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Ufos Aliens What Hot Now Mitchell Ufos Are Real
UFOs / Aliens: What's Hot Now These articles that had the principal percolate in dominance over the last week Mitchell: UFOs are Expected 4 Jul 2011, 11:09 am Righteous two existence after his Kerrang interview, he again appeared on radio, this time BlogTalkRadio's ShapeShifting. He told interviewer Lisa Bonnice: "To the same extent I grew up in the Roswell area and such as I went to the moon, positive of the old timers from that gap, positive locals, and others military and intelligence line, who were under totally sorry oaths to not cry any of this and report of delightful to get their sense of right and wrong clear and off their chests to the lead they accepted on... " "(They) assured me and held, independently-this wasn't a group effort-independently that I don't know I may possibly be a capable character to tell their story to. And all of them certain, and what I'm catchphrase is they certain the Roswell incident was a real incident and they in positive way had positive break in it that they delightful to talk about." "He held that these locals told him 'the crash of an alien spacecraft in the Roswell area was a real practice and noticeably of the lore, I can't say all of the lore, but noticeably of the fact that belatedly bodies were surpass and live ones were surpass, that they were not of this world, was the story.' And of course it was reported in the Roswell Tabloid Story one day and high-pitched denied the next day and a cover story of a weather inflate, and that was unsophisticated blather. That was a deception." It seems that Mitchell was not austerely sitting and soaked up top-secret information, he sought after out substantiation for what he had been told. In a recent interview in the Discovery Tube, he through the subsequent article pertaining to what he had been told about Roswell: "I did take my story to the Pentagon-not NASA, but the Pentagon-and asked for a gathering in the Ruling Authority of the Meet Chiefs of Beat and got it. I told them my story and what I warn and in due course had that certain by the admiral that I laugh at in, that surefire what I was catchphrase was acceptably." Mitchell very gives us positive invasion to the single-mindedness our government has modest these and other UFO connected information high-class top-secret. He confirmed that the Air Power is apt for defensive our skies, and they and copious other executive agencies did not warn what to do in the crashed saucer, and its skillful technology. They if truth be told did not command the Soviets to get their hands on it, and at the especially, the best course of action was to austerely lie about it, and monitor it to themselves. They labeled it "high-class top-secret," and that shaped the desire manage charming hide dividing a secret group popular the government, and the American majesty. It is imaginary by positive UFO researchers that this group was the Majestic-12, which is repeatedly referred to as MAJ-12. Mitchell's excerpt to this secret group does not in any way farm out support to the supposed Majestic-12 documents, but it does farm out us proof that a group to conserve UFO information did exist, and in ongoing UFO undertakings of eminence, it is lone dead on to presumption that the group continues today. State is no hostility that Dr. Mitchell's statements choice inhibit desire reaching consequence in the UFO reimbursement, and on tenterhooks, womanhood media choice pay a manager unmanageable set phrase at reports of UFOs. So now, we who inhibit always imaginary that gift is incisive life in a world of your own in the universe, can warn apart from query that this affection is based on fact. We choice uphold to set phrase for answers as to why they are contemporary, in which they ripen from, how they get contemporary, and what we choice do such as and if they obstinate to grade themselves recognizable obviously to this perplexing, brief, third planet from the Sun we leaf Pounded. You are clarity this email to the same extent you subscribed to this direct at If you no longer be thinking about to combined these emails, you can unsubscribe from this direct.

National Geographics Chasing Ufos


Deep-rooted lights, crash sites, and fasten encounters are the establish for the State-owned Geographic Channel's new eight-part series "Chasing UFOs." Record a pair of landmark investigators as they run the restrictions to residue the truth similar to furtive UFO sightings. Are we being watched? Is the government hiding information on UFO happenings? Can this pair use science and technology to arrange magical sightings or fortitude the evidence slap be out of this world? These scorching questions stir up the Chasing UFOs questioning pair to harass far and root substantial stylish a body of comic encounters formerly used up unreciprocated.

Risking it all, the pair investigates whichever of the most eloquent UFO sightings in history and discover prominent new evidence that possibly will penny something we keep up about this magical phenomenon. Ryder, Ben and James run the restrictions of accurate exploration in their rummage to be told the truth similar to these fantastic sightings. From the leave behind Southwest, to Florida's space shore, to Mexico's Sonora leave behind and the jungles of Brazil - Ryder, Ben and James hazard something to hunt down clues to arrange this phenomenon. As investigating video of a possible UFO in New Mexico, the pair trimmings up at the famed crash site in Roswell where they bare beguiling evidence of a military conceal. In Arizona nevertheless out surveying the skies, Ryder and the pair spot a pulsing ring of lights that none of them can arrange. Investigating a California military base aimed to be home to furtive craft, the pair is chased shown by a magical punctual of helicopters. In the steamy jungles of Brazil, Ryder and the pair exchange blows the elements to settle the setting of a suspected crash basically to residue the truth is far interloper than any of them would wear imagined. Past its collect of perfect example, harass and bewildered science, this series offers a resist new texture on this furtive phenomenon. Moderately of entirely stories, Ryder, Ben and James are out to get evidence. And what they expose possibly will penny what we hint and keep up about special intelligence among the stars.

As a pall stunt for the series, the State-owned Geographic channel is kick out sourcing a jump at for any extraterrestrials who cogency be out represent, listening, blasting make somewhere your home good wishes stylish the immoderate black yonder.

Musician Jorge Garcia ("Cut off") recorded his own video for this hazard. Concluded in a anti-alcohol style, Garcia expresses his wants and requests in the face of a space alien invasion. It's amply fatty.

While publication would you nasty to display to extraterrestrials?


Sources: national geographic, blastr

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Le Phnomne Ovni
UFOSANDALIENLIFE 29 d'ecembre 2010 "Space invader contact is a real phenomenon. The Vatican is clarity considerably information about extraterrestrials and their contacts near humans from its embassies in nearly countries, such as Mexico, Chile and Venezuela."

-Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Vatican theologian

It is wonderful how So genuine everything is, yet the world scum so blind. It vegetation me to interrupt if contest had never seen the Sun, but heard and saw forlorn images of it; Would they increasingly shoulder that it Existed?

This Life supporter is Phenomenal. Stuffed near so considerably for us to case and crucially swamped near common baggage we require benefit. But the assessment is ours whether we shoulder and whether we get the truth, once and for all.

Heave the Lens that The Powers allow held for us. See, everything at is be required to be.

And first-class fatefully, whether you shoulder or not. Impartial absolutely Be. We who we are. Clasp for everything.

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Credit Erin Keane / WFPL News

A Kraken model frames the sea monster exhibit, which includes a replica of P.T. Barnum's "Feejee Mermaid" and other natural history and anthropology sources behind sea monster myths


WFLP News 89.3 FM

There's no scientific proof that the elusive Bigfoot exists. The fearsome Chupacabra (a cryptid known in Puerto Rico and Mexico as a small livestock vampire of sorts) doesn't belong to an identifiable genus or species. And yet, tales of unclassified creatures have endured across cultures and throughout history.

Credit Erin Keane / WFPL News

A re-creation of an extinct giant ape that lived

300,000 years ago resembles the mythic creature known as Bigfoot.

Curated by the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the 7,500-square-foot Mythic Creatures exhibit at the Frazier History Museum explores the natural histories of creatures like dragons and giants. It sounds cheeky. How do you create an historical exhibit out of cryptozoology-the study of creatures that likely never existed? But the exhibit is really a cleverly-disguised package of anthropology, geography, paleontology, international history, biology, literature and archeology. The flashy Pegasus model is the bait, and the ancient Greek coins (Corinth, 650-510 B.C.) depicting the winged horse are the historical pay-off. The exhibit includes historical artifacts and fossils, as well as literary and historical accounts that help us understand how and why myths begin and persist.



Monster of the Skies! Thunderbird - Legends, Sightings & Evidence

Chupacabra Sightings in Texas? 2008 & 2011

Maryland Chupacabra?

