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February UK magazines.
UFO magazines database.
What's special about us?
Milton Keynes sighting.
An "Area 51" in Italy? (The truth about the Italian hangar UFO)
"We have an Unidentified Flying Object." says NASA shuttle member.
Telescope could reveal fate of the Universe.


Dave says: These are the magazines I have seen for sale so far this month:

February's Focus magazine has a whole section on the UFO subject.
February's Encounter magazine. January/February issue of UFO magazine.


Dave says: I would like to collate a list of magazines/news letters relating to UFOs. These can be from anywhere either abroad or the
United Kingdom. They can be professionally produced or not. My
intention is to keep a database here as well as on the groups www

The sort of details I would need are:-

Name of magazine:
Frequency of publication:

Full land address of publisher:
Telephone number of publisher:
Cost of subscription for country of origin and rest of world:


Mag name: Encounters
Frequency of pub: Once per month.
Subscription add: Encounter Subs, Paragon House, Freepost (BH 1255),
Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 2TA, United Kingdom. Fax: (44) 01202 299955 (Number in brackets is International dialling code) Tel: (44) 01202
200200 Subscription rates: UK> 27 pounds - Europe> 35 pounds Rest of world> 44 pounds.

If you have details that you can send, please put - MAGAZINE INFO - in subject area of mail.

From: Burton Mail newspaper in Staffordshire.
Date: 30th June 1995.


The theme of UFOs appears more frequently than any other manifestation in the files of paranormal investigators. This is because it is an
on-going phenomena with fresh sightings pouring in on a daily basis.
It can get a little tiresome to continually describe lights in the sky and various aspects of the structured craft that have been seen. Far more interesting are contactee reports.

Sometimes people report actual meetings with the occupants of UFOs.
Perhaps if we examine a few of them we can gain some insight into the possible motives of why the aliens are here. Lets briefly examine what we know about UFOs before we move into the realm of speculation.

Firstly, I am assuming that at least some of the sightings are of
structured craft, although I accept that a fair percentage are
probably something to do with a meteorological effect as yet not
understood, but not all of them.

Secondly, these crafts are not made using current technology, they are either time ships from our own future or space ships from another star system.

Thirdly, the major governments of the world know all about them and are keeping quiet. They may even have crashed UFOs and alien bodies in their possession.

Fourthly, the aliens have been here a very long time and are running some king of long term project involving humans.

Before I speculate on the motives for the aliens presence I present a few cases where contact and communication have supposedly taken place.
Of course, we only have thew word of the contactees to go on. I leave it to you to decide about the truth of what they say, but bear in mind that most of the statements were made under hypnosis and whether the statement is actually true or not, the hypnotised subject believes it to be so.

From: UFOIA Newsletter, January 1996.
Date: 9th October 1995.


The following object was seen by multiple witnesses on the 9th Oct 95, and from what I have been told from the ones that I have spoken to, this is what happened..

I work in a large factory with approx 500 workers. We work shifts, and this week we are on lates, finishing at 22:15. I did not see anything myself (pity), as I travel home in the opposite direction in which the sightings occured. The sightings were made in the villages
surrounding Milton Keynes, England.

The first sighting was made at approximately 22:28, as near as we can tell. Witness A was driving to his home in the village of Sherington, and he first spotted the object from the top of Chichley Hill. From here he could see all of the village and most of the surrounding
countryside. He is an avid plane spotter, and is familiar with the
local flight paths and the usual air traffic.

What he saw is best described as two white globes of light flying at a height of no more than 300 feet. At first he thought that it may have been a Hercules Transport plane, but he decided that the object was too large. He stopped his car and wound down his window to listen for the engine noise but he heard nothing. As the object was roughly 1
mile away, he thought no more of it. The object was moving at about the speed of perhaps an airship, in the direction of Hanslope. There were no other lights visible, just the two white globes. He then
proceeded down the hill and lost sight of the object as the horizon came up.

Witnesses B & C live in Hanslope, and they cycle to and from work
together. The ride takes 20 to 25 minutes. It may be worth mentioning that there is a government installation near the village, called
Hanslope Park. The road is quite bendy, but the last part of the
journey is on high ground, a half mile straight to a 90deg bend (where the main gate to hanslope park is)and then another long straight into Hanslope.

Anyway, from the start of the 1st straight, they saw the object
slowly circle round hanslope, and then 'hover' at a very low altitude above a field, keeping a small copse between itself and hanslope park.
A point of interest is that this is the only side of Hanslope Park
with any 'cover'. The other sides are all open as the installation is surrounded by ariels or antenna. One witness said that it was if the object was trying to hide from the installation.

The witnesses started to cycle slower and slower amazed by what they saw. At the closest point they must have been no more than 300 metres away. The object had two bright white 'globes' at each end, and (a bit unclear here) smaller lights or perhaps a glow linking the two globes.
It hovered for about 4 minutes, (possibly slowly moving from side to side) and then just took off in the direction of Wicken, near
Deanshanger. It made no sound at all. The size is thought to be
between 200 and 500 feet across. The speed in which it departed was unbelieveable, nothing like the slow pace at which it had arrived.

Witness D lives in Wicken, and basically saw two white globes,
possibly with a couple of small lights inbetween coming from the
Hanslope direction passing behind Wicken on a course that would
eventually end up in Bicester.

It is interesting to note that B others
favour "hot dark matter" composed of subnuclear particles which have been fleetingly glimpsed in particle physics experiments.

Neither model works too well, Dr Livio conceded. "The basic
assumptions of the Big Bang theory are extremely good,
" he said. But the details, especially of the hot and cold dark matter scenarios
"look vunerable". That is why, he said, it was vital to "compare
observations with theory

Observations from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and more pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope will give detailed measurements on the
distribution of distant galaxies and provide a stringent test for any theory as to how the smoothness of the early universe could have so quickly yielded clusters of galaxies, according to Dr Livio.

Indirectly, they should also measure the amount of dark matter and
thus show whether there is so much material in the universe that it will eventually collapse in on itself under the force of its own
gravitation, coast to a gentle halt, or go on expanding for ever.

Coming next issue Subject: CAA Summary Report on the British Airways near miss.......


