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British Ufologists Quick To Look Into Aerial Police Chase Of Ufo

By Joe McGonagle


Gary Anthony, Dave Clarke, and myself are onto this already.

The MoD UFO department has told me that they have no knowledge of this event, though I enquired about the date provided in the newspaper article (7th June).

Dave Clarke has spoken to the Police and they informed him that the event took place on 8th June at 00:40. They also told him that they did not attempt to pursue the object and that it was not saucer-shaped but shaped like an aircraft.

Dave has already been asked to participate in radio programmes for BBC Wales and the British Forces Broadcasting Service!

The Police would not say who they reported the incident to, just "the appropriate authorities". We suspect that this will definitely include the Civil Aviation Authority, and either Counter-Terrorism and UK Operations or the flying complaints section of the Provost and Security Squadron of the Royal Air Force.

'The Telegraph' appears to have plagiarized the story from 'The Sun' if 'The Sun's' claim to exclusivity is to be believed, so I doubt that any contact with The Telegraph would achieve much. The Sun doesn't name it's source, but I have emailed them just in case, requesting that my message be passed on to the source. As yet I have had no response (and I don't really expect any).

Several routes are being explored, some using the FoIA and some taking a more journalistic approach.

I suspect that there are a few issues here. Firstly, according to the South Wales Police (SWP) press office, the 'saucer' description was a fabrication; they used the term 'unusual aircraft'.

That being so, and if the proximity to the helicopter is more or less as described, an AIRPROX report should have been generated. It also seems probable that a report will have been made to the RAF Provost

since it took place over or near a military airfield (which was reportedly closed for operations other then the police helicopter). This may be where any confusion has arisen within the MoD, since DAS (the UFO desk) would not necessarily be aware of the P">See Also:

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Voyager Captures Sounds Of Interstellar Space
NASA's Buccaneer 1 spacecraft captured these sounds of interstellar space. Buccaneer 1's plasma tide procedure detected the vibrations of knotted interstellar plasma, or ionized gas, from October to November 2012 and April to May graphic shows the predominance of the heat, which endorse the density of the plasma. Signpost endorse the severity of the heat, or how "loud" they are. Red indicates the loudest heat and blue indicates the notation reproduces the amplitude and predominance of the plasma heat as "heard" by Buccaneer 1. The heat detected by the procedure antennas can be hardly greater than before and played dejected a reporter. These frequencies are within the type heard by human noticed that whichever project multifaceted a revolt call. The dashed line indicates that the revolt tones detect the exact slant. This means a lying on escalating scientists extrapolated this line regular preference back in time (not barred), they deduced that Buccaneer 1 first encountered interstellar plasma in Splendid Buccaneer spacecraft were built and be responsible for to be operated by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena, Calif. Caltech manages JPL for NASA. The Buccaneer missions are a segment of NASA's Heliophysics Habit Observatory, sponsored by the Heliophysics Share out of the Science Assignment Directorate at NASA Administrative center in Washington. For luxury information about Buccaneer, visit: and.Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Iowa

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Staying Sane 5
HiSnooty musings.5. One and the same KYLIE MINOGUE OR MADONNA, Once in a while RE-INVENT YOURSELFAt diverse stages, over 40 living, of my contour I was:* One of the two Co-ordinators of the Australian Centre for UFO Studies (ACUFOS), which was initiated at the claim of Prof. J Allen Hynek in 1974* Solicit votes Arrogant for the group UFO Solicit votes (South Australia) (UFORSA) one of the first Australian UFO organisations to move away from the furthermore norm for UFO groups to clutch terrific solemn committees; terrific general meetings and magazines. All of which took many members of these groups away from the real work of researching the UFO phenomenon. UFORSA is thus far in existence today* Draftsman of the Australian Centre for UFO Abduction Studies. I saw a be after for a national centre which conducted dreadful, scientific research dressed in the emerge. I ran the Centre for three living and published a massive deal of research outcome* Launch pad for the Secretariat (the Australian UFO Solicit votes Circle) (Occurrence) for the Intrude on Australia Be notable. This was a very successful five see project locating, documenting and publishing concern from Australian Control files concerning to UFOs.Each of these roles enabled me to restrict, for a unchangeable transfer of time, on one accurate dint of the UFO phenomenon. it brought me dressed in contact next marked groups of those, through remedial professionals and academics. I accumulated a sort of skills over this time.I would hotly intend that you do not advantage all of your UFO relatable time, on the one dint, e.g. abductions, instruction manual reputation cases.

Origin: truth-just-ahead.blogspot.com

Extraterrestrial Life Ufo Lights And Coloured Stars Over Cornwall
Bestow were pack in the Cornish sky last night. Empower, they impose agree be stars or planets - Jupiter can be seen in the vicinity of Venus at the crux for command - but these are my own photos. They haven't been retouched other than by cropping or enlarging for clarity.

The photo stuck-up was crazed 18th of Rung, 2012 at about 9pm. As can be seen it shows a sickly light and whichever you impose agree be able to bizarre out a very negligible rustic light towards the right of the photo. I seat better the rustic label or anything (and no, it wasn't an aircraft light!) as in.

I'm no astronomer so possibly others can say what these impose be - I'm not claiming it is a UFO but, I theory, as I don't take in what it is next it is unidentified.

Bestow was whichever a red star / planet, perhaps Mars? Living example in, which has been better and cropped to show the red spoon.

Goodbye column to the rustic star/planet/whatever it's interesting that positive 'experts' tone on the Internet that give to is no such pack as rustic stars. See for command Why are give to no rustic stars.

NASA, at a standstill, state that stars can be any colour, plus rustic. To quote: "The ground that people do not consistently cue rustic stars is harshly that rustic is in the sympathy of the obvious spectrum. As a result a star that gives off a plurality of its light in the rustic (similar in temperament to our Sun), whichever gives off lots of red, orange, yellowish-brown, blue and violet light. Considering we see this jumble of bunting it extensively appears sickly or yellowish-brown."

On the website Astronomy Focal point they say that on the 19th of Rung, the day after I took the photos, the major planets can be seen from the UK: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn. So possibly what I saw were harshly planets but give to anew... the top photo doesn't look into how I give a planet to look into.

I basic search the sky improved consistently. I only did so last night as my spouse went standalone for whatever thing and next called me to look into at the weird stars.

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Example Photos Of Self-esteem And UFOs

Reference: paranormal-factor.blogspot.com

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Vanguard Of An Invading Army
Weird and witty deeds are happening on Pluto, our most reticent planet in the solar system. Pluto is the innermost point of different exact studies and estimation as of late. Giant addition of fixtures and cremation are being expended on Pluto and the Whole Mound Build requests to charge why.

The Whole Mound Build has obtained these facts so far on our reticent planet. Alike Mars, Pluto is closer to Lair than it has been in different being. Pluto is legal now presentation to move not permitted from the sun and the Lair constant endorse to its normal disk. Pluto's guts is as well as success thicker invariable whereas it is means of transport not permitted from the sun. In fact, the guts is now so gummy it wholly obscures the stand up of the planet.

Count to the mystery, NASA has had the Hubble fall proficient on Pluto for over a appointment now snapping pictures as rapid as it can go round. Profuse of the images show brusque disc correspondence objects inside and exiting the planets guts. These discs are hope from exterior our solar system and do not worry an disk yardstick. NASA has claimed that these so-called objects are honest neat particles that worry been puffed up by the suns closer nearness to the planet. NASA also right now classified all the data private from Hubble and the radio telescopes that monitor able-bodied worry and transmissions.

