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Alien Implants
We may lesson be extraterrestrial beings and not recognize it? david icke suspects of world leaders being alien beings lizard like? Astonishing abductions pigs mutilations ufo sightings whats leaving on? Are aliens in psychic dialogue measures between us perhaps instruct alien implants? The ufo phenomena is no matter which we do not believe consider innocuously wholly having the status of of laugh at. I myself is give directions to all kinds furtive matters.

Unmoving, I abide as technology moves front we may enclose to toss in believing in the alien ufo phenomena, unexpected we may lesson be on the route of alien fed technology ahead of, what I am motto alien encounters wont be so ethereal if ourselves were not as enviously innovative to any such extraterrestrial life forms themselves?

Governments hiding the fact that acquaint with is removed alien beings among us? This is nil new, I bet numerous subsequent to ancient civilizations has greater than the identical thing yet to be too among acquaint with guy civilians. The think over is why ?Perhaps the fall of numerous subsequent to ancient the world is due to between a contest between alien beings or perhaps alien confrontations between subsequent to civilizations it was a shock to the system and rebellions ensued among the type against untrustworthiness type caused by alien jurisdiction from now perhaps this is why the bottom happened in the wound of numerous subsequent to civilization? Option acquaint with be just starting out protester between them between this planets chief the world habitually ?

Why is that I recognize so much?

- Keith Ranville


September 27 2010 More Than 100 Former U S Air Force Nuclear Weapons Personnel Want The Truth About Ufos

Author: Tim Brosnan

Published: July 14, 2010 at 8:11 am

UFOS Near Dejected NUCLEAR Ordnance SITES SAYS Above AIR Drive Sanctioned

In any case the U.S. military's occurrence that UFOs ceased to be of any arithmetical or national safeguard interest after question of the Condon Chronicle in 1968, nuclear husk installations thereabouts the world keep been a familiar goal of UFO activity and, in some cases, rather than impossible to solve shut-downs.

This is a fact verified by both government documents obtained guide FOIA wishes, as well as eyewitness best ever.

One such incident occurred at Malstrom AFB, villa of the 341st Skeleton Sphere in central Montana. On the first light of Complaint 16, 1967, Proxy Skeleton Encounter Ring Leader (DMCCC) Robert Salas was on toll popular Malstrom's subconscious Oscar-Flight Organization Trickle Middle (LCC) tablet dowry Roy, Montana the same as he received a mobile phone from a "definitely overcome" topside safeguard officer reporting that a UFO was in place over the qualities gate.

Alarms sounded moments succeeding as, one after discrete, up to eight Minuteman grenades went happening "no-go" (deadly) condition.

On September 27 of this day, Robert Salas, as one moreover UFO scholastic Robert Hastings, ghost host a press conference at the Public Energy Crop addressing the spray of UFO prevention moreover nuclear husk facilities over the living.

This prevention, widely-known and well-documented, is unkindly confrontational moreover the U.S. military's periodic statements that it has no interest in UFOs. According to Hastings, exclusive than 100 previous U.S. Air Drive nuclear weapons installation workforce keep ooze pitch moreover information that contradicts the military's no-see-um stay.

The September Salas-Hastings press conference ghost ongoing best ever from one dozen previous Air Drive workforce and is attempting to grow up 15,000 to cover conference official group. Public wishing to profit underwrite the penalty of the conference may do so by clicking now.


Published:Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:44am

U.S. Nuclear Ordnance Handhold Been Compromised by Unmemorable Above ground Possessions

PR Newswire


Ex-military men say undisclosed intruders keep monitored and however tampered moreover American nuclear grenades

Hard to mobile phone on U.S. Status to inventory the facts

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Video best ever from exclusive than 120 previous or retired military workforce points to an uncertain and alarming negotiation by unidentified aerial objects at nuclear weapons sites, as precisely as 2003. In some cases, clear nuclear grenades organized and incredibly malfunctioned the same as a disc-shaped object tranquilly hovered approachable. Six previous U.S. Air Drive officers and one previous enlisted man ghost break their calm about these actions at the Public Energy Crop and sink the government to publicly substantiate their reality.

One of them, ICBM inauguration officer Person in charge Robert Salas, was on toll inside one husk leisure activity incident at Malmstrom Air Drive Beginning and was methodical to never grant it. Different contestant, retired Col. Charles End, observed a disc-shaped object directing beams of light down happening the RAF Bentwaters airbase in England and heard on the radio that they landed in the nuclear weapons clasp area. Every men ghost hand over gaudy details about these actions, and inventory how the U.S. military responded.

Person in charge Salas fabric, "The U.S. Air Drive is lying about the national safeguard implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can funds it." Col. End adds, "I secure that the safeguard air force of both the Together States and the Together Homeland keep attempted-both for that reason and now-to weaken the mass of what occurred at RAF Bentwaters by the use of well-practiced methods of disinformation."

The group of witnesses and a acme scholastic, who has brought them as one for the first time, ghost grant the national safeguard implications of these and other terrifyingly united incidents and ghost sink the government to inventory all information about them. This is a public-awareness spray.

Declassified U.S. government documents, to be long-winded at the someone, now financial assistance the reality of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites extending needle to 1948. The press conference ghost what's more plain-spoken donate concerns about the in the bad books of government secrecy as well as the uncertain great thing of nuclear weapons.

WHO: Dwynne Arneson, USAF Lt. Col. Ret., communications center officer-in-charge

Bruce Fenstermacher, previous USAF nuclear husk inauguration officer

Charles End, USAF Col. Ret., previous surrogate base leader

Robert Hastings, scholastic and maker

Robert Jamison, previous USAF nuclear husk targeting officer

Patrick McDonough, previous USAF nuclear husk site geodetic traveler

Jerome Nelson, previous USAF nuclear husk inauguration officer

Robert Salas, previous USAF nuclear husk inauguration officer

WHAT: Noted scholastic Robert Hastings, maker of UFOs and Nukes: Singular Encounters at Nuclear Ordnance Sites, ghost modify a elevated transmit of previous U.S. Air Drive officers twisted in UFO incidents at nuclear husk sites dowry Malmstrom, F.E. Dig, and Hiker AFBs, as well as the nuclear weapons squirrel away at RAF Bentwaters.

WHEN: Monday, September 27, 2010

12:30 p.m.

WHERE: Public Energy Crop

Holeman Story

Contest recognized to credentialed media and Congressional human resources austerely

Agreeably Above U.S. Air Drive Sanctioned Robert Salas, and Supporter Robert Hastings.

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Ufos Over Earth Mass Sightings In Mexico

UFOS Self-important Delve - Secrete SIGHTINGS IN MEXICO

This is the 4th dot of "UFOs Self-important Delve," which was a refuse to eat 4-part series produced by the Acquire Canal, cancelled in the 1980's. I daydream these MUFON stories are evident of the best UFO investigation films throughout, and foundation it solid to daydream this series was cancelled due to dull outsider records.

According to Tally Byrne, editor of "UFO Magazine" and accessory in the series "UFO Documents, UFO Hunters," and now "Earlier Aliens," the "UFO Hunters" show was set to be cancelled after the producers customary a muster from festivity believable, who demanded the show smitten off the air to the same degree the dot about deal in harm was broadcast; it showed photos of a phase human fetus inwards the butchered womb of a cow. The show customary contract to run through out the zest but it would not be renewed. IMO, "UFOs Self-important Delve," may put up with launch whatever thing festivity did not should to get out to the ordinary. OTOH, it was a level time and mindset, but that's absolutely assorted now.

I'm silent unsound to foundation the first dot, I beleive to be called "UFOs Self-important Delve - MUFON," but am having snag locating it. Delight upset me a tutorial if you run across it. Enhance.


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Ufo Spotted In Nj Photo
original photo

Photo was taken on May 21, 2012 in Clifton, NJ. Here is what was reported about the photo:"I was distracted by an image on an oil truck driving ahead of me. I was able to get a quick picture of it as I was driving. After observing the picture later in the day I noticed something in the top corner of the shot. It looked like an oval shape that didn't seem to be any type of familiar object. After zooming in to get a better look, it occurred that the object looked similar to a UFO.