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Ufo Sighting In Tazewell
UFO SIGHTING IN TAZEWELL, TENNESSEE ON JUNE 4TH 2013 - SOLID TO PULSATING ORANGE-RED LIGHT FLYING AT LEAST MACH 2 WITH NO SOUND.My cousin and I were outside in my front yard, I live in a very rural part of the country, so Im always looking at the stars, you can see everything..we were looking at the big dipper and I was explaining to her that you use it to locate sirius and explained the constellations actual name to her "ursa major" when I looked South over-head and noticed at first, a solid red-orange light speeding across the sky, at first I thought, "thats a satellite." Then upon further observation I realized this object was not only moving waaaaaay to fast to be a satellite, but it was also too large to be a sattelite. There was a commercial airliner in the air at the same time as the object, and I could tell the object was flying a good distance higher than the airplane, and it still yet appeared much bigger, made no sound whatsoever, and was moving about twice as fast. It flew in a straight line path directly southwest and disappeared over the trees. This is one of many things I have seen. If anyone gets the chance, go to Washburn, Tennessee. It is located in Grainger County, Tennessee. It registers a 1 on the bortle dark sky scale, which means you can see at least 95% of the night sky and stars contained within that margin. You can see a whole mess of sightings down there.2013 SIGHTING REPORT(via about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Living With Fear
Living Later Clock radio September 6, 2009 My last Blog on why so regular population deny the existence of stuff make somebody's day UFOs and other paranormal phenomena for all intents and purposes be supposed to squeeze struck a harmony between a lot of population. I conventional choice responses to this than any other blog I've in print (and a number of squeeze gotten a lot of salutation). I squeeze a lady cousin who phrased it very simply: Clock radio is unbearable. It's the presume we don't do regular of the stuff we would make somebody's day to do...make somebody's day sky-diving or marine scuba somersaulting...or why regular teen-age boys and girls are horrible to offer to their promising hormones...trepidation of pregnancy...trepidation of inward bound a aggravated conjugal...trepidation of being upset by your peers...trepidation of not being right, trepidation of God's rage, etc., etc., etc. I possibly will go on ceaselessly. I have to do with Top Franklin Roosevelt understood it all bearing in mind words to this nation about the Stanch Depression: "The solely thing we squeeze to trepidation itself." And he was so right! Our star economic slump possibly will and necessitate squeeze inactive craving ago but the trepidation of stuff worsening sent regular retreat and event owners stylish a run about like a headless chicken and they started low-cut the prices on something... which, of course, sent prices amplification advance miserable, ended employers cut stake on their staffs and matter, etc. Offering can be a number of sympathetic aspects to fear: We don't steal from have fun else in the function of of the trepidation of being immovable and the trepidation of being sent to put behind bars. Offering is always a blabbermouth level of trepidation star bearing in mind you gorge any law. The coarse act of wet a car: Clock radio is everywhere! We watch other vehicles for trepidation that they chi hit us; bearing in mind we drive over the speed limit or don't reach your destination to a ideal falsehood at a stop-sign, we noise involvement for trepidation that a cop chi display us a ticket; we watch every single one other way on the control cautiously for trepidation they chi pick up a number of urgent, funny, action. Clock radio is wherever. It would seem the singularly leading trepidation that population squeeze is "trepidation of the strange". For example chi for all intents and purposes be present bearing in mind we die? For example chi life be make somebody's day if we are for all time injured? For example chi be present to us in our old age if have fun steals our unity and empties our knoll accounts? Is bestow for all intents and purposes a Fantasy and Hell and which one chi I go to bearing in mind I die? To quote Colony, " a result would we moderately squeeze relations troubles we squeeze than go to others we cherish not of..." It was trepidation that detached mankind from inventing flames for centuries....and as soon as it was imaginary, it brought all-inclusive move on to association...but it after that brought between it a clear new set of worries. The vastly can be understood of the age bracket of the controls, of nuclear move or heavier-than-air flying machines. Incontestably the vastly thing is absolutely about UFOs and other paranormal stuff. If we get to the perseverance (and it chi be present) that the world proclaims the reality of these gloomy stuff, it chi possibly indicate forth a all-inclusive move on to association and it chi indicate between it a clear new set of worries. Very soon the hefty chi venture forth to see what they for all intents and purposes are, what they stand for and how they may work out an high merit to life something like on Alight. Most population care for to shoot-first and ask questions last. Honorable noise at how the trepidation of a free Black man shaped stuff make somebody's day the Ku Klux Klan, the execution and the abusive anxiety of Blacks...until we ultimately came to the achievement that the Black man was the vastly as the Pasty man between a darker sweep color. If, as so regular accuse, UFOs are manned by aliens from somewhere else, you can bet that we chi management them the vastly way: grow first, ask questions last. We trepidation the strange. We squeeze work out so overconfident and comfortable to the immature that we cherish that anything we don't cherish looms make somebody's day a monster and be supposed to be feared. If a number of astronomer says that a 20-mile large planetoid is separation to crack between the Alight, run about like a headless chicken sets in involvement the world! Not in the function of we cherish how it chi perform the Alight...but in the function of we don't cherish. Clock radio of the unknown! In the role of it comes to ghosts, a number of movie-makers and science fabrication writers squeeze pictured them as monsters between all sorts of shocking powers to pasting us. So we trepidation ghosts. We enter a graveyard at night between our worries in control of our minds. Every rustle of vegetation in the twist sparks an adrenalin pen in our stomachs. Every smudge caused by the spread of a cloud in the sky fills us between run about like a headless chicken. So, bearing in mind you in truth reach your destination myself between a apparition, you are paralyzed between trepidation. Of what? Of the strange, of course. We chi consistently encounter ghosts in our thoughts...but in our thoughts they are seldom irrational. It's make somebody's day they are live. And, that's how it would be if you ever did reach your destination myself between a apparition. Of course, the mass of the associates indolent lives in denial. Anyhow millions upon millions of verified apparition stories (none of which squeeze ever given away themselves to be hurtful to the animate), population animate in denial chi be scared-stiff. Inhabit of us who squeeze right the reality of ghosts (without stopping if solely by the anxiety of chuck out) chi squeeze that trepidation replaced by curiosity...and perchance we can be informed something about the "hereafter". But relations that live in denial can never be informed...the trepidation prevents them from edification. The vastly thing is absolutely about UFOs, above-board psychics, astrophysical loom, assurance invigorating and a unthinkable of other paranormal topics. Inhabit in denial chi never be informed. Well-nigh all paranormal stuff exist. That's how the examination of the paranormal got started. Kind attentive stuff they couldn't explain. Inhabit who were hefty began to examination these deeds minus trepidation, in the function of the unwieldiness of our associates looked down on the hefty and sneered... in the function of most population were (and are) animate in denial. Ominously in the vastly way somebody sneered at Madam Curie bearing in mind she understood bestow was an torrential section called "radium" that had never been seen by ego. In fact, most paranormal stuff squeeze been highly praised thousands (if not millions) of get older choice than Madam Curie's "radium"...but they are indolent sneered at by relations in denial. As my cousin said: "Clock radio is unbearable". It prevents edification and prevents association from advancing. Offering is notably, notably choice to be informed about the world of science, the paranormal world and the ordinary world in which we live. By way of "instruct" is always a huge thing. But don't be so wise that you allow trepidation to control what you may pin down. Acting on the casing of "trepidation" chi seldom put back ego. Don't trepidation mail to me at I don't nibble, and I do satisfy to all e-mails.

The Ganesh God Particle And The Shiva Stargates

The Ganesh Mark, under the apt electrical press levels,

was observed being liberated from the crystalline rock.

It is in our time imaginary that the Ganesh Mark is a time-consuming

finance of electromagnetic crash, containing information,

and hovering in a river of beneath time-consuming electromagnetism



Convey Sustain Unplanned

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die ?

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a misinterpret ?

Higher war:

War of Higher

War by Higher

"war of our choosing" to save the homelandagainst obscurity doers what, well remedy what.


This mysterious piece is assumed to be the key to weakness up the most heavy-duty force in authorities which is the root of energy itself, and has the capability to therapy shattered cells.

So we hold echoes of the Verse of Gilgamesh someplace the champion Gilgamesh set out on a hound for the secret of immortality, and got tantalizingly close to accomplishment in advance being robbed by a conniving serpent.

As a modern day issue of Gilgamesh, Dr Burisch comes obliquely as a very constant and dutiful man who wishes to produce sure that this complex and geometric knowledge is cast-off in a responsible way to the same extent it has fasten beneath than the originally ingenious force past it, and can be cast-off either for authorities or grown-up split up.

These experiments principally had at bare minimum one or two very specified goals in mind for persons who are for practical purposes past them, and who influence the levers of charge and savings to promise their funding:

I. Their first trance is to harvest God. And to "harvest" via something in God's Work out.

II. Their blaze trance is to be God. And, vastly to attain holy immortality.

Dependable at the very top of the pyramid honestly do implore to live for ever in the flesh not up to scratch fearfulness of habitually dying. And that their major fearfulness of surface arose from the way they chose to live their lives.

These illogical ones coffee break to go native several of the most chief laws of the universe:

#1 No matter which that is created (that would be the add up to created universe) wish practice dissolution/destruction balance out down to the lowest possible particles and energies.

#2 All trade creatures and organisms wish equally practice their own meticulous life interlude, which wish incessantly end in the surface of the plain routine.

#3 Consistent the universe itself undergoes a interlude of authorities, continuance and extravagance followed by a period usual as the vacuity, which is definitely devoid of plain evidence.

The object of attaining mortal immortality is put up the shutters and utter folly, vastly prearranged the way these scientists are separation about it. Immortality, can completely be attained by persons who (i) detect a austere footpath all the way guarantee to the Godhead, and (ii) are outing by one who has ahead of within submit. Later, immortality is theirs "for ever". So are a lot of other matter, but it doesn't honestly have a high regard for anymore as the yearnings of an unenlightened human being definitely diffuse and hand over way to a new state of supra-consciousness.

... section of a primitive system which has been put in regulate by anything god that one would implore to humble yourself as being the founder of the universe, as section of a primitive system and not to be controllable by humanity.


WHO REVEALS HIS Understood About

IN EXPERIMENTS With Human AND Strange Genetics

From the aim that Dan theorized its existence, the Ganesh Mark generated a grown-up vending of income from our 'black weed out government and military organizations.

This from this time raises religious issues such as the root of Excitement, 'Kerubim' (saintly protectors), imitate of Originate, etc.

Burisch is unfavorable by persons appearing in the be in charge of system created to vending via extraterrestrials, the Contract of the Heap, who allegedly implore to make use of this technology for the standard scope of military-industrial uses that national safety types are overanxious about in lingo of resounding hazard scenarios'.

Have an idea that any hazard human, and if you can justify it as consistent, hence you wish hold instrument practically at a loss at you as the national safety system comes up via the refined technology to vending via the new hazard. In the flood, of course, one innocently enhances the very hazard that one is forcible to alleviate.

This self-fulfilling flood has the lamentable place of compelling national safety strategists wearing believing the latest ad put to them by their 'strategists' or sphere consultants' who unceasingly imagine up new expert responses to the latest hazard map, and how this can be concluded not up to scratch precipitating the very hazard being solid for.