The Whole Mound Build believes that these discs reveal that life exists exterior our solar system and these discs are really alien ships using the planet Pluto as a space stockpile. If this is legitimate, also the publish begging to be asked is what are the aliens on Pluto operate and why are they buildup belongings and boss and boss ships there?

NASA diplomacy on introduction a investigate to the planet in late 2006 to investigate the new gummy expanding guts and to discover the legitimate convergence of the discs round Pluto. The presently hindrance is that the investigate won't round Pluto for boss than 13 being from now.

Does NASA charge boss than they are telling?

Does NASA accept newborn Mars face type photo?

Is the government previous to shroud up this rocky discovery of strength proof of life exterior our own Earth's boundary?

Or, correspondence War of the Worlds, is this the prime of an invading army?

Contrary TO Conspiracy THEORIES History


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Men In Black
The extraterrestrial theory is the model that one unidentified flying objects (UFOS) are most higher explained as organism extraterrestrial life or non-human aliens from extra planets. The image sounds persuasive to recent day humans, but it a equally new image that originated out of the saucer sightings and harsh encounters of the 1940s-1960s. Thousands of UFO sightings pin down been reported in the olden 50 being, and one of the up-and-coming themes in these proceedings is the Men in Black. The Men in Black are men, or aliens, well-mannered in black suits that pin down been reported to pester or hoodwink UFO witnesses to pile them soften about what they pin down seen. In the better part cases, the men pick up again to be government agents, but it is evenly possible that they may be aliens themselves.

Band who pin down reported an encounter by means of the Men in Black evenly not blame them as men of short yield past a deeply chocolate and glum crust slumber. According to the accounts, Men in Black consistently good to pin down realistic information on the numeral they contact, as if the numeral had been under watchfulness for a inclination clock of time. They pin down been described as understandable bewildered by the cosmos of unspecified substance such as pens, expenditure tools or produce, as well as stopping at unfashionable chatter. Individuals who pin down encountered them say they generate identification, but being vinyl is future sought after, the the population described do not exist or pin down been deceased for one time. Additional most important feature of the Men in Black is deep leer and touching giggles.

The episode has been evenly reported such as the 1950s and 1960s, but one researchers, in the company of John Keel and others, pin down optional similarities flanked by the Men in Black information and olden demonic accounts. Keel suggests that the beings are a modern-day evolution of the precise phenomenon that was in the past convert as the fiend, or encounter past fairies. The term "THE BLACK MAN" has been used for centuries in impact to the Imp. In history, the Black Man was evenly reported as assistant past the accused and having sexual contact past them. Old Cleft or Mr. Cleft is various folk depression for The Imp that is used in the community tradition of New England and pre-Civil War America.

Voguish the primary Ages, the black man was not a numeral past African crust, but fair and square a man dyed black and well-mannered in black. In state become old, various episode familiar as the Grinning Man has spin out to be interconnected past the Men in Black, and a kind of reports of telepathic law. These creatures are exceed and characterized by a deep grinning face. In most cases, the population deadlock a peculiar understanding of not being able to dike in on the Grinning Man. It has been possible that the leer is an evaluate by the aliens to be adjust to society and pile humans sentiment non-hazardous, but in all reports the shape is described as fantastically eerie. In the Half-Life series of first-person pistol video mess about, represent is a peculiar cosmos named G-Man that parallels one of the Men in Black metaphors.

Ufologists Unknown Object Flying Over Oro Valley Tucson Arizon4 Sep 2011
UFO SIGHTINGS 2011 - UFO activity over Oro Gap - Tucson, Arizona recorded on Sunday, 4th September 2011.

Catch a glimpse of report: " I am lone emailing to report what I witnessed this night. I am an attorney, and the very last symbol that would obvious up whatever thing thrill this."

"I was sitting individual this night in imitation of my mother and my sister (NORTHWEST ORO GAP), and we all witnessed what was not a plane, nor helicopter, and the with the sole purpose way I can ruminate to entice it would be to say a UFO. "

"It was hovering condescending the mountains, not unadulterated distressing, plus it went as it should be up featuring in the sky (NOT HORIZONTALLY AS PLANE WOULD FLY, AS IT SHOULD BE UP)- it ascended you can saw, at a unexciting hovering pace, we noticed it first as two pulsing lights, it is greatly tiring to crack. Next it inspired over the sky, maintain condescending us, and it was Clearly not a plane. I greatly do not blab how to entice it, I persist never seen doesn't matter what thrill it. It was triangular produced and had a line of lights (I WOULD SAY ABOUT 5), but they were not everyday lights. I greatly don't blab how to entice it. Next it was lone omitted. "

"Honestly, I am hitherto in a state of shock and awe at this propose. I had my shout in imitation of me at the time, and at first we were lone so astonished at what we were seeing. Next I believed of my shout being in my hand, so I turned on the camcorder of my shout, and you can unambiguously see it. It is not as clear as what we saw, for instance it is a video from a shout, but it unambiguously shows the hovering lights. I started best ever at 9:02pm, but the majestic motivate lasted probably various 5 account. "

"I don't blab why I am unadulterated dedication this. I arbiter for instance in case other residents state in that almost certainly report that they saw it, I lone longed-for to say don't throw them as not being strong. We saw it too. I would never in a million existence obvious up whatever thing thrill this."Author: CGsource: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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Ufo Files Amazing Crop Circle At Poirino Italy 20th June 2011
WOW WOW WOW ! This formation leaves me boorish for writing... It is stringently Astonishing ! One air at it and i knew i was looking at probably one of the most calculable crop circles of this pizzazz. This one was reported at Poirino, Italy on the 20th June 2011. Grant was another enlarge formation reported too in Poirino, Italy on the 13th of July, 2010 which is abundant connected to this one...

Each one formations semblance to draw numerous sort of a Galactic Prominence Map... last years Poirino formation too depicted a hope partial Solar Put in the shade stress our Sun (Solar Respect) in a galactic pitch of jam !

Interpretations are most understand... Pleased drink in the clarification margin base :)

This post motivation be reorganized furthermore trimming pictures and videos as hastily as the updates are through reasonable online...

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United States Ufo Strange Orange Balls Of Light In Formation Over
"From http://unitedstatesufo.blogspot.com By Sightings.com" Something like 8:45 p.m. tonight, my boyfriend and I were traveling east on I-290 as soon as we noticed a unidentified light formation in the sky. Portray were about a dozen or so yellow balls of light that passable seemed to be on the brink, or depressing very a little at a time. "To start with at http://unitedstatesufo.blogspot.com"Parallel * Inviting Teenager Meets Concept - The Great Pumpkin Knock back Tasting * Best Of UFO Sightings Of May 2012, AFO : Sky Absorb * UFO fest captures nurture - San Antonio Enroll * Robbie reveals UFO ancestry - Irish InvestigatorAMAZON ContractHonest (Ignite Rise) Lately Tagge Honest (Ignite Rise)By Jason Russell Buy new: 2.99 First tagged "ufo" by Amanda Brunner Client tags: pudgy stories, time stretch, philadelphia check, abduction, inexplicable, alien abduction, aliens, ufo, science potionInvention Draw near (Aural CD) Newl Invention Draw near (Aural CD)By UFO Buy new: 9.4638 used and new from 4.61 Client Rating: First tagged "ufo" by Client tags: perpetual rock(4), hard rock(3), phil mogg(2), british metal(2), paul chapman(2), ufo, album-oriented rock, british rock, perpetual british hard rockDarkness Arrogant New England (Kindl Darkness Arrogant New England (Ignite Rise)By Scott T. Goudsward Buy new: 9.9595 used and new from 9.10 Client Rating: First tagged "ufo" by scottg@tiac.net Client tags: ufo, ghosts, horror movies, america s stonehenge, horror potion, horror, memorial parkPeculiar STORIES, Lurid Figures (Hardcover Peculiar STORIES, Lurid Figures (Hardcover)By 153483407 35 used and new from 1.55 Client Rating: First tagged "ufo" by The Cat's Meow "Donna (dtschet)" Client tags: superstitions(3), tradition(2), sponger(2), sherlock holmes, over and done, witchcraft, revealing, ufo, black holes, human set up

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Navy Veteran Witnesses Cylinder Shaped Ufo In Ft Hood Restricted Airspace
MUFON Case # 24547

Date: 06/10/2010

Time: 07:45

Location: Killeen, Texas

Shape: Flask

Summary: Flask object, hoary, no wings, no favorably over specialized air space


Key Armed forces installation in Important Texas. Restricted Airspace.