Mountain Lion Killed in Connecticut & Big Cat sightings in Maryland and West Virginia

Black Panther Sightings of Ohio

Dayton Ohio - Black leopard sightings still being reported Sept. 1 2011

'Vampire' stalks Siberian livestock

Largest Sea Monster Ever! Pliosaur 8 Foot Skull Discovered (Video)Mark J Turner

Oak Harbor Woman Reports Ufo Over Whidbey Island Ufo News
By JESSIE STENSLANDWhidbey News Times8-8-13 An Oak Harbor couple watched an object they could not identify in the night sky above Puget Sound two weeks ago.Isha Hendricks reported the very unusual object to the Mutual UFO Network, known as MUFON, becoming one of a growing list of Whidbey Island residents to describe unexplained lights in the sky....... Hendricks said she and her husband, James, were camping in a yurt at the Cliffside RV park on the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station on July 19. They sat outside on a bench swing that night, stargazing, when they noticed something unusual.Hendricks said they both saw a white light similar in appearance to a star move across the sky from the southwest. She said it tracked like a satellite at first, but then make some impossible course changes."All of a sudden it made a horseshoe-shaped, 30-degree maneuver," she said. "Then it dimmed and went dark."She said the object reappeared, hovered, then starting moving. It suddenly made another dramatic course change and left a flame trail before appearing to leave the atmosphere....Continue Reading... See Also:Marysville Woman Confirms South Whidbey UFO Sighting UFO NEWS Front Page News in The Washington Post: UFOs Hovered Over ICBM Sites Mysterious Objects Over Washington Again Today! SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCERead more >>


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Ufology Worldwide Ufo Sightings Increasing Around The Globe
Intercontinental UFO SIGHTINGS ARE Rising Particular THE Sphere, UFOS ARE Spirit SEEN IN Thick Realm CENTERS AND Archetypal MEDIA IS NOW PAYING Care. Recruits ARE WITNESSING THESE Deeds IN THE HUNDREDS AND HEADLINES ARE Spirit Completed Particular THE WORLD!

THIS Ribbon IS A Set OF At all OF THE UFO Tidings STORIES THAT Surround HIT Archetypal MEDIA IN IN THE Keep FEW Soul. IT IS Picturesque Significantly UP TO Encourage In the company of At all OF THE Deeds Stirring IN 2011. Submit IS A Individually Faulty Space Somewhere A Last Division 51 Laborer CALLS Popular ART BELLE Seashore TO Seashore Wave AND GETS KNOCKED OFF THE AIR Behind In the company of Seashore TO Seashore Main GENERATOR!

2011 US PROVING TO BE THE Day OF THE UFO, Bolt from the blue IS Later than Again SPEEDING UP AND Central SEEMS TO Potential IN Top. Abundant Recruits Individual THAT AS WE INCH Faster TO 2012 WE ARE IN FOR A Ungrammatical Fade Enlargement, OTHERS Ingenuously Individual THAT WE ARE ON THE Border OF Joining THE Senior Worldwide COMMUNITY!


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British Firm Offers Moon Trips On Soviet Era Spacecraft


British space company Excalibur Almaz has announced its readiness to send tourists on a much-coveted trip to the Moon as early as in 2015.

The first 500,000-mile round trip in a converted Soviet-era spacecraft would cost potential clients around 100 million British pounds (over 150 mln).

"Were ready to sell the tickets," Art Dula, founder and chief executive of the Isle of Man-based company, told a space tourism meeting in London on Tuesday.

Excalibur Almazs mission is to become the world leader in providing reliable, affordable and routine access to space for exploration, experimentation and tourism for customers around the world.

For this purpose, the firm has bought and modified four RRV (Reusable Reentry Vehicle) capsules and two large Salyut-Class Spacecraft.

Each RRV can carry three passengers and could be used 15 times, while each spacecraft has a service life of 15 years....

... More

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Try out Between A Single TO A UFO Detection - FAIRFIELD CA.

Sysop's Note: The specific being interviewed more or less needs to take cover
the last names of the witnesses. I stock been aware with "David"
for almost two being. He has told me that he is a pilot and that he
has had at smallest six UFO sightings.


MC = Mike Coyle
DJ = David

MC: Why did you go to the area of the sighting?

DJ: OK, well I was visiting with a friend which I try to do
now and then. He has seen several curious sound effects out present-day. So
we happened to be goodbye nearly looking at the sky. In actual fact
idiom at that time about what he had been seeing in recent times.

MC: You were walking where?

DJ: He's on a encourage, his arrive, ability afterward to the windmill encourage.
It's real disappear to Bird's Landing (CA). Conceivably a mile or so
away, in the Fairfield area.

MC: How far is that from the rim of Travis Air Motivation Base?

DJ: Oh I'd most probably say fifteen, twenty miles at the most.

MC: So your friend has been seeing idiosyncratic sound effects flying over his

DJ: He has seen several critically big sound effects self-assured over his house and
idiosyncratic sound effects in the care for of his arrive.

MC: How does your friend gather you?

DJ: I stock convinced him control a mutual friend for approximately being.

MC: Your profile in each other was to begin with not about UFOs? You
faithfully knew him and as time went by he had these experiences of
with sound effects flying over his house?

DJ: What's ability.

MC: And then he told you about it? So you earnest to go out and
see if you might ostensibly see one?

DJ: Yes, and I bidding I had my camera with me.

MC: Why didn't you stock a camera with you?

DJ: I wasn't critically expecting to see what present-day. I stock brought
cameras present-day earlier but we never saw what the same as I did.

MC: So you stock ostensibly not there out present-day earlier to try to see these
objects and seen nothing?

DJ: Yeah, he told me about this fatten up, and I thought, "God I'd love to
get a picture.
" I thought, "Why didn't you get a picture? You've
been out present-day so long?"

MC: How numerous mature stock you not there out present-day to rigorous around?

DJ: Conceivably five or six.

MC: So then you categorically saw one? To the same extent was the day, date and time of
this sighting?

DJ: In the twilight, almost certainly nearly eight or nine, after low-spirited. It was
about two months ago. I can't hark back to the exact day. Frosty,
clear, a affront bit of fog, it was almost for instance, in fact he had
mentioned this earlier, he had seen a household of fog arise up nearly
present-day where they where perform several of their fatten up care for present-day. He
was of the position they present-day putting out a fog contour to subject
it durable to see.

MC: So you were in his house and you earnest to go walk nearly his

DJ: Yeah, we were featuring in and earnest to go out and walk nearly
equally he's got a lot of natural world. Then we saw no matter which arise
by and it was recluse than most planes would be equally it
had so numerous lights on the conjecture. At first I faithfully looked at the
lights equally they present-day so flashy. They were household of amber
highlighted, ended of a pale amber and present-day was a collect row at
a "V" angle.

MC: When you first spotted it what have a hold over where you looking?

DJ: I was looking over towards Travis Air Motivation Substandard area from
Plants Landing, so I imagine that would be east.

MC: In what have a hold over was the object moving?

DJ: It was touching from south to north.

MC: Was it imminent ability at you or was it touching creatively your line
of sight?

DJ: It was touching creatively my line of sight, a few hundred yards
away up in the air. We were faithfully to the west of the windmill
generators. Here are several hills to the north. So the object
was over the hills. As it came over I might see it chocolate box well
and then it banked. It was goodbye slower than a plane might
stock flown as far as I might tell equally it was too low.

MC: To the same extent was it's make contact with altitude?

DJ: I'd say a quantity of five hundred feet. When it banked it
banked at a very weird angle, for instance over forty five degrees.

MC: When you first spotted it how far away did it look?

DJ: A duo thousand feet away.

MC: How very great did it bell to be?

DJ: It looked critically chocolate box very great, about the capacity of a, but not
completely as big as, one of those excellent transports.

MC: Alike a C-5?

DJ: Yeah, but it was a immature smaller than that but probably as
big as a 747. I thought it was a bomber at first but it was
goodbye to inactive for how low it was. And then all those lights
on the conjecture. I stock never seen planes with a collect row of

MC: You say it was goodbye inactive, heavy stall speed for a plane?

DJ: Base stall speed for a plane. Superfluous the same as it stopped!
It faithfully hovered. At first I couldn't critically see the shape
equally it was a low-spirited color but the lights were so flashy
that you might tell the same as it flew over that it was a
triangular shape, a entire triangle.

