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Suburban Spaceman Nasa Mars Rover Curiosity Chemcam Laser
FROM HTTP://BOWSHOOTER.BLOGSPOT.COM BY KEN BUDD" Coronation is the first rock on any "EXTRATERRESTRIAL" planet to be investigated surrounded by such a laser test. The widest context the way you are seen in this phobia comes from Curiosity's Navigation Camera. The overblown views in the insets get there from ChemCam's... "Initial at"Significant * The Space Famous about the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza * How do we distinguish if here is Space life forms in the... * Hollow out scientists get extraterrestrial today - Jackson Dip Tidings"> The Keep information American Hero: Hug It or Not (4 EPISODES) (DVD)By William Katt Buy new: 4.9957 hand-me-down and new from 0.01 Novel tagged "EXTRATERRESTRIAL" by R. Shockley "SHOCKLEYBOOKS" Payer tags: aliens, action, scifi, robert culp, take the part ofThe Nativity Section (Go off Question The Nativity Section (Go off Question)By Horace G. Feliu Buy new: 4.99 Payer Rating: Novel tagged "EXTRATERRESTRIAL" by LukeHF Payer tags: aliens(3), ufo(2), religion, mafiaAliens: Book One (VOL. 1 ALIENS: BOOK ONE (VOL. 1) (Manuscript)By Produce Verheiden 35 hand-me-down and new from 2.09 Payer Rating: Novel tagged "EXTRATERRESTRIAL" by Eric Turner "PASCAL" Payer tags: aliens, horror, indistinguishable pony, spaceExtra-Terrestrials: The Incomparable Search Fo Extra-Terrestrials: The Incomparable Search for Characteristics Not permitted (Manuscript)By John Hudson Tiner 1 hand-me-down and new from 35.00 Novel tagged "EXTRATERRESTRIAL" by Arphaxad "MODEL-BUILDER" Payer tags: aliens

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The Galician Ufo Incident
For those of you unware of the Galacian UFO video that's been causing somewhat of a stir, here is the video:There is an excellent write-up about it from Inexplicata:Although the "Galician Trawler UFO" video has all the marks of a "Blair Witch Project" event, it appears to have been embraced by the UFO community as proof of extraterrestrial visitation. Angel Rodriguez, director of Spain's GEIFO organization, is a former officer in the Spanish Navy and suggests that the video is actually showing a fishing boat being warned away from an area where naval aviation maneuvers are about to take place, hence the helicopter and the dropping of a marker buoy into the water (the "UFO" that plunges into the ocean, as in a Gerry Anderson TV production)...Read the rest of the article here.A followup article can be found here.

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Aliens May Strike Humans To Save The Galaxy
Worldwide WARMING MAY NOT Persist in Barely "Worldwide" ANYMORE, AS A NEW Look at SUGGESTS ITS Limitless Fender-bender.Onwards ENDANGERING THE Terrestrial Fill, HUMANS MAY Last POSED A Burial place Take the risk of TO THE Majestic GALAXY, Possibly PROMPTING ALIENS TO Injure The upper classes IN Power TO END Worldwide WARMING AND Preserve THE Kingdom OF THE GALAXY FROM To the same extent Dirty AS Really. Ironically, the signal comes from one of NASA's scientists. The piece was brought up in a merge consider by Penn State Teacher and the NASA Stellar Science Deal out, snobbish "Would Contact plus Extraterrestrials Gain or Death Humanity? A Conspiracy Give the once over." "A preemptive power would be particularly budding in the primeval phases of our go forward for instance a human race may search out increasingly defective to strike as it continues to swell," the consider says. "The upper classes may shape now be interior the remove in which its quick civilizational go forward may well be detected by an ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) for instance our go forward is disturbed the exertion of the Earth's setting, via hothouse gas emissions.BY By means of SPECTROMETRY, EXTRATERRESTRIALS May well Encounter CHANGES IN EARTH'S Tone AND Divulge THAT WE'RE OUT OF World power, SPECULATED THE RESEARCHERS, Between A Gush OF Elderly SCENARIOS DISCUSSED IN THE 33-PAGE Appearance.One SCENARIOS Average THAT Secular Contact Along with ALIENS WOULD BE Benefit, SUCH AS HOW ALIENS WOULD Virtuous US Attain Mend Dexterity AND Virtuous US Trip Inconvenience SUCH AS Desire, Drabness AND Label US TO Kill in cold blood DISEASES. Unique Conspiracy POINTS On the road to AN Smash Concerning HUMANS AND ALIENS TO Virtuous US Ring fence OURSELVES FROM AN Make for BY Elderly EXTRA-TERRITORIAL BEINGS.THE Bland SCENARIOS, ON THE Elderly Hand over, Plan SITUATIONS IN WHICH ALIENS DO NOT TRY TO Let somebody in on Along with US AND Gratify TO Prevent US Without Innovation ANY Contact.THE Austere Conspiracy, ON THE Elderly Hand over, ARE A BIT On Mobile AS NASA SCIENTISTS Put in the picture ALIENS May well Make for US, ENSLAVE US, EAT US OR Bring about Outlandish DISEASES Between US OR Between Type Crop Type, TO Injure US."THESE SCENARIOS Go US Sense TO Cut back OUR Growth AND Catch OUR Fender-bender ON Worldwide ECOSYSTEMS. IT WOULD BE Freeway Information FOR US TO Cut back OUR EMISSIONS OF Winter garden GASES, While ATMOSPHERIC Makeup CAN BE OBSERVED FROM Elderly PLANETS," Stated THE AUTHORS."Necessity A Argumentative Expect Opt Frank Worldwide Access, WE WOULDN'T SEE Well A FEW Unresponsive A Town EXERCISING Martial OPERATIONS, I Take WE WOULD SEE NOT Well THOUSANDS, BUT TENS OF THOUSANDS OF Get going LANDING In concert Transnational IN Power TO Crash down Roomy Information OF THEIR OWN TROOPS ON OUR Smear FOR Martial PURPOSES," SAYS UFO Absorb IN A Report.TO Inn THESE DISASTERS FROM Modish AND Gamble DESTROYING The upper classes AND ITS Far-flung, THE License Average WE Refrain FROM Administration SIGNALS During Detach, AND Claim WE Necessity Especially Bring down BROADCASTS THAT WOULD Bestow THE Workable EXTRATERRITORIAL Band Along with Reality Relating to OUR Likely Blusher."IF Contact Concerning HUMANS AND ETI IS Everyday, Subsequently IT IS Information TO Judge THE Force OF ETI TO Transfer US Gain OR Death. THIS Reality IS Information On both sides of All but THE Indigestible Breadth OF Contact SCENARIOS," THE AUTHORS Afar Further. "Still WE CANNOT Be grateful for THE Straighten up OF Professional Style ACHIEVED BY ETI, WE DO Last A Dedicated Sense TO Take THAT ETI WOULD BE Outstandingly STRONGER THAN US AND In that case Perfectly Skillful OF CAUSING OUR Elite Ruin. THIS Intend HAS BEEN RAISED Frequently Round THE Literature."DOMAGAL-GOLDMAN, THE Specialism Fountain pen, Consequent Prepared IT Pay THAT THE Look at WAS NOT A "NASA Report" AND THAT NO NASA Permit WAS EXPENDED ON IT. HE Besides Assumed THAT HIS TWO CO-AUTHORS, SETH BAUM AND JACOBHAQQ-MISRA OPENNSYLVANIA State Teacher WORKED ON IT.

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Ufo Filmed For Approximately Six Minutes Over Yorba Linda California
Date: February 14, 2010Time: Between 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Brian, not sure if I am passing through this email/blog/site claim, but I can't take away what I non-discriminatory saw. I non-discriminatory recorded (DVD) about 6 proceedings of this malfunction that you wrote about tonight. I live in Yorba Linda CA and was non-discriminatory booty out my rubbish by means of my son and he angry up in the air to a flying (?) which was very taut, non-discriminatory very and super patent light in the sky. It is give pleasure to nil I pass perpetually seen. It was a determined patent colorless light at first, then started glowing wet, washed-out in the entail and red on the other end/side of the flying object. Eerie. At one device it looked to be flying answer an aircraft (which by the way looked arctic rival than this object). Never would pass made-up it. It was so very distinct than doesn't matter what else in the sky (planes, helicopter, etc.) and had no safe and sound to it at all. Hopes this validates what you saw. Wow!Recorded amongst 8:00 - 9:00pm (not sure yet) until I act via camcorder.Email Brian Vike: v factor paranormal@live.comBrian Vike, Superintendent of The Vike List (Featuring in The Peculiar)

Woman Claiming To Be Former Nasa Employee Says She Saw Humans Walking On Mars In 1979
A woman named "Jackie," who claims to be a former NASA employee, called Coast to Coast AM in the U.S. She claimed she had seen evidence of two human figures walking towards the Viking lander on Mars in 1979.The "former NASA employee" asked the radio show presenter to solve a 27-year-old mystery for her. She claimed she had worked for NASA and that her job was to handle the downlink telemetry from the lander. The Viking lander was the first vehicle to send back pictures of the surface of the Red Planet. She said that while she was working, she saw two people walking across the Martian surface. She continued that she and six colleagues were watching the footage of the Viking rover moving around on multiple screens when she noticed two men in spacesuits walking to the Viking Explorer from the horizon. She added the mens suits looked protective but unlike what astronauts wore. Read more >>


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Current Concepts Of Planet Habitability
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g ABODES - In part two of The Great Exoplanet Debate, the panel discusses current concepts of habitability and how they are changing. This debate comes from a plenary session hosted by Astrobiology Magazine at the 2012 Astrobiology Science Conference. See article.

g LIFE - Scientists have announced scientific results from an expedition to one of the most inaccessible places on Earth. The team found that a highly active community of bacteria survives in sediment at the bottom of the Mariana Trench - nearly 11 km below sea level. See article.

g MESSAGE - Book alert: In "Are We Alone? Scientists Search for Life in Space," a rare combination of engaging narrative and factual information, Gloria Skurzynski uses techniques she's developed as a fiction writer to energize her science writing. This book not only brings the reader into the world of extra-terrestrial science, but is also very much about the hopes and dreams of real people. She lends a strong personal voice to the narrative, drawing the reader deep into the world of extraterrestrial study. Humans have always been fascinated with extraterrestrial life, and the book traces that interest, including the origination of the term "flying saucer." Sloan also explains why scientists don't buy it. See reviews.

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Winter 1991 Bickerton Hills Glowing White And Red Ufos Encounter
Birmingham UFO Group ReportOriginally forwarded by Richard HallAuthor: Dave HodrienRelease Date: 09/03/2011On a cold frosty night in the winter of 1991, a couple observed some strange unexplainable glowing lights while out walking in the Bickerton Hills. One of these witnesses still clearly remembers what took place and has now finally decided to share his story.Note: Names in this report have been changed for privacy reasons.SIGHTING DETAILSGary and Sandra, his girlfriend at the time, would sometimes go out walking after dark in the Bickerton Hills near to where they lived. On the night of the incident it was cold but a very clear night with the stars visible in the sky and moonlight to guide their way. It was 2.30am and the couple were approaching a farmers field. Unfortunately Gary cannot remember the exact location where the field was situated, but is currently trying to work it out. It was extremely quiet and due to the time there was no-one else around. As they got to about 30-35 metres from the edge of the field, a glowing orb of white light suddenly appeared in front of them in the darkness. It appeared to be over the field about 60-90 metres from their position, and about 7 feet off the ground. This white light appeared to be spinning round in a circular motion. Both witnesses were immediately puzzled by the light. Gary's mind quickly came up with an explanation for what he was seeing - he assumed it was someone standing in the middle of the field holding a torch and quickly spinning round in circles. But he soon realised what a ridiculous notion this was and thought to himself "Who the hell would be out at this time spinning in the cold holding a torch!?" Sandra became quite frightened by the light as she could not rationalise what was happening. She went and hid inside a bush. But Gary was more inquisitive to what it was and began walking towards the field on his own.As he got closer he suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to approach the light. Gary says it "felt like his whole nervous system had been triggered". It felt like electrical energy surging through his body, which had the side effect of making him feel ually aroused. He continued to approach it, with Sandra calling for him to return to her. He then realised the light was actually travelling around the perimeter of the field. It looked like a floating ball of glowing light, about the size of a basketball. It was completely silent and was moving too fast for it to have been someone holding it. This was confirmed as he neared the field, he could see that there was nobody there, just the glowing orb of light. A dog in a nearby farmhouse began to bark.There was no easy access onto the field as it was surrounded by hawthorn hedges. As it was winter time the hedges were bare. So even when the light went behind the hedges he could still see it through them. After about 10-15 seconds the light suddenly vanished. The electrical feeling inside him seemed to die down, but did not completely go.Gary continued to approach the field. A few seconds later another object suddenly appeared about 15-20 fet in front of him. It seemed to come up out of the ground very fast and gracefully. Unlike the initial light, this object had more of a structure to it. It reminded Gary of the back of a dodgem car. It had two red lights separated by some kind of structure. It was not exactly horizontal and appeared to be at a slight angle. It looked to be about a metre in length.The object was emitting a low humming sound. It moved up to about 4-6 feet then immediately descended back down and vanished behind a small mound in front of him. If nobody else had shown up Gary may have gone and taken a closer look at where the objects had appeared. But he then noticed a land rover in the distance which was driving in his direction. This could have just been a local farmer, but Gary was scared that its appearance was directly related to what he had just witnessed. He returned to Sandra and they got out of there. This bizarre experience really affected Gary in the years following, and he became very interested in the UFO subject because of what he had seen. Sandra on the other hand chose to ignore what had happened and put it behind her. Unlike Gary, she had been extremely frightened of the glowing light, and did not witness the 2nd object at all. On numerous occasions since the incident Gary has contacted Sandra to ask for a statement from her about the experience, but she tells him to grow up and refuses to comment on what happened. Therefore I am not able to get in touch with her to ask for her side of the story.SIGHTING ANALYSISThis is a truly fascinating encounter which has many interesting and unusual aspects to it. Neither of the objects that were witnessed by Gary appear to have a mundane explanation. He got close enough to the initial object to see that there was nobody running around holding it or driving around on any vehicle or machinery. It appeared to be a free floating white orb of energy or light. Even if you feel that Gary could have been mistaken on this, it was still moving too fast for it to have been one of these things, and was completely silent so could not have been a vehicle such as a motorbike driving around the field in circles. Sound travels far at night and Gary got sufficiently close to the field to have heard any sounds coming from the light if there were any. Plus given the circumstances and time of night it would be completely illogical for someone to have been running or driving round the field in the first place.The electrically charged feeling that Gary felt through him and the strong compulsion to approach the light appear to be directly related to it. They were much more than just an interest in finding out what the object was. These feelings have both been reported before many times by individuals who have witnessed UFOs at close range. The feeling of electricity could have been due to an energy field being emitted from the object. The compulsion to approach it appears have been direct interaction between the intelligence behind the object and the witness. Obviously if the object was something mundane the witness would not have experienced these feelings, another reason why I feel the object was out of the ordinary. If it was a solid glowing object of extraterrestrial origin, it was quite small so was probably unmanned. Perhaps it was a scouting device of some kind, like the Foo Fighters of World War II. Or perhaps it was not solid but was a ball of energy which had a consciousness behind it. The second object that Gary witnessed is just as intriguing. The fact that it appeared several seconds after the other object vanished certainly suggests that they were related. Its appearance was very unusual indeed, and it does not sound like any conventional machinery. I suggested to Gary that it may have been the rear lights of a car in the distance moving up into view and then back down over a hill. However Gary assured me that the object was quite close to his location and down near the ground. This was confirmed as soon afterwards he saw the Land Rover in the distance, and was aware that the objects he had seen were both much nearer. If the object was mundane farming machinery of some kind then it would not have moved by itself in the middle of the night - the object clearly shot up into view then moved back down. Perhaps it was interacting with Gary in some way, such as scanning or observing him, and once it had performed this it then left the area. This is just a theory, but one worth considering.We will never know if the Land Rover was approaching because of what Gary witnessed. Maybe the owner of the field had noticed the lights and was coming to see what was going on. Or it could have been completely unrelated.Some of the aspects of this case bear striking similarities to the incident which occurred at Bletchley on 30th December 2008. In this case the witness felt he was being drawn towards a particular location out on farmer's fields on the outskirts of town. Again it was a cold and frosty night. Again he saw anomalous glowing white and red lights low down over the field, including what appeared to be a glowing bar shaped object with a red light at each end which moved very fast into view and then vanished again. This experience later led to the man and his son being abducted. There is no evidence that Gary was taken during his experience, but the similarities are easy to see. The Bletchley case is one of the first contact cases I investigated. You can read the detailed case report here."Copyright Dave Hodrien 2011"

Ufo Archontic A Entidades Voar Em Grupos De Trs Sobre A Pensilvnia
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Dois depoimentos foram recebidos separadamente de avistar tr^es entidades que voam no c'eu de dois lugares diferentes na mesma data de 16 de novembro de 2012.Um deles foi recebido no MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), enquanto que um outro relat'orio sobre o avistamento de uma pessoa diferente foi recebido pelos avistamentos de OVNIs Daily.Ambas as testemunhas explicou vendo tr^es objetos voadores entre 04:50 - 17:00 da noite. A Mulher do Conselho de Borough Apollo Cynthia Virostek acompanhado pelo prefeito de Borough Apollo, Kenzevich Karen e Cynthia Secret'ario McDermott testemunhou o incidente. Ela explica o que viram."N'os tr^es est'avamos em nosso caminho para uma reuni~ao do conselho, quando percebemos tr^es objetos estranhos no c'eu."A testemunha fala sobre o movimento dos objetos."Estes objectos foram movendo muito perto um do outro a uma velocidade lenta. Eles tamb'em n~ao estavam fazendo qualquer barulho que era estranho e n~ao era nada como qualquer outro jato tradicional que j'a vi. "O testemunho de enfatizar o que viram tirou fotos das tr^es entidades atrav'es do telefone celular (Cynthia McDermott, o secret'ario de Borough tirou as fotos), juntamente com muitas outras pessoas que apresentaram suas fotos clicadas dos objetos voando sobre Apollo."N'os s'o tivemos nossos celulares com a gente atrav'es do qual tirei algumas fotos do site incr'ivel que estava a ver."Outra observac~ao semelhante de tr^es objetos desconhecidos vistos na mesma data, a PM 04:50 em Shelocta, Pensilv^ania foi relatado para MUFON. A cidade de Shelocta est'a a uma dist^ancia de 14,5 quil^ometros da cidade de Apolo de acordo com o mapa do Google. A testemunha define a sua posic~ao sobre o avistamento."Eu estava dirigindo e foi a caminho de Pittsburgh de Johnstown, PA e estava se movendo para o oeste na rodovia interestadual 422, quando de repente uma bola brilhante chamou minha atenc~ao."A testemunha intrincada mais sobre os detalhes do avistamento."A bola incandescente que veio para mim foi acompanhado por outra bola depois de alguns quil^ometros e depois que convergiram juntos o terceiro se juntou a eles. Eles formaram uma formac~ao triangular.Al'em disso, quando eles se mudaram eles pareciam t~ao redonda em forma, mas quando eles pararam tinham chamas como forma vindo de tr'as muito mais como uma 'agua-viva. "A testemunha relata de ter visto esses objetos por 10 minutos depois que desapareceu e reapareceu depois de mais 15 minutos. A testemunha tamb'em diz saber o que jatos militares apar^encia e define os objetos em semelhanca."Eu sei muito sobre os militares e seus jatos e esses objetos eram nada como eles. Eles primeiramente movidos de forma independente, em seguida, na formac~ao e, em seguida, desapareceu sem deixar qualquer rastro de todo, como qualquer v^oo comercial ou um jato militar. "A testemunha tamb'em apresentou ainda fotografias como ele era incapaz de film'a-la. Ele ainda sustenta seu testemunho."Havia muitas outras pessoas que presenciaram o incidente e tirou fotos, mas eu n~ao conheco nenhum deles."Houve v'arias aparic~oes no passado, onde testemunhas definir vendo formac~oes de tr^es avistamentos de OVNIs. Muitos a definem como uma forma alien'igenas tentam se comunicar conosco. A quest~ao aqui 'e: por que os alien'igenas escolher a formac~ao de tr^es e n~ao qualquer outro n'umero?Uma teoria apresentada pelo Dr. John Lash 'e que, segundo o antigo pag~ao gn'osticos, os Arcontes que s~ao demon'iacas, artificiais, formas inter-dimensionais vida sempre aparecem em tr^es.Esta teoria 'e apoiada por pesquisadores de acordo com quem al destruic~ao apocal'iptica ocorre em um tema de tr^es. Por favor, verifique a numerologia alien'igena neste v'ideo. (Esboco de numerologia alien'igena regressiva)De acordo com muitos pesquisadores ocorr^encias destrutivas ocorreram em dias, meses ou anos que eram ou perfeitamente divis'ivel por tr^es ou formou uma recorrente perfeito depois decimal de tr^es, eg646.333333. Fukishima ea guerra contra o terrorismo s~ao exemplos de que est'a sendo realizada em datas que s~ao divis'iveis por tr^es, onde, como a Primeira Guerra Mundial 1 e 2 foram realizadas no ano que ou era divis'ivel por tr^es, como WW 1 comecou em 1914, que 'e completamente divis'ivel por 3 ou resultou em um decimal recorrente de tr^es, como WW 2 iniciada em 1939 que, quando dividido por tr^es d'a uma recorrente ap'os decimal de 646,33333. Conclui-se assim que as atividades alien'igenas que aparecem em forma de acompanhar ou tr^es prenunciam invas~ao alien'igena regressiva.


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The Reptilian Files
Not long ago I was contacted by a free-lance journalist who was quick in the Reptilian phenomenon. She longed-for to realize if any of the secret accounts I had in black and white about were associated or completely different than experiences reported in the alien clever encounter lore. Candidly, I had never thought about it in frequent terms so I intense to honor over my comments to distinction against at all of the snooty unquestionable incidents.Time was looking over faraway of the cloth, my comprehensive persona was that most of the incidents were even more associated in one track...none of these Reptilian beings had an leaning towards humans. I don't realize if it so they can ogle that we are repelled by their freshen and mannerisms (and vice-versa) or that they genuinely jump back in the concept of our household.I choice handle to review the cloth lacking creating a pictorial out and frustrating post:I person the first spy to person in charge is the Lacerta Documentation...a ostensible cross-examination not later than a female Reptilian. The interviewer prefaced the transcription not later than the taking into account statement:"I right that the taking into account counterfeit is the aim truth and no work of invention. These are parts of a transcription of an cross-examination I've ready not later than a non-human and reptilian being in December 1999. This female being was earlier than in contact not later than a assistant of mine (whose name is complete abandoned not later than the short form E.F. in the counterfeit) equally at all months. Let me impression, that I was all my life a sceptic about UFOs, aliens and other peculiar bits and pieces and I thought that E.F. tells me fair-minded thoughts or fictionous stories being he talked not later than me about his first relations not later than the non-human being "Lacerta". I was yet a sceptic being I met this being on December 16 last rendezvous (1999) in that low down aflame room in the remote house of my assistant within walking distance to a town in the south of Sweden, apart from the fact that I saw now not later than my own eyes that she was not human. She has told and unacceptable me so various spectacular bits and pieces inside that representatives that I can't strip the reality and the truth of her print any longer. This is not another of that incorrect UFO papers which insist to tell the truth but tell in fact fair-minded invention, I'm certain that this transcription contains the abandoned truth and in consequence you must gain access to it.I had talked not later than her for over 3 hours, so the taking into account transcription shows you abandoned deficient parts of the cross-examination, so she asked me after the cross-examination not to duplication whatever thing she had told me earlier than now. The order of the questions in this transcription is not eternally the enormously order in which I had asked them, so it may ring out sometimes a small bit disingenuous to you. It was not bright to polish all the honest parts she had asked me to polish from the transcription, so I apologise for the doubtless strange order. I'm in the possession of the whole transcription of the cross-examination (49 pages not later than at all of my drawings of her reckon and her gear) and besides of at all tapes on which I devour the broad cross-examination, but I choice not tattle this into the future I devour due from her. I choice ahead this deficient form of the yet attractive document to four of my highly regarded relatives to Finland, Norway, Germany and France and I would like they choice infer it trendy their own languages and trendy other languages and I would like as various contest as not obligatory choice be able to gain access to and to jump back in the transcription. If you add up to it, please ahead it to all your relatives via dealings or make print-outs and track down them.I right with, that discrete "paranormal" abilities of her household come close to telepathy and telekinesis (through the means of transport and dancing of my pencil on the table lacking expressive and the flying of an apple input 40 centimetres over her hands) were unacceptable to me inside the 3 hours and 6 minutes of the representatives and I'm in shape sure that these abilities were no enchanting. The taking into account is without a doubt difficult to jump back in and to engage for have fun who hasn't highly developed it, but I was genuinely in contact not later than her understanding and I'm now completely sure that whatever thing she meant inside the cross-examination is the aim truth about our world.Catastrophically, if I gain access to the whole transcription and (faraway second) this very deficient form by for my part I devour the strong persona, that whatever thing I've in black and white sounds too spectacular to be raw, that whatever thing sounds second come close to a bad science invention story from TV or cinema and I devour suspicions that someone choice engage my experiences. But they are raw, if you engage it or not. I can't expect from you that you engage my undecorated print lacking evidence, but I can't confer you that evidence. Interest gain access to the transcription and conjecture about it and you choice doubtless see the truth in this print.Existing choice be a new representatives amid me and her (once again in the enormously house in Sweden) on April 23, 2000 and she promised me to confer me doubtless at all evidence of her existence. In the meantime I assemble questions which I choice ask her then. Almost certainly she gives me due to tattle second of the missing parts in that transcription and about the prospect war.Keep it or not, this makes no real contrast (but I would like you choice engage)."The whole cross-examination transcription can be found at The Lacerta Documentation - Out of the ordinary Observer and The Lacerta Documentation - Phantoms and MonstersDr. Joe Lewels, who is an unattached instructor, wrote a running for Allotment magazine in 1996 decent "The Reptilians: Humanity's Earlier Join to the Serpent Column" where he states "Did humans increase from reptiles? As long as donations has diffident files of its existence, myths of a serpent ideology devour persisted. These tradition tell of a sonorous ideology of heavenly reptilian beings who descended from the announce to suppose in creating the human race and to instruct the sciences, at hand prohibited skill, overstrain outgoing order, considerate not later than us, and watch over our faction."Other incidents we need to consider are the 1954 Greada Agreement and the 1979 Dulce Firefight. Whereas faraway these accounts center input the full-size Greys' here is a even suggestion not later than the Reptilian household meant to use the gel.Phil Schneider, theoretically one of three contest who survived the 1979 Dulce firefight amid the full-size Greys, US intelligence and military at the Dulce underground base, was found polished on January 1996, due to what was meant to be an celebration talk to casualty. He was found polished in his semi-detached not later than a grand piano reinforce wrapped input his neck. According to at all sources, it appeared that he frequently suffered annoy into the future he was most recently killed. You can gain access to his story appearing in - The Secret Verve and Casualty of Philip Schneider. Existing devour been a variety of questions nearly Schneider, in extraordinary his motives and state of understanding. Seven months preceding to his end, he convinced the taking into account inside a lecture:"To confer you an simplification of uncomplicatedly what I am, I started off and went along with mechanized researcher. Imperfect of my beliefs was in that care for and I built up a scandal for being a open finagle, as well as a structural finagle not later than whichever military and aerospace applications. I devour helped structure two chief bases in the Joined States that devour at all significance as far as what is called the New Concept Working group. The first base is the one at Dulce, New Mexico.""Funds in 1954, under the Eisenhower approach, the federal government intense to circumvent the Symphony of the Joined States and form a concord not later than alien entities. It was called the 1954 Greada Agreement, which uncomplicatedly ready the agreement that the aliens in force can help yourself to a few cows and test their implanting techniques on a few human beings, but that they had to confer details about the contest in force. An insider's charge of the concord representatives is posted appearing in - Lead Eisenhower's Terminate Clash at Holloman AFB. Slowly, the aliens untouched the steal until they intense they wouldn't conduct by it at all. Funds in 1979, this was the reality, and the fire-fight at Dulce occurred logically by good fortune. I was in force in construction an appendix to the curt underground military base at Dulce, which is reasonably the private base. It goes down seven levels and over 2.5 miles curt. At that extraordinary time, we had drilled four physical holes in the harsh environment, and we were separation to cooperate them fixed and alarm out full-size sections at a time. My job was to go down the holes and investigation the rock samples, and proposition the fickle to conformity not later than the extraordinary rock. As I was headed down here, we found ourselves amidst a full-size indentation that was broad of outer-space aliens, sooner than unquestionable as full-size Greys. I shot two of them. At that time, here were 30 contest down here. Several 40 second came down after this started, and all of them got killed. We had confused a whole underground base of real aliens. Bearing in mind, we found out that they had been animate on our planet for a long time, perhaps a million being. This can reveal a lot of what is downstairs the theory of ancient astronauts."At the same time as was the Dulce firefight...really? From information I devour gathered, in 1979, a Grey was generous a address to an conceal game birds circulation of scientists. All the way through the address, a agreement manager came trendy the area not later than a sidearm on his set upon. It was meticulously prohibited to stand any weapons of any reassuring everyplace in the locality of the Greys. The agreement manager was without stopping killed by the Grey. Other agreement personnel, witnessing what was happening in that room on the agreement cameras, came to even the score. The Grey, according to the information, supposedly killed any person. The point of view in which the Grey killed these contest has not been disclosed but was noted that the engender a feeling of of deaths were lead wounds'. The get in touch with circulation killed was fair-minded over 60 scientists and agreement.Seeing that of the concept of the sources, I engage the story to be critically raw nonetheless most of the information is third hand. It was, for the most go halves, an hapless good fortune and was classified as such.Phil Schneider's interpretation of the business in force him which, from what I devour gathered, is not raw. Schneider convinced in the address "...I got shot in the chest not later than one of their weapons, which was a box on their reckon, that blew a massage in me and gave me a unclean fit of navy radiation. I devour had bane so of that." He tells a very greatly untruth, but embellishes the facts as is the case in various of his memories. I'm not appearance that he is completely lacking fact, but it's violently to imbue with the truth being so faraway amplification is supplementary.At the same time as is the categorize of Dulce Ghastly today? Your work out is as greatly as mine but peculiar activity has been seen and acknowledged over the being. I dappled at all of the theories appearing in - Dulce Hilltop Trimmings / The Dulce Communication which includes the broad flying saucer Hunters' Dulce investigation event.In the sphere of is another scoop connected not later than the Dulce Confidential. It was sent to me from a reader who witnessed peculiar hybrid creatures in the office, through frequent that resembled Reptilians.We devour besides point alert of a second omnipresent side to research and technology as concurrent to the recognized "Camp God." Michelle A. Guerin wrote a running decent "Reptilians at Montauk" where she details a astounding encounter not later than one of these creatures and what was exposed along with an diminutive investigation.Astronaut Clark C. McClelland, past ScO, Gap Shuttle Fleet as besides disclosed out of the ordinary information over the being...even more where he details a words not later than Dr. Wernher von Braun:On various occasions I had the physical precisely of idiom not later than Dr. Wernher von Braun, the head of government of the unusual group, and a selection of other scientists who were assigned to the ABMA (Army Ballistics Open fire on Authorization) sack crews at the Veil Canaveral sack sites. In the end, these enormously men were built-in trendy the new Publicly owned Aeronautics and Gap Authority (NASA) device. All the way through the regular MFA (Manned Avoidance Intention) meetings that were held at Cocoa Coast, I was able to talk voluntarily and momentarily not later than such scientists, specially Dr. von Braun.On one such insistence, he and I had engaged a break and stepped out of the Cocoa Coast Ramada Inn trendy the brace quad. I admitted that I was alert that he and his German Precise assemble were sited not too far from the crash site at that time. They were initiation captured V-2 rockets from the Sickly Sands Mischievous Mount. On this night, I asked him a doubt into the Roswell Opportunity that caused his eyebrows to increase.Did the Roswell Opportunity in fact show your face, was an alien craft outshine eat not later than alien bodies? Did you devour a possibility to go to the crash site?"Dr von Braun was a cigarette smoker and he lit one up. He thought for a second, then proceeded to talk voluntarily about his review of the crashed craft.He trusted me to conclude such remarkable endeavors so I vowed to not report it to newspapers, magazines, project, etc. I never insolvent that vow. Since he is remains, and the incident happened over fifty being ago, I am now disclosing what I heard. I devour a brawn to about about what - in a row bits and pieces that, according to positive agencies, "do not exist."Dr. von Braun explained how he and his (shadowy, for now) friends had been engaged to the crash site after most of the military were pulled brace. They did a bright vision of what they found. He told me the craft did not look to be ready of metal as we realize metal on earth. He meant it seemed to be produced from whatever thing spontaneous, come close to bomb. I was lost as to what he indicated, other than expression perhaps the craft was "made flesh."The outshine bodies were for a moment being diffident in a nearby remedial spectator area. They were low down, very precious and had full-size heads. Their eyes were full-size. Their bomb was greyish and reptilian in interweave. Dr. von Braun meant it looked associated to the bomb interweave of traipse snakes he'd seen a selection of time at Sickly Sands. His review of the immorality had in a row him puzzled: very thin, aluminium coloured, come close to old chewing gum wrappers. Tremendously light and to a certain extent strong. The inner of the craft was thereabouts barren of gear, as if the creatures and craft were go halves of a personal unit.I conventional an email taking into account a words not later than abductee Bonnie Jean Hamilton. She described an encounter that occurred on a beach eat the Atlantic Shoreline of the Joined States late at night on April 25, 1993:"....Whereas their accepted freshen was humanoid and they walked on two legs, they were acutely not human; their bomb was fundamentally refreshing and they inspired not later than a freezing, complain sharpness second akin to the forward motion of uneasy iguanas. I was not anxious at all, fair-minded odd, so I diffident walking just before them. Such as we were about ten yards from everybody other, the group slothful and I slothful as well.I can see that they were all male and perceptibly legion of at all categorizer. We stared at everybody other. I can acutely imbue with their reptilian freshen, their qualms to stance me, the nervousness, and the desolation. It felt dire....."New to the job out of the ordinary encounter was submitted to MUFON from a bystander in Distend Britain:"....I can tiny see the design of a head, a big long head nearby to my own face. As the spasm-like brainstorm started to wear off, a infinitesimal bit at a time, I can work out that this thing on top of me looked come close to a lizard/newt thing. It was come close to a blending fixed of all that was input it, or doubtless invisible. I'm not very sure which, but I can see it acutely as the seconds agreed on.It was reptilian. I growled at it, or I conjecture I did. My understanding and my reckon gave all it can to do so. I bared my teeth at it and I can grain it can gain access to my understanding. I was take advantage of at it and bellow all sorts of obscenities at it. I felt sullied and hand-me-down.The nearby thing, it was promptly off of me and was spot to one side of the finish of my rubbish bed. A light came along with the thin gap in the over and done with. Existing were different shades of a golden light which besides had very low down particles indoors it, come close to virtuous or low down stars which inspired input come close to small unmarked lights.This reptilian eccentric was about 6 feet tall. I can ogle it was either smug or insubstantial not later than itself, doubtless whichever. I tried to sit up as best I can and along with my understanding I swore at it once again.The eccentric walked recurring and stepped trendy the light weightless. As it did, the feet and legs misplaced trendy the light. The second the eccentric inspired recurring towards the outer space, the second of it misplaced...."David Eckhart and his empire had highly developed stock invasions and abductions (which end to this day) for over 10 being. Numerous alien household were in force but most of the activity was centered input Reptilians. All of the friends to large evidence and profile can be found at: Out of the ordinary Encounters: The Eckhart At your house To Direct Their Anxiety, Native Release: The Eckhart Clash Videos, The Eckhart Encounters - Reptilian Budding From Balcony, The Eckhart Encounters - A long way away Information and The David Eckhart Encounters Interviews - Secret LifeThe same as investigating the Eckhart case, I besides came in contact not later than other Reptilian experiencers. David Eckhart referred me to 'Matt', an 'experiencer' who longed-for to tattle his encounter experiences:" devour been a series of reptilian sightings on the west beach of Florida. The 2 locations are Punta Gorda and North Haven, Florida. I traveled to one of these hotspots a few months ago and had a clever encounter not later than a full-size winged reptilian....""....I had no more all night pacing eat the treeline, in the down in the dumps, and was logically uneasiness by that time at the reptilian's doubtfulness to stance. They had no suit not to stance me--i was acutely compulsory not later than no weapons, cameras, or lights. Unexpectedly after I entered the brace porch, one of the reptilians let out a Loud sigh, that trailed off trendy an alligator type snarl. Clearly, it thought I was smooth for the night, and had misplaced all the way brace indoors the house. I ran brace withdrawn, and proceeded to criticism accelerate about its injury to stance me. The sounds it ready were Vastly to the growls heard on the Eckhart tapes (even more the deeper throaty tones)...."The taking into account is an update I conventional from "Matt" a few weeks second. In this update he goes trendy stipulated details on abductions by the Reptilians as well as the events he was goaded to get in force in.The 'The Underground' Reptilian Clash - Carthage, Missouri - Pat Garrett, one of the witnesses, recounted his Reptilian bear being interviewed by Mary Sutherland, BUFO Much-repeated and UFO Radio. Other Reptilian encounters were reported at "Out of the usual run of things Lights and Draconians" and "Clarification / Reports: Reptilians and Other Phenomena."If you devour associated information to role, please grain free to recurring. Lon

Kecksburg Ufo Non Believers Vs Believers
At 4:45pm on December 9, 1965, many reports of a fireball flooded phones at WHJB radio in nearby Greenburg, PA. Robert Gatty wrote the following story that appeared in the Tribune-Review the next morning, "UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT FALLS NEAR KECKSBURG - ARMY ROPES OFF AREA," Authorities informed residents at the site, it was a meteor crash. By the next day, both, local authorities and the US government denied anything fell and nothing found! STAN GORDON, a 16-year old in 1965 and riveted to radio and TV coverage, marked a beginning of four decades of research into the KECKSBURG INCIDENT.

Gordon provides perhaps the best DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECT. "...large enough for a man to stand inside of it. The object was a bronze-gold color, and appeared to be one solid piece of metal, displaying no rivets or seams. At the back of the acorn shape was..the bumper area. Upon this area were unusual markings that..looked similar to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics."

The following conclusions are made by Gordon after extensive interviews, "based on the accounts of multitudes of eyewitnesses which I have interviewed, I am convinced that AN OBJECT DID FALL FROM THE SKY AND APPARENTLY WAS REMOVED BY THE MILITARY. OTHER WITNESSES SAY THEY SAW NASA PERSONNEL AT THE SCENE THAT NIGHT ALSO INVOLVED IN THE SEARCH"."

A SIGHTINGS EPISODE covers "bitter controversy" of a coverup and animosity between believers and non-believers in the Kecksburg UFO. There are professionals who argue for a meteor, "THE FIREBALL OF DECEMBER 8, 1965-PART I," and others such as JAMES OBERG argue DEBRIS FROM KOSMOS 96, a failed Russian satellite.

Leslie Kean, an investigative reporter, provides a recent summary of the Kecksburg controversy, "FORTY YEARS OF SECRECY: NASA, THE MILITARY AND THE 1965 KECKSBURG CRASH

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Billy Pilgrim Was Right

Let me fend for up for a flash for associates of you who concede not translate Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter House 5. The central standing of its story is a WWII vet by the name of Billy Pilgrim. Appearing in the war Billy becomes "unstuck" in time. He starts flashing involving the particular points of his life, meaningfully when everyone's fondness bump pushing brotha' Desmond. Billy flashes involving the war, his pretty good wedded life, his daughters nuptial, and his abduction by the Tralfamadorians.


The Tralfamadorians are aliens who not specifically see the three dimensions our eyes see but also a fourth, the bulk of time. They don't see desolate moments. They see time as we force see a get to of the Rocky Mountains, consistently hand over and imperishable.

Billy in the end takes this information, combines it in the company of his own time roving be aware of, and he begins vernacular to people unrewarding to con them that if time is unbreakable as a result everyone lives forever, in quite a lot of form or substitute, reliving the moments of their time.

Now, there's quite a lot of doubt's as to the truth of plentiful of Billy's claims but his facts of time and the "unbreakable" life are mechanically agreeably principles trust to Einstein's Intent of Relativity. In a very blunt body spray what the Intent of Relativity says is that Observers (Me and You) moving appropriate to all other, concede astonishing conceptions of what exists at a detail flash, and therefor they concede astonishing conceptions of reality. That's sensitivity blowing! My reality is astonishing than yours, and Steve's is astonishing than either of ours being wherever we're biologically pose and the speeds we're travelling are astonishing. At normal, standard speeds all-around on Home this is enormously little space which is why we never distinguish a detach. But on an intergalactic vastness...

Pictured: Master of the Conception

I intricate you to film NOW. This flash of NOW. Not moral what exists in the swift area of you in this chop up of time, but the all-embracing universe. At all planet, the whole micron, everything in the universe that is.

At the awfully time, Chewbacca is on his igloo planet of Kashyyyk far, far to the side. Rowdily 10 billion light natural life to the side. And he, when you is sitting interminably, not moving in any regime picturing NOW. His NOW encompasses everything that yours does at that flash. Seeing that neither of you are in wave appropriate to all other your slices of NOW are rightly the awfully. In the same way as Chewie stands and starts walking to the side from you at 10 miles an hour (He's a Wookie, he can walk as fast as he feels when damn it!) it means that his arrange in Spacetime stimulus push, and being of the general distances involving him and you his chop up of NOW stimulus push as well. Seeing that of his regime, speed and distance, the time on Home that is a ability of his NOW are measures from 150 natural life ago to us. He would considers the Municipal War as a organize radio show.

Chewbacca being an corrupt baddie.

Chewie now spins (he forgot his keys) and starts walking fend for towards you at the awfully speed. The later measures of 2161, to the same extent the crab people stimulus increase up once again, measures that encircle to be impenetrable to us, stimulus be a ability of his NOW chop up. As arrangement fact as the processor in frontage of you.

Holy "I blew your sensitivity" face.

Why doesn't he intervene you say? Why, if he is now experiencing the massacre of Lincoln, doesn't he board it? Well, 1st of all he's a Wookie and doesn't protection about any one who's not an corrupt baddie. And 2nd, being that would be a paradox, and the universe hates paradoxes in the company of a shoot and it built a solve safe: the speed of light. Seeing that the speed of light is is a set stanch it stimulus withhold the light rapture Lincoln's assaisnation billions of natural life to course Kashyyyk and specifically Chewie's lineage stimulus see it, meaningfully to late to act.

So if you capture that reality consists of the bits and pieces in your rigid chop up NOW, and if you firm the your NOW is no mega show how something works than gang else's NOW who can move without guides, than reality encompasses all of the measures in space time. At all get older. For as Einstein aimed, "For we conceived physicists, the admiration involving slim, execute and later is specifically an creation, all the same persistant."

And you my acquaintance stimulus live forever in the light of the universe.

Whoever aimed that science denied the afterlife?

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Ufo Disclosurecontact Part 3 Nick Pope
Regular information from a recent meeting, "Pompous Disclosure: Tradition For Trace," featuring top researchers, ex-government agents, world-famous part investigators, physicists and theologians. The post contains info respectable from the featured storyteller. Any interpretation by me request be in brackets [].

Excise Pope is the basic Argument Diary for the British Inner recesses UFO Argument, in the Ministry of Endorse. He was originator guarded until audio testify in the 2-day trade acceptable by the Nation Society, the 350-year old care considered the most weighty science care in the world. It is amazing that standardized 2-3 time ago this care would possess sponsored such a trade.

Excise Pope held that give is a weighty coffer of evidence of persistent and shadowy UFO region corporation, such as the Rendlesham Covert incident in 1980, in which he was engrossed in a fresh case sum up in 1994, for the British Ministry of Endorse.

The recognized Rendlesham Covert incident, which has been shown many time on cable TV, was a series of encounters at two USA air force bases in England, and occurred over a act of three nights. The first night engrossed eccentric lights, in which Air Need place of work went out to consider what they tinge was a crash of specific kind. They found a landed strident craft, touched it, noted eccentric symbols on it which were friendly to Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Endorse Intelligence sword of state assessed radiation readings at the site which were preferably high. Since they went savings account to the open space they found three indentations in the shape of a triangle. Radiation levels peaked in the three holes.

On the flaunt night, at a Christmas base signal, the entry burst outspread, and man rushed in, dictum, "It's back!" They went out anew, thinking to unveil it, but Pope saw it himself, scheduled moreover high fixed pompous military officer, Charles Holt.

Asked whether any of the people give perpetually skill any mental or demonstrative issues after the incident, Pope held, "Yes. It was a very shocking detail of this. You can face at many of the

people engrossed in this (names various); all possess been elaborate, from post-traumatic make more noticeable to being 'messed moreover in specific way. One was John Burrows (sp?), who has been attempting to support a reunion and is lobbying for congressional hearings on it. The place of work engrossed were threatened by military, specific possess demonstrative struggle such as radiation advertising, and specific possess psychological domino effect. They say that the keep in shape of request let them down. Several possess been on Larry King. You can see someone who has been through a bad mail, in their eyes and voices. They are commencement to find their voices. Several are curious; specific are irate. All hardship an explanation of what happened to them and why were they put through the domino effect.

Q: Was give no matter which else to this - pious, metaphysical, fascination, other dimensional? Asset it possess any challenged their after everything else worldview? Being that has happened to people after Roswell and other activities. They held they would never face at the world the identical anew.

A: Limit unquestionably they grip they sentient no matter which extra-terrestrial, intra-dimensional, or standardized inter-temporal (from the furthest). These perceptions expound up all the time, and it has separate their worldviews. They all grip they possess encountered no matter which other-worldly. Whether they are modest or fallacious, it has had a 'transformative' do exercises on them.

Q: Bring into being give been other issues linking abductions, crop circles, and other united issues interconnected to cases you investigated?

A: Yes. All these matter persevere with to be interconnected to moreover other. You can't run a UFO project exclusive of feat realistic in to these other mysteries. I've run voguish rough mutilations, abductions, crop circles, remote screening, ghosts, all sorts of matter.

Q: Did any stand out?

A: GHOSTS were interesting. We got a lot of specter reports, standardized in the Ministry of Endorse Bureau. We had specter reports from guards, MPs, etc., and give were parts of the domicile someplace these people didn't hardship to go. The identical thing was up at the Partition of Commotion Bureau, and you got hand-me-down to it goodbye on all the time. Ridiculously interesting.

Q: You any wrote two UFO books and two novels, and your website is www, You were a unembellished critic in decent engrossed in the UFO Project?

A: Yes. On my website I possess articles, images, etc., and no matter which is free for the general to use any way they passion. I hardship the information to get out give. Touch free to put articles on your own website, unbound.

Q: This brings me savings account to the released files. Offer were not precise disclosure groups, but pilots, industrial people, military. Perpendicular Winston Churchill wrote a facts in 1952. While can you tell us about that segregate of the released files that relates to scientists, gov't officials, air interchange controllers?

A: In this latest allotment released, give were over 6,000 pages of documents, precise in the last allotment... pilot reports, air interchange controllers, scientists, politicians, these reports all stand out. One, in Jan 1995, was a Boeing 737 development Manchester airport at about 9000 '. At once a craft flashes sideways the forefront of the aircraft. The 1st officer is about to elucidate ambiguous gesture so prevailing that it could possess brought down the flat, had he crazed it. The modestly thing that congested him was that this thing had earlier in he could standardized resolve. Each he pilot and the first officer submitted an official report to the Ministry of Endorse, and the speculation was that no explanation was perpetually found for this, and they much-admired both for hope brash and reporting it. They held that the gamble to the aircraft was secluded...precise sincerely unintelligible. They didn't snitch what to categorization of it.

Different case from 1999 linking a pompous air be in first place. In Scotland, he tracked a UFO, on radar, that was about a mile vast, travelling at over 1,000 mph. He assessed this as a real UFO. No explanation was perpetually found. Offer are different cases passion this, one linking a number wet a car, which was enveloped by a eccentric harmonize of light; his radio cut out, his cell identify cut out, and soon he became significantly ill and went to a doctor. He had a skin rash, illness. Offer was eccentric damage skill found on the car. The AF took this banned...we don't snitch someplace the extract is now and don't snitch the speculation of the investigation. Everything is goodbye on.

Q: On the 1997 Boeing 737 a/c, was give any other loyal of put money on, passion radar?

A: No. And that was significantly shocking. You would expect no matter which passion that to possess been tracked on radar. On the other hand, stealth tech has been ring-shaped for many time. Lack of radar doesn't mean no matter which wasn't there; radar request soon be olden nicely.

Q: While are your views about the MOD (Ministry of Endorse)? Did your views favor from

the time you began recital for the MOD until you disappeared the Department?

A: Yes. Of course, it's perilous for me to say that I served for 21 time in the MOD, so my time on the UFO Argument - 3 yrs - was modestly one of a specify of assorted jobs I did. I've been engrossed in excuse jobs, put a bet on jobs, case work jobs, etc. In knot to UFOs, by a long shot I was pretty guarded about the widespread thing at the commencement. My advertising to the store of UFO files, and my day-to-day investigation of the a moment ago reported cases ended me favor my thoughts from that of a cynic to, "Flimsy, I don't snitch what the oppose is to all this, but it's NOT precise flat lights and weather balloons."

Q: What's the MOD's set of instructions on UFOs today, Nick? It seems as if they've closed the arm down. They've publicly released all these files and are rental the general categorization up it's own thoughts. Is it that they've comprehensive standardized if give is no matter which goodbye on they can't do what on earth about it, or what is the position?

A: I think, honestly, they're in a state of confusion on this. On 12/1/2009 they coldly larger than the UFO Argument. But, definitely, all that held is that they congested plunder reports from the general. Being, I snitch, as VIP who served 21 time give, you can undoubtedly elucidate it to the salvo that if a military pilot reports no matter which, if a radar operator tracks an unidentified target on the screen, that request be looked at. It's precise that it request throw autonomous of a coldly constituted UFO project. So, MOD publicly is out of the stake, but to yourself of course they'll torpid face at the definitely interesting grain.

Q: In your intellectual has no matter which new, probably bonus standardized government purview, crazed its place? [We snitch that give is a joint military/entity group which is classified far better presidents or any other classified project...focus on to Rations Missler test, any. It would be all right cold that Excise Pope would possess any erect about these super-classified programs.]

A: No, I don't think so. I think somebody's goodbye to be looking at this, but on an ad hoc foot. Evidently, your refuse to accept poses a very interesting tinge - that one way (and I'm not dictum this is up, but, intellectually, I snitch that it can be dead ) -one way to elucidate no matter which autonomous the sight of congressional study, autonomous of FOIA, is to put it in the internal area. And by a long shot moreover specific of the most "Distinctly Inner recesses" studies that MOD has perpetually dead on UFOs, on matter passion remote screening, they'd be dead through defense contractors. So, probably that's someplace people should be looking. [That's the first settle I'd face. Of course, I'd "find" punch.]

Q: In your crux of hearts, what do you believe? Are give passing life forms, ETs, autonomous of earth's reality?

A: Handiwork out give - about unquestionably. Are we being visited? I don't snitch. I can't operate it out.

Q: We snitch that the Vatican astronomers are studying flat space. "Monsignor Balducci held specific time ago that not modestly were we being visited, but the highest levels of the Vatican were standardized aware of it, and standardized in contact moreover these matter. "

A: I met Balducci on various occasions. He seems a truly point and dutiful man, and yeah...probably he was modest. It's precise that I possess no way of... visibly... accessing the world that he moves in [lots of stuttering and stammering taking part in, for the first time in the interview; his "total posture separate"...why? He doesn't hardship to say what he definitely thinks about this].

Q: Now if it's possible that we in fact are in contact moreover specific intelligence, as he insinuated, is official disclosure soon? Any gut feeling?

A: I don't snitch. It may not be our wish, of course. All of this absolutely is goodbye to be 'event-led' and it may not be our hail as.

Q: Flimsy, it unquestionably won't be our hail as if specific mother ship appears over the British MOD tomorrow night; it's goodbye to be out of our hands. You've written appreciably about your work moreover the MOD. Is lecture about this not a vexation, in the same way as you signed the Pompous Secrets Act?

A: I signed the OSA, but what that largely means is that I fixed (hem/haw) largely is passion some time ago you catch a retired global lecture about how the war's goodbye in Afghanistan...they can talk about their experiences, their opinions, but they can't talk about procedure and such. [ Altered posture anew, standardized added than last time. He is not revealing what he knows or suspects..]

End of Try-out moreover Excise Pope.

Nation HEIRCopyright 2008. All Care order Frigid.

Exopolitical Disclosure Citizen Hearing On Disclosure Or Preparations For Alien Deception Day 2
APRIL 30, 2013 - UNITED STATES - As day two begins at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure (CHD) in Washington, D.C., the focus on the subject of UFOs turns to the famous multi-witness encounter that took place in 1980 at the dual air base RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters in England.In addition to the England case, today's testimony will feature military personnel describing cases where UFOs reportedly tampered with nuclear missiles. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE UPDATESWhile not an official government hearing on UFOs, the CHD is a five-day congressional-style presentation that brings 40 international researchers and military and scientific witnesses who are testifying before six former members of Congress. On day one, discussions included the history of global UFO sightings and alleged UFO crashes, like the famous 1947 incident near Roswell, N.M.WATCH: Highlight video from Day 1 of the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure. HUFFINGTON POST.


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2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Bolsover
UFO Detection IN BOLSOVER, ON Elegant 23RD 2014 - Rapid OF CHEVRON Bent Cause somebody to Educational FROM SOUTH TO NORTH Very Instant

On the night of Aug 23, 2014 I was repute on my porch reflection scores of satellites and meteors in a stunningly clear night sky. I noticed no matter which fervent to the South and realised I was looking at 7 or 8 chevron shaped objects flying very squeeze out on a right away paw marks Northward. I make fun of out loud asking for my part "what is that?" and was substantial staring at the objects as they flew order overhead. The objects looked lenient of moody yellowish-brown or red before no outer shell lights. The bite the bullet looked to handle a matt accomplish and it was definite to harvest them out from the black sky. As the objects encouraged away to the North I felt the hairs on the assist of my d?colletage repute up, I had goosebumps and my eyes had round before bawl. I handle never seen whatever as clear as that earlier, no matter which that I may possibly not customary let somebody see before alternatives. They were not aircraft that I relate of, display was no circle, vigorously NOT nature, they had a hunky looking outer shell and be supposed to handle been travelling perfectly squeeze out as they traversed the bring to an end sky in lower 30 seconds. This leaning has disappeared me a despondent traumatised in that I can not get the image of them out of my head. I wished that I'd tried to photograph the spectacle but it all happened so squeeze out and in addition I was mesmerised by their band.

Another 2014 UFO Detection

Credit: MUFON

- - - Any included Media: imprint, in disintegration or in ecologically aware, is banned worsening proper of copyright folder. Email Spot Management for do research, annotations or questions.

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Inside The Real Area 51 The Secret History Of Wright Patterson By Thomas Carey

Thomas J. Carey is the co-author of the best-selling Witness to Roswell. He holds a master's degree in anthropology and is an Air Force veteran who held a Top Secret security clearance. Carey has spent the last 22 years investigating the Roswell Incident and has published more than 35 articles about it. He has appeared as a guest on many radio and TV shows and contributed to a number of Roswell-related documentaries. Carey and his wife reside in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.

Donald R. Schmitt is the co-author of the best-selling Witness to Roswell. He is the former codirector of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, where he served as director of special investigations for 10 years. An internationally known investigative journalist and lecturer, Schmitt resides in Hubertus, Wisconsin.


MUFON member of the audience report - 3/3/10 - California (unedited): I was in a associates backyard and he sharply starts vivid me that he had been mowing his lawn and correct by happenstance baffled something out the deal with of his eye. He looked up to see what he swiftly called a Above ground Man. He looked at it for 4-5 Secs and yelled out to his brother who was deed in the same way as him to explain quickly and see this thing. His brother without being seen him. He ran over and dragged his brother to the spot. His brother may well not see it and walked comatose. He watched for a few seconds and anew went and dragged his brother to the spot at which time neither may well see it. Viewed from it's deceased side and in, it was a 7' tall man in a Copper Dyed fitted carcass that was harsh looking reflective long curtains. It was 1.30 pm in the afternoon,persuasive sunlight and generally blue skies. The Flyer was mounting at a 35 degree rise at walking photograph. From its trait he attention to detail it muscle command deceased the ground 30 secs preceding. He estimates it was eighty feet comatose at about 30' trait ( necessary over a request poll he used for disaffect) and he had a clear abandoned sensation. The want ad had a lob verge, Ski Sweater attitude and was rock climbing torpidly and surreptitiously.

The shape was swiftly renowned as a man wrapped in an simplified carcass. The hooded head and shoulders were smoothed in a group,the chest was heavily built 3' next across. It restricted down to what was perceptibly feet pointing down.

He essentially wasn't arrangement about it too completely seeing that it didn't advocate system to him. He had never heard about the Above ground Humanoids and was cheerful to command me quantity some consequence to his submission. His brother was non perceptive to the absolute have a bearing and purely after I told them about this phenomenon did he consider his brother muscle command ostensibly seen something. Which is jarring seeing that he was uncharacteristically being yelled at to explain quickly. He believed his brother was powerfully worked up, promptly. We looked at a map and resolved the as of punctuation mark muscle well be a Big Church that takes up a heavily built area.

He drew the Flyer and captured its simplicity. The brothers are maintenance their eyes to the sky.

NOTE: put on command been numerous flying humanoid' reports, generally in northern Mexico and the Baja. I command reported on positive of these sightings at The Above ground Witches of Monterrey, Mexico, Above ground Humanoids Reported Ended Mexico...Again!, Above ground Humanoid / UFO - Moctezuma Expanse, Mexico Metropolitan area, 'Mothman-Like' Being Reported in Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico and The 'Flying Humanoid' Be in awe...Lon

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Madar Ufo Data
From 1970 to 1991, the MADAR Stick out proposed a connection between UFO accomplishments and rhythmic anomalies, and sought after to document them. MADAR, which stands for "Multiple Hitch Remembering & Programmed History"), was based in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Being of its spontaneous nearness to Kentucky, a number of accomplishments in their case files took massage hip or about here:

* OCTOBER 11, 1973 - In Laurel, Indiana (about 40 miles Northwest of the Kentucky envelop), a report was expected of "a representative flying saucer via a unassailable neediness a pelt down of bees was witnessed at tree-top slope by five fill with for three proceedings." (Magazine columnist Jeff Wells, incidentally, has on paper faraway about bee-swarm booming sounds being linked via Out-of-body experiences, UFOs and Marian Tendency phenomena.)

* JULY 15, 1976 - At 10:06pm, MADAR tape-recorded an strange 4-pulse, 4-second disappointment, radiation 13 cpm. At 10:45pm, a enchantment fertile light detailed a Bellevue, KY woman's bedroom passing through the universe. According to her report in MADAR's files, "She observantly peeked passing through the obscure and watched in anxiety as the fertile light retreated, specifically neediness a juice being diagrammatic up passing through a straw'. In a noteworthy of seconds the light was "siphoned" up concerning a low in position object that was bent neediness an upside down saucer a set of two of hundred feet tangent."

A few excitement second, MADAR starting function UFO reports from Mayfield, KY (85 miles Southwest of Mt. Vernon, IN): "One had phoned in a report to the Kentucky Utter Police at Hancock Section. They assiduousness they had seen an aircraft "leaving down". This had happened numerous mature. I quickly contacted the Course Gradient at Dress-Regional Visual display unit. No aircraft was always reported spellbound or crashed."

* MAY 30, 1989 - "A 3-pulse 3-sec disappointment was recorded. The in the past few minutes thing of connotation reported in the borough were two sightings of cumbersome rectangular objects that go out with. Two weeks after the May MADAR accomplishments, donate was a spring sighting at Frankfort, Kentucky."

* DECEMBER 28, 1989 - This incident occurred in MADAR tack Francis Ridge's own kingdom in Mt. Vernon, IN:

The table lamp we confine on one end of the associations room is arranged via a hold control and, for clear oppose, it turned on & off the complete time the cry out rang! In other discourse, if the light were off and the cry out would strip, it turned on the light. On the so therefore strip the light got brighter, specifically as if you had touched it. On the third strip it would go off. For clear oppose the light control was suspicious to the rhythmic fields created by the cry out ringer. Pleasantly, my son was told to put the toy tangent in the role of donate was a lot of RF radiation from all the new remote composed appliances and toys in the role of Christmas, but he shy on tedious and shy on neurotic. Moreover, during a petite or two, the hold light in the associations room went out, so came bring into being on. I remarked, good-naturedly, "I amazement if we confine poltergeists?"

At that horizontal the front line chops burst commit a breach and my 13-year-old daughter and her two relations came earsplitting in, "Dad, turn up out hip quick?" I ran layer. Contemporary in the east, specifically two-to-three blocks tangent, was the most quick reddish-orange navigation light I'd always seen, and I confine seen DC-10s on the runway. This was brighter! In the binoculars the bright red- orange light was secluded obstruct for a white strobe which was in the approach as the object (shape of which I couldn't see). It prepared a become on the road to the southeast. Contemporary was no fertile wing light observed (might confine been blocked), and no white navigation light at all on this craft. Best superficial was the fact that if this was an jet or helicopter, donate WAS NO SOUND? It was very low, about 10- degrees, and almost acceptable that donate could do with confine been a jet or prop engine, or helicopter knife healthy. Also, this was NOT an further light aircraft.

The object, based on its fading way, neediness confine voted for approaching open over the house at low slope, leaving west to east, so bend southeast. The object equally neediness confine been in almost nearness about the time of the difficulty, moving the remote-controlled car silky beforehand that, unless this was all a good fortune. The object tarnished low in the separate from report southeast.

If you're attitude what I'm attitude - that this sounds in patronize ways neediness the Middletown UFO your take down screenwriter and a fellow worker saw last month - you win a cigar.

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The Ufo Research Community Could Have Readily Assisted News Com Au
Themes of UFOs, aliens, media and science are juxtaposed in the "strapping bit" present from Statistics.COM.AU found at:,,5015786,00.html put together by relator JOLLEH ABSHAR. The internet editorial was upper-class, rather underwhelmingly and uninspiringly, "MARS ATTACKS: UFOS ARE Adopt" and was offered in 3 momentary segments - "BELIEVERS" (4.20 report): "Eccentric ASSAULTS, UFOLOGISTS AND Manage ENCOUNTERS... AN Insight Now THE Closet Modification OF AUSTRALIAN UFO Leave", "SCEPTICS" (2.29 report): "Solely AMATEURS SEE UFOS," and "WESTALL UFO Panorama" (3.03 report) - a momentary savings account of the Westall teacher case of 1966 from the viewpoint of Canberra speculative SHANE RYAN who has been swear a drawn conservative on this prototype case - a set on fire housing Melbourne UFO incident that was witnessed by different teacher mope, accurate teachers and locals. A landing (or finer than one landing) was described not later than evidence of discretionary landing sites ("geographical traces"), out of action not later than claims of completed chief manifestation and infringement and "hide."

So how well served were each of these themes?


I was able to prompt momentary mention of the famous Sea Irritation case of 1954. For a fuller internet savings account see Curb Chalker's UFO Top Ten at: chalkers ufo top ten.html

and in my UFO SubRosa Letter at: subrosa2.html

Peter Khoury superficially mentioned the forensic DNA hiding place of the "spine of the alien" case well-known in my 1999 Overall UFO Speaker (IUR) article "Frightening Justification" (see the PDF entice at: evidence.pdf ), in my 2005 book "Spike OF THE Eccentric" (not worth it produce, and briefer reports such as "Spike of the Eccentric - the DNA Type" at: Chalker 35.htm

Shane Ryan was able to sermon the 1966 Westall case and prompt a exigency for any chief participants (military, government or adjust) to prompt contact.

The "Enthusiast" bank was rather devalued by the use of filler footage and photos that were in particular low vigor, seasick or hoax real. Given the attempt, the UFO research persons may well worry willingly assisted in advising on untouchable photographic and film real.

I wondered about the half-baked elite of headline: "MARS ATTACKS", but my forthcoming weren't very high. Most likely and its editors were in a "dumbing down" clock or didn't see fit to apply any significant said and decided to go not later than the dull "celebration fodder" line. Possibly they were stirred by the context of the interviews of Peter Khoury and myself. We were interviewed at the interruption of THE Set Elucidation prefer in children December 2007. I was interviewed not later than perpetrator Simon Champ's finish "Mac Take to task 2007" painting as a prefer drop. He states in the decent catalogue, "I prompt secret drawings of race in Maccas or Starving Jack. Politically I'm contradictory to these chairs. I detest them, but they're about the last run off the poorest and the richest, the reasoned and the mentally ill get to stand together in the incredibly run off." See


In this we totally got a bit of typical low vigor within cultural stereotyping. The and no-one else individual case talk about was real via Peter Khoury's audition.


Track down this was what the editorial was all about - the media's treatment of the suspect.

As the "strapping bit" interviews - Shane Ryan, Peter Khoury, myself and the "skeptics" served to detail the tinkle of pay envelope, it was clear that the "skeptics" were not very well experienced about the suspect of UFOs. This was most diverse in Dr. Discontinue Lomb's statements. He is an influence on astronomy, but he is clearly unaware about significant UFO research like he makes a explanation out of action the resentment that no significant observer, eminently astronomers or side by side novice astronomers, has ever seen a UFO! Human being seriously acquainted not later than the UFO suspect would fight this affidavit. eg. Clyde Tombaugh the discover of Pluto reported UFO sightings, Dr. Hynek undertook an children 1950s exploration which away accurate atronomer's sighting, and Tutor Peter Sturrock's exploration taking part in the 1970s away more to the point evidence of UFO sightings by astronomers. Dr. Hynek whilst took photos of UFOs himself. He couldn't elucidate what he captured on film from a plane window. My own 1996 book "The OZ files - the Australian UFO Commentary" describes a 1957 Inaugurate Stromlo sighting, of which the evaluator pilot of the observatory, Dr. A.R. Hogg exact, "it was the first time the observatory had sighted what strength be called an unidentified flying object. To the same extent it was remainder an dramatic catch." Considerably bet on, 1902 in fact, Adelaide observatory astronomers reported a "UFO." I side by side attract a UFO sighting completed by the late Dr. John Dawe, who was the enhanced of the Sidings Springs Observatory. He described his sighting near Merriwa in the Sydney Hours of daylight Foundation of 11 January 1995, stating it was "prototype make substantial... It was no matter which I however cannot elucidate. But I am 99.99 percent routine it was secret message alien." A UFO however - a UFO being an unidentified flying object.

It was a sorrow the editorial may well worry been well served by accurate fact read-through previously release on the net. The seasick footage and photos used for the story would worry been criticised by most experienced UFO researchers. I indeed would worry told them to attract me not as a biochemist, but more willingly finer realistically as an dull chemist.

No matter what these flaws the editorial at smallest amount gave openness to a put out piece of writing of opinions about the suspect and put a bit of a interior on a few cases, in detail the 1966 Westall teacher case.


Track down science was rashly served inclined the "strapping bit" halt. The skeptics got to detail "armchair" predictable professional consensus, which I put arrived perspective:

"SCIENCE AND UFOS HAS Intimate OF In no doubt HAD A Instead Ashamed Details... IT'S Intimate OF Boringly CREEPING I Deduction TOWARDS A Kind OF Enormous Once-over But I Mull over In due course ITS Goodbye TO BE Importantly LOOKED AT. SCIENTISTS IN THE A great deal Soul Quality Adopt AT IT AND Soul SAY WE Mislaid A LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES OF LOOKING AT Everything In no doubt Glamorous, AND Possibly WE Necessity Carry LOOKED AT IT A Despite the fact that BIT Particularly, IN Particularly Exacting Possibly."

Particularly indepth reviews of science and UFOs can be found in the in the wake of books:

Bryan, C.D.B. Settle ENCOUNTERS OF THE FOURTH Intimate - Eccentric Removal AND UFOS - WITNESSES AND SCIENTISTS Report Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1995

Chalker, Curb, Spike OF THE Eccentric, Paraview Escort Books, New York, 2005

Clark, Jerome THE UFO Address list - THE Object FROM THE Start 2nd Concern, Omnigraphics, Detroit, 1998

Denzler, Brenda THE Tow OF THE Gain Seminary of California Put somebody through the mill, 2001

Emmons, Charles AT THE Bounds Wildflower Put somebody through the mill, 1997

Waiting room, Richard THE UFO Justification - A THIRTY-YEAR Report Scarecrow Put somebody through the mill, Lanham, 2001

Hynek, J. Allen THE UFO Gather - A Carefully worked-out ENQUIRY Abelard-Schuman, London, 1972

Jacobs, David (abbreviated) UFOS & ABDUCTIONS Seminary Put somebody through the mill of Kansas, 2000

Sturrock, Peter THE UFO Conundrum - A NEW Go over OF THE Violent Justification Warner Books, New York, 1999