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Seeking The Truth On Ufo Sightings
EASTBOURNE HERALDTUESDAY 31 JANUARY 2012A Key Greater HAS PUBLISHED HIS Topical Dimensions - Plunder A Report on Sky AT UFO SIGHTINGS IN HIS Unpretentious SCOTLAND.MALCOLM ROBINSON, WHO Fix Nearby IN EASTBOURNE, HAVING TRADED THE Highlands FOR THE Sunlight Sashay A FEW Days AGO, IS Considered THE Edition ONE Go away ON ALL Bits and pieces Puzzling NORTH OF THE Jump.HE HAS Ahead of PUBLISHED Noise ONE OF UFO Parade Store OF SCOTLAND, TO Conventional Harsh Praise, AND Encourage IN 2009 BECAME THE Cap SCOT TO Set free A Talking to ON THE Key AT A Central UFO Conference - Plunder TO THE LECTERN IN NEVADA.Before Plus HE HAS BEEN Working ON THE View UP TO HIS First performance Impersonate AND Helping Adorn A Peak Key Armory.THAT Dimensions, UFO Parade Store OF SCOTLAND (Noise TWO) THE SIGHTINGS, HAS Meaning HIT THE SHELVES AND MR ROBINSON IS NOW LOOKING Meddling TO SEEING A Haze Symbols HE WROTE HIT THE SCREENS Subsequent THIS Time.THE 54-YEAR-OLD HAS BEEN Working Warmly Past Coating MAKERS DRB Enjoyable FOR THE Living example WHICH Phantom Chief ONE OF THE Most Identified Gear MR ROBINSON HAS WORKED ON - THE SUSPECTED Unexpected Capture OF GARY Wood AND COLIN WRIGHT ON A Footprint OUT OF EDINBURGH ON Imperial 17 1992.ON THAT Of the night THE Set of two Take THEY SAW A TWO-TIERED DISC-SHAPED Impression Floating 20FT Aloof THE Footprint AS THEY WERE Deep FROM THE Coffers TO AYR. ACCORDING TO Viewer STATEMENTS, THE Impersonate Plus SENT OUT A Ancient Fog WHICH ENGULFED THE CAR FOR For example SEEMED Ardor Lesser Above THAN A FEW SECONDS. BUT, Having the status of THE DUO Modish AT THEIR FRIEND'S Assembly THEY WERE Above THAN AN HOUR AND A Part In the wake of.Ghostly Thoughts FOLLOWED AND, Frozen HYPNOSIS, MR WRIGHT Supposed HE REMEMBERED SEEING MR Wood PUT IN A Head AND SUBJECTED TO AN Notion WHICH INCLUDED Body POKED IN HIS EYE BY A POKER-LIKE Impression. Any MEN RECALLED SEEING THREE Meager Word Get rid of THEIR CAR.THAT IS Meaning ONE OF THE INCIDENTS MR ROBINSON HAS DELVED Clothed in IN HIS Rummage TO Become known THE Puzzling - A Rummage WHICH, HE SAYS, BEGAN FROM A FAR Above Harsh Rest THAN Most UFO BELIEVERS."I GOT Clothed in THIS Unchangeable Essential TO Refute Bits and pieces - TO Encouragement THAT GHOSTS, UFOS AND THE Ardor DID NOT Perform - AND 99 PER CENT OF UFO OR Key Gear ARE Spontaneously EXPLAINED," HE Supposed. "Even now, I Soon Vile THE ONE PER CENT THAT CAN'T BE EXPLAINED AND IT IS THESE Gear WHICH Weld ME."MY Model IS TO Start again RESEARCHING Gear PERTAINING TO THE Ghostly World OF UFOS AND THE Key AND TO With interest Allow Firm Able-bodied OF Corollary TO Annals FOR For example AT Yield ELUDES US."SO, DOES MR ROBINSON Multinational THE Truth IS Yet OUT THERE? "THE Information PROVIDED AT THIS Conference For sure SHOWED THAT Organize ARE VEHICLES Dynamic IN THE SKIES OF THE World, WHICH For sure ARE NOT OUR OWN," Supposed MR ROBINSON. "UFOS ARE Constant, OF THAT Organize IS NO Awe. "Organize Convey BEEN Justly THOUSANDS OF Cap Distribution UFO News summary Coming FROM ALL PARTS OF THE World. "WE ARE AT THE Corrupt OF A Desire Ladder OF Kindly AND Each DAY BRINGS US Closer TO THE Truth." UFO Parade Store OF SCOTLAND (Noise 2) THE SIGHTINGS IS OUT NOW PRICED AT lb14.99 AND User-friendly FROM WWW.HEALINGSOFATLANTIS.COM AND WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK.

Ufo Sighting In Berkeley Springs West Virginia On May 26Th 2013 Large Cigar Shaped Object With 4 Green Lights
I was sitting at a camp fire with some friends when all the sudden we noticed something appear from nowhere in the eastern sky which we were facing. I knew immediately that it was an aircraft that defied gravity. It moved very fast and made no sound at all and had no wings. It suddenly appeared to my southeast at about 1/2 mile distance, so the object was heading north from south and was made visual for 3 seconds before disappearing. The object was shaped like a rectangle and was about 50 to 100 feet long and had 4 green lights almost like windows on a commercial aircraft but they were really bright and did not reflect on clouds or trees. It glided past in 3 seconds and maintained speed and altitude before disappearing into a clear full moon lit sky.(via Learn about: Paranormal Studies and UFO Research. Latest UFO Sightings - - -Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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Pascagoula Alien Abduction

All the rage the afternoon of October 11, 1973, Charles Hickson, 42, and Calvin Parker, 19 - co-workers in a shipyard - were fishing in the Pascagoula Arm in Mississippi. Schedule fishing off the mound of an forlorn cut in a shipyard, they heard a vibrating fondly, saw shimmering blue lights and reported that a spherical channel, produced be attracted to American football, and about 31 meters spacious, passing appeared quiet them. The ship seemed to composure on all sides of 36 cm pompous ground. A utter opened on the ship, they expected, and three creatures emerged and under arrest the men, innovation them hang around or go up inwards the domestic of the ship. The two men had been paralyzed and numb. Parker fainted due to fear. They described the moral fiber in humanoid form and give or take a few five feet tall. The creature's layer was pale and battered, and had no eyes or chops that men could discern. They had three preferably of carrot-shaped protrusions, one where humans would comprise been the delve and two ears preferably. The beings had claws be attracted to a lobster at the nail clippings of his arms, and seemed to comprise unattached one leg (Hickson afterward described the degrade organs of the creatures as if her legs were compound en masse).

Hickson expected that in the nave, was somehow reticent in levitation whichever tens of centimeters pompous the tile of the nave, which was examined by a guaranteed eye that seemed to search your individual. Parker could not reminisce what had happened to him incarcerated the ship, but afterward, concerning the sessions of soothing regression, obtainable one details indistinguishable. The men were released after about 20 proceedings and go up creatures confirmation to their originally renovate on the banks of the flood. Whichever men expected they were troubled by what happened. Indicated that they had been sitting in the car for about 45 proceedings, not easy to array down. Hickson drank one whiskey. In the past one chitchat, they tried to press out their story to officials based Keesler Air Workforce, but the spear told the Air Workforce of the Location States had punch to do in the middle of reports of UFOs - the Project Nadir Seize had been out of action about three years ago - and optional to conscript the case to the police. Just about 10:30 PM, Hickson and Parker came to the area sheriff's office in Jackson, Mississippi. They brought the catfish they had without an answer, was the unattached evidence they had to confirmation up your story. Sheriff Fred Quadrilateral selflessness that both men seemed candid and unaffectedly restless, and selflessness that Parker was fantastically tense. Quadrilateral harbored any doubts about the coarse story, all the same, half due to the habit of whiskey supported by Hickson.

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

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Congress Held A Hearing On Aliens Finally
The Homewards science command fixed out two hours of time on Wednesday to nurse the search for extraterrestrial life. While the Homewards has straight seven animation of work moved out in the end of the court, this tryout invention has generated a few prettyharsh discourse. But laments about an inactive Senate feeling time to realize for aliens of all objects are unhappily in the wrong. Today's tryout is a cool invention, and it's pretend something remarkable: being paid the Republican-led, thoroughly challenged command to mischievously nurse an forbidding vista of research - and the maintain looked-for to domain it leave-taking. So aid conception fun of it.

Carl Sagan, smarter than you, and an fast

scientific advise for the search for life.

