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National Press Club Ufos And Pilots




The reality as Seen by Departed Thrill Examine Course Army Officials Pilots.

Pilots To Ask for Their Stories For the Inventive Time!

Groove to Assert on US Course to RE-Open It's Scrutiny

(Seven Countries)

Monday 11AM November 12 At home Press Hit Ballroom

Moderated by Departed Arizona Overseer Fife Symington

We basic try and boost this by paying politeness.

I decision quote from the readout I was known factor.

"I repute our government basic take an source of revenue parcel in investigating this very real phenomenon. This timber consists of some of the most recognized the population in the world with supervise receive in dealings with this defense, and they decision assume fake evidence, some never offered formerly, that we honestly cannot give the chop or disobey.

Departed Gov. Symington ( Phoenix light Forename) WHO's Who:

Fify Symington, Departed Gov.

Ridrego Congratulations, Person in charge Direct Aviation Air force Chile

John Callahan, Groom Of Accidents and Investigations FAA (Ret.)

Dr, Anthony Choy, Engineer 2001 OIFAA, Peruvian Air Extract

Jean Claude Deboc, Capitan Air France (Ret)

Charles Shelf. Col USAF (Ret.) Departed Dir. Verify Directorat DOD I.G

State-owned Parviz Jafari, Iranien Airlines (Ret)

Trig Johnston Northwest Airlines Person in charge (Ret.)

Jim Penniston TSgt USAF (Ret.)

Dr. Claude Poher, Centre At home d'Etudes Spartiales, originator French GEPAN

Serration Pope Ministry of Defense, UK, 1985 -2006

Dr. Jean-Claude Rabes, Fundamental At home de la Recherche Scientifique, France, 1963-08

Commandante Oscar Santa Maria, P'eruvien Air Extract (Ret)

Friends : Jamie Fox :415 519-9631 Leslie Kean 415 259 9791

"Since on source of revenue toll, the panelist regard either witnessed a UFO incident or regard conducted an scientific investigation during UFO cases...."


Daniel Sheehan, is a famous reverential nationality public prosecutor provided defensible urge for the Karen Silkwood case, Iran-Contra and the Pentagon Permit. He is the firstly principal defensible urge to the Connected States Jesuit Center. The story speaks for itself. DVD X-Conference Computer screen Discuss. Transporter, Clinton Management and UFOs.

Litigation Bluebook The Indoors Files:

Joseph Capp

UFO Media Matters

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Af Roswell Study Contributor Admits It Was Et By Anthony Bragalia
The Lt. Colonel who was a secret band to the Air Force's majestic 1997 picture that ended that the Roswell ET crash of 1947 is a "myth"- now states that the Air Force's Roswell report is itself a lie. The Colonel goes encouragement to state that what he truthfully believes to be decent is that aliens truly did crash to Place decades ago! He adds that he was "second hand" and that the the essayist of the Air Compel report "was on a delegation" in the midst of no pursuit in discovering what truthfully happened at Roswell.In the Air Force's hand out Roswell Report: Basket Stopped up (authored by Wits Representative Person in charge James McAndrew in 1997) the Roswell crash is debunked. The report serves as the US Air Force's majestic and "unchangeable secure" on the issue. Person in charge McAndrew explains in the Air Compel report that "crash test dummies" that dropped from airplanes were deceptive by witnesses for the assumed Roswell "aliens." McAndrew contends that bring to a close ranchers -when confronted in the midst of these humanoid facts laying on the give up floor-confused them in one way to be creatures from additional world. An bet on Air Compel Roswell report had ended that the "craft" that was witnessed was truly a fallen top-secret "Entrepreneur" spy inflate project.Lt. Col. Raymond Madson, now 79, a minute ago aligned to this essayist that he was the Hurl Representative that led the Air Force's "crash test puppet" program, unambiguous as "Hurl Large Leap" from 1956-1960 at Holloman Air Compel Flooring. He intended and managed tests that second hand anthropomorphic dummies in aerial "puppet hint" tests. These tests were tome of an Air Compel project to acquaint with ways to undamagingly parachute pilots from aircraft at very high altitudes. He weathered and analyzed problem that pilots may perhaps encounter in the midst of the confiscation mechanisms for bailing out of new era aircraft.Lt. Col. Madson is for a long time quoted and referred to by Person in charge McAndrew almost the Air Force's Roswell debunking report, issued in book form. His witness is found on area 180. Madson however provided regular of the famous crash test puppet pictures second hand in the book. He says that he ready it clear to McAndrew that although the "dummies could be deceptive for whatever thing they are not" - they could never be deceptive for quick alien beings! Madson was visited by Person in charge McAndrew for in-person interviews over a episode of two life span. Madson told McAndrew that the dummies did not dignitary alien- and that qualities would direct that these are "essentially splendid dolls." Madson with spoken to McAndrew that the episode of time in which these puppet hint tests occured could not feasibly accord in the midst of the time of the Roswell event- the trial were too regular go apart from one additional. McAndrew listened -but did not comment- on Madson's situation. Madson with whispered to McAndrew that "we were unhappy in the midst of these 6' dummies to try to protection grown men. The aliens reported at Roswell were whispered to be child-sized."In fact, McAndrew's Roswell report did not shield Madson's real situation on the issue at all! It appears as even if McAndrew approve of to get advantageous annotations out of Madson to be then second hand to encourage the crash puppet program explanation for the alien bodies. McAndrew took Madson's lettering and to be found them in the Air Compel debunking report in such a way that it did not liberate the truth about the way Madson truly felt about the design of the Roswell event!Madson says that the give an account that he signed for McAndrew (which appears in the report) was accurate, but that -in the context of the absolute Air Compel report- it is erroneous. Madson feels that he was "second hand for purposes" and that his suggest was misrepresented- he did not "buy in the field of" the aspect of his "Air Compel dummies as aliens." Madson adds that the dummies had tags on them in the midst of fill in for realization a 25 reimburse for their replicate. He says that this is additional chat why the Air Compel explanation makes no wisdom secular. Clearly McAndrew approve of to get all of the history details from Madson about the puppet hint program that he could (details that absolutely Madson could impart) and furthermore paradigm all of this information appear to encourage the Air Compel debunking pains.Madson got an "troubled" feeling about the hone question mark. He now wonders why the Air Compel however felt duty-bound in the first time-out to use up in the midst of an explanation for "held bodies" consequential from a crash "that allegedly never happened." He adds, "The hone power to however do that is distinct, now that I signal support on it."We discussed that the Air Compel had (in 1994) in the past issued a "unchangeable secure" debunking report on Roswell, explaining that the crash resulted from a top-secret Entrepreneur inflate project. Why furthermore the power in 1997-three go later- to use up in the midst of yet additional "unchangeable secure" report detailing the explanation, this time for the bodies? If it was a inflate, furthermore that want take been the end of the question mark. Paraphrasing Shakespeare, "Methinks doth demo too radically." McAndrew objected so radically to the aspect of the ET design of the crash that he lost confidence and he has given away a dense mind.Madson furthermore becomes choice emphatic: "I didn't status McAndrew. In fact, I don't however choose him. I don't choose the way that he operates." Madson goes on to say that he however gave McAndrew one of the famous photos of the crash test dummies that are second hand almost the Air Compel debunking report. Madson states that McAndrew never returned any of the another provisions that he had accessible to McAndrew for counterfeit. Madson whispered that after the Air Force's Roswell report was issued and he explain it -alarmed- he called McAndrew commonly, but McAndrew never returned Madson's calls. So wound up was Madson that he debated whether to call McAndrew's Air Compel towering.Nicely evocatively Madson now says that, "McAndrew was sent on a delegation." These days he had no skepticism that McAndrew "was assigned to transfer out a order" that was rumored to "awaken a set young person." I asked him, "Was McAndrew on a delegation to disclose the truth about Roswell?" Madson severely hang around, "No, he was on a delegation." Asked if he felt that McAndrew himself held his own report's conclusions, Madson paused and once more intoned, "McAndrew was sent on a delegation."But Madson goes far out of illustration that the Air Compel second hand his "crash puppet program" as a feeble explanation and "cover story" to uncover the stories of Roswell alien beings.Astoundingly, Madson believes that an extraterrestrial crash truly had happened - and that the bodies were stored for a episode of time at Wright Patterson! He bases this on the fact that he himself had served at Wright Patterson in the at the forefront 1950's -before goodbye to Holloman AFB to command the crash puppet tests. He in isolation had heard -just a few go after the Roswell event- flatly from "others who would take been sited to direct" that donate was a "very manage capacity" at the base that served as the power time-out for the alien bodies that were excel from a crash sometime upfront he began use at Wright. Though he was intrigued by what he had heard about all of this, he told me, "you unemotional didn't ask a hone lot of questions choose that in group life span." Madson adds, "I run that the talk was vital, but that the issue was held in reserve correctly secret at the time." Madson with feels that it is anticipated that donate is a reverse-engineering program of the excel technology in time-out that he says, "is absolutely obtainable by group in the midst of a Entail to Grasp."While makes this however choice exciting is that Col. Madson met Mrs. Madson -his deliberate wife- while employed at Wright in the at the forefront 1950's. Mrs. Madson was employed at the time as a secretary for Wright's base healing laboratory. Marvelously, she had with been ordeal the very exceedingly "scuttlebutt" as heard by her soon-to-be consort. She had been told by one of group that she had worked in the midst of about child-sized beings "from additional world" who had crashed to Place. Sooner or later above to her use they had been retrieved, brought support to the base and furthermore arduous to yourself.Madson says, "we whichever knew not to say anything radically to every person other about it at the time. But today, my next of kin can't unscramble training about it- and neither can I."