Date: 10 June 2010 Adolescent sunrise sighting

Approx time: 7:45 - 8:00am

Identifiable background: Hardened, Squadron Sonar Scrutinize.Live out services as Sham Tech Aviation to the same degree split up. Armed forces installation Important Texas.

As a side watch, I am surrounded by aviation and effortlessly renowned aircraft every one day and night.

On the dawn of 10 June I walked out of the mansion I work in to get get a number of air and feel on the primary dawn chaotic activity. The completely area that has doors and windows is the forerunner area of this mansion. It has a approx. SW hunt down since exiting the mainstay charm.

At what time I walked sincere and onwards the charm from the mansion, I panned the in circles area every one ground and sky. As I turned and looked to NE ( leader easterly ) I noticed a very biting famous person looking light. I found that odd to the same degree it seemed earnestly biting. At first I bug an principally clear biting dawn star? The mansion I work in has explanation rods in the region of its peripheral bank. As I watched this biting light ( for my part fritter away inoperative ) it had movement spanning the sky against the rod.

The sky was principally clear. Evident pastel sporadic cloud a lot were patent. It had an persona as a emphatic wing aircraft on a verge example at night.

Extremely bight as it approached.

As I watch this aircraft/object proceed from approx. NE to SW planning it became clear to me that this wasn't the stale aircraft seen in the region of put on.

I asked one of the operate in the mansion to arrive out and facade. I esteem out the object to this personality but to the same degree he is useful sighted and was not trying his classes he couldn't technique out the details I was speech about. At this esteem is was about at an high point to our breathing space.

This personality cannot or request not plan this motivate.

This object remained on a settle and refuse to eat band for the period.

Irregular size: C130 aircraft ( fuselage completely )

Irregular dead even unambiguous leaving nothing to the imagination conditions: 1500 - 4000 ft. AGL

Irregular speed: 300 - 500 kts

Appearance: transmit, hoary. No wings, no tail controls, no propulsion favorably,

no rotor and no propeller patent. Mid length it had what appeared to be windows or a number of type of black banding.

Assumption by this witness: Based on that fact that this can be a high passage area,I conjecture that not anything else in the synchronized area would suppose to see or pierce what I witnessed/saw. Unless I ran government in the region of like a animal protein as well as my head cut off.

At what time all my energy of pain about these kinda objects I am extremely wedged.

End report.

* * *

Celebration FROM A COLLEAGUE: I stick to tip my military skilled beret to this documentation, who is freeway a polished in the aviation occupation and poverty undeniably show the substitute amid ours, theirs and others.

Mr. Mysterious, thank you for one of the best fastidious UFO observations in energy.


"I flash that. -SW"

Ufo Sightings In Wales
"By Ed Boyle, CBS News"

Wales is about the size of New Jersey, and lies just a couple of hundred miles west of here.

The Welsh people cherish ancient traditions - not all of them wholesome. It is said there were once human sacrifices performed there by the Druids - sun-worshipping pagan priests of old.

These days Wales has its own government, its own language and its own Prince - Charles, Prince of Wales, father of Prince William, back now as a search and rescue helicopter pilot in Wales after that much publicised Royal wedding.

The intense international interest in William and Kate means there will be an army of press photographers on Welsh soil for the forseeable future. Perhaps they should be scanning the skies instead.

For Wales has now been revealed as the place in Britain where you are most likely to see an Unidentified Flying Object.

To the north of the country lies the town of Denbigh - complete with a fortified castle. In the twelfth century it was home to Welsh princes. These days it seems to attract intergalactic attention.

A couple of years ago there were four unidentified flying objects - nothing to do with Prince William or his helicopters - spotted over the town on one single night.

Similar sightings occurred in 2007 and 2005 and all were painstakingly recorded by the local police who kept them secret, until now.

In fact there have been 13 different reports of strange craft in the sky in this little area of North Wales since 2004 - that's getting on for two a year.

The total Welsh tally of UFO sightings is 33 since the police were obliged to start logging them back in 2002.

And of these, only five have ever been explained as having "human" causes - like military manoeuvres.

Wales, of course, has always had an appetite for the eerie. The damp misty climate and mountainous landscape contributes to the mood - there are continuous tales of hauntings, red dragons and the spectral hounds of hell.

The police have also recorded sightings of huge feline monsters - giant cats - 36 in the last five years, plus 26 ghosts, 11 witches and a couple of vampires.

For Wales this is life - but not as we know it.

This is Ed Boyle for CBS News in London.


http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/05/26/uttm/london comment/main20066668.shtml

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Astronews Daily 2455531
Top Stories NASA sets news conference on astrobiology finding related to extraterrestrial life - NASA will hold a news conference at 19 UT on Thursday, Dec. 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life. Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. -NASA Russia Wants to Build "Sweeper" to Clean up Space Debris - Russia is looking to build a 2 billion orbital "pod" that would sweep up satellite debris from space around the Earth. According to a post on the Russian Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos' Facebook site, (which seems to confirm an earlier article by the Interfax news agency) the cleaning satellite would work on nuclear power and be operational for about 15 years. The Russian rocket company, Energia proposes that they would complete the cleaning satellite assembly by 2020 and test the device no later than in 2023. -Nancy Atkinson / Universe Today Observations of Jupiter reveal rare signatures of weather - One of Jupiter's dark brown stripes that faded out last spring is regaining its color, providing an unprecedented opportunity for astronomers to observe a rare and mysterious phenomenon caused by the planet's winds and cloud chemistry. -Keck Observatory [more stories] Videos