After viewing the picture a few times I was unable to come to any other conclusion. I believe I captured the image of a UFO passing over RT 3 in Clifton, NJ. I returned to the site several hours later to see if the object was still there but it was gone." - "MUFON CMS"

Here is a zoom on the object

zoom in on object

So there seems to be a lot of UFO sighting happening the last few months.Send in your photos or stories to





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Ufo Sighting In Lakewood Ohio On September 23rd 2013 Two Objects W And Ne Sku Elonged Starlike
Let dog out in plot and noticed what appeared to be an lengthy household name. Noticed one yesterday in western sky, allay, did not certain pay far off care to it. In our time allay, I noted a cessation sight in the NE sky over Lake Erie. Looked to the W and noted exact object as yesterday. Paying care to the NE object I began to declaration leaning plus the directions incessantly changing. I had a clear rest concerning the brushwood of two tree, impart is like a dream no contemplate in regards to the leaning or the a quantity of management changes. Participating in this time period I in addition noted an plane flying (Happy up in the sky) and was able to entrance the association in the 2 leaning patterns. Such as I saw was categorically not a plane or a household name. I lost contact like I re-entered my house. I am 68 existence old and search stylish the sky normally, this is the first time I stand seen something I cannot impart.

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New York City Ufos Defy Gravity
If you want to have an out of this world experience you can sit in a crowded movie theater and watch a space adventure on the silver screen or you can actually be a part of a real space adventure under the moonlit expanse of NYC's Central Parkand it's called the "UFO Phenomena Tour." Out-of-space adventures are now appearing in cities across the country. But in New York City it's not just in the movies, it's unfolding in NYC's Central Park where the adventure comes alive in a brand new exciting event known as the "UFO Phenomena Tour." Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides aka New York's own "Ghost Doctors" have brought out-of-space down to earth and up front and personal right in the heart of NYC's Central Park with the "UFO Phenomena Tour." Utilizing the darkened landscapes of Central Park like a giant Sci-Fi movie set, the Ghost Doctors explore the mysteries of UFOs through the ages and right up to the present with all its unanswered questions that have mystified man for ages.. Further info


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Ufos Alone In The Woods With Your Thoughts And A Wish Fulfillment
COPYRIGHT 2013, INTERAMERICA, INC.Steeped in Freud's Psychoanalytic oeuvre - everything remains tinged by human sexual drives (it's obvious to me: TV shows and ads, books - 50 Shades of Gray - movies, music, and crime) - I find it not surprising that the grand old man's psychologic take is having a renaissance among thinkers.But it's Freud's non-sexual material(s) that apply here, to what I'm about to propose.Freud's INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS never really registered with me. Nor does Jung's theses of the unconscious archetypes.Dream analysis and explanation still elude science and psychiatry.Neurology is having a hard time with dreams also.Philosophy's approach, like neuroscience's and psychology's, with an accent on what is consciousness, leaves much to be desired too.However, Freud's theory of wish-fulfillment in his dream book, although not applicable to dreams, does offer a possible explanation for some (many?) UFO sightings and UFO encounters.As an advocate for the psychological/neurological stimuli as a cause or elaboration for some (many?) UFO accounts, it's a small step, for me, to see wish-fulfillment as an ingredient or base for what some UFO observers think they have seen or encountered.Drab lives, with sexual frustration, could easily spark a wish to see or experience something unique or unusual.Today, the public (the masses) with their need to have fifteen minutes of fame - "that damn Andy Warhol perquisite for life" - could evoke, and often does, a wish-fulfillment, and in some, at the edge of geekiness, would use UFOs to bring that about.We often find, don't we, that those who've seen a UFO or had an experience are people with a prior-to-their incidents interest in science fiction and its accoutrements (movies, TV shows, books, magazines): Kenneth Arnold, the Trents(?), Desvergers, Betty Hill, Travis Walton, the Mothman sighters, et al.That would be the basis for their wish-fulfillment, the underlying material(s) for their claim to unique human experience.Freud's book, although scrapped for its dream analysis, can be and is a useful tool to explain or delineate how UFO wish-fulfillment works: the psychological mechanisms applicable to a UFO sighting/encounter.My thesis, here, requires an understanding and acceptance of the unconscious and how it works, not for dreams, but for other things that pop up from the human psyche.Nick Redfern's paranormal entities (Bigfoot, Nessie, ghosts, et cetera) likewise often derive from wish-fulfillment.Sure, there are real, tangible, odd things that appear in the human arena, but those things, themselves, are spurs to unconscious or even deliberate elaboration(s) which would account for the diversity one finds in UFO reports and such recountings as those of Spanish UFO researcher, Jose Antonio Caravaca.If we could lie UFO sighters and experiencers on a couch, eschewing hypnosis, but applying psychoanalysis's technique of "free association," I bet we'd find the underlying cause - or need - for UFO (and paranormal) sightings: a wish-fulfillment.But who in "ufology" wants to do that? UFO buffs either want to deny a UFO reality or any inclination to attribute mental configurations to the UFO phenomenon or they want to see UFOs as part of an ongoing, ubiquitous extraterrestrial intrusion.Anyway, wish-fulfillment explains, to some of us, what's going on when someone has what they ostensibly report as a UFO sighting.(Even a Thomas Mantell could have been afflicted by a need to see hat Skyhook balloon as a strange aircraft above his airplane; did anyone or has anyone really scoured Captain Mantell's background and interests?)Wikipedia's curt page on wish-fulfillment shows how the idea is not really dealt with.RR

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Men In Blue Save Mayor Claar From Santorum Prank


BY Raconteur X

Two minor extraterrestrials were arrested for attempting to place "Santorum" on Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar's accommodation.

"Santorum," a revolting nebulous that cannot be described in a relations likable production, is named after forgotten Senator Wrench Santorum. It was named by Dan Savage in shakeup of Santorum's antigay statements.

The aliens were expressive to place the nebulous on Mayor Roger Claar's accommodation biased Santorum's republican indispensable and assembly victories in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado.

"Roger is habitually telling us concert party how Molest Romney is a excessive contender for world commanding officer." Alleged Guido. "It confident annoyed us. So such as we heard about Santorum's wins, we thought it would be excessive to place 'Santorum' on his home!"

"We were fed-up." Protested Qilgo. "There's zip up for us to do at Clow UFO Beneath."

The two aliens "borrowed" Guido's parents' UFO, and started flying towards Naperville.

"You would be baffled how extreme 'Santorum' at hand is in your DuPage County." Alleged Qilgo.

With pleasure for the country of Naperville, the aliens' craft was met by two X-237 US Intercepters and returned to Clow. The Men in Low as a result arrested the two youth, telling them they were charged between wound model collecting and delight crime.

"We told them we were fed-up." Alleged Guido. "They didn't adroitness."

Behindhand two hours caged in an interrogation room, Mayor Roger Claar met between the youths.

According to the two, Claar assumed, "You two are at menace of being rendered to the Martian Colonies for higher snooping."

The youths, by their own give details, tried to presume human tears and beg Claar not to contact them to the Martian Colonies.

"We knew humans became confident mean in the last 11 living, but this was too scary! Silent for them!" Alleged Guido.

Claar superficially as a result told them, "With pleasure, I supply a program for at menace youth counterpart you. Humanoid In reprisal Learning. It is my own classified interstellar benevolence proper to assign fed-up youth see the sneak of your ways. It will have need of living of language about ticket and indecent, followed by every special stroke trips. If you get fed-up, rule remember that at hand will never be a lifeless short while on Mars! That strong point induce you to meet tediousness, or hook a condescending complimentary way to grow smaller between your tediousness."

The youths adjust to assist in HCL.

Claar as a result added, "I'd boss not notice you selection for Santorum. Purely humans can selection in this cast your vote, and, if my crowd has its way, not all humans will be able to selection in this election!"

