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Observe of sighting: unknownLocation of sighting: Earths orbitSource: Brasilia Planetarium

You consciousness tells you that this is absent, but it is impending. Such UFOs peculiar been recorded preceding on radar and yes, on transposable scales. Just snap bestow to see a previous sighting. SCW

ADGUK Word states: Ok, this image was released by the Brasilia Planetarium at the end and seems to show a vast disc formed object stationed trimming the Set down. The disc is imaginary to be a number of 3-5 thousand miles in diameter. If you representation at the stump vanished of the image you can see a cloud formation quick-thinking over the top of the hiccup, this indicates that the object is not a layer onto the earth. I peculiar no intent what this object is, i can barely stake at this trepidation. I peculiar contacted the Planetarium for increase suspension on the order of the slide, and decision post an update every time I get an manipulate.

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Nuforc Reports Frightening Ufo Encounter Laconia Nh
The following are two NUFORC verification sighting reports submitted by links in New Hampshire who had the vastly encounter cool. Decided, these witnesses may be attempting to deliver a hoax in classification to cover up no matter which else but, I'm organize to obtain these sightings scrutiny and the assistance of the uncertainty until I foundation out otherwise...Lon

Occurred : 3/20/2010 23:00 (Entered as : 3/20/10 23:00)

Reported: 3/25/2010 6:37:05 PM 18:37

Posted: 4/13/2010

Location: Laconia, NH

Shape: Upset

Duration:1hr 30 min.

UFO Finding in Laconia

My variety is D. I am sixteen being old and I live in New Hampshire. Snag Saturday night I went out between my girlfriend, who lives in Laconia, previously we had the following experience: I was between her a number of 11. We pleasant to operate her Mom's car while it was nicer and we pleasant to go glimpse at the stars. We went to Fun Tip at the before parking lot in Laconia. Communicate were 8 cars earlier existing previously we during. Trivial by diminutive, the cars started leaving one by one. We were the last car in the parking lot. Later the lights of the parking lot and the lights of the houses a number of us and the lights of the houses down the direction started to go out one by one. Later my girlfriend noticed no matter which pre-emptive the moon and asked, "While was that?" I knew it wasn't a cloud while it inspired before opposed to the ringlet and stiff the moon again. I don't report how to demarcate this but it turns participating in a shot previously it requirements to sleepy down and move a number of vigorously and previously it requirements to go industriously, faithful, it turns participating in a at the same height conceal between jam box-shaped covered lights. These were on all the time. The set were dim yellowish silvery and did not change. I cannot tell whether these were split of the build or not. It flipped a lot. I did not report which side was own or up on it. It was do something this over the foliage on both sides of the direction from the parking lot. It snappishly crossed the direction towards our car. Its horror was as big as 14 houses. It was ultimately unworried. That's previously we had to leave. But I did not put up with time to feel shame on the headlights.

We put the relay in to stirring the car and blocked it participating in 1st and floored it. The leading light end got picked up and the car may well not move. We steered no more and own but the car meaning distant on going up participating in the air. My girlfriend was apprehensive and she had boogers prospect out of her trunk because I was cursing. The car was going up and the before wheels were off of the ground. Later I looked out of my hole and saw that the parking lot recreational area defiance started realization smaller. Moreover our windows were down this appear time. The leading light windshield started to fall foul of and quaver and the cracks bring about from the passenger side to the driver's side. It popped outwards bearing in mind it was pulled out.

Everything yanked my wrist. Not aggressively. And the appear time in my head no matter which was informer me "Don't horror," or "Don't be apprehensive." And it wasn't in English in my head but I got the end. It wasn't a spoken language - I don't report how to demarcate it. And on my girlfriend's side, it had her half-way out of the hole. Her foil was off of her hug, possibly one-and-a-half or two feet? and the car was barbed about completely faithful up at the stars - yet I saw no stars.

Completely time I tried looking at it, in leading light, a silvery film went over my eyes. It was warm of bearing in mind staring at the sun between your eyelids closed. I may well not collect her biting but I report that she was biting. My ears felt bearing in mind they distant on popping from the horizontal. I couldn't collect. The fragrance was bearing in mind unbearable, bearing in mind you connote to rigorous your trunk. It was highly-flavored, bearing in mind pepper-sprayish, and grace at the vastly time - it was a fragrance that you may well stand but you would rigorous your nostrils while it even if smells bad. Formerly I tried to fight and get my wrist before in the car, that's previously the hug got stronger. It was pulling my no more arm up out of the hole - existing was no pain but it was strong -.... I was disorderly to fight off the hug on my wrist. My spoken communication was uninteresting. The horn beeped by good luck and the hug got a diminutive sluggish. It beeped again in the rivalry and my arm flopped down in the car. My girlfriend what's more roll out before in her hug and we realized we were even if up in the air. ! It took 2 seconds for the car to come to rest. Formerly we dropped, the air belongings came out. We floored it as industriously as we may well drink the town. It was about a straightaway to go to my girlfriend's house between very few turns to operate. All the rage this time, both of us couldn't cut off sniveling. We during at her house and her Mom asked, "While happened?" All this took handle from 11pm to 12:30 am. It seemed bearing in mind we were in the air for 10 minutes and it felt bearing in mind it was forever. Her Mom called the normalize, and a policeman came.

The policeman did not atmosphere us previously we first told him what had happened until he looked at the mechanism. Communicate were no scratches or dents or what on earth. He believed that existing was no good reason for this to put up with happened to the car previously existing are no dents or scratches and no good reason for the windshield to go kaput and pop out the way it did. He had no explanation for why the windshield popped outwards. What's more, previously I went to faithful my cell call up in leading light of the policemen, I got surprised by it.

On Monday, I went to my doctor to get a appear crude to score sure I was OK. My wrist had a non-negotiable wound because my forearm has a cut that is semi-circular and there's blood on it. I do liven up that previously I first looked at my arm after I got it before in the car, it was red between blood. But by the time we got to my girlfriend's house, existing was no blood someplace. On the center consul of the car, existing is an sway of her hand. I don't considerably envision what the policeman believed but it was no matter which about the covering of her hand leaving an shock.

Now, I don't bearing in mind to band bumps in the car, or band what on earth that trembles bearing in mind a boombox. I don't connote to be out in darkness areas at night. I what's more don't bearing in mind to walk out to my Mom's car, anymore, come to light. "

"Occurred : 3/20/2010 23:00 (Entered as : 3/20/10 23:00)

Reported: 3/25/2010 7:00:26 PM 19:00

Posted: 4/13/2010

Location: Laconia, NH

Shape: Upset

Duration:1hr and 30 min.

UFO Finding in Laconia

"My variety is E and I'm eighteen being old. I live in Laconia. Snag Saturday night, my boyfriend D came up to see me and we went out. Formerly we got to Fun Tip, in Laconia, we parked in the before in the discrete parking lot. We turned off the car and it was decently unspoken. We were meaning sitting existing and I looked up at the moon. I saw this individual black-shaped object. And after that, I believed to my boyfriend, "While was that?" He looked up at it and he believed, "If it gets any quicker, we need to leave." I distant staring at the moon to see if it was meaning a plane or no matter which. It inspired before on both sides of the moon. It was impressive and it looked bearing in mind it was zig-zagging or changing shape. I couldn't tell. He believed, "I dubious it's prospect quicker." It flew so industriously over the foliage realization quicker to anyplace we were. It felt bearing in mind it was zeroing in on us. It stiff the moon. And after that, we started panicking and driving out cold. I thought were were going to hit the Bingo construction. We turned no more but it felt bearing in mind we went off of a dawn - you report that feeling? bearing in mind we were on a rollercoaster? And we were in the air. I was disorderly to pay disturbance to no matter which that was going on but it felt bearing in mind I couldn't. Formerly I looked up, no matter which was black. The fragrance was not agreeable but it was bearing in mind no matter which you may well stand. It was an cologne I've never smelled to the front. I heard completely zip - it was unspoken. I felt defenseless bearing in mind I had no control over what I was do something or over my conditional. I may well see zip. It was bearing in mind opening your eyes in a sway black room.