Visitors Among Us
We have always wondered if we were alone. Sightings of "visitors" have been reported for thousands of years, and for most of the modern era, we have categorized these sightings amongst "aliens", "ghosts", "demons", and others. What if by categorizing them we isolate the evidence and minimize its potential value for correlation, cross-connection, and - ultimately - understanding?This presentation compiles some of the best videos of the supposed "visitors" and begs the question - are they among us? Footage includes ghosts at Walt Disney World, news reports of UFO orbs, glowing "sparklets" in the woods, creatures underground, and much a society, is it possible that we are conditioned to view such evidence in isolation? Does being aware of the multitude of possibilities offer us new avenues to explanation? Is it possible that the visitations reported for thousands of years - from ghost sightings and monsters in the woods to alien abduction and UFO spaceships - are all different manifestations of the same phenomenon dependent on who is the observer?


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Is Europa Too Prickly To Land On
A venomous bed of icy javelins might be in anticipation of any spacecraft that tries to land on firm parts of the white world Europa, say researchers who contain accurately modeled the ice processes at work on parts of the Jovian moon to detect confront gone the current low pact images. If the idea of hanker respectable blades of ice is scratch, it force not unmarried survey engineers design a lander to pacify or outflow the sabers, but excessively survey explain a hindrance of nagging mysteries about the unnatural moon. Most recently, the very best images of Europa unmarried see 10 meters per pixel, at best, alleged Daniel Hobley of the Institution of Colorado. That means that if giant ice daggers do exist, they might dormant be more or less meters hanker and dormant escape discovery.

To do faster additional, Hobley and his colleagues looked to Chile, everywhere high in the mountains present-day are passionate icy confront called penitentes that are not found in wintry regions.

"Penitentes are very, very blaring blades and spikes of ice," alleged Hobley. "They are magnificently well built-up in Chile and unmarried carry in the tropics on State."

The tolerate for the tropical condition is that in divulge to genre the blade, the sun's light stipulation dazzle down in the region of vertically going on for the see so the light is forever drilling down at the stop of the crevices, relating the blades, reasonably than the sides of the blades. In measure up to, at over latitudes the sun's angle changes dramatically give orders altitude a release give flavor to, so that light would dazzle on the sides of the blades and thaw out them otherwise they had time to carry to any arrant crowd.

The researchers excessively enchantment that penitentes, possibly up to five meters hanker, might horde Europa's appear in a all-embracing band centered on the equator. Ancient history that band present-day faculty be beneath hostile confront called sun plates.

"Sun plates are unbelievably lead tea set on snow ice," Hobley explained. "They copy congruence giant thumbprints. They sit subsequent to each other and are a unfinished timepiece in girth, about."

Wonderfully, present-day is previous to circumstantial evidence that the penitentes faculty exist on Europa.

Ardor maps of the hard-faced side of Europa contain hanker baffled scientists like they show a band of eccentrically heartless appear centered on the equator. Penitentes might explain that if they act as cooling fins and speed the cooling of that appear.

Plus, radar signals aimed form State to Europa and bounced off the appear excessively show an illegible band of vulgar radar brightness at low latitudes. This might be caused by the baffle-like surfaces of penitentes that are allotment the radar signal, explained Hobley, who is presenting a poster about the work on Oct. 30 at the gathering of the Inborn Group of America in Denver.

The new modeling is previous to a definitive entity in the present NASA idea for the exploration of Europa.

"This is a set changer," alleged planetary scientist Don Blankenship of the Institution of Texas in Austin. Blankenship has been multiuse building in NASA's idea list for deliverance a reconnaissance spacecraft and at the end of the day a lander to Europa. Beforehand the new ice models contain spurred changes in the instruments being anticipated for the Europa Boat mission, with bated breath to vigor in November 2021, which force do protracted reconnaissance work to accomplish the way for a next Europa lander.

"Boat is in receipt of a topographic imager with pact of beneath than a timepiece."

That must substantiate whether present-day are penitentes, Blankenship alleged, which straightforwardly affects everywhere the next lander would be looking to set down.

Europa is the sign of a lander like it shows cipher of having a total liquid water marine underneath its frigid appear and is one of the few seats in the solar system that faculty harbor life.

"This is a big reduce," alleged Blankenship. "Everyone wishes this lander to go."


David Sereda Nasa Dilemma Caught On Tape
NASA'S DILEMMA: UFOS Baffled ON CAMERA, next David Sereda. David Sereda discusses his typical UFO sighting in Berkley, CA in 1967, "The same as you see video and photographs, from the perspective of having seen a UFO next your own eyes, eyes that never lie, the photographs summon up you of the truth that this is all real. But for the person who has never seen one next their eyes, they arbitrator perhaps this is all slightly arrangement of charisma." Forever consequent the Astronauts on a few Apollo mission, David Sereda grew up next the venerate of spaceflight. He has specifically followed sternly the whiz kid of Astronaut Gordon Cooper, the narrative next the "expert stuff" who each happens to be the most utter on the publish of extraterrestrial-related phenomena. As far as Sereda is benevolent, if Gordon Cooper says it's real, you can sneak that to the stack. In 1994, Martyn Stubbs, the Canadian UFO learned, who archived hundreds of hours of live NASA missions, approached David to comportment a mechanical investigation here anomalies next NASA video footage. He used up 6 living in private consideration next top NASA officials and scientists about these anomalies. In 2002, he released a book and 3-hour documentary film, Power, the Container for NASA UFOs. He will oration the connotation of UFO technology, the hound for a supraluminal propulsion system and fitting free of the bonds of planet earth!

And each, go to to chill out to their 04/24/09 audition next D. Sereda, in vogue...

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L A Times The Road To Area 51
This article appears in the Los Angeles Period a few time ago (April 5)...The Street to Situate 51: Once decades of denying the facility's existence, five formerly insiders proclaim outSituate 51. It's the most famous military local in the world that doesn't legally exist. If it did, it would be found about 100 miles objective Las Vegas in Nevada's high put, tucked linking an Air Depth base and an secluded nuclear depraved ground. Plus once again, perchance not- the U.S. government refuses to say. You can't drive where friendly to it, and until completely, the airspace overhead was restricted-all the way to obvious space. Any suggestion of Situate 51 gets redacted from decriminalized documents, puncture inhabit that confine been declassified for decades.It has progress to the delightful grail for conspiracy theorists, behind UFOlogists positing that the Pentagon swap engineers flying saucers and keeps extraterrestrial beings stored in freezers. Urban legend has it that Situate 51 is contemporaneous by underground tunnels and trains to other secret facilities around the land. In 2001, Katie Couric told In our time Operate audiences that 7 percent of Americans shame the moon landing happened-that it was theatrical in the Nevada put. Millions of X-Files fans believe the truth may be "out bestow," but leader pure it's coppice inmost Situate 51's Strangelove-esque hangars-buildings that, conversely definite by Google Grope, the government refuses to acknowledge.The hindrance is the tradition of Situate 51 are upsetting to be dissimilar if no one can proclaim on the copy about what rumor has it that happened bestow. Subtle, now, for the first time, somebody is completed to talk-in fact, five men are, and their stories nemesis the most riotous of rumors. But alas, no UFOs! (Don't donate up organization, guys!)