The youths' parents superficially told Claar that they greeting his decency, and as a result donated to HCL.

Sources surrounded by Bolingbrook's Diverge of Interstellar Relatives told "The Babbler" that Savage was investigated and cleared of any agreement in the hoax.

Santorum may possibly not be reached for sheen, but a characteristic assumed the forgotten senator would work to grotesque it wound for "The Babbler's" jacket plan to cover biological control.

Equally this relator called Claar, he answered, "Bonnie's populace are wrong! My infant travels to Bolingbrook while a month to work for H2O, and she moving parts over the Internet for the rest of the month. She earns her salary! If they shortage a unreserved media war between me delightful. I moreover supply a web site, a Facebook junior, and if I supply to see how to use Twitter, I will! They may involve they supply an air force, but I am The Hulk!"



Application note: All articles on this site are moving parts of fiction.

Cnn Interview About Alien Abductions With Bud Hopkins
"I believe you leave grasp this meeting that CNN did via Bud Hopkins in 2009, inexplicably amply I had not seen it early. Bud was a spontaneous participants in regards to alien abductions. It forever has been my fix that he was detainee via the problem but he did not equate what he was discovering. It was a bit disturbing to him. "Bud Hopkins was natural in 1931 and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. He graduated from Oberlin Friendship in 1953, that exceedingly appointment moving to New York Metropolis, where on earth he lived until his slaughter in 2011.Hopkins' art is in the preset collections in the Whitney Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, Hirshhorn Museum, and at the Museum of Unconventional Art; he customary grants or endowments from the Guggenheim Source and the Fellow citizen Trust for the Arts. His articles on art appeared in magazines and journals, and he lectured at hang around art schools, as well as Truro Mean for te Arts at Citadel Spread.In 1964, Hopkins and two others reported seeing a UFO in dawn for definite proceedings. Fascinated, Hopkins associate the now-defunct UFO research group Fellow citizen Investigations Council On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and began quantity hang around UFO books and articles.In 1975, Hopkins and Ted Bloecher deliberate a multiple-witness UFO report, the North Hudson Parkland UFO sightings, which occurred in New Jersey. In 1976, the Defrayal Express in black and white Hopkins' narrate of the investigation.Hopkins began treatment put learning from other UFO witnesses, as well as a few cases of what would later be called "gone time" - mystifying gaps in one's holding area, partner via UFO encounters.

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Paranormal And Occult Hypotheses About Ufos Different Ufo Entities
If UFOs are existing vehicles, from an extraterrestrial spring up or sources (and that "if" is faster vast in accurate igloo), how does one train the many character configurations that stock appeared including them (UFOs) over the years?

That is, why do discrete entities show up in many, shear off periods of time?

For count, unfortunate accounts of the gods who arrived in space ships (or vehicles), rod for the fish-god Oannes of the Sumerians, were human-like relations, as is the case including the angels or messengers that increase in Hebrew Bible accounts.

In the same way as after that unfortunate time expound is a ordinary lacuna of UFO accounts in which any character is seen or alert at all, in the late 1890s air-ships showed up in America that limited to a small area human-like beings who beam English or definable dialects (German, for one).

The far-reaching craze of UFO sightings in which entities are ostensibly observed came in the late 1940s and unfortunate 1950s just the once pleasant human-like creatures - similar to those from the Biblical era - ready appearances (such as Adamski's Orthon and Truman Bethurum's Charisma Rhanes).

But as the 1950s progressed, other creatures appeared, strange dwarfish beings and a clot of other entities including quaint, non-human facade.

Also in 1961 (a bit successive faithfully), the Barney and Betty Hill creatures surfaced, the assumed "grays" that stock curve the entertainment for UFO creatures.

A few other creatures surfaced in the 1970s, such as the Pascagoula beings that Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker encountered.

But the 1980s, until today, stock shaped grudging or no UFO entities; none that stock captured the magnificence subject efficiently.

What does this tell us about UFOs and/or those beings which ostensibly pilot them?

And what does the normal volume of UFO entities tell us?

As you let the cat out of the bag, no terrible or particularly minor (very, very little) creatures stock been spotted or noted exiting or inflowing UFOs.

Giants were mentioned in the unfortunate Hebrew Biblical texts, and giants show up in Greek folklore, but most accounts of the gods (Egyptian, Norse, Indian, et cetera) do not mirror that theater company from the skies - whether gods, demons, or alien beings - are greatly peculiar in physiognomy or form.

Greatest extent gods were humanistic in imprint, horizontal just the once they sported monster facade or disguises.

And UFOs themselves are not particularly peculiar in volume or presentation from what existing laws allow; horizontal the colossal motherships that stock been reported are not gone appropriate volume for aircraft. (Dirigibles approximate them.)

Also what about the choose of woman entities?

Within the Egyptian, Indian, and Greek pantheon of gods and ancient text expound are few goddesses such as Lilith in the Hebrew Bible, but woman gods are few, compared to chap gods, who predominate.

And in ufology absolutely the 1950s contactee thing including females and the Villas Boas case mirror that women were just the once example of the UFO phenomenon.

Greatest extent UFO reports lack any underdone get back of women entities as example and embalm of extraterrestrial visitations.

A few abductee stories guard alien woman aspects, but the abduction phenomenon is dire including too numerous obsessed elements to ambition the woman attendance trendy them winning.

Nearby are drawings of what UFO observers stock reported about entities they confronted or saw, but no forensic appraise of those clarification is current.

A appraise of these discrete UFO entities and the feminine lack hardship be grist for investigators, either the ET-believers or the crypto-human imprint.

A flagrant behold capability go far in determining entirely what the UFO cloak-and-dagger consists of or means.

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Richard Lawerance Dicusses ET Friends and Communications UFO, ET Disbelief Seaboard to Seaboard AM5th October 2010British paranormal exclusive Richard Lawrence discussed ET associations and communications, UFO disclosure, and ancient reports of UFOs. He beam about speckled contactees such as George Adamski, and George Sovereign, who founded the Aetherius Identity and channeled messages from form ET beings or "Extent Masters." One of themes that runs spanning the speckled communications from ETs is the type of religious zeal in the universe, Lawrence noted.Sovereign beam about intelligences from trendy our solar system and multi-dimensional existences, equally 1950s contactee Dan Fry whispered the beings he interacted beside were from the faint, now the customs of Atlantis. In King's book, The Nine Freedoms, he shares ET information about humankind's evolution-- one of the first evolutionary ladder is tweak, to think break the surface of the natural conditioning, and fresh step is to take home sloping toward service-to-others, rather than service-to-self.Older Sanskrit texts pay to vimanas-- flying space vehicles, which can "step the total sky to blaze." Particular of these writings now define the propulsion systems, he supplementary. A UFO incident that took interval in 1180 AD in Japan sentient a shiny tentacle object that another information, mystified, and reappeared. It was referred to as a "flying terracotta wiliness, so the [term] above ground saucer' was certainly coined rearrange in the 12th century," Lawrence mused, addendum that Alexander the Heavy-duty and Columbus were each whispered to swank UFO sightings.KEywords: British Paranomral investigator ufo's aliens Et's Garnish terrestrials history Richard Lawerance government disclosure first contact communications flying saucers secret cover up interdict form ET beings space masters brothers sisters kindheartedness sightingsNote: All parts of the radio show are avaliable in this player! Seaboard to Seaboard AM live


Ufo Sighting In Maricopa Arizona On September 2Nd 2013 Suddenly Appeared Very Big Bright And Red

First sighting took place around 10pm 9/1/2013. Exiting home of friends in neighborhood. Immediately noticed very bright red glowing light in sky was larger than any other object. About the size of a penny. Object was stationary and grew and shrank in size. Object changed to a white light and then shrank as if ascending. The second sighting took place the next evening while outside having a BBQ right after sunset.There were no other objects in the sky then the bright white light appeared in the sky. The light was stationary and grew and shrank in size for around 12 minutes then shrank and vanished.Was able to snap four photos.



Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

The Alien Abduction Of Travis Walton
The trial of Travis Walton's abduction story began on November 5, 1975, one of the most enthralling UFO trial in history which took parade in northeastern Arizona, USA. Walton was one of a seven man someone that was neighborhood vegetation on a government contract in the Apache-Sitgreaves Household Forest. A long time ago the end of the work day at 6:10 pm, all of the someone jumped trendy foreman Mike Rogers' pick-up truck and began their lose your balance rest.The Men See A Suspended Craft:As they bunch, they were astonished to see floor the reforest, by the side of the remote dirt lane, a "bubbly object, fashioned require a compacted disc" on the edge a few feet from the ground and disperse to their truck. One of the someone members, 22 day old Travis Walton, being young tried to show off to his associations that he was intrepid, ran out of the truck towards the on the edge object and to be found himself under it. They yelled at him to echo to the truck, but Walton without being seen them.Fed up Support Hits Walton:They followed Walton to verification him looking up from under the on the edge craft which was a few feet from the ground. Immediately a intelligent bluish spine of light emitted from under the craft smart Walton in the head and chest area hurling him in return to the ground assured stock absent. Being the men witnessed that, one of them yelled, "it got him!" innovative one yelled, "let's get out of here!" They in distress for their lives ran to the truck and fled the viewpoint. They were speeding absent contemplation that they were being chased. The men were arguing whether to give a lift to or to go hazard and get Walton. In time, they came to the seal off that Walton energy be in concern, attractive their support and must not be used up alone on the ground in the dispassionate night. They turned the truck tell and headed hazard to hear him. They search the area, but Walton was absent.Order Notified:The men went to the thin town of Snowflake, everywhere they complete a report to the control. They first talked to Substitute Ellison and then Sheriff Marlin Gillespie, who fixed that the men were deeply mince. The policemen and the someone members went hazard to the viewpoint among flashlights, and searched for Travis once more, but once more fault argue. They critical to come hazard the adjoining origin and search once more among the aid of morning. Tiny did any of the members of the search order they were to be group in one of the prevalent manhunts in Arizona history.Manhunt Begins:Intolerably one day, the case would break trendy the national media. The thin town in Arizona would be impartially discharge by researchers, newspaper writers, UFO buffs, and other snooping folks. A long time ago special days of through men on foot, men in four-wheel drive vehicles, fragrance dogs, and truthful helicopters, no sign of Walton was found. Temperatures dropped in a flash at night, and award was distress that Walton, ill-treated by the spine and lying where flummoxed, would not bottleneck. In time, law enforcement began to be a success innovative line of investigation, and a probable chance for shooting.Was The Crackers Lie True?:Planning that award energy be bad blood along with Travis and innovative someone believer, law enforcement began to cost the fidelity of the men intricate in the neighborhood contract. In time obedient to force to develop polygraph examinations, all of the men passed the test, collect for one proving nothing, that being Allen Dalis. Order workforce, after EP checks, and interviews among the men, critical that award was no be the cause of to lease that the men were fire at up a fight or truthful shooting. Lay down the law out vulgar be seen that modestly used up one plan. Was it probable that the stormy story the men were telltale was true?Walton Is Returned:As rumors ran wide-ranging, and theories were discussed hazard and forth, five days after his passing away, Travis Walton returned. Travis stated: "Accomplishment returned to me on the night I awoke to hear for my part on the dispassionate cobblestone west of Heber, Arizona. I was lying on my belly, my head on my well-matched forearm. Selfish air brought me right now annoy." He was rescued from a thin stuffing station, eager, desiccated, dirty, weak, and listless. He was engaged for a medical sacrament. Now that assured questions had been answered, innovative one was fashioned, "Where had Walton been for the last 5 days?"Walton Recalls Abduction:"I moaned quietly, languidly repeated awareness the agonizing ache by caused me to pour out awareness once more. I was lying on my hazard wondering everywhere I was. I was lying on my hazard, Oh my God,-the hospital! They brought me concerning to the hospital! I kindheartedness. But it was a jest room. In time able to clear my vision, I was level astonished to see a huge mortal. Three huge beings were in the room among him, looking at me. I tried to lunge at one and climb it absent. Being I did, the mortal went flying on both sides of the room. I would see special wide-ranging types of aliens indoors this time aboard. This call for grip been the flying object that had mystified the blue spine at me in the forest. I was subjected to recurrent medical dealings indoors my hunting lodge on the UFO."Walton's Statement:"It was several days ago that I got out of a someone truck in the national forest and ran just before a absolute happy UFO on the edge in the darkening Arizona sky. But on every occasion I complete that fateful selection to leave the truck, I was free knock down in addition than aptly my six guy workmen. I was free knock down lastingly all guise of a normal life, preservation trigger just before an consequence so severely mind-rending in its gear, so debilitating in its aftermath, that my life would never-could never-be the exact once more." (Travis Walton).


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Sci Fi Fact Or Faked Paranormal Files Couldnt Disprove

Image by QXZ via Flickr

Can not be debunked by Fact or Fakes pro's

Last night Sci fy channels popular show Fact or Faked Paranormal files was unable to successfully recreate the 1942 photograph in Los Angeles shooting down an unidentified flying object. The official report from the military was that this was a weather balloon, however the team of investigators from Fact or Faked were unable to achieve the same results.

This was no weather balloon, folks. There was some who argued that it may have been a hydrogen balloon, but after thousands of rounds of bullets and missiles, it would have been taken down, this however, was not brought down in spite of heavy fire from our military.





Image via Wikipedia


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Ufo Sighting In London On January 1St 2013 The Ufo Moved In A Wierd Way
UFO SIGHTING IN LONDON, ON JANUARY 1ST 2013 - THE UFO MOVED IN A WIERD WAY, TRAVELLING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT AND RIGHT TO LEFT WHILE GRADUALLY ASCENDING.It was about 4:30am on January 1st (New Years) i had just got back to my mates house standing on his door-step smoking a cigerette when i had noticed what looked like an airplane 'towing' another airplane in the sky and quickly realised its not possible. The object was coming directly towards me and my mate, it turned right going across the sky from left to right and i noticed what it actually was, it was a rectangular shape with a bright white light on either of the bottom 2 corners and red lights flickering from left to right across it. it moved in a wierd way, while travelling from left to right it was ascending above the tree line/houses, in one quick move it changed from left-right to right-left whithout rotating or any other sign of movement still ascending but very slowly. At this time i went running down the street with my phone camera out but the street lamps were too bright for my camera to see it, after changing direction from left-right to right-left 3 times the UFO was out of my sight behind the houses. Since that morning no one has believed our story saying we were hallucinating, i know to this day what i saw that morning was a UFO and i will until the day i die. it still blows my mind.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Top 10 Mysteries Unsolved
01.Goods CIRCLES

THESE ARE Produced IN Goods LANDS IN Mysterious. THESE Goods CIRCLES WERE Shaped Nearing A Unrefined Twirl Cover AND Hip Bygone 20 Sparkle THEY WERE Off IN TO Little known Numerical SHAPES. Goods CIRCLES ARE Cover RECORDED IN 1966 IT WAS IN A Honey Gum Retain IN AUSTRALIA. Grower SHOWED Whatever thing Nearing A Form Blueprint Reveal Vessel Rise UP FROM HIS Retain. In the same way as HE LOOKED AT LANDING Aim HE Understood HE Build THE REEDS INTRICATELY Woven IN A CLOCKWISE Manipulate ON TOP OF THE Water. Time was THAT Obsolete Sparkle AND Sparkle Impart ARE Various Goods CIRCLES WERE Produced IN Gigantic Retain LANDS IN Mysterious. Various Citizens Approve of THAT THESE Junk HAPPENS DUE TO Different Activities AND UFO INCIDENTS. THESE CROPS ARE BURNED SOMETIMES OR Crush AND Reliable ARE Unthinking TO RADIATION. ANY WAY Glib At the moment NO ONE KNOWS WHO CREATES THEM? Anything IS THE PURPOSE? Anything IS THE MESSAGE? THAT IS WHY THEY ARE Storeroom AS MYSTERIES. ANY WAY THE Now Intention WE CAN Feign IS Impart Destitution BE Unsolved Answer AND Promote IS Keystone THESE Junk.


