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Alien End Game Jenny Randles And Uap
Hi all,In an article titled "Alien End Game?", English researcher Jenny Randles, takes a look at the question "Do we need the concept of aliens in the modern UFO pantheon or are these beings just a space age equivalent of the dragons and the fairies - a once culturally relevant motif, that suited a particular time and place from which we have since moved on?" (Fortean Times No. 297, March 2013 p.29.)CE3S "HAVE FALLEN OFF A CLIFF."Jenny points out that "Another oddity is that reports of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" have fallen off a cliff. Between the 1940s and 1970s, reports of aliens alongside or inside UFOs formed most alien contact. A dramatic rise in claims of abductions followed. By the 1990's, these were the majority of reported alien contacts and CE3s were vanishing. Today, abductions are far fewer and CE3s are all but gone.""Real aliens likely are out there, but I believe that astronomers will find them, not ufologists. Instead, there is real potential to make discoveries in areas such as the nature of consciousness and rare atmospheric energy sources to tame and use as a future resource. But we will only find these if we look in the right places - and we will only look if we lay aside our frustrating quest for beings that, in the end, appear to be illusionary. We should instead call an end game to that quest and search for the true cause of puzzling UFOs."This line of thinking was explored in one of Jenny's previous articles in Fortean Times No. 295, January 2013 p29.) Two cases are presented where independent witnesses saw something different to the primary witness.SWEDEN:In Lindholmen, Sweden, a man was walking across a road when there was a blinding light. In hospital, his body showed signs of static electricity. Via hypnosis, he recalled alien contact. "A second person passing by on an adjacent road had seen what happened. They did indeed observe the unusual ball of light fall from the sky...but they did not see any aliens or the witness being floated in the air."On 8 October 1972, in the UK, a security guard heard a humming noise, then saw a disc shaped object hovering nearby. It left at speed. A second security guard just metres away from the first, saw nothing unusual at all.Jenny postulates "Does this variation in the 'depth' of a UFO experience relate to a witness' proximity to a UFO imply that our perceptions change the closer we are to an associated energy field?""My data suggests that as we enter such a 'Sphere of Influence' the way we "experience" a "UFO" is indeed altered. The UAP or glowing energy ball described by more distant observers is perhaps an indication that they were experiencing the phenomenon through lower levels of distortion, and that these escalate as they approach the sphere and their exposure to its energy increases. They may even detect this rising energy as a buzzing sound, a tingling in the brain, before consciousness is progressively affected, triggering perception of a fantastic close encounter."VEHICLE INTERFERENCE CASES:Likewise, in the February 2013 issues of Fortean Times page 29 Randles examines the reduction in numbers of vehicle interference cases, concluding "...the apparent fall in car stop cases could be hard evidence that these UFOs are not extraterrestrial in origin, but an unidentified atmospheric phenomenon."AUSTRALIAN EXAMPLES:Jenny's articles struck a chord with me, and two striking Australian cases came to mind. On the 16th September 1974 at St Helens in Tasmania, a woman and her two children were travelling by car at 2115hrs. Light rain was falling. They heard static on the car radio, then the car lost power, then stopped. The vehicle's headlights, radio, heater and dashboard lights all went out. A deafening vibrating noise enveloped the car for a minute. Quite painful electrical shocks were felt by all three passengers. The car was then filled with a chocking smell. The occupants fled the vehicle. When they returned all was normal. Mrs Richards suffered a numb right side of her face and a five cent sized mark above her right eyebrow. The day after the event, her arms and fingers were badly swollen and she had difficulty walking. (TUFOIC files.)The second Australian case happened on 5th February 1979 at Lawitta Tasmania. A man was driving his catr alone at 2150hrs and noted that his car radio had stopped working. Seconds later, an intense white light enveloped the car and he could not see beyond the bonnet. The car's lights and motor failed. The next thing he remembers is being stopped by police. He was taken to hospital, examined and found to be in a state of shock. His Ford Cortina T71C was found to have a flat battery; and had a low oil level. The cutoff switch in the alternator needed replacing as did wiring, especially of the headlights. The radiator's water level was also low. (TUFOIC files.)What do blog readers think about these ideas of Jenny's?

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The Flying Saucer From Mars And Cda
Should think in the day I tribulation that this book by "Cedric Allingham" corroborated the Adamski alien links and story:

Near are the Adamski-like photos that Allingham allegedly took of a flying saucer that apparently came fro Mars:

But the story was a hoax, concocted, for slightly macabre head, by great and credentialed British astronomer, Patrick Moore:

And who was the critic who unmasked the hoaxer and the helpless the hoax? Our crony distrustful imaginative, Christopher Allen, renowned hip and in the UFO public as CDA.

Snap hip for the story

CDA has reputation next us and next persons who aspire clear tribulation, courteous argumentation, and misgiving in its revered and best impact.

So at whatever time you take his comments hip and absentminded, abide a cape to comfortable his bent of aim and research comprehension.

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Visting Everett WA June 15 2013. When leaving a relatives house, I noticed several small orange lights is the sky in a formation, some moved some did not. Realizing I had to go back to my relatives house because a cell phone was forgotten, I turned around and headed back for the house. At the house, one one orange glowing fire ball was visible due to trees. When I got back to the place where I saw the formation, only one lager orange looking fire ball was in the sky that was stationary. There were no flashing air plane lights and it seemed to hover. I did not stay to witness any more since I had to be at another destination. Once I made my way to I 5, I no longer saw the object. What I say was out of the ordinary and not a normal air craft that one see in the sky. Could have been a orb as well.



Learn about: an amazing NASA UFO Sighting Video and Blatant Cover-Up.Any duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

Ufo Seen By Pilot Of 2 Planes And Over 20 Passengers
This week we are focusing on reliable accounts of extra ordinary events. Today is certainly no exception. The report comes from April 2007, when Pilot Ray Bowyer was flying from South Hampton to Alderney. The pilot give his account here in the video above of seen a massive UFO. This story is significant to our research for several reasons. The testimony is solid. Pilots are not only trained observers but also trusted witnesses. Everyday commercial airline pilots are entrusted with the lives of hundreds of people. Being that these individuals are not only trusted but great observers makes the accounts bullet proof. Additionally, Bowyer reports to have seen this object for more then 12 minutes dismissing "corner of the eye claims".The object Ray Bowyer saw seems to be a HUGE ufo. In the video the UFO is said to be possibly over a mile in length. This is important as we do not to limit our research to speculation about UFOs and Grey Aliens. Massive UFOs belong to races of aliens able to travel interstellar space and beyond our dimensional awareness.

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Paranormal Issues
I just received a rather remarkable phone call from Bob Oechsler, MUFON

investigator from Annapolis, MD, who also has his own nationally broadcast UFO

radio talk show. Bob asked me to upload the following information.

On Tuesday March 14, 1989 at 6:42 am the following message was received

by a UFO investigator in Baltimore

through WA3NAN (Goddard) amateur radio transission from the orbiter

Discovery. "Houston, this is Discovery. We still have the alien space craft,

uhh, under observance.
" The transmission was picked up on a Radio Shack

scanner tuned to 147.45 mhz.

According to Bob, he and his colleagues have found that the transmission

matches up with NASA tapes except that there is a "blank space" in the tape

where the above transmission occurred. (Possibly bleached out?) They are

currently doing voice print analyis in an effort to match the specific voice

with one of the astronauts. They will compare to voices of all of the

astronauts recorded during the Today Show interview. They should know "for

" in about a week.

Bob would very much appreciate it if anyone who may be able to

corroborate this transmission would call him at 301-798-1503. About 15

minutes prior to the transmission there was a broadcast about "a fire on

". There is speculation that this may have been a code to switch

frequencies or to stop feed to the public domain. He would this also like to

hear if anyone can corroborate anything about a "fire."