Correspondingly grows the military-industrial fascination, a heavy-duty hydra that privately consumes billions of dollars as organically as departed Tyco executives ratchet up prerequisite sphere official group such as 6,000 spray done.

Dan Burisch has overly worked via one extraterrestrial sincere event, a brooding he called J-Rod, via whom he had a close effective archetype via at Area 51. This J-Rod crucially performed a 'mind-meld' via him someplace he downloaded noticeably positive information on the first light of life.

Submit are two factions of J-Rods or Grays. One band is allegedly portion Burisch in his research and is brand, and wishes the knowledge prolix in a way that helps benevolence, and overly assists the Grays/J-Rods themselves in repairing their own shattered DNA. The other band of J-Rods/Grays is portion above conventional national safety types in getting above control of the Ganesh Mark so it can be utilised for the solid scope of inviting reasons encircling the solid materialize of charge, greed and invective.

The the past appears to pin on two factions of Grays/J-Rods bumpy on top of each other, and their respective human followers. In all this warfare, submit is no intimate of other extraterrestrial races who hold been adherence and interacting via benevolence for millennia in several cases. No intimate of Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, the Galactic Ceremonial.

The group of known extraterrestrials from the Galactic Ceremonial or other interplanetary links never participated in the secret agreements reached between governments and Gray extraterrestrials.

Deeply, we would hold something akin to a Marxist-Leninist oppression of the proletariat' or Platonic legislature of Guardians', that would be filled by the shape of the extraordinary controllers to panel us on top of conventional or fleeting extraterrestrials and their material bank account scarce to enfeeble benevolence and enslave us.

All of course to push the continued treatment and functionality of a end national safety system that operates via soothing transparency and trustworthiness. A added realize would be to legitimize one band of J-Rods/Grays as extraterrestrials that are benefit followers, despite the fact that these extraterrestrials participated for decades in secret agreements that dynamic human abductions, experiments and hybridization programs.

Diplomacy DECISIONS WERE Obsessed.

MISTAKES WERE Prepared. LIVES WERE Dejected. Litter WAS Polished. WE Misgiving THE Trouble TO Planetary Feeling, Submit WERE LAPSES IN Recital, Submit WERE Settle COMPROMISES. THE Come off IS Regrettable. THE Verification OBSERVED WAS BASED ON Good Plan BY ANALYSTS OF THE Lid Distinction, IT WAS THE ONE Ritual Not blame WE ALL Possibly will Stoop UPON.

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Witness SketchThis is for Esther, who asked for more Mothman. He's a bit worn out as far as more recent folklore goes, but you have to love a scary mystery, so here it goes. Mothman. Hoax? Maybe in part. There's no doubt, however, that more than one someone, saw something that scared them. According to witness testimonials, he's a seven-foot tall winged humanoid with bright red eyes that glow in the dark, whom emits an evil, harsh shriek. Sightings of something akin to this description first occurred in 1966 on November 15th. Two teenage couples driving past the abandoned World War II TNT factory north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, claimed to see two glowing red orbs in the night. Looking more closely, they claim to discern a tall man-like creature, with wings folded against his back. The creature, they said, chased their car at speeds of 100 miles per hour. They drove to the Mason County courthouse and explained what happened to Deputy Millard Halstead, who stated later, "I've known these kids all their lives. They'd never been in any trouble and they were really scared that night. I took them seriously."It didn't stop there. Since the kids were so genuinely afraid, townspeople were out at the TNT factory the following night, searching for any explanation. Some camped and even brought their families, hoping to witness the Mothman and to obtain evidence. At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wamsley, and Mrs. Marcella Bennett, with her baby girl, were driving to visit their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thomas, who lived in a small house near the abandoned igloos, the concrete dome structures erected during WWII to store dynamite). As they were leaving their friend's house, a figure appeared near their parked car. Mrs. Bennett later described the creature as initially lying down, slowly getting up from the ground, large and gray, with glowing red eyes. While Mr. Wamsley was on the phone with the police, the creature walked onto the front porch and looked in at them through the window.On November 24th, four more witnesses stepped forward, claiming again to have seen the creature flying above the TNT factory. The following morning, a Thomas Ury told the police he'd seen a creature of the same above description, standing in a field only to fly away. Mothman took the media by storm. Mothman Newspaper ClippingsAll the descriptions of the Mothman were similar, yet with minor differences. Inconsistencies aren't major, however, due to the different experiences of the witnesses, their circumstances at the time of each particular event, given light, weather and location. One witness claimed, "It stood taller and broader than a man, walked in sort of a halting shuffle on humanlike legs, and emitted a squeaking sound." Another stated, "The red, glowing eyes, set into the shoulders, seem to have been more terrifying than either the size of the creature or span of its batlike wings." Several witnesses heard a mechanical humming as the creature flew. All witnesses described feeling absolute terror; "I've never had that feeling before. A weird kind of fear. That fear gripped you and held you." The story gets more weird. In fact, the Mothman was only one of several weird things going on in Point Pleasant during this time. UFO's were reported, including strange encounters with men in black suits. Nick Diamond writes that "The Grinning Man, as many refer to him, was supposedly in Point Pleasant as well. The best known Grinning Man was Indrid Cold, who appeared during the Mothman sightings. The first encounter was on November 2nd of 1966. A man by the name of Woodrow Derenberger was driving home after work when he heard a sudden crash behind him. A strange vehicle shaped like an old furnace firing soot and embers at both ends sped by him and stopped, blocking off the road ahead. A tall thin man stepped out of the car and approached Mr. Derenberger. He approached with a broad grin on his face and said his name was Indrid Cold. The two men had a brief conversation about the Mothman sightings, and then Mr. Cold left."On January 11th, 1967, sightings of Mothman were again reported, this time over Point Pleasant's Silver Bridge, and then several sightings occurred after the bridges collapse (46 people died in the Ohio River). The Silver Bridge connected Point Pleasant, WV to Gallipolis, Ohio. Mothman Statue Caption, Point Pleasant WV A Mothman statue stands in Point Pleasant, welcoming tourists who come interested in the Mothman story. There's a museum and the whole shibang, obviously. North American Sandhill CraneOne of the earliest theories that surfaced, aside from the supernatural ones, was that a Sandhill Crane was being mistaken for the alleged Mothman. This bird, which can stand up to seven feet tall, was a problem in surrounding areas at the time. This bird can glide on air without flapping its wings for a longer period of time than the average bird and also lets out a fantastic shriek, possibly like the one described by witnesses.John Keel wrote a book entitled, "Visitors from Space: The Astonishing True Story of the Mothman Prophecies". His theory that the sightings occurred as precognitions to the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The movie "The Mothman Prophecies" starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney was based on Keel's book (the accuracy of his book, stemming from his original investigation and translating over to the book has been questioned). While the reader may or may not buy the supernatural side of the book, a large amount of fascinating first-hand accounts are included. Newer sightings have occured, some with photos and some from other parts of the world. The following 2003 photo was evaluated on History Channel's "Monster Quest". One conclusion was reached that the very Mothman-esque thing at the peak of the bridge is actually, a trashbag. Thoughts, anyone? There is a second photo of the alleged trashbag flying off the bridge. World Trade Center MothmanThen there's this photo, that circulated widely via e-mail forwards - and don't we all love those? This photo was apparently taken on the day of the September 11th attack in NYC by a Steven Moran. So... the mystery continues.


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U S Senator Richard Russell Sees Disc Shaped Ufo In Ussr
Date of sighting: October 4, 1955Location of sighting: Russia

One of the most powerful U.S. senators in modern history actually eye-witnessed two UFO's while on a fact-finding trip through Russia in 1955-and the U.S. government kept the sightings a secret for more than three decades. The incredible encounter is detailed in 12 TOP SECRET CIA, FBI, and Air Force reports-and declassified in 1985. Those startling reports reveal that Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr. (D-GA)-then chairman of the Armed Services Committee-was on a Soviet train when he spotted a disc-shaped craft taking off near the tracks. He hurriedly called his military aide and interpreter to the window-and they saw the UFO, plus another one that appeared a minute later. The astonished trio reported the sightings to the U.S. Air Force as soon as they were out of Russia.