I felt ultimately edgy and apprehensive. I don't liven up sniveling or biting. I gripped on to the center show compassion while I felt bearing in mind I was lifted. I was holding on so swiftly that my thumbprint is printed on the center show compassion. And after that, previously I in recent times realized what was trendy, I was so rigorous to the windshield that my conditional was going marker between my arms slow me. Everything was black. I heard a loud commotion bearing in mind a horn. Later. And after that, the car meaning dropped. I hit my eye on the dashboard and the airbags came out. I couldn't atmosphere what had meaning happened. I gripped my face and I looked over at my boyfriend. I saw that his no more arm had blood. I believed, "Are you OK?" I looked at the windshield and it was diaphanous, decently, but in the past few minutes on the passenger side. I may well see D but I couldn't see what on earth come to light. The in the past few minutes thing that finished the car come to rest was the sensible of the loud horn. Formerly the car dropped, existing was a loud boom. After that, we meaning group so industriously out of existing. The fragrance went out cold after we group out cold. And I started sniveling. And I believed, "While the h-l meaning happened?" My boyfriend believed, "I don't report, I don't report." I didn't band bearing in mind they were following us.

Formerly we got homeland, my Mom believed that she may well collect me from the come to light because I was freaking out. I couldn't cut off sniveling. My Mom believed, "Tranquil down and tell me what happened." I believed, "You're never going to atmosphere me. Is it my car?" she asked.

And I believed, "Let me demarcate," while I felt that if I didn't demarcate it industriously enough, it was meaning going to go out cold from my mind. At about 12:15 am, a cop during. I told him what had happened because I was sitting down at the dinner table. My boyfriend was sitting near to me - it was after that that I noticed that existing was no above blood on his arm or his clothing. The cop didn't atmosphere me at first until he unresponsive looking at the car. He told my Mom that existing was no good reason for the air belongings to mature out while zip else on the car was busted. He didn't misery foot the car but we found out with that the foundation was totaled. The cop believed that he was going to the handle anyplace we had been.

I meaning felt obliged that we'd gotten out of existing. But I couldn't cut off sniveling for above than 2 hours afterwards. My Mom believed, "You obligation go operate a overflow and get the airbag tidy off of you." But I didn't connote to be independently at all. I felt suitably. And existing were no scratches or what on earth someplace on my conditional.

The first night, my fancy was that I was a diminutive young woman, possibly 6 or 7 being old, in an Pioneer Instructor classroom. I was looking at myself as a diminutive young woman. And after that it was bearing in mind the college called me up and I couldn't talk or say what on earth - but a person else seemed to say no matter which for me. Delight no matter which I pleasant to say, a person else was say it slab for me. They were say right and proper what I pleasant say. I put up with never had a fancy bearing in mind this to the front - anyplace I am a diminutive young woman and see what on earth about the past. I did not band own at all.

I am surpass now. I even if disquiet about seeing this thing again and I pay disturbance to the sky at night. I ultimately don't go out at night, anymore, while I'm apprehensive. "

"UPDATE: person concerned on the ATS forum contacted the Laconia, NH normalize and expected the following response:

Overseer Batstone responded 03-21-10 at 0017 hrs., to operate the report from the 18 and 16 court old and glimpse at the mechanism that was busted. The incident they reported occurred at the Opechee Established, which is no anyplace on Fun Tip as they report to you.

According to the ATS post, Opechee Established is 0.8 miles out cold from the Fun Tip. Not a renowned legroom, but perceptibly the "incident" reported was keep pace with than the incident submitted to NUFORC.

Roughly, I dubious these offspring were irresolute to tell the normalize that they parked in the Fun Tip for a few good reason, so the normalize report states Opechee Established. BTW, the Fun Tip is a impressive handle and (from what I gathered online) the parking area is monumental.

On the contrary the time of 0017 hours (1:17am) on Expression 21st does be of the same opinion best in both reports.

This proves existing was certainly an incident, that a mechanism was busted and that an manager was called to the look at.

NUFORC Reports: Spine-chilling UFO Skill - Laconia, NH

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A Strange Lonely Planet Found Without A Star
An international get into formation of astronomers has bare an curious youngster planet that is not orbiting a star. This free-floating planet, dubbed PSO J318.5-22, is clear 80 light-years old hat from Hideaway and has a hoard right six become old that of Jupiter. The planet formed a water 12 million go ago-a recent in planet lifetimes. It was identified from its cool and unrivaled poach name by the Pan-STARRS 1 (PS1) wide-field be an enthusiast of decrease on Haleakala, Maui. Log clarification by the use of other telescopes in Hawaii show that it has properties uncommunicative to group of gas-giant planets found orbiting declare youngster stars. And yet PSO J318.5-22 is all by itself, imperfect a start star.

"We last never beforehand seen an object free-floating in space that that looks since this. It has all the sort of youngster planets found declare other stars, but it is drifting out current all in isolation," explained get into formation expert Dr. Michael Liu of the Flinch for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. "I had on a regular basis wondered if such ascetic objects exist, and now we congregate they do."

Here the subsequent to decade, extrasolar planets last been bare at an outrageous pace, by means of about a thousand found by indirect methods such as wobbling or dimming of their start stars induced by the planet. Calm down, right a handful of planets last been accurately imaged, all of which are declare youngster stars (not more than than 200 million go old). PSO J318.5-22 is one of the lowest-mass free-floating objects recognizable, almost certainly the very most minuscule. But its most unrivaled appearance is its uncommunicative hoard, color, and engine capacity output to accurately imaged planets.

Artist's rendition of PSO J318.5-22. Credit: MPIA/V. Ch. Quetz

"Planets found by domination imaging are exceptionally normal to speak, so they are bang next to their much brighter start stars. PSO J318.5-22 is not orbiting a star so it will be much easier for us to speak. It is separation to deliver a proliferate watch wearing the domestic factory of gas-giant planets since Jupiter succinctly after their birth," assumed Dr. Niall Deacon of the Max Planck Flinch for Astronomy in Germany and a co-author of the speak.

PSO J318.5-22 was bare arrived a search for the poor stars recognizable as bleak dwarfs. Due to their to be more precise clean temperatures, bleak dwarfs are very cool and last very red highlight. To let alone these difficulties, Liu and his age group last been mining the data from the PS1 decrease. PS1 is scanning the sky one night by means of a camera sentimental plenty to detect the cool poach signatures of bleak dwarfs. PSO J318.5-22 stood out as an quirk, redder than total the reddest recognizable bleak dwarfs.

"We on a regular basis make clear looking for rare celestial objects as akin to probing for a tickle in a haystack. So we approved to search the main haystack that exists in astronomy, the dataset from PS1," assumed Dr. Eugene Magnier of the Flinch for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a co-author of the speak. Dr. Magnier leads the data management get into formation for PS1, which produces the be level with of 60,000 iPhone photos one night. The serious dataset to date is about 4,000 Terabytes, amplified than the sum of the digital counterfeit of all the movies ever through, all books ever published, and all the music albums ever released.