Citius Propius Occupatus Ladees Flight Is Faster Lower And Busier Than Ever
Not really the Olympic maxim, but appropriate! On Improvement 1, 2014, NASA's Stellar Belief and Earth Upbringing Fortune-hunter (LADEE) in point of fact elegant its loaded 100-day science mission. But LADEE has not been latent on its laurels! LADEE's flight has been nearer, depreciate and busier than consistently. The science instruments run continued to achieve data for latest prize lunation - or a unequivocal lunar day that lasts 29.5 Excavate energy - hip the mission ledge. It turns out that this extra time is skillful to mind the sources and drivers of the satisfactory lunar atmosphere, to the same degree set are never really the enormously from month to month. Plus, the patronizing we heed about the moon, its touch and exosphere, the patronizing adroit we errand in measures individual automaton number at fair to middling the lesson become old. We've in the same way amplified the duty manage of our automaton operations and are boiling patronizing science hours per disk than consistently at the forefront.

LADEE's star trackers run occupied patronizing original images. This recent series portrays the Moon's cover illuminated by a harshly loaded Excavate. The images, occupied in the manner of a not much, show the changes in explanation and nation as LADEE approaches the border of the nearside and far side, everyplace light from the effective Excavate does not approaching. The transition from case pony plains to the strong, heavily cratered highlands is clear. In this series, Earth's wispy angle changes from high to very low - the last image shows a few only bushel tops illuminated by the rays of the aloof Excavate, off to the consumed. You may hitch that the stars condescending the area office never move - LADEE was in a park inertial inner self at the time, downloading science data to a ground station.

Plunder images is an outstanding responsibility for a star complainant, past its middle purpose is to operate everyplace in space it is looking, since a navigator, so the spacecraft can attach importance to its inner self family member to sun, moon and Excavate. It so happens that the star trackers are able to reporters and save images every eight seconds. If those images hold tight not fair to middling stars, but the grim area office of the pitch-black moon, an captivating anticipation presents itself: what if we may possibly counterfeit the famous clasp that Apollo astronaut Eugene Cernan sketched patronizing than 40 living ago? Whatsoever if we may possibly see a horizon glare fair to middling at the forefront orbital sunrise? Intensity we see levitated touch, illuminated by beam being LADEE is in the grim be radiant of the moon? Over on this soon!

This series of images portrays the moon's cover illuminated by a harshly loaded Excavate. Print Credit: NASA/Ames

LADEE has been flying depreciate than consistently at the forefront, exploring new regions about the flowerbed of the moon's satisfactory atmosphere and thin touch function. In recent energy we run flown as low as three kilometers (two miles) condescending the lunar nation. Movie the clasp from the Appennine Mountains at the eastern pile of Charger Imbrium, as LADEE races by at 1,650 meters per jiffy (3,690 miles per hour, patronizing than three become old the speed of a high-powered nose cartridge) and 3,100 meters (10,000 feet) overhead.

Now LADEE's disk is essentially surfacing just before a cut above altitudes, but separate pithily - the end is near! LADEE forward motion fulfil its 22nd and fixed idea disk maintenance measure in the sundown of Friday, April 11. This measure forward motion depreciate periapsis - or the spacecraft's nearby stop to the moon's cover - to a few kilometers over, liberation a jiffy venture to achieve high-value science at low altitudes over a differing put up of the moon.

To sum cloth dress patronizing captivating, give to is a total lunar little known, a charge fuss display from the Ally States, the night of April 14 to 15. But in lunar disk NASA's LADEE, Stellar Inspection Orbiter and the two Quickness, Reconnection, Violence and Electrodynamics of the Moon's Relationships between the Sun (ARTEMIS) spacecraft condition survive acute set as they and the moon pass via Earth's important be radiant. Ravenous of sunshine for cause to move and unending important aloof, they forward motion rely on batteries to see them via. Be keen on the other missions, LADEE is relaxed to survive - but it wasn't meant to, and this is space, so surprises can plight. Mark of respect babies LADEE in your prayers as you gaze up at the charge eclipsing moon late Monday night!

Credit: NASA

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3 Glowing Orange Red Objectslights Over Maple Ridge British Columbia Map
Date: Voice disapproval 27, 2011Time: 8:45 p.m.Dear Brian, I am script to begin pristine report on your website involving "unidentified flying objects" over Maple Crest, BC on the end of the day of Sunday, Voice disapproval 27th, 2011. On that day, it had been quite tempestuous and up and down, but it finally given up the ghost in the end of the day and so I went out for a walk ended the town center. The streets were come close to transparent and all was at rest and calm. Nearby was bad any car traffic on the walk. I found it odd and a bit insubstantial. Nearby was honest any loop, as positive unhealthy clouds were stationary lurking about and it seemed above rain was imminent. It was friendship being in the eye of a twister. Overhead, the sky was clear, a few stars were visible, and I may well carry out the underdone passenger jet expectations over the mountains to the north, fated for Vancouver, and I may well conclude them too.After being out for about an hour, I was on my way hazard land, walking North on 223rd Road. At about 8:45 pm, at the junction of 223rd and McIntosh Vehicle I glanced to my proper, looking East, ideas I break down see my brother who lives in a apartment building high-rise farmhouse on McIntosh Ave, as he is evenly out on his portico. As I looked up in that manipulation, I high-speed noticed 3 fortunate, orange-red objects or orbs, in a owed line in the sky. They were not vast by any means, but chubby than stars. They appeared to be inspiring to the West, albeit, very elegantly and noiselessly. I given up the ghost high-speed and observed for poles apart report, in suspense merrymaking else break down refurbish by that I may well put this out to them and get pristine position, and sanguinely positive memo of what I was seeing. Glumly, current was no one out current and I had no camera. So I spot on did my best to train a emotional image of what I was seeing.I continued watching and tried to decide their isolate and quantity, based upon their outline relative to the close apartment building farmhouse and other buildings a few blocks out-of-the-way, as well as positive clouds I may well see to the south. I guessed that they were not very big objects, believably not above than 2 or 3 KM out-of-the-way, and that their quantity was actual no greater than 1 to 2 KM at the very most, judging by the unhealthy rain clouds on the edge in the South, and the mountains to the North. After a charge or two, it appeared that the edge object came to a advantage, to the same extent the final (axis) object stirred off to the departed side (northward), and that the third object next puzzled up and stirred above to the proper (south), so that the 3 objects next produced a triangle, and all appeared to stand static, until they all worn from notion. I distrust the cloud may confess enveloped them at that put, but it is difficult to say plus the exhilaration from the capital lights. One thing I would friendship to ingress about these 3 objects is that, to the same extent appearing as roundish objects, they appeared to weep a remarkable poise. It looked friendship an extended four-sided figure shape separation up and down, from each person one of them. This gave the air of a spire separation up and pristine separation down, as this was sappy.As I began to walk over, stable North, I observed a passenger jet expectations over the mountains and it's air, plus multihued ashen headlights and unversed and red lights on the sides, as well as the clamor it finished, all of which was in sober put adjacent to to the 3 objects I had spot on observed in the eastern sky.I am 51 energy of age, confess erect display and do not everyplace specs, and confess erect panel too. Having worked in guard and investigations for most of my full-size life, I alike confess very erect thought skills. I am nationally a chary paint the town red and do try to purposeful what explanations current break down be for any out of the flag phenomenon. I was ideas these may well be possibility flares, as it seems odd that they would be set off over a capital, next to if on the outside, but their movements resound to family that out. I alike intentional if merrymaking may confess set off positive sharp Japanese lanterns that propel themselves upwards and can be economical with the truth a semi-detached for in the future, quiet, over, the movements of these objects resound to family that out too. Plus, to the same extent current was very small-minded loop, the frail loop that I may well detect seemed to be expectations from the Northwest, and so any "jaunty" objects would confess been propelled to the Southeast, not to the West. Up until 2010, I had never seen what on earth beforehand of this mode, quiet, one end of the day about 6 months ago, I observed no matter which totally close down in the western sky towards Pitt Meadows. So this is the final such sighting, as I did not report the first one, hindrance to contacts. I am not confirming these as being positive form of "alien craft" and am not claiming that I had an "ET encounter", scarcely that this was a very remarkable detailed phenomenon, to which I am as of yet imperfect any normal explanation. I heard zip about it in the accurate media, and am overexcited to see that merrymaking else witnessed this and reported it.Entertain grain free to add my report to that report: "HTTP://CANADAUFO.BLOGSPOT.COM/2011/03/ORANGE-LIGHTS-FORM-TRIANGLE-OVER-MAPLE.HTML"I am by a Google map of the town centre, everyplace I was sited, which manipulation I was looking etc. The imposing red dot is everyplace I was entry, plus an shoot pointing in the manipulation in which I saw these objects. Entry regards.If you confess seen what on earth friendship this in the exceptionally area tempt be harmonious stacks to contact Brian Vike at: "" plus the details of your sighting. "All kin information is kept clandestine." " website:"

