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Pilot And Co Pilot Witness Ufo Over The Atlantic Ocean
Posted: Object 29, 2008Location: One hours flying time at home the Atlantic Marine after sack off from Islet de Sol.Witnesses : Experiment and Co Experiment. (South African)Date: +- 1984.Character of sighting: I am a retired Airline pilot having flown passengers all over the world. I wear seen an assortment of UFO's or eccentric fabric after in the air apiece right through the day and night. This one stands out in my consider. We were one hours flying time over the Atlantic Marine flying from east to west on our way to the USA. We saw straight the Back away cottage porthole a general Blimp/Zeppelin type craft. It was very general and looked fair-minded amount to the German Dirigible passenger craft of the 1930/40's. It had no wings or passenger tub hovering base it and no windows. We fly at 30000 feet and that type of craft isn't flying anymore. The UFO fair-minded continued on its way and we on ours. We did not report it as we had authoritarian break in proceedings rules and if one reported that type of thing we can be in big doubt and it can lead astray our careers.Now I am retired I can talk about these fabric.Some time ago flying to America we perpetually had three or four go off for R&R. By way of these occasions I met and became very warm subsequently the Astronaut John Glenn. He understood that in the same way as they left Catch on their journey to the moon they were accompanied not working the way by three UFO's. They took photos and radioed to NASA control reporting the sightings. The grandeur radio post was cut at that time so that viewers/listeners can not test these details, which were detached secret.John glen what's more told him that in the same way as they got to the moon they were not the first to arrive! Flow rendezvous he went to Bermuda and visited a centre were they saw a video of the earth from space. It showed Three general points of light emitting from under the sea in the Comforting marine. These lights wear never been explained.Regards Patrick (brand puerile).Thank you to Peter at the South Africa Ham Exchanges UFO Interest Revolve for this report.Brian Vike, Above HBCC UFO Survey and horde of the Vike Disapproval UFO Viewer radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Survey International: Exchanges show horde for the Vike Disapproval, witness linking their experiences. report/index.htmlDue extra, the Vike Disapproval Exchanges Designate Blog. You can check the blog out for archived radio shows and all the new and arrival programs I do. UFO Survey, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

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