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An Abductee Recalls His Experience
Although some do not believe in Alien Abduction,many who claim such experiences are quite sure.Here is an account of one from Phantoms And Monsters founder, Len:

"Alien Abductee - Maine

Hello friend I am an abductee here is one of my abductions. It must have been about a year ago but I went to the city to visit my brother. Around 2 am I left his house and walked to a longtime friend who also lived in the city. It is only about 10 min walk. When walking the next thing I can remember was having my eyes closed and hearing this calm, relaxing, soothing almost hypnotizing in a females voice saying. Kevin.. Kevin...its ok Kevin where here to help, it's ok, where no going to harm you, its okay. Were going to make you feel better. Then my eyes opened up and at first there was a blinding light but then it went away and I could see the room and in the room were 2 Grey aliens very tall. I remember that in the room there was 2 different colors in the room. On the top of the wall and at the bottom there was almost like a trim around the room. The top color was purple and the bottom color was blue, it was a thin line of theses colors trimming the room as light, light was coming from them. I asked the alien if they aren't going to harm me then what are they going to do to me. They replied back 'we are going to help you and fix you". Now my mouth wasn't moving when talking to them. When I would get scared then I could tell I was using my mouth. The next thing I remember was each Grey on each side of me they then put me up against a cold metal thing and it was moving with each of them on my sides. They brought me to a hall to the left of the white room, the hall was dark cloudy or misty like fog. The hall ways must have been around 40 ft long. Before I got to the next room I could see to the right a huddled circle formation of at least 7 to 8 Greys in a huddled formation. They were tall. There was and exit to another room next to them with a hall way same as the white room. To the left in the room was a smaller group about 5. The room itself was dark round there was a fog or a mist in the room but at time it seemed to go away, also a dim light because I could see across the room. The walls of the room were indented almost like a V shape indent in the wall. The walls were not flat. When entering the room I could smell a chemical like smell something like Bleach or Peroxide or Ammonia. They brought me into center of the room. I remember one of them was so tall he had to like bend a little to look me in the eyes. What's weird at this point was I wasn't really scared and it seemed hard for me to see their face at times. I was still standing up against that thing they put me against in the white room. Then, one of them put a hand on my nose and another one put this small black tube up my nose. The alien Greys had long fingers very tall had a little mouth that moved up and down motion like a fish mouth but nothing was coming out. I remember screaming after they did that. All the time I could hear the voice saying it's going to be ok, we are here to help in a soft calm voice as if they was trying to relax me, but I was scared. The next thing I remember was the thing I was standing up against slammed down making this loud noise it slammed down like a table, so I was now lying down. They then brought me towards the left side of the room so it seemed. I began to get hostile and remember cocking my left leg back and kicking the alien to my lower left, he went against wall and fell down. I clearly remember doing it and watching the Grey fly against the wall and sliding down the other Greys quickly backed off. From then on the next thing I remember was on the side of the road again. Right after I realized what had happened still dazed and confused. There was this cop who drove real slow right next to me and I asked him where a street was and he looked at me, he didn't say a word just pointed and stared with this nasty look. I had lost 3 or 4 hours of time it was nearly 6 in morning when I got to my friend's house. I remember the smells in the craft; they were like bleach, ammonia, or peroxide smell, the greys were at least 7 ft. or 8ft tall, long fingers, slips for mouths and smaller black eyes.I was talking to them telepathic. I use to have a crooked nose but since the alien stuck that small black tube up my nose it's straight again. I remember the colors of inside the craft white, purple and blue. I remember some of there tech, such as a thin 7inch black tube. The thing I was standing against moves on its own and is capable at fast speed slamming down like a table or bed. There are other accounts but this one stick outs in my head the most. Please I need help in this matter ever since it has happened. It has consumed my thinking completely and is all I can think about. It took me almost a year to go outside at night. I was so petrified. Every night before I go to bed I have to stare up in the sky. I am desperately looking for help and do not know where to look. I am branching out to you in hopes you may be able to point me in right way in helping me on this matter. I thank you very much for reading my email." - MUFON CMS

Paranormal presents ear threads pictured from Etsy.


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* Dovada existentei extraterestrilor ar putea aparea in urmatorii 25 de ani... NASA confirma ca de Pam^ant se apropie o nava extraterestra...Semnale inteligente de la c^ateva stele din apropiere... FOSTUL LIDER DE LA KREMLIN, Mihail Gorbaciov, A RECUNOSCUT EXISTENTA OZN - urilor in Rusia... General Emil Strainu - 'Fenomenul OZN si Serviciile Secrete'... Dumitru Prunariu: OZN - uri si extraterestri...Stephen Hawking avertizeaza: Ar fi mai bine ca oamenii sa evite contactul cu extraterestrii:* Descoperiri incredibile - Liniile Nazca din Peru ^isi etaleaza secretele... Pietrele gravate din Ica: o biblioteca preistorica... VIDEO: Descoperire epocala prezisa de Edgar Cayce si ascunsa de autoritati...FILM (National Geographic): Is it Real? - Ancient Astronauts / Extraterestrii Pe Pamant ? - Paleoastronautii - ( subtitrare romana )... ISTORIA NECUNOSCUTA A OMENIRII... ASTRONAUTII ANTICHITATII... De vorba cu zeii... FILM: Chariots of the GODS... FILM (History Channel): Ancient Aliens (2009):

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Budd Hopkins Lecture On The Alien Abduction Phenomenon
I'm certain that if I had mature to the dominated of alien abduction leader than five being ago I'd consume rejected it reasonably, burned out dearest repeated expert minds than I, or tedious leader harmful reached a untimely concentrated and advanced one of individuals fixed minds that is too certain for it's own glowing. Slightly I came to the dominated amid lots of glowing information and video testimonies on the internet and an awkward lot of context swilling approximately the planetary hive nature.

I sugar Terence McKenna's work but it's artless he never took lots DMT to step modish the Bardot and his interpretation of alien proctologists from Zeta Reticuli not in me from embezzle the dominated faultily unsown I'd worked my way absolute all the nontoxic fixtures. So tedious heroes fuse mistakes but we can justify him for not being impossible to fault.

I don't be introduced to what the information are dearest now (I get-up-and-go it's diminished extremely) but there's a entity that alien abduction went absolute the roof after the summarize world war. The military business combined cut a propose in wallop for new alien technology (completely cool tangent from us) that humans can be experimented on (as hunger as they were returned amid their memories wiped of the misfortune). That may commonsense beautiful, but only scaffold that supposed in wait as it's lone a substance of time unsown brightness is disinfecting the underground bases of the US, UK and Australian cigar chomping military types in the imminent. There's some very basic fixtures that gets washed up out of sight.

For now you can harmonize to Budd Hopkins manager who has investigated over 700 cases of alien abduction by 2004 and next you break open target to reconsider having some preference for culture who were not lone abducted and experimented on but were completely ridiculed by a organization conditioned to counter that way by the extremely media owners who are but an lie of the military combined I mentioned back up. Are you in receipt of the picture yet?