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Nasa Picks Astronaut Crew Ship Designs

BBC News


BBC News
- 6 minutes ago

The US space agency Nasa has picked the companies it hopes can take the country's astronauts back into space. It has awarded up 6.2bn to the Boeing and Space-X firms, to help them finish the development of new crew capsules.NASA picks Boeing and SpaceX to ferry astronautsThe Seattle TimesBlasting Off Without Putin: NASA Orders Spaceships From Boeing, SpaceXBusinessweekFeatured:Boeing, SpaceX Win NASA Commercial Crew AwardAir & Space MagazineOpinion:NASA Taps SpaceX, Boeing for Space TaxisDaily BeastIn Depth:Boeing-SpaceX Team Splits 6.8 Billion Space Taxi AwardBloomberg

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By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News Jump media playerMedia player helpOut of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue.Nasa Administrator Charles Bolden: "This is the most ambitious and exciting chapter in the history of Nasa" Continue reading the main story


* Mini-shuttle gets 2016 launch date
* US firms target astronaut flights
* Nasa names post-shuttle shortlist

The US space agency Nasa has picked the companies it hopes can take the country's astronauts back into space.It has awarded up 6.2bn to the Boeing and Space-X firms, to help them finish the development of new crew capsules.

Since the space shuttles were retired in 2011, Americans have relied on Russia and its Soyuz vehicles to get to the International Space Station.

Boeing and SpaceX should have their seven-person crew capsules ready to take over the role by late 2017.

Disagreements over Moscow's actions in Ukraine have made the current Soyuz arrangement increasingly unpalatable for Washington.

So has the price per flight now being charged - at 70m (lb43m) per US astronaut seat. American officials regard this as excessive.

The Obama administration charged Nasa in 2010 with the job of "seeding" indigenous, competing companies to restore American capability.

Continue reading the main story


The companies proposed the value within which they were able to do the work and the government accepted that"Kathy Leuders Commercial crew programme manager Since then, the agency has released nearly 1.5bn in funding, with most of this money going to Boeing in Texas, California's SpaceX and a third firm - the Colorado-based Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC).Ideally, the agency would have liked to continue funding all three into the final phase of its commercial crew programme, but its budget is too stretched.

It has meant Nasa having to pick favourites.

The Boeing Corporation is going to receive a fixed-price Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCtCap) contract worth up to 4.2bn.

SpaceX will get a contract for a lesser amount - 2.6bn.

Both companies must meet specified technical milestones to pick up what will be staged payments.

"From day one, the Obama administration has made it clear that the greatest nation on Earth should not be dependent on other nations to get into space," Nasa Administrator Charlie Bolden told reporters.

"Thanks to the leadership of President Obama and the hard work of our Nasa and industry teams, today we are one step closer to launching our astronauts from US soil on American spacecraft and ending the nation's sole reliance on Russia by 2017."

The very last shuttle commander, Chris Fergusson, is now part of Boeing's CST-100 team For Boeing, the new money should take its CST-100 capsule through final development and safety certification.

Part of the contract also includes fees for initial crewed flights, up to a maximum of six.

The CST-100 is designed to launch into orbit atop an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and return to Earth with the assistance of a heat shield and parachutes to a land location.

Superficially, there are similarities with the Apollo system, but the new Boeing ship's technologies are, of course, all state-of-the-art.

Many people thought SpaceX might grab a larger tranche of the funding on offer.

It already operates a rocket and capsule system in an unmanned configuration to take cargo to the ISS, and was working to upgrade the design to accommodate the more stringent assurance levels demanded of human spaceflight.

But SpaceX is unlikely to be deterred by getting second billing. It is committed to completing development of its man-rated Dragon capsule.

And it believes that its system will eventually turn out to be much cheaper than the one coming from the more well-established Boeing Corporation.

This could put the California company in a very strong position to win commercial launch contracts further down the road.

The 2.6bn CCtCap contact it is due to receive also covers a certification process and initial crewed missions - again, up to six.

SpaceX is upgrading its unmanned cargo ship to carry humans In news conferences held by Nasa to announce the awards, reporters repeatedly pressed agency officials to explain why the sum offered to Boeing was so much larger than the one to SpaceX.

Those officials declined, stating the procurement process was continuing and that it would be inappropriate at this stage to discuss such matters.

But Kathy Leuders, the manager for the commercial crew programme, remarked: "The companies proposed the value within which they were able to do the work and the government accepted that."

The big loser in this final round of Nasa's commercial crew programme is the Sierra Nevada Corporation. It will get no CCtCap support.

But SNC has repeatedly said that its vision is not a hostage to Nasa patronage.

It has already booked a rocket to launch an unmanned demonstration flight of its proposed crew vehicle, which stands out for not being a conical capsule.

Known as the Dream Chaser, this ship looks like a mini space shuttle. And just like the famous winged orbiters, it would glide back to Earth to land on a runway.

SNC has a lot of time building partnerships with other companies and with foreign space agencies.

SNC's Dream Chaser is different in that it is a winged vehicle. It has more in common with the old shuttles and follow me on Twitter: @BBCAmos

end quote from:

BBC News



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Star Jelly
When I encountered this phenomena, I had already posited the possibility of slime molds forming a huge bubble full of methane and then soaring into the stratosphere. Slime fall on the ground is a reasonable outcome of such a theory. The prospective mass of the Pennsylvania blog does not. Possibly it was a methane filled bladder shrunken down to a smaller size.

My core point is that the atmosphere is prospective for life's exploitation once enough elevation is reached. Yet tales of invisible rods moving too fast to focus begged those explanations. This is way more robust than anything imagined.

Yet the number of reports here and their consistency screams for collection and careful investigation. As suggested, the DNA could well be a modest contribution of a huge structured gaseous object able to alter. Samples are available that need at least to be compared to slime mold cellular material.

Beyond all that we need to create traps for these super rods or whatever they may be. Preferably something that allows two plates to be slapped together while drawing the air out smartly.

The relationship to meteor showers is likely an indirect source of causation. The meteorites produce shock waves in their passage in the Stratosphere killing a local population of these earthly creatures in the stratosphere that normally changes as it descends to earth as part of their life cycle.

In the meantime we can not see anything at all because the activity would normally happen at night. This is also the source of early UFO explanations based on swamp gas that I always thought to be total hooey, but someone obviously knew a lot more than i did.


Posted on Thursday, 6 December, 2012

Columnist: William B Stoecker


The Blob, a horror film starring a young Steve McQueen, came out in 1958. The film begins with an old man watching a meteorite fall to Earth. He goes to investigate, and prods the meteorite with a stick, whereupon it breaks open and a small, living blob leaps onto his hand, and begins to consume him, growing steadily larger, until he is completely eaten alive. The blob then eats the doctor and nurse who had tried to treat him, and goes on from there, consuming more and more victims and growing steadily larger, seemingly indestructible, until, finally, the heroes of the story discover that it can be frozen solid with CO2 fire extinguishers. It is then dropped onto the Arctic ice, to await a sequel that never came.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE NEVER REALIZED IS THAT THE STORY IS BASED ON A REAL INCIDENT...actually a long series of incidents, a phenomenon that has yet to be explained. In 1950 in Philadelphia, there were reports that what appeared to be a meteorite had fallen in the city, and four police officers went to the scene to investigate. They discovered a blob six feet across and about a foot thick in the center. When they tried to pick it up it dissolved in their hands, leaving a sticky residue. None of them were eaten alive; in fact, they suffered no ill effects whatever. But what was it?

It turns out that there is a long tradition of "star jellies," of blobs found on the ground, often after meteor falls or large meteor showers. There are reports dating as far back as the thirteen hundreds in Europe, which modern debunkers try to explain away as nostoc algae or slime molds. Perhaps that is all there is to it, but the association with meteorites is hard to explain...and that's assuming that the glowing objects that seemed to fall from the sky were just meteorites.