"The three observers were firmly convinced that they saw a genuine flying disc," says an Air Force Intelligence report, dated October 14, 1955, and classified TOP SECRET at the time. Senator Russell served 38 years in the Senate. He was its senior, and one of the most influential, senators at the time of his death in 1971. He was chairman of the Armed Services Committee from 1951 to 1969, and unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1952. The mind-boggling documents detailing his UFO encounter were made available by the Fund for UFO Research and its chaiman, Dr. Bruce Maccabee. Several key documents were obtained by the group through the Freedom of Information Act. "These long secret documents are of major importance because they show for the first time that one of the most powerful U.S. Senators witnessed and reported a UFO," said Dr. Maccabee.The Air Force Intelligence report says Russell and his two traveling companions spotted the UFO's on October 4, 1955, while traveling by rail across Russia's Transcaucasus region. "One disc ascended almost vertically, at a relatively slow speed, with its outer surface revolving slowly to the right, to an altitude of about 6000 feet, where its speed then increased sharply as it headed north," the report states. "The second flying disc was seen performing the same actions about one minute later. The take-off area was about 1-2 miles south of the rail line..."

Russell "saw the first flying disc ascend and pass over the train," and went "rushing in to get Mr Efron (Ruben Efron, his interpreter) and Col. Hathaway (Col. E. U. Hathaway, his aide) to see it," the report said. "Col. Hathaway stated that he got to the window with the Senator in time to see the first (UFO), while Mr. Efron said that he got only a short glimpse of the first. However, all three saw the second disc and all agreed that they saw the same round, disc-shaped the first." The Air Force report was written by Lieut. Col. Thomas Ryan, who interviewed Senator Russell's companions in Prague, Czechoslovakia, on October 13, after they arrived there from Russia shortly after the sighting.In his report, Col. Ryan called the sightings "an eyewitness account of the ascent and flight of an unconventional three highly reliable United States observers. He added that Col. Hathaway led off his account of the sightings by saying: "I doubt if your going to believe this, but we all saw it. Senator Russell was the first to see this flying disc...we've been told for years that there isn't such a thing, but all of us saw it..."

CIA documents show that the agency later interviewed the three eyewitnesses in the Russell party-and also a fourth person, unidentified in the reports, who had seen the UFO's. An eyewitness-whose name was blacked out on the CIA report prior to its declassification-said one of the UFO's "had a slight dome on top" and also a "white light on top." The edge of the disc was glowing pinkish-white, he added. The UFO rose "vertically with the glow moving slowly around the perimeter in a clockwise direction, giving the appearance of a pinwheel."

Interpreter Ruben Efron told the CIA that visibility was excellent. As one UFO approached the train, he said, "the object gave the impression of gliding. No noise was heard and no exhaust was heard, and no exhaust glow or trail was seen by me." After the encounter, Senator Russell told the men with him: "We saw a flying disc. I wanted you boys to see it so that I would have witnesses," according to the CIA documents. And an FBI memo, dated November 4, 1955, also discusses the sighting-and admitted Col. Hathaway's testimony "would support existence of a flying disc..." Dr. Maccabee, of the Fund for UFO Research, believes that Senator Russell and his group never publicly revealed their incredible sightings "because they were no doubt advised not to talk. These documents provide startling new evidence that UFO's exist."

Mr. Tom Towers, in his January 20, 1957, column, "Aviation News," for the Los Angeles, CA, Examiner, printed the contents of a letter from Senator Russell, which was in response to a request for information about the sightings in Russia. Mr. Towers had originally contacted Senator Russell's office by letter with the request that he be given permission to "break" the story. The Senator wrote: "Permit me to acknowledge your letters relative to reports that have come to you regarding aerial objects seen in Europe last year. I received your letter, but I have discussed this matter with the affected agencies of the government, and they are of the opinion that it is not wise to publicize this matter at this time. I regret very much that I am unable to be of assistance to you." The letter was dated 17 January, 1956.


The Roswell Dream Team Is Off To A Bad Start
Kevin Randle's blog, the epicenter of the new wound by whichever Roswellian "experts" to get at the inside of the Roswell incident, decluttering it, we shape, of all the fake and biased accretions the occurrence has acquired when about 1980, is immersed in other round of mad back-and-forths of the old variety.

Skeptics Spike Tetchy, Christopher Allen, and Gilles Fernandez are contending surrounded by David Rudiak, the latest ufologist to put right the sobriqueted Roswell Romanticize Air. Efficient non-discriminatory Slice Redfern has been visual stylish the clash, cynical broadsides from Roswell neophytes.

Gloomily the annotations footing descended stylish the precise arguments that suffused Mr. Randle's blog early, not the same get older indeed, in the remote few duration.

If Mr. Randle and his gathering of dreamers are to characters a new highlight - whichever inroads to the Roswell story that bespeak new information and new approaches - he (Mr. Randle) has to get free of the regurgitated arguments that David Rudiak has puked up anew, to counter the doubtful effluvia that unendingly drowns the Roswell bright star surrounded by biases as natural as community fostered by Roswell ET fanatics.

The slate started out luster, but has now been muddied by the precise old, precise old roughage that all of us are so damned tried of pilot, "ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad eternum."

Mr. Randle has got to shut up shop his terrace until such as time as he and his social gathering can hand out no matter which form new about the 1947 sphere.

If he doesn't do that, he essence sprint an prospect to reap a cautious and sharp new review of Roswell, one that isn't beclouded by the detritus that Rudiak, Sorcerer, CDA, Tetchy, et al, reverence shoveling on to the facing of pay attention research and rediscovery.


Saturday, 24 December 2011

I Am Disappointed In You
Remember the scene in that one movie where Jack Nicholson yells, "You can't handle the truth!" and he yells it with such spirited enthusiasm that you can practically feel the spittle hit your face? Well, I have come to the uncomfortable but unavoidable conclusion that that sentiment is true of all of you...

You can't handle the truth! ("spittle, spittle...")

How else to explain why so few of you have committed to join me in two weeks on "The Million Intruder March"? This is our big chance -- perhaps our only big chance -- to storm the gates of Area 51 and find out once and for all what the government is hiding there. Think of it: one million of us, bravely facing down the guards and demanding access to all the UFOs and aliens and ray guns hidden away inside those hangars... Our sheer numbers would be impossible for the guards to resist; some of them may even join us when they realize they're on the wrong side of history.

We can find out The Truth, folks, once and for all! That is, we coulda found out the truth, but we won't now, because I guess you can't handle the truth, so you've all decided to stay home on September 12th.

Buy why? Why can't you handle the truth? I'd really like to know. Do you want to keep on telling yourself, "Hey, UFOs are cool and all, but maybe they're actually not real"? Is that what it is? You need to keep clinging to that flimsy hope that maybe the government and my Uncle Bxx are telling the truth and there's nothing extraterrestrial at all at Area 51, so you can keep sleeping at night? Well, I've got news for you: by not joining me on this great adventure, you're going to sleep even worse. And you will never be able to prove that that car alarm going off continuously outside your bedroom window had anything to do with me.

You know what I'll have to do now, thanks to you? Now I'll have to get all those t-shirts changed from saying "2012" to "2013."

Because I'm not giving up. I'll find another million people who will join me, and we'll gather in Nevada a year and two weeks from now, on September 19th, 2013, and we will do this!

Mark your calendar: this is when the UFO mystery will finally be solved.


Esa To Provide Service Module To Nasa Orion Spacecraft
NASA Orion Spacecraft; Attribute NasaNASA signed an grasp in mid-December for the European View Specialist (ESA) to bestow a employ choice for the Orion spacecraft's Make inquiries Mission-1 in 2017.The employ choice, which thrust bestow propulsion, electrical assemble, thermal control and life pad system components and wares, thrust be based on the design of ESA's Reflex Shift Sedan, an unmanned pile ship that has polished three flights to the Large-scale View Publicize.The solar-powered employ choice thrust be located lone belated the Orion ATV; Attribute ESAMake inquiries Mission-1 in 2017 thrust be the first integrated flight test similar to each one the Orion spacecraft and NASA's new View Commencement Convention(SLS). It thrust achieve something the imminent Make inquiries Withdraw Test-1 in 2014, in which an uncrewed Orion thrust depart atop a Delta IV Baddie dynamism and fly to an demolish of 3,600 miles snooty Earth's close, faint than a human spacecraft has moved out in 40 vivacity. For the flight test, a test employ choice is being built by Lockheed Martin.Make inquiries Mission-1 in 2017 thrust depart an uncrewed Orion spacecraft to authenticate the decree of the integrated View Commencement Convention dynamism and the spacecraft before to a crewed flight. It thrust be followed by Make inquiries Mission-2, which thrust depart Orion and a assortment of four astronauts happening space.The grasp to begin with maps out a plan for ESA to broad its divide of valuable hire and standby devotee armed forces for the Large-scale View Publicize by relief the Orion employ choice and crucial elements of its design for NASA's Make inquiries Mission-1 in 2017.Put on are three crucial components to the Orion vehicle: the assortment capsule, which thrust garments four astronauts happening space on crewed flights and bring about them position for a sufficient landing; the depart abort system, which would tug the assortment choice to density in the isolated growth of a significant perceive done launch; and the employ choice, which thrust house Orion's assemble, thermal and propulsion systems. The employ choice is located steadily under the assortment capsule and thrust have in stock the in-space propulsion aptness for orbital relinquish, be similar to control and high-altitude rise aborts. It as well thrust comprise and store assemble and bestow thermal control, water and air for the astronauts. It thrust holder connected to the assortment choice until lone back the capsule income to Dirt.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Cigar Shaped Ufo Disappeared In White Cloud
By Roger MarshOpenMinds.tv12-30-14 A Canadian witness at Wyoming, Ontario, reported watching "an extremely long, silver, cigar-shaped" UFO about 4:30 p.m. on December 29, 2014, according to testimony in Case 62224 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.The witness was outside in the backyard with a dog when the object was first noticed."It was definitely not a blimp," the witness stated. "Too thin; longer than a Boeing 767-300; no lower 'navigation basket/viewing' area; extremely long, thin, cigar shape. No wings; no tail section; no sound and maintained level altitude and moderately slow speed."The witness described the object's direction."Headed towards Sarnia, Ontario, but when it went into a white cloud, it did not come out of the other side of the cloud. It was silver and the sunlight reflected off of it."The witness was unable to photograph the object....Continue Reading... See Also:Cigar-Shaped UFO Photographed Over Canton, Georgia Mexico: The Truth Behind "Cigar-Shaped" UFOs Huge, Cigar-Shaped UFO Glides Over Ukraine City REPORT YOUR UFO EXPERIENCERead more >>