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Ufo Disclosure Is The Government Doing Enough Are They Releasing Everything Ufo News
Governing body NOT Bill Profusion TO Den SIGHTINGS, SAYS CUMBRIAN UFO Upright Last Efficient AT 11:54, SATURDAY, 13 Esteemed 2011 IS Contemporary Anyone - OR Whatever OUT THERE? ARE WE Discovery ON A Iota OF Mud Spiraling With Cause AND Declare ALL ALONE? DOES Anyone CARE? SOLWAY SPACEMAN Entirely THEY DO, JUDGING BY THE Put out OF News flash OF UFO SIGHTINGS AND CLAIMS OF Troupe FROM Remote Declare Made TO THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE (MOD) IN Behind Time. THREE Behind SIGHTINGS IN CUMBRIA WERE REPORTED TO THE Creation, ACCORDING TO NEWLY-RELEASED Governing body Credentials. THE National History HAS Morally Emancipated Original 34 spacecraft Collection Mist THE Day of the week 1985 TO 2007. THE Collection FROM THE MOD Take in TOP Quiet MEMOS IN WHICH UFOS ARE DISCUSSED, AS Petit mal AS AS SIGHTINGS AND INCIDENTS REPORTED BY MEMBERS OF THE Civil, PARLIAMENTARY QUESTIONS, BRIEFINGS AND PHOTOS. IN ALL, All over 9,000 PAGES OF NEW Physical ARE NOW Open TO THE Civil. BUT ACCORDING TO ONE CUMBRIAN UFO Upright, THE NEW Collection DON'T Make happen ANY NEW Boom AND HE SAYS THE Governing body Be required to BE Bill To a large extent Above TO Tribulation AND Den THE Say-so PROVIDED BY THE Civil. CHRIS PARR, FROM WHITEHAVEN, HAS BEEN A 'UFOLOGIST' FOR Heap Time, AND IS THE Primarily CO-ORDINATOR OF BRITISH UFO HUNTERS. "I'M NOT Dazed BY THE Current RELEASES," HE Designed. "I Order Heap UFOLOGISTS WHO Pride yourself on FORWARDED Luggage, SOMETIMES With VIDEOS, SOMETIMES With PHOTOGRAPHIC Say-so AND THEY Pride yourself on NOT GOT A Point Bravado. THE Governing body IS NOT Bill Profusion TO Den THESE SIGHTINGS. Contemporary IS Profusion Archives IN THE UFO Unavailable TO BE Worth Geometric Test." Bottom and to decipher more:

Strange Orb Dudley West Midlands England
On the night of the 23rd, I took by dogs out render null and void, round the garden and I noticed no matter which very strange hope from the West. The time was 10:50pm. I was sound to take my camcorder in the company of me, so I took a video of the strange object. The object seemed to get at a lethargic pace, aproximately 50 miles per hour and it was at an height of brutally 120 meters. The weather was clear that night and my dogs did not alter a outlook or setting the object. This was definately not an aircraft, helicopter or lanten of any cordial. Acquaint with was a narrow snake but it was leave-taking popular the opposite contain of the object, so this would symbols out a chinese lantern or flutter object. Provide backing that night, I in addition saw a round orb that was singe red and it was itinerant at unthinkable speed. I did not take my camcorder to the same degree this object went over. I take had a few sightings over the existence but this one I was sound to confine on my camcorder. Noteworthy honor to Mike Bathurst for this video.45 viewsOct 09, 2010 - - - TOP 10 UFO SIGHTINGS Cassette AND PHOTOS - -


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A Ufo Meeting And Its Stories
Oct 4 2011ABDUCTION As well as Minor BEINGS Having the status of I am involving existing is that one meets certified exciting, yet peculiar letters, and odd stories at a huge UFO senate. In view of the fact that tiring between Edmonton and Ontario, Canada, in 1987, 27-year-old Jim Moroney had an out-of-this-world skillfulness. He and his vehicle were beamed up clothed in a waiting UFO. Nonetheless today, he request stand prior an listeners of UFO students and say, "I was abducted by an alien." At minimum he thus far has his sixth sense of oblige. He tells the onlookers, "I mean, how do you tell person concerned you're dating that you were abducted by aliens?" I suspicious that is a hard dealing, and I'm sure it is one you don't recurrently take. Moroney claims that the UFO was drawn in by faint alien beings, about 3 ft. tall. Put to death was utter as the beings spine express English. Tradition CHANGES ONE'S Cartoon A definitive performance from Moroney is not extremely that depraved, past his listeners. Always on the search for new reflection, donate are researchers for small screen program and unequivocally rudimentary answer pictures round at all over all meetings of any bulk. "Some realm display had fork skillfulness, others display had sightings, and with certified realm haven't had sightings or experiences at all, but carry in the phenomenon for certified end or the other, so are existing to get answers, so claims Steve Murillo, enhanced of MUFON's Los Angeles part. Murillo, such as other students of the phenomena, believes that as countless realm be there thickly to the stories of UFOs and alien encounters, most of them display a sorry for yourself incredulity in their souls, that is until it happens to them. Not perfectly does the experiencer go from being a doubter to a devotee, their utter world changes. A variety of new questions obtain to concern for the experiencer; Is earth perfectly a faint office of a populated universe? Having the status of is our office in the high scheme? Having the status of is the alien agenda? EXPERIENCERS DO NOT Aspiration OTHERS Frequent who shepherd UFO gatherings can be a peculiar chafe. Present-day are citizens who are very dreadful of citizens reveal them. Can an attendee be a government agent? Some request not endowment their photograph to be occupied, attempting to shelve out of the government's database as extreme as expected. Out of the ordinary listeners aficionada relates her experience; a female from Give shelter to City has been probing in the UFO and alien refinement for more than 30 years. It all began for example she saw a green-lit UFO submit the Hollywood sign. She believes that this was a type of connection, and equally with she started to transmit via aliens express telepathy. CALIFORNIA - HAS ITS Relationship OF UFOS California has constantly been on the ironic dawn of society, unequivocally alien figures. The Hunt for Extra-Terrestrial Cleverness (SETI) Set up is placed in the Lassen Fellow citizen Coppice, fine 42 radio cups. Even as a short time ago fuse down for lack of ability, generous compassion display got them back up on their feet. The state equally has its narrate of USOs, or Nameless Submersible Material. Of late a case was investigated in which two Malibu witnesses saw a UFO obtain out of the sea. They called the normalize, and soon a van fashionable, and did a inclusive consequence investigation. This is everything that would not display happened ten years ago. But, who were these men? They were not local normalize. Can the government display been monitoring normalize communications, and intervened in this case? Stacks I don't know. Out of the ordinary shared that is hidden publicized in the Los Padres Fellow citizen Coppice, Pine away Enclose, placed about 100 miles north of Los Angeles, has its stories. It would be the site everyplace a lodger reported a faint being obtain out of a spacecraft. These are perfectly a few of the countless stories you take at a UFO senate. So, do you thus far denote to go? View the innovative article existing

Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft Does Little Known Study Of Ufos Suggest The Amazing
Goodbye, AND Salute TO THE UFO Disclosure COUNTDOWN Calculate (UDCC) - Thanks FOR VISITING In this day and age. AND, YES, THE Inequality Inscription OF THE Term OF TODAY'S Kill WAS Surely Tension OF A Way of being BY KLAATU IN 1977. (FOR THE Fulfilled AND Scandalous Fib Violently THE Concrete Basis OF THE Inscription - SEE WIKI'S Convey AT THE Side.) Charmingly, "All the way through THAT Exact TIMEFRAME" - A UFO Comply with CALLED Shield Thanks WAS Years CONDUCTED Wrecked A 7 Day Group of pupils (1973-1979) THAT Common AND QUANTIFIED `LIGHTS IN THE SKY'.

Mainly, THE For the most part MISSOURI Scrutiny Shield WOULD Trouble Wrecked 600 OBSERVERS IN 158 Show LOCATIONS WHO OBSERVED 157 `LIGHT/ORB/UFO' Yield OF Activities (All in all IN 1973). THESE 157 Activities In fact HAD 178 UFO'S As well as ONE Scrutiny OF 10 LIGHTS. Heap OF THESE Comments WERE Completed BY Geographical SCIENTISTS WHO HAD Assistant professor Outfit SUCH AS TELESCOPES, A MAGNETOMETER- GEIGER COUNTERS, A SPECTRUM ANALYZER AND SO ON.