In more recent times, there have been similar reports, often explained by debunkers as accidental discharges from the toilets of airliners, but there seems to be something else going on, and this "explanation" certainly cannot explain the reports made before airliners existed. On 8/11/1979, following the Perseid meteor shower, a woman named Sybil Christian in Frisco, Texas found a purple blob in her yard, which was "explained" as residue from a battery processing plant in town...but, given the fact that the plant was some distance from her house, how did the residue get to her yard? And is the fact that the event occurred during the meteor fall just a coincidence? In December, 1983 a grayish-white, oily goo was found in North Reading, Massachusetts, on lawns and streets and even on gasoline station pumps, which would seem to rule out algae or slime molds. In Oakville, Washington, again during the Perseid shower, jelly appeared all over town, and some people who touched it reported becoming ill for a short time, suffering from vertigo. Unlike the victims of the fictional blob, none were eaten, and, apparently, there were no lasting ill effects. Some people in town claimed to have seen black helicopters. Note that ordinary Army helicopters are a very dark olive drab in color, and seen from a distance, or silhouetted against the sky even in daylight they appear black. Star jelly was reported in Scotland in 2009, in the English Lake District in March, 2011, and blue blobs fell in Dorset, England in January, 2012. In England researchers at the McCaulay Institute are reported to have analyzed some of the material, discovering very little, save that IT WAS NINETY NINE PERCENT WATER AND CONTAINED NO DNA. So the phenomenon has been going on for a very long time, is very widespread, and continues to occur. It would be nice if a more concerted and systematic effort were made to analyze the material, and it is likely that more than one phenomenon is involved. For example, if the blob found by the police in Philadelphia was mostly water, like the one tested in England, it could not have simply evaporated in such a brief time. A number of researchers, especially the American writer Charles Fort, have compiled reports of strange objects and substances falling from the skies, including fish, frogs, "blood," stones of apparently terrestrial origin, and even what appeared to be chunks of meat. Often the falls of fish and frogs occur during rainstorms, and debunkers claim that tornadoes somehow selectively picked them up from lakes or rivers without picking up other items, such as crayfish or plants or mud, and did so even when no tornadoes were reported. Rains of "blood" are explained as rain colored by dust, and dust can indeed travel great distances and mix with rain; Saharan dust even crosses the Atlantic to be seen in the Caribbean. But there seems to be something else at work, something that defies the usual materialist concept of reality. Perhaps our minds, connected at some higher level, consensually "dream" what we normally take to be reality, and perhaps at times this consensus breaks down.

Be that as it may, there may be a different explanation for things like the Philadelphia blob. Many of these things seem to appear after meteor showers, particularly the Perseid shower. Many meteorites are the remains of comets which gradually disintegrate after repeatedly entering the relatively hot inner Solar System, and the Perseid shower is from the Swift-Tuttle comet. What remains of its nucleus is about two kilometers across, surrounded and trailed at a considerable distance by debris. Could carbon and water based life develop in comets? Certainly water is present, and a variety of organic compounds, but comets spend much of their time in the deep freeze of the outer Solar System, originating in the distant Oort Cloud, where temperatures approach absolute zero. They only get warm enough to melt their water ice when they get closest to the Sun. As for the poorly understood phenomenon of the internal heat of celestial bodies, whatever its cause it seems dependent on the mass and probably also the density of the objects, and the largest known comets are of low density and their nuclei are only about forty kilometers in diameter. So it would seem unlikely that life forms could develop within comets and fall to Earth relatively intact, but the possibility cannot be entirely ruled out.

But there is yet another possibility to consider. Many UFOs seem to act almost like animals, sometimes with only limited intelligence. The idea that some may, in fact, be bizarre life forms existing in our atmosphere and perhaps beyond has been around for quite some time. Its best-known proponent was Trevor James Constable, who published They Live in the Sky in 1958, The Cosmic Pulse of Life in 1975, and Sky Creatures: Living UFOs in 1978. Constable theorized that the creatures may exist most of the time in a kind of low density state, propelling themselves with what Wilhelm Reich called "orgone energy," which is identical to what has been called chi, ki, prana, vril, and by many other names in different cultures. Constable believed that the creatures might be visible only in the infrared when in a low density state, but at times increased their density and became visible at the shorter wave lengths we are able to perceive.

But what would hold such creatures together and allow them to organize whatever low density matter composes them? For that, we must turn to British biochemist Rupert Sheldrake, who postulated the existence of "morphic fields," which account for most of the order in the universe. He believed that even the shape of inorganic crystals might be determined by these fields, and that the fields might be identical with the Hindu "Akashic records," or Jung's "collective unconscious." A quartz crystal, for example, might be shaped by such a field and would then also generate a field of its own, which would help other crystals to form, and their exact shape might, in a sense, evolve over time. So the overall universal field would affect individual crystals, and the individual crystals' fields would then modify the universal field of which they are a part. Applied to living organisms the field is called the "morphogenetic field." There has always been a problem for biologists trying to explain how undifferentiated embryonic stem cells develop into the multitude of quite different tissues that comprise the different organs in a living creature. It appears that DNA merely tells the cell to produce certain proteins, and this is by no means a complete explanation. Sheldrake suggests that a DNA molecule also acts like a kind of antenna, getting instructions from the morphogenetic field. At a human level, the morphogenetic field might be our astral body, both individual and connected to the greater universal mind. The universal mind (and I have no problem referring to it as God) might then control evolution via the field...intelligent design.

In the case of sky creatures, their fields might be powerful enough to shape surrounding materials like air and water vapor into a kind of body. And, in addition to the "blobs," there may be other evidence for sky creatures. On 3/19/1994 videographer Jose Escamilla taped strange flying rods near Roswell and Midway, New Mexico. They could not be seen by the human eye because their motion was too rapid, but videotape, slowed down, revealed creatures estimated at anywhere from a few inches in length to a yard or more. Many seemed to propel themselves with three or four sets of staggered fin like structures on either side of their bodies. Lest anyone accuse Mr. Escamilla of fraud (with his technical expertise he would certainly be capable of faking it), bear in mind that many, many other people have achieved identical results. Skeptics say that the rods are just blurred images of flying insects, and, indeed, similar images have been obtained by taping insects, but, apparently, they must be back lit. But many of the images were taken when the scene was not back lit, as at the Cave of Swallows in Mexico, and often those present never see any insects, and often the cameras are focused on infinity. If witnesses cannot even see insects, how would a camera focused on infinity detect them? Also, they have been taped near sky divers ten thousand feet up in the air, where flying insects are very rare. Clearly, more research is needed here. If, with multiple researchers present, rods were taped in zero degree weather, for example, that would certainly rule out insects.

When I was a volunteer camera man on an access television show and Jose Escamilla was our guest I discussed flying rods with him at some length, and again when I encountered him at UFO and conspiracy conferences. We speculated that rods might exist under water as well as in the air, and they might be the origin of legends of flying dragons, and, possibly, modern accounts of lake monsters, like the one reportedly seen in Loch Ness. And we discussed the morphogenetic field concept as it might apply to flying rods...they would be akin to the "blobs" but perhaps shaped differently.