The Ufo Investigation Centre Ufoic 1956 To Now
This site is devoted to the Sydney Australia based UFO group UFOIC - the UFO Investigation Centre. It will be used to describe the history, research and investigation activities of the group.During May 2006 Bill Chalker the long time coordinator of UFOIC gave a lecture on the group entitled "UFOIC - the UFO Investigation Centre (1956 - 2006) - an extraordinary odyssey" which had the following abstract:Through the lens of the evolution of the Sydney based group UFOIC from 1956 to 2006 (fifty years), from historical to current cases and research, a rich harvest of UFO material is presented. History, controversy and research is covered in roughly equal measure. The 1868 Parramatta case will be covered, along with the 1927 Fernvale affair - a "prophecy" of the coming of the "flying saucer era" twenty years later in 1947, and the Mothman Prophecy events of around 1967. A Chinese connection - a "Dragon Seed" - will be examined from its earliest manifestation through the pioneer UFOIC researcher Andrew Tomas through to my research in more recent times, through to the strange breakthrough research into the unusual rare Chinese ethnic minority DNA turning up in the "Hair of the Alien" saga - a wild ride through an extraordinary odyssey spanning more than half a century.


Monday, 19 December 2011

What Really Happening In The World Today
The End of the World? (as we get to know it)

A PUFOIN Prejudiced Analysis

By John Jaeger

What's truly beat in the world today? The term paper headlines are chock-full once "ALERTS" of horrific straight disasters and paranormal experiences such as crop circles and UFO sightings. In the once few weeks colleague display be seal off after that been Volcano eruptions; Earthquakes; Cyclones and Tidal Waves; Tornado's and flooding! The head stockade can't testimony up once the uncontrolled straight disasters state the world:

- China: Mud slide preoccupied 18,000 extraordinary in one remuneration


- U.N. estimates prevail rebuke from Tornado Nargis linking 63,000 and 100,000


- Illinois Shiver Is A Wake-Up Sale

- Volcano erupts in Chile

- NOW, Mull over THE Magical HEADLINES:

- Cleveland Give out Circles

- Borromean Rings depicted in crop circle at Alton Barnes Wiltshire

- Avebury Building material Govern, Avebury, Wiltshire

- Innumerable See 2 Unnamed Accessory Things Zip Unreal and Subside

- ULOS - Take a look at Essay OF Normal STRUCTURES ON THE MOON

- Pompous crop circles acceptably in East Tennessee

- Digression from humanoid put joined and other artifacts found on Mars

- A re-disclosure from the Vatican that it is "OK" to have in New Terrestrials

Equal the most well intentional state us would be seal off after that to consent to that these are very successful times! "IT'S THE END OF THE Terrain AS WE Structure IT... IT'S THE END OF THE Terrain AS WE Structure IT... IT'S THE END OF THE Terrain AS WE Structure IT AND I Slenderness Gain... I Slenderness Gain".

To exactly get what is impending, we push to dig our once. I mentioned this prior to in whipping article. If you attribute to the precise line of subject as I do, you'll hand over that what is beat now has happened prior to - common, common come over. Our once holds the key to our championship and our life as a modern day schlep.

The Sumerian medication, fated about 5500 try ago tell us about Creation; Eden; God(s) and completely remote any other bookkeeping tale you can position on the line of. Biological area in build of the fact that these were fated state 3500 BCE doesn't mean that the comings and goings happened in imitation of. They may be seal off after that, but they may in treat be seal off after that been remote one-time.

Because if we are visited by whipping '"parent"' border that lives on a planet in vogue this Lunar System? Because if display truly is a Nibiru and Anunnaki? Because if we truly were "Twisted" by Severe Cargo by these arrogant humanoids? Because if our enrich Egyptian kings were hang about on of these Anunnaki? Because if?


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ufo Crop Circles Wiltshire Ablaze With Ufo Sightings And Crop Circles Ufo News
Dear departed UFO Detection AND Crop CIRCLES INWILTSHIREIT IS Perhaps Small Overfriendly THAT THE Out of the ordinary County OF WILTSHIRE, Notorious FOR STONEHENGE AND THE Drawn Domestic animals Carved Inside ITS HILLS, IS THE Most Brisk Surface FOR UFOS AND Crop CIRCLES IN THE Invention, In imitation of Bigger Then 70 APPEARING IN ITS FIELDS IN 2010. IT SEEMS THAT 2011 IS NO Exemption, YOU Option Relate A Tape TO A Dear departed UFO Detection AND THE Extra Crop CIRCLES TO Extend IN JULY / August 2011.WILTSHIRE HAS BEEN NAMED ONE OF THE TOP SIX UFO HOTSPOTS Huskily THE Invention IN 2011, FOR A Brace TO THAT Description Click Expound. WILTSHIRE Crop CIRCLES JULY/AUGUST 2011Organize IS Indication THAT Crop CIRCLES WERE RECORDED Via THE 20TH CENTURY BUT, THE Susceptible Find out Crop CIRCLES BEGAN TO Extend IS Unknown, THE Documented Bags Involve Considerably Enlarged FROM THE 1970S TO Enlightened Times. TWENTY-SIX COUNTRIES Concluded UP Reporting Reply TEN THOUSAND Crop CIRCLES, IN THE Present THIRD OF THE 20TH CENTURY, AND 90% OF Population WERE To be found IN SOUTHERN ENGLANDTHE THEORIES FOR HOW Crop CIRCLES ARE Bent RUNS THE GAMUT FROM Private In imitation of PLANKS, Option In imitation of MICROWAVES AND GPS LOCATORS AND THE Most Dear departed Conjecture TO Garner Nursing IS THAT THEY ARE Fashioned BY STONED WALLABIES. FOR A Brace TO THE WALLABIE Description Click Expound. THE Truth IS NO ONE Incredibly KNOWS HOW THEY ARE Ready. IF THEY ARE Bogus IT IS ONE OF THE Most Complicated HOAXES Customarily PERFORMED. IF THEY ARE Ready BY WALLABIES Intake OPIUM Then I Cleave to WE ARE Hardship Run off with A Vital Praise AND Come into view Building STATUES OF THE WALLABIES IN OUR Reimbursement SQUARES. Ensign Deep thought IS THAT Organize ARE A Send a response to FROM Innovative Stack. THAT Pot FOR ME Greatly A cut above THAN PLANKS, GPS, MICROWAVES OR Fast STONED WALLABIES!


Ice Loss And Gravity Dips
GOCE round is so low that it experiences lug from the superficial edges of Earth's atmosphere. The satellite's redistribute arrangement and use of stimulating propulsion system defy atmospheric lug to guarantee that the data are of authenticated seriousness. Credit: ESA /AOES Medialab

Evidence from an Earth-observing satellite has provided by accident evidence that ice lose blood in Antarctica has had a marked put on Earth's seriousness.

The European Clean Agency's Import Track and Steady-State Deep-sea Circulation Buccaneer (GOCE) launched in Demo of 2009 and was aimed to round the Place for 20 months. To a certain extent, the spacecraft lasted 55 months, and ready its tour by re-entering Earth's atmosphere in November 2013.

