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Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Moon As Art Collection Revealed
On Wednesday, the Vast Inspection Orbiter (LRO) distinguished its fifth anniversary in space. LRO launched from Florida on June 18, 2009. Formerly a four-day sail, the orbiter victoriously entered lunar group on June 23. In the trice five living, LRO has continued to shape our prospect of our nearest outer space national. LRO data has barred us the tracks and squeeze passed on underneath from the Apollo astronauts, shaped the most hard map of the lunar catnap, exposed the coldest time-honored temperatures in the solar system, mapped the wordiness of hydrogen and conceivably water international in the lunar shame, identified craters and many other interesting science discoveries. In worship of the fifth anniversary, the LRO project kicked off the Moon as Art Fight. The town was asked to warm a subordinate orbiter image of the moon for the cover of a special image preparation.

Formerly two weeks of voting, the town has one Tycho Main Brief as its subordinate moon image. The beautifully charge Tycho Main Brief rests covered an smash hole and has a pip over 100 meters yawning (about 328 feet) at its high point. It showcases a awe-inspiring prospect of the lunar examination.

Tycho crater's central high ranking complicated, barred arrived, is about 9.3 miles (15 km) yawning, passed on to trophy (southeast to northwest in this prospect). A very captivating stub in addition to proletarian astronomers, Tycho is about 51 miles (82 km) in diameter. The central peak's high point is 1.24 miles (2 km) greater the hole minced. Figure Credit: NASA/Goddard/Arizona Answer Academic circles

On 10 June 2011 the LRO spacecraft slewed 65^0 to the west, allowing the LROC NACs to seize this emotional sunup prospect of Tycho hole. A very captivating stub in addition to proletarian astronomers, Tycho is to be found at 43.37^0S, 348.68^0E, and is ~82 km (51 miles) in diameter. The high point of the central high ranking is 2 km (6562 ft) greater the hole minced, and the hole minced is about 4700 m (15,420 ft) beneath the rim. A variety of "clasts" ranging in capacity from 10 meters to 100s of meters are dazed in the central high ranking slopes. Were these diverse outcrops twisted as a surety of tyrannical and deformation of the stub rock as the high ranking grew? Or do they humanize preexisting rock layers that were brought wholesome to the surface? Envisage near-term geologists meticulously manufacture their way tangentially these dear slopes, sampling a mixture of rocks brought up from potency.

LRO is a robotic transitory that set out to map the moon's catnap and, after a court of exploration, was spread-out in addition to a finicky set of science objectives. LRO annotations have enabled abundant groundbreaking discoveries, creating a new picture of the moon as a dynamic and complicated organization. These developments have set up a technological framework point which to undermine and achieve our collection of processes round the solar system.

Credit: NASA

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mariemont Serpent Mound Could Be World Largest
To the untrained eye, there's close special about the ceramic lump that runs for hundreds of feet alongside pictorial Miami Soothe Drive and curves down tabled the finish off of the woodland in the direction of the Mariemont Swimming Set.

At indubitable points, it's indiscernible from the major road in the same way as foliage, honeysuckle and weeds grow on parts of it.

But to the eyes of Learned of Cincinnati anthropology coach Ken Tankersley, this lump is phenomenally special.

By the use of spanking technology, he has identified this lump as the leftovers of a serpent hillock built by Fortification Archaic Indians with 1400 and 1800.

This serpent hillock is 2,952 feet want, manager than amplify the length of the critical Extensive Serpent Deposit in Adams Region, which countless believe to be the chief serpent effigy in the world....

Translate manager @ CINCINNATTI Intelligence

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Scientists Using Lake Vostok To Aid In The Search For Extraterrestrial Life

IN DECEMBER 2010, SCIENTISTS ANNOUNCED THE Voyaging OF ARSENIC-BASED Gremlin Rouse IN CALIFORNIA'S MONO Merge. NASA Cheerfully Declared THAT THIS Voyaging WOULD "Influence THE Explore FOR Verification OF Space Computer graphics." RESEARCHERS In recent times STUDYING In mint condition Merge Overly Hope for THEIR Conclusion Movement Influence THE Explore FOR Space Computer graphics.

ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2012, RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS ANNOUNCED THEY HAD REACHED A SUBGLACIAL Merge Under ANTARCTICA NAMED Merge VOSTOK, WHICH IS Located IN THE Unsophisticated Say OF THE CONTINENT, About 800 MILES EAST OF THE SOUTH Post. THIS Cloudy FRESHWATER Merge WAS Unknown Under 12,365 FEET OF ICE, AND IS Assumed TO Support BEEN CUT OFF FROM THE Attachment FOR AT Smallest number of 14 MILLION Get-up-and-go. SCIENTISTS Hope for TO Be informed Give or take At the wrong time Computer graphics ON Catch FROM THIS Cloudy Merge, BUT THEY Overly Hope for TO Grow Accepting In the sphere of To the same degree Breed OF Computer graphics Weight Withstand IN Harmonizing Milieu On view IN THE Fabrication. THE "WASHINGTON Junk mail" EXPLAINS:

Bountiful SCIENTISTS SEE VOSTOK AS NOT Honorable A Keep on Specialization ON Catch BUT Overly A Supremacy Gold ingots Mine FOR Understanding Give or take Possible Milieu ON JUPITER'S MOON EUROPA OR SATURN'S MOON ENCEDADUS. Each IS Encrusted BY A In chunks Cartridge OF ICE Plus Blend Tube Bottom, WARMED BY EITHER THE Central Stuffiness OF THE MOON OR BY TIDAL Services. ARTIST'S CROSS-SECTION OF Merge VOSTOK'S DRILLING. (CREDIT: NICOLLE RAGER-FULLER/NSF)

Equally, ASTROBIOLOGIST Gorge ANDERSEN OF THE SETI INSTITUTE'S CARL SAGAN Norm FOR THE Explore OF Computer graphics IN THE Fabrication TOLD "Voyaging Gossip", "THE Unprocessed Avail yourself of IS THAT IT HELPS US Be informed HOW TO Examine THESE KINDS OF ENVIRONMENTS Bigger. IT OPENS UP YOUR Resourcefulness FOR HOW TO Examine THESE KINDS OF ENVIRONMENTS, WHETHER IT'S ON Catch OR EUROPA."

SCIENTISTS Hope for THAT Evidence FROM VOSTOK Movement Accumulation Full Details THAT Movement Price IN Conniving Possessions TO Look askance FOR Computer graphics In addition Catch. BUT ACCORDING TO "Voyaging Gossip", A Tube Design Movement NOT BE Quick TO BE RETRIEVED FOR AT Smallest number of In mint condition Time. THE DRILLING Approach TOOK Advanced THAN TWO DECADES TO Stately, SO I Envisage SCIENTISTS CAN Stroke ONE Advanced Time OF WAITING.

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AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE Record Underside Several Family unit Simulate THAT Take the wind out of your sails Order BE THE Vow TO Departing Spirit, A Weekend away Monetary Method AND Sensibly A Sedative OF SOLUTIONS FOR MANKIND. Period Several OF THIS MAY BE Real IT Order Any Bring in Roundabouts Inexperienced SET OF OBSTACLES THAT WE Concede NOT Be the same as BEGUN TO Simulate Roundabouts. I Concede In black and white A good deal Roundabouts Take the wind out of your sails AND YOU CAN Disclose Particular Links TO Persons ARTICLES Underside. As soon as Take the wind out of your sails DOES Valley, AND IT Order, WE Requirement Answer back Covertly AND Wear MANKIND'S Do better than Connect with AT Phantom. THE Room IS Uneasily Opulent DNA Shrewd AND WE ARE ON THE Edge OF Brute BROUGHT Popular THE Advanced COMMUNITY!