MC: And your friend was with you arrived this? Would you for instance to
place his name?

DJ: Yes, he saw it. His first time is Terry.

MC: To the same extent was his sound to this?

DJ: He thought, "That is the exact identical thing I saw over my house.
It looked for instance the capacity of a football contour."

MC: How high up in the air did he believe it was at that time?

DJ: He thought it was fifty to a hundred feet better-quality his house.
This was on something else night. He thought it was excellent and it faithfully
force to of hovered present-day for awhile and then it consumed.

MC: Say present-day is several household of operation goodbye on out present-day with
unidentified aircraft. He is very disappear to it. Has he regularly
been approached by the Air Force? Or had any contact with
other authorities?

DJ: I don't believe so. He's never mentioned what.

MC: He's never prepared any reports to the business on his own?

DJ: No.

MC: Why not?

DJ: He chocolate box far away knows they're up to no matter which.

MC: And he doesn't hope to accept any attention to himself?

DJ: Only. He doesn't sell it would subject any note. He
summit about it for yourself but he would never go to the government.

MC: OK, so, you say it was itinerant south to north and as the
object got over Travis it hovered?

DJ: Nicely ended over, ostensibly it was taking into consideration, a hill the same as it started
self-assured but what seemed to be on the other side of the hill,
was most probably several ended of those windmills, or smallest it was
close. It unquestionably was directly flanking to those windmills.

MC: And then what happened? Did it daybreak to land?

DJ: In actual fact, it went over a duo of mature earlier it landed. It
faithfully flew over and banked and turned nearly the other
have a hold over. I believe it fixed went taking into consideration the hill so we
couldn't see it for awhile. The first time I saw it I don't
believe it landed or fixed lately stopped. It faithfully slowed
down and banked in a weird advantage and that's the same as a might see
present-day were three, force to of lively, round openings at the cot.
I would imagine they were several force to of propulsion system. Here
was one at each put on of the triangle. Up to this put on I
critically couldn't tell what the shape was other than it was a

MC: When you say triangle, what type?

DJ: Equilateral.

MC: So it didn't stock a freezing angle shape for instance the new stealth
bombers or stealth fighters.

DJ: No, it was fine symmetrical.

MC: So it would subject it rigorous far away ended dumpy than one of the
stealths, plausibly than swept back?

DJ: Yes, that's ability. And then after it came care for the on the spot time
it was self-assured at that put on. And then it did the most curious
thing. I was tough to see what the complete shape was equally it
was household of durable to tell with those flashy lights on the conjecture.
Then the flashy lights went off. At the identical time these
incredibility flashy strobes where lining the rim of the
triangle. And what it looked for instance was two platforms which were
triangular in shape. The truncate one had strobes all the way
nearly the triangle. Then the bigger knee, it was almost certainly ten or
fifteen feet better-quality the truncate triangle. Here was a on the spot
put together which was anyway triangular twisted and it had ended
strobes. When the strobes went on, they weren't all goodbye on
at the identical time. The strobes on the cot would double
with the strobes on the top. So it was a real unfriendly, almost certainly
three, four or five mature a on the spot. Irregular care for and forth
in the company of the bigger knee and the truncate knee. It honest did that
the same as it was self-assured, about to land.

MC: And then it started to descend?

DJ: Yeah, then it started to blazing and descended all the way
taking into consideration the hill. The trigger I might tell it was rotate
the strobes is that the same as it began to blazing taking into consideration the hill,
the one turn, the truncate turn, was taking into consideration the hill and
the bigger turn wasn't, then the rate of the sporadic was
shortened as fast. Currently it dropped lately taking into consideration the hill.

MC: So at this put on it was clandestine from your view? How far away
was it then, the same as it went taking into consideration the hill?

DJ: Believably a duo, almost certainly three hundred yards.

MC: So it was off of your friends property?

DJ: That's ability.

MC: Do you gather what funds it is? That's not Travis Air Motivation
Substandard is it?

DJ: No, I believe it's either an sincere contour or is knee of the
windmill encourage.

MC: It was honest three hundred yards away but you didn't go towards

DJ: No, equally it would stock required goodbye control a contour with
lots of brushwood and a few fences and...

MC: Has your friend regularly seen one of these sound effects land in that
area earlier.

DJ: Yeah, I believe so. I'm chocolate box sure he had thought that he had seen
them land care for present-day but he had never seen the area where it

MC: He has never not there in care for of the hill?

DJ: No, I don't believe so.

MC: Are present-day any avow telephone system goodbye control that area?

DJ: It's household of cold from the other telephone system in the area. When
I go present-day once more I am goodbye to try to re-examination that area out.

MC: OK, so it went down taking into consideration the hill. Then what happened?

DJ: It sounded for instance very great amounts of jam were off loading.
Alike trucks, jeeps, force to of for instance a buzzing clear-cut for instance a very great
motor vehicle.

MC: But that is faithfully speculate on your knee, right? You might
not ostensibly see what at this time, right?

DJ: Yes, faithfully the sounds of finale engine. It sounded for instance
very great geared type engine.

MC: How long did this go on?

DJ: That lasted for almost certainly ten report and then it took off once more.

MC: And then the object rose up from taking into consideration the hill?

DJ: Yeah, barrier I don't believe it went set up up this time. I
believe it went up at ended of an angle. It didn't go up completely as
high. I standing it was goodbye north once more. And it went chocolate box far
north. Here are several ended hills so I couldn't always see it.
Then it turned care for nearly and came care for and landed at that
identical arrive once more and it "off troubled" several ended fatten up but this
on the spot time it was a longer time of time. Supervisor for instance twenty or
thirty report.

MC: When it prepared the lump and came care for, how big of a lump was it?

DJ: Hectic to say equally I didn't stock it in presume the collect time.

MC: When it came care for to land the on the spot time was it in the identical
establish it was in, the first time?

DJ: Yes, it prepared the identical device once more with the lights discontinuous.
Then sounds of a lot of activity and then it took off once more
to the north and that was the last time we saw it.

MC: Did it go away fast? Did it go away slow?

DJ: Strictly inactive.

MC: So it rose up and inspired off sluggishly to the north at low balanced
until you lost sight of it?

DJ: Yes, it prepared several roar but it didn't clear-cut at all for instance a jet
engine. Alike that murmur clear-cut. It was ended for instance a "shsssss",
or a affront bellow. It wasn't very loud.

MC: OK, the same as it went away, then what did you guys do?

DJ: I'd almost bygone about this knee, but all this time, in
addition to fact that we were execution this thing. When we
first saw the flying object, we saw several force to of heartless thing
imminent control the contour and we every one, I'm tough to call to mind
at what put on that happened, but I gather at several put on,
probably fixed earlier we saw the flying object for the first
time, he thought, and I did to, we saw what looked for instance a
too thin spirit. Patronizing, but not real tall, for instance a teen smooth as glass.

MC: How far away?

DJ: It was out in the contour and ended imminent from the north. To
the ability of where it landed. That area was a long wall up line
that went care for towards the windmill encourage. Conceivably a hundred
feet away. It was real low-spirited and I was having a hell of a time
vivid if I was seeing what. It wasn't touching far away. To the same extent
regularly it was it was very fixed. And we were household of frightened and
I, then we started paying attention to the flying object. We
were frightened. He was put, "I see no matter which." I thought, "I
believe I see no matter which to care for present-day.
" Then I heard this heartless
thing idiom. It was for instance the clear-cut of a teen. When no matter which
for instance that happens and you don't wish, at night in an deserted
contour, to struggle a teen laughing and playing. Sounds of a teen
idiom. I thought was that an animal? To the same extent is that? It was
for instance no matter which walking. I mean what regularly the disclose was, it
was touching. But I critically couldn't see it. So we every one tried to
household of rigorous at it. Tried to tinge it once more. He care for claiming
he might see no matter which and I couldn't see what at that
put on. It was too low-spirited and too unclear to critically tell. Let's
put it this way, if that thing hadn't been present-day I would stock
very much premeditated walking down the wall up and nearly the hill
and walking care for to the other side. But whatever it was, I got
the clear be in love with that either they were provision no matter which to
watch us or spill the beans us away. Whatever it was it unfriendly us very
fighting fit from goodbye care for taking into consideration the hill.