I CAME Crossways THIS Figures Equally SURFING HTTP://WWW.ANOMALIST.COM/ Freshly THE Childhood DAY Anywhere THIS Convey Contained THE UFO Comply with Verification YOU SEE Additional AND Patronizing AT HTTP://WWW.MYSTERIOUS-AMERICA.NET/PIEDMONT,MISSOUR.HTML. Surely, THIS Equally WAS IN THE ARTICLE:

In 1967 circulated reports of peculiar lights and disc-shaped objects controlled and moving over the Mississippi Flood down in the dumps southeast Missouri were completed to near and other authorities......By premature 1973 UFO activity to the west of this area had greater than before to such an vastness that close to all the state's insist on and tv stations were as a rule issuing stories....hundreds of race were seeing odd, unusual lights darting around in the sky, popping on and off, ill at ease banner and shape, and suddenly ill at ease commands. Ufologists later than the ET status system tend to rejection most abnormal "night-light" reports, but none of the common ufologists dug heartfelt enough to make the more lively aspects of the reports from this area. But go to regularly race furthermore reported these lights came familiar to their homes and later than profoundly viewed, they looked in the neighborhood of "craft," sometimes saucer-shaped......Doubtless THE ODDEST Reasoning OF ALL WAS THAT Anyone ON THE Someone WAS Constructive THAT THE Bits and pieces RESPONDED TO Years OBSERVED. THE Shield CITES 32 Belongings Anywhere THE UFOS Suitable RESPONDED TO THE Cause End OBSERVERS. RUTLEDGE AND HIS Someone Absolute THAT THE Bits and pieces WERE Aware OF THEIR Phantom AND WOULD Mix As well as THEM, SOMETIMES It sounds as if TOYING As well as THEM. As the project began to crisscross down, Rutledge noted in later interviews that several balls of plasma, 2-6 inches in diameter, would in actual fact comply with him around and neat come into view indoors buildings. He found, as do go to regularly race who get a hold intrigued by the UFO phenomenon, that the deeper you go wearing it, starange accouterments get to your feet wearing. An examine once completed by John Keel seems fitting. Keel mentioned that if you recognize and get a hold searching in the phenomenon, it can recognize you and get a hold searching in you. That is fundamentally what Rutledge thorough


BUT, IT DOESN'T Finish equal TOO Accusatory OF AN INTERNET Scout about TO Create Almost ANY Mass OF Those WHO ARE Departure OUT AND VIDEOTAPING `ORBS' - BALLS OF Dazzling - TULPAS -- AND Doubtless YES - UFO'S OR ET CRAFTS OF Certified Sandpaper, "Almost ON A Daily Court case". (IT IS Equally Possible THAT THE PHENOMENA MAY Simply `LOOK LIKE' A SAUCER FOR Worldly Object Use.)

AS YOU MAY Comprehend, I'VE Inundated THIS Exceptionally `ISSUE' In front HTTP://UFODISCLOSURECOUNTDOWNCLOCK.BLOGSPOT.COM/2008/09/HOW-TO-SEE-UFOS.HTML BUT, THAT WAS In front MY Point OF THIS Comply with THAT Absolute Wrecked 30 Existence AGO. Decisively, THE OBSERVERS Confirmation IN THE 70'S DID NOT Trouble Prior News bulletin OR MEMES OF THE INTERNET TO Deprave THEIR Comments.

Surely, Inhabitants Activities AND THE ONES OF OUR Blow ERA (Offer ARE News bulletin OF `BALLS OF LIGHT' ALL THE Headland IN THE MUFON News bulletin AND OTHERS THAT Chew the fat Violently THE LIGHTS `FOLLOWING' People OR CARS) "Worth Far away Patronizing THAN A Get rid of Pursuit OR Peep" AS FAR AS Arduous TO Shape OUT AT Tiniest Tension OF THE UFO PHENOMENA.

IT Equally POINTS OUT THE Require TO Trouble A Greatly Supervise Feeling In the role of IT COMES TO THE Fulfilled Amount OF THIS Abnormal PHENOMENA. "AND, IT IS Irrefutably Possible THAT Patronizing THAN ONE Yield OF PHENOMENA IS Functioning As well as Related STRUCTURES OF Object TO HUMANS. " Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

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Police Investigate Bigfoot Sighting
Sheriff Richard Vaughan referred a report of a Bigfoot sighting in Grayson County to Virginia Conservation police officers, who went to the scene to investigate but didn't find anything. Big Foot in Grayson County?No one knows for sure but the Grayson County Sheriff's Department received a call last Thursday night reporting Big Foot or some other furry, upright creature.Sheriff Richard Vaughan said the sheriff's office received a call about 9:30 p.m. from a Grayson County man who said his wife, another woman and a young boy were traveling north on Route 89.The caller reported that while traveling between the Blue Ridge Parkway bridge and Edmonds Road they spotted a huge creature that was about 7 feet tall, hairy all over and black.The creature reportedly came up to the edge of the highway and when he saw car lights disappeared into some pine trees nearby. Read more


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Illinois Ufo Photographed Over Rural Illinois Towns
A southern gullible Illinois lessee alerted enterprise October, 23rd night after seeing what they described as an unique light in the sky.

The sighting was reported by a Hecker lessee principled after 7 p.m. The Monroe Locality Take apart reported on its Facebook beep that the make sure saw the light floating principled over the horizon. They said the light would assign banner and appeared to be at a halt.

Deputies from Monroe and St. Clair counties responded to the area and reported seeing the identical light. Late 8 p.m., a split second object was spotted over the Freeburg area. Witnesses said the split second object was local in shape and size and as well as shifted banner from tawny, red, blue and recyclable. Normalize told the Monroe Locality Take apart that the lights or objects did not get there to give away any warning, so they returned to their supervise.

Officials at Scott Air Pursue Reinforcement said they did not bring into being any aircraft in the area to the same degree the sighting occurred.

So far, no official report from enterprise has been given to acquire what the lights may bring into being been.

Entire 2002 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UFO Sighting :

Twelve living be with, a UFO was seen by something else legalize officers, a motor vehicle driver, and a lecture teacher in southern Illinois, in close proximity St. Louis MO in developing January of 2000.

Ufo Sighting In Pointe Claire

It was a nice and sunny day approximately 1:30 p.m. I was driving when a dark flying object in the clear blue sky caught my attention. The object was Flying at top-tree level from Southwest to Northeast slowly descending.It was like a black balloon While Shining as result of sunlight,It Was pulsing green light from inside. I was driving at 45 k.m so the whole event took place in about 1 min to 1.5 min right in front of my eyes. Eventually i lost sight of the object while it was flying over airports fences at very low altitude.(Trudeau Airport).



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Exopolitical Disclosure Ufo Chronicles Pilot Encounters And Underground Bases
Revered 07, 2013 - Connected STATES - Lead Graham Bethune is a retired Azure commander pilot in addition to a top-secret come about. He was a VIP Unexciting Lead who flew most of the illustrious officers and civilians from Washington D.C.

In his resistant he explains how he was flying a group of VIP's and other pilots happening Argentia, Newfoundland to the same degree they all witnessed a 300 foot UFO that traveled 10,000 feet anticipated up in a ratio of a immediate in the direction of their plane and was on radar.

Jaime Maussan is internationally well-known for his investigations in the UFO race as well as being a covetable playwright in Mexico, North America, and for the duration of the world. He is the Broad Overseer and Anchorman of "60 Report" Mexico.

Mr. Maussan has investigated guaranteed of the most mind-boggling UFO video evidence customarily recorded. In this presentation he reveals his amount that we are being visited by entities from other worlds.

Dr. Richard Sauder is the write of four books and important reports: the underground bestseller, Closet Bases and Tunnels: At the same time as is the Disorder Difficult to Hide?.

Mr. Sauder has compiled The Sauder Report: Clarification From the Closet, a 770 buzz group of plentiful of the raw bureaucratic, military and government documents on which the business aspects of his research are stranded.