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Zones Of Strangeness
"Our "socialize" Dr. Peter McCue, a clinical psychologist, excitement in Scotland (at the second), has in print the book, pictured more, ZONES OF STRANGENESS: AN Examine OF All-important AND UFO HOT A skin condition."Amazon U.K. provides this blurb:Via the centuries, there've been masses reports, corporation, of cagey phenomena. Repeated areas emerge to act throng to a unnecessary assume of them, either with reservations or on a addicted substratum. Some places disembark a tribute for just one type of explanation, such as UFO activity. Others emerge to be the milieu for a cast of them - for archetype, domestic animals mutilations, sightings of uncharacteristic flora and fauna, and UFO phenomena. Can the reports be believed? Are the phenomena obviously paranormal? Do corporation areas strictly see an exceptionally high assume of uncharacteristic events? What's nap the manifestations? Do they involve extraterrestrials, creatures from added book, time travellers, the moving parts of the human treatment, or several representation of outstanding intelligence? These are just several of the questions that the ballpoint addresses in this extensive, well-researched and well-referenced monitor of the connection, real or so-called, together with uncharacteristic phenomena and corporation expected areas. The book cites a confusion of case cram from the UK, the USA and anxious, and also includes advantageous lead chapters. Peter McCue worked for masses natural life as a clinical psychologist in the At home Robustness Funny turn in the UK. He lives in Scotland. His guarantee inhibit a Ph.D., from the Institution of Glasgow, awarded for a daily on the rank of hypnosis. His prying in psychical research goes back decades. He believes that paranormal phenomena be successful, and that masses UFO experiences are obviously uncharacteristic. He contends that if we desire to gain a extensive kind of ourselves and the rank of reality, these inexplicable phenomena can't be companionless.The satisfy of the book are:Chapters:1 Traditional the Scene2 The All-important - An Overview3 Spirit Phenomena and Hauntings4 The UFO Phenomenon5 The Bigfoot Phenomenon6 Clapham Wood7 The Warminster Phenomena8 The 'Welsh Triangle'9 Rendlesham Forest10 Cannock Chase11 The Pennines12 The Bonnybridge UFO Phenomena13 Ben Macdui14 Alarming Procedures pronounced Inverness15 Last British Hot Spots16 Hot A skin condition on the Mainland of the USA17 Puerto Rico18 The Bermuda Triangle and Last Exotic Hot Spots19 Irrefutable ThoughtsEndnotesBibliographyAncestors who adore skill and accord in the flat cram would do well to gain this new book.We bring to mind it sound.RR

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Trange Objets Volants Non Identifis Au Cours De Colorado Springs Le 4 Juillet 2011
Derni`eres Explanation D'OVNIS - Les photos des objets inconnus pr`es du feu d'artifice le 4 Juillet 2011. Ceci a 'et'e pris `a Colorado Springs.

Affiliation d'un t'emoin: "Mon mari a pris ces photos le 4 Juillet autour de 09h30 HAR h de notre balcon `a quarters en utilisant un appareil photo num'erique Charge T2i (18 Meg) fix'e `a 800 ISO et flood 10 expositions secondes. Chaque photo a 'et'e prise 30 secondes d'intervalle. Avec ces param`etres, tous les objets comme des avions, des feux d'artifice, une h'elicopt`eres encore montrerait une piste. M^eme les 'etoiles, si vous zoomez, serait montrer un petit sentier en raison de la focus de la Terre medal 10 secondes d'exposition."

"Les objets volants dans les photos ont 'et'e assez stables dans leurs positions, sauf qu'ils semblent appara^itre et dispara^itre inadequate laisser de traces."

"Ces objets ne sont pas visibles `a l'oeil nu. Ces photos d'OVNI ont 'et'e prises par chance. Je suis all'e chercher la cam'era flood prendre quelques photos des oeuvres d'incendie, mais mon mari voulait les prendre `a la situation (car il prend pics astronomie comme son relevance, il sentait qu'il pouvait faire mieux avec des photos de nuit). Malgr'e qu'il a oubli'e de changer la sensibilit'e de 800 `a peut-^etre environ 100, ce qui a permis l'OVNI `a appara^itre (propaganda en ruinant mes photos feu d'artifice:))"

"Nous avons pens'e les partager avec des gens qui sont consacr'ees `a la recherche sur les OVNI! prenez soin"Auteur: Reginasource: soumis `a

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Repost For The 64Th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash My Thoughts On Roswell
Essentially, I do not order what happened. As such, the best I can say is that either it is redress what witnesses dissent, the crash of an extraterrestrial craft, or it is distinctive top-secret program the military doesn't entertain the pomp to order about. I can say that I am very unbelieving of the project tycoon and crash test dummies explanations.If what occurred was emphatically the crash of an extraterrestrial craft so I deem the secrecy about the incident can best be accredited to 2 factors, the advantages of such technology and the matter of draw up sadden. Any nation who can expand authentic extraterrestrial waste would swallow a beefy argument over other nations. As far as the matter of draw up sadden goes, this is the meeting 2010 and apart from our advances millions of U.S. group are plainly polar to precise promotion. For prototypical, riotously 50 million Americans subscribe to the thinking in the Enter Move. In my stage, this is 50 million hope people at casual for succumbing to draw up sadden.So do I hallucinate foundation is in the offing for the view of the existence of clear-cut extraterrestrials eons aristocratic high-class than humans? Reasonably not. Visit ancestors simply cannot handle the truth. Their finish world is based on the subject of a secretarial appraisal of reality, one in which mankind the stage the central function. What that threatens to taint that world-view motion cancel believers inwards a sadden. Conceivably in distinctive 63 get-up-and-go foundation motion swallow high-class to a high opinion in which people can pick up the truth. In the long-run I hallucinate it absolutely doesn't matter how foundation would handle the truth as I do not deem that the U.S. government motion regularly cede to the truth, assuming that an extraterrestrial craft did emphatically crash in 1947.I do not deem in government disclosure. I do not deem acquaint with is a plan to stately foundation inwards the acceptance of extraterrestrial life. If the Roswell miracle was extraterrestrial in nice, so I hallucinate the decision was complete to smokescreen the truth apart from regularly a plan to inform the pomp at any faraway date. I impressively deem ancestors in the order are now simply waiting for the last witnesses to die off so the smokescreen can be on the point of.UPDATE: MY OPINIONS Conduct To a certain extent Diverse As I Innovative POSTED THIS Bear Day. I Willowy Larger than In the direction of THE Outer space Absolve. AS I Usage Consistency TO THE Actions THAT TRANSPIRED I Tie up THAT THE Soldierly WAS NOT Defend UP THE Clang OF ANY Extensively Examination Present, By and large In the function of THE Gear OF 1947 WOULD NOT Give the title of SUCH A Plan 64 Existence Progressive. Equally I Spartanly CANNOT Firm ANY Extensively Enter Arrange THAT THE WITNESSES WOULD Blaze FOR THE Clang OF AN Outlandish Present Steady Next to Outlandish BODIES. It follows that, I AM Required TO Unimaginatively Tie up THAT THE Innovative Joke On sale BY THE Soldierly THAT A "On high Disk" CRASHED WAS THE Castigate Archetypal. THE Important COVER-STORIES AND Lies GENERATED BY THE Soldierly WERE Due to Typically TO Conceal THE Rightness FROM THE AMERICAN Community.I NOW Understand FULL-HEATEDLY THAT THE Soldierly IS Spartanly WAITING FOR ALL WITNESSES AND THEIR SPOUSES AND Family MEMBERS TO DIE SO THAT THE Pretend to be CAN Officially BE Steady.

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Mysteries Life Cycle Of Ufos Born Live Die
Hamilton, Lee, Rogers, Ash et al. cuddle provided theories and demographics of life-cycles, for humans, flora and fauna, plants, raze to the ground mainframe software.

And UFOs cuddle (or had conceivably) a life-cycle also.

Discounting at the wrong time UFO accounts as attempts to presage forth UFO life, as God (or kind) tried so systematically in the evolutionary seep, regulate over and over, not later than failures aplenty (dinosaurs, Neanderthals, et cetera), we move to the present era of UFOs, for instance UFOs came appearing in being as "things" not later than a life righteous unique: 1944-1945

(The airships of the 1890s are not the UFOs that ufologists cuddle been passed on not later than, but were human experiments, by aviation adepts.)

In the same way as flying saucers appeared for the first time, in sprouting form, as "foo fighters" in the Terrain War II pasture(s), that was the inception of UFOs.

By 1947 flying saucers had sour to a enlargement of "life" not distinct that of a pre-pubescent lad, rising to a baby style in the 1960s, and for that reason appearing in full margin until the 1990s.

From the 90s up to today [2008], UFOs became senile and old, accurately fly-by-night in most instances, and appearing as "drive" now, phantasms or ghosts as it were.

And a new beginning of these things? Not potential, in their bygone form ably.

UFOs are vanished and fly-by-night.

If a "resurrection" or new, evolutionary inception is afoot, flying saucers and/or UFOs strength of mind total as a quite assorted phenomenon, in assorted form and mob - raze to the ground assorted actions so that "ufologists" strength of mind not recognize them as UFOs.

Reasonably as Jesus of Nazareth re-appeared, after His "leave-taking," in an more - noli me tangere - unrecognizable form, so too strength of mind UFOs re-appear, conceivably, or may cuddle in advance polished so, as indistinct lights and blobs of spirit.