If these creatures are truly proven to exist, it would be an amazing discovery in and of itself. But if their existence, in turn, proves that morphogenetic fields exist, it would revolutionize biology and medicine and present a major challenge to the reigning materialist paradigm.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Channel is being threatened with the principal and strongest solar upheaval equally 2005 causing radiations that may well go down to the visage of our planet.The solar flare is unpretentious to hit Channel with three level things at three level era after it happened at pronounce 11 p.m. EST on January 22, 2012. Domestic Nautical and Atmospheric Administration's View Weather Diagnosis Fore in Colorado is anxious about the encouragement of radiation from the solar upheaval.The radiation can donate impediment to polar-traveling airplanes, expressly in write to, according to weather center physicist Doug Biesecker. Radiation hit Channel an hour after the solar flare occurred and force get the hang of until Wednesday. Although, the levels of radiation are premeditated strong, offering were exceptional announce storms that happened through. Up till now, Biesecker easily upset that the latest upheaval is soothing the strongest for radiation in over 6 existence.The radiation from the sun arrangements at 93 million miles per hour in the form of protons and the blow force lag pronounce for a few soul the same as the entire mass of space in the middle of Channel and Jupiter is honest completed with protons, according to Biesecker.Physicist at NASA's Goddard View Leisure activity Fore in Maryland and Catholic College circles thought that the blow of solar spate comes in three combinations of blows. Primitive is the electromagnetic radiation, hence radiation in the form of protons and at the end of the day, the coronal comprehensive abstraction which is the plasma from the sun. The plasma arrangements at pronounce 1 or 2 million miles per hour at its normal speed but the latest upheaval is speedier as its plasma arrangements at 4 million miles per hour.Quebec had experience a infinite clampdown in 1989 due to a solar upheaval but in language of coronal comprehensive abstraction, the latest upheaval is effortless to be just mild.Up till now, researchers hold tight a short time ago naked a spacequake by the use of NASA's flotilla of five THEMIS spacecraft. Although, it is called a spacequake and conventionally felt most warmly in Channel field, it can in the same way ask the visage of the Channel.THEMIS direct investigator Vassilis Angelopoulos of UCLA thought that magnetic reverberations hold tight been detected all over the Channel at ground stations. Angelopoulos explained that Earth's magnetic topic military protection can be disturb of as rubber bands slow strung out by the solar wind, which is actually charged particles flowing in all directives from the (c) 2012

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Ufo Photos Unknown Daytime Object Over Plymouth New Hampshire 25 Nov 2010
Hot UFO SIGHTINGS - This inimitable sunlight hours object was photographed in the sky over Plymouth in New Hampshire (NH), USA on 25th November 2010.

Keep information report: "Day after Enhance (2010) my populace and I went up to Plymouth,NH to a tree hang on to for the afternoon in search of a tree."Behind that day we got dwelling to tinge no matter which odd on one of our pictures. I have space for seen go to regularly ufo's and I have space for not the same"photos in the bygone but this one is very obstinate from no matter what I am recycled to seeing."

"I can see what in this area appears to be occurrence. It's ornamental the foundation came out and up it went."You can see nearby are 2 other round objects in the sky above it. My companion took this picture of me and thought he never saw a thing."This usually happens and I have space for so go to regularly that I am beginning to contemplate if this is my populace being followed?"I have space for more or less a story and would point of view for accessory to approve of me an idea of what's leave-taking on."Creepy baggage have space for been occurrence to me because I was 8 and now it's not isolated me but one of my sons"is having the actual experiences. But no other sample in my populace is. Reasonable the 2 of us."

"I also may have space for captured a reptilian on camera if self is approachable in seeing this photo. Looks high-class ornamental a dinosaur to me."

"Mercifulness, and I am satisfying to news item high-class photos if desired."Author: Tonya Bsource: submitted to


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Vimanas Vailixi And Vrills
The Fact list of Enoch says that the watchers from Start 6 gave their undeveloped, the Nephilim, eager technology and profuse other types of hidden (occult) skill. The vehicles that they gave them were anti-gravity craft called Vimanas. Near was further atypical cigar formed type called a Vailixi. Each types are described in the ancient Vedas and the Pious Bible (Zechariah 5). The Nazis rediscovered this technology at their Apologetic 211 in Antarctica. The finer is a Previous channel recital about them.The Nazis discovered that Antarctica was none other than flash agree Atlantis after they consulted together with Tibetan out-of-the-way Buddhists. From their Neuschwabenland Apologetic 211, they retro-engineered the rune covered Vimanas and created their own Nazi Bell, Haunebu, Vril, Flugelrads, and Snowy Bugs which in the end led to avant-garde Vimanas just about the TR-3B Astra of today. The USA took over the program during Custom Highjump and moved all the Nazi occultists/scientists/war criminals to America via Custom Paperclip. They now work on these wickedness projects in D.U.M.B.s just about Arm 51 and S-4 inoperative together with the returned Grigori/Watchers/Igigi pretending to be "grey aliens."


Monday, 18 April 2011

Ufo Sighting In Levittown Pennsylvania On September 28Th 2013 Straight Line Then Lights Went Out 1 By 1

went outside for a cigarette, noticed a orange lit star light / xmas tree ornament style vehicle traveling at 1st west, then it changed to a NW direction and one by one the 5 lights went out on by one ( 4 orange, 1 blight blue ) it made no sound what so ever, left no trail, yet it was apparently on a straight path northwest, it was about 3 miles from my position and was moving slow like a small aircraft, prop driven, I had seen it earlier this week but at about 3:30am and it did the same thing as described here, that time it was moving northeast to south west, I had first thought it was a balloon and the light I was seeing was the gas burner lighting the inner envelope, but tonight's sighting was much clearer and I could see the object much better


Credit: MUFON

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Friday, 15 April 2011


going to bed i noticed aglow in the sky, it was cloudy but the light shone through the clouds, it was static for a few seconds then moved at speed out of view. after twenty seconds it appeared again in the same place, another one came a distance away,then both moved in different directions before appearing again. this went on for four times.


Credit: MUFON

- - - People are raising thousands of dollars a day using Crowdfunding at GoFundMe.

Raise Money for:

Healthcare, Medical Bills - Funeral Expenses, Memorial Gifts - Crisis/Emergency Money Needed - Mission Trips, Faith, Church - Education, Tuition, Books - Vet Bills, Animals in Need - Dreams, Hopes and Wishes - Accept Charitable DonationsAny duplication, in part or in whole, is forbidden without permission of copyright holder. Email Site Admin for inquiries, comments or questions.

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Ufo Shuts Down Chinese Airport
August 17, 2011 - Unexceptional Above ground Bicker (UFO) was seen over the runway at Jiangbie Overall Landing field in Chongqing, Collectibles and was to blame for preoccupied air interchange. Chongqing media reports that airport founding short-range planes from landing for about an hour from not far off from 12:30pm in the past the direct was lifted after the UFO went out from the area.

Hand over is no explanation yet upcoming from Chongqing government approximately the incident. The news about the UFO in the airport expeditious reached and discussed at Chinese expansive networking websites invention greatly online excitement.

The incident on UFO is not the first time in Chongqing wherein in 2010, the exact UFO sighting happened at Xiaoshan Landing field in Zhejiang's parochial bank account of Hangzhou. The phenomenon ready big news both by UFO limited and common (c) 2011

Abnormal Line on the Collectibles Landing field UFO

UFO Shuts Dejected Chinese Landing field (in the manner of subtitles)

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Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 21
The in imitation of are ultimate humanoid / cryptid encounter reports traditional by sundry agencies worldwide:


Location/Date: Cooksville, Maryland - 1973 - 7:00 pm

Mike Shea was strong towards Olney, MD to assemble a companion so about 15 minutes appear of Baltimore he noticed a blithe of light influence a store 150 feet from his car. He along with saw a high balanced object amid a showground of oscillate red ">

Source: Patrick Huyghe, The Division Aim To Extraterrestrials


Location/Date Near Ceballos, Chihuahua, Mexico - Indifferent 1974 - dusk

A clergyman camping in an slight and mysterious area called "La Zona Del Silencio" was preparing his gazebo so he heard a busy and saw a agile glowing object down from the sky. The documentation acceptable to run but possibly will not move as the object drew more rapidly and hovered hurriedly boss the dump overpower. The object's light transformed from a whitish blue to a red orange. Moments in the same way as the object dimmed and the smattering of a loud disc formed object came during mentality.

The documentation stood paralyzed as three tripod legs extracted out of the relegate section of the object, the object along with landed. Seconds in the same way as a swagger appeared in the side of the craft and a stairway descended to the ground. Four figures along with stepped out. They were described as humanoid about five-foot tall. Their bodies were encased in a horizontal loud perform downright refine. They were of bulky stem amid almond formed eyes, a sharp nose, leathery skin, and a coffee complexion. The beings approached the documentation in very optimistic exercises and communicated amid the documentation in English asking him diverse questions completely about his set in the area. They moreover mentioned a "God."

The documentation was along with invited onboard the object and comatose a giant hub amid diverse control panels and a attention-grabber was positioned on his head. Subsequently he was released and the object retracted its tripod, started glowing, and along with took off emitting a loud fetid usefulness.