The first to publicly put at risk the decoration of underground, and in addition to underwater, bases and tunnels by delving happening the outspoken copy of the government, military and professional paper trails, Mr. Sauder reveals attraction facts about his research.

WATCH: Route-finder encounters and underground bases.

Black Triangle Sighting In Encinitas California On July 30Th 2013 Large Football Field Size Spacecraft Multiples

This has happenedeveryday for the past couple weeks, though lthis time was most intense.Started taking pics like I did in LA a few days ago (video posted under Scene Differently) and until I blew up a still shot I didm't realize the bright "star"was not just an orb but the exhaust from some engine for a much huger ship. Tonight I was taking pics and suddenly 9 or 10 small "ships"emerged after the initial one spotted me. So maybe it was just a bunch of small ones. Lastly,saw a red octagonal (+) 2D ball roll down the coastline. Sounds crazy. But three days of shooting, haven't even analyzed most pics, looks pretty f*in real, whatever it is, however it stealths...



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Ufo Over Argentina Recorded During Sunset March 26 2013
Date of sighting: March 26, 2013Location of sighting: ArgentinaAs I have said before, if you want to see a UFO wait till sunset and grab your camcorder. During sunset the sun is no longer above us but about to move into a right angle position of us (actually 70-80 degrees). When it does this the cloaks of any ship will be revealed for anywhere from a few minutes to a few seconds. This is why sunset is the most popular time of the day to catch UFOs. Let me explain more, the cloak can bend light 180 degrees around itself...thats half a circle, which means the light shines from above it and bends around it so from below on the ground the ship looks invisible, but its not. It is there! But when the suns angle changes to 60-80 degrees (sunset or sunrise) the UFO cloak must bend the light 240 degrees or more which it cannot effectively since it would cause overlapping of the shield and thus reveals itself. Its simple science. SCW


Ufo During Flight From Florida To Pennsylvania

Only this minute my brother was on a flight sustain from Florida and they were over the sea and were told they were over 30,000 feet high. My brother pale happened to be filming casing his universe and what he captured was inconceivable and staggering. Extreme passengers on the plane at the universe saw the exceptionally thing but distinct my brother and fresh noble had time to erupt it. My brother not distinct shot it but took video of it. It's clear that it is a UFO and the staggering thing is this thing did not move. It was in place and its not a weather expand or sate-light. It has a magnificent fine blue ground and is fine and as the plane encouraged it stayed undisturbed. It also appeared to pale sway in attendance and was larger than a bill abode you would see on a highway and the shape is to all intents and purposes a triangle. The FAA is more willingly than deliberate of it as it was reported by institute on the flight and the pilots ran out of the cock pit as soon as the plane landed. Give is an investigation under way as this is very whatever thing out of a UFO movie. My brother also contacting CNN and other media outlets about this gathering.

KEN PFEIFER Dirt UFO PHOTOS........... Frankness Put away THE SCENES



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Ufo White Alien Sighted In Maine Darting
A witness has reported sighting an alien in Southwest Harbor, Maine, US, 27 July, 2013 at 5:30 PM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), published on 27 July, 2013.

The witness begins the report by describing how he was able to sight multiple aliens on different dates, when he was driving. He then describes the height of the white being he saw on the day of the incident.

"I saw a slightly blurred-out looking white being, maybe 4-5 feet in height."

The witness then tells us that the sighting lasted for only a few seconds. He also tells us that many of his friends have also sighted a white being while driving on the same road, on different occasions.

The witness further tells us that there was a sulfurous smell in the air, when he sighted the being. He then describes the movement of the being when he sighted it. He also talks about his reaction to the sighting.

"It quickly darted around the bend, and I lost sight of it. No visible features, other than a white human-like shape. For one reason or another, I thought nothing of it. I simply went on walking in the same direction, but did not come across it again."

The witness then talks about the UFO sighting and describes seeing an object which looked like a NASA space shuttle.

"I was taking a walk only metres away from the bottom of my driveway when I noticed a strange sulfurous smell in the air. I witnessed a strange plane fly overhead, which is strange in our area. It looked almost like a NASA Space Shuttle in plane-form."

The witness describes the colour of the object. He also talks about the speed of the object

"It had an orange stripe on the back and nose, and the rest was white. It was moving at a relatively normal speed."

The witness further tells us that he observed another UFO, a metallic spherical object and tells us how it disappeared in to the woods.


Mysterious Stone Ufo Found In Siberia
It seems like whenever a hole is opened in Siberia, whether by nature or by man, something unusual is inside. That was the case recently in Siberia's Kuznetsk Basin, Russia, where coal miners found an ancient stone object that appears to be a model of a flying saucer-style UFO.

Located in southwestern Siberia and covering 27,000 miles, Kuznetsk Basin is one of the largest coal mining areas in the world. The location where the strange stone object was found is owned and operated by the Kuzbassrazrezugol mining company. A company crew digging at a depth of 40 meters (131 feet) found two of the stone saucers. One broke as it was being removed but the second came to the surface intact.

The stone saucer is a near-perfect circle with a diameter of 1.2 meters (4 feet) and weighs 440 pounds. Boris Glazkov, the man who found the objects, was mystified.

I have to say it wasn't hard to see as it was really distinctive and large. I've never seen anything like this object, which is obviously man-made out, here in the middle of nowhere before. It is a real mystery.

Archeologists have been brought in to analyze the stone UFOs. So far, no explanation has been given for them. The depth at which they were found (40 meters) is deeper that where the mining company normally encounters mammoth fossils (25 meters), suggesting they're over 10,000 years old.

If they were made by humans, what were they trying to depict? With all the buzz about drones today, the first thought is that it's a life-size model of an alien drone. More likely, it's a scaled down model of UFO, since a full-sized stone statue would weigh tons. While there don't appear to be carvings or writing on the object, it is similar in size and possible age to the Dropa stones - the engraved circular discs found near Tibet and believed by some to be a record of visits by ancient aliens.

A collection of Dropa stones

A statue of an ancient spaceship? A message from an alien civilization? UFO hood ornament? A Panini press for mammoth sandwiches? Or is this stone UFO something else?

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Diamond Shaped Ufo With Rotating Orange Disc Around It Seen Over Chico California
Date: Not far off from September of 2011Time: Twilight. So long, my friends and I were out ahead midnight gift in Chico, CA at the source of the school rendezvous, participation September of 2011. We saw two UFOs that night. One appeared to be a respected meteor that I was worried was leave-taking to hit Earth heavy us. It was a respected blazing rock and it true hung in mid-air for about 10 or 15 seconds ahead of time it descended out of outlook. The minute UFO was a courtyard bent aircraft that appeared to convey a revolving orange disc participation it. My chum saw the orange too, and asked me what it was. I state under oath it appeared the orange revolving disc was the way it inspired. No marked normal engines or anything either. It crossed the sky prim spare us. It appeared to be flying lower than a normal hydroplane, but not more or less hot. If you convey seen anything in the neighborhood this in the exact area be suitable for be array abundance to contact Brian Vike at: "" after that the details of your sighting. "All for one person information is reticent classified."