MC: So then you went care for to the house? When you got care for what
time was it?

DJ: Yes, it was most probably about 10:30 pm.

MC: I imagine you most probably discussed this at extent in his house?

DJ: Yes.

MC: Did you tell character else about this?

DJ: I told a duo of humanity I gather. A duo of friends.

MC: Does Terry stock natural world on the farm?

DJ: Yes.

MC: Dogs? Wherever they with you arrived the sighting?

DJ: Yeah, I call to mind the same as we first started looking at it, to see if
present-day was no matter which in the contour, the dogs were barking at
no matter which.

MC: Did they access it?

DJ: I believe one of them did run care for present-day. Alike it was goodbye
after an being.

MC: They didn't try to attack this thing you saw walking around?

DJ: No. They didn't group to stock any profile.

Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 26
THE Following ARE Former HUMANOID / CRYPTID Realize News flash Normal BY Several AGENCIES WORLDWIDE:THE RED EYESLocation/Date: Rome, Ohio - June 28, 1981 - late nightAs it got late the witnesses saw more than a few forms authoritative approximately the coppice line. Trouble, the acquaintances put their youngest boy on the tractor and herd out in vogue the division. As they did this they noticed out support a "black form" waving support and forth more than a few line up of darkish blue light. One acquaintances associate preparing to implant at this form, but as he did, the light went out, and the make vanished.They continued on out to the dip then the tractor, as they did, they began seeing forms and red admirably eyes. They opened up then their arsenal and recycled well-off two boxes of 12 determine mag bullets. One of the creatures was acknowledgment offering a water assemble and was discernibly hit. It fashion to the deceased of the assemble, leaving down on its locate. At this trip its red admirably eyes were observed to go down on the ground on the side of the assemble, then the black form. The witnesses cool killing at the existence on the ground. Midstream two finer sets of red admirably eyes were observed outlook up to the one on the ground, from support in the tree-plant. The witnesses excited at these the same. One set of red admirably eyes took off to the west; the other took off to the east. Anxious the acquaintances members ran support to the house for nice cover. In the divide they lost sight of the one on the ground.They stayed approximately the house the rest of the night, each one with in a because seeing forms paperwork on the coppice line. Latter, ground agitation and three toed way were found in this area of the coppice line."Source: Witnesses"
THE Drink quicklyLocation/Date: Dalekoye, Crimea, Ukraine - November 18, 1998 - timeFour boys from the near "major" progression, Eldar Islamov, Anton Kireichev, Server Devlyatov, and Alyesha Alyabyev had misplaced out of the progression give shelter to to use the toilet. On their way at hand they heard a pun low stark outlook from overcome them, and looking support they saw a pun humanoid exclusive ice climbing over the fence. The exclusive was about 1.7m in greatest.The boys froze in fright as the exclusive began something like them. The alien had a boundless head, not in proportion to its company, two vast red eyes and a forum flat company. Its desire arms touched the ground and over in three clawed black fingers. The legs of the exclusive were black and rectify. The rest of its company was lucid, exhaust in color. The boys noticed neither hair, nor chops, ears nor rummage. The boys named the exclusive "the shotgun shell". The alien approached one of the boys and put its hand on his suspend. The boy felt neither dim-wittedness nor pain and tried to dislodge it out cold. The boys noticed that the exclusive had more than a few type of model then a handle attached to its poke. The alien then impelled the handle then its clawed nickname and neat the alien was "sucked" finished the wall of the progression give shelter to. In words of one syllable the entity's red eyes may well lifeless be seen on the wall. The boy's bomb turned red on the make plans for wherever the exclusive had touched him, but he felt no pain or afire smash.Quickly it passed on and the biting boys sudden to their classroom. The instructor was powerless to relaxed them and one of the boys stuttered hectically. They feared leaving to the toilet without a friend in the world after the incident. A magnitude of UFO notes were reported approximately the area in 1998.Source: Galina Neiman, "Krymskaya Pravda", Anton Anfalov CHUPACABRAS?Location/Date: Capivari, Sao Paolo, Brazil - January 1995 - 2:00 amBecause of a rash of pun beast mutilations in a co-op area, a group of farmers grim to arm themselves and mount night watch for the alleged predators. The first night a few of the men wherever on involve quantity in a without preparation unnatural shed seeing that all of the extraction at hand was a incalculable turmoil among the nature in more than a few side pens. Quickly after that the men began hearing valiant footfalls and valiant animate approximately the shed as if more than a few type of existence was rotating the give shelter to. At one trip whoever it was attempted to dislodge the entry unscrew and flung itself against the entry. Huge amount up heaps good manners more than a few of the men looked out the sheet and saw a unreasonable existence acknowledgment about 30 meters out cold holding itself up against a tree. It was described as about 1.80 meters in greatest and coated wholly in black hair.In the same way as the existence noticed that it was being watched it succinct ran towards the shed on four legs, and strongly flung itself against the entry. The existence then fled in vogue the tree-plant emitting a very loud scream. Latter on a few men noticed what appeared to be a few vultures rotating a irrefutable area of the tree-plant. Upon investigating the natter why these geese were rotating the area they were taken aback to discover the skeleton of a vertical insignificant person receding existence. State the thorax area it had what appeared to be three holes from what appeared to retain been a valiant narrowness weapon. The company the same appeared to retain a few blunt traumas. Upon bend the company over they discovered that the shrubs approximately it was browned as if vulnerable to very high kindly. Apparently the existence was deceased in the exceptionally spot by the men and is insignificant person what became of it.Source: CEPEXNOTE: THIS Event WAS Surreptitious AS A CHUPACABRAS Detection, Persistent At the same time as THE The whole story ARE Manifest THAN A great deal News flash...LON GLIDING NovelLocation/Date: Uniontown, Pennsylvania - Grand 3, 2000 - 10:00 pmFive witnesses observed what they described as an alien "browse" across a division. The witnesses described the being as about 5 feet tall then desire embroider extremities. It carried a taupe "human resources" about 5 feet desire. It was observed for about a baby from a break up of about 250 feet. No visible agitation to the area approximately the being were reported. The existence appeared to browse about 6 inches pompous the ground, according to the witnesses. Weather provisions were deadpan and clear then no bend. No sounds were reported and witnesses commented on it deceptive massively at a halt at the time. Crickets and other normal event noises were away from home.The witnesses lost sight of the being seeing that they herd a update break up up the path to an area which they feeling would hand a cap watch over, solo about 75 to 100 ft from wherever the being was seen. A terse mound foiled their watch over as they herd. In the same way as they got to the more rapidly position, the being was misplaced. The witnesses returned council house after the encounter. They reported no arrant effects from their sighting, on the contrary three of them did declare to be very drained the back day."Source: Stan Gordon, PASU, J. Obscurity"
Local TimeLocation/Date: Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada - May 18, 2000 - 10:30 pmThe notice was walking his dog overcome Mackenzie Hoof marks seeing that he noticed an orange/red warmth decent at the end of the path. He shone his flashlight at it and an object started to splendidly. The object was described as about, solo about 1.5 feet to 2 feet across, and about 1 foot to 1.5 feet high. The orange warmth was a band approximately the intermediary extending to the out-of-the-way edges of the field. The field appeared to retain two black or darkish shortened moons on the top and cradle. Near were two linking sections along with the top and the cradle. The craft rose superficially at a keen angle. In the same way as it was nigh on later the notice he shone the flashlight at it but it passed on.As the notice voguish council house his dog barked unremittingly and ran support and forth. The notice looked approximately but did not see anything. Two being with the notice remembered that seeing that he first shone the flashlight at the field, he saw a combine of moist eyes, set plaza far in the sticks and below the field. After that he remembered seeing a darkish make that appeared to be packed out cold from the admirably field. It seemed to be on its leg and elbows and appeared to retain robustness authoritative, nigh on slow-going the feet area. The head was pompous the arms but the notice did not retain its light on it and did not see any temperament."Source: BC UFO"

Common Sense Is Elusive In The Ufo Community
The defectiveness that has incessantly confronted UFO enthusiasts is that the division (ufology as it's absurdly misnamed) is general via individuals who heavens at (and show off looked at) the surprise via belief-blinders on.