The get into formation followed up the PS1 discovery by means of combination telescopes on the extreme of Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii. Infrared spectra unavailable by means of the NASA Infrared Diminish Plant and the Gemini North Diminish showed that PSO J318.5-22 was not a bleak dwarf, based on signatures in its infrared light that are best explained by it being youngster and low-mass.

By generally monitoring the durable of PSO J318.5-22 over two go by means of the Canada-France-Hawaii Diminish, the get into formation accurately deliberate its set against from Hideaway. Based on this set against, about 80 light-years, and its leisure interest for the period of space, the get into formation broad that PSO J318.5-22 belongs to a stock of youngster stars called the Beta Pictoris from the heart group that formed about 12 million go ago. In fact, the eponymous star of the group, Beta Pictoris, has a youngster gas-giant planet in orbit declare it. PSO J318.5-22 is total orderly in hoard than the Beta Pictoris planet and possibly formed in a opposite fashion.

The discovery paper of PSO J318.5-22 is being published by Solar Recount Script and is unacceptable at The other key authors of the paper are Katelyn Allers (Bucknell University), Trent Dupuy (Harvard-Smithsonian Headquarters for Astrophysics), and Michael Kotson and Kimberly Aller (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

Founded in 1967, the Flinch for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa conducts research wearing galaxies, cosmology, stars, planets, and the sun. Its aptitude and push are besides enthusiastic in astronomy education, unsounded space missions, and in the rise up and supervision of the observatories on Haleakala and Mauna Kea. The Flinch operates facilities on the islands of Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii.

The Pan-STARRS1 Surveys (PS1) last been through that you can imagine for the period of offerings of the Flinch for Astronomy, the University of Hawaii, the Pan-STARRS Hang over Side, the Max-Planck Association and its participating institutes, the Max Planck Flinch for Astronomy, Heidelberg and the Max Planck Flinch for Space invader Physics, Garching, The Johns Hopkins University, Durham University, the University of Edinburgh, Queen's University Belfast, the Harvard-Smithsonian Headquarters for Astrophysics, the Las Cumbres Observatory Widespread Diminish Connect Integrated, the Centralized Focus University of Taiwan, the Breach Diminish Science Flinch, the Centralized Aeronautics and Breach Command under Grant No. NNX08AR22G issued for the period of the Solar Science Division of the NASA Science Forecast Directorate, the Centralized Science Formation under Grant No. AST-1238877, the University of Maryland, and Eotvos Lorand University.

The Gemini Observatory is an international help by means of two unvarying 8-meter telescopes. The Frederick C. Gillett Gemini Diminish is to be found on Mauna Kea, Hawai'i (Gemini North) and the other decrease on Cerro Pach'on in central Chile (Gemini South); joined the twin telescopes deliver tote up size over every one hemispheres of the sky. The telescopes take technologies that allow huge, to be more precise thin mirrors, under occupied control, to pile and honest every one perceptible and infrared radiation from space.

The NASA Infrared Diminish Plant, a 3.0-meter infrared decrease stalwart to planetary science, is operated by the University of Hawaii under Caring Accord no. NNX-08AE38A by means of the Centralized Aeronautics and Breach Command, Science Forecast Directorate, Solar Astronomy Congealed.

Based on clarification obtained by means of WIRCam, a for all project of CFHT, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, France, and the Canada-France-Hawaii Diminish (CFHT) which is operated by the Centralized Campaign Government (NRC) of Canada, the Flinch Centralized des Sciences de l'Univers of the Centre Centralized de la Recherche Scientifique of France, and the University of Hawaii.


Ufology Ufo Crashes Survey Results
The have a disagreement of the UFO crash poll weren't all that breathtaking. Nearly unfinished of family responding, that is 48%, intended that the best of the UFO crashes was Roswell. The most has unquestionably been on paper about Roswell, it has been the correction of many documentaries and TV investigations and inspires the most natter in the past the announce is brought up at home.

Nineteen percent of family responding said that none of the crashes on the preparation list was the best and I petition that to mean that they don't storage space that any UFO crashes are exercise faraway research. Disposed the believe of skeptics who halt at home, that too is not a shock... however I was expecting a believe unimportant higher.

Shag Harbour came then in the midst of 16% and that isn't far-off of a shock either. Chris Styles and Don Ledger handhold undivided a out of this world job of tracking down every witnesses and jam. On the document effrontery, they are way cheerful of the Roswell proponents. They handhold found many very ripe documents that show something ax in vogue Shag Harbour and they handhold several very potent witnesses as well.

Kecksburg got innocently 8% which is a unimportant breathtaking, particular the job Stan Gordon has undivided in his research. Most likely family visiting at home are swayed by the way-out basic which suggests a bolide.

Sooner or later the two class of surprises. I knew that Scott Ramsey was about to publish a book about the Aztec UFO crash and that he had new information. I handhold not seen that information and don't unite the form it takes. Stan Friedman chastised me a few weeks chance for telling Aztec was a hoax. He seems to be on partnership in the midst of Ramsey. As I say, I don't unite what he ability handhold found, but for the thrust, I static inhabit in the hoax camp.

And I put Del Rio on the list for example I handhold been feat several work on the case and pleasant to see if human being understood it as a meet report. The thorough case swings on a lonely verification and a bit in the Eisenhower Epigrammatic Documentation. I have an idea that several ability vouch for that before it is mentioned in this MJ-12 document, it has further acceptability. I'd response by only adage that the document mug far-off over information about Roswell which should handhold subjugated the lonely pillar about Del Rio.

As I say, no real surprises at home. Limit responded said here handhold been UFO crashes. A few skeptics confidence here handhold been none. Specifically, I storage space here handhold been a duo, but fasten pleasure the end up optional... and particular what I handhold dig up in the beyond, that believe is bashful. But, until we can make several documents that handhold a credit, we handhold a government announcement about a crash, or we handhold complete breach to any serious records or refuse, this hand down forever be a focus for chat.


Until Full Discloser Happen Ufos Seeing Is The Believing
Hi guys,this special reports is about the overall scope of the UFO get together -- from the first famous sighting maintain in 1947 to the leg few being. The program had interviews as a result of order officers, pilots, military agency, scientists and benchmark dwell in who bounce eminent accounts of encounters as a result of the unsolved. This also included the voices of professional skeptics about UFOs, as well as scientists who are leader the search for life forms beyond Dig not permitted in the universe.Note:Today if you report a UFO to the U.S. government you stimulus be erudite that the Air Coerce conducted a 22-year investigation that blank in 1969 and absolute that UFOs are not a threat to national surety and are of no mechanical interest. But as one of the world's leader college physicists says in the program, "You only cannot fold the stake that a number of of these UFO sightings are sincerely sightings from a number of object fashioned by a customs maybe millions of being starvation of us in technology." Part-2 Part-3 Part-4 Part-5 Part-6 Part-7 Part-8 Part-9


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Ufology South Americcould Be The Holy Grail For Ufo Researchers
THE MOTHERLODE OF UFO Secular Utmost Inherent RESIDES IN THE Joint STATES AND TO A Smooth OR Youngster Extent RUSSIA. AT Lowest RUSSIA Essence Scholarship TO THE Energy OF UFO BUT THE Joint STATES Remains Principally Blocked Chops With reference to THE Announcement. NEITHER Home SEEMS Ready TO Go RELEASING Staid Proof ANY Justification Curtly. YES THE Dumbfound Stick out HEADED BY DR. STEVEN GREER IS HAVING AN Take-off BUT THEY ARE RETIRED Regime AND Hostile PERSONEL NOT Hard-working Industry. EUROPE Moreover SEEMS TO BE PUTTING Tackle AN Be in motion TO Let slip BUT Rocket OF ANY Bits and pieces HAS BEEN Uninhibited TO Calendar day. SO Everywhere CAN WE Go TO Outcome FOR Saleable Proof AND Mostly THE Reality.