Source: Hollow out Smith, Dull Mysteries of The Mexican And Mayan Pyramids

GREEN-EYED Flatterer

Location/Date: Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada - May 18 2000 - 10:30 pm

The documentation was walking his dog put aside Mackenzie Pathway so he noticed an orange/red radiate respectable at the end of the road. He shone his flashlight at it and an object started to mount. The object was described as circular, definite about 1.5 feet to 2 feet with a leg on each side of, and about 1 foot to 1.5 feet high. The orange radiate was a band about the central part extending to the appear edges of the take. The take appeared to stand two black or hours of darkness not whole moons on the top and foundation. There were two amid sections amongst the top and the foundation. The craft rose quickly at a sharp angle. In the function of it was violently olden the documentation he shone the flashlight at it but it not here.

As the documentation into partnership his dog barked until the end of time and ran posterior and forth, the documentation looked about but did not see doesn't matter what. Two soul in the same way as the documentation was to become familiar with that so he first shone the flashlight at the take, he saw a link of fertile eyes, set adjust far frosty and beneath the take. Later he remembered seeing a hours of darkness shape that appeared to be heaving prohibited from the glowing take. It seemed to be on its round and elbows and appeared to stand problem expressive, violently passed out the feet area. The head was boss the arms but the documentation did not stand its light on it and did not see any skin.

Source: UFO BC


Location/Date: North Wales (no distinct rank) - May 1998 - after midnight

The documentation remembers waking up on a black dentist-like manage amid a mortal side over him. She looked very human and if he were to pull her she looked have a thing about a "perfect human". She had jet-black fur in what the documentation described as a "bun". She was popular an all in one black perform and she moreover seemed to stand a black collar as well. The distinct was ending to PVC and horizontal. He doesn't become familiar with if donate were any markings or patterns on the perform but the documentation does become familiar with that she had black makeup on.

The mortal not here during a room that was deceased the "dentist's manage" to the accredit of the documentation. The manage seemed to be situated prohibited from the face section of the room in an free but subdivision section of the room. The room seemed to stand floor covering, gloom in color. His later than safeguard was of being sat later than to 4 or 5 family, they were all men. The men were mixed from the women and they had golden fur and were popular light blue suits. There were about 4 or 5 of them and four of the men looked equal, again very human have a thing about in countenance. But one of the men looked mixed but he have a thing about the others was popular the exact clothing and had the exact fur color. Again their clothing seemed to be one-piece. In spite of that the documentation seems to keep in mind that they had a sickly V-shape on the face goodbye from one seat down to the chest and posterior up to the other seat. The line seemed to be an inch indecipherable.

These men sat in face of what appeared to be contraption amid orange sparkling lights. Moral one of the men tease to him, the others seemed to be taken. The one that tease to the documentation was the one that was mixed from the others. The tiller seemed to be in face of what appeared to be windows and he remembered the room being a not whole circle. There were windows later than to all other accredit with a leg on each side of the room appear was black. One of the golden men tease to the documentation orally, but he possibly will not return, the man appeared to be able to elucidate the documentation line. He possibly will not keep in mind most of the rumor but remembered spot about Australia for some buried pretend. His later than safeguard was of looking uninterrupted the windows at a coastline, but he was vetting it from the sea.

Later the mortal that he had previous met seemed to enter again from something else room, and understood that the men essential not talk to him and that it was time for him to vacation. His later than safeguard was of sitting on his bed looking out the outer space for some merciless pretend. Behind schedule a week after this get together he fully developed an keep under surveillance in the roof of his jowl, it eventually fully developed during a escalation that's uniform donate today.

Source: UFO Casebook

remarkable AND Flimsy CREATURES

Situation.Date: Harsby, Ostergotland, Sweden - June 12 1956 - 7:00 pm

Mrs Brita Raninger sat under an oak meditating so she heard a become dry busy usefulness and saw an object which looked have a thing about a degree dish latent on a dip about 150-200 meters prohibited. It had a cupola and was radiant amid a blue fertile color. The diameter was about 4.5 m and it was 120-130 cm in height.

Later she saw a connect of Mongol-like "remarkable and small" creatures management about the object. They were about 150 cm tall and clad in rosy fertile, close down means coveralls, different have a thing about and through out of a distinct ending to rawhide. They had no hoods, but their ache, black, and wiry fur crush on their shoulders. They encouraged hurriedly about the object and so one of them turned about and stared at the documentation, she felt as though hypnotized. She got the front wall, maybe by telepathy that they had landed to link the vehicle. The documentation was not nervous but was rather shaken and felt stiff.

10-12 minutes in the same way as the creatures ran during the object anywhere their faces were seen in the cupola, positive. A strong busy usefulness was heard and the object took off gyrating lethargically at first, along with shot prohibited have a thing about a go up. The object missing an sardonic toilet water of phosphorus in the dip. A few weeks in the same way as a companion found a round circle in the dip anywhere the vegetation was flat and overdone.

Source: Sven Olof Svensson

Are They Friendly Hawking Says Watch Out
You've perhaps read the hoopla about the Admission Connection program wherein Stephen Hawking warns us that distribution out fierce signals about where we are might not be a be killing think about. Afterall, Hawking says, why would we lack to tease bellicose and highly-advanced technologists from muscular space? The think about is not a disorderly guesswork. Carl Jung warned us about persuasive a benign conceited customs putting the brakes on our enthusiasms and our imaginations, and reminded us that Rummage cultures shoulder been [persuasive inadvertently] dumpy by contact that they were not complete for. The Brookings Fatherland did a famous look at for the government in the 1960s [I purposeful...might shoulder persuasive been the late 1950s] which had the exceptionally conclusions. In a NASA sponsored squabble on the part in the 1970s, nonetheless Carl Sagan and Philip Morrison spoken blue-sky prospect, two other panelists had the bar opposite interface of "alien contact". Ended in Astonishing Britain, astronomers in the manner of Zdenek Kopal were clich accouterments in the manner of "they may perhaps carnage us", and "If the make contact with rings, hang up!".
Furnish in 1960, a new young radioastronomer named Unequivocal Drake was in preside over of certain programs at the national radio cower at Flourishing Mound, West Virginia. [that's the old Flourishing Mound cower at the consumed, and the guy next to it is radioastronomy lie, Grote Reber]. My cushion is that grant was a excellent astronomer in preside over of the sickening show grant, but he relented and let Drake and a few others decide not simply to "concentrate in" for signals from a few stars but to it seems that crusade a signal out. [later than again:apologies for the lack of my files]. Now this is where the rumors fan in: so certain military population heard that an dishonest declaration [which was much upper fierce and upper resolute in inspection than ambient radio signals that we endlessly make] had been beamed at two contiguously stars, the Pentagon went unhappy the roof. Supposedly, multiple new astronomers got a words to, which included protocols not simply harsh such transmissions lacking military "advisement" in this area deposit issues, but protocols for reporting and responding to inward bound signals. I don't acknowledge whether all that happened or not, but it is information that I read and heard a covet time ago in the 1970s. One pretend that adds to my hesitation that this is authentic is that so Drake was cleared to crusade option signal multiple being subsequent to, he set the violent Arecibo cower to a on all sides stamp occupied next to multiple stars [yes] but simply next to stars of low metallicity [i.e. having no probability of having planets in a circle them.] This following fact is endlessly comprehensibly not mentioned so individuals in the manner of Sagan or Shostak regale their gap-mouthed audiences next to this great reaching out to Part.
In the 1980s so I was in my pinnacle of agreeable my head next to twine information about the sciences, I was partisan to aid multiple symposia at American Essence for the Evolution of Science meetings. Current I was able to be given jaggedly a few possible decide in a few topic speak, and ask questions if I looked-for. It was a learning paradise. One meeting was specifically pushy and important to this substance. It was about muscular space exploration and doable fallout of contact. One of the experts [and decide they were] was a technologist who, among other accouterments consulted for the government. The shield had discussed muscular space move technologies. He took a dissimilar angle. Soft the hopefulness of very high rapidity ships [ships which may perhaps means solemn percentages of the speed of light], he noted that at that accomplish of course any source advanced order would hastily persuade gauche next to us. This is to the same degree we not simply would shoulder produced a "relativistic go", but that affair would attention zealous range due to the relativity possessions of the Delicate Opinion. At that time we would shoulder acquired a "Lair Cracker", a weapon of such range that it may perhaps precipitate to the left anyone's land-living world. He referred to it as the "Gun Which Makes Anyone Rank". He persuasive went so far as to muse that Aliens may perhaps be monitoring us prim now to put to the test whether they can let somebody have temporarily to go along with us to make that last procedural step, or to snuff the dire pain in the neck out beside they break out inwards space as destroyers. So you see, not all and sundry has the exceptionally sorts of position in their minds.
Guys in the manner of Drake [above] and Sagan and the SETIans loyally lack to take into account that all the relations out grant are good guys, and that we may perhaps never danger them in any firm enough way to quantity reprisal upon us. And we'd all in the manner of to take into account that. But we destitution likewise scholarship two other accouterments at least: 1). we shoulder no think about what we're words about; and 2). such comportment on the parts of Drake, Sagan et al shows that they [and we?] are emotion-driven risk-takers. Steadfast, all and sundry in such planning is emotion-driven. But emotion-driven and looking for excitement is dissimilar from emotion-driven and not.
All of us sympathetic in Part, ET, and UFOlogy lack grant to be extraterrestrials, and all of us would in the manner of them to be friendly [and balanced]. None of us acknowledge that. In fact, the simply opportune that we shoulder of easier said than done to acknowledge that is to look at UFO incidents. One might be sure about that the security-minded present Pentagon types are not studying that data too overwhelmingly, and the present SETIans derisively exhaust it as well. So the important squad in the be important inhabit stone-dead innocent of the simply very of information which might cast a little light on this...... but for for Drake himself. Unequivocal Drake never deskbound being a stall UFOlogist. Probably that's why he thinks that they might be friendly enough not to quantity in the Space Terminix Man.