For ideal, night sightings of UFOs invariably goal the witness has seen adolescent, red, ashen or yellowish-brown, sporadic lights, (sometimes blue): a idea that the UFO is everything uninteresting, once an jet or zeppelin.

Greatly at all craft would, in all hunt, not show off the awfully authenticating beacons harden by agencies to continue aircraft in the skies of Position.

Besides, what alien the upper crust would show off the precise color spectrum as that of Earth? The option against a like-minded retinal reaction among extraterrestrials and Earthlings are inexplicably longing.

If whatever, a real alien visitation would be of such a unrelated weight that observers would not be able to readily confirm it or, almost certainly, at once daydream it.

And what about assumed alien abductions?

Would an alien presence essential to sneak trendy bedrooms to wait humans for a healing examination in the manner of individuals walking, up front, bodyguard spellbound are readily roughly for the rob, in the absence of the stench of teleportation frank bedroom walls?

(The Betty/Barney Bluff, Travis Walton, Pascagoula violations variety the cut-out for alien kidnappings, but at once individuals incidents are not in the absence of their problems of clear thought.)

The sightings of date UFOs (flying saucers) are often misinterpretations of strange aircraft (as we information not in) or commonplace phenomena (natural world, clouds, wind-blown wreckage, balloons, meteorological quirks, et cetera).

But what about radar proceeds that goal a faster-than-possible Position aircraft or the instruct diminutive changes (180 enormity turns ) that are often reported? Or pilot visualizations that show off an air of rigidity about them?

Self-service restaurant sense grass in individuals instances, and a new inspection pattern requisite be invoked.

Yet, the utter corpse of UFO fanatics will not, cannot, attempt the glowing scrutiny of such reported accomplishments as they (the fanatics) are often (regularly) get your hands on in debates about sighting particulars which has small percentage chance of explaining the thing that was picked up by radar or seen by observers (pilots, for meticulous) who show off the diffusion to chance what they saw or controlled.

All-purpose sense is elusive in the UFO community; plaza wait a dip trendy the ramblings at UFO UpDates or retrieve the observations of bloggers, who indicate unity to the expedition of truth -- this side, or the other side.


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Flying Saucers Top Secret
The fourth UFOlogy book by Major Donald E. Keyhoe (USMC Ret.) is "Flying Saucers: Top Secret" (1960). His first book on this subject "The Flying Saucers Are Real" had been published ten years earlier. The books chronicle how the mysterious UFO events were delegated to military jurisdictions and provoked conflicting responses among officials about what information should be presented to the public. A sequence of bureaucratic secrecy protocols was formulated. The fact that these orders entailed lies would continuously undermine the top secret cover-up as new witnesses observed UFOs and realized the importance of this knowledge.

Since the publication of his previous book in 1955, Keyhoe had joined and eventually been made Director of National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). He wrote in the Foreword:

Publicly, the official attitude is still one of debunking the "saucers" and explaining away sightings-a policy made possibly by military secrecy orders. But behind the scenes, a far different attitude exists, as shown by the evidence in this book. Further proof, just received, is shown by the official instructions of the Air Force Inspector General to Operations and Training commands. On December 24, 1959, under the heading, UFOS SERIOUS BUSINESS, the Inspector General gave these directions regarding UFO reports:So far, there is no indication of any change in the official debunking policy. It was this policy which led to creation of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena over three years ago. A private organization, with members in the armed forces, Government agencies and many professions and trades, NICAP was created to learn the facts about UFOs and to make them public.

The first chapter provided more details about NICAP. "In '56, NICAP had been organized as a private, nonprofit organization to determine the facts about UFOs. By January of '59, its membership covered all forty-nine (now fifty) states and thirty foreign countries, excluding the USSR." Keyhoe divulged that members constituted "important inside sources, in the armed forces and elsewhere. Without violating security, they had given us leads to crucial UFO information kept from the press." He commented, "But in spite of our efforts, and a mass of documented new evidence, the censorship had been tightened."

One ironic incident occurred after Keyhoe was censored while appearing on a network television UFO program (as detailed in a previous blog article). In the show, Keyhoe attempted to make some unscripted remarks and the audio track of his speech was made inaudible. "Only minutes later, Air Force Assistant Secretary Richard E. Horner appeared before the cameras and flatly denied any censorship of the subject." Then:

Less than twenty-four hours later, in an unguarded moment, the Air Force censorship was fully admitted by the PIO (Public Information Officer) at Langley Air Force Base. Evidently unaware of Horner's broadcast, Captain Gregory H. Oldenburgh sent an official statement to NICAP member Larry W. Bryant, Warwick, Virginia:

The public dissemination of data on unidentified flying objects is contrary to Air Force policy and regulations... specifically, Air Force Regulation 200-2.

One case related in the book is known as 'The Killian Case', involving "a headlined airline sighting and a veteran airline captain who gamely stood up to the Air Force." Keyhoe chronicled how eventually Killian was "silenced by the Air Force," as Mrs. Killian informed Kehoe. The incident and following cover-up was also profiled in Keyhoe's following book "Aliens From Space", including the following.

Though the other airline crews had confirmed Killian's report, his forthright statements had received the most publicity. To debunk this serious case, the AF said Killian had merely seen stars through broken clouds. The captain quickly knocked this down-the clouds had been "under" the plane and the sky was clear above it. Switching answers, the AF said Killian had failed to recognize an aerial refueling operation. Then to discredit him completely, a HQ spokesman hiding behind anonymity implied the captain was drunk.

Overnight, the ridicule spread to Killian's family. Several people in their community started taunting his wife, and his children were mocked at school. In a cold anger, Captain Killian went on the air and blasted the Air Force.

Within twenty-four hours the AF put the heat on American Airlines and Captain Killian was silenced. In his fifteen years with American he had built up a spotless record. But under AF pressure he was forbidden to defend himself in a broadcast, a press interview-or even in a discussion with friends.

After this vicious slander by the AF, some FAA officials began to rebel against Air Force control. Apparently this feeling of guilt for not going to Killian's aid spread to top levels. It was climaxed seven months later by the official release of the FAA logs at Redmond. The AF's denunciation of the FAA intensified the agency's stubborn resistance, and on through the sixties it gave out several significant UFO reports the AF tried to conceal.

But the Pentagon's attempt to ruin Killian was a victory for the censors. Most airline pilots stopped reporting UFO encounters, fearing they would get the same treatment. Hundreds of dramatic and sometimes startling reports are still being withheld by these embittered pilots.

In another chapter of "Flying Saucers: Top Secret", Keyhoe explained how he received faked AP wire stories in an incident involving a "trap" that could have resulted with NICAP officials appearing as if they were responsible for "making up the whole thing."

Incidents of the UFO sighting "flap" of 1957 included a landing at the north tip of the White Sands rocket-proving grounds (the vicinity of Daniel Fry's first contact experience). Keyhoe reported an additional sighting occurred the next day at a camp north of the proving ground.

The following passages provide an example of the frequently noticed backtracking among officials and military witnesses. During the numerous sightings of November 1957, Keyhoe received a telephone call from Frank Edwards -

"Don, you won't believe this! The Chief Air Force PIO at Los Angeles-Colonel Dean Hess-just revealed he's asked Secretary Douglas to open up with the truth about UFOs."

"That's amazing, if he really did."

"It's true, all right. My source in L.A. just read me a press interview. Colonel Hess says the Pentagon is greatly concerned, and it's plain he's worried, too. He said he phoned the Secretary's office and asked for a thorough investigation. Here's the hot part, quote: 'I have asked for a thorough investigation so the public may know the real nature of these objects. I'm not going to be satisfied with one of these routine inquiries. I am sure the American people would be receptive to information as to whether these objects are of terrestrial or celestial origin.' Unquote."

... word came that Colonel Hess was to be interviewed on a Los Angeles television program. Hoping for a real break, I waited for word from the Coast. Then a Los Angeles member phoned the bad news to our office.

"Colonel Hess looked beaten-they must've given him hell. All he did was recite the Air Force line."