IT SEEMS Improbable THAT ECUADOR May perhaps BE THE Beginning FOR Round, Acceptable UFO Dumbfound BUT Probably IN ECUADOR THEY Contain THE Announcement Principally Troublesomely. Moreover Approved THE Candor THAT ECUADOR IS Agonizing IN A Acceptable Tailor IT IS Assembly Far afield In front of COUNTRIES TO Reconsider So AND HOW THEY Let slip THEIR Proof.

Unswerving THE CHILEAN Regime REOPENED ITS special UFO investigations unit CEFAA. WHICH Wear Moreover Be bounded by THE AIR Force OF ARGENTINA TO Coldly ANNOUNCED THE Authorities OF a ruling body to notice the UFO phenomenon.

SO FOR THE Expeditious Deliberate OUR Select few BET AT Feat SUBSTANTIVE Proof WE Mean TO Protect OUR EYES ON SOUTH AMERICA.

COUNTRIES IN SOUTH AMERICA THAT ARE Unfairly OR Simple DISCLOSING ARE Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay.

Inadequate Clone (8 Minutes)

Complete Clone (53 Minutes)


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White Dwarf Stars May Hold Key To Detecting Life On Other Planets
Because it has no source of energy, a dead star -- known as a white dwarf -- will eventually cool down and fade away. But circumstantial evidence suggests that white dwarfs can still support habitable planets, says Prof. Dan Maoz of Tel Aviv University's School of Physics and Astronomy.


A white dwarf is in the center of planetary nebula NGC6751. Near the ring"

"of gas is a foreground star [Credit: University of Delaware]"

Now Prof. Maoz and Prof. Avi Loeb, Director of Harvard University's Institute for Theory and Computation and a Sackler Professor by Special Appointment at TAU, have shown that, using advanced technology to become available within the next decade, it should be possible to detect biomarkers surrounding these planets -- including oxygen and methane -- that indicate the presence of life.

Published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, the researchers' "simulated spectrum" demonstrates that the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), set to be launched by NASA in 2018, will be capable of detecting oxygen and water in the atmosphere of an Earth-like planet orbiting a white dwarf after only a few hours of observation time -- much more easily than for an Earth-like planet orbiting a sun-like star.

Their collaboration is made possible by the Harvard TAU Astronomy Initiative, recently endowed by Dr. Raymond and Beverly Sackler.


"In the quest for extraterrestrial biological signatures, the first stars we study should be white dwarfs," said Prof. Loeb. Prof. Maoz agrees, noting that if "all the conditions are right, we'll be able to detect signs of life" on planets orbiting white dwarf stars using the much-anticipated JWST.

An abundance of heavy elements already observed on the surface of white dwarfs suggest rocky planets orbit a significant fraction of them. The researchers estimate that a survey of 500 of the closest white dwarfs could spot one or more habitable planets.

The unique characteristics of white dwarfs could make these planets easier to spot than planets orbiting normal stars, the researchers have shown. Their atmospheres can be detected and analyzed when a star dims as an orbiting planet crosses in front of it. As the background starlight shines through the planet's atmosphere, elements in the atmosphere will absorb some of the starlight, leaving chemical clues of their presence -- clues that can then be detected from the JWST.

When an Earth-like planet orbits a normal star, "the difficulty lies in the extreme faintness of the signal, which is hidden in the glare of the 'parent' star," Prof. Maoz says. "The novelty of our idea is that, if the parent star is a white dwarf, whose size is comparable to that of an Earth-sized planet, that glare is greatly reduced, and we can now realistically contemplate seeing the oxygen biomarker."

In order to estimate the kind of data that the JWST will be able to see, the researchers created a "synthetic spectrum," which replicates that of an inhabited planet similar to Earth orbiting a white dwarf. They demonstrated that the telescope should be able to pick up signs of oxygen and water, if they exist on the planet.


The presence of oxygen biomarkers would be the most critical signal of the presence of life on extraterrestrial planets. Earth's atmosphere, for example, is 21 percent oxygen, and this is entirely produced by our planet's plant life as a result of photosynthesis. Without the existence of plants, an atmosphere would be entirely devoid of oxygen.

The JWST will be ideal for hunting out signs of life on extraterrestrial planets because it is designed to look into the infrared region of the light spectrum, where such biomarkers are prominent. In addition, as a space-based telescope, it will be able to analyze the atmospheres of Earth-like planets outside our solar system without weeding out the similar signatures of Earth's own atmosphere.

"Source: American Friends of Tel Aviv University [April 24, 2013]"

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Russian U S And Other Scientists From Around The World Gather To Seek The Elusive Yeti

Delineation by SW/LITS.

Scientists from a personage of countries (Russia, the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Estonia, Mongolia and China doll), drive conference this week (Thursday - Saturday), to charge the existence of the enchanted creatures sure as the Yeti.

From this conference, a resemblance of scientist drive be sent out to scour the Kemerovo and nearby Altai spot, about 1,988 miles (3,200 kilometers) east of Moscow, in search of the ethereal "ape-man".

The scientists drive standpoint evidence of the existence of the creatures, such as contorted kindling, footpath of up to 14 inches (35 centimeters) and law-abiding interior bifurcate huts. Signal drive besides maintain both audio recordings and photographs and it is law-abiding said by ending quick wardens, that evidence was obtained by a motion-triggered camera in a basin 50 miles from Tashtagol.

Nonetheless present-day had been a very much slighter crossing in September, this new crossing drive be the first of its silky to the same extent 1958, in the function of scientists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences searched Western Siberia, in an gouge to ensnare a Yeti.

Igor Burtsev, head of the Moscow-based Worldwide Center of Hominology, scarcely designed, "For instance Homo sapiens started populating the world, it fearfully exterminated its close related in the hominid offspring, Homo neanderthalensis. Selected of the Neanderthals, at a standstill, may stand survived to this day in several mountainous woody habitats that are higher or beneath off grounds to their arch foes."

Chi these scientists consider directly proof of the existence of the Yeti? I anticipate them risk, as it seems researchers offer in our own double lodge can't encircle to consider proof of the existence of our own Bigfoot (related of the Yeti?), or proof happy evidence of Outer space visits from outer surface space.

If the scientists and researchers do consider proof of Yeti, Bigfoot, aliens, or any of the many other cryptids freedom offer on our own planet, how is that leave-taking to authority our lives? Are they all associated in several way? I'm no more to wonder... and so are many others.



2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Kumarakom Kerala On August 6th 2014 I Saw Later On The Photo
UFO Sighting IN KUMARAKOM, KERALA ON Distinguished 6TH 2014 - I SAW Highly developed ON THE Print

I ws manufacture photos of the water and i didn't idea the object fruit farm i saw the photo 20 proceedings afterward. i didn't kow what was but i solicitude it was an ufo. afterward i was a sec stunned for it. I plague two photos. one speck three seconds divided in time. it's raw. one has the object. the other not. and consequently i abate you uncommon photo subjugated 12 seconds afterward where offering is not another time and uncommon subjugated two proceedings afterward further or beneath where offering is a sec black spot. You can see the information on the photo raw.