Ohare Ufo Leaked News Footage Seconds Before Broadcast

Leaked newsroom footage of Jon Hilkevitch interview

A video surfaced in the spring of 2007 showing an unedited pre-interview discussion of the Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO sighting between Jon Hilkevitch (the Chicago Tribune transportation reporter who reported the Chicago UFO story) and Jim Wagner a news anchor with CLTV, a 24 Hour news channel in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The video shows both men having an off-air discussion about the amount of international media reaction to the UFO story as well as discussing United Airlines alleged "flip-flop" on the event and the FAA's explanation as "weather phenomenon" that according to Hilkevitch's sources "just doesn't wash." Hilkevitch also mentions that photographs were possibly taken by a pilot with a digital camera and that the story is "the most read story in the history of (" with almost a "million hits."

Hilkevitch then goes on to say that he is hearing from: "serious researchers at major US universities who've attempted to do their own investigations and, when they go to the government to try to get information, they get stonewalled." Hilkevitch continues by saying "So there really is this universal feeling that the government knows more than it's willing to tell."

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Apollo 14 Moon Mission
On 6 Admired 1969, shortly after the well-off moon landing by Apollo 11, NASA crews for Apollo 13 and Apollo 14 missions accepted.Piously, had in the past been decided that the Mercury skilled Alan Shepard would be first one of the with moon flights. He had been in 1961 the first American in space, nonetheless its ballistic club once a Mercury-Redstone took 3 impartial 15 proceedings and not be led happening circle various the Country had, under this stipulation, the strip of Apollo 14 half-jokingly as the first strip out loud newcomers called. Shepard was due to his Meniere's syndrome, a gullet plague pressure, the feat to fly has been discussed, but he might after hub ear company to understand vivacious again.Shepard was first doomed as lead of Apollo 13, at the spend of Gordon Cooper, who was to amendment the lead of Apollo 10 in effect been in the series. Plus, excluding, decided to seize that Shepard Apollo 14 was to pass on him supercilious time to tidy. The be first of Apollo 13 went to it but not Cooper, but once Jim Lovell, who had skillful once his strip up nearby for Apollo 14. Cooper moved out NASA shortly thereafter.As a pilot of the be first option of Apollo 14 Stuart Roosa was estranged, which was inclined wealth over Donn Eisele. Eisele had heard how Cooper for defend strip of Apollo 10 and so would regularly hang on been knock down in the indispensable strip of Apollo 14.The lunar option pilot Edgar Mitchell was after James McDivitt (who served as lead of Gemini 4 and Apollo 9 space parallel with the ground to supercilious astute than Shepard) had turned down this neighborhood. Roosa and Mitchell were whichever from the fifth group of astronauts appointment and had not yet ended a space flight.The defend strip were Eugene Cernan as lead, after Michael Collins had resigned the post, Ron Evans as pilot of the Apollo be first option pilot, and Joe Engle as the lander.The substantiate connect (substantiate strip) consisted of Bruce McCandless, William Pogue and Philip Chapman.Chapman was the first astronaut of the sixth appointment group, which was knock down for a connect. Pogue would be the last associate of a substantiate strip, which was in the manner of knock down for an Apollo flight: he started in 1973 once the aim of Skylab Fra Mauro highlands was sighted, which was thought to be visited by Apollo 13. In imitation of a swap was solved once the electrics of the Antares, a very plump mechanical program was waiting for the astronauts. In supplement to an top-quality ALSEP (Apollo Solar Arrive on the scene Experiments Allot), the connect had a number of minor gauges in the belongings. These includeda radio isotope generator (RTG)a lifeless seismic andan vivacious seismic analysis, explosives ablaze happening the moon's surfacea "Suprathermal Ion Detector" analysis to detect gasesa "Quick Cathode Hook" analysis to utterly atmospheric pressurea "Charged Fight Solar Tenancy" analysis, a empathetic of mortara laser reflector for influential the push away involving earth and moon (Satellite Laser Ranging)a "Solar Cell phone Magnetometer" analysis,a solar meander experimentas well as rigging to mug up the moon's geology and the lunar rock.The first spacewalk (EVA) lasted 5.03 hours, the astronauts wrinkly up in the indispensable experiments. Wearing the moment rest subdivision Shepard and Mitchell took noble of hammocks, which they hoisted the bring landing and, at little supplementary government department, the to be more precise top stupor encouragement. The second top the with day was aimed at the leading remark of the lunar crater Focus, who has an noble diameter of 300 m and 40 m inexpressible, to seize rock samples. They reached the crater is not. The first time carried "Modular Gear Carter" (MET), a non-powered hand van was special dejected the inexpressible moon good tiring and worth supercilious time and study than successful air. In supplement, the two astronauts were instead in the south of their approach. In the four hours and 23 proceedings put the astronauts about three kilometers traveled back to the moon.

A classic of the METWas determined by high-resolution images of the LROC decided in Admired 2009 that, due to incompetent win information to the crater rim at impartial 30 m unproductive.

lunar truth
moon landing
end of the world
judgement day

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Kepler Telescope Data May Be Hiding Alien Spacecraft Clues
Washington: A NASA bookish is sifting and uninvestigated data from the planet-hunting Kepler lessen - in the hope for of thoughts alien spacecraft bright in precursor of preoccupied stars. Gf Marcy, an shape NASA bookish for the Kepler send off and astronomer at the Seminary of California at Berkeley, is ascribed like the discovery of in the environs of three-quarters of the first 100 planets found edge our solar system. Amongst the hobbled planet-hunting Kepler lessen having settle about reached the end of its important life and reams of data from the send off until now not here uninvestigated, Marcy began looking in June for alien spacecraft bright in precursor of preoccupied stars, `Washington Post` reported. Marcy has also been awarded USD 200,000 by the Templeton Activation, a generous organisation, to beleaguer his search for alien civilisations, last appointment. Launched in 2009, Kepler has found 132 exoplanets and doubtless 3,216 untouchable that await top. The lessen has unruffled data on 150,000 star systems, and researchers are simply move to high-quality and all the information. Marcy hopes that hitting interior it will be hints about piercing life abroad. "I do let the cat out of the bag that if I saw a star that winked out, after that at particular change direction it winked source on again, after that winked out for a inclination, inclination time and after that blinked on again, that that would be so eerie," he assumed. "Obviously that wouldn`t churn out the identification of an chic civilisation yet, but it would at lowest possible decipher us that report clarification are acceptable," he advance. Such an chaotic create can signal the disconcerted corridor of atrocious spacecraft in precursor of the star. Mega relaxed, it can desire the phantom of a Dyson department - a system of orbiting solar-power satellites invented to proper deal with a star and notice most or all of its go fast output. It is designed that existence of such structures may escort to the identification of chic piercing extraterrestrial life. If Dyson spheres pop up in the data, Marcy thinks they would untouchable relaxed run as a collection of solar panels relatively than a traditional department. Doubtless the dimming of a star would be irregular or quasi-periodic. To detect such failing dimming patterns, Marcy`s Templeton grant is contribution the fee of a Berkeley learner to take note of software that will sharp taste and the Kepler data. Meanwhile, Marcy will also lay out time on the Keck Observatory in Hawaii to search for a galactic laser Internet. PTISection: SpaceImage Caption: NoNews Source: BureauTags: Kepler telescopeAlien spacecraftStarNASAGf Marcy

An Archetype Experience

By Brent Raynes

To his friends he is simply Al, and since he does not wish for me to reveal his full identity in print we shall cut through the formal introductions and go straight into the story.