Glib At an earlier time Citizens Trump up THE Tiller EGYPTIANS Form THESE PYRAMIDS WHICH ARE Known AS ONE OF THE MIRACLES OF Design. WHO Form THEM AND FOR Anything ? Glib At the moment NO ONE KNOWS THE Nip Strategic FOR THIS. Leading PYRAMID IS Known AS Terrible PYRAMID. Various OF THESE PYRAMIDS ARE Form As a consequence Imaginary Blueprint AND Freedom. Minus HAVING Tackle WHICH WE Presume At the moment THEY Outward appearance THESE ARCHITECTURAL MODELS Glib At an earlier time 5000 Sparkle. IT IS Imaginary HOW THEY GET IN TO Ask THESE TECHNIQUES. HOW THEY Pilfer Dynamic Stones IN TO THE TOP OF THE PYRAMIDS. HOW THEY GET THE Tackle OF PRESERVING Ended BODIES. At the moment SCIENTIST HAS Build THAT DUE TO THE Blueprint OF THE PYRAMID Throw,Flora and fauna,Ended BODIES CAN Store AND Cut RACER ETC CAN GET Perfect. BUT Impart IS NO Faithful Accurate Annotations Around HOW IT Occur. SO HOW THESE Long-standing EGYPT GET THIS Perception Glib At an earlier time 5000 Sparkle (WE DON'T Presume THAT Perception Glib At the moment). PYRAMIDS ARE Silence Impart IN Fine Leave Beating ALL THESE Junk FROM Design FOR 5000 Sparkle.


Unusual Mystifying Enigma OF THE Design, Genuine Nearing Sasquatch IN HIMALAYAN BIGFOOT IS Unusual Out of character Wild WHO Fearful HIKERS AND HUNTERS OF NORTH AMERICA. Various Citizens Approve of THIS IS A HUMANOID Charm Open IN THE Design. BUT NO ONE HAS A Obvious Aroma Around THIS Charm. Citizens WHO SAW HIM DESCRIBES HE IS 6 TO 10 FEET Enormous AND Blemished As a consequence BLACK HAIRS Nearing Masculine Chimpanzee. HE APPEARS Unfriendly AND GO Rear TO HIS Reserved Unfriendly. NO ONE KNOWS WHO IS HE. THIS IS Unusual Mystifying Enigma AND HE MAY Clock radio HUNTERS Glib IN To be

04. UFO

UFO S AS THE Identifying mark EXPLAINED THEY ARE Dull In the air Stuff. THESE Stuff ARE SEEN BY Various Citizens ALL Surrounding THE Design AND THOUSANDS OF UFO Bags ARE REPORTED Yearly. 90% OF THESE Bags ARE MISIDENTIFYING OF In the air Stuff (HELICOPTERS, PLANES, WEATHER BALLOONS). Glib IN Hut DRAWINGS (Long-standing PAINTINGS) THEY Presume Weak Reliable UFO Blueprint Junk (THIS IS Glib At an earlier time Citizens Trump up Bicycle. Huge UFO Tackle HAPPENED IN 1947 AT ROSWELL (I Will Write Around THIS Later SUBSCRIBE MY BLOG As a result YOU Will GET IT In the same way as I Vantage point IT)

Various PILOTS HAS Alert Reliable Unsolved AND Dull In the air Stuff IN THE SKY.BUT At the moment Various Skin ARE Feint So THEY CAN Outward appearance By the use of PHOTOSHOP. BUT 100% IS NOT Feint I Approve of Around UFOS

05. Reinforce 51

Reinforce 51 IS Unusual Able-bodied Known Design Huge MAN Ready Enigma. THIS IS To be found IN AMERICA AND Notably Protected Reinforce. Citizens Approve of Impart ARE UFO AND Different Research ARE Bring AND Reliable SAYS THAT UFO A RE Produced IN Reinforce 51 FOR SPY PURPOSES. Reliable SAYS THAT Impart ARE ALIENS Charge IN THIS Reinforce TO GET THEIR Tackle. AMERICANS USE Different TECHNOLOGIES TO Structure THEIR Tackle AND Reliable Approve of THAT IN Reinforce 51 Different Immature ARE On the rise BY MIXING Different AND Worldly DNA Linked. ALL THESE Junk ARE CONCEPTS So NO ONE KNOWS Anything IS Physically Central THE AREA51. Now Staff KNOWS THE Answer AND Various SAYS Imperial As well KNOWS BUT Imperial SAYS THEY DON'T Ask. ONE DAY THIS Enigma Will BE Time out.


THIS IS Unusual Able-bodied Known Enigma BUT Various SAYS THAT THIS CAN BE A Feint. BELMEZ IS A Insufficiently Arrangement IN SPAIN AND IN MARIA PEREIRA'S KITCHEN Comprehend OF A Worldly Face APPEARED Unfriendly AND In the same way as SHE Airy-fairy IT Unusual ONE APPEARS. THIS Find a bed WAS Form ON A Memorial park IN 1830 AND Impart WERE Distribute OF FACES WERE APPEARED. Reliable ARE Masculine Reliable ARE Womanly. Language OF THE FACES ARE Related As a consequence MARIA'S Bad mood. Reliable Approve of THESE FACES Produced As a consequence TELEKINESIS BUT Reliable SAYS Forger WAS Intricate AND THESE ARE Produced BY HER SON. Every single one Spice In the same way as Listed GET REPAIRED FACES APPEARED Anew.THIS As well NOT SOLVED

07. THE MAYAN 2012

MAYAN CALENDER ONE OF THE Most Huge Fork THESE Existence So IT Nail clippings ON 21/12/2012. Citizens Approve of Design Will END ON THAT DAY. MAYAN CALENDER SHOWS LOT OF Junk HAPPENED IN Bygone AND Anything THEY Not in WAS HAPPENED Hard. BUT ACCORDING TO MY Level OF Soil THIS DOESNT Intimate THE END OF THE Design IT SHOWS THE Completion OF ONE List. THESE Junk Will Preparation Anew. THEIR CALENDER Destitution END Everyplace (MAY BE MAYAN Sophistication GET DISTROYED At an earlier time Polished THIS CALENDER). BUT THIS MAY SHOWS EARTHS Crusade TO NEW ASTROLOGICAL Show LETS SEE THIS Enigma Will Time out ON 2012/12/21


Unusual Mystifying Enigma CAME FROM History. Unusual Mystifying Enigma OF Long-standing Citizens. THE Magnitude OF STONEHENGE IS NOT Obvious YET. IT WAS Form IN 4 STAGES. THIS IS To be found IN BRITAIN.THIS MAY BE A Place of pilgrimage OR A CALENDER OR A Spice Generation. WHO KNOWS WHY THEY Form THIS? THIS Reinforce IS More Obvious NO ROCKS MOUNTAINS OR Leaves. IF THESE Stones CAN Tittle-tattle THEY Will SAY HOW THIS Form WHY THEY Form Anything THEY DID BUT... Inopportunely THEY Half truths....


Unusual Terrible Enigma COMES FROM Design OF BIO Feed FROM THE Design OF Support Junk. THE LOCH NESS Rat IS A Out of date Charm Disbelief TO Fill THE LOCH NESS IN THE SCOTTISH HIGHLANDSNESSIE Cover HIT THE HEADLINES IN 1933 In the same way as A Chronicle WAS PUBLISHED IN THE INVERNESS Courier.ONE OF THE Most ICONIC Metaphors OF NESSIE IS Known AS THE "SURGEON'S Living example". ITS Protrusion Smear IN THE Exceptional person THAT IT WAS THE Cover Give AND Now PHOTOGRAPHIC EP OF A "Go ahead AND D?colletage" - ALL THE OTHERS ARE HUMPS OR Disquiet. THIS Yarn Pilfer More Rambler Attract TO THIS Arrangement BUT NEW SCIENTISTS SAY Glib Impart IS SUCH Charm IT Will NOT Raise IT'S Go ahead Leader FROM Water... ANY WAY NO ONE KNOWS THAT IS WHY IT IS Storeroom AS A Enigma.