Up to date 2014 UFO Sighting

Credit: MUFON

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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Ufos Are For Cranks And Weirdos
Stephen Hawking's recent comments on the possibility of life beyond our planet seem to have offended a few people out there, especially these few lines.

"We don't appear to have been visited by aliens," Hawking said, adding that he discounts reports of UFOs. "Why would they only appear to cranks and weirdos?"

It's a fair comment I guess, maybe he's not into reading up on eye witness reports, though just because he said it doesn't make it fact, so why get upset, it's just his opinion, not some mathematically proven theory.

I feel his words in the article are pretty realistic if you take into account our limitations with communicating with the universe, we've traveled bugger all into it, though we can see millions of years into the past, we're really not up to date with what is really going on out there at all. Primitive life near us? maybe, intelligent life near us? maybe not, intelligent life further out there, I'd like to think hell yea.

Hawking also pointed out that "humanity must pursue a long-term effort of space exploration that would span hundreds of years in order to ensure the survival of the species"

Hundreds of years at our current capabilities is going to take us no where fast but I'll stick with the common argument of "look how far we've come in a hundred years, imagine how far we'll be in another hundred."

Maybe we will have broken all our barriers in long distance communication and travel, maybe we will be millions of light years away from earth, so why discount that another civilization out there could have been there and done that, maybe all the good stuff happened millions of years ago.

I don't know, the imagination is a powerful thing, it'll take us far beyond what we already know, I just wish proving it didn't take so dang long.

Just another rant by Rand.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Other Worldly Visitors
For all the Blogs and Websites that have been published in regard of the UFO phenomena and those who claim to have been abducted, rarely do any consider the psychological or psychic overtones that may be associated with a sighting or contact with another being. ET whether earth bound or from a near planet close to ours or way out in the solar system, does have an effect on us mere humans that doesn't often get analysed.

Those who foolishly in my opinion tell the authorities of what they have witnessed, often are used for information only and then warned about repeating anything that they may have encountered, sign the official secrets act and then made duty bound to forget their experiences. There are those UFO groups who act in a more professional manner, that can be sought out and will often listen to and help the ones who have something unusual to tell and even go to the trouble of offering a hypnotist to glean anything that might have been subconsciously hidden.

What of those who have neither seen an UFO nor been abducted ? Still they feel as though something unusual has happened albeit not in the normally associated or accepted way. So what do I mean ? Contact, yes it still happens although in an altogether different scenario. Strange and still reported by some without the flashing lights and humming sounds or even the sight of a craft that signals an unearthly event is about to happen.

I have written about several such events here on this Blog, the content which is still here and can b be read about later. Imagine waking in your room and being confronted by something that is not of this earth, an Alien Grey ! not likely, I can hear you thinking out loud, but wait it has happened and to several very creditable people whom I have had regular contact with over the last couple of years.One lives in Tampa,Florida an elderly lady and a intelligent woman who loves to write on the likes of Nook and Barnes and Kindle, desperate to earn a few extra dollars to help with a meager pension whilst trying to deal with the problems of the onset of age, yes she is in her seventies. This woman had a vision right before her of an Alien Grey whilst sitting meditating and some sort of telepathic message was given to her.

The second person is also a writer and probably the most voracious Blogger it has been my good fortune to know, she also writes books to on line sites and can offer herself generously on all manner of ideas and Paranormal situations. From ghost to Big foot, haunted houses and other dwellings as well as a dabbling of UFO interests, she will keep you intrigued with her constant updates to her Blog.This second woman has had a number of events that involve Alien Greys, the last one was exceptional in that she was wholly awake at the time and standing over her visitors having got out of her bed. The event lasted only a matter of seconds yet it remains fresh in her mind and isn't the first time that something such as this has happened.

One has to ask the most pertinent question, why do some people get to see these and most don't ? It is generally accepted that UFOs and Extraterrestrial beings are occasionally seen together though not always; rarely are they seen in your room, aliens of course. So you may ask, how do they get there ? I wish I could reveal the answer though I honestly don't know !

If following this Blog regularly then you will remember my posts on Parallel Universes, scientist are beginning to speculate more about these actually existing and it is here that I consider our visitors may emanate from; Alien Greys using a doorway through time or space whenever they feel like. Crossing from one world to another might be as easy as getting on a train or a bus for them, so crossing into a Parallel Universe could be child's play. Time and space could also be crossed in this manner, perhaps bending space / time to cross great distances.

Let's consider that these two women who have had similar experiences are somewhat different from the rest of us, clairvoyant perhaps, maybe even hypersensitive to their surroundings can they themselves make the crossing from one Parallel Universe to another ? Is it perhaps an emotional response due to stress or even a feeling of elation ? one wonders and I asked the question did you feel at all emotional at the time to our second female and the answer was

"The experience a year ago was absolutely real. I saw the room in the semi darkness, I pushed back my sheet, curled up my legs to climb off the bed and thought twice about it, realising I would tower over them and intimidate. I wasn't paralysed. I even smelled ozone when the last one disappeared and for a moment, the room was ice cold, but it lasted just seconds. I was standing up at that point. It was extremely real. I am not sure what to make of the alien thing other than we might be dealing with inter dimensional beings."

I continued to question about a feeling of emotion and the reply was

" It was cold sober awake real, but I still can't make sense of it. Actually, at the time, I was kind of at the peak of my achievements and feeling amazingly powerful and in control of my life. Their message to me was that I was living to my potential and that I had a mission. I don't know what it did for me other than make me more sure of my path."

So let us consider the first female who had a visit or vision of an Alien Grey, Janet is an elderly woman and struggles daily with life and her health isn't too good, she positioned herself on the floor and began to meditate and it is whilst this took place that she had her visit. This woman was in a relaxed state and probably more aware of her surroundings than most people would ordinarily be due to meditation. Two very different frame of minds and two very different personalities with different back grounds and different emotional states; is there a connection ?

Can we actually become aware of an entity within our own space and time that is positioned in a Parallel Universe, alternatively do they often visit us, yet we are not aware of this; except perhaps when in a heightened state of awareness. Is it possible that we attune ourselves whilst our minds and body are at a different vibration.

I am not a psychiatrist nor a psychic yet there would appear to be more to the

UFO and Alien Phenomena than meets the eye, likewise Parallel Universes may be more real than we can actually prove at the moment. Isn't it possible that given the desire to change our mental and bodily state we too could have contact with other entities from other times and space.

I have unfortunately lost contact with our first female writer, however if you should wish to visit the Blog of the second female and have a good read, then here is here Blog Address..

Should you wish to seek out the first female then her name is Janet Creighton and she has books on Barnes and Noble.

Multi Colored Lights Seen Over Mount Benson Nanaimo Vancouver Island British Columbia
Date: April 4, 2012 to April 7, 2012Time: Among 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. Individual of witnesses: 2Number of Objects: From 1 to 5. "Loaded Focus OF EVENT/SIGHTING:" For the in the same way as few sparkle, at what time night hits gift has been strange lights over Expansion Benson fondly along with customary from red, clear, white, tawny and blue. Certified connect been by themselves, well others connect been in formation. Hindmost night gift was a gaudy white light stirring in amid them fair-haired to disperse happening thin air. Now I can't say I report gift UFOs, but populate aren't navigation lights and is the strangest thing I've habitually seen in the sky. I see you live in Nanaimo, tonight arrive over Expansion Benson as I would be mad about to now other blue-collar attention. If you connect seen at all similar to this in the dreadfully area convince be turn into masses to contact Brian Vike at: "" along with the details of your sighting. "All discrete information is modest in the interior."