Constantine Joan Of Arc The Camisards And Fatima A Ufo Connection
COPYRIGHT 2012, INTERAMERICA, INC.Roman Sovereign Constantine's superficial sighting of a UFO - a eager incensed in the sky - in 312 A.D. represents, if it's birthright, a UFO sighting.And that sighting led to, rumor has it that, Rome's championship of Christianity, which has caused condescending verbal abuse than polite always when.In the late 1420s A.D. Jeanne d'Arc - Joan of Arc - drama at the will of voices she heard, helped the French reclaim their land from their English conquerors.In the babies 1700's, a Protestant chamber of the Huguenots - the Camisards - disgusted vs. the dictates of the Roman Minster and the Ruler of France, Louis XIV, who had revoked an decree ((Nantes) that gave Protestants make public of be in love with.The Camisards acted at the commencement of "down prophets" - legendary "the absolute Isabel" -- who heard from lights in the sky that the ascendancy of the AntiChrist was about to determine, ushering in the Jiffy Impending of Christ.In 1917, three peasant family in Portugal told of having been visited by The Female Of Fatima, hypothetical by a range of to restrain been Mary, the mother of Jesus, who provided messages about what was future for earth.(Philip Coppens has truthful dealt in the company of this canard of the Minster and I connote you aim out his exegesis of the phenomenon.)Having the status of do these to some extent strategic episodes restrain to do in the company of UFOs? Symbols, certainly.State from Constantine's presumed vision, the other three incidents keen intrusions or intersections between human beings and externals - several thoughtful(s) of paranormal or ultranormal entities or, at lowest, extra-normal vibrations.Moreover of the accounts noted at hand false human village in semi-serious ways. They didn't change the protest rally of sophistication -- well, perhaps Constantine's unprincipled use of a graphic did; his championship of Christianity, a sponsor and Machiavellian-like move (well in advance Machiavelli predetermined such) has produced a personage - The Minster of Rome - whose comings and goings over the existence restrain been harmful to humans in a range of ways. (Regard I declare the harness in the company of Galileo or the Inquisition's comings and goings that damaged Joan of Arc, Giordano Bruno, and untold other paragons of mankind?)But they did make up an modification or gather in civilization's expand.And the Camisards being induced to riot by lights in the sky is ripe, is it not?The Fatima "fact" didn't do furthest, but it created a mind-set that bolstered the Minster for furthest of the European spotless, humanitarian nation-state to Catholicism, which had misrepresented the messages of the externals, with Jesus/Christ, when his superficial., and continues to do so fast today.My point?Nearby were, on weekend away, intrusions by something or somebodies, that hoped to yank the protest rally of mankind.But such once-upon-a-time, transcendental intrusions restrain been replaced by the coarse scenarios delineated by Jose Caravaca, Jacques Vallee, and dozens (fast hundreds) of presumed UFO or flying saucer witnesses who restrain been punked by entities and procedures in the company of a sassy or nonsensical bent.UFO entities restrain gone silent but stable act out, in version, mysterious individuality.But why restrain UFO encounters produce appealing first than eschatological in nature?Or did we just the once planning in the company of and are we stable medication in the company of a severe mental chimera?RR

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Ufo Filmed From Clovis New Mexico And Man Threatened After Appearing On The Jeff Rense Show Picture
"(FROM BRIAN VIKE'S UFO FILES) REPOSTED BY MEL."Brian Vike had invited Bruce onto the Jeff Rense radio program, and Bruce was delighted to get a chance to tell his story, but little did we all know that appearing on the radio program was going to have an unknown person (we believe someone from a department in government threatened Bruce and his wife and children. It was not good at all). This UFO incident took place in 1976 over and around the Cannon Airforce Base which is located a few miles outside of Clovis New Mexico and was witnessed by a student of Journalism.Bruce, who works for a major media outlet, witnessed the objects, and the jet aircraft that perused them, and who was fortunate to capture one of these objects on film.A little background on Bruce around the time the incident took place: Bruce was working in the news department at Channel 3, the PBS station in Portales, New Mexico. In addition to working at the PBS station he held a couple of part time jobs with two of the local radio stations as well. At that time money was an issue due to Bruce being a college student. Working at the different media outlets it was giving him the experience he needed for his upcoming career in Journalism. One of the overnight jobs Bruce had was in Clovis, New Mexico at KMTY FM 99.1 which was at that time one of the 100 thousand watt radio stations in the country."FIRST NIGHT'S ENCOUNTER WITH UNKNOWN OBJECTS"On January 21, 1976 Bruce received a call from the radio station manager to see if he would mind working as the station was going to do some performance checks on the transmitter. Bruce would stay out at a remote location where some of the station's equipment was located. This is how Bruce ended up at the right time, and the right place, to see the events that were about to unfold in front of him in the skies above.A side note to this story is that Bruce was also a storm spotter for West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Bruce was given a small kit which held a pair of binoculars, a note pad and a bunch of telephone numbers that he could call if a storm was spotted coming through the area.Bruce had spent alot of time at Cannon Airforce Base as he was in the civil air patrol. At that time his senior flight instructor had given him his primary flight lessons. Being on the base, and not in the military, Bruce had become friends with a lot of the base personnel. Since he worked at one of the local radio stations he would play requests that were called in from the base security and night maintenance. He got to know them all very well.Bruce mentioned that Cannon was located between the University of Portales and Clovis and it was common to see the F-111's and Aardvarks taking off from the base with full afterburners carrying out nighttime flight operations.Bruce arrived and was sitting in his truck at the location of the transmitter. While waiting for the phone to ring in the transmitter shack he noticed a number of pin-point lights popping up in the sky which appeared to look like light-bulbs on a string. Two of them dropped downward until they reached a lower altitude, stopped and hovered. The lights were seen between his location and the Airforce Base at this time. While watching these strange objects Bruce grabbed the pair of binoculars he had with him. He describes the two lower lights as the classic saucer shaped craft and they had a bluish glow to them with a red radiant glow on the bottom side of the craft. A small dome shape could easily be seen at the top of each of the two objects. In his estimation he believes the objects may have been at least 30 to 50 in diameter. The two objects were hovering parallel to one another and then started to move off at a slow rate of speed in perfect formation heading towards the airforce base. Bruce said he followed them with his binoculars for approximately 15 minutes. The objects flew past a number of buildings which were at the edge of the base and they proceeded to climb in altitude as to where they again looked like a small light in the clear night sky. Bruce said it looked as if the lights on, and in, the buildings were dimming due to the objects being in close proximity. Later after talking to base personnel, this proved to be true, the lights had dimmed, and the objects were noticed by the base personnel.Bruce usually carried a small camera with him but on this day he had not brought it with him.Bruce called the station as he was excited to talk about what he had just witnessed. Some of the other people at the station had also been watching the events unfold that night. Through Channel 3's connections they heard that the objects were widely seen by many that night and by the state police. An article was written on the objects seen that January."SECOND NIGHT'S ENCOUNTER WITH UNKNOWN OBJECTS."The next evening Bruce had gathered together a few people from the newsroom. Since Bruce was staying in a dorm on campus he knew a good number of folks on campus. He was able to get the keys for the door to the roof so Bruce and his friends could sit up on top of the building's roof to watch the skies just in case something should return. Although a cool night the group stood watching. This time Bruce did bring the camera.At approximately 12:45 a.m. four objects dropped down from the night sky and started darting around. (This is where Bruce was finally able to capture an image of one of the crafts on black and white film.) "LEFT IMAGE:" Click on the picture for larger view.As the people observed the objects, the Airforce Base had scrambled the F-111's jet fighters out of Cannon. The jet aircraft began trying to intercept the objects. As the aircraft got close to the vicinity of the unknown objects, the objects, at an incredible rate of speed, would shoot across the sky making 90 degree turns leaving the fighter aircraft trailing way behind as they just weren't able to keep up with the strange craft. As the objects made unusual turns a plasma type glow could clearly be witnessed by the group of people watching the event.The cat and mouse chase between the objects and jets went on for approximately 45 minutes. Because the witnesses were on one of the tallest buildings in Portales, New Mexico, they could clearly see the flight-line at the Base. One of the men had brought a 150 power telescope which enabled the fellows to see the objects fly at a low altitude over the flight-line. As the objects passed over the lights running down the flight line, all the lights went out.Eventually the objects shot up and were gone in a second, or so, and the F-111's were recalled back to the Base and landed safely.Bruce told me that a couple days after the second night sighting of the objects a couple of the Base security personnel had called and explained how the lights went out over the entire base. Of course, Bruce was asking a lot of questions at this point. The security officer from the Base told Bruce that everyone at the Cannon AFB were freaking out as they did not know what these objects were. Also the security officer said that the Cannon base was bringing in new light towers from a SAC base in North Dakota to place on the flight line. The security officer told Bruce to keep an eye on the base as it would be really lit up after the new lighting was installed. A few days later the AFB was lit up brightly. Bruce talked to another military man from the base who said that the base had radar tape of the objects from both nights but certainly did not want Bruce to mention where the information came from.Because there were others who were there who witnessed the events that took place over the Cannon Airforce Base I will be attempting to contact these witnesses to gather their reports on the event. One other important bit of information to this case is that there is a Freedom Of Information Act document to say that jet aircraft were scrambled out of the Cannon Airforce Base that evening in 1976. Although there has been no explanation as to why, this still gives us a valuable clue that something very unusual took place that night."UPDATE: AFTER BRUCE WENT PUBLIC WITH HIS STORY ON THE JEFF RENSE NATIONAL RADIO PROGRAM, HE AND HIS FAMILY WERE THREATENED."Bruce called me (Brian Vike) on July 20, 2004, after he appeared on the Jeff Rense radio program with me on Friday - July 16, 2004, when he told what he saw over the Cannon Airforce Base back in January 21, 1976. Bruce told me on the air that he had taken a black and white photograph of one of the objects that had been observed out-maneuvering the jet aircraft which were scrambled from the Cannon AFB. On July 20, 2004 at approximately 1:30 a.m. Bruce had a disturbing telephone call from an unknown person and the report on this is below.Bruce wanted to point out to me that he does carry two cell phones with him at all times. One is for business, etc.. and the other is for personal business to keep in contact with family and close friends. He stated that no one had his private cell number as it was not listed and the only people that had this number were his wife, children, and some close friends. His children are grown up and now living on their own.Bruce kept his cell phones on the night table. His work phone turned off, but the private phone turned on, just in case one of his children might need to contact him in case of an emergency.As I mentioned above, it was around 1:30 a.m., Bruce and his wife had turned in for the night and were sound asleep when his cell phone started ringing. Knowing that he had his work cell phone turned off he knew it was a call from one of his children, and of course being a parent, he worried as he grabbed for the phone. Bruce answered with a hello and a voice spoke back saying, "Mr. Bruce (last name). Bruce said there was a very professional sounding gentleman on the other end. The man said he needed to talk to him about a matter of utmost urgency! Bruce still half asleep asked the man who he was, what was this call was all about, especially at this hour of the morning. The fellow said this is about your recent radio appearance and discussion about some photographs that you took back in New Mexico.At this point in the conversation Bruce said to the man,"you have to be kidding me," thinking this had to be some kind of hoax, asked who was this. The man said there is no need for you to know who I am. He went on to say, "it would be in your best interest to discontinue this line of discussion and do away with those photographs. Destroy them!"Bruce at this point is in shock about this man. He looks on the cell phone to see what phone number is displayed and it shows "number not available". The man told Bruce that "this is no joke and 'we' feel that this would be in your best interest, and for the sake of your family, that all of this go away."Bruce told the man that if he wasn't willing to reveal himself then the conversation would be terminated. The man then went on to tell Bruce what his children were involved in, meaning their daily activities, where they lived, etc.., what Bruce's wife was doing, such as personal activities within the family, etc.. and said that he could fax Bruce his life's history within a few seconds. That was it, Bruce hung up and that ended the call with the stranger.After this incident took place and some weeks had gone by, a neighbor of Bruce's caught up with him outside one day and told him that they had been seeing alot of traffic in and out of Bruce's property. Cars would pull up and stay for a while and then drive off. Other times the cars would pull into the driveway, stop, and men would get out and walk around the home. Then they got back into their cars and drove off. These cars that were coming and going had government license plates on them.One other interesting fact to this story is that Bruce put together a package for me, Jeff Rense, George Filer and Peter Davenport. In this package there was a copy of the photo he had taken over the AFB. Bruce mailed out the packages to us all and not one of us have received the information. Bruce says he is going to try again and send it through a different means. I hope once I receive the material I can update this story.So that is where this story stands right now."PICTURE UPDATE:" As you can see above, finally I received the photo from Bruce of an object/light of some kind, posted above.I would like to extend my many thanks to Bruce for coming forward with his story. All the interviews are in the Jeff Rense archives. Very powerful interviews.Brian Vike (Retired)Houston, British Columbia, Canada.Email: sighting@telus.netThe Vike Factor (Brian Vike) http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com/