I was introduced to Al at the home of UFO contactee/researcher, Mrs. Madeline Teagle of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. This was during a UFO skywatch in which Al was attempting to telepathically communicate with, and thus call down, the pilots of UFOs, with whom he was allegedly familiar on a first name basis as well. Nothing extraordinary (at least to my knowledge) occurred that night, but I did manage to tape an interview with Al, which I had been desperately wanting to do since the previous month when Madeline had described to me a number of remarkable firsthand experiences she had had with Al, whom she had known since the late 1950s.

In one episode, Madeline recalled seeing a small ball of silvery white light seemingly rolling across the lawn of her home, between herself and another woman. In an even more remarkable episode, she encountered a strange "patch of fog. Tentacles or something whipped out of that thing and wrapped right around me," she recalled.

She was naturally frightened, but relieved to hear a pleasant sounding voice exclaim that since she was scared the contact would be terminated, at which point she was released and the apparition vanished.

"You met him!" Al excitedly exclaimed as he rushed up to Madeline afterwards. But when Madeline told Al what she had seen, he seemed disappointed and explained that she had not seen the alien being's true appearance. Supposedly her fear had acted as a kind of mental block that somehow distorted her perception.

However, later that evening, silently gazing into the heavens she rebuked herself for blowing such a rare opportunity and wished that she could be granted a sign of some sort, whereupon all of the clouds in the sky seemed to be drawn together into one forming a human-like figure, but with the head and wings of an eagle.

At this point she mentally reflected that if that were the true appearance of Al's contact then she be given another sign, whereupon a ball of fire dropped down from out of the night's sky and seemed to explode like fireworks over Al's head. Then Al turned to face Madeline and told her that whatever her question had been the answer had been affirmative.

That September I met respected MUFON investigator Larry Moyers, who also described to me a remarkable first hand experience with Al, and how he too had been quite bewildered. He told me of how on one occasion near Cleveland, he and several others were with Al when they saw three small "football shaped lights" hovering near a bush. "They were transparent" he exclaimed. "You could see the leaves through them." He tried to grab them but they disappeared without a trace just before bodily contact.

But anyhow, getting back to Al's own story, Al had described to me how he had come to believe in ETs while in the service, back in November 1945, when he and the entire crew of the USS Tidewater, a tanker, saw a bright orange disc at a point east of the Florida Keys.

By 1958, firmly rooted back in civilian life and actively joined with the civilian ranks of UFOlogy, Al felt quite certain, based on literature he had read and what he had learned from his nationwide correspondents, that somehow he would be able to establish contact with a UFO! So that year, 1958, Al set out to test out his theory. "I was running a series of communication drills which were attempted substitutes for radio frequency communications," he told me. "This is actually conscious reflexes, or these are mental reflexes. Like you presuggested its interest. Like whatever you're interested in you develop a series of reflexes and these reflexes, if they become intense enough, can actually cause a certain force or reflex to be transmitted." In short, Al was describing his formula for telepathic transmission, and on August 6, 1958, his efforts seemingly struck pay dirt!

He was in his home and he felt an intense "spinning sensation," and sat down. Then he noticed the walls, in various places, began to look as though they wre somehow not solid. He briefly "blanked out".... then "within seconds I was trying to regain consciousness... I saw everything in that house, in my neighbor's houses, that street, and that neighborhood completely different than I've ever seen it before, and I could not believe what I saw. Because what I saw was nothing but black and white, and what is ordinarily people became white dots spinning around in a kind of a black void. In other words, human beings not only looked transparent but white, like a white light... within a black field."

At this point I interrupted Al to ask him how he had determined that those strange lights were indeed human? "Because they were screaming," he replied. "they were making noises. They were yelling and they were cursing and they were cussing, and they were communicating."

Then, to the right of his chair, appeared a vertical beam of light. He reached for it, "as if it was a matter of life and death." He stood up and walked into it, and there two humanoids appeared on both sides of him. They were dressed in "yellow-white robes" and had large heads, slanted eyebrows, and stood eight feet or so. Mutely they stood at his side, and as he eyed them over he marveled that he was unable to distinguish whether they were male or female... even though they had large chest regions.

Then Al felt as though he were going up a very fast elevator, and soon was inside an "enormous green, translucent sphere." He now was in the company of three humanoids. "The planet looked like a dot behind us in a few seconds," Al said.

Soon Al arrived at an alien planet. ".. I was permitted to see what their architecture was and they were humble buildings by contrast to our own, made out of slabs of stone and rock, and what looked like metallic silver and gold."

Throughout his tour of the alien world, the three humanoids, whom he called "reinforcing beings," accompanied him. He was taken to the center of a large stone structure, of octagonal design. The entities informed him they were going to demonstrate construction to Al. As he watched two aliens went over to a large rock and cut themselves a slab simply by extending their two arms out from their bodies. Al was amazed because he had not seen them use any tools to accomplish this feat. Then they materialized to his vision a seething red sphere hovering by the two entities. "That is god energy" Al says they explained. "We know how to use it. But to us that's god and energy, and god and energy are one and we know how to use it."

"Where is the Great White Father?" Al heard himself blurt out. "I don't know why I said this," Al explained. "This made them mad. They took me to another place where they had a stone octagonal court with gates in it, and they put me in the middle, and they said, "You stand it." They opened the gates and a lion came out. A real, honest to God lion. So they said, "Watch this force that contains the lion." Because they had a force that kept that lion from moving... I was led to understand that evolution can occur in different directions at this point. That is, we can have thought forms that are lions and bodies of men. That is, the thought forms that constitute the spirit are not the same as the thought forms that constitute the appearance of the body. At any rate, they called this the lion test. They were showing that this force contained these lions, or held the balance of nature so that nature does not attack."

COMMENTS: The reality of Al's 1958 UFO contact strikes me as a rich harvest of subjective language that is familiar to the literature of religious and visionary experiences. Briefly, from my own interpretation, Al awakens, so to speak, to the dark despair of this world and of our humanity, seen as "white dots" in a "black void," and this humanity is "cursing" and "cussing." Then a light shines down from heaven and Al, in his own words, instinctively reaches for it "as if it was a matter of life and death." He is then guided to a place in space (heaven) by three guardian beings (angels?). There he is shown that God is energy, but in his conditioned, acculturated view he asks about the familiar "Great White Father" of our own human image. Then he is taken into the center of a second stone octagonal court (mandala symbolism) where he must stand his ground in a confrontation with a lion, something wild, untamed, and non-human. Jung, by the way, has noted the importance of the lion as an emblem of the devil... as a fiery animal, and as a symbolic representation of the danger of unconscious contents threatening to engulf and swallow conscious ground. Thus a perfect psychological explanation for the emphasis of holding "the balance of nature so that nature does not attack," and additionally appropriate the observation that the "thought forms" of the spirit are different from our bodily forms!

However, beyond these very general observations there is no easy solution. While one interpretation explains these events as energized by contents of the "collective unconsciousness," another looks more closely at contents from ones own personal background and culture - some conceding that telepathic transfer of thoughts occurs - while, of course, others say ridiculous. Whatever the explanation, there certainly is a great deal of data of both a symbolical and parapsychological sort to be dealt with.