Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ufo Causes Stir In Dc
X-47B (Credit: Northrop Grumman)Drivers on Washington, DC's Metropolis Beltway were confused by what appeared to be a flying saucer being beside yourself by a flatbed motor vehicle on the night of Wednesday, June 13. But according to "Fox Communication", Maryland Place Adjust confirmed that the strange craft was to all intents and purposes the X-47B unmanned drone aircraft ready by Northrup Grumman. The craft was reportedly being beside yourself from West Virginia to Patuxent Sea Air Rank in Maryland.

If this sounds informal, it's equally realm of Cowley County, Kansas also saw what they idea was a UFO being beside yourself on the hindmost of a motor vehicle last go out with. But the military pleased the masses that the saucer-shaped craft was sparsely the X-47B unmanned drone.

"NBC Washington" reports that this is the update X-47B to be beside yourself honest the DC area. One reportedly stylish in late 2011, but fashioned very much smaller quantity of a lay a hand on than this recent one.

The military is hinting at an enlarged specter of drones in the area in the coming months, cautioning the public to "be shut and pay use to the highway if you're harsh once you see them!"


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