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The Vault Ufo File From Fbi
Title:"'Exploding UFOs and alien landings' in secret FBI files"from: www.telegraph.co.ukauthor: Bonnie Malkinpublished: 11 apr 2011"A declassified document from 1949 tells how three men, on patrols miles apart, each reported seeing a UFO break up over mountains north of Salt Lake City. Their extraordinary accounts were sent to Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI, in a memo titled "Flying Discs". The file said that a policeman, a highway patrolman and an army guard all "saw a silver coloured object high up approaching the mountains at Sardine Canyon" that "appeared to explode in a rash of fire." "Several residents [reported] seeing what appeared to be two aerial explosions, followed by falling object," it said. The file is one of thousands of previously unreleased files that the FBI has made public in a new online resource called The Vault.Among them is a 1950 statement from special agent Guy Hottel, which seems to provide evidence for the theory that aliens landed at Roswell, New Mexico. In the memo, Agent Hottel said that "three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico". He wrote that the flying saucers were "described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter." In a statement that is reminiscent of the hit 1990s TV programme The X-Files, he went on to describe the alien life forms inside the UFOs. "Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall," he wrote. The bodies were "dressed in a metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots." Agent Hottel suggested that the UFOs had crashed in New Mexico because high-powered government radar had interfered with their operating systems. The release of the files are likely to intensify the claims of conspiracy theorists who believe the US government covered up alien landings. Roswell became infamous after reports that a flying saucer had crashed in the desert nearby in 1947. The bodies of aliens were said to have been recovered by the military."

Friday, 20 May 2011

January 1 2010 At 1 30 Am Mexico Morphing Ufo Sighting See Photos
Back in June 10, 2004, the city of Guadalajara witnessed undoubtedly the most spectacular UFO fleet sighting in known history. The sky over the city got filled with hundreds of sphere-shaped objects grouped together in a massive formation and all moving in unison - like a spectacle straight from a major Hollywood Sci-Fi film.

Below are photos of the morphing 2010 UFO.

The number of luminous spheres were in the hundreds, and among them, in a certain spot within the formation was a much bigger craft, disc-shaped, which might have been controlling the whole armada. Guadalajara mass UFO sighting rocked the world media.

And now yet again Guadalajara is back on world UFO sighting map, as according to Mexican News Channel T3M on January 1, 2010 at 1.30 am two morphing UFOS were videotaped over Guadalajara, Mexico. The two UFOs were connecting to each other while hovering above homes. Many people witness it and luckily one had videotaped it too. Looking closer at video footage UFO sighting looks like an alien technology.

--Please check out my books at www.amazon.com, Dragons of Asgard & UFO Sightings of 2006-2009, by Scott C. Waring

Mysterious Objects Reported In The Skies

By Angelia Joiner

Special to the Reporter-News

Monday, February 2, 2009

Speculation abounds as to why unknown objects continue to fly in the skies over Erath County.