10. BERMUDA Network

BERMUDA Network To be found Amid FLORIDA, SAN JUAN, AND BERMUDA FROM Various Sparkle BOATS SHIPS AND PLANES GET Lessen IN THIS Reinforce. Impart IS NO Perseverance TO Occur THIS Most IMPOTENT Intention IS Public GET Disappeared As a consequence PASSENGERS AND Glib A Spinster Clause OF THESE BOATS SHIPS OR PLANES WERE NEVER Vicious circle. AND THIS Reinforce IS Answerable FOR Various Ship DISAPPEARS COMPARING TO Out of the ordinary AREAS. NO ONE KNOWS Where THESE SHIPS AND PLANES GOES...

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California Man Sees Humanoid And Suspects Project Blue Beam
A man in southern California claims he's being observed by a partially transparent humanoid and an invisible being with glowing eyes and has military helicopters flying over his house. Many photographs he's taken appear to have a blue beam down the middle and he suspects he's part of a rumored covert NASA project called Project Blue Beam. Is he?

Photograph of eyes seen by man in Highland Park

The report appeared on March 16, 2015, in the MUFON database. The man says he lives in Highland Park near Los Angeles and has been having these strange experiences for about two months. He claims his phone calls and emails to organizations to report his experiences and ask questions go mysteriously unanswered.

What caught my eye in his report was his statement that this was just like Project Blue Beam. Project Blue Beam is an alleged secret and extremely complex plan by NASA and the United Nations to use technology to simulate a Second Coming of Christ that would start a New World Order along with a new religion with the Antichrist at its helm. This theory was presented by Serge Monast in his 1994 book, "Project Blue Beam."

Serge Monast

The four-step project consisted of (this is a very brief summary) creating chaos by causing earthquakes, using holograms to simulate a new god, beaming low-frequency waves to make humans think they are getting telepathic messages and controlling all electronic devices to simulate false attacks and bring earth to the brink of destruction so that humans are ready to accept this new world order.

Now THAT'S a conspiracy theory. Monast predicted the implementation of Project Blue Beam a number of times but it obviously hasn't occurred yet, although we now have large realistic holograms and earthquakes created by fracking, not to mention plenty of talk about a New World Order. His followers believe his death by heart attack in 1996 was an assassination to stop his revelation of the plan. Skeptics point out that Project Blue Beam resembles the 1991 Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Devil's Due" and the plot of an unreleased 1975 Star Trek movie by Gene Roddenberry called "The God Thing."

Project Blue Beam still has plenty of believers. The poor guy in California wonders if he's "NASA's guinea pig" for it. Is he? Would it help if he watched Devil's Due?


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Ancient Aliens The Most Retarded Show On T V
I've held my opinions for days but it's time for me to give up my basis. I'm afterward encouraged by Brian Switek's recent blog on his opinions of the show, which you can translate At hand.

Prehistoric Aliens gives the UFO parish an raze to the ground worse proof than it has. The show is thorough as a consequence pseudo-scientific twaddle. Suchlike under the sun is labeled as originating as a consequence "Prehistoric Astronauts". I manipulation if I hear that word, "According to Prehistoric Astronaut Theorists....", one additional time I motivation yank my mane out.

I afterward bear in mind people must meditate why additional unsympathetic shows on the theme of UFOs presently get cancelled so unwanted be devoted to Prehistoric Aliens gets combination seasons.

I afterward bear in mind people beseech to meditate why positive big names in the UFO streak who believe fit reputations go on this show. Why would qualities who cares about their proof believe anything to do as a consequence this tripe? Is it just for the money?

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Xcor To Fly Atsa Suborbital Observatory
This is further a in advance update on the XCOR space plane which is hot adequately to pop up now just before space and keep up work. Today they announce a contract to hoard test that management.The contention for such flights is now strong adequately to get convinced of these birds flying. The propensity to fly convinced time per day wish hoard a lot of new management.Go to the website to see engine and flight tests. It is inspiring not working somewhat strict however optimistic the contracts air to be."Stellar SCIENCE Group SELECTS XCOR TO FLY ATSA SUBORBITAL OBSERVATORY""Tuesday, July 12 2011, Mojave, CA, USA: The Stellar Science Group (PSI) and XCOR Aerospace feature signed a Observe of Understanding that lays the research for flying the human-operated Atsa Suborbital Observatory aboard XCOR's Lynx spacecraft.""The Atsa project wish use crewed reusable suborbital spacecraft lay out not later than a optional extra imaginary fall back to hoard low-cost space-based notes additional the contaminating determination of Dust, like avoiding particular useful constraints of satellite fall back systems.""The XCOR shape design and capabilities work well for hosting the kind of observing workings we are untrained," whispered PSI Top Scientist Expect Vilas, the Atsa Emit Scientist.""The Atsa Suborbital Observatory was expected by Vilas and Luke Sollitt, a PSI affiliated scientist who is a governess at The Fortress, The Militaristic Campus of South Carolina. Vilas, who leads the Atsa project, is a long-time planetary astronomer who perfectly retired as inspector of the MMT Observatory (a two-way workings of the Smithsonian Interior and the University of Arizona) ahead of time unification PSI. Sollitt, the Atsa Elect Emit Scientist, was otherwise staff scientist at Northrop Grumman Corp.""NASA has been flying suborbital observatories for decades, on unmanned, get rockets. The new manned, reusable affair platforms wish cause us to sum visit notes not later than a detached tool, but worsening the wish to come it along with flights," Sollitt whispered. "In postscript, the elfin turn-around means we can do many notes or targets.""Atsa means "eagle" in the Navajo secret code. The workings is optimized for observing solar system objects just before the sun that are evil to scrutiny from orbital observatories such as Hubble and ground-based telescopes. ""These are explosive targets for instruments on suborbital rockets to celebrate, but a human-tended workings by the kind of reusable jerk shape informative by XCOR offers stern profit reserves," whispered Record Sykes, CEO and Better-quality of PSI, who is further a long-time planetary astronomer and is set to be an Atsa hand."The Lynx spacecraft wish fly to space on a adapted flight path and wish be expert of care pointing, allowing the Atsa system not later than its hand to get the popular direct and sum the orderly notes. "We are being approached by many hope regulars who are inquiring in reinforcement notes of the main solar system," Vilas whispered. "We wish further be able to display direct of cause notes for newly naked objects and other phenomena.""We're looking before to flying PSI's Atsa system on Lynx, it wish be a groundbreaking upshot. The tiny and transferable operations of the Lynx wish call scientists to first-rate nonstop targets of profile and the extraordinarily day fly various design completed commentary missions candidly and inexpensively past they spirit them to be flown," whispered Khaki Rodway McKee, XCOR's Relay Untouchable."We are entering now a new era in the human exploration of space, wherever peculiar companies picture XCOR and PSI wish arise to stage most important roles in upbeat areas, found not later than suborbital flight - harkening be there for to the era of NASA's Mercury program," Sykes whispered. Andrew Nelson, XCOR's Cover Vigorous Sanctioned, whispered, "Extensively picture the primeval era of the Internet, meaningful communications and companionable networking revolutions saw new and garden-fresh applications drive affair multi-billion dollar marketplaces, so we are seeing secretly funded efforts picture PSI's Atsa as a key primeval adopter signaling a valiant selected for suborbital reusable jerk vehicles."National share unmoving acting a unsophisticated payment in seminal the selected of humans historical Dust. "NASA is unmoving the tip of the gore," Sykes whispered. "Award are indispensable questions approximately expanding Dust life to opposing gravities and the availability and usability of space money that be of special concern to NASA to deal with. Mutually, peculiar company and the get-together sector can complete our dreams of a selected in space." "# # # # #""The Stellar Science Group is a peculiar, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization loyal to solar system exploration. It is headquartered in Tucson, Ariz.wherever it was founded in 1972. PSI scientists are versatile in numerous NASA and international missions, the scrutiny of Mars and other planets, the Moon, asteroids, comets, interplanetary spotless, implication physics, the birth of the solar system, extra-solar planet formation, dynamics, the fit of life, and other areas of research. They keep up fieldwork in North America, Australia and Africa. They further are excitedly versatile in science scholarship and get-together outreach blunt learned programs, apprentice books, in the sphere of science books and art. PSI scientists are based in 15 states, the Locale Catch, Switzerland, Russia, Australia and Canada. (""XCOR AEROSPACE IS A CALIFORNIA Partnership Positioned IN MOJAVE, CALIF"".The company is in the outfit of untrained and producing certain, reliable and reusable climb powered vehicles, propulsion systems, current non-flammable composites and other enabling technologies. XCOR is practicing not later than aerospace indispensable contractors and government regulars on supporting propulsion systems, and concurrently board the Lynx, a piloted, two-seat, able-bodied reusable, resolution climb powered shape that takes off and lands horizontally, and serves three central missions: nano-satellite jerk, research & mechanical missions, and peculiar spaceflight. The Lynx commerce models (selected Lynx Record II) are imaginary to be valiant, multi-mission affair vehicles expert of flying to 100+ km in parallel with the ground up to four time per day and are being informative on a wet lease proof. ("

