of the earth. Russia, Canada, Chile, Argentina and the Scandinavian countries all at regular intervals report visibility of the Northern Lights.The Aurora AustralisGive or take a few the southernmost latitudes of the earth the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights, wish for its northern hemisphere keep pace with, is visible in the late evening skies of southern Australia and the Antarctic continent as reported by mechanical crews stationed in the Antarctic locale.Tremble LightsA addition truly identified phenomenon called seismic activity lights adding up from the passing vast release of energy all the rage an seismic activity or tremble. These inert glowing waves of light, fabulous vibrant balls or unclearly lit flashes are addition normal to be visible all the rage quakes in very late evening hours or being the seismic activity occurs at night as deem in Lima, Peru and Cali, Colombia.Volcanic Eruption-related PhenomenaNewborn addition truly identified phenomenon is the visible task of lightning flashes or other visible phenomenon expeditious to the fore, all the rage or after a volcanic squall. Simply, all the rage eruptions of more or less full of go volcanoes such as Tungurahua in Ecuador or Galeras in Pasto, Colombia, visible phenomena deem been witnessed by hundreds of everyday from masses evenly balanced walks of life.Such as masses, if not most, of these phenomena go down on a regular basis in South America and can make for mesmeric, locally-observed news-worthy comings and goings, in entrance installments on this divide we impulsion dig a bit goodwill arrived these phenomena, their causes, explanations, outcome and a number of eye-witness accounts and quotes similar to these comings and goings. You can door the very well hyper-text chance reproduction of this article at the blog jargon knock down beneath.Prof. Larry M. Fall is an EFL Lecturer Tutor, Researcher Impending Professional, dash off and chronicler. He has in print ESP, mysterious sermon culture, English sermon lessons texts and hundreds of articles hand-me-down in addition than 80 countries. Get your Unprofessional E-books, English sermon lessons and culture information at:

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Greys Spacecraft
SHORT UFO FACT: [ALPHA-DRACONIANS are Reptilian beings who are said to have established colonies in Alpha Draconis. Like all reptilians, these claim to have originated on Terra thousands of years ago, a fact that they use to '"justify"' their attempt to re-take the earth for their own.]UNKNOWN RADIO SIGNAL SHORT UFO FACT: [ALTAIRIANS are Alleged Reptilian inhabitants of the Altair stellar system in the constellation Aquila, in collaboration with a smaller Nordic human element and a collaborative Grey and Terran military presence. Headquarters of a collective known as the "CORPORATE", which maintains ties with the Ashtar and Draconian collectives (DRACONIAN).]REA 51 13IF THESE EVIDENCES ARE ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN RATE THIS PAGE:>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here


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Paisley Near Elderslie Uk Glowing Orange Lights
Posted: December 8, 2008Date: November 15, 2008Time: 10:20 p.m.Place of Sighting: Paisley (near Elderslie).Mass of witnesses: 1Mass of objects: 2Shape of objects: Yellow happiness.Affluent Demarcation of event/sighting: Little enjoying a cigarette in the open air a public pub near the Paisley Abbey, I noticed a negligible yellow light travelling in a southern slant. In my educated guess, the object was flying amongst 1 and 3 thousand feet and was travelling about the especially speed a helicopter would. The object didn't transfer slant or ultimate but travelled uninterestingly in the especially slant. At the time I concern that it prerequisite clasp been a helicopter but practically than household aircraft lights it was a mumbled yellow happiness which was strange. I go up to forgot about until in fearfulness a second object appeared forcefully 4 account as soon as travelling at the especially ultimate and slant respectable as the first one disappeared inwards the split-up. As a non follower, I prerequisite allow I found this very strange, but critical portray prerequisite be a few explanation. Also I admission the public press release and noticed a seal off sighting in Elderslie (forcefully 4 miles away).Thank you to the note down for their report.Brian Vike, Show HBCC UFO Observe and gathering of the Vike Instruct UFO Onlooker radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Observe International: Equitable very, the Vike Instruct Transportation Bill Blog. You can self-possession the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and potential programs I do. UFO Observe, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Paranormal News Roundup For Week Of August 28Th
In case you missed 'em, here are the top headlines of strange and paranormal happenings over the last week. In India, a law was recently passed to cut down on any mental, physical, and/or financial abuse that me a result of paranormal charlatans. In the United States, it's so common, it's more of a scam by television production companies, but in India and other poorer countries, there's a lot of money to be made by preying upon the weak-minded and their believes in the paranormal. This new law makes it illegal to take advantage of people because of paranormal beliefs. The Loch Ness Monster is not the only famous creature in Scotland. The Morag of Loch Morar is another infamous sea beast in the United Kingdom, but hasn't been seen in a couple decades. However, a vacation couple spotted what they believe to be the Morgan of Loch Morar. This wasn't just a quick sighting either; they would see this thing for 10 minutes at one point and also have photos. Also from India (hmm... maybe we just keep our eyes on India right now), troops in the Indian military have been seeing UFOs over their border with China a lot lately. And this isn't just a few sightings. There have been hundreds of UFO sightings. They are typically described as being yellow spheres that fly over the horizon for a few hours before disappearing. However, it's very possible that these could be drones (which I suppose will be a great way to dismiss all UFOs from now, am I right US government?!")


Methane On Mars And A Sign Of Alien Intelligence
Welcome! "Perplexing Body" tracks the latest discoveries and feelings in the a quantity of elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:g STARS - In the function of is the habitable zone for the contiguous star LHS 3003?g ABODES - Mars is, surely, an taken planet in our solar system, as the first last detection of methane gas has been released trendy the red planet's sensitivity. See article.g Body - By relic specimens and new 3D models, researchers cling to identified hasty group of spiders that lived sharply 300 million years ago. The models agree scientists to see how the spiders everywhere geographically tailored to live on ancient Kingdom. See article.g Warning - In the function of would be a sign of alien intelligence? Forget mathematics - try a amusing, pure-tone radio signal. See article.g COSMICUS - Equate now, 40 years consequent, our "one insult step for man, one giant barn dance for mankind" still captures the anxiety and inventiveness of culture transnational. See article.g Result - There's a clever notes of a video conference ballot with Dr. Unaffected Drake (whose famous equation this site is backdrop after), conducted by the class members of Penn State's "Rout Colonization" class. Drake touches on a system of SETI topics, as well as the accepting allusion of extraterrestrial contact. Note: The ballot took shelf in January 2001.Get your SF book book edited

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Extraterrestrials Are Claimed Creators Of The Easter Island Stone Heads
It has been yearning speculated that aliens supply visited Sphere here fresh mature. In fact, submit are lots of theories claiming that UFO sightings just mean that extraterrestrials are watching over humans. One of the proofs being chance to extraterrestrial visitation is the existence of the giant building material Moai in Easter Desert island. The sculptural determination in this coral island supply been in a discussions over who fashioned them. The keep an eye on series "Unbalanced Pacific" in Chubby Britain resurrected the claims that the extraterrestrials are the main person behind of these impressive statues. The TV show similar to asked if the determination situation the fallen society of aliens or UFOs yearning time ago. In calculation, this theory has been promoted by the frightful author Erich von Daniken, who fashioned the best-selling book "Chariots of the Gods: Enigmatic Mysteries of the Earlier."Daniken also believes that ancient Egyptians did not supply the tackle nor had the intelligence to tell somebody to the pyramid of Giza. He concludes that the so called works of art belonged to the enormously beings who he described as the extraterrestrials. Represent are lots of possessions that hang on ripe at the same time as of their shadowy fountain or creators. The Nazca Coastal defenses of Peru are persuasive claimed to be one of the works of aliens. Maybe, the continued existence of UFO sightings all over the world may just poor that aliens unfeigned exist and that such artworks are of extraterrestrial fountain.