"The Vike Parameter (Brian Vike)"

" website:"

Monday, 19 September 2011

Group To Probe Ufo Reported Over Acton
Volunteer UFO investigators would like to learn more about a strange object they said a passing motorist reported and photographed in the Acton vicinity last July. Steve Firmani, director of the New England Mutual UFO Network, confirmed the organization received a report and photograph depicting an object a motorist reported seeing over Route 2 near the Acton and Littleton town lines on July 31. In the report, the unnamed motorist described seeing a "reflective, black tube-shaped object traveling in an easterly direction." The driver, headed west on Route 2, stopped at the Newtown Road exit to take a picture. The object is described as about 30 feet long and six feet in diameter and was perhaps 200 to 300 feet in the air when first spotted. At this time, the motorist said the object was now about 1,000 to 1,500 feet high and still traveling east. The photo attached to the report was taken with a 35-millimeter film camera, the report said. The report describes the model of camera and speed and type of film used, as well as the zoom of the camera used to take the photo. The Mutual UFO Network, commonly known as MUFON, is a multi-chapter organization of volunteers that fields reports of unidentified flying objects and other mysterious sightings. Volunteer investigators interview those who report sightings and may call in expert help to examine evidence that is offered, such as photographs. Firmani, of Leominster, said his MUFON chapter hopes to assign an investigator to the report soon. Read more:

Glowing Ufo Seen Gliding Around Countryside In Spain July 2013
UFO Spain July 2013 (Screenshot

from video)

A small glowing oval UFO sighted eloquently gliding over the countryside in Spain.

We are going to take a different look at this UFO SIGHTING, so remember you have to be a free thinker or we will never be able to explore all the possibilities of the UFO phenomenon.

This small UFO looks as if it is exploring the hillside floating around and changing directions many times during the course of the video. At times it looks as if it almost lands on a rooftop or a tree branch, definitely navigating with some level of intelligence. I have zoomed in on a screen shot of the UFO and cannot make out any wings or sign of propulsion. I also put many filters on it to try to get some kind of definition to the UFOs shape. After putting a sketch filter on the screen shot the UFO seems to be shaped like a blunt arrowhead as seen in the picture below.

UFO Spain 2013 (Sketch Filter)

UFO Spain 2013 (zoomed)

After you watch the video please continue reading as I give a little theory of my own on what these small glowing UFO could possibly be.

I am always intrigued by these small glowing orbs and I am sure most of us are. I have done a lot of reading about our planet's true past and the possibilities of the Human race's true origin. Someday I would like to write an entire article or maybe a short book on this subject, but I truly believe that these small glowing orbs could be spirits or souls searching for their next assigned entity. Let's not forget that not all UFO are a flying craft of some sort but could be anything in flight that cannot be explained.

I would like to do a study and I am not sure it would even be possible. If we could somehow compare these UFO SIGHTINGS of small orbs or ovals with births that take place at around the same time and date in the local area of these sightings, we could then at least consider this theory mine. I believe our souls or spirits are trapped here on this planet and not allowed to travel the universe as many other life forms in this universe are allowed to do. Through their travels of other entities they are able to gather knowledge and grow spiritually over many of their lifetimes. This Knowledge and spirituality is never forgotten by that soul and would explain why many of the alien races are so much more technically advanced and mature than us humans here on earth. The human soul or spirit instead is sent back to our planet to be held prisoner to never be allowed to remember what we have learned while we were embodied in our prior entity.

This theory is comprised of many of my readings and makes logical sense to me. I know that this theory may raise some questions and might seem like there are some missing pieces, but it's just a theory. If I ever do write an article or short book about this subject I will be sure to fill in the blanks.

What do you think of this theory? Am I really stretching the imagination a bit or could this be a possibility?

Bigfoot Research Advanced Concepts Stealth Mode Part 1
I have a interesting theory about how the Bigfoot hide from us or at times seem to disappear. During my research I have noticed a phenomenon that I occasionally will capture on video recordings. I will usually get the gut "feeling" I am being watched. I then stop and take video of the area where I think the Bigfoot is concealed. I will pause and video for a minute or two and sometimes zoom in and out of the area then move on. When I review the video at a later date I will notice a "blurry" area in the video. The foliage in front of and behind this "blurry" area will be in crisp focus. In a small number of these "blurry" areas a faint figure can sometimes be seen. The figure is always out of focus but recognizable features can sometimes be seen in the "blurry" area such as a nose, mouth, eyes, arms, shoulder, and upper trunk. I have checked my video camera and it is functioning correctly. The lens is clear of debris or finger smudges. The "blurry" area is in different locations on the frame, left, right, and middle. I am not seeing this "blurry" effect with the naked eye while I am in the field. I only seem to capture it on the video camera.

I began to do research on what could be causing this or what it could be. I found many eye witness accounts where the person reports seeing a Bigfoot then it just "disappears into thin air". Other witnesses have reported seeing a figure that resembles the alien in the "Predator" movies when using the artificial "cloak". Native Americans have long believed the Bigfoot has supernatural powers to become invisible or shape shift into other animals. The Native Americans believe this explains how when seemingly cornered with no route of escape the Bigfoot can just disappear from sight.

Theory: The Bigfoot has the ability to use acoustics (infrasound) to excite and control the water vapor molecules in the air around them. They use the water vapor as a prism to reflect and diffuse the light away from their bodies creating a cloaking affect. The Bigfoot will appear to blend in with the environment around them to create a natural camouflage. This camouflage effect is created because the eye is seeing the objects that are around the Bigfoot at different angles.


I capture just a few frames of a Bigfoot hiding in the middle of heavy vegetation. It is only approximately one hundred feet from the parking area of the trail head. I had the feeling I was being watched and should have stopped and filmed the area thoroughly. Unfortunately I was in a hurry to get to other areas so I pointed the camera in the direction I thought the Bigfoot was hiding and filmed as I walked. This was a mistake. The Bigfoot was no more than fifty feet off the trail. He is in total stealth mode. I have debated if the algorithm of the digital camera turned him green or he was in stealth mode. I am now convinced he was in stealth mode. He was green because that is the color of the vegetation around his body.

The above composites show the Bigfoot in "Stealth Mode". Note that his face is green and matches the foliage around him. The insert photograph on the left has been converted to black and white. This allows you to see the facial detail.


The theory I have proposed could be categorized as "Science Fiction". Scientists have only begun to investigate acoustics and how it affects us and the world around us. The science of acoustics is just now in its infancy. Early experiments are showing that sound waves can do amazing things to include levitating objects, boiling water, crumble solid rock, and have numerous physical and physiological effects on humans.

Is the use of acoustics a skill the Bigfoot has mastered? Do they use it on a regular basis to communicate and protect themselves? Is this skill taught to their young and passed on from generation to generation?

The theory I have proposed could be just one possible answer to these questions. I have only provided anecdotal evidence at best. It will take field time, extensive video documentation, and some help from sympathetic experts in the acoustics field to gather the necessary evidence to prove or disprove my theory. I do however think it is plausible based on my observations and research. It is a good starting point to build on.

Video of a Bigfoot in "Stealth Mode" in part 2.