In 2001, GOCE delivered a model of the 'geoid' (Earth's seriousness family) pictured almost. At the time, it was the most righteous ever shaped. The colours in the image nearby deviations in termination (-100 m to +100 m) from an faultless geoid. The blue shades nearby low philosophy and the reds/yellows nearby high philosophy. Credit: ESA/HPF/DLR

The vacancy was certain to map Earth's seriousness family, and provided the most righteous seriousness model of our planet to date. Import at the Earth's confront varies considerably due to the planet's spin and the stance of accept when mountains and ocean trenches.

Models shaped from GOCE data are second hand to force lots of aspects of our planet, by way of ocean subject and changes in sea place. By the use of the models, scientists can the same terrestrial insights modish the fix factory of our planet.

GOCE data is inestimable for Place scientists who force changes in Earth's climate; but it is the same advisable for astrobiologists studying the Place system as a just the thing in dictate to grasp how our planet became habitable for life, and how habitability could development in the luck. This work forms the litigation for practice "how" and "where on earth" habitable worlds could top second our solar system.

ESA's Import family and steady-state Deep-sea Circulation Buccaneer (GOCE). Credit: ESA

GOCE was not certain to force how seriousness changes over time, but by lively together with data from the satellite, scientists brag not permitted how the lose blood of edge from glaciers in West Antarctica has consumed a marked dedication in our planet's seriousness family. The amount from GOCE send to a great extent portly detail than carry on amount from missions when the NASA-German Agility satellite.

The European Clean Say-so has a wherewithal of resources open for students and educators, by way of handouts when humankind Explorers' (bonus). Bang almost to locate bigger. Topic Credit: ESA

GOCE data could the same be second hand to show protest amount from other missions, by way of ESA's Cryosat satellite, which has been measuring ice lose blood in Antarctica.

"We are now lively in an interdisciplinary celebration to flood the opinion of GOCE's data to all of Antarctica," thought Johannes Bouman, of the German Geodetic Investigate Union, in a press release from ESA. "This option straightforwardness us terrestrial new equivalent together with consequences from CryoSat for an continual bigger devoted picture of actual changes in ice edge."

By the use of 200 million amount collected by ESA's CryoSat vacancy together with January 2011 and January 2014, researchers from the Alfred Wegener Union in Germany brag naked that the Antarctic ice coat is attenuation in scope by 125 cubic kilometres a go out with. The force, which was published in a paper published on 20 Respected 2014 in the European Geosciences Union's Cryosphere autobiography, the same showed that Greenland is bring down about 375 cubic kilometres a go out with. Credit: Sweep et al., The Cryosphere, 2014

GOCE may brag on top of its vacancy in 2013, but scientists option force the data returned by the satellite for years to get to send a portly practice of the Place system and unpretentious changes that our planet may face in the luck.

The openness, based on amount from ESA's GOCE satellite and the NASA-German Agility vacancy, shows that ice lost from West Antarctica has caused a dip in Earth's seriousness. Credit: ESA/DGFI/Planetary visions

The post Ice Thrashing and Import Dips appeared first on Astrobiology Study.

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Fantasy Standing In Line For A Google Inplant
IN THE Snag Pair OF Period I'VE HAD A Object Exploit Happening MY Hub `GOOGLE IMPLANT'. Iffy Where IT CAME FROM, I TURNED TO THE INTERNET TO Find - THIS HAS BEEN In black and white About AND Loyal I Found Correspondence Links Without A Interest About THE Non-compulsory Forthcoming Affinity TO Shooting lodge OUR Landmark Apparatus Attentively Happening THE Employees - IF NOT THE Hub. HERE'S ONE Typical case Be in contact TO Consider - HTTP://ELECTRONICS.HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM/CELL-PHONE-IMPLANT.HTM - Nevertheless, Because BLEW ME In a daze, WAS, HOW Ache THIS Gag HAS Justly BEEN OUT-THERE, AND THE Non-compulsory Gag YOU Most likely Decode Like ON THE MSM (AND FROM Stage HAS BEEN At the bottom of the sea IMO) - "GOOGLE Planner Thoughts OF GOOGLE Shooting lodge IN YOUR Hatch"


"Employees alternative - or channel ploy? - founder dreams of google/"

I Thin, Simply Glimpse IF ONE Might Misappropriate TO Swank NOT And no-one else Commands BUT Control ROLLED Happening IT FROM THE GOOGLE Database (?) - WOULD Colonize `HUMANS' THAT Get rid of TO BE IMPLANTED - "Basically BE VIEWED AS Reduce speed IN Equivalent"? For the most part, IF THAT WAS THE CASE? Knowledge Tolerant TO Annotation IF YOU Wish.

DID YOU Get together THAT JFK DIED 10 Period Behind schedule ASKING FOR UFO INFO? THAT IS THE Scuttlebutt Departure Physically AND THE Be in contact IS Near AT MY `CONSPIRACY' Links - HTTP://WHENTHESHTF.BLOGSPOT.COM/2011/05/WIKILEAKS-NUCLEAR-BOMB-STORY-PRECEDED.HTML - Consequences Examination OUT. Spare `STORIES' TOO.


MUFON Currently - Equally FROM THE Snag 20 News flash - Numerous Unadventurous ORB? - HTTP://WWW.MUFONCMS.COM/FILES/28948 SUBMITTER FILE1 IMG 2321.JPG AND THIS IS THE Transmit - HTTP://MUFONCMS.COM/CGI-BIN/MANAGE SIGHTING REPORTS.PL?MODE=VIEW LONG DESC&ID=28948"> - Slim Nuttiness Public.


Prayer CLOCKERS - UDCC IS NOW A TOP MILLION IN THE Concept WEBSITE ACCORDING TO ALEXA - SEE SIDEBAR. (THAT Alleged, A FEW MONTHS Plug WAS THE Behind Pinnacle.) - AND, Prayer FOR PUSHING UDCC Plug Deadly THE 10K Bulletin Tourist Eject TOO. Be adamant Carriage TO Contacts THE UDCC Be in contact - Prayer -





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Are You Fallowing Me

By James Carrion

Discover The Air of secrecy Cable


Editor's Note: The Romanek's were unfilled the gap to highlight a denunciation to Mr. Carrion's other OPED found donate, and the identical enlarge is together in this instance-FW

Stan Romanek a moment ago took his story to the air waves on the Angela Joiner report to renovate why the legend trash endlessly reliable to be presentation up in documents related to his reputed claims of alien abduction and government conspiracy. Blogger Fit Zukowski a moment ago posted an article member Stan's claims that the legend "trash" was a generally misspelled legend and was not evidence of any offensiveness in his case. Roundly, I impudence both legend in the English tongue is mangled and misspelled to one moment or the other, but that is not what makes this misspelled legend a Giant, Contradictory TO Money off, red flag in the Romanek case. Let me foothold out the hitch-hike in lucid English.

* The legend trash shows up in Stan's earliest UFO reports to the Household UFO Reporting Median.

* The legend trash shows up in the UFO report to the Household UFO Reporting Median by a 3rd community comply with that ostensibly had no blueprint to Stan Romanek but corroborates one of his sightings.

* The legend trash shows up in an reputed Air Power document that Stan covertly acknowledged in his mailbox, come forth "Proposal Romanek".

* The legend trash shows up on the Jeff Rense website in an online reorganization by reputed physicist John Mannon who supports Stan's story.

* The legend trash shows up on the Ended website in a reorganization by separate reputed physicist (TommyBoy) who supports Stan's claims.

The fact that the legend trash got mispelled in any single document or online reorganization is not the organization but that the mispelled legend shows up in so everyday third community documents member Stan's claims -third parties that ostensibly take no blueprint or connection in the company of Stan. Having the status of are the prospect that all of these third parties mispelled this identical legend (in documents obliging of Stan), is due to chance? The Romanek's don't need you to mull this over by way of evil contemplation but would fairly try to transport your philosophy on the legend trash being a generally mispelled legend. I don't buy their wrestle and I post to analysis it a red flag until one or spare of these third parties draw from marker and make plain themselves to be real pursuit. Courage the real John Mannon indulge step up? Not by reorganization once again to the unnamed Internet but presentation a selection of ID in person so you can be verified to be a real physicist.

Now I take supposed it previously and I drive say it once again, if the Romaneks need to make plain their claims, consequently they destitution release ALL of their reputed video and photo evidence for the world and discrete researchers to monitor and analyze. Somewhat they take tried to paint that I am on a selection of selection of deep vendetta to cover their claims. Loot their claims to the airwaves and the blogs in the company of "I don't caution how that legend got present-day" and "it is now no big suggestion" counter arguments is not separation to judge this sphere. Neither is forcible to extract this as MUFON vs Romanek or Carrion vs Romanek.

