Friday, 5 December 2008

Colombia Ufo Blamed For 2000 Dead Fish

AUTHOR: Dave Strege

PUBLISHED: February 09, 2011 at 5:23 amShare103

"Aliens apparently don't know how to fish, or perhaps they use a technique that we have yet to discover.How else to explain the mysterious occurrence in the Colombian village of El Llanito recently?About 2,000 fish have been found dead in a swamp since villagers reported seeing a UFO flying and flashing lights over the water a week earlier, Panorama Madiario" reported last week (translation by Google Translate).Magaly Gutierrez, leader of a community organization, told the news outlet that the phenomenon lasted 20 seconds and was seen by many people.Now, in most cases where mass quantities of fish are found dead, the culprit is typically lack of oxygen. But this case isn't so simple because the UFO left its mark on the fish, not to mention the mark left on the memories of all those people.You see, all the fish were found to have burned scales.Juan Tercero, the president of the Fish Farmers and Fishermen Association of El Llanito, told a local newspaper, the "Vanguardia Liberal" of Bucaramanga, that the fish were "scorched" from the "strange lights in the swamp."Hmmm. This is definitely one for the UFO Files, though it appears that site hasn't yet picked up on this story.If this was a hoax, it was a pretty elaborate one. What doesn't help in the credibility department, though, is the photo of a UFO that accompanies a story about the incident on the "Colombia Reports" website.Even if that is the alleged UFO, it looks more like a nice endorsement for Photoshop.Then there's this: More eyewitnesses of the UFO came forward in the nearby village of Bridge Sogamoso, where they reported seeing a round object flying laterally the same day fish started showing up dead, the RCN radio network reported.If this sounds like a re-creation of the "War of the Worlds," that 1938 Orson Welles radio show about aliens that panicked people for real, it's because it does sound like that. Maybe these news outlets "are" making it up. Or maybe this really was a failed fishing venture by aliens.Meanwhile, authorities have taken samples from the swamp for testing to determine what caused the fish kill, "Panorama Diario" reported."Photo from Panorama Diario"

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