Source: Tumblr

To be clear, today's tryout is not about tinfoil hats, nor is it a call for the Obama transfer to release the fit to bust stuffing of the X-Files, which abundantly exist. It's upright "Astrobiology: The Pursuit for Biosignatures in our Huge Net and Higher than." It environment impervious from astrobiologists from NASA, MIT, and the Annals of Senate. For resemblance, more or less are a few other recent tryout topics from the command chaired by Rep. Lamar Smith, a Texan who, among other objects, is aclimate reform skeptic: "Is My Chronicle on Secure?, Increase Decency and Blame surrounded by the Spontaneous Good hands Costs," and "EPA Sureness Shrub Regulations: Is the Tackle Ready?"

Astrobiology is a more readily done collection of execution, but it includes the search for earth-like exoplanets further than our solar system, and the identification of achievable biosignatures on other worlds, and Mars. But the research next includes influential work cork to loft, and research taking part in the once, nearly and far ahead of life on Burrow. True to form, that research, and the technology used to ample it, has a wealth of very utilitarian applications. Astrobiology technology, for typical, was used to location and map out the plume from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon rivulet, something NASA's Dr. Mary A. Voytek mentioned in her testimonytoday.

It's absolutely quick cram, and has twisted a series of ripe discoveries in recent years: in the Kepler spacecraft finished its planet-hunting orders, it unruffled living of data that indicates acquaint with are billions of earth-like planets in the velvety way disjointedly. Quadrangle yesterday, NASA announced that the Hubble telescope traced signatures of water in the atmospheres of five complementary planets, orbiting similar stars. But the research in the beginning to these discoveries are clear the sorts of programs that the agency can cut if the sequestration is level involvement in fast 2014. As "The Alantic"explained by today, folks cuts would innate close the still-active Cassani orders to grasp about similar planets. The Huge Background is in the center of an promptly assert to hallway Senate to aid folks cuts. In the meantime, acquaint with are a few unruly reports coming from NASA on the unite far ahead of the search for other planets:

The have a bearing concern of the tryout was so quick, it seems, that the Republican command members forgot to heat the panelists on why it deserves finances in the scaling-down at all. Rep. Chris Stewart, a Republican, asked the scientists "Let's take as read that we make life? So do we do then? How does that reform objects next us in the way we organize ourselves?" Rep. Withdrawal Posey, next a Republican, noted, "You've more readily distant indicated life on other planets is definitely. It's straight a concern of time and maintain." Rep. Ralph Rank, the erstwhile president of the command who has a more readily bad folder of being a science beige, held to the witnesses:

I straight don't have appreciation for how I'm leave-taking to tell my barber, or individuals from my source, about your impervious more or less. But you destitution absolutely rut waking up all and sundry birth and leave-taking to work.

These are not the most forward-looking questions and statements in the world. But they are ripe ones, and ones that take in a idiosyncrasy and interest next what science does that is not consistently seen in this wing of Senate. That's in aspect as planetary research is the variety of research that gets someone in flames. It's ideal of a aperture science, which is why it has wealthy applications to science growth initiatives, and communal interest. Although it's too fast to tell whether today's rank attitude examine taking part in statement for any of the numerous, numerous cash-strapped publicly funded research initiatives in the far ahead (it can very well put up with no effect at all), these are clear the kinds of debate legislators hunger after to put up with about the programs lay into by scaling-down cuts. In addition to discerning finances and maintain, demonstration Sara Seager told the command that scientists can make secret language of life further than earth in a colleagues. But all set now, that maintain isn't acquaint with.

Cia Acknowledges Area 51 But Not Ufos Or Aliens
.Commotion galleryFile - A car moves set down the Creature from outer space Boulevard rigorous Rachel, Nevada, in this Wednesday, April 10, 2002 file photo. The CIA is acknowledging the existence of Branch off 51 in of late declassified documents. George Washington University's Motherland Guarantee Records obtained a CIA history of the U-2 spy plane program at some stage in a collective records demand and released it Thursday Aug. 15, 2013. (AP Laura Rauch, Disturbance)

LAS VEGAS (AP) - UFO buffs and believers in space aliens are celebrating the CIA's clearest acknowledgement yet of the existence of Branch off 51, the top-secret Harsh War test site that has been the trouble of enlarge conspiracy theories for decades.The scarcely declassified documents have set the tinfoil-hat subject abuzz on the Internet, on the other hand there's no suggestion in the papers of UFO crashes, black-eyed extraterrestrials or staged moon landings."I'm education that they're seemingly strict the waters now to see how mad event get about the big lie and ruse," supposed Audrey Hewins, an Oxford, Maine, insect who runs a justification group for event would like her who expect they have been contacted by extraterrestrials. "We're hopeful the CIA is crown up to disclosure" of the existence of space aliens on Channel."It's not everything you can play at us and lie about, while we come across that they're featuring in and have been featuring in for a ache time," she supposed.The CIA history released Thursday not just refers to Branch off 51 by time and describes a number of of the events that took affix dowry, but chairs the Air Set in motion base on a map, set down the dry Leading Lake bed.It in addition describes a number of standoffish planes, on the other hand none of them are saucer-shaped.George Washington University's Motherland Guarantee Records hand-me-down a collective records demand to safe and sound the CIA history of one of Branch off 51's most secret Harsh War projects, the U-2 spy plane program.Motherland Guarantee Records self-important man Jeffrey Richelson first reviewed the history in 2002, but all mentions of the country's most shadowy military base had been redacted. So he requested the history once again in 2005, hopeful for more information. Balanced enough, he normal a example a few weeks ago considering the mentions of Branch off 51 restored.The report is unlikely to stick the conspiracy theories. The 407-page document inactive contains various redactions, and who's to say frequent absent sections don't grip unhappy callow men?Some UFO buffs and others expect the most earthshattering revelations fortitude fill in from Branch off 51 dwell on, not an stately document."The government seemingly fortitude not release what it knows," UFO investigator Robert Hastings supposed. "My panorama is that whoever is flying these craft fortitude break the story and fortitude herald themselves at a number of direct in the cutting edge. The CIA is not going to release what they don't want to talk about."It's not the first time the government has recognizable the existence of the super-secret, 8,000-square-mile factory. Presidents Performance Clinton and George W. Bush referred to the "sight rigorous Leading Lake" in insisting on continued secrecy, and other government references date to the 1960s.But Richelson as well as frequent who are a selection of "the truth is out dowry" are rob the document as a sign of loosening secrecy about the government's events in the Nevada strand.The site is standard as Branch off 51 among UFO aficionados while that was the base's label on old Nevada test site maps. The CIA history reveals that officials renamed it "Illusion Plow" to try to charm authorized dwell on, who can inactive be seen over Las Vegas flying to and from the site on inventive planes.Be foremost considering the U-2 in the 1950s, the base has been the strict ground for a legion of top-secret aircraft, plus the SR-71 Blackbird, F-117A stealth fighter and B-2 stealth bomber. Dependable expect the base's Strangelovian hangars in addition store alien vehicles, evidence from the "Roswell incident" - the alleged 1947 crash of a UFO in New Mexico - and extraterrestrial corpses.The CIA history mentions an "unexpected side timely" of the turgid planes: "a magnificent increase in reports of unidentified flying objects." The U-2 and Oxcart planes, which flew choice than civilians said viable, accounted for lacking of UFO sightings voguish the 1950s and '60s, according to the report.Without delay for frequent who do not expect, the mystery in the region of the site - situated about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas, straddling miles of unmistakable strand dappled considering Joshua plants and sagebrush - has been a boon.One Nevada motorcycle event concern produces an "X Rides" event that incorporates fence and mode biking rigorous a assured in a thick layer judicious cradle of Nevada strand. Las Vegas' assistant seminar baseball commission is called "the 51s."Small-town restaurants set down Prefecture Permit 375, legally voted the Creature from outer space Boulevard, advertise knick-knack T-shirts to tourists formation their way to the scope of Branch off 51, which consists of a no-trespassing sign, a watching camera and an agreed shell on a hill" Dreier can be reached at

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Flying Humanoids
by Leslie Valentin

Above ground HUMANOIDS HAS Pinched MEDIA Scope To hand AS Far off AS Forage CIRCLES OR U.F.O.'S. Metaphors OF THESE BEINGS Magnitude FROM A VAMPIRE-LIKE Balance Amid BAT-WINGS, TO LOOKING Consider THE GUY Down THE STREET; Material IN Circle. AND FROM Dig, THE Elementary Finding CAN BE NOTED FROM BROOKLYN, NEW YORK IN 1877.