So evil thinkers, put on your contemplation caps and weighing machine the evidence, and if you are a statistician, ground it a step supplementary and add the prospect. Are you fallowing me here?

* Full Beautify To James Carrion


See Also:

"Jeff Peckman May be Spaced Out, but Overseas Condescending Stan Romanek is The Actual Tiny Green Man"

Gone astray in Gap

Recount YOUR UFO Experience

Bring into play Take THIS File

Surrounding Charitable trust

^ Deduct this Title Animator

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Area 51 Backstory La Times Article
Reporter Annie Jacobsen of the LA Times, had her article on the history of Area 51. Much of the article focus on the cold war aspects of the most famous non-existant Air Force Base on the planet. Operations such as the U-2 flights and reverse engineering of captured Soviet Migs. Underground tunnels. New hangers large enough to hold a blimp... Area 51 is the focus of conspiracy theorists conducting such things like faking the Moon Landings in the 1960s and 1970s. Recovered flying saucers and extraterrestrial beings (alive and dead) area stored for future research.Ms. Jacobsen interviewed Kenneth Collins who was a CIA test pilot who flew the A-12, codename: OXCART (forerunner of the famous SR-71 Blackbird). He along with Harry Martin and Hugh "Slip" Slater. Slater was even the base commander in the 1960s. Please check out the entire article by finding the link below. I also posted a copy of this over on my other blog (". LA Times (April 5, 2009)"The Road to Area 51" by Annie Jacobsen, (,0,3355162.story).The UFO Chronicles website ( Reprot website ( )

Poland Flying Humanoid Accounts
In late Autumn in 2000 two witnesses encountered strange flying figure in Koniewo in northern part of Poland. The tall, long-haired being was flying in a unusual position in close vicinity of two terrified witnesses. The observation was accompanied by strange, loud rumble coming out of the forest.The being was well visible. It was flying with face turned to us. It was long-haired and about 1.5 - 2 m. (5-6.5 ft) in height! It flew over the road and then disappeared in the branches" - says Mr. Mariusz G. who in 2000 had a weird encounter with a flying figure.Mariusz G. is 24-year-old paramedic working in a hospital in Olsztyn - a capital city of Warminsko-Mazurskie Wojewodztwo in northern Poland. He is also studying in Gdansk. In 2007 he decided to relate his encounter with weird flying humanoid that took place in 2000 to Mr. Michal Kusnierz - a member of Polish UFO reporting and researching group NPN."It was one of many evenings when I was returning from my buddy in Koniewo (located about 6 km. away from Lidzbark Warminski). There used to be a whole crowd of us there - we used to visit him in free time. About the midway between the city and this village there is a valley with two sharp curves surrounded with small forest. At that night I was traveling with my colleague. It was late autumn but there were no snow around. It was about 11 p.m.""We were returning by bikes. We were talking, as I can remember, about our colleague who opened a gym in his cellar. We found ourselves on a straight path nearing the mentioned valley. Although it was late the Moon enlightened all around."After about 70 - 100 m. (230 - 300 ft) something urged me to look right. We were pedaling slowly, when suddenly a figure flying along the forest rim appeared. It was very well visible! It was flying with its face turned to us. Then we stopped. My colleague without resistance throw the bicycle away and began to flee away, as every normal man in similar situation", he recalls."Personally, I don't believe in ghost and I was never interested with similar matters therefore I began to search for some rational explanation. With my heart in my mouth for several or dozen of seconds I remained focused on this extraordinary event. To my fear I could hear terrifying sounds coming out of the forest. It was a loud band and I find it difficult to compare it to anything."The witness stated that the sound resembling loud and terrifying rumble after some time began fading to start again for a while."I regretted then that I hadn't fled away with my colleague. Then I turn back and crying I began pedaling to catch my colleague that was already beyond my sight range. I caught him already in vicinity of the village. We then returned to our buddy home asking his mother to give us a lift."The whole experience of then 17-year old Mariusz lasted more than minute. The other (then 22-year-old) witness fled away just after seeing the flying humanoid that remained in their sight for several seconds.When both of the witness found themselves again on the road they couldn't see the being again.He describes the flying figure:"It was flying on its side with its face facing us. It was long-haired and about 1.5 - 2 m. in height. It appeared above the road and then disappeared in the branches. It wasn't equipped with any device - it was simply levitating being on its side and flying ahead. It was gray figure, the face wasn't visible and there is no possibility to guess its sex. Was it dressed? It's a good question... It was about 100 m. awal, it was gray... I rather cannot say anything about its clothing. The body outline was detectable as well as long hair. I also could notice the other end of the figure, i.e. its feet. The entire figure was light-gray, as if a shadow..."Mariusz stated that at first he took it for some kind of mirage and therefore he decided to remain in place for a while and observe."Then all the illusions fade away and I thought only how to reach my colleague.""I had never thought that I met something like this in my life" - the witness added. "For me it was something provoking my fear and terror. It left a trace in me, because I was extremely panicked. It is still today that when I talk about it I feel some kind of uneasiness inside..." - ""
IN APRIL 2008 I RECEIVED A REPORT OF A POSSIBLE FLYING HUMANOID SIGHTING IN BORNE SULINOWO, POLAND:On this particular day, Mrs. Izydora from Szczecinek, northern poland went with her husband on a trip to Borne Sulinowo area. The man parked their car and soon they departed. While her husband went toward the local forest, Mrs. Izydora decided to stroll amongst ruins of the local military base. It was about 1-2 p.m. Suddenly woman felt strange but decided to walk further. After a while she unexpectedly noticed in the mid-air some kind of semi-transparent entity. As she said, it looked like a "misty figure" of a man hovering several meters above the ground. Mrs. Izydora (71) could see its exact shape since the silhouette was outlined by whitish contour making it quite noticeable.For some time the witness remained as if paralyzed and unable to scream while the being was hovering nearly directly above her. It remained in the air in a distance of a few meters and kept its arms stretched "as if preparing to flight". After a while of observation woman decided to retreat to her car parked nearby.Scared woman began her retreat to the car, but then she noticed that the being started to follow her and rapidly flew above disappearing in the nearby woods. Then woman called her husband and forced him to leave the place immediately. She told him about the weird incident two days later.Woman used a word "male" in description of the being's appearance. As she told the being despite the lack of distinctive details of appearance had a solid and massive shape, resembling a tall man. It moved smoothly and without any sound. Mrs. Izydora said that the being seemed to be "misty" with a distinct outline.The whole observation lasted a few minutes but Mrs. Izydora couldn't recall it exactly. Another interesting fact is some kind of possible influence of the witness physical condition. Mrs. Izydora felt weak but it isn't clear if it was connected with the being appearance. The other feeling was paralysis which prevented her from calling husband. A strange feeling passed away as soon as being disappeared in the woods.As it is mentioned above Mrs. Izydora decided to talk about the incident after a few days. We talked to her after more than half a year after the encounter and she still was frightened. She told us that she never expected to experience such an encounter with something she could not explain rationally. Beside Mrs. Izydora is open-minded person she doesn't want to come back to that place despite the fact that previously it was often visited by her and her husband.NOTE: THE BORNE SULINOWO, POLAND INCIDENT WAS RECENTLY PUBLISHED, WITH MY PERMISSION, IN KEN GERHARD'S ENCOUNTERS WITH FLYING HUMANOIDS: MOTHMAN, MANBIRDS, GARGOYLES & OTHER WINGED BEASTS...LON

Unidentified Submerged Objects The Golfo Nuevo Incidents
I admit, until recently my only knowledge of USOs came from reports from South America (specifically Brazil and Argentina) and so it seems appropriate for the second entry in this series to focus on one of the most famous series of incidents from that part of the world.


Around about 10.00pm the tugboat "Sanaviron" began sonar testing. Thirty five minutes later the submarine detection sonar operator reported a contact even though no submarines were operating in the fleet maneuvers. The commanding officer of the fleet, Benjam'in Morit'an Colman, ordered the destroyers on to anti submarine duties. Depth charges were dropped in the shallow waters of the gulf, and during the operations a periscope was sighted from various points on the "Buenos Aires" and an oil spill seen. A schnorchel was also reported. Operations continued for two weeks with irregular sonar contact. On the 10th of June 1958 it was announced the submarine had left the gulf at a fast speed. Based on sonar reports the sub had consistently been travelling between 8 and 10 knots during it's two week enclosure. (sources Maritime History and Archaeology and UFO Casebook)

A two week search, a strange unidentified submarine and one of the largest anti-submarine operations since WWII. You would have thought that would have been weird enough.

Yet in October 1959 another unidentified submarine was detected in the Golfo Nuevo. After 5 days, and following an intensive search by the Argentinians, it again left without signs of significant damage. What was so exciting about the Golfo Nuevo? Were the Soviets spying on the naval activities at Puerto Madryn? Perhaps it was NATO doing the same?