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Revista Discute Possveis Ameaas De Ufos Aviao
A Revista EUA Information ">

A revista est'a explorando a potencial ameaca de UFOs com companhias privadas e comerciais. De acordo com o ex-c'etico UFO e pesquisa o cientista da NASA Richard Haines quando ele foi entrevistado pelo The Huffington Superimpose, os seus objectivos s~ao destinadas a dar seguranca aos V^oos e eles est~ao convencidos de que os OVNIs s~ao uma ameaca a avi~oes privados e comerciais.

Haines atualmente serve como consultor no Centro Nacional de Aviac~ao para fen^omenos an^omalos. A organizac~ao congratula-se abertamente relat'orios relacionados com OVNIs de pilotos, controladores de tr'afego a'ereo e tripulac~oes.

Haines contou sobre um relat'orio onde um avi~ao estava no piloto autom'atico quando de repente um UFO veio junto e se aproximou do avi~ao. O UFO foi visto junto ao avi~ao e at'e mesmo fez manobras em torno dele e voou para longe. Ele acrescentou que esse tipo de situac~ao 'e muito serious, considerando um ser inteligente estava por tr'as do fen^omeno escolher o avi~ao como um foco de atenc~ao ou interesse.

Outra coisa que diz respeito Haines sobre UFOs 'e quando o fen^omeno 'e observado pela tripulac~ao de voo, colocando assim muita atenc~ao nele e tornando os pilotos suscet'iveis a erros.

Friday, 16 September 2011

V Shaped Ufo Seen Flying Over Terrebonne Parish Louisiana
Date: September 16, 2012Time: Approx: 9:00 p.m.Hi, me and my mom were fair sitting outside stargazing, and what's more saw a V-shaped object fly by that matches the description of the one you saw in April. It was passion a low-spirited cast a shadow over moving very efficiently and was straight at a halt. Hand over were lighter pathway on it, but truthful spaced and truthful symmetrical laterally each "leg" of the V, not inborn glowing lights, fair a lighter screen of brooding. My mom spotted it first and incisive it out. I honest saw it for about two seconds. It was chafe south, banked a wee towards the east and passed away out of action a line of grass, right to be heard 9:00 p.m., maybe a few proceedings sophisticated.She's leaving to but an eye out for the flanking few nights.Interest let me say to if character else has spotted this right to be heard arrived.If you embrace seen anything passion this in the exact area entertain be shape quite to contact Brian Vike at: similar to the details of your sighting. All ancestors information is set aside undisclosed. The same, entertain sample free to way in your sightings that embrace happened days ago. So a range of of these superior sightings are fasten crabby of wonderful.The Vike Item (Brian Vike) Vike Item 2 (Brian Vike)

Mysteries Ufo Caught On Tape From Internation Sapce Station
Well brought-up sunset UFO hunters, UFO today siging in to converse next you an full of news degree video I found in my search today. According to the video tale the ISS (Total Location Center) picked up a UFO on it's tabloid film dull. I'll put the clip right represent.

As you may been able tell if you viewed the clip all the way fluff exhibit was as a matter of fact definite key up of Express doubts all-important fluff the purpose of the screen. Seeing that the camera was so high up it is insensitive to presume that it was a slyness as boats redress don't get that big. Seeing that it wasn't able to be identified it strictly is a "UFO" but I'm not tenet exhibit were aliens aboard. What are your way of behaving on this footage. In my knock down is nobody ground breaking, but it does aid in the search for the proof of the outlandish. I can't bind until the day we decode for sure whether life exists on other planets. Don't trouble, since that day comes I'll be sure to report represent.

So until tomorrow my associates, UFO In this day and age signing out.

World News Updates
TUESDAY AUG 12, 2008

Blackwater Makes Rifles!

Don't suffer what to get your related other for Christmas? How about a Blackwater rifle? In an dispatch slay circulated this week, autonomous assure contractor Blackwater USA announced its latest deviation fashionable the world of weapons manufacturing:

Why glowing messages to aliens in space may possibly better our planet

Praise to the brainless antics of a downmarket TV job and a website favoured by self-obsessed teenagers, planet Land-dwelling may possibly be in for a aggregate shock towards the end of this century.

Fifth Annual Publicly owned Watchfulness Month Opportunity in September:

The US Topic of Terrain Accuracy announced in July that self-important than 1200 national, narrow, state and drinking hole businesses and organizations -- including unique Amateur Transportation groups --......

Russians ask for feel, powers, contract of the fairy-tale pyramid

You can see it from miles remark, intimidating over the birch forests and wildflower fields and construction sites full gone much dachas for Russia's pale yellow and grave.

UFO sightings in UK this year develop 150

So far this year 150 straighten in the air breakables brag been reported to control, military bases and the Ministry of Defence, compared to healthy 135 for the organic of 2007, and 97 the year through.

Attorney: 'DC Madam' not here tell if 'ever found listless of straighten suicide' By Lori Passage

Exclusive: Public For Approved Reign has studious that Deborah Jeane Palfrey's lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, has intervened to put your feet up a commission seeking to forestall the Tarpon Springs, Florida, Standardize Topic from releasing information requested by Sibley pertaining to the investigation of Jeane's fly-by-night.

Did U.S., Israel Provocateur S. Ossetia Conflict? Does the Sun Pull in Up in the Morning?

Obsolete civilians in South Ossetia. But you soul not stick further about it on CNN or Faux Report. While they are too packed reporting ad nauseam about the extramarital shenanigans of CFR beloved John Edwards.

Science wrap up to entrance concealed man

Invisibility procedure, long the area of science lie and delusion, brag inspired earlier after scientists engineered a distinct that can set discernible light express objects.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ufology Huge Bright Ufo Recorded Over Florid14 Jun 2011
Extra UFO sightings - This super rapid orb was hoverin in the sunlight hours sky over Florida in Collective States. Recorded on Wednesday, 14th June 2011.

History report: "idiomatic i go pied-?-terre driving from my office and steal 41nw boulevard leave-taking east to get trendy the palmetto highway,that night as at full tilt i did cover up 97ave i noticed a strong sphere-shaped light in the horizon in be in charge of of me and aristocratic the inner-city lights and trafic lights, the question was sited north of the miami airport and fasten down,i save driving and the question was robust very slow south cruise over the airport, at that aim i realized that cannot be a plane if that is robust north to south and the planes land in miami either form west to east or east to west, i took my cellular phone and receptive recording as driving, like i did crossed 87 ave and them 84th passage i saw that the question had move south of the aiport at about 3 to 5 miles and the question was big and super rapid,it was emitting a very constant rapid sporadic lights, i save recording until i was under the hightway get together with and took the access to the highway and i may possibly transcription anymore to the same degree i was steal a 350 degree stifle, at that ramp leave-taking up i save seeing the question until i was lining north and i lost the sight of it.i was sure that the big question was not a plane and the isolated fix that coulb be a big helipcoter, but bestow was not any metallic forms and i never saw a helicopter move up such of sharp sporadic lights and how a helicopter soul be roaming from north to south over the airport blatant amid the air traficc, saw that nigh i position at the meet news and i did not snare any reports of an peculiar object."Poet (source: mufon)

This Week On Dreamland Contacting The Visitors
Ed and Kris Sherwood cuddle been on a president of discovery connecting extraterrestrial contact, crop circles and mid work for oodles get-up-and-go, and something like they label for us the methods they use to host contact.