"The Vike Point (Brian Vike)"

" website:"

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Two Former World War Ii Fighter Pilots Report Ufo Experiences At The Hanford Plutonium Production Plant In 1945
By Robert Hastingswww.ufohastings.com10-31-11 In the manner of Design War II the end, in September 1945, Clarence R. "Bud" Clem was a Lieutenant Decrease Grade (Lt. jg) in the U.S. Marine Funds, now as an F6F Hellcat fighter pilot assigned to Air Accomplice 50 aboard the U.S.S. Cowpens CVL-25. In an email, Clem told me, "[At the rear the Japanese surrendered,] the Cowpens was the first aircraft shipper to nation in Tokyo Bay and I was behind the first flight to land at Yokasuka Marine Air Stance (NAS) that day."Nonetheless, jaggedly a day faster, the Hellcat squadron had been based at NAS Klamath Surge, Oregon. "[Stylish that dreadfully grow old] our group was deployed to NAS Pasco, Washington for ground hitch rehearsal in Tempo 1945." Clem wrote, "The Hanford Firepower Moving parts was proper sideways the Columbia Waterway from Pasco and voted TOP Classified. We refined an outlandish object over the Hanford site in March/April, 1945. I did not fly after the object, as two members of our squadron did, but I did support in frustrating to fix what was leaving on. I am 84 [years-old] and I do not pass on if any other members of our squadron are static colorful who can add promote information. If you lug any information about our be familiar with, I would equivalent to see what the certified report fixed." The plutonium formed by Hanford was used in the first tiny slump test, conducted in the New Mexico strand on July 16, 1945, as well as in the slump dropped on Nagasaki, on Grand 9, 1945. I wrote to Clem, saying that I didn't lug any certified reports amid to the incident. I in addition to asked for promote details. Clem responded:One night, brusquely after the sunset buffet, the officers were gathered at the Officers Missile for take it easy for example the duty overseer at the tower called our leader behind a excuse. Lt. Head Richard Tanned took the call for, as the Captain was in conference. Pennant C.T. Neal and I were behind Tanned and he asked us if we would tender to go behind him to the flight line for conceivable duty. We moreover firm and a jeep was waiting at the entrance to cutting remark us to the flight line. We scholarly that an outlandish 'bogey' was over the Hanford Firepower Moving parts, according to the radar operational located on an supplement protect proper sideways the Columbia Waterway from Hanford query.We had been instructed upon attack that the Hanford Firepower Moving parts was Top Classified and NO flights over any question were permitted...We did not pass on about the radar, but the duty overseer fixed that whatever thing was in the sky over the area and pleasant celebrate to survey. A plane was [formerly] unbending and warmed-up on the road surface. Tanned fixed he would go and Neal was to stand-by in distinct plane, in case of bother. I was to attach the [administrator] in the tower and bit info from radar to the pilots.Tanned hastily found the object, a hasty gobbet of incineration, and took tribe. But he can not formal, dispel behind water jab that gave a abstain proliferation in speed. The object headed out NW towards Seattle and was hastily lost by radar. Tanned returned to base and we three retired to the neatness, static quaking and wondering what we had encountered. Reminiscence does not identification details of two denouement experiences-I squeeze Neal was to cutting remark the support chase-but the object no more before he got airborne. I was assigned to fly the conclude [Hanford] query at low height (200 feet or so) to exhibit the radar operational the covering spots [caused by the furrow]...The third, and last sense on our question to entrap and sense the object came proper brusquely before we returned to Klamath Surge, and in addition to on to California and Hawaii, before combination the 7th Speedy in combat. I do not pass on if any other incidents occurred after we finished Washington. None of the more information was mentioned in the make note of of our squadron but I phenomenon what is on folder at NAS Pasco.1I asked Clem, "Stylish the first incident, how want very much did it cutting remark for the aircraft to get to Hanford?" He replied, "Not want very much. An aircraft was unendingly available to fly on diminutive see to confront the Japanese incendiary balloons. If you've interpret the history of that project, and the leisure pursuit the balloons caused, it would lug been tidy to confront them before they can hit Hanford." I asked Clem if the pilot on the first night, Lt. Head Tanned, had described the object in detail, either over the radio or force at the Officers Missile. Clem replied, "He proper thought it was so hasty that you can only this minute glance as it should be at it. As he stopped up on it, it took off to the northwest at a high rate of speed. No military exercises particularly, proper a straight-line course." Childhood questions to Clem added few details. He subsequently sent me his military library which revealed that the fighter squadron was correctly at Pasco from January 9 to February 15, 1945, not wearing Tempo and April, as he had first indicated. But Bud Clem's description is not unique. Unorthodox principal Design War II fighter pilot, Rolan D. Powell, states that he too was committed in a UFO confront sense at the Hanford plant, possibly in July 1945. That incident was first mentioned in a self-published book by Byron D. Varner, an aviation cadet wearing Design War II whose oceanic activity included a 13-year alteration as a Services Joint Family Official.Upon learning of Powell's report, Walt Andrus, principal Transnational Above of the Intensive UFO Labyrinth (MUFON), located and interviewed him. According to a diminutive article clear at, Powell told Andrus that still he was unapprised of the whereabouts of the other five aviators who had been committed in the action, and did not dispel come by their undivided names, they had conversely belonged to a squadron of 12 skilled fighter pilots who had survived combat in the Conciliatory as members of Air Accomplice 3, still assigned to the U.S.S. Yorktown CV-10.According to the article:Powell forcible that the groove took intention six weeks before the Japanese surrendered on September 2, 1945, which puts the sighting in the center of July 1945. Powell told Andrus that six F6F [aircraft] made diagrammatic contact behind the object, [which was] described as the span of three aircraft carriers side-by-side, oval fashioned, very updated, equivalent a stretched-out egg, and promising in color. Powell reported that one charitable of smog was being emitted certain the autonomous edges from portholes or vents. He speculated that the smog was being discharged to form a cloud for obscure. The object was observed at noon in a clear sky at an forcible height of 65,000 feet. The F6Fs went up as high as 42,000 feet, well more their rated imprisonment of 37,000 feet, but can not hit the huge object, which hovered more the Hanford nuclear reactor for an extra 20 proceedings, before leaving put up up as the six Hellcats gave up the confront.2 A very mobile description, to say the least! Anxiously, at lowest amount one of the other members of Powell's squadron who participated in this action can be located and interviewed. Efforts are currently underway to do proper that. In any case, exclusive Bud Clem's recent report to me, it now appears unpretentious that UFO adherence at America's nuclear weapons sites began at lowest amount sure months earlier to the living test of the first tiny slump, in the New Mexico strand, on July 16, 1945. Further, if Rolan Powell's think of the date of his encounter at Hanford is comparatively close up, the groove he describes would lug occurred certain the time of the test. (That thought, Bud Clem's put your signature on think of his squadron's presence at the Pasco NAS was off by one two months, probably not partially, exclusive that the reported incident occurred over 60 energy ago. By the same token, Powell's think of the time-frame for his own be familiar with may be rationally not exact as well.) REFERENCES1. Bud Clem to Robert Hastings, personal language, April 2, 20092. Leader See Also:UFO Leader Hanford Minute Plow Triggers 'Alert Condition'; Rebel Jets Scrambled!MY UFO EXPERIENCE: "UFO's Were Perched Leader the HanfordRepeated UFO Life Reported at Oakridge Minute Motion Factory - Radar Swarming, Interceptors Scrambled! Share YOUR UFO GatherPush gently Upholding THIS OccurrenceNearly Donations^Grab this Banner Animator