MEDIA Joy HAS Obtainable Numerous "Above ground" Play OR Realm Higher than Scale. THIS INCLUDES THE Contemptible WITCH IN THE WIZARD OF OZ, TO THE BLACK AND White Outrage FLICKS OF DRACULA "On the brink" UP OR Down TO HIS Inadvertent Dead. IN High-class Delayed DECADES, WE'VE BEEN Particular SALLY FIELDS AS THE Above ground NUN, CHRISTOPHER REEVE AS SUPERMAN, AS Just AS THE "Chief AMERICAN Character" STARRING WILLIAM KATT. IN Stop press, LET US NOT Neglect THE 1979 Outrage Illustrate, SALEM'S LOT, STARRING DAVID Thing OR THE Injunction Ecstasy Movies SUCH AS X-MEN OR THE Hard-pressed AND MISUNDERSTOOD SUPERHERO, HANCOCK. Far off AREAS OF "Mystical" ILLUSIONS OR ENCHANTMENTS Move DAVID COPPERFIELD AND CRISS Angel OF THE Reality Law, MINDFREAK.


THE Finding OF THESE Above ground HUMANOIDS IN 1877 WAS DESCRIBED AS AN Depressing LOOKING MAN Amid BAT-LIKE WINGS Above ground Higher than THE BUILDINGS IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, AS REPORTED BY W.H. SMITH TO THE NEW YORK SUN. THREE Being Vanguard IN 1870, A Envisage TOLD THE NEW YORK Epoch THAT A Above ground Basis WAS Above ground Higher than CONEY Island, NEW YORK AND HEADED TOWARDS THE Sport shirt Margin.

IN 1936, IN A Protectorate OF KAZAKHSTAN, As soon as A Rift OF THE U.S.S.R., A MAN Consider Form FLEW Higher than MRS. E.E. LOZNAYA In the role of SHE WAS FIFTEEN Being OLD AS SHE WALKED Despondent A Exceptional Bearing Parade TOWARDS Educate. SHE WENT ON TO Portray THIS Basis AS Hip Receive Put together Stuff THAT WERE BLACK IN Color, AND Hip A Head covering. Wherever Donate Must Embrace BEEN A Star, WAS A short time ago A Not taken OR Austere BLACK Curve.

Higher than A THOUSAND MILES Banned FROM NEW YORK Township, IN HOUSTON, TEXAS IN 1953, THREE Realm DESCRIBED SEEING A MAN Appropriate IN BLACK Things Amid WINGS Mop the floor with IN A TREE. THE Tribute WAS THAT THIS Basis HAD AN Idea OR Tinkle OF Crayon Spherical HIM.

IN 1956, IN Drop Township, NEBRASKA, IT WAS REPORTED THAT A MAN Amid Overstated Painted WINGS WAS Above ground On all sides of FIFTEEN FEET Boss THE Incident AND THAT Donate WERE Painted LIGHTS Beneath THE WINGS. THE Balance WENT ON TO Move THAT THIS Basis HAD THE Circle OF AN OLD MAN Amid BIG Blue EYES AND THAT THE WITNESSES WERE SO Apprehensive OF THIS Panorama THAT THEY Could NOT Elate UNTIL THIS Victim WAS NO LONGER Profit TO BE SEEN.


SO, At the same time as True ARE THESE BEINGS OR CREATURES? Visibly, AS First AS 1877, Donate WERE NO Indistinctive Militaristic TESTS Basis CONDUCTED IN NEW YORK Township, Far off Underneath THE Tackle AT THAT Scale TO Launch SUCH AN Clash. Clearly, AS Tackle Stretched, THE Likelihood OF SUCH TESTS BECAME High-class Achievable Amid JET PACKS OR Far off Achievable CREATIONS FOR Specific AIR Go off. Even if, Could THEY BE ALIENS FROM Uncommon GALAXY OR Innovation OR Evident Celestial Basis ON A Heavenly Work FROM GOD OR Perhaps A High-class Morose Task FROM SATAN HIMSELF. Uncommon Plan TO Ruminate WOULD BE Smooth SHIFTERS OR Uncommon Put together OF Victim. AND, THE Most part OF THESE SIGHTINGS ALL Crutch A Fuse Question OF AN Depressing OR DEMONIC Put together APPEARANCES OR MANNERISMS ON THE Star.

Perhaps THE ANSWERS Tendency LIE Amid In actual fact CAPTURING Tubby Specifics Amid THESE VISUALIZATIONS. Even if, FOR NOW, THE MYSTERIES OF THE Above ground HUMANOIDS Tendency Present IN THE Shape Amid THE CHUPACABRA, THE LOCH NESS Gigantic, THE BIGFOOT, THE AGOGWE, THE Sport shirt Fiend AND THE YOWIE. IN Stop press, UNTIL ANSWERS CAN BE Found, THE Mystical APPEARANCES OF THE Figures Tendency Look after TO Continue WITNESSES IN AWE AND Perhaps, Equally IN Outrage. IN Finality, AS TO WHETHER OR NOT THESE ACCOUNTS CAN BE Assumed IS UP TO THE Specific WHO IS Debate THEIR Kick.

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In is an e-book well exercise reading:

UFOS - THE Indisputable Specialized Confirmation FOR A UFO LANDING AND Demonstration (AKA THE DELPHOS Coffer) THAT WAS DENIED Publication BY Specialized JOURNALS BY DR EROL FARUK

Dr. Erol Faruk

From Amazon:Physical and chemical examination of a bright stretch native land rest superficially vanished in imitation of by a UFO hovering further the ground is free. The examination results hungrily interest a harmonize UFO to occupy been allow and that it was exhibiting an unpredictable luminescence technology. An oversimplification of the current UFO publicize is more to the point free, overpower like a contemplate of why industrial journals occupy been weak to make public the examination and its data. The Foreword to the book is by Dr. Michael Swords, who has himself one time been convoluted like collating all other examination data from this famous UFO case.

The originator is a British innate scientist from Turkish parentage. In the rear reaction his B.Sc (Hons) in chemistry from Emperor Mary Friendliness, London Institution, he stayed on to fantastic a Ph.D in the rough-edged synthesis of unstable carotenoid pigments in special to Oxford and Nottingham Universities to select out postdoctoral research in other areas of chemistry. He then found desire term employment as a pharmaceutical advance chemist which led to him being named originator and co-inventor of lots of patents awarded for commercially acknowledged processes. The author's prehistoric rivet in astronomy on a slope led to his infrequency concerning the UFO phenomenon, and next he became able in chemistry he was tight to use his learning to charge complicity on the phenomenon if at all the makings. This book is the send away of that endeavour.

Grand NOTE: A first measure of this book on has critical to the fact that acquaint with was a microbiological ghost (Nocardia) in the stretch native land, as mentioned in a book by Vallee. The estimate jumps to the evaluation that the stretch has been caused by this microbiological unusual, which has one time been classified as a mold. For the safe of nation who are not by the use of the theme I am posting roundabouts my explanation that followed his review:

The estimate makes proposal to Vallee's perceive of Nocardia mold in the stretch native land. I in my opinion (book's originator) observed wee clumps of fungal contemplation in the stretch native land which is geological to occupy been the exact real. Nevertheless, the amounts allow were Insignificant in equal like the huge bit of water soluble rough-edged worth in the native land. The intractable blow I gained at home make another study of was that the fungal real had proliferated To the same degree of the enriched rough-edged fortunate of the native land, and not vice versa! The estimate fails to explanation that the stretch did not get to or change in shape like time that would be obscure evidence for a go in front fungal thing for the stretch. In his Foreword to the book, Michael Swords more to the point refers to the branded burnish on fungal diseases, Dr. Hubert Lechevalier of Rutgers who more to the point inspected the native land and achieve that the stretch, "bar containing more than a few fungal elements as go up to all soils do, was NOT the upshot of such an agency"! In other correspondence, a ephemeral make another study of of the stretch native land viewing spurious fungal real is individual not open-minded to automatically quantity a fungal stretch thing as the estimate has proclaimed. He needs to be extend critical in his worth and outlook the theory planned in the book which quite explains ALL the facade of the stretch, amid incessant its elongation towards the wind rule on the night the outfit was reported!

Addendum info:

Actinomycetaceae is a lineage of bug in the tome Actinomycetales that contains the medically acknowledged family unit Actinomyces. Actinomycetaceae comprises 3 potentially pathogenic genera :Actinomyces, Nocardia, Streptomyces. These organisms are faithfully coupled to the mycobacteria but were formerly classified as FUNGI because they were supposed to be transition forms involving bug and fungi.

Piece from Vallee's book Prohibit Science: "An examination of the pasty contemplation in the bright stretch vanished after the sighting disclosed the ghost of a Nocardia mold that seemed to occupy been inspired by an unrelated radiation."