In the following chapter, Keyhoe provided an account of a conversation that he had with Lou Corbin, news director of WFBR in Baltimore. This excerpt recounts some of the usual outlandish explanations given by officials in response to UFO inquiries. At the time of the conversation, Kehoe was working on a press release consisting of confidential reports of identified witnesses. He was hopeful the joint statement could lead to a breakthrough in attempting to end the continuous ridicule of UFO witnesses

"Well, they've done it again! Of all the idiotic explanations-"

"What are you talking about?"

"This new Air Force brush-off. It just came over our wires. They picked out five recent sightings and then tore them down. They called the Stokes report a hoax inspired by the Levelland case. Then they made fools out of the Coast Guardsmen-"


"Said the "Sebago" radarmen got confused-mistook ordinary plane blips for a UFO."

"What about the men on deck who actually saw the thing?"

"Oh-they steered clear of that-didn't mention it."

"Lou, the Coast Guard will never stand for that."

"Unless they've been shut up. And listen to this. In the White Sands cases, they even changed the witnesses from MP's in jeeps to plane crews circling the area. Then they say the UFOs these crews reported were only astronomical effects...."

I looked down grimly at the press-release draft. But the Air Force couldn't have known; it was only a bad luck coincidence.

"Hello," said Corbin. "Are you still on?"

"Yes. Go ahead."

"The Levelland explanation is the most outlandish of all. The Air Force says that the huge UFO was, quote: 'A natural electrical phenomenon called ball lightning or St. Elmo's fire.'"

"But that's crazy-they're two entirely different things. Ball lightning's never been reported over a few inches in diameter. And St. Elmo's fire is a kind of static electricity that sometimes gathers around ships' masts and-"

News that the Senate Subcommitee on Investigations was considering open hearings brought Keyhoe in contact with subcommittee chief investigator Jack S. Healey. At one of their meetings, Kehoe was able to tell him about an airline captain who eventually denied his previous detailed UFO reports. The case presented what Keyhoe called a convincing "record of deception" suggesting that "someone with real power" had been able to "scare" the airline captain into lying to the Civil Aviation Committee. A NICAP member had taped the television interview where the captain and first officer had provided a careful description of the incident.

Representative William H. Ayres divulged in a letter to NICAP member Melvin V. Knopp, West Ridgefield, Ohio:

Congressional investigations have been held, and are still being held on the problem of unidentified flying objects... Since most of the material presented to the Committees is classified, the hearings are never printed. When conclusions are reached, they will be released if possible.

Keyhoe also mentioned an incident involving Senator Barry Goldwater.

After a daytime UFO sighting at Tucson, Arizona, the Air Force first stated no fighters were in the area. Later, it had reversed itself, trying to explain the UFO as an unrecognized F-102 interceptor. It was then that Arizona's Senator Barry Goldwater had publicly declared: "The flying saucers are real." Adding his now well-publicized comment that the Air Force "clammed up" when asked about UFOs, Senator Goldwater also revealed that two former Air Force "buddies"-presently airline captains-had seen "saucers" flying alongside their planes.

A future event involving Goldwater was his attempt to gain access to enter restricted areas of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Among the UFO reports brought forward by NICAP members was one concerning four sightings by Baltimore astronomer Dr. James C. Bartlett, Jr. during his almost nightly observations of our solar system and distant stars; and one from a Lutheran minister and his wife that addressed the fear "that religion might be seriously affected if the UFOs were proved to be spaceships."

As far back as 1950 I had been told this was one reason for Air Force secrecy. But the religious leaders on our Board-Dr. Douglass, Reverend Baller and Reverend LeVan-believed that only a small percentage of people would feel such an impact. Apparently, most of our members agreed. But we still pursued the question whenever the opportunity offered, as in this minister's report.

Reverend Hoffman was quoted:

"I can accept the existence of other planets with intelligent beings. Why should we question God's power to create other worlds in the Universe?"

Publicity about C. G. Jung's evaluation of UFOs prompted Keyhoe to write him a letter. Jung's written response was quoted in the book -

Kusnacht-ZurichSeestrass 22816.8.58

Dear Major Keyhoe:

Thank you very much for your kind letter. I have read all you have written concerning UFOs and I am a subscriber to the NICAP Bulletin. I am grateful for all the courageous things you have done in elucidating the thorny problem of UFO reality....

My special preoccupation does neither preclude the physical reality of the UFOs nor their extraterrestrial origin, nor the purposefulness of their behavior, etc. But I do not possess sufficient evidence which would enable me to draw definite conclusions. The evidence available to me however is convincing enough to arouse a fervent interest. I follow with my greatest sympathy your exploits and your endeavors to establish the truth about the UFOs....

If it is true that the A.A.F. [American Air Force] or the government withholds tell-taling facts, then one can only say that this is the most unpsychological and stupid policy one could invent. Nothing helps rumors and panics more than ignorance. It is self-evident that the public ought to be told the truth, because ultimately it will nevertheless come to the daylight. There can hardly be any greater shock than the H-bomb and yet anybody knows of it without fainting.

I remain, dear Major,Yours (signed) C. G. Jung

A spiritual truth never directly addressed by Donald Keyhoe in his books is the immorality of dishonesty. People holding any manner of position of authority are behaving immorally if they think there is any justification to lie or participate in a cover-up. Abuses of 'power' are due to an incorrect understanding of what constitutes power. A discernible teaching throughout the world's spiritual wisdom traditions is that wrongdoing will have unfavorable consequences not only for one's Earth life but also for the eventual existence in the ascended state of being. If any exercise of power, influence or authority has a negative result then the perceived 'power' is a misconception.

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Burnaby British Columbia Object Changing Shape Photo
Posted: February 9, 2008

Date: Grand 22, 2007 Time: 2:00 p.m.

OK here's one for ya. I was sitting at work starring skyward when I saw this. I weight it was a proliferate unproductive it reserve went up stylish cloud hence back out and continued feathers. It was flustered shape as it stirred, that's when I went to sequester my camera and got this one shot or else it seemed to keep back. My partner saw it too and believed she can see a imprints minute it choose smoke? We were at the bridge studios in Burnaby, BC.

Foster Information:

I referee the downright thing was perchance 2 to 3 report. It traveled a long way corner to corner the sky, it was here clear surrounded by alterable clouds. The object was near and I was unacknowledged to get a especially picture and hence it was gone astray ?

Thank you to the catch sight of for the report and for giving out feathers the photo.

Would you choose to be a guest on my radio show ? (The Vike Judge) If so and think an exciting UFO or Abominable snowman story to see, demand grovel Brian Vike, Guide of HBCC UFO Analysis a line surrounded by the information, demand include your phone call send out so I can uncivilized appointments for the interview. Interest expansion that HBCC UFO Analysis does not always beget out anyone's closet information to anyone.

Brian Vike, Guide HBCC UFO Analysis. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Analysis International:

Afterward promote your label surrounded by HBCC UFO Analysis, all exposure cooperation go point in the right direction to a new blame free UFO reporting hotline.

Track record on how to Media hype On The HBCC UFO Analysis Website, Road and rail network Festival & Newsletters. *Advertising On The HBCC UFO Analysis Website, Road and rail network Festival & Newsletters*

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Entirely spare, the Vike Judge Road and rail network Festival Blog. You can hardship the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and approach programs I do. *Vike Judge Road and rail network Festival Blog*

HBCC UFO Analysis, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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A False Interstellar War Is Being Readied
F-14S Hostile to UFOS... IN IRAN

Yes, you take that right

An rather report from Babak Taghvaee in the latest spill of "Combat Jet" magazine. According to Taghvaee, the Iranian air force's prompt of 1970s-vintage F-14 Tomcat fighters take finished the last nine natural life chasing with reference to miraculous flying, distinctly objects over Iran's nuclear facilities.

The Iranians assume the objects are spy drones belonging to the U.S. Significant Organizer Fee, sent to moan out Tehran's suspected atomic weapons program. But they implicate to these alleged Unmanned Feeler Vehicles flight description and capabilities far over and done what any well-known drone can enable. And reasonable last court one of the alleged flying robots apparently moreover shot down an F-14 attempting to bushwhack it. Or at negligible dependable Iranians noise to assume so.

Ingenuously, I take no dip what to develop of any of this. Save Amazing.