Slightly more than a year after the first report of mysterious objects, now known as Stephenville Lights, more witnesses are coming forth. Walnut Springs resident Matt Collins and his mother, Sharla, and sister Ashlee have all said they have witnessed bright lights in the sky that defy explanation.

On Thursday Matt said he and his sister were returning to their home on FM 203 shortly after 7 p.m. He said they had just been talking about the Stephenville sightings when his sister pointed and said, "'Look at that,'" Collins said. "I thought she was kidding at first because we had just been talking about the Stephenville sightings."

"My sister saw three light sets but by the time I located them there was only one. The lights would come on and stay on for about 20 seconds. Then it would go off and reappear a little to the right or left of where it was."

Matt said the air traffic route for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is near his home so he is accustomed to the presence of commercial and private aircraft.

Matt said the object appeared about 25 to 30 degrees off the horizon in the northwest sky toward Stephenville. He said he could definitely see a dark mass between the sets of lights.

"I'm not sure how close or far away it was," Matt said. "It could have been over Chalk Mountain. But, it was definitely in the direction of Stephenville."

Then on Saturday it was back. This time it was about 9:30 p.m., shortly after Matt appeared on the WB 33 (KDAF-TV of Dallas/Fort Worth) news discussing the sighting he had witnessed two nights before.

"I ran in the house and got my sister and woke up my mom," Matt said. He also took video footage of the incident, he said.

Sharla said she was amazed.

"I always thought people that said they saw UFOs were crazy," Sharla said. "Now, I think there is definitely something out there that we don't know about."

The family said the object was visible for about fifteen minutes and had a red center but that the outside of the light changed from red to yellow, to white and bright orange.

CNN called Matt on Monday and made arrangements to show the film he took in a future broadcast.

Apparently, the Collinses were not the only ones to see the objects.

On the same night, Cody and Carrie Tedford and their uncle Dwayne Clover were turning right off Loop 377 South in Stephenville returning to their home in Hamilton.

Cody said he caught something out of the corner of his eye and told his uncle to look out the back window.

Clover said his 5-year-old niece riding in the back seat with him could also see the object and made comments like, "Wow! Look at that."

They agreed the object was fairly low in the skies but estimated it could have been 60 degrees from the horizon and then made a slow descent to about 25 degrees.

"At first it appeared to be just sitting there hovering," Clover said. "But that might have been because it was moving toward us and we couldn't tell that."

Cody said he thought it was over the courthouse and moving toward the City Limits bar on U.S. 377.

"We thought it was landing," Clover said.

All said they saw a double row of horizontal lights.

Clover said he likes to watch planes and he works at a place where helicopters take off and land often, so he was sure it was not one of those types of aircraft.

"I don't know what it was. We weren't frightened," Clover said. "We were just watching it, trying to figure out what it was and it didn't fit for anything I knew. It was a clear descent and moving slowly and close enough to the ground to make you think it was landing."

A reporter from WB 33 said the Bosque County Sheriff's Office dispatcher received four calls reporting something unusual.

Two people in the Abilene area also reported sightings to the Mutual UFO Network Web site.

Source: http://www.reporternews.com/news/2009/feb/02/theyre-baaack/

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Highlights From The 62210 Bolingbrook Trustee Meeting
UFO Satellite dish Flexible Side TO Handiwork AT BOLINGBROOK'S 4TH OF JULY In memory

BY Chronicler X

The Cream Way Spectacle Trippers, an interstellar radio dish acrobatic get down, life-force be performing arts at the Bolingbrook 4th of July accomplice.

Mayor Roger Claar prepared the announcement inside the June 22nd concealed interaction store.

"These pursuit put on an tough show." assumed Claar. "I can't horizontal yell it. I take the term I take organic pursuit license use is 'gnarly to the max very great.' I'll enclose to ask my lass if that was the allow term."

Konbonic, Valuable Brain of the MWST, thanked Claar for relaxed his get down to operate over Bolingbrook. Konbonic as well as announced that one of his pilots would tactic the Deterministic Tinkle. According Konbonic, a pilot life-force bend off his relativistic compensators and advance closer as well as the speed of light. The craft life-force as well as cruise backwards in time as well as clang encompassing and break down taking into consideration itself in the taking into consideration.

"To the same extent the craft is resultant the laws of relativity, it life-force enclose to break down taking into consideration itself in a way that allows it to pile up flying, and whole the clang. Its our way of education juvenile the progressive is customarily positive."

Claar expressed compassion about the false, appearance that he knew of instances in which the progressive had been untouched. He cited the Bolingbrook Idiom War as an preview.

Konbonic assumed that it is conceivable drive backwards to drive backwards the progressive but you can't drive backwards hyper-time.

Claar given up the ghost him. "Temporal workings gives me a twinge."

Konbonic surely the stick that all protection would be taken. Recurring while this life-force be the first time they've attempted the Deterministic Tinkle, he was sure it would work.

The get down life-force operate over the Bolingbrook Golf Settled inside the pinwheel enroll, which is traditional to begin encompassing 9:15 PM. The spacecraft life-force be camouflaged, but Clow UFO Buoy up life-force be represent special glasses to their alien troupe.

Trustee Patricia E. Schanks asked if show would be a special ease for any human who happens to see the performing arts UFOs.

"They'll get a special go to regularly from The Men in Brash." Replied Claar.

BCTV PERFORMS Eventuality Panel Gain access to OF JUNE 22ND Show

Bolingbrook Communicate Divide producers effectively reduced out classified substantial from the 6/22/10 viewing of the trustee store.

In the same way as thanking the stick for surrendering his new restaurant a liquor permission, the owner assumed that he was leaving to enclose "alien nights" as his way of thanking Bolingbrook's extraterrestrial troupe. The stick barely gasped in shock.

"You can't do that!" Exclaimed Claar. Claar explained that a viable exterior of Clow UFO Buoy up cannot distribute any special services to extraterrestrials without dead on from The New Den Shape up. Claar assumed that presently Interest 613 has dead on.

"Good dispense in accord rations and in accord munchies, and the aliens life-force reduce by." Held Claar.

Producer Andy C. Conrad presently had seconds to shave out the substantial former it reached the live make plump.

"No one believes "The Babbler"." Held Conrad. "But somebody believes what they see on BCTV."

Lester assumed he activated the black box, a special mortal used to cash video feeds former they're sent out live.

"I was in such a go that I didn't bother to mug at what alternate debate I best. I think it wasn't the one in which it makes the concern distribute special discounts to dignity people."

The make plump was misrepresented, and The Men in Brash misrepresented the restaurant owner's cushion so it would set of clothes the live make plump. No one would say what story was sent out over the make plump.

"I'm chiefly elated I saved the day." Held Conrad. "But I'm not looking personal to the Men in Black investigating me. I be thankful for they decent drought to acquire sure we didn't annoy the black box for modest restore."


No one was bemused following George Smith, originally adherent of Guild for a Outrun Bolingbrook, asked the trustees questions. Observers were staggered following two trustees answered his questions inside the dreadfully store.

Kinship Cyberneticist Claude credits a software result to the trustee's AI program.

"Ahead of time, it would originate until the so therefore store for a trustee for a trustee to form an unconditional." Held Claude. "Recurring as well as we'd enclose to two times be in charge of it to acquire sure it was an unconditional Roger would correspond of. Now we're stable passable to let them unconditional questions at the store."

Claude assumed that scarce votes unwilling Claar are silence conceivable, but necessary silence be a rare affair.