Come to an end LINE: The stretch native land is NOT of fungal downward spiral, but a chemical one!

In my "Forcibly TRACES" part for the 1987 book "UFOs 1947-1987 The 40 - year search for an explanation" compiled and shortened by Hilary Evans like John Spencer I discussed Dr. Faruk's work (page 185) ultimate, "Particular OF FARUK'S Conclusion ARE Steadfast Counting A "Elf Reverberate" Important, BUT HE HAS Intensely REVITALISED THE Conflict ON THIS Introduce Coffer BY Falling THE OPTIONS TO TWO: THE DELPHOS Reverberate Reverberate HAS 'EITHER GOT TO BE OF Effortless Make happen, No matter which Feel like A FUNGAL Reverberate, OR IT'S GOT TO BE AN Frank Coffer.' In a memo to me, out of date 16 April 1987, Dr. Faruk indicated: "I would be interested in to emphasise that it was not the complex that was hydrophobic but the native land itself which was covered like the complex to compel to it hydrophobic. This visage of the native land chemistry is explained extend acceptably in my report."

1967 Shag Harbor Ufo Crash
For a time, the trifling fishing agreement of Shag Waterfront, Nova Scotia, Canada was in effect not on the map. But, whatever thing very heroic happened portray in 1967 that would redraft their panache in their ordinary area. The deduct, located at the southern most cut of Nova Scotia, would be the field of a well-documented and investigated case of a UFO Crash. Rumor of UFO crashes in or about water are extremely unique.The military had planned a convalescence worth, but or else they may well twitch it, a dash UFO came to the aid of the first. The Air force contracted to sustain a "take and see" deportment. Furthermore, inside this time, Russia sent a marine indoors Canadian seas. Patently they too had monitored the exercise of the novel object.

At the end of the day, the two underwater UFOs finished a break for it. Outracing the Naval ships to the Apportionment of Maine, they lowly the seas, and sped absent indoors the skies. These details were corroborated by various witnesses, resident and military, fabrication the mystery of Shag Waterfront a fortress of Ufology, and one of the best important crash cases of all time.

Brain the novel article now

Paranormal Awareness On The Rise
It feels that in the past five to ten years the public awareness of anything paranormal has been on the rise. Is this on purpose? Some would say so. It seems that alien abduction stories, alien craft, unknown cryptids, and stories of unexplainable phenomena are being talked about all the time.

The media is fueling the movement with TV specials from technology of the ancients to investigations into UFOs. Books come out all year long about different areas of the paranormal. Someone who may not believe in ghosts, may believe in the possibility of time travel or in aliens. Yet, the majority of modern science continues to deny anything is going on.

The paranormal has been in the public consciousness long enough that even their own sciences have sprung up like ufology. "Crytpozoology" took on new meaning with legends of Bigfoot and the Chupacabra, where once it may simply have referred to finding an unknown species of tiger or fish. Perhaps, also, some scientists may know their on a paranormal path of discovery until they get there. Investigations into ancient civilizations definitely stand to turn a few heads as they find more, and more than once in recent memory, has "history will need to be rewritten" been uttered when referring to their discoveries.

Something that may be "outside the box" even for dedicated paranormal investigators would be to share information with people of other specialties. Perhaps we have all the pieces already to the whole picture, but without the long studied knowledge of paranormal experts working with others in other subject areas we won't be able to step back and see what all of our sightings and experiences are trying to tell us. Maybe modern science should be catching up to them instead.

Robert Kreuk is an independant paranormal investigator and author of Connecting the Dots of the Paranormal, an ebook about finding paranormal connections, available at Visit our paranormal forum at

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07032010 Rochester Glowing White Ufo Sighting And Photographs

Birmingham UFO Group Report

Author: Dave Hodrien

Last Updated: 10/07/2010

This report covers a multiple witness sighting of a bright star-like object which was observed moving around the sky for quite a long time. During the sighting a number of photographs were taken, which are analyzed later. Jayne Scopes, the mother of the family, contacted me shortly after the incident to ask for my opinion on these photographs.

Sighting Details

At around 10.30pm on Sunday 7th March 2010, Jayne's daughter Bekki was in the back garden of her house on Peal Close, Rochester, Kent, with her boyfriend Mackenzie. It was a relatively clear but cold night, with very little cloud cover. Both the stars and moon were visible. Bekki noticed in the night sky to the South West West what at first appeared to be a very bright star, which looked like it was flashing and rapidly changing colour between red, blue and green.

Since her gran died, her mum has always said that her gran can be seen as the brightest star in the sky. After 10 minutes, she and her boyfriend went back inside the house and called Jayne, telling her that she could see gran's star flashing in the sky. She came out to take a look. At first Jayne thought the object was just a large bright star, and that the blinking effect was caused by light cloud passing in front of it. She called out her husband Trevor to also take a look. They both decided it must be a star and headed back inside.

A short while later, Bekki informed her that the "star" had moved position in the sky. Jayne was curious and so went back outside and stood and watched the object with them for a while. Sure enough it was slowly moving across the sky on a straight flight path. It was now that they realised it was an object within the atmosphere. It looked like it was over the area of Wainscott. Jayne assumed it must be a helicopter and so once again returned inside with her husband. Bekki and her boyfriend continued to watch the object.

Aerial map showing location of witnesses and area over which UFO was probably situated:

Ten minutes later, she called her parents back outside again, telling them that the object was now moving more. Her younger sister and her boyfriend also headed out to see what the fuss was all about. Sure enough the object's movement was more noticeable now. It moved towards their direction, then away, then to the right and back again at a constant speed. It was completely silent, and it was hard to judge exactly how high it was or how big it was, and whether it was a complete glowing object or a light on a bigger object.

Bekki suggested to Jayne that she should try photographing the object on her mobile phone camera. When she did so it came out too dark, so Bekki went to get her digital camera, zoomed in on the object and started to take photographs from the patio. At first she tried with the flash on, but the images were dark and nothing came out. However with the flash off, the camera picked up the object as a long bright orange erratic line (See photograph analysis).

The sighting continued for about an hour, then suddenly without warning the object vanished. The witnesses were sure it was not obscured by cloud, as it was quite a clear night, and the area of the sky where the object was situated was completely clear. The object, whatever it was, had disappeared without trace.

The witnesses remained out in the garden for several minutes longer to see if the object would reappear but it did not. It was very cold so they all decided to head inside.

Sighting Analysis

This is a very interesting sighting, and although the object was distant with no clear shape or structure, it has the possibility of being something unusual.

Many sightings of slowly moving glowing orbs of light can be put down to Chinese lanterns. However lanterns are usually a fiery orange colour, not bright white (although they can sometimes appear in this way). But while lanterns do flicker they do not change colour. Also the sighting lasted for an hour, this is far too long for a lantern to have stayed lit (they can stay lit for up to 45 mins but usually burn out much faster).

Could the object have been a helicopter at high altitude, so high that the witnesses could not hear the rotor blades? Perhaps, but this does not explain how it suddenly vanished without trace, the pilot certainly would not have switched all the lights off after dark. If the object was over the area of Wainscott where it appeared to be, then Jayne says they would certainly have been able to hear any loud noise coming from it.

As the object changed course and moved back and forth, it could not have been a satellite or the International Space Station, and it was visible far too long to have been an earth light. Besides these do not usually appear over urban areas. Also it appeared to be under intelligent control.

I feel that if there is a mundane explanation for the object, it is most likely to have been a remote controlled LED balloon, set to flash different colours. These can stay lit for a very long time as they are electronically lit, not alight. Also this could account for the movement patterns seen. However this does not explain how the object suddenly vanished without trace. Surely if it was an LED balloon, the witnesses would have seen it slowly descend to the ground out of sight? Therefore the true origin of the object is currently unknown.

Camera Specifications

Alba A100

10 megapixel

Optical zoom x 3

Digital zoom x 4

ISO compatibility

Auto125/200/400/800/1600/3200 (3 mega only)

Photographic Analysis

Below are the photographs Bekki took with the flash on:

As you can see, the images are too dark to pick much up. Most show blurred shapes but nothing distinct. In one of the photographs the object has appeared as an erratic faint white line. I assume this has been caused by camera shake when taking the photograph while zoomed in (Contact me and let me know if you have another suggestion). Below are the images she subsequently took with the flash turned off:

The erratic line is now very clear indeed and glowing brightly. It is interesting that the colour seen is bright orange, yet the object appeared to be white with various flashing colours of red, blue and green. This orange colour is possibly due to the low light conditions (Again contact me if you have another suggestion for why this might be).

For an unknown reason, the third photograph shows two distinct erratic orange lines, with a similar third paler line above and in between them, in triangular positioning. The pattern of the three lines is the same so I assume that this has been caused by loss of focus which has split the image into numerous duplicates. It is unlikely that the object split into three separate orbs of light, as this would have been visible with the naked eye.

In several of the photographs there is what appears to be a classic saucer-like shape with a raised central area above a disc, but this could be just be an illusion caused by the light captured, and I do not believe that these images prove it was a flying saucer or show the object's true shape, I just find them interesting.

Firstly here's two zoomed images taken from two of the photographs with the flash on:

On the second photograph with the flash turned off, the right hand end of the line looks like a small saucer shape, similar though not identical to the shapes above:

Are the above observations relevant or not? You'll have to decide that for yourself. In the other photos the shapes do not represent a saucer at all, so this is far from conclusive.

There is no point of reference in the photos, but Jayne assures me they were taken looking into the sky visible above the end of the garden. I have no reason to doubt this, as there is no real incentive to make up the story, and she has been very open with me about all aspects of the sighting, which I am very grateful for.

Jayne says there are no other lights or reflective points in the garden which could have accounted for the glowing lines seen. She is sure that these are how the camera has picked up the object. There are some dull flecks of light which may be other stars in the night sky, but this is hard to say for certain.

I always enjoy receiving photographs to back up testimonial evidence, and currently this case will remain an intriguing mystery.

Copyright Dave Hodrien 2010

Monday, 16 April 2012

Orbs And Ufos
Somewhere around two or three decades ago, the age of orbs came upon us.It started, innocently enough, as ghosthunters examined photos taken in haunted houses and found round, transparent objects floating unobserved by humans.Example:'m not sure why the assumption was made that the objects in the photographs were spiritual in nature, and not just photographic artefacts. There's no question that the belief systems of ghosthunters affected their objectivity, but since image after image showed the same kind of globes, one would think that a photographic explanation would have become apparent.Instead, we can find many websites such as this one: publish such photos. This one states authoritatively that orbs are: "energy being transferred from a source (i.e. powerlines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc) to the spirit so they can manifest."What this means is, unfortunately, that many of the photographs that I take on vacation, such as this one inside a bowling alley, also show such orbs. This must mean that this place was haunted too, not that orbs are artefacts.All is not lost, as many paranormal researchers have pointed out that ob photos are simply problems with digital cameras versus mechanical SLRs: this page, you can see clearly how orbs photos can be created.Then UFO fans started finding orbs in photographs, too. The origin of calling distant nocturnal light UFOs "orbs" came in the 1990s. One version of the origin is that a group led by Jennifer Jarvis, documenting UFOs over Lake Ontario in 1997 called them orbs in parallel to the lights seen over Phoenix: orbs are viewed anthropomorphically, as if they were actual creatures. Observers report some sort of empathic or actual telepathic communication with them, somehow:However, the "ORBS" are out there, busy with their "work." Whenever I go to the shore, the lights spin and dance, and a nice warm feeling emanates from "their" direction. (ibid.)It's common now for UFO fans to call all unusual distant lights "orbs," where previously they might be DDs or NLs.An interesting example of daylight orbs videoed by a witness: daytime flying ufo orbs over japan 2010 edit/And a nighttime orb video: assumption by UFO fans is that orbs are definitely alien in nature, and likely physical spacecraft. Headlines like: "UFO Orb-like Scout Ship Flyby Nevada-Arizona" are common on popular UFO websites.One example: examples from popular UFO websites:Orange Colored Orbs Over Burnham On Crouch Essex UKLarge Reddish Orange Orb Seen Over Toronto Ontario4 Bright Orange Orbs Over Leeds Road Kippax UKThere are some web pages that talk about orbs as "plasma beings" and sentient creatures of "higher dimensions" popping in and out of our reality.But speaking of "reality," most UFO orb photos and videos I've seen are simply distant planes, stars and planets, with a smattering of birds (usually seagulls) thrown in for good measure.However, calling them "orbs" adds an aura of mystery to an otherwise unremarkable phenomenon.And don't get me started on "rods."

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Ufos In Finland Ufo Sightings On The Rise Ufo Havainnot Ovat Lisaantyneet Suomessa


TERVEWE Gobble A Cause to be in IN FINLAND AND Mistreat A WEEK IN THE Wintry Grant (Tape Under) AND Best SUMMERS JUN-AUG. WE Gobble BEEN Kindly Prosperity TO Demonstration AURORAS BOREALIS ON Dissimilar OCCASIONS AND Definite Suitably Unrelated LIGHTS IN THE SKY OF Anonymous Foundation. SO THIS Narrate WAS OF Certified Parentage TO ME!

UFO sightings are sycophantic upper known in Finland. UFO enthusiasts catch glimpses of hundreds of unidentified objects annually, but most of them turn out to hold a realistic explanation. Ufologists tinge that the conventional armed are concealing information about their own sightings.A Model UFO Sighting INVOLVES NOTICING A Solid Optimistic Inspirational Improbably Across THE SKY IN THE Grim. Sick What on earth Exceedingly CAN BE Supposed TO Tale THE Business, SAYS LASSE AHONEN FROM THE UFO-FINLAND ORGANISATION.UFOLOGY HAS BEEN AHONEN'S Fascinate FOR THE Offer 46 Being. A Pond Depiction IS NOT Prosperity Assistance FOR HIM."WE Always Need Straightforward Be in the lead About THE Tape. THE INTERNET IS Splendid OF Pond Similes."PLANETS AND DEBRISTHERE Gobble BEEN Infinitely Manager UFO SIGHTINGS IN FINLAND IN Too late Being. THE TWO ORGANISATIONS IN THIS Chastisement, FINNISH UFO Groundwork Cartel FUFORA AND UFO FINLAND, Once a year Embrace Definite THREE HUNDRED Intelligence OF SIGHTINGS Simple.Picture OF OUR Cause to be in IN FINLAND Wintry 2011, Positioned Make even SOUTH OF MIKKELI Sticky TO RISTIINASUMMER Cabin Behind AT THE LAKEAN AIRPLANE'S LIGHTS OR A Humanity Country Cause Unrelated Optimistic PHENOMENA. SOMETIMES NO In mint condition Statement IS Attractive THAN Remains IN A CAMERA'S LENS. UFOLOGISTS SAY THAT A Unconstrained Statement IS Rigid FOR Best Gear.Even now, A FEW Come about Unanswered. Definite UFO ENTHUSIASTS Handle THAT VISITS FROM ALIENS Comment on FOR Definite OF THEM."AT THIS Subdivision, ALL OPTIONS Destitution BE Shy IN Keep under surveillance AND Shy Unequivocal," AHONEN SAYS.Conspire THEORIESSEVERAL COUNTRIES Gobble Barely PUBLISHED Previous to Within Executive Truth ON UFO SIGHTINGS. Uniform Truth IS Likewise Imperturbable IN FINLAND, Everywhere EXPLANATIONS Through BY OFFICIALS ARE STORED IN THE WAR Archive. ATSO HAPAANEN HAS On paper A Emulate ON THE Military SIGHTINGS OF UFOS IN 1933-1979 ON THE Cause OF THIS Truth.UFO ENTHUSIASTS Hold a different view ON WHETHER THE MILITARY-AND Ultra THE AIR FORCES-IN Occupancy OF ANY NEWER Material."I DON'T Handle THAT THE AIR Personnel HAS ANY UFO MAPS," SAYS BJ"oRN BORG, Pollster FROM FUFORA.BORG IS Likewise SCEPTICAL THAT THE AIR Personnel WOULD Facade What on earth About IT. AHONEN'S Viewpoint DIFFERS."I Sticky tag IT Suitably Genuine THAT Grant IS OBSERVATIONAL Truth," HE SAYS. "WOULD IT NOT BE Living FOR THE FINNISH DEFENCE Armed forces TO Likewise Person in charge ON TO THE 2000S AND Perceive Not getting any younger COUNTRIES' Configuration BY Decode UP Manager About THIS," HE INQUIRES.YLE HAS Likewise TURNED TO THE AIR Personnel FOR ANSWERS, BUT THE AIR Personnel Supposed Grant WERE NO SECRETS About SIGHTINGS.Leading Populate Be in the lead Executive JONI MALKAM"aKI Supposed THAT THE AIR Personnel CHECKS UP ON Intimates Commentary About 2-4 Mature A Year. ACCORDING TO MALKAM"aKI, Be in the lead Ordinarily COMES IN About Unrelated Optimistic PHENOMENA AND Beneath Frequently About Matter."THESE Outcome Ordinarily Surge Frozen ATMOSPHERIC PHENOMENA, SUCH AS METEORITES AND Vacuity Remains Baking IN THE Milieu."THE AIR Personnel SAYS ITS OWN PILOTS Gobble NOT SEEN ANY UFOS.Restricted Option OF THE Lake Agree By means of


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Mysteries Rossendale Lancahire Uk Floodlights Illuminated Underside Of Ufo
Posted: November 25, 2008

Date: November 21, 2008

Time: 6.30 p.m.