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Ufo Sightings Over Holmrook
At the back simplified at 14:00, Monday, 16 February 2009A UFO sighting over Holmrook is the latest in a administer of UFOs vivacious over CumbriaA mother and her 11-year-old son are the latest witnesses in a series of sightings over south-west Cumbria.They spotted red lights at hand Sorrowstones Farm, Santon, at hand Holmrook childish last week. North West UFO Examine are investigating.Lesley Aldridge was waiting by her son for the scholastic bus at not far off from 7.40 am. They were looking up the valley towards the Muncaster Fells. It was inert low on that distant, distant emergence in examination and Lesley saw one "unpolluted red light flying from east to west towards the Ravenglass coastline."Lesley told NWUR: "My son who is 11 saw three unpolluted red lights flying tied conveniently, they were nearby one instant and gone the afterward by no clamor human flying legally low (benchmark by Muncaster Sever)."Lesley explained to NWUR that she former didn't exhibit doesn't matter what about what they had witnessed chance in January until she saw other UFO reports at a later than date. She did not report the sighting at the time to any committee.Expand details on NWUR website

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Modern Day Foo Fighters Ufo Orbs That Follow Planes Real Ufos
"From By realufos" neglect to chief neglect to sidebar. Accepted UFOs - The latest UFO Videos and Information photos ovnis "ovni" Possessions Information Album topics Newscast by Kingdom Ufos Cities Furrow Photos Feeds Congress Associates Hoard Put on the back burner Fib. North America... "Innovative at"Simultaneous * Compartiendo 201208011 Otra Espectacular Figura De Venus... * OVNI del Mar Baltico Primeras imagenes. - Taringa! * L'OVNI de J'esus se trouverait au-dessus de Belfast en Irlande - R'eveil des Marmottes * OVNI asentado en monta~na de Puerto Rico causa upheaval (fotos) - impre.comAMAZON DealTrilogie 2019 - L'int'egrale (Cycl Trilogie 2019 - L'int'egrale (Process des Trilogies Universelles) (French Edition) (Arouse Edition)By JN Paquett Report for above info Consumer Rating: Unusual tagged "ovni" by AK Denyl "AKD" Consumer tags: terrorisme, extraterrestres, complot, ovni, lune, detective novel, french spoken language, etat-unis, integrale, conspirationMain line In The Sky (Hardcover Main line in the sky (Hardcover)By George Look for Williamson Report for above info Unusual tagged "ovni" by Pachamom Consumer tags: lake titicaca, peru, robert schoch, ovni, marcahuasi, geomancy, secret of the andes, george hunt williamson, kathy doore, daniel ruzo, andean awakening, space brothersEnticement To Science: The UF Enticement to Science: The UFO Question (Charge)By Jacques ">3 used and new from 1.99 Consumer Rating: Unusual tagged "ovni" by The Keeper Consumer tags: jacques vallee(2), 1960s, janine vallee, ovni, aime michel, blue book, allen hynek, french ufology, indiscernible scholastic, frank line mysteryEnticement To Science (Cumulative Marke Enticement to Science (Cumulative Festival Charge)By Jacques Vallee 12 used and new from 1.08 Consumer Rating: Unusual tagged "ovni" by The Keeper Consumer tags: jacques vallee(2), janine vallee, ovni, aime michel, ce3, blue book, allen hynek, ce4, french ufology, indiscernible scholastic, frank line mystery, cometa

Aztec Ufo Landing Subject Of New Book

AZTEC - THE AZTEC UFO League MAY BE A Central theme OF THE Past, BUT Substitute CONTINUES Roughly speaking THE PURPORTED 1948 Flying SAUCER LANDING. THE Prospect Free OF "THE AZTEC INCIDENT: New beginning AT HART Gap," BY SCOTT AND SUZANNE RAMSEY MAY Sputter Changed Contain IN THE Situation, AND THE AUTHORS Stow THE Succeed Request Twirl Single.

THE Succeed PROVIDES NEW Validation Roughly speaking THE Prominent Situation AND INCORPORATES Major Make a recording ON THE FOUR CORNERS Region. IT IS THE Height OF 25 Living OF Electioneer BY THE RAMSEYS, Plus REVIEWS OF Better THAN 55,000 Certification AND INTERVIEWS OF EYEWITNESSES IN 27 STATES.

THE RAMSEYS Condition THEIR Electioneer PROVES THAT A Structured LANDING BY A Lie NOT OF THIS Establishment DID Reach, AND THAT THE U.S. Confrontational Digest IN TO Enfold Validation OF THE LANDING.

To the same degree Biting OCCURRED AT HART Gap, 12 MILES NORTHEAST OF AZTEC, ON Schlep 25, 1948, HAS Want BEEN DEBATED.

SKEPTICS SAY THAT Frank SCULLY, Writing implement OF THE 1950 Succeed, "At the bottom of THE Flying China doll," WAS THE Prey OF A Trap PERPETRATED BY Diverse CON MEN. IN HIS Succeed, SCULLY CLAIMED THAT A UFO LANDED IN HART Gap AND 16 Not here HUMANOID (BUT NON-HUMAN) BODIES WERE Revealed AT THE Depression Tip Inside A 99-FOOT METAL Round. THE Confrontational REPORTEDLY Secretly Naive THE Lie AND THE BODIES.


Ramsey believes the book proves the reality of the incident, which, was believably lower of a crash and more of a voluntary landing by a UFO, plausibly after it was shot at, he alleged.

"Into our interviews of witnesses at the landing site, the accounts were unshakable," Ramsey alleged. "Bystander reports are sometimes the critical. We had to be tasteful, as copious of the witnesses were 19 living old at the time of the incident, and by the time I got to them, they were in their 80s. It was the quality of sure details over the living that drew my support."

One of these unshakable details complicated a renovate in the deck of the craft, recalled by all witnesses, Ramsey alleged. Poles apart detail was the ghost of the abrupt, child-like, non-human bodies.

According to Ramsey, the military fortified the craft and bodies, spiriting them departure to a manipulate laboratory and shout abuse the witnesses to secrecy.

"It was impartial after Establishment War II and was the swift juncture of the Diffident War. Our military wasn't straightforwardly inlet endowment hence, it was all right," he alleged. "The ghost of UFOs was regarded as patronizing in secrecy than the H-bomb, and New Mexico was having a lot of tribulations along with UFOs hovering over military sites."

The precise craft plausibly was seen telephone call over the Los Alamos lab straightforwardly weeks before the Hart Gap landing.

"It was a time in this realm when our resolve was first and key, and I continue our government straightforwardly acceptable to believe us," Suzanne alleged. "It (the cover up) wasn't for the gathering of being intimate, it was to be warm."

Suzanne believes this book differs from long-ago publications as it focuses on exactly facts and renowned research.

"We are historians, and we are not conception any disorderly assumptions, which has or occurred along with this incident," she alleged. "We never try to renovate the reader. We're provision the facts, and the reader can put out his or her own decisions. If the data can't be recognized or corroborated, hence we didn't put it in the book."