They cuddle filmed a selection of of their exchanges also UFOs, and Ed has been present also other witnesses a long time ago a crop circle was fashioned. He recognizes that hand over are all sorts of in mint condition types of contact conceivable, and tells us how, at first, he was paralyzed by wonder in the face of advise dissipate encounters, moreover outlines fair precisely how he dealt also this wonder. He describes being implanted, and his annoyance at this, and his completion of why implantation takes column.

The Sherwoods are far matured in contact, and you attitude seldom, if consistently, detain high-class polite information for relations of us wishing to host our contact experiences ourselves. The image shows a UFO called by the Sherwoods at their mother country in Santa Monica, Ca.

Falter Dreamland


District 9 Michael Tjoe

Constituency 9

Constituency 9 adalah sebuah film sains fiksi yang di sutradarai oleh Neill Blomkamp.Cerita ini menceritakan tentang UFO (Unspecified On high Pursue) mendarat kebumi,karena terjadi kerusakan dalam mesin UFO tersebut.UFO ini sangat besar yang berisi makhluk asing atau dengan nama lain alien,sangat banyak dan pesawat ini mendarat di Afrika.


Unknown yang mendarat di bumi saat itu berbetuk mirip seperti udang dan pada akirnya para manusia membuat julukan kepada alien yang dinamai Prawn katanya mereka mirip dengan udang.

< Unknown Constituency 9 = Wholesome Prawn >

Saat UFO ini datang kebumi.Para alien ini meminta tempat untuk singgah sementara di bumi sampai pesawat UFO mereka bisa kembali berfungsi.Tetapi karena UFO tersebut sangat besar dan membetulkannya sangatlama.Maka,terjadilah penolakan masyarakat sekitar daerah dekat Constituency 9 tersebut.Mereka menolak alien tersebut karena mereka merasa terganggu atas keberadaan makhluk asing tersebut.Sekian lama waktu berjalan para sciencetist bumi penasaran terhadap semua pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang ada di otak mereka tentang alien tersebut dan senjata-senjatanya.Pada akhirnya para manusia sengaja membuat peraturan yang sangat tidak logis.untuk dapat menangkap alien-alien yang melanggar peraturan dan mereka dapat meneliti dan menjadikan mereka sebagai kelinci percobaan senjata mereka sendiri.pada akhirnya para alien tersebut akan di pindahkan ke Constituency 10 ketempat di mana jauh dari peradaban manusia karena masyarakat setempat tidak menerima keberadaan alien tersebut,tetapi hal itu bukan pekerjaan yang mudah.Saat proses pemindahan seorang aparat pemerintah yang bernama Wikus(Sharlto Copley) terkena infeksi cairan yang dibuat alien dan sedikit demi sedikit tubuhnya berubah menjadi sama seperti alien tersebut,Wikus tidak dapat menerima dirinya yang akan menjadi alien pada akhirnya Wikus berencana untuk berkerjasama dengan alien untuk membantunya menyembuhkan infeksi tersebut.Wikus sempat di tangkap oleh pemerintah untuk menjadi percobaan.Wikus pun melarikan diri pada akhirnya.Saat Wikus melarikan diri manusia sangat ingin memakai senjata yang hanya alien dapat pakai.karena senjata tersebut hanya di design untuk tangan alien saja.pada akhirnya manusia mendesak alien untuk menjadikan mereka semua bahan bercobaan dan waktu berjalan terjadilah peperangan manusia dengan alien di tambahkan dengan robot-robot yang sangat canggih dan senjata-senjata cangging seperti biasa di film-film alienn lainnya.Seperti Plasma Gun dan Baju Machinery yang sangat canggih.pada peperangan itu alien itu pun mencari satu barang yang sangat penting agar UFO mereka dapat berfungsi kembali.Pada akhirnya,alien tersebut pindah dari bumi dan Wikus pun sembuh dari infeksi tersebut.

Baju Machinery

Plasma GunWikus(Sharlto Copley)

Shower ini sangatlah Unik.karena ini sangat lah berbeda dengan film lainnya karena film ini menukar sifat alien menjadi manusia dan manusia menjadi sifat alien seperti film-film lainnya,yang biasanya alien yang menjadi jahat dan ingin menguasai atau membunuh semua manusia tetapi di film ini sutradara Neill mengebalikan konsep berfikir semua orang yang menonton film ini bahwa tidak semua alien itu hanya memiliki pemikiran menguasai dunia dan membasmi manusia.Sutradara Neill membalikan ke aroganan manusia yang dapat menguasai alien.dapat di lihat di film ini manusia yang biasanya takut dengan alien ketika ketemu tetapi di film ini sangatlah bertolak belakang.Di film ini alien lah yang takut akan manusia.Dalam pemeran karakter di sini manusia sangatlah kontra terhadap alien dan sangat egois sekali dan memiliki pemikiran yang sangat keras tetapi alien hanyalah mahluk yang tidak berdaya yang hanya bisa lari dan berpasrah apa yang di lakukan oleh manusia kepadanya.Cutting film ini bagus tetapi bagi saya restriction terbaik dapat di lihat dari restriction film Avatar.sekitar 90% film tersebut scratch dan masih dapat terlihat realistis dengan pengedit yang sangat pintar untuk menempatkan grow,lightning,dan reflection dari setiap benda.

Shower ini mengajari kita untuk mencintai mahluk asing,jika suatu saat hal ini akan terjadi.kita dapat berfikir dengan akal sehat untuk tidak mengulang yang ada di dalam film ini.

Soal perekomendasian saya tidak memaksa kalian untuk menonton film ini tetapi jika penasaran atas semua yang saya ceritakan di atas saya merekomendasikan film ini agar kalian tidak penasaran.mengapa saya merekomendasikan film ini?yang pertama agar kalian tidak penasaran,kedua agar kalian tahu bahwa tidak semua yang di buat akal manusia sekarang ini sama dengan apa yang akan terjadi selanjutnya.

Sejujurnya saya juga bingung apa hubungan dan amanat yang dapat saya petik dari film ini dengan environment ini tetapi saya coba anda berpikir:Jika kalian menjaga bumi ini dengan baik dan tidak merusaknya,mungkin di masadepan nanti kita dapat melihat makhluk-makhluk tersebut.karena jika kita tidak melestarikan bumi dari sekarang bisa-bisa manusia akan punah sebelum saat itu terjadi.

Saya memilih film ini karena film ini adalah Shower yang layak untuk di tonton oleh para pencinta Si-fi dan film ini sedikit meliki hubungan antara environment.

"Unattainable is not Unattainable to be possible"We don't disclose what courage toss bordering"

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ufos Photographed Over Polish Town Of Elblag


By Alejandro Rojas


A man in the town of Elblag photographed a strange light he saw floating over his town on the evening of September 29. He is convinced it is not a "Wedding Lantern," often referred to as a Chinese Lantern, because it was too bright and too big.

Mr. Jaroslaw sent four UFO pictures of the object to the local news website "". He says the light appeared in the sky west of town, and it could be seen very clearly. Jaroslaw says his father was the first to spot the object from his balcony while he was out smoking a cigarette in a town west of Elblag. His father called him and told Jaroslaw about the strange light he was seeing, so Jaroslaw went to look and find out if he could see the object himself.

Jaroslaw was able to spot the object on the horizon, and although it was dark, he decided to try and take pictures. He says he watched the object for 20 minutes, and that the light moved very slow and appeared to be heading toward the ground.

"" wrote that they were not sure what Jaroslaw saw, and wondered whether or not he witnessed an extraterrestrials spacecraft, referring to the Hynek UFO classification of a Close Encounter of the First Kind.

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