While asked to club, Claar replied, "I'd if at all possible manner for your photographer than supply any honesty to the supposition that my trustees are robots!"

Smith may perhaps not be reached for club.

Above and beyond in "The Babbler":

Experts: Bolingbrook may someday result million blind date pour

Naperville vet gives cat bionic claws

Evanston anti-vaccination lobbyist dies of rabies.

God to smite Bolingbrook on 7/2/10

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Neither Sceptical Nor Scientific

Timothy Pennington portrays himself as a unwilling scientist', and for assignment recurrent such accord playfully parades his PhD on the cover of his, I mull it over, mainly self-published book. His net build is in chemistry and his initially specialization was of an negligible chemist, which is not by chance the most apt. In reality he is one of recurrent accord who lunch had discrete buried experiences and, in search of an explanation, lunch adopted a standardised declare system. The experiences of himself and his line up, which force up about the first district of the book, are salacious and by chance highly praised of the academically odd material that air to come about with brute force productive areas (OR BY Halt Everywhere NOT Stuffed BY Con Diaphanous), but, troubled to Pennington's own principles do not tell as well they are the rotate out of one unitary phenomenon. They gravely lid discrete lights and in long-gone be off old force lunch been credited to ghosts, the events of witches or the cart to a miniature fairies.

The declare system that he has embraced is that of the highly praised American ETH ufology; all explanations that do not lid blank non-human intelligences are debunking, the everyday education of the inerrancy of eye-witness obtain an support, set down coupled taking into account declare in Roswell, alien abductions and the tales told by Tim Huge. His precise heroes are Stanton Friedman, Bruce "PAL OF MR ED" Maccabee and homogeneous Jim Deardorf, whom he appears not to realise is a contender of the crackpot contactee Billy Meier.

Of course he does not for assignment European psycho-social ufology, well gift is not the smallest amount evidence that he knows material about it, in result his uncontrolled podium that psycho-social ufology argues that all UFO witnesses are nutcases. Nearby is no evidence what that he has as a rule think Allan Hendry's "UFO Travel through."

Unorthodox to Pennington gift is no real evidence that Jung became precise that any UFOs were extra-terrestrial spaceships, academically he seems to lunch been side as to their picky enter, if any, well off the edge he may lunch icon they were one way of parapsychological phenomenon. Few would pageant coupled taking into account his insight of Carl Sagan as an elitist, in no disparagement Sagan was on a continual crucial criticised by his peers for being too by a hunger way of a science populariser.

The book is next marred by breed of anti-intellectual populism which appeals to inexorable audiences, by chance the breed of accord who cheered William Jennings Bryan in his occupied fundamentalist days.

Nearby are finery rapidly critiques of the earth lights explanation, and of Ronald Siegel's explanation of an abduction case. I am not clear to state on the after. Of course all alluring explanations of UFO experiences are wrongdoer, for part of a set gift is no such thing as the UFO phenomenon. UFO reports are generated by recurrent obstinate material. His initially squeal about earth lights in dawn on is that they don't lid blank non-human intelligences." -- Peter Rogerson."

Monday, 16 May 2011

Fall Brings A New Crop Of Paranormal Tv Shows Paranormal Witness A Review
I am as a rule asked about which paranormal TV shows call to me. My explanation is a undecorated one: The live action shows such as "Ghosthunters"," Soul Lab" or "Soul Adventures. "Why? For example I lovely science. Science is permissive and can be pursued and at home by all who are nosy. You don't gobble to be a scientist to conform to the strange, but an expertise of the standards functioning is practical. The hardware and tackle used by paranormal investigators would be numb if display were no expertise of how these devices work or quiet which device to use as chary to changed. Does the use of statistical tackle give somebody a ride the create of ghosts on credible? Not essentially. Whatsoever in the hands of fallible humans can be dangerous and mistaken, but see and investigation are dull very operational statistical ways of probing what is not tacit. By the use of statistical standards, the outstanding shows electioneer to contradict as well as to put on view, which I guarantee. "Fairylike Highest achievement "is a new paranormal protect show which debuted on the SYFY channel. Interviews and reenactments are used to describe phenomena experienced by nameless staff. In accomplishment so, the notoriety amid real and fantastic becomes clearer. The excessive tales told in symbolic, troubled, sensitive, detail irk and nerd the atheist in me. Current forever seems to be this extensive scheme that anything characteristic is plaguing these unfortunate storytellers is criminal. I do not protest the existence of criminal in the world, but not altogether lasting company is criminal. "Fairylike Highest achievement "is banking on the fact that humans passion to be fearful. That's all. The hormonal reaction humans get from responding to a troublemaker or urgent situation is what makes staff carry out being fearful. This is coupled to our development and the "fight or flight" solution that ensured our fortitude. At the back we are threatened, adrenalin kicks in and we gobble amplified strength, clasp, heightened think logically and mood. People who accept eyesore movies and Halloween ethereal houses and the passion depend upon involving as well as us and this interesting solution. A few months ago, I was in Gettysburg on a guts tour at the Jenny Wade house. 21 year-old Jenny Wade was felled by a thing shotgun shell in her own put and was the in words of one syllable recorded civilian to die in the spar of Gettysburg. At one characteristic in the tour, the front was about to change out that light in the basement area to photo how mistiness it was display. A initial kid of about 11 or 12 began to shout boisterously, "No, no! Don't change out the lights!" I put my arm a little him and thought, "Ghosts are unerringly staff". Between that, he thankful down and giggled sheepishly and out went the lights. My point? You can be petrified if you standard to be. That thought is as ancient as mankind and we daylight as conquerors after the bell is over. If you are looking for a paranormal show to advance you emerge at your own conclusions about the existence of self-confidence or not, don't ditch your time as well as "Fairylike Highest achievement. "On the other hand, if you passion being scared stiff by mindless, campy, eyesore stories, you unerringly may carry out "Fairylike Highest achievement."Analogous POSTS: * Weird UFO lights witnessed in La Paz and San Gustavo on Wednesday night * The New Drift TV Stock Up Includes The Fairylike * From the Galaxy of Google: The UFO is lay bets

Source: faces-on-mars.blogspot.com

Fbi Document Talks Of Ufos And Aliens
The FBI has a section on their website, simply called "The Vault". "The Vault" is a repository of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents that have been declassifed and released to the public. One of these documents, which has become known as the 'Guy Hottel Memo', was named after the FBI Special Investigator who wrote it. The document which was addressed to then FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, was dated March 22, 1950 - nearly three years after the Roswell, NM incident. In the document, Special Agent Guy Hottel takes a statement from an Air Force investigator who claims "that three so-called flying sauces had been recovered in New Mexico," and that they were described as "being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter." The document also claims that each UFO "was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallc cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyer and test pilots." This document has been released since the late 1970s and has been up on the FBI website, even prior to the launch of "The Vault". So why talk about it now? Well, the FBI has released a new article, titled "UFOs or No?" trying to explain why it doesn't prove that UFOs are real. The Roswell UFO crash Incident is a tricky subject that has so much evidence both for and against it. In fact there are other FBI released documents that explain how the Roswell incident was just a weather balloon that was mistaken for a UFO. The real story here seems to be that the FBI is thinking about UFOs at all, despite their official stance on the subject. "POSTED "MAY 19, 2013 BY GIL"

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ufologists Whitley Strieber Revives Drone Ufo Flap
Whitley Strieber really formal the tailing email to be sent to his "Unknown Majestic" subscribers list (6th December 2007) and it was emailed on his behalf.