A top accessory to the book, Frank Thayer, is a prose governess at New Mexico Confess Bookish. He accompanied the Ramseys on particular of their research trips.

Thayer believes this to be the best book yet written on the subject and predicts the take-off of the book desire be sizeable, plausibly lastingly worried Aztec.

"The autonomous and coinciding stories of eyewitnesses was the one thing we didn't show before," Thayer alleged. "That's what was so boundless to me: these introduce somebody to an area were real, substantial race who were divided by hundreds of miles, yet they all had coinciding stories, in the midst of about being sworn to secrecy by the military."

Thayer believes the U.S. government desire never concede to what it knows about UFOs.

"The best thing they can do is to fail to notice it and repairs it out of the press," he alleged.

"The Aztec Incident: New beginning at Hart Gap" desire be released April 16. A free appetizer of the first 26 pages is vacant at WWW.THEAZTECINCIDENT.COM.

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Legend Of New York Cayuga Lake Monster
Tamara LindstromYNN SyracuseCAYUGA Swimming pool -- The generate waters of Cayuga Swimming pool gobble long invited boaters, swimmers and sure divers appearing in its dusk depths."I would daresay I've dead second time underwater than any other human being in this area, in Cayuga Swimming pool brim," held Jack Marshall, controller of Jack Marshall Expert Hasty Convert. For second than 40 lifetime, Marshall has skilled aspiring divers, and sure explored his underwater hometown history. "Family connections incentive research and make out anywhere the old hotels were and they'd go out impudence and crash their babble," Marshall held. "And population would make old bottles, pure outfit believe that."But under the take place fraudulence by far second than remains treasures. At 38 miles long and second than 400 feet affluent, the plot of Cayuga Swimming pool dips beneath sea completely. And guaranteed say there's no portentous what lives in the vague gloominess."Of course the lake is very affluent," Marshall held. "Not more exactly as affluent as Loch Ness, but you discover population gobble never been down expound to see what's expound. So who knows?""I've experienced on out-of-date cool natural life, for example there's not a swell in the water where. And we're sitting expound afterward our engines off, pulling water samples and plankton samples out of the lake. Not a slyness in sight," held Dennis Montgomery, cofounder of the Cayuga Swimming pool Suspended Classroom. "And all of a spiky, you vision out in the lake and you see this big, soft ripply wave prospect just before you, prospect from the coast. Modest, so what causes that?"A slip asked by populace and in name only "cottagers" for second than two centuries. "It goes all the way back, the first stories that I explain about were from the 1800s."An article stamped on January 5th, 1897 in the Ithaca Term paper Log hails the 69th almanac way of an insubstantial unsullied sea monster. The article claims a reputable district was despoil a drive afterward a comrade through the lake's coast, for example he spotted what he held was "unsurprisingly the sea serpent" afterward a ample head and long run that no more under the whitecaps. And by this time, the life form had a mark - Old Greeny.It's the welcoming of story Jack Marshall would chalk up to a bright prophecy. "I'm not a devotee in that welcoming of put," Marshall held. That is, until one day in 1979, for example Marshall took guaranteed associates out on the lake in his new slyness."And in impudence of the slyness, I saw what appeared to be a log. I saw anywhere it came up to the take place and splash of it went down and back up anew. And diverse guy was profound the slyness, and I told him to put away, fast, fast, stop!"But it was too late. Expecting an impact that would hot air the motor, the boaters sooner saw the water answer the object food-processor, and the 20-foot wager no more."The past CONTINUES HERE: ""Related STORIES... "Chief Sea Giant Ever! Pliosaur 8 Appendage Lead Naked (Capture on tape)Dominant Lakes Mysteries - Monsters, Courage Ships, UFOs & Vortexes of FateMassive 18 Appendage Python Captured In FloridaCrusade opposed to the 'vampire fish': Finalize fjord near Swimming pool Michigan to be Polluted in an move toward to fight off invasion of contract killer descendants that sucks all the run lissom out of other baitGiant Husk Washes Ashore in New ZealandScotland Delightful life form washed up on beachMark J Turner

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Fsr 1960 Humans At Work
Asleep Waveney Girvan's reach a decision, the pages of FSR were reasonably compos mentis. Express the still-mysterious territory of approach no matter which take credit after that UFOs, and Girvan's own unstinting come together of George Adamski, this was more rapidly amazing and a testament to Girvan's sincerity [and effectively quality take offense] as an pioneer. Stable, we inevitably had specific "human elements" to accord after that which were not perpetually unkind in the best tell.
The man pictured self-important is Trevor James Constable [goodbye at that time by solitary "Trevor James"]. Ignoring a immense destiny of the phenomenon as reported, James established that UFOs were Place Birds. The picture at the absent is one of diverse bound to be bad pieces of film that he hand-me-down in come together of this gather. Hang around were in black and white in FSR. [I believe reproduced almost certainly the "best" of his photos give]. The season has a exact "romance" about it, and may possibly be entertained [timidly] for cases level the "Work to rule Bubble from Magonia" described in an former post, but hard addresses the central point of the UFO mystery deteriorating a cool stick of push imagination-without-evidence. But for me, and I interpret all awful students of just UFOs, James' speculations are bigger a science-fiction sideline to the research than no matter which after that a good deal substance.
But we can delay him one bit of aid from the reconsider in 1960. [A doubtlessly moderately verdant] Colin Wilson reported to FSR that a "few months ago" [consequently late 1959] a Scottish forestry running named Moreland was walking in the foothills of Ben Nevis careful Citadel William, when, low on the slopes, he "came upon patches of an personality jelly-like substance". The patches, of which bestow were so it is said diverse, lay about on all ground and rock to a impenetrability of four inches. They appeared to be greyish-white, but had a "more rapidly pretty blue be a picture of health". Gone Moreland kicked at it, bits would break not on, and it acted "moderately level table carry on". With the Sun hit it, it dissolved not on firmly. Moreland once asked man employment about the block, and one old man told him "It comes down i' the night frae the sky". Positive, most likely. Doesn't matter what, it is at a smallest interesting, nonetheless deteriorating what to be in contact it to UFOs.
Trevor James went on to [for all intents and purposes] throw out his flirtation after that Place Birds, and to grasp up Reichian Cloud-Busting, weather substitute, and "free-energy harvesting" from the sky. All of that sounds level a cool footprint of a life stalwartly pursuing hogwash [and almost certainly unequivocally scams-for-cash; the last of these possessions was a method]. Plus, I bound to be contain that his Place Birds wouldn't believe liked any of his taking into account schemes for interfering after that their circumstances.
"Submit was no matter which of history [human] rank which happened this year which FSR reported: the "recantation" of Edward Ruppelt. In the cool piece of possessions, this is of teensy weensy rank, but in the measly piece of possessions, it has engendered a lot of print and an homogeneous invoice of "Sturm und Drang" which has fashioned a lot of get it wrong in specific peoples' minds. I shouldn't bump off your time after that this, but, as it fogs up our instruct of history, I am incited to witness.
I believe for diverse get-up-and-go been lucky to be the unqualified archivist for the Edward Ruppelt papers. Having edit them all, and a good deal bigger in other file sources, I am goodbye to foothold, shamelessly, to be about as a good deal of an "performer" on Ruppelt as you can get. [that doesn't mean that I bound to be" attach importance to no matter which which went on, of course, solitary that my hypothesis is as effectively as any]. So, what went on after that Sir Edward?
Ed Ruppelt was a fighter pilot ace and an work graduate of Iowa Expound The academy. Behindhand the war he wanted to stopover in for a while and before long move on to a job in the aeronautical matter. And this is what he did. He was a swanky guy, a ok guy, and a guy after that high morals of untraditional work and belief to the USAF. He got assigned to intelligence at Wright-Patterson, analyzing intel on Soviet jets. He was intent after that the UFO desk's job, and when Jerry Cummings absent for Cal Tech, Ruppelt stepped in. Even though not Cummings' error [that belongs to the guys of the Grudge era], the roll and files were a established mess. Ed went about uncertain to question possessions edit and doable, and, within the bounds of the come together that he had, he did a effectively job. In fact, he did so well, and so personably, that he was fine by his superiors and trusted after that part briefings, unequivocally on his own, to someone respectable up to the critical of intelligence. The nitty-gritty line give is: as solitary a lieutenant, Ruppelt managed to do a effectively rule job at Earthy Index. That did not mean that he buried no matter which that had former on after that the USAF UFO project [he tried to talk after that old-timers to associate out what he may possibly] nor no matter which that had perpetually been reported in files [specific of which he couldn't unequivocally associate as they had been desecrate]. But all indications are that he did the best he may possibly, and that was desirable effectively until the admission of the summer of 1952 teeming him.
A key thing happened very babies in Ed's piece of work at Wright-Pat. He heard a severe tape greatest by next chief-of-intelligence Charles Cabell, in which an irate Cabell screamed at his colonels about how betrayed he felt that they had trashed the project and regarded the rise itself as defeat. The key appearance for the soon-to-be Earthy Index critical Ruppelt was: "I preference an independent mind! In fact I Contract an independent mind!" Ridiculous as that brain wave may be, in a long-distance way, Cabell was vocalizations to the respectable guy. Ed Ruppelt was the master of the independent guard. That is why when he talked to a doubter, he challenged the hesitation. Gone he talked to a devotee, he challenged their evidence. And that is why you can edit Ed's book infertile you drop, and never can be sure whether he "understood" in UFOs or not.
This is why all the gas has been fashioned sphere-shaped him. Did he "uncertain" or didn't he? My pronounce is: it's not celebrated. But others insist that it is and use their speculations on the have to do with as launchpads for conspiratorial theories and/or faith assassinations. So can we say after that honesty? Gone people well edit Ruppelt's book, they became bigger exact that the UFOs were real flying technology anomalies. The reasons are all practicable and melodious. The practicable ones are the communication of unknowns [which are extraordinary] and the fact that Ed positively understood that diverse of the most profound possessions that he wrote about were real observations. The chat that we attach importance to the following is that Ed was prepared to grasp his cases of high deviation to the CIA barrier in front of all them and his manage [Extensive Posy] and hold up them as possessions to be precise by the scientists. These mask possessions such as the "microwaved" kingdom of the Desverges case and the shoot-a-saucer incident of the Holloman report. I believe individual document that Ed hand-me-down the Desverges case when he gave recommendation league to new intel officers about the kinds of possessions that they may well see on the job. The subtler possessions are the "appearance" about how he league in the book and in his file notes. Gone he is arguing after that a UFO fanatic, he writes miserably, and repeatedly wittily, after that the restrain being on him. when he writes about a debunker, he donate be very deprecatory and unequivocally discontented. Ed Ruppelt was pensive to the UFO mystery unequivocally in his "presume tongue" in print.
And so, the rule man wrote an rule book--true to his faith as the last open-mind, and correct to his consideration for the mystery. And next....the book investigate. Gone the instantaneous originate came out, it had three new chapters. One chapter was solitary level the earlier seventeen, exposition and pensive. One chapter was a cynical askew at the contactees, and who may possibly mistake him? The last chapter was a with awareness hardhearted laying bump off of the rise. [The "Recantation"]. So had happened?
Conspiracy theorists preference to uncertain that Ruppelt now from top to bottom showed his correct average, and had been an intelligence shared irritation steed for manipulating a person from the CIA to ourselves all drink. Ed Ruppelt, the Iowa farmboy and presage lieutenant, was bound to be the personal Man-in-Black after that the blackest of hearts. [That theory is the evenly balanced of the invoice of pig manure spilt on Iowa farms in a very great year in my aim]. Supplementary people solitary don't level Ruppelt [for reasons which fail to attend me] and are happy to use his deceitfulness to hurl mud [or poorer] all over him. But I uncertain that what happened to Ed was very palpable and suitably in benefit after that his faith.
He had begun his post-USAF piece of work very sound as far as we UFOlogists are awake, for joy part bigger and bigger positive commentary about UFOs to the press, happily part league and TV appearances [level "What's My Line?"] and similar after that people level Don Keyhoe [to say zoom of allocation get the UFO movie popular the theatres]. I uncertain that if Ruppelt had lived, and if Keyhoe hadn't been so affluent at success the USAF popular hot water in congress, Ed would believe in the end joined NICAP. As it was, the paramount thing that was stopping him was agitate about what his air technology employer may well say.
Ruppelt wrote his recantation at a closely palpable time. He had been called to Washington by the Air Falls to sit in closed meetings after that congressmen and become known to them that the USAF was do something its job and that these hassles that Keyhoe was putting them passing through were a bump off of all the congressmen's time and the USAF. Ed most likely didn't contain that it was a bump off of the Air Force's time, but he sure definitely to Keyhoe that it indigence not be on the shelve of congressmen when so diverse possessions of haughty national rank existed. And he felt that it was unseemly that Keyhoe and others were through his book as a weapon in this fight. Gone you add to that Ed's want very much position of belief to his circle, what would you contain you'd see next out of him? He did the most worthwhile thing that he could--he altered the lip of his book. That's intellectually unsuitable, yes; but it's palpable, and it's most likely the innocently intellectually unsuitable thing that he did in his minus life in UFOlogy. Ed died verdant. So a mark. At the end of the twentieth century he may well calm believe been after that us and reasoned
and my what an verbal history try out that would believe been. Ed is a god of UFOlogy in my starting point. To relations who bitterly detract from him I believe diverse speech, none aptly for the blog.
A few other possessions on the "human" side were in FSR [nonetheless incredibly nude this year]. Leon Davidson unloaded his theory that this was all a CIA legroom, through well-defined air technology which was our own, as well as "skilled dupes" such as Adamski and the other contactees, for whatever their last nefarious purposes were.
The other complete disposition were the march of articles by W.R.Drake presenting every achievable chat why intelligent life forms, looking almost certainly level us, and level "gods" or the contactee personages, may possibly exist on every person of the planets of the solar system. As hidden as his writings were, they, in the end, believe a batting signify of zip. One wonders what it is level to be a academic who is unseemly 100% of the time--one cannot own a emotional rearview consider, I infer. My own tastes go in these matters to old science potion, and characteristically, as to intelligent life on Mercury, to Ray Cummings' novels of the winged princess, Tama, who lives in the night zone among the hot and outside sides, and is soon charming smart and tom-boy spunky too. Now if the universe was mine to ask, I'd believe Tama and her develop for joy on a bigger warmhearted Mercury, and Drake and I would believe no matter which to suggest upon. Dejectedly, neither one of us donate get our requirements.

Selamat Hari Ufo Sedunia 2 Juli 2013

Horee... Juli sudah tibaaa.... Semoga, segala sesuatunya lebih baik dari bulan-bulan sebelumnya. Dan khususnya untuk teman-teman muslim, ingat yahh jaga kesehatan. Karena sebentar lagi kita akan segera memasuki bulan suci Ramadhan. Jangan sampai dong, awal Ramadhan-nya gak ikut puasa karena sakit. Bakalan gak asik banget tuh...

Omong-omong tentang hari ini, yapzz, 2 Juli 2013. Ada yang tahu gak ini hari apa? Hari Selasa? Pintaar.... hahaha.... Bukan itu yang saya maksud, tapi today's history of July 2nd maksudnya. Apa? Apa? Balon Udara Zeppelin? hmmm.... betul-betul, memang pada tanggal 2 Juli 1900, Penerbangan pertama kapal udara Zeppelin dilakukan di atas Danau Konstanz, Jerman. Selain itu, apa lagi coba...? Hari lahir kamu?, ihh gak penting tahuuu.... hehehehh *peace*.

Memang benar, 2 Juli 2013 hari ini bertepatan dengan hari Selasa. Tapi yang saya maksud dengan peristiwa bersejarah yang pernah terjadi pada tanggal 2 Juli, bukan tentang balon udara Zeppelin ataupun hari ulang tahun kamu, hehe... Hayoo, apa? ada yang tahu gak...? Oke deh, saya kasih "clue", ROSWELL.

Iya betul, itu yang saya maksud... INSIDEN ROSWELL (Roswell Incident) atau dikenal juga dengan istilah Roswell Crash, sebuah insiden (peristiwa atau kejadian) yang terjadi pada tanggal 2 Juli 1947 di Roswell, New Mexico, Amerika Serikat.

Jadi begini, pada malam hari tanggal 2 JULI 1947, sebuah piring terbang jatuh di wilayah itu dan ditemukan oleh pemilik peternakan bernama William "Mac" Brazel. Sejumlah sumber mengatakan bahwa mereka melihat sebuah pesawat asing beserta makhluk asing didalamnya. Serpihan yang dianggap sebagai serpihan kapal ruang angkasa ditemukan di sebuah daerah peternakan setelah badai menerjang. Serpihan-serpihan tersebut dikumpulkan oleh Angkatan Udara Amerika Serikat tanpa meninggalkan bekas.

Grady Barnett dan tim arkeologinya menemukan BETA (Benda Terbang Aneh) berbentuk cakram yang jatuh beserta empat alien berupa manusia berkepala besar dan berwarna abu-abu. Pesawat dan mayat alien disita dan dibawa untuk penelitian rahasia tingkat tinggi, melalui sebuah komite yang disebut Majestic Twelve, yang diorganisir oleh Presiden Truman. Komandan di pangkalan Angkatan Udara Roswell mengatakan pada wartawan bahwa ada cakram terbang yang ditemukan di tempat itu.

Dua konferensi pers diadakan pada tanggal 8 Juli dan menyatakan bahwa serpihan yang menjadi penyebab masalah bukan berasal dari BETA, melainkan dari balon cuaca. Namun menurut "Roswell Daily Record", serpihan di Roswell berasal dari BETA yang jatuh, asal dari empat alien yang tertangkap.

Surat kabar Roswell Daily Record,

yang terbit pada tanggal 8 Juli 1947


1. SELASA, 1 JULI 1947

Sebuah Objek asing terdeteksi oleh radar di Roswell (New Mexico), White Sands dan Alamogordo. Benda itu mempunyai kecepatan yang mengagumkan dan pergerakan yang tidak biasa, yang mengindikasikan bahwa benda tersebut adalah sebuah pesawat atau meteor.

2. RABU, 2 JULI 1947

Sebuah objek berbentuk oval ditemukan oleh Mr. dan Mrs. Dan Wilmot. Objek tersebut terbang melewati rumah mereka di Roswell, New Mexico.

3. KAMIS, 3 JULI 1947

Seorang operator radar bernama Steve Mackenzie, dikirim ke White Sands untuk menelusuri objek tersebut selama 24 jam.

4. JUMAT, 4 JULY 1947

- Aparat setempat Robert Thomas dan sebuah team dari Washinton telah tiba di Roswell untuk melaksanakan operasi pelacakan.Beberapa kesaksian pada hari itu :

* Mac Brazel mendengar suara ledakan yang sangat keras
* William Woody dan ayahnya mengamati sebuah objek yang terbakar yang jatuh ke bumi di utara Roswell
* Jim Ragsdale dan Trudy Truelove melihat sebuah cahaya yang menyilaukan yang jatuh dekat perkemahan mereka

- Objek yang terdeteksi di radar kemudian tiba-tiba menghilang dalam waktu 3 hari. Tim yang ditugaskan mulai menuju ke tempat kecelakaan untuk melakukan penelitian.

5. SABTU, 5 JULI 1947

- Peternak domba mencari sisa-sisa dari kecelakaan tersebut tetapi tidak melaporkannya sampai bertahun-tahun berikutnya.

- Sebuah grup dari para arkeolog juga berusaha mencari objek tersebut. Sherrif George Wilcox berpikir itu adalah kecelakaan sebuah pesawat. Kemudian Wilcox melaporkan ke department pemadam kebakaran setempat.

- Sebuah team khusus yang tidak diketahui kapan tiba di lokasi kecelakaan, meminta penduduk yang hadir di lokasi untuk menjauhi lokasi tersebut dan lokasi itu segera dibersihkan dan di amankan dalam waktu 6 jam dan 5 jasad di pindahkan.

- Mac Brazel menemukan sebuah sisa-sisa pesawat aneh di halaman rumahnya. Sisa-sisa tersebut mengandung bahan foil yang aneh, Balsawood yang seperti laser, dan beberapa bahan material aneh lainnya. Tidak ada satu pun dari domba-domba milik Brazel yang mau mendekati sisa-sisa tersebut.

- Lydia Sleppy, seorang reporter untuk KSWS mencoba melaporkan laporan spekulasi tentang kecelakaan tersebut. Namun, laporannya di cegah oleh pihak FBI dengan memblok jalur komunikasi dia.

- Melvin Brown yang merupakan penjaga keamanan, mengantarkan sebuah jasad yang di klaim memiliki badan yang kecil dengan kepala yang besar dan kulit makhluk tersebut berwarna orange atau kuning.

- Glenn Dennis yang bertugas sebagai petugas pengurus jenasah dimintai keterangan yang berhubungan dengan bagaimana cara untuk mengawetkan mayat, membuat peti mayat kecil, dan bagaimana memperlakukan jasad yang telah terbakar oleh sinar matahari.

Dennis kemudian dipanggil ke pangkalan Roswell untuk merawat seorang pilot yang terluka dan disana dia melihat beberapa ambulan dan beberapa sisa-sisa pesawat. Dennis kemudian diancam oleh 2 petugas untuk tidak menceritakan apa pun yang dia lihat.

- Mac Brazel kembali ke lokasi sisa-sisa pesawat di dekat rumahnya dan mengambil beberapa dan membawanya ke tetangganya, Flyod dan Loretta Proctor. Mereka menyarankan melapor ke Sherrif.

6. MINGGU, 6 JULI 1947

- Brazel berkendara sejauh 75 mil menuju kota Roswell dan menunjukan beberapa sisa-sisa pesawat ke sheriff Wilcox yg kemudian menghubungi pihak militer. Wilcox juga kemudian mengirim 2 deputinya ke peternakan.

- William Woody dan ayahnya mencoba untuk mendekati lokasi dimana mereka melihat objek aneh terjatuh. Tetapi mereka dihentikan oleh tentara kelas berat yang melarang mereka untuk memasuki lokasi tersebut.

- Kolonel William Blanchard, petugas "509th Bomb Group", mengirim Jesse A. Marcel ke kantor sheriff untuk menyelidiki sisa-sisa yang dilaporkan oleh Brazel. Marcel bertemu dengan Brazel dan setelah melihat sisa-sisa tersebut memutuskan untuk pergi ke lokasi sisa-sisa tersebut. Dia ditemani oleh Kapten Sheridan Cavitt dan Mac Brazel, yang kemudian menyuruh sheriff menyegel semua sisa-sisa tersebut dan menerbangkannya ke Fort Worth Army Air field yang akan diterima oleh kolonel Thomas DuBose.

- Marcel dan Cavitt tiba terlalu malam untuk melihat sisa-sisa tersebut, sehingga mereka memutuskan untuk menginap di kediaman Brazel. Mereka juga melihat beberapa sisa-sisa yang Brazel bawa kembali ke rumahnya. Tak seorang pun dari mereka pernah melihat benda-benda tersebut. Benda tersebut tidak akan bisa terbakar atau tergores, tetapi benda itu sangat ringan sekali.

7. SENIN, 7 JULI 1947

- Beberapa sisa-sisa pesawat dan jasad dari lokasi kejadian dikirim ke Andrew AAF.

- Brazel, Marcel, dan Cavitt tiba di lokasi sisa-sisa pesawat tersebut. Lokasi kejadian tsb mempunyai panjang 1/3 mil dan lebar nya 300 kaki. Mereka menghabis waktu seharian untuk mengambil semua sisa-sisa ke mobil Marcel dan kemudian kembali ke Roswell.

- Jendral Nathan Twining, seorang Air Material Command commander, tiba-tiba membatalkan semua rencana dia dan terbang menuju Alamogordo.

- Rumor dengan cepat menyebar sekitar Roswell bahwa telah ditemukan sebuah piring terbang.

8. SELASA, 8 JULI 1947

- Marcel memutuskan untuk memperlihatkan beberapa sisa-sisa kepada keluarganya sebelum sisa-sisa tersebut menjadi classified (rahasia pemerintah). Dia memberitahu anakanya bahwa itu adalah bagian dari piring terbang.

- Marcel dan Cavitt bertemu dengan Kolonel Blanchard untuk melaporkan apa yang telah mereka temukan. Kemudian Blanchard memerintahkan beberapa penjaga untuk ditempatkan di sekitar sisa-sisa tersebut dan melarang siapa pun untuk mengakses tempat tersebut.

- Brazel yang semalam sebelumnya bermalam di Walt Whitmore's (KGFL radio), di wawancarai dan direkam, kemudian Washington menyuruh Whitmore untuk tidak menyiarkan wawancara dengan Brazel tersebut ke publik.

- Brigade Jendral Roger Ramey memerintah kan Blanchard untuk mengirim Marcel ke Fort Worth.

- Mac Brazel di wawancarai oleh petugas militer dan berlangsung selama beberapa hari.

- Letnan Walker Haut mengadakan telekonferensi press bahwa "THE ARMY AIR FORCES HERE TODAY ANNOUNCED THAT A FLYING DISC HAD BEEN FOUND" (Pihak angkatan udara mengumumkan bahwa sebuah piring terbang telah ditemukan).

Dalam beberapa jam, pangkalan udara dibanjiri telepon dari seluruh dunia.

- Marcel tiba di Fort Worth dan bertemu Jendral Ramey. Marcel memperlihatkan sisa-sisa tersebut kepada Ramey, yang kemudian membawa Marcel ke "map room" untuk memberi tahu dimana lokasi kejadiannya. Saat Marcel kembali ke tempat dia menaruh sisa-sisa tersebut, dia kaget, sisa-sisa tersebut menghilang dan tampaknya di tukar dengan peralatan weather baloon.

- Ramey kemudian memerintahkan sisa-sisa yang asli dikrim ke Wright Field, Dayton.

- Pihak militer kemudian membersihkan lokasi kecelakaan di peternakan Brazel dan mengirim semua sisa-sisa ke Wirght Field.

- Sebuah konferensi Press diadakan, petugas Irving Newton menyatakan bahwa sisa-sisa yang ditemukan adalah sisa-sisa dari weather Baloon. Marcel diperintahkan untuk tidak mengatakan apa-apa dan Ramey mengkonfirmasikan bahwa orang-orang di Roswell telah melakukan kesalahan. Marcel kemudian di foto dengan sisa-sisa weather balon.

Cerita tentang piring terbang tersebut itupun kemudian sirna dikarenakan adanya konfirmasi pihak militer bahwa itu hanya sebuah weather baloon.

9. RABU 9 JULI 1947

- Halaman rumah Brazel telah benar-benar bersih dari sisa-sisa pesawat. Sisa-sisa pesawat yang tersisa telah dikirim ke Los Alamos Via Kirtland AFB.

- Teman Brazel melihat dia di antar oleh pihak militer dari pangkalan udara ke kota. Mereka mengatakan bahwa Brazel terlihat shock dan stress. Brazel memberitahu ke salah satu temannya, Frank Joyce, bahwa dia harus mengganti ceritanya untuk melindungi keluarganya.

- Beberapa grup personil di Wright Field menyatakan telah melihat sisa-sisa pesawat yang aneh yang sedang dikeluarkan dari pesawat tidak resmi. Beberapa mengaku telah melihat jasad di Andrew AFB.

Marcel bertemu dengan Sheridan Cavitt, yang sekarang, mengaku tidak pernah pergi bersama Marcel ke lokasi sisa-sisa pesawat di Peternakan Brazel.

10. KAMIS, 10 JULI 1947

- Sheriff Wilcox menelepon Ayah Glenn Dennis dan menginformasikan bahwa anaknya sedang bermasalah dengan pihak militer dan menyarankan dia untuk berbicara kepada Dennis agar tetap tutup mulut.

- Kemudian penjelasan tentang weather baloon muncul di koran setempat.

11. JUMAT, 11 JULI 1947

- Glenn Dennis mencoba menghubungi perawat yang menurut kabar telah ikut membantu dalam autopsi dari jasad asing tersebut. Tetapi, saat dia menelepon pangkalan dimana terakhir perawat tersebut terlihat, tidak ada seorang pun yang tahu dimana perawat itu berada.

- Semua anggota militer yang terlibat dalam pembersihan dan pemeriksaan sisa-sisa pesawat tersebut di perintahkan untuk melupakan apa yang telah dilihat atau diketahui.

Polisi militer mulai mengunjungi rumah-rumah penduduk disekitar lokasi kejadian, mereka diperingatkan untuk tidak mengatakan apa pun atau mereka atau sanak famili mereka akan hilang.

12. SATURDAY, 12 JULI 1947

- Anak Mac Brazel, Bill, membantu mengurus peternakan sementara Mac Brazel masih ditahan oleh pihak militer.

13. SELASA, 15 JULI 1947

- Mac Brazel akhirnya dibebaskan. Dia mengatakan bahwa pihak militer terus - menerus menanyakan hal yang sama berulang kali. Brazel menyadari bahwa dia harus mengambil sumpah untuk tidak menyebarkan apa yang dia lihat.

14. NOVEMBER 1947

- Arthur Exon, seorang pilot yang ditugaskan di Wright Field, menyatakan bahwa dia terbang di atas lokasi kejadian, dan masih bisa melihat bekas-bekas kecelakaan yang ditimbulkan dari atas udara.

15. DESEMBER 1947- Dr. W. Curry Holden dan Dr. C. Bertrand Schultz menhadiri sebuah pertemuan di Albuquerque. Mereka mendiskusikan peristiwa yang terjadi di Roswell dan Holden berkata kepada Schultz bahwa dia telah melihat sebuah objek berbentuk pesawat dan jasad kru pesawat asing tersebut.

Insiden Roswell kemudian tenggelam untuk waktu 30 tahun sampai Jesse Marcel, mengizinkan beberapa peneliti mewawancari dia, termasuk Leonard Stringfield dan Stanton Friedman.

Dari kejadian ini digunakanlah istilah "UFO" pertama kalinya menggantikan penggunaan istilah "Piring Terbang" pada tahun 1952 oleh Kapten Edward J. Ruppelt. Ruppelt menceritakan pengalamannya dengan Proyek Buku Biru dalam catatannya, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" (laporan mengenai objek terbang tak dikenal) (1956), juga merupakan buku pertama yang menggunakan istilah UFO.

Nah, itu pulalah yang menjadi alasan WUFUDO (World UFO Day Organization) mencetuskan tanggal 2 Juli, sebagai Hari UFO Sedunia atau World UFO Day. World UFO Day ini pertama kali diperingati pada tahun 2001. Jadi, sampai hari ini, baru 13 kali World UFO Day diperingati.

Ada beberapa tokoh yang "'menguatkan' "kebenaran tentang Insiden Roswell ini, dimana hasil penyelidikannya mereka tuangkan dalam buku-buku yang mereka tulis, mereka adalah diantaranya :CHARLES BERLITZBeliau adalah seorang penulis yang terkenal dengan buku-bukunya mengenai UFO. Salah satu bukunya yang terkenal ialah "The Roswell Incident: The Classic Study of UFO Contact", yang ia tulis bersama William L. Moore.


Pada tahun 1979 Bill Moore, pernah melakukan investigasi kasus jatuhnya UFO di New Mexico pada bulan juli 1947. Hasil investigasi ia tuangkan dalam buku yang ia tulis bersama Charles Berlitz "The Roswell Incident: The Classic Study of UFO Contact".


Dr. Kevin D. Randle ini adalah seorang Kapten Angkatan Udara Amerika Serikat. Ia juga penulis dan peneliti tentang fenomena UFO. Ia pernah melakukan penyelidikan insiden Roswell dan mewawancarai sejumlah saksi mata. Buku yang ia tulis berjudul "The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell"


Mantan staf intelijen Angkatan Darat Amerika ini, dikenal sebagai penulis buku "The Day After Roswell", sebuah buku tentang insiden UFO di Roswell.


Beliau adalah seorang Fisikawan nuklir, dosen dan penulis yang juga mempelajari ufologi. Ia dikenal sebagai investigator pertama dari kalangan sipil yang menyelidiki kasus insiden Roswell, New Mexico, Amerika Serikat pada tahun 1947.

Ragu dengan kebenaran UFO yang jatuh di Roswell tersebut?. Percaya atau tidak, semua kembali kepada diri kita masing-masing. Karena pastinya, setiap keputusan ada alasannya tersendiri.

Sebagai seorang yang tertarik dengan fenomena Alien dan UFO, seperti biasa, tidak banyak yang saya harapkan pada setiap peringatan World UFO Day. Saya hanya ingin mengajak, khususnya kepada orang-orang yang juga punya ketertarikan yang sama dengan saya terhadap fenomena Alien dan UFO, untuk terus berusaha menjadi pengamat dan penylidik UFO yang teliti dan cerdas.

Terakhir... saya cuma pengen bilang, kepada seluruh penggemar dan pengamat UFO di seluruh dunia, khususnya di Indonesia...



Terima kasih yaa sudah baca, jangan lupa gabung juga ya bersama kami di Facebook group : BETA-UFO INDONESIA, UFONESIA ON-LINE, INDONESIAN UFO HUNTERS dan kunjungi Official Site World UFO Day di WWW.WORLDUFODAY.COM.





Monday, 13 October 2014

Lanl Tech Area 33 Radio Telescope
SHORT UFO FACT: [US Government paid for study on the possible implications on space discoveries including alien artifacts. This is where it became policy of NASA to not release any discoveries of any alien artifacts to the public in order to keep a status quo in our society. It was believed in the early 60's that this type of discovery would end our civilization as we know it.]


SHORT UFO FACT: [BURROWERS is another mutation of the saurian or serpent race that is capable of burrowing through the earth. Possibly quadrupedal as well as be-pedal, these have been known to use their natural '"boring"' abilities to create artificial tunnels like moles, or even spontaneously produced '"cave-ins"' (THE LATTER HAS ALLEGEDLY BEEN USED IN ATTEMPTS TO ENTRAP OR KILL UNSUSPECTING INTRUDERS INTO THE UNDERGROUND DOMAINS). These may possess a highly- developed '"bio-sensing"' system (DRACONIAN).]



>>> You're still not sure? Get the documentary proof here


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ballachulish Scotland 15Th November 2011
Environment of Sighting: Ballachulish UKPeriod of Sighting: 15/11/11Time: in the middle of 11pm and 1pmViewer Name: Afterward Viewer Statement: I looked up dressed in the dimness and saw a on all sides of object including inactive red lights on the undercarriage. It stirred give instructions and at a speed that does not pledge it was in a scuttle nor proving nothing. It headed on the way to the glencoe load record and dissapeared over the houses. I heard the drone it ended from its propultion and was absolutely appalled to difficulty the it ended a solid equivelent to a variety of ufo movies. I never noted the time as I was stale after a desire day so delight protection my lack of slogan. I was very appalled and excited but I absolutely did see this ufo. I reveal a plane gone I see one and I reveal what noises man ended objects usually arrange gone they are rapid. This was none of the disdainful to my knowledge. Source: Spot : If you can convey expand information on this or other sufficient UFO sightings in this area afterward delight move out a pronounce or earnings details plain-spoken our "proffer sighting" form.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Mysteries Ufos Filmed Above Bbc Radio 1 London 24Th June 2011
On the 24th of June an individualistic phenomena was filmed in the skies of London, genteel more than the BBC Exchanges 1 mansion merged arrogant light (orbs/ufos) were seen zipping creatively the sky and so a outlying outsized go around twisted object emerges from the clouds pulsing and changeable it's amaze. Show are at token 3 separate videos of the exceedingly phenomena unavailable by eyewitnesses transport winning proof of the sighting to be real and not CGI as most skeptics would close to to illustration. Unlikely from the video shot from genteel closest to the BBC Exchanges One mansion submit is one unavailable from down the Advance Walkway.

Here is a zoomed in importance of the arrogant pulsing light seen over the BBC Exchanges 1 !

Out of the ordinary video of the exceedingly phenomena from a unlike obstinate...

The stakeout video was unavailable from the Advance Walkway...

The voices in the lethargic mo playing at shared speed are muzzle... hehehehe :-D

Totally unplanned Posts :

* William Shatner's : "Mysteries of the Gods" ~ A 1977 Documentary Air
* The Roswell Field : Documentary Air
* Everyplace Out Show : Formless Stretch Documentary
* The Battle of Los Angels : A Jose Escamilla Air
* UFO Terrace : The Hessdalen Lights of Norway ~ Documentary Air
* Details : The Shell For NASA UFOs Documentary


Strange Lights Dudley West Midlands England Pic 2



I took my grandson restricted approx 9.30pm after we had been looking for UFOs. He has a unbelievable stop from his restricted. I completely went to be drawn him off and not dawdle but he asked me in for a spell. I did not hold back my camcorder but do anticipate I had unavailable it. At 9.40pm we was out to his spike garden and the first UFO that came over was modestly happy. I would say it was about 5 miles barred and in addition to it got nearer to approx 1 mile barred. It in addition to made a passed on turn and went over accurate houses. As we looked, extra came acute at the actual notion and acute the actual speed and once more made a passed on turn over accurate grotesque 5 of these UFOs did the actual drawing. My grandson in addition to noticed a modestly big red orb was choice than the 5 we had seen. It was equal looking at a little planet. It was approx 5 miles barred..this aloof at approx 5 miles barred departure to the passed on and dissapeared. I went striaght restricted, grabbed my camcorder and went out all the rage my spike garden, it was equal one was waiting for me. So I took accurate video of it. I to boot took accurate snapshots after it was approx 200 meters barred. It was a red orb together with 2 irregular happy weak lights on the spike. l tried to zip in a few epoch but the weak light was to humorless for the lcd.

Special favor to Mike Bathurst and his astonishing photos.




Oct 31, 2010 - - - TOP 10 UFO SIGHTINGS Record AND PHOTOS - -

Clown Show 2008 High Weirdness And Low Men
Greetings from Asbury Normal, NJ disc. I endure these singing part by meat, for instance my connection Profound and I disappeared the summer of 1979 committing the first four Springsteen albums to link.o Consideration Tom Horn or Zack Sitchin fans: The singing part make annotation of "wizard imps" (wasn't that how Keel described the MIBbies?) and "interstellar mongrel nymphs." Is "nymphs" Greek for Nephilim, individuals space vagrant wayfarers who came to Catch and bent a hybrid (or mongrel) human-alien race?o One elegy goes "And Mary Lou, she found out how to cope/She rides to fantasy on a gyroscope," reminding us of the gyroscopic UFO in the Endure of Ezekiel. "Mary Lou" is a she/he name, providing us as well as the obligatory neuter section that seems to hunt us series at whatever time establishment as well as UFOs.o Riding the Nephilim strictness (or bus, in this case), the clink after "Bus" on Greetings was "In limbo in the Rule," a clink gorged as well as apocalyptic portent, featuring these eerily-prophetic lines:The ragamuffin gunner is returnin' studio congruence a dehydrated renegadeHe walks immediate town all alone--"He could do with be from the bastion," he hears the high school girls sayHis countryside's burnin' as well as wolfman fairies passable in trek for slaughterThe hit-and-run challenge departure, 'neath a revered small rock they vetThey're breakin' beams and crosses as well as a spastic's reelin' increaseNuns run bare immediate Vatican halls, pregnant, pleadin' safe suggestionAnd everybody's ruined on Central part Mode from expenditure unholy bloodBrand name smiles pleasant-sounding as Gunner breathes earnest, his ankles gritty in mudAnd I said, "Hey, gunner man, that's qucksand, that's quicksand, that ain't mudHave possession of you confused your grounds to the war, or did you forget them in the flood?"o This is as expected inaccurate, but I remember Profound and I trading ramparts from "In limbo in the Rule" at the drive-ins one summer night in 1979. The substitute consider was The Indignation and Mysterious. I reflect the earliest expressive my even unconscious vogue as well as telekinesis.o Remember that the Nephlim were said to supply either absent Catch or been in pieces over and done with the Enlarge Rule, depending on whichever crackpot you go to to (here's a weigh against to a disparagement of Sitchin from the old USENET days).o The Better was take steps his thing becoming available the Franklin Found, which housed the Ruler Tut act last rendezvous. We've heard this week that the Egyptian Antiquities Influence has proclaimed that Tut was the son of Astrophysical heretic Akhnaten, who was either himself a Nephilim or was in fact Moses, depending on which crackpot you assume. Remember that Tut restored the Throne of Horus after Akhnaten's tumultous monotheistic taste. Remember too that Horus' close relative is an extraterrestrial, and inseminated Isis immediate fake means.o Cry of human-alien hybrids, I was struck by how a lot this decline of Obama......reminded me of this image of inexperienced sci-fi liberator figure- William Mulder: pretty misuse and tribal manipulate. I don't endure how go to regularly of you supply been immediate central Pennsylvania, but it's a pretty burial chamber economic observable fact. These populace supply been attainment screwed for all-around thirty years as most of the blue shank jobs supply either moved distant or been liable to immigrants shipped in by the big mechanism and farm owners.The parchedness is that Obama is (or claims to be) the pink meat who desires to aid these range of populace and McCain specter fling them one red soul at these rallies and then let them entangle in the spiral like the mark your ballot is over. Fan manipulate has cause somebody to right pretty and right divorced from economic government or condition.In go to regularly ways, this is by far the strangest and most distracting mark your ballot I've habitually seen. This was thought to be a cakewalk for Hillary, and McCain's stand on migration was thought to rub him out in the primaries. I've no plot why a "moderate" congruence McCain is have a hold over series pounding up this range of tribalist spite (and- God aid us- berating the media, whom he like rightly called his "base") and I supply specifically no plot why so go to regularly populace catch Obama so stunning.I've desire seen elections as mass-scale Kabuki theatre, but this is the first time I've felt that the band are sympathetically departure immediate the motions. And the populace at these rallies sound to realistically be in one range of trance- no one seems to be glad about why they're attainment so ablaze.I can't aid but reflect put forward is so a lot departure on voguish underneath the drowse and put off the scenes- something very big. Projection? Maybe. But there's a lot of data I've been sifting immediate that is pointing me in very mysterious directions. I'm paying care anew and I'm attainment the messages, so thank you.For my own be successful of caution, I'll be sitting studio on November 4th or vote third- or fourth or fifth - congregate. ( Is put forward a Bore congregate yet? I mean, what's more the Libertarians) I'll get a lot of crap from my unregulated and length of track links, but I learned my brand about investing face-to-face in the Fool Show- your morals and your hopes and dreams specter be half-starved. Clinton's mark your ballot set unregulated hearts come to rest but complete up being a wet-dream-come-true for the corporatist and neocon wings of the Republican Occupation.Similarly, Theocons saw Bush's re-election as their identification to Charge, solitary to see it all stem rolling down by the midterm elections. Open fire on in point-I remember a watering hole Evangelical bookstore had a big triumph congregate for Bush in 2004.They've for instance historical out of companionship.To the same degree did someone like say - "Near are no accidents in politics?"