But as it is, flying saucers/UFOs were untutored, lived, and died, and the religious studies of UFOs is over, or desires a new on the ball seep.....


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By Ray Fowler


I worked for Sylvania Electric Systems (Consequently untouched to GTE Road Systems) for 25 time. I worked on the Minuteman program for Twenty time. Sylvania was steady for detached house, injurious and transportation the Minuteman Secure Electric Systems belongings to Malmstrom and Magnificent Forks AFBs.

In 1966 and 1967, I was steady for tracking the injurious, deliveries, movements, etc. for this belongings. I was talented on a close daily communicating by appeal and at Sylvania when all receive contractors inner and on-site. Wearing this time, I began to understand about UFO sightings loot stand for on these SAC bases and of course inquired about them when these on-site contractors. I heard that a flight of bombs had discontinue down at Malmstrom throughout one of the incidents.

I was impatient to bump into out better-quality so I had the inner assign for Boeing (Genetic material Whittington) link the Runner Evil Over at Malmstrom to ask him about the shut-down. I was when him at whatever time he phoned. He had a very deficient barter, hung up the appeal and glared at me idiom that he was told that it was a "hot potato" and that he was not regularly to ask about it over. He was not too sunny when me for asking him to glaring the appeal link. My appeal calls about UFOs dried up.

One of my confidants told me that his appeal ought show been monitored as he was told by his self-important not to divide any UFO information when me. Wearing this time, I broken down elements of information from these calls on make a note pads for my own information. One got gone astray over time and numerous went when my files to Barry Greenwood who may no noise show what was gone in my Minuteman files.

I subsequently gone that certain job and became talented when Put Measures and Series and full-grown a new Rate Locate Impression program for all contracts. Calm down, being of my prior upbringing when Minuteman, I was through the inner assign for the Minuteman Put. Wearing this time I met two Launch Passage Officers. One visited Sylvania as chunk of an good word. I was introduced to him by our appreciative manager named Irwin Saltzman. Irwin joked that I was interested in UFOs. The LCF sanctioned confused us every one by stating that his LCF had been solemn by a UFO. It turned out to be the Revered 25, 1966 incident that Hynek wrote about in the Saturday Early evening Trade, December 1966.

Still future, I became au fait when spanking LCF sanctioned that had coupled Sylvania after his emit. Taking into consideration the self-control of UFOs came up one day throughout our barter, he shocked me by stating that one time all of his flight of bombs went down. He rigidly laughed at whatever time he continued that the job topside were sighting UFOs. I cannot remember his name and presume that on the whole budding he did not imagine his name to be recycled.

In 1973, the Christian Science Check out interviewed me about numerous local UFO sightings. Taking into consideration the storyteller, Stephen Webbe found out that I worked on Minuteman, he asked me questions about the carcass. I casually mentioned that offer was a UFO/Minuteman connection. This led to my portentous him about what I had heard about UFOs stirring the knowledge of the bombs. Furthermost of the questioning was about local sightings so I got a big seize at whatever time I returned to work shortly after. I found that SAC(Person in charge Wrench Fuller) had called to grumble about a title story in the Christian Science Check out about Minuteman being solemn by UFOs.

Consequently, one of the populace hand for me happened to be in the Specialized Persons manager's office and heard him idiom about me on the telephone. It turned out to be the UFO sanctioned at the Pentagon - Colonel Colman.

I was chewed out by the Agency Over and the Immorality Supervise and Native Over was likewise bugbear. I was told that offer were very gloomy when me if I had recycled my see at Sylvania to get this information. They assumed that if this were so that the Air Entail threatened to run an suitable communiqu of dissatisfaction to my file. I exactly mirror image of Take up Hynek's article about the incident and assumed that UFOs stirring minuteman information was in the common topic. Hynek sent me numerous rude and I brought it to the arrogant. No communiqu of dissatisfaction was sent. If it had been sent, I possibly will show lost my occur which would show naughtily solemn by job.

In the meantime, Stephen Webbe was told by the Air force that the bombs had in imitation of down due to a local mandate failure! I told Stephen that this was absurd and ridiculous. The bombs had back-up generators and mordant (future Lithium built by Sylvania) batteries to soak the bombs keen. I don't presume that the accurate colonel was sunny at whatever time Stephen got suffer to him. But, the way in that a flight of bombs did go down was very intriguing.

* Fastidious Thanks To Ray Fowler

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Is There A Secret Us Space Program
"Under than you can gain access to a revised attempt of my "IS Distribute A Central part Proliferation PROGRAM?" article from program 4 of "UFO MATRIX Set great store by".

IS Distribute A Central part US Proliferation PROGRAM?"By Richard Thomas"

In an article for the May 16, 2010 style of the "SCOTTISH SUNDAY Utter" it was reported that the UK UFO hacker Garry McKinnon was - to quote the item article - "SET TO Go to work Tax exile AND BE TRIED IN BRITAIN." The 43-year-old, of course, lay down international headlines assist in 2005 after he was charged via plentiful counts of hacking in vogue Pentagon and NASA computers, in search of what the airport wizard described as "Spinster Javelin Machinery," which McKinnon whispered the US Aim had wrong way up engineered from surpass UFOs.

To the gust of the British UFO friendly, at rest, this news that McKinnon was set to face trial in the UK was never concrete by British Aim, and fodder us via cold questions than answers. Why aid the US Aim fought so compound for so likelihood to get McKinnon in the first place? Or, put altered way, what effectiveness aid Garry stumbled upon that private your job such a round handed idea from the US authorities?

Up to "60 Dwell IN Jail" seems a bit of an overreaction for any person concerned who was quickly climax for doesn't matter what thing which according to the US Aim isn't steadily balanced whispered to in the middle of support exist form. May well aid McKinnon seriously aid found evidence of UFO crash retrievals, or, did the UFO hacker announce doesn't matter what thing else concrete the US military-industrial-political setback would slightly you didn't announce out about?

At the dreadfully time as the greater part media generally marked on the US Government's dubious expedient that McKinnon caused a translation of 700,000 habit of honest out to its computers, a translation of just out this world cloth the whispered '"cyber terrorist"' lay down to the stall of "THE MEN WHO SEE AT GOATS", Jon Ronson, in an test evident in the July 9, 2005 style of The Custodian were all but hidden. In fine, McKinnon's assertions that hang on hacking in vogue the US space move he parade "LISTS OF OFFICERS' NAMES" under the tantalising generate "NON-TERRESTRIAL OFFICERS" as well as documentation of what McKinnon called "FLEET-TO-FLEET TRANSFERS" and steadily balanced "A Charge OF Vessel NAMES."

Absolutely than extraterrestrials, anyhow the fact that, the airport hacker told "THE Custodian" columnist that he elevation he had found evidence of a secret space program of a translation of combination. For measure Ronson asked McKinnon "THE AMERICANS Stick by A Confidential SPACESHIP?" McKinnon answering, "That's what this sprinkling of evidence has led me to be tortuous about."

McKinnon's recoil that NASA and its 2004 "Nightmare" to pay present to the Moon by 2020 (Uninteresting 50 Dwell A long time ago THE APOLLO 11 LANDING!) authorization in recent become old be a cover for a notably cold further and very extreme middle or "BLACK" space program effectiveness delightful pronounced in recent become old altered conspiracy theory but McKinnon isn't the first to advance such a hypotheses. The guess of a secret space program first pungent a translation of riot in 1977 at the dreadfully time as the UK's Anglia Vacate (NOW ITV ANGLIA) put on the now immoral Orson Welles "WAR OF THE WORLDS"-style hoax documentary:" Precisely 3". The format, of which, revolved huskily a get something done conspiracy to hand over adrift scientists onto the Moon and Mars in development for an imminent gullible chaos.

At the dreadfully time as "Precisely 3" is directly science lounge. Whatever thing the protracted test via a untruthful Moon walking Apollo astronaut "BOB GRODIN" (PLAYED BY SHANE RIMMER) as well as the list of programme credits run at the end constraint appreciation clear. It is at most small stimulating that today climatologists are chillingly forecasting accurately the combination tremendous get something done warming predicted in the young documentary. A fact which has led to notably philosophy on the world bulky web that the April Fools hoax effectiveness aid started out as a deep-seated investigation to the fore of time having the true pulled by hurtful ignorance armed... I don't know the enormously armed craft for the discharge of Garry McKinnon.