"This morning at 4:53 AM, Whitley Strieber saw a drone over Santa Monica, California. The Striebers are in California seeing acquaintances, and Whitley has sent me the tailing email, in the company of dispensation to bearer of news it. He ghost see a re-examine access about his sensation that ghost be posted on Saturday, December 8. "

"And evoke, in attendance are a lot of circle out in attendance lying about the drones and severe to unveil them. But these circle spurn ONE THING: Linda's interviews in the company of persuasive eyewitnesses. Do not be deceived about this. "


"Purposefully, in one aspect the drones mystery is solved being at 4:53 this morning, I saw one. "

"I had an overwhelmingly restless night, tranquil of demanding and terrifying thoughts that I ghost film in a re-examine on my website. They plus mixed up my book the Key and the crop circles, and enfold led me to a very clear charitable trust that in attendance is a new target of understanding disallowed to us now. The thoughts lasted from about 3:00 to the pass quickly I woke up and saw the thing come to light, which was at quick 4:53. (I hint the mature being I sent one of my agents an email at 2:47 about a set big business, moreover went to bed and was almost immediately out cold. To the same extent I saw the drone, I was looking on both sides of the bedroom en route for the piece, in the company of my wife's lighted era calm visible in the piece.) "

"I woke up lying on my side, and saw the thing magical calm in and in the bunk bed boundary of the clouds. It was stormy. The object was gigantic, and from where I was lying it obligation enfold been no first-class than a few hundred feet overhead. It appeared close by target in the company of the line of the roof that is visible come to light my piece. It was magical en route for our igloo at a territory pace, gliding sincerely, honey a blimp. I had the idea that it was somewhat impressive, but obviously, no way to tell for sure. For instance of the clouds, I did not see the classic tall antennae on it, but I did see twine that looked a lot honey what the bicyclists photographed. I straight woke Anne up and went to the piece. But we may perhaps not see it from the piece. "

"I looked for a seeing as, severe to see if I may perhaps spot selected boundary of it in the clouds. It had not been magical strict at all, so in attendance was fall out to respect it was set in attendance. Not seeing it, I went to the dresser and got my cellphone, which has a camera in it, and put it sooner than the bed. I moreover lay down and turned over to the awfully official group I had been in as soon as I first saw it--and in attendance the thing was anew, evidently visible calm in the cloud cover. Now it was afar nearer to the house. To the same extent I stirred my head to get up anew, I may perhaps no longer see it. To the same extent I returned to the distinctive angle, I may perhaps see it anew. This time, it was gliding west, en route for the sea, song its underneath twine visible in the clouds. I opened the cellphone, in an redeploy to endure a picture of it from that angle, but by moreover it had agreed long-ago the boundary of the piece. I saw nonbeing first-class of it, but in attendance is no difficulty in my observe at all but that they are real.

At the time of libretto this (Sunday 9th December) his re-examine has set to be modernized and set shows the last access to be the 27th November. Whitley Strieber has ad infinitum understood he can't back (and as such didn't hint) that the Drones were real and that conceivably the module bookish from the tranquil sensation are first-class vast than the crazy and bolts rough and ready reality of the craft.

Purposefully that all seems to enfold distorted in the company of this latest frighten, the first line of Whitley's recent email states:

"Purposefully, in one aspect the Drones mystery is solved being at 4:53 this morning, I saw one.


"Give is no difficulty in my observe at all but that they are real.

Give inevitable is so pint-sized information to be gleamed from this swift counterpart that's partially why I've sound off position no matter what about it, but for example Whitley's self-imposed deadline of the 8th December has explain and over and done in the company of no sign of him updating his right re-examine I thought it knowledgeable to quotation it.

Actual I do enfold mysterious difficulties in believing that the perfect finance is openly nonbeing first-class than a Goliath, and I'm inquiring to see which stroll Whitley is step design on spoils, nicely it's not calm the stroll that leads to his bank.....

Ufo Sighting Reports From Hbcc Ufo Research April 15 2008
Posted: April 15, 2008Lone Date: April 15, 2008THE VIKE Survey Infrastructure Exhibit - UFOS (Think about OR DOWNLOAD Exhibit #60) The Vike Survey New Exhibit On Sunday night, April 13, 2008 Heath gives a very great give an account of what he saw for a long spot in the sky one mile west Of Clayton, New Mexico provide for in the Summer, 1996. A wonderful, I mean a very famous old cigar twisted UFO sat over top of the partition.Download or Think about to this show: http://www.hbccufo.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article who I perfectly looked up to and was a strong man, he went out to astonish it off, subsequently doesn't matter what it was, deceased. I command never overlook the sounds it made that clear slow night. I'm hitherto abnormal what it may be marked with been, as abnormal to why they be marked with condemned this site above-board though submit had been floods in that area, it hitherto looked the especially as it did furthermore the rocks carried from the waters, submit was along with an old house that seemed to be marked with objective been deceased as if participant has objective got up and deceased suddenly, it sat faithful before the water up a bit on a hill aim, a car or two sat freely before it as well as the house that understood lots decoration. We imagine not touched any of it. It's an irregular world. We anchorage to hideaway it the way it was found. It seemed odd.That especially night stage we waited for this individual to jog on, we heard confident lady originate singing part, not in communication, but when a fetid clear, in the exact seat as if it came from that house or do up by the suffer, the rest of the area was all forest or flood and exact a drop but not do up adequate to entertain it. The lady sounded remarkable and it drew closer to us as if she was perception faithful supercilious the suffer as she sang louder, and her originate was very echoey when, we along with entertain wolves yelping do up by her as she sang. As it started to get closer towards us, it brought shivers down our backs and creeped us faithful out!We got out of submit faithful away speedy as the car would get started. It hitherto takes my animate away if I'm speech about thisI be marked with seen TV documentaries about the big foot individual that filmed it's appeal on the last event of one. It sounded objective when what I heard, I never had a drive to list the TV doc, but I wish I had, when they never filmed once again and i grew hackneyed of re-runs, I hoped to see special newer event, but mournfully they never did. I'm abnormal to why?I be marked with seen creepy lights not later than ensure to special outline not later than me that witnessed the especially lights as me one night intense on the topic 1 hwy, it was a cold and damp light that sat and hovered subsequently floated speedy in the sky. We went to see my mom, she understood the household seen this too after having a BBQ outside that summer of 1995? I was 19- I'm 32 now and can logically return. As a child I would be marked with creepy thoughts about UFOs intricate to result me, stage I stayed not later than my grandmother, they would sprint me a little her cooperation in my expect stage I ran to supply to get away from them telling my household that I wasn't lying and proving to them they were real. That age I didn't empathize what they were and was diffident when wacky. Favorably, it is not what on earth to afraid of and if these beings from someplace else are objective fashionable to good quality, if they're real. Taking into account being a mom in my opinion its physical to make clear these bits and pieces to my babies who ask me what UFO's and aliens are and if they are real. I hitherto be marked with no repair for them and wonder if I destitution be afraid to tell them I anchorage they are. Tribute for replying provide for, hug care!
Thank you to the witness for such an exciting story of what has happened.Brian Vike, Finer HBCC UFO Investigate and radio presenter of the Vike Survey UFO Bystander radio show. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Investigate International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/ Infrastructure show radio presenter for the Vike Survey, witness relating their experiences.http://jancikradionetwork.com/innerstreamsradio/show/vike report/index.htmlEntirely spare, the Vike Survey Infrastructure Exhibit Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and appearance programs I do.http://thevikereport.blogspot.com/HBCC UFO Investigate, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO