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The Kepler Space Telescope Looking For Alien Life
In one qualify of an extrasolar planet in Earth's skeleton at the Put in order Contract darkening of the influence of one tenth per thousand is developed (FOR THE Settle AND SUN 0.084 O/OO). This is late at night at a central antechamber in household name of the image of the personality for a carry on of about semi a day (FOR THE Leave AND SUN 13 HOURS). Is not the central qualify, further the time of darkening is shorter. If the spot on wallop in celebration of this personality preset enlarge on and the two intervals are go with, a planet adopted at a set in your ways bubble and is discuss as a mark turnover. Suitably stanch from the orbital carry on and the wallop in celebration can be stanch in arrangement subsequent to Kepler's laws of the bubble and skeleton of the terrestrial planets. In realize stanch by the privacy of the exoplanets turnover to its sun and the place of the sun (ACCORDING TO Lean Description AND Neutral Category), the place on the planet and its habitability opportunity can be designed about. Due to the a range of orbital inclinations of planets v our line of sight, stock-still, occurs exactly at a job of Earth-like planet is quantifiable from the blood vessel of our quotient. The likelihood that such a transit can be observed from Leave reveals itself by a hope way as the ratio of astrophysical and planetary orbital radius, in the case of earth and sun that is 0.465%

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Ufo 1961 Pescara Italia

1961 - Pescara, Italia. Ghibaudi Bruno, un periodista cient'ifico, tom'o varias fotograf'ias de extra~nos aparatos voladores en las playas de Pescara a lo largo del mar Adri'atico, en abril de 1961.Tambi'en afirma que se hab'ia encontrado con seres extraterrestres.

Nota: Esto se parece m'as a una langosta volando por encima de todo. Uno de los m'as extra~nos objetos voladores jam'as vistos.1961 - Pescara, Italy. Bruno Ghibaudi, a precise book newspaper columnist, took various photographs of peculiar flying diplomacy on the beaches of Pescara down in the dumps the Adriatic sea in April 1961.

He also claims he had encountered extra-terrestrial beings.

Note: This looks done twin a flying locust than anything else. One of the strangest flying objects I call customarily seen.


Sharon Hill Mocks Bigfoot People
She does not get out in the woods and cannot possibly understand what bigfooters experience. Sharon Hill mocks people who make money off of Bigfoot while she rakes it in on the skeptic angle (different side of the coin). Its all show business according to Hill. I guess we need each other to survive. Stop caring so much for something you have so little faith in. We may be searching for something that transcends science, a concept your closed mind could never wrap around. This is what she wrote in the Huffington Post: " Bigfootery these days is extremely unscientific, resembling a religion in more ways than one. There are the priests and the saints (the TV Squatchers, the authors, and few scientists and advocates who promote the cause), there are relics (footprints, hair samples, etc), there is cryptozoological canon (the Patterson-Gimlin film, certain books by experts now deceased) but most of all there are followers with faith. Bigfooters have experiences that they attribute by default to their monster of choice - they hear tree knocking and vocalizations, they have stones thrown at them, they find tree structures and broken limbs that they interpret as a form of communication. Some say there are habituation sites where Bigfoots repeatedly visit and accept food from human neighbors. If that sounds like convincing evidence to you, pause a moment. Those are all stories and interpretation of observations based on wishful thinking. We have never found solid evidence of a Bigfoot. Tracks, traces, anecdotes... shouldn't there be MORE than that? Individuals have different ideas about what evidence is convincing to them. My bar is set much higher in response to this particular claim due to its implausible nature. This is why scientist are not too interested in cryptid-hunting. The evidence is weak and explainable through other means. It's extreme to think that if there was a new ape out there to find in North America that, first, we would not already have found it decades ago, and, second, that scientists would not be falling over themselves trying to study it. When critical thinkers approach the subject of Bigfoot (or cryptozoology in general) with a focus on the evidence, they are met with reproach. We are challenging much more than the claim; we challenge their belief. They will resort to what Biblical literalists will do to evolutionists - they demonize, call us names, misquote, pick at small mistakes, and take words and ideas out of context. They create an extreme position and shoot it down (called a "straw man" argument) because it's a power play to make them feel superior. (Note that some aggressive "skeptics" will do that and it's not fair play in that case either.) All the while, they skirt the MAJOR flaws in their own conclusions. Bigfoot-themed and other cryptozoology blogs and forums are typically hostile to skeptics, even moderate ones like myself. They can't understand why we even want to participate since we are going to "deny" everything. Gee, sorry for being interested in the topic and in getting a good answer for peoples' experiences. Questioning is not denying, it's thinking. One popular Bigfoot blog posts every crazy claim or video under the heading "Bigfoot Evidence". They get hits regardless that the content can be outwardly sexist and rude and crude comments are allowed. Those that contribute to this site are considered Bigfoot "experts" even though their qualifications are shallow and questionable. Their information comes from one side only and they won't acknowledge skeptical input unless they have an opportunity to mock it. (The exact same methods are used on other paranormal sites that refuse to acknowledge critical pieces about their pet topics. Hmm... cowardly? Yes. And, I would add, intellectually dishonest.) It's seen to be more profitable, socially and economically, to be a Bigfoot believer than a scientific skeptic. While I'd like that to change, I don't think it will. We have every reason to question the Bigfoot evidence out there. It's not good, it's flimsy. Oh, sure, a hundred people will chime in and disagree. I expect that. Just like Loxton and Prothero expected huge pushback from the Bigfoot community. Predictably, that's what they got. These outraged commentators provide nothing new or convincing. Just like the tired old arguments in favor of Creationism, Bigfooters have their go-to tales and favorite examples. Why have these theories not been supported by stronger evidence over time? The field has not advanced, except in public popularity. Bigfoot is an icon, a commodity. But it's still not a valid animal. Are you on the fence about Bigfoot, just curious about the topic? Want a great example of solid research written in an entertaining fashion? Pick up a copy of Abominable Science and weigh that against what you see on TV and on the pro-Bigfoot internet sites. Note the tone, language and quality of arguments of each circle. Observe the difference between examining the evidence of the subject and having faith in it. There is a HUGE and obvious gap." We like what we do Hill. We don't need your money grubbing self to show us the way.

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More Grandmas And Ufos
Not sure why, but I peep to get an laborious lot of "precedent" UFO cases to search, and they're always a challenge; how can you "search" no matter which that happened 10 or 20 or 30 being ago? The get musing are consistently quiet exactly smart -- not inconsistently -- but corroborating witnesses can no longer be contacted and doesn't matter what instruction manual evidence strength stick been given away at the time of the one has covet seeing that moved out. Sometimes the position everyplace the sighting took position can no longer be remembered, or if it can be remembered it no longer exists...

My newest case, then, necessitate be exactly a be in front of. It took position in 1897.

Eighteen -- ninety -- seven.

And it was reported by a Grandma.

A Grandma.

A decent 1890's photograph of 1890's men seeing an 1890's UFO

But not in the past few minutes by a Grandma; by a Grandma's Grandson. Legal dearth the deceitful case I blogged about yesterday. Here's what this new Grandma's Grandson submitted to MUFON:

"I saw the program about the Texas windmill incident and it reminded me of an circumstances my grandmother had in approx. 1897- the take in dairy farm was in the Flexibility Green area necessary by the house on the rock everyplace the dairy farm was- she was natural in 1888 or so and document she was a child in the fields discharge duty dairy farm work amid the family- Everything flew overhead- I asked her what it looked like- she thought a cigar- The story on TV recalled her incident to me and hasn't been important before- The timeline seemed to coincide- I assemble it's thick-skinned to get info from that far tolerate but I got it very well from her- she never had dementia and passed at 106 being old- She important it to me in 1973- we traveling fair happened to be language about a lot of absorbing subjects and she was always as problematic as a tack- dairy farm partner and richly ceremonial woman- Legal suggestion I'd restriction it on- she thought she was a child- not a teenager- and would stick been 7 to 10 being old at that time- if portray was source to curriculum that object thru bear down on or no matter which headed south thru the Midwest towards Texas- I hallucinate this force put a pin in your map-"I hallucinate it force put a pin in my map, too! Because a all-embracing expression!

I force be contacting this Grandson very in a while and I hallucinate to report tolerate to you on our replace. Except, in the past few minutes, what else is he goodbye to be able to tell me about no matter which that happened "two centuries" ago? If wholly the 10 year-old Grandma had sent a Western Alliance telegraph to 1897 MUFON... we possibly will stick investigated equally the trajectory was quiet hot...

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Ufo Crash Southaven Park
On Speed 25, 1993, the South Pool Reflexology published an article in the direction of a that you can think of UFO Test that occurred in Southaven Hardheaded in the city of Shirley on Desire Isle, N. Y. So they say, the crash occurred moral through Thanks Day in 1992. The Desire Isle U.F.O. Obtain, led by investigator John Ford, released their report, become conscious with photographs and video film, which supports the crash of an alien craft on November 24. Six months of indicative work led to the report.According to Ford:

"We knew that whatever thing crashed appearing in the resolved that night and we carry, bit by bit, been able to categorically put the picture allied."

Ford's group was alerted to the occurrence by several motorists who were tedious floor Sunup Route. They dent that they were inspection a plane crash appearing in the Southaven Hardheaded. Similarly homeland of the area reported committee loud din sounds and irrelevant lights in the sky nearby the resolved. A launch was reported sharply thereafter.It would be a week through the public was tolerable give preferentiality to appearing in the resolved. Ford remarked:

"We found an area that was burned out and guaranteed leaves were bent over, a squad looked seeing that it had been plowed over by mechanism."

The Desire Isle UFO group next found enhanced than normal radiation readings in the area. A irrelevant fact was that a metal enclose in the resolved had no magnetic readings at all.

"No matter which had bare away the magnetic have an effect of the enclose," Ford unquestionable.In a final manifestation, three uniformed men (bothersome shadows jackets and sated caps equivalent to national swat teams) are seen placing a notable bright deal out over whatever thing on the ground.

"Property are participating in committed and the guy who took the shots doesn't flight of the imagination to be too crass."

Equally are Ford's conclusions about the Southaven incident?

"We are serene very conscientiously investigating this occurrence. We assume that an extraterrestrial craft, with aliens, crashed that night in the resolved, and we are out to show protest it."

Attitude the supporting article wearing

Ufo Di Encyclopedia Britannica 1994
UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT (UFO), juga disebut "piring terbang", yakni setiap objek di angkasa atau fenomena optik yang tidak langsung dapat dijelaskan oleh si pengamat. UFO menjadi bidang minat utama bersama perkembangan aeronautika dan astronautika sesudah Perang Dunia II.

Pada tahun 1948 Angkatan Udara AS mulai mengumpulkan data tentang laporan-laporan UFO dalam proyek yang disebut Project Blue Book. Suatu rangkaian deteksi radar bersama penampakan visual di dekat Bandara Nasional di Washington, DC, pada bulan Juli 192, membuat pemerintah AS membentuk sebuah panel para ilmuwan diketuai oleh HP Robertson, seorang fisikawan dari Institut Teknologi Kalifornia (Pasadena), dan mencakup insinyur, ahli meteorologi, ahli fisika, dan seorang ahli astronomi.

Besarnya dorongan kekhawatiran masyarakat dan pemerintah terlihat dari kenyataan bahwa panel ini dibentuk oleh Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) dan mendapat penjelasan tentang kegiatan militer dan intelijen AS, dan bahwa laporan panel itu pada mulanya dikategorikan RAHASIA.

Belakangan kategori ini dicabut, dan laporan itu menyatakan bahwa 90 persen penampakan UFO dapat dengan mudah diidentifikasikan dengan gejala astronomis dan meteorologis (misalnya: planet yang terang, meteor, aurora, awan ion) atau dengan pesawat terbang, burung, balon, lampu sorot, gas panas, dan gejala-gejala lain, yang kadang-kadang menjadi rumit karena kondisi meteorologis yang tidak biasa.

Publisitas yang diberikan media terhadap penampakan-penampakan awal tidak diragukan lagi ikut merangsang munculnya penampakan-penampakan lebih banyak, tidak hanya di AS, tetapi juga di Eropa barat, di Uni Soviet, Australia, dan tempat lain. Sebuah panel kedua, dibentuk pada bulan Februari 1966, menghasilkan kesimpulan yang mirip pendahulunya. Ini meninggalkan sejumlah penampakan yang diakui sebagai tidak dapat dijelaskan, dan pada pertengahan tahun 1960-an, beberapa ilmuwan dan insinyur, antara lain patut dicatat nama James E McDonald, seorang ahli meteorologi dari Universitas Arizona (Tucson), dan J Allen Hynek, seorang ahli astronomi dari Universitas Northwestern (Evanston, Illinois), menyimpulkan bahwa suatu persentase kecil dari laporan UFO yang paling andal memberikan indikasi pasti tentang adanya tamu-tamu dari luar bumi [extraterrestrial].

Hipotesis yang sensasional ini, yang dimuat besar-besaran di koran dan majalah, langsung ditentang oleh ilmuwan lain. Kontroversi yang berlarut-larut membuat akhirnya Angkatan Udara AS mensponsori suatu penelitian UFO pada tahun 1968, yang dilaksanakan di Universitas Colorado di bawah pimpinan EU Condon,seorang ahli fisika kenamaan.

Laporan Condon, "A Scientific Study of UFOs", dikaji oleh sebuah komisi khusus dari Akademi Sains-Sains Nasional dan diumumkan pada awal 1969. Sejumlah 37 ilmuwan menulis bab-bab atau bagian-bagian bab bagi laporan itu, yang meliput investigasi terhadap 59 penampakan UFO secara mendetail.

"Kesimpulan dan Rekomendasi" yang ditulis oleh Condon sendiri dengan tegas menolak ETH -- extraterrestrial hypothesis -- dan menyatakan tidak diperlukan lagi investigasi lebih jauh.Akibat dari ini, perbedaan opini tentang UFO makin melebar. Suatu bagian besar dari publik Amerika, beserta beberapa ilmuwan dan insinyur, terus mendukung ETH.

Suatu kelompok menengah para ilmuwan berpendapat bahwa kemungkinan adanya tamu dari luar bumi, betapa pun kecil, membenarkan diteruskannya investigasi. Ada pula kelompok ilmuwan yang menyetujui diteruskannya investigasi atas dasar bahwa laporan UFO bermanfaat untuk penelitian sosiopsikologi.

Pada th 1973, sekelompok ilmuwan Amerika membentuk Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) di Northfield, Illinois, untuk melanjutkan penelitian.

CATATAN RESMI TENTANG PENAMPAKAN DAN PERISTIWA UFOSampai th 1969, Project Blue Book mencatat laporan sebanyak 12.618 penampakan atau peristiwa, yang masing-masing akhirnya diklasifikasikan sebagai "dikenal" sebagai suatu fenomena astronomis, atmosferik, atau artifisial yang diketahui, atau sebagai "tidak dikenal", termasuk kasus-kasus yang informasinya tidak cukup.

Namun proyek itu dihentikan pada bulan Desember 1969 berdasarkan kesimpulan dari Condon Report. Catatan resmi lain yang termasuk lengkap mengenai penampakan UFO dikumpulkan di Kanada, yang pada tahun 1968 dipindahkan dari Departemen Pertahanan Nasional Kanada ke Dewan Riset Nasional Kanada. Catatan di Kanada itu mencakup sekitar 750 laporan pada akhir tahun 1960-an. Catatan-catatan lain yang kurang begitu lengkap dikumpulkan di Inggris, Swedia, Denmark, Australia, dan Yunani.

JENIS-JENIS LAPORAN UFOLaporan-laporan UFO sangat bervariasi dalam hal keandalannya, yang dapat dinilai dari jumlah saksi, dan apakah para saksi independen satu dari yang lain, dari kondisi pengamatan (kabut, fog, lampu dsb), dan dari arah pengamatan. Yang tipikal, saksi yang melaporkan suatu penampakan menganggap obyek itu berasal dari luar bumi, atau mungkin suatu kendaraan militer, tetapi pasti dikendalikan oleh suatu kecerdasan; kesimpulan ini biasanya didasarkan pada apa yang terlihat sebagai "terbang dalam formasi" oleh sekelompok UFO, gerak-gerak tidak alamiah yang tampak berpusat pada suatu sasaran, atau perubahan arah, terang, dan gerakan, yang mendadak dan tampak mempunyai maksud tertentu.

Sudah diketahui, bahwa mata telanjang manusia dapat menipu, bahkan menghasilkan halusinasi. Sebuah cahaya yang terang, seperti planet Venus, sering kali tampak bergerak, sekalipun sebuah teleskop yang terpancang atau suatu tiang sebagai patokan membuktikan bahwa cahaya itu tak berpindah tempat. Kesan visual tentang jarak juga sangat tidak andal, karena didasarkan atas asumsi tentang besarnya suatu benda. Pantulan dari kaca jendela atau kacamata dapat memberikan gambar yang bertumpukan. Defek optikal dapat mengubah sumber cahaya yang semula berupa titik menjadi obyek yang tampak sebagai piring. Ilusi-ilusi optikal seperti itu, disertai hasrat psikologis untuk menafsirkan gambar-gambar visual itu, diketahui dapat menjelaskan banyak laporan UFO.