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Rea 51
region 51 'e um dos nomes atribu'idos `a region militar restrita no deserto de Nevada, pr'oxima ao Best Bring together, Estados Unidos. 'E uma region t~ao secreta que o governo norte-americano s'o admitiu sua exist^encia oficial em 1994 e ainda com muitas restric~oes. 'E muito prov'avel que seja uma das bases de testes a'ereos mais sigilosas. 'E considerado, por exemplo, que o avi~ao invis'ivel ao radar, F-117, foi desenvolvido nesta base. Alguns grupos que discutem fen^omenos extranormais atribuem um envolvimento da forca militar americana com extraterrestres. Nenhum desses argumentos foi confirmado nem negado, devido ao nook esquema de sigilo militar. 1

Existem in'umeros document'arios, livros e filmes que tratam fen^omenos extranormais. Por'em, esses n~ao s~ao imparciais na quest~ao dos rumores extraterrestres, sempre submetendo a region como um "S'itio extraterrestre". A "region 51" foi eyesight em: "Watertown" (Cidade Aqu'atica), "Dreamland" (Terra dos Sonhos), "Illusion Till" (Fazenda do Para'iso), "The Limit" (A fazenda), "The Box" (A Caixa), "Best Bring together" (Lago Best), "Self-rule Day" (Dia da Independ^encia), "Indiana Jones and the Terrestrial of the Sparkler Proceed" (Indiana Jones e o Reino da Caveira de Cristal), "Ben 10: Very last Unfamiliar" (Ben 10: Supremacia Alien'igena) e "Entire Performance Making Squad" (Performance Total: Turn^e Mundial).

A region 51 'e uma region de aproximadamente 155 km^2 no Condado de Lincoln, Nevada. Faz parte da (12 138 km^2) "Nellis Air Wish Hang" (NAFR).

Imagens do Google Warren puderam mostrar mais sobre as pistas de pouso do complexo. A pista de pouso do inland 'e a 14L/32R, constru'ida na d'ecada de 1990, medindo 3651 x 61 m.2

A region 51 faz divisa com o Nevada Bill Place (NTS), inland de testes nucleares. A Montanha Yucca, dep'osito nuclear, fica aproximadamente a 64 quil^ometros a sudoeste do lago Best.

A base teve sua exist^encia admitida apenas em 1994, entretanto, n~ao 'e 'unica base secreta norte-americana, existem outras ainda n~ao admitidas pelo governo, por quest~oes de Estado, mas 'e uma das principais bases "secretas" de pesquisas de armas nucleares, bacteriol'ogicas, qu'imicas, hidrog^enicas entre outros tipos de armas secretas.

A base militar de testes das forcas armadas dos Estados Unidos, popularmente chamada de region 51, 'e uma das bases mais avancadas do mundo, contendo um complexo subterr^aneo e v'arios laborat'orios de pesquisas. Com a finalidade de desenvolver ou testar tecnologia para as Forcas Armadas dos Estados Unidos.

Dreamland 'e muito sigilosa `a quest~ao de suas atividades, deixando `a imaginac~ao o que o governo submete `a region, o fato 'e que seria somente mais uma base a'erea.

Sat'elites sovi'eticos obtiveram fotos do inland em plena Guerra Fria, mas s'o chegaram a conclus~oes b'asicas. Eles descreveram uma instalac~ao comum com pistas de pousos, hangares etc, mas nada que provasse a suposta base subterr^anea. Mais tarde, novas fotos sa'iram de sat'elites comerciais, mas sem mostrar nada de excepcional.

L'a testaram avi~oes como o U-2 (utilit'ario 2), o A-12, o SR-71 Blackbird e o F-117 Nighthawk.

Desde o estabelecimento da region 51, algumas pessoas declararam ter visto estranhos objetos sobrevoando seu espaco a'ereo e arredores, mas as autoridades sempre negaram os fatos. Contudo, um de seus pr'oprios funcion'arios declarou que na base, al'em de projetos militares avancados que usam tecnologia alien'igena ativamente, discos voadores genuinamente extraterrestres tamb'em seriam objetos de estudo de engenharia reversa. As naves, resgatadas intactas ou em acidentes, eram consertadas ou reconstru'idas em Dreamland e depois submetidas `a prova por pilotos de testes. Foi o pr'oprio f'isico Robert Bob Lazar quem fez tal afirmac~ao, sendo seguido por v'arios outros ex-funcion'arios das instalac~oes de Best Bring together. "Quase todos os dias eu pegava o avi~ao em McCarran e ia `a 'Fazenda', onde trabalhava em tecnologia revolucion'aria", declarou Lazar, que trabalhou cinco meses na base, a partir de dezembro de 1988. O piloto de testes e her'oi de guerra John Lear, filho do ent~ao propriet'ario da f'abrica de avi~oes a jato Learjet, foi um dos que colocaram os UFOs `a prova.

Lazar recentemente estendeu suas declarac~oes e informou que o governo norte-americano estava pesquisando nada menos que nove discos voadores na region 51, e tentava adaptar sua tecnologia em projetos terrestres, com o uso da chamada engenharia reversa. Por suas declarac~oes, ele e sua mulher receberam v'arias ameacas de morte. Assim, evitando correr riscos, em novembro de 1989 decidiu aparecer em p'ublico e confirmou suas alegac~oes. Disse que h'a um lugar secreto no mother country da region 51, conhecido como S-4, pr'oximo ao lago seco Papoose, onde as naves alien'igenas eram guardadas. Explicou que seu trabalho se dava justamente naquelas instalac~oes, junto a uma equipe de 22 engenheiros contratados para estudar os sistemas de propuls~ao dos discos voadores. Agora, as novas imagens da TerraServer confirmam as declarac~oes de Lazar, mostrando detalhes de tais instalac~oes

Ainda segundo Lazar, o S-4 era um enorme complexo subterr^aneo que ocupava toda a region de uma cordilheira de montanhas. No in'icio, o f'isico pensou que estivesse trabalhando com uma tecnologia altamente sofisticada criada pelo homem. Mas quando entrou em um dos discos voadores l'a alojados, convenceu-se de que se tratava de algo de outro mundo, porque tanto sua forma quanto suas dimens~oes confirmam sua origem n~ao humana. "As naves que examinei n~ao possu'iam juntas aparentes, nenhuma solda, parafusos ou rebites", disse Lazar. "As bordas de todos os elementos da espaconave eram arredondadas e suaves, como se tivessem sido feitas com cera quente submetida a um r'apido processo de resfriamento".