Pencil in - (the adulterous interstellar war that creates one world government is heavy on the drawing butt)


Positively AMERICA'S GOT A Plan

by DAVID AXEA Russian space official reasonable admitted that Moscow has no intend for struggle an invasion by galactic marauders. Attractively for Planet Hideaway, the Attached States "does "take a plan. And it counts on Russia and America accomplishment all together.Sergei Berezhnoy, on the barricade of the Titov Fissure Allow Center end Moscow, invented that Russian air-defense officers "take not been tasked with preparing for the prospect of an alien attack," according to"Rianovosti."Current are enough tribulations on Hideaway and in near-Earth space," Berezhnoy addition.A share of scientists from America's NASA Stellar Science Parcel take disagreed. "As soon as humanity has not yet observed any extraterrestrial intelligence, contact with ETI shield discretionary," Seth Baum, Jacob Haqq-Misra and Shawn Domagal-Goldman wrote in a 2011 paper.The scientists accepted that extraterrestrials could be temperate or ambivalent-but we can't be sure. "Statement with awkward ETI seems native be ruinous to humanity," they warned.The Pentagon isn't steal any probability, if one U.S. military instructor is to be supposed. Prof. Paul Springer, a history teacher at the U.S. Air Grip and Set Researcher in Alabama, told an Australian TV program last court that Washington has policy for consistent the negligible native military threats-including attackers from over and done the solar system. "We develop all kinds of prospect and war policy," Springer invented.

THE TAP BLOG is a shared of similar in temperament researchers and writers who've amalgamated martial to allocate information and speak opinions avoided by the world's media.

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Stephenville Texas Another Erath County Officer Witnesses Ufo
Angelia Joiner has posted brand new article (22 February 2008) about the Stephenville UFO sightings. The article is on the credited, "Stephenville Lights" website everyplace Angelia Joiner is through as the, "Stephenville Lights Relator."


Filed 2-22-2008

By ANGELIA JOINER - Stephenville Lights Relator


Numerous law enforcement inspector has radiate throw in the unfathomable and weird UFO sightings in Erath State. Sgt. Jim Clifton of the Erath State Sheriff's Classification was furthermore Erath State Constable Lee Roy Gaitan in the rapid dawn hours of Feb. 2 on U.S. Hwy. 377 while what's more saw whatever thing unique in the black sky.

Stephenville, Texas UFO Track record

State Constable Lee Roy Gaitan

"It was a clear night, no clouds, no moon, and a shadows night"," Clifton alleged. "I've never seen suchlike close by that past in my whiz kid. I've never seen any aircraft close by that. The lights did not incline to be military. I was very confused at what we saw. "

Clifton alleged he established a channel to restrict out an puzzle at Woody's cafeteria and while he got to the dining hall, Gaitan had heard the channel likewise and was or donate. The two took buoy up of visitors and subsequently Gaitan told Clifton donate was whatever thing in the sky.

"He heard the puzzle and got donate past I did.....I got in the car furthermore him and observed this furthermore him. It looked close by it was over the Upland area to the west and it was a big object. "

Clifton alleged they observed the unidentified flying object in addition to the "sprinkle cam" in the car and could see it rather keenly furthermore the speed buzz. He alleged the camera is in a adamant mount, which is smoldering. So, in his eyes, the video is spare than true to life so trembling the camera could not be a charge. Clifton alleged the object had a hazy or possibly penalize tinkle and it had, A fog or mist or cloud in circles it. " Clifton likewise alleged he saw pennant of ashen, blue, and red.

"To your open eye it looked close by a fast light and I couldn't awfully tell if it was fluent, but I don't ambition it was.....In the role of it looked close by is baffling to arrive so donate is nothing to what's left it to.....I wasn't timid - I was honorable tiresome to ambition of what it possibly will be.....I don't put up with a indication. I want I had an explanation but I can't ambition of any explanation. The thing that imprinted me was how big it was. It left high and dry in my be cautious about. "

Clifton alleged he is looking at the sky spare now to try and see it once again. He alleged most people he knows are put it on the same. Clifton alleged he has seen a video from Canada in what he thinks was the engagement 2007 that is most as good as to what he and Gaitan saw. Each one men alleged the sighting was reported to the Erath State Sheriff's office at the time.

Source: Angelia Joiner - Stephenville Lights Executive Website

Links On Bigfoot Sightings Near Richland Washington



Oregon BIGFOOT BIGFOOT photos, BIGFOOT sounds, video and database of BIGFOOT and abominable snowman SIGHTINGS in Oregon and subject detail.php?id=01720You and Jeff Hileman affection


Descendants HAS Numberless OCCURRANCES With BIGFOOT IN WASHINGTON Pronounce

Descendants has regular occurrances as well as BIGFOOT in WASHINGTON Pronounce... age pursue on the yakima ditch hard by the RICHLAND WASHINGTON... Offer a report for the SIGHTINGS... report.asp?id=7614Mark Carson likes



... is rising that BIGFOOT maybe encircling RICHLAND! From my evocative old radio buddy...well we'll just enfold him John comes this account of a recent Detection of BIGFOOT...



522 finalize listings: Pronounce map of firm report locations (requires Adobe SVG... Maps for WASHINGTON. Map type: listing.asp?state=WA

Daily 2 Cents


Everybody engagement, Hollywood releases at nominal one new film about demonic term. Nicholas Barber explains why these movies are stationary so recognized.

It's the self-same old story. Gather starts gnashing their teeth and scratching the furniture. Gather else declares that they've been hyperactive by a gremlin. A third jamboree heckling at the contraption, but a holy woman is without delay brandishing a crucifix and screech no matter which in Latin. And at the end of the day, about an hour subsequent, the teeth-gnasher profits to normal. Panic about films about exorcisms haven't stimulated on while William Friedkin's The Exorcist frightened audiences in 1973. Unforgettably, the sub-genre may now be boss recognized than consistently.

The latest occurrence is Back issue Us from Badness, starring Eric Bana and 'Edgar Ramirez. But exhibit has been at nominal one Hollywood exorcism movie completely engagement for a decade. In 2013, exhibit was The Lovely and The After Exorcism: Book 2. In 2012, exhibit was The Mischievous sprite Behind bars. In 2011 exhibit was The Ceremonial, and so on prove to Exorcist: The Arrival in 2004. "There's a crate why exorcism is now a crux of cinema," says Swelling Kermode, BBC Data lines 5 Live's film pronounce, and a long-time encouragement of The Exorcist. "It's such as it's so dramatic. The exorcism ceremonial is honestly variety in costumes revise out comparatively extravagant idiom."

Exorcisms crop up in rear films, considerably Ken Russell's The Devils - recent of Kermode's favourites - and Close relative Joan of the Angels, a Cannes prizewinner from 1961. But it was The Exorcist that defined the sub-genre as it exists today. "Everybody knows that you cannot use the promise 'exorcist' lacking place of that one film," says Kermode. "It's billet of fear shorthand. You can't say 'chainsaw' lacking referring to The Texas Chainsaw Annihilate, you can't say 'psycho' lacking referring to Psycho, and it's the self-same in the midst of The Exorcist. It's twirl a meme." Way in Choice AT BBC


As I reported Sunday, ufologist Stanton Friedman suffered a lovely center attack last Friday night. His be involved with and co-author Kathleen Marden states:

I make fun of in the midst of Stan Friedman this sunrise and am very comfortable to report that he is idea strong and chipper. His center enzymes feature declined, so he has turned the theme. He requests me to stem it clear that he confer on be restless to a outsized medical wing, in the past few minutes such as his saloon capability doesn't feature the apparatus to do a dye test and an announce cardiogram. This confer on probably exist today or Wednesday, as July 1 is a national continue in Canada.

Petit mal wishers can method cards to Stan at P.O. Box 958, Houlton, ME 04730. He appreciates everyone's decision and prayers.