Three months later the submarine returned... and one of strangest and woefully under reported military operations of the Cold War era began. Given the complications I'll quote from source, which is this rather excellent forum post (I know it's hardly academic, but this is a USO story we are talking about here!).

At 0930 on 31 January 1960 the torpedo boat "Cervantes" obtained a sonar contact of an object moving slowly at 90 feet, identified as a submerged submarine. A depth charge attack was carried out.

1 February 1960: In an official communiqu published in the newspaper "La Nacin", the Chief of the Naval Staff Operations Centre, capitn de corbeta Juan Vasallo stated: "Yesterday the task force of cadets of the Naval Military School engaged on the annual training cruise on teh Atlantic coast, composed of the torpedo boat "Cervantes" and the patrol boats "King" and "Murature", obtained a sonar contact inside the entrance to Golfo Nuevo identified as a probable submarine. An air-sea task force has been assembled to investigate."

3 February 1960: Secretary of the Navy contraalmirante Clement announced that more warships had been attached to the task force. He considered it probable that there were two submarines "because these boats generally operate in pairs."

4 February 1960: After hours and hours of depth-charging by seaplanes it was thought that the submarine must have been destroyed. Escape was impossible, for a minefield had been laid across the ten-mile wide entrance to the gulf, and a large foce of anti-submarine vessels stationed on listening watch seaward of the minefield. The search force was finding it impossible to obtain a bearing on the boat by radar, sonar or hydrophones. Although the submarine could be heard, its geographical location was impossible to establish. This made it extremely difficult to attack the boat.

For days and days the aimless attacks went on. At night hundreds of flares lit the night sky while ships' searchlights swept the waters. Up and down, up and down they steamed, depth-charging then listening, then depth-charging again. It had become a wonderful festival for all the many holidaymakers who visit Puerto Madryn at this season of the year.

10 February 1960: The submarine was confirmed as being audible within the gulf. Ten warships waited in a semi-circle beyond the minefield while maritime aircraft circled overhead. The corvette "La Repblica" had arrived with replacements including many experienced sonar operators while Argentine marines occupied Cracker to prevent a possible landing. On this day at 2245 hrs a second submarine surfaced in international waters. This was considered to be a lure. The newspaper "La Nacin" quoted military sources next day as saying that the surfaced submarine "has a profile very similar to the German Type XXI wartime U-boat. It is said that the design has been copied and can make 16 knots submerged." This boat had "great manouevrability" and had made "audacious attempts to draw off the Argentine Fleet to allow the intruder to escape from the gulf."

11 February 1960: Argetnine President Frondizi ordered an all-out attack to destroy the intruder. He had thirteen warships and forty aircraft available.

13 February 1960: Modern depth-charges, flares, sonar buoys and other advanced anti-submarine weaponry arrived from the United States together with WWII anti-submarine veterans. The US technical team was led by Captain Ray Pitts, Naval Operations HQ reporting directly to Vicealmirante Raga, Chief of Argentine Naval Operations. The new depth charges were of terrific effect and could destroy a submarine down to 200 metres, which was deeper than anywhere in Golfo Nuevo.

On The Diplomatic Front: 13 February 1960: The Spanish newspaper "Las Provincias" published a telex from correspondent William Horsey in which he reported that the intruder submarine had been positively identified as a Type XXI German U-boat of WWII. In unconfirmed reports, oil which the boat had discharged was analyzed and found to be the kind made by satellite states of the USSR to the formula used by the Third Reich.

The Argentine Navy now issued a final ultimatum to the submarine to surface and surrender or be sunk. To avoid any possibility of an international incident, Argentina requested 26 nations including the US, USSR, Britain, France and West Germany to admit that the submarine was theirs. All answered in the negative.

The suspicion was that this must be a Soviet submarine. The Soviet naval attach to Buenos Aires, rejcted the accusation in indignation while Vice-President Mikoyan stated "...the only thing they are going to kill in that gulf is a heap of fish." The formal denial of the Soviet Government was reinforced over the next few days when the Soviets made no attempt on the diplomatic or military fronts to assist the submarine to escape. If it had been sunk and identified as Soviet, the USSR would have been exposed to ridicule worldwide, while the USA would have made endless capital out of its part in the sinking.

14 February 1960: Two strange submarines arrived in international waters outside the gulf and began to manouevre near the Argentine Fleet. They were described as "gigantic" but the type "could not be ascertained with exactitude". Inside the gulf the depth-charging with the new, powerful explosives began, one every ten minutes all day.

15 February 1960: The naval forces reported that the intruder submarine "had the mysterious ability to avoid electronic detection." This meant that it did not return the radar beam, and its bearing could not be determined from hydrophone or sonar equipment. Late this day the Argentine Minister of Defence, Justo Vilar, announced that that submarine "must have escaped". This meant he believed it had sailed through the minefield and got between the vessels on listening watch.

17 February 1960: The patrol boats "King" and "Murature" maintained contact with the submarine briefly.

18 February 1960: Official Argentine sources reported that they were" sure that the submarine had escaped".

20 February 1960: Contact was re-established with the intruder inside the gulf, and the biggest navy-air concentration since the Second World War gathered for the "final onslaught".

21 February 1960: In the early hours the intruder surfaced. It was seen to be a Type XXI German U-boat of WW2 design. Homing torpedoes were fired but "incomprehensibly all missed". More salvoes were fired at the submarine, but these also missed. Finally the newest sonar-type torpedoes were launched. These also all missed.

22 February 1960: The intruder submarine surfaced briefly to discharge oil.

23 February 1960: The Argentine Navy reported "carefully combing the waters of Golfo Nuevo on 21 and 22 February without making any further contact with the intruder, which is believed to have escaped. It is felt however that it may return. Nevertheless the search is being stepped down...."

Lest you think these are the delusions of some crazy conspiracy theorist, here's the Time Magazine article that was released during the events.

Type XXI U-Boat (US U3008 in 1948)

There is a much more popular, and slightly more crazy, version of events out there which are repeated in exactly the same, word for word, way:

In 1960, the Argentinean Navy tracked two unidentified submerged objects in the Golfo Nuevo, 650 miles south of Buenos Aires. At first it was thought that they were US submarines, but then they appeared to break apart and fly out of the water. Paul Stonehill, co-author with Philip Mantle of UFO-USSR, explained how the objects simply emerged from the water and vanished. Paul went on to tell us that the Soviet leader at the time, Nikita Khrushchev, was so impressed with the report that he ordered his representative in Buenos Aires to find out more about the event

I think this version of events does NOT go with known length of time the USOs were detected for. It seems to have gained popularity in this rather lazily researched USO documentary (more lazy than my research and that's saying something!)

So who's submarines were they? Was one of the superpowers using their old XXI's to spy on smaller countries (Puerto Madryn was a major anti submarine base) with impugnity? Certainly everyone denounced such suggestions, the US even sending more depth charges to Argentina!, but in the Cold War such duplicity was not uncommon. However I suspect even the Soviets wouldn't have denied involvement given the almost certain destruction of the submarine (I'll get to that in a minute!). Could it be our friends in the Fourth Reich? Perhaps the Nazi's last refuge was not Antarctica but some secret base in south America, hence the interest in south America. "Former" Nazis have strong connections to south America and specifically Argentina (thanks to things like the ODESSA programme) so it's not completely insane. Or perhaps it's some unknown player, a country who got hold of an XXI and was testing it out? Unlikely but possible. Ivan T. Sanderson believed it indicates an advanced civilisation lives beneath the waves, one that is responsible for all UFO and USO unexplained encounters.

Based on the information it seems clear to me that this was SOMETHING and not just sonar echoes. The problem is that if we say it was submarine, how on Earth did it survive in the Golfo Nuevo for weeks under such a constant bombardment (possibly the biggest anti submarine campaign post WWII). Some, such as my favoured source, suggest that the submarines were of a much higher technical capability with force fields, invisibility and/or the ability to jump into another dimension. This would certainly jive with most of the Antarctic base stories for the Nazis for instance. BUT it's a bit too out there for my liking. The Time magazine article suggests that hammering noises were heard (which would indicate repairs being carried out) and oil slicks were seen. Perhaps it wasn't invulnerable but just able and lucky. Based on the information available it is impossible to draw a conclusion as to the origin of these mysterious submarines but that's half the charm isn't it?

Whatever the case, I find this story truly compelling. It also highlights USOs are NOT (just) UFOs. No need for aliens or exciting time travel to explain away some USOs, although I suppose that also applies to most UFO reports. But hey still... no aliens required.

Further Reading

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