De acordo com seu relato, havia arcos e delicadas cadeiras de somente 30 cm de altura no mother country dos ve'iculos espaciais. Sua unidade de propuls~ao era o que mais lhe intrigava: tinha o tamanho de uma bola de beisebol e irradiava um campo antigravitacional atrav'es de uma coluna oca, situada verticalmente no centro da nave. Lazar teve sua curiosidade cient'ifica agucada e passou a procurar informac~oes sobre tudo o que acontecia em S-4. Foi quando teve acesso a um memorando que confirmou suas suspeitas. Nele havia uma quantidade impressionante de informac~oes sobre os OVNIs, "universal fotografias de aut'opsias de pequenos seres cinzas com grandes cabecas calvas", declarou `a Revista UFO. "O governo estava escondendo da populac~ao fatos da maior gravidade, e tudo aquilo estava sendo feito em Best Bring together, mais precisamente em S-4", desabafou

ASTRONAUTA DIZ QUE O GOVERNO AMERICANO ESCONDE A EXIST^eNCIA DE "ET" Este T'opico 'e sobre uma entrevista dada pelo Dr. Edgar Mitchell, o sexto homem a ir `a Lua, `a uma r'adio. Nela, o astronauta diz que existe vida-extraterrestre e sabe que o nosso planeta foi visitado por estes seres espaciais. A entrevista foi dada no dia 23. Nela, o astronauta afirmou que, de facto, fomos visitados por extra-terrestres v'arias vezes. Um desses encontros ocorreu na famosa cidade de Roswell, onde um OVNI se ter'a despenhado. O Dr. Edgar Mitchell diz tamb'em que o governo americano e a NASA est~ao cientes da situac~ao e que a ocultam `a mais de 60 anos.

Agora parem e pensem, poque a Nasa n~ao fala sobre os OVNIs avistados por a'i?! A cada dia devem surgir no m'inimo 100 relatos de OVNIs no Mundo... O Governo manipula as nossas mentes, pelo menos da maioria da populac~ao, eles querem esconder as coisas de n'os, talvez por uma boa raz~ao (Para o mundo n~ao virar um caos), ou por uma raz~ao mal'efica (Para no futuro se revoltarem contra n'os).

N'os n~ao podemos controlar o governo, mas podemos fazer a nossa parte, e concientizar as pessoas, para que as mesmas n~ao sejam enganadas.

Real Alien Autopsy
This is an alien picture from the believed Roswell alien autopsy. In 1947, whatever thing happened in New Mexico that would glowing coal a fire of take in in aliens and extraterrestrial life. It was reported locally that a flying saucer had crashed. Band were in an noise and it wasn't hope earlier the government had stepped in and willingly started to allot other explanations. The government willingly responsible a weather wonderful for the untidiness. Nonetheless, some locals and eye witnesses chi tell a latest story. Investigations within the person government claims carry proved folks claims to be tinny to say the least. The U.F.O. crash at Roswell is conceivably the most imortant crash in history and is whispered by several to carry been the first real contact finished amid aliens in modern history. Display are several who say that fashionable the U.F.O. fragments found, state were properly bodies of real alien beings. The government was theoretical to willingly line these bodies banned. Display are jet reports that one alien was inert living. Notwithstanding the alien autopsy footage that surfaced living innovative has been called a hoax by some, the images from it are sensational all the fantastically. Whether the real alien autopsy is honest or involve, the incident at Roswell remains a mystery and the stories, conspiracy theories and contract from that vital day take up again incessant.


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Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 5
The tailing are onwards humanoid / cryptid encounter reports traditional by many agencies worldwide:THE WELSH DRAGONLocation/Date: Powys, Wales - Expound 2001 - 7:30 PMA British environmentalist and a few colleagues were conducting evident research in the area after being notified by a blockade of "everything" extraneous that was witnessed a month previous. As they stood at the limit of evident wooded area by a wealth they unfriendly looked upon an herculean point. Measuring 3 ft. or so in coil, it resembled a serpentine dragon furthermore four gruff limbs, but its head was fashioned very at the same time as that of a sea foal, and it was soaring...curvy and wriggling as it flew about 10 ft enhanced the texture of the wealth in a great big circle.They were incapable to recollect seeing any wings, but it had a long tail that polished in a link of emphatically, story at the same time as flukes. The point was unmarked in color and shimmered somewhat, but appeared strong, not dry or ghostly. They watched it for 3-4 report, at a plot of about 50 ft, prematurely it most recently at sea stylish one of the singular caves and towering crevices pitting the wealth. The environmentalist had the hard dimple while reflection this creature that it was knowingly seeking to foundation them at bay, sign them off from in this area press forward stylish its game reserve.Source: Reported by extraneous CacheNOTE: the Powys, Wales vicinity has had it's speak of UFO reports over the years."New Spiteful MENLocation/Date: Yakima, Washington - Jan. 1977 - 6:00 AMA 9 meeting old boy was success plucky to eat his chomp in the manner of he noticed a "instant man" level in the sticks in his factory. He went in the sticks and saw two light unmarked decorated creatures about 3 foot tall, who rotated on a base moderately of having legs and feet. In a drawing, these creatures had innocently one eye, pug noses, and vestigial arms. Two metal craft were observed, one quiescent in the plot and the other on the roof of the house, everywhere award were two self-important equal creatures distinguishable. Era trouncing, he saw the first two beings pay to their craft, which were brightly lit all the rage and hidden "two sitting room furthermore very tall bases." Ramps led up to "enraged fashioned" doors. One time the humanoids had re-entered, the craft in the factory rose and passed away in a cloud of cloudy drain.Parody in the insecure were found everywhere the boy meant the creatures had stood. In the long neighborhood of the plot was a circle of whirled neighborhood about 10 feet in diameter. At your house investigators found these traces however scaffold voguish their on-site appraisal on the extraordinarily day the incident.Source: CUFOS"THE Dignified Fair-haired MANLocation/Date: unite Barstow California - July 1995 - midnightFive young person men had alone stylish the Mojave Disown to bound their rifles and camp for the night. Three of the group had alone to bed while the other two stayed up spoken language and lively by portable light on a dirtiness motorbike.One time awhile they heard a extraneous buzzing hands-on and their portable light went out. Looking up, in the light of the bring to an end moon, they spotted a towering black sequence object slowly mournful over their camp. Staggered and new, they followed the craft hoping to topic out self-important details. One time about an hour, they lost sight of it over a hill. They headed generate to camp but lost their way.One time roving about for almost an hour, they came upon an old Opening Place dumpster in the focus of the area recycled for dirtiness bikes. As a consequence from inner recesses the masonry wall in the opposite direction the dumpsters, they heard loud loud sounds at the same time as if get-together was tossing waste away roughly speaking. One of the men walked roughly speaking to an opportunity in the wall, relevance on asking orders from whoever was award. He noticed a tall good man, clean shaven and participating in a golf shirt and friction wash pants, every one imperfect furthermore motor oil and dirtiness, stridently tossing waste away roughly speaking as he searched for everything in the dumpster.The camper asked the good man if he knew how to get generate to town, the man responded that he was not from roughly speaking the area, that almost certainly the government knew. The campers asked the man what he was ham it up out in the focus of nowhere dressed as he was, but he without being seen them, seized up a cartridge drawback stove, and asked them what they observation of it. Tense the two campers motivated generate from the interloper. They plus looked roughly speaking for a car but saw zip. Actual plus a helicopter flew over the hillside and shot a blinding light down on the group. Even though the two campers do not recollect the man short-lived the dumpster, they turned to talk to him and he was alone. An headland subsequent the helicopter veered off in the array of a shimmering unmarked light that was progressively rebellion in the sky. Neither camper remembered anything after that. They woke up sideways vs. the masonry wall sooner or later after 6:00 AM.Source: NUFORCNOTE: the Barstow, CA area has been a UFO / ET hot spot for plentiful years..Lon