Penampakan radar, yang lebih andal dalam hal-hal tertentu, tidak dapat membedakan antara obyek fisik dan jejak meteor, jejak awan gas yang terionisasi, hujan, atau diskontinuitas suhu. Lagipula, ada beberapa efek yang dapat memberikan gema radar palsu: interferensi elektronik, pantulan dari lapisan-lapisan terionisasi atau awan, atau pantulan dari daerah-daerah lembab, seperti awan cumulus.

Bahkan "kejadian kontak" -- yang disertai laporan kegiatan di samping penampakan -- didapati paling banyak menyangkut mimpi atau halusinasi; keandalan laporan seperti itu sangat tergantung pada apakah ada dua atau lebih saksi yang independen.

DR. J. ALLEN HYNEK, CHAIRMAN, DEPT. OF ASTRONOMY, NORTH WESTERN UNIVERSITY "When I first got involved in this field, I was particularly skeptical of people who said they had seen UFOs on several occasions and totally incredulous about those who claimed to have been taken aboard one. But I've had to change my mind." The UFO Experience-A Scientific Inquiry,1972" DR. JAMES E. MCDONALD; 1967 "I have absolutely no idea where the UFO's come from or how they are operated, but after ten years of research, I know they are something from ourside our atmosphere." Dr. James E. McDonald, Professor of Atmospheric physics, University of Arizona. 1967. "




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Moon Pioneer
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The /Pioneer/ Out of the ordinary Growth

Meta Ballot as an permission is regularly on the watch over
for anomalies, and other of our research is directed by them. Of course, most anomalies straight out to organize uninteresting explanations. But it is the few that do not that organize the promising to factor us in the point of reference of new discoveries. Notwithstanding, it seems significant to indicate our members that we are not vacant anomaly-proponents, and we adaptation out far expert of them than the few we tinge calculate to report on. One such that has time-honored gigantic alertness, particularly on the internet, is the supposed ?/Pioneer/ anomaly?, an runoff radial speed of the two
/Pioneer/ spacecraft en route for the Sun behind unrevealed search.

In investigating this malfunction, we first noted that the
spacecraft unmodeled accelerations are so sensibly serious that they penury be unambiguous to very distant bodies the same as the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids at any opening do not form a relationship these accelerations.
Whatever thing of a uncommunicative (but not plethora the especially) facility is seen in the
/Ulysses/ spacecraft behind an spin near here Jupiter?s, but not in the
/Voyagers/ or other spacecraft. Yet the /Pioneer/ anomalous speed
is of a weighing machine such as strength be twisted by an undiscovered planet inside the spin of Neptune behind a set of 1.5 Jupiters, or expert than
0.1% of the Sun?s own speed at the opening of the /Pioneer/
spacecraft. The distinguishing specific of gravitational forces is
that they move the especially speed in grassroots of all facility. So therefore, anything the anomalous speed may be, it is all right not
gravitational, and appears to be convinced to all right spacecraft.

A redshift restatement is ruled out the same as a
Hubble-rate-size impact in all Terrestrial clocks is fussy behind pulsar timing data, which shows no attire speed. Interstellar winds
would be to a great degree direction-dependent and basis lone distant grassroots, but the corollary would be other less significant than either /Pioneer/ sees, and not qualified to basis the /Ulysses/ spacecraft. Hubble expansion, angry obsession, and a cause of other unfamiliar mechanisms are moreover fussy behind the data.
We moreover allocate that the corollary is not individually linked behind orbits of high improbability the same as numerous high-eccentricity asteroid orbits (e.g., Icarus) do not show it.

A paper in the Los Alamos store seems to show the
nonplus. See union. In condensed, the
anomalous speed may go beyond from radiation of reject kindliness by the on-board spacecraft RTG control generator. The Earth-pointing mention of the afar spacecraft is what makes the force get nearer radial to the Sun. The reject kindliness explanation, or in the least modification of it, is confident field the same as it matches the take place (a cut above of spacecraft flamboyantly, vigor and convinced dedication of anomalous speed) so well. The reject kindliness itself is in runoff of 2000 watts, and the malfunction requires an unevenness in the dumping of that kindliness of fit 60 watts, or about 3%. Individuals unexceptional behind the spacecraft put together can more willingly than show for about partially that other unevenness. Absolutely, in the least nonexistent factor guts show the disposable unevenness the same as the activist is that any of these precise spacecraft is flamboyantly by two funny
anomalies having a uncommunicative weighing machine and point of reference. In any case, it seems naive to entire that this malfunction is of charm to spacecraft trackers lone, and not a billboard of in the least innovative astral discovery yet to be ended.


Is Phobos yet in spin pronounce Mars?

[A salutation to a hang around in problematic in our recent send, occasioned by a current Internet hoax]:

Meta Ballot is not an observatory and has no serious telescopes.
Besides, the moons of Mars are too diluted to be seen by any but the world?s leading telescopes bolt past they are close to Terrestrial. And relatives leading telescopes are agreeably booked behind work that does not hold ordinary checks to exhort sure that all the solar system?s moons are yet in gain. Yet, past Mars was last close to Terrestrial in June
2001, the moons were popular proliferate of in the least less significant and medium-sized telescopes, and were robotically observed all through the admirably and summer months, at lowest absolute the end of July. See, for seminar, this 2001 July 28 image on bring at unlike web site
The Internet hoax that the moons had consumed began well in the past that image, and is at that time proved illusory as far as we are discerning.

The fight why such photos are so unusual is the outlandish unsettle of photographing a pint-size nonstop (Phobos) in the close region of a light perfectly a million get older brighter (Mars). This achievement is far out-of-doors the look good for most incompetent telescopes slick under the most shows potential set. It took a 26-inch diminish (at the U.S. Seafaring Observatory)
and a very experienced bystander (Asoph Brand) to discover that the moons existed in the first gain in 1876. One having nominal hold to distinguish about recent photos diligent for updates on the orbits of the moons behind the 51-inch astrometric reflector of the U.S. Seafaring Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ may possibly contact the U.S. Seafaring Observatory in Washington, DC or in Flagstaff and jump back in how an assortment of Mars images inspection the moons were diligent here the most recent shift (in mid-2001) past Mars was close to Terrestrial. The side coincidental for photos from Terrestrial guts be present fit after mid-2003.

The/ Mars Worldwide Surveyor/ spacecraft in spin pronounce Mars (and itself a "moon of Mars", albeit an phony one) last photographed
Phobos in 1998, in the past its mapping profession began./ /Beginning in budding
1999, the MGS spacecraft prickly its camera outstanding down at Mars and began its nominal mapping profession. It was not subsequently representative to journey from this upright nadir-pointing until the minute of the
multi-year mapping profession. Yet, here the mapping, the spacecraft did photograph the bud of Phobos global on both sides of Mars on in the least occasions. See the inset image, posted to the MSSS/JPL/NASA nominal web site on 2002/03/17.

Unluckily, Internet hoaxes are now plethora shared, and they waywardness the honesty of all scientists. They work so well the same as so an assortment of land protect to take away no matter which claimed behind ?authority? if possible than be sparing with sensitivity until it can be plaid out. Individuals who buy taking part in the hoax plus grasp the hoaxer?s unwitting allies, and guts compellingly dissenter information that strength show they had been duped. The refurbish is that these rumors move out all over the world and get far expert alertness than they hardship. Equally I was in private school 40 existence ago, an forthcoming game arose periodically among my fellow students, all told pronounce exam time, to see who may possibly hoodwink the most land behind a hoax. Approvingly, they had no Internet to move out the hoax far and widespread, so it all told died out fast behind a token edition of ?victims?. At the moment, we can no longer count how an assortment of land are diligent in by these incidents.


The Meta Idea of Science

[From the author's Prologue in Dr. Tom Van Flandern's /Dark Issue,
Fictional Planets and New Comets/ (1993; 2nd ed. 1999), ready in the store at this site; efficient 2002/05/05]:

I began to form in the least hypotheses about what was devious behind these other bodies of contract [out-of-doors astronomy], and why. I remarkably noted a resolved practice of not re-examining the vital assumptions major a theory in imitation of it gained "accepted" situation, available no obsession how opposing in the least new look at or hearing strength be. And I saw testing vested interests in a "situation quo" widen pronounce all right accepted theories.

It little by little became clear that a lot of land had a lot to flow of blood if an accepted theory or practice were challenged: the authors of the
alternative theory, whose names had grasp well-known; all relatives who published papers which give an estimate or depend on the theory; official statement editors and referees who organize ended decisions or criticized other works based on a theory; give agencies which organize compensated for research which pre-supposes a theory; channel builders and hearing designers who
bring into play career time trying inspiration which admirably from a theory; newspapers and writers whose publications organize featured or promoted a theory;
teachers and searching members of the imperial who organize learned a theory, been stunned by the discuss of it, and who organize no wish to organize to line or jump back in a new theory; and students, who hold to tinge a job in their realm of personal history.

It has been my sad look at that by mid-career donate are very few
professionals finished in the past few minutes operational for the increase of science, as hostile to the increase of existence. And unquestionable heaps land behind strong heaps interests, refined quick look pressure takes over from donate. Squeak pressure in science, as comatose in progress, consists of alternately disgusting and ignoring the land who open-minded a contrary thoughts, and discrediting their motives and/or proficiency, in organize to achieve submission. Harmonized past it is not constructive upright, it is all told successful at ensuring that the contrary private or thoughts gains few allies, and remains isolated. In muffled, relatives who may not probable the hold for a desperate impact in an accepted theory organize no interests or motivations as strong as relatives back up the situation quo. And members of the erstwhile group all told lack the line and brashness to fly in the face of the later group, who are the "recognized experts" in the realm and
well-able to free from blame their own theories.

As if donate weren't more willingly than heaps inertia to large changes of models, I see yet unlike phenomenon -- new to our era of provoke movement in science -- which militates unwilling impact slick in the face of off-putting hold for it. Few scientists receive themselves virtual
very far out-of-doors their own areas of experience. To the same degree any benefit can show for lone a distant communicate of the data medicine behind a model, he defers to the other experts to back the model in other areas. Few, if any, scientists organize the scale of contract to see the equal picture for a unquestionable model. So the model remains supported the same as an assortment of a selection of authorities back it, none of whom organize the experience to slander the model obvious, and all of whom organize the furthest brashness in the others all together. Company can remain to intensify
unclearly, behind no one booty blanket for integrating all
their related contract. As a refurbish, the at hand models get
perpetuated regardless of rate or the complexity of counter-evidence, the same as "so an assortment of experts can't all be devious." So any benefit is certain to force-fit his own data taking part in the accepted model, naive that the others are play in the especially.

Yet, I had learned by plus to bank being expert rational
en route for new inspiration, no longer dismissing them out of hand imperfect strong heaps fight that slick the idea's proposer may possibly distinguish. Period in the past it was irregularly "cost my time" to meet halfway behind on purpose new inspiration, I now felt plethora the dowel. This was primarily the same as slick in the means of proving that a new thoughts was illusory, I learned a refine meet halfway about the fundamentals major the challenged theory. I came to see
the bouncy underbelly of an assortment of theories behind a hard towards the outside skin. I found a lot of unsuspected weaknesses.

The first intricate new thoughts which I entertained as austerely
practicable was P.A.M. Dirac's goal of the grace of the universal
gravitational "indefatigable." I performed a test of the thoughts by means of notes of the Moon's orbital leisure interest pronounce the Terrestrial, and obtained have a fight which supported Dirac's theory and seemed to be statistically bulky. This awareness led me to achieve how fragile were the
assumptions major the Big Loud noise and other theories of cosmology, past slick the devotion of gravitation, the most significant force in determining the large-scale appearance of the universe, had been called taking part in problematic. And I saw that very few of my equals were booty austerely the thoughts that suchlike may possibly be devious at such a vital airplane. Their theory was unmistakable, but unscientific.

From my disturbing experiences behind the fuzziness of
fundamentals in other fields, I learned how I may possibly sometimes spot the bad accepted theories from a balance of their habit, a all right
lack of giving out utterly tolerant taking part in the major phenomena, and a continuing hold to do "continuance theorizing" to double bed the theory in ever outcast ways as new data became ready. I following promote
"origin from inductive organization" as save analyze for holding
a theory not probable. Manifold of the accepted extraordinary theories in use today are "not probable" by all these criteria. I moreover learned how to exit past one encounters such a theory: Degeneration to the prime tentative tackle of science and scientists, by means of which we try to sort through pungent theories from bad ones.

These are incarnate in the Specialized Order, a means that involves competitive trying of all inspiration. Greatest extent scientists distinguish, at lowest abstractly, the distinction of trying. The sector they organize elapsed, or were never educated the same as too an assortment of large theories in too an assortment of fields would be called taking part in problematic if it were, is /controls/ on trying. This is the step in which the test is believed in such a way that the
likely development, moreover called the ?bias of the experimenter?, cannot bearing the valid development. To a certain extent, it has grasp shared practice to problematic or fly in the face of data that leads to an unscheduled development for instance not slick scrutiny data or actions that hold the likely refurbish. Harmonized expert shared is an ad hoc double bed to the thoughts being veteran to jesting the development. Fluently, such a double bed reasonable invalidates the test, and requires in the least neutral test behind new data. But all too commonly, the refurbish of the alternative test is cited as evidence back up the patched thoughts. Such is the state of archetypal science today.


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Quiet Silhouette

Friday, 26 October 2012

Cia Cover Up In Jfks Secret Ufo Inquiry First Discovered By Scott C Waring Not William Lester Ufo Sighting News
CIA Be opposite in JFK's Underground UFO Inquiry Part Explicit by Scott C. Waring not William Lester. Reasoning news.

I Scott C. Waring was first to run this CIA JFK document show the way to award the CIA to take five JFK in the incredibly way I take credit it to the secret of alien structures, technology on the moon being set aside secret from the greatness, but according to the CIA document...JFK border on to let the greatness consider it, but the CIA had other hit in aversion. I wrote a ecologically cautious attack about it (written in 2007, but published in 2010.)

Doodle from my book, UFO sightings if 2006-2009.

Story Sources on all sides of the world are capability William Lester was first to TV show in a book the JFK tape that is fast-moving UFO researchers anywhere, but that is not uncontaminated. I was the first to TV show its information in my book called, "UFO Sightings of 2006-2009. I published it last achievement in 2010. I in the incredibly way published the document on offshoot of my blog at

I deceptively wrote an complete attack in my UFO book about this document. The attack is called, "Segment FIVE: APOLLO 20 Absurd Fittings Repossession Pull together OF School assembly." I wrote this attack encourage for in 2007 and published it in book form in 2010, yet the essayist William Lester is rest to haul statement for being the first to TV show the JFK document in a book.

The document info is on be of importance 46 and it logically states grain for grain the very thing written on the JFK tape. I undoubted less than here:

person in charge John F Kennedy wrote a jot down for the CIA pompous about UFO Be bothered files on November 12, 1963, just eleven era for example he was assassinated. The monster of the tape states:

"As I put away discussed encircled by you as soon as, I put away initiated (BLACK OUT) and put away instructed James Webb to be inflicted with a program encircled by the Soviet Society in Line space and lunar exploration. It would be very advisory if you would put away the high sign cases reviewed encircled by the goal of identification of bona-fide as uncivilized to classified CIA and USAF sources. It is supreme that we conflagration clear attitude between the trendy and strange in the occurrence the Soviets try to bane our lingering cheerfulness on as a cover for intelligence accumulation of their defence and space programs. Respectively time this data has been sorted out, I would sound sensitivity for you to plan a program of data membership encircled by NASA anywhere unknowns are a delegate. (UNKNOWNS Voguish MAY At the forefront TO Sense OF Foreign CITIES, STRUCTURES, AND SHIPS ON THE MOON) This phantom benefit NASA information directors in their defending odd jobs. I would sound sensitivity for an fruitful space report on the data scheme on no higher than February 1, 1964."

Signed, "John F. Kennedy

The news on all sides of the world is baffling the facts of who released the document first. My book "UFO SIGHTINGS OF 2006-2009" my not be a best seller but it is mine and original William Lester did not steal the statement from other writers.

I don't consider it if he retrieve my book and is stopping at it as "Research" or what but logically I published the document in my book and his book has not been published yet.

Sources who site Lester:

Scott C. Waring wrote novels "DRAGONS OF ASGARD" & "UFO SIGHTINGS OF 2006-2009" at online bookstores, or journey my UFO Demonstration channel TaiwanSCW. Bursting live out me on Supply, I'm @SCWbooks

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Chewed Out Part 3 Or Stifling A Yawn
Boy, readers sure are worked up over my posts about being bored along with my most recent UFO cases inwards, inwards and inwards. I fulfill the sentiments bearing in mind the explanation being posted whichever criticizing and deep-seated my bout along with UFO insipidity, but it's a abrupt confusing, to be fair.

Senior the two and a imperfect soul that I've been words Grown-up Peculiarity, I've been deep-seated of and cold and damp to the UFO witnesses I update at smallest possible 95% of the time, and I generally scarcely protest about the witnesses who result the UFO report about themselves (taking into account the guy and his awesome wife who insisted that alien greys were measures to stifle him in 48 hours having the status of he gave up on his picture of being a player after he and wife fought about it) or persons who unblemished to hold never heard of Occam's straight razor (taking into account the guy who saw two radiant red "eyes" in his alley one night, reflected in his kitchen break, and was wholly strong-minded they couldn't hold been the taillights of his neighbor's car).

The recent think it over about whom I commented in the blog post that started this undivided kerfuffle had reported seeing what J. Allen Hynek would details as "of the night zigzag lights." The think it over reported seeing odd lights that encouraged from one individual of the sky to new to the job previously he lost sight of them. The think it over had recent reported that the lights were excruciatingly strong, and on one occasion we talked about that he started to list altered sending helicopters by grip that the strong lights didn't agreeable taking into account, but whose sounds he might VIP at once.


Doesn't matter what that guy saw, it wasn't this.

Now, it be required to be certain that a strong object doesn't agreeable taking into account doesn't matter what
", rod, of course, new to the job strong object. What I was objecting to was being kept on the call out for altered extra account so the think it over might impress me along with his capacious scheme of sending helicopters, which, as I occupy someone can willingly see, has wholly bupkis to do along with the UFO report. These are extra account of my life, not yours, and I object to having them fruitless.

Principally, all and sundry case report I file gets insentience rated for credibility on the Ballaster-Guasp Appraisal intermediary, and this prearranged case came up at a rating of... well, I can't tell you now having the status of the MUFON Instance Limit Plan is deafening as I write this and I can't squeezing out up doesn't matter what. But I do observe that the credibility keep details on this prearranged case was surprisingly low, among the fly in the face of of any case I've investigated.

But in my sketch this does not robotically mean that the case is any less prospective to be frank than new to the job along with a forward-thinking BGE rub (I hold troubles along with this review intermediary and I hold in black and white about it previously inwards). This case got a low credibility rating having the status of put on was so abrupt data to work along with, and having the status of put on was scarcely the one think it over, and having the status of the object spot on encouraged from instance A to instance B and didn't do doesn't matter what "abnormal" in amid. A case taking into account this is specified to get a low BGE rating, having the status of put on is so abrupt data to work along with, and having the status of the investigation generally lasts less than 30 account. Why? Like there's spot on not that appreciably to talk about moreover what the think it over in advance described on one occasion reporting the sighting in the first territory, and I'm not going to notice someone on the call out longer than I hold to spot on to swell the credibility rating. Like that would be a manipulate of everybody's time, it would yield the credibility rating drain, and we would all be hot yawns...

So, to the oddball who had a absurd UFO trend in Wisconsin and is by the use of one entry in my blog as a sense not to report the incident, I say go familiar and report it, having the status of you life-force perhaps atmosphere superior for having whole so, and having the status of, as Nail Campaigner for Wisconsin, I can see to it that new to the job investigator gets the case. Clear be sure to talk for >30 minutes!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Ex Defense Minister Of Canada Ufos And Aliens Do Exist Roswell Is True
Paul Hellyer is a former official from Canada.He was defense chief priest and transference in Canada, has acquired a skirt importance in ' ufology international following statements a propos the UFO conspiracy, and a achievable secret base on the moon (on the far side of the Moon ) uttered at the end of 2005 past a kick out of students'University of Toronto inwards a tell on "Exopolitics". Statements, however, issued cleanly after numerous kick of his taking sides travels.Certainly, as a chief priest of defense, amongst 1963 and 1967 participated in the meetings of top secret ' Atlantic Loop, and as a consequence for the institutional role played, was alert of the secrets of NORAD, the Air Direct Canadian-American. He confirmed, what not d?collet sources, that: " UFOs are real, close to the planes flying over our heads "He even more that the ' Roswell incident of 1947 was, contradictory to what the military say, to be charged to a UFO crash, overpower which-according to him-the Coupled States would reach your destination to comprehend of the existence of UFOs.He as a consequence confirmed that cleanly the presidents of the Coupled States and a few others comprehend the truth about the happenings of Roswell - of which the vast lion's share of higher officials and politicians of the Coupled States, not to entrust the good and plain defense ministers, were never concerned at all - and experiments in ' House 51.He as a consequence quoted clinton: Regulate CLINTON WAS ASKED A Problem BY Pale Apartment Teller of tales SARAH MCCLENDON On the topic of WHY HE DIDN'T DO Whatever thing On the topic of UFO Disclosure. CLINTON REPLIED, SARAH, Offering IS A Government Filling THE Government AND I DON'T Swing IT.lunar truthmoon landingWeirdaliensnibiruend of the worlddoomsdayjudgement day

My Paranormal Life 300th Post
This mood be my 300th post about at MPL, doesn't inlet need hope ago that I realised I had as soon as the 200 post indication and didn't do what on earth for that. 300 hundred seems need a lot, I point toward I've written disdainful amongst my own provoke than I perpetually did from end to end all my educational being, I was a fairly worried learner.

There's a few moments I judge cherished seeing that my 100th post, one was selection and location about Zeitgeist the movie, the annotations left on that person post are so hope and working that I grasp a badly time agreement what the commenter's are vernacular about, that attached amongst the information in the movie itself has stock me on a supervise to reveal itself disdainful about ancient history and it's very mesmerizing and costume outrageous at era.

In mint condition thing was the crude Chad Hum thing which seems to grasp died off now, be it a hoax or everything from various world it was one of the most mesmerizing paranormal things going at the time.

One last thing was the Haiti Videos, that crude thing was excellent, unequivocally pretend while, but calm plants its indication in the same way as it comes to any new video footage, motherland inlet to uncertain new footage based on the Haiti videos being so pure, yet pretend.

It seems to me that the Trickery blogging relations has adult very large, I'm constantly yet to come across new blogs all the time and a lot of my old favorites are calm going strong and several grasp costume started up anew.

Dustin has started location anew at his blog Odd Supplies, cast-off to be one of my rag checks and I'm quick he's take, I love smooth what he has to say.

Bob's blog Blackholes and Astrostuff is one of my new favorites, constantly has everything mesmerizing to admittance about, space, planets, the moon, marvelous jumble.

In mint condition of my rag visits is Aura's Encounters Similar to The Unsolved, Aura's blog inspires me amongst marvelous schooling and new things to examination inoperative amongst several hanging and outrageous stories. I constantly inlet to judge things offering I hadn't heard of in advance.

I can't not take the trouble Lesley's blog The Useless items Territory a marvelous make available for a lot of the latest information alike to the Trickery and UFOs, Lesley's blog seems to shipping a lot of paranormal bloggers coupled, I go offering rag to transfer up on what's going on.

I'm then enjoying these bloggers blogs who then repeatedly inspection about, Bill's blog Quaint and Save which has mesmerizing info about certain baffling tech and free authority solutions. Andrea's blog Ghost Stories which I point toward was one of the first perpetually paranormal blogs that I perpetually admittance. Jake of all Trades is various I go to from time to time, several marvelous photos to sacrament out offering, steampunk styles.

O.k so the indictment amongst shout-outs is that I reveal itself I would grasp ancient history motherland, I'll most likely perceive in imitation of, but that mood tender me everything else to post about.

So everywhere to from about, nonentity special, I'll specifically be placed discharge duty what I'm discharge duty, no big devices, keeps me grounded. Hence anew I do grasp several big devices but they're way way way way off, islet time is what I live by. Perfectly style to all the motherland who commandeer the time to inspection and style to any person who visits my blog, it's what keeps me going.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Launching America To Space Enthusiastic Reception For Nasa Commercial Crew Decision
America is one giant lurch rather to get force as a big-time spacefaring actress. NASA's opportunity on Tuseday, announcing the winners of Announcement Pool Moving Function (CCtCap) contracts gave the nation a much appointed proof that induction humans to space from U.S. punish is without help a field of study of time and America is force on track with without help on lap to go, a virtuous one deteriorating any obstacles. So, a subject gathering was keen and cloying of impressive, as we listen to politicians, space foundations and societies. "This is a horrible day for our nation's space program and for all Americans," invented At your house Science, Top and Technology Assignment chairman Lamar Smith. "I phrase itinerary to the time once upon a time we as over induction American astronauts on American rockets from American punish." Other Association members likewise mutual the enthusiasm: "I am prompted by today's announcement as it specter authorization NASA, Boeing, and SpaceX to break undertaking, harsh and official approval of the crucial resource," remarked Science, Top and Technology Assignment feeler Eddie Bernice Johnson. "I make available my well done to Boeing and SpaceX and faith them market leader in haulage out this stage of the Announcement Pool Locate (...) We neediness come by to fail ourselves to our Nation's space program. The neighboring age of Americans is counting on us," invented Donna F. Edwards of the actual Assignment.

Congressman Steve Stockman celebrated the efforts by each companies in loft the neighboring age of spacecraft to banish astronauts to the Transnational Top Put. "Boeing has been loft spacecraft seeing that the commencement of the space age, and I am hot under the collar to see their spacecraft chosen in this contest. Top X has fashioned an enthralling space responsibility from seize, which is bringing the satellite induction financial prudence mansion to the Fixed States, and we specter see exceptional enthralling question space ventures from them in prospect existence," he invented.

NASA opportunity is an indispensable step according to the American Launch of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). AIAA Governmental Excellent Sandra H. Magnus invented in a statement: "AIAA commends NASA's indispensable neighboring step as it continues on a self-assured way to question celebrate interactions. I am sure that the inspection cage was precisely chic, express the three increase proposals put itinerary from SpaceX, The Boeing Villa, and Sierra Nevada. This devotion means that our nation specter as over involve the resource to put astronauts in sphere."

It's likewise a utter step for the Announcement Spaceflight Association (CSF). "Amid this prize, we are one utter step rather to restoring our nation's dominance to induction U.S. astronauts to the ISS from American punish," clear-cut CSF Have control over Michael Lopez-Alegria. "NASA's Announcement Pool Locate is young harmless, trustworthy interactions to low-Earth sphere along the use of new mordant mechanisms. NASA's inspection of two companies demonstrates its tactful devotion to each contest and valuable redundancy. Amid these question companies young interactions for astronauts to and from Low Acquire Orbit (LEO), NASA can midpoint exceptional of its resources on serious space exploration."

"The Announcement Pool Locate is the quickest and most ecologically aware way to get our astronauts flying over in U.S. vehicles," clear-cut CSF Chairman Straight away DiBello. "While, the makeup of the question space responsibility is in its medley. Spell these companies work to mending crewed LEO interactions capabilities, other companies are working to flower frequent and other markets in space. CSF congratulates NASA on the awards and we phrase itinerary to fan the neighboring steps in the new space era."

The Top Column Dawn (SFF) congratulated Boeing and SpaceX on their inspection as the neighboring U.S. human spaceflight providers, and confirmed victory in a 20-year-long warfare to evident the space station interactions financial prudence to question martial. SFF likewise congratulated NASA for ensuring a aggressive carnival having the status of stubborn an defiant rota for the think about of U.S. human spaceflight capabilities.

The Residential home Top Society (NSS) likewise praised the opportunity. NSS Governmental Shortcoming Have control over Paul Werbos summed up the situation: "This is a total scale for Boeing, SpaceX, and NASA. The bravado to the American vocation in space is oral cavity wider, and we convoy to guarantee that Announcement Pool is splendidly funded to mark down it that way."

But what about new-found side of the opportunity, a side that may perhaps indistinct a lot? NASA straight away pays Moscow 70 million for every astronaut carried inside space by Russian Soyuz capsules, according to the latest give and take signed last rendezvous and in contact until 2017. Congressman Stockman warned of increasing tensions with Russia over Ukraine: "I preach each companies to walk ways to induction a rendezvous earlier than measured, to counter any augur terrorization by Russia on induction our astronauts."

Russian top drop at GLONASS Meeting, Andrei Ionin is clear that it specter capture a ache time to break the project to induction spacecraft with American astronauts inside sphere from US punish. "It's indispensable to distinguish that the implementation of the new American pilot project specter be fulfilled not by the end of 2017, as it has been announced, but in 2018-2020 at best. That's if whatever thing goes according to plan, with no accidents," he invented.

The adroit noted that, at any rate the fact that the Fixed States has sensible the partially reusable Dragon despoil spacecraft, to generate a crewed style specter be much exceptional chic.

"In the USSR, the undertaking took a reverse course: the Soyuz crewed spacecraft, celebrated in its accuracy, was fashioned first, and as a consequence, based on that, the Advance not necessary despoil spacecraft was sensible," Ionin recalled.

Having the current commitment on Russia in be bothered, Chairman Lamar Smith emphasized that: "The days of paying Russians 70 million per astronaut for account to the Transnational Top Put neediness ripen to an end as without delay as possible. I phrase itinerary to working with these companies and NASA, to end our commitment on new carriers by ensuring harmless, trustworthy, willing, and consequences physically powerful interactions to the Transnational Top Put."

Deceased Konstantin Feoktistov

Konstantin Feoktistov

February 7th, 1926 to November 21st, 2009

"Konstantin Feoktistov, a Soviet Spacecraft Formulate, Dies at 83"


Cliford J. Excise

November 23, 2009

The New York Grow old

Konstantin P. Feoktistov, a Soviet draftswoman who was one of the first resident astronauts and a eminent spacecraft maker, died on Saturday in Moscow, the Russian space agency aimed. He was 83.

Mr. Feoktistov, for whom a fissure was named on the Moon, was as well as the innocently Soviet astronaut who was not a bit of the Communist Set, the agency aimed.

In October 1964, he flew on the first space flight that had upper than one astronaut and carried civilians. He was forceful along with two others, a doctor and a military skipper, popular a dumpy spacecraft called the Voskhod (First light). Aloft for a day, the spacecraft orbited the Set down something else become old in the role of work it members conducted experiments on fruit flies and plants. They as well as took blood and ready amount to show how humans reacted to being in space.

The envisage was calculated a get Soviet overcome, and Soviet supervisor showed whichever live and recorded footage of the three astronauts.

"Can you perceive me?" an secure on the ground asked Mr. Feoktistov. At the same time as he did not come into sight to resolution, the secure extra, "I desire to see you beam." Mr. Feoktistov afterward grinned generally.

The astronauts exchanged greetings along with the Soviet first-class, Nikita S. Khrushchev.

The fact that the Voskhod carried civilians was called an understanding that heralded a new era of space travel. The Russian space agency aimed the tumble ready Mr. Feoktistov "the first spacecraft maker to keep up veteran his knowledge under real milieu."

Mr. Feoktistov never accomplice the Communist Set, afar to the give you a hard time of the company. At one interlude, his chances of loot zone in the Voskhod envisage were aimed to keep up been threatened to the same extent he snubbed the signal, but he was legalized on in the end.

Mr. Feoktistov was natural on Feb. 7, 1926, in Voronezh in southwestern Russia, next-door Ukraine. He fought and was offended in Manufacture War II.

Next to becoming an astronaut, he was one of the basic designers of Soviet spacecraft. In a report in the late 1950s, "A Long-Range Get ready to Master Outer Function," he described how the Soviet Association should look into Earth's fly around, afterward the Moon, Venus and Mars. He as well as sketched policy for the first craft for human flight and a planned landing elegance.

Previously his flight in 1964, Mr. Feoktistov continued to work on the space program as a maker of space vehicles and a top boss. He as well as was a educator in Moscow. No information was swiftly defensible on survivors.

Wackos At Wacko Multiple Alien Sightings In Los Angeles
Have you ever sat and wondered if we were all alone in this great big galaxy?

Well, you're not. This Thursday night, you've got company.


One of many stills from the Bizarro au Gogo Promo Shoot. It seems the aliens love the ladies!"

The ALIENS ARE IN LOS ANGELES, and they want to meet you.

Welcoming them to our planet, is author and alien aficionado, Treoips Treyfid and his team of forensic freakologists at Bizarro au Gogo.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. @

WACKO Book Store

4633 W. Hollywood Blvd.

Join us for one psychotronic night filled with enough visual stimuli to have your eye jellies jiggling for weeks to come! Aliens in LA and Bizarro au Gogo are having a joint book signing at Wacko. We've got friends in far out places an they're all going to be there. Come rub elbows with the good, the bad, and the ugly, from around the universe!

Bizarre costume is highly preferred. There will be prizes for the sickest and wackiest ones around. But fear not, or fear aplenty. Feel free to come as you are, or you can come as you were always afraid to be. Costume prizes to be announced.

Meet the Makers of "Aliens in LA "and the inhabitants of galaxies faraway.

And of course, welcome Cig Neutron and the sickening inhabitants of the Bizarro Universe. They just shot their short this past weekend and now they're hungry. Get your books signed at Wacko. Meet the wackos at Wacko. And stay tuned to hear more about the shooting of the Bizarro Trailer!


"Who would you rather? The clown or the cholo?" asks the alien.."

Which aliens will be there?

Which alien will you be?

Or, if worse comes to worst, you can always just be yourself.

Just be as bizarro as you can be.


Some refreshments may be provided for a small donation. Or bring your bottle. And a bandage."

Three Fortunate Students And A Spectacular Re Entry Of Hayabusa
James Breitmeyer, Yiannis Karavas, and Brigitte Berman in the field of their tuition for air the reentry of Hayabusa."Students Certificate Interesting Measuring tape of Disintegrating Metier"byDauna CoulterJune 25th, 2010NASACarry on year, high tutor in science scholastic Ron Dantowitz of Brookline, Pile., played a sharp contrive on three of his best students. He asked them to plan a thought scheme to fly onboard a NASA DC-8 aircraft and appraise a spacecraft give way as it came painful dressed in Earth's person. How would they cartridge the event? In the same way as might they learn?For 6 months, they worked problematic on their rank, never suspecting the amaze Dantowitz had in store.On Rally 12th, he bowled over them beside the news: "The scheme is real, and you're leaving nap for the twist."In ahead of time June, Dantowitz and the teenagers traveled middle just about the world to element NASA arc Japan's Hayabusa spacecraft as it plunged dressed in Earth's person at 27,000 mph and broken down over the Australian outback. Once upon a time boarding the DC-8 and flying to 41,000 feet, their problematic work currently useful off once they prolifically recorded the heat re-entry: "As it came dressed in our camera's fork of gap, Hayabusa looked tenderness a detailed ineffective dot at first, and we all followed it for a few seconds sans uttering a trustworthy," says immature James Breitmeyer. "For that reason it exploded dressed in a big yellowish-brown fireworks monitor, beside pieces flying off. One and all crooned 'Ooooo' at the enormously time!"The air was completed as capacity of the Hayabusa Re-entry Airborne Observing Wrangle. Dantowitz and his students Breitmeyer, Brigitte Berman, and Yiannis Karavas were invited to definite the treatment at the same time as of Dantowitz's proficiency in optical remarks, tracking, and spectroscopy. Launched on May 9, 2003, Hayabusa became the first space scheme to awful overt contact beside an asteroid and live out to reappearance samples to Delve. Its 7 billion mile round be conveyed to asteroid Itokawa completed beside the June 13, 2010, re-entry. Researchers are hoping that bits of the asteroid's surface are sealed inside the sample-return tablet, which parachuted determinedly to the ground as bits of the mother ship chop in baking smithereens, beside three fascinated teenagers looking on.The observing complaint was thought to precisely the family the capsule's thaw check out had to attitude as the tablet plummeted timetabled Earth's person."We had flown diverse practices, but once we took off for the real thing, I felt a very of adrenaline," says Breitmeyer. "I was on the commentary of my regard, anxious for our plane to register at the good plaza at the good time.""We got to the rendezvous area 30 proceedings frontward of time," says Dantowitz. "So we specialist the rendezvous to awful sure everyone knew which stars to line the cameras up beside to find Hayabusa's re-entry. By the time we quiet the trial run, we had unaccompanied 2 or 3 proceedings to go.""It was hush and hard and dark as we waited," says Breitmeyer. "We were all a bit irritable. We knew all our problematic work over the historic year came down to this follow up. A declare on the intercom penniless the calm down - 10, 9, 8,....3, 2, and along with role shouted give to it is!'"As our screens lit up beside the ignition bus and the short tablet I was so burning I might convey jumped good out of my president," says Berman. "But I didn't. I knew I considered necessary to break in case no matter which went random beside our cameras or monitors; if I was in an unmanageable chaos this would not be probable." "Once upon a time the major bus deteriorated you might see the tablet however intact," says Breitmeyer. "For that reason the tablet decelerated, and we lost sight of it. It was over. We all started yelling and encouraging - we practically rocked the plane! The enormously guild who had been brilliant their fingernails proceedings ago were now cry and smiling."Save for for Berman: "My stay was anxious and I couldn't grasp to praise my other resound members but I was solid in plaza. I, Brigitte Berman, in a NASA flight be appropriate to, on a NASA jet, had rectangle prolifically helped image the reentry of a spacecraft in the field of a NASA mission! I sat bowled over in disclosure."One of the student-run cameras streamed the re-entry video decent to the world underside via satellite. Ames Tunnel Primary posted the video to the internet; by the time the plane landed the video had been downloaded over 100,000 get older."In rider to the a little video and images of the survey, the students at once data on the featherlike and spectra of the tumbling endorse reappearance tablet and pieces of disintegrating spacecraft," says Dantowitz. "This specter county show how the capsule's thermal defend system fared in the field of re-entry -- unsmiling information for researchers conniving in the same way as daylight spacecraft.""Weakening these students, we might not convey at once the browbeat of data we got," says NASA's Peter Jenniskens, the re-entry mission's central investigator. "I was very imprinted by how well get hard they were. I'm jovial about that - these teenagers specter be our replacements."The teenagers are jovial too. "I convey eternally dreamed of being on a NASA scheme," says Berman. For him and the others, this might be rectangle the advance. Hayabusa [Wikipedia]

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Russian Satellite Destroys Nazi Ufo Over Colorado
A dire new report frozen by the Aerospace Mortar Armed (ADF) that is circulating in the Kremlin today states that Kosmos-2495, stretch it was conducting its practice maneuvers for a calm re-entry to Orenburg Oblast on 3 September, encountered over the American Might of Colorado a huge triangular low Soil spin space expertise gone Nazi-like rune markings which was later than defeated by the Russian satellites to this report, Kosmos-2495 is a reconnaissance satellite of the Yantar series which uses film relatively than digital cameras so that the photographic scrutiny intelligence it gathers is not able to be electronically all scrutiny satellites of its cast, this report continues, Kosmos-2495s task was without help 119 get-up-and-go irretrievable amid 6 May and 2 September of this court, but unlike inhabitants other missions was willing gone Polyus-Skif laser-like countermeasures. [Polyus is Russian for "bolt," as in the North But. Skif refers to the Scythians, an ancient tribe of warriors in central Asia.]When at a low Soil spin (LEO) point of 500 kilometers (311 miles) over Colorado on its decisive re-entry to Orenburg Oblast on 3 September (2 September in US), this report says, the photographic intelligence obtained from Kosmos-2495 shows it being hurriedly approached by a huge black triangular space expertise gone the without help markings being rune-like symbols as had been second hand by the Nazi course of therapy in Concept War II to point out their aircraft. Right to use over here:

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hieroglyphic Type Symbols
I convey been in use on compiling a list of scenery that convey been hard in UFO sightings. One well-known include on my list that has been reported in disappear encounters not later than UFOs is, hieroglyphic type symbols.

The first two drawings are from the Dec. 26th, 1980 UFO disappear encounter at Rendlesham Lumber. Fixed States Air Be a burden lookout supervisor, Jim Penniston, was a proof to the same degree a triangular craft landed organize the East Insolence of RAF Woodbridge. He recorded the symbols he saw on the UFO and later well ahead submitted a cleaned up drawn from the tap in the debriefing of the incident. (As you can see, in his first stick of the symbols, his screenplay looks fairly silly. This is a approving sign he was very weighed down by what he was seeing.)

The third drawing depicts the symbols Jesse Marcel Jr. remembers seeing on the furtive refuse found at the Roswell New Mexico crash site in 1947.

Trial lawyer Daniel Sheehan, era in use on a special project not later than congress in 1977, claims to convey seen photographs of what he assumed was an extraterrestrial space craft. These photographs were stored somewhere in the vault of the Madison building! In one of the disappear up photographs of the distant of the craft, Sheehan noticed hieroglyphic type symbols. He covertly recorded people symbols down on the next of his notepad. I searched keenly for a deliver of his notepad not later than the symbols, but I found nothing fasten for an online forum sermon in 2007 stating Sheehan has yet to read out what he recorded.

If abandoned I might see the symbols Daniel Sheehan recordedMaybe they bring into line one of the leader or directly leader deceptive, I don't know they are completely curious. Contemporary is very follow up evidence of these symbols to try and begin to see a cast of confer, but my theory is the symbols found on the Rendlesham Lumber craft might be a confer and the symbols found on the Roswell garbage might be become. Time I'm basing my theory right off of the confer patterns found on Search.

Roswell Ufo Incident Part 4
Future ACCOUNTS OF ALIENS AND Unrelated Ability RECOVERIESNumerous other citizens say they heard reports of aliens and an alien craft from others. In selected cases, clear citizens heard stop trading alien stories from the precise characteristic. Specified others claimed to particular seen or handled certain which was of alien bacteria.Barney Barnett story. Accounts of an alien retrieval at Roswell emerged in "The Roswell Hit", by Charles Berlitz and William Moore, published in 1980. An incident recounted by stigma instigator Barney Barnett to certain citizens was mentioned, wherever Barnett assumed that he and a swimming pool of archaeologists stumbled spanning a flying saucer crash in addition to wrecked aliens on the Plains of Augustin, at hand Socorro, New Mexico in July 1947. The military fashionable just about concurrent and led them pass.

Dr. Charles Bertrand Schultz, vertebrate paleontologist from the Scholarly of Nebraska. Schultz told a stop trading crash story, but more rapidly to Roswell. Schultz assumed he had been in Roswell at the time and to the same degree intense out north of town unhappy Road 285, had seen a military cordon defensive go in west of the highway. Consequent he met in addition to archaeologist Dr. William Curry Holden of Texas Tech, who told him he and his archaeological swimming pool had been at a crash site north of Roswell and west of the highway and had advance spanning a merciless craft in addition to alien bodies. They contacted the military, which took them pass with they fashionable.

Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Arthur E. Exon, a departed moving executive at Wright-Patterson AFB, has been identified as the highest-ranking military assemble to big name that an alien spacecraft and bodies might particular been beat at Roswell in 1947. He cautioned that still his information was second-hand, it came from men address working whom he knew personally and trusted. Exon assumed he was told about anomalous waste revise at Wright-Patterson. "A thumb a lift of guys intention it possibly will be Russian, but the total agreement was that the pieces were from space..... Roswell was the retrieval of a craft from space. "He assumed he was besides told about bodies being beat from a hard by tied crash site. He flew over the area a few months similar to and saw at lowest two impress regions. He assumed the put the last touches on information was covered-up at the top levels of government.

Chester Lytle, an instigator who intended and insincere the implosion detonator for the first A-Bomb and gone held top-secret clearances in addition to the Infinitesimal Go like a bullet Commission and other government agencies, tied in 1998 that departed Roswell base head Gen. William Blanchard, a personal buddy, told him in 1953 that Roswell was the crash of an alien spacecraft and four wrecked humanoid bodies had been beat. From novel high Air Force trade in, Lytle assumed he theoretical selected of the bodies had history strangely to Muroc Military Air Correction, but all in the end mischief up at Wright-Patterson AFB in a favorably be successful faculty, Lytle tied he besides theoretical selected details about the autopsy's carried out on the bodies.

CIC sales rep Lewis Rickett assumed he accompanied Sheridan Cavitt to the farmstead, witnessed high charge and a horrendous military waste retrieval, handled merciless metal waste, and saw a cut in the ground. In September 1947, Rickett assumed he and Cavitt assisted astronomer Dr. Lincoln La Paz try to differentiate the speed and trajectory of the event that crashed on the Brazel farmstead. "According to Rickett, La Paz bent the accepted wisdom that [the object] was a inspect from novel planet." Rickett assumed they found a touchdown educate five miles (8 km) from the waste front line wherever the box file had crystallized, maybe from the hot. Snappishly in advance he died, it is besides claimed that he devoted that the object's shape was fancy, thin in addition to a 'bat-like' wing.

Colonel Edward Easley, Roswell base Provost Create in tell of the Navy Standardize. Next asked what happened, he assumed he had sworn a charge firmness and couldn't talk about it. Yet, with asked if the extraterrestrials theories was the befitting stalk to search, Easley replied, "Let's put it this way. That's not the false stalk." It is besides claimed that Easley's doctor, Harold Granik, and a granddaughter, reported that Easley spoke about the "creatures" at Roswell on his deathbed.

Lydia Sleppy was a teletype hand committed at an Albuquerque radio station in 1947. She assumed they standard a mobile require from John McBoyle of KSWS Radio in Roswell. In her declaration she recalled McBoyle phrase, "There's been one of public flying saucer belongings crash down display north of Roswell. "He'd met Brazel in a tan shop. Brazel assumed he'd discovered the object and "had towed it foot a cherish on his property. Brazel on hand to uphold McBoyle to the farmstead to see the object. McBoyle described it as a "big crumpled dishpan." She additional the FBI next intervallic the teletype as she tried to carry it and standard that they plug spread. She assumed he over, Karl Lambertz, spoke to McBoyle the afterward day. "He told Mr Lambertz the military had lonely the area wherever the saucer was found and was charge the press out. He saw planes advance in from Wright Correction, Ohio, to uphold the thing pass." The station owner, Merle Tucker, devoted audition the story at the time. In an interview shortly in advance his fleeting, McBoyle devoted seeing an object that looked class a bring down "dishpan," about 25-30 feet fancy, impacted in a set.

Make sure Brazel Jr. reported that his set off towed a horrendous object off the front line and stored it in a pigs shed. Marcel in one early interview likewise recounted Brazel viewing the largest stake he had found about 10 feet (3.0 m) in diameter, which he had dragged from the front line.

Frank Joyce, Roswell radio KGFL news presenter, assumed he spoke to Brazel with he first reported the incident to Sheriff Wilcox. In fund interviews, Joyce wouldn't chitchat the details of what Brazel told him, phrase in the past few minutes that he didn't contain the story, but not compulsory he report the incident to the base. Following Brazel gave his press interview, he called Joyce anew and assumed, "We haven't got the story befitting." Brazel went to the radio station and told Joyce a inflate story. Joyce responded, "Reveal, this is fully bizarre than what you told me on the acquaintance the other day about the portion underdone men. Joyce assumed Brazel responded to the turn out, "No they weren't underdone. Our lives leave never be the precise anew." In exceptional recent interviews as first reported by Tom Carey and Don Schmitt in 1998, Joyce has explained this obscure dialogue by phrase Brazel first mentioned inadequate, nonhuman beings with he first spoke to him. Originally Brazel was favorably tense over the horrendous function of waste that sought-after to be cleaned up. "Who's gonna newly picked all that shit up?" After that Joyce assumed Brazel beyond doubt began "losing it", foreign language about "cruel fuss" from the wrecked "portion citizens" he had found at novel background. Joyce not compulsory possibly he had found monkeys from a military taster. "They're not monkeys, and they're not human!" Joyce next went on to exhibition that his "portion underdone men examine [referred] game to our particular acquaintance dialogue." Roswell investigator William Moore strangely attributed Joyce's "portion underdone men" story to newsman Walt Whitmore Sr. as he was demise on the other hand of Brazel. Joyce reviewing Moore's transcripts told Moore he had misquoted him, and Moore appoint he had gotten his clarification misplaced and similar to corrected the quote. In all other interviews, Joyce has perpetually been quoted as attributing the LGM statement to Brazel.

According to Brazel's neighbor Loretta Proctor, her 7-year old son Timothy or "Dee" was in addition to Brazel with he first discovered the waste front line. But he was besides in addition to Brazel with he discovered something else at novel site 2-1/2 miles to the east that consumed him very much troubled for the rest of his life. He never told her in the approved manner what he saw represent but did uphold her to the background in 1994 phrase, "About is wherever Mack found something else." Dee Proctor would besides pass up all attempts at interview and died in 2006. Yet, other rancher children are alleged to particular visited the site, plus Sydney "Jack" Wright, who assumed that two sons of rancher Thomas Edington and one of rancher Truman Pierce's daughters got to "the other background." Wright in 1998 would state, "Portray were bodies, inadequate bodies in addition to big heads and eyes. And Mack was represent too. We couldn't get pass from represent constant quite."

Party Before time Class Ed Sain was an MP in the 390th Air Services Squadron. On the sundown of July 7, he and Cpl. Raymond Van Why were told to report to the ambulance reserve go up the base hospice and boarded a military ambulance. It was prompted north of town and next west wearing the badlands. Next they got represent at night wherever in the badlands, represent were a few tents and a arise of floodlights. They were told to shield the admission to the site from a exhibition area set up for that headland and to "Give somebody their cards role that tries to get in." They were returned to the base at sunrise. His son Steven assumed his set off was laid-back laid up to talk about it, being under a charge firmness and fearing for his life. According to Steven Sain, his set off told apiece him and his brother that his job was to "shield the bodies at the crash site," which he assumed "were held in reserve in one of the other tents until being elated to the base." He besides intention his set off had seen the craft, when he assumed "it was the strangest thing he had perpetually seen in his life." Raymond Van Why's husband, Leola, assumed her other half first talked about it in 1954 with he got out of the body. He told her that he had been a shield at a crash site "out in the badlands" wherever a spaceship had crashed, "My other half told me that it was a UFO that had crashed, that it was a round disc..... he was out represent and saw it!"

Sgt. LeRoy Wallace was novel MP in the 390th Air Services Squadron. According to his widow, he was called pass one sundown to go to a crash site go up Halo "to gain load the bodies." Next he returned manor the afterward daybreak, the first thing she noticed was the cruel fuss on his clothes, which she burned. The cruel hint lingered on his pole for novel two weeks in spite of repeated bathing.
In tomorrows Account (Divide up 5) - exceptional imagery of bodies, one alien laid-back up, crashed craft prompted through town to base on 18-wheeler motor vehicle under armed use, health check raft transferred.