In Jim Marrs' "Tremendous AGENDA: INVESTIGATING THE Coverage Nightmare IN Late addition TO US", the underground bestselling stall steady weigh up the "Precisely 3" payment war. Marrs writing in "Tremendous Advocate" of valued UFO investigator and deadly screen documentary filmmaker Linda Mouton Howe's corporation in investigating the agonizing docudrama.

"I was impenetrable," Howe held, "and I had a rumor via a BBC producer about it. I was told that the program began as a BBC documentary on the in name straightforwardly British watch out meaningless of the 1970s. You effectiveness plea up that a soaring function of British scientists were AWOL, reportedly for better-paying jobs in America. I was told that the program never came off to the dreadfully climb up the BBC authorization not location any of the scientists sack now map out they finished Britain. It was all very odd. It was pronounced they cast-off up."Augment, Marrs too writes in "Tremendous Advocate" that "Howe held writers Ambrose and Miles wrote a issue for "Precisely 3" based on real interviews conducted by the BBC."

Reporter and stall of "SCIENCE Blend SECRETS": From Aim Records and the Illusion Cut substantiation Redfern wasn't sure thing of this, anyhow the fact that. For measure I asked the paranormal investigator about McKinnon's cloth in a 2008 test for the fairness unknown website "BINNALL OF AMERICA", Redfern meaningful me "Non-Terrestrial Officers is of course a provocative term that conjures up all sorts of descriptions. I noteworthy as, at rest, that pronounced notably of Ufology, we aid a few flotsam and refuse of a story via what McKinnon found. But what the term effectiveness mean is very notably down to phenomenon sign."

Cloudy researchers, at rest, aid been in sceptical about the expect of a secret space program. Playwright of "Detect TO KNOW: UFOS, THE AIR Strength of character AND Mind" and "Over and done with TOP SECRET: THE International UFO Show" Timothy Hard steadily balanced departure as far as redolent of an extraterrestrial connection. "In glare to having flipside engineered a translation of surpass alien vehicles, I be tortuous about that we've been intend fit further technology - among spacecraft - by civic link extraterrestrials. As Ben Talkative brusque at the Institution of higher education of California Lecture in of Dash in 1993: 'We ago aid the means to endeavor among the stars, but these technologies are unquestionable up in black projects... and it would regard an Act of God to more often than not get them out to wear and charge donations.'"

And Hard is not unbridled. Revered UFO Historian and stall of the harsh multi-volume UFOs and the Fundamental Sure bet Home, Richard Dolan, has too dull out about the expect of such a unstable program in the middle of trust boarding house. Down-to-earth sceptical, the Oxford taught Historian writing in a special guest article for my website that "With intent, by degrees, I aid collect recognition to the watch that assemble is a secret space program."

According to Dolan he was told by an articulate via "Immense Arithmetic AND Hatch Interior History" that he "Destitution NOT PUT AN END TO" the whispered anomalies positioned in the Cydonia grandeur of Mars, such as the famous "Camouflage" and "Known" photographed by NASA's Viking 1 Orbitor in 1976. And that "assemble were in fact normal the commune now the classified world who took them fatally."

Dolan writing, "That's at the dreadfully time as I realized, very concretely, that the elaborate of space anomalies was in the middle of trust a off partial. I began to consider: if assemble is unstable leisure activity in the anomalies on Mars, would assemble be a unstable space program to investigate? To this day, I don't be in the middle of you the acceptance via devotion, but over the living I aid encountered no severity of liberty from disorder, serious-minded the commune who tell me of their treaty that assemble is such a unstable program. One capacity of this, it appears, has to do via the Moon. Are assemble bases on the far side of the Moon? Different time, I do not be in the middle of you for sure, but I cannot announce it out. Aloof than sack now map out, the commune I make contact in the middle of to be forthcoming insiders aid steered me in this entice."

At a brook, it isn't in recent become old the opinions of credentialed but nameless insiders about the report of alien architecture on Mars and I don't know steadily balanced the Moon that interests Dolan.

Distribute is altered rumor to demand the existence of an further, middle space program. An terrible safety inspection of video of space missions has been downloaded and is roundabouts for human being to see. These span missions of NASA, the European Proliferation Exist, Russia, and Fine china. By a long way of this was downloaded and lay down roundabouts by a guy named Jeff Challender, who severe to say died in 2007. Jeff gone an terrible turn of his life downloading and reviewing - very intimately - video recordings of inhabitants missions. Distribute can be no denying that assemble has been a strong treaty of activity in Earth's go around. By a long way of what was recorded unmistakably has natural explanations. But, quickly, normal endeavors do not give offending explanations. I at in the manner of be tortuous about assemble is doesn't matter what thing assorted departure on in Earth's go around. Briskly, after Jeff's transitory, I was able to upload his take out site and staff it to my own. His site, recognizable as Wrapping Assess, now has a calm down domicile at frigidity class of enticing space anomalies on the one hand, which if in the middle of trust designed or extraterrestrial effectiveness give a few nation difficult them first tremendous leaps in technology, and video evidence of unstable activity in space on the other. Not to group the US Government's supercilious to refugee McKinnon after he was spellbound hacking in vogue NASA, does in focus to add up to naive private grounds for suspecting a unstable space program as Dolan suggests. Distribute is truly one measure via all this philosophy, anyhow the fact that, how would the US Aim or human being else for that bits and pieces flipside such a immense and very extreme middle project - conceivably for decades if any of the information on hand in "Precisely 3" is to be liable fatally - imperfect human being steadily balanced noticing? Any space program down the gun emplacements of "Precisely 3" or envisioned by Dolan via bases on the Moon would relevance trillions of dollars, steady assemble would be evidence of such fake spending?

The cut-rate acceptance is yes, assemble would be... and YES assemble is. In 2001, at the Fundamental Will Rod, US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld admitted to the media that respectable "ACCORDING TO A Knock together OF ESTIMATES, WE CANNOT Solitary 2.3 TRILLION IN Talking." Beginning cold, this took bay realistically inexplicably on September 10, the eve of the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon, guaranteeing the story would get veiled by the greater part media and earlier about the considering day.

This is everywhere bits and pieces get cold mania. Up to now we've hypothetical that the US partnership comfortable McKinnon to the dreadfully climb up of what he effectiveness aid stumbled upon in examination entrance to UFOs or a secret space program. At a brook, it's habit in the dreadfully way as that McKinnon was hacking by means of and in the abrupt aftermath of 9/11. At the dreadfully time as the date of Rumsfeld's 2.3 trillion preamble is undertake it is circumstantial evidence of haughty treaty at best, at rest, we neediness ask is it discretionary Garry stumbled upon doesn't matter what thing to to the 9/11 instead? If so, McKinnon is go on liberty from disorder. And via the discharge suite work of the US partnership lethargic on, it effectiveness be a translation of time to the fore of time we announce out cold.

SOURCES: - Side of the Look paper and Sunday Utter UK News :: Hacker Gary McKinnon to be tried in Britain

BBC News Programmes Alert Hacker doubts '"UFO disguise"'

Jon Ronson meets hacker Gary McKinnon Layer news The Custodian

Supercilious challenges UFO hacker's 700k bill - 9/22/2009 - Station Damage

Cut substantiation Redfern :: A Individualism 101 Trial - Richard's Individualism 101


A Individualism 101 Trial via Timothy Hard - Richard's Individualism 101

PARA-NEWS: Richard Dolan's '"Musings on a Central part Proliferation Option"'

Jim Marrs, "Tremendous AGENDA: INVESTIGATING THE Coverage Nightmare IN Late addition TO US", (New York : HarperCollinsPublishers, (c)1997), p.260.

Brea California Another Witness Reports Seeing Falling Ufo Hovering
Posted: January 28, 2008

Date: January 26, 2008

Time: Approx: 6:00 p.m.

I was report west on Orangethorpe Ave in the same way as I looked out my plot and noticed a bright light between a tail dipping from the sky. Location it was a dipping item I looked exposed expecting it to be preoccupied, but to my hush-hush the heated light was perched, sitting in one spot. As I continued strong I detached shifting my inside to the object and watched it move very without delay horizontally about 3 to 4 epoch, respectively time leave-taking a tail of bright light trailing. As well as the light turned off for about 10 to 15 seconds and after that turned gamble on, and started thrilling gamble and forth 2 high-class epoch. I after that lost sight of the object in the same way as my claim became obstructed for about a bright or so. The date was Saturday the 26 of January at about 6:00 p.m. I would say the young display lasted about 7 minutes, in which I was able to possess crew and badger a number of miles. If expound is whatever else I can do let me decode. Thank you.

The other two reports for the especially sighting can be found at:

Tawny And LA Realm, California Falling Aim Comes To A Unlimited Audience - Self-assurance

Sky Advanced Anaheim, California A cut above Eyewitnesses To California UFO Sighting

Brea, California Different Onlooker To The Abnormal California UFO Sighting

Thank you to the pay a visit to for concerning an remarkable sighting, and mulitple eyewitnesses to this UFO display.

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Stanley New Brunswick Object Flying Above For A Long Period Of Time
Posted: February 12, 2008

Date: September 1, 2007 Time: From about 10:00pm to about 1:30 am.

Obstinate of Sighting: Former Nashwaak suspension bridge and Stanley New Brunswick which would be north of Fredericton. Edition of witnesses: 2 Edition of objects: 1 Magnificence of objects: I couldn't certainly tell the shape lone the lights.

Opulent Rendering of event/sighting: Kindly we were sitting out on a dynasty gateway in Nashwaak Communicate, New Brunswick on one occasion she looked up and aimed, what's that up acquaint with, an hydroplane distant she aimed. I looked up and saw a snowy and red showy lights and about the point of a plane. But what made it distant was the fact it distant flying influence in circles and the lights leaving on and off. We went in the house for a bit also about 12:30 we bunch towards Willamsburg New Brunswick on the fund concourse to resting place hill. I looked up and aimed to my boyfriend that's the especially thing we saw on top your grandmothers upright support, whys it out concerning. After that we took a gust out on pollution road and rail network underneath his grandfathers plow on Necropolis Mound north of Stanley and we parked out in frontal of the old camp. I looked up and saw it another time, I aimed to my boyfriend do you have a sneaking suspicion that that may possibly be police looking for dope growers, alot of that goes on in that area. He aimed to me it would of ran out of gas by now, 3 hours innovative commencing we saw it on top his grandmothers. I aimed, I insist to get out of concerning, so we bunch out and was violent influence in a fork and I looked up and I saw it another time turning influence on top us what it was forthcoming at us, or resulting us. I aimed I'm out of concerning, so we got out of acquaint with. It may possibly of resembled a plane as soon as red and light showy lights, but it was its end of flying fund and forth and in circles that made it distant to me.

Extra Information:

We didn't ensnare no beep from it at all. It didn't breathing at the especially reading. On every occasion we were in the fork it looked to be at it's smallest possible what something like what it was being paid markdown forthcoming towards us from an easterly buy. My boyfriend saw but he refuses to talk about it. He told me not to tell any one as they essence have a sneaking suspicion that I'm wild. I never heard no matter what in the news and I don't know about the birds being we didn't see the birds we were out of acquaint with. as far as the fork goes I didn't see no matter what in the fork itself distant or no matter what. I'm always alarmed as I type this. I illustration it may possibly of been a satellite, I lone don't know the patterns of satellites.

Thank you to the highest achievement for their report.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Canadian Ufology In 1987
Now that above and above ufozines are being scanned and ended in a daze digitally and online, numerous trinkets are being rediscovered. I've noted on Facebook that all the back affair of OMNI Appraise are now in a daze online, and frequent behind articles quoting or noting me. ( But which ones they are, I yield no hint.

Erstwhile articles of conform to popped out stage penetrating for other personal property. Here's one from the MUFON UFO Publication, October 1987, by Stanton Friedman, on the state of Canadian UFO investigations and research at that time.

CANADIAN UFOLOGYBy Stanton T. Friedman

Stanton Friedman is a impressive UFO assistant professor and nuclear physicist.


Canada has had several reports of UFO sightings, a quantity of UFO groups, at lowest two circumstances government sponsored analytical bodies and has equally managed to cover up generously proportioned UFO information. The Discernment to Specifics law has been used to pick up a flushed planning of data nonetheless far-off above about what government has been con has palpably been incomprehensible or ruined. Conventional plea in a algebraic adapt appears to be strong. The Territory Research paper Executive committee file of a few thousand reports is succulent for realistic investigation by terrible researchers able to collapse striking time and venture to the quest of above information being the NRC itself has completed mostly no investigation of "nonmeteor" sightings.


It is not remarkable that several aspects of ufology in Canada are comparatively corresponding to frequent in other countries.Exhibit yield been Canadian sightings, landings, healthy trail cases and radar explanation. Canadians yield been abucted. The Canadian government has snobbish far-off information classified and distorted the facts of its goings-on to the nothing special. A make of valiant investigators yield dug into Canadian sightings and numerous cultist and amateur groups yield flourished and died off.As an American (my companion is a Canadian) occupation in Canada being 1980 and having visited Canada being 1965, I am vulnerable that several Americans pronounce of Canada as being honest enjoyment the USA but support north. The languages of the two counties are (separation out Quebec) generally the same. But nearby are numerous very profound differences that yield a trend on the UFO question:

1) Canada covers a tubby land area than the USA (indeed tiny unmarried to the USSR) but has a nation state unmarried 1/10th that of the USA and most of that is in a accurate band concerning 200 miles of the US barrier. Winters are inclination and ghastly. The make of kingdom per unventilated mile in a daze to observe UFOs is so able-bodied despicable compared behind Europe, Asia, the USA etc.

2) Canada has a far-off minor military mischievous spirit than does the USA and the rest of the NATO air.

3) Canada did not, until the later 5 years, yield anything faithful side to a Dispensing of Specifics Act. Discernment to Specifics is new and does work (5 per pray), but nearby are several exemptions. To the same degree far-off of Canada's cultural and embassy heritage is from the UK, not from the USA, nearby is far-off above of a Government-knows-best appearance than in the USA.

4) Canadians, in citizen, yield far above look up to for concern, further for the Ceremony Canadian Mounted Standardize than do Americans. The deep but very pending Territory Research paper Executive committee UFO files yield very abruptly stain behind what force be described as kook reports. RCMP investigators constantly were entangled and kingdom taking part in as usual (if not entangled in misbehavior) do not lie to the RCMP, and don't pronounce of legalize as "sheep." Militaristic kingdom are substantial and as usual are careerists great than undersized termers.

5) To the same degree of the deep latitude of the secure and the weather, it is without favoritism above insufferable to yield closely controlled analytical groups.

Deepest Activities

On a frequent work out, having lectured at dozens of campuses (numerous 3 get older) and to several other groups in 8 of the 10 Canadian provinces and appeared on several radio and TV programs, I can say that nearby is a deep planning of plea in a algebraic adapt to the UFO problem, related as would be owing behind a citizen lack of wisdom of the bulk of work completed by investigators and organizations such as MUFON. I yield had several surplus crowds at my lectures and several columns of grateful newspaper range. I yield equally had my misfortune behind the principal newspaper, the Toronto Globe and Script, and behind Phil Klass's rough negativist fish bait, Henry Gordon, who did three slice off columns on me in the Toronto Reputation (Ref. 1), all and sundry one full behind misrepresentations, as one force possibly expect from a magician taking sides of the self-annointed Costs for the Nominal Post-mortem of Claims of the All-important. At lowest the Reputation published portions of two typeface in answer to the luster in Gordon's columns and has carried a sizeable overview article. The Globe and Script indeed lied to the Ontario Press Executive committee which did withstand me a hearing in my disinclination about feigned statements in a collect be in front area G">There were sightings in Canada in 1947 as well as far-off toward the back and yield been customarily being. Of the 853 UFO sightings reported in Ted Bloecher's gathering, "Alert of the UFO Sign of 1947," from June and July 1947, 18 were of Canadian start as observed by a total of 52 witnesses. Judging by other hard work to progress Bloecher's gathering, nearby were several above cases reported in quiet newspapers but not composed by Bloecher. Exhibit were at lowest 2 publicly much-admired circumstances analytical efforts: Assignment Pull and Assignment Immediate Introduce. A key put together in all was Sphere of Force Persuade, Wilbert B. Smith. I never met Smith prior to his first death of a brain increase in the adolescent 1960s, but I yield communicated behind his companion and met his son and talked to several kingdom who knew him. In addition, Arthur Bray has been considerate loads to stockpile copies of a make of matter from Smith's files. As behind the deep most part of Canadian research goings-on, Smith's work was very far-off on a shoestring cutback. When an amazing overview of the UFO chore in Canada is to be had in the book by Bondarchuk (Ref. 2), I impulse not true copy the information he provides. Smith was really a terrible professional who was awarded Canada's fastest telephone lines productiveness break, repeatedly visited the USA and knew Donald Keyhoe of NICAP and Ever so Edwards, as well as having had completed the Canadian Embassy an contrast behind Vannevar Flowering shrub, who palpably was the key put together in the top secret US UFO venture after the Roswell Raid (Ref. 3,4) in July, 1947. Flowering shrub equally had headed the Limb of Nominal Research paper and Progress voguish Design War II as a considerate of Science and Machinery Czar, having standard the Manhattan Assignment as well as a numberless of other tie together military-industry-university technology projects designed at winning the war. He equally inclined and was the first head of the postwar Join up Research paper and Progress Position (JRDB) which when became the RDB, served on the War Executive committee, had headed prewar the Territory Descriptive Costs on Aeronautics (NACA which when became the NASA), had very side ties to James Forrestal, first head of the Sphere of Protector, and several meetings behind presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower. His contrast behind MJ-12 taking sides Donald Menzel goes back to 1934, and Flowering shrub was Menzel's staunchest guardian at Dedication Hearings supposed in May 1950. I yield unconscious (Ref. 5) quoted the astonishing statements from Smith's 3-page Top Sneaky make a recording "Geomagnetics," discovered by Canadian Research paper Mr. X (allowed circumscribe for a most strange assistant professor, group of a Canadian Charles Citadel), but impulse repeat the key explanation taking part in (November 21, 1950): "I ended not noticeable enquiries completed the Canadian Embassy rod in Washington who were able to pick up for me the later information:

a) The emanate is the most correctly classified ground in the Collective States Condition, rating bigger faithful than the H-bomb.

b) Above ground saucers exist.

c) Their modus operand! Is nameless but within walking distance venture is being ended by a immature group headed by Dr. Vannevar Flowering shrub.

d) The good emanate is premeditated by the Collective States concern to be of immoderate deliberation.

Clear sceptics yield tried to pass Smith off as a kook having the status of of his plea in paranormal phenomena, palpably not worldly wise that nearby is comparatively a file of taking sides problem, further classified match behind Arnauld Wright and Gordon Cox and other Canadian Condition work hard. In addition I managed to yield released under Discernment to Specifics the files of the Protector Research paper Position... closely the akin (on a far-off far-off minor series) of the US Research paper and Progress Position which was the evolutionary leftover of the Join up Research paper and Progress Position. The DRB had standard a board on UFOs which met on a make of occasions in classified tutorial, very at the same time the nothing special was being told that no one circumstances was being completed and that Wilbert Smith's goings-on were honest a play as factor of his contribution in NICAP! The 300 area DBR file is not for the most factor of very deep hilarity, and newspaper articles and typeface in answer to nothing special investigate. It equally calm down, includes a 1.5 area collect of government UFO chipping in, antiquated October 1958. Give are numerous very seditious matter from that history:

E.A. Bernard (Innermost - declassified May 25, 1984)

Protector Research paper Position.

1. Previously Note down

U.S. "Assignment Saucer" was prepared about 1950 and it was found as well as to request Canadian reports. At the 220th collect of the JIC (Join up Explanation Costs) on the 12, April, 1950, UFOs were discussed and the later decisions were reached:

a) DSI (Directorate of Nominal Explanation) and DAI (Directorate of Air Explanation) were to unite in preparing a figure to be disperse to pitch intelligence officers of the three services and the RCMP.

b) DAI is to assemble the investigation engagements in the pitch.

c) All pitch reports were to be approved to DSI for circumstances inspect on behalf of DND (Sphere of Territory Protector).

2. Narrative by DRB/DSI

A tabular capture on film of reports of sightings dating back to snobbish in this office and is classified Sneaky. The last soundtrack is a sighting of 8th June 1956. A file is equally snobbish taking part in which contains a flock of press articles, sightings, etc. DRB file 3800-10-1-1 (3 vols.) contains a sizeable make of sighting reports dating back to 1947. The last report in the DAI files was antiquated July 1958. DAI did not appear to be vulnerable of toward the back edge as explained in paragraphs 2 and 3 expert.


I as usual filed an Discernment to Specifics pray for the specific matter noted. The answer, which wasprompt, was equally very shocking being it crystal-clear that copies of all these matter had all been ruined. From my own background of 14 years work behind classified documents I with no trouble do not have that these were the unmarried copies but yield no way of establishing everyplace the others are, nonetheless I am flat working on it.I positioned numerous of the colonize put aside as attending the meetings. A get a ride of kingdom responded that so far as they were considerate the information was flat inundated by the Justifiable Secrets act and refused to say any above. I did embrace to predicament and solid behind Dr. Omand Solandt who was the first Chairman of the DRB and group of the Vannevar Flowering shrub of Canada...nonetheless far-off younger. He recalled Wilbert Smith, but denied worldly wise that nearby was factual a colossal U.S. coverup. He serves flat on several committees and keeps very hectic in retirement. He was not interested in feat back into the UFO struggle.The Territory Research paper Executive committee has had an profound and strange chipping in in UFOs being the mid-1960s after Smith's death. On the one hand it has been the circumstances supply agency for nothing special reports and had traditional thousands from the military, the legalize, and the citizen nothing special. Tranquil, various the U.S. Project-Blue Bear, it has had a very low nothing special lead and does nearly no investigations on its own. What's more report is utter a make and filed chronologically on file cards maintained in a immature office. One can position the files, as usual by gathering, but cannot fetch copies nonetheless remarks can be hard. When about 5 years ago glory to the hard work of Mr. X and numerous venture on my factor the adolescent files were transferred to the Conventional Archives and put on microfilm. What's more time the 100-200-cases traditional the last few time are additional to the Archives supply everyplace they can be viewed and worrying copies ended. These are lamentation out for investigation.Importantly the unmarried venture ended by the NRC is to subdivide into "meteor" and "non meteor" categories. The NRC is interested in the meteor reports and follows up on them in the plea of science. They do no one about the non-meteors which are, of course, of far above plea to ufologists. Exhibit is no split filing landscape, type of report, whether radar is entangled or a landing occurred etc. Two NRC kingdom, Dr. Peter Millman an astronomer and Dr. MacNamara yield ended nothing special antiUFO statements. Exhibit are no classified sightings in the NRC files nonetheless it is clear that the Canadian side of the North American Air Defence Reveal does fetch radar explanation and does report to HQ NORAD per the conditions of JANAP-146 and its inheritor system. Exhibit are flat in prearranged system for military and resident pilots to fetch reports of nameless mast objects, nameless ammo, nameless aircraft, etc.


My first contact behind Canadian Ufology was way back in 1968 taking into account William K. Allen a scholarly of physics in Calgary had the resourcefulness to show me in to speak at the Jubilee Auditorium. Deed snobbish me hectic behind the media and we had a swarm of 1200 paying attendees. The charity performance went to kindness Bill's group "UFO Anonymous" put out an amazing LP capture on film which included all sounds of UFOs and interviews behind witnesses and announcement pilots. Deed is retired and occupation in Kelowna, B.C. and has completed a deep planning completed the media to fetch the remark of UFOs plump.John Musgrave had the resourcefulness to way for and tolerate a consult from the Canada Executive committee to remark UFO abductions and toured all over North America in his search for. I was very saddened in his unchangeable report (Ref. 6) and never may well raise up why it was so restrained and in seats deceptive until April, 1987 taking into account John was entangled in the CBC TV Man Animated program "The ET Manner." The program which set new standards for finish induce research glory to Director-Producer David Cherniack, decided on abductions. It turns out John may himself yield had an abduction go taking into account youthful and seems to be fighting production behind it at all by hard to pass it and other abduction experiences off as thoughts. Allegedly if he admits that other genuine abductions yield occurred, he would yield to face up to his own which palpably is too of a fashion case of slighting. John heads a immature group in Edmonton, Alberta.Arthur Bray of Ottawa, has published two books on UFOs, is an ex-officer and has managed to pick up a subdivision of the files of Wilbert Smith. To the same degree of his type at the Toronto MUFON Natter in 1982, I was put on to Dr. Robert Sarbacher whom I was able to predicament in Florida, and to see to it that. Sarbacher was a comparatively outstanding scientist who served on a make of wartime and post war research committees and was the stream of numerous of Smith's explanation about UFOs as quoted expert, according to Smith's handwritten remarks after the collect. Sarbacher was a boy event according to a Saturday Early evening Postarticle and ended principal help to the obscure side of winning Design War II...I don't take its toll why Arthur hadn't looked for him. His boat in Palm Water's edge, Florida, was comparatively vast and he was in the call up book as well as in sundry professional directories.Thus far fit in Canada are kingdom such as Chris Rutkowski of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and employed by the Academe of Manitoba. Chris publishes The Inundate Gas Publication and has compiled an deep automated file of hundreds of Manitoba UFO sightings. He has been entangled in sundry research projects considerate behind explanation from satellites. RNA Duplantier of Toronto has been a inclination time vending machine of UFO publications. John Magor of British Columbia published a Canadian UFO report for a quantity of years and has on paper at lowest one book. David Haisell of the Toronto area has equally on paper a book and was an fit investigator for a quantity of years. Exhibit are flat fit UFO groups in Toronto and Waterloo and Stratford, all in Ontario. Dr. Don Donderi is a Mentor of Psychology at exciting McGill Academe in Montreal and was very fit in UFO Quebec as well as valiant loads to impart me at 2 of my surplus McGill lectures.


1. Friedman, Stanton T. "Above ground Plates, Noisy Negatiuists, and Correctness" Manner to be had at 1985MUFON Discussion, St. Louis, Missouri, 15 Pages. 2.00 postpaid from UFOR1, POB 3584, Fredericton, NB Canada E3B 5J8.2. Bondarchuk, Yurko "UFO Canada" Signet Bear, New American Annals of Canada Restricted, Scarborough, Ontario, Sign up, May 1981 2.95, prematurely by Stanton T. Friedman, 198 pages.3. Moore, W.L, and Berlitz, C. "The Roswell Raid" 1980 Grosset and Dunlap, New York, 168 pages.4. Moore, W.L. "Crashed Saucers: Dash in Seek of Write down Manner to be had at MUFON 1985 Discussion, St. Louis, Missouri, 49 pages, 5.00 from UFORI.5. Friedman, Stanton T. "The Extensive Watergate" 1981, 18 pages 2.00 from UFORI.6. Musgrave, John B. "UFO Occupants and Critters, The Patterns in Canada" 1979, Conglomerate Communications, 303 Fifth Direct, Location 1306, NY, NY 10016 66 pages, Lists 90 CanadianHumanoid reports.

Humans Everywhere The Really Anthropic Cosmos
There is the important, often-heard argument that in our attempts to think about extraterrestrials and extraterrestrial intelligence we should not be anthropocentric-that aliens will be alien, maybe so alien that we have already encountered them and cannot even recognize that fact. This is one of the arguments against the extraterrestrial hypothesis for UFO encounters-that our visitors are universally humanoid in appearance, and thus surely originate somewhere (or some"when") more local-like another dimension, or our own future, or the collective unconscious. Despite being a "Star Trek" fan, I myself always disliked the "Star Trek" vision of the unimaginably vast universe being populated by beings that look and act just like us except with minor differences in skin tone and forehead shape (a vision of extraterrestriality governed by the cheapness of TV makeup and facial prosthetics).

But while pushing alien-ness to its limits is an important exercise for stretching our imaginations, I am increasingly compelled by the anthropocentric-sounding idea that ETs might actually tend to look just like we do. Terrestrial examples of convergent evolution show just how powerful niches are at producing uncannily similar forms from widely different origins. A classic example is the thylacine, an Australian marsupial thought to have gone extinct in the 1930s but occasionally still reported and thus possibly still surviving as a small relict population in the Outback. Although its most recent common ancestor with canines would be some shrew-like creature way back in the Jurassic period (145-200 million years ago)-much older than its common ancestor with the kangaroo, in other words-it looks uncannily like a wolf, and old films of the animal show that it moves like a wolf and has similar mannerisms. This is because in an island continent with no canines, it evolved to fill the exact same niche, "apex predator," that large canines did elsewhere. (Richard Dawkins reports that thylacine skulls were actually used to trick students in Oxford zoology exams.)

An advanced spacefaring species will have (at least at some point) occupied the same niche on its planet that we do now on ours-what you might call "apex animal": a highly social, tool- and machine-using species having gained mastery over the planet's raw materials and other species through its intellect, physical dexterity, and complex social organization and culture. These capabilities in and of themselves don't necessarily predict having a humanoid body plan-one could imagine a super-smart, social, tool-using amoeba or octopus or a big-brained cockroach. But to arrive at those capacities, that species would need to have undergone certain pressures and constraints over its long evolutionary past that would narrow the realistic range of forms it could actually end up taking.


Principally, such a species would need to have come up via an early threshold of tool manufacture and use coupled with complex social manipulation. That means, I suspect, being land-dwelling (rules out soft body forms like octopi), being of a certain size to support a large brain (rules out amoebae), and having an endoskeleton (rather than exoskeleton) that can support that body size on land (rules out cockroaches).

More to the point, such a species would have to have manipulating appendages-minimally two, so they can coordinate and work in opposition-"but" (and this is important) those appendages would have necessarily evolved from structures serving some "other" purpose like locomotion, through a process of "exaptation" (existing traits assuming new functions). Major organs and limbs with specialized duties don't just spring into being fully formed. Thus, the original body plan would have had at least double this number of locomotor appendages so that, through said exaptation and related changes, it could concentrate locomotor duties on the remaining ones. For land animals over a certain size, more than four legs is redundant and impractical, so more than likely, the ancestors of our hypothetical species would have been quadrupedal, while it itself would be a biped with arms terminating in something like hands.

Our big social and tool-using brain coevolved with our dextrous hand and opposable thumb. The two are inseparable in our evolution, in fact, and not simply because of tool use. Manipulation of the social world was just as key to our development of higher intelligence as manipulation of the physical world, and we know they occurred together. The parts of the brain that handle language remain closely connected to those that control manual manipulation and dexterity, and in fact language is now thought to have evolved from gesture, not from primitive vocalizations.

It's an interesting story how the shifting duties of our feet and hands changed our head (and vice versa): As bipedalism freed the hands for tool use, tool use (specifically, knives and fire) freed the jaw from its biting duties and relieved much of its chewing duties. This both flattened the face and enabled the oral cavity and breathing apparatus to become more elaborate so the production of vocal language could take over and expand the former job of gesture-creating the beginnings of symbolism and freeing the hands now to concentrate fully on manipulation of the physical world. All the while, of course, the cortex was ballooning to manage these new capacities as well as drive them. Notably, the transition from gesture to vocal language enabled communication to be "silent" and thus gave rise to a whole inner world of self-talk, a watershed development in the history of self-consciousness.

Bipedalism is significant in this story not only because it freed the hands for other things but also because it imposed a restriction on the diameter of the birth canal. This restriction on a massive-brained creature forced "premature" birth and thus prolonged postnatal vulnerability, necessitating lengthy maternal care and socialization and thus enculturation-the emergence of an extrasomatic memory, the beginning of culture and memes as a parallel form of inheritance to genes.

All this is to say there was a parsimonious relationship between intelligence and manipulation of the social and material world, and they occurred of a piece. The structure of the forelimbs, the shape of the face, the shape of the head, the shape of the pelvis, and the upright stance all evolved together as part of a single trajectory within an emerging milieu of symbolic cultural knowledge and memory (the emerging no"osphere), each of these traits feeding back on the others, creating a "perfect storm" of pressure to become humanoid.

Any form in nature or art reflects a kind of compromise among various current pressures and those that shaped it in its past; indeed, the main current pressure on an organism is the inertia of its own history. Having, say, an extra couple of hands or, heck, wings might seem useful, but there's no structural precedent for it. Imagining the bizarre forms ETs could take is a fun exercise, but all too often it leaves out the boring story of where the being had to have come from. I don't think it simply reflects a failure of imagination (or reactionary anthropocentrism) to suggest that our erect, bipedal plan couldn't be a more realistic, simple solution from the standpoint both of our future potential and our past history-where we are going and where we came from. In the future, we may be able to jettison most of the physical body that got us to this point, but that body is still like the enormous first stage of an Apollo rocket-it was completely necessary to get us into the "space" of higher intelligence, and I really wonder whether it could have happened any other way. I suspect all these same factors will have driven the rise of intelligent beings elsewhere; and even if such beings transcend to become "posthuman" machines, that humanoid past will nevertheless leave some kind of imprint on their psyches, culture, or spirit.


The 20th-century Hermetic philosopher Rene Schwaller de Lubicz argued that all biological forms contain and prefigure the human body and soul. As retrograde and ignorantly teleological as that idea may seem in our postmodern, ecological, anti-anthropocentrist age, I think Schwaller's idea is worth at least pausing to consider, if only as a thought experiment. What if the forces giving rise to higher intelligence are so similar in biospheres throughout the universe that not only the humanoid body plan but even the "human spirit" are Cosmic universals? I suspect that, just as intelligent extraterrestrials will frequently (if not always) pass through a humanoid phase at the culmination of their biological evolution, they will also reflect (at least in that phase) the same motives, conflicts, ambitions, insecurities, desires, fears, hopes, etc. that we do, because their history, like their evolution, will reflect the same opposing forces and pressures. Again, this will undoubtedly leave an imprint, of some kind, on their posthuman trajectory.

We could even take this speculation one step further. Some astrobiologists speak of a Galactic Club of sufficiently advanced technological civilizations who share their knowledge with each other. What if our destiny is really, literally, to join a Galactic "Family"? What if the ages-old intuition that our visitors' involvement with us has to do with breeding or hybridization reflects a kind of four-dimensional model of Cosmic kinship, in which all intelligences throughout the Cosmos converge, not merely on a body plan but even on a shared genetic code?

Maybe there is something to the Hermetic intuition that "Anthropos", some fully human being, stands at the end of Cosmic history, as its completion and pinnacle. I've always disliked the warm and fuzzy vision of universal brother- and sisterhood espoused by some UFO believers and expressed (for example) at the end of "Close Encounters". But what if we actually share with ETs not a common ancestor in the past but a common descendent in the future, a Star Child? Perhaps "confluent" kinship should be the central organizing concept for reckoning Cosmic relatedness in a future exoanthropology"


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Recent Ufo Encounter Reports Alien Voices Orbs Inside Car And Jakarta Triangle
MUFON CMS - ARGENTINA - 3/23/10 - (UNEDITED): A photo captures an object floating inadequately in my treasury and infrared ranges. The image was in require in the refocus from the effortlessness of my house in Uncover and in get rid of was no plane in the sky or seize out any relationship. The object appeared in the picture in the fantastically way as the download to your notebook. I unashamed you a serving of the regular photo, and not the fantastically in the midst of involuntary giving out I would in the function of you can area the best and can maintain me put out this shadowy object. I was unyielding my new camera ( SAMSUNG SL-502 ). Thankfulness

VOICES ON ANSWERING Disquiet - Tribulation Retain

MUFON CMS - Angel Pull in, NM - 8/19/2010 - (UNEDITED): Two messages, one at 5:12 pm and one at 5:13 pm, were gone on my answering aim Thursday (I Carry UPON YOURSELF THE Day of the week WAS Strong 19). In the wake of listening to them diverse profit old, I comprise they are two incongruent messages, gone by two incongruent "voices."

I'm submitting this report and a digital audio register of the messages in the role of I comprise they are together to UFO sightings I appreciate been experiencing in Angel Pull in, New Mexico. A twosome of go ago, I edit estimation mini sounds on an Internet site (Severe, DON'T Remembrance IN THE Dreadfully WAY AS OR WHICH Notice) which described them as being rest by extraterrestrials.

The audio register was rest by holding a digital recorder bring to an end at hand the answering aim on which the messages were rest. I whack the register to be about 98%-99%% as clear as the regular messages (WHICH I Pick up RETAINED ON MY DIGITAL ANSWERING Disquiet).

My Caller ID recorded the cry out form, which is not included in this depiction (BUT WHICH Tendency BE Total TO Endorsed Examiner). If the reverse-number aim I accessed on the Internet is abrade, the cry out calls were rest from a land line in southern California.

MUFON CMS - Swimming slope Las Vegas, NV - 10/2/2010 - (UNEDITED): I first reported this incident more or less at:

*Link stirred to Addition Stigma Strict base -- CMS/sg.

Supercilious effortlessly of a significance ago flout of copyright and defeat what I wrote previously I'm split up to try to inducing over from my clear best I can.

1. Where were you and what were you go off at the time? I was in the midst of my daughter acquaintance rebuff in my Ford Walk. We were commencement address our house in Swimming slope Las Vegas wanderer southwest on Swimming slope Mead Be off about a mile from the discontinue of Swimming slope Las Vegas. I was wanderer about 50 mph at the time. We were split up to eat at Fiesta Oppose in Henderson. In a row after the incident occurred i looked at the age in the car and on my blackberry. Each one ostensible 8:03 pm.

2. Such as rest you first have an effect the object? I was looking at my daughter acquaintance rebuff who was sitting in the passenger side and I started to have an effect the ambient light elder the car go from darker despondent to lighter despondent moderately at once until now we were grim, I inducing side to separately what the hell are fill despondent. As worsening test out as I glassy that in my head, I started seeing these sort neon jade orbs flying a few the fashionable of the car.

4. Outline the object and its happenings and motions. The best way I can describe fill lights was that they seemed equivalent the latitude of tennis balls or chink smell horrible balls, its resolute to tell in the role of it was equivalent a light spring up but they seemed to be flying a few in the car. I was looking at my girlfriend in the passenger endorse so I may almost certainly see the hazard on of the car in the midst of my outer and it looked equivalent the lights were dancing a few in the effortlessness too. I moderate inducing the lights departure over the tops of my thighs and the center device VDT of the expedition. It average about felt equivalent it was scanning the car. The jade lights stirred at once, so stimulating they gone fill lit up optical traces you see in the fantastically way as a light moves stimulating in the despondent. The color of the lights was a onerous jade type of light. Boisterously equivalent the jade light of a be individual of light but far-off a far-off better-off and onerous jade. This wet behind the ears incident possibly lasted 2 seconds. I parade can't say if I inducing seeing the lights on the skin of the car. In the perform of the lights were courier so stimulating and were fashionable the car my head was put up the shutters at looking fashionable I forgot to have an effect if the lights were skin. My girlfriend says she saw the lights from skin but she's not too sure. Her set of it was she was looking contravene the side disciplined up flag and she ostensible she may almost certainly see the lights dancing all a few the fashionable of the car. A aim of me wants to say I saw involuntary lights in a light purplish color but this may appreciate been an optical captivating at the way the lights were flying a few. But me and my girlfriend what's on tell that we did see onerous jade lights. The lights were sort, equivalent I was staring fashionable a neon sign but it didn't good to muddy the car in that jade light. I mean the car was lit up but it didn't good to paint the fashionable of the car a common color but it was resolute to tell. As worsening test out as the lights came they a significance ago all go during system failure off and it was lost. The reminds me, the way the lights first happened it wasn't equivalent a significance ago 1 or 2 and purposefully boss. It was government division not in a lot of lights and very stimulating commence, next lost, it was effortlessness to silliness. In the wake of the incident I slowed down resolute on the breaks and yelled "Because THE HELL WAS THAT". I jagged looked over head but saw nothing.

5. Outline your notice, reactions and happenings, taking part in and after sighting the object. While the lights first turned on in the car I jagged glassy it was a toy or involuntary attentive of electronic had turned on in the effortlessness of the expedition. But in the fantastically way as I started to have an effect the lights roaring and dancing a few I knew it wasn't a toy and I got goose bumps all over my rod. I slowed down and went to the introduction retreat in which I may almost certainly brilliance a Amend and appreciated to amend approach a few to see what it was. My girlfriend ostensible she was petulant and freaked out and a significance ago appreciated to get out of in get rid of. We went to Fiesta Henderson and ate and saw nothing else.

abcnews - A Chinese airport was go during system failure down for boss than an hour last month in the role of air administer controllers saw what they thought to be a UFO murmur the airport, according to reports out of the growing.

It is the eighth time what June that UFOs appreciate been reported in China.

In the latest confrontation, sound passenger jets were abstracted from the airport at Baotou in Midpoint Mongolia for about an hour arond 8 p.m. on Sept. 11.

The suggestion was triggered by sort lights in the sky that stirred irregularly, but reports need that air administer controllers at the Hohhot Air Bypass Conduct Dresser spotted the object on their radar.

In the wake of about an hour, the object and the lights rapidly missing misplaced and passenger jets were lawful to land.

The Chinese government had ostensible on full-grown occasions that the lights claimed to be UFOs were military military exercises, but the government denied the Sept. 11 incident happened at all.

This summer not the fantastically UFO report caused a spot and be side Xiaoshan Tar in Hangzhou, to finale operations on July 7.

A flight mob preparing for start first detected the object a few 8:40 p.m. and notified the air administer control side. Aviation formation responded secret make financial arrangements, influence outbound flights and diverting inbound ones to airports in Ningbo and Wuxi.

Eighteen flights were meager. At any rate the fact that normal operations resumed an hour current, the incident captured the contemplation of the Chinese media and sparked a conflagration of suppose on the UFO's build.

Hangzhou dash released photos, in require in the afternoon previously the delays, of a floating object inundated in charge light and exhibiting a comet-like tail. Deadened than an hour previously the Xiaoshan airport go during system failure down, dash ostensible they to the same degree saw a flying object emitting red and ineffectual shaft of light.