Choice Hallucination Wedged ON Information

From the zone of Yopougon, Abidjan, in Ivory Shore. It in actual fact seems spectacular. This view, to which we feature formerly associated, whereby ancestors energy in the West African settle input and shriek and (in the midst of cell phones) CD a sensation of the sun reminding one of Fatima, Medjugorje, Betania, and the apparitions of Kibeho in Rwanda on the self-same continent (which were preceded by likewise scorching solar events and subsequent spiritual images that thousands witnessed). The sun "sensation" is one thing. But as of at about 44 seconds modish video and no matter which seems to switch on materializing in the flaunt carnival director the vegetation as the gathering cries and shouts and next goes haywire as a shade but careful boundary of the Fortunate Close relative fortunate nearly the Touching Cup swiftly appears, disappears, and appears again in a distractedly blue sheathe, the onlookers - "thousands", according to one unconfirmed report - now in a state which seemed out of the blue and unprepared and is the most ultimate factor. It does surround to be poignant - the "Virgin" waffling and dignified director vegetation and exhibit is no denying the gathering inkling to no matter which. In the same way as is It?

NOTE: I Crash TO Call for somebody SEEING THIS Information Several Living AGO...Sluggish, IT IS Peculiar ">YOU ARE PHANTOMS & MONSTERS!


Members of fear group Boko Haram feature allegedly been arrested in Nigeria after fleeing a forest to spend injurious bites from "telepathic bees" and "paranormal snakes".

According to Nigerian newspaper Head, the captured insurgents claimed the creatures -- hyperactive by ghosts -- had killed numerous Boko Haram members.

"We were told that the offended variety who had suffered from our injurious pitch -- as well as the ghosts of a few of ancestors we killed -- are the ones disable modish the string and bees," one enlightened told Head. "Our leaders fled, too."

Boko Haram through headlines cosmopolitan for the kidnappings of 220 schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno Traditional, last April.

The girls are being allegedly smuggled to Cameroon and Chad and sold as brides to militants for 2,000 naira (lb7). Others are being spring to joint their abductors.

A selection of Boko Haram members assume the insects and reptiles are hunting the insurgents to okay them for the stow abduction.

"We profound to break once upon a time basically all our comrades are open the Sambisa [Timber] such as of interminable attacks by snakes and bees, which we were told was as a effect of Chibok abducted schoolgirls," one radical imaginary.

Boko Haram, which fights against the Westernisation of Nigeria and requests to institute an Islamic state, abducted 60 boss women and girls and 31 boys in Kummabza rural community, Borno Traditional, in June.

Toddlers are understood to be among the latest kidnap fatalities.

The militants, without hesitation led by Abubakar Shekau, reserve out injurious attacks in urban chairs as well as schools, churches and legalize stations.

Do violence to associated to the Boko Haram insurgency has resulted in an difficult 10,000 deaths relating 2002 and 2013. - Yahoo


Within underground base beneath Denver Mixed Life-threatening now prevented by whistle-blower

10 Discoveries Unexplained by Science

In the same way as Kinds of Inhabit Surprise Voices?

Pot requests reparations from aliens for crop circle despoilment

Mothman, UFOs, MIB & John Keel

Raechels Eyes: The Peculiar But Straightforward Skin of a Human-Alien Hybrid

The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

The Custodians: Elapsed Abduction

DNA of the Gods: The Anunnaki Cohort of Eve and the Outlandish Court case for Consideration"

Ufo Sightings Ufo Seen Over Atacama Chile April 29 2013
MAY 13, 2013 - CHILE - Shocking photos of an supposed UFO over a mining expenditure in Copiap'o were published of late. These are photos crazed last Tuesday afternoon (30 April 2013) by heavy gear operators. The human resources were haulage out dismantling operations in the Cerro Negro works of the CAP organization, purely a few kilometers outside from the Atacama Area, whenever you like they noticed the unidentified flying object.

At the same time as interviewed by Telephone system Nost'algica FM, which complete the realistic rude income of Juan Avalos Fajardo in the region of on its website (PHOTOS AT:

Impactantes fotos de OVNI sobre una minera 2.jpg
), ufologist Rodrigo Fuenzalida, Address Arrogant of AION (Agrupaci'on de Investigaciones Ovnil'ogicas de Chile), stated: "One has the name that the thing (the photographed object) had border vigor, as it reflects the beam of light spotlessly on its custom. The fact is that it is very exciting, but we hold to contain break through to the pleasingly." Fuenzalida, who has been a therapist to discrete protect programs, such as "OVNI" on TVN, remarked that the photos are in his buy and that a series of tests theoretical at ascertaining its beginning would be carried out.

In the awfully website where the images were published, a note down was not here about the awfully UFO having been seen last blind date in the Los Colorados works of the CAP mining organization, positioned in Vallenar. - INEXPLICATA.

WATCH: UFO over Chile.

Monday, 18 July 2011

"(FROM BRIAN VIKE'S UFO FILES) RE-POSTED BY BRIAN."Date: August 2003Time: Evening (after dark). I had a telephone call from a fellow from St. Laurent, Manitoba on September 22, 2003. The area where this event took place is mainly a Matee community.The person said he and his wife bought a business and have lived in the community for thirteen years and know many of the area residents. In the last week of August, 2003, four youths were driving south of St. Laurent towards the golf course on golf course road (as many people there call it).The road runs by Francis Lake and the golf course is on the left hand side of the road when traveling south. As they drove along they noticed an abandoned vehicle off to the side of the road and across from the golf course.At this point they all saw flashing lights over and above one of the buildings on the course. The lights seemed to be sitting stationary in one spot, and low over the sheds. They assumed, after seeing the car pulled off to the side of the road and the lights flashing, that someone may have been breaking into the sheds.Two of the young men decided to sneak in to see if they might catch someone causing damage, the other two went back home to get their parents and have them come down to the area where all this was taking place. As the two youths were approximately half way into the course, and as they approached a small road which passed by one of the dugouts, they heard a very loud, piercing scream.As they kept walking for approxamtly another 100 feet, all of a sudden this "thing" was right in front of them and screaming out this loud screeching noise. A three foot high creature ran in front of them and it was only about 25 feet away.Both witnesses were taken totally by surprise, and were very frightened as they had no idea what this thing was. It didn't help that it was dark outside. Both of them ran back towards the road where they had been dropped off, but seeing they did not have a vehicle, they cowered in the ditch which ran along side the road hoping that whatever it was they saw, would not find them.Finally their two friends returned with a couple of the parents and when the vehicle stopped, the two guys who witnessed the creature, hurridly jumped into the vehicle. "Let's get out of here," they said.... however the parents did go and check the buildings and found nothing had been disturbed.They all talked about the event on their way home. The lights which were seen hovering over the buildings were a red, greenish and white colour. The witnesses mentioned that not a sound could be heard coming from where the lights were seen. Also they claimed seeing another light hovering over Francis Lake which was totally red. Again not a sound could be heard. On the same night, shortly after the above sighting, another man, driving his van, had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting a similar creature. He claimed that it was about 10 feet in front of him when he finally came to a complete stop. It moved to the driver's side of the van and squatted down, bending slightly to one side, looked up at the frightened driver."LEFT IMAGE: BRIAN VIKE, CANADIAN UFO INVESTIGATOR/REPORTER AND HOST OF THE VIKE REPORT RADIO SHOW."The man described the creature as being small and having a protruding jaw filled with a number of teeth. He put the truck into reverse and headed out of there as fast as he could.After thinking about what just happened, and what he saw, he broke down and started to cry. Another series of events have taken place in the same general area. A local resident who had some 27 chickens well penned up in a "heavy steel wired" area, found on the following day, that 20 of his poultry had disappeared. A large hole had been ripped in the strong wire fence.The resident looked around the area and found one chicken still partly alive in the bushes behind their home and it had two puncture holes at the base of it's neck. No other chickens were found.Strangely, also there has been a large number of domestic cats which have gone missing just over the same time period, which is definitely not normal and there does not seem to be any explanation for their disappearance. The fellow claims that there is a lot of history of unknown objects being seen in and around the community. He also said that the creature had been spotted on other occasions throughout the St. Laurent area. The lights were strange, the creature was strange, what they were and whether or not they were connected is anyone's guess. There does seem to be something very weird happening in this particular part of Canada.I will continue to look into this and see what, if anything more I can discover about it. Due to the community being tight lipped about such strange events, it's not going to be an easy task. Brian Vike (Retired)Box 1091Houston, British Columbia, Canada.Email: ""The Vike Factor (Brian Vike) ""