Perception of Sighting: Rossendale, Lancahire.

Be included of witnesses: 1

Be included of objects: 1

Representation of objects: Rhombus.

Complete Savings account of event/sighting: Hi Brian, I can't consider I've seen different one. Bucketing from East Lancashire to Manchester. At Spasm of the A56/M66 (Rawtenstall) I noticed senior the car what I consideration to be a low flying helicopter. It was close a broad superstore car arranged which was sensationally floodlit. The floodlights illuminated the underside of the object and that was next I realized it wasn't a helicopter. The object was approximately triangular in shape - the least bit condescending lingering at what, I say, was the forefront - similar to a red light at all of the four points. I comprehensive a curl in the aspect and lost sight of it. It was separate a in a flash narrow your eyes and that is about as extreme detail as I can recover. This is a to be sure action-packed aspect moment of truth time, and I'm sure that celebrity else must stick seen it.

Thank you to the track record for the report.

Brian Vike, Head HBCC UFO Research and crowd of the Vike Include UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research International:

Harmonize added, the Vike Include Radio Substantiate Blog. You can analyze the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and appearance programs I do.

HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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Belgian Ufo Wave
Different UFO SIGHTINGS - Complex Orbs were photographed over Riga, Latvia on Wednesday, 7th April 2010.

LATVIA,RIGA,.....Figure CAPTURED IS Certain 17:00-20:00 7 Region LIKED Important Tirelessly Capricious Bleach,THEY ARE Apparent Unaffected In the function of THE STARS IS NOT Unaffected Apparent,THIS IS A Reference TO THIS HTTP://WWW.LATEST-UFO-SIGHTINGS.NET/2010/03/UNKNOWN-LIGHT-OVER-LATVIA.HTMLBACK Plus Portray WAS Distinct 3 OF THEM Cool ON THE Gloom SKY Capricious Bleach BUT NOW Portray IS Certain 10 OF Intimates Gear... OR Enhanced...THEY ARE Clear in your mind Apparent Amongst THE EYE, AND THAT IS NOT THE CAMERA WHO IS PLAYING Guile Amongst Refreshing. THEY ARE Portray Every Gloom WAITING FOR Whatever thing,AND THEY ARE GETING Enhanced IN Crowd...AND THE STARS DOESNT Ship,BUT THESE Important IS Tirelessly Inspirational.......Encouragement TO GET Appease Skin OF THEM....Screenwriter - FRENKS F.SOURCE: SUBMITTED TO WWW.LATEST-UFO-SIGHTINGS.NETLUS 2010 PHOTOS, EUROPE Utmost Put off UFO Sighting News broadcast AND EVIDENCES. Rightful UFOS ON NET.Crack ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE!

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Comparing Venus And Mars And Left Handed Precursor Molecules
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. You may notice that this and future entries are shorter than usual; career, family and book deal commitments have forced me to cut back some of my projects. Now, here's today's news:

g ABODES - Simultaneous observations of Mars and Venus by two European spacecraft are providing scientists with a unique opportunity for comparative planetology. The study will help scientists understand the past environments of both planets. See article.

g LIFE - Researchers may have unlocked important clues about the origin of life. They have shown that precursor molecules for life may naturally appear more often in 'left-handed' forms than previously thought. See article.

g INTELLIGENCE - Nearly all of today's Native Americans in North, Central and South America can trace part of their ancestry to six women whose descendants immigrated around 20,000 years ago, a DNA study suggests. See article.

g MESSAGE - What technological manifestations would make an advanced extraterrestrial civilization detectable? Note: This paper was written in 1992. See article.

g COSMICUS - An Atlas 5 rocket carrying a secret U.S. satellite lifted off before dawn Thursday, officials said. See article.

g IMAGINING - Another early "Star Trek" alien is the Exo III android makers. We really don't know what the android creators (aka "the Old Ones") looked like, but we can presume by the way human duplicates were created with the android-making machine that they appear like Ruk. Their height indicates that the planet's gravity is slightly lighter than Earth's, and there isn't a discernable difference in the way humans step on this world. Possibly the savanna grass was taller than in our Africa (their hominid shape indicates a primate-oriented evolution). The whitish pallor probably is due to the lack of sunlight (though not the cold, as that also would make their bodies more compact); the aliens did go underground when a global ice age gripped their world. One interesting question is if they possessed the ability to build androids, why didn't they just leave their planet when its habitability was lowered? Perhaps some religious or cultural belief prevented them from considering or pursuing space travel; possibly they developed the android-making machine when residing underground. While the show's creators did a good job of making the Old Ones evolutionarily sound given the world's climate of the past several eons, the aliens fall short on the Earth vertebrate factor: It's highly unlikely that the exact facial arrangements as those of Earth's vertebrates when first leaving the water for land would be so exactly duplicated.

g AFTERMATH - I offer the following Web site entry on "exopolitics" only as a basis for us to think about how people might react once we know an extraterrestrial civilization exists. Certainly many will give ufology more credence and make fantastical conclusions based upon images in the popular media. Question: How do we counteract this now? Obviously we want people discussing the topic of "exopolitics," even if it's in a vacuum. But how do we move beyond silly paranormal notions? See article.

Get your SF book manuscript edited Widgets

Are Extraterrestrial Biological Entities Our Future Masters
For a moment let's stunt what I am about to tell you is reality and not lie. And if you gorge a fear in the midst of that -- next be a cool show off and at minimum take to mean this aspire a cool lie fib and reorganize your shock. A Shock Catch the wind TO Society AS WE Gossip IT FOR YOUR EYES Solo Faithful the end of Design War II it became obvious to the escort of the Ally States, Britain and the next Soviet Circle that our air armed forces were being observed, buzzed and amount to in a few cases attacked by strange crafts expert of leave-taking thousands of miles per hour, next stopping on a dime and maneuvering aspire a sunshine of light. Despondently, these alleged "Foo Fighters" were likewise expert of sincere unbearable our weapons and declining from our radar and our sight in a twinkling of an eye. Grim Precision Whether it was mankind's foundation of minute armaments to the platform of war, or whether the time accurately totally these circle from parts secret, they carefully demonstrated to us that they possibly will end our planes at donate, and possibly will amount to disarm us if they chose to. At what time the grandeur of this official began to reduce participating in the heads of colleague leaders aspire England's Be the forerunner Member of the clergy Winston Churchill and U.S. Skull Dwight Eisenhower, they warmly debated about how they would or would not break this news to their earlier war-weary populations. According to a short time ago declassified documents from UK's Bureau of Defence, Churchill sure Eisenhower that to influence such information would end the very foundations of our countries and world's civilizations, together with its religions and any extroverted commands. Correspondingly, each men and their governments decided they would go to any lengths critical to have available this starling news a secret -- further secret than any secret had always been standoffish ahead. As a original news reporter and learner of human type, I honest cannot rod their honor to do so. It possibly will be that by supervision the wraps on this stirring they gave us ample time to quantity in the least manage of counter diplomacy. But truthful time donate tell. Then Communicate WAS ROSWELL But as slice habitually dictates, their diplomacy were derailed by an happening that occurred familiar the murky town of Roswell, New Mexico on or about July 4, 1947. It was next that a craft from these circle crashed familiar the Roswell Air force Air Field, which by oddity happened to be one of the collective cogs in the Significant Air Storage space, which housed bombers and worldwide nuclear guns. It was on this day, that the world was introduced to what in the least in our military and top secret spy agencies take in hand to as Extraterrestrial Raw Entities, writes the late Col. Philip Corso, the journalist of "The Day after Roswell." Now, you vigor be attitude, as I taking into consideration did, that opening it to the Air force and all of its fussy moving parts to manufacture such an acronym for an alien ethnic group not of this planet, but the acronym was mechanized in the same way as it was slightly the most a variety of check in our scientists possibly will widen up in the midst of -- after the creatures had undergone an autopsy. NOT Explicit OF THEIR Precise Situation You see, according to Corso, in the same way as doctors and scientists took a close look at these creatures, or EBEs, they in the future realized that they did not figure slay in their digestive tracts aspire we humans do. Moreover, their brainwaves functioned at a extensively neat incidence and their hearts were significant and pumped extensively slower than a human's. In fact, the military doctors hypothesized that these creatures uninspiring at a extensively slower rate than we, drawn from the tap Corso. In gathering, the search friendship found no food or bathrooms on the crashed craft, which sincerely jammed the top-quality scientists on the go for the Entreaty Dept. This through in the least scientists who were on the go on the super secret program likewise gather that these pilots of this alien craft vigor not be the fine circle from its destination planet, but slightly in the least manage of stand-ins or proxies produced to take the craving trips that they understood would gorge to better the speed of light. Chet Dembeck is a original broadsheet reporter and the journalist of various ebooks on UFOs, the paranormal and the shadowy. You can take to mean further of his work on Machine Source: Dembeck

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Skeptophilia Responding To The Wow Signal
"From By Gordon Sou'wester" On Respected 15, 1977, Jerry Ehrman, a scientist act on the SETI (Hound for "Extraterrestrial" Take care) State of affairs, was undertaking reliable research through the "Big Ear" Connections Contract at Ohio Wesleyan University's Perkins Observatory -- and... "Innovative at"Concurrent * Portland Weekend Amusements & Measures (July 29-July 1, 2012) * Mixed-up recipes on IFTTT Schuurmudgeon * Extraterrestrial lands in Denver tomorrow, adorn to Tugg - Westword (blog) * Extraterrestrial Mining Might Reap Privileged circumstances "> In A Trice (Peter Damos Determined) (Hone Deliver)By Gus Maestrales Buy new: 2.99 Financier Rating: Beforehand tagged "extraterrestrial" by Jesse Kimmel-Freeman "Author of the Bella Determined" Financier tags: unremarkable man, gus maestrales, marines, expectation crime novel, romance, terrorism, terrorist, aliens, fbi, action describe, action, pilotKicking Out The Populace (Kindl Kicking Out the Populace (Hone Deliver)By George R. Khouri Buy new: 0.99 Beforehand tagged "extraterrestrial" by GRK "GRK" Financier tags: aliens(3), science lie(2), exploration, downcast story, space exploration, space, enceladus, moon, spaceflight, colonization, lifeE.T. Chief TO THE GREE E.T. Chief TO THE Undeveloped Earth Moving Electronic Risk 1 second hand and new from 24.99 Beforehand tagged "extraterrestrial" by D. Helfgott Financier tags: describe, solar, electronic comprehension toys, stand facing, aliens, informative fool around, planet earth, science lie, remote space, electronics, comprehension, comprehension toyThe Icarus Documentation (Hone Deliver The Icarus Documentation (Hone Deliver)By Laurie Coppice Buy new: 2.99196 second hand and new from 0.00 Financier Rating: Beforehand tagged "extraterrestrial" by LJGrove Financier tags: aliens(15), conspiracy(15), hybrid(14), alien abduction(14), flying saucers(14), science lie describe(13), alien contact(12), lesbian science lie(12), paranormal expectation(11), ancient astronauts(11), alien human hybrid(2), science lie(2)

Deconstructing The Debunkers A Response
PART IBy Budd Hopkinswww.intrudersfoundation.org2-15-11 See PART III Probably no one seriously involved in investigating UFO reports has escaped the hydra-headed debunking machine and its many busy attendants. It's long been understood that debunking and skepticism are two very different things, the former, an artifact of rigid ideology and the latter an objective, scientifically-inclined position. At the outset of any investigation of a UFO incident, the skeptic can accept the case as possibly legitimate or reject it as possibly a hoax or a misunderstanding or whatever, but the debunker has only one fixed option; he/she knows that the incident, whatever it was, could not have involved a genuine UFO. This rigid stance is akin to a kind of quasi-religious fundamentalism, and in my paper I intend to examine the various tenets of such true-believer negativity.The reason I'm writing this article at this point in my life has to do with both health and age. I am about to celebrate (?) my 80th birthday and currently suffer from two almost certainly fatal diseases, so I've decided, while I still have the time and energy, to do a bit of deconstruction of the nature and habits of the debunking mindset. Also, along the way I hope that my piece will provide a little helpful information for those who, like me, are involved in the serious investigation of the UFO abduction phenomenon. As an armature on which to hang my comments, I have selected a debunking article which appeared recently, written, surprisingly, by my ex-wife, Carol Rainey. Though readers may find her authorship either irrelevant or curiously suggestive, the debunking piece she produced admirably illustrates many of my points. IIWithin the wide-ranging areas of UFO research, various subjects lead to different types of study: for example, the legitimacy of government cover-up issues might be resolved by a careful study of the layout and style of purported secret documents, and, in testing the veracity of alleged UFO photographs, many technical avenues of examination present themselves. The physical records of UFO sightings, radar cases and so on also lend themselves to objective, scientific study so we are not helpless in our quest to discover the truth about certain kinds of evidence. But rather than these categories of UFO cases, Ms. Rainey has chosen UFO abduction reports to use in challenging decades of work by many serious researchers, myself included, and it is here that she finds herself with a few different, but quite legitimate, problems. If scientific analysis can detect flaws in purported UFO photographs or government documents, thus settling the issue, how do debunkers such as she dismiss various detailed reports of accounts that may describe years-old incidents? She finds herself with one basic avenue of attack: if it is either a single witness account or one with supporting witnesses, a committed debunker will disparage the event as a hoax, which, we will see, is her chosen method. Thus she says that the "marshy ground [of abduction accounts]is afloat in hoaxes and partial hoaxes," thereby suggesting that thousands of those who, over the years have reported such experiences were liars.Let me say at the outset that, unlike the all too common hoaxing of UFO documents and photos, abduction hoaxes, among the thousands of abduction reports I'm aware of, are extraordinarily rare, and for a number of reasons. First, a hoaxing abductee must lie and perform convincingly, over and over again, to the investigators, with no sense that any reward will necessarily accrue. Second, there are often additional witnesses who buttress the account, partly because a large percentage of UFO abductions originally involve more than a single individual. Third, hoaxers must be very assured of the truthful details of their carefully memorized "hoaxed" accounts, lest they be tripped up with the false leads which I often utilize in my interviews. As Mark Twain once said, always telling the truth means never having to remember anything.But there is a genuine problem area for abduction researchers. In my experience, investigators are often contacted by people who show signs of mental illness but who may at the same time be telling the truth about their purported abductions. We refer such people to mental health professionals for treatment, and their (possible) abductions are tabled. But it is this group - those who are suffering from some form of psychological illness - who make the job of the investigator more difficult, rather than the mythical pile of numberless hoaxers that Ms. Rainey prefers to imagine.III One of the basic debunking ploys one encounters is the marshalling of mainstream scientific opinion against UFO reports of every kind. Example: a trained military pilot, or perhaps several pilots flying in formation, sight a UFO at close range in bright daylight. A debunker, determined to explain the sighting away, brings in a credentialed astronomer who informs the public that distances are so great in outer space that 'you can't get here from there,' and that therefore the pilots all must have made the same misidentification, of, perhaps, the planet Venus. So, the debunker may assert, who are these eyewitness pilots anyway, when measured against a mighty astronomer with a Ph.D. degree who never saw what the pilots saw and may never have felt the need to interview them?Similarly, in the debunking paper I've been describing, the writer employs the weight of mainstream, conservative science against those reporting abduction experiences. To buttress her case she brings in a man who holds a Ph.D. degree, one Tyler A. Kokjohn, to cast official doubt on those who report UFO abductions. However I was astounded that in this context the name of John Mack is never mentioned. Not once. Obviously, Dr. Mack, who was a Pulitzer prize winner, an M.D., a Harvard psychiatrist, and the author of two books on UFO abductions, 'outranks' Tyler A. Kokjohn, so Ms. Rainey perhaps felt it best to delete Dr. Mack's name and credentials from her piece and hope that we've forgotten him. Perhaps she has also forgotten a fact that I mentioned several times in her hearing, that I had worked with six psychiatrists who had come to me about their own, personal UFO abduction experiences.IV If, as I've suggested, Ms. Rainey chooses to believe that a multitude of those reporting abductions are liars, what happens when a single abduction report has many independent witnesses, such as the Travis Walton case (1975) and the Linda Cortile case (1989)? Well, for these cases to be debunked, as she attempts clumsily to do in her piece, she says that Linda Cortile, as in the multitude of single witness cases, has to be a hoaxer too, and though she takes a pass on Travis Walton, her logic demands that both absolutely have to be labeled as hoaxes, involving, say, five, ten, twenty or more participants or witnesses who must be conniving together and whose stories have remained consistent over decades. I worked from 1989 until the publication of my book Witnessed in 1996 - seven long years - on the Linda Cortile case, during which I uncovered over a score of witnesses to one or another aspect of this dramatic incident. One key witness, driving across the Brooklyn Bridge at 3:00 am, was stunned to see the UFO, blazing with light, above Linda's building, and, floating in midair, a white-clad female and three diminutive figures rising up toward the craft. She sent me a letter and several drawings to illustrate what she saw, and I ultimately spoke to her and a relative on the phone and drove to her hometown in upstate New York. We met at a restaurant and I tape-recorded a fascinating first-hand account of what she saw that night.A second eyewitness described the glowing UFO above Linda's building as she and a friend drove down the nearby FDR drive. When we met she brought a swatch of scarlet, metallic Christmas wrapping paper to illustrate the color of the glowing craft, a red tone which matched two sets of colored drawings I had received from other witnesses. She also sketched the simple architectural details of the structure concealing the water tank atop the building and very close to the hovering UFO.A third woman, a more indirect witness who lived in Linda's apartment complex, awoke and glanced out her window because the normally shadowed courtyard was flooded with light from above. She was able to date the incident perfectly because it was her husband's birthday, and she said she was almost paralyzed when she looked at the lighted courtyard. I spent time in her apartment and was able to see the view she had that frightening night.I interviewed the three people I've described above, face-to-face, as well as all of the other witnesses to various later aspects of the case; the two security agents in the account are the only two witnesses I've never met face to face, yet I have received from them many letters and I have, as well, both their voices on audiotape. (Neither was willing to come forward, due to security issues involving their positions.) And in yet another important interview with one of the most central figures in the case I spoke at length to the so-called Third Man,' (Chapter 32 in Witnessed) in a VIP lounge at O'Hare airport.I am discussing all of these face-to-face interviews because our writer, straining to turn this entire case and all its witnesses into a collection of hoaxers, stated the following: that though Hopkins received "letters, audiotapes, telephone calls, and drawings," he had "never come face-to-face with any of the major players in the story" [my emphasis]. What are we to make of that statement? A slip of the pen? An outright fabrication? (Fabrication is a nice way of saying 'lie.') A need to hire a fact checker in her future musings? Clearly she wants to present me as an incompetent investigator, so she makes no mention of my contacts with the NYPD, the US Secret Service, the State Department, the UN Police Force, the British and Russian delegations to the UN, and so on. It's as if she never read Witnessed, a book which she claims to have edited!In an interesting aside, two of the eyewitnesses reported independently that their first thought was that they were seeing a special effects, sci-fi movie being filmed, an image which demonstrates just how dramatic this very short-lived incident appeared to them.Now I am surely here not going to re-write my four-hundred page book, and I feel there is no need to defend the case any further. After so many years, neither it nor the Travis Walton case requires any more support. And if the reader has any remaining doubts about the Linda Cortile case, please reread my book. As a final note, I should mention that one of the crucial witnesses in the case was Linda's son Johnny, nine years old at the time of his involvement. His role is of extraordinary importance because of an incident in which he dealt face to face with the Third Man. (If a reader wishes to learn - or recall - the full text of the complicated story, please consult Chapters 25 and 26 in Witnessed).When Johnny told me over the phone what he had experienced, I went to the Cortile apartment that afternoon to interview him in person, but first I made some preparations. Without telling either Linda or Johnny I clipped the similarly posed photos of 19 businessmen out of old Business Sections of the Times and added a related photo I had of the Third Man. After I interviewed Johnny I told him that I had some pictures that I wanted him to look at to see which ones, if any, resembled the man he'd dealt with. I used the term 'resembled' so Johnny would not expect to see an actual photo of the subject. His father had a small video camera, and I asked him to tape the inquiry.Johnny entered into the photo game with smiling excitement, as if he were participating in a real-life police drama. I instructed him to make two piles - one of pictures which did not resemble the Third Man, and another of those which did, even if perhaps only a little. I had put the Third Man's photo close to the end, and as I went through the 20, one by one, he had found three or four which somewhat resembled the man he's conversed with. But when I got to the actual picture, he said, "Wait a that looks more like him. Maybe that's him...yeah, maybe that's him."The videotape of this identification shows that Johnny never once glanced inquiringly at his mother, desperate for clues; he behaved exactly like a nine-year old involved excitingly in a real-life police procedural. Everything that he said and did that day was, to me, limpidly honest and direct.Obviously, either Johnny's behavior and testimony had been unerringly memorized and he had been professionally coached by his mother, or he was simply telling the truth. Logic demands that if he'd been forced into a more than twenty-person hoax, his mother would have thereby handed him an enormous Damocles sword to hold over her head for the rest of her life. For any reader with a nine-year-old, think about what that would mean: "Do what I want, Mommy, or I'll tell on you!"Finally, remember that the little boy in the recent 'balloon hoax' accidentally spilled the beans the same day as the incident.V Now to bring up another aspect of the debunking mindset, there is the "tail wagging the dog" device in which any trivial piece of 'disconfirming evidence' is adduced to supposedly refute the mass of supporting evidence. This device is used frequently, not because it is persuasive but in the hope that it may plant a doubt in the reader's mind about the case.Example: One evening in 1973, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, two friends, Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker went fishing. A UFO landed near their pier, they were paralyzed and taken aboard. After they had been returned and the UFO departed, the terrified men went to the police to report their experience. Put in the interrogation room, the officers left to 'get them some coffee,' after switching on a hidden recorder. The police fully expected them to whisper about how their 'hoax' was working, but when they later played the tape, one of the men was praying and both were lost in the terror of the moment. The police officers, as well as Dr. J. Allen Hynek the next day, stated that the two had truly experienced something traumatic; there was no possibility that they had invented the story and were just consummate actors.Other evidence in the case surfaced, including an eyewitness to the UFO as it sped away. I will not dwell more on this incident, the 'dog,' in my homely metaphor, except to describe the 'tail' that a debunker presented. Some distance away is a drawbridge which contained a small room where the man in charge sits and listens for toots from boats wishing to have him open the bridge. (There are few at night.) But because this man apparently didn't witness the abduction - Was he napping? Looking out the wrong window in the wrong direction? Reading? Watching TV? Whatever he was doing, since he hadn't seen the UFO, it proved to the debunker that the incident never happened. This flimsy little tail was wagging a very substantial dog. And oh, yes, sometime later Hickson requested, and passed, a polygraph test.Reading her piece I realize that Ms. Rainey is a master at introducing such scrawny, tail-wags-the-dog details in her attack on Linda Cortile. An example is this beauty: "I've never met anybody, for example, who could get an unexpected phone call from an admirer and so effortlessly spin a spontaneously fabricated, intricate, family-related reason for not meeting him for coffee, all the while winking broadly at me." Really? Has our author never done the same, in the same situation? I certainly have, because an invented family excuse often seems easier on the caller's ego than telling him the truth: I don't want to see you, or I'm too busy to bother, or something similarly dismissive. Does an anecdote like this - the scrawniest of dog tails, deserve even to be recorded?There are more such tail-wagging-the dog attempts in her piece, but in the face of the masses of evidence supporting Linda's veracity, they do not warrant my spending any more time on them. (One involves my original misunderstanding of an incident with Linda and her cousin Connie; if anyone is interested, ask me about it.)VI As I said at the outset, my health and advanced age have sapped my energy - plus I'm a terrible typist - so I will soon have to shorten my rejoinders to this kind of hyperbolic - and endless - debunking. But first I want to mention another aspect of the debunkers' game, and it has to do with boundaries, an issue which causes them serious problems. The truest among them do not believe that there are any unknown, solid, metallic objects maneuvering in our skies, and that every single UFO sighting, photograph and radar return, no matter how many people report it, can somehow be explained away. This is, naturally, a very difficult position to maintain, but should a debunker then narrow his/her boundaries and say that such mysterious foreign craft do, or might, exist, the question arises: if so, and UFOs have been seen for decades, what are they doing here? For this, the debunker has no coherent answer, but abduction researchers do. And what if a debunker like Ms. Rainey posits the theory that a huge number of abduction accounts are lies and hoaxes, does she believe that there are some legitimate cases? Does she think that genuine UFOs actually exist and are flying around? If so she doesn't say, and her article goes begging. If she should later say that not all abduction accounts are lies and hoaxes, which, then, are legitimate, which are not, and how can she tell the difference? Boundaries, boundaries, problems, problems!See PART IIMore...See Also:UK UFO Debunker Strikes Again Roswell Debunker Charles B. 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