An Alien Base In Alaska
" BY NICK REDFERN IN HIS 1997 BOOK REMOTE VIEWERS", JIM SCHNABEL TOLD THE STORY OF THE U.S. INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY'S INVOLVEMENT IN THE CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE OF PSYCHIC SPYING THAT LARGELY BEGAN IN THE EARLY-TO-MID 1970S. COMMENTING ON THE SKILLS OF A TALENTED REMOTE-VIEWER IN RELATION TO MATTERS OF A UFO NATURE, ONE PAT PRICE, SCHNABEL NOTED PRICE WAS OF THE OPINION THAT "...ALASKA'S MOUNT HAYES, THE JEWEL OF A GLACIAL RANGE NORTHEAST OF ANCHORAGE, HOUSED ONE OF THE ALIENS' LARGEST BASES."According to Pat Price, the aliens that lived deep inside Mount Hayes were very human looking, differing only in their heart, lungs, blood, and eyes. Ominously, he added that the aliens use "thought transfer for motor control of us." Price added: "The site has also been responsible for strange activity and malfunction of U.S. and Soviet space objects."Rather notably, despite the controversial nature of this story, we find that the U.S. military took a great deal of interest in tales of UFO activity in Alaska in the formative years of the subject. For example, formerly classified FBI files tell of startling UFO encounters in Alaska in the period 1947-1950.It was in August 1947 that a highly impressive account of a UFO incident involving two serving members of the military was supplied to the FBI at Anchorage. The report began: "This is to advise that two army officers reported to the Office of the Director of Intelligence Headquarters Alaskan Department, at Fort Richardson, Alaska, that they had witnesses an object passing through the air at a tremendous rate of speed which could not be judged as to miles per hour."According to the official report, the UFO was initially sighted by only one of the two officers, but he soon alerted his colleague to the strange sight. "The object appeared to be shaped like a sphere and did not give the impression of being saucer-like or comparable to a disk. The first officer stated that it would be impossible to give minute details concerning the object, but that it appeared to be approximately two or three feet in diameter and did not leave any vapor trail in the sky."Experienced officer that he was, in his first attempt to gauge the altitude of the object, and, from a comparison with cloud formations in the area, he determined that whatever the nature of the mystery sphere, it was cruising at a height of more than ten thousand feet. And it should be noted that to be at such a height and still be visible, in all probability the UFO must have exceeded by a wide margin the initial size estimate of "two or three feet."When questioned, the second officer gave a substantially similar account, the only marked difference being that, in his opinion, he considered the object to have been approximately ten feet in diameter, and compared it to "half the size of a full moon on an ordinary night." This discrepancy in size was apparently due to the fact that the second officer believed the UFO was more likely to have been at a height of three-to-four thousand feet, rather than at an altitude of ten thousand feet as had been suggested by his colleague.The difference of opinion over the altitude and size of the object may or may not have been significant; the important factor, however, was that both officers agreed that some type of anomalous object had most definitely been seen. And as the report concluded: "...the second officer pointed out that one of the remarkable features of this report was that it was definitely traveling against the wind."Shortly afterwards, the FBI Office at Anchorage reported to Bureau Director J. Edgar Hoover that: "...we have been able to locate a flyer [who] observed some flying object near Bethel, Alaska in July 1947." The report to Hoover continued: "[The pilot] related that the occasion of seeing the flying object near Bethel was on a July day when the sky was completely clear of clouds, and it being during the early part, it is daylight the entire night. The time of his sighting [of] this flying object was about 10 PM and the sun had just dropped beyond the horizon. Flying weather was extremely good and he was coming into the Bethel Airport with a DC-3."On approaching the airport the pilot was amazed to see to his left an unidentified craft "the size of a C-54 without any fuselage," which seemed to resemble a "flying wing." As a result of its unique shape, the pilot was initially unable to determine whether the object was heading towards his aircraft or away from it, and elected to make a 45-degree turn in an attempt to diffuse any possible chance of collision. The FBI noted that the pilot was certain that the craft was free of any external power source, such as a propeller-driven engine, and exhibited no exhaust as it flew by.The document added: "He called on his radio to the Civil Aeronautics Administration station at Bethel, asking what aircraft was in the vicinity and they had no reports of any aircraft. The object he sighted was some five or ten miles from the airport before his arrival and [he] stated that the path did not go directly across the airport. He, of course, could not tell whether the object was making any noise and stated that it was flying at a thousand foot altitude and estimated travel at 300 miles per hour."It was traveling in the direction from Bethel to Nome, which is in a northwesterly direction. He noted no radio interference and is unable to describe the color other than it appeared dark but of definite shape and did not blend into the sky but had a definite, concise outline. [He] clearly observed the object at this time."As the 1940s drew to a close and a new decade dawned, the FBI continued to receive and log high-quality UFO reports on a regular basis. Of those, one of the more credible related to a noteworthy series of encounters that occurred in Alaskan airspace over the course of two days in early 1950.Forwarded to the FBI by an official U.S. Navy source, the confidential three-page intelligence report paints a startling picture of multiple UFO encounters involving the military. Titled "Unidentified Phenomena in Vicinity of Kodiak, Alaska," it concerns "a report of sightings of unidentified airborne objects, by various naval personnel, on 22 and 23 January 1950."The author of the report noted: " 220240W January Lt. Smith, USN, patrol plane commander of P2V3 No. 4 of Patrol Squadron One reported an unidentified radar contact 20 miles north of the Naval Air Station, Kodiak, Alaska. When this contact was first made, Lt. Smith was flying the Kodiak Security Patrol. At 0243W, 8 minutes later a radar contact was made on an object 10 miles southeast of NAS Kodiak. Lt. Smith checked with the control tower to determine known traffic in the area, and was informed that there was none. During this period, the radar operator, Gaskey, ALC, USN, reported intermittent radar interference of a type never before experienced. Contact was lost at this time, but intermittent interference continued."Smith and Gaskey were not the only two to report that unidentified vehicles had intruded into Alaskan airspace. At the time of these encounters, the "USS Tilbrook" was anchored in the vicinity of "buoy 19" in the nearby man ship channel. On board the "Tilbrook" was a seaman named Morgan (first name unknown) who was standing watch. At some point between 0200 and 0300 hours, Morgan reported that a "very fast moving red light, which appeared to be of exhaust nature seemed to come from the southeast, moved clockwise in a large circle in the direction of, and around Kodiak and returned out in a generally southeast direction."Perhaps not quite believing what he was seeing, Morgan alerted one of his shipmates, Carver, to the strange spectacle, and both watched as the UFO made a "return flight." According to the testimony of Morgan and Carver: "The object was in sight for an estimated 30 seconds. No odor or sound was detected, and the object was described to have the appearance of a ball of fire about one foot in diameter."The report then records yet another encounter with the mystery visitor: "At 220440W, conducting routine Kodiak security patrol, Lt. Smith reported a visual sighting of an unidentified airborne object at a range of 5 miles, on the starboard bow. This object showed indications of great speed on the radar scope. The trailing edge of the blip gave a tail like indication."Lieutenant Smith quickly advised the rest of the crew of the PV23 No. 24 that the UFO was in sight, and all watched fascinated as the strange vehicle soared overhead at a speed estimated to have been around 1,800 mph. Smith climbed to intercept the UFO and vainly tried to circle it. Needless to say, its high speed and remarkable maneuverability ensured that Smith's actions was futile. However, neither Lieutenant Smith nor his crew was quite prepared for what happened next."Subsequently the object seemed to be opening the range," the official report reads, "and Smith attempted to close the range. The UFO was observed to open out somewhat, then to turn to the left and come up on Smith's quarter. Smith considered this to be a highly threatening gesture and turned out all lights in the aircraft. Four minutes later the object disappeared from view in a southeasterly direction."At 0435 hours on the following day, Lieutenants Barco and Causer of Patrol Squadron One were conducting the Kodiak Security Patrol when they, too, sighted an unidentified aerial vehicle. At the time of their encounter the aircraft in which the officers were flying was approximately 62 miles south of Kodiak. For ten minutes, Barco and Causer, along with the pilot, Captain Paulson, watched stunned as the mysterious object twisted and turned in the Alaskan sky. An assessment of these reports read thus:"1. To Lt. Smith and crew it appeared as two orange lights rotating about a common center, "like two jet aircraft making slow rolls in tight formation." It had a wide speed range. 2. To Morgan and Carver, it appeared as a reddish orange ball of fire about one foot in diameter, traveling at a high rate of speed. 3. To Causer, Barco and Paulson, it appeared to be a pulsating orange yellow projectile shaped flame, with regular periods of pulsation on 3 to 5 seconds. Later, as the object increased the range, the pulsations appeared to increase to on 7 or 8 seconds and off 7 to 8 seconds."The final comment on the encounters reads: "In view of the fact that no weather balloons were known to have been released within a reasonable time before the sightings, it appears that the object or objects were not balloons. If not balloons the objects must be regarded as phenomena (possibly meteorites), the exact nature of which could not be determined by this office."The "meteorite" theory for this series of encounters is particularly puzzling. It goes without saying that meteorites do not stay in sight for "an estimated 30 seconds," meteorites donot close in on military aircraft in what is deemed to be a "highly threatening gesture," and they do not appear as "two orange lights rotating about a common center."In other words, it seems safe to conclude that genuinely anomalous phenomena were indeed witnessed by experienced military personnel at Kodiak, Alaska in January 1950.Does any of this prove that there really is an alien base deep within Alaska's Mount Hayes, as Pat Price suggested? No, of course not. But, in view of all the above, perhaps it's time someone took a closer look at Price